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Preparing for Prom 13

Vol. III Issue 4 March 2013 [A student publication of Ruskin High School]

[Kansas City, MO]

Stand Up, New Security Makes RHS Safer Stand Out By I’m Unique Swinton

RHS students find “coming out” easier in today’s society

By Tabitha Robinson Staff Reporter

It would be safe to say that President Barack Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage won him some votes in the reelection. In an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts in May of 2012, Obama spoke out and said that he believes that people of the same sex should be able to get married. Since he repealed the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law in 2010 against gays in the military, it’s even safer to say that it was known he wasn’t against homosexuals in general. “I was sensitive to the fact that for a lot of people, the word marriage was something that invokes very powerful traditions,” said Obama in the interview. “At a certain point, I’ve just concluded that for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” Since Obama spoke out on his view favoring same sex See “Stand Up,” cont. on pg. 2

about,” Ryerson said. Another of Ryerson’s focuses is to install new security so that students will not be allowed to skip, and if they choose that option they would get caught on camera. “It’s not a change for most.

a place where teens can come to get an education, but also hang out and enjoy themselves. uskin High “You're as safe as you School recently want to be,” Ryerson said. announced new Another new security adadditions to their dition Ryerson announced is security efforts to make the the new car checks. All stuschool more safe. dents that park in Reality has set in the school parking regarding school lot were given a pasecurity since the per that the student Sandy Hook Eland their parent ementary shootings had to sign giving last year. the school permis“We’re enhancsion to search the ing what we have, students’ cars, and we just need to conwithout the paper trol a lot of things the students’ cars better,” Principal may be towed. Chad Ryerson said. The security These doors on the west end of the school are only a few that will Ryerson said there have alarms that will sound if anyone opens them during the will be car searches was well organized soon school day. every week using at the beginning of random student car the school year, Ryerson just It’s only going to affect the tag numbers. Untagged cars had to add new things to make kids that were skipping here at will be automatically towed. the security better and more school,” Ryerson said. The South Patrol Division improved. New cameras were Ryerson said that the new of the Kansas City, Missouri added in the few locations that security plans also include Police Department will work weren’t already visible and placing alarms on the primary with the school on occasions to there will be better security at entrances and exits at the high do random drug checks where the desk to make sure nobody school that students might try the drug dogs will attend the that isn’t welcomed doesn’t ento exit out of. search and work with school ter their building. Ruskin High School will security to give the students “Students and staff should continue to make changes to and staff a safe place to work be able to come to school and make their school a safe place, and learn. not have anything to worry


Staff Reporter

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Senior events

College choices

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“Mr. T.” joins RHS math department By Erika Garner Co-Editior/Chief

Four weeks ago there was a change in the math department at RHS as Steven Terwelp replaced geometry and algebra teacher Joan Huffman in Room 104. Terwelp said that he first became interested in teaching when he saw some of his classmates struggle in math. “As a little kid I understood math and was able to finish my work on time,” Terwelp said. “But I became bored when there was nothing else for me to do, so I started to help my classmates with their math.” His interested in helping others strive for excellence would soon earn him a Mathematics Educational degree from Avila University and then he would become a student teacher at his old high school. “I did my student teaching at Grandview High School for a semester,” Terwelp said. “Then I came to Ruskin High School to start my real career as a math teacher.” Having a desire for teaching, Terwelp said he always wanted to become a high school math teacher. “I always enjoyed taking hard subjects in high school,” Terwelp said. “And I knew that teaching math at a high school was the right route for me.” Terwelp said that he likes his new job so far at Ruskin. “The students and staff here are amazing,” Terwelp said. “They made me feel at home when I first walked in Ruskin doors.”

However Terwelp is not the only one teaching the hard subjects. “My wife Amanda also teaches high school math,” Terwelp said. “But she doesn’t teach at a school, she’s a homeschool teacher.” Terwelp said that he and his wife are both math geniuses. “We’re like a team,” Terwelp said. “We help students understand the importance of math.” Taking time off of his job, Terwelp said he also likes to do other things besides teaching math. “I’m involved in music, podcasting,” Terwelp said, “and playing recreational sports.” Despite having other interest in other things,Terwelp said he wants to be all he can be as a teacher at the end of the day. “The four qualities of a good teacher are being dependable, hardworking, knowledgeable and being able to relate with students and understand them,” Terwelp said. “And I’m doing my best to live up to those qualities.”

