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The Big Day

The Luck of the Draw

Hannah Lemon gets tips from wedding planner Caroline Hurley on how best to avoid transforming into bridezilla

Vogue artist, secret agent, war hero; Rebecca Wallersteiner looks more closely at the extraordinary life of Brian Stonehouse



One Fine Date

Rock ‘n’ Roll: Redesigned

Harriet Baker has selected some sophisticated local treats so you can avoid the usual clichés this Valentine’s Day

Sophie Patterson has given David Bowie’s former home in Chelsea a new lease of life. Liane Nelson reports



A Place in History

Something Old, Something New

We take a closer look at how Ladbroke Hall’s beautiful interior has been transformed over the last century

Hannah Lemon is drawn in by the decadent imperial culture of Vienna and its rich history, as it waltzes into the 21st century

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On the Cover... As newly engaged couples prepare for their big day and others begin to feel the pressure of Valentine’s Day, February marks itself out as a time of romance and love. So what better time to start the search for a wedding gown? Renowned atelier and boutique The Couture Gallery sees the launch of its 2016 Couture Collection this month. Britta Kjerkegaard’s offers a tailored service for each bride to ensure they will be wearing a unique creation. Turn to p. 33 to find out how you can lay your hands on the bespoke dress of your dreams.

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24 Born to Drive

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From the EDITOR Without wanting to alarm any unsentimental cynics out there; the season of love is upon us. To arm you with a considered itinerary for Valentine’s Day and a list of luxurious chocolates, champagne and flowers, Harriet Baker seeks out the best local things to eat, buy and do (p. 18). For a different approach, we recommend a visit to the art gallery Debut Contemporary; “We call it ‘a friends’ day; it’s focused on celebrating friendship, not just a romantic relationship,” says artist and designer Anu Samarüütel. For those who are further into the “it’s official” stage, Caroline Hurley, creative director of Quintessentially Weddings, provides tips for planning The Big Day. “This year there is a definite trend of fairytale – forestry, trees and the magical,” she tells us on p. 14. From a quiet elopement to a party complete with tightrope walkers, there is nothing her team can’t cater for; and wedding dresses by Britta Kjerkegaard at The Couture Gallery provide the answer to brides looking for a modern take on the traditional gown. There are other ways to get the heart beating, as I find out from racing driver and adrenaline junkie Nick Leventis (p. 24), who has abseiled down The Shard, skydived above Mount Everest and run the New York City marathon. From racing cars of the present day to automobiles of the past, we visit Ladbroke Hall – the manufacturer of the first car to reach 100mph – which has been converted into Sunbeam Studios, a pioneering space for fashion photography; owner Adam Dawe talks us through its rich history on p. 28. Finally, painter Antony Micallef, tells us about his journey from angsty teenager living in a small market town to internationally critically-acclaimed artist, whose fans include Angelina Jolie and Damien Hirst. His new exhibition entitled Self starts on 13 February (p. 40).

Acting Editor

Hannah Lemon

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not just a hotel,

a way of life










The Wedding


Hannah Lemon asks Caroline Hurley, Creative Director of Quintessentially Weddings and Events, how the bride and groom can ensure that The Big Day goes off without a hitch


No matter how organised you are, wedding planning is stressful (so I’ve heard). Parts, or all of it, can baffle even the most composed of brides. There’s the logistics: arriving at the venue, parking and catering. There’s making it personal: the wedding dress, the flowers, the rings. And as with every large family event there’s the awkwardness of the guest list: who gets on with who, which divorced parents not to sit next to each other, and ignoring a bridesmaid’s complaints about the taffeta gown you so thoughtfully picked out. It is no wonder then, that in order for bride and groom to avoid morphing into the dreaded ‘bridezilla’ and whimpering fiancé, many couples opt for a wedding planner. Caroline Hurley is one of the best. Having organised events for the last two decades of her career, she knows how to get a party (or wedding) started. Her CV includes organising lavish awards ceremonies, film festivals in Vancouver and gigs and fashion shows for MTV. “I was doing fashion shows for brands like Diesel – really unusual fashion shows like one where we built a giant sand dune for all the models to walk down,” she natters friendlily over the phone. “I had a really great mentor in the business called Sean Bolger, who used to be the head of events at MTV and he taught me everything – logistics, budgets, spreadsheets – and drummed into me everything that you needed to do to make all the glamorous stuff happen.” From here she went on to work for an events company owned by Bob Geldof called Dr Party, where she managed a mixture of private parties and brand events. “I was working for a brilliant creative woman, who taught me a lot about how to make things interesting, strange and bonkers. She would love to throw zebras and

crazy cabaret acts at a party and make things really off the wall.” I frown at this thought, it all seems a bit too 80s and bankers with bonuses, but she chatters on obviously not phased by the unconventional or iniquitous requests that come with planning for the wealthy. However, Caroline and her now business partner Anabel Fielding realised that with the high-profile brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton working with them and their years of experience it was time to set up their own agency. “One day we just realised that we were working really hard and we didn’t really have any skin in the business,” explains Caroline. “So we decided to set up together and to approach Quintessentially to see if we could work with them.” This was ten years ago and their brand is now in nine different countries. As creative director for Quintessentially Events and Weddings, Caroline gets to enjoy a huge variety and scope within her role. She assembles a team made up of a minimum of three wedding planners for each wedding and gauges what each couple’s tastes are to create the perfect day. From a quiet elopement to a garden-themed party in Scotland complete with tight-rope walkers in a forest, there is nothing the Quintessentially team can’t cater for. “My favourite was a couple of years ago,” divulges Caroline excitedly. “It was a beautiful wedding that we did in St Petersburg in Russia. We took over Catherine Palace, which is an amazing summer venue. The wedding was on the lake and all the guests were rowed there in beautiful matching boats covered in bunting.” She goes on to say that everyone was then swept away in carriages to the Cameron Gallery where there was a vodka and caviar reception followed by dinner in an ornate gilded room in the main palace. “They had the Bolshoi Ballet. That’s going to be hard to top!” laughs Caroline.

Dress by Phillipa Lepley


I try to pick her brains for some insider tips but she offers simple advice: ensure the evening’s entertainment is well thought through.“It’s the light and shade over the day and should reach a climax in the evening. There’s a statistic that says it’s definitely the thing that people regret they didn’t spend more time and effort on.” Which is why Quintessentially can book anything from a New Orleans brass band to a popular DJ. Anything to avoid? “I’ve got things that I personally hate: white Chesterfield furniture. But that’s just me.” Although she adds that drunk guests are one thing to try and steer clear of. “You have to be careful to avoid strong booze too early on. Weddings tend to be quite a long day

“For my wedding, my husband and I ran away to a beautiful hotel in Italy and eloped” or day into the evening and so serving strong cocktails or not having enough food early on is generally a mistake.” I guess that she has learnt from watching a series of plastered party-goers. Everything for a wedding can be tailored to suit the bride and groom at Quintessentially. For bohemian bridal topiary there’s Juliet Glaves from Thoughtful Flowers or Nikki Tibbles from Wild at Heart for showstopping creations or a room full of blossoms. For dresses there’s Phillipa Lepley for intricate, classical styles or Alice Temperley for a flowing, hippy number. Caroline explains that it’s “horses for courses” whatever the asking. This means that there are no particular trends, although a few do filter through. “Some people tend to have quite a strong style or are quite fashion-led and so you notice trends coming off the catwalk and into weddings. Last year there was a lot of ombre everywhere – on cakes, on flowers, on invitations – whereas this year there is a definite trend of fairytale – forestry, trees, the magical.” According to Brides, the average wedding costs £24,716 but Caroline says

Dress by Phillipa Lepley


that the average Quintessentially wedding is around the £100,000 mark. “I think the most expensive one we’ve ever done was probably about £5 million, but they definitely go up from there. I know people who have worked on weddings that have been £35 million plus.” Would her dream wedding be that lavish? “I actually got married last year. Being a wedding planner, I just thought of all the pressure and all eyes on me for what I would do for my wedding. I didn’t particularly want to go through that as I thought it might become more about the wedding planning than the wedding. So we eloped to a beautiful hotel in Italy called the Il Pellicano.” Despite the lavish nature of her job, Caroline seems down to earth and friendly. She was born and raised in Knightsbridge but has spent the last 25 years living in Notting Hill. “I’m right beside a lovely pub called the Windsor Castle, which is pretty much next door. So it’s like having a giant extended living room with delicious food and fine wine and a garden.” She talks about the joy of being able to move from this local to two other close-by favourites (The Churchill Arms and The Hillgate) and I can’t help but imagine that a night out with Caroline would be a fun one, after all, she sure knows a thing or two about a good party. The Quintessentially Weddings Atelier returns to Somerset House on the 10–11 April To register your interest please email:


Save the Date

Saturday 14 February – a day that brings happiness to some and distaste to others. It can be an overpriced cliché or the perfect way to showcase your love for that special someone. Nonetheless, Harriet Baker has selected some of the best things to eat, buy and do from sunrise to sunset that will guarantee to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside

FROM BREAKFAST TO BRUNCh Bed of Roses Nothing says “I love you” more than being woken up on Valentine’s morning to a surprise breakfast served to you from the comfort of your own bed. It’s the perfect day to indulge but you will be thanking us later if your partner creates this delicious but healthy stack of lemon teff pancakes from Honestly Healthy. Serve with a side of blueberries in a beautiful pink ceramic heart dish from Sophie Conran and a creamy but nutritious Maca Maca Smoothie from Peardrop London. It’s not always just the thought that counts.

Lemon Teff Pancakes (Serves four) 20g teff flour 60g buckwheat flour 1 egg or chia replacer (1 tbsp ground seeds mixed with 3 tbsp water) 2 tbsp agave syrup, plus extra to serve 130g rice milk 1 tsp vanilla extract Finely grated zest of 1 lemon 60g blueberries Sunflower oil, for frying Juice of 1 lemon Sift the teff and buckwheat flours into a bowl. In a separate bowl whisk the egg with the agave syrup, rice milk, vanilla and lemon zest. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry and mix until well incorporated. Get a non-stick frying pan piping hot Above/ Recipe taken from Honestly Healthy Cleanse by Natasha Corrett (Hodder & Stoughton £25) © Natasha Corrett.

(the hotter the better for pancakes). Put a teaspoon of sunflower oil or coconut oil into the pan and wipe it around with kitchen paper; repeat this wiping between pancakes. Pour a ladle of the pancake batter into the hot pan and drop a few blueberries on top. Tilt the pan around to spread the mixture out as far as it will go. Leave for about 30 seconds until bubbles start to appear on the surface. Gently look underneath the pancake over to see if it’s going golden, then either be brave and toss the pancake or use a spatula to flip it. Push the blueberries down into the pan with the back of the spatula, so that the whole side of the pancake browns. Leave for about one minute and then transfer to a warm plate and set aside. Repeat this for all the mixture. Serve two pancakes each with some lemon juice and a little extra agave syrup, to taste.


Pink Ceramic Heart Bowls from £20

Lisa Linder


Sleeping Beauty

Maca Maca Smoothie 1 banana 1 tsp almond butter 2 ice cubes 1 tsp maca powder 1 tsp raw cacao 200ml macadamia nut milk

If you fancy a bit of a lie in or if you’re not too confident in the kitchen, don’t fret – go for a stroll down the road and a quiet brunch instead. You needn’t feel guilty with the wonderful brunch menu Granger & Co have to offer. Cosily tucked away on Westbourne Grove, the famous eatery is serving up classic favourites such as Bill’s famous scrambled eggs with sourdough toast; ricotta hot cakes with banana and honeycomb butter (our favourite); and chilli fried egg with bacon, brioche, spiced mango chutney and rocket. Granger & Co, 175 Westbourne Grove, W11 2SB

Blend and serve.

write Away Sealed with a Kiss We’ve seen it all: the smudged red lipstick kiss artfully placed on the back of the seal. The illegible writing anonymously drafted down a page: “Guess who? Be my Valentine.” If you want to take matters into your own hands this year, show a special someone just how much they mean to you the old fashioned way by writing a beautifully hand-crafted card from StudioSarah. “I love sending and receiving cards and there is nothing quite as special as receiving a personalised package in the post,” says Sarah Silver of the luxury stationery brand. Her tasteful collection for Valentine’s Day StudioSarah cards; uses her signature gold foil printed into the shape of a heart, set against a range of romantic hues. If you’re deep into the “we’re official” stage of a relationship, go that one step further and add your names to a list of history’s most famous lovers with Smythson’s ‘lovers’ Valentine’s card. Romeo and Juliet, Cathy and Heathcliff, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy and ...

Love Letters Alternatively, you can really wow someone by delivering Candlestick Press’ Ten Poems about Love, which can be sent instead of a card. Other romantic paperbacks include Everyman Love Poems and Everyman Indian Love Poems. Or take advantage of Lutyens & Rubinstein’s Year in Books service and send poetry to a loved one every month of the year – the perfect Valentine’s gift. Lutyens & Rubinstein: A Year in Books £150 for paperbacks or £270 for hardbacks for 12 months, Lutyens & Rubinstein, 21 Kensington Park Road, W11 2EU

StudioSarah cards, £3.95; Available at Oliver Bonas, 42 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3HX Smythson, 214 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RH,

Valentine card ‘lovers’ with envelope, £10;


Bocca Tray by Fornasetti, £400

The Judgement by Aida Emelyanova. 2013, Photographic print on paper, 84 x 60cm, Edition of 5. £2,240 Image courtesy of/ Debut Contemporary

order of the day Drunk in Love Looking for something to fill the day? Make every minute count by popping in to see some Valentine’s Day inspired artwork. Themes & Variations are showcasing the Bocca Tray by Italian decorative arts company Fornasetti. The famous red-lipped print is emblazoned on a white lacquered metal tray. A pair of one-off amethyst and Venetian glass tables by Mark Brazier-Jones are also on sale. Amethyst is associated with spirituality, wisdom, sobriety and security and, as it happens, is the birthstone for February. The name of the purple gemstone comes from the Greek word “not drunken” as it was believed to ward off the effects of alcohol. Themes & Variations, 231 Westbourne Grove, W11 2SE

A Celebration of Friendship For a more modern art space, visit Debut Contemporary, which will be showcasing stunning pieces from Anu Samarüütel, Crystal Isabel Fischetti and Aida Emelyanova. We asked each artist what Valentine’s Day means to them: Estonian-born artist and designer Anu Samarüütel: “My birthday happens to be on Valentine’s Day. I loved and collected those cards as they had bright colours unseen in the USSR. Recently Estonia has adopted Valentine’s Day, but it’s not celebrated very widely, mainly among younger people. We call it ‘a friends’ day’ and it’s focused on celebrating friendship, not just a romantic relationship.” London-born artist Crystal Isabel Fischetti: “I think it is sweet that couples give each other love cards on this day, however, when I am in love I like my love to be valued every day, if not, most days! London or Rome, Paris or Los Angeles – wherever your love is, that is a place of romance.” Kazakh-Russian artist Aida Emelyanova: “I personally think it’s quite a romantic and important day, however, it’s got its own dilemma. Obviously you

don’t like the day if you don’t have anyone, which means the day itself can make you feel depressed. Looking at couples and being lonely can bring disturbed memories and self-pity. I always try to make it special – it’s the perfect time to declare your love for one another.” Debut Contemporary 82 Westbourne Grove, W2 5RT

Above/ Girl in a Pink Jacket and Bamboo Dress by Anu Samarüütel, 2013. Acrylic on paper. 50 x 70 cm, £900 Image courtesy of/ Debut Contemporary


Sweet Nothings If you fancy doing something a bit more hands on, there are a few romance-themed workshops organised in the area in the run up to Valentine’s Day. The Biscuiteers School of Icing is offering icing classes from its Notting Hill boutique. Work closely with its team of expert icers in small and intimate classes of no more than ten people. You’ll leave with a beautiful tin of biscuits you’ve iced yourself and plenty of Biscuiteers tricks and techniques. Biscuiteers School of Icing Workshops, £78 per person; Love Birds class, 4 February; Hearts class, 8 February; Flower Power class, 11 February; Biscuiteers Boutique, 194 Kensington Park Road, W11 2ES

a TOKEN OF AFFECTIoN Hot Chocolate A symbol of sensuality and sexuality, cacao (raw chocolate) comes from the scientific word ‘Theobroma’, which is derived from the Greek ‘food of the gods’ – a meaning I don’t think anyone would dispel as a myth. Ottolenghi has made some beautiful heart-shaped chocolate brittle for the occasion, alongside a jar of dried rose petals. Heart-shaped chocolate brittle, £5.25; Dried rose petals, £3.25; Ottolenghi, 63 Ledbury Road, W11 2AD

The Power of Petals Roses are red, violets are blue. This time of year is one of Nikki Tibbles’ favourites because it means she is constantly surrounded by her favourite flower – the rose. “From deep and passionate reds and hot pinks to softer pale and romantic pastels, roses are the symbol of Valentine’s and love” says Nikki. Send your significant other a gorgeous bouquet from one of Wild at Heart’s range to make them feel that extra bit special. Last orders for nationwide delivery is 2pm, 13 February Wild at Heart, Turquoise Island, 222 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RH;


Champagne Supernova When it comes to roses, there is one particular pink rose that can be enjoyed by all. An undisputed star of the pink fizz market, the fresh and bold Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé is one of a rare breed of champagnes obtained by maceration of the grape, which creates its remarkable rich flavour. The palate is medium bodied, fruity yet dry, with a veritable fruit basket of red berry flavours. In an elegant bottle of late 16th century inspiration, this sophisticated drink has surprising richness balancing the fresh acidity. Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé paired with Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles, £65.00 Jeroboams Wine Merchants, 13 Elgin Crescent, W11 2JA

Fragrance of Flowers Every year, when the end of winter approaches, when the days grow longer and nature gently returns to light, Diptyque majestically showcases the rose in an unprecedented role. This incomparable flower, with an inimitable scent, comes together with ivy as one inspired duo to create a delicate scent of fresh linen that has long been laid on a bed of ivy and Turkish roses. A few seductive hesperidia notes introduce the accord, while musk and wood give it strength and staying power. Eau Plurielle now joins the perfume house’s permanent collection. It’s an opportunity to come out, quite literally, smelling of roses. Eau Plurielle 200ml, £55 Diptyque, 195 Westbourne Grove W11 2SB

Indulgent Cow Relax, unwind and prepare yourself for a romantic evening ahead with the Cowgroom Indulgent Maintenance package. Two therapists work in synchronised movements ensuring complete pampering and relaxation. All treatments begin with the feet and an invigorating exfoliation with peppermint salt scrub. This is followed by a forehead pressure point massage and a de-stressing shoulder massage to prepare you for your chosen Cowgroom – a facial, eyebrow tidy, manicure or pedicure. For the gentlemen, Cowshed has just introduced the Neville experience. Neville is the ultimate in premium British grooming for men who want to look sharp and raring to go in seconds. Using luxurious and natural formulas, we recommend The Full Works, which includes a facial cleanse, exfoliation, steam and mask as well as a relaxing shoulder, neck and scalp massage. The treatment focuses on using the Neville grooming range to relax and revive as well as enhance the skin’s natural appearance. Cowgroom Indulgent Maintenance, £110; The Full Works, £70 Cowshed Clarendon Cross, 119 Portland Road, W11 4LN;; 020 7078 1944


THE FINISHING TOUCH Movie Night “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with,” said Carrie Bradshaw from the infamous sitcom Sex and the City. You can take your best girlfriends to a ladies-only screening of Sex and the City 2 put on by Press Play. An irresistible opportunity to join in on their outrageous adventures to Abu Dhabi. Keep an eye on the website for further details. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include a mention of one of the most talked about films of the year. The Electric Cinema will be showing Fifty Shades of Grey over the course of the month; quite possibly one of the most luxurious places you will ever get to watch it. See how those saucy scenes translate onto screen with a bottle of wine, a cashmere blanket and plush leather footstools. And of course there are the ‘beds’ at the front! Sex and the City 2, Press Play Fifty Shades of Grey, Electric Cinema 191 Portobello Road, W11 2ED

He Put a Ring On It

Undress Me

Chocolates, roses, champagne, candlelit dinners – it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and drop down on one knee, and if you want to feel prepared with or without the correct ring, present it to her in the Grosvenor ring box by Smythson. Made from the very finest French calf leather, this light grey ring box is finished in grey nubuck and holds one (diamond) ring.

We couldn’t compile a Valentine’s piece without including a bit of lingerie. These beautiful Zaharah pieces are taken from Agent Provocateur’s Soirée collection, a couture line representing pure, old-fashioned luxury, crafted with some of the world’s most exquisite fabrics. The rich and ornate range includes pretty suspenders and a curvesculpting corset exquisitely crafted in gold and desertred French leavers lace. Each piece includes matching red bows embellished with Swarovski crystals lending extra glamour and sparkle. If you’re into something a little racier, the SS15 collection explores the dangerous trail of a perfectly executed murder. Inspired by David Lynch’s Lost Highway and Brian de Palma’s glamorous and murderous thriller Body Double, #Wanted follows the complex and changing faces of a woman: coy, duplicitous, siren and saint. Naomi Campbell stars as the perfect femme fatale sizzling in a killer collection of lingerie and armed with the trappings of any accomplished slayer – the shovel, the gloves – she is a hit woman from whom no one can escape.

Grosvenor ring box in dove grey calf leather, £125; Smythson, 214 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RH;

Agent Provocateur, 305 Westbourne Grove, W11 2QA




Ambition Racing driver and adrenaline junky Nick Leventis talks to Hannah Lemon about driving 24 hours of Le Mans, jumping off skyscrapers and playing the family man

e has abseiled down The Shard. He has skydived from 30,000 feet above Mount Everest. He has run the New York City marathon in 3 hours, 11 minutes and 33 seconds – a feat he claims he “should have done” in under three hours. And all of these were completed in order to raise thousands of pounds for charities. It’s official: Nick Leventis is a superhero. OK, not quite, but he is the closest Notting Hill is going to get to one. Nick’s zeal for challenges and pushing himself to the limit is all part of his day job as a motorsport racing driver. Compared to most competitors, he entered into racing quite late. He started as a downhill skier but a painful back injury forced him to quit competing. “There are actually a lot of parallels between driving around a circuit and downhill skiing, so I found the transition quite easy,” Nick explains. “I need to be doing something active and need to be on the move all the time otherwise I go a bit insane. It definitely suits my lifestyle and my character.” Growing up around Silverstone meant that his introduction to driving was inevitable. “I started doing track days, my father was very into classic cars and it snowballed from there,” says Nick. But it wasn’t until 2004, at the age of 24, that he actually started professional motorsport racing.

Talent and determination (and a generous helping of Mediterranean good looks) set him in good stead for success and in 2007 Nick was rewarded with sponsorship. Instead of choosing to drive with an established team, Nick took the funds to start up his own motorsport team Strakka (named after his grandmother’s farmhouse in Cyprus). “It started off as a small personal ambition and has grown into a very successful organisation,” says Nick. “That for me, aside from the driving, is my greatest success to be honest.” Now with around 40 people employed by the company and plans for expansion, the team is making some great achievements in races and car design. “I’ve been very privileged to drive a number of rare historic and contemporary cars,” Nick goes on to tell me with a soothing, eloquent London accent. “One of the most exhilarating cars I’ve been able to drive is the Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 car or the new Strakka DOME [S103 LMP2].” Nick’s excitement manages to travel down the telephone line from Hungary, where he is currently testing the Strakka Dome in time for the 2015 racing season. One other project on the go is the Formula Renault 2.0 that the team have been creating in-house to participate in the Eurocup of the Renault World Series. Strakka’s key ambition is to offer stable support for the development of a driver’s career and this car provides a suitable stepping stone from karting to cars.

Nick Leventis is a superhero. Or the closest Notting Hill is going to get to one


Other races have included the FIA World Endurance Championship, the Silverstone Classic, Goodwood Revival and Le Mans. I ask Nick if there is one race that stands out from this extensive list. “For me, winning our class at Le Mans [the 24 hour race] twice,” he croons. “It’s a whole season of Formula One in one race and is a very challenging position for any driver. To have been privileged enough to win it twice in six years has been fantastic and I hope to achieve that again.” One of these Le Mans victories is of particular note because Strakka not only secured the LMP2 pole but won the class by setting five new event records along the way, including the highest-ever overall finish for an LMP2 chassis – fifth overall. The team will return to Le Mans in 2015 with the S103, an LMP2 car that Strakka has been instrumental in building and developing. “The [LMP2] category has been cost-capped,” explains Nick, “That’s the interesting part of the sport: for us to try and develop a car to set regulations and create a winner. The 2010 race was a really emotional time to take a small team and end up winning one of the biggest races in the world. It was very special,” he adds.

The determination and resilience needed for endurance racing must be hard to maintain but one thing I get to realise while speaking to Nick is that races are not solely about the drivers. “I like the team challenge that goes into an endurance race,” he explains. “To get any machinery to compete that long and under that much stress is an amazing challenge.” The drivers, engineers

“I’ve been involved in and seen accidents but it’s something I try not to think about” and technicians all pull together to get the fastest times over the finish line. “It’s all about team sport to be honest and that’s the part I really enjoy.” However, he can only rely on himself to get in the right mindset for a 24-hour race. “The most important thing I find is preparing myself mentally – not to emotionally or mentally tire myself out before any race. You need to do things that you love beforehand and arrive at the events in a nice positive place.”


Nick Leventis at 24 Hours of Le Mans

The new Strakka DOME S103 LMP2 car

Strakka’s new Formula Renault 2.0 race cars competing in the Eurocup

Although Nick and his team enjoy the exhilaration of each event there is danger attached to the sport too. Despite strict safety regulations, accidents and crashes are an inevitable hazard in high-speed racing, which has most recently been highlighted by Jules Bianchi’s collision with a tractor at the Japanese Grand Prix, which has left him requiring intensive care. “I’ve been involved in and seen my fair share of accidents but as a racing driver it’s something you try not to think about,” says Nick. “You try to remain positive and hope the best for everyone.” Something that maintains Nick’s optimism is returning home to be with his wife Sophie and two sons. “I’m very fortunate to live in a penthouse overlooking Notting Hill so the views are incredible. I love the atmosphere and I’m lucky to have a lot of family just a stone’s throw from where I live too. And I have a familyowned restaurant [Raoul’s] not far away from me.” I sense that lounging on the sofa and watching TV is not part of this family’s itinerary, as he mentions waking up early in his spare time to head to the park with kids and dogs in tow and “running around with them all”. I tell Nick that I plan to run a marathon in April (excluding the fact that I will probably be completing it in double the time he did) and ask if he has any advice to offer my untrained and slightly reluctant legs. “Pace yourself – don’t go too fast at the start,” he warns. I doubt there will be a problem with that, I think to myself nervously. Which brings me to another point – does he ever get scared by the daunting challenges, exhilarating speeds and soaring heights that he puts himself up against? He replies, confidently: “No. I get more scared of doing nothing.” If I’d been interviewing Superman, I’m sure he would have said something similar.


Clockwise from top/ Decoration for a wedding at Sunbeam Studios; bride and groom under the Sunbeam-Talbot emblem; HRH King George V visiting the building in 1918


A Place in

History Car factory, ammunition manufacturer, television company, photography studios and event venue; over the last century Ladbroke Hall’s beautiful interior has been given a plethora of guises. Hannah Lemon investigates the Edwardian building’s magnificent past

n 1913, the Royal Borough broke records by building the world’s fastest car. Percy Lambert picked up the ‘Invincible Talbot’, as it was fondly known, from its birthplace at Ladbroke Hall and drove it to the Brooklands motor racing circuit in Weybridge, Surrey. He was the first person to cover 100 miles in one hour. Evidence of this historic day is captured in a faded black and white photo where you can glimpse Lambert’s chuffed grin as he is congratulated by a crowd of men in three-piece suits adorned with caps and pocket watches. Two cheery eyes can be seen through Lambert’s driving goggles, not without a touch of relief perhaps that he managed to get around the track in one piece. Ladbroke Hall, the building celebrated as the home of the Talbot car, was built in 1903 by the Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot as the first purpose-built car factory and showroom in the UK. In the early years it manufactured Clement-Talbot cars (the French Clement import was dropped a few years later) but during the tumultuous time that the World Wars brought, the factory helped to serve King and Country instead. The building was home to the first anti-aircraft brigade, the first prototype tank, it built ambulances and it was also used by Winston Churchill as an experimental warfare development facility. Talbot merged with Sunbeam of Wolverhampton in the 1920s and continued to build vehicles until the outbreak of World War II. “They were comparable to Rolls Royces,” says Adam Dawe, the present owner of the building. “Ladbroke Hall was so wonderfully well built with intricate details, stone dressings, marble floors and 35-foot high ceilings – a glorious and very glamorous place.” In 1935 it was transformed into the headquarters for the Rootes Group, who produced vehicles, aeroplane components and bombs to aid the war effort. However,

after the war the factory swapped hands several times more, and was even home to Thames Television at one point. By the turn of the 21st century the vast acres of factory behind Ladbroke Hall were demolished to make way for housing and it wasn’t long before the remaining building was broken down and let out for different uses. One such space was taken by Adam in 2005 as a photography studio named Sunbeam Studios after the automobile company. “We’ve grown into the building from humble beginnings where we rented a small part, and now we own the site,” he tells me. “Our vision for the site is a creative hub for the photographic and production sector and also events and functions.” Adam’s ambitions involve showcasing the building’s exciting history and heroic beginnings, while encouraging people to see it as part of the local community again. “We have some of the existing offices still intact, including the oak-panelled boardroom, which is absolutely beautiful.” One room still has the logo of the original factory emblazoned on the wall, which now looks down on weddings and events instead of cars.

