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Sense & Sensibility

Wild at Heart

Hannah Lemon meets Jasper Garvida, the man behind Éthologie’s tailored and intricate couture designs

To celebrate its 240th anniversary, Mappin & Webb has launched a new jewellery collection. Olivia Sharpe reports



Diamonds in the Rough

On the Road

Victoria and Matthew Forster of Venusrox explain why there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to crystals

Annabel Harrison travels from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, taking in South Africa’s spectacular views along the way



In Good Company

A Love for All Seasons

Find out how to save the livelihoods of talented artisans who are being threatened by irresponsible manufacturing

Sally Clarke has carefully selected her 30 favourite ingredients in an exciting new recipe book, as Elizabeth Finney discovers

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If you think being a secret agent is about sipping cocktails on a private island all day, you’d be right.

It’s really no secret that we’re all about impeccable service at Small Luxury Hotels of the World. That’s why we’re looking for a further 20 mystery inspectors to embark on free undercover missions at our 520 luxury hotels around the world. It’s not a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Apply now at

On the Cover... We’re hoping for an Indian summer this month so that we can wear Anna-Karin Karlsson’s statement sunglasses. The designer launched her collection at the V&A Museum Shop this summer, complete with two new pieces exclusive to the museum. Entitled The Butterfly and The Queen, both of these limited-edition works are dedicated to British royalty of sorts: Alexander McQueen and Queen Victoria. A must-have accessory for London Fashion Week 2015 if we ever saw one.

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Cover image: Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses Photographer: Ekaterina Belinskaya Model: Bea Åkerlund

24 Shopping Spy


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29/01/2015 14:38

ind tes omi tabilis duo fratres curren

From the EDITOR “Yves Saint Laurent designed with such sensitivity. He understood women so well.” Jasper Garvida, a local designer with international acclaim, looks to the greats of fashion as the ultimate inspiration. It has helped him sculpt a line of clothes that suit women of all shapes and sizes with dreams of travel from Africa to outer space. The idea is that an Éthologie piece acts a memento of each adventure (p.16). The Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine is a memento of sorts too. Particularly for Annabel Harrison, our talented editor, who is leaving the magazine to embark on new projects, but is able to keep past copies as a reminder of the fascinating work that goes on in the Royal Borough. With a new team in place, we look forward to taking up the reins. Two people who know all about the importance of team work are Victoria and Matthew Forster, who rely on mineral enthusiasts all over the world to unearth precious stones for their crystal boutique Venusrox; Elizabeth Finney discovers more on p. 20. Similarly, Kristina von Oertzen relies on ‘shopping spies’ around the globe to keep her Shopping Spy database up-to-date. The website provides insider knowledge on luxury brands in the area as well as in New York, Paris and Berlin. This month she puts together a bespoke outfit for us in time for London Fashion Week (p. 24); Anna Wintour eat your heart out. While you are sitting on the front row investigating the latest trends, don’t forget to ask a few questions. We learn that it’s high time high fashion got on board with ethical manufacturing. Local Giovanna Eastwood, who runs the Ethical Collection, hopes that sustainable fashion will “one day transcend its niche status and, instead, become the driving force in world fashion” (p. 28). Her company works with developing countries to celebrate cultural traditions, support fair employment standards and promote the work of talented artisans. This is luxury we can be proud of.

Acting Editor

Hannah Lemon

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ind tes omi n e r r tabilis duo fratres cu 014



Steel Automatic chronograph movement Hermès calf strap Made in Switzerland


Éthologie S/S15



Sense Sensibility Éthologie endeavours to capture the heart, whim and intellect of every woman. Hannah Lemon meets Jasper Garvida, the man behind the young label’s tailored couture designs and intricate feathered embroidery

ow do smaller couture labels make an impression at London Fashion Week when the likes of Vivenne Westwood, Christopher Kane and Anya Hindmarch are taking over the runways, snapping up the hottest models and leading the way in trends? It’s like trying to pull off a kooky new pair of glasses while standing next to Iris Apfel – impossible. But not for Jasper Garvida. The designer of the couture label Éthologie, founded in 2013, is more than familiar with striding alongside exclusive, established designers, having already worked with them as a student and intern. He has his own grand plans. Garvida has chosen the stunning Persian rug shop Essie in Mayfair as the backdrop for his Moroccaninspired S/S16 collection on 20 September. It was used for the Paul Smith A/W14 collection at the beginning of last year for London Collections: Men, when models strutted around in carpet cloaks and Iranian rug-style patterned scarves. However, Garvida is looking to use the space as part of an immersive experience; the audience will perch on piles of woven yarns and carpet tassels, allowing them to be engulfed by the smells and colours of North Africa. I can already see the dresses magically materialising in the Éthologie studio on one particularly muggy day in London. People are gathered around, sewing feathers, sequins and intricate details onto the


This page/ Éthologie A/W15

collection like little mice preparing Cinderella’s gown before a ball. The workshop is next door to Garvida’s office, which is crammed with more bodies busy with PR, marketing, logistics and, of course, new designs. “I don’t own a desk or a chair,” Garvida smiles as he picks out a resting spot. “In fact, this is someone else’s chair.” From pattern cutting and sewing, to the day-to-day running of the business, Garvida is fascinated by every spreadsheet and cotton thread that encourages the label to grow. “I do enjoy that. I get to do different things every day. Éthologie is still a young company and I pretty much do everything. I’m always on the move!” And with that he swiftly excuses himself from the stifling warmth of the room to change out of his thick blue Éthologie jumper and returns in a black, brightly-embroidered tunic top. Garvida, originally from the Phillipines, moved to Canada aged 12. Born into a creative family – his sister worked in fashion for a while and his brother is a chef – he has always been encouraged to nurture his creative spirit. “My sister was a huge inspiration to me growing up,” explains Garvida, his small, dainty frame leaning forward to tell the story. “She taught me who Picasso was. I had no idea. I was about five and she would entice me to a gallery with a doughnut. It worked!” As he grew up, fashion was the obvious calling, so he moved to London – to Ladbroke Grove, no less – to enrol on a course at Central Saint Martins. “I feel so privileged to have studied in London with the best teachers,” Garvida tells me. I ask him what the appeal of Ladbroke Grove is, expecting the proximity of high-end fashion

boutiques to be a winning factor, but, surprisingly, he replies: “I love the staff in Tesco. And the people handing out the Metro. Everyone always says hello to each other; there’s such a community.” Travelling the globe seems to have had an impact on his design output – intentional or not – as each collection takes the essence of a journey and elegantly styles it on the catwalk. The S/S15 collection was Saharainspired and A/W15 explores outer space. Talking of his inspiration for the latter, Garvida says: “I heard that Virgin were taking people to space and I thought it was incredible. How amazing that anyone could be able to take a trip to space!” This has been mixed with a geometric, glamorous 60s vibe: “I was thinking of outfits like Jackie Kennedy’s ski suit, which sort of looked like a space suit.” I ask Garvida who from the fashion world most inspires him and he replies: “If I was a woman, I would wear Valentino. That fantasy world is so magical.” But he lists Yves Saint Laurent as his ultimate idol. “He designed with such sensitivity. He understood women so well. I mean, to put Bianca Jagger in a trouser suit for her wedding – wow!” I sense that Garvida works with similar sensitivity; he taps my arm reassuringly when he shows me around the studio and earnestly explains his affinity with women and feminine design. After doing time in the big fashion houses, he chose to reassess who he was as a designer. “I decided to work for the high street. It taught me a lot about women and the ranges from size 6 to 32. I found it fascinating that women of different age groups have

“Yves Saint Laurent designed with such sensitivity. He understood women so well”


Éthologie S/S15

different body types. For me, it was mind-opening. I used that knowledge to be able to create clothing that was good for different shapes, sizes and ages. It was so beneficial.” This enabled him to develop the elegance and form of the Éthologie girl. “She travels. She is cultured. She reads. She likes to be comfortable, as well as to have special pieces,” Garvida explains. “It’s almost as if she goes to every place and keeps a memento. That is what makes every piece so special. An Éthologie girl is very particular about where and when she wears things.” I take one last look at the feathered dress as I leave and decide I would make a great Éthologie girl; I want to wear that dress here and now. Far left and left/ Éthologie A/W15 Above/ Éthologie S/S15


Image courtesy of: Alighieri; photography: Valentin Hennequin styling: Daisy Marlow; hair and make-up: Martina Lattanzi


Diamonds in the Rough

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but Victoria and Matthew Forster of Venusrox in Notting Hill explain why there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to gemstones and crystals. Elizabeth Finney reports The Forsters describe “the beauty of nature” as the greatest art, and looking around their crystal showroom, it is impossible to disagree. The space has clearly been made for its tenants, with sleek white walls and floors, and personal touches of homemade mirrored furniture. Stones of all different shapes, colours and sizes are meticulously placed on every surface. Initially, I’m quite overwhelmed by the magic of the place. “We travel and hand-select everything,” Victoria tells me animatedly. “That, for us, is fundamental to what we do. We take so much care to source them, but, ultimately, it’s about appreciating the beauty of nature.” I had done some homework in the Natural History Museum before meeting the Forsters, where I spent hours being entranced by the 5,000 strong collection of stunning natural gems, crystals, metals and meteorites. There are approximately 4,000 different known minerals, each with its own set of unique physical properties. These orderly arrangements of pure substance are, quite simply, as close to magic as we’re going to get. The slightest change in the environment, pressure, temperature or components can have extraordinary and exciting results. The intrigue and inaccessibility of these natural experiments, happening within the earth’s surface, earned specific minerals and gemstones a high value early on in the timeline of human craft. Jewellery adorned with precious metals and gemstones continues to be a universal sign of wealth, luxury and beauty. Certain stones have been assigned different meanings

throughout history, with their supposed properties of healing or protection elevating their status for use in jewellery for both the wealthy living and the dead. “We’ve been using them for thousands of years; even in this country they would put garnets in the handles of swords,” Victoria explains. “Often when ancient remains are dug up, they’ll have a small bag of stones. We’ve been carrying them as talismans for ages.” For example, the Greeks believed that amethyst had healing powers and that it was a strong antidote to intoxication, while the Romans associated moonstone with the lunar deities, believing it to be born from solidified rays of the moon. Amethyst was also found in graves of Anglo Saxons in England, while the Chinese have been using jade as a source of protection for centuries. Ancient Egyptians, whose descendants are still prolific in their use of minerals, would wear lapis lazuli to draw out impure spirits or peridot to protect them against bad dreams. “The ancient Egyptians were far more attuned than we are,” Matt explains. “We seem to have lost the intuition to nature. They were using all sorts, for example, stibnite, which is actually a toxic stone, was used for medicinal purposes.” Fast forward to 2015 and we’ve seen an explosion of gemstones hitting London’s luxury boutiques and high-end stores. The kaleidscopic array of shoes, dresses and statement jewellery, adorned

These natural experiments are, quite simply, as close to magic as we’re going to get

Brooke Gregson fine jewellery


This page: Brooke Gregson fine jewellery

with crystals and gemstones, is both popular and beautiful, and Notting Hill is one part of London that is home to a handful of jewellery designers who are investing in these glamorous rocks. Pippa Small, based on Westbourne Grove, uses stones such as watermelon tourmaline, tanzanite and fire opal to create eye-catching yet dainty designs, and Brooke Gregson on Westbourne Park Road draws inspiration from astrology and geology to create intricate and evocative designs. The exciting thing about the work of these designers is that each piece is unique, because the formation of their eclectic stones of choice rarely gets repeated. The idea that minerals and gemstones are more than merely beautiful rocks can be traced back centuries, with some notable cornerstones. An interest in the energy and vibrations within precious materials is growing in popularity, and with celebrities such as Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham feeling the benefits, my curiosity for the subject is sparked. “People don’t have to be into energy, they just have to love the piece,” says Matt. “We put in the hard work to make sure that the energy is right, and therefore they can just be enjoyed as beautiful pieces of art.” Rosh Mahtani, the designer behind poetic jewellery company Alighieri, says she specifically sources peanut pearls and meteorites for their obtuse desirability. “The peanut pearls often get discarded because of their imperfections, making them harder to source.” Rosh sees her work as natural art, describing them as “mini sculptures”, all of which will be exhibited at London Fashion Week this September. Like the Forsters, she hand selects every individual stone for her work, travelling far and wide to find stones that are as unpredictable as possible. Designers have come a long way in terms of sourcing their stones, though Matt and Victoria have cut an admirably broad path in this field. Precious metals and diamonds, forever favoured in popular culture, are mined on an industrial scale with an enormous amount of investment behind it; in comparison, up to 90 per cent of coloured gemstones and crystals are mined on a much smaller scale, often involving just one or two people with their own tools. It seems that Matt and Victoria’s heavily inked passports and glittering book of friends in the field are vital to ensure the best quality stones. South America, Tanzania, South Africa, China and India – it’s tough trying to find a place where they haven’t been exploring.

“We travel as far as we need to,” says Matt. “Some places are too dangerous but we try to get as close to the source as we can.” They speak fondly of the people they’ve met, describing them as friends rather than contacts. “You meet some great characters,” Victoria tells me. “Really fabulous, interesting people from all over the world.” Matt adds: “A lot of it isn’t particularly glamorous; it’s certainly hard work. It’s an intensive thing, but it’s something we feel we have to do.” Matt describes one acquaintance who goes to great lengths to get his hands on precious stones. “He has a window of four months to go to the Himalayas to mine quartz. He’s not old, but he is so weather beaten and you can tell that he works hard,” he explains. “We also have gold nuggets that we get from a world-renowned

An interest in the energy within precious materials is growing in popularity prospector within his field.” At this point, Victoria keenly cuts in: “He’s a treasure hunter! It’s so cool!” The treasure hunter in question works in deserts across Australia and the US, spending weeks at a time with nothing but his tent, car and metal detector. Proof that sourcing these precious minerals is no luxury, Victoria tells me that gold hunters have to be extremely careful when out alone for extended periods of time with their metal detectors, as the beep can send them mad. Though not from London, the pair describe how Notting Hill simply made sense to be the home of Venusrox. “I’ve always had a thing for Notting Hill. It’s slightly quirky and full of fabulous, interesting people; All Saints Road, in particular, is fantastic.” Victoria, who makes all the jewellery by hand, talks me through her extensive collection of wearable treasures. “I never take them off,” she says. “My children think it’s great because they can always hear me approaching!” Whether you’re interested in gemstone meanings or not, Victoria looks light and elegant in her plethora of beads and stones. With gold nuggets for courage, green tourmaline for health, smoky quartz for protection and aquamarine for clarity, she is well and truly safeguarded. Venusrox, 25 All Saints Road, W11 1HE


Clockwise from top left: Venusrox crystal, photography: Christian Banfield,; Pippa Small jewellery,; Alighieri jewellery,; Venusrox crystal, as above; Alighieri jewellery



of a

Shopaholic If you want to go shopping, make sure you take Kristina von Oertzen with you. Hannah Lemon speaks to the woman who knows exactly where to sniff out the best pieces and the friendliest boutiques

“I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.” These famous words come from the world’s ultimate shopaholic: Carrie Bradshaw. She had New York at her feet, an all-consuming city ready to help anyone max out their credit card, and the pick of the best shops: Fenwicks, Barneys, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue. The Sex and the City star’s life has been envied by many a fashionista.

That is, until Kristina von Oertzen came along. Whilst working as an events manager for Rolls-Royce, she stayed over in the city that never sleeps and began a long love affair with its bustling streets and sleek shops. It was there that she first formed the idea for her online shopping guide, Shopping Spy. “New York has so many opportunities for shopping but I wanted to check what stores were in New York before I went because I knew I only had a couple of hours,” she tells me. “You really need to know where to go and there wasn’t really anything available for that.” Since then, domains for London, Paris and Berlin have been added to the online portal, each with a loyal crowd of ‘local spies’ to suss out and filter through relevant fashion news for the site’s eager followers. The Shopping Spy website lists every high-end shop, boutique and store to help men and women find the perfect vintage dress, pair of designer shoes or classic bespoke suit (she is collaborating with some Savile Row tailors later this year). Additionally, it lists fashion events – sample sales, pop-ups, new openings – and comments on the latest trends. The hand-selected directory is a shopaholic’s dream. It is a surprise to me, then, that there are only two people in the office – Kristina and her assistant, Mariella. The office is in fact Kristina’s top-floor flat, which is a short walk from Lancaster Gate. The bright and airy space is sleek, modern and simply understated, much like her own style. Kristina looks effortlessly chic in trousers and a soft grey T-shirt, with just a small shock of neon orange varnish on her nails. We chat away while Mariella sits quietly in the background, tapping on a computer.



Meli Melo

tob ello Ro ad

Le dbu ry Roa d

Ke nsi

Matches Fashion

ngt on

Merchant Archive



oad k R

Boutique Bonanza

202 Marie Chantal

The ultimate destination for a shopping spree, Notting Hill has a plethora of boutiques to rival New York, with calming cafes placed in-between that offer a

Wolf & Badger

soothing place to rest those weary Manolo-clad feet. Kristina von Oertzen lists her favourites

For bag ladies

For coffee and clothes

Portobello Road is developing quite a bit so there are some really good

202 is a great place for a more relaxing experience. You can have a

stores there; but if you walk a bit further up there is Meli Melo, one of

coffee upstairs and then pop down to the floor below for a browse.

my favourite brands. The shop has an amazing display of bags and the

I find that quite cool.

staff are always so friendly. They really make you feel welcome. For period pieces For girls and boys

Merchant Archive is a great place to go for vintage items. I have so

There are some fantastic children’s clothes shops on Ledbury Road.

many in my wardrobe; it’s great to combine these with designer labels

Marie Chantal and ilovegorgeous both have designer kids’ clothes that

so you can come up with your own individual style.

are really cute. It’s great to buy presents there. I don’t have children but I have nieces and I love buying them clothes. Everything looks so much better in kids’ sizes!

For new designers Ledbury Road has Matches Fashion, which is always on point when it comes to trends – particularly the Matches Spy. It’s a relatively small boutique but it houses really interesting designers like Etro and Isabel Marant. They also support emerging designers, as do Wolf & Badger, another one of my favourites.

From left/ 202 Westbourne Grove; ilovegorgeous Above, from left/ Meli Melo; Matches Fashion


Kristina’s mother was the first to notice her fanatical shopping habits. “My mother always said that I was born to shop. All of my friends and my cousins used to come shopping with me; I was always the go-to person.” Four years into setting up Shopping Spy, her mother is still present in Kristina’s world of shoes, clothes and handbags. Even now she has some of her mother’s hand-me-downs. “One in particular is bright green with a massive floral appliqué on it,” she explains with a soft German lilt. “I wore it to my brother’s wedding. It’s a really striking dress. It doesn’t look at all vintage – it’s like ‘look at me’.” But she does wear statement clothes from the bigger fashion houses too. “I’ve always been a big fan of Acne – I like anything Swedish. I’m inspired by labels such as Victoria Beckham and edgier brands such as Alexander Wang.” Is it always about following trends set down by these established names? “Every year we notice that there are so many trends, we can’t really say what ‘the one trend’ is. Everyone has their own interpretation. Really, it’s great to have diversity because it means that we have a lot of opportunity to express ourselves. Coming up with your own individual style is much more interesting than just sticking to what you’re ‘supposed’ to wear.” Although, she can’t help but admit her love for culottes and stripes this season. London Fashion Week is fast approaching and Kristina will make it her mission to go and see as many shows as possible and report back to her avid followers. What does she expect from the capital this year? “London always stands for something a little bit more edgy, a little

“When I was shopping in New York for the first time, I got through four pairs of shoes!” bit more daring,” she says, flicking back her blonde hair. “That’s what I expect. I think it’s really important to have a mix – the other cities tend to be a little bit more conservative. I think every city has a flavour and London is really the one that everyone is looking at. There should be lots of inspiration for the coming season.” Despite endless pop-ups, shows and fashionrelated events around London, so many more people are shopping online. I, personally, can’t buy anything without trying it on and feeling the fabric, but then I also prefer to read from paper than a screen – I’m almost geriatric, I know. Kristina is in agreement and tells me that it’s wonderful when you get inspired by what’s sitting on the next rack or you start talking to a shop assistant who can dig out something that’s not on the shop floor. “At One of

a Kind in Notting Hill there is a secret room that no one knows about. They only invite certain people in,” Kristina spills. “Other shops show me their archives and studios where they prepare things; it’s really great.” And what if you find a piece that you’re just not quite sure about? “It’s the same for a piece of clothing as it is for, say, a man or a flat. You know when it’s right. Any doubts, then don’t take it or you’ll regret it.” Before I leave, I ask if there are any final words of wisdom she can impart. “You have to wear comfortable shoes. When I was shopping in New York for the first time, I think I got through four pairs of shoes,” she laughs. “After two hours my feet hurt so much I just thought: buy a new pair! I felt more and more comfortable over the course of the day.” She’s beginning to sound more and more like a character from Sex and the City. After all, it was Carrie Bradshaw who said: “I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live. I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!”


Stepping Out in Style Kristina von Oertzen puts together the ideal outfit for London Fashion Week for The Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine

Taylor Morris Chelsea catseye matte black sunglasses, £170;

Stella McCartney, asymmetric ribbed-knit dress, £695

202 on Westbourne Grove

Hayley Menzies Tiger Star silk scarf, £205

Isabel Marant Étoile, Senda relaxed-fit wool trousers, £195;

Joshua Sanders, grey bow slip-on trainers, £250

Mini black calf and black shearling backpack, £495

Kristina at London Fashion Week 2014



Good Company


Across the globe the livelihoods of talented artisans are being threatened by fast fashion and irresponsible manufacturing. Hannah Lemon finds out how we can save them




hen it comes to animals, protestors go wild at the fashion world. From crocodiles to rabbits, every one of God’s creatures is as important as the next, and activists are willing to tell designers exactly that. Earlier this year at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Australia, five PETA activists gatecrashed the event. Dressed only in underwear and body paint to resemble the animals they were campaigning for, they hoisted high slogans which read: Animal prints, not animal skins. Then there were the protestors at New York fashion week, who tried to set horses free from carriages. These are just a few examples of countless fashion rebels who have stormed catwalks and thrown paint over designer fur to make a point. But where are the rallies for humans? Who checks if the artisans, who are cleverly crafting the outfits, are receiving the correct treatment? In 2012, it was reported that over 90 per cent of everything we use, consume and wear comes from abroad. With this comes a significant moral and ethical obligation to ensure that international infrastructures for the fashion industry are being applied. Fast fashion, in particular, has meant that there is growing concern for the welfare of developing countries. “It has really hurt artisans,” explains Sarah Ditty, editor in chief at Source, an ethical fashion database. “It has killed their industries, flooding local markets with cheap, low-quality foreign imports.” The tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013, which killed more than 1,100 garment workers, brought the fashion industry under close scrutiny. Since then, according to Source, nearly 1,500 factories have been inspected and many have been shut down because of unsafe working conditions, with others making much-needed improvements to the structural safety of buildings. Despite this, further factory disasters have been reported by the national press. This year alone a shoe factory collapsed in eastern China, killing 14; a fire tore through a garment manufacturer in Bangladesh in May; and police used deadly force against workers striking over low wages in Cambodia.

Image courtesy of: Mercado Global


Fouché London Colette Pendant, £395

A Peace Treaty scarves

Although a large majority of luxury brands use European artisans, namely French and Italian, some labels are choosing to support developing countries as part of their manufacturing process. The International Trade Centre’s Ethical Fashion Initiative is one such organisation that encourages highend brands to do the right thing; the likes of Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Marni, Stella Jean, Carmina Campus and Sass & Bide are partners. The organisation aims to support communities, impact on global poverty through fair labour, and empower female professionals, while simultaneously nurturing artisanal skills such as embroidery, beading and screen printing. Evidently, there is still much improvement to be made in these areas, as Ditty outlines: “Progress on ensuring that workers are paid enough to live on has been very slow. For example, legal minimum wages for garment workers in Bangladesh have been raised to around £42 per month from £23. However, workers have been protesting for £64 monthly wages. To afford the cost of living and supporting a typical family, a worker would need to get paid at least £157 per month; that’s almost four times what they actually make.” Ditty explains that to instigate this change, high-end brands need to celebrate the intricate crafts and skills that go into manufacturing luxury products. “Luxury fashion is all about the story of a garment: how it was made, who made it, where it was made, and what it says about the person wearing it,” she says. “I believe that people want to wear something they feel proud of – and this means choosing clothes made by someone who was paid well for their hard work.” The film Dior & I, for one, showcases the intensive and skilled work that goes into each veil of material and embellishment of the label’s couture clothes, with some seamstress having worked there for more than 40 years. This is a perfect example of what other brands can be doing worldwide.

“The benefit of products being made by artisans in developing countries is that you get something made with a story, with meaningful cultural tradition, love and passion. That’s real luxury!” exclaims Ditty. “There are so many beautiful, age-old techniques that will be lost if we don’t find ways to make use of them in a modern way.” She lists several examples of the way traditional craftsmanship has suffered around the globe. In Japan, there are only three families that still make kimonos the traditional way; ten years ago, there were about 25 handmade shoe workshops in Lahore, Pakistan – now there are only five; and of the four million master tailors in Italy, only 700,000 remain. This doesn’t mean that to be conscientious shoppers we have to deck ourselves out in scratchy hemp sacks, tie-dye T-shirts, brown sandals and copious amounts of tribal beading – far from it, as the online luxury boutique Ethical Collection proves. The company, based in Notting Hill, works with socially responsible international brands that focus on ethical manufacturing processes to produce beautifully-crafted products. “I was looking for the perfect opportunity to promote artisans working ethically around the world,” says founder Giovanna Eastwood. “I wanted to give consumers access to the most beautiful products and to give them a choice – between fashion with a conscience and our usual fast fashion habits without.” Eastwood searches for, and is approached by, exciting brands willing to challenge the fashion status quo. “I spend time speaking with each designer to best understand their story so that I can communicate this to customers and provide the most enriching shopping experience possible,” she explains. “It is so important to me that my customers understand the story and how much good they are doing with their thoughtful purchases.” One of the brands she works in partnership with is A Peace Treaty, which has firmly cemented itself in the luxury industry; the label collaborated with the W Hotel and was scouted by Barney’s New York and Bergdorf Goodman for its A/W15 collection. A Peace Treaty has worked with ten countries to date, employing artisans to continue their long, traditional heritage of craftsmanship and hand-weaving techniques. Some of the communities it works with include: a block printer in Pakistan who trains teenagers from slums with ancient techniques; a cooperative in Jaipur that unites Muslim, Hindu, and Jain artisans to work together to carve camel bone jewellery and cast metal accessories; master weavers in the Fouché London Nuba Cuff, £455


“Products made by artisans with meaningful cultural tradition, love and passion – that’s real luxury”

From top: Mercado Global; A Peace Treaty scarves in production; A Peace Treaty scarf

Fouché London Kiki Earrings, £255

Himalayan foothills who spin cashmere yarns from the shedding hairs of Capra hircus mountain goats; and villagers in the Tangal region of Bangladesh who weave Jamandi silks on handlooms. The Ethical Collection list of clients is extensive and includes the Amsterdam-based label O My Bag. Its high-quality leather bags are produced in Calcutta, under fair working conditions and are made using eco-leather. The label actively promotes its transparent supply chain by giving consumers insight into the whole production process. Also on the list is Claire Fouché, a former couture designer for Fabergé, who works with jewellery designers in Nairobi and Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. Another is Mercado Global, which empowers indigenous women in Guatemala to overcome the crippling conditions of poverty. “We are so excited to be playing our part in promoting eco-luxury to mainstream markets at Ethical Collection,” says Eastwood. “My aim is for sustainable fashion to one day transcend its niche status and, instead, become the driving force in world fashion.”