[PAGE 2] “Stand Up,” cont. from front cover marriage, there have been many gays, lesbians, and bisexuals coming out and admitting to their sexuality. After repealing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law, several homosexuals came out and responded with how happy they were with not having to live a secret life. Even here at Ruskin High School there has been an increase in the amount of students less ashamed of their sexuality. Is it a trend or are they finally just comfortable with who they are? For one sophomore girl, it’s just her. “I discovered I liked girls at the age of 14. I was a little scared to see what people would think of me afterwards, but then I just stopped caring. My friends didn’t think differently of me, but my associates treated me a little differently,” she said. A sophomore boy said it’s not a trend, it’s just who he is. “I always knew I was different and when I finally came to realize that’s who I was, I felt horrible about it,” he said. He said since he was always acting differently and hanging around his sisters, it wasn’t hard to figure out. Others in the school don’t understand homosexuality. “I think some boys go gay because they hang around too many females,” sophomore DaQuan Manor said. The sophomore girl admits to being more attracted to girls because they aren’t that different from her. “I think what makes me more attracted to females is that I can relate to them,” she said. For the sophomore boy, things were a bit complicated when it came to accepting himself and getting his family to accept him. “I grew up in a very Chris-

tian household where the belief that gays go to hell was real. My grandmother always talked about how being gay is an abomination,” he said. For this reason, it has been hard for him to come out to his extended family and tell them who he really is. He said that the only person who knows is his mother, but he has a feeling that the rest of his family knows, they’re only in denial. But for the sophomore girl, “all’s well that ends well.” When she came out to her family they accepted her just the same as her mother, with love and understanding. Both sophomores admit to being comfortable with who they are, in the environment that they’re in, because they have a lot of friends who are there for them whenever someone tries to down them. “I mean of course there will be homophobes around because I am an openly gay boy, but I could care less about what they think about me. I’m comfortable with myself,” the sophomore boy said. The fact that Obama supports same sex marriage is a relief for them both. “I support gay marriages, because I believe that even homosexuals have a soulmate. We aren’t living in the 90’s, love has no gender,” thesophomore boy said. “Before anyone is gay, straight, white, or black, they’re human first. I believe gays should have the same rights as everybody else,” the sophomore girl said. Many believe love is love no matter the gender, age, or color of their skin. “I believe homosexuals do have a soulmate. If you’re in love with someone, you love See “Stand Up,” cont. on pg. 3


[PAGE 3]

“Stand Up,” cont. from pg. 2 them no matter what their gender is. Love is love,” she said. The students who aren’t homosexual and don’t have any homosexual friends don’t really agree with Obama’s idea of same-sex marriage but think they should still be allowed to be happy. “I think the fact that Obama supports same sex marriage is stupid. Gay people shouldn’t get married, but they should be allowed to be happy,” Manor said. He said that he isn’t always comfortable with homo-

sexual boys around. “I feel bad because, whenever I’m in the bathroom and a gay guy walks in, it’s a little awkward. I give them a funny look,” Manor said. Not all homosexuals are uncomfortable with themselves in environments where they are looked down upon, but Obama’s stance on supporting same-sex marriage and repealing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law made it easier for them to come out to their peers and elders.

Eagle’s Eye 2013 Staff Senior McKaela Cooper Co-Editor-in-Chief

Senior Tabitha Robinson Staff Reporter

Senior Erika Garner Co-Editor-in-Chief

Senior Ashley Goodrich Staff Reporter

Junior Shacoya Jones Managing Editor

Junior I’mUnique Swinton Staff Reporter

Senior Alexus Sun Staff Reporter

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Seniors ‘Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ By Tabitha Robinson Staff Reporter

Seniors have come to an understanding that a senior trip will no longer be provided. Along with taking away the senior trip, administrators have decided to do away with the senior picnic as well. Having these opportunities taken away has upset some of the seniors. “I am (angry) about no senior trip,” senior Fahad Akhtar said. He believes that very few seniors will be attending the festivities still provided to them. “A lot of seniors will not attend the breakfast, because we get breakfast for free at school. Why would we want to pay to get something we get for free every day,” Akhtar said. The lack of participation is one of the reasons the senior trip was canceled. “There are participation issues. Only about thirty to forty percent of students actually participate in the festivities,” Assistant Principal Dr. John Herrera said. Herrera, who is the administrator assigned to the senior class, said that the senior trip was taken away for safety reasons. Last year’s seniors ruined the chances for this year’s seniors to get the full senior festivities by acting in ways that seemed inappropriate to administrators.

“Off campus security issues are one thing that worries me. I am concerned about the safety of the students,” Herrera said. The 2013 seniors seem to disagree with this decision. “I feel that it is unfair that students who graduated last year ruined the 2013 senior’s chances of having all the things they had,” Akhtar said. Herrera responds to the students complaint with a simple answer. “If the students have complaints, I suggest they go to their officers and voice it through them,” Herrera said. But a simple talk with the class officers won’t suffice. Part of the reason there is no senior trip is because seniors have not paid their senior dues. Money is the motive here. “I need the students to pay their senior dues. I can’t do anything with no money,” Herrera said. Seniors have complained about no senior trip and no picnic, but maybe a talk with their class officers and paying their senior dues will help. Also, proving to their administrators and staff of the school that they can conduct themselves on school grounds could help them win back their senior trip. Now the only question is, how bad do the seniors want the trip reinstated?