Above/ Prince Bira of Siam shows off his new automobile outside the factory (c1933). He was about 18 at the time and at the start of a successful racing career


The glamorous spaces are also home to some of the most high-profile shoots in the fashion and media industry. Adam, tiptoes round the subject, not wanting to dob in his A-list clients. “There is so much we can’t talk about it,” he offers. “There is an awful lot of confidentiality with our clients. But suffice to say, we host events and shoots for the biggest names in the fashion, film and photography world.” A quick glance at the Sunbeam website gives the answers: Victoria Beckham for The Guardian, Kim Kardashian for Elle, Johnny Depp for Details, as well as shoots for Net-A-Porter, Graff Diamonds, Charlotte Tilbury, Burberry and even a Paloma Faith music video. I ask Adam what the most daring shoot has been and I manage to eke out: “We’ve had lots of animals brought in, including birds, which was interesting, especially when they decided to fly up and fall asleep on the ceiling arches. It was rather difficult to ask them to come down nicely.” The huge sets and wacky requests from clients are all delivered by an in-house team. “Every day is completely different and there is nothing that fazes us,” says Adam. “You never know who you’re going to bump into. I was walking through the garden once and heard Tom Jones singing in one of the studios. This place is all about talented people and the teams that come together.” I can’t help reverting back to the list: Mario Testino, Annie Leibovitz, Patrick Demarchelier, Cara Delevingne, Lara Stone, David Gandy and even Lottie Moss for her Calvin Klein debut. You name them, they’ve been here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Prince George’s latest photo shoot secretly took place within the walls. The studio has also worked with charities to help them promote worthy causes, such as holding photo shoots for a Children In Need campaign and hosting an event for The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation. For the latter, the rooms were filled with people from the surrounding areas ready to raise money for the local community. “It seemed like the perfect fit for us,” says Adam. “They are a brilliant organisation. We are all aware of the big charities, but there are so many on our doorstep that we aren’t aware of. We are near Notting Hill but are also in the north part of the borough, which is the most deprived part. Although you’ve got cabinet

ministers living here, you’ve also got incredibly poor and disadvantaged people who need help and charity. It was the perfect way to give something back to the community that we all work in.” Sunbeam Studios also holds the environment at the core of what it does. “We are a very eco-friendly company,” says Adam. “This comes back to the corporate social responsibility side, which is a big part of what we’re interested in as a company. Although we work primarily in the fashion domain we see no real reason for not being socially responsible at the same time and not mutually exclusive.” Sunbeam runs the building on 100 per cent renewable electricity, recycles waste, has a wormery to recycle food, grows herbs and tomatoes for the kitchen, and has partnered with water brand Belu Water, where a donation is automatically made to Water Aid every time a client buys a bottle. Sunbeam Studios has five unique rental studios and the gardens on offer as well as a range of production services, in-house catering, set building and prop sourcing. It provides the perfect location for weddings, with space for up to 180 guests. The large spaces provide the creative team with a blank canvas for any unusual requests from a bride and groom. “We had a mountaineer who had his wedding here and turned the place into a forest. We brought in trees and projected mountains and forests around the building so you felt like you were in this amazing landscape. It looked absolutely brilliant and very unusual for a wedding.” The unique nature of Ladbroke Hall manages to offer a wonderful intimate, light-filled venue and although it is hard to imagine the industrial space it once was, the remaining historical hallmarks are there to remind us. “I’m really proud of the brand we’ve created,” says Adam. “But we’ve got a lot to achieve in terms of matching the original use of the building that made the best cars in the land. I’m hoping the studios can live up to its magnificent history – that’s my aim.” I’m pretty sure he’s fulfilled that wish already.

“I hope the studios can live up to the magnificent history of the building that’s my aim”

Sunbeam Studios, Ladbroke Hall, 79 Barlby Road, W10 6AZ


Clockwise from top/ The main hall as it is now; the owners of the factory in 1918; preparing a wedding reception in the main hall; World War I ambulances outside the factory; guests at a wedding in Sunbeam Studios; the old engine room


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Lago Olivieri Fiam Presotto Cinova Verzelloni Renzo Serafini Ernestomeda Frag

Central London locations Baker Street: 55 Baker Street, London W1U 8EW +44 (0) 207 486 0311 Fulham: 53-55 Fulham High Street, Fulham, London SW6 3JJ +44 (0) 207 731 1180 Islington: 36 Cross Street, London N1 2BG +44 (0) 207 359 3950

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Finding the One

February marks a time of romance, love and an abundance of marriage proposals. With that in mind, what better time to look for a wedding gown than the present? Renowned atelier and boutique The Couture Gallery sees the launch of the new 2016 Couture Collection this month. Britta Kjerkegaard’s pieces come together through a bespoke service creating a unique gown for each bride, featuring floor-sweeping silk trains, romantic tulle gowns and corseted fishtail lace dresses. As well as the classic white and ivory, the Danish designer has introduced soft pastel colours, including blush, rose and pale blue – perfect for the bride looking for a modern take on the traditional wedding gown. The Couture Gallery Boutique, 6 Campden Street, W8 7EP

Image courtesy of/ The Couture Gallery


Illustration: Mai Osawa

Sure as a Gun

notting hill

& holland park

Shooting is a popular trend that is undeniably on the rise and we now have the statistics to prove it. Property consultancy Strutt & Parker and the free shoot finder GunsOnPegs have unveiled the results of its annual Game Shooting & Fishing Census, which had over 2,000 respondents. The highly anticipated results have revealed that the average annual shooting spend last year was £5,691 – up 13 per cent on the previous year, with 43 per cent of guns preferring to travel around a shoot in a 4x4 and 73 per cent expecting refreshments upon arrival. The survey also highlights the fact that both sports are being enjoyed by people from many different backgrounds, dispelling the stereotypical notion that these are activities enjoyed only by the elite community. The Game Shooting & Fishing Census 2014 is available for download at Strutt & Parker, 303 Westbourne Grove, W11 2QA Photography/ Michael Lake

On The Move Three years ago, plans were unveiled for a new Design Museum that will herald an end to its residency at Butler’s Wharf and move to the former Commonwealth Institute next to Holland Park. Set to be a leading institution of contemporary design and architecture, the £80 million development was overseen by Dutch architects OMA. Over half a million visitors are expected each year, made up of both the design conscious and curious passers-by. In anticipation of the exciting reveal, The Friends of Holland Park has organised a talk with the museum’s director, Deyan Sudjic, who will disclose what the new building is going to look like and what it will have to offer its visitors. Opening is expected in late 2015. Design Museum – Our New Neighbour. 24 February, 7pm. Tickets, £12, include wine and canapés. The Orangery, Holland Park, W8 6LU

Image by/ Alex Morris

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One Five Zero The Portobello Road Arts Project is a series of year-round art installations for the Portobello Road North Wall linking North Kensington’s Portobello Road and Golborne markets. Commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the project aims to help regenerate the Golborne area. On display now is a series of photomurals called Heart of the Community by artist Peter Dunn, which celebrates the work of well-known residents, members from Open Age and local historians. Dunn’s artwork is on display for six months and hopes to encourage visitors to the area. The Council is looking to commission a new installation entitled One Five Zero to celebrate the 150th anniversary of market trading in North Kensington. Proposals must be submitted by 30 January with a provisional launch date of 1 June. One Five Zero,

Below/ Art installation by Peter Dunn Photography/ Olivia Woodhouse

A Griffin Tragedy

Winning The Game The André Simon Food and Drink Book Awards has announced this year’s line-up, showcasing the best of contemporary food and drink writing. The shortlist includes cultural cuisines from the Middle East and India as well as quintessentially British creations, such as from The Shed: The Cookbook, an impressive cooking bible sharing recipes and tips from Notting Hill’s popular restaurant. The Gladwin brothers share 100 recipes using ingredients foraged from beaches and hedgerows and grown on their Nutbourne farm. It includes insights from each brother: Gregory’s view from the farm, Richard’s tips on food and wine matching and Oliver’s step-by-step guide to the basics such as bread-making and preserving. Previous winners include Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Nigel Slater and Rick Stein.

The Griffin Gallery, in collaboration with the Antlers Gallery, will be exhibiting The Tragedy of Landscape this month and next, which brings together a collection of contemporary artists who re-approach notions of the Romantic landscape within their practice. Ambrosine Allen, Geoff Diego Litherland and Juliette Losq are just a few of the exhibiting artists sharing a common interest in the landscape genre and, in their own way, subvert our perceived notions of it. We are invited to look at what lurks behind the idylls that we are presented with and think beyond the anesthetised view of the natural world; works that appeal to our notions of beauty will often allude to something more sinister when enquired upon further. The Tragedy of Landscape 12 February–13 March The Griffin Gallery, 21 Evesham Street, W11 4AJ From top/ Space Ship Earth (window14) In Silence Easy by Geoff Diego Litherland; Observation of the Mountain at Dusk, 2013, by Ambrosine Allen

André Simon Food & Drink Book Awards, 31 March The Goring Hotel, 15 Beeston Place, SW1W 0JW Below/ Oliver, Richard & Gregory Gladwin, authors of The Shed: The Cookbook. Images courtesy of/ Kyle Books

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Everything but the Kitchen Sink Last month welcomed revered cabinet designer Martin Moore to the area. The new Westbourne Grove flagship showroom showcases four collections of the brand’s bespoke interiors in a range of designs that reflect the changing tastes and trends of kitchen inspiration today. The English, New Classic, Classic, New Architectural and Modernist kitchens use an array of materials to create different sleek and sophisticated textures and finishes. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the family-run business, which designs and builds bespoke wooden kitchens, utility rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms and freestanding furniture. Everything is custom-built in Martin Moore’s Yorkshire workshops and the team undertake the entire installation, including fitting, painting and worktops. Prices for kitchens start from £35,000 Martin Moore, 176 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RW

Therapeutic Brush Strokes Whitewall Galleries have organised a night with Danielle O’Connor Akiyama and are exhibiting her work. Danielle studied art therapy, helping people achieve personal change through art. She now dedicates her life to painting, but her understanding of psychology has had a profound influence on her pieces. She creates luminous floral images that vibrate with life, energy and colour. Although her style is loose and impressionistic, she highlights the importance of each brush stroke and even studied sumi-e, a Japanese style of painting. As a result, her distinctive fusion of eastern and western artistry has led to her works being highly prized by art collectors from both sides of the Pacific. The head sensei of Nanga Sumi-e in Japan has given her the name Chi-Sho which means ‘a source of joy’ – hence the red chop mark on each original.

Images courtesy of/ Martin Moore

Exhibition, 21–28 February; Come and Meet Danielle O’Connor Akiyama, 25 February, 6–8pm Whitewall Galleries, 100 Westbourne Grove, W2 5RU

Yarning for a New Hobbie? Fuelled by stormy weather and a mass celebrity following, knitting continues to be enjoyed by the young and the old and is the perfect indoor activity for this time of year. The popular trend has been admired by the likes of Kate Moss, Julia Roberts and Cara Delevingne, and this month sees Sew Portobello run a six-week knitting club for beginners and the more experienced artisans. What’s more Councillor Maighread Condon-Simmonds, mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, has offered to do a knitting master class in the Spring. An expert knitter herself, the mayor used to teach advanced knitting at Liberty and has made and donated a number of wonderful creations to Sew Portobello over the years. The Woolly Thinkers Club, starts 24 February, every Tuesday at 10am–12pm for six weeks St John’s Notting Hill, Landsdowne Crescent, W11 2NN;

From top/ First Stop in a Life Voyage, glazed oil on box canvas with silver leaf, £4,855; Overflowing Heart, glazed oil on box canvas, £4,855; Romance Unites, glazed oil on box canvas, £4,855

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A Diet Fit for a Prince While most of our resolutions are shamefully waning, hopefully some of you are still reaping the benefits of a new healthy lifestyle. To keep the dedicated few motivated, a new book is promising to help you lose weight, look younger and feel healthier. Former PA to the Prince of Wales, Amelia Freer is now a trained nutritional therapist and has worked with the likes of Boy George and James Corden as well as her royal predecessor. Eat. Nourish. Glow. has been designed to wean us off additive-crammed meals and get everyone eating fresh, healthy food. You will find delicious but healthy recipes for baked apples with vanilla coconut cream and chicken nuggets with mango and avocado salsa, plus some helpful tips on weight management and wellbeing. Eat. Nourish. Glow by Amelia Freer, published by Harper Collins; £16.99

Tom, Desk and Tidy Tom Dixon has launched his new collection at Maison & Objet in Paris. Inspired by British heritage and a minimal sculptural aesthetic, the range includes generously proportioned glass vases with hand-painted copper detailing and cast iron treasure boxes with magnifying pressed glass lids. Acknowledged for his contribution to the creative industry, the Holland Park-educated designer also continues his exploration into cabinets with a new range of accessories designed to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the modern desktop and study. The rapidly evolving stationery collection includes a series of stark copper-plated pens, a desk tidy and pen blocks as well as a collection of minimalist pieces and robust artefacts designed for the bookworm or prolific writer.

The Lollipop Lady Add a pop of colour to your winter wardrobe this season with Charlotte Simone’s Popsicle scarves. Inspired by the effortless style of Parisian women and their ability to build an outfit around a single accessory, Charlotte Simone has reinvented the everyday scarf and made it a trademark piece for any discerning Notting Hill lady. Making use of fur, knits and woven fabrics, Simone’s bright, fun pieces have been designed to drape nonchalantly Images courtesy of m and elegantly over your shoulders. All fur is ethically sourced and Origin Assured, but pieces are also available in faux fur if required. Matches Fashion, 85 Ledbury Road, W11 2AG

Tom Dixon, Wharf Building, Portobello Dock, 344 Ladbroke Grove, W10 5BU;

Photography by/ Peer Lindgreen

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Irish Art in London

From top/ Iris and Lemon by Brian Ballard; Over the Moon by Jimmy Lawlor

Barbara Stanley’s eponymous business is London’s main outlet for contemporary work by Irish painters and sculptors. Her international private and corporate clients are always eager for new work so Barbara is satisfying that demand with a show that presents a plethora of subjects by some of their favourite artists. Among them is Brian Ballard whose artistic style I would equate to that of a dramatic sunflower rather than a delicate primrose. The minimum of broad brushstrokes develop strong colouring effects that result in emotive landscapes or still lifes. In contrast, Jimmy Lawlor’s intricately painted, everyday scenes reveal brilliant observational and painting skills. At first they induce nothing but well-deserved admiration, then the humourous element strikes, leaving the viewer incapable of restraining a broad smile and chuckle. A perfect example is One for the Road that places a group of adorable, nonchalant donkeys in a meticulously painted rural setting; one of them dominates the foreground, his head cocked and legs slightly oddly bent as if he has had ‘one too many’. For devotees of Impressionism, look no further than Norman Teeling who captures the essence of a scene, lifelike figures and changing weather conditions with aplomb. Mixed Group Exhibition, 15–28 February The Barbara Stanley Gallery, 27 Connaught Street, W2 2AY

The Finest Choice of Rugs It seems ironic that as the enthusiasm for wooden floors grows, so too does the passion for rugs. Almost certainly it can be explained by the public’s realisation that smooth wood offers simple, easy-to-clean surfaces but it rarely provides real character and comfort and the way to overcome that problem is to add a colourful rug. To source the finest selection of contemporary designs made with the finest natural materials and craftsmanship, the place to go is The Rug Company. It sells rugs for historic houses and hotels, apartments and alpine retreats and the creation of each one is an exercise in passion, taking an average of four months from developing the design, to the weaving, to the finished product entering the company’s showroom. Some of the most famous artists provide them with innovative designs, such as Jonathan Saunders who was responsible for the warm and welcoming Nouveau and the crisply defined, geometric Herringbone; Paul Smith erred towards the traditional with his glorious, colourful Oriental Birds; Diane Von Furstenberg went wonderfully wild with Lilac Leopard and Python Glory; and the American duo called Rodarte drew on fairytales to inspire Ivy Trellis. These, of course, are just a few of the numerous rugs available through this world-renowned company which maintains the laudable mantra of “only the best will do”. The Rug Company, 124 Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UE;

Above from left/ Oriental Birds by Paul Smith, £2,460 per m2; Herringbone by Jonathan Saunders, £735 per m2

Landmark Lumas-Vogue Partnership World famous Vogue magazine has nurtured the talent of some of the finest photographers, such as Horst, Blumenfeld and Radkai. The magazine is responsible for some of the most memorable and influential fashion images which, understandably, have been guarded zealously from general access. Suddenly, that situation has changed, at least for clients of the international photography gallery, Lumas. Its reputation for sourcing the best work has led to a landmark partnership with Vogue, which allows Lumas to sell some of the magazine’s most famous images. They have been made available in small editions limited to only 150 so its Westbourne Grove branch is rightly expecting them to attract huge interest.

Below/ Beaded scrollwork chandelier with coloured rock crystal pendants

Vogue Collection at LUMAS, 102 Westbourne Grove, W2 5RU

Enduring Appeal of the Chandelier A particularly distinguished family business has occupied Kensington Church Street for over a century. It began with Mrs Crick, great-grandmother of the current, young family members, who sold books until a quirk of fate brought a library’s chandelier into her possession. When she managed to sell it for a princely sum, Mrs Crick thought the combination of books and chandeliers was the best way forward until one of her seven children, Elizabeth, married into the Denton family within the antiques trade. As demand for antique chandeliers increased, the books became sidelined. Denton Antiques relocated to the premises almost adjacent to Mrs Crick’s. Across the decades, these linked but separately-named family businesses have acquired a global reputation for selling dazzling, elegant, antique glass light fittings for properties ranging from private homes to palaces. A current example is this exquisite, Italian (c1880) chandelier with six candle branches, beaded scrollwork and coloured rock crystal pendants.

From top/ The Mainbocher Corset by Horst P. Horst; Bathers I by George Hoyningen-Huene

Denton Antiques, 156 Kensington Church Street, W8 4BN Mrs M E Crick Chandeliers, 166 Kensington Church Street, W8 4BN

New Designs from Award-Winning Jeweller When I phoned Sophie Harley about this editorial, she was besieged by Christmas customers desperate to buy the handmade jewellery that has made her something of a celebrity. Using only precious metals and stones, Sophie designs and creates all her pieces – many bespoke – in her London studio. Her most famous creation is the Algerian Love Knot necklace and earrings that she made for Casino Royale. Her most popular creations include Cult Classics and the Love-knot collections, alongside Bonne Chance which is her latest group of silver designs that Sophie describes as a fusion of, “the elegance and fun of vintage playing cards with the powerful symbolism represented by each iconic suit.” A new addition to her wedding collection is Oleastro, a delicate selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in 18 carat gold with white diamonds scattered among tiny vine leaves. This year marks the 25th anniversary of her brand and to celebrate, Sophie has designed this spectacular Aqua Heart Ring in 18 carat yellow and white gold, set with a 2.5 carat heart-shaped aquamarine and gorgeous pavé set diamond wings. This stunning piece can be set with other precious stones of a client’s choice. Sophie Harley, 242 Acklam Road, W10 5JJ

Above/ Aqua Heart Ring by Sophie Harley


All photography/ Thomas Butler


The Man Behind

The Mask Fans of his work include Damien Hirst and Angelina Jolie but underneath all this critical acclaim, Antony Micallef can’t hide from his market town upbringing, as Hannah Lemon finds out


oted for describing his work as “like watching a Disney movie which slowly turns into violent pornography,” I was slightly concerned about how the next hour with Antony Micallef would pan out. Having risen to fame after coming second in The BP Portrait Award competition, his early paintings are described as ‘critical pop’ lambasting the faceless generations who buy into McDonald’s and Nike without a second thought. Would I be faced with a brooding artist, covered in paint splats and ripped jeans, filled with accusatory bombast on the shallow world that we live in? Far from it; I am pleasantly surprised. Antony welcomes me into his period studio on Linden Gardens, muttering excuses for the mess but eager to show me his latest work. He is well groomed for the occasion in a T-shirt and jeans with trimmed dark stubble and a hint of cologne that mingles into the aroma of rich paint and turpentine in his studio; “I can’t smell it anymore,” he tells me. I am made to feel welcome amongst the discarded brushes and paintings of distorted faces as he moves from canvas to canvas, picking past the dirty rags, rubbish and dried paint on the floor. I do wonder if this is all part of an act – the mess – but Antony assures me that it’s “not because it looks cool” but it’s a result of his creative process. “It’s really lovely when you get to that stage with your studio and it has its own personality, it has its own character. You can trace all your work through the marks on the wall,” he says. I can see fingerprints on the door frame and splatters from the ceiling to the skirting board. “It’s got a history about it,” Antony continues. “It’s a bit like living in your diary. It’s like getting a hug from yourself. It’s a really nice feeling.” We move from Antony’s studio to his flat; all of a 30 second stroll across the road. The contrast could not be more different; there is no clutter anywhere. A sofa and chaise longue are neatly arranged around a coffee table and large canvases decorate the wall; it’s like his own personal art gallery and a quiet place to rest after the chaos of work. We plonk ourselves on the balcony outside and after discussing at length how much smoking will hinder the possibility of him running a marathon in April, he lights up a cigarette and relaxes into conversation. I ask him how he first started a career in painting and he replies: “It didn’t come easy. I had to really fight for it.” With severe dyslexia painting became his natural expression, although his dark, brooding images did not sit comfortably with the quiet suburbs of his home in Swindon, which he dubs a “cultural desert”. But his Maltese parents were hugely supportive. “When I was a young child my dad used to save all my drawings and put them in his office and I remember going in there

when I was about ten and he had kept all my drawings. I thought: wow, this is amazing! This is like my first exhibition.” His father also supported him by being the only willing candidate to act as a model; a Freudian dream for his art teacher, Antony chortles. He tells of another scene where his mother had a friend around for tea while he was painting to Rage Against the Machine – at high volume to “educate the neighbours” – and expressing teenage angst through paintings of people in the throws of (rather graphic) passion. Mother and friend entered the room and politely asked the meaning behind the copulating figures through the heavy rock music, while sipping tea. Antony tells the story with fond laughter. After school he went to study fine art in Exeter at the University of Plymouth; the youngest of four, he was the only one in his family to head to university. Despite leaving there with a broad range of skills as an artist, his feet were firmly on the ground. “I thought I can’t just get a job painting,” he explains. “You can’t just paint a church ceiling anymore. I blagged my way into a graphic design job, which gave me enough money to rent a small

His dark, brooding images did not sit comfortably with the quiet suburbs of Swindon studio.” He painted every evening, refusing to go out. “I used to approach galleries and had a pile of rejection letters. Then I entered The BP Award in 2000 and came second in that. That started off my career and I had galleries approaching me for a change. Then it got to the stage that I could give up the day job and paint full time.” His career has taken off around the world, with exhibitions across London, Tokyo, Athens, Los Angeles and Bethlehem, the latter was for an exhibition curated by Banksy. Early work for his solo shows such as Impure Idols, incorporated graphics but his style developed into violent monochrome expression, with an obvious influence from his mentor John Virtue – a favourite of mine being A small painting of what I think love looks like. The introspective Head series also echoes his mentor’s mentor, the celebrated British artist Frank Auerbach. As well as solo shows, Antony created sculptures for an exhibition in the Royal Academy of Art colonnade, painted an AK47 for Peace One Day’s charity exhibition AKA Peace and also a Storm Trooper helmet alongside Damien Hirst (who is also the proud owner of a Micallef piece) for Saatchi’s Art Wars. Would he like to collaborate with other artists? “I don’t really collaborate,” he explains, “because it’s like handing over a child and saying: ‘Dress


Clockwise from top left/ Self Portrait on Red and Brown, 2014, oil and 24 karat gold on French linen, 80 x 100cm; Self Portrait in Black and Gold, oil and 24 karat gold leaf on canvas, 45 x 45cm; Antony at home; Self Portrait on Yellow, oil on French linen, 80 x 100cm; Self Portrait on Grey, oil on French linen, 80 x 100cm


This image/ Self Portrait on Grey, oil on French linen, 2014, 112 x 135cm

him up’ and then going: ‘No! Don’t do that! He looks silly!’” Although, he did work with his next-door neighbour, milliner Victoria Grant, for Vogue’s 100 best hats. Antony’s latest solo exhibition is entitled Self and is an honest and exposed expression of his character. “This work is all about the language of painting. It’s quite traditional in that sense; there are no gimmicks and no fashionable elements. It’s quite raw. I am really proud of it but there are no references to fashionable or political aspects.” The indepth discussion of his ego is on the canvas for all to see in the form of thick layers of abstract paint. “It’s all about me,” he laughs. “That’s one of the benefits of being an artist. I can be incredibly selfindulgent and just say it’s my job!” His interest in the Old Masters is evident as he starts priming a soft, dark background rubbing the paint into the canvas to create a warm light that perfectly holds the head structure as the focus. These are almost 3D investigations into his soul, the thick paint standing out sometimes a few inches from the canvas; the process that goes into these must be quite exhausting. “It’s really physical. You’ve got to be fit. I have brushes like a foot long... Bigger than a Subway. Sorry I said that. Bit of product placement in there,” he laughs openly, then pauses. “I shouldn’t laugh at my own jokes.” Antony completes each painting in one standing, which can last up to ten hours and results in a highly intense artistic environment. “I hate using the word trance, it’s such a cliché but you are definitely in a state where you don’t feel the cold; you’re playing an album and you don’t hear the music. You are just really engaged.” Antony is adamant that they are not portraits, but more of an expression of the soul. “They don’t have to look like me, it’s not portraiture, and I have that freedom with myself but if I was to paint someone else they would want it to be like them.” Which is why he refused Angelina Jolie’s request to paint her children, when he was exhibiting in Los Angeles seven years ago. “I would have loved to have done it but I don’t do portraits of other people. It’s not how I see it, really.” As the interview draws to an end, we talk about the olive tree that stands behind me. It’s a present from his father – the support from home is obviously as strong as ever. “I think it’s important to have those people that encourage you, to give you inspiration and the hunger,” he says. Even though it is suffering nearly sub-zero temperatures, the tree bears little, shrivelled, white fruit; a show of perseverance which maybe Antony is not too unfamiliar with. Antony Micallef: Self, 13 February–19 March Lazarides Rathbone, 11 Rathbone Place, W1T 1HR


BESPOKE HANDMADE FURNITURE London Showroom +44 (0) 207 2264 569


Tempering that ostentatious Louis-XV style with a rustic finish, the Lille armchair oozes timeless appeal. Swoon Editions has sourced the Lille direct from the maker for just £299. Edition limited to 118.

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A beautifully-designed table injects class into any living space. Boasting a sturdy frame and intricate carving, the Sanford comfortably seats four. Swoon Editions has sourced the Sanford direct from the maker for just £399. Only 12 left.



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From its unfurling cabriole legs and six drawers down to its antiqued handles, the Ella desk makes a graceful addition to any living room, bedroom or library. Practically perfect. Swoon Editions has sourced the Ella direct from the maker for just £299. Edition limited to 27


Whether used in a hallway or as a window seat, the intricately carved Celine is sure to evoke an air of refinement. Swoon Editions has sourced the Celine direct from the maker for just £199. Edition limited to 76.

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Swing into Orbit Flying in as part of the new collections for 2015 is Robinson Pelham’s new Asteroid ring. Revolving around the concept of the solar system, the piece has become a staple of the luxury jeweller and every collection sees it reintroduced with a different stone. The Paraiba tourmaline, fast becoming one of the industry’s most fashionable gemstones, takes centre stage this time round, its vivid blue-green hue showcased in all its brilliance. The exceptional rarity of this stone (one Paraiba tourmaline is mined for every 10,000 diamonds) makes it ideal for this particular collection. When it comes to other new pieces launching, this year sees an explosion of kaleidoscopic colour and bold shapes in the Oxygen collections, while the Evoke range brings a more subdued elegance. Paraiba Asteroid ring, £18,000 Robinson Pelham, 30 Elystan Street, SW3;




Saving the Seas Sister brand of that other great purveyor of ‘affordable luxury’, Frédérique Constant, Alpina was revived in 2002 to provide first-time watch buyers with a Swissmade, mechanical timepiece that they could actually afford. Whereas Frédérique Constant does the same thing with traditionally-designed watches, Alpina has carved a niche within the sports watch sector. For each purchase of the Alpiner 4 Race for Water Chronograph, the company will contribute £33 to Race for Water, the international organisation dedicate to the preservation of water. The watch costs £2,180; for that you get a well-made, self-winding chronograph and the knowledge that only seven others will find their way to UK shores. Alpiner 4 Race For Water Chronograph

Saxon Sophistication Like A. Lange & Söhne below, Glashütte Original is a brand that embodies the historic tradition of fine mechanical watchmaking. The manufacture is renowned for a number of extraordinary complications, among them exquisitely engineered chronographs. Taking its dedication to stopwatches further than ever before, the company’s Calibre 37-01 is the first it has conceived and built specifically as a chronograph movement. It debuts inside the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date, which is available with either a platinum or red gold case. It’s hard to pick between the two. Senator Chronograph Panorama Date, £36,800

Living Legend A Family Affair If, in the age of the luxury mass market, you aspire for something that still remains faithful to the word exclusive, you might like to learn of a small Swiss watchmaker by the name of H. Moser & Cie. The company produces only 1,000 pieces a year and manufactures eight of its own calibres, using its own regulating organs and balance springs. The end of last year saw the brand’s Venturer Small Seconds come second at Montres Passion magazine’s Watch of the Year Awards, sandwiched between pieces from industry behemoths Piaget and Bulgari in first and third place. Not bad for a family-run firm that employs just 50 people. Venturer Small Seconds, £12,300, H. Moser & Cie,


Few brands have the ability to unite watch enthusiasts in universal adulation. Rolex is one; Patek Philippe the obvious other. A third is A. Lange & Söhne. To discuss the value of a ‘Lange’ is to talk not about popularity or price but, specifically, aesthetics and craftsmanship. Take the Lange 1 Tourbillon Handwerkskunst for example – an infallibly gorgeous one-minute tourbillon with stop seconds, a black enamelled dial and artisanal finishes, enclosed in a 38.5mm platinum case. It will cost you £140k. You pay for what you get. Lange 1 Tourbillon Handwerkskunst, £140,000

Trident_ redefined.