Masterfix Home provides a comprehensive range of home maintenance across London, including plumbing, heating, electrics and decoration. All our highly trained staff undergo our unique Masterfix Home Ambassador training to ensure they treat your home with the same respect that you do. We are available 24/7 and aim to get to you within 4 hours of your call, so the care your home deserves is only ever a phone call away. So why trust your home to anyone else?

Masterfix Home Exceptional Property Care

020 7518 8650


Toy Boy Women are leading the way when it comes to the ‘boyfriend trend’ that has swept over the fashion industry of late. Whether it’s jeans, shirts or blazers, womenswear has adopted a more masculine sense of dress and now it is even borrowing looks from men’s accessories, hence the ‘boyfriend watch’. This month, Chanel presents its own luxury version of this with BOY.FRIEND; the timepiece cleverly strikes the gender balance with its strong, clean lines and unfussy aesthetic (available in 18-karat beige gold with or without diamonds or in 18-karat white gold with diamonds), while still retaining a certain femininity with its octagonal shape, inspired by the No. 5 perfume bottle and the Place Vendôme – making for the perfect boyfriend. If only we could all say the same about our other halves… From £8,100 BOY.FRIEND, available from September in Chanel boutiques




Legends of the Hall

Wild at Heart Commemorating its 240th anniversary this year, Mappin & Webb’s new Wildfell collection is an ode to its heritage – graceful, organic lines have been presented in a 17-piece collection of silver and gold rings, necklaces and bracelets, capturing the rolling landscapes that define the quintessentially English jeweller’s Dorset roots. The Dorset brooch, revived from the brand’s archives, was creative director Elizabeth Galton’s main inspiration and was the same brooch given as a wedding present to Queen Mary from the county of Dorset. It was later passed down to HM The Queen, who first wore it on her wedding day in 1947.

It is our firm belief that every woman, no matter what age, should own a pair of hoop earrings. And who better to turn to than jeweller Dinny Hall, who for the past 30 years has turned this jewellery box staple into her trademark design? To celebrate this milestone, she is launching a new collection this September called Hall of Hoops, which encompasses a 10-piece edit of her favourite hoop earrings spanning three decades, ranging from daytime styles to statement pieces. “As a designer, the hoop offers a never-ending opportunity to be re-invented,” Hall comments. “Although this collection looks back at my heritage, the range has been curated for the contemporary woman and her style habits.” Hall of Hoops, exclusive to Liberty London from September 2015;

Wildfell collection, £85-£2,450

King of the Gemstones Given the astronomical success of their collaboration last year, it seemed only prudent for jeweller Azza Fahmy to continue her relationship with Matthew Williamson. This time round, the eponymous jewellery brand gave an exclusive preview of its latest celestial-inspired collection, Cosmos, at the British fashion designer’s A/W15 LFW show. Designed by Fahmy’s daughter and the house’s head of design, Amina Ghali, the 18-piece hand-crafted range is based on the themes of life, space and eternity, and includes the Key of Life symbol, which has been translated into a ring and pendant, and the silhouette of a crescent moon and stars recast into a pair of earrings with diamond accents.

After witnessing a decline following their popularity in the Victorian era, rubies are now coming back into fashion as modern jewellers are exploring new ways to showcase the famously dubbed ‘king of the gemstones’. Most notably is Gemfields which, despite being most well-known for its emeralds – producing 20 per cent of the world’s supply – has chosen to showcase the very rarest of Mozambican rubies (having recently acquired a mine there) in its latest campaign, starring actress and brand ambassador Mila Kunis. The precious gemstones have been set into contemporary designs, including the Dune bangle by Danish design house Georg Jensen. Other jewellers contributing designs include Fabergé, Miiori, Spinelli Kilcollin and Gyan, Jaipur.

Cosmic Girl






British jeweller Stephen Webster MBE on his new Mount Street salon, the changing face of retail, his love of fashion and being an old rock star: Olivia Sharpe reports

t felt like the right thing for us from a retail point of view to open a new store on Mount Street. The way people are shopping is changing fast, so we realised we needed more space and we also wanted to make the environment a bit more intimate. In many ways we’ve tried to replicate the flagship store in Beverly Hills, built over two floors, the upstairs of which is called the ‘No Regrets’ Lounge and is where I entertain clients with exhibitions, private dinners and the like. So now I have my showroom on Mount Street and use Harrods as my shop-in-a-shop if you like. The design of the store was down to Guy Hollaway, who is the same architect who did my home. He wanted to work from the basis of my house and the first thing he said to me was, “right, what we need to do is transfer all of your stuff.” I live in a home full of curiosities and artwork. I’ve got a Richter painting, the Annunciation after Titian, coming for above the fireplace, that’s truly mindblowing. There’s also going to be bespoke furniture, antiques and

lighting by Fredrikson Stallard, so it’s a bit of a mixture of things. I don’t want to give everything away, but it’s going to be very arty but will also feel homely. You’ve got to be able to ask yourself, “where do I fit?” In order to do that, you’ve got to think outside of the box and consider, “right, well Solange [Azagury-Partridge] will be doing what she does, and Shaun [Leane] will be doing his own thing, so I’m therefore going to do this because it works for us”. I often hold in-conversations in-store and the last one I did was with [street artist] Shepard Fairey. We ended up having 90 people sat in the audience. It just makes it so much more interesting than just saying “okay, here’s my new jewellery collection”, which, after 40 years, I’m slightly over. My next big show starts on 29 October with London milliner Victoria Grant. Her hats will be displayed in the new salon space. We’ll host a big dinner, which is being done by Justin Horne, who actually requested to come and cook for us. A lot of Victoria’s pieces will be very similar to my own figurative style, having been inspired by past collections, including Seven Deadly Sins and Jewels Verne, right up to the Lady Stardust and Magnipheasant collections, all of which I think will work perfectly as a hat. When I started in 1976 I thought I was joining a really creative industry but I wasn’t at all. It was essentially


all about selling diamonds and gemstones, so I spent the next ten years learning to be the best jeweller I could be and trying to be creative in an industry which wasn’t driven by that. Then there was a moment, around the mid-‘90s, when it started to change. People were suddenly looking for things that weren’t just about the parts, but rather were taking into consideration how you would wear something. It was suddenly about building a wardrobe as opposed to simply getting that eternity ring, engagement ring, or string of pearls. That was the start of what we’ve now got today. Beforehand the luxury industry wasn’t interested in jewellery design. The thing I really hate is badly-made jewellery and people who think they can make jewellery because it’s easy. It makes you angry when you put your whole life into something and then people with no experience go “oh, have you seen my new jewellery collection?” It doesn’t matter if they are a socialite or an ex model or

“I’m always rebellious. My wife would tell you how I hate being told what to do. Maybe I’m just immature!” whatever. That’s not a collection and even if it is, what have you really had to do with it? People so often say things like, “I used to play with my mother’s jewellery box and I’ve always loved jewellery” without any training behind them. People who have been through art school or have their own business know the reality and the struggle that comes with working in this industry, so for me that just makes a mockery of it all. I suppose my products are a bit rock’n’roll, and once they began being thought of like that it’s very hard to change that perception. Often you can’t fight labels; you just have to go with it. You could take Theo Fennell jewellery, for example, and say “well, that’s Theo Fennell” – he’s smart, he’s witty and that’s shown through his pieces. That’s totally authentic. My jewellery is much more than just rock’n’roll. It can be witty and a bit edgy but that’s who we are. It’s not gothic rock’n’roll as I stopped doing skulls about ten years ago. I want people to look at my jewellery and see it for what it is. I think the stigma attached to men wearing jewellery is history now. When we did our first men’s collection about

18 years ago, it was difficult. No-one really understood the concept. There were a couple of men’s collections out, the biggest of which was probably Chrome Hearts – but people still didn’t get it. Those who were a bit more rock‘n’roll were buying it, and then they were followed by the hip-hop fans and rappers, but that was about it. It’s completely different now. The men’s section in our LA store is a really strong part of our business, so a lot has changed. Today I’m rather dressed down but I do enjoy dressing up. I’m a bit of an old rock star. I’ve got this very long, Victorian-inspired Vivienne Westwood coat, a bit like something out of Withnail and I, which I’ve had for years and was given to me by Mick Jones from The Clash. Every single thing about it is rock’n’roll. I love that coat and I still wear it to this day. It gets noticed. I like to be a little bit ‘British eccentric’ when it comes to my own style. I’m a judge on GQ’s Best Dressed Men awards and this year I put forward Nick Cage, who had never featured on the list before. I think the style he has is something he does brilliantly. I had down Matt Collishaw the year before. He’s got good style and in many ways it’s not a million miles away from my own. I’m always rebellious. My wife would tell you how I hate being told what to do. Maybe I’m just immature! If someone tries to tell me what to do then I’m going to fight it all the time. We’ve hosted some amazing parties but nothing beats the one I once did at the Wallace Collection just for sheer total glamour. I had Christina Aguilera there, there was Brian Ferry singing, Mick Jones and f*** knows who else in the crowd. That was amazing. We threw everything at it and it worked. It was quite tongue-in-cheek too. We created this tree made from black iron, which cost me £10,000 to build. I started Rock Vault because of the talent you meet and influence. Yunus and Eliza, for example, were my perfect pupils because when I first took them on they were wicked, but they were still sculptors and their work was a bit all over the place. Three years down the line and they are now amazing jewellers. It’s not that there wasn’t any talent to begin with, but you’ve got to realise that it’s not all about


that. If you want to be a jeweller you have to figure out where to put all of that talent. For me they were the biggest surprise and they are definitely going to make waves. I like being at my house at the seaside; it’s my favourite place to be. I have a flat in London but it’s sort of like staying in a hotel. It will never feel like my home in the same way as being at the coast does. I wake up in the morning and look at France. It’s so special and is where I feel the most inspired. Last year I got the idea for my book, Gold Struck: A Life Shaped by Jewellery, from the London Cheapside Hoard. I did my apprenticeship there and so I already knew all about it. When I went to see it I was just like “oh my God, this is amazing”, not even so much because of the design but rather the techniques and the variety of gemstones that had been used. For 40 years I’ve been working with gold so my book is essentially about my ongoing love affair. Gold Struck: A Life Shaped by Jewellery, by Stephen Webster, £50 in hardback, available from October, published by Salma Editions Stephen Webster boutique, opens 1 September 2015 13 Mount Street, W1K;

Stephen Webster Rodeo Drive Store exterior



Dolce & Gabbana A/W15

Poison Ivy Discover the darker side of nature this autumn with Gothic-inspired jewellery

1 Pineta gold-tone multi-stone necklace, £300, Rosantica, 2 18-karat black gold two-finger emerald and diamond ring, POA, Sutra Jewels, 3 Aigrette necklace, £658, Shourouk, Farfetch, 4 18-karat white gold, diamond and emerald ‘Aerial’ earrings, £27,950, Shaun Leane, 5 18-karat yellow gold, black enamel, emerald and diamond ring, £15,100, Amrapali, 55 Beauchamp Place, SW3 6 Haze long finger ring, £13,283, Stephen Webster, Farfetch, 7 14-karat gold, tourmaline and diamond ring, £2,180, Brooke Gregson, 8 Ruthenium-plated Swarovski crystal cuff, POA, Gucci, 9 18-karat oxidised white gold, black diamond and emerald earrings, £10,265, Carla Amorim, Talisman Gallery, 020 7201 8582 10 Beaded flower necklace, £183, Night Market, Farfetch, 11 'Lady Stardust' Crystal Haze Bolt green agate earrings, £8,150, Stephen Webster, 12 18-karat yellow gold, emerald, ruby and diamond bracelet, £745, Amrapali, as before 13 Cyclos 18-karat gold diamond ring, £3,050, Elena Votsi, 14 'Magnipheasant' black diamond pavé earrings, £8,150, Stephen Webster, as before




Honouring the Few Reginald Mitchell designed the Spitfire while dying of cancer. He worked on it round the clock, finishing it just before he died. “Just the sort of bloody silly name they would choose,” he said, on learning that the RAF had called his aircraft ‘Spitfire’. Clearly Mitchell embodied the sort of stoicism that typified the men who took to the skies in his invention during the Battle of Britain, whose 75th anniversary Breitling has marked with a special edition Navitimer. Launched at North Weald Airfield in front of Battle of Britain Memorial Fund Squadron, who had just completed a flypast over Buckingham Palace (where six surviving members of the Few were having lunch with HM The Queen), the timepiece will raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund – a charity that provides support to serving and former members of the RAF, their partners and dependants. The Navitimer Battle of Britain features commemorative emblems on both its 3 and 9 o’clock sub-dials, and is engraved with the anniversary crest on its case-back. Inside is the Breitling-produced Caliber 01, a self-winding chronograph certified to meet the highest standards of precision by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, or COSC. The timepiece is a fitting tribute given that the RAF equipped its World War Two aircraft with on-board Breitling flight chronographs. Navitimer Battle of Britain Limited Edition Series, £6,480 on a strap, £7,490 on a bracelet, Breitling, 130 Bond Street, W1S

“If anybody ever tells you anything about an aeroplane which is so bloody complicated you can’t understand it, take it from me: it’s all balls” — R. J. Mitchell, Spitfire designer and the First of the Few


A Wempe Welcome

A Helping Hand A watch from a fashion brand, but certainly not a ‘fashion watch’: inside Dior’s Chiffre Rouge C05 you’ll find Zenith’s Elite calibre 682 – a super reliable, automatic movement with a 50-hour power reserve. The timepiece debuted in 2004 and has now been updated with its first small complication – a second time zone whose hand is adjusted by pressing the watch’s pushbutton. Only 100 will be produced. Chiffre Rouge C05, £5,500,

Wempe London invites our readers to an exclusive Patek Philippe Exhibition at its Mayfair store between 17 August and 7 September. Managing director Lynn Schroeder presents a rare opportunity to view many of the new models launched at this year’s Baselworld, alongside other special novelties. Highlights include the Ladies’ Calatrava Ref. 4897G in white gold and the Men’s Annual Calendar Ref. 5396G. We look forward to seeing you there. Wempe, 43-44 New Bond Street, W1S;

Reduced to Size Only two or three of these watches are crafted a week in Germany’s Nomos Atelier. A brand favoured by design and architectural types, the watchmaker has just made its attractive Lambda range available in a smaller, 39mm size. Supremely classic, this example comes with tempered blue hands, which look great against the white, silver-plated dial and rose gold case. Like all Nomos watches, the Lambda does its bit for German watch-making by coming with a movement that is engineered in-house. Who said it was just the Swiss who made watches? Lambda 39, £10,800,



spotlight It’s a Girl Thing The candid Corinne Day shoot for the The Face magazine in 1990 not only launched Kate Moss’ career but became one of the most memorable fashion images of all time. Photographs of Moss along with other leading female figures, including Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigová, Stephanie Seymour, Dita Von Teese and Rachel Weisz, will be presented in part two of The Little Black Gallery’s popular Girls! Girls! Girls! exhibition. It will display more than 50 images of the industry’s most beautiful and iconic models, taken by some of the world’s greatest photographers. Don’t miss the chance to relive these legendary moments that have shaped the face of fashion. 17 September–31 October The Little Black Gallery, 13A Park Walk, SW10 0AJ

Kate, 1990, by Corinne Day © Gimpel Fils & the Estate of Corinne Day


Illustration: Mai Osawa

Flora and Fauna


& chelsea

Experience the beautiful British countryside right here in London with an educational nature walk around Holland Park with the Holland Park Ecology Centre. This September you can choose from two environmental escapades: there’s a lesson in flora and folklore with expert Roy Vickery, who was a botanist at the Natural History Museum for 40 years; or a swift dive into the nocturnal world of London’s bats, for which you’ll need a torch. Both are free, thanks to sponsorship by the Friends of Holland Park, so grab your explorer’s kit and go on an adventure into the wilderness. Bat Walk, 16 September, 6.30–8pm Flora and Folklore Walk, 19 September, 2–4pm Holland Park Ecology Centre, Ilchester Place, W8 6LU RBKC Ecology


Starry Eyed Daring eyewear designer Anna-Karin Karlsson has launched her collection at the V&A Museum Shop this summer, complete with two new designs exclusive to the V&A. Entitled The Butterfly and The Queen, both of these limitededition sunglasses are dedicated to British royalty of sorts: Alexander McQueen and Queen Victoria. Adorned with intricate butterflies atop enormous cat wing frames, these accessories are fit for any ostentatious outfit. Karlsson has pioneered the world of statement eyewear with her eccentric and romantic designs, adding her unique spark to the likes of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. Anna-Karin Karlsson Pop-Up Shop at the V&A Until 27 September V&A Museum, Cromwell Road, SW7 2RL;

Photographer: Ekaterina Belinskaya Model: Bea Åkerlund

spotlight on the royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea: news, events, reviews & local interest stories

From left: Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower), 2003; Kate (Purple), 2005; Custardized Oil #3, 2006

The Enigma Exhibited Forever in a paradoxical harmony between being widely known and entirely unrecognised for his work, Banksy has made a (pseudonymous) name for himself worldwide. For one month, The Andipa Gallery will be exhibiting a two-floor retrospective dedicated to his work, showcasing a special selection of his most rare and iconic works. The artworks act as food for thought and an outlet for Banksy’s fierce anti-war, anti-capitalist, and anti-establishment attitude. Striking and sometimes shocking, his zealously charged work forces you to rethink the powers that control the world we live in. Banksy Retrospective, from 24 September Andipa Gallery, 162 Walton Street, SW3 2JL

Culture Vultures Maggie’s, the charity that provides those suffering with cancer and their family and friends with practical, emotional and social support, will be holding a 15-mile night walk and cultural venture around London. The Culture Crawl, as it is titled, has been curated by the former Director of the National Portrait Gallery, Sandy Nairne, and will lead walkers through multiple architectural and artistic sights across West London including the Chelsea Physic Garden and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Working in partnership with Open House London and sponsored by London property company Capco, this year’s walk will be an enjoyable challenge to take part in and a great way to raise money for a worthy cause. Registration costs £40 and there is a £200 fundraising commitment 18 September, 6.30pm

Exotic Accessories Tyler Ellis’ unique designs have leapt, slithered and swum across the pond from America to settle stylishly in two Notting Hill boutiques. Made from leather and exotic skins from suppliers that are certified by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, all handbags are manufactured by family artisans in Florence. The eclectic range includes skins such as fish, ostrich leg, crocodile and python. The jewel-bright Autumn/Winter Tyler Alexandra collection features stunning and intricate fastenings for bags in all shapes and sizes. Stockists: Matches, 85 Ledbury Road, W11 2AG; Joseph Multibrand, 236 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RH

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Cast Stage 4

Colour Study by Anne Witheridge

Artistic Tradition Celebrate the craft of drawing and painting by visiting Leighton House Museum’s latest temporary exhibition. It will showcase work from a community of artists who trained at the world-renowned Lavender Hill Studios and worked within the enduring atelier tradition. The collection is being showcased in the Upper Perrin Gallery, which also offers a range of events, classes and lectures for budding artists wanting to learn the classical techniques used by Victorian artist Lord Leighton and his peers. 1 September–4 October; Leighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park Road, W14 8LZ

Golden Age of Haute Couture As part of the London Art Studies lectures on fine and decorative arts, leading fashion historian and author Amber Butchart will explore haute couture as an art form. The morning talk will take place at the Bulgari hotel, a fitting location for a talk on fashion. Butchart, who has previously contributed to BBC and Channel 4 productions, as well as presented regularly at the V&A and London College of Fashion, will touch on significant moments in the history of haute couture and its Golden Age, including the beginnings of Christian Dior, Givenchy and Balenciaga. 10am–12pm, 17 September; The Bulgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge, SW7; tickets £75

Models posing in new Christian Dior collection Photography: LoomisDean / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images

A Date for the Prom On 12 September, BBC Proms wraps up its fantastic two months with the annual outdoor musical event Proms in the Park – this year headlined by The Jacksons in honour of their late brother Michael. With an infectious sound that has been loved by all for over 40 years, The Jacksons are well-versed in how to get a party going. Can you feel it? We most certainly can. The Jacksons will be joined by soprano Danielle de Niese performing well-known favourites from The Sound of Music to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film, and Memphis cast members Beverley Knight and Matt Cardle, to ensure audiences are fully entertained throughout the day. Tickets £39, VIP tickets £330, hampers £67.40

Still Life by Joni Duarte

spotlight on the royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea: news, events, reviews & local interest stories

Call to Action Support the Royal Portobello Trust’s Junior Youth Club, which more than 60 children aged 5–12 attend on a daily basis, at a fundraising dinner this month. Hosted by local author Sebastian Faulks, the event will see a plethora of famous faces, including Sotheby’s auctioneer Helena Newman. This year’s auction includes exciting prizes such as a luxurious holiday to Thailand and an exclusive Mark Quinn print. The RPT helps more than 1,200 local young people through its hostels, clubs and centres. RPT Annual Dinner, 22 September

To a Fine Art Two ex-Sotheby’s ladies, Marlies Verhoeven and Daisy Peat, have recently launched The Cultivist, a global members’ club wholly devoted to art. The Cultivist guarantees a bespoke service and insider knowledge with incredible benefits such as exclusive access to renowned art institutions around the world, private tours, unique events and art fairs to name a few. Having partnered with Leighton House Museum and the Saatchi gallery amongst others, The Cultivist looks set to take London’s art scene by storm.

Patrizia's Photography Patrizia Mussa’s meticulous Le Temple du Soleil photography exhibition at The Wilmotte Gallery closes on 20 September, and if you haven’t seen her work yet, it’s definitely worth visiting this extremely elegant space. Mussa’s work has caught the attention of architects and photography experts alike, having worked in collaboration with prestigious publications and galleries around the world. Her finely-honed technique perfectly captures the minute detail in her subjects. Mussa’s current project focuses on a statuesque seaside resort on the Languedoc coast in France; she isolates the buildings from their lush surroundings to photograph them as sculptures. Le Temple du Soleil, until 20 September The Wilmotte Gallery at Lichfield Studios, 133 Oxford Gardens, W10 6NE

£1,900 annual membership;

Photography: Marc Brenner

Keeping Up Appearances One of TS Eliot’s most popular plays is coming to The Print Room for just over two weeks this September. The Cocktail Party was first performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 1949 and won the 1950 Tony Award for Best Play on Broadway. Eliot’s comedy focuses on the relationship between Edward and Lavinia Chamberlayne, a couple who have separated after five years of marriage. Directed by Abbey Wright, the drama focuses on the day-to-day struggle of domestic life while turning the classic ‘drawing room comedy’ on its head.