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Calling All Hall Roamers! By Shacoya Jones



hen you step outside your classroom into the hallways at Ruskin High School, what do you see? Is it empty like a desert and you could imagine seeing a tumbleweed? Or is it roaring with people like the New York subway? At Ruskin High School the advantage of having no bells and having four lunch shifts was eventually taken away due to many students not being able to make it to class on time or spending more time than actually needed to get from class to class. Some students are not even going to class. “Me and Tiara are never in class. You can catch us in the hallways all the time,” junior Francis Smith said. Some students are always in the hallways because they’re

Juniors Tiara Hampton and Francis Smith

not afraid of the consequences. “I’ve been caught in the hallway a couple times, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it again. I’m not really scared of getting suspended or anything,” Smith said. Many students find that class is just boring. They would like to learn in a way that is interesting and gets their attention. “Class is just boring. My attention has to be grabbed to make me want to learn,” junior Tiara Hampton said. If learning was taught in a way that was more interesting, would teens stay in class? “No. It depends on the teacher. If the teacher is cool and not always nagging, I would surely stay in class,” sophomore Caleb Austin said. If students are not in class then they are not learning the material and they will likely not get a good grade. “I try to teach my class in a way where it’s interesting and kind of cool to learn,” Spanish teacher Marisa Usera said. On the flip side, there are a few teachers who would rather come do their job and not force students to learn if they don’t really want to. Not only does skipping class hurt students themselves, it hurts their school and accreditations. Last year Ruskin only had seven out of fourteen

points on the state MSIP report. Nine is the number that had to be met to be fully accredited. Ruskin missed two, one of which was for attendance. Ruskin set a goal this year to make the attendance rate a 95% or higher. When students are not in class for whatever reason it decreases this percentage because students are not in class thus they’re being marked tardy or absent. Having a high percentage of attendance helps the chances of getting a high accreditation this year. According to the vision statement and goals found on the school’s web site at, Ruskin wants the complete best for their students. Being in class is important because students need all the education they can get to become the best they can be. Staying in class benefits students and the livelihood of Ruskin High School!

Junior Cameron Crosby says he just wants class to be more interesting.

Junior Marcus Snead says it only looks like he’s roaming because he’s always late.

Hall lovers on the go.

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Seniors make tough choices to get ready for college

By Alexus Sun

Staff Reporter

It’s about that time for seniors to decide on what colleges they’re interested in attending for the fall. Some students are interested in going to a four-year university, while others want to attend a community college due to tuition costs or just because it’s close to home. Students at Ruskin High are excited about attending college this fall and have different school choices. Senior Cortez Simmons wants to attend Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida for audio engineering. “I feel really enthusiastic about going to college,” Simmons said, “I’m ready. Let’s go!” While Simmons wants to go to college for music, senior Raphael Norton wants to attend college due to sports related ac-

tivities. “I want to go to Central Methodist University because of football,” Norton said. Norton is excited because he gets to meet new people and get an education. The religious stature at Central Methodist University is what also interests Norton. Although some have their mind set on one specific college, others are still making up their minds. Senior Branden Garner was recently accepted into both UMKC, located in Kansas City, Mo., and UCM, located in Warrensburg, Mo. “I don’t really know which college I want to go to yet,” Garner said, “but I know UMKC’s tuition is pretty cheap.” Some students at Ruskin High aren’t much fans of big See “College,” cont. on pg. 12


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What’s Up For Spring

“Kicking it with my friends and Spending time with my girlfriend.”~ Keisten Burrell

“Going to Austin, Texas to spending time with my family.”~ Jesse Pena

“Chilling with friends.”~Donna Vaughn


“Go to the mall and play football and Basketball outside.”~Anthony Saulsberry

“I’ll be working at Long John Silvers.”~Jaerard Stimmons

“I’ll be out of town for my winter guard competion.”~Mae Isidro

“Go to Arkansas to visit my family.”~Decory Forshee

“Chill and hangout with friends and get ready for prom.”~Sydni Brown

“Spend time with my friends and family and go out to eat at 54th Street Bar & Grill.”~Mickell Tolbert

“Going to New Orleans to visit my family.” ~ Desmond Warren

“ I’ll be working at Old Navy and Chill with my friends.”~Marshanna Randall

“Working at Home Depot and might go to St. Louis to visit family.”~ David Bailey


[PAGE 7]

Break Ruskin Scholars?

