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Computer Science for Schools

Simplifying and Strengthening Knowledge


Questioning the current scenario Somebody who knows how to compose a letter well can also write a good email. But can somebody who 'only' knows how to operate an email service write good emails ? Is just the ability to type email sufficient ? Somebody who can present a thought well, is more likely to create awesome presentation decks. But can somebody who 'only' knows the skill of MS-PPT create effective presentations ? Somebody who knows how to think logically, can also write programs. But can somebody who 'only' knows how to use the syntax of a programming language write efficient programs.

The idea behind starting Computer Masti was that most IT literacy solutions had over emphasis on skills and less importance on associated concepts. The inception of Computer Masti (CM) has come about at a critical juncture when there was a visible need for a standard Computer curriculum, trained teachers and quality instructional material. 'Masti’ is a Hindi word meaning fun and CM considers fun as an important element of learning Computers. Computer Masti is a collaborative product of IIT Bombay and InOpen Technologies. CM is designed as a content-service solution to teach computer science in schools. The content is presented in a story format through two children, Tejas and Jyoti having a conversation with Moz who is conversant with computers. CM adopts a constructivist pedagogical approach, which encourages the characters to keep asking questions, and to explore on their own.The content apart from teaching the computer literacy skills, also teaches others concepts like stepwise thinking and logical reasoning. These skills lay both the foundation for future programming skills as well as help students develop st important life skills considered as skills of the 21 century.


FEATURES OF CM THEMATIC INTEGRATION ê Contextualised learning ê Real life situations ê Use of analogy ê Reinforce learning of other subjects

SPIRAL CURRICULUM ê Revisit topics across levels ê Transition from simple to complex learning ê Deeper understanding of topic

NARRATIVE STYLE ê Guided Inquiry based learning ê Tap Natural Comprehension abilities of children ê Engaging Content and Illustrations

HEALTHY COMPUTER PRACTICES ê Exercises & Ergonomics ê Internet safety measures ê Responsible use of Internet resources

CM APPLICATIONS ê CM is independent of any operating system ê Applications can be installed from internet and used without any cost ê Visual programing methods ê Mind mapping tools ê Productivity tools ê Educational games


21ST CENTURY SKILLS ê Thinking process skills such as Stepwise thinking, Gathering information systematically, Brain storming & Mind maps. ê Group activities & Project Based Learning. ê Modern communication tools & Cloud computing. ê Multi-media programing & Digital story telling.


HIGHER ORDER THINKING SKILLS (HOTS) ê Learning outcomes of every topic stated clearly. ê Worksheet questions push higher order thinking skills. ê Multiple choice questions, Scenario based questions. ê Activities such as multi-media scrap book, sampler.


For us, Teaching Computers is just an excuse to : 1. Develop clarity in step-wise execution of any task, right from planning to evaluation. 2. Develop clarity in communication, right from critical thinking to creative presentations. 3. Develop confidence in solving complex problems using simple thinking. In Other words we choose Computer Science as vehicle to inculcate clarity of thinking.


Why CM ? Education as fun ê Active participation of students ê Learning made enjoyable

Integrated Learning ê Reinforce interdisciplinary learning ê Real life skills

Scalable Concept above skills ê Free applications to ensure maximum reach ê FOSS facilitates a culture of freedom & builds confidence ê Enables students to become ‘drivers of technology’ Enabler of 21st century skills


IMPLEMENTATION DETAILS The implementation process adopted by InOpen is fairly interesting. InOpen and IIT Bombay strongly believe that in the Education Sector ‘One size doesn’t fit all’. They believe that every school is different and comes with its own learning. Every school gets its customized curriculum which involves a different set of learning material, extensive training and assessment guidelines. The goal is to help schools reach the right level.














“ Super stuff! ” - Mark Shuttleworth - Founder, Canonical and Ubuntu

“What people say”

“ A dream for every parent and must for every child” - Economic Times - ET Now “This is a story where we in the west can look to the developing world, to a country like India who is using technology innovatively. I am talking about Computer Masti..” - Times of India “The Curriculum is very helpful for teachers with its Teacher’s guide.The worksheet and the activities are very attractive. I enjoyed it very much” - Mrs. Haseena Suresh – IES group of schools “The curriculum makes me feels good as I able to relate to the need which I see in my schools.The students are bored of dry and mechanical Curriculum” - Mr. Chandrasekhar – Orchid International School, Nasik “Our Routine Computer Classes have turned into so fun....” - Mrs. Lalitha Hariharan – Principal, Rizvi group of schools


IMPLEMENTATION IN RURAL / LOW INCOME SCHOOL The rural urban distribution is skewed as the percentage of primary schools having computers is 5.34 percent which is much lower than 18.20 percent in urban areas. The percentage of government schools with computer has shown an improvement over years from 6.57 percent in 2005-06 to 8.57 percent in 2010-11

Mohd. Sajid from Ashraful Uloom Public School in Sikar whose students are from less privileged background and can only manage a modest School Infrastructure is thrilled with the ease in which Computer Masti have been implemented in his school. He says “What I like most about Computer Masti is its focus on teaching Computers in local language and emphasis on collaborative activities.We managed to teach computers to class strength of 45 students using 4 machines�

Simplifying and Strengthening Knowledge InOpen is a IIT Bombay based educational startup with focus on developing high quality academic content through intense research. InOpen offers products and services to government and private schools. We are currently serving more than 3 lakh students directly through our products. The Company was co-founded by Rupesh and Prof Sridhar in Oct 2009. InOpen is serving K-12 market with their flagship product ‘Computer Masti’ and newly introduced Science curriculum called ‘Small Science. ' InOpen also works with various Govt. and Corporate Organizations with their IT literacy solutions. The solution is designed based on the inputs and extensive validations from academicians in the country and abroad. At InOpen we are focused on being educational content generators that strengthens thinking skills and empowers the audience to approach complex problems confidently. We are passionate about creating content which is simple, engaging and fun. We have an aim of furthering education through our continuous process of simplifying and strengthening knowledge. We are expected to serve 1 million students by 2013.

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Computer Masti Information Brochure  
Computer Masti Information Brochure  

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