Marlies Verhoeven and Daisy Peat Photography: Jason Schmidt

The Cocktail Party, 14 September–10 October Print Room at the Coronet, 103 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3LB

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the best floorshow in town! STAND D61 the best floorshow in town! the best floorshow inSTAND town! D61 STAND D61

• Custom Carpet Designs • Rugs & Leather • Custom Carpet Hides Designs • Wool, Silk, Viscose Custom Carpet Designs Rugs &Carpet Leather Hides • •Custom Designs • Sisals & Grasses Rugs & Leather Hides Wool,&Silk, Viscose • •Rugs Leather Hides • Wool, Silk, Viscose Sisals & Grasses • •Wool, Silk, Viscose • Sisals & Grasses • Sisals & Grasses


• Stair Runners • Borders & Bindings • Domestic Commercial Stair Runners •& Stair Runners • Stair Runners • International Projects Borders•&Borders Bindings & Bindings • Borders & Bindings • Domestic• & Commercial Domestic & Commercial • Domestic & Commercial • International Projects Projects • International • International Projects


2b Chepstow Road, Notting Hill, London W2 5BH

NOTTING Email: NOTTINGHILL HILLTel. +44 (0)20 7221 1260 NOTTING HILL 2b Chepstow Road, Notting Hill, London W2 5BH 2 Chepstow Road,Notting NottingHill, Hill,London LondonW2 W2 5BH 5BH 2bb Chepstow Road, Email: Tel. +44 (0)20 7221 1260 Email: Tel. +44 (0)20 7221 1260 Capitol Carpets fp.indd 1 04/09/2014



ART ANTIQUES BY Rebecca Wallersteiner

In the Family “Alexis Vollon excelled at depicting scenes of his beloved River Seine, running through the heart of fin-de-siècle Paris,” comments Alastair Plumb, specialist in 19th Century European Art at Christie’s South Kensington. In La Seine à Paris the artist has found a vantage point at the very tip of the Pont Neuf where the Seine naturally joins. “With the aid of the swell from romantic chugging steamboats, discreet arrows form in the river which guide the viewer’s eye to the precisely detailed Pont des Arts.” The romantic skyline in the middle distance is juxtaposed with the horizontal line of the bridge in the foreground. As such, the shapes of the skyline do not impose token motifs on the viewer, but serve to capture the essence of Paris as a whole. The muted outline of the Louvre on the right hand side of the composition is incorporated calmly with the line of trees on the river bank. Thanks to the tonality of Vollon’s palette, the stone building fuses with the effervescent clouds above, and to the left, the cold metal of the recently constructed Eiffel Tower simply glints through the mist. Alexis Vollon, who figured at the time of the great Impressionists, was awarded several honours, including the Légion de Chevalier d’Honneur in 1900, and a médaille d’argent in the same year. He studied under his father, the renowned still life painter, Antoine Vollon. A large work depicting sumptuous fruit with shining silverware by the artist’s father is presented as lot 10 in this auction. 19th Century European Art Sale, 10 September, Christie’s South Kensington; Lot 78: Alexis Vollon (French, 1865-1945), La Seine à Paris signed ‘Alexis Vollon’ (lower right), 18 1/4 x 21 3/4 in. (46.5 x 55 cm.), Estimate: £1,500-£2,000

with Gallery Manager Clare Gosling on Craig Alan’s solo exhibition at the Whitewall Galleries Q. Where does Craig Alan originate from? A. Growing up in New Orleans, Craig Alan was influenced by the city’s creative energy and diverse cultural impulses. Q. How does the artist create his extraordinary paintings? A. Alan’s haunting celebrity portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn and Freddie Mercury singing at Wembley have been built up through hundreds of intricately painted tiny figures created with his realist technique. The artist works by photographing people ambling around a square from which he creates stencilled images of their figures. He has commented: “I was snapping people on the

beach from my mother’s apartment and then noticed a pattern through the camera.” Q. What are his inspirations? A. Rather touchingly, Alan always includes a figure of his late friend somewhere on his canvas. His iconic London subjects include Big Ben and Buckingham Palace’s guards. Q. Is the artist’s work sought after? A. His collectors around the world include the Prime Minister of Singapore and Notting Hill’s glitterati. Craig Alan Exhibition, 10–13 September, Whitewall Galleries, 100 Westbourne Grove, W2 5RU Above/ London Time III, 48x48ins, by Craig Alan



ART ANTIQUES Painting Portraits For more than 50 years, artist Chuck Goodwin has lived and painted portraits on Westbourne Grove. “Sometimes the portrait will be a quick sketch, other times it can take up to eight weeks to complete the work. I like to paint people in their environment; a musician with her violin, a writer with her book, or a child with her pet rabbit.” His intricately executed pictures reveal brilliant observational and painting skills, capturing the essence of his sitters with aplomb. Over the years, Goodwin has portrayed many local characters including photographer Lord Snowden, poet Mike Horowitz, Min Hogg (a former fashion editor of Vogue, whose assistant was once Anna Wintour) and Sir John and Lady Sorrell. Painting Portraits by Chuck Goodwin, 5 September–1 October Artesian Road Studio, Westbourne Grove, W2 5DA;

The Finishing Touch On Westbourne Park Road, Wilson Stephens & Jones, run by Rosanna Wilson Stephens and Rita Jones, couldn’t be more welcoming. The gallery’s surrealist silver fish spoons and brightly-coloured ceramics by Claudia Rankin will provide a whimsical finishing touch to your home. Growing up near the V&A, Rankin loved to explore the museum’s ceramic and textile collections as a child. Her mother ran an Oriental porcelain shop on the Portobello Road and her artistic father collected stuffed owls. Originally trained as a sculptor, the artist’s naïve, yet refined ceramics, decorated with a menagerie of animal designs influenced by Picasso and Miro, have been exhibited in New York, Amsterdam and London. Wilson Stephens & Jones, 71 Westbourne Park Road, W2 5QH; Caddy with crab & lioness, £550

From left/ Tony Suttill and Min, both by Chuck Goodwin

Acute Observation Artist Charlotte Johnson Wahl brought up her four famous children in Notting Hill – her daughter, Rachel Johnson, is Notting Hill’s bestloved author; Leo Johnson is an environmentalist; Jo is an MP; and Boris, of course, is Mayor of London. Unlike the rest of her brilliant family, Johnson Wahl has evaded publicity – that is, up until now. For a week, her bright, bold paintings, including a uniquely vivid portrait of a young Boris rendered in lilac and green, will be shown at London’s Mall Galleries. Having suffered from Parkinson’s disease since her 40s, Johnson Wahl’s movingly human and fluent work examines illness, divorce, death and mental breakdown. Minding Too Much, 7–12 September The Mall Galleries, SW1Y 5BD;

From left/ Bad Tempered Women Washing Up, 1974; Alexander (Boris) Painting, 1991

Eclectic Treasures As part of the two-day Style & Spirit sale, five respected dealers – Christophe Edwards, Christopher Jones Antiques, Dean Antiques Ltd, Blanchard Ltd and James Graham-Stewart – are collaborating with Christie’s to present The Core One Collection. Housed in an abandoned gasworks at the back of the Kings Road, Chelsea, Core One Antiques was a mecca for collectors for over a decade. The Core One Collection offers the opportunity to acquire over 300 objects, including furniture, decorative objects and pictures collected by these five dealers. The Core One Collection; Christie’s Interiors – Style & Spirit; 15–16 September;

Hoppen to It

Above/ An Austrian painted terracotta Jack Russell, late 19th century, estimate: £1,200-1,800, collector: Dean’s Antiques Ltd; A Victorian painted cast-iron aesthetic movement seat designed by Thomas Jeckyll, estimate: £4,000-6,000, collector: Christopher Edwards; A hardwood daybed by Tim Stead, 1973, estimate: £1,500-2,500, collector: Christopher Edwards

© Simon Norfolk. Time Taken 10, Autumn, 2013-2014. Courtesy: Michael Hoppen Gallery

This month the Michael Hoppen Gallery will exhibit new work by UK-based photographer Simon Norfolk. Time Taken is a poetic tracing of time on the war-torn landscape of Afghanistan. “I first became aware of Simon Norfolk’s work after he contacted me about his genocide project,” says director Michael Hoppen. “I was unable to help him then but was struck not only by the magnificent photography but also by his integrity and intelligence.” Five years later, Hoppen began to represent his work and still does today. This is Norfolk’s third exhibition of photographs with the gallery. “We only show what we believe in and try to be as innovative as possible with our programme every year.”

Still Life with Pears by Duncan Grant (1885-1978), oil on board, 56x41 cm

Time Taken by Simon Norfolk; 3 August–14 September 2015;

The John Madejski Garden

Left/ White Sands, Iona by Samuel John Peploe RSA (18711935), 1924, oil on panel, 38x46 cm

Best of British

Celebrating Design “Over nine days in September, the capital celebrates contemporary design in venues across the city for the London Design Festival,” says Victoria Broakes, head of London Design Festival at the V&A. As the hub of this annual event, the V&A is the first point of call for visitors to enjoy exhibitions, inspirational talks and workshops by leading designers. Over the past 13 years, the festival has evolved from a trade fair to embrace several venues, drawing an international design crowd and young designers. One of the highlights is an installation by Mexican architect Frida Escobedo in the museum’s John Madejski Garden, marking the Year of Mexico. London Design Festival at the V & A; 19 –27 September;

The Royal College of Art is often dubbed ‘the spiritual home of British art’, having nurtured many renowned artists including Tracey Emin, Jake and Dinos Chapman and David Dawson. It provides just the right home for the 28th edition of the 20/21 International Art Fair, which presents some of the world’s best modern and contemporary art. It’s a chance to buy work from David Hockney, Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Peter Lanyon, Alfred Wallis and Terry Frost, to name a few. This time we can expect an exciting range of art from 55 specialist galleries, almost a quarter of whom were at the first fair back in 1988. The fair will also present work by the RCA’s students, unknown today, but possible art stars of tomorrow. 20/21 International Art Fair, 9–13 September 2015 Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, SW7 2EU Tickets: £10;

053 0207 243 3776 188 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RH


Old Dog, New Tricks Celebrated British fashion designer Bruce Oldfield OBE has created his first ever collection for the UK high street, partnering with John Lewis to produce his 60-piece womenswear capsule range as part of the department store’s 150-year celebrations. Available from 4 September, the ready-to-wear line features classic Oldfield contouring, including feminine silhouettes, nipped-in waists and premium fabrics, but this has been updated to be in tune with the ‘80s workwear trend that dominates this season. It incorporates tailored suits and a monochromatic colour palette. Our must-have piece is the ‘Little Bruce Dress’, a black silk panelled cocktail number, from every sale of which £20 will be donated to Bruce Oldfield’s chosen charity, Barnardo’s. Bruce by Bruce Oldfield for John Lewis, available at Peter Jones Sloane Square, SW1W;

Faux Fur Trim Coat, £299 Long Velvet Dress, £249


Work of art


Ralph Lauren

While the saying goes that all that glitters is not gold, this autumn’s sparkliest trend has gone out of its way to prove the theory wrong. Shimmering gowns, glittering sequins and gold lurex dazzled the crowd at Fashion Week, where designers allowed their inner magpies to flourish.


Shine bright

Jenny Packham

Ralph Lauren

Dolce & Gabbana

Jonathan Saunders

Emilio Pucci

Michael Kors

A/W15 Roberto Cavalli

Temperley London

Christopher Kane



Salvatore Ferragamo

Anna Sui

This season’s least subtle trend of art-inspired geometric prints takes inspiration from fashion’s favourite artists. Valentino led the way with monochrome checkerboard dresses and dragon motifs designed by Celia Birtwell and Emilie Flöge, while Jonathan Saunders drew on the work of Allen Jones, Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely.


Suit up


Alberta Ferretti

Move over Batman, there’s a new caped-crusader in town. Ditch the coat and shrug your shoulders into the cosiest outerwear offering this season. Whether you go for Ralph Lauren’s suede number or DSquared2’s Navajo option, if it’s a cape, it’s a winner.

Alberta Ferretti

Cape town


Salvatore Ferragamo



Power-dressing is having a moment, and you’ll be pleased to hear there’s not a shoulder pad in sight. Pant suits have redefined workwear with elongating camel flares, cropped trousers and double-breasted blazers. Board meetings have never been so stylish.


Marc Jacobs Escada

While velvet is usually reserved for the gothic trend, this season it cropped up in all manner of forms, from cobalt blue suits to oversized jackets and navy flares. Nod to the trend with a sleek jacket or, if you’re feeling daring, wear it from head to toe.

Emilio Pucci


Velvet crush

Alberta Ferretti

Christopher Kane

Jasper Conran

Stella McCartney

Ralph Lauren

We’ve got your autumn wardrobe covered with our round-up of this season’s most sought-after trends


Making a Point For Jimmy Choo’s A/W15 shoe collection, Sandra Choi was inspired by ballet but if you’re already envisioning delicate pointed flats and lace-up heels, think again. Exploring the juxtaposition between power and restraint, strength and beauty, all of which are bound up in a ballet dancer’s movement, the collection introduces Anneli – a robust peep-toe knee-high boot with a leather lace-up motif (in reference to the bondage theme) – along with the key style for the season, Dayno. The leather boot, featuring gold popper buttons and a block heel, welcomes the arrival of a brand new style for Jimmy Choo: the round-toe. Dayno leather boot in soft nappa leather, £895;

HER STYLE By olivia sharpe

If the Bag Fits Manolo Blahnik has proven that his knowledge of the luxury industry is not limited to shoes but also extends into handbags, having recently unveiled his first ever collection. In keeping with his coveted shoe styles, the range of evening clutches have all been heavily influenced by the designer’s love of iconic beautiful women past and present, and feature familiar elements such as Swarovskiembellished detailing and satin linings in a variety of different shades. Timeless and elegant, we believe them to be the must-have accessory for the winter season ahead. Available at Manolo Blahnik, 49-51 Old Church Street, SW3

Done a Copping Creative director of Oscar de la Renta Peter Copping, who was handpicked by the designer before his sad passing last year, has certainly done his predecessor proud and ensured that his fashion legacy continues to live on, as highlighted by his debut Fall 2015 collection. Capturing the enduring, classic appeal one associates with the Italian house, the collection includes cocktail dresses, beautifully embroidered bouclé jackets, silk georgette blouses and elegant evening gowns, our favourite of which is a floor-sweeping dark navy and hyacinth duchessina gown. We look forward to seeing what else Copping has up his sleeve.

Campbell Follower

Eye Candy

While rumoured to have fallen out with fellow British model Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell proves that she is more than capable of keeping up with the young ones as she stars in La Perla’s latest womenswear campaign. Campbell puts older women everywhere to shame as she joins models Natasha Poly, Isabeli Fontana and Liu Wen as the fourth and final face of the A/W15 campaign. She sports a beautiful long night robe with trousers in the “impossible lace” from the brand’s Atelier collection, first previewed at the Paris Couture Show in January.

For her latest collection, rising star Charlotte Simone – whose Popsicle scarves (launched four years ago) quickly made her a household name on the Chelsea scene and have been worn by everyone, from Sienna Miller to Olivia Palermo – has created an entirely faux fur line, called the Shaggies and Candy Floss wraps. Composed of shearling and faux fur fleece in a variety of different candy colours, from bubblegum pink to baby blue, the collection is launching this September in line with London Fashion Week and we strongly suggest you get your hands on them fast as, knowing Charlotte Simone like we do, we predict they will sell out fast.

Images courtesy of La Perla - shot by Mert and Marcus

Belle Epoque Beauty and form take shape in Asprey’s A/W15 handbag collection as the British brand was inspired by the works of artist Anselm Kiefer and photographer Horst P. Horst to create its latest line. The brand’s Belle tote has been reimagined this season in supple leathers and exotic skins in rich autumnal colours, mirroring the vibrant colours and textures of Kiefer’s work, while the introduction of the Polo bag nods to Asprey’s distinguished heritage in this particular field, crafted from nubuck bullskin and full grain bullskin. The Belle in Ginger Nubuck, £2,800, or Amethyst Crocodile, £21,000,

Lay of the Land This season saw Marni introduce its A/W 2015-16 womenswear campaign, the first time the fashion brand has advertised in several years. Shot by Anglo-American artist Jackie Nickerson, it portrays the strong, free-spirited and independent Marni woman as she sports creative director Consuelo Castiglioni’s latest collection, which includes beaver skirts, forest-printed dresses, python boots and cross-body bags – echoing the overall militant mood of Castiglioni’s collection, which was inspired by the film Hanna and its female warrior protagonist.


CUTE PASTELS Coat, £2,335, Max Mara, 21 Old Bond Street, W1S; Jumper, £235, DKNY, 27 Old Bond Street, W1S; Bag, £375, Coach,; Sunglasses, £345, Holly Fulton for Cutler and Gross,

Playing the Field

Mix and match your look with winter coats in warm pastels, evening dresses in dark Victorian lace and eclectic one-off pieces from the eras fashion wants to remember this season


Phillip Waterman


Jess Stebbings

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Above / Cape, £5,450, wool pants, £890, cashmere turtleneck sweater, £990, ranch hat, £1,950, all Ralph Lauren Collection,; Yellow gold ring, £1,975, Chanel Fine Jewellery, 26 Old Bond Street, W1 Right / Coat, corset bustier top & tattooed undergarment, all POA, Dsquared2, 51 Conduit Street, W1S

BACK TO BLACK Left / Dress, £2,062, Rochas,; Diamond and pearl earrings, £3,980, Noa Fine Jewellery, Above / Dress, £1,269, DVF, 25 Bruton Street, W1J; Stilettos, POA, Dsquared2, as before; White gold and diamond earrings, £42,500, Amrapali,; Black and white diamond ring, £3,390, NOA Fine Jewellery, as before

BEYOND RETRO Above / Pink dress, POA, Dolce & Gabbana, 6-8 Old Bond Street, W1S Right / Blue dress, £1,150, Issa,; Shoes, £500, Stuart Weitzman,; White gold ring, £2,050, Chanel Fine Jewellery, as before

HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Katie Pettigrew using MAC Cometics, Kiehl’s and Kevin Murphy MODEL: Sofia Simon @ Elite Shot on location at Ferry Farm, Suffolk. The farm has three miles of river frontage and consists of 500 acres of grazing marshland with stunning coastal backdrops. The area is wellknown for water fowl and much of the farm is now dedicated to a conservation scheme. It also runs the Heritage Coast Stud, which has more than 50 horses, mostly of breeding stock for racing and competition, with some competing horses. For any enquiries about using the farm as a film or photoshoot location, contact Jane Marson on 07771608376 or

In With the New This month sees Mr Porter expand its roster of debonair menswear to include fashion designer Tom Ford. The luxury e-tailer and its sister site, Net-A-Porter, will be the first online stores to stock an exclusive edit of the label’s ready-towear collection, which, until now, could only be bought online through Tom Ford’s own e-commerce store. The new partnership will see Mr Porter stock everything from the brand’s fragrances to its formalwear, starting with Tom Ford’s A/W15 collection. The latest line from fashion’s leading man comprises wool coats, crisp white shirts and, for the brave-hearted, optical-illusion blazers in monochrome tones.

Yes We Canali This season, Italian label Canali appeals to the discerning gentleman with its latest line of fine tailoring. Combining its quality craftsmanship with contemporary design, the A/W15 collection suits traditionalists who are keen to explore new styles. Striped scarves and leather accessories stand out in an otherwise understated line, which comprises pure cashmere jackets – made with an exclusive ‘doubling’ technique that creates a lightweight feel – sweatshirts and ankle-grazing trousers. In homage to 1950s Milan, neon lights act as a recurring theme, in which geometric shapes form clean-cut silhouettes in a palette of petrol blue, ivory and ‘Canali’ yellow.

Tom Ford collection, from £155 to £5,350;

Available to buy now from Harrods;


Shoe Time

Check Mate Aquascutum’s Club Check print is garnering a cult following likened to that of Louis Vuitton’s monogram and Burberry’s iconic tartan. In celebration of the signature check, the label has dedicated its A/W15 accessories range to the distinctive print, which was first introduced into the menswear collection in 1976. Sticking to the original colours of burgundy, beige and navy, Aquascutum has adorned its wide range of bags and accessories with the design, featuring on laptop bags, totes, cosmetic cases and holdalls. Decorated with leather trims and silver hardware, each bag is durable so you can be sure it will stand the test of time. Aquascutum, 15 Brompton Road, SW3;


Fresh from its workshop in Northampton, Crockett & Jones’ latest line of boots and shoes welcomes new styles along with old favourites in updated colour-ways, as always handcrafted in calf leather by the team of skilled artisans. The best-selling Pembroke brogue, a member of the Crockett & Jones’ family for more than 25 years, has been revamped in dark green and brown scotch grain, while the new Malton shoe features a rubber sole that’s ideal for England’s autumnal weather. What’s more, it has introduced its first suede shoe in the form of the Camberley, a double-buckle boot available in black and brown. The Camberley brown suede double buckle boot, £400 Crockett & Jones, 155 Brompton Road,

EAT – SLEEP –WALK – PLAY Stylish products and accessories which fuse effortlessly with your home For the dog less ordinary

lifestyle A Close Knit

No one does colour quite like Missoni, whose rainbow zigzag print is internationally recognised by all, whether you’re a fashion fanatic or not. Keeping true to form, the interiors branch of the brand, Missoni Home, offers decadent bedspreads, tableware and furniture in a kaleidoscope of colours in its latest collection. Vibrant floral rugs, striped chevron sofas and divider screens in the label’s eclectic prints make up the line of luxurious knits, designed by the label’s co-founder, Rosita Missoni. Add a pop of colour to your home this season with the brand’s signature zigzag design, adorning throws, cushions and sofas in jewel tones, or try something different and opt for the poppy-print poufs and lilium upholstery for a floral twist. Available from Amara,

Image courtesy of: Missoni Home




Out on the Lash This season saw the return of big and bold lashes as make-up artists at the Giambattista Valli, Rodarte and Nina Ricci shows unashamedly coated models’ eyes with layers upon layers of thick mascara. Drawing on this trend, Chanel has introduced a new volume mascara for its Fall 2015 cosmetics collection which has instantly become one of our must-have beauty buys. While it will provide instant volume, intense colour and dramatic curl after just one application, we suggest applying a few coats to achieve the best and most radical effect.

The Green Light Moving away from the naturallooking trend that dominated S/S15, NARS’ creative director François Nars has done what he does best and brought colour firmly back into the mix this autumn with his brand’s latest collection. The key shades for eyes include a shimmering golden brown and an 80s-inspired ombre green, both of which make for the ultimate, eye-catching statement. Dual Intensity eyeshadow, £21

Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel, £25 020 7493 3836

Super Heroes

Scent of a Woman Pioneering cosmetics brand Guerlain has, for the first time in its history, launched a perfume without a name, giving women the freedom to choose their own. The Mon Exclusif eau de toilette nods to more masculine scents with notes of lavender and sandalwood, while irresistible hints of salted caramel, vanilla and coumarin, paired with mandarin and iris, altogether result in a soft, calming and luxurious aroma; perfect for starting the new season afresh.

One of the main questions make-up artists get asked is ‘what are the must-have products a woman should carry in her cosmetics bag?’ Now Urban Retreat has provided the definitive answer with its latest ‘Who’s Your Hero?’ campaign. Creative director Reena Hammer has listed eight of what she considers to be the ultimate beauty products, ranging from Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer to Chantecaille’s Faux Cils mascara. These will be available to buy at The Make-up Salon at Urban Retreat from September. #whosyourhero,

Guerlain Mon Exclusif eau de toilette, £105 Available exclusively at Selfridges from 23 August


Preen by Thornton Bregazzi backstage A/W15. Image courtesty of: MAC Cosmeticss Parallel Universe Duo eyeshadow, £25,

tHE future’s bright Couture Palette Metal Clash, £42.50,

Chrome yellow eyeshadow, £13

W15. Imag backstage A/ Lea Peckre Cosmetics AC M of: y courtes


Following last season’s obsession with barefaced beauty, this year saw a backlash of bright shadows in eye-popping colours. On the catwalk, copper tones and bright yellows led the trend, while Preen opted for a flattering orange shade and Lea Peckre chose baby blue in a futuristic design. Get the look with MAC’s signature eyeshadow pots, or invest in a palette by NARS or YSL Beauty for an assortment of shades.

Beyond Perfecting powder, £27,

Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser, £29,

We’ll be leaving contouring to Kim Kardashian this season, instead opting for the easiest look of the year, the ‘no make-up’ makeup trend. Back by popular demand, the natural look could be found across the catwalks once again, with models at Prada teaming their pastel twopieces with a high ponytail and light blusher, and Christopher Kane making eyebrows the focus, emphasising a bold brow and little else. For the ultimate daytime look, keep it simple with a tinted moisturiser or CC cream – in this case, less is always more.

CC cream, £44,

Prada A/W15

barefaced cheek

BEAUTY Trend report

Rodarte A/W15 backstage Image courtesy of: MAC Cosmetics

Ohne Titel A/W15 backstage. Image courtesy of: MAC Cosmetics

Temperley London A/W15 backstage Photography: Matilda Temperley


Gold Glitter, £16,

aLL THAT GLITTERS Sparkle eyeshadow in Silver Lilac, £23.50,

Sparkle eyeshadow in Baby Peach, £23.50,

Tom Ford cream and powder eye colour in Black Oyster, £46,

Shimmering gowns and gold sequins took over the catwalks this season and with them came dazzling make-up in the form of gold glitter and sparkling jewels. While Rodarte and Ohne Titel lined lower eyelids with miniature gems, Temperley went one step further with an explosion of gold glitter. A trend for both the daring and the demure, create the night-time look with Bobbi Brown’s Sparkle eyeshadow or MAC’s Gold Glitter and apply as much – or as little – as you want.

lIP service While most seasons see classic red lipstick pop up across the catwalk, this year the colour was shunned in favour of light pinks and deep berries. Over at Max Mara, simple make-up was teamed with a cotton candy shade, while dark purple and burgundy hues were spotted at Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera. Team your chosen colour with a natural face for a look that will take you from day to night.

Smoky eyes were all the rage this year, with dark lashes and smudged kohl cropping up at Burberry Prorsum, Chanel and Marques Almeida. Model-of-the-moment Amber Anderson (pictured) showed off the trend at Burberry with thick eyeliner and bruised-purple shadow, while Oscar de la Renta made a nod to the trend with a simple liquid-liner flick. Get the look with Burberry’s Effortless Kohl or NARS’s Velvet Shadow Stick, and smudge using your fingertips.

Effortless Kohl eyeliner in poppy black, £18.50,

Vamplify lip pencil in Dark Out, £15,

Joli Rouge lipstick in Delicious Pink, £19.50,

Carolina Herrera A/W 15 backstage Image courtesy of: MA C Cosmetics

sMOKE & mirrors

Max Mara A/W15

backstage Burberry A/W15

Swot up on the best of this season’s make-up with our guide to A/W15 beauty trends. From the anti-red lip to glitter overhaul, create the looks with our selection of must-have products, writes ELLEN MILLARD

Glénan Velvet stick, £20,





Free-spirited French make-up artist Laura Mercier reminisces on her career and the golden age of the industry as she marks three decades in beauty, writes Olivia Sharpe

Every woman has that one hero product in her make-up bag that they cannot live without and for me, it is Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage. Whatever my skin ailment, whether I’ve exploded in pimples, have blotchy skin or simply had too many late nights, I feel safe in the knowledge that my trusty Secret Camouflage palette will come to my rescue and cover up any horrifying flaw. So it stands to reason that I count the woman who created this wonder product, the eponymous French make-up artist, as one of my heroines too. Meeting her on one of her flying visits to London at Claridge’s Hotel (she mainly divides her time between Paris and New York), it is easy to see how she has become famous in the industry for creating the ‘flawless face’ and forged her cosmetic brand’s reputation for achieving ‘the natural look’ just by looking at


her. She appears perfectly made up but without that heavy-duty look often associated with cosmetic sales girls who, as comedian Michael McIntyre once put it, look as though they are wearing every single product on their face. Her youthful appearance conceals how Laura Mercier, who has spent three decades in the industry, has seen and done it all. Now the founder of one of the most successful global cosmetics brands – the award-winning range is available in over 1,100 stores in 27 countries – she began her career working in New York in the ‘80s, when the beauty industry was on the brink of exciting change. Up until then, the look being advertised in fashion publications was for exaggerated make-up (think Boy George in his heyday) and Laura was one of the pioneering figures responsible for moving away from this artificial image and establishing the natural-looking trend that is so popular today. Having initially wanted to be an artist, Laura studied at art school and this proved to be an invaluable experience, garnering her understanding of colour palettes. However, realising that “being a painter was not going to pay my bills”, but knowing “I wanted to work with my hands”, she enrolled at the prestigious Carita School in Paris, where she trained as a make-up artist, having always “loved the beauty industry”. While there, she befriended her tutor − the illustrious make-up artist Thibault Vabre − and after graduating, she was fortunate enough to be given a job as his assistant and the chance to learn on the job. She then worked as a freelance make-up artist before joining the team at luxury fashion magazine Elle, who requested Laura went to New York with them to assist with the launch of American Elle. “It was very intense,” she remembers. “During those few months, I met agents, got familiar with the New York scene and after an agent proposed that I stayed here and gave it a try, I just thought, why not?” While the whole experience sounds somewhat daunting, Laura, with her




French laissez-faire attitude, seems to have taken it all in her stride, and being unmarried and career-focused at that time, she knew it was the right course to take. Looking back, Laura speaks nostalgically about the industry then in comparison to now, describing it fondly as having been “the most beautiful years”: “I remember working with a photographer who had this ancient camera, one of those enormous Polaroids,” she explains, smiling. “And it was just so interesting being part of the entire picture-making process. It’s not so much like that today…it’s done in a different way and so I guess I have that feeling of nostalgia for the way it was before.” Before the invention of Photoshop and airbrushing, Laura comments how make-up artists working on fashion shoots and advertising campaigns actually “had to be good” and so, in some ways, technology has impeded some of that natural talent out there: “You obviously still need make-up artists but you only need the basics because now you can retouch make-up using a computer. So basically we are there to put some textures and colours on the face and then anything goes after that.” Laura sadly notes how make-up artists have, in many ways, lost their autonomy, as before, it was up to them “to give character to the face” and “to create the look” but now, this is the job of the photographer: “There’s a way to do make-up that’s very personal and even though you’re working on a theme and you’re doing what the beauty editor and the photographer asks, no one could tell you exactly what to do, but this isn’t the case anymore.” Although acknowledging that advances in technology have made the whole process far “less complex, cheaper and faster than it used to be”, on the flip side, she has also found that it has resulted in an unrealistic portrayal of women and beauty today. “I think it’s an entire world that has now shifted whereby everything is based on consumption,” she says. “The world knows everything at every second of the day due to social media so there’s never any downtime. It’s too quick, too fast, it’s overwhelming and it’s confusing. Sometimes the heads of models are put on different bodies; how can you relate to that as a human being? I worry about the younger generation because they have grown up with that and so you have to be very smart to realise that it’s not all real. Otherwise

you might end up losing yourself.” Jokingly referring to herself as “a dinosaur”, Laura very much aligns herself with the “old-fashioned” school of make-up artists; in spite of this, her acclaimed ‘natural look’, for which she is renowned, is still in high demand. Her eponymous brand, founded in 1996, continues to go from strength to strength and this season sees the launch of a new collection, Chrome Extravagance, encompassing covetable eye shades and lip balms in preparation for the festive season. Laura is a proponent of the philosophy that cosmetics should be used to enhance a woman’s beauty and applied it according to one’s “personality”. She has worked on some of the most famous faces in Hollywood, including Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Sarah Jessica Parker and Susan Sarandon, and it is these women to whom she looks for inspiration, as opposed to the new Kim Kardashian era of “caked” and “trashy-looking” celebrities who “wear so much make-up on their faces that it’s just pitiful”. She comments: “The real stars have never really changed and they remain beautiful women; it is beauty from within, as opposed to having this superficial outside look that you desperately try to retain.” Most notably out of Laura Mercier’s star-studded client list is Madonna, with whom she worked for eight years and who dubbed Laura as “the Rembrandt of make-up artists”. While some stars such as the singer were a joy to work with, Laura also confides how she had to deal with many “big egos” in her time and as a result, has developed a thick skin. “It’s important you love yourself in order to take part in this world in a positive way. You’ve got to have enough confidence to know who you are and what you can do, and you’ve got to learn to speak for yourself, otherwise people will walk all over you.” Many believe the beauty industry to be a superficial world but Laura insists that underneath the glittering exterior lies a “serious business” and she advices anyone considering to enter into it to be prepared to work extremely hard. “It’s not just this glamorous world with photo shoots and models and celebrities. That’s not the reality. You’ve got to challenge yourself always. It takes some guts to dare to do something different.”