“Hangout with my family and friends and working on getting my driver’s licence.” ~Darrick Gilyard

“Spending time outside training for soccer.”~ Harold Burgos

“Working at Burger King and spending some of my money at the mall.”~ Brandon White

“Plan to get my drivers license.”~ Kymqusha Steen

Main Interests Girls Look For In Guys By Imunique Swinton Staff Reporter

“When first meeting a guy I tend to look at their shoes,” Marissa Caskey said. Appearance is something that always gets a girl’s attention. Studies show that 85% of women either look at men’s shoes or teeth prior to their appearance. According to askmen. com, women prefer guys to be confident, show that they are interested, be honest about who they are, than using pickup lines that they got from the Internet to make a girl become interested. Women also prefer a guy that will pay attention only to her and nobody else. If he is caught flirting with her friends, she will mostly likely turn the man down. When meeting a guy, every girl wants that guy to be their special one. Stud-

ies show that most girls meet their loved one in high school. And about 50 percent of those women that met their loved one in high school usually marry that person.

girls usually get a feeling that lets them know that he is the one for her. “When I know someone is right for me we usually can hold a good conversation, with

“I believe every girl has that special somebody that will walk into their life,” Caskey said. Many girls say that when meeting that special someone

eye contact,” Caskey said. Quality tends to be many women's main attraction. Studies say that some qualities girls look for in a guy are men that are willing to make a fool

of themselves just to show you how much they want to be with you, or maybe even men that keep their promises no matter the circumstances. “My main quality in a guy is their personality,” junior Aomni Lewis-Gant said. Women’s struggles in a relationship are usually trust and not being able to communicate like they want to. Studies say that women are usually afraid to speak their mind because they don’t want their feelings to be hurt. Studies also say that girls usually remember their first memories of their first relationship. A girl’s first kiss is always something that girls remember. “My first kiss was in 5th grade and it was rushed,” Caskey said. Every girl has their different interest on guys, and how they expect their guys to be.


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There’s meaning in the ink

By Alexus Sun

-My daughter’s name because it symbolizes something special. -Anissa Ewing

Staff Reporter

Now-a-days, it’s a trend for not only older people, but the younger generation also. People often feel like it’s a way of expressing themselves in a form of art. Many students walk around Ruskin High with tattoos on their bodies and some share the meanings of their tattoos.

-The one on my arm because it says “Noriega” and it represents my whole family. -Jaime Noriega

Which ones mean the most? -The ones on my chest and arm because they’re of my parents’ names. -Laquinta Lewis-Gant -The one on my chest because it says “family over everything.” -Demarquis Neely -The one on my chest because it says “blessed.” -KyWynn

How many tattoos do Ervine you have and where are -The one on my wrist bethey located?

Is this a tattoo that will make you want to remove it in the future? Why?

-The one on my back. It says my mom’s name because I love my mom with all my heart. -Juan Osorio

How do you stand the pain? -It doesn’t hurt. -Laquinta Lewis-Gant -I try not to think about it. -Demarquis Neely -It hurts. -KyWynn Ervine -I’m a G. I just sit there and take the pain. -Ebony Bailey

-No, because tattoos are how I express myself. -Laquinta Lewis-Gant -Never, because it’s a tattoo that I’ve always wanted and it symbolizes my family. -Demarquis Neely

-I act normal and act like

- 5; Arms, chest, and stomach. -Laquinta Lewis-Gant - 2; My forearm and chest. -Demarquis Neely -10; My neck, chest, arms, and hands. -KyWynn Ervine

-No, but I do want to remove the ones on my hands. -KyWynn Ervine

- 2; My wrist and on my side. -Ebony Bailey

-No, because it’s important to me. -Ebony Bailey

- 22; My arms, legs, back, ankle, back of my ear, and

-No, because it’s not a tattoo I just got for no reason. It means something special to me. -Anissa Ewing cause it says “I love you” in French and it’s for all the people I love in my life. -Ebony Bailey

stomach. -Anissa Ewing - 5; My arms, chest, neck, and hands. -Jaime Noriega - 1; My back. -Juan Osorio

i t ’s n o t happening when I get it. -Anissa Ewing -I listen to music and text. -Jaime Noriega -I don’t do anything. I just take it like a man. -Juan Osorio

-No, because it represents my family, but I do want to remove the ones on my hands because it’s messed up. -Jaime Noriega -No, because I love my mom. Any tattoo I get will have a meaning behind it. -Juan Osorio


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2013 Awesome New Hair Styles By Ashley Goodrich Staff Reporter

Ruskin High School students are walking into the year 2013 with some new crazy, funky hairstyles. The most popular hairstyles are more of the natural looks. Natural hair is very diverse. You can wear it straight, curly, even dread it up. There are a lot of people who have bright colorful hair from reds, oranges, purple and even blond. Somes guys are taking it back to the old school days with the box haircuts. Some of the little ones showed us some of their hairstyles for fun.

Martin and Will - Is rocking the short Justin Duane- Are wearing the blond hair dreads with dyed tips

Candace Bryant- Is rocking the bright red hair.

Ashley Tyler-Is wearing a short spiky mohawk shaved on the side to spice it up

Morgan Clark- Is wearing her hair in a natural style which is very popular.