C60 TRIDENT PRO 600 - Swiss made dive watch with automatic mechanical movement, zirconia ceramic bezel and water resistance to 60 bar/600m. Available in 38mm and 42mm case sizes, five dial/bezel combinations and four strap styles.


E xc lu S I v E ly ava I l a b l E aT

005_ChristopherWard_KensingtonChelsea.indd 1


06/01/2015 11:43



Ever seen a Hollywood hero checking the time on his iPhone? Of course not, says Alex Doak, as he lifts the lid on the classier side of product placement

Hamilton Khaki Special Edition Interstellar, worn by Murph (played by Jessica Chastain)

poiler alert (sort of)! Autumn’s smasha paid-for appearance. So while you might think that hit spectacular Interstellar features Jeremy Renner’s chunky IWC ‘Top Gun’ chronograph two Hamilton watches and one of them in The Bourne Legacy is a deliberate bit of product plays a big role. No, make that a HUGE role. placement, as IWC’s PR manager Sophie Hue-Williams To the extent that Matthew McConaughey’s reveals, it’s more civilised than that. “Our team in the US dimension-straddling spaceman of the market has an excellent relationship with many of the future owes his life to this resolutely studios,” she reveals, “and they often get approached old-fashioned concoction of springs and directly, requesting a selection of watches be sent over to cogs. True watch nerds would have noticed the costume department. No money exchanges hands,” from the screen-filling close-ups (logo nice and she reiterates. “The watch is chosen purely in line with prominent) that despite its vintage styling, the watch is whether it fits with the character or the film setting.” actually a custom build. In fact, Hamilton has gladly bent It’s a common situation, attests Darryl Collis, to the wishes of Hollywood costume departments for more whose company Seesaw Media is the UK’s most than 60 years now, garnering over 400 film appearances successful product placement agency, and responsible as a result, from on Elvis Presley’s wrist in Blue Hawaii to for equipping Mr Renner with a Belstaff jacket to Interstellar’s sci-fi forebear, 2001: A Space Odyssey. perfectly complement his matt-black IWC. “The first type But consider this; despite the specific requests of of product placement is where guarantees are made,” Interstellar’s production team, even Hamilton was taken Collis explains. “In other words, ‘I will pay you X, and aback when the film started. The team had no you’ll give me Y; a nice logo shot for example, in idea about its starring role, least of all expected return for you smashing up 85 of our cars.’ But it. Why? Because, unlike the clunking Ford watches,” he continues, “tend to fall within Mondeos of Casino Royale fame, or all the second type: ‘prop placement’; a scripted those label-forward Pepsi bottles in Back necessity, a shorthand for what the director to the Future, the placement of watches wants to get across about a character in films is a reassuringly gentlemanly or setting. For example, there’s Colin affair; the studio approaches Firth’s Bremont in the new Kingsman Switzerland, not vice versa, and film. This reinforces his character’s money rarely changes hands. Britishness, sense of tradition and After all, a high-end military background” wristwatch is a highly personal Kingsman: The Secret choice – something that speaks Service is the very first cinematic volumes of you or a Hollywood idol outing for Bremont, after years alike, thus a bigger priority for the of casual endorsement from costume department than accounts. the likes of Tom Cruise, Bear It also speaks of refinement and quiet Grylls and Taylor Lautner. And in expertise, above the gaudy notion of IWC Pilot’s Watch keeping with the Henley-on-Thames Chronograph Top Gun

COLLECTION Daniel Craig in Skyfall wearing an Omega Seamaster watch

Interstellar, 2014 Photography: Melinda Sue Gordon

This image and right/ Kingsman: The Secret Service, 2014 Photography: Jaap Buitendijk


be taken seriously in this film.” Of course, there are exceptions to the trend, and you never get far talking product placement without talking James Bond – a cinematic franchise that hasn’t so much made product placement an art form as a cash cow. Necessarily so, it must be said, as EON Productions are obliged to raise as much as a third of its budget through deals with the likes of Sony, Bollinger, Ford, Heineken (famously trumped in Skyfall by Macallan,

“Kingsman’s director was very interested in Bremont’s strong tie with the military” This image and above / Kingsman: The Secret Service, 2014 Photography: Jaap Buitendijk

watchmaker’s plucky, keen-as-mustard Britishness, it came about almost accidentally, after the film’s director Matthew Vaughn spotted a Bremont on a colleague’s wrist. “This was a really lovely tie-up,” says co-founder Nick English, “which happened very organically, without placement fees being involved, which is wonderful. Matthew is a big watch fan and one area he was particularly interested in, other than the British angle, was Bremont’s strong tie with the military and other special units around the world. There was real credibility here which I think is important if the watch is going to

who didn’t pay a penny) and Omega watches too, for an undisclosed fee. After all, Bond’s wristwatch has always played a starring role in his outlandish exploits, whether it’s dissecting a train or unzipping a woman’s dress. And in stark contrast to Cubby Broccoli having to provide Sean Connery with his own Rolex Submariner in Dr No (1962) after Rolex declined to loan one, the modern deal is a rare example of a movie watch falling within Darryl Collis’s first category, where deals are struck and guarantees are made. “Which makes for some rather unsubtle moments in the film,” as Collis wryly notes. “At the beginning of Skyfall, when Bond is ripping the train apart with a Caterpillar digger, audiences are left asking questions when the camera


lingered on a close-up of Daniel Craig’s left hand, changing gear… Until they spotted the perfectly infocus Seamaster Aqua Terra on his wrist.” But despite these awkward-but-necessary moments, it will come as a huge relief to watch fans to learn that it was actually Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming who originally chose Omega, not the accountants. The blue-dial Seamaster 300M diving watch to be precise, for 1995’s Goldeneye. “The colour blue really suited Pierce [Brosnan],” she recalls. “I was dressing him in lots of blue shirts and the blue bezel and dial of the Seamaster matched perfectly. Plus, blue suited Commander Bond’s naval background too. Of course, I had to check that Omega would be interested in placing its watches on Bond!” Hemming adds with a glint in her eye. “But I was utterly convinced that Commander Bond, a naval man, a diver, and a discreet gentleman of the world would wear this tough but sophisticated watch.”

Telling the Wrong Time Sometimes, Hollywood doesn’t get it quite right but you’d have to be quite the horology connoisseur to spot the examples below: Quartz watch, Pearl Harbor (2001) Despite so many other historical inaccuracies, it looked like Michael Bay had got it right with Josh Hartnett’s WWII-style military watch, until a close-up reveals its seconds hand ticking once a second, as if driven by quartz technology, which didn’t come about until the 70s. Omega X-33 ‘Bulgari’, Minority Report (2002) Tom Cruise’s character is racing to clear his name from a predicted act of murder and the countdown to the act itself is courtesy of an Omega X-33

It was costume designer Lindy Hemming who chose Omega for Bond to wear in 1995’s Goldeneye Because of Hemming’s careful consideration back in the 90s, the relationship between Omega and Bond remains a sensible one that, unlike Heineken, we as the audience readily buy into. And it perpetuates what’s arguably the longest watches-in-movies saga in cinematic history. A saga of such obsessive detail and debate that it has helped inspire a fan site called exactly that: Watches in Movies. All the Bond films are in there, with accompanying screengrabs, but a casual browse reveals the sheer scale of Hollywood’s love affair with a decent watch, from The A-Team to Zulu. “I would say that the prop masters do a fine job,” says James Enloe, the owner and administrator of “It’s their job, after all, to make the character look ‘right’ and the good ones do that very well. “But while the most popular brands tend to be Rolex, Casio, Omega, TAG Heuer or Breitling, the really fun ones are the lesser known brands, like Sjöö Sandström (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) or Alsta (Jaws). In fact,” Enloe concludes, “the Alsta in Jaws is the perfect example of what makes watch-spotting fun at the movies; just the pride of knowing what the actor is wearing.” So, just as Props or Costume choose their watches for a very good reason, it’s now down to you to appreciate their choice… and have a good stab guessing what it is in the process.

Speedmaster digital watch, re-branded by CGI as a Bulgari. Nope, we don’t know why, either. Beeping Panerai PAM074, The Transporter (2002) A getaway driver played by Jason Statham awaits his cue during the tense opening scene of the teenage-boy cult classic. His finely engineered mechanical chronograph ticks down to zero hour, at which point it emits a distinctly electronic ‘beep’. Patek Philippe ‘Calatrava’, Drive (2011) Another getaway driver for hire, Ryan Gosling’s ‘Driver’ wore a Patek gifted by his father in the original book by James Sallis. The dubbed ticking noise was wrong enough in the film but the major gaff was using flimsy fakes rather than the real thing.

Omega 600m Seamaster


Sunseeker Magazine: Aaron Basha advertisement

Aaron Basha Boutique • 685 Madison Avenue • New York • 212.935.1960 • w w Athens


Hong Kong





Harrods, Knightsbridge






Fly Me to the Moon

Empire of the Sun Fashion designers and jewellers alike have been cashing in on the recently resurrected ancient coin trend and the latest to follow suit is newly launched brand Dubini. Founded by Benedetta Dubini, the jewellery designer looks to her Italian heritage to create her collections, the latest of which, entitled Empires, features coins emblazoned with the faces of some of the greatest Roman and Greek historical and mythical figures, from Artemis to Alexander the Great. The pieces are set in 18-karat yellow gold and feature a multitude of coloured stones, thereby paying tribute to the rich history of Italian craftsmanship.

She may have only come under the radar in 2009 but London-based jewellery designer Noor Fares’ career has already taken off into the stratosphere; her coveted pieces are currently stocked in Liberty, Matches and Dover Street Market in the UK (to name a few). Her latest collection, Tilsam (meaning talisman in Arabic) revolves around the sphere, or orb, as its central theme and includes beautifully carved rings and pendants in clear quartz, moonstone, rose quartz and labradorite. The jeweller has also drawn upon astrology with Eclipse, a series of rings complete with gold and diamonds which refer back to astrological instruments used in the past to record the stars. Far from being star-gazing nonsense, this is, in our opinion, Fares’ best collection yet.

Holy Trinity Cutting Edge In time for Valentine’s Day, Tiffany & Co has created the ultimate romantic range of high jewellery pieces, the Tiffany Enchant heart collection:

These romantic designs have been inspired by the intricate patterns of traditional 19th-century gates that border sumptuous gardens and grand estates.Tiffany designers have contrasted these ornate jewels with a clean-lined bracelet of 18-karat white gold covered with more than nine carats of diamonds and over 55 carats of vibrant spinels.

There are some high jewellery brands you can always rely on, when seeking out that perfect gift for a special occasion, and one of these is Cartier. This year sees the French jeweller adapt its Trinity Ruban Solitaire ring, the ultimate symbol of love which was first popularised in the 1920s by Jean Cocteau, into a pair of earrings and matching necklace, creating the perfect bridal or engagement ring set.

Above/ Enchant hinged bracelet with spinels and diamonds in 18-karat white gold and line bracelet; Key on fine chain Both POA, Tiffany & Co,


Roses Are Red

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a piece of beautiful contemporary jewellery with a quirky design twist Photographer:

Rachell Smith


Nisha Grewal

Asymmetric silk gown, POA, CH Carolina Herrera,; Pre Catelan earrings in pink gold and pink quartz, £5,900, Dior Joaillerie,; Flora and fauna ring, £9,449, Joubi,; Shyne black gold ring, £2,895, Machalka at Kabiri,

Couture gown, POA, Georges Chakra,; 18-karat yellow gold and diamond Sabre earrings and The Serpent’s Trace bracelet in white gold and diamond, yellow gold and rose gold, all POA, Shaun Leane,; Zelle ear cuff in rose gold with stones, £135, Katie Rowland,; Three layers ring, £1,745, Dima at Kabiri, as before

Beige and black sequin dress, POA, Giorgio Armani,; Dark Forest dip-dye earrings, £290, Parisian dip-dye knuckle ring, £250, and circle ring, £170, Katie Rowland, as before; Black cuff earring, £65, Joubi, as before; Nico ring, Selin Kent at Kabiri, £1,220, as before

Rose cobweb tulle dress, POA, Burberry Prorsum,; White diamond and pink sapphire earrings from Love Garden collection, POA, Shawish Geneve,; 18-karat gold medium bud diamond necklace, £1,650, and platinum small bud necklace, £2,400, Sara Hartley,; The Galaxy Tsavorite pendant, £2,250, Ruifier,

HAIR: Yoshitaka Miyazaki using L’Oreal Professionnel Paris MAKE-UP: Megumi MATSUNO @ Carol Hayes Management using MAC photography assistant: Jessica Ralph stylist’s assistants: Laura Rogliano and Sophia Rousset MODEL: Or Daniel Long rectangular velvet blocks: Raj Tent Club (


Killer Instinct She may be 44 years old but Naomi Campbell, along with close friend Kate Moss, is still one of the most in-demand supermodels of her generation and it’s hardly surprising when you see her in her new campaign for luxury lingerie brand, Agent Provocateur. Proving the theory that one’s looks can in fact get better with age, the British model positively sizzles in a series of images shot by revered photographer Ellen von Unwerth and inspired by filmmaker David Lynch’s thriller Lost Highway and Brian de Palma’s Body Double. Draped provocatively across the bonnet of a car in a daring red number, Campbell presents a new kind of power woman who is not afraid to show off her sexuality. Move over Jourdan Dunn; you’ve got some competition.



Design Chiatsin Puah, founder of the luxury startup fashion label My-Perfect-T, takes inspiration from the elements to create unique designs that reflect her passion for the environment. Hannah Lemon reports

Starting a new company can be a daunting process but Chiatsin Puah seems unfazed by the finer details of commerce; her sweet manner and neat appearance is balanced by a fierce business acumen. But after studying Russian and politics at university, followed by a master’s degree in European business, it seems strange that she wanted to enter the world of fashion. “I’ve always been passionate about it. It’s something I have never had to think about; it’s been quite innate, in a way,” she informs me, in a soft, clipped London accent. “The masters in business is what triggered me off in wanting to start my own label, My-Perfect-T.” Chiatsin’s style is subtle but distinguished; a few diamonds sparkle delicately from her rings and necklace, and she is wearing a shirt from her online startup, which she founded in 2013.

I admire the pattern of little black penguins sprinkled on white silk – an apt outfit for the winter months. “I believe that getting dressed in the morning should be a pleasure and not a chore,” she explains. “A top is such a versatile garment and it is the most changeable element of an outfit. You can wear the same pair of skinny black jeans, but change the top and accessories for a new look. It may seem like you’ve taken hours to get ready, when really it’s been a matter of minutes.” This has led to the creation of the ready-to-wear, simple silhouettes of shirts and tops as well as a collection of matching scarves through the twoman company, made up of Chiatsin and her print designer. The prints can be worn in a variety of styles and all of them are produced in a limited quantity. I ask where Chiatsin gets inspiration from. “I take lots of photographs, of things as simple as a pattern on a leaf, and think ‘that would look great on a top’. It doesn’t sound very concise but that’s how it comes together,” she laughs. These images comprise four collections, signifying the four elements; earth, air, fire and water. “I realised my ideas were all rooted in these ancient classical elements,” says Chiatsin. “And coming from an Oriental background, there’s the whole idea of chi and feng shui and how everything flows as one. I wanted to create something


in fashion that was a bit more deep rooted.” All the materials are made from natural yarns such as stretch silk, satin, and silk crêpe de chine, which are weighted differently according to the season. There is also a fifth element to the label, which provides clients with a boutique service; they can ask for individual prints or use their own photos as inspiration for customised designs. This is the answer to Chiatsin’s pet hate. “I don’t like it when you buy a top and see it on everyone else. And it hurts more if it’s an expensive brand!” With an interest in nature comes a passion for the environment, and Chiatsin aims to make her production process as ethical as possible, printing all the designs in the UK. She recently returned from a trip to the Maldives where she was pursuing her interest in diving and taking underwater pictures to inspire a future collection. “I am thinking of taking a part-time marine biology course. Although, I’m not sure I’ll have time for it,” she admits. “At the resort we stayed in I was able to do some coral gardening. I love supporting charities and helping to protect the environment.” She set up the Playtime collection to reflect this and is in the process of selecting charities that will receive a percentage of the profits. The office is based off Latimer Road in Notting Hill, a short commute from her home near Brompton Cross in Chelsea. “I feel lucky that I get to experience both worlds. Although sometimes I feel I’m not cool enough for Notting Hill! I would love to have a shop on Westbourne Grove.” There is a pop-up planned later this year along the King’s Road but her sights are set on going global. World domination may seem an ambitious target but Chiatsin is quietly confident. “We are working with an online shopping site in China so we will have a customer base there soon and I am also in talks with people from Dubai. 2015 is going to be a big year.”


Spirited Away The true spirit of Escada has been captured in the brand’s S/S15 campaign. Behind the dramatic backdrop of La Cerdanya Aerodrome on the outskirts of the Pyrenees, Nadja Bender models the new collection of bold and colourful jumpsuits, embroidered gowns and tailored blazers, all of which bring a new lease of life to old favourites and showcase what fashion designer Daniel Wingate has become recognised for. An unexpected mix of print on print and use of modern technical fabrics and knits also provide a futuristic edge. While some might accuse Wingate of playing it slightly safe, for us, his new collection is proof of how classic never has to mean dull.

HER STYLE By olivia sharpe

A Change of Scenery Fashion and art, two mediums that so often intertwine, have merged once again in the form of a new art installation. British artist Shirazeh Houshiary was called upon by Jimmy Choo’s creative director Sandra Choi and CEO Pierre Denis to create the piece in the New Bond Street store. The arresting sculpture, named Chrysalis, is suspended in the central staircase and serves to symbolise the very essence of Jimmy Choo: it is graceful, bold and elegant. While many similar collaborations have emerged in the past between fashion brands and artists, this marks the first time a British brand has had a permanent art installation in a London store. May we hope for many more to come. Jimmy Choo, 27 New Bond Street, W1S

And the Winner is… For S/S15, British designer Jenny Packham did what she does best and presented a collection filled with red carpet appropriate dresses, from beaded floor-length gowns to blooming floral-appliqué skirts, all of which take their inspiration from glamorous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. Seeing as most of us will not be gracing the red carpet this award season, the designer also created a selection of matching crystal-encrusted handbags in jewel tones so we can all carry our own piece of glamour with us this season. Marilyn Bag in Sugar Almond, £1,170

A Labour of Love

White Flag Raf Simon’s 2015 Cruise Collection, White Flag, was inspired by classic American style – think suede skirts and outerwear, patchwork coats and more than a handful of ‘power’ looks that enable the house to demonstrate its flair for structured bodices and A-line silhouettes. Available at Dover Street Market;

The Birds and the Bees

In the modern age, the mobile phone has become one of society’s most treasured possessions. After all, what other object do we look at, cradle or spend more time with? Revolutionary luxury brand Savelli has chosen to capture this love affair in a limited edition ruby smartphone, created in collaboration with leading gemstones company Gemfields. Due to be unveiled at the end of January, the two designs include the Savelli Ruby Mystery, encompassing 395 brilliant-cut rubies hand-set with the ‘snow setting’ technique on an 18-carat white gold heart, and the Savelli Ruby Passion, which sees yellow gold introduced into the collection for the first time.

The bag that had everyone buzzing at London Fashion Week was undoubtedly Burberry Prorsum’s Bee bag. Launched as part of Christopher Bailey’s S/S15 readyto-wear collection, entitled The Birds and the Bees, the large bowling bag comes in an array of eyecatching colours. The perfect accompaniment to a tiered tulle dress, we predict this accessory will fly off the shelves this spring. Available at Burberry, 121 Regent Street, W1B;

Bright Lights, Big City Max Mara’s Resort 2015 collection channels the fashion of Downtown New York in the 80s, “when the worlds of music, art, performance and fashion collided” (according to creative director, Ian Griffiths). Think luxurious, timeless fabrics, such as cashmere and shearling, woven into street wear staples, including sporty sweaters, wrap coats and shrug jackets. While the grittiness of the concrete city has been depicted in a colour palette of predominantly greys and blues, the occasional pop of colour, whether in the form of bubblegum pink, saffron yellow or leafy green, reminds us that spring is on the horizon.



Fever Whoever said black had to be boring? Liven up monotonous monochrome with studs, stars, sequins, zips and ruffles Photographer:

Dominic Nicholls

White sequined Virginie deluxe blazer, £500, and New Play deluxe shorts, £125, Zadig & Voltaire, 182 Westbourne Grove, W11; Black silk scarf, £130, Marni, 26 Sloane Street, SW1X; Mini cuff with chain, £1,380, Betony Vernon, Dover Street Market, 17-18 Dover Street, W1S


Hayley Caine

Abstract frill biker jacket, ÂŁ1,000, Christopher Kane,; Teardrop diamond earrings, ÂŁ11,500, Diane Kordas, Dover Street Market, as before

Knee-seam leather-like jeans, £260, 7 For All Mankind,; James black studded crêpe blazer, £575, A.L.C,; Embellished leather bag, £1,240, Marni, as before

Black velvet blazer, £1,037, and matching easy pants, £660, Raquel Allegra, Selfridges,; Black silk scarf, £130, Marni, as before; Black leather heels, £615, Gianvito Rossi, 108 Mount Street, W1K

Black velvet star top, ÂŁ285, Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood, 6 Davies Street, W1K; Safety pin earrings, ÂŁ180, Julien David, Dover Street Market, as before

Crystal embellished dress, ÂŁ1,560, Christopher Kane,; Resin stone cuff bracelet, ÂŁ290, Marni, as before

Studded leather jacket, ÂŁ2,020, A.L.C,; Princess black tulle dress, ÂŁ585, Alice and Olivia, HAIR STYLIST: Meggie Cousland @ Carol Hayes using Kiehl's since 1851 MAKE-UP ARTIST: Margo Holder @ LHA Represents using NARS photographer's assistant: Aurora Scheftel MODEL: Honey @ Elite Model Management ART DIRECTOR: Delia Sievers Shot on location at Grosvenor House Park Lane, W1K 7TN;

Silver Service

Not Forgotten

Although the largest, gold-standard Brunello Cucinelli boutique is on the other side of the world in Tokyo, you won’t have to go further than Burlington Gardens to find the second biggest, following the refit and reopening of the store here in London. We anticipate that gentleman who champion the ‘smart-casual’ look, favouring the pairing of tailored items with laidback accessories, will flock to the smart new space upstairs – all white walls, polished floors and mid-century seating – which is completely devoted to menswear. For those in search of an even slicker look, seek out the new tailoring room, for suits of every kind, from grey tweed to brown wool. There are shirts and shoes, smart leather bags and belts, and even candles, so your home can smell as chic as the boutique.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill, one of Turnbull & Asser’s most illustrious customers; “people knew him as a great statesman. We knew him as a size 46”. To commemorate the life of one of its most famous customers, the brand has created a collection of curated products, comprising a spotted dressing gown, matching bow tie and a set of four limited edition pocket squares. Globe-Trotter has created the ‘dandy’ case featuring the brand’s legendary Churchill silk spot – a deep navy with white, complete with red braces in the interior of the case.

Brunello Cucinelli, 3 Burlington Gardens, W1;


Carry On Flying If you’re one of those ‘I only use black luggage’ types (there are a lot of you, based on our recent baggage reclaim experiences) but still want pieces that stand out, are extra-durable and as stylish as a hard-travelled bag can be, make a note to check the Reiss website in March. It’s when the debut capsule collaboration between REISS and Steamline Luggage will launch, comprising black, handmade Carry-on and Stowaway leather cases. Security nuts will be pleased to know that all the cases feature TSA locks accepted by airport security all around the world and environmentalists can have a clear conscience, thanks to the use of recycled bonded leather, Pasco (made from recycled wood) and polyurethane (vegan leather). Us? We’re most excited by the (non-) sound of silent trolley wheels; no more maddening thundering through the airport. Prices range from £375 (Carry-on) and £395 (Stowaway), /

The Italian Job It’s always exciting to welcome a new brand to the area, especially when it’s menswear and goes by the name of Giuseppe Zanotti, the Italian designer known for his luxury footwear. A year after opening its first Homme boutique in Milan, the brand has expanded once again, snapping up a prestigious two-floor Knightsbridge boutique which will be exclusively devoted to the men’s collections, including shoes, bags, ready-to-wear and accessories. The design of the store is intended to reflect the brand’s classic aesthetic, using white wood panelling, and bronze and grey finishes. The S/S15 collection features some particularly snazzy daps; the camouflage-printed loafers featuring a ‘shark tooth’ jewel (£475) caught our eye, as did the black suede loafers with gold crystals and gold-capped toes (£970). Best foot forward! Giuseppe Zanotti Design Boutique, 27 Lowndes Street, SW1X 9HY

Original, limited-edition Art Deco posters by leading artists

Limited to editions of 280, our Art Deco-inspired posters have been printed on 100% cotton fine art paper using traditional techniques. They are signed, hand-numbered and bear our embossed stamp of authenticity. Each poster is approximately 97 x 65 cms (38 x 26 inches). Price: ÂŁ395 each inc. VAT, unframed

Pullman Editions Ltd 94 Pimlico Road Chelsea London SW1W 8PL Tel: +44 (0)20 7730 0547 Email:

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lifestyle PRETTY IN PINK Taking the interiors world by storm, top British furniture manufacturer and retailer Multiyork has partnered with high-street fashion brand Monsoon to create an exclusive range of designer fabrics; these are featured on an extensive selection of sofas, chairs, footstools and cushions. The exciting collaboration gives a new lease of life to Monsoon’s staple prints; 15 patterns are available in a stylish mix of textiles including linen, velvet and woven blends, using a versatile colour palette comprising hues such as dove, sage, cardinal, lime and denim. Whether you’re a fan of abstract and geometric designs, or like to keep it simple with pretty plains, the collection has pieces that will fit in every home, working for every season. Monsoon Home Collection by Multiyork;



To Paris With

After a full-on festive season of social occasions and family gatherings, sometimes you just need to get out of town and recharge. Rowena Carr-Allinson hops on the Eurostar and heads to Paris for some pampering à la française


Sometimes, when you’ve seen the sights, shopped until you dropped and negotiated walking over cobblestones for hours, you need a little Parisian pampering to revive you before you return home. Thanks to a spate of new hotel openings and revamps, the French capital has a wealth of hideaways which are all about rest, indulgence and relaxation; whether you want a quick fix, an exotic Oriental escape or a high-end deluxe experience, the City of Lights could in fact be renamed the City of Delights. Here’s our pick of the best spa destinations.