Laura has had to deal with many “big egos” in her time and as a result, has developed a thick skin


Chrome Extravagance, available now;

Tom Davies Bespoke Opticians offers a truly bespoke service. We design and handcraft spectacles especially for you, using ZEISS lenses from our advanced clinic.

54 Sloane Square - 020 7730 5454 -



BY ashiana pradhan

Armed and Fabulous Drawing inspiration from Japanese antique armour, the 2015 Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles collection by Rubelli has re-imagined these traditional Asian motifs using geometric shapes, resulting in a more contemporary take. Historic designs taken from the hand guards - or ‘tsubas’ - of Japanese Katana swords have also been translated into the fabrics in the range. The textiles, available in striking jewel tones reminiscent of the Orient, have been made with silk, metallic yarns and metal laminates, thereby giving the collection a luxurious feel that does justice to the classic Armani style. From £216 per metre; Rubelli / Donghia, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, SW10;

Village People Inspired by a downtown Manhattan loft, West Village by Ralph Lauren is a collection filled with vintage and industrial-inspired pieces that are guaranteed to bring an artistic, bohemian aesthetic to any room. From the Parisian bistro lighting to the Victorian bookcases, each covetable furnishing can be accompanied by the collection’s textiles, created in shades of red, grey, black and white. The red tones juxtaposed with understated neutrals are a characterising facet of the range and bring attention to the Japanese boro cloth patterns and mackinaw plaids. Relaxed and carefree yet still sophisticated, West Village parallels the neighbourhood after which it is named. Available from 7 September Prices available on request;

Ping Your Praises Why not weave some magic into your home by investing in a timeless carpet? Tai Ping, founded in Hong Kong in 1956 to keep the celebrated craft of handmade rugs alive, has announced a new collection called ANTHO10GY, available from September. Delving into the company’s archives and blending the historic patterns with contemporary design, it celebrates the aesthetics of past collections, while also introducing stunning new visual compositions that will both look and feel great underfoot. Tai Ping Carpets, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, SW10;

The Future of Luxury

A Musical Milestone Beautifully handcrafted using six individual logs of Macassar ebony and showcasing masterful design by artisan Frank Pollaro, Steinway & Son’s latest piano is a milestone for the company, marking the creation of its 600,000th instrument. Pollaro’s inspiration for the design was the Fibonacci spiral, a geometrical model based on the work of 13th century Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. Proudly displayed at Masterpiece London in June, the magnificent piano took more than 6,000 hours to create over a four-year period.

Opening the 2015 London Design Festival, Decorex will once again be held over four days at picturesque Syon Park and will showcase new works by 400 exhibitors that range from tried-andtested favourites to the up-and-coming. This year, the theme will celebrate the future of luxury, inviting visitors to further explore what is deemed luxurious through a series of interactive feature areas and seminars held by high profile figures in the design world. A consumer day on the 22 September will invite the public to explore the show, visit the champagne bar designed by Russell Sage, and indulge in the pop-up food market. We’re especially looking forward to checking out the show-stopping pieces from Harlequin London and Nicholas Haslam. Tickets: £30 for consumer day

The Fibonacci, £1.85 million

Strike a Poise Paul Smith has swapped sharply-cut suits for streamlined lampshades, hitting the drawing board for a second time to collaborate with iconic British lighting brand Anglepoise. On this occasion, the Type 75 desk lamp edition two has incorporated a modern twist with an injection of colour. Moody slate grey and accents of lilac, bright orange and blue give the classic lamp another reason to shine. Available from 1 September, £160

Hang Over Fresh from its scene-stealing debut at the Salone del Mobile 2015, the Hanging Hoop chair is a standout piece from British designer Lee Broom’s Department Store collection. Available to purchase from September, the chair is suspended from above, while two metal circular hoops connect to support a seat fixture upholstered in sumptious Kvadrat wool. Far from being your average garden swing, the chair – available in both black and brass finishes – is a one-of-a-kind piece that certainly gets our swing vote. Brass: £3,750; black: £2,950 Available to purchase at The Shop at Bluebird 350 King’s Road, SW3;



Power Players On Friday 3 July, CEDIA – the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association – celebrated the most luxurious and high-tech homes across the UK, Europe, Russia and the CIS, Africa, Pakistan, India and the Middle East. Alice Blunt reports

For CEDIA, the sky is the limit when it comes to home integration. The leading international trade organisation encompasses members who specialise in the planning, design, supply, installation, integration, concealment and control of electronic systems for the modern, intelligent home. In celebration of its commitment to offering the very best in residential technology, CEDIA holds an annual awards ceremony, where it acknowledges the crème de la crème of smart home installations, from home cinemas fit for commercial purpose, to extravagant glass apartments in Switzerland. It has become one of the key highlights in the residential custom installation calendar and this year, the scheme attracted over 120 impressive entries from 17 countries, all competing for the best media room, home cinema, integrated home, super yacht and other category prizes. More than 400 installers, manufacturers, interior designers and industry professionals joined the smart home association at the iconic Natural History Museum in South Kensington for this year’s ceremony, which took place on 3 July; it proved the perfect location in which to have the prestigious ceremony this year. The glamorous, black-tie affair was hosted by comedian and modern Renaissance man, Danny Wallace.

The full list of winning projects is as follows: Best Media Room under £10k H&H Audio Visual Ltd (UK) – Highgate Media Room

Best Multiple Scheme for a Property Developer Grahams (UK) – The Paladio

Best Media Room over £10k New Land Solutions Ltd (UK) – Hidden Cinema

Best Integrated Home Under £100K Lifestyle Technologies (Cyprus) – Smart Contemporary Living

Best Dressed Rack Cornflake (UK) – Rack Candy Best Home Cinema under £40k The Big Picture (UK) – Leafield House Best Home Cinema £40k-£100k Art Cinema | 3Logic (Poland) – Connoisseur Cinema Best Home Cinema over £100k MACBEE Pvt. Ltd. (India) – The Red Carpet Cinema Best Lighting Scheme Brilliant Lighting (UK) – Lighting a Georgian Townhouse and Mews Best Yacht Installation Archimedia (UAE) – Majesty #122 Best Showroom De Opera Domotica (Netherlands) – Discover Your Senses Best Custom Solution H&H Audio Visual Ltd (UK) – Westbourne Grove Legacy Upgrade

Best Integrated Home £100K-£250k Woelf (Belgium) – Golf Loft Best Integrated Home £250k Defi Technique SA (Switzerland) – Jewelbox Best Energy Management Solution Defi Technique SA (Switzerland) – Jewelbox Best Technology Feature Hayley Gilbert – Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine Best Training Initiative Habitech (UK) – ProNet Training Best Innovative Product Habitech (UK) – Ihiji Remote Network Management Best Trade Supplier AWE (UK) Special Recognition Award Peter Aylett

To help you get inspired for your own home technology project, the successful winners, highly commended projects and all finalists have been captured in the CEDIA Awards 2015 yearbook, celebrating the hard work and creativity put into every project, which is available to download on the Cedia Awards website (printed copies are also available). For more information on the winning projects, the Awards scheme and CEDIA, please visit:



Gold Dust We’ve fallen for Marie-Chantal’s A/W15 collection, with its various moods and inspirations that range from founder Princess Marie-Chantal’s favourite childhood book series, Eloise by Kay Thompson – which sparked the collection of tartans, winter cashmere sweaters and silk blouses – to a ‘Mythical Lands’ theme of pansy prints and a palette of soft pinks and warm yellows. The partywear, in particular, is an absolute must for your daughter’s first social outings this season. Beautifully shimmery due to the metallic jacquard and fine silk dupion fabrics, the floaty tulle dresses are fashionably longer at the back and slightly shorter at the front. Complete the look with the new covetable camel coat made from wool and alpaca. Short party dress in rose jacquard, £195; long party dress in gold jacquard, £275, Marie-Chantal, 148 Walton Street, SW3;


Mum’s the Word Calling all future fashionistas! Dolce & Gabbana’s new A/W15 children’s range contains wonderfully whimsical handbag and shoes sets, one of which incorporates the same rose motif (inspired by the rose fragrance of Stefano Gabbana’s mother’s lipstick) as seen throughout the counterpart womenswear collection, Viva la Mamma, which was dedicated to mothers the world over. These stylish accessories for young ladies will ensure that both mother and daughter can step out in coordinating outfits by the Italian fashion house for the whole season, as well as ensuring that your mini trendsetter is at the forefront of fashion. Dolce & Gabbana Children’s Boutique, 8 Sloane Street, SW1X;

The Marni A/W15 collection for girls aged four to 14 focuses on classic, feminine garments that are perfect for the inevitable change in weather this autumn, incorporating fabrics such as cashmere and extra-fine wool to ensure they stay suitably snuggled up. In addition, the collection mirrors the womenswear range with its horizontally-striped turtlenecks and the use of a ‘spongy’ fleece (a special type of double jersey) that gives structure to the trapeze dresses. Our personal favourites are the stylish zip-up cape and a statement orange coat. Prices range from £45 to £200 Marni, 26 Sloane Street, SW1X

Cashmirino in Hand The world’s leading luxury childrenswear cashmere brand, Cashmirino, has introduced its A/W15 collection – undoubtedly its cosiest yet. Available from September, the timeless designs have been made using the finest cashmere (sourced from Mongolia), linens and cotton in a delightful mix of colours and styles – a testament to the brand’s unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. We particularly love the boys’ effortlessly casual and cool staples, which include a range of jumper styles featuring round necks, hooded zip cardigans and Cashmirino’s signature reversible cardigan. Blazers from £165; scarves from £71

Show and Chatelles Known for their luxury shoes made from the finest Italian leather and worn by the likes of Pippa Middleton and Rosie Fortescue, Parisian brand Chatelles has now introduced Mini Chatelles, its elegant European slipperstyle shoe collection dedicated to young girls. Introducing four fashionable new styles, including leopard print, silver metallic, black snakeskin and classic black with a delicate bow, there is something to suit every occasion. Each pair, hand-made in Portugal, has a latex sole and bouncy leather heel to guarantee that all-important comfort. After all, they’re not ready for heels just yet. £89, Chatelles available at fleur b., 8 Elystan Street, SW3;

From Playground to Party With a perfect mix of smart, casual and smart-casual, Paul Smith Junior’s A/W15 collection features playful long-sleeved tops for boys with funny, quirky prints, and a pleated dot print dress in silk with mesh layers for girls. A collection for day to night and playground to party, the highlight is undoubtedly the boys’ blazers, trousers, waistcoats and selection of ties and bowties, which can be given an extra kick of cool when paired with one of the Aztec or stripy print shirts. Start off suave sophistication early with this offering of smart attire and your boys will soon resemble fashionable young gentlemen. Navy wool blazer from £141, pink silk dress from £131, Paul Smith, 120 Kensington Park Road, W11;

Take the Liberty Mamas & Papas and Liberty London, two iconic British brands with heritage and quality at their core, have teamed up to create a collection that encompasses children’s fashion, interiors and strollers, with matching accessories in six Liberty prints. Both the vintage-style rocking horse and beautiful Moses basket, which has been made in the same intricate floral pattern as the quilts and cushions, will be sure to brighten up your little one’s nursery. The collection will launch exclusively on 7 September, just in time for the 140th birthday. We can hardly wait. Liberty Rocking Horse, £130 Liberty, Regent Street, W1B


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high life Healthy Hedonism Before the rains arrive and the weather begins to cool in November, Ibiza is the ideal place for a short break from city life. 38 Degrees North, which specialises in luxury fitness holidays, is launching a Healthy Hedonism programme for three days of fitness exercises. Yoga, pilates and beach activities are mixed with kick-boxing and core workouts to leave you feeling rejuvenated and re-energised. Staying at the five-star Aguas de Ibiza hotel, all your hard work will be rewarded with an unforgettable day on a private yacht and a chance to let your hair down with drinks and dinner on the coast, followed by VIP entry to one of Ibiza’s most prestigious venues. Just don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes as well as your trainers.

Photography: Xavier Ferrand




A Caribbean Love Affair Errol Flynn famously declared the Port Antonio region of Jamaica “more beautiful than any woman I have ever known”; serious words from one of Hollywood’s most infamous womanisers. Jon Baker and Steve Beaver, two successful music industry veterans, were also unable to resist the island’s charm and, in 2000, set up the Geejam Collection, a portfolio of luxury retreats. The latest one to be added to the group is Cocosan, a private villa perched on a hilltop, with jaw-dropping views of tropical jungle and the stunning coastline. Visitors can enjoy six en-suite bedrooms, a spacious terrace, heated pool, jacuzzi, gym, housekeeping and in-house chefs. If that isn’t enough to impress, the artwork decorating the walls is curated according to the incoming guests’ tastes from Baker’s personal collection.

Wine Time

Lots of Luck Half an hour from Bath, situated in rural Wiltshire, is the beautiful Cotswold manor house Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa. The place offers unspoilt country living at its finest with horses, tennis courts, spa treatments and Michelin-starred dining available on site. To make the most of the latter, foodies can sign up to classes with head chef Ben Taylor that focus on using locally-sourced ingredients for menus centred around the autumn harvest, game season and perfecting Christmas dinner. One-day cookery courses start from £175 per person, including lunch, and half-day courses from £75, taking place from Tuesday to Saturday.


Madeira’s notorious wine festival returns again from 28 August until 4 September over the harvest. The thriving city of Funchal celebrates old wine-growing traditions with the pickers’ parade and the treading of grapes. You can enjoy open air concerts and folk shows as well as endless wine tastings and Madeiran delicacies from a plethora of street stalls. To offer respite in-between swilling, spitting and copious drinking, Quinta Splendida Wellness & Botanical Garden is offering an exclusive wine package. It includes a complimentary wine tasting, as well as a wine pumice wrap treatment at the luxurious spa, which uses the grape’s powerful anti-oxidants to boost circulation. Prices for single rooms are €502.50 and €705 for couples. A last minute booking would be the perfect way to end the summer holidays.

One of Us New to Notting Hill’s trendy part of town is The Laslett hotel; a name derived from Rhuane Laslett, a community activist who brought about the Notting Hill Carnival. The local community is at the core of this 51-bedroom establishment, with a library lounge that provides space for pop-ups and exhibitions for emerging artists throughout the year. The Henderson bar and coffee shop acts a neighbourhood hangout with food served by local Sally Clarke, sustainable coffee beans procured from Workshop Coffee Co, beers from local microbreweries and cocktails shaken with London craft spirits. The Laslett, 8 Pembridge Gardens, Notting Hill, W2 4DU;

Images courtesy of: Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort



Island Olivia Sharpe discovers that Mauritius is so much more than a paradisiacal island, with its rich culture, diverse cuisine and abundant wildlife

With roughly 100,000 British visitors every year, Mauritius’ appeal as a beautiful island with unrivalled beaches and hotels is so apparent that it has become almost clichéd to talk about it. However, one myth that continues to be held by some is that it is simply a place for affluent holidaymakers to go and soak up the sun when, in fact, there is a wealth of culture on this luscious island. First discovered by Arab sailors in the medieval period, it has since become a fusion of different cultures and nationalities, having been inhabited by the Portuguese, Dutch, French and the British, before eventually becoming a republic in 1992. While tourist boards promote Mauritius as an all-year round destination, I would (personally) suggest going in December. Although this isn’t typically the driest period (this being from May to September), it is when the island comes alive with special events and concerts to celebrate the island’s Creole culture. My guest and I checked into the Outrigger Hotel, situated on the south of the island next to the beach village of Bel Ombre, approximately a 40-minute drive from the SSR International Airport. After a long flight, there aren’t many things that will lift my mood, except of course if I’m being greeted by the sight of the Indian Ocean plainly visible through the temple-like arches of the hotel’s open-air lobby, followed by a refreshing glass of iced tea and a scented wet towel that was immediately handed to us by the obliging staff. The expansive resort is set out across 10 hectares and comes complete with 181 rooms, all of which have sea views. The majority of the suites have been purposefully designed to cater for families; large in size, they are kitted out either with twin


beds or adjoining rooms featuring bunk beds, TVs and bean bags, assuring you of your own space during your holiday. After settling in, we strolled down to the beach to have a leisurely lunch at the Edgewater Beach Restaurant, which serves up European specialities and fresh seafood from the resident crab shack. While the accompanying rainstorm during lunch was not so welcome, this is a bit of a given when staying on a tropical island and fortunately, they are usually short-lived. It also meant that we had time to digest our food before embarking on one of the many watersports you can enjoy while staying at Outrigger, from snorkelling and pedaloing to kayaking and windsurfing. Despite being far from a natural sportswoman, after watching the ease and grace with which other hotel guests rode away on their paddle boards, I imagined myself to be similarly gifted at this pursuit and so headed out like a latter-day punter. Sadly, I quickly came down from my conceited perch, quite literally, as I found myself repeatedly falling headfirst into the ocean, resulting in the hotel staff having to come and rescue me 10 feet away from the shore (much to their amusement and my mortification). Before visiting Mauritius, I had heard many people praise the wonderful, varied cuisine on the island and this, I am pleased to report, is not an exaggeration. It is heavily influenced by a melting pot of different foods from Europe, the Mediterranean, India, and North and South-East Asia. All of these are rightly given their due in Outrigger’s main restaurant, Le Mercado – a lively buffet affair where guests can pick and choose from a number of different food stations, where each chef shows off

his or her culinary prowess. However, if you are in the market for some authentic Creole cuisine, look no further than The Plantation Club. Located in its own private grounds on the vicinity of the hotel, it pays homage to the island’s French colonial history through its design, featuring a verandah, white-washed wooden shutters, wicker furniture and a marble-clad floor. Tea-lovers will also be interested to learn that it houses an impressive library of teas. Far from just your average builder’s brew, it includes green, white, black and herbal infusions,

A tantalising fusion of Indian, African and Chinese flavours met our taste buds during our faultless five-course meal all of which tell an aromatic tale of the island’s rich tea culture. After an hour spent tasting, I realised in my teaintoxicated haze that I had barely touched the surface of comprehending all the different blends and their origins, unlike our fellow connoisseur, who was remarkably able to identify them blind-folded. Although the club is strictly reserved for members during the day, the fine dining restaurant in the evening is open to all hotel guests. We enjoyed a stiff rum cocktail outside by the pool, an experience further enriched by the live Sega band who came to perform around us, before sitting down to dinner. A tantalising fusion


of Indian, African and Chinese flavours met our taste buds during our faultless five-course meal. Highlights included a light and zingy octopus salad to start, followed by a delicious prawn curry served with rice and savoury pancakes, which were much lighter than standard naan bread; indeed, they were so moreish that I forcibly had to stop myself from eating all of them so as not to spoil my appetite. Dessert included a selection of Creole delicacies, one of which the waiter described as being Mauritius’ answer to rice pudding. Although it was not to my guest’s taste, I personally found it a pleasantly light way to finish an otherwise heavy meal. The coconut tapioca, with its subtle flavours and light consistency, similarly provided a refreshing palate cleanser following the abundance of spicy flavours. If you’re missing European flavours during your stay, pay a visit to the dedicated cheese and wine room, where the in-house sommelier and fromager will be more than happy to set up a private cheese and wine pairing one evening. Located in a cavernous room with low-level lighting next to Le Mercado, it proves very romantic for couples and those on their honeymoon. Outrigger is also home to Navasana spa, an Oriental-inspired sanctuary featuring 13 treatment rooms. Worn-out guests can enjoy the signature treatments on offer, all of which incorporate natural Terrake products, or else ‘take the waters’ by trying out the invigorating hydromassage and jet showers. If you haven’t yet turned into a wrinkled prune, I would also recommend balneotherapy; a treatment involving bathing in mineral spring water, it boasts unique healing properties, including boosting one’s immune system and improving circulation. While you could quite easily spent your entire holiday without leaving the confines of the hotel, this I feel would be a shame considering the many other riches Mauritius has to offer. A short drive away from the hotel, past vast sugar plantations, is the village of Chamarel, where the island’s extraordinary nature and wildlife is displayed in full glory. The Chamarel waterfalls, one of which famously falls at the same height as the Statue of Liberty, looked even more dramatic and awe-inspiring when partnered with the accompanying rainstorm which occurred on our visit. On to drier land, we were then taken to the ‘Seven Coloured Earths’, which has, not surprisingly, become one of the island’s most popular tourist sights. The spectacular sand dunes, the result of decomposed volcanic rock, are truly phenomenal. After many pictures had been taken, it was time to visit the Rhumerie de Chamarel for a unique rum-tasting experience. Fortunately, we were given a tour of the distillery and learnt about the intricate rum-making process before we were plied with rum shots in a very Jack Sparrow fashion before midday. My guest and I were

able to sober up at lunch at the on-site restaurant, which specialises in incorporating local produce sourced from the estate itself. We indulged in a palm heart salad starter (a plant indigenous to the island), followed by a hearty main comprising tender deer and chips (all of which was washed down with a signature rum cocktail, of course). Those of you with small children should definitely not miss out on taking them on a trip to visit the Casela Nature and Leisure Park, where along with thrilling zip wires, playgrounds and dry tobogganing (not for the fainthearted) to keep their adrenaline pumping, it also has its very own nature reserve complete with lions, zebras and ostriches. Spread out across acres of forest, I guarantee you and your family will feel as though you’re on a reallife safari as you ride along on the open-air bus. Our final day was spent gearing up for the Creole festival concert taking place that evening. The ninth edition of the international event saw what seemed like the entire island gather together (300,000 people in total) to partake in an evening of authentic music and dance performances. The ‘Mick Jagger’ of the Mauritian music scene, Yannick Noah, was welcomed to the stage with tumultuous excitement from the crowd, and performed many of his greatest hits. All in all, it was the perfect way to conclude our trip of a lifetime – one which I’m not likely to forget in a hurry.