Alex - Is wearing a three -toned mohawk.

The Kiddos

Felicia Uche - Is wear- Tyrond Smith -Has the ing box braids with a cute old school box hair cut twist to top it off.

Mickell Tolbert-Has a two-toned short bob with the colors red and black.

Raizaan Briggs- Is wearTabitha Robinson- curly ing the shoulder length, light, wavy hair. three-toned hair.

Lydia Mclean- Has long, light, wavy hair


Platinum R&B Songs 1.Thrift Shop-Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz Rapping about how buying used clothes at a thrift store can help you save money when only having 20 dollars in your pocket, rapper Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” has become an overnight success on the R&B/Hip Hop Charts. The band’s artistic sound of strings, horns, acoustic piano, and drums have found the likes of many. Since song’s release back in October, the artistry rap song has also topped the Billboard’s Hot 100 charts as well as Rap Songs charts, Digital on-Demand charts, Ringtone Charts and Billboards Canadian Hot 100 Charts. According to Billboards, “Thrift shop” has gone double platinum earning 2.3 million in digital down-

By Erika Garner co-editor -chief

loads. 2. Suit and TieJustin Timberlake ft. Jay-z After six years without a song or album, Justin Timberlake is back on the charts with his hit single Suit And Tie off of his third album “20/20 Experiences,” which was released March 19. In his hit single, he captivates his fans with his sweet, soft, and tender voice while telling a story on how he’s going to impress a women with his suit and tie. He also brings a little bit of spice in the song with the help of rapper Jay-Z. Since the song’s release, it has made No.2 on the R&B/Hip Hop charts and No. 8 on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts, and has sold 314,000 downloads according to Nielsen

SoundScan. In an interview with Los Angeles 97.1 AMP Radio, Justin Timberlake said that “Suit and Tie” was just a hint to more he has in store for his fans. “With ‘Suit and Tie’, to me that was just the wink,” Timberlake said. “We haven’t even gotten to the nice restaurant yet.” 3. F**king Problems- A$AP ft. 2 Chainz, Drake and Kendrick Lamar Harlem Rapper A$AP Rocky has a lot to be proud these days. His hit Single “F**king

Problems” from his new album “Long. Live. A$AP” has caught the ears of millions. His tells all a story of problems with women with the help of rappers 2 Chainz, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The hit single has raged through the U.S. charts becoming No.1 on National Radio Airplay Charts as well as No.3 on the R&B/Hip Hop Charts. The fast tempo rap song has not only become a hit on the U.S. music charts but also in digital downloads. According to Nielsen SoundScan

[PAGE 10]

“F**king Problems” has gone platinum topping 1 million digital sales on iTunes. Nielsen SoundScan also reports that “Long. Live. A$AP” has also gone gold, selling 139,000 copies and becoming No.1 on Billboard’s 200 Album Charts.

4. Girl On Fire- Alicia Keys ft. Nicki Minaj Alicia Keys fifth studio album “Girl On Fire” really has caught on fire. The fast and slow song that features heavy drums, electric sounds, an insane rap from Nicki Minaj and powerful vocals from Keys has made it to No.4 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop Charts and No.12 on the National Radio Airplay Charts. According to Nielsen SoundScan “Girl On Fire” has gone double platinum selling 28 million digital sales. In an interview with Via press release, Alicia Keys said the song is about believing. “Girl on fire is about finding your voice, about being unleashed,” Keys said. “And about trusting your instincts and trusting yourself.”

[ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT] By Shacoya Jones Managing Editor

Sophomore Ciarra Page enjoys Instagram better.

Junior Akilah Bryan likes Instagram while Itohan Amayo prefers Facebook.

What’s Your ..... FIT?


acebook, Instagram or what about Twitter? Which one fits you better? Everyone loves their social sites. Without them some would be lost. But which one is actually better? Has Facebook lost it’s touch? Has Twitter fallen behind? Have they both been replaced by the new found love of Instagram? “I like being able to take pictures of everything. That’s why I like Instagram way better,” junior Akilah Bryan said. Another fan of Instagram is sophomore Ciarra Page. “Instagram is better because everything is out in the open. NO SECRETS! You can’t just inbox somebody privately like Facebook and Twitter, instead you have to comment on pictures wide openly. Everything is live!” Page said. On the other side, there are some who still love their Facebook. For instance, junior Itohan Amayo. “Facebook is better because it’s more understandable. It’s so simple to just upload your pictures,” Amayo said. In some opinions, no one really gets on Facebook anymore. They think it’s more about Twitter. “I like Twitter more because it’s your own thoughts. You can say whatever you like, how you like, when you like. Instead of getting ‘likes’ like on Facebook you get “retweets” “College,” cont. from pg. 5

Junior Chardonae Winkfield loves sharing her thoughts. That’s why she prefers Twitter.