For Famous Faces: MyBlend Clarins Design connoisseurs will appreciate the all-white creation that is the MyBlend Clarins spa at the très chic Le Royal Monceau. The 1500m2 spa has seven treatment rooms and was designed by Philippe Starck with the aim of looking like heaven. The maze of white corridors achieves this, mostly thanks to bright lighting, blissful treatments and very charming staff. The spa menu offers everything from jet lag fixes and private Pilates classes to a rainbow of delicious-sounding massages and facials, plus all the latest gym gear is on offer. Its claim to fame, aside from its glitzy guest list, is the longest pool in Paris, with natural light to boot. Although the hotel can’t divulge its most well-known clients’ names, it’s no secret Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Rihanna have all stayed here and these are girls who are certainly no stranger to a little pampering. So keep your eyes peeled as you never know who might be sitting in the fluffy bathrobe next door. Treatments from approx. £70 Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris, 37 Avenue Hoche (+33 1 42 99 88 00;


For Mother & Daughter Indulgence: The Peninsula Paris The much-anticipated Peninsula Paris hotel is without a doubt one of the city’s most luxurious and its spa lives up to high expectations. The 1800m2 spa comes with relaxing background music, cedar wood and eucalyptus scents, and the smartest dressing rooms in town as well as a huge indoor pool, sauna and steam room. A subtle, soothing escape from the hustle and bustle of Paris, this calm cocoon oozes sophisticated comfort. Step into your Frette waffle robe and soft slippers and let yourself be taken care of. With a choice of treatments by ESPA and Biologique Recherche, you can pick R’n’R or a slightly more technical (and extremely efficient) facial by the made-in-France brand which will leave your face aglow, knocking a couple of years off instantly. Don’t miss the relaxation room and its delicious Nepalese tea accompanied by a sweet treat or healthy fruit to nibble during post-treatment mellow moments. Treatments from £134 The Peninsula Paris, 19 Avenue Kléber (+33 1 5812 2888;

Girly Getaways: La Sultane de Saba This discreet Oriental spa specialising in exotic treatments and hammam sessions is tucked away in a quiet street in the stylish 16th arrondissement; a breath of fresh air, or rather, a perfect escape in this traditionally chic neighbourhood. Choose from a menu of tempting treats, from the efficient (and not as painful as it sounds) Oriental waxing or the Voyage dans les Iles treatment with hot shell massage. The classic hammam session starts in a menthol steam room, followed by a gentle honey scrub, a deliciously fragrant and moisture-rich Shea butter wrap, and an Ayurvedic-inspired rose oil shower that leaves skin baby-soft. On a girls’ weekend? Make the most of the relaxation den, a fabulously decorated room with Moroccan-style furniture and giant low-lit chandeliers, twinkling tea lights and the rich aroma of vanilla and musk. Just the place to recline on the cosy sofas, sip some delicious fresh mint tea and while time away. Treatments from around £30 La Sultane de Saba, 78 Rue Boissière (+33 1 45 00 00 40;


For Couples’ Time Out: Clarins The brand new Clarins spa at the newly refurbished Hotel Molitor is worth the detour. Set in the chic 16th arrondissement, near the Porte d’Auteil, this former public pool had the toughest of times, including a stint as a derelict artists’ squat, but it has been reborn as one of the city’s hippest and most beautifully restored Art Deco treasures. Book a session for two in the beautiful Clarins couple’s suite, which comes with its own Jacuzzi, electric blue sauna and matching massage tables. Indulge in some of the specialist face care treatments or in the utterly relaxing Grand Modelage Molitor all-over body massage. Soak up the atmosphere and take time for a spot of lunch, a swim in the legendary pool or head up to the top floor for a sundown cocktail with an Eiffel Tower view. Très romantique. Treatments from around £100 Clarins Spa at MGallery, Hotel Molitor Paris,13 Rue Nungesser et Coli (+33 1 56 07 08 50;

For Me Time: Crème de la Mer With only two Crème de la Mer spas in France (the other is in La Réserve in Ramatuelle near St Tropez) the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme has become a must-visit on the Parisian spa circuit. It might be small (at 250m2), but it’s perfectly formed and rather glam, thanks to warm mahogany and glossy stone finishes. There’s a steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi, as well as four cosy treatment booths. The star attraction is Crème de la Mer’s sea kelp product, famously devised by an astrophysicist seeking to heal his own burn-damaged skin; the legendary Miracle Broth™ hydrating serum has been used all over the world. The signature facial includes magical massages, a deep cleanse and soft scrub, re-energising hand magnet therapy and intense moisturising masks and creams. Good enough for them? Good enough for us. Treatments from £117. Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, 5 Rue de la Paix (+33 1 5871 12 34,


Lilou et Lo誰c L O N D O N

H E AV E N S C E N T. . .

3kg Scented Candle From The Emperor Collection



Clean Sweep Fresh, natural-looking skin was one of S/S15’s most talked-about beauty trends, as seen at Mary Katrantzou, Marc Jacobs and Paul Smith. Following in fashion’s footsteps, NARS’ creative director François Nars has moved away from his staple bright colour ranges and instead gone for a more natural palette with his new spring collection. The second instalment of the four-part campaign, entitled Portraits by the Artist, presents actress Tilda Swinton with paredback, minimal make-up, thus highlighting the range of covetable nudes, light pinks and burnished neutrals. Opt for the Porto Venere eyeshadow in pale pink to lift lids and the Liguria nude lipstick for a sophisticated finish. Porto Venere Eye Paint £18.50, Liguria Lipstick £19.50; Available from 1 February

Still Waters Run Deep French fine jeweller Van Cleef & Arpels launched its fragrance, Aqua Oriens, in 2012 and it is a clear testament to its popularity that the brand has decided to reintroduce the perfume this February. Created by perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer, the unique scent comprises notes of Tahiti lime, pear, orange blossom, honeysuckle, musk and amber. The bottle’s beautiful design has been inspired by a jewellery designer’s ring, set with a stunning green and blue faceted stone. Aqua Oriens, £54 for 50ml at Harrods; available from 2 February

Soak In Lilou et Loic, created by friends Aldis Firman and Malin Wright (named after Malin’s daughter, Lilou, and her imaginary winged friend, Loic) is an online destination designed exclusively for ‘style seekers and lovers of luxury’. Filled to the brim with beautiful products, ranging from home fragrances to bath and body essentials, these not only serve as luxury cosmetic items but also as decorative statement pieces for your home. Our favourite products include the sumptuous body butter, arriving in the signature White Cashmere scent, as well as Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Floral Spice or Royal Jasmine, and the best-selling bath foam which comes in a handmade, reusable glass decanter. Luxury Bath Foam (1 litre), £78 and Luxury Body Butter (340g), £58



HEALTH BEAUTY New Waves Wetsuits have never been viewed as the most flattering of ensembles and while there are the rare few who can pull them off (take Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush and Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, for instance), the majority of us sadly cannot. And that is exactly why founders Lucia Plane and Patreece Botheras made it their mission to create high-performance activewear that makes you look as good as they feel out on the water, with their luxury brand Duskii. Offering the seasoned paddler, swimmer, surfer, diver, sailor or lounger mix-and-match suits and separates (crafted in neoprene) that are light, warm, supple and stretchy, each piece has also been designed to flatter and sculpt all body shapes. Prices from £80, available on

Strength to Strength Given everything that has happened to her in the past year (opening up her first flagship store and winning Best Brand at the 2014 Fashion Awards, to name a couple), we would have thought Victoria Beckham would be well in need of a break but we were mistaken. The fashion designer recently announced that she would next be turning her dab hand to nail varnish, launching a spring collaboration with global brand Nails Inc. The limited edition nail polish duo has been designed to sit alongside Beckham’s S/S15 collection and includes Judo Red, a vibrant tomato shade, and Bamboo White, a subtle nude hue. Whatever will she do next? £25 each Available nationwide from February


of the Month Bioeffect Facial, The Sloane Club Spa

Red Hot It may be a bit of a cliché but red is the colour typically associated with love and romance so it seems only apt that MAC Cosmetics would use this particular shade as the theme for its new collection, out in time for Valentine’s Day. Red, Red, Red, as the name suggests, is a smoking hot assortment of fiery shades, ranging from soft rose to seductive scarlet, all of which have been designed to add warmth to complexions during the chilly winter months. With red lips being one of the top trends for S/S15, we suggest opting for either the Lady Bug yellow-tomato shade or the packing-a-punch 5 Alarm orange-red hue, which is limited in stock. Red, Red, Red Available from 5 February

Last year saw the exclusive Sloane Club launch its first spa, thereby opening itself up to visitors from the outside world. Tucked away on the second floor of the historic Victorian building, it offers everything from waxing and manicures to massages and facials. The signature facial is the BioEffect; exclusively designed for the spa, it incorporates one of the newest and most advanced products in skincare, the BioEffect Serum. This is used alongside the aqua erasure machine during the treatment, which works by exfoliating skin with a saline solution to leave it smooth and silky. The Sloane Club Spa, 52 Lower Sloane Street SW1W; 020 7730 9131;

Better Shape Up Annabel Harrison attempts to get wedding-ready with Ellidore Lifestyle’s Special Day package When it comes to losing weight, everyone is different. If my friend Jess feels that she has been indulging rather too much, cutting out alcohol and chocolate works for her; other friends find exercise critical and it doesn’t seem to matter much what they eat. Finding the perfect ‘lose-weight-and-tone-up’ method starts to matter more, to almost every woman, when their wedding is on the horizon; in pursuit of the dream dress, many vow to sales assistants who’ve heard it all before that they’ll have lost “at least a stone” by the big day. I’m getting married in May and while I don’t plan to deprive myself or adhere to a strict work-out routine, I’d still like to look and feel on top form, which does mean sticking to a food-exercise combo that works for me in the coming months. So, of the options available, Ellidore Lifestyle stands out, a new type of concierge service offering a wealth of health, beauty and wellness programmes. Its slick, chic offering is appealing because it combines both food and exercise (plus a make-up trial, which sounded very helpful). On day one, a smart black box lined with black tissue paper arrives, containing a black Ellidore card (with what looks like an emergency contact number and SOS email on it), a smart and arty map of London, Pukka tea bags to kick-start my wellness week and a handwritten note from Simon at Ellidore. The page-long summary of my Special Day package is clear and comprehensive; I’m excited to get started.


Detox Retox First off: Detox Kitchen, in association with Bodyism’s Clean and Lean (a diet plan favoured by models such as Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley). My trial box is delivered on time (between 8 and 9am), in a branded jute bag, and a printed menu is included too, which is important; I like to know exactly what I’m eating. It turns out the Tuesday breakfast is salmon which I really dislike but my colleague tests it and says the fish dish has a pleasing ‘kick’ to it. The morning beauty juice tastes really good and I am grateful for the snacks in between meals; walnuts and artichoke dip with pepper batons. I could eat both the lunch (delicious broccoli frittata with butternut squash and rocket) and the supper (a hearty portion of lemon chicken breast with carrot and celeriac tagine) every day. I like the evening drink of cashew, rice milk and cinnamon, although I’m left flummoxed as to what ‘serenity’ as an ingredient might be. Verdict: This does a great job of reminding me how delicious healthy food can taste, if only you think ahead and put a bit of time, money and effort in; failing that, call Detox Kitchen.

Kiss & Make-Up Gia Mills turns up at my door promptly at 8am on a Saturday morning, incredibly chirpy considering the time, and with a most professional manner. I have chosen to try out her services on the morning of a friend’s wedding, at which I am a bridesmaid, so I have rather specific instructions; please make me look like the best version of myself, without making me look too made-up (and as if I’m competing with the bride!) Gia follows my request to a T and I’m delighted with the result. My make-up stays put all day, even after the tear-inducing moment when we see that the groom is misty-eyed as his beautiful bride walks down the aisle and during the rather lively hours of dancing. Verdict: For special occasions, calling on a professional is definitely worth the extra cost.

In Pursuit of Radiance The Radiance Juice Cleanse and its Signature Rest Day regime is described as my “opportunity to cut out processed, heavy, unhealthy foods and instead to nourish your body with easily digestible and nutritious juices”. Six large bottles are delivered to my house, all labelled with appealing-sounding names, but I am challenged immediately by a press breakfast; I resolutely down my Ginger Lemonade, which is quite punchy and refreshing, and ignore the fresh, buttery croissants. The mid-morning Alka Green juice is non-offensive (which is quite the compliment from me; if there’s a whiff of discernible cucumber I’m out) although the Cashew Milk is not as milkshake-y as I had (unreasonably) hoped for. I am ashamed to say it’s only 3pm when I cave, at the Root Boost. I tried to stave off irritability with edamame but it didn’t work. I miss my Vibrant Veg and Vital Green juices and eat supper.

Verdict: They may be “certified, organic, cold-pressed, fresh juices” – and they are delicious – but some people just don’t have the willpower to abstain from eating and I am one of them.

Shake It Out Dalton Wong’s training HQ is kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment but it’s a mews house, so it has a cosy, friendly atmosphere, with the kitchen alongside a yoga studio. Dalton, one of those chipper eople who makes you think “It IS possible to be happy and healthy every day!”, trains actors to transform their bodies for specific roles, as well as honing the bodies of top politicians, businesspeople and even royalty. Essentially, you’re buying into a ‘360 degree’ approach; Dalton and his team will create a bespoke exercise programme and diet, according to your individual goals and needs. I undergo a fitness assessment and while the lunges, squats and stretches induce increasing amounts of effort, having Dalton to encourage me when I’m getting tired, as well as correcting every slip in technique, makes me feel like not a second is wasted. In just one session, Dalton identifies areas I can improve in and exercises that will help with what I already like doing (outdoor running). Verdict: TwentyTwo Training’s ethos is to be unassuming, focused on the individual and dedicated. No matter how poor your fitness levels or low your motivation, I defy you not to see huge changes after three months with Dalton, and these, in themselves, are the best incentive to stick with it.

Bend & Stretch My private yoga session with the brilliant Jane Robertson at the Metropolitan Hotel’s Como Spa is one of my favourite Ellidore experiences. On the afternoon of my session, a white box arrives containing a Lycra-tight, black Lucas Hugh workout top, which makes me look the part (even if I don’t feel it) and I spent a happy hour or so having Jane’s undivided attention. My downward dog positioning is fixed and Jane is brilliant at tweaking my frame to ensure I am working my body properly. Verdict: If it’s all about finding what works for you, private yoga sessions are the solution for me. Special Day three month package – £5,250 (member) / £6,250 (non-member) – includes personal training (weekly); yoga session (weekly); work-out music provided (monthly); healthy meals delivered for a week (monthly); one juice cleanse; one item/ set of performance clothing; one make-up lesson.




BY liane nelson

Sparkle and Shine In celebration of 150 years of creating heritage pieces infused with contemporary style, interiors specialist James Hare has launched two special collections. Part of the Evolution collection, the Diamond Bouquet line features lavish metallic embroidery on a satin ground with silver thread, mimicking the sparkle of a diamond, while the Infinity Braid line offers a new take on the 1960s Pop Art movement with a bold and curvaceous design on a silk wool ground. With a wide selection of plain, patterned and textured fabrics for curtains, headboards, cushions and lampshades, you will be spoilt for choice.

Lights, Camera, Action Poggenpohl and Electrolux Grand Cuisine have designed a kitchen concept which meets at the crossroads of gastronomy, creativity and interior design. The Fourth Wall, which in theatre terminology is the space separating a performer from the audience, is true to its name in bringing the kitchen centre stage, breaking the barrier between a host and guests with its open floor plan. Perfect for dining and socialising in one space, the Fourth Wall concept comprises six traditional spaces including a butler’s pantry, pastry counter, preparation bench and dining area; state-of-the-art technology allows the last two spaces (the larder and wine store) to be hidden. Stainless steel appliances, inlaid cabinetry, a fireplace and retractable chandelier are icing on the cake in this delectable kitchen.

Once Upon a Time If you’re looking to add a touch of magic to your home, the new Whimsical collection from Cole & Son might be the perfect solution. Based on childhood stories and fairy tales, the collection features 15 designs and three unusual borders, from whales riding the waves of oceans, shimmering dragonflies and starlit forests to fish suspended in strange underwater worlds. True conversation pieces, these designs are sure to add charm to your home while bringing literature to life. Cole & Son, Ground floor, centre dome, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

Under the Tree Inspired by the timeless beauty of Islamic cultural motifs, the Ruby Tree is a stunning collection featuring deep colours and rich patterns. Co-founded by current Elle Decoration’s Best British Designer Bethan Gray and scholar of Islamic art and craft Mitchell Abdul Karim Crites, the collection harmoniously blends Gray’s contemporary design with Crite’s encyclopedic knowledge of Islamic art and architecture. Be transported to the splendour of golden-age Persia with materials of vibrant blue lapis lazuli, deep red Tanzanian rubies and amazonite from Madagascar and Mozambique. Ruby Tree is sold exclusively at Harrods;


Rock ‘n’ Roll:

Redesigned Sophie Paterson has given David Bowie’s former home in Chelsea a new lease of life. LIANE NELSON reports. One of the latest, and most exciting, projects by Sophie Paterson Interiors has taken place within an impressive five-storey white stucco townhouse in the heart of Chelsea. Once home to David Bowie in the 1970s, Sophie and her team started with a rather unusual canvas; the interior was painted entirely black thanks to a period when Bowie was trying to understand the conditions miners experienced in coalmines. Today, with a great deal more light, the house is fresh, modern and stylish, with oversized chandeliers, a glamorous kitchen spanning the entire ground floor in a rich palette of ebony and Arabescato marble, a conservatory laden with black leather Chesterfields and French doors that open onto a paved garden. The first floor features a formal living room furnished with a blend of antique and contemporary fixtures, while the master bedroom fills the entire second floor with a grand four poster Ralph Lauren bed alongside an antique rug; if you can manage to pull yourself away from the cosy fireplace, stairs on the fifth floor lead to the rooftop terrace which offers stunning views across London. Okay, we’re sold; can we please move in?

Photography: Ray Main



Kids KINGDOM BY liane nelson

When Time Stands Still Founded by husband and wife duo Lionel and Claire Cherruault in 2009, children’s photographic studio Nousha (quirkily named after the couple’s cat) specialises in portraiture which aims to convey the personality and individual beauty of every child. A personal service with exceptional attention to detail is in place to make sure that your little one will be captured in just the right light. All post production, printing and framing is handled in-house by the team to ensure the best quality, with a bespoke framing team using traditional techniques and beautiful hand-crafted mounts. Nousha doesn’t just deliver a photograph but a memory that can be cherished forever. As Lionel himself says, you’re buying “a one-ofa-kind collection of images of your adored children that could never be repeated. When you come to think of what we do in that way you will understand the joy and the pleasure you get from such objects of beauty; they are laden with emotion. Your children will change over weeks, months and years, but those glorious naïve years will be there for all to see for years and years to come.”

Dare to Dream Returning for two weeks over the next half term with an exciting line-up to activate ideas and promote creativity, the Imagine Children’s Festival is a wonderful way for children to stay engaged during the break from school. With more than half the 2015 programme being free of charge, the festival offers families and schools access to literature, music, theatre, poetry, dance, interactive installations and workshops. As literature is a crucial part of Imagine, the festival will see an exciting appearance by Judith Kerr, author of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, who will read from her book for older children, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. Other highlights include the London premiere of Brundibár, the renowned children’s opera by Hans Krása, and a free family concert with the Young Orchestra for London. With such an amazing programme available, don’t let your little ones get bored at home during half term. Imagine Children’s Festival, 9-22 February

It’s Showtime, Baby! Step into a world which will showcase everything you could possibly need for baby (and you) at The Baby Show with, of course, traditional baby and infant essentials galore, alongside innovative products and exciting new brands. Highlights of the three-day event include catwalk shows featuring all the latest maternity trends (being pregnant definitely doesn’t mean sacrificing your style), baby and toddler wear and a complimentary crèche where parents can drop off little ones and have their hands free for shopping. Whether you’re expecting or already parenting a young one (or two), the show is a must. The Baby Show, 20-22 February

Stripe-tastic Artistic director for Sonia Rykiel Julie de Libran has launched a girls’ capsule collection for Rykiel Enfant. Inspired by vivid childhood memories of her mother wearing the clothes of Rykiel in the 1970s and 80s, the French designer has created a range for tots and teens up to the age of 14. With shades of olive green, dark red, cream, navy blue and black, each piece is styled with the brand’s signature SR diamanté detailing, adding a little extra sparkle and a twist on its usually classic children’s style. We love the use of stripes – they never seem to go out of style – and this adorably fun ladybird backpack.

Fashion Forward With more than 280 exhibitors from across the childrenswear industry, the Bubble trade show will showcase the latest in children’s fashion, accessories, gifts and homeware. This year the event will have on display a range of new Nordic collections reflecting the growing popularity of ‘Scandi’ design, such as eco-friendly brand from Finland Nosh, slipper sock specialists Ace&Me, Melton & Move and more. A crowd-pleasing favourite from past shows, Molo Kids, will return to the show this year with its latest collection of edgy and stylish children’s clothing. For the younger ones we love Naturezoo, which makes the cutest hand-crocheted animal teddies, rattles, mobiles and blankets. Bubble London, 1-2 February;

The Kingdom Revealed A stunningly illustrated fairy-tale book, written and designed by the wonderfully talented Rob Ryan, The Kingdom Revealed (£15) tells the riveting story of a young king who runs away from his palace, leaving behind luxury and privilege. As he wanders the streets he marvels at the beauty around him, the birds, nature and the lovely people he encounters on his journey. Ryan studied fine art at Trent Polytechnic before earning his MA in printmaking at the Royal College of Art; he has since collaborated with the likes of Paul Smith, Liberty, Fortnum & Mason, and is known for his instantly recognisable laser-cutting technique. Beautifully written and a delight to pore over, children will adore this literary adventure.



high life

Date Night Whether you’re looking for somewhere special to celebrate Valentine’s Day or are just in need of a new place to add to your date-night repertoire, Blakes Hotel offers a quiet and rather cosy escape from the hustle and bustle outside. The restaurant menu offers luxurious options such as grilled fresh lobster with glass noodles and miso butter, a 28-day aged rib-eye steak with peppercorn sauce and angel hair pasta with black truffle. If you can manage to save room for dessert don’t miss the decadent dark chocolate mousse with raspberry and mint. With low lighting, beautiful artwork and an intimate feel, the restaurant is the perfect place to spend time with someone special and we’d recommend booking in to stay overnight too; the Red Room (pictured) is particularly, and opulently, striking. Blakes Hotel, 33 Roland Gardens, SW7 3PF;

Photography: Antonio Cuellar




Elephants Never Forget And we don’t think we’d forget a visit to the Gorah Elephant Club either. Many of us are captivated by these magnificent grey giants, shown on numerous television documentaries to be highly intelligent and emotionally sensitive, and the chance to get up close with elephants in the wild is one that is absolutely unforgettable. Head down to South Africa and the luxurious, 11-tented Gorah Elephant Camp, complete with a manor house and a waterhole teaming with game. It’s in the heart of the Addo Elephant National Park, home to the densest population of elephants on earth; the original elephant section of the park was founded in 1931, when only 11 elephants remained in the area and today it is a sanctuary for more than 450 of them, as well as Cape buffalo, lions, black rhinos, a variety of antelope species and even the unique flightless dung beetle, found almost exclusively in Addo. Colonial verandas overlook the African plains and the waterhole, and the luxury-tented suites boast thatched canopies, comfortable king-size beds and private terraces. Gorah is malaria-free too; what are you waiting for?

Knickerbocker Glory A new hotel opening in New York is always exciting but when this opening is in the heart of Times Square, on the corners of 42nd Street and Broadway, it’s even more so; these kind of prime sites almost never come up in thriving capital cities. The Big Apple is set to welcome the gloriously named, 330-room-strong Knickerbocker Hotel to its world-famous square on 12 February, complete with its alliterative areas of interest; fashion, flavours, fitness and finesse. Originally opened in 1906 by John Jacob Astor IV and registered as a New York City Landmark in 1988, The Knickerbocker is rumoured to be the birthplace of the original martini and we can easily imagine enjoying a couple of these (and the amazing skyline views) at St. Cloud, the colossal 7,500-squarefoot rooftop bar and terrace. During the day, kick back with a coffee and artisanal treat in JAKES @ The Knick and at night, dine at the all-Americansounding Charlie Palmer at The Knick. This sounds like our kinda place.

Hospital Visit We’ve always liked The Hospital Club, a little haven of artistic activity which aims to ‘create, connect and collaborate’ in the heart of bustling, tourist-thronged Covent Garden. Its latest news involves the opening of 15 unique bedrooms in January; guests can choose from small, medium, large and suite-sized rooms (complete with brain power tool kits by the School of Life and an erotic mini bar courtesy of Holloway Smith Noir) and will have access to the Club’s full offering, including production and screening facilities and member events. Thanks to the Bedroom Art Programme, each room will feature original artwork by an emerging artist from the Club’s community; we’re particularly intrigued to see what Alyson Mowat, Dominic Beattie, Rick Guest, Jacob Love and Harriet Clare will install in their rooms. Watch this space.

Place of Purity As the wearing effects of a cold winter and busy Christmas break take hold on your body – and mind – now is a good time to retreat from the world for a few days for some much-needed rejuvenation. Situated in the beautiful town of Evian, an hour from Geneva, at the foot of the French Alps, Hotel Ermitage is just the place for this kind of cleansing and soothing break. Its intimate Spa Quatre Terres is exclusively for hotel guests, giving it a quiet, contemplative air, and a real sense that you’re the only person there. Treatments with the expert team range from a variety of hot stone massages and facials to full body mineral wraps and targeted reflexology while sister spa Les Thermes, down in the main town of Evian (a transfer can be arranged), is a high-tech and impressive treatment spa that gives a whole new meaning to that classic Victorian phrase of “taking the waters”. Here treatments harness the purity and cleansing quality of the fresh Evian mountain water to aid detoxing and weight loss, improve skin complaints and counteract the effects of ageing, for an even higher level of relaxation.

To ensure total peace and quiet, book into one of the hotel’s spacious, beautifully appointed suites; situated at the front of the hotel, with a balcony overlooking the gardens, they have beautiful views across the lake and out to the snowy Alps beyond. Emma Johnson The Precious Jewel Box package (£430) includes seven treatments over four days at Spa Quatre Terres, including a hot oil massage, Kaolin foot reflexology and a specialist facial (treatments at Les Thermes can be added at extra cost), while accommodation in a Hotel Ermitage suite starts at £643 (double occupancy) on a room only basis (subject to availability; not valid during French school holidays).


Escape to the Country We love city life but there’s something rather romantic about seeking a more bucolic experience; here are some of our favourite mini-breaks, all an easy drive from London


Oxfordshire: Water Meadow Cottage Staying in a hotel can have its downsides and one of these is that you’re never entirely BEST FOR: alone. Even if you remain in the privacy Absolute privacy , of your room, ordering food still requires country walks & human interaction and there’s always the fireside drinks risk of noisy neighbours. So an ideal solution, when you want to retreat from the world, and enjoy rare ‘alone time’ with your other half or a few friends, is to stay in a rental property instead and we’ve found a little gem of a place, just an hour or so’s drive from London, making it easy to escape on a Friday night and still have an enjoyable evening meal when you arrive. This gem is a charming 200-year-old Cotswold stone cottage, nestled among woodland next to the gently flowing River Evenlode. Follow the instructions carefully; the turning you’re seeking is indeed a very “discreet private road”, leaf-strewn and tree-lined, but once you find it, drive for a minute or two and you’ll reach the cosy haven that is Water Meadow Cottage (WMC); it reminds me of the picture-perfect countryside cottage owned by Kate Winslet’s character in The Holiday. Make sure you park in the garage to “keep the road clear for farm traffic”: this is a rule stipulated by the Blenheim Estate, upon which WMC is located and it’s fair enough; in the morning, while drinking tea and playing Scrabble, a flock of sheep trot at pace past the window. We step through a heavy wooden door out of the blustering wind into a little antechamber (the ideal spot for wellies) which leads into a cosy living room, complete with fireplace (housing a gas fire). A full renovation was done at WMC a year ago and designer Simon Davies has blended rustic and urban touches brilliantly; there’s a practical, mushroom-hued corduroy sofa with a huge faux-fur throw, charcoal and gold Cole & Son wallpaper and amazing statement light fixtures, one of which is a striking bronze birdcage housing a crystal chandelier. The cottage is both comforting and luxurious; it has been designed to look lived in but I suspect a lot of the furnishings are significantly younger than I am. The dining room – host to a deer head, huge gilt mirror, stingray effect leather seating, and two battered, studded armchairs – is a lovely place to enjoy a tech- and interruption-free supper; we open the wine that’s chilling in the fridge for us and heat up the delicious homemade soup and fish pie we ordered ahead of our visit. A rental property, it’s run by a luxury concierge company (Unlisted London) so it still has hotel-standard mod-cons you’d expect (iPhone docks, reliable Wi-Fi etc) and ones you might not (small glass bowls in every room filled with fresh cream roses). The dove-grey kitchen with

Water Meadow Cottage Oxford Welsh slate countertops is exceptionally well equipped, with every piece of kit you could possibly need, as well as all manner of seasonings and spices. Breakfast staples, including marmalade (local, of course) and strawberry yoghurts, await us and there’s an Honesty Larder stocked with everything from muesli, pasta and sauces to bath and beauty products from Elemental Herbology and treats like chocolate mint thins. I’m dubious we’ll need it, arriving with a car boot full of food, but the mustard (at £2.50) comes in most handy; my fiancé panics at the thought of steak without it before we explore the larder and find it. Upstairs you’ll find two bedrooms in which the beds, with their white WMC-branded bed linen, are made to hotel-crisp standards and thick curtains ensure light doesn’t seep in at an ungodly hour. I particularly like the chinoiserie woodland-themed wallpaper, the vintage, mirrored-brick-effect wall and the cream and brown leather Starbay trunk reconfigured as a dressing table in the master bedroom. There’s also a rather arresting painting of a naked woman and more amazing vintagelooking hanging crystal and silver beaded light fixtures. The bathroom is huge and features a massive roll top bath and walk-in shower, although beware the low beam. Downstairs, a charming black and white image from April 1964 shows the 10th Duke of Marlborough’s grandchildren walking near Blenheim Palace; this should remind you that WMC provides walking guides for guests and we spend a lovely couple of hours on a five-mile route from Woodstock through parts of the Blenheim Estate. There are also some quaint little pubs en route. If your ideal weekend comprises nothing more than cooking and eating, drinking and reading, walking and interacting with three people or fewer, Water Meadow Cottage should definitely be on your to-visit list. AH Water Meadow Cottage, from £425 per night (minimum two nights), 0870 2255 007;


DORSET: The Priory Hotel “Wareham? Where is that exactly?” asks my partner as we head out of London for a getaway-from-it all weekend break. We tend to steer a course west, towards Wiltshire or Somerset, but this time I’ve suggested heading into Dorset’s previously uncharted territories. We find Wareham, a laidback market town and port dating from the 9th century, tucked discretely behind the South Coast’s big production numbers of Bournemouth, Poole and Swanage. And, as we negotiate the picturesque lanes leading to the Priory, it’s apparent we’ve stumbled on a slice of quaint old England at its quintessential best. The Priory, overlooked by the stately tower of Lady St Mary Church, is a family-run country house hotel with bags of pedigree. Dating from the early 16th century, the house was built with stones taken from ruined older buildings and their warm tones are complemented by jolly herbaceous borders and clambering climbers. The interior is all quirky corridors, polished wood and squashy sofas but it is only when we’re shown to our ‘mini suite’ that the hotel’s trump card hoves into view. Having taken in the traditional decor, embroidered soft furnishings and sweet scent of roses blooming in the gardens below, our eyes are drawn to the panorama framed by the windows. At the end of the green baize lawn dotted with deck chairs and a family of ducks is the River Frome. From time to time small sailing craft gliding by serenely only enhance the hypnotic tranquillity of this bucolic scene. Although our room is a haven of sumptuous cosiness, the bathroom is pure contemporary chic. The vast marble-clad room contains a huge wet room and a capacious copper bath complete with hydra spa, perfectly positioned to take in the views whilst bathing. This careful balance between opulence and practical luxury is maintained in each of the hotel’s 18 ensuite bedrooms, including secluded character suites housed in The Boathouse set beside the river bank. The hotel itself is set within four acres of gardens exuberantly planted in the English ‘Cottage Garden’ style.