Outrigger Mauritius With Destinology ( 10 nights includes a 30 per cent discount with three free nights, saving over £1,000, on a half-board basis in a Deluxe Sea View room. Travel dates: 17–30 September 2015 From £1,399 per person This includes private car hire returns


On the

Road Annabel Harrison travels from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, taking in South Africa’s spectacular Garden Route and the Kwandwe Game Reserve along the way


orget the Eiffel Tower and the Shard, the Burj Khalifa and the 5,845 high-rises in New York City: Mother Nature’s lofty city-viewing offerings take the proverbial biscuit, and nowhere more so than in Cape Town. Table Mountain dominates the centre of South Africa’s legislative capital and it deserves to do so. Within half an hour of leaving the airport, the aptly-named granite giant looms ahead of us, its craggy, crinkled slopes stretching down to meet the populated city areas. Needless to say, the view from the top is 360-degree staggering and my husband and I feel like Greek gods as a veil of churning clouds – nicknamed the Table Cloth – rolls over the surrounding peaks, like dry ice spilling over the edge of a theatre stage. Hike up there if you’re keen (and fit) enough, or hop in the revolving cable car and save your energy for gasping at the panoramas awaiting you. Welcome to Cape Town, a jewel of a city fringed by golden beaches, soaring mountains and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean which stretches as far as the eye can see. The weather is at its bright and breezy best from March until May but it’s a brilliant year-round destination, and, even better, jet-lag is minimal; although the direct flight takes 11.5 hours, South Africa is only two hours ahead of GMT. We’ve decided to hire a car in Cape Town (do make sure you book in advance) and drive to Port Elizabeth via the famed Garden Route, experiencing SA’s safari offering in the Eastern Cape too. Making it even easier, they drive on the right (well, left) side of the road, as we Brits do. We wind around the foothills of Table Mountain and pull up at boutique guesthouse Cape View Clifton, where we’re welcomed like family. It aims to be “a home away from home” and the open-plan ground floor does feel like a wonderfully relaxed private house, with a bright-white kitchen (where breakfast is prepared), a TV/snug area,


complete with books, magazines and an iPod dock, a coffee/tea station and honesty bar, and a big dining area. This opens out onto two terraces, the larger of which plays host to a small pool, seating, sunbeds and dining tables; the perfect sundowner spot, we later discover. As The Sunday Telegraph said in an accurate review I read before leaving the UK, this city offers any number of splendid views but “none surpass those from the small, stylishly furnished Cape View Clifton”. I spend a disproportionate amount of time, as a result, on the private terrace of our suite, watching my husband race off happily on an early morning run and swim (an activity dozens of locals seem to be partaking in too). There are only seven suites, built in staggered layers into the hill, as all the properties in Clifton are. Our rooms are designed in a fresh, modern style, with a distinct Malibu/New England touch, and white is king, with chic, warming grey sofas and furnishings. The communal areas boast refurbished vintage pieces and antiques,

We’re all delighted by our good luck; we’ve seen four out of the Big Five Photography: Zain Hirani

natural fabrics, and black and white photography; it’s the gold standard of relaxed, elegant African design done so perfectly in the continent’s safari lodges too. The staff are very friendly, but discreet; when you need them, they’ll be there but will otherwise leave you to enjoy yourselves. Although we have our own kitchen and can cook for ourselves, we’re invited to request “dinner and lunches by prior arrangement” or eat out – people seem to do a mixture of the three. At breakfast, I bypass the tempting spread of fresh pastries, mounds of fresh fruit, yoghurt and cereal in favour of the hot option; low GI bread, poached eggs, rocket, spinach and baby tomatoes – the kind of perfect breakfast you vow to make more often at home. Fuelled, we hop in the car to explore, stopping in Hout Bay, Chapman’s Peak, Simon’s Town (perfect for boutique-browsing and enjoying an icecream), Fish Hoek and Boulders Beach, a popular spot to watch the imperious penguins waddling about. By late afternoon when we return, Camps Bay, a lovely half-hour walk from Cape View Clifton, is thronged with people as families and groups of friends flock from the wide, white-sand beach into the bars and restaurants fringing the coastline. Cape View Clifton recommends a number of places to eat out and we concur that Codfather and Hussar Grill (a 20-minute walk uphill from Camps Bay, or a very short Uber ride) are both brilliant, buzzing places that locals clearly love. Codfather is, as you can guess,



Cape Town

Port Elizabeth Hermanus

Mossel Bay

all about the fish; order drinks, go up to the fish counter with a waiter and choose whatever you like, which is then charged by weight. We try so-fresh-it’s-almost-leaping, mouth-wateringly good tuna steak, angel fish, and dorada, served with a pile of vegetables and a selection of sauces. Hussar Grill has been going since 1964 and is famed for its meat, and justly in our opinion; it does incredible food. Although we’re reluctant to leave Cape Town the next morning, the Garden Route beckons and off we go, windows down and local station KFM blaring. It stretches from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape to the Storms River in the Eastern Cape and although we cover a lot of ground quite quickly, there are clear highlights. We visit the wine-producing regions of Stellenbosch and Franschoek as we leave the city; I’d suggest allowing time to stay over if you plan to partake in the fruits of their labour. Hermanus, our first destination, is relatively sleepy when we visit but by whale-watching season, from June to December, the town comes to life as eager visitors crowd the coastline to spot the enormous mammals. We eat mostly by the sea, sundowners in hand, at the Burgundy, Gecko and Bietang’s Cave. Back on the road, we stop off for breakfast at one of the many charming farm shops for tea and banana bread – the Blue Crane Farm Shop near Heidelberg – and next in Kaai 4 Braai in Mossell Bay, a rustic lunch spot with a deservedly great reputation where fish and meat are cooked, South African style, over a huge fire pit. Although George is the area’s administrative centre and the Garden Route’s largest city, we take one look and drive straight through it to Knynsa, an hour away, where we stay on a houseboat and soak up the relaxed vibe of the town, while indulging in fresh fish and sea air. Our final stop before Port Elizabeth provides an immediate contrast; the blue ocean, sea birds and fish dishes are replaced by bushland, leaping impala and local meats, as our car rolls into the 22,000-hectare Kwandwe Private Game Reserve, leaving a cloud of dust in our wake. We’re here for a safari stay and Kwandwe’s story, explained to me by our guide Grant, is a fascinating one. A pair of American entrepreneurs started buying goat, sheep and ostrich farms in this area in 1998 – before that, and before settlement by the English and Dutch, it was home to elephants, rhinos and big cats – and by 2001, they had acquired 18 of the farms. In order to rehabilitate the wilderness after years of farming,


2,000 kilometres of internal fencing was removed, as well as windmills, troughs and pipes, and 7,000 animals were brought in to repopulate the reserve; they are enclosed but protected from poachers. After a spell under the And Beyond umbrella, the reserve was bought by another American family three years ago and has since gained independence. The new owners promised that no one would lose their jobs and as a result, more than 80 per cent of the staff – 200 of whom live on-site in two villages with their families – are local. Up to 44 guests can be hosted across four guest sites at any one time and we’re staying in Ecca Lodge, hoping for an experience to rival our recent trip to the Serengeti. We’re not disappointed; as I snooze midafternoon before our first game drive, Zain wakes me, excitedly pointing out two rhinos lumbering through the undergrowth 100 metres from our suite. There’s no time to waste; we pack our safari essentials – camera, hats, suncream, extra layers – and meet Grant outside, as well as tracker Monde, who sits perched on a seat that hangs over the bonnet. The open-topped vehicles seat six, so this does mean a certain element of compromise in terms of what a guide prioritises finding, unless you’d prefer to pay extra for a private vehicle, which is possible. On this first drive, we’re all delighted by our good luck; we see two white rhinos almost immediately, followed by a pride of six lions, and by the end of our stay, we’ve seen four out of the Big Five. Only leopards remain elusive but Monde does spot a leopard tortoise, which is rather magnificent too, on a smaller scale.



Photography: Zain Hirani

The ubiquitous and skittish greater kudu is an icon of the Eastern Cape and the most abundant of the large antelope on reserve, so we see many of these, as well as African buffalo, bat-eared foxes, red hartebeest and black-backed jackals. The elephants are majestic, swaggering lawn-mowers, essentially, trampling through tangled undergrowth that not even our Jeep can navigate. One of the highlights is observing a pair of beautiful cheetahs – seven-year-old brothers, Grant tells us. They are wiry and skinny, and we watch them on three separate occasions as they stalk a kudu in the twilight, snooze in the sun together and attempt an impala kill, only to fail; a disheartening but captivating moment. The cheetahs

What can beat the combination of beaches, bars, seaside sun and safari? may be hungry but that’s one thing we never are, as an endless carousel of meals and snacks roll around. We’re offered fruit, cereal, yoghurt and pastries before we leave for the morning drive (at 5.45am), and then mid-excursion a make-shift breakfast bar pops up – more tea and coffee, as well as hot chocolate and ginger muffins. At lunch, a platter of sharing dishes arrives at our table; tell the manager when you check in if you’re veggie or have specific food requirements. We devour beef and apricot kebabs, incredible chicken bunny chow (a local dish that becomes my new favourite), salads and vegetable quiche, followed by a fruity crumble. If the food isn’t guaranteed to send you to sleep during an afternoon siesta, the house wine (Flagstone, produced near Cape Town) is also on offer. We retire to our room to cat-nap before tea and the afternoon game drive, grateful for the air-conditioning


and enormous, blissful bed. For those bringing children, they can easily be accommodated in the living room, attached to the bedroom, and they’ll love the small pool on the private terrace, as well as the huge bathroom with a rain-shower wet room. There’s a couple of lovely additional efforts made, as we’re on honeymoon; a basket of sweets and treats is left out for us, including some inspiring marriage-related messages, and one night a bubble bath is run, complete with chilled sparkling wine and tea lights. The decor is surprisingly and inventively urban given that we’re in the bush, and in fact, the reliable WiFi would put many less remote hotels to shame. Polished grey cement floors and walls are given life and warmth by rugs (coloured and cow hide), patterned wallpaper and wall sections made from huge wire gabions filled with what looks like Cotswold stone. As we raise a glass to the end of our stay, I settle into the huge mustard-coloured armchair that makes me feel like a Borrower, and Zain into the squishy ‘Fat Sak’ (which we love so much that we check if they ship to the UK – not yet). Leaving South Africa, I feel like I’ve found somewhere with the potential to become a rather enduring favourite on the holiday destination list; what can beat the combination of beaches, barbeques and bars, seaside sun and safari, with an impeccable wine list to boot? Scott Dunn offers four nights at Cape View Clifton on a B&B basis and four nights at Kwandwe Ecca Lodge on a fully inclusive basis from £3,250 per person based on two sharing, including flights and private transfers (020 8682 5070;

Harbour Tennis_297x210.indd 1

29/05/2015 10:03

Turkish Delight The Amanruya resort in Bodrum provides the perfect family retreat with endless water sports, outdoor excursions and space to relax, all against a backdrop of breathtaking views. Ella Harris reports

he word on every traveller’s lips at the moment is Bodrum. Hen dos, honeymoons, glossy photo shoots, health retreats – whatever the occasion, the discerning classes of society are flocking there with the vigour of a group of girls to a One Direction concert. If you and your family feel like reaping the rewards of this picturesque part of the world but want to avoid the bustling night life and the yogi pigeon poses, there is only one place to go. Even the origins of the name Amanruya give a hint as to what is in store at this luxury retreat; ‘aman’ is sanskrit for peace and ‘ruya’ a Turkish word for dream. It’s labelled a resort but it’s more like a village. A maze of 36 villas made from local stone, each with a private courtyard and pool, takes up the majority of the space. The warm orange glow of the Ottomon architecture,


which is surrounded by rows of Mediterranean olive trees, provides a calming setting. Designed as a ‘home from home’, it’s easy to relax and unwind here, with plenty of room to flop down on the four-poster beds or cosy up on the sofas; if only my home even remotely resembled this place. Handmade rugs and throws decorate the Turkish marble floors and even the bathroom offers tranquillity with a rain shower and a large bath tub from which I enjoy the views of my private garden. The cottages are well-equipped for the cooler months too, with traditional Turkish mangal charcoal fireplaces and heated floors and pools. The resort has its own three-storey library, spa, wine cellar, tennis court and art gallery, as well as a generous selection of four dining areas. The kitchen is able to offer an ever-changing seasonal menu of Turkish, continental and Asian-inspired dishes due to the variety of microclimates in Turkey. Expect an impressive selection of seafood, mouth-watering home-baked bread

Opt for a ‘blue voyage’ of the azure seas on a gulet – a traditional Turkish wooden ship

The resort offers a plethora of trips for anyone who is feeling restless. It’s worth wandering off to Labranda, an ancient archaeological site in the mountains, as few people go so it’s fantastically uncrowded and it comes with a delicious picnic breakfast. Other activities include: riding through Dagbelen Village, hiking along the coves of Gümüslük, touring historic sites such as the Temple of Apollo or the ancient city of Priene, and golfing. And for those who want to make the most of the azure seas, I recommend a fishing or sailing trip off the Bodrum peninsula. If you are doing the latter, opt for a ‘blue voyage’ on a gulet – a traditional Turkish wooden ship – that heads east to Göcek and beyond before returning to the home port in Bodrum. If all this isn’t enough to lure you and the children, the resort is offering special packages to families staying for a minimum of two nights up until 31 October. Two children under 12 are invited to stay in their parents’ suite and eat for the duration of their stay with the compliments of Aman. A round trip of transfers from Bodrum Milas Airport and daily breakfast are also included. Surely an opportunity not to be missed.

and traditional mezze. Friendly staff are on-hand for requests and are more than welcoming. For special occasions, guests can enjoy a meal at the additional dining pavilions, which are located higher on the hillside and offer spectacular panoramic views. I opt for casual dining one evening at the resort’s beach club, which is a short 500-metre stroll down a winding path lined by pine trees. During the day, the club is a delightful place to rest on the sun loungers and enjoy a tipple from the tantalising cocktail menu, while the rest of the family enjoy the complimentary watersports. Small sailing boats, canoes, paddle boards and snorkelling equipment are provided with instruction from staff. There is no better way to test the turquoise waters – I even manage to remove mojito from hand and join in.




A R T.


I T.

In craftsmanship and technology, Wolf stands alone. Its professional performance helps you make the most of every meal. 251 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2EP 0845 250 0010




Cruzing for the New Thing A striking gentleman in a blue bowler hat and suit welcomes guests into an elegant restaurant on the otherwise quotidian Clarendon Road in Notting Hill. This subtle spark of eccentricity is delightfully in keeping with the much anticipated Casa Cruz, which has opened its enormous copper door to offer a variety of sumptuous European dishes with a tantalising Argentinian twist. From a ribbon of orange in an artfully made gin and tonic on the leafy terrace, to a sucker punch of almonds and fresh chillies atop a crunchy broccoli side dish, Casa Cruz has put a signature spin on every dish as well as in every aspect of the interior design. Decked out in warm mahogany with accents of brown and bottle green, the interior has the feel of a high society clubhouse – sophisticated yet robust. Facing an oval-shaped copper bar in the centre of the room, we are served a warm brioche threaded through with sweet caramelised onion, followed by tenderly grilled monkfish, seasoned to perfection. These delectable morsels are rounded off by an astoundingly rich chocolate gateau with a generous sphere of dulce de leche. After such a satisfying meal served with an enjoyably polite air of familiarity, you’ll hear no cross words from us.

Photography: John Carey

Casa Cruz, 123 Clarendon Road, W11 4JG, 0203 3215400

The Plaice to Be The cool and breezy interior of Kensington Place is a welcome option for summer dining by Notting Hill Gate; metal fish swim along the wall and finned ceramic jugs hold the table water. Light and refreshing dishes are the order of the day. The rich rabbit and tarragon ravioli for starter and braised suckling pig are the heartier options, while the main of marinated squid and prawn salad is great for those looking for a crisp taste of the sea. But first place has to go to the Cornish mackerel ceviche with the subtle kick of wasabi mayonnaise. It’s just a shame that the restaurant didn’t capitalise on the fishy pun for its name.




A Notting Hill Ale

A Second Dose of Mimosa Mimosa bar and restaurant, an all-day dining spot offering a laid back yet luxurious experience, has opened a second branch on Fulham Road. Open for lunch, dinner, drinks and weekend brunches, Mimosa serves up mouth-watering contemporary British cuisine that emphasises the best of seasonal ingredients. Highlights include crispy soft-shell crab as a starter and for an unforgettable main course, the flame-grilled 28-day dried aged steak from Dedham Vale served with slow roasted mushrooms and French fries. To top it all off, the Chelsea branch will have a quaint terrace where visitors can kick back in the sun with a cocktail or a glass of wine from the impressive wine list. Mimosa, 86 Fulham Road, SW3

Extend your summer fun with a top tipple from Moncada Brewery. Based in Notting Hill, its aptlyPhotography: named range of beers are perfect Lizzie McVicar for a relaxing evening with a craft ale to suit all tastes. Moncada beers are available across London and come in six varieties, so whether you’re holding on to summer with a pale ale or prepping for winter with their rich porter, there’s a Moncada natural beer just around the corner in local restaurants, delis and shops.

Photography: Red Photographic

Le Pique Nique

Alice in Chocolate-Land Charbonnel et Walker, the iconic London chocolatier, has joined in on the 150th anniversary celebrations of Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. An exclusive collection will be available from 1 September, displaying, colourful illustrations from a forthcoming re-imagining of the novel. The collection will include an Un-Birthday chocolate box, £22, and a Mad Hatter’s Victorian top hat filled with sea salt caramel truffles, £8.50, which includes an exclusive mad tea party illustration inside. Available from 1 September at all Charbonnel et Walker stores and concessions (Harrods & Selfridges)

Until the end of September you can take Bar Boulud’s delectable summer menu out and about, thanks to their new Le Pique Nique dining option. Foodies can stop by at any time before 11am and 7pm to either tailor a picnic hamper of bistro bites or opt for its Le Panier menu. The latter includes two sandwiches, salad, charcuterie, two desserts, a bottle of rosé, a bottle of water and a Bar Boulud cooler. Perfect for finding a nice quiet spot overlooking the Serpentine to soak up the last of the summer rays. Bar Boulud, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, 66 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7LA

The World is Your Oyster ... ... But South Kensington is the pearl. From 1 September, oyster specialists from the Wright Brothers will be cracking open their brand new restaurant for west Londoners. After six years at the branch in Borough Market, head chef Philip Coulter will be serving up seasonal British dishes with a French twist with expertise acquired from six years at the Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House in Borough Market. The intimate venue will also be home to The Mermaid, a cocktail bar that will feature ‘pound-a-pop’ oysters during happy hour. Wright Brothers, 56 Old Brompton Road, SW7 3DY

Photography: Chris Harris

Tiki Tipple

Photography: Sly Augustin

Order a tiki treat straight to your door with the brand new Trailer Happiness Tiki Takeaway service. Choose from four freshly-bottled cocktails for your home luau, including the Polynesian Punch, Basil Smash, Cola Old Fashioned, and the Zombie Punch. Trailer Happiness has recently made the final four at the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award for Best International High Volume Cocktail Bar, so whether you’re doing the limbo at home or hula dancing out and about, be sure to add one of Trailer Happiness’ tiki tipples to the agenda. Trailer Happiness, 177 Portobello Road, W11 2DY,

In the Spirit of Art

Beyond the Kale

The luxury French brand Sauvelle Vodka has commissioned some limited edition pieces to celebrate its commitment to craft and young artists. Among the Studio Sauvelle Creatives collection are pairs of 18-karat gold hand-etched shot cups, £60, and an 18-karat gold cocktail shaker, £499, by Dominique Holmes, one of the UK’s leading tattoo artists. Edgy yet elegant, these pieces exhibit Holmes’ signature design style. Sauvelle Vodka is available from Selfridges, and offers a rich and smooth spirit with notes of vanilla, caramel and cherry blossom. The cocktail shaker can be purchased from the Sauvelle Vodka website, and the shot cups from Dominique Holmes’ site.

It’s often difficult to avoid dishes with dairy or gluten when you’re eating out, but La Suite West’s RAW restaurant (below) makes it so much easier. Make the most of an extensive mocktail and juice menu, or sample the healthiest afternoon tea you’ll find this side of the Atlantic (LA is surely the only place that could out-health it). The menu is inventive and thorough; symbols indicate if dishes contain nuts, gluten, soya, celery, sulphites or mustard. We could eat the red lentil and apricot soup every day, and don’t miss out on dessert – there’s tiramisu, carrot cake, fudge cake and cheesecake – albeit rather better for us than we’re used to!; RAW, La Suite West, 41–51 Inverness Terrace, W2 3JN;


Photography: Tessa Traeger


A Love for all Seasons The world-renowned Notting Hill restaurant Clarke’s is celebrating its 30th year of serving simple and seasonal dishes. To commemorate the occasion, Sally Clarke has carefully selected her 30 favourite ingredients in an exciting new recipe book. Elizabeth Finney reports Though Sally Clarke’s philosophy is simple, choosing just 30 key ingredients for a recipe book is no easy task. However, the proof is in the pudding – Sally Clarke: 30 Ingredients is a colourful explosion of flavours, from ceps and cobnuts to broad beans and blood oranges, with accompanying recipes and a charming commentary. “It’s not been easy at all,” Sally tells me. “But I could probably never live without things like fennel, sweetcorn and basil, so it was obvious what had to be included.” Raised in the gloriously green stretches of Guildford in Surrey, a stone’s throw from my own school stomping ground, Sally caught the cookery bug early on. From the age of 12, she spent her school holidays helping at events run by a local caterer, Jean Alexander. “I learnt a lot from Jean about presentation and simplicity,” Sally says. “She persuaded me to go to the Paris Cordon Bleu School instead of London after catering college. I’d be able to walk past wonderful restaurants in the centre of Paris, read their menus, pop in and out of cafés, and learn about French life. It was such wonderful advice.” It was there Sally met an American couple who invited her to open a restaurant in California. “I was in the US for the best part of five years,” she says. “One would meet the most incredible people you’ve only dreamt of.” Sally adds how life across the pond inspired her signature cooking style in the early years of Clarke’s. “Every month of the year there was something wonderful coming out of the ground for the menus. I started to formulate my own ideas about what sort of restaurant I would want if and when I went back to London.” Clarke’s restaurant opened in 1984 and was quick to turn heads with a no-choice four-course dinner menu. “Funnily enough it used to be a challenge,” Sally tells me with audible nostalgia. “We did have a few customers in the beginning who said: ‘How ridiculous! Where’s the proper menu?’” She explains how, over the years, Clarke’s has relaxed into a well-honed menu style, offering an à la carte menu in addition to the signature set courses. Working as a restaurateur in England, with hardier weather conditions than France or California, means

that Sally is finely in tune with the seasons. “It’s so easy to put menus together in the summer. The ingredients come through the door and literally fall onto the plate themselves,” she says animatedly. “There’s such variety right the way through the year in England and I think there’s something very exciting about that when writing menus and creating dishes.” Though Clarke’s has a small garden brimming with seasonal goodies and edible flowers with which to garnish dishes, Sally does her fair share of research abroad. Aiming for the smaller farmers’ markets in Luberon, France or the outskirts of Rome and Florence, Sally tracks down the freshest products. “It’s the little market stalls in unknown back streets which very often have people who sell their one and only product,” she says. “It’s just a completely different mind-set to what we have in Britain. I would so love to think that, one day, every town in Britain could be blessed with markets like that.” Sally’s unfussy style is a reflection of her attitude to life. She consistently strives to source foods at the peak of their condition, preparing them simply and with minute attention to detail. “I like eating in other people’s restaurants out of curiosity,” she reveals. “I find it interesting and educational to see the different ways they combine ingredients on a plate.” Her local favourites include Granger & Co., Tavola and Lucky Seven for a hamburger and milkshake with her son. We say our goodbyes, mutually reminiscing about Guildford and the jovial rivalry between our two schools that continues to be passed down the generations, and she returns to writing up her next menu for Clarke’s. I hold back from asking what this might include. Remembering her acute taste for seasonality down to the finest detail, I imagine the menu would soon change again after I’d asked. Sally Clarke: 30 Ingredients, £25, is published in hardback by Frances Lincoln on 10 September


Photography: David Benett / Getty Images

Don Letts & Virginia Bates

Tracy Lowy & Elizabeth Von Guttman

Harland Miller & Tracy Lowy

Harry Handelsman & Tracy Lowy

Kinder Agguigini

Lara Cazalet, Laura Bailey & Alice Temperley

Maddie Mills, Annabel Stringer & Simon Mills

Tom Bartlett & Melinda Stevens

Tracy Lowy and the family

Alice Temperley, Tracy Lowy & Laura Bailey

Sophie Michell

Tracy Lowy & Sally Clarke

Judy Kleiman, Tracy Lowy & Solange Azagury-Partridge

Tom Hollander

Virginia Bates & Tara Agace

LONDON LIVING Photography: Richard Young

Celebrating a Fashion Icon WHAT: Iris Premiere After-party at Annabel’s WHEN: 30 July WHERE: Annabel’s, 44 Berkeley Square, Mayfair WHO: Iris Apfel, Charlotte Dellal, Henry Holland, Jack Guinness, Nicky Haslam, Markus Lupfer, Ella Catliff, Christopher de Vos, Roksanda Ilincic and Suzy Menkes WHY: Legendary fashion icon Iris Apfel hosted an exclusive dinner at Annabel’s celebrating the highly anticipated premiere of Iris, a documentary about her life. Guests were served delicious burratas with an heirloom tomato salad to start, followed by stone bass with broad beans and pea risotto, rounded off with Annabel’s signature bitter chocolate ice cream and raspberry sorbet. Veuve Clicquot champagne and Belvedere cocktails were expertly poured all evening, complete with the iconic Iris glasses stencilled into the foam. Iris was screened at the Curzon Mayfair earlier that day, telling the story of New York’s sharpest and most flamboyantly stylish fashionista in history.

Henry Holland & Jack Guinness

Martha Ward

Charlotte Dellal & Roksanda Ilincic

Kelly Eastwood & Ella Catliff

Iris Apfel & Nicky Haslam

Markus Lupfer

Launch of The Laslett WHAT: The Laslett Hotel Opening Party WHEN: 16 July WHERE: The Laslett, 8 Pembridge Gardens, Notting Hill WHO: Laura Bailey, Alice Temperley, Tom Hollander, Virginia Bates, Solange Azagury-Partridge and Harland Miller WHY: Celebrities and local stars alike joined Tracy Lowy, board director at the Lowy Group, for The Laslett’s pre-opening drinks. Guests enjoyed Veuve Clicquot champagne and Sipsmith cocktails in The Henderson Bar served by waiters wearing Levi’s and Dr. Martens, with a portrait of Trinidadian musician ‘Russ’ Henderson watching over the proceedings. The bar served up delicious bites from Sally Clarke; it is the first time her world-renowned seasonal menus have been available outside the Clarke’s restaurant. Named after community activist and organiser of the original Notting Hill Carnival, Rhaune Laslett, the hotel adds a taste of Notting Hill’s eclectic culture to its homely style with artwork from the Laura Bartlett Gallery and furniture from Pinch and Race.

Betty Bachz

Donna Air

Emma Miller

Henry Conway

Oliver Cheshire & Donna Air

Stephen Bayley

Mediterranean Muse WHAT: Piaget London Mediterranean Garden Collection Launch Party WHEN: 15 July WHERE: Piaget, 169 New Bond Street WHO: Oliver Cheshire, Donna Air and Doina Ciobanu WHY: To present its high jewellery collection, Mediterranean Garden, Piaget London threw a glamorous party at its flagship boutique in the theme of life on the Riviera in the 60s and 70s. Guests enjoyed magnums of Dom Ruinart 1998, and Old Fashioned and Mediterranean Cup cocktails; and fresh burrata with lemon zest and roast cherry tomatoes, lobster bisque tartlets, foie gras and salted caramel macaroons were served in abundance. DJ Harriet Verney mixed an eclectic set which included classic tunes from the era. The Piaget Mediterranean Garden collection has been inspired by the extraordinary parties that took place on the Riviera, some of which Yves Piaget attended himself.

Photography: David Benett / Getty Images


Chloe Points & Milly Bagot

Julia Birkinshaw & Charlotte Miller

Loughran Gallery

Julia Birkinshaw & Dipo Osho

Cocktails by Muriel’s Kitchen

John Jeffrey, Diana Jeffrey & Nick Jeffrey

Contemporary Summer WHAT: Loughran Gallery Midsummer Party WHEN: 31 July WHERE: Loughran Gallery, 20 Motcomb Street WHO: Perdita Weeks, Felicity Gilbert, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond WHY: To celebrate the launch of its Summer Show, Loughran Gallery invited guests to a midsummer party to preview new works. Among them were pieces from pop artist Dave White and natural artist Nick Jeffery. The event also introduced Charlie Barton and Dutch taxidermy team Darwin, Sinke and van Tongeren to the gallery. Aperol Spritz was served by Muriel’s Kitchen and guests also enjoyed champagne ice popsicles by POPS. The gallery’s founder, Juliette Loughran, said: “With the Summer Show, I really wanted to capture the magic and electric atmosphere London has over the summer period. All the works selected for the show are fun, vibrant and will bring a positive vibe to any home.” After perusing the exciting and creative collection, guests took the party on to Motcombs bar, followed by The Pantechnicon Rooms towards the end of the evening.

Champagne with Kane WHAT: Serpentine’s Summer Party, co-hosted by Christopher Kane WHEN: 2 July WHERE: Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens WHO: Kate Hudson, Gary Lineker, Mark Ronson, Sophie Dahl, Poppy Delevingne, Ewan McGregor, Richard Wentworth, Julien McDonald and Lauren King WHY: Once again the stars flocked to the annual Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, many sporting iconic designs by co-host Christopher Kane. The event was hosted in the 15th Serpentine Pavilion, designed by Spanish architects Selgascano, in an explosively colourful chrysalis structure reaching out across the garden. With musical performances from the Klaxons’ James Righton, 2ManyDJs, Spandau Ballet and Mark Ronson, guests sipped Laurent-Perrier champagne and cocktails from the Eclipse bar while munching on some signature ‘street food’ bites from Table Talk. Guests also had the opportunity to touch up their make-up at NARS Cosmetics booths in the lobby. Proceeds from the event went to the gallery’s various exhibitions and programmes all over the world.

Head in the Clouds WHAT: Aer Blowdry Bar Launch Party WHEN: 15 July WHERE: Aer, 172 Old Brompton Road WHY: Key press representatives from Matches Fashion, ASOS and Glamour, as well as some highprofile bloggers, flocked to South Kensington for the launch party of the Aer Blowdry Bar. Guests enjoyed complimentary express blow dries, as well as drinks, canapés and sumptuous Maître Choux chocolate éclairs. Everyone was given a goody bag to take home, brimming with tasty treats and beauty products, including an Exuviance purifying clay masque, Inner Me supplements, Mello watermelon juice, and Sweet Virtues raw cacao balls.