[PAGE 11]

colleges. Senior Rayna Downing wants to attend William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo., to major in biology for med school. “The college is small, private, and not very expensive,” Downing said, “The teachers

which means there is someone who agrees with you,” junior Chardonae Winkfield said. “I also like Instagram because I like uploading pics. I don’t think anyone really gets on Facebook anymore,” Wink-

While Twitter may have had a greater number of cellphone users visiting its site, Instagram’s users appear to be returning to the site on a more frequent basis, and spending longer time periods on the site

field said. According to Rebecca Greenfield from “Atlantic Wire,” Facebook saw a drop in two main metrics of popularity: number of friends and likability, which is a problem for the social network because popularity is what it sells. Some reasons why some think Twitter is better because Twitter is simple which makes it fast, responsive and better for cellphones. You can post anything at any time without it being awkward like it probably would be on Facebook. Although this is the case what about the new sensation Instagram?

each time they return, according to Greenfield. Some have agreed that, overall, Facebook is slowly losing its popularity while Twitter is gaining popularity but nothing can compare to Instagram. Do pictures really speak louder than words? Could that be the reason why?

are good and there’s a ton of stuff to do.” Many believe that you can do things in small colleges just as well as big colleges and universities. Senior Lyman Simms wants to major in art and attend the Kansas City Art Institute. “I want to get a job to be-

come an interior and exterior designer,” Simms said. Although college may be a little nerve-wrecking, these seniors are ready to go off to school to plan their future. “I’m excited to start my life and to do things on my own,” Downing said.


[PAGE 12]

Rewards Promised For Following RHS Rules By Shacoya Jones


Managing Editor

uring the grade level meetings held by Ruskin Principal Chad Ryerson, he discussed that there will be rewards for those who follows the rules. There is a numerous amount of students who come to school to learn and be productive so it’s only best that they get rewarded for all their hardwork and

dedication. Although not in detail, Ryerson discussed that every month students will be able to enjoy themselves. Ice cream parties, pizza parties, dances and get togethers are some of the possibilities of rewards that will be given to those students. “I actually think more students would want stuff like dances, so this could get us to do what we need to do,

The requirements to earn rewards are:

but I would not mind a couple of dances,” junior Tylin Edwards said. Can bribing students to make them behave and follow directions work? Could it really be effective? “Students shouldn’t really be bribed to do what they know they’re already suppose to do. That’s just stupid, I wouldn’t mind school dances though,” senior Josh Butler said. Other students seem to disagree. “It would be cool if students got re-

Ruskin High School Principal Chad Ryerson tells students about the rewards at grade level meetings.

warded for following the rules. That would make me want to do good for real,” sophomore Marcus Nelson said. A handful of students say that they really don’t care. “I would still follow the rules, I just don’t care about dances and ice cream parties,” junior Brenan Latimer said.





No word on any additional requirements.

Too Old For Social Networking? By: Tabitha Robinson Staff Reporter

It has been established that adults on social networks are a bit weird for some students. Social networking is usually a way for young adults to chat with friends and escape real world issues. Usually. Teachers and parents taking over has become an issue. Teens feel as though adults are only getting on social sites to invade their privacy. In more ways than one this is a good thing, but

students disagree. For adults, social networking isn’t only for invading their children’s privacy, but for interacting with their friends as well. “I have a Facebook and a Pinterest and I use them to get in touch with friends and old classmates and to invite people to things,” Ruskin Spanish Teacher Kelly Kriesel said. There have been certain rules established by certain teachers as far as interacting with students on websites such as Facebook. Most teachers don’t accept friend request until

the student has graduated. “It really depends on the website, because the cheerleaders here have a website that I set up for them to get on, but as far as any other type of teacher student interactions on any other website, the relationship should be non-existent unless you are eighteen and graduated,” Kriesel said. But, how do students feel about parents invading their social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Is it all just their way of showSee “Social,” cont. on pg. 14


By McKaela Cooper Co-Editor in Cheif

Your special day isn’t too far away and it is time to plan... FOR PROM! Time to get your outfits picked out, and get your hair, nails, and makeup done. What are you waiting for? You're running out of time. When getting ready for prom how do you choose the best date? Do you go for looks or do you go for personality? Determining a date is always the tricky part. You don't want to be too blunt and just ask them out, you want to ask in the perfect way. Seniors Michael Goodrich and Bre’anne Black both agree that planning is the key to a successful prom. Step 1. Finding that special lady or man. Who is just the right person to spend the most romantic night of your high school years with? Goodrich plans on taking his lovely girlfriend Andri’a Shelby and Black also plans on taking her boyfriend Tyron Bridgewater to this very special occasion. Step 2. Searching for your perfect Attire.