BEST FOR: Quintessential England, historica l exploring & afternoon tea


The Priory Hotel

As well as a beautiful, Monet-style, lily-strewn lake fed by the River Frome, where dragonflies and butterflies dip and weave, the gardens embrace mature trees and shrubs, a croquet lawn and rose garden, all set against the backdrop of the church tower. After exploring these idyllic surroundings, we just can’t resist afternoon tea served beneath a pergola wreathed in roses where those resident ducks and elegant yachts continue to provide constant entertainment. Despite scoffing scones, the menu of gourmet delights on offer in the Abbots Cellar Restaurant that evening prove far too enticing to resist. Whilst perusing the menu over pre-dinner drinks in the drawing room, complimentary hors d’oeuvres offer a mouth-watering glimpse of things to come. We’re escorted to the restaurant by David, the Maitre d’ who has worked at the Priory for 32 years and, like many of the cheerful, dedicated and ever helpful staff, feels a deep affection for this convivial hotel. The warm, almost cave-like quality in this candlelit restaurant is perfect for an intimate dinner à deux where the exemplary cuisine and distinctive wines create a memorable finale to a perfect day. The following morning it’s warm enough to enjoy an alfresco breakfast before exploring all that Wareham has


West Sussex: Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa

to offer. We spend an hour amid the fascinating exhibits at the admission-free Town Museum before walking the Saxon earth embankment walls (built to repel the Vikings) which circle the town. As a film buff, I particularly appreciate the independent Rex Cinema, originally created during the 1920s in the town’s Oddfellows Hall. But Wareham’s pièce de résistance is the charming quay surrounded by bars and restaurants. Once a bustling centre of commerce where great sailing vessels docked, it’s now the ultimate period drama location scout’s dream. After strolling along the tow path, ideal for alternative photo opportunities of the quay and The Priory, we decide to explore the river further on board a vintage vessel. The captain, a local cheeky chap who regales his captive audience with fascinating snippets of local history, navigates his craft along the meandering River Frome which borders the Isle of Purbeck. More peninsula than actual island, this captivating countryside is a designated Area of Outstanding Beauty with Corfe Castle featuring as a local landmark. During the course of our cruise, we learn that Wareham was once a stronghold for King Alfred the Great, a centre of action during both Civil Wars and a haunt of local hero, Lawrence of Arabia, who lived nearby. A remarkable effigy of the desert legend can be found at Wareham’s St Martin’s On The Walls Saxon church along with fascinating early medieval wall paintings. We are also in the heart of classic Thomas Hardy country. How fitting then to have discovered The Priory, a haven, ‘far from the madding crowds’. BB

BEST FOR: A relaxing spa escape

It only takes 45 minutes by train to get from London Victoria to Haywards Heath but it feels like a world away from the city. Ockenden Manor is based in the pretty countryside village of Cuckfield and as such its nine acre estate is surrounded by the most beautiful landscape, which is sporting an icy frost glowing in the light of an orange sun when we visit. The spa has been newly renovated and we while away time basking in the pools (indoor and out) and Jacuzzis (also inside and out), followed by some lazy paper-reading and tea-drinking in the lounge. Spa-goers who love water-based treatments should try out the futuristic isopod floatation tank session; it looks like an enormous white bean and opens up to reveal a low-lit, salty water pool in which you float for an hour. We recommend not worrying about whether you’ll fall asleep (and removing your contact lenses if you wear them) in order to benefit from an intensely invigorating sleep session; floating is lovely enough. Alternatively, try the gentle and relaxing aromatherapy massage. Top it all off with a Pilates class, complete with exercise ball, and you’re bound to feel both righteous and restored. PJ The 24 hour escape from London starts from £455 based on two people sharing a standard room and includes dinner, breakfast, an hour’s spa treatment, an isopod floatation tank session and a fitness class each (yoga, Pilates, Zumba or Nordic walking depending on day and availability). Single occupancy starts from £280 per person and includes all of the aforementioned. 01444 416111;

The Priory Hotel is a member of Pride of Britain Hotels (a consortium of 49 privately-owned independent British hotels). One night from £265 per room (two sharing) includes dinner and breakfast Contact Pride of Britain Hotels (; 0800 089 3929) to book



No. 131, Cheltenham

Gloucestershire: No. 131, Cheltenham


Lots of hotels say that they “blend classic comforts with modern essentials” without actually delivering the aforementioned merger satisfactorily and this is annoying; a heavenly-soft bed and free bottled water don’t make one feel better about paying for Wi-Fi. Happily, 131 delivers the comforts and the essentials equally well, and I don’t ever want to leave. Despite the bar being set high before we even arrive (thanks to praise from a very discerning local couple), we’re greeted warmly by the lovely Eva and expectations are quickly exceeded. 131 is a little haven of contemporary cool in the heart of Cheltenham and once you’ve eaten/slept here, you’ll want to tell friends about it, but pick your favourites; there are only 11 rooms. During race weeks or the Literary Festival, in particular, it’s bound to fill up early. Mr & Mrs Smith are right; room 6 is exceptionally lovely and I feel at home the moment we enter (if ‘home’ was in fact a beautiful Georgian villa rather than a London flat). It’s high-ceilinged and white-walled, with dark wood floorboards, thick cream curtains, a pile of smart coffee table books and a beautiful, big, freestanding bath. The bed is incredibly wide and snuggly, complete with Egyptian cotton bed linen, cosy teal throws and hot water bottles with cream knitted covers (courtesy of a brilliantly named brand; Three Thieving Magpies) and there’s tea and Nespresso stations too. The bathroom is huge, with a rain shower, double sinks and the most thoughtfully stocked toiletries bowl I’ve encountered in years, as well as organic 100 Acres bathroom products. I’m firmly against TVs-in-bedrooms, usually, but my fiancé and I agree that having Sky on the Loewe TV (which retracts into a unit at the end of the bed when you want it to be invisible again) is quite cool, especially when we retire, absolutely stuffed and very happy, after an exceptional supper. It’s great British food at its best, with a selection of proper country meats (pork belly, lamb shank, venison, steak every which way) and decadent seafood (lobster and oysters). I adore the creamy shallot, chestnut and thyme soup and, although not to my taste, my fiancé loves his unusual cauliflower, cheddar, grape and almond salad. The main courses are also exceptional; I recommend the succulent roast chicken breast with creamed cabbage and bacon and the rich, hearty venison loin. We have great difficulty choosing desserts because there are half a dozen we want to try but the ones we try are generously-portioned and sweettooth-satisfying; treacle tart with salted caramel ice cream and hot chocolate orange pudding. And so to bed.

BEST FOR: Cotswolds chic, brilliant bedrooms & GSOH


A thoughtful touch is a complimentary ‘morning wake-up’ tray, then breakfast (“Help yourself from the table” includes tea/coffee at £12pp). Alternatively, choose from the cooked menu and enjoy whatever tickles your fancy, whether it’s eggs with soldiers, devilled kidneys, oysters or porridge. If you have time, which sadly we don’t (London and the office beckon), chill out in the upper ground floor living room areas, which are cosy and cool, full of squishy sofas, velvet armchairs, silver-based and burgundy-shaded lamps, cool artwork, big woodenplanked coffee tables, fireplaces and magazines. As we drive away, we decide that we need to go back, to try a few more of the enticingly-named cocktails, shoot some pool, while away a night in Crazy Eights – 131’s “own little den of iniquity” – and languish in the living room with the Sunday papers. So we’re booked in and coming back in May; I can’t wait. AH No. 131, 131 Promenade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1NW; 01242 822939;

Summer of 69 Canada’s Montreal, a city rich in culture and history, could seem a overwhelming place to visit. Olivia Sharpe presents her guide of the best things to see and do while staying at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel


The year was 1969 and the Vietnamese War was raging. At this time, John Lennon and his new wife, Yoko Ono, decided to hold a series of filmed ‘Bed-ins for Peace’ as a non-violent protest against war. Allowing the couple to conduct the protest was risky to say the least, especially considering that they were fast becoming controversial public figures (Lennon had been refused entry into America due to his cannabis conviction the year before). In spite of this, The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal was one of the few hotels to welcome them with open arms and during their memorable stay they invited a number of their most influential friends including Timothy Leary and Al Capp, to visit them in suite 1742 and recorded the song, Give Peace a Chance; this later became the anthem of the American anti-war movement. Fast-forward 45 years and I found myself posing for peace sign ‘selfies’ on the bed that now sits in the legendary suite; last year saw the hotel celebrating this monumental anniversary with an exhibition. However, John and Yoko are not the only notable people to have previously stayed here. Christened after Queen Elizabeth (thereby cementing Canadian and English relations), the Fairmont has been frequented by members of royalty and heads of state ever since it opened back in 1958. So, while a relative newcomer on the hotel scene, it is already steeped in history, not to mention being home to the historic Beaver Club; a former elite gentleman’s club first founded by Montreal’s notorious English speaking, fur-trading ‘barons’ in 1785, which serves as a private event space. The Fairmont has ensured it hasn’t remained stuck in the past, however, and is currently undergoing an extensive renovation programme to keep it up to date for its modern clientele. It comprises 982 rooms, 79 of which are Fairmont Gold rooms and suites, offering guests additional benefits such as exclusive access to their own


private lounge and concierge service. (I feel it is my duty to point out that this is the only tier to provide free WiFi, a lack of which I consider to be a cardinal sin of any five-star establishment.) Apart from this, however, I could not fault the hotel during my stay and while the Fairmont Gold level is more expensive than the standard package, the private lounge provides panoramic views of the city as you enjoy a buffet breakfast, making it well worth the extra cost. Stepping inside my suite, I was welcomed by a sophisticated decor featuring a muted colour palette of creams and taupes, with an extravagant four-poster bed, mahogany writing desk and elegant armchair. The hotel has been designed to cater for businessmen, couples and young families looking for a comfortable place to stay and therefore has everything you could possibly need, including the celebrated Le Montréalais Bistrot headed up by executive chef Sébastien Giannini, a health club encompassing an indoor swimming pool, children’s wading pool and gym, and the Gibson Salon Spa. However, Montreal in the summer is not the place for staying indoors, this being when Montrealers finally emerge from their winter hibernation period and, as though making up for lost time, the city comes alive with music, art, film and comedy festivals. The Fairmont’s convenient location, situated above the main train station and connected to the vast underground city of shops and restaurants, makes it all the more ideal. Here in Downtown Montreal, you will fully appreciate why the city is one of just three to have been awarded the prestigious UNESCO City of Design. The bustling, cosmopolitan area is where Victorian brownstones meet soaring skyscrapers and towering neo-Gothic churches. For the more energetic among you, I suggest spending your first morning walking up Mount Royal (the city’s namesake), where you will be able to make your lie of the land with unsurpassable views of St Lawrence River, the Botanical Gardens and the Olympic Park. The main street running across Downtown is Saint Catherine Street and, lined with high street stores and

fashion boutiques, it is every keen shopper’s dream. This was once where the city’s most prominent department stores could be found, many of which have now been converted into modern retailers (excluding Ogilvy’s which remains a permanent fixture). From mid-May until mid-September, it is completely closed to traffic, transforming itself into one large pedestrian area where stores sell outside and restaurants and bars serve on open-air terraces. For an indulgent lunch, book a table at Birks Café par Europea within the legendary Birks jewellery store, built in 1879. When visiting a new place, it is almost unavoidable not to get roped into visiting some of the more predictable tourist sites but fortunately for

Montreal in the summer is when the city comes alive, with an abundance of festivals Montreal, many of these are worthy of a visit. In order to fully appreciate its history, you must take a trip to Old Montreal, the oldest area in the city, where the preserved cobbled streets continue to be a stomping ground for horse-drawn carriages. While you may well be advised by tourist boards to go to Pointe-à-Callière, the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History, I would personally avoid it at all costs, having spent an agonising few hours being given a rather patronising breakdown of the city’s past, information which I could have easily read in a guide book free of charge. I would instead take a stroll down the charming, historic streets, making pitstops as you do so at certain key sites, including Château Ramezay, the former residence of Montreal’s governer in the 18th century, and Marché Bonsecours; acknowledged as one of Canada’s ten finest heritage buildings, inside it houses 15 boutiques selling unique Quebec gifts. And of course, you cannot


visit Montreal without sampling its signature flavouring, maple syrup, courtesy of Les Délices de l’Érable. After your sugar comedown, head to the stunning Notre-Dame Basilica; with its dramatic and colourful interior and unusual stained glass windows depicting scenes, not of the biblical variety, but illustrating the history of Montreal, the building is a monument to the Gothic Revival architectural movement. From here, you’re a short walk away from St James Street; christened after London’s own St James’s Street, it was once the centre of Montreal’s financial district and the 19th century, neoclassical style bank buildings have thankfully been preserved. The former merchant bank is now the iconic Le St James hotel, where Elton John and Madonna have both previously stayed, and the formal Banker’s Hall features its renowned XO Le Restaurant, a swish and trendy hotspot headed up by head chef Julien Robillard. Montreal is often categorised as a French-Canadian city but it is clear, not just from its architecture but from its sophisticated and varied cuisine, that it is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Take Chinatown, for instance; like London, it is distinguishable by the large pagoda marking its entrance and features a wealth of Asian restaurants, food markets and convenience stores. Food markets are something of a speciality in Montreal and the majority are open all year round. Marché Jean Talon in Little Italy, for example, is one of the largest open-air markets in North America and is a favourite haunt for locals and chefs alike, offering everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to Quebec specialities. I’d also heartily recommend restaurant Salmigondis which, having opened in Little Italy last year, is a relative newcomer to the dining scene but is already a huge hit. From Little Italy, you’re not too far away from Mile End; considered one of Montreal’s most fashionable neighbourhoods, it is home to artists, musicians, writers, and filmmakers, not to mention two of Montreal’s most renowned bagel houses; St-Viateur Bagel and Fairmont Bagel. Stepping inside St-Viateur, my personal favourite, and taking in the intoxicating

smell of freshly-cooked bagels, which come in 11 different varieties and are specially prepared in an oven using honey, I defy even the most restrained among you not to walk out with a bag (or two). Although there is an endless choice of restaurants available (some might argue too many), street food has recently witnessed a revival. After the 66-year-old ban was lifted a couple of years ago, vendor trucks have since hit the ground running, taking advantage of the outdoor festivals and events which consume the city during the summer. Ranging from sandwich joints and hotdog vendors to surf ‘n’ turf and vegan, you will be quite spoilt for choice. Speaking of festivals, Montreal has well-earned its reputation for being Canada’s ‘culture capital’ (as dubbed by Monocle Magazine). The most popular festivals include the Montreal International Jazz Festival, now in its 36th edition, which takes place between 26 June and 5 July; the Osheaga music and arts festival, from 31 July to 2 August, and Just for Laughs, the largest comedy event in the world (throughout June). If none of these take your fancy, there’s also the Formula 1 Grand Prix, 5-7 June. Many of these take place in Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal’s official entertainment district. With food, festivals and famous sites, Montreal in the summer is an amazing place to visit. With the train situation located just underneath the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, it seems foolish not to take advantage of this too and explore more of the beautiful country.

more information Nightly rates at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth start from £95 for a Fairmont room: book via fairmont. com/queen-elizabeth-montreal. Destination Quebec: Flights:




Something Old, Something

The decadent imperial culture of Vienna draws Hannah Lemon into the city’s royal palaces, hotels and museums but with enough flair to bring its rich history waltzing into the 21st century

ienna has been the breeding ground for monumental music; Schubert and Strauss (known as the Waltz King) were born and bred in the romantic city, while Mozart and Beethoven came here to be inspired by the rich culture, architecture and history. As I arrive at the Hotel Imperial, which sits on the Ringstrasse – a boulevard of show-piece buildings built on the order of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria in the 19th century – I can see that this musical influence is imbedded in the recent €11 million renovation of the building. The lower floor provides a convenient path from the grand entrance, to the piano bar etched with musical notes, through to the konzertkassen (music hall) across the road. Interior designer Alexander Kravetz later tells me that the renovation took place in a “jazz environment” where there was lots of musical “improvisation” in the selection of materials and design ideas. We’re greeted by GM Klaus Christandl, the perfect Austrian gent; he is formal, smart and greets everyone by name with a courteous bow and smile. He points out the portraits of Prince Philipp of Württemberg and his wife Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria, for whom the hotel (originally a palace) was built. A marble corridor down the side of the building has a timeline illustrating through images and text the hotel’s illustrious guests from Richard Wagner, Emperor Franz Joseph, Johannes Brahms, Charlie Chaplin, Sigmund Freud and HM The Queen to more modern pop stars such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and the Rolling Stones. The latter list is something the staff are particularly keen to highlight; Vienna is not the city of old that some people think it is. I’ve only walked to the lift and I’m already in awe. However, as the doors ping open and my suitcase is

wheeled into a deluxe suite, I stand agog. Beautiful blue drapes fringed with gold tassels sashay around the window, an oil painting of a Viennese aristocrat hangs above a writing desk and sofas, and the impressive bathroom comes complete with a sparkling chandelier. It’s my very own Viennese palace. After I’ve freshened up, I am hailed (reluctantly) from my lavish sanctuary to sample Wiener schnitzel at Café Imperial Wien. If you haven’t tried traditional Viennese cuisine before, this is definitely the place to start. The food is a simple but appetising take on traditional recipes; consommé with semolina dumpling to start, followed by schnitzel and plum cake for dessert.

The bathroom comes complete with a chandelier; it’s my very own Viennese palace The strip of battered veal is the highlight, mainly because of its size (it looks like a large deflated beach ball is covering my plate). I am told to get used to the epic portions because, apparently, the Viennese love to eat. I don’t doubt it, judging by these generous helpings. After our meal, we wander to Schloss Schönbrunn, the summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Empress Elisabeth (more popularly known as Sisi). For a summer residence it is a most enviable size; the elaborate building is supported by elegant pillars and through an archway by the entrance you can see down to the end of the beautifully sculpted park. We are shown round the exquisite Rococo style rooms by a tour guide whose passion for the imperial lifestyle is evident; he even lives in the palace grounds. We learn about the


nuances of imperial history: metre-squared ‘Emperor napkins’, which were folded into an intricate shape for the monarch, were made using a formula that is still used and remains a secret; the Emperor’s small appetite, which meant that guests (who had to stop eating when he did) went hungry at state dinners and so went out into town for Tafelspitz (now a national dish of boiled beef in broth) to satisfy their appetites; and the sad history of the family – the Emperor’s first daughter died in infancy and their only son committed suicide at the age of 30. Music takes to the stage once more as our guide leads us through the Hall of Mirrors where Mozart played to a private audience in 1772 at the age of six. Ready to dine like royalty (again), we return to the hotel’s Opus restaurant for a four-course meal. The renovated restaurant is another hint at attempts to rejuvenate the old, with geometric patterns that adorn the walls and modern furniture to tastefully complement the rest of the hotel’s interior. The chef experiments with delicate and modern creations of porcini mushrooms, apple and parsnip-marinated scallops and aged Austrian beef. Before long, I’m satisfyingly full again. No rest for the wicked though; we’re invited for a midnight tour of the Kunstkammer (cabinet of curiosities) at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, where Renaissance and baroque art meet science. There is something for everyone: the enchanting, part-enamelled, gold Cellini

Salt Cellar sculpture for the more discerning tourist and the intricate and amusing detail of the automata for the less studious. I find myself falling into the latter category and am entertained by the automata of Diana on a Centaur, which is designed to move along a dining table with the clockwork causing the centaur to shoot an arrow in the direction of a guest, who then has to empty his glass – a 15th century drinking game, I’m told. Somewhat more enlightened, I make it back to the hotel to fall into my gloriously comfortable bed and dream of princes, palaces and waltzes. The next day, after a buffet breakfast in the Café Imperial, we head off to the famous Spanish Riding School. This is, of course, a main attraction in the city and well worth a visit. The historic and formal attire of the Viennese culture is emblazoned in the dramatic architecture of the riding school and the ceremonial attire of the riders. The venue has displayed classical horsemanship for more than 430 years, but it is extremely difficult to get into the troop with only two or three new riders taken on each year. The riding school exudes extravagance; pillars and ornate stone provide a balustrade for an audience to watch the horses practise and a row of chandeliers glisten down on the performance below. We sit in the royal box at the end, which can be rented out for special occasions. A portrait of Emperor Charles VI, who commissioned the building, hangs behind us and the riders doff their caps to him as they enter the building. The grey Lipizzan stallions perform an intricate sort of ballet trotting around the school, while one horse drops to its hind legs and expertly hops, or chassés, several times across the sand. Emerging from the riding school, we’re in the perfect place to explore the architecture and culture of the opulent city. The first district’s pedestrianised Goldenes Quartier is a short walk away, with all the usual luxury suspects decorating the street: Versace, Armani, Miu Miu and Europe’s largest Prada store. If flashing the credit card makes you weary, I recommend heading to Café Central. This old Viennese institution, visited by Franz Kafka and Sigmund


Freud, is filled with decadent puddings, tortes and cakes and is the ideal resting place for a cup of coffee. It is easy to imagine why the 19th century intellectuals enjoyed coming here to smoke pipes and debate current affairs – old wooden frames are still used to hold the newspapers. Above the café is the Palais Events (another extravagantly-styled collection of rooms), which have been everything from a stock exchange to, quite shockingly, a basketball court but are now rented out for functions and weddings. You can also head out to the Pfarrwirt in Vienna’s leafy district, which serves hearty but elegant Austrian cuisine. Or you can pop next door to the heuriger (wine tavern) for a more rural experience in a cobbled courtyard amongst the vines, which used to be a favourite of Beethoven’s. In the evening, I head back to the hotel to prepare for the grand opening ball to celebrate the renovation of the building. It is during this event that I realise the Viennese desire to close the generation gap between older travellers and a younger, more creative generation. A video entitled A New Imperial History shows the clientele the Hotel Imperial expects to accommodate in the future; a stylish young woman in decadent fur, a well-groomed couple with two energetic young children, an older woman and her toy-boy, and even a transvestite with her pampered pooches. The film is reflected in the event hosted by the hotel; pyramids of Imperial Tortes (which the hotel is well-known for having created) are stacked to the ceiling; models with striking make-up and designer dresses parade around the royal suite; and a banquet of food downstairs, being sampled by hungry guests, is piled high on a bed of grass along a grand dining table. The quirkiness and intrigue of the event is an important step for the hotel and Vienna to showcase the cool, young vibe that they expertly mix with the rich culture and history of the city. Although it is obvious from my few days here that they do mix the old with the new remarkably well, I think it will take a while for others to see through the striking architecture and the courteous manners of the Viennese to an edgier side. But in the meantime, the picturesque city is the perfect place to experience romantic palaces and classical decadence. And what’s wrong with that?

More information: A stay at Hotel Imperial Vienna, a Luxury Collection Hotel, starts from £321 per double room per night, including taxes, charges and breakfast. To book, call 008000 325 45454 or visit


200 years crafting a cognac with the perfect blend of aromas, so you can enjoy this moment.

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Local Talent

Finding the best ‘local’ is an endeavour close to the heart of most Londoners. A good pub has to maintain the intricate balance between the nostalgic comfort of good ale and cosy seats, and a certain sophistication that includes creative food and an extensive wine list. For those who live anywhere near All Saints Road we have the answer; The Red Lemon Pub, which is owned and run by Alli Kyle with help from head chef David Green. Guests can expect unique takes on traditional British pub dining, such as pig’s trotter with mustard mayo, kedgeree and mango chutney instead of a Scotch egg. We popped in on a Sunday and had a pork roast with all the trimmings and refreshing sorbets to finish. And we weren’t disappointed. It’s time to call the search off. The Red Lemon, 45 All Saints Road, W11 1HE


A Caveman’s Delight

With more people jumping on the Paleolithic-diet bandwagon, or just ‘paleo’ as it is more commonly known, there is finally a restaurant to cater for the caveman craze. Though the diet excludes dairy products, grains, legumes, processed oils and refined sugars, the menu at Pure Taste is anything but boring; expect to enjoy dishes like fresh mussels in a Thai coconut broth and sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel ice cream. And if you’re sceptical that the menu features one-hit wonders, you will be pleased to know that it changes every eight weeks to feature fresh and seasonal ingredients, proving that the paleo diet isn’t as restrictive as you might have feared. Cavemen might have not been wine aficionados either but luckily at Pure Taste you can wash down your meal with a biodynamic wine or gluten-free beer. Pure Taste London, 115 Westbourne Grove, W2 4UP;

The Way to One’s Heart It has been said by some that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If this saying rings true for your partner, and you both happen to be a fan of the classic American steakhouse, then we’d suggest a visit to JW Steakhouse at Grosvenor House, a hotel that’s been open since 1929. Start with a glass of champagne in The Park Room before settling down to supper and a menu that is mouth-wateringly meaty; if you opt for the good ol’ US of A beef, it’ll be Creekstone Kansas Black Angus while the British cuts come from the Macken Brothers of Chiswick, who produce grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef and lamb. The toppings are suitably decadent too; Jumbo Shrimp, Blue Cheese Crust and ‘Oscar’ Lump Crab with asparagus béarnaise. Afterwards, try one of nearly 200 types of bourbons at the Bourbon Bar before checking into one of the very newly refurbished suites to make Valentine’s Day 2015 extra special.




Bears, Moose and Beavers: Oh My! Transporting you to a cowboy’s shindig in the wild, wild West, the newly opened Beaver Lodge in Chelsea is the perfect spot for a quirky night of saucy saloon fun. You’ll feel like you’re in a log cabin in the heart of the wilderness of Wyoming, kitted out, unsurprisingly, with the likes of grizzly bears, moose heads and, of course, a beaver. With a selection of hearty American liquor-based drinks such as boilermakers, hardshakes and single serves, alongside a classic lumberjack’s Samuel Adams, it might be a challenge to stay in line while attempting to line dance. Kick your spurs to the sound of American rock ‘n’ roll and top DJs; yee haw! Beaver Lodge, 266 Fulham Road, SW10 9EL;

Catcher in the Rye Contemporary Danish kitchen Snaps & Rye has landed in Westbourne Grove, providing locals with all the best dishes of Danish cuisine. Smørrebrød is served with homemade organic rye bread with toppings such as house-cured herring and organic pork, which is paired perfectly with traditional sides of salads and meatballs. In addition to the delectable open sandwiches, the menu is complemented by a selection of Akvavit cocktails as well as house-infused Akvavit snaps. If you’re craving something sweet to finish be sure not to miss out on the classic Danish apple cake for dessert. And for those cold days when we find it a bit hard to leave our warm abode, Snaps & Rye will deliver locally. Snaps & Rye, 93 Golborne Road, W10 5NL

Asian Persuasion With a plethora of choices in China Town which offers dumplings and dim sum every which way, Asian restaurants face steep competition in London. Upping the ante on the usual chow mein and lemon chicken, Chai Wu, located in the opulent setting of Harrods and opening on 18 January, delivers a diverse menu which incorporates specialty and luxury ingredients with exquisite additions, such as Chilean sea-bass dumplings with gold leaf, poussin with spicy chilli-lime dressing, Beijing duck and Alaskan king crab with soy glaze. The interior design was inspired by the five elements in Chinese philosophy – earth, fire, wood, metal and water – resulting in a chic mix of marble, leather and timber. The theatrical grill in the centre of the restaurant makes for great entertainment as you enjoy a round (or two) of dim sum. Chai Wu, fifth floor of Harrods;

Tea for Choo There is nothing like enjoying an afternoon tea with girlfriends and putting the world to rights after a hefty shopping session on the Brompton Road and we can report that The Berkeley’s Caramel Room is the perfect place to do just this, resting your feet while sampling the Prêt-àPortea menu, a catwalk-inspired twist on the traditional English tea, which changes every six months. Tea, 1pm to 5.30pm, comprises a selection of fresh sandwiches followed by a refillable cake stand of savoury bites including marinated swordfish, chicken and chestnut cones and celeriac mousse. The pièce de résistance is definitely the handcrafted assortment of colourful cakes and biscuits; we ate a Candy Clutch, a Dwyer Ankle Boot, an Anouk Stiletto and a bright orange Rebel Handbag from the exclusive Jimmy Choo collection, the latter of which was recreated in orange icing and gold leaf. The latest tea is inspired by fashion labels Moschino, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few, so if you’ve decided you can’t afford any more designer shoes, it’s time to opt for the Champagne Pret-A-Portea, a pinch of the price of a pair of heels at £51 per person. Hannah Lemon

Heart to Heart February and chocolate seem to be synonymous and whether you’re receiving sweet treats on Valentine’s Day or buying some for yourself, here’s a line-up that will have your tastebuds tingling. While some might think hearts are a little kitsch, we’re all for those that are filled with quality chocolates. Pretty in pink and adorned with a bow, the Godiva Valentine’s heart gift box features 11 Belgian chocolates including three new chocolate fondants. Marzipan lovers should look no further than the heart box from Niederegger, containing individual chocolate marzipan hearts. And of course we couldn’t omit local chocolatier Alexeeva & Jones; its heart box houses a rather exotic collection of caramels, honey chocolates and whisky truffles. When in doubt, try them all.