LONDON LIVING Photography: David Benett / Getty Images Christopher Kane & Alexa Chung

Nefer Suvio & Nick Rhodes

Roksanda Ilincic

Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis

Martin Kemp, Tony Hadley, Gary Kemp, Steve Norman & John Keeble of Spandau Ballet Jeremy King & Lauren Gurvich

Saloni Lodha & Elisa Sednaoui

Peter Brant Jr, Julia Peyton Jones, Harry Brant, Dasha Zhukova & Hans-Ulrich Obrist

Erin O’Connor

Alex Turner, Taylor Bagley & Miles Kane

Spandau Ballet

Evgeny Lebedev, Sophie Dahl, Mario Testino & Bella Freud

Graham Norton, Zadie Smith & Nick Laird


The Concierge What is it you require, sir? How may I help, madam? The Concierge is here to help with every need, whim or wish, however great or small Apparel

Ligne Roset

Hydrohealing Spa


Repairs & Cleaning

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Jeeves of Belgravia 123 Fulham Road, SW3 6RT 020 7589 9229

Sloane Tailors & Dry Cleaners 69 Lower Sloane Street SW1W 8DA 020 7824 8644

Precious Pieces

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Strip Wax Bar

Le Café Anglais

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Image courtesy of Bodens

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Market Comment

The Peninsula London Image courtesy of: Grosvenor

A Letter to Mr Osborne Nick Crayson, founder of Crayson, calls for a change to the hefty increase in Stamp Duty Land Tax

Great Expectations Grosvenor plans major new Hyde Park Corner scheme: Plans have gone in for a new development on Hyde Park Corner, which could deliver up to 28 new apartments and a 190-room hotel. Joint venture partners Grosvenor Britain & Ireland and The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Limited are proposing ‘a new landmark’ at 1–5 Grosvenor Place in Belgravia. If approved, the new building – designed by Hopkins Architects – will replace the existing 1960s office block and promises to provide “a new focal point and vibrancy to Hyde Park Corner”. Called The Peninsula London, the hotel will have a grand pedestrian entrance on Grosvenor Place, with an internal palazzo-style courtyard. The plan is for 190 guestrooms and a spa, along with shops, bars, restaurants and a ballroom. There’s not much information around yet, but if Grosvenor’s recent projects are anything to go by, we can expect something pretty special.

For once, buyers, sellers and estate agents and most people in property are aligned. Everyone is suffering with the 70% increase in the highest band of Stamp Duty Land Tax. However – more significantly for the country as a whole – it is Her Majesty’s Treasury which is really feeling the sting. I am only talking about central London here of course, but last year it accounted for 48% of SDLT receipts. The Chancellor’s giveaways to buyers sub £1 million are now costing an arm and a leg as the planned increase in revenues from the capital has not only failed to materialise, but has dried up as sales volumes have fallen significantly. The Nationwide building society has recently estimated that the SDLT receipts for the first six months of 2015

Osborne needs to conjure up some new ideas that sensibly tackle the SDLT structure are down £275 million on the previous year’s figures. The full year figures are going to be an embarrassment to Mr Osborne. There is also a trickle-down effect that could be catastrophic for London as property becomes simply too expensive to buy, with causal effects on social mobility and the international jobs market-place that London has become. It has not gone unnoticed by our media and press corps that the super-rich are not even concerned with the 12% rate – they are happy to hide their identities by paying the 15% rate through offshore vehicles and the like. As it happens, we all know that this is now under examination as well. A serious look needs to be taken at the SDLT structure. Osborne needs to conjure up some new ideas that sensibly tackle this immensely important topic in a financially responsible fashion.

Hyde Park

Crayson, 10 Lambton Place, W11 2SH; 020 7221 1117


PrimeQResi Journal of Prime Property

Millionaire’s Mansion Super-rare Eaton Square mansion goes on sale for £55m: There is an early contender for Instruction of the Year in the shape of a majestic Grade II Eaton Square mansion. There are only 15 houses remaining out of 118 buildings in Eaton Square, and just a handful of freehold houses left in arguably the most exclusive address in town – and this one comes complete with a handy mews house to the rear. This mid-terrace beauty on the preferred northern flank ticks that and all the other boxes, hence the hefty price tag. The condition throughout is, as you would expect, immaculate. Knight Frank has been appointed as sole agent. Eaton Square All images courtesy of: Knight Frank

Market Comment Weathering the Storm Gareth Jones, partner and head of residential sales at Carter Jonas Holland Park, delights in the spacious villas of Holland Park

The Carter Jonas Holland Park office is set on Addison Avenue and forms part of a network of 12 London offices. The local market seems to reflect the movements of the prime central London sector in general – we have experienced a challenging and cautious buying environment for nearly a year. Election uncertainty began to grow last autumn, and this was exacerbated by the Chancellor’s changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax in October. The widely predicted post-election ‘bounce’ failed to materialise. This confounded most property pundits who had underestimated the impact of the increased taxation, especially in the £10 million-plus range of house and flat sales. This gap in expectations is making the immediate September market hard to predict. With economic growth in the second half of 2015 recovering strongly, and interest rates set to remain at 0.5% for the 78th month running, it would seem logical to expect a strong rebound as there is a huge amount of pent-up demand from families outgrowing their current homes, along with first-time buyers. This is supported by the latest figures from Nationwide indicating that, after a summer lull, property prices are on the rise again, with the national average house price increasing by 0.4% last month. This has pushed the annual rate of growth to 3.5%. According to economist Robert Gardner, this rate is very close to the growth in earnings, which should bode well for a sustainable housing market. This is as long as supply can meet demand for property as this is key to continued growth in prime central London. Holland Park remains evergreen in its appeal, from large Italianate villas to detached houses on Addison Road, Holland Villas and Abbotsbury Road. We are fortunate that the Victorian builders gave houses large plots on wide avenues, allowing for space that is rare in London. We expect a good second half to the year. Carter Jonas LLP, 8 Addison Avenue, Holland Park, W11 4QR


1 2



Reception room/dining room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø further bedroom ø balcony ø 2 terraces ø access to communal gardens ø first floor ø 134 sq m (1,445 sq ft) ø EPC=E

Reception room/dining room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further double bedrooms ø bathroom ø utility room ø patio ø access to communal gardens ø 130 sq m (1,402 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Guide £3.795 million Leasehold

Guide £2.1 million Leasehold

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9003

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 6903



Reception room/kitchen/dining room ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further bedrooms (1 en suite) ø utility room ø underground storage vault ø terrace ø access to communal gardens ø 130 sq m (1,404 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Reception room ø dining room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø further bedroom suite ø 3 terraces ø 132 sq m (1,445 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Guide £2.6 million Share of Freehold

Guide £2.75 million Leasehold

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9005

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9003

3 4

1 BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED FIVE BEDROOM TOWN HOUSE pangbourne avenue, w10 3 reception rooms ø study/family room ø kitchen/breakfast room ø 5 bedrooms ø 4 bath/shower rooms ø utility room ø 3 terraces ø garden ø off-street parking for 2 cars ø 307 sq m (3,309 sq ft ø EPC exempt Guide £2.95 million Freehold

Savills Notting Hill Abigail Frankish

020 7727 5750

1 2



Open plan reception room/kitchen/dining room ø bedroom suite with dressing room ø further bathroom ø roof terrace ø 123 sq m (1,319 sq ft) ø EPC=E

Reception room/kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø further bedroom ø family bathroom ø storage room ø lift ø communal gardens ø 88 sq m (950 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Guide £1.5 million Leasehold

Asking £1.7 million Leasehold

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5750

Savills Kensington 020 7535 2980



Reception room ø kitchen/dining room ø 2 double bedrooms ø bathroom ø shower/wet room ø study/dressing room ø 136 sq m (1,464 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Reception room ø bedroom ø bathroom ø concierge ø swimming pool and spa facilities ø parking ø 59 sq m (632 sq ft) ø EPC=B

Guide £2.8 million Leasehold

Guide £1.08 million Leasehold

Savills Kensington 020 7535 2980

Savills Kensington 020 7535 2980

3 4

1 2



Reception room ø study ø dining room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further bedrooms ø bathroom ø guest cloakroom ø 155 sq m (1,672 sq ft) ø EPC=F

Drawing room ø kitchen ø 2 double bedrooms ø bedroom 3/dining room ø bathroom ø basement storage room ø lift ø resident caretaker ø access to communal gardens ø 109 sq m (1,162 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Guide £2.8 million Share of Freehold

Guide £2.75 million Leasehold

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9004

Savills Knightsbridge 020 7581 5234



Raised ground floor ø double reception room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further double bedrooms ø bathroom ø garden ø 120 sq m (1,296 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø further bathroom ø 83 sq m (899 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Guide £2.15 million Share of Freehold

Guide £1.5 million Share of Freehold

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9002

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5750

3 4

1 2




2 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø roof terrace ø direct lift access ø 128 sq m (1,383 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=E

2 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø balcony ø first floor flat ø 76 sq m (816 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=D

Furnished £1,550 per week

Furnished £1,295 per week

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751



2 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø reception room ø study ø eat in kitchen ø 130.3 sq m (1,402 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=C

2 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø reception room ø guest cloakroom ø comfort cooling ø swimming pool and gym ø 142.81 sq m (1,537 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=E

Unfurnished £1,200 per week

Furnished £1,900 per week

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333

3 4

*£36 additional tenant/occupant/guarantor referencereference where required. check out fee -check charged at the of or early *£36inc incVAT VATfor foreach each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor whereInventory required. Inventory out fee end – charged at termination the end of or early termination ofofthe andand the amount is dependent on the property and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details For including fee, visit thetenancy tenancy the amount is dependent on the size property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. moreexample details,inventory visit



IMMACULATE SPLIT LEVEL APARTMENT IN PRIME SOUTH KENSINGTON neville street, sw7 3 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø terrace ø residents parking ø 137.58 sq m (1,481 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=E

Savills Chelsea Sophie Tiarks

020 7578 9011 Flexible furnishings £2,050 per week + £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* *£36inc incVAT VATfor foreach each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor whereInventory required. Inventory out fee end – charged at termination the end of or early termination *£36 additional tenant/occupant/guarantor referencereference where required. check out fee -check charged at the of or early of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details including example inventory fee, visit

1 2




4 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø reception room ø open plan kitchen ø porter ø 117 sq m (1,268 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=F

3 bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø reception room ø dining room ø kitchen/family room ø balcony ø 201 sq m (2,168 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=E

Flexible furnishings £950 per week

Unfurnished £2,300 per week

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333



2/3 bedrooms ø reception room ø dining/media room ø kitchen ø courtyard ø 2 balconies ø gym and sauna ø 209 sq m (2,259 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

6 bedrooms ø family bathroom ø 3 reception rooms ø 2 studies ø kitchen ø access to communal gardens ø 329 sq m (3,543 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=E

Furnished £4,250 per week

Unfurnished £3,950 per week

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Knightsbridge 020 7584 8585

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Knightsbridge 020 7584 8585

3 4

*£36 additional tenant/occupant/guarantor referencereference where required. check out fee -check charged at the of or early *£36inc incVAT VATfor foreach each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor whereInventory required. Inventory out fee end – charged at termination the end of or early termination ofofthe andand the amount is dependent on the property and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details For including fee, visit thetenancy tenancy the amount is dependent on the size property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. moreexample details,inventory visit


1 2




5 bedrooms ø 4 bathrooms ø reception room ø dining room ø kitchen ø patio ø 300 sq m (3,238 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=F

4 bedrooms ø 4 bathrooms ø 2 reception rooms ø dining room ø separate kitchen ø garden ø garage ø 210 sq m (2,271 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=E

Flexible furnishings £2,750 per week

Unfurnished £3,250 per week

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9011



3 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø reception room ø guest cloakroom ø balcony ø lift ø portered block ø 94 sq m (1,018 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=D

3 bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø wooden floors ø 157 sq m (1,698 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=D

Unfurnished £1,650 per week

Flexible furnishings £1,300 per week

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9011

+ £276 inc VAT tenancy paperwork fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751

3 4

*£36 additional tenant/occupant/guarantor referencereference where required. check out fee -check charged at the of or early *£36inc incVAT VATfor foreach each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor whereInventory required. Inventory out fee end – charged at termination the end of or early termination ofofthe andand the amount is dependent on the property and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details For including fee, visit thetenancy tenancy the amount is dependent on the size property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. moreexample details,inventory visit

Beyond your expectations

Cheniston Gardens, W8

ÂŁ695 per week Furnished

A newly refurbished two bedroom apartment on the lower floor of this pretty conversion moments from Kensington tube station benefiting from its own entrance and private patio garden. The apartment further comprises separate modern fitted kitchen, two double bedrooms and modern bathroom. (807 Sq ft / 75 Sq m) . EPC: C

Faroe Road, W14

ÂŁ925 per week Unfurnished

A lovely three bedroom house in a highly sought after residential street in Brook Green featuring wooden floors, two bathrooms and pretty garden. The house comprises spacious reception room and an extended eat in kitchen leading to a pretty garden.(1,306 Sq ft/121 Sq m). EPC: D

Hamptons Kensington Office Sales. 020 7717 5461 | Lettings. 020 7717 5459

Cheyne Walk, SW3 This fantastic three bedroom apartment on the second floor (with lift) of this period building offers spacious accommodation and views over the River Thames. The south facing 27’7 reception room with wooden floors has floor to ceiling doors opening on to the small balcony. The remaining accommodation comprises a separate kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and cloakroom. This is an ideal apartment for a young family or professional couple. EPC: D

Hamptons Chelsea Office Sales. 020 7717 5431 | Lettings. 0207 3700 774

£1650 Per Week • • • • •

Three bedrooms Two bathrooms Communal gardens Lift Balcony

Beyond your expectations

Sloane Gardens, SW1W A charming and bright four bedroom maisonette, with a long lease, arranged over the third, fourth and fifth floors of a handsome red brick period building. The apartment benefits from direct lift access, generous reception space with high ceilings and views over communal gardens. Situated on the West side of Sloane Gardens, the property is moments away from the excitement of Sloane Square. The world class amenities of the King’s Road and the recreational facilities of the River Thames and Battersea Park are close by. EPC: E

Hamptons Sloane Square Office Sales. 0203 2817220 | Lettings. 020 7717 5459

£3,550,000 • • • • • •

Reception room Kitchen & conservatory Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom Bedroom with en-suite shower room Two further bedrooms & bathroom Balcony & lift

Beyond your expectations

Drayton Gardens, SW10 A stunning four bedroom first floor apartment within an attractive period building. This lateral flat has a beautifully presented west facing main reception room with dual elevated aspect and a south facing kitchen/breakfast room. This bright property also offers a stunning master bedroom suite with en-suite bath and shower room and dressing room. EPC: D

£3,650,000 Share of Freehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Chelsea Office Sales. 020 7717 5431 | Lettings. 0207 3700 774

First floor with lift Lateral flat Four bedrooms Porter 1776 sq. ft. Access to communal gardens (by separate arrangement)

Beyond your expectations

Chesham Place, SW1X A superbly located and very attractively presented two bedroom apartment on the lower ground floor of a substantial stucco fronted Grade II listed building in the heart of Belgravia. The property is very well configured and offers a feeling of light from two patio areas. EPC: C

£1,850,000 Leasehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Knightsbridge Office Lettings. 020 7584 2044 | Sales. 020 7717 5461

Large reception room Kitchen and dining hall Master bedroom with en-suite Second bathroom with en-suite shower room Guest cloakroom Two patios

Rutland Court, SW7 Situated in one of the most sought after secure gated streets, this property is presented in immaculate order and has been finished to exacting detail. (1,259 sq.ft/ 117 sq.m). EPC: D

£1,950.00 per week, Furnished • • • • • •

Hamptons Knightsbridge Office Lettings. 020 7584 2014 | Sales. 020 7717 5461

Three bedrooms Three bathrooms Home cinema Gym access Hardwood floors High Ceilings

Beyond your expectations

Pembroke Square, W8 Located on Pembroke and Earls Walk in the heart of Kensington, this property encompasses both tradition and modernity. A five bedroom Grade 11 listed fully refurbished Kensington townhouse with a newly built two bedroom mews house with garage for two cars. EPC: C Marsh & Parsons 0207 368 4197

£9,500,000 • • • • • • • •

Hamptons Kensington Office Sales. 020 7717 5461 | Lettings. 020 7717 5459

Five bedrooms Drawing room Dining room Mews house comprising open plan living Two further bedrooms Garage for two cars Garden Communal Gardens with tennis court

Munro Mews, W10 A three bedroom modern mews house located moments from Golborne Road on a cobblestone street in a private enclave. The property has a lovely wide entrance with a distinctly bright, airy and spacious feel throughout. With many modern conveniences including wet underfloor heating, built in entertainment system and speakers throughout. There is a south-east facing top floor terrace and private courtyard at the rear provide plenty of outside space. EPC: C

Hamptons Nottinghill Office Lettings. 020 7584 2014 | Sales. 020 7717 5461

£1,500,000 • • • • •

Three bedrooms Two bathrooms Integral garage Terrace Patio garden

Abingdon Road, Kensington W8 A beautiful family house with a pretty garden This is a great family house set back from the road and situated on the pretty and quiet street in the Stratford Village area of Kensington. The house boasts excellent ceiling heights, original features throughout and a generous sized pretty garden with an open outlook to the rear. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, kitchen, dining room, study, garden. EPC: E. Approximately 238 sq m (2,564 sq ft).   Freehold

Guide price: £5,250,000 020 7938 4311  


Ken & Chelsea - 107 Abingdon Road - final

05/08/2015 10:03:00



Albert Court, Knightsbridge SW7 Exceptional five bedroom duplex apartment A very elegant and spacious duplex apartment offering exceptional accommodation throughout. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing room, 4 further bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, drawing room, dining hall, family room, study/bedroom 6, kitchen, utility room, cloakroom, balcony, 24 hour porterage. EPC: D. Approximately 420 sq m (4,520 sq ft). Share of freehold

Guide price: £11,950,000 020 3641 5913  


Kensington and Chelsea Aug 2015

06/08/2015 12:47:30

Aldridge Road Villas, Notting Hill W11 Newly refurbished house with parking A stunningly refurbished period house, offering over 3,200 sq ft of space over four floors. The house is ideally laid out with excellent entertaining and bedroom space, and makes an ideal family home. 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (2 en suite), 2 reception rooms, kitchen, family room, media room, garden, off street parking.  EPC: E. Approximately 298 sq m (3,206 sq ft).   Freehold

Guide price: £5,000,000 020 8166 5449 020 7727 1717    


K&C Septemer - 48 Aldridge Road Villas

04/08/2015 15:41:52



Ladbroke Gardens, Notting Hill W11 Beautiful two bedroom communal garden flat A charming and well presented flat set on arguably one of the best streets in Notting Hill. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, en suite shower room, reception room, kitchen, access to communal gardens. EPC: D. Approximately 58.6 sq m (631 sq ft).      Leasehold

Guide price: £950,000 020 8166 5449    


K&C September - 26E Ladbroke Gardens

04/08/2015 15:53:36

Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill W11 Five bedroom house with parking and access to gardens An impressive semi-detached low built wide villa with generous parking and direct access to a stunning communal garden. All in all a wonderful house. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (2 en suite), 3 reception rooms, kitchen/reception room, dining room, garden, access to communal gardens. EPC: E. Approximately 415 sq m (4,472 sq ft).   Freehold

Guide price: £11,750,000 020 8166 5449 020 7727 5750    


K&C September - 52 Ladbroke Grove

04/08/2015 15:02:59



YOUR LOCAL PROPERTY EXPERTS We know how important it is to have an office that's local to you, which is why we're constantly expanding our network. With new offices opening across London, our experienced local experts can find the right buyer or tenant for your home, and the right home for you. For further information or to arrange your no obligation market appraisal contact 020 3641 6122 or visit   Guide price: £1,350,000

Cornwall Gardens, South Kensington SW7


This perfectly proportioned one bedroom second floor apartment benefits from high ceilings and beautiful communal garden views. The apartment further benefits from a separate demised storage cupboard. Bedroom, reception room, bathroom, kitchen. EPC: D. Approximately 62 sq m (664 sq ft). Office: 020 3641 6122


Guide price: £1,350,000

Rosary Gardens, South Kensington SW7 A fantastic well proportioned flat with spacious reception room that has been refurbished to a high standard. The property is laid out over the raised ground floor and consists of one bedroom, reception room, bathroom, kitchen. EPC: D. Approximately 70 sq m (748 sq ft). Office: 020 3641 6122

K&C September - South Ken

07/08/2015 13:36:38

Palace Court, Notting Hill W2 Stunning penthouse apartment A light and bright fifth floor flat located in this prestigious Victorian mansion building in Palace Court with exceptional views and wooden floors throughout. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom, 3 further bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, reception room, modern kitchen/breakfast room and utility room.  The flat benefits from 24 hours porter service and a lift.  EPC: F.   Available unfurnished

Guide price: £3,000 per week 020 7985 9990  


All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Kensington and Chelsea September Sophie final 1

06/08/2015 17:12:15



Stafford Terrace, Kensington W8 A Grade II listed five bedroom family house The house has undergone an extensive programme of refurbishment and now provides excellent generous entertaining space and family accommodation. With 5 bedrooms (2 en suite), bathroom, 2 reception rooms, a family room, kitchen/breakfast room and a south facing garden, this is a special house in a prime Kensington location. EPC: D. Approximately 390 sq m (4,200 sq ft).   Available unfurnished

Guide price: £6,250 per week 020 3641 7308  


All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

KC August amend

06/08/2015 17:18:53

Rose Square, Fulham Road, South Kensington SW3 Unique four bedroom apartment offering a first class living experience Set in the highly regarded The Bromptons development, this apartment has been refurbished to a high standard, and is ideal for entertaining. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, double height reception room, study/cinema room, eat in kitchen, private garden, pool, gym, concierge, parking. EPC: E. Approximately 298 sq m (3,211 sq ft). Available furnished

Guide price: £7,500 per week 020 3641 6019  


All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

K&C - October 2015

05/08/2015 16:37:58


On the Waterfront From fine dining to luxury residential suites, senior lettings negotiator for the Knight Frank Chelsea branch Louise Sergeant tells us why the Chelsea Waterfront development has it all Summer always seems to bring with it an air of excitement and anticipation and Chelsea always encompasses this spirit. Whether it’s cocktails on the terrace at Bluebird, teeming with locals and tourists alike, or supper under the stars at new favourites, such as Polpo on The Duke of York Square, everyone is sure to find somewhere that they are happy to while away a summer’s evening. The Kings Road is constantly evolving to keep up with the newest trends in everything from fine dining, to the latest high-intensity interval training class or pop-ups from niche independent designers. It’s no wonder that Chelsea’s residential developments are moving at a steady pace to keep up with the demands of the ever-evolving but traditional charm of the area. Worth noting is the Chelsea Waterfront development, currently undergoing construction in the disused Chelsea Power Station. It is sure to bring new life

to the Lots Road area of Chelsea, somewhere which, up until recently, has been overlooked in favour of areas slightly closer to the Kings Road. The development will include retail spaces and restaurants, alongside turn-key properties finished to an exceedingly high standard. The Chelsea Waterfront is sure to become a favourite with those savvy enough to realise the potential in this overlooked gem. Only a five minute walk to Imperial Wharf station, which has links to Clapham Junction (eight minutes), and London Victoria (21 minutes) the development will be perfect for those looking for an easy commute, but still wanting to be close to the heart of Chelsea. The market is still seeing a level of uncertainty in central London lettings, most likely the outcome of an unexpected election result. More properties are coming across from the sales division, with vendors choosing to rent properties after the post-election spike in prices failed to materialise, leading to an increase of good quality lettings stock. This means that prospective tenants are shopping around more than we would expect for this traditionally busy time of year and so it is crucial for landlords to set realistic and achievable asking rents in order to let their properties within a reasonable time frame. Knight Frank Chelsea, 352a Kings Road, SW3 5UU; 020 7349 4300;

Paultons Square, £3,750 per week


A View from the Top Bethan Rees sits down with Helen Sachdev, chief operating officer of Marsh & Parsons, to talk about aspiring career women and her love of London Photography: Rob Cadman


“I’m going to be quite controversial here,” Helen Sachdev, chief operating officer of Marsh & Parsons, begins to tell me. “If you want a career and a family, you need to think carefully about who your life partner is, because if you take on both, you need to be in a team.” Having spent many years mentoring, in particular female executives, this is the guidance she gives for aspiring career women; and as a hugely successful businesswoman, her advice is not to be taken lightly. After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University, she was taken on as a graduate at Sainsbury’s and spent 13 years there. Throughout her time, she developed the Sainsbury’s ‘Local’ brand, and later moved to Tesco to take a position on the property team as a planning and design director, supporting the company’s growth. From supermarkets to banks, she went on to work at Barclays as managing director of UK strategy, mergers and acquisitions before becoming the chief operating officer at Marsh & Parsons in January this year. I ask Helen why she wanted to join the team. “I really wanted to work with a company that provided excellent customer service, which I believe Marsh & Parsons delivers,” she explains. “Here, there are people from all walks of life who have worked their way up from the proverbial shop floor or come in via a graduate scheme. You get a really eclectic mix, which makes it an exciting and dynamic environment to work in,” she continues. Supermarkets, banking and property appear worlds apart, but are they really? Helen explains that there are similar elements throughout the different industries. However, there’s one crucial difference: emotion. “When you go to the supermarket or open a bank account, it’s not a life changing decision. Buying, selling or renting a property is probably one of the biggest decisions you have to make. You still have customers and transactions, but there’s far more emotional investment,” she says. Helen joined the management board in order to drive growth and run head office operations. In 2014, Marsh & Parsons opened four new branches, and she informs me that they have planned for this strategy to continue every year. So far this year, Helen has overseen the launch of two new offices in Queen’s Park and Shoreditch. “The business has gone through a lot of stretch in terms of people, and one of the reasons I’ve come in is because the board needed another pair of hands to help. Maintaining that level of growth means you have to strengthen the infrastructure

to support it,” she informs me. Another area of expansion on Marsh & Parsons’ agenda is in the land development and new homes part of the business. “It’s relatively new, but it’s a big focus for London, its investors, and it is an exciting part of our growth” she says. Unlike some agents in the capital, Marsh & Parsons is solely London-based.“We’re a London company and we like to work with London people who own London property,” she reiterates. By concentrating on the capital, the company provides clients with a unique and focused service. “Everyone here loves London,” she joyfully tells me. Helen, who has a family home just outside of Milton Keynes, also has a pied-à-terre in central London and has always had adoration for the capital. “Before moving here with my first job, I had only been to London once on a school trip when I was 11 years old and that was when I thought, ‘I need to be here’,” she informs me. But how does Helen measure success? “For me, it’s the customers who come back time and time again and recommend us,” she answers. “We get people coming in to the offices with flowers, chocolates and lovely notes, and I think that’s a sign of success; that you can create that reaction within people.”


Spectacular rooftop garden in South Kensington Matching people and property in London for over 150 years.