[PAGE 13]

Do you choose short or long? Black or white tux? Pumps or flat shoes What is the perfect attire for this wonderful night? Since it is a night to remember, there is a need to make it special in every way

waiting for? Pick your date’s favorite flowers and please make sure they are fresh and ready to be delivered to your special one! Step 4. Make Beauty Appointments. Okay girls, its time to get your nails, hair, and makeup

A Night


going to take your lovely? Are you going to wine and dine her and accompany her to a formal dinner? Well, try Red Lobster, Houlihans, Olive Garden, Cheddars, Applebee's, or even mix it up and go Mexican style and take her to On The Border Mexican Grill. Make it special and be a gentlemen. “I want to get a Camaro for prom,” Black said. Senior Michael Goodrich plans on doing the same exact thing. “I’d rather drive myself, stepping out in something clean like a Corvette or something similar,” Goodrich said. Step 6. Time for Pictures! Snap, snap, snap! Of course mom has to get the very last picture of you and your date before leaving for the big night. Finally. Arriving at Arrowhead Stadium Club! Enjoy the time you have and make it one to remember. Dance l i k e you’ve n e v e r danced before. “Live it up,” Goodrich said. You have already been through the steps to planning a perfect prom, so all that is left is of course to have all the fun you can and engage in a few afterparties just for the fun of it. “Have lots and lots of fun,” Black said.


poss i b l e . B l a c k plans on shopping at stores such as M a c y ’s , and also online. There’s also DEB, David’s Bridal, Windsor, and Dillard’s. For men, Men’s Wearhouse, Michael’s or even David’s Bridal would be great for your shopping needs. Step 3. Order your flowers. S a r a ’s Flowers, G a r d e n House Flowers, and Gladstone Flowers are a few flower shops that would be great for your wonderful bundle of flowers. Daisies, roses, carnations, and daffodils are a few of your options to choose from! What are you

done, where do you start your beauty process? Places such as Foxy Nails, DollFace Beauty Salon, and Sephora Makeup can help give you a head start in looking your best. Step 5. Get your ride and some grub! Do you plan on taking a limousine, or renting a nice ride for you and your date? How about a party bus? After you have gotten your ride ready, of course it is time to gather for a bite to eat. Where are you


2] [PAGE 14

Lady Eagles Basketball ends learning season By Alexus Sun

Staff Reporter

The Lady Eagles Varsity Basketball Team ended their season with a record of 12-13 with February 28 being their last game against the Lee’s Summit West Tigers. Ruskin lost to Lee’s Summit West 5043. Although not pleased with the number of wins, Head Coach Greg Stevens enjoyed this year’s basketball season. “We wanted to have more wins leaning towards 15, but we had 12,” Stevens said, “Overall, we had a good season.” There were many ac-

complishments and victories throughout this year’s season from the Lady Eagles. They won a second place trophy in the Belton tournament at the beginning of the season and were ranked in the High School Roundup Super 25 on January 9. Stevens believes the girls have come a long way, but there were also disadvantages being on Ruskin’s Lady Eagles basketball team such as basketball not being a priority to some of the players. “There were too many outside activities and distractions going on,” Stevens said. Although these Eagles had

their ups and downs, they still stuck together and ended the season off with being a team. “We had player issues and things we didn’t expect, but we worked through them and moved on,” Stevens said. Even though he felt like they could have won more games, Stevens felt like this year’s Lady Eagles season has competed together, matured together, and have gotten close as a team. “I enjoyed the growth and development of the team,” Stevens said, “We played so much better and continued to get better.”

(Above) Senior Cireena White warms up with a lay up drill. White was the only senior on this year’s Lady Eagles team.

(Front row left to right) Aviona Robinson, Cireena White, Madison Clark, Aliyah Pinkins, Leondra Wilson, Danielle Woodruff, Erione Gant (Back row left to right) Antoinette Daniels, Aubree Townsend, Marshawn Gunnels, Austin Richardson

“Social,” cont. from pg. 12 ing how much they don’t trust their children, or are they really just still trying to be young? “I feel that most parents get on social networks to watch their children, because they’re getting older and they don’t want to control their lives, but would still like to be aware of what they are doing,” senior Malcolm Balebna said. Having an adult sort of monitor the things teens do on social websites isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, for Balebna, it is a good thing. “I don’t think a teen should have privacies or things that they would want to keep away from their parents. To me, privacy is bad,” Balebna said. Social networking has changed. They aren’t used for their intended purposes anymore and that can have both advantages and disadvantages. “For things like updates, news, and staying connected with

friends and family, social networking helps a bit, but when people get on there to do crazy stuff it just makes them less important,” Balebna said. Even some adults get on social networks to stay connected with friends. Not everything revolves around teens. “We have lives too,” Kriesel said. But are social networks shaping society? Have they corrupted the minds of teens? “I would have to say they definitely become a problem in the classrooms. Students feel that they have to be on their phones and that causes them to pay less attention to the actual lesson,” Kriesel said. Social networking has seemed to create an easy way for people to socialize and stay connected with their friends and family. Some adults even go as far as checking up on their children from time to time, but social networking has no upper age limit, all are welcomed.