Alexeeva & Jones heart box, £45 (300g)

The Berkeley, Wilton Place, SW1X 7RL

Godiva Valentine’s heart-shaped gift box, £23,


Bacon... Not Stirred

Because there can never be enough bars in London, especially gin bars, we were thrilled to hear of a new addition in the neighbourhood. Situated across from Hyde Park, Streaky Gin is a bacon-centric bar (yes, really) fusing two popular elements of British and American food and drink culture. When you enter, you’ll see a unique chandelier hanging from the 20-foot-high ceiling and a lit GIN sign over the customdesigned bar. As the night progresses, and if you’re feeling a little more mischievous than you were at the start of it, seek out the hidden stairs in the English phone box leading down to the speakeasy where mixologists, including GQ Mixologist of the Year Cricket Nelson, will whip up a slew of tantalising libations including the famous Streaky Gin cocktail consisting of English Bombay dry gin infused with, as you might have guessed, American streaky bacon.

Niederegger heart box £35,

Streaky Gin, 1 Palace Gate, W8 5LS;


Sid Owen

Brendan Cole and wife Zoe

Jaime Winstone

Sarah Harding

Lisa Snowdon

Lizzie Cundy

Dakota Blue Richards

Lilah Parsons

Mark Foster and Cirque performers

Heidi Range

Sir Paul Smith

Arlene Phillips

Jon Culshaw

Henry Conway

Gail Porter and Esther Rantzen

Jo Wood

Chris Robshaw and Camilla Kerslake

Natt Weller

Donna Air and daughter Freya

LONDON LIVING Photography: Lisa Lobanova

Bidding Time

Natalia Stavskaya, Lubov Zaytseva, Katy Chaisova and Veronika Lane

WHAT: Russian Crystal Auction Party WHEN: 16 December 2014 WHERE: Mari Vanna, Knightsbridge WHO: Yevgeny Chichvarkin, Alina Blinova, Sol Campbell, Ekaterina Zalitko, Dina Korzun and Svetlana Chikhireva WHY: We all get nostalgic for home during the holidays and so Russian restaurant Mari Vanna decided to host a special party that would have made any Russian expat smile. VIP guests, all dressed to impress for the festive occasion, enjoyed traditional culinary dishes such as golubtzi (stuffed cabbage), Siberian pelmeni (dumplings) and vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms, after a healthy serving of caviar and a shot or two of the finest selection of vodka (courtesy of Russian Standard), of course. After satisfying their appetites, those in attendance pulled out their pocket books for a friendly evening of bidding on last minute Christmas gifts. All in all, it was the perfect way to start the holiday season.

Katerina Nikitina, Svetlana Chikhireva and friend Maria Gulyaeva and Ekaterina Zalitko

Natalia Stavskaya and Yulia Tapygina

An Acrobatic Act WHAT: Kooza's opening night WHEN: 6 January 2015 WHERE: Sub-Zero & Wolf showroom, Brompton Road, SW3 WHO: Donna Air, Brendan Cole, Sarah Harding, Arlene Phillips, Lisa Snowdon and Natt Weller WHY: It proved to be a swingin’ good time at the Royal Albert Hall for the opening of the Cirque du Soleil show Kooza. Among the socialites and celebrities in attendance were fashion designer Sir Paul Smith, Donna Air, Derren Brown and Nick Candy, to name a few, who, in between the thrilling, adrenaline-packed acrobatic acts, enjoyed mingling and chatting with champagne and a healthy dose of chocolate truffles. The riveting finale had the audience on the edge of their seats and afterwards the unitard-clad performers left the magical kingdom of Kooza to circulate among the party at Sub-Zero & Wolf for photo opportunities, which the likes of Mark Foster certainly took advantage of.

Helle Hammonds, Susie Hammonds and Becky Watson

Natasha Van De Minkelis and Andrej Cholodov

Monica Ainley and Katie Readman

Away in a Manger WHAT: Mary Katrantzou’s party at Joseph WHEN: 16 December 2014 WHERE: Joseph store, Westbourne Grove WHO: Lilah Parsons, Jessie Thomas, Katie Readman, Victoria Garwood and Charlie Fitzroy WHY: Stepping outside of its South Kensington home, local nightclub Boujis decided to get into the party spirit by hosting a pop-up bar for the ‘Mary and Joseph’ Christmas event, which proved to be a holy collaboration between two heavyweights in the fashion industry: British designer Mary Katrantzou and luxury brand Joseph. In lieu of a manger, the soirée was held at Joseph’s Notting Hill store where guests such as MTV presenter Lilah Parsons and girl-about-town Katie Readman sipped on Christmas-themed drinks, such as the ‘Frankinscense’ martini, comprising Prosecco, Rosato and mint. And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Boujis party without music, which was provided by DJ Shivas Howard-Brown.

Katie Readman and guests

Bespoke cocktails Mary Katrantzou and Sirlene Di Santolo

Alexander Giantsis and Bev Malik

Lilah Parsons


The Concierge What is it you require, sir? How may I help, madam? The Concierge is here to help with every need, whim or wish, however great or small Apparel

Katharine Pooley

Hydrohealing Spa


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Looking Ahead What should we expect from Prime Central London in 2015?

Image courtesy of Harrods Estates


Property News PRIME RESI provides us with a comprehensive monthly round-up of key news about the local luxury property market

Journey to the Top Kensington and Chelsea house prices have risen by over 170% in the last ten years: The centre cannot hold, notes CBRE in its annual Hot 100 report, as a widening price gyre spreads from central London to the greater capital. A decade of stellar performance in the central and golden postcodes seems to have passed peak, with outer boroughs outperforming most prime heartlands over the last year. RBKC sits in Image courtesy of/ CBRE third place for house price growth among London’s boroughs both over the last 12 months and over the last ten years. A 20.7% increase through 2014 – behind Lambeth’s 40.1% and Wandsworth’s 22.2% – takes ten-year growth to 170.5%. Only the City of London (194.1%) and Westminster (183.5%) have seen prices rise further since 2005.

The Harrods Effect Is a shop the heart of Knightsbridge? Harrods has made play to position itself at the epicentre of London’s high net worth neighbourhood, mapping some “huge jumps in property value the closer a resident lives to the store” and setting out a “discernible catchment area for Harrods Estates” around the Knightsbridge shop. Luxury developments within promenading distance of the 110-year-old department store include Finchatton’s The Lansbury, Candy & Candy’s One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge Developments’ 199 The Knightsbridge, Berkeley’s Number One Hans Crescent and Crown Dilmun’s 17-22 Trevor Square (the Harrods Depository building). Now the estate agency is arguing that these schemes have been built in concentric circles around Harrods; ‘The Harrods Effect’. An apartment sold within a five minute walk of Harrods attracts a 14% per square foot price premium over those 5–10 minutes away, and a 60% price premium over those 15–20 minutes away. The average home within a five minute (360 metres) walk of Harrods costs £2.4m, and the average value for all residential properties sold between 2011 and 2014 was £2,149 per sq ft.

Image courtesy of/ Harrods Estates and Dataloft

Market Comment Guessing Game Elena Dimova, managing director of CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, looks in the property market’s crystal ball

Are ‘year ahead’ market analysts’ predictions usually accurate? Perhaps this is a question you should ask your banker or stockbroker. Some are; many are not. Do we know what will happen in our lives in the next 12 months? We may know ourselves well, yet life brings surprises, twists and turns, challenges and opportunities. For market experts to predict what will happen, they take what is known, make assumptions about certain eventualities, analyse past trends and make future forecasts; but they cannot predict the surprises, and there will be many. This is why, typically, over a year the market behaves differently to what the consensus view is at the onset; things happen along the way that were not a given in January.

There will always be a buyer willing to pay the right price What we know is that the Stamp Duty regime has changed, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for overseas people is coming into play from April 2015 and Thursday 7 May is General Election day. These are the points made when painting a picture of a jittery market in the months to come. Interestingly, we are hearing these arguments from buyers with live offers on the table. Surely, the fact that they are buying speaks for itself. Smart sellers who need to sell are listing earlier in the year to beat those who will follow the conventional wisdom to list in spring and would have to compete with more supply closer to the CGT April date. Where the market goes in the next few months is anybody’s guess. What we should not forget is the compelling long-term demographic story for property ownership in London; both a local and an overseas one. There is a great amount of new wealth being created in regions such as the Far East, where people are looking for a home in London, as a means of diversification and asset protection. For the right property in the right location, there will always be a buyer willing to pay the right price. CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, 10 Clarendon Road, W11 3AA 020 7229 1414;


PrimeQResi Journal of Prime Property

Moscow Movers Wave of £100m+ enquiries hits London as super-rich flee Moscow: Wealthy Russians are flocking to the Royal Borough to “get their money out of Moscow”after a dramatic currency plunge – dropping 50% against sterling – in December heightened fears of an economic meltdown. Beauchamp Estates registered a clutch of six £100m+ Russian buyers – all looking to buy across Kensington, Belgravia and Mayfair – in just a few days, and witnessed a 10% boost in enquiries from Russian buyers. “Wealthy Russians are desperate to get their money out of Moscow at present,” claims Gary Hersham, Managing Director of Beauchamp. “I currently have half a dozen Russian clients urgently looking to spend over £20 million each on buying a new home in Prime Central London. For them the address must be Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Mayfair or Regent’s Park, it’s got to be a prestigious postcode and ideally a park side or leafy address.” Knight Frank, JLL and Rokstone have all reported similar experiences, with JLL predicting that “between 200 and 300 Russian investors could flock to the capital in the next six months looking for an investment”. “There has been a big upturn in Russian buyers since the collapse of the rouble and the slowdown in the Russian economy due to international sanctions,” says Rokstone’s Becky Fatemi. “Wealthy Russians want to get money out of Moscow and deposit it in safe havens; London real estate is a no brainer for them. Over the last 12 months Russian clients have purchased over £100 million worth of prime London residential property via us. Before the rouble collapse just one in five of my clients was Russian; currently two or three in five are Russian.”

A Fresh Start NICK CRAYSON, founder of Crayson estate agents, asks us to look at the next 12 months with fresh eyes and a new lease of life

MANY OF US USE the Christmas and New Year break to re-evaluate things, take stock and make plans for the year ahead. It is a great time to see how we feel about the previous year and what changes we can make to advance further towards our goals. I am not going to use this column to eulogise on the good and the great but more to expand on what I think is an important trend. It has been developing more and more in recent times, which touches me and which I feel could be influencing you: a heartfelt desire to improve our work/life balance and a growing feeling that work needs to represent our core values. If work represented our core values entirely then there would be no need to foster some work/life balance as work would be ‘life’. Humans are becoming more conscious about how we spend time on this planet and with that time being finite this is surely an important objective. The need to feel authentic is to me the most important driver. If I can inject my core values into what I do in life, then surely the outcome will be completely authentic. This is really what we are doing

Russian Embassy, 5 Kensington Palace Gardens Photography by/ Kevin Thompson (CC by SA 3-0)

at Crayson. Having studied the business of trading London’s brick and mortar for some time, I felt that this was a business that could benefit from creativity and authenticity – two of my core values. Furthermore, if all the company’s team are doing the same then the results are truly exceptional. We have spent the past four years honing things and 2015 will be our time to demonstrate our strengths to the full. We deliver something different and you can see this easily from the testimonials on our website, which are verbatim quotes from named clients and buyers with a dated reference for the property they have sold or bought. I hope that you or one of your family or friends find the opportunity this year to come and chat to us and maybe even let us show you what we can do? I think that you will enjoy the experience. Crayson, 10 Lambton Place, W11 2SH; 020 7221 1117


Chepstow Villas, Notting Hill W11 Stunning one bedroom flat

A rare opportunity to acquire a light and well‐proportioned one bedroom flat with a fantastic roof terrace set in arguably one of the most desirable locations in Notting Hill. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, reception room, open plan kitchen, balcony, roof terrace. EPC rating D. Approximately 69.2 sq m ﴾745 sq ft﴿ Share of Freehold 020 8166 5449

Guide price: £1,200,000 ﴾NGH140258﴿

44E Chepstow Villas K&C Feb

06/01/2015 13:42:43



Pembridge Villas, Notting Hill W11

Beautifully modern town house with off‐street parking A spacious house that was part of the Berkeley homes development, offering great entertaining and bedroom accommodation. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, double reception room, kitchen, study, utility room, terrace, 2 patios, secure off‐street parking. EPC rating C. Approximately 264 sq m ﴾2,843 sq ft﴿ 020 8166 5449

Freehold Guide price: £4,950,000 ﴾NGH080212﴿

K&C -February - 7e Pembridge Villas

18/12/2014 12:51:03




Lansdowne Road, Notting Hill W11

Pembridge Place, Notting Hill W2

Sunderland Terrace, Notting Hill W2

Your professionalism was outstanding throughout and showed the importance of access to good quality buyers

SOLD Hereford Road, Notting Hill W2

SOLD St. Marks Place, Notting Hill W11

Vendor To find out how we can help you, please contact us. 020 7229 0229 294 Westbourne Grove London W11 2PS

SOLD Hanover Lodge, Lansdowne Road, Notting Hill W11

SOLD Palace Court, Notting Hill W2





Ladbroke Gardens, Notting Hill W11

Norland Square, Notting Hill W11

Oxford Gardens, North Kensington W10

Caroline Foord Office Head

LHP_320516 KenChel_KF_Feb15.indd 1

Tom Goy Partner

Arthur Lintell Associate

Emily Ramsay Associate

Edward Ruggles-Brise Negotiator

07/01/2015 16:38


Campden Hill Mansions, Kensington W8 Two bedroom penthouse with lift

This bright and immaculate fifth floor apartment has been completely refurbished and offers far reaching easterly views towards Hyde Park. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, reception room, kitchen, lift, balcony. EPC rating E. Approximately 72 sq m ﴾778 sq ft﴿ Leasehold 020 3551 5156

Guide price: £1,100,000 ﴾KEN140210﴿


6 81 Holland Park - K and C november - 08 October 2014 - 52622

07/01/2015 10:20:20

Pembroke Square, Kensington W8 A double fronted family home with lovely garden

With a great balance of accommodation and with a west facing lawned rear garden, this wonderful family home is available for the first time since the 1920s. 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, double drawing room, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, further reception/kitchen, study, garden. EPC rating E. Approximately 437 sq m ﴾4,703 sq ft﴿ 020 3551 5156

Freehold Guide price: £8,950,000 ﴾KEN140071﴿

Phillimore place 10 K and c mag may - 08 April 2014 - 49898

07/01/2015 10:17:44


Stratford Road, Kensington W8 An immaculate house with off‐street parking

A four bedroom south facing family house with wonderful proportions of circa 2,860 sq ft, well positioned on Stratford Road. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, double reception room, dining room, kitchen/family room, 2 guest cloakrooms, 3 terraces, garden. EPC rating D. Approximately 265 sq m ﴾2,860 sq ft﴿ 020 3551 5156

Freehold Guide price: £6,150,000 ﴾KEN140188﴿

6 81 Holland Park - K and C november - 08 October 2014 - 52622

07/01/2015 12:57:20




Academy Gardens, Kensington W8

Eldon Road, Kensington W8

Holland Park, Holland Park W11

Really friendly and knowledgeable service. To you it is an excellent sale,to us it is the rest of our lives!

SOLD Phillimore Terrace, Kensington W8

SOLD Kensington Square, Kensington W8

Vendor To find out how we can help you, please contact us. 020 7938 4311 52-56 Kensington Church Street London W8 4DB SOLD


Lexham Gardens, Kensington W8

Ilchester Place, Holland Park W14





Oakwood Court, Holland Park W14

Phillimore Place, Kensington W8

Palace Gate, Kensington W8

Mark Redfern Office Head

RHP_320516 KenChel_KF_Feb15.indd 2

Peter Bevan Partner

Roddy Craggs Partner

Tom Tangney Partner

Sami Robertson Partner

Michael Sands MRICS

07/01/2015 16:56


Henniker Mews, Chelsea SW3

A three bedroom house in Chelsea's Henniker Mews The house was the first registered address of Aston Martin cars in 1913. 3 bedrooms, reception room, 2 bathrooms, private parking. EPC rating E. Approximately 114 sq m ﴾1,224 sq ft﴿ Freehold Guide price: £2,400,000 020 7349 4300 020 7871 4111



Henniker Mew K&C Mag Feb 15 PH 2

07/01/2015 10:58:20

First Street, Chelsea SW3

Terraced house with patio garden and balcony A charming early Victorian house with private garden, located between Walton and Mossop streets. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and balcony, further double bedroom, bathroom, shower room, reception room, sitting room, dining area, kitchen, kitchenette, rear garden. EPC rating D. Approximately 143 sq m ﴾1,546 sq ft﴿ 020 3641 5913

Freehold Guide price: £2,675,000 ﴾SLA140182﴿

K&C Barkston Dec First Gardens, Street fen 121RHP K&C Mag Feb 15

07/01/2015 07/01/2015 11:39:45 14:46:04



First Street, Chelsea SW3

Terraced house with patio garden and balcony A charming early Victorian house with private garden, located between Walton and Mossop streets. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and balcony, further double bedroom, bathroom, shower room, reception room, sitting room, dining area, kitchen, kitchenette, rear garden. EPC rating D. Approximately 143 sq m ﴾1,546 sq ft﴿ 020 3641 5913

Freehold Guide price: £2,675,000 ﴾SLA140182﴿

K&C Dec First Street fen RHP

07/01/2015 11:39:45

Barkston Gardens, South Kensington SW5 Stunning lateral space with garden square access A well presented lateral three/four bedroom apartment that benefits from wonderful open plan living space and a stunning West facing reception providing fabulous urban views across the rooftops of London. 3 to 4 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, 3 bathrooms, upper floor with lift, communal garden, EPC rating D. Approximately 172 sq m ﴾1,851 sq ft﴿ Guide price: £2,900,000 020 7871 4111 020 7349 4300


K&C February 15 Chelsea PH 2

07/01/2015 14:28:42



Portobello Road, Notting Hill W11 An architect designed contemporary flat

This modern and contemporary flat was designed by Ab Rogers and has trademark floor designs by Richard Woods. Laid out over four colourful floors including a slide and central spiral staircase. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, kitchen and roof terrace. EPC rating F. Approximately 296.7 sq m ﴾3,194 sq ft﴿ 020 7985 9990

Guide price: £2,950 per week ﴾NHQ123886﴿ All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Portobello Road 3

06/01/2015 12:01:36

Egerton Stratford Gardens, Knightsbridge Road, Kensington W8 SW3 A beautifullypresented presentedtwo five bedroom bedroom apartment family home Immaculately

A newly refurbished house with anthis abundance of natural light ideally located within A stunning, newly refurbished flat in ideal Knightsbridge location, benefitting walking distance of High Street Kensington. 5 bedrooms, 4 reception rooms,all 2 from underfloor heating throughout, Sonos sound system and CAT‐5 cabling bathrooms, kitchen, study, garden and off‐street parking. controlled by iPad. 2 double bedrooms, 2 en suite bathrooms, reception room, kitchen Approximately 239.68 sq m ﴾2,580 sq ft﴿ and cloakroom. EPC rating D. Approximately 85 sq m ﴾917 sq ft﴿ Available unfurnished Available furnished 020 020 7591 7937 8601 8203

Guide price: £3,500 week Guide price: £1,395 perper week ﴾KEQ103848﴿ ﴾KNQ210490﴿

All All potential potential tenants tenants should should be advised be advised that, that, as well as well as rent, as rent, an administration an administration feefee of £276 of £276 willwill apply apply when when renting renting a property. a property. Please Please askask us for us for more more information information about about other other feesfees thatthat maymay apply apply or visit or visit

K&C K&C Magazine Jan 2015February - CHC 2015 35a Egerton Gardens

06/01/2015 06/01/2015 15:02:32 12:17:27




Stratford Road, Kensington W8

A beautifully presented five bedroom family home A newly refurbished house with an abundance of natural light ideally located within walking distance of High Street Kensington. 5 bedrooms, 4 reception rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, study, garden and off‐street parking. Approximately 239.68 sq m ﴾2,580 sq ft﴿ 020 7937 8203

Available unfurnished Guide price: £3,500 per week


All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

K&C K&C Feb Jan 2015 2015 - Chelsea - CHC Lettings - Cathcart Road

07/01/2015 06/01/2015 09:41:30 12:17:27

Egerton Gardens, Knightsbridge SW3

A stunning, newly refurbished flat in this ideal Knightsbridge location, benefitting from underfloor heating throughout, Sonos sound system and CAT‐5 cabling all controlled by iPad. 2 double bedrooms, 2 en suite bathrooms, reception room, kitchen and cloakroom. EPC rating D. Approximately 85 sq m ﴾917 sq ft﴿ 020 7591 8601

Immaculately presented two bedroom apartment

Available furnished

Guide price: £1,395 per week ﴾KNQ210490﴿

All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

K&C Magazine February 2015 35a Egerton Gardens

06/01/2015 15:02:32


The Latest Development Sami Robertson, partner at Knight Frank’s Kensington branch, tells Hannah Lemon why overseas investors still buy into the Royal Borough’s sought-after estates “This is my first job,” laughs Sami Robertson, Partner and Head of the Flat Department at the Knight Frank Kensington office. Sami joined Knight Frank straight from university ten years ago, so experience is not something he lacks. He began his career with lettings in Canary Wharf but moved offices after two years and was promoted to Partner in 2012. Last summer he also managed to squeeze in time (11 hours and 44 minutes to be precise) to swim the English Channel. While at the Kensington office he has developed a strong international portfolio, with a particular focus on the Asian market. “It started when we did a deal over the phone with a guy from Singapore, who bought a property very quickly. Just by forming that relationship on the phone, it got me thinking that maybe this is a network we could work with. I ended up writing a business plan, going over to Singapore, and linking up with our Singapore network.” After years of to-ing and fro-ing across the globe, Sami knows the international market very well. “The Asian market is product-led,” he tells me. “It’s all bells and whistles – the concierge, underground parking, pool, gym – these are the sorts of things that people are paying top dollar for and they come to expect it. Out in Singapore these facilities are the norm, which is a requirement not usually seen from British buyers, as here in the UK we are used to living in Victorian buildings and houses with gardens and conversions. New developments in London are what the Asian market is looking for as a primary, secondary or even a fifth home; this kind of service and package is to be expected.” Sami says that “some of the best developments in London are here in W8 without a doubt!” Overseas clients want everything from an investment; a home, an office or a place for their children. “The Asian market is primarily for new builds, such as Thornwood Gardens, Wycombe Square, Palace Green and Academy Gardens, which, although not a new build, was turned into luxury apartments more than ten years ago and offers the ‘lifestyle package’ I have talked about.” To ensure he understands their needs fully, Sami spends time nurturing relationships. “I do three trips a year to Singapore with a number of tailored one-to-one meetings. We have generated a lot of income from them, especially when the market cools over here in the summer months.” Sami admits that the department could do with more supply and more buyers, but considering the season and the political uncertainty overshadowing the market, it is doing well. “We normally have about 80 on the market but at the moment it’s around 60, although the super prime new-build developments, around the £10 million mark, have really stepped up this year.” He explains that there are some mansion blocks that have been undervalued in W8, such as those around the Cedar Estate; only two years ago they were trading at £1,200–£1,400 psft and now they are trading at £1,800 psft. “It’s interesting having been an agent for over ten years, how certain blocks have gone up and others have plateaued.” This is clearly

evident by looking at the statistics achieved in pounds per square foot for other developments. “Thornwood Gardens, Academy Gardens, Wycombe Square, Palace Green – these are the ones that are in demand the most,” says Sami. “The blend is anything between £2,000–£4,500 psft, and we have just sold one for £2,700 psft which was an unmodernised penthouse apartment in a 1960s block which offers porterage, parking and security on Duchess of Bedford’s Walk. And that’s just this year; we have achieved bigger numbers in the past.” However, with the influx of internationals buying units solely for investment, is there the fear of losing the attractive buzz that locals bring? “No,” is Sami’s reply. “It used to be 70 per cent international but now it’s nearing 50 per cent.” Knight Frank, 52–56 Kensington Church Street, W8 4DB; 020 7938 4311;

Exterior of York House, W8 - £7,950,000

Interior of Academy Gardens, W8 – £7,950,000


With 600 offices globally, we put your property within the world’s reach

Jonathan Hewlett Head of London Residential 020 7730 0822

1 FANTASTIC DUPLEX APARTMENT cathcart road, sw10 Double width reception room/kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø further double bedroom ø bathroom ø roof terrace ø 114 sq m (1,228 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Savills Chelsea Charlie Bubear

020 7578 9000 Price on application Leasehold, approximately 971 years remaining plus Share of Freehold

1 2



Reception room ø kitchen ø bedroom ø bathroom ø 70 sq m (753 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Reception room ø kitchen ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø 2 further double bedrooms ø bathroom ø access to communal gardens ø 139 sq m (1,493 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Guide £995,000 Leasehold

Guide £2.85 million Share of Freehold

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5750

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9000



Entrance hall ø reception room with mezzanine kitchen ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø further bedroom with mezzanine sleeping area ø shower room ø storage area ø 78 sq m (842 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Entrance hall ø open plan reception room/kitchen ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø 2 further bedrooms ø shower room ø communal patio and roof terrace ø 106 sq m (1,139 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Guide £1.5 million Leasehold

Guide £2 million Leasehold

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9000

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9000

3 4

1 2



Double reception room ø open plan kitchen/dining room/family room ø 2/3 bedrooms ø 3 bath/shower rooms ø cloakroom ø landscaped front garden ø rear patio garden ø 126 sq m (1,358 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Reception room/dining room ø kitchen ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø further double bedroom ø further bathroom ø gym ø 24 hour porter ø underground parking space ø 108 sq m (1,161 sq ft) ø EPC=B

Guide £2.85 million Freehold

Guide £2.375 million Share of Freehold

Savills Kensington 020 7535 3300

Savills Kensington 020 7535 3300



Drawing room ø study ø dining room ø kitchen ø 4 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø 2 shower rooms ø guest cloakroom ø 180 sq m (1,946 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Reception room with dining area ø kitchen ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø 2 further bedroom suites ø utility room/office ø cloakroom ø mews parking ø 152 sq m (1,635 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Guide £2.75 million Leasehold

Guide £2.75 million Freehold

Savills Kensington 020 7535 3300

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5750

3 4


1 STUNNING PENTHOUSE APARTMENT WITH UNDERGROUND PARKING ledbury road, w11 Open plan reception room/kitchen ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø further bedroom ø bathroom ø cloakroom ø lift ø balcony ø 2 underground parking spaces ø 142 sq m (1,532 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Domus Nova

Savills Notting Hill

Ben Podesta

Ben Davies

020 7727 1717

020 7727 5750

Guide £3.5 million Leasehold, approximately 114 years remaining



RECENTLY REFURBISHED GARDEN SQUARE APARTMENT onslow gardens, sw7 2 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø reception room ø open plan kitchen ø further bathroom ø communal gardens ø 134 sq m (1,450 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

Unfurnished £1,395 per week + £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply*

Savills Chelsea Oliver Mellotte

020 7578 9020


MODERN SPIT LEVEL APARTMENT SITUATED IN A PERIOD BUILDING ifield road, sw10 3 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø reception room ø separate kitchen ø further bathroom ø period features ø wooden flooring ø 101 sq m (1,091 sq ft) ø Council Tax=F ø EPC=C

Furnished £825 per week + £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply*

Savills Chelsea Sophie Tiarks

020 7578 9011 *£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/ guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit

1 2




2 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø reception room ø open plan kitchen ø further bathroom ø porter ø lift ø 69 sq m (1,033 sq ft) ø Council Tax=F ø EPC=C

4 bedrooms ø reception room ø eat-in kitchen ø 2 bathrooms ø garden ø 159 sq m (1,711 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

Unfurnished £815 per week

Unfurnished £2,250 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751



2 bedrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø bathroom ø additonal separate storage ø access to communal garden ø 71 sq m (768 sq ft) ø Council Tax=F ø EPC=C

2 bedrooms ø 2 reception rooms ø kitchen ø 2 bathrooms ø 24 hour concierge ø residents swimming pool and gym ø 128 sq m (1,377 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=E

Unfurnished £650 per week

Furnished £1,700 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751

3 4

*£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit


1 2




3 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø reception room ø eat-in kitchen ø family bathroom ø 2 terraces ø off-street parking ø 139 sq m (1,496 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=C

3 bedrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø 3 bathrooms ø terrace with Kensington views ø balcony ø 164 sq m (1,769 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

Unfurnished £1,750 per week

Unfurnished £1,850 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Knightsbridge 020 7584 8585

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9020



Bedroom ø reception room ø separate kitchen ø bathroom ø 47 sq m (512 sq ft) ø Council Tax=F ø EPC=D

4/5 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø reception room ø dining room ø kitchen ø bathroom ø patio garden ø underfloor heating ø 193 sq m (2,077 sq ft) ø EPC=E

Furnished £495 per week

Flexible furnishings £2,500 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9020

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Knightsbridge 020 7584 8585

3 4

*£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit

A Superior View Henry Hopwood-Phillips talks to Jonathan Hewlett, Head of London Residential at Savills, about how 2014 treated the London property market and what 2015 looks to have in store Photography by: Sarel Jansen


Jonathan Hewlett, Head of London Residential at Savills, begins with a bewildering array of small trends in the capital, that in his own words amount to “no large one – it’s an odd situation”. The volume of Prime Central London (PCL) sales may have fallen, activity around Wandsworth may have risen and dropped swiftly at the beginning of the year, and the market in properties around the £2 million mark may have swollen and deflated in a few short months, but as a rule these have all been brief and isolated tendencies. “It has been all over the place,” Jonathan admits, “but the less whimsical base, the needs-based buyer has remained,” he reminds me. Internationally Savills is riding on a high having acquired Studley, a leading commercial real estate services firm specialising in tenant

“Kensington and Chelsea remains an attractive destination address. It’s not lost any of its charm” representation that will deliver major inroads into a US market “that is tough to crack”. Closer to home Jonathan is keen to emphasise that the company has gained a bigger market share in North London and massively increased its presence in areas such as Marylebone. It’s not to say that Jonathan is pretending there have been no headwinds. “Sometimes we have felt as though we are pushing water uphill,” he notes, no doubt in reference to various government policy shifts of late, “and of course, interest rates will eventually have to go up.” But Savills’ PCL apartments team has had a staggering year (a trend he pins on a transfer of New York apartment culture) and some mini-markets within PCL, Eaton Square for instance, have “sailed into territories of their own”. Jonathan believes that for all the negativity surrounding new legislation (from the implementation of the Mortgage Market Review to the Stamp Duty changes) London still looks like a strong bet on the world stage. “Global insecurity always plays into the capital’s hands,” he insists. Travelling a lot, he often finds himself studying cities from a property standpoint, and the sentiment he encounters is always familiar: “It’s lovely here but the future is another world.” That this is not something that could be said of London is the implication. I raise the subject of whether the development of prime value commuter cities has changed the London market. Are people commuting to London from the Saxon cities of Winchester, Oxford and Cambridge or are they supplanting it? “You could probably add places such as Bristol and Manchester to that mix too,” Jonathan starts. “I think urbanisation is spreading with more people choosing to live in or at least near cities than ever before. This doesn’t have to detract from London however.” The reasons for the maturation of the extra-London market are many but Jonathan thinks the fabric of how we work is changing; whether it’s ‘hot-desking’ or flexi-time, the relationship between the location of home and workplace is shifting.