Pembroke Square W8 ÂŁ9,500,000 A beautifully presented seven-bedroom townhouse with an interconnecting mews house offering additional accommodation. Freehold. EPC=C

Prime Sales: 020 7368 4197

Queen’s Gate SW7 £3,795,000 An incredible four-bedroom penthouse duplex on one of London’s most famous South Kensington addresses with local amenities close by. Share of Freehold. EPC=D

South Kensington: 020 7590 0800

Atherstone Mews SW7 ÂŁ2,950,000 A fabulous four-bedroom mews house with outstanding reception space, situated close to Gloucester Road and South Kensington Underground stations. Freehold. EPC=C

South Kensington: 020 7590 0800

St Quintin Avenue W10 ÂŁ2,750,000 A fantastic five-bedroom open plan home in an exceptional Edwardian building with newly refurbished interiors, and within easy reach of Notting Hill and Portobello Road. Freehold. EPC=F

North Kensington: 020 7313 8350

Lennox Gardens SW1X ÂŁ2,750,000 A fabulous two-bedroom first floor apartment in this prestigious building situated in the highly desirable building and a short walk to Knightsbridge, Sloane Street and Hyde Park. Share of Freehold. EPC=D

Chelsea: 020 7591 5570

Airlie Gardens W8 ÂŁ2,595,000 A truly unique two-bedroom split level maisonette situated on the fifth and sixth floor of this fine period building with amazing views. Share of Freehold. EPC=D

Kensington: 020 7368 4450

The Quadrangle SW10 ÂŁ2,350,000 A stunning two-bedroom penthouse apartment with a study and underground parking, situated in the very popular Chelsea Harbour development next to the River Thames. EPC=C

Chelsea: 020 7591 5570

Ladbroke Square W11 ÂŁ1,395,000 A fabulous two-bedroom first floor apartment with a private balcony and glorious views over the private communal gardens of Ladbroke Square. Share of Freehold. EPC=D

Notting Hill: 020 7313 2890

Westgate Terrace SW10 ÂŁ1,250,000 An absolutely stunning two-bedroom property finished to an exacting standard, just off the Old Brompton Road with access to its own private west facing garden. EPC=D

Earls Court: 020 7835 0620


a Unique perspective on...


An extremely well presented First floor two bedroom flat that offers a wealth of contemporary features throughout and located in a quiet mews that is close to all the amenities of Gloucester Road. This superb apartment extends to 891 sq.ft (82.77 sq.m) of well-planned and proportioned accommodation, that could be moved into with little or no further expense. Two Bedrooms | Reception Room | Bathroom | Shower room | Access to Stanhope Gardens (STUCC) | Approx 891 Sq ft

SOUTH KENSINGTON | 020 7373 5052 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.

Courtfield Gardens, SW5 ÂŁ795 Per week A fantastic two bedroom flat on the 1st floor (with lift) of this period conversion with high ceilings, bountiful natural light and a large balcony. Gloucester Road tube station is only a few minutes walk away. Available now!

2 Bedrooms | 1 Reception rooms | 2 Bathrooms | First Floor Period Flat | Furnished | Roof Terrace | Balcony | 773 Approx Sq ft

SOUTH KENSINGTON | 020 7370 6767 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

Offices in London, the country and overseas. See things differently

a Unique perspective on...

Basil Mansions ÂŁ695 Located in this handsome Victorian red-brick mansion building, moments from the world famous Harrods department store, this well presented two bedroom flat is available for immediate occupation. The apartment benefits from a resident Porter and inclusive hot water and central heating. Period Flat | 2 Bedrooms | 1 Reception Room | 2 Bathrooms | Resident Parking | Furnished | 727 Approx Sq ft

Lincoln House ÂŁ1,000 per week A smart two bedroom apartment on the raised ground floor of this beautiful period building. Located within the heart of Knightsbridge amongst the world famous Harrods building. The flat benefits from a porter and the amenities of Brompton Road and Sloane Street. Ground Floor Furnished Flat | 2 Bedrooms | 1 Reception Room | 2 Bathrooms | 758 Approx Sq ft

Knightsbridge & Chelsea | 020 7589 6616 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.

Ennismore Gardens £4,250,000 STC Entered via a smart communal entrance, this well-presented, two bedroom lateral apartment, benefits from superb aspects to the front and rear of the building looking over the delightful communal gardens and the park surrounding Brompton Oratory. Period Flat | Second Floor (Lift) | Leasehold | 2 Double Bedrooms | 1 Reception | 2 Bathrooms | Roof Terrace | Communal Gardens | Resident Parking | 1042 Approx Sq ft

Thurloe Court, SW3 £2,850,000 Modernised top floor flat with stunning views of Central London’s skyline. Situated on the fifth floor (lift) of this handsome pre-war mansion building with stunning views over the Fulham Road to Pelham Crescent, this two bedroom lateral flat provides generous accommodation. Period Flat | Leasehold | 2 Bedrooms | 1 Reception Room | 1 Bathroom | Lift | Resident Parking | 1010 Approx Sq ft

Knightsbridge & Chelsea | 020 7589 6616 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

a Unique perspective on...

Lansdowne Crescent, W11 ÂŁ8,500,000 A spectacular penthouse apartment of breath-taking design, with glass external walls taking full advantage of the sensational views offered by such an elevated position. The apartment is accessed through a discreet private courtyard and lift and features expansive living and entertaining space, both inside and out, a fabulous master bedroom suite and up to four additional bedrooms.

6 Bedrooms | Reception room/Bar | Reception/Dining area | Kitchen | 4 Bathrooms | Penthouse | Private Lift | Roof Terrace | 4056 Approx Sq ft

notting hill | 020 7727 3227 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.

Ledbury Mews North, W11 ÂŁ1,395,000 This charming property occupies the first and second floors of a terraced mews house and is accessed via an attractive wrought iron walkway running the length of the terrace. The entrance opens directly into a large reception space benefiting from the full width of the double fronted building and leads to a spacious kitchen dining room to the rear. Above on the second floor are the two bedrooms. The property would benefit from some modernisation but offers the potential to create a fabulous home in this attractive, peaceful, cobbled mews.

Leasehold | 2 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom | 1 Reception Room | Maisonette | Terraced | First Floor | 948 sq ft

notting hill | 020 7727 3227 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

Offices in London, the country and overseas. See things differently

a Unique perspective on...

Palace Gardens Terrace, W8 £8,950,000 freehold A broad and beautifully presented stucco-fronted terraced house on four floors only. This elegant house has grand reception rooms with high ceilings including an interconnecting double reception room and study on the ground floor and a large kitchen/dining room/living room on the lower ground floor. The principal bedroom suite occupies the entire first floor and there are three further bedrooms and two further bathrooms. There is a 36’ landscaped west facing garden. Our vendor also owns two secure parking spaces which are available to purchase through separate negotiation.

Double reception room | Kitchen/Dining room/Living room | Study | Principal bedroom suite with dressing room | Shower room and bathroom | Three further bedrooms | Two further bathrooms (one en suite) | West facing garden | Utility room | WC |Two parking spaces available through separate negotiations | EPC: E

KENSINGTON | 020 7727 1500 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.

Stafford Terrace, W8

ÂŁ8,950,000 freehold

An immaculate Grade II listed five bedroom family home (4,200 sq ft/390 sq m) on Kensington’s prestigious Phillimore Estate with a south facing garden. The house has undergone an extensive programme of refurbishment and now provides excellent entertaining space and family accommodation.

Drawing room | Dining room | Family room | Study | Kitchen/breakfast room | Principal bedroom suite | Four further bedrooms | Two further bathrooms | En suite shower room | WC | Utility room | Attic room | South facing garden | EPC:D

KENSINGTON | 020 7727 1500 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

Offices in London, the country and overseas. See things differently



Knightsbridge SW3

South Kensington SW5

A beautiful newly refurbished first and second floor maisonette which has been completely refurbished to an extremely high standard.

An absolutely beautiful first floor property situated in a prime position on this popular street in South Kensington.

Reception room • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Terrace Wood flooring • EPC rating D

£1,250 per week*/£5,416.67 per month*

Reception room • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Roof terrace EPC rating D

£1,870 per week*/£8,103.33 per month*

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7590 4696 |

020 7590 4696 |



Knightsbridge SW1

Knightsbridge SW1

An interior designed, wonderfully spacious maisonette with its own private entrance in the prestigious Hans Place, one of Knightsbridge`s prettiest garden squares.

A newly refurbished apartment on the raised ground floor of this period building in the heart of Knightsbridge.

2 reception rooms • 4 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms • Patio garden • EPC rating E

£2,650 per week*/£11,483.33 per month* Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7590 4696 |

Reception room • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • High ceilings • EPC rating D

£995 per week*/£4,311.67 per month* Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7590 4696 |



Holland Park W11

Holland Park W11

A superb family home with fantastic living space located on a sought-after residential road in Holland Park.

An immaculately refurbished house comprising 3,344 sq ft and offering stylish family accommodation in a prime Notting Hill location.

Double reception room • 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms Kitchen • Integral garage • South-facing terrace EPC rating F

2 reception rooms • 4 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms • Kitchen Off-street parking • 2 patio gardens • Top floor terrace EPC rating F

£2,250 per week*/£9,750 per month* Holland Park & Notting Hill

£4,500 per week*/£19,500 per month* Holland Park & Notting Hill



Hyde Park Estate W2

Holland Park W14

A unique newly refurbished apartment set in a quiet cobbled mews in the heart of the prestigious Hyde Park Estate.

A very special studio house arranged over three floors providing flexible family accommodation and superb entertaining space.

Reception room • 2 bedrooms • Bathroom • Kitchen EPC rating D

2 reception rooms • 5 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms • Kitchen Patio garden • EPC rating F

£515 per week*/£2,231.67 per month*

£2,750 per week*/£11,916.67 per month*

Holland Park & Notting Hill

Holland Park & Notting Hill

020 7371 3377 |

020 7371 3377 |

020 7371 3377 |

020 7371 3377 |

*Rent excludes administration fees. Please contact our branch who can provide this information.


Lennox Gardens is a beautiful Grade II listed building which has just been immaculately refurbished and is perfectly located for all the world renowned shops and restaurants of Knightsbridge. Reception room • 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms • Lift • EPC rating E

Guide price £4,000,000

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7584 7020

RUTLAND GATE Knightsbridge SW7

A modern apartment situated in Knightsbridge offering a spacious open-plan living area. This period apartment benefits from a lift and access to communal gardens. Reception room • 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms • Lift • Communal garden EPC rating D

Guide price £1,950,000

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7590 4695


A stunning, completely refurbished and internally rebuilt modern townhouse set over four floors. 2 reception rooms • 5 bedrooms 4 bathrooms • Kitchen • Patio garden EPC rating D

Guide price £3,650,000

Holland Park & Notting Hill 020 7471 9833

ASHCHURCH TERRACE Ravenscourt Park W12

Ashchurch Lodge is one of the most important villas in the Ravenscourt and Starch Green conservation area. This end of terrace house has a spectacularly large garden along with generous gated parking. 3 reception rooms • 7 bedrooms 3 bathrooms • Kitchen/dining room Studio apartment • Large garden EPC rating E

Guide price £4,950,000

Holland Park & Notting Hill 020 7371 1111

LOUDOUN ROAD, NW8 £950,000 Share of Freehold

A superb lof t-st yle space architecturally designed by Felix von Bechtolsheim, featuring a sizeable and private roof terrace. Loudoun Road is ideally located for all the amenities of St Johns Wood High Street, while close to both Maida Vale and Hampstead. – – – – – – –

Vaulted reception room Bespoke kitchen Two double bedrooms Stylish bathroom Private roof terrace Garden incorporating a studio / garage Approx. 785 sq ft / 73 sq m. EPC=D

Domus Nova Bayswater 78 Westbourne Grove W2 5RT 020 7221 7817


PARK STREET, SE1 £3,350,000 Freehold

Immersed in history, this Georgian home combines striking colourful details and textures with well-balanced architectural considerations by Camu & Morrison. The brave and playful home oozes creativity and personality throughout. Located in Borough, the property will make a rewarding and engaging home for a lifetime. – – – – – – –

Georgian home built in 1830 Double reception room to the first floor Eat-in kitchen opening onto the garden Ground-floor dining room Master bedroom with marble bathroom Private entrance Approx. 2,744 sq ft / 254.9sq m.

THE PENTHOUSE, W11 £8,500,000 Share of Freehold

From the roof space of two neighbouring buildings is this remarkable architect-designed penthouse. Completed five years ago, the modern home by Studio RHE offers unrivalled views of Holland Park and west London. – – – – – – –

Spectacular lateral living space Snug / second kitchen area Five bedrooms Three bathrooms Phenomenal roof terrace Glass elevator and private entrance Approx. 3,955 sq ft / 367.4 sq m. EPC=C

Domus Nova Notting Hill 17 Kensington Park Road W11 2EU 020 7727 1717


£1,250 per week - admin fees apply* Short Let

Designed and refurbished to an exceptional standard is this stunning two-bedroom apartment set on the raised ground floor of a period conversion. Westbourne Gardens is located close to all that Notting Hill has to offer, including the many fashionable boutiques of Westbourne Grove. – – – – – –

South-facing reception room Bespoke kitchen / breakfast room Two double bedrooms Luxurious en-suite bathroom Guest shower room Approx. 817 sq ft / 75.9 sq m. EPC=C


£1,200 per week - admin fees apply* Long Let A truly exceptional and unique one-bedroom apartment, interior designed by the owner to deliver awesome lateral living. Lansdowne House is located on Lansdowne Road, perfectly positioned for the very best of Notting Hill and Holland Park. – – – – – – –

Large living space Recessed modern kitchen One double bedroom Smart marble bathroom Lift access Interior designed by the owner Approx. 1,051 sq ft / 97.6 sq m. EPC=E

Domus Nova Notting Hill 17 Kensington Park Road W11 2EU 020 7727 1717


£795 per week - admin fees apply* Long Let Embracing Middle Eastern and Western design notes, a chic garden property offering a unique living experience in Chelsea. Located on Edith Grove, the property is unrivalled for the amenities of Chelsea, South Kensington and Earl’s Court on its doorstep. – – – – – – –

Open-plan reception room Beautifully appointed kitchen Moroccan snug / TV room Two double bedrooms Two en-suite bathrooms Private decked terrace Approx. 916 sq ft / 85.1 sq m. EPC=B

Regency Terrace


Chelsea SW7


A wonderfully located, 3 floor maisonette with the feeling of a charming terraced house. This 3 bedroom, 2 reception room, 2 bathroom property is presented in good condition, however it would benefit from modernisation & offers an excellent opportunity for the next owner to refurbish completely in their own style. Situated in a desirable private gated terrace Regency Terrace is conveniently located for South Kensington underground & the local shops & restaurants. EPC rating D


020 7594 4740

Embankment Gardens

Chelsea SW3

A back to brick refurbished & interior designed, 1 bedroom garden apartment, with an abundance of state of the art features & high end finishing, including a bespoke Poggenpohl kitchen, air conditioning & under floor heating. Embankment Gardens is situated to the south of the Kings Road, benefitting from all the amenities of Chelsea & is in close proximity to the River Thames & Battersea Park. EPC rating D


020 7594 4740

ÂŁ1,250,000 leasehold

Gloucester Walk


Kensington W8


A 1 bedroom garden apartment on one of Kensington’s prime residential streets. The property has its own entrance & comprises a modern, fully fitted eat in kitchen, a reception room leading directly on to the garden, a double bedroom, a newly fitted bathroom & south facing patio garden. There are wooden floors throughout most of the living space & ample storage. Gloucester Walk is a prestigious tree lined road running parallel between Kensington Church Street & Hornton Street. EPC rating C

You can now collect thousands of with Chestertons Contact your local branch or visit to find out more.

Terms and Conditions apply see for details


020 7937 7244

Gordon Place

Kensington W8

A charming 3 bedroom period home tucked away off Holland Street, benefitting from both a paved front garden & a west facing roof terrace. Spread over 3 floors, the accommodation comprises a double reception room, a separate fully fitted eat in kitchen, 3 bedrooms (master en-suite), a family bathroom & guest cloakroom. Further benefits include solid wooden flooring throughout as well as an abundance of storage. EPC rating G


020 7937 7244

ÂŁ2,550,000 freehold

Ledbury Road


Notting Hill W11

long leasehold

A beautifully refurbished split level apartment on Ledbury Road, benefitting from 3 bedrooms, its own front door & extensive refurbishment. This property has the feel of a whole house & is ready to move into. EPC rating D

Notting Hill & Holland Park

020 3040 8585

Westbourne Park Road

London W11

A beautifully designed 3 bedroom mid terrace period house on Westbourne Park Road. The current owners undertook an extensive refurbishment & spared no expense, paying every attention to detail. The property offers a perfect blend of period character & a contemporary finish. EPC rating E

Notting Hill & Holland Park

020 3040 8585

ÂŁ3,500,000 freehold

Expanding Horizons Helen Penfold is heading up the new JLL office in Nine Elms, and is in prime position to advise clients on the endless possibilities awaiting them in the area. Ella Harris reports

Helen Penfold, office head at JLL Nine Elms

Lucy Morton, JLL director and head of agency

Everyone knows that Battersea is alive with developments in construction. Cranes and scaffolding poke up from the skyline, but work is soon to be finished and the masses are flocking in. JLL is one of the new arrivals to the neighbourhood, with a satellite office in Nine Elms recently established there, although they have already been invested in the area for some time. “As a business, JLL has been advising on the land and sales of Battersea Power Station and the Nine Elms regeneration site for some 20 years,” explains Lucy Morton, director and head of agency at JLL, “so it made perfect sense for us to open a new agency office in Nine Elms, which forms part of our plan to grow the residential estate agency business. A larger office will be opening in May next year, but we have opened a temporary office in the meantime due to the high demand for sales and lettings here.” The regeneration of Nine Elms is expected to generate 25,000 new permanent jobs, along with 18,000 new homes, creating a new residential



neighbourhood the size of the West End. Wandsworth Council is making sure local residents are the first to benefit, with 2,000 affordable homes being built across Nine Elms, which existing Wandsworth residents will get priority applying for. Helen Penfold, who is heading up the office, is excited about the plans, with many of the developments well underway and ready for application. “I think the fact that developments are still selling and there’s a lot more to come, says a lot about the area,” she tells me. JLL is working with Riverlight, Embassy Gardens, Battersea Power Station and Aykon, among others. A plethora of investors have already registered their interest, with the majority of sales falling under the £2 million mark. “At the moment prices are starting from £550,000,” explains Helen. “A large percentage of people are looking to invest in a studio to rent out or use as a pied-à-terre.” Riverlight, which has started its third phase of completion, has seen increasing popularity, with students and young professionals being the most common tenants so far – 800 new homes will be completing within this development alone. “I think year-on-year the area is looking at price increases of roughly 5%, increasing by 20–25% over the next five years.”

The community is integral to the growth of this part of London, with new schools, health centres, parks and transport links in development

The exterior of Riverlight

Embassy Gardens

For the luxury buyer, the services on offer are an obvious attraction. The Aykon development, for example, which has just launched, has a partnership with Versace Home to offer exclusive branded living experiences and lavish interiors. “I think the developers are constantly competing,” laughs Helen. “Aykon has a swimming pool on the 23rd floor and full concierge services. Similarly, Embassy Gardens and Riverlight have spa facilities and cinemas. The services these developments offer are getting better and better; it really speaks for the area.” The community is integral to the growth of this part of London, with new schools, health centres, linear parks and increased access to the riverside in development. Transport links will dramatically improve with the extension of the Northern Line for the two new Nine Elms and Battersea tube stations. Teamed with additional bus services, the Thames River Bus pier, and the new pedestrian and cycle bridge, the rest of London will become even more easily accessible. “It’s crazy that an area that’s so central on the river has taken so long to develop,” says Helen. “It really is that last little central spot that hasn’t been touched.”


TRINITY HOUSE, KENSINGTON HIGH STREET, W14 • 1 Bedrooms • 1 Bathrooms • Open plan kitchen/living room • South facing balcony

• Underground car parking • 24 Hour concierge • Approx. 520 sq ft (48.3 sq m) • EPC: current (B) potential (B)

GUIDE PRICE £1,020,000 LEASEHOLD For more information, call Jessica Conway 020 7087 5696 or email

JLL 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA


FALKLAND HOUSE, MARLOES ROAD, W8 FALKLAND FALKLANDHOUSE, HOUSE,MARLOES MARLOESROAD, ROAD,W8 W8 • 2 Bedrooms • •2 2Bedrooms Bedrooms • 1 Bathrooms • •1 1Bathrooms Bathrooms • Kitchen/breakfast room • •Kitchen/breakfast Kitchen/breakfastroom room • Separate WC/cloakroom • •Separate SeparateWC/cloakroom WC/cloakroom

• Mansion Block • •Mansion MansionBlock Block • Close to High Street Kensington • •Close ClosetotoHigh HighStreet StreetKensington Kensington • Approx. 1,158 sq ft (107.6 sq m) • •Approx. Approx.1,158 1,158sqsqftft(107.6 (107.6sqsqm) m) • EPC: current (E) potential (D) • •EPC: EPC:current current(E) (E)potential potential(D) (D)

GUIDE PRICE £1,695,000

GUIDE GUIDEPRICE PRICE£1,695,000 £1,695,000 LEASEHOLD LEASEHOLD LEASEHOLD For more information, call Jessica Conway For For more more information, information, call Jessica Jessica Conway Conway 020 7087 5696 or emailcall 020 020 7087 7087 5696 5696 oror email email

JLL JLL JLL 387 Kensington High Street 387 387Kensington Kensington High High Street Street London W14 8QA London LondonW14 W148QA 8QA


THE MANSIONS, OLD BROMPTON ROAD, SW5 • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathrooms • Eat-in kitchen • Private balcony

• Wooden floors throughout • Close proximity to Knightsbridge • Approx. 955 sq ft (88.7 sq m) • EPC: current (E) potential (D)

PRICE £750 PER WEEK UNFURNISHED For more information, call Kyle Best 020 7087 5696 or email

JLL 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA


JLL will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £48 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

BRIDGEMAN HOUSE, KENSINGTON HIGH STREET, W14 • 2 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • Open plan kitchen/living room • Private balcony

• Underground car parking • Resident only leisure facilities • Approx. 796 sq ft (73.9 sq m) • EPC: current (B) potential (B)

PRICE £875 PER WEEK FURNISHED For more information, call Kyle Best 020 7087 5696 or email

JLL 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA


JLL will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £48 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit


2 Bedrooms Bathroom Shower room Reception room

● ● ● ●

Balcony Communal gardens Approx. 1,008 sq ft (93 sq m) EPC rating: C

Guide price £2,250,000 Share of freehold For more information, call Daniel Wiggin 020 7306 1610 or email

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


Unmodernised Grade II Listed 54' South facing garden Potential to extend (STPP)

Approx. 1,900 sq ft (176 sq m)

Guide price £3,950,000 Freehold For more information, call Richard Barber 020 7306 1620 or email

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


4 Double bedrooms 3 Bathrooms (2 en suite) 2 Reception rooms Kitchen/breakfast room

● ● ● ●

Balcony Porter Approx. 2,498 sq ft (232 sq m) EPC: current (D) potential (C)

Price £2,650 per week Unfurnished For more information, call David Mills 020 7306 1630 or email

Potential tenants are advised that administration fees may be payable when renting a property. Please ask for details of our charges.

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


2 Double bedrooms 1 Bathroom (en suite) 1 Shower room Reception room

● ● ● ●

Fully fitted kitchen Use of communal gardens Approx. 1,221 sq ft (113 sq m) EPC: current (C) potential (C)

Price £1,575 per week Furnished For more information, call Kerry Morley 020 7306 1630 or email

Potential tenants are advised that administration fees may be payable when renting a property. Please ask for details of our charges.

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

Here are just some of the properties we’ve sold this year. If you are thinking of selling your property, please get in touch or pop in for a chat.

Pembroke Square, W8 Guide Price £5.25 million


Artesian Road, W2 Guide Price £3.25 million


Uxbridge Street, W8 Guide Price £2.35 million



Ravensbrook House, W12 Guide Price £3.75 million

SOLD Barlby Road, W10 Guide Price £900,000

SOLD Hereford Road, W2 Guide Price £17.5 million


Alma Terrace, W8 Guide Price £5.25 million

SOLD Lancaster Road, W10 Guide Price £2.3 million Westbourne Park Road Guide Price £4.75 million

SOLD T 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place, London, W11 2SH

Established 1897

SYDNEY MEWS, South Kensington SW3 A beautifully presented three bedroom triplex apartment located moments from the shops and amenities of South Kensington. The property benefits from two private entrances, one on Sydney Mews and one on the Fulham Road. The accommodation comprises a substantial firstfloor reception room with high-ceilings, a separate modern kitchen, a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, two further double bedrooms (one ensuite), a family bathroom and plenty of storage throughout. Sydney Mews is located close to South Kensington station, just behind the Fulham Road. EPC rating D.

Leasehold approximately 85 years remaining Guide Price ÂŁ2,750,000 020 7225 6700


HARRODSESTATES.COM @harrodsestates

Established 1897

Lexham Gardens Mews, Kensington W8 A beautifully presented mews house (approximately 1,464 sq.  ft.) situated in the heart of Kensington. The property has been totally refurbished to provide a stylish and contemporary residence comprising a reception room, open plan kitchen with Miele appliances and ceiling speakers, a master bedroom with marble ensuite bathroom, underfloor heating and dressing area, two further bedrooms (with marble ensuite bathrooms) separate study and utility area. The property also benefits from a NACOSS alarm system. Lexham Gardens Mews is situated between Lexham and Cornwall Gardens and is well located for both Gloucester Road and the shops and amenities that High Street Kensington has to offer. EPC rating F. Freehold Guide Price £2,995,000 020 3650 4600


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Established 1897

Park Walk, Chelsea SW10 A stunning newly refurbished and interior designed two bedroom apartment, set within this prestigious gated development. This spectacular apartment has the very latest in SmartHome technology including a Crestron automation system, iPad controlled Samsung LED Smart TVs, 5.1 surround sound, Blu-ray DVD players, door entry system including CCTV and alarm, heating and cooling, and door entry. The flat has been granted the highest specification of materials to include marble bathroom with Aqua Vision TV, stone fitted kitchen with induction hob, kettle tap and wine fridge, and wooden flooring. EPC rating C.

