Rural Jersey Winter 2021

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Tweed - when traditional meets contemporary Tweed is a classic style statement that seems to return every winter without fail By RURAL’s fashion correspondent, Kasia Guzik from THE MANIA

Tweed is very often associated with middle-aged people, an old-fashioned image and a quaint style. The typical shades of green, brown and grey colours are supposed to reflect the atmosphere of the British countryside and the climate of autumn and winter. To me, tweed outfit is absolutely timeless and anyone can pull it off. This lovely thick, woollen fabric will not only keep you warm during cold months, but it will also liven up your wardrobe, thanks to its diversity of patterns and colours. The important advantage of this fabric is its practicality, as it does not crease, as well as its durability and water resistance. Checked, colourful and oversize coats have been appearing in many Winter collections for years now. You don’t need to stick to a typical tweed coat or jacket, either.


If you are brave enough, put on a mini skirt, shorts or even the entire set. You can jazz it up a little with white trainers, sports jacket or denim trousers to achieve a modern look. Try to have a little fun with it, tweed doesn’t need to be boring. However, if you want to exude class and elegance, then I would recommend a matte cashmere scarf, polo neck, fedora hat and a pair of brogues to emphasize the elegance of your outfit. You just can’t go wrong with it. Tweed will fit perfectly into both elegant and casual styles and it’s definitely a good choice for winter. There is something magical about tweed that makes me feel nostalgic. It’s a tradition that must be spread and you should own at least one timeless tweed item in your wardrobe. Are you ready to ‘tweed up’ this winter? Check out some of my choices available in Jersey Channel Island.