In London itself any references to Crossrail leave Jonathan breathless – literally, when he lists all the places it will link. Constructing a spectrum that incorporates the most underrated and overrated areas, he places Ealing in the former. “But it’s Marylebone that is Savills’ best performing office, alongside the PCL apartments team.” It’s an area of London he holds up as an example of how landlords with some nous can regenerate neighbourhoods. “A bit of planning and some strategy can go a long way in this business,” he declares, commending what Grosvenor did to Mount Street, what Land Securities did in Victoria and the work of Cadogan Estate at the Duke of York Square. It’s a reference that links us nicely to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. “This remains an attractive destination address,” Jonathan assures me. “It’s not lost any of its charm.” There may be fewer bankers around but the international market remains buoyant. “Though this term ‘international’ tends to be a misnomer,” he warns. “Many of these buyers have lived here for decades; it’d be interesting to see how many have actually just arrived.” And the reason they stick around is that the basics haven’t changed: the area boasts an architectural mix only Mayfair can rival but with more variation when it comes to the different neighbourhoods it has to offer. “That’s not to say nothing has altered over the years. I’ve noticed a change in attitude to concierge and services in general.” Jonathan remembers a time when Brits were a bit sniffier about these things. It’s not easy to guess why but he speculates “that it might be something to do with how comfortable New Yorkers are with it.”

A large part of Savills’ success in 2014 is down to the diversification of the company’s portfolio, Jonathan reckons. And so he plans to increase the number of offices in London, with Earls Court, Shoreditch and later Primrose Hill arriving in 2015, and two more in the pipeline at a later date. “I might have worked in the early days from St James’ covering the whole of central London but now that’s impossible,” Jonathan explains, “not least because of the sheer number of people moving now.” Savills doesn’t want to be doing bits of places from elsewhere; it wants to be ensconced in the centres of communities. Looking to the year ahead, Jonathan is certain there will be a “flurry of activity” early in the year. This is because summer holidays and Christmas are the two periods people get to think, talk and make decisions with each other properly. “No doubt there’ll be another flurry around bonus time too,” he adds, “boosted by the people who buy because they suppose it’ll be cheaper, as well as the needs-based buyers.” But in May it will slow down for the General Election, he reckons. “People will sit on their hands trying to divine the market sentiment but it’ll doubtless pick up towards the back end of the year.” When I call it a year of modest growth with strong prospects in the future, Jonathan doesn’t disagree. “It’s a judgment call that depends on the length of your view (short, medium or long) and of course what you are putting first – is it asset growth? Is it your family? These priorities change the contours of the playing field.”

“No doubt there’ll be a flurry around bonus time, which will be boosted by the needs-based buyers”

Above/ Holland Park, London, W11 – Guide Price £8.95 million A stunning freehold Grade II listed garden maisonette in an imposing double fronted villa. Savills Kensington 020 7535 3300


Savills, 139 Sloane Street, SW1X 9AY; 020 7730 0822

Beyond your expectations

North Kensington, W10 A truly unique property set on a tree-lined avenue in North Kensington offering 2,454sq ft of practical family accommodation whilst incorporating meticulous planning and detail throughout. Mature private rear garden with decking and seating areas. Ideally positioned for the bars, restaurants and transport links of Portobello. EPC: C

£2,350,000 Share of Freehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Notting Hill Office Sales. 020 7717 5311 | Lettings. 020 7717 5341

Kitchen Dining room Family room Reception room Two bathrooms Four bedrooms

Beyond your expectations

Wetherby Gardens, South Kensington, SW5 A beautifully presented one bedroom, raised ground floor apartment with private parking space. Located in an attractive period building, on one of the finest streets locally, this magnificent flat predominately overlooks and has direct access to beautiful award winning communal gardens and boasts a wealth of natural light. EPC: E

£2,650,000 Share of Freehold • • • • •

Hamptons Chelsea Office Sales. 0207 835 1444 | Lettings. 020 7717 5433

Direct access to gardens Magnificent drawing room Private parking space Share of Freehold 1,169 sq ft

Campden Hill Road, W8 A superb four bedroom (2497 sq. ft.) lateral apartment with wonderful entertaining space presented in excellent condition throughout. The apartment has lovely bright westerly views towards Holland Park and benefits from 24 hour porterage. EPC: D

£5,600,000 Leasehold • • • • •

Hamptons Kensington Office Sales. 020 7937 9371 | Lettings. 020 7717 5459

Four bedrooms Excellent condition Balcony 24 hour porter Local Parks: Holland Park & Kensington Gardens

Beyond your expectations

Queen’s Gate Place Mews, SW7 An immaculately presented four bedroom mews house which has been meticulously refurbished and interior designed to exacting standards. This stunning property offers generous accommodation and superb natural light, combining sympathetic materials with exceptional audio visual equipment and lighting. EPC: B

£7,495,000 Freehold • • •

• •

Hamptons Knightsbridge Office Sales. 020 7717 5461 | Lettings. 020 7717 5463

Superb first floor reception room Stunning kitchen and dining room Top floor master bedroom with en-suite bathrooms Three further bedrooms all with en-suites West facing roof terrace

Royal Court House, SW1X An elegant three bedroom lateral apartment situated on the second floor (with lift) of this prestigious portered building. It benefits from flexible accommodation, with generous reception space and is quietly positioned towards the rear of the block, offering views over Cadogan Place to the front and a sizeable south facing roof terrace. EPC: C

£4,750,000 Leasehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Sloane Square Office Sales. 020 7717 5481 | Lettings. 0207 717 5483

Three bedrooms 2nd Floor Lift, porter Views of Cadogan Place Roof terrace Access to communal gardens & tennis courts

Beyond your expectations

Redcliffe Road, SW10 A stunning four bedroom family house located on this quiet and desirable street in SW10. This home is spread over four floors and includes a lovely double reception room, kitchen, utility room and dining room, with it’s own private garden. EPC: E

£2,300 per week • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Chelsea Office Lettings. 020 7717 5433 | Sales. 0207 835 1444

(charges apply)*

Reception Study Area Kitchen/breakfast room Four bedrooms Two bathrooms Garden

Stratford Road, W8 A recently refurbished contemporary one bedroom flat on the second floor of a beautiful period conversion on this popular street in Kensington. The flat comprises a good size double bedroom with plenty of storage, modern bathroom, fully fitted kitchen and a bright reception room. EPC: D

£525 per week Furnished • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Kensington Office Lettings. 020 7717 5459 | Sales. 020 7937 9371

(charges apply)*

One bedroom Modern interior Offered furnished Wooden floors Central location 431 sq ft / 40 sq m

Beyond your expectations

Hans Road, SW3 Situated in the very heart of Knightsbridge, this contemporarily styled apartment provides immediate access to the world famous stores of Harrods, Harvey Nichols as well as the infamous Sloane Street. EPC: D

£1,200 per week Furnished • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Knightsbridge Office Lettings. 020 7717 5463 | Sales. 020 7717 5461

(charges apply)*

Three double bedrooms Central Knightsbridge location Under floor heating Private Patio Eat in kitchen Wealth of natural light

Cadogan Square, SW1X A stunning lateral two bedroom apartment on the first floor of the prestigious Cadogan Square. There is fantastic entertaining space with a separate dining and reception room. The reception room has floor to ceiling windows which open onto a private balcony over looking the gardens of Cadogan Square. EPC: C

£2,500 per week Furnished • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Sloane Square Office Lettings. 0207 717 5483 | Sales. 020 7717 5481

(charges apply)*

Two double bedrooms Two bathrooms Balcony Wooden floors Two reception rooms Resident caretaker

So 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place, W11 2SH



Selling property. It’s what Crayson are known for. For us, it’s about getting the best possible price for our clients, regardless of how the market is performing. To find out more about our professional approach to selling property, please get in touch.

09/01/2015 15:18

Russell Gardens Mews Holland Park W14 Newly redone and a proper labour of love, this is a house that has taken a growth pill, or perhaps featured in Doctor Who. There are high ceilings, big doorways, extra large windows, and enormous bathrooms, all snuggled into a pretty little mews in the village-y atmosphere of Russell Road.

Sole Agent 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place, W11 2SH



Kitchen/dining/reception room


Master bedroom suite


Two further bedrooms


One further bathroom


Study/ utility room


Entrance hall


Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea


1915 sq ft / 178 sq m EPC Rating Band E


Guide Price ÂŁ3.25 million



09/01/2015 15:18

Aldridge Road Villas Notting Hill W11 So this is what you buy if you want a big house in Notting Hill, and would prefer to retain your boho integrity. In other words, this is the real deal - a Victorian villa, rebuilt inside to suit modern family life, that pulsates with that old uniquely NH vibe.

Joint Sole Agent 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place, W11 2SH John D Wood 020 3151 5832



Double reception room


Kitchen/dining/family room


Master bedroom suite


Four further bedrooms, two ensuite


One further bathroom


Two studies


Utility room






Two entrances


City of Westminster


3,375 sq ft / 313.5 sq m EPC Rating Band D


Guide Price ÂŁ3.96 million



09/01/2015 15:18

Barlby Road North Kensington W10 A modern flat in a groovy building with outside space, a secure underground parking space and Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea residency‌ yes please. This contemporary, secure and stylish flat in an architecturally relevant building ticks a lot of boxes for the style-conscious and career-minded.

Sole Agent 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place, W11 2SH



Kitchen/dining/ reception room


Master bedroom suite


One further bedroom


Shower room


Two balconies, communal garden


Storage unit, underground parking space


24 hour porter


Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea


830 sq ft / 77.1 sq m EPC Rating Band B


Guide Price ÂŁ895,000


Long lease

09/01/2015 15:19

020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place, W11 2SH


We are on the look out for new property to market in 2015. If you are thinking of selling your property, please get in touch or pop in for a chat.

09/01/2015 15:19

Period property, extensively refurbished just off Harley Street

Matching people and property in London for 150 years.

Lansdowne House W11 ÂŁ7,500,000 This beautifully finished home occupies the north western corner of an iconic Holland Park building. A former artist studios, the interior is bathed in natural light and enjoys voluminous rooms.

Prime Sales: 020 7368 4197

Abingdon Gardens W8 £4,500,000 This grand, first oor (with lift) unmodernised apartment is located in a prestigious red brick mansion block in Kensington, boasting high ceilings and many original features. Leasehold. EPC=C

Kensington: 020 7638 4450

Cromwell Place SW7 ÂŁ3,095,000 A spacious, four double bedroom, duplex apartment located in the heart of South Kensington boasting beautiful, double reception space, with high ceilings and a feature fireplace. Share of Freehold. EPC=D

South Kensington: 020 7590 0800

Queen’s Gate Place SW7 £2,695,000 Located on this highly sought after street in South Kensington, this is a magnificent three-bedroom period conversion, benefiting from high ceilings and ornate cornicing. Leasehold. EPC=C

South Kensington: 020 7590 0800

Pembridge Square W2 ÂŁ2,495,000 This stunning apartment offers exceptional lateral space boasting a beautiful open plan reception/ dining room, magnificently high ceilings and stunning views. Share of Freehold. EPC=D

Notting Hill: 020 7313 2890

Sutherland House W8 £2,250,000 This truly exceptional, two-bedroom apartment, beautifully refurbished throughout, is located on the first oor of an attractive red brick, portered mansion building. Share of Freehold. EPC=E

Kensington: 020 7368 4450

Lucan Place SW3 ÂŁ1,375,000 This well-presented two-bedroom apartment with a private street entrance and garden, is ideally located for the amenities of Chelsea, South Kensington and Knightsbridge. Leasehold. EPC=C

Chelsea: 020 7591 5570

Wesley Square W11 ÂŁ1,095,000 This beautifully designed house with superb natural light and generous living space boasts a private, large south-west facing garden, an attractive communal area and dedicated private parking. Freehold EPC=D

North Kensington: 020 7313 8350

a Unique perspective on...

Lexham Gardens, W8 ÂŁ1,275,000 Share of Freehold A beautifully presented two bedroom flat (731 sq ft/67.9 sq m) situated on the second floor (with lift) of a well maintained building consisting of two converted Victorian terraced houses. The flat has views over, and access to, beautifully maintained communal gardens. Entrance hall | Reception room | Modern kitchen | Two double bedrooms | Luxury shower room | Lift | Communal gardens | EPC:D

Kensington | 020 7727 1500

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Kensington Place, W8 ÂŁ2,250,000 Freehold An attractive flat fronted Victorian terraced house (1422 sq ft/ 132 sq m) on three floors which is now in need of refurbishment allowing any incoming purchaser the opportunity to create a home in their own style and taste. Entrance hall | Double reception room | Two kitchens | Sitting room | Three double bedrooms | Bathroom | Two cloakrooms | Courtyard garden | Roof terrace | EPC:G

Kensington | 020 7727 1500

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Linden Gardens, W2 £1,997,000 Leasehold An elegant, lateral apartment of 1426sqft (133sqm) spanning the top floor (with lift) of this beautifully maintained and elegant mansion building, undoubtedly one of Notting Hill’s finest. The apartment has been tastefully refurbished in a light, contemporary style and features a large reception space, a fabulous Kitchen / breakfast room and an unusually large master bedroom suite also. Two bedrooms | Double reception room | Kitchen | Two bathrooms | Upper floor w/lift | 1,426 approx sq ft | EPC rating D/E

notting hill | 020 7727 3227

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SUTHERLAND PLACE, W2 ÂŁ5,000,000 FREEHOLD A simply breath-taking house, beautifully designed to blend light contemporary style with all the period charm this classic Grade II listed house has to offer. Excellent living space over raised ground and lower ground floors, a wonderful master bedroom suite over the first and four further bedrooms above. Rare for a listed building, planning permission is also in place allowing for internal adjustments, if considered necessary, and to extend to front and back below. However as is, this fine house is already one the most special in this sought after spot. Five bedrooms | Reception room | Open-plan kitchen/family room | Utility room | Study | Four bathrooms | Garden | Balconies | 2,400 approx sqft | EPC rating E/F JSA Domus Nova Tel: 020 7727 1717

notting hill | 020 7727 3227

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Knightsbridge Court, SW1X ÂŁ1,500 per week A stunning three bedroom flat with high end fixtures and full home automation. The flat is offered fully furnished and benefits from wood flooring, a large open plan living room with an integral study alcove. The wall mounted television is cleverly hidden behind a sliding picture and the rest of the flat is wired for light, sound and vision. The integrated kitchen is spacious and kitted out with top end appliances including an American style fridgefreezer, wine fridge and induction hob. Three Bedroom Furnished Flat | Three bathrooms | On the third floor with Lift | Resident parking | 1,370 approx sq ft

Knightsbridge & Chelsea | 020 7589 6616

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WALDRON HOUSE, SW3 ÂŁ4,250,000 STC SHARE OF FREEHOLD In the heart of Old Chelsea, this three bedroom apartment on the second floor (lift) of this award winning development by Native Land, features the highest specification throughout and has been interior designed to an exceptional standard. The double aspect reception room benefits from several grand bronze framed windows, wide-oak flooring and a bespoke feature wall with fireplace and natural stone surround. The Poliform kitchen is fitted with high quality appliances, and the bathrooms offer superb marble and stone. Lateral Apartment | Smart communal entrance | Concierge | Lift | Reception room with open-plan Kitchen | Master bedroom suite | Second bedroom suite | Third double bedroom | Shower room | 1,706 sq ft | Communal courtyard garden | Allocated underground parking | Qualification for RBKC parking | EPC B

Knightsbridge & Chelsea | 020 7589 6616

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Courtfield Gardens, SW5 ÂŁ2,850,000 Share of Freehold A rare opportunity to purchase a three bedroom flat on the first floor of this prominent period conversion with stunning leafy views over Courtfield Gardens (which it also enjoys access to, STUCC). The property extends to 1,427sq/ft (132.57sq/m) of accommodation and offers extremely high ceilings and an unusually deep reception including the dining room. Of particular note are the three French windows at the front of the grand reception leading on to a full width balcony over the attractive gardens. In addition there is a West facing terrace at the rear off the master bedroom suite. Entrance hall | Reception room | Dining room | Kitchen | Three bedrooms | En-suite bathroom | Bath/Shower room | Terrace | Balcony

South Kensington | 020 7373 5052

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Clareville Street, SW7 ÂŁ1,300 per week A recently refurbished three/four bedroom end of terrace house, situated on this popular street. The house benefits from wooden floors throughout, a bright eat-in kitchen/ dining room with doors onto a patio garden (the garden is south facing and therefore benefits from huge amounts of light), a single bedroom/study, three double bedrooms, a large bright reception room situated on the first floor, bathroom, shower room and utility room. The house is within close proximity to the amenities of Gloucester Road and within a 5 min walk to Gloucester Road tube station. Three/four bedrooms | Two reception rooms | Two bathrooms | House | End of Terrace | Newly refurbished | Part furnished/Unfurnished

South Kensington | 020 7373 5052

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Herbert CresCent sW1

Hans CresCent sW1



An absolutely stunning house set over six floors (with lift) in the heart of Knightsbridge.

A spectacular newly refurbished apartment on the second floor of a well maintained building.

4 reception rooms • 7 bedrooms • 6 bathrooms Swimming pool • 2 patio gardens • EPC rating E

£22,000 per week*/£95,333.33 per month*

Reception room • 3 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms • Roof terrace • Lift • EPC rating C

£2,500 per week*/£10,833.33 per month*

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

kings road sW3

kings road sW3



A newly decorated lateral apartment on the first floor of a smart building in Chelsea.

A redecorated apartment in this exclusive new development near Lots Road.

Reception room • 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms EPC rating C

Reception room • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Gated development • Concierge • EPC rating C

£950.00 per week*/£4,116.67 per month*

£650.00 per week*/£2,816.67 per month*

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

0207 584 7020 |

0207 584 7020 |

0207 584 7020 |

0207 584 7020 |

*Rent excludes administration fees. Please contact our branch who can provide this information.

Westbourne Gardens W2

addison avenue W11


Holland Park

A simply stunning, newly refurbished apartment with a private balcony set in a well maintained period building.

An architect designed terraced house set over 2,045 sq ft located on this sought-after avenue.

Reception room/kitchen • 3 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms Balcony • EPC rating C

Reception room • 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Kitchen/ dining room • Roof terrace • EPC rating D

£1,100 per week*/£4,766.66 per month*

£1,825 per week*/£7,908.33 per month*

Holland Park & Notting Hill

Holland Park & Notting Hill

Gloucester MeWs W2

neWton road W2



A mews house located in this sought-after area within moments of Hyde Park and Paddington station.

A beautiful house set on a quiet one way street tucked behind Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill.

Reception room • 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms EPC rating C

Double reception room • 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms Kitchen/dining room • Garden • EPC rating F

£825 per week*/£3,575 per month*

£2,500 per week*/£10,833.33 per month*

Holland Park & Notting Hill

Holland Park & Notting Hill

0207 371 3377 |

0207 371 3377 |

0207 371 3377 |

0207 371 3377 | Offices throughout the UK

King’s Quay sw10 Chelsea Harbour

A truly superb duplex penthouse apartment with spectacular views of both the river and Marina at Chelsea Harbour. The property is newly built with a 10-year building warranty and finished to the very highest standard. 2 reception rooms • 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms • Terrace • 2 parking spaces • Porter • EPC rating C

Guide price £9,950,000

Knightsbridge & Chelsea 0207 584 7020 Offices throughout the UK

Lansdowne CresCent w11 Notting Hill

A large Grade II listed Victorian house on the terraced outer side of this elegant crescent. With its own private terrace leading directly onto communal gardens, this house has superb entertaining space, is beautifully presented and wonderfully bright being south facing. 3 reception rooms • 7 bedrooms 4 bathrooms • Patio • Terrace Communal gardens

Guide price £7,500,000

Holland Park & Notting Hill 020 7371 1111

JSA Knight Frank Kensington 020 7229 0229

Beaufort Street

Chelsea SW3

A bright & beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom maisonette, situated in this period building with an east facing 10ft by 8ft roof terrace. Beaufort Street is conveniently located between the Fulham Road & Kings Road & all the amenities they offer, whilst the nearest tube stations are South Kensington & Gloucester Road (District, Circle & Piccadilly lines). EPC rating C

ÂŁ1,995,000 share of freehold


020 7594 4740

Evelyn Gardens

Chelsea SW7

An extraordinarily light, elegant apartment with high ceilings. The south facing double sized drawing room has an abundance of natural light & original working fireplace. Both bedrooms benefit from direct access to the shared gardens. This apartment has highly sought after direct access to a private patio & onto the private residents’ gardens. It is within easy reach of the numerous shops, restaurants & cafes of Fulham Road & Old Brompton Road. South Kensington & Gloucester Road are the nearest underground stations. EPC rating D

ÂŁ1,750,000 share of freehold


020 7594 4740

Drayson Mews

Kensington W8

A 2 bedroom home split over 3 floors, located on this popular cobbled mews in central Kensington. Having been completely renovated by the present owners, the accommodation comprises a garage, utility area, double bedroom with en-suite on the ground floor, an open plan kitchen/living space on the 1st floor & a spacious top floor master bedroom suite. Drayson Mews is ideally positioned for the restaurants, shops & bars of Kensington High Street, along with the open spaces of Holland Park & Kensington Palace Gardens. EPC rating C

ÂŁ2,650,000 freehold


020 7937 7244

Earl’s Court Square

London SW5

A 3 bedroom penthouse apartment in a newly renovated, stucco fronted Victorian building with roof terrace & access to the award winning Earl’s Court Square (STC). Situated on the 3rd & 4th floors & benefitting from direct lift access, the accommodation comprises an impressive reception room, bespoke eat in kitchen with top of the range appliances & space for a dining table, 3 double bedrooms (including master en-suite with a dressing area) & bathroom. EPC rating C

£2,350,000 share of freehold


020 7937 7244

Chepstow Villas

Notting Hill W11

Rare to the market is this large unmodernised period house, which benefits from a great location, off street parking & a garden. Comprising 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms & 3 reception rooms but may benefit from some redesign. At just under 3,000 sq ft, the house currently offers lots of space & could be extended (STP). Chepstow Villas is conveniently located for the many shops, restaurants & amenities of Westbourne Grove, Portobello Road & Notting Hill Gate. EPC rating D

ÂŁ6,250,000 freehold

Notting Hill

020 3040 8585

Holland Park Avenue

Notting Hill W11

A fantastic penthouse apartment set in an impressive building, which offers incredible lateral space & 360° views across London from the spectacular roof terrace. The property comprises 6 bedrooms (5 with en-suite bathrooms), shower room, large kitchen/diner, wonderful reception room with a magnificent aspect, cloakroom, 2 terraces & 2 off street parking spaces. Linton house is well located for the many shops, restaurants & transport links of Notting Hill & Holland Park. EPC rating F

ÂŁ4,300,000 leasehold

Notting Hill

020 3040 8585

NOTTING HILL LOFTS, W11 £3,500,000 Leasehold

A sophisticated duplex apartment within the exclusive ‘Church’ building situated on the corner of Ledbury Road and Westbourne Grove. Offering fantastic open-plan living space with far-reaching views, this beautifully designed home has exceptionally well-balanced accommodation throughout. epc = c -

Bright open-plan living area Superb master bedroom suite Guest bedroom and bathroom Air-conditioning/underfloor heating Underground parking for two cars Approx 141.4 sq m (1,522 sq ft) JSA Savills Tel: 020 7727 5750

Domus Nova Notting Hill 17 Kensington Park Road W11 020 7727 1717

K+C mag FEBRUARY Edition.indd 26

07/01/2015 17:19:04



vv ST PETERSBURGH, W2 ยฃ6,950,000 Freehold

Set behind an elegant Victorian faรงade, this architect-designed family home has recently been rebuilt, resulting in a unique and awe-inspiring property. The main house is arranged over five floors, each of which offers predominantly lateral space. epc = c -

K+C mag FEBRUARY Edition.indd 27

First-floor reception room Four/five bedrooms Games room and cinema Gym Rear garden Attached mews Approx 395 sq m (4,252 sq ft) JSA Knight Frank Tel: 020 7229 0229

07/01/2015 17:19:11


EARLS COURT SQUARE, SW5 ÂŁ1,550,000 Leasehold

A luxurious refurbishment of a spacious two-bedroom garden apartment situated at a premier Earls Court address. Extending to well over 100 square metres with very well-proportioned rooms, this stylish property is an excellent turnkey opportunity in a much sought-after location. epc = c -

Large open-plan living space Designer kitchen Luxurious master bedroom suite Guest bedroom and shower room Patio garden Approx 104.7 sq m (1,127 sq ft)

Domus Nova Bayswater 78 Westbourne Grove W2 020 7221 7817

K+C mag FEBRUARY Edition.indd 28

07/01/2015 17:19:21




£1,250 per week – admin fees apply* Long let A beautiful and recently refurbished two-bedroom house located in the heart of Holland Park. Arranged over three floors this fabulous home features a central atrium, a rare and cleverly designed floating staircase and excellent proportions throughout. epc = c *

K+C mag FEBRUARY Edition.indd 29

Fantastic open-plan entertaining space Contemporary kitchen with modern appliances Luxurious master bedroom suite Second double bedroom Feature floating staircase Approx 99.4 sq m (1,070 sq ft)

07/01/2015 17:19:27

POWIS GARDENS, W11 £1,000 per week – admin fees apply* Long let A spectacular newly refurbished and beautifully appointed upper maisonette in the heart of Notting Hill. Occupying two floors of a substantial Victorian terraced house, this gorgeous home has a large open-plan living area with high ceilings throughout. epc = d *

Excellent entertaining space Luxurious master bedroom suite Second double bedroom Superb finish and detailing Feature floating staircase Approx 107.1 sq m (1,153 sq ft)

Domus Nova Notting Hill 17 Kensington Park Road W11 020 7727 1717

K+C mag FEBRUARY Edition.indd 30

07/01/2015 17:19:35



w WESTBOURNE PARK ROAD, W11 £4,950 per week – admin fees apply* Short let

Available for short let only, a magnificent home of exceptional style and luxury. Extensively refurbished four years ago and subsequently re-interior designed throughout, this fantastic property certainly packs a punch. epc = d *

K+C mag FEBRUARY Edition.indd 31

Interior-designed Extensive media room Large garden office Private internal patio garden Large family room/kitchen Generous formal reception space Approx 310 sq m (3,334 sq ft)

07/01/2015 17:19:44

Albert Hall Mansions SW7 • 4 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • Fully fitted kitchen • Concierge

• Approx. 3,000 sq ft (278.7 sq m) • EPC rating: current (C) potential (B)

“A very impressive, grand family flat with its’ own private street entrance.”

Price £7,450,000 Share of Freehold For more information, call Jessica Conway, 020 7087 5926 or email

387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA

College PLACE SW10 • 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom • 1 Reception room • Private patio

• Porter • Underground parking space • Approx. 673 sq ft (62.52 sq m) • EPC rating: current (E) potential (E)

“A newly refurbished one bedroom ground and lower ground floor maisonette.”