Track Nation

By McKaela Cooper Co-Editor-in-Chief

Track season has begun and students are in training for their first competition on March 22, 2013. The team started practice inside the school because of all the snow there has been in the past two weeks. On a track team there are often star runners and some to lead the team into victory. On this year’s Ruskin High School Track Team there are many leaders and senior Tailor Greer and Junior Jiamyiah Jordan agree. Track is primarily an individual sport, but when it comes to different relays in track, there is a need for teamwork. But being dedicated to the sport as a

Brother to Brother. B-ball Talk. By Ashley Goodrich staff reporter

whole and also being ready to show your stuff is one way the team can win. There is always that one person who is ready and determined to win. “Out of all the girls on the track team senior Marcella Hudson is going to be the star runner and the leader because she is dedicated and ready,” Jordan said. “On the boys team sophomore Montel Berry will be the star runner because he came to the team running a 4.9,” said Tailor Greer, of Berry’s quick 400 meter time. Runners prepare to get fit by working out everyday after school including lifting weights and sprinting around the school with the team. “Track is definitely a challenge with freshman, and this being their first year, there is really a lot going on,” Jordan said. “For example, the freshman have to learn the different set of drills that we do and they have to adjust to the coach and her rules.”


his year Ruskin High School has two sets of brothers that play on the same basketball team.The Daniel brothers, Tyler and Tyron, have played basketball together ever since their freshman year of high school. Whenever they need advice, the two always go to their family and friends to overcome their hardships.Tyron plans on playing basketball in his future. He plans on going to UMKC to play basketball. Tyler also plans on getting his

[PAGE 15] Greer said that the season should start off “strong, with no horse playing, strong workouts, and extreme running.” For many years Ruskin’s track team has had multiple struggles and multiple victories. “This season will not be better than last year’s because we don't have as much dedication and there's way too much attitude and quitting already,” Jordan said. Someone agreed that this year's track season will be difficult for the runners. “This track season will not be better because there is alot of people that do not have the dedication, and there are many who come out and never have run on Ruskin track team so it’s pretty new,” said Greer. Both Jordan and Greer have been running since middle school and have faced trials and challenges but both do plan on taking this skill to higher levels, for example college. In many people’s eyes, track is just a sport and nothing more but to Jordan that’s a whole different story.

degree first, then he is going to start playing basketball. “By me playing basketball I have learned about hard work and dedication,” Tyler said. “By me playing basketball it has taught me a way of life” Tyron said. The brothers think that it is very unique that they play together because they are twins. It’s very rare to see twins playing together. Tyron thinks that Tyler could shoot a little better. See “Brotherly Bball,” cont on back

“Track is something I was born with, it’s in my blood,” Jordan said. As a whole you have to work as one by just dominating and being the best you can be. “By supporting each other and by keeping each other pushed even when we are tired is one way our team can win,” Jordan said. Team members can’t always handle the pressure of being pushed and challenged by coaches and other teammates. So the easy way out would be to quit. “People will always drop before we make it to the first track meet. We would start with about 40 people, then we would eventually end up with 20 people. Wish me luck,” Jordan said. “I just love to run,” Greer said.

Twin brothers and Eagles basketball players Tyler and Tyron Daniel captured the one-two punch during recent Courtwarming festivities. Tyron was King and Tyler First-Runner-Up.

The Eagle’s Eye Ruskin High School 7000 E. 111th St. Kansas City, MO 64134

“Brotherly Bball,” cont from pg. 15 Tyler thinks that Tyron could be a little faster on the court. At Ruskin High School’s Courtwarming, the two brothers got nominated for Courtwarming King. Sounds like trouble! But the two never put each other down. They wished each other luck as they went through this journey together. The winner ended up being Tyron. He says that “It was a blessing and it was a competition to see who was better which was me as you can see but either way that’s still my brother he is still a winner in my eyes. The two also play with another set of brothers, the the Holden brothers. The two brothers usually go to their mom and dad for advice when they need it. Sometimes they ask each other if they need help. The Holden brothers have played basketball all their lives. But, when college comes, they plan to go their separate ways. Terrello is looking at going to West Virginia and UCM to further his journey in basketball. Tayron plans on going to Oklahoma to further his journey in basketball. The two learned a lot play-

ing basketball including leadership and being respectful. The Holden brothers feel like they have a strong brotherly connection on the court so they know each other's every move. They never compete unless they are in practice, but when they are in the game they become one. The Holden brothers never got into an altercation on the court or off the court.

Eagle's Eye News March 2013  

Issue four, March 2013 of the Eagles' Eye News, a student produced publication of Ruskin High School journalism students.

Eagle's Eye News March 2013  

Issue four, March 2013 of the Eagles' Eye News, a student produced publication of Ruskin High School journalism students.