Price per week: £850 Property Fees: Admin £180, Checkout £180 References: £42 per person* * 020 7225 5881


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Established 1897

Thornwood Lodge, Kensington W8 A beautifully presented two double bedroom apartment (approximately 1,570 sq. ft) on the ground floor of Thornwood Lodge which forms part of this private development in the heart of Kensington. The property benefits from a spacious reception room of almost 460 sq. ft. and a well-equipped kitchen/breakfast room. There is also a front patio off the reception room and a rear patio off the master bedroom. Thornwood Gardens is a gated, recently built development which is arranged around an open garden square with 24-hour porterage, security and secure underground parking. Located off Kensington Church Street, between Notting Hill and Kensington High Street, the property is ideally situated for all the superb local amenities and is also within a few moments’ walk of Holland Park. Price per week: £1,800 Property Fees: Admin £180, Checkout £180 References: £42 per person* * 020 3650 4604


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Our services Sales and Lettings Property Management Block and Estate Management Property Solicitors Chartered Surveyors Financial Services Visit

With over 35 years’ experience in the London property market and more than 50 branches across the Capital, we draw on our existing London-wide and international network and local expertise to deliver the right result, whatever your requirements. If you are looking to buy, sell, rent or let contact us today. KFH South Kensington 29 Harrington Road SW7 3HD Sales 020 3199 8528

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Lettings 020 3199 8529

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Courtfield Gardens, South Kensington, SW5 Guide price £1,695,000 South Kensington 020 3040 6370


09.15 Runwild Kensington & Chelsea.indd 2

A wonderful two double bedroom flat with private entrance, two bathrooms, delightful rear garden and access to one of the finest private garden squares in the area. Whilst retaining period charm, this immaculately presented home has been tastefully redecorated throughout. Courtfield Gardens is conveniently located for the amenities of South Kensington and Earl’s Court.

• • • • • • • • •

156 year lease (approx) Access to garden square 1,618 sq ft of space Separate kitchen Two bathrooms Private rear garden Close to the tube Leasehold EPC rating F

05/08/2015 11:17

Holland Park Avenue, Holland Park, W11 £1,250,000 Holland Park 020 3542 2111

09.15 Runwild Kensington & Chelsea.indd 3

This stylish two bedroom apartment, with lift access and secure private parking, features a sleek modern kitchen and a stunning reception room opening on to a balcony with a southerly aspect. Fitzclarence House is a very well maintained building in Holland Park, convenient for an excellent selection of shops, restaurants and cafés, while the green open spaces of Holland Park itself are a short walk away.

• • • • • • • • •

Two double bedrooms Two modern bathrooms Reception room Separate modern kitchen Balcony Private parking space Lift access Leasehold EPC rating C

05/08/2015 11:17


St Anns Road, Holland Park, W11 £695pw Holland Park 020 3542 2120

A stunning two bedroom flat that has been finished to a high standard with a contemporary design and benefits from hard wood floors and a private roof terrace in Holland Park.

• • • • • • •

Two double bedrooms Separate kitchen Wood floors Stunning décor Private roof terrace Part furnished EPC rating D

£210 tenancy agreement fee per property. Other fees apply, visit


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The Importance of Being Earnest Hannah Lemon meets Edward McCulloch, the new sales manager at Douglas & Gordon Chelsea, who believes that honesty is the only policy

“It’s a bit like an old car that’s not starting properly.” Edward McCulloch, sales manager at Douglas & Gordon Chelsea, is airing his views of the prime central London property market. “That’s the sense I get at the moment.” If truth be told, he’s not the only person in property to think this. With fits and starts created by the threat of Mansion Tax, the General Election, Stamp Duty Land Tax and now the summer holidays, it has not been an easy year. However, Ed is positive: “When properties are correctly priced, they are selling. There are a fair number of deals going through.” Around this time each year a quiet hush falls over prime central London. “It traditionally gets very quiet; everyone goes away for the summer.” Which is why, Ed tells me, vendors need to heed the right advice. For example, the clients of the property we are standing in – a stunning three-bedroom, third-floor flat in a red-brick mansion block on Drayton Gardens, recently developed

“Chelsea will remain a bastion of the market because it has such international appeal” by Clarisford – is being kept off the market until the appropriate time. “I said to the clients: ‘Let’s take it off the market over the summer and relaunch it in September.’” Is this when the market will be at its busiest? “The general reckoning is that September is going to be the test,” replies Ed, “as to whether the market will return or not.” Ed is only ten days into his role at the Chelsea office; the last decade has seen him work in different areas of London – in Chelsea and Fulham – then, more recently, in Kensington for four months with Douglas & Gordon before moving back to Chelsea again. During this time he has gathered extensive knowledge of the market trends. “Rather than specific price brackets, it’s the two-bed, two-bathroom flats that are tending to attract the most attention,” he says. “Anything below £1 million is moving quite well – certainly below £2 million – but anything above £2 million is not.” Ed seems frustrated with other agents when it comes to pricing – an opinion that has been voiced frequently by others in the business over the last few months. “It’s up to agents to be honest with vendors,” he says in earnest. “I think there’s a tendency among some

Photography: Sarel Jansen


agents – particularly in a market where there’s not a lot of stock – to overvalue simply to win an instruction. Agents are not saying: ‘We think that the true value is X, but let’s try for higher.’ What they are actually telling clients is: ‘Let’s put the property on the market at this high price.’ Then, of course, vendors have the wrong expectation.” No matter what storms the property market has to weather, there is something about Chelsea that always attracts discerning and affluent clients. Ed agrees. “The area has created its own status. Many people use the borough of Kensington and Chelsea as a barometer. Obviously there are emerging areas, such as Battersea, but I think Chelsea will always remain a bastion of the market because it has such international appeal. Cadogan Gardens, for example, is popular because Sloane Street is just around the corner. There is a nice mix of architecture as well; you can find huge grand houses if you want – such as Markham Square, Paultons Square and Chelsea Square – really beautiful properties.” How can vendors who are waiting for September prepare properties like these? “I think that they should be looking at de-cluttering and making as much use as possible of the space they’ve got,” advises Ed. “If clients want to sell a property as it is, that’s fine; they just need to make sure it’s clear, tidy, and looking presentable. If they want to sell something that’s done up, then now is definitely the time to get the builders in. We’re going into one of the strongest markets of the year.” Douglas & Gordon, 45 Sloane Avenue, SW3 3DH; 020 7225 1225 Drayton Gardens, SW10 £3,250,000


Chatsworth Court W8 ÂŁ1,650,000 Share of Freehold Gloucester Road Sales 020 7581 1152 |







Battersea Park

A beautifully presented flat, arranged over 1,282 sq.ft. of spacious and wellplanned accommodation. The property, in this fabulous prime location, boasts two terraces and the rare benefit of a private parking space.


East Putney

Hammersmith & Shepherd’s Bush


Master bedroom with en suite, 2 further double bedrooms, Bathroom, Double reception room, Kitchen, 2 terraces, Lift, Porter, Off-street parking, EPC: B

Southfields & Earlsfield

West Putney

Kensington Gate

South Kensington

Notting Hill

Pimlico & Westminster

St. Marks Road W11 ÂŁ1,250,000 Share of Freehold Notting Hill Sales 020 7727 7777 |

A carefully designed maisonette set within this small development in Notting Hill. With excellent living space, arranged over three floors, the property benefits from a 30 ft. south-west facing reception room and dining area.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en suite), Reception/dining room, Kitchen, Parking and visitor parking, EPC: D

Godfrey Street SW3 ÂŁ2,500 per week + admin fees* Furnished Chelsea Lettings 020 7581 6666 |







Battersea Park

This stylishly furnished house has been finished to an exceptional standard throughout. The property benefits from two roof terraces and is located on this pretty street, moments from Chelsea Green and the King's Road.


East Putney

Hammersmith & Shepherd’s Bush


Master bedroom with en suite bathroom, 3 further bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Reception room, Cinema room, Kitchen, 2 roof terraces, EPC: C

Southfields & Earlsfield

West Putney

Kensington Gate

South Kensington

Notting Hill

Pimlico & Westminster

Pembridge Gardens W2 £1,350 per week + admin fees* Furnished/Unfurnished Kensington Lettings 020 7792 1331 |

A stunning first floor flat which has been refurbished throughout to an extremely high standard. The property boasts high ceilings, wooden floors and many original features.

3 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (1 en suite), Reception room, Kitchen/ breakfast room, Balcony, Porter, Direct lift access, EPC: D

Good to know... *An initial one-off tenancy agreement fee of £240 (inc VAT) per property and a £45 (inc VAT) referencing charge per person will apply. At the end of the tenancy an inventory check-out fee will be charged, this amount will depend on the size of the property and whether it is furnished/unfurnished. For more details visit



CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011



CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011


Petyward, SW3 ÂŁ750,000 Leasehold The Perfect Pied a Terre with Parking Reception Room | Kitchen | Double Bedroom with Storage | Bathroom | Secure Underground Car Parking Space | Lift | Resident Porter

Sheffield Terrace, W8 ÂŁ7,950,000 Freehold

Shower | Sitting/Dressing Room | 5 Double Bedrooms | 5 Bath/Shower Rooms (4 Ensuite) | Utility Room | Cloakroom | Formal Front Rear & Gardens

020 7589 2000

Kensington freehold house Reception Room | Open-Plan Kitchen & Dining Room | Reception and Study | Master Bedroom with Ensuite Bathroom | Walk In

020 7589 2000

102 Draycott Avenue Chelsea SW3 4AD


Culford Gardens, SW3 £1,350 Per Week furnished Moments from Sloane Square Reception Room | Separate Kitchen | Three Double | Bedrooms | Two Bathrooms | One Ensuite | Lift and Porter

Sheffield Terrace, W8 £5,750 Per Week UNFurnished

020 7225 0433

Shower | Sitting/Dressing Room | 5 Double Bedrooms | 5 Bath/Shower Rooms (4 Ensuite) | Utility Room | Cloakroom | Formal Front & Rear Gardens

House Due For Completion 31st Aug Reception Room | Open-Plan Kitchen & Dining Room | Reception and Study | Master Bedroom with Ensuite Bathroom | Walk In

020 7225 0433



ÂŁ4,350,000 freehold

4 bedrooms | reception | kitchen and dining area | 3 bathrooms | fireplace | patio | roof terrace | Epc D


ÂŁ2,150,000 share of freehold

2 bedrooms | open-plan reception and kitchen | bathroom | first floor | high ceilings | fireplace | Epc F

10 Clarendon Road London W11 3AA

020 7229 1414

Ecclestone Street, Belgravia, SW1W A superb, light and elegant, interior designed apartment, situated on the 4th floor within a restored Grade 11 listed Edwardian building with 24 hour concierge service and lift. The apartment offers an open plan reception room with dining room area, a spacious bespoke kitchen with breakfast bar area and a hard wood decked balcony, ideal for entertaining. The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and separate dressing area and there are two further ensuite bedrooms. Off street parking is available to rent on an annual renewable licence and two residents parking permits. Long leasehold. EPC Rating B.


West Halkin Street, Belgravia, SW1X An exceptionally well presented two bedroom apartment situated on the raised ground floor of an impressive period building. The property features a spacious entrance hall, large south facing reception room with study area, cloakroom, a well-appointed kitchen and utility area. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and door leading onto the demised terrace and a 2nd bedroom with en suite bathroom. Situated on one of the most sought after street in the heart of Belgravia. Resident caretaker and long leasehold. EPC Rating C. JSA Henry & James, Belgravia. John Taylor UK 48 Berkeley Square, London W1J 5AX Tel: 020 3284 1888 Email:

£3,450,000 Leasehold



• Raised ground floor

SW7 | TO LET £1,000 Per Week

Located within an easy walk of Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Sloane Street and High Street Kensington boutiques as well as Hyde Park, Sloane Square and The Royal Albert Hall.

Address AGENT

P R I V E´


• 1 bedroom apartment

This stunning newly refurbished 1 bedroom apartment on the raised ground floor of this elegant stucco fronted building offers the highest standards in modern interior designed interiors, boasting a wealth of hi-tec appliances.



• One bedroom

• Newly refurbished throughout with designer furnishings • Open-plan designer kitchen • Walking distance of Harrods • Walk-in shower room / wet room • Furnished to the highest standards • Available early July 2015

1st Asset Management


+ 44 (0) 207 014 3800

7-9 Tryon Street


London SW3 3LG


A b i B t K S w


• Bright one bedroom apartment • First floor with lift

CHELSEA SW3 | £1,100,000

• Porter

A bright one bedroom apartment on the first floor of a purpose built block with porter and lift in Brompton Cross, opposite the iconic Michelin Building on the junction of Sloane Avenue and Brompton Road. Ideal as a pied a terre or rental investment, the apartment is in a superb location between South Kensington, Knightsbridge and the bars, restaurants and shops of Kings Road, Sloane Street and Square. South Kensington tube station is within 0.2 miles (Circle, District and Piccadilly lines).

Address P ROPE RTY


P R I V E´

• Lift • Superb location • Ready to move in or rent out

1st Asset Management


+ 44 (0) 207 014 3800

7-9 Tryon Street


London SW3 3LG


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Property News

Journal of Prime Property

PRIME RESI provides us with a comprehensive monthly round-up of key news about the local luxury property market

196-222 King’s Road Image courtesy of: Cadogan and PDP

Market Comment Making the Move Elena Dimova, managing director of CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, looks forward to the busiest time of year in prime central London

Lights, Camera, Action? New plans go in for King’s Road cinema development: The Cadogan Estate has put in a revised plan for the mixed-use development of the Curzon Cinema site on the King’s Road, after last year’s designs were rejected. New plans, created by architects Paul Davis + Partners, will see 196–222 King’s Road being partially demolished to create an Art Deco-inspired block fronting the King’s Road and Chelsea Manor Street, complete with a two storey basement, a cinema, shiny new retail units, a pub, a roof-top bar, some offices, and residential space on the ground, first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth floor level. The internal area will be around 18,600 square metres, with over 8,000 square metres going to resi (42 units at market value; five affordable).

The Price to Pay House prices rise over 2007 peak: A 1.1% increase between May and June gives an annual price increase of 5.4%, which takes the average property value in England and Wales to £181,619 overtaking the previous peak of £180,983 in November 2007, according to the Land Registry’s June data. London’s still seeing the most significant annual price increase, with a movement of 9.2%, but the North East experienced the greatest monthly rise with a 3% increase. Transactions, however, are dropping fast, especially in the higher-value arena. Sales and repossessions during April 2015 (the most up-to-date figures available) show that the number of completed house sales in England & Wales decreased by 19% to 57,180 compared with 70,244 in April 2014. The most expensive deal of the month was in London NW8 (£22.5m); the cheapest was in Grimsby, Lincolnshire (£9,431).


The next few months are typically the busiest time in the London property market. Not only is the sales market usually hectic with people trying to tie up a sale or purchase in order to achieve a move before Christmas, but the lettings market experiences a similar phenomenon, whereby a large number of tenancies come up for renewal in a two to three month period. Whether you are buying or renting, finding the right property may take time. This is driven by a range of factors, including stock availability, budget constraints and how specific or flexible you are with your brief. Many people, especially renters, aim to be settled in their new home before the start of the school year. This cycle is not only significant to people with young families, but also university

This time of year provides a great opportunity to market a property students and business people relocating from a different country. If you are swapping jobs with a colleague moving across from Hong Kong, even if he does not have children and you do, you follow the same timing pattern. The rental market really comes into its own at this time of year, because of the historic imbalance of tenancies starting and therefore expiring at this time. New landlords are likely to try and time a purchase, and therefore bring a new rental property to market sooner rather than later to avoid a possible void over the winter months. It is a great opportunity to market a property and receive a larger number of enquiries and therefore a higher bottom line than at other times in the year due to the competition caused by the number of tenants in the market on a deadline. As you read this, more sales properties are being prepared to come to market and more potential buyers are heading back from their summer holidays focused, and with one goal in mind: finding their new dream home. CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, 10 Clarendon Road, W11 3AA 020 7229 1414;

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

Drawing of St Dunstan-in-the-West by SPAB Scholar Ptolomy Dean

Founded by William Morris, the SPAB protects the historic environment from decay, damage and demolition. It responds to threats to old buildings, trains building professionals, craftspeople, homeowners and volunteers and gives advice about maintenance and repairs. Since 1877 countless buildings have been saved for future generations.

Information about maintaining your home is available through events, courses, lectures, publications and telephone advice. To support our work why not join the SPAB? Members receive a quarterly magazine, our list of historic properties for sale and access to our regional activities. 020 7377 1644 A charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales. Company no: 5743962 Charity no: 1113753 37 Spital Square, London E1 6DY

20 Montpelier Street Knightsbridge London SW7 1HD

Tregunter Road SW10 6 Beds | 3 Bath | 5 Receptions | Garden | 4606 sq ft | EPC: F A freehold house well located on the south side of Tregunter Road currently arranged as a four floor upper maisonette, and a lower ground floor self contained two bedroom flat. The property is presented in good condition but subject to consent could easily be reconverted to one single dwelling. Whilst the property has been well maintained it could now benefit from some refurbishment and reconfiguring. Tregunter Road runs in a westerly direction from The Boltons into Redcliffe Gardens, between Brompton Road and Fulham Road. It is therefore very conveniently located for a range of shopping, transport and amenities within the area.

ÂŁ7,750,000 Walton Street SW3 1 Beds | 1 Bath | 1 Kitchen | 1 Reception | EPC: D A very bright and well-proportioned apartment in this renowned development with a resident caretaker just off Walton Street in the heart of Chelsea. The flat features 1 double bedroom, 1 bathroom and a spacious reception room with kitchenette. Ideally located near South Kensington tube station on the Piccadilly, District and Circle lines which is just a short walk away.

ÂŁ450 per week T: +44 (0)20 3770 3474



Tel: 020 7581 2222

Swiss Group


Use as You Choose Are you looking for a West London townhouse with enough space for a library, cinema, study or even a dance studio? Portobello Square is a development set to provide buyers with such an opportunity

Homebuyers in Kensington and Chelsea are increasingly seeking out properties with space that is adaptable. Most buyers look for properties with areas that can be used in a variety of ways, often overlooking extra bedrooms in favour of lifestyle rooms that can be used as studios, cinemas and gyms. This trend is embraced and catered for at Portobello Square – an awardwinning development between Westbourne Park and Ladbroke Grove, just off Portobello Road – where the scheme’s townhouses have been designed and built to allow for such flexibility. It is an approach that is paying dividends, with rooms dubbed as ‘use as you choose’ spaces; in some reserved properties, areas have already been earmarked for dance studios, libraries and studies. Karen Lee Brindle, head of sales and marketing at Portobello Square, said: “We’re seeing interest from buyers who want their homes to fit their lifestyles, which doesn’t necessarily equate to an extra bedroom. For those who value their spare time, or need a sanctuary from which they can work, the ‘use as you choose’ space in townhouses is an ideal solution.”


Set across four floors totalling over 1,600 sq ft of living space, and incorporating both gardens and balconies, the townhouses at Portobello Square mark a new paradigm for such homes, reflecting the evolving needs of modern life. Priced from £1.85 million, the homes represent excellent value not only for the area – one of London’s most desirable and in-demand postcodes – but also for the level of specification and finish in each home. For further information please contact Hamptons on 020 7758 8478

adjoining property shown

adjoining property shown

Clareville Street, SW7 3,172 SQ.FT/295 SQ.M

A spectacular freehold house which has been totally rebuilt behind its original façade to create a stunning and substantial contemporary home with superb volume and four en-suite bedrooms.

Price: £6,500,000


020 7590 9339

Draycott Place, SW3 855 SQ.FT / 82.2 SQ.M

A bright and airy two bedroom flat situated on the third floor of a charming red brick period building close to Sloane Square. Entered from the 2nd floor and comprising of reception room/dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and a separate W. C.

Price: £1,550,000

Share of Freehold

020 7590 9339 38 Gloucester Road, SW7


SYDNEY STREET,LONDON, LONDON SW3 020 7351 7822 FAX:M: 020 7351 2274 117117 SYDNEY STREET, SW3 6NR 6NR TEL: TEL: 020 7351 7822 07530 689536 e-mail: website: e-mail:

Tedworth Square, Chelsea, SW3

Limerston Street, Chelsea, SW10

This elegant second floor flat has an excellent sized reception overlooking the communal gardens to which the flat has access. A wider than average hall creates the possibility of a dining area close to the kitchen and both bedrooms are a good size. Conveniently situated close to Sloane Square underground, Burton Court gardens and the shops and restaurants on the Kings Road.

This charming Chelsea house has been interior designed throughout retaining the quality and comfort of an owner’s own home. The elegant reception room feels wider than average with great natural light and has been decorated in a contemporary style. The kitchen/family room has been designed to incorporate family living as well as entertaining with french doors leading onto a secluded patio garden. Being situated between the Fulham Road and King’s Road you have the choice of most amenities nearby.



£900 per week


£2,150 PER WEEK


Warwick Square, Pimlico, SW1

Britten Street, Chelsea, SW3

A newly refurbished maisonette situated in one of London’s premier garden squares. The property has its own private entrance and is located on the ground and garden floors of a white stucco fronted, Grade II listed building with use of the communal gardens. The flat has three double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms a good sized kitchen/family room with large drawing room, separate dining room and study with high ceilings throughout, there is also a private roof terrace. The property comes with a twice weekly maid and gardener.

This wonderfully light corner house in the heart of Chelsea is much wider than most houses in the area giving generous rooms on three floors. There is also a playroom and extensive storage on the lower ground floor level as well off street parking for one car and its own garage. This house is an exceptional family house of great character in a Chelsea backwater close to the Kings Road and the St Luke’s children’s playroom.



£2,950 PER WEEK


117 Sydney Street London SW3 6NR Lettings: 0207 351 7822 or

£5,000 per week




Bahang On Earlier this year, Senja Aman, a boutique lifestyle property developer, unveiled Angsana Teluk Bahang, an exclusive luxury beachfront development. It is located in Penang and comprises a hotel, serviced apartments, and wellness centre. This is the first beach resort development in Malaysia to be managed by award-winning Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts under its Angsana brand, and is set to become a benchmark development for Malaysia’s tourism and property sector. The resort development is located on rare and pristine prime beach-front land in Penang’s eco-tourism destination hotspot – Teluk Bahang. The hotel is set for a 2018 opening and rooms are expected to command benchmark rates in Penang, ranging from $210 to $1600 per night. There are 83 two-bedroom suites for sale with individual strata titles within the resort, priced from RM2 million onwards. All rooms have stunning views of the Andaman Sea and are fully-furnished and designed to comply with the Angsana brand’s five-star standard. Ideal as a holiday home, the suites are to be managed on a sale and leaseback basis by Banyan Tree. Benefits of this hassle-free investment include guaranteed returns and 60 days complimentary stay as part of the owner’s annual entitlement, as well as the option to stay in other participating Banyan Tree hotels and resorts worldwide. Owners of the suites will also enjoy discounts and privileges on rooms, dining, spas and signature gallery retail products through membership of the exclusive Sanctuary Club. There is a concierge and centralised reservation team as part of the service to this exclusive membership.


P L E A S U R E . . .TA K E N S E R I O U S LY

TEL: +355697075779



Intelligent Risk Management & Execution


Why RVB?



If you are needing to convert currency

RVB assists you in understanding

RVB Currency UK Ltd is a UK

to buy or sell a property, RVB delivers

each and every step of the process, so

registered company, number 7586693,

a blend of intelligent and practical

that we can provide you with the best

regulated by the FCA as an Authorised

solutions, with the sole purpose of

tailored solution to meet your specific

Payment Institution (FRN: 593854)

protecting you from losing money

requirements, for any currency scenario.

and by HMRC as a Money Transmitter

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Our core value is that your interests are

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and currency market volatility.

at the heart of every decision.

+44(0) 20 3137 6885

18 Savile Row, London, W1S 3PW

UK Representatives:

Christopher On | +44 7756 781 438 | Sharon Yow | +44 7742 422 747 |


Import, Export & Storage by Air, Road & Sea


Number One, London.

• UK Residential Removals • Worldwide Relocations • Weekly European Removals • Storage Services • Car Transportation & Storage • Office & Commercial Moving • Antiques, Fine Art Packing, Storing & Moving Telephone: 020 3773 5796 E-Mail:

Certificate No. FS23942

Number One 297x210mm.indd 1

29/07/2015 21:35

Gloucester Walk, Kensington, W8

An impressive and beautifully refurbished two bedroom flat on the second floor of this attractive building. The flat benefits from having wonderful views and access to the beautifully maintained communal gardens.

653 sq ft (60.7 sq m) Entrance hall | Drawing room | Kitchen | Two bedrooms | Shower room | Access to communal garden | EPC Rating C

Kensington 020 7938 3666

ÂŁ1,395,000 Leasehold

Harrington Gardens, South Kensington, SW7

A beautifully appointed first and second floor maisonette with exceptional ceiling heights throughout. The property is one of only three flats located in an attractive period building.

1,656 Sq Ft (153.8 sq m) Entrance hall | Double reception room | Kitchen/breakfast room | Master bedroom with en suite shower room | Three further bedrooms | Bathroom | Cloakroom | Balcony | Access to communal gardens | EPC rating C

Chelsea SW10 - 020 7373 1010

ÂŁ3,295,000 Leasehold

Wetherby Mews, Chelsea, SW5

A charming three bedroom garden flat which offers the rare benefit of its own private entrance via Wetherby Mews.

ÂŁ2,499,950 Share of Freehold

1,601 Sq Ft (148.7 sq m) Entrance hall | Drawing room | Kitchen/ dining room | Master bedroom with en suite bathroom | Second bedroom with en suite bathroom | Bedroom three | Further shower room | Garden | EPC rating D

Chelsea SW10 020 7373 1010

Tite Street, Chelsea, SW3

A stunning and generously proportioned six bedroom low built family house extending to 4,247 sq ft with the benefit of a leasehold garage.

4,247 sq ft (394.6 sq m) Drawing room | Dining room | Kitchen and family room | Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and his and her dressing rooms | Four further double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms/shower rooms | Study/sixth bedroom | Media room | Gym | Shower room | Decked terrace | Separate leasehold garage | Access to Burton Court by separate arrangement

Chelsea 020 7225 3866

ÂŁ11,500,000 Freehold

Settlers Barbados, Holetown, St. James, Barbados

US$6,500,000 - $9,500,000

Settlers community comprises just 12 luxury beachfront villas. With the option of either a 4 or 5 bedroom configuration, each villa has an open floor plan where transition of indoor and outdoor living is seamless. Each villa has a private 20ft pool. Asking prices range from US $6.5m – US $9.5m.

Elevator | Outdoor pool | Secure parking | Gym | Spa | Courtyard | Staff quarters | Concierge service | Beach

Lulu Egerton 020 7225 3866

One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, SW1X

An exceptional one bedroom apartment to rent in this exclusive Knightsbridge development which is arguably the best address in the World.

989 sq ft (91.88 sq m) Entrance Hall | Reception Room | Kitchen | Bedroom Suite | Cloakroom | Utility Cupboard | Wine Store | Parking | Leisure Facilities | Concierge

Knightsbridge 020 7235 9996

ÂŁ3,750 p/w Furnished

Onslow Square, Chelsea, SW7

A superb first floor apartment with a beautiful extraordinarily large roof terrace, this property has been elegantly refurbished throughout and benefits from full length windows which let in a plethora of light and overlook the beautiful Onslow square gardens.

ÂŁ925 p/w Furnished or unfurnished

735 sq ft (68.3 sq m) Reception room | Open-plan kitchen | Bedroom | Bathroom | Balcony | Roof terrace | Communal garden | EPC Rating D

Chelsea 020 7589 9966

Notting Hill & Holland Park September 2015  

The sister to the Kensington & Chelsea Magazine showcases news concerning local residents and events happening in and around the Royal Borou...

Notting Hill & Holland Park September 2015  

The sister to the Kensington & Chelsea Magazine showcases news concerning local residents and events happening in and around the Royal Borou...