Price £825,000 Leasehold with 975 years plus share of freehold For more information, call Jessica Conway, 020 7087 5926 or email

387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA

PRINCE MEWS, Trinity GATE House W14 KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW3 •2 Bedrooms • Bullet point 1 •2 Bathrooms • Bullet point 2 • Open kitchen • Bulletplan point 3 • 24 hourpoint concierge • Bullet 4

• Private•patio Bullet point 5 • Resident only spa facilities • Bullet point 6 • Approx.•1,188 sqpoint ft (110.4 Bullet 7 sq m) • Bullet point 8

Price £1,650 £1,500 PER per WEEK week PRICE Furnished FURNISHED For more Best, For more information, information, call callKyle Simon Godson 020 7087 020 7306 5921 1630 or or email

stunning fifth floor ““AAn exceptional apartment, apartment consisting two with excellent ceilingofheights double bedrooms and private throughout, maximum quote patio andlines.” en-suite bathroom at is four 375 Kensington High Street.” 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA JLL.CO.UK/RESIDENTIAL

Potential tenants Potential tenants are are advised advised that that administration administration fees fees may may be be payable payable when when renting renting a a property. property. Please Please ask ask for for details details of of our our charges. charges.

PRINCE GATE MEWS,W6 KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW3 Distillery Wharf •2 Bedrooms • Bullet point 1 •2 Bathrooms • Bullet point 2 • Open kitchen • Bulletplan point 3 • Private balcony • Bullet point 4

• 24 hour•concierge Bullet point 5 • Resident only spa facilities • Bullet point 6 • Approx.•1,048 sqpoint ft (97.40 sq m) Bullet 7 • Bullet point 8

Price £1,650 £1,250 PER per WEEK week PRICE Unfurnished FURNISHED For more Best, For more information, information, call callKyle Simon Godson 020 7087 020 7306 5921 1630 or or email

new twoapartment, bedroom “A Anbrand exceptional property to rent in the ultrawith excellent ceiling heights high-spec development, throughout, maximum quote Distillery Wharf located on the is four lines.” banks of The River Thames.” 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA JLL.CO.UK/RESIDENTIAL

Potential tenants Potential tenants are are advised advised that that administration administration fees fees may may be be payable payable when when renting renting a a property. property. Please Please ask ask for for details details of of our our charges. charges.

BROMPTON SQUARE, KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW3 • 4 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • Drawing room • Dining room • Kitchen

• Reception room • West facing balcony • Roof terrace • Garden • Approx. 2,547 sq ft (236.62 sq m)

“ An extremely well presented Grade II listed house on the west side of this prestigious Knightsbridge garden square.”

GUIDE PRICE £5,975,000 FREEHOLD For more information, call Richard Barber 020 7306 1620 or email

W.A.Ellis 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


BREDIN HOUSE, KING’S CHELSEA SW10 • 3 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • Kitchen / breakfast room • Reception room • Roof terrace

• Underground parking space • 24 Hour security • Lift • Approx.1,788 sq ft (166.1 sq m) • EPC rating: current (D) potential (D)

GUIDE PRICE £3,800,000 LEASEHOLD WITH 987 YEARS REMAINING For more information, call Tim des Forges 020 7306 1610 or email

“ A superb fifth floor flat with a fantastic roof terrace set within this sought after development” W.A.Ellis 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


HOLLAND PARK, LONDON W11 • 2 Bedrooms • Open plan kitchen • 1 Bathroom • Use of communal gardens • 1 Shower room (en suite) • Approx. 868 sq ft (80 sq m) • Reception room • EPC rating: current (D) potential (C)

“ A recently refurbished apartment on the first floor of this classic Holland Park villa.”

PRICE £1,150 PER WEEK UNFURNISHED For more information, call James Grant 020 7306 1630 or email

W.A.Ellis 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

MONTROSE COURT, SOUTH KENSINGTON SW7 • 3 Double bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms (en suite) • Guest cloakroom • Double reception room • Fully fitted kitchen

• Terrace • 24 Hour porter • Parking by negotiation • Approx. 1,934 sq ft (179 sq m) • EPC rating: current (C) potential (C)

“A stunning penthouse apartment in this modern building overlooking Hyde Park.”

£2,500 PER WEEK FURNISHED For more information, call Charlie Woods 020 7306 1630 or email

W.A.Ellis 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

Kensington Mansions, Earls Court, SW5 A beautifully designed two bedroom apartment (approx. 1,297 sq. ft.) in a sought-after redbrick mansion block in Earls Court. The apartment would be ideal for entertaining or as a pied-a-terre and benefits from access to landscaped communal areas. Accommodation comprises a bright reception / dining room, a separate kitchen, master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom, a second double bedroom and a family bathroom. EPC rating D.

Share of Freehold Guide Price ÂŁ1,500,000 020 7225 5752


Basil Street, Knightsbridge, SW3 The elegant apartment, (1,256 sq ft/117 sq m) benefits from spacious accommodation and generous proportions and is located on the fourth floor of this well-run apartment block on Basil street. Extensively refurbished a few years ago, it is currently arranged as two reception rooms and two bedrooms, but could easily be re-arranged as a three bedroom apartment. Lincoln House is located on Basil Street; moments’ walk from Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Sloane street and the world-class amenities that Knightsbridge has to offer. EPC rating D. Leashold: approximately 993 years remaining Guide Price: £3,500,000 020 7225 8044


The Tower, Vauxhall, SW8 A two bedroom platinum apartment on the 33rd floor of London’s tallest all-residential development with spa facilities also with views towards Battersea Power Station and Albert Bridge. The property has been interior designed by Staffan Tollgard with high-specification contemporary furniture and fittings throughout, The accommodation of approximately 1261 sq. ft. comprises open plan kitchen / reception / dining room, master bedroom suite with large walk in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom, a further bedroom, second bathroom and sky garden. Available now on a furnished basis. EPC rating B. Price per week: £2,100 Plus property fees: £180 Admin & £210 Checkout. References: £42 per person* *

020 7225 5881


Herbert Crescent, Knightsbridge, SW1X A stunning first floor, one bedroom apartment refurbished to a very high standard. Accommodation of approximately 902 sq. ft. / 83 sq. m. comprises reception room, eat in kitchen, double bedroom with ensuite bathroom and guest cloakroom. Herbert Crescent is conveniently located for all the shopping, entertainment and transport facilities of Knightsbridge and Hyde Park itself. Available now, for long term let on a fully furnished basis. EPC rating B.

Price per week: £1,500 Plus property fees: £180 Admin & £165 Checkout. References: £42 per person* *

020 7225 5881


Completely at home in West London.

Our services Sales and Lettings Property Management Block Management Property Solicitors Chartered Surveyors Financial Services Visit

With over 35 years’ experience and 50 branches across the Capital, our local knowledge and London network will ensure we achieve the right result for you. Local branches include • Bayswater • Fulham • Holland Park

See all our properties at

02.15 KFH Kensington & Chelsea.indd 1

07/01/2015 09:26


Ledbury Mews West, Notting Hill, W11 OIEO £1,999,950 Holland Park 020 3542 2111


02.15 KFH Kensington & Chelsea.indd 2

A stunning three bedroom mews house with two bathrooms, two reception rooms, a garage and off street parking. The property is situated in a quiet, cobbled private mews, close to Notting Hill Gate tube station.

• • • • • • • •

Three bedrooms Two bathrooms Two reception rooms Garage Off street parking Private mews Freehold EPC rating E

07/01/2015 10:20

Harwood Road, Fulham, SW6 £775,000 Fulham 020 7731 0051

02.15 KFH Kensington & Chelsea.indd 3

A beautifully refurbished Victorian conversion apartment offering two double bedrooms, spacious reception room and fitted kitchen. The property is situated near to Eel Brook Common and Fulham Broadway tube station.

• • • • • • • •

Two double bedrooms Modern bathroom Fitted kitchen Large reception room Raised ground floor No forward chain Shared freehold EPC rating C

07/01/2015 10:21

Queens Gate, Kensington SW7 This stunning first floor apartment is situated in a grand white stucco fronted building in the heart of South Kensington. It boasts a large bright reception room with high ceilings and floor to ceiling French windows which lead to a private terrace; an exquisite contemporary eat-in kitchen, three large double bedrooms, three bathrooms and a fourth bedroom/study. The opulent master suite is well laid out and benefits from ample storage. This allows a rare opportunity to purchase a beautifully presented apartment in a highly sought after area with the added benefit of a share of the freehold. Queens Gate is conveniently located with Old Brompton Road to the South and Hyde Park to the North, as well as being a stone`s throw away from South Kensington and Gloucester Road underground stations.

020 7580 2030 WWW.ROKSTONE.COM 5 Dorset Street, London, W1U 6QJ

£4,500,000 »»South Kensington »»First Floor »»Three Bedrooms »»Ample Storage »»Private Terrace »»High Ceilings »»Share of Freehold »»1,966 Sq Ft



CHELSEA OFFICE OFFICE 2 CaleCHELSEA Street, London SW3 3QU 2 Cale London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011Street, +44 (0)20 7581 5011



CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011

Oakley Street SW3 ÂŁ3,450,000 Leasehold Chelsea Sales 020 7225 1225 |




A well-proportioned and immaculately presented maisonette situated on the first, second and third floors of this impressive building. The flat stretches to over 1,700 sq.ft. and benefits from two stunning terraces.

Hammersmith & Shepherd’s Bush


Kensington Gate

Master bedroom with luxury en-suite bathroom, 2 double bedrooms, Shower room, Reception room, Kitchen, Rear terrace, Roof terrace, EPC: D.

South Kensington

Notting Hill

Pimlico & Westminster

Kensington Park Road W11 ÂŁ2,700 per week Fees apply Unfurnished Notting Hill Lettings 020 7727 8000 |




Battersea Park

A beautiful family home situated in the heart of Notting Hill with spacious accommodation, high ceilings and many original features. The first floor reception room has wooden floors, twin fireplaces and floor to ceiling windows.


East Putney

Southfields & Earlsfield

4 double bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (2 en-suite), Reception room, Dining room, Kitchen/breakfast room, Family room/5th bedroom, Garden, EPC: E.

West Putney

Abbotsbury Road, Holland Park, W14 Ahead of its time, this architecturally designed master piece provides light open plan living spaces with high ceilings, opposite Holland Park. The property features a grand vault of an entrance hall, 5 bedrooms and a separate staff studio with living rooms looking through a retracting wall of glass, onto a private walled courtyard garden. Numerous design features include Futronix lighting and marble, timber and leather floors. EPC Rating C

Price on Application Freehold ABU











Upper Belgrave Street, Belgravia, SW1X A newly refurbished 2 bedroom lateral apartment situated in a stucco fronted portered building, overlooking St Peter’s Church. The property is presented in immaculate condition and is offered with long leasehold of approx. 95 years. EPC Rating E

John Taylor UK 48 Berkeley Square, London W1J 5AX Tel: 020 3284 1888 Email:

£4,000,000 Leasehold MEGEVE









2014 RECORD BREAKERS It’s been another record breaking year for 1st Asset and our clients. Here are a few of our stand out moments of 2014. If you are thinking of selling or letting your property, why not call us on 0207 014 3800 to see what we can do for you.

0207 014 3800 1st Asset, Property Agent Privé, 7-9 Tryon Street, London SW3 3LG

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Most expensive Let of 5 bedroom house in Chelsea



Astell Street £4750 pw • May 2014.


Highest price per sq ft D’Arblay Street W1S • August 2014.



Highest price per sq ft Lennox Gardens SW1X • July 2014.

Highest price per sq ft Milner Street Chelsea SW3



December 2014.

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ÂŁ3,250,000 freehold

4 bedrooms | double reception | eat-in kitchen | 4 bathrooms | comfort cooling | patio | Epc C


ÂŁ2,200,000 share of freehold

bedroom | reception | kitchen | bathroom | valet parking | concierge | swimming pool | gym | Epc C

10 Clarendon Road London W11 3AA

020 7229 1414

Malvern Court, Onslow Square, London SW7 3HU Email: | |

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Friends for Life Hannah Lemon visits Ann Sturgis, director and founder of Malverns, and Ria Geerling, head of lettings, to discuss the latest developments in their local neighbourhood of South Kensington

When you click on ‘Meet the Team’ on the Malverns website, you are greeted with an image of each staff member and a few words outlining their role and experience. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you are introduced, lastly but by no means least, to Alfie – the most revered of the team – who is described as the one who keeps the office in order. When I arrive for the interview, sure enough, Alfie is there to greet me first, with a wagging tail – and I’m not speaking metaphorically. Alfie is a West Highland White Terrier and entirely in-keeping with the welcoming and personal feel of the local independent estate agent. “We are very friendly. Clients often drop in to have a cup of coffee, or come in for a chat if they’re in between appointments,” says Ria Geerling, head of lettings, as she hands me a mug of tea. This familiar attitude has been nurtured ever since director Ann Sturgis set up the company in 1975. She acquired the office on Onslow Square, conveniently placed a few paces from South Kensington Underground Station, through the recommendation of a friend and Ann even lived upstairs for a while when she was starting out. But her business has expanded over the years with six experienced colleagues now on the team (plus Alfie, of course) to cover lettings, sales, property management and acquisition. Even as a small, boutique agency, Malverns does not limit searches to one area but includes Wandsworth, Fulham, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Mayfair. “The lettings process has changed quite dramatically over the last few years,” explains Ann. “People have become much more savvy. Clients have begun to realise that you don’t have to travel that far to find a good deal. We have our core area but are happy to tailor the search to suit their needs.” It also means that the team can build a rapport with its clients, and tenants can be safe in the knowledge that they won’t be transferred to a different office in the process. “We listen to people,” reveals Ann. “We show the tenant exactly what they’ve asked for. They wouldn’t appreciate being dragged around 50 properties when 45 of them are not relevant at all. When dealing with lettings you become a psychologist; you need to know exactly what clients need when they can’t tell you.” Whether that’s students looking for an eight month placement or families looking for a five year contract. Although Ann admits that the market is slow at the moment, especially around Christmas time, Malverns takes it as an opportunity to really care for the people already on the books. “We have a group of really trustworthy and hardworking contractors who like to work for us because we treat them well,” says Ann. “We pay them on a weekly basis and so they will drop other jobs and come to us immediately. Of course this is great for the tenants because they don’t have to wait to have their tap fixed or heating restored.” Ria adds that they have a complaint file, but it remains empty. The responsive service ensures that tenants continue to come back to the agency and also recommend the service to friends and family. In the same way, landlords remain lifelong patrons. “We are now on third generation landlords,” says Ann. “Once we’ve worked with a family, we have them for life. We’re finding flats, say, for their grandchildren, and the grandparents


have got their pension funds or investments producing a return. Many of our landlords actually become friends.” And as with friends, Malverns remains honest with landlords and advises them when they need to be flexible. “They trust us because they have known us for such a long time; sometimes prices can go down a little bit and sometimes they can go up. You have to be flexible and happy that the property is occupied,” explains Ria. Does the upcoming election present uncertainty in this arena too? “I don’t think things will actually alter that much,” declares Ann, “because, quite frankly, every time there is an election, everyone thinks things are going to change dramatically, but they don’t.” She adds that with internationals in the area and with constant change in clients’ lifestyles (e.g. children, change of career or a move from the country) business will never run dry. Ann declares confidently, “There will always be people who want to live in the central part of London.” And right on cue, Alfie wags his tail and barks in agreement. Malverns, Malvern Court, Onslow Square, SW7 3HU; 020 7589 8122

Photography by: Cannon Photos Ltd

49 Beauchamp Place London SW3 1NY 020 7581 3253

Montpelier Walk, Knightsbridge SW7

A stylish freehold house quietly situated in the heart of Knightsbridge Village. It has been modernised with a light contemporary interior and also benefits from a large garage. • Reception room • Open plan Kitchen • 2 bedrooms • Bathroom • Cloakroom • Air conditioning • Integrated sound system • Large Garage • 1131 sq ft / 105.07 sq m £2,250,000 Freehold

020 7581 3253

Launceston Place, W8 2,646 SQ.FT/245.8 SQ.M

An elegant low built Regency villa situated in on one of the most highly regarded streets in Kensington. This 4/5 bedroom semi-detached villa is set over four floors and has gardens to the front and rear elevations.

Price: ÂŁ6,250,000


020 7590 9339

Draycott Place, SW3 855 SQ.FT / 82.2 SQ.M

A superb 2 bedroom third floor flat in a charming red brick period building close to Sloane Square. Entered from the 2nd floor and comprising of reception room/dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and a separate W. C.

Price: ÂŁ1,595,000

Share of Freehold

020 7590 9339

38 Gloucester Road, SW7


HOMES showcasing the

finest HOMES & PROPERTY from the best estate agents

Buying in Barbados At this grey time of year it is not uncommon to find yourself dreaming of pristine white Caribbean beaches and blue seas. If that’s what you want, then welcome to Barbados. Barbados has long been associated with glamour and luxury, where millionaires gather casually for drinks in the ocean-front restaurants and bars or on board the haven of yachts. There are daily flights from London to Bridgetown, so it’s perfectly possible to take a morning flight and be swimming in the crystal-clear waters on the same afternoon. Sport is a huge part of Barbadian life with watersports, golf, polo or horse racing at the Garrison Race Track. Barbados also boasts world-class health care, education, housing, utilities and telecommunications and, above all, a friendly and welcoming community. Perhaps the most surprising factor is the opportunity to purchase an affordable second home abroad. Robin Paterson, Joint-Chairman of UK Sotheby’s International Realty comments that, “Barbados is a beguiling kind of place that keeps drawing you back. There are extraordinary communities of people that have been bringing their families back every year for the last 20 years. So it’s no surprise that many ‘visitors’ become homeowners here. It just makes sense to own a second home here.” One particularly special development is called Port Ferdinand on the West Coast, which has breathtaking two to four bedroom homes, and a couple of penthouses that overlook a private marina, and where each apartment comes with its own berth. Every home offers spacious living areas that open onto large balconies with beautiful sea views. Hand-crafted coral stone and woodwork, indigenous materials, rich colour tones and palettes, stunning marble and tiles, home security and a strong rental demand, make this development a ‘must have’ for all West Londoners wanting a piece of West Barbados. Call George Hall at UK Sotheby’s International Realty for more information on Port Ferdinand or other properties to rent or buy.; 020 7584 3050


Welcome to Miami Lionheart Capital is hosting a London pop-up event at Boffi Chelsea to showcase its exciting new development The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach, as Ella Harris reports

Lionheart Capital, the developers behind the world-renowned RitzCarlton Residences on Miami Beach, is hosting a pop-up event at the Boffi showroom in Chelsea. The event will showcase the tropical, modern design of Italian architect Piero Lissoni’s first full-scale US architectural project. Cocktails and canapés will be served and representatives from Lionheart Capital, ONE Sotheby’s International Realty, Premier Sales Group, Inc and Boffi will be at the event to explain the project in detail. The Residences, located across seven acres of Miami Beach on the shores of Surprise Lake, will bring together renowned designer Lissoni’s modernist vision with the legendary service of The Ritz-Carlton to redefine Miami modern living. “Residents can expect to enjoy an exclusive amenity collection coupled with the premier service that comes with the iconic brand,” says Ophir Sternberg, CEO and founding partner of Lionheart Capital. When completed, it will be the only stand-alone Ritz-Carlton Residences in Miami Beach and the last project of this magnitude that can be built in this part of the city. It is Lissoni’s first major architectural project in the US and is being completed with award-winning Miami architecture firm ADD Inc. The 111 condominium residences and 15 villas, priced from $2 million to $40 million, will feature gardens, pools, entertainment spaces, private boat dockage and access to a private, captained day yacht. A selection of 60 unique floor plans range in size from 160m² to more than 930m² and offer the option of two to five bedrooms with striking custom-designed interiors. The two, three, four and five-bedroom layouts range in size from 160 to over 930m², in a selection of 60 unique floor plans, with striking custom-designed interiors. Homes will be equipped with Lissoni-designed Boffi kitchens and Gaggenau appliances, along with impressive Boffi master bathrooms complete with Zucchetti fixtures. Every residence will be wired for smart-home technology and many will include private elevator foyers, sprawling terraces, summer kitchens and plunge pools. Amenities will include: a waterfront social room with a bar, catering kitchen and state-of-the-art entertainment system; a tropically landscaped


rooftop pool deck with stunning views; an expansive infinity-edge pool with a waterfall, spacious cabanas, whirlpool spa and poolside Grille Restaurant; a club room with bar, virtual golf and billiard table; a cinema-quality screening room; art and music rooms and a children’s room. Additionally, owners will have the opportunity to rejuvenate in a private spa, steam rooms and sauna, and work out in the yoga studios or fitness centre. There will also be a BBQ, dining area and a library/boardroom. The Residences will have two attended lobbies, valet parking, a pet grooming room and personalised concierge services. The property is a short distance from the area’s top-tier schools and steps away from the prestigious Upper North Bay Road, where residents can enjoy the shops of Lincoln Road, the Art Deco District of South Beach and the central business district of Downtown Miami/Brickell and then return to the comfort of their homes in minutes. The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach pop-up, 22 January, 6–9pm Boffi Chelsea, 254 Brompton Road, SW3 2AS To attend the event, please email

Come to Barbados

The Monaco of The Caribbean For your own piece of paradise, Saint Peter’s Bay offers Luxury 2 bedroom beachside apartments. Full resort amenities, pristine beaches, fitness centre, 160ft lagoon style pool. Allow yourself to be captivated by the Caribbean.

+44 20 7584 3050

From US$860 per night to rent between the 7th Jan 2015 and 14th April 2015. Contact London Sotheby’s International Realty for more details

Over 800 Offices in 52 Countries

RESIDENCES DESIGNED for LIFE Waterfront living in the heart of Miami Beach

Exclusive Sales Agents: Premier Sales Group, Inc. and ONE Sotheby’s International Realty.

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach are not owned, developed or sold by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. or its affiliates (“Ritz-Carlton”). 4701 North Meridian, L.L.C. uses The Ritz-Carlton marks under a license from Ritz-Carlton, which has not confirmed the accuracy of any of the statements or representations made herein. THIS OFFERING IS MADE ONLY BY THE OFFERING DOCUMENTS FOR THE CONDOMINIUM AND NO STATEMENT SHOULD BE RELIED UPON IF NOT MADE IN THE OFFERING DOCUMENTS. THIS IS NOT AN OFFER TO SELL, OR SOLICITATION OF OFFERS TO BUY, THE CONDOMINIUM UNITS IN STATES WHERE SUCH OFFER OR SOLICITATION CANNOT BE MADE. PRICES, PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

Limited Collection of Waterfront Condominium Residences with private boat slips and a VanDutch day yacht for residents’ enjoyment. Designed by Piero Lissoni. Priced From $2 Million to $40 Million. On-Site Sales Gallery Open Daily. For a Private Appointment Please Call 888-499-9765


UK Residential, European and International Removals. Import, Export and Storage by air, road and sea.

Traditional values in a modern world

Generations of expertise, a passion for perfection and an unrivalled attention to detail ensure that an Abels move will always be the right move for you. Founded as a family business Abels has grown into one of the most highly regarded removal companies in the country, holding the Royal Warrant by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen for removals and storage. Our acclaimed services that include UK Residential Removals and Storage, European Moving and International Relocations, are all part of the service. So, no matter how far you’re going, we’re never too far away to help.

Certificate No. FS23942

297x210 National ads New skyline.indd 1

Telephone: 020 3773 5796 E-Mail:

31/10/2014 12:41

The Beauty of Africa r i g h t o n yo u r d o o r s t e p


tel: +31 654 22 6762



International Property Update Smart Investors Choose Antigua Spiralling taxes, soaring property prices and the perpetual grey drizzle of winter; it’s enough to make anyone dream of a second home in a tropical location. Little wonder more and more smart investors are instead focusing their attention – and their pounds – further afield. In 2013, Antigua and Barbuda became the latest nation to sign into law a route for citizenship by investment. But while other jurisdictions offer something ostensibly comparable, few make it as speedy, seamless or affordable as the English-speaking Caribbean nation. With a stable and growing economy, limited taxation, easy accessibility, low crime rate and a thriving tourism product, experts are predicting uptake to be as swift as snapping a selfie. For the savvy investor, a second passport spawns a wealth of tax advantages and means no government has sole control over their assets. The three avenues for gaining an Antigua and Barbuda passport include a $1.5m investment into an approved business, a $250,000 donation to the national development fund, or a minimum $400,000 purchase in a governmentsanctioned real estate project. Successful applicants are not required to sacrifice their current citizenship and benefit from exemption from a number of local taxes, including personal income, net worth, gift tax and estate duty. In addition, they can enjoy visa-free travel to around 130 countries worldwide, including the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Europe’s borderless Schengen area. With a booming holiday rental market ensuring a solid return on your investment, Antigua is one of the hottest places to buy.

An Untouched Piece of Africa The Klein Drakensberg mountains make a spectacular backdrop to Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate’s 1000 hectares of Bushveld outside Hoedspruit, in South Africa. Originally, Gerrit Jan and his business partner, Martin den Dunnen, wanted to open the place to a select group of ten friends who would be able to fly in, land their private planes and enjoy the serenity and privacy of their bush homes dotted in miles of untouched land. What was a good idea in theory was not viable in practice. They recognised that the best way to manage such a large tract of land optimally was to commercially develop a portion of it, while remaining true to their eco-sensitive, low­-density ethos. The owner-resident status of the directors plays an integral part in the estate’s world-class efficiency. Both own a home on Zandspruit and know the smallest details of the turnkey builds the company undertakes on behalf of clients; everything from the building to the decor. Gerrit says, “We offer the full package; from the land and the construction to the furniture and interior decorating. We have our own construction company and an in­house decorator, which gives us full control on quality.” It makes communications with the client smoother too, especially for overseas buyers. The area offers combinations of bush, mountain and river views. Flying enthusiasts can land and hangar their planes right next to their homes. Plains game roams freely on the estate but the Big Five do not patrol the farm, making it safe for families to enjoy walks, cycling or horse riding. In the three years since its launch, Zandspruit has sold 97 of the 200 available stands. Of these, almost half were sold to foreign investors. Owners include the CEOs of blue-chip companies, retired professionals and self-employed business owners from South Africa and Europe. Gerrit adds: “They all have one thing in common, which is that they are like-minded people who love the bush and Africa.”


The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

Drawing of St Dunstan-in-the-West by SPAB Scholar Ptolomy Dean

Founded by William Morris, the SPAB protects the historic environment from decay, damage and demolition. It responds to threats to old buildings, trains building professionals, craftspeople, homeowners and volunteers and gives advice about maintenance and repairs. Since 1877 countless buildings have been saved for future generations.

Information about maintaining your home is available through events, courses, lectures, publications and telephone advice. To support our work why not join the SPAB? Members receive a quarterly magazine, our list of historic properties for sale and access to our regional activities. 020 7377 1644 A charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales. Company no: 5743962 Charity no: 1113753 37 Spital Square, London E1 6DY

Lady Wakehurst Drive, NSW, Australia

“Your own private paradise where you can enjoy panoramic views up and down the New South Wales coast of Australia�

AUS $3,600,000

Offering an exceptional sense of privacy, this four bedroom, four bathroom property has some of the most breath-taking views. 1hour from Sydney, it has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the natural beauty of its surrounds. Featuring a stunning infinity edge pool and spacious living areas inside, this is a unique and utterly beautifully designed property. Lulu Egerton 020 7225 3866

Cheyne Court, Chelsea SW3

Situated on the second floor (with lift) and overlooking Flood Street, the flat benefits from a large elegant drawing room with French doors onto a balcony.

ÂŁ2,950,000 Share of Freehold

1,531 sq ft (142.2 sq m) | EPC Rating D Entrance hall | Drawing room | Kitchen/ dining room | Master bedroom | En suite bathroom | Dressing room | Second double bedroom | Guest cloakroom | Utility cupboard

Chelsea 020 7225 3866

Lennox Gardens, Knightsbridge SW1X

This two bedroom flat has been refurbished to exacting standards and is positioned within an imposing period red brick building which has the benefit of a passenger lift.

1,492sq ft (138.6 sq m) | EPC Rating D Entrance hall | Reception room with balcony | Kitchen | Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom | Second double bedroom | Shower room | Lift

Knightsbridge 020 7235 9959

ÂŁ3,950,000 Leasehold

Fosbury Mews, Bayswater W2

A superb house ideally situated moments from Hyde Park and Notting Hill. Newly refurbished throughout, including a vaulted ceiling and gas fireplace, this stunning property offers spacious living accommodation.

£1,600 per week* Furnished

1,950 sq ft (181.2 sq m)| EPC rating C Reception | Kitchen/dining room | Master bedroom suite | Two further double bedrooms both en–suite | Balcony

Notting Hill Lettings 020 7221 1111

*The following Tenant charges may apply prior to tenancy commencement: Tenancy Agreement £210 (inc VAT) Credit References per application £54 (inc VAT). All advertised prices are excluded and other associated services.

Onslow Square, Chelsea SW7

An immaculately presented three bedroom lateral apartment on the second floor (with lift) of this part stucco fronted period building, with resident porter and access to the beautiful gardens of Onslow Square.

ÂŁ1,995 per week* Unfurnished

1,402 sq ft (130.25 sq m) | EPC Rating D Drawing room | Kitchen/breakfast room | Master bedroom with en-suite shower room | Bedroom two | Bedroom three/study | Bathroom | Box room in basement | Lift | Access to communal gardens

Chelsea Lettings 020 7589 9966

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