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Features 14 GREED IS GOOD As Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street readies to villainise ‘the banker’ for a new generation, GAVIN HAINES looks back at Hollywood’s portrayal of the broker and his sins

90 MAKING A COMEBACK With Britain’s banks showing signs of bouncing back, ANDY ROSENBAUM investigates the ramifications of recovery




STEPHEN DOIG walks you through your 2014 wardrobe

KARI ROSENBERG sees why the deep of the Maldives offers more than just a getaway for honeymooners

24 WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK AIMEE LATIMER debates the issue of women’s fashion at work



The Swiss resort of Andermatt lies at a crossroad between three Alpine passes, ELIZA BAINBRIDGE explores the luxury melting pot

In men’s fashion, the devil is in the detail

STYLE 40 A LIGHTER SHADE OF PALE Pastels are no longer reserved for spring – it’s time to rethink your winter wardrobe

motoring 74 GOLF MAJORS ON PERFORMANCE The original hot hatch returns to glory, says MATTHEW CARTER


108 BUSINESS DESTINATION: HELSINKI KATE VANDY travels to Finland’s capital to experience a city of stark contrasts





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MATTHEW CARTER tries to tame the new Porsche Macan

78 IF IT LOOKS LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS... NEIL BRISCOE nervously test drives the Mercedes’ legendary 300SL Gullwing

business 86 ASIA RISING: SOUTH KOREA The second in a three month series of in-depth articles analysing the way the leading Asian nations are impacting the global economy. This month: South Korea

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Gavin is a freelance journalist and photographer based in London. When he’s not writing for The City Magazine, he is weaving words together for the BBC, The Independent and National Geographic Traveller. He has reported on a broad range of topics, but specialises in interviews, lifestyle features and travel writing.

Stephen is an awardwinning journalist who has written about style, travel and trends for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The Telegraph and Mr Porter, interviewing the likes of Valentino, Manolo Blahnik and Daphne Guinness along the way. This month, he writes about the return of the classic suit and luxury accessories.

Natalie is a Londonbased fashion stylist who has contributed to many national publications including Stylist and Glamour. Commissions have allowed her to shoot in locations around the world, from deserts to rooftops, working her signature style – beautiful clothing with a quirky edge.

Rachell specialises in fashion, portraiture and celebrity photography. After studying photography at The London College of Communication, she spent three years assisting photographer Rankin, before moving to work independently, refining her skills and working with industry figures.

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Kate is a writer and broadcast journalist based in London. She indulges a passion for travel writing whenever she has a moment away from producing and presenting current affairs programmes. Her focus is on business, luxury and adventure travel, and she writes for a variety of publications around the world.

Andy Rosenbaum is a financial journalist who also writes about food and wine. For the past 15 years he has lived and worked around Europe, covering international economics, banking and corporate finance, along with the best restaurants, recipes and vintage wines. He writes for the Wall Street Journal, the Sunday Telegraph and MSN Money.

Neil has been a car critic for 15 years, and still hasn’t lived down the shame of the time he was overtaken by a Daweoo Matiz while driving a new Alfa Romeo. He lives in Ireland but travels all over the world to drive new cars, and sometimes even remembers to drive on the correct side of the road. His favourite car is a Series 1 1948 Land Rover.

Former editor of both Autocar and Classic and Sports Car, Matthew has been a motoring journalist for longer than he cares to admit. He currently owns three cars: a city-friendly VW up!, and two classic Alfas – a 1960 Giulietta Sprint Veloce and a brutal SZ. He has been Canary Wharf’s motoring editor since the beginning.

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On behalf of the Belgravia Residents Association and the Belgravia Residents’ Journal we would like to wish you a very merry Christmas. However you choose to spend your time over the festive period, we hope family and friends will bring you abundant joy. We’ve headed to the streets this month to ask a few familiar faces which gifts they would most like to find wrapped under the tree this year, as well as the presents that they might be purchasing for lucky recipients. Our Belgravians are a most discerning lot, with impeccable taste, flick to page … for gift inspiration.

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The Fine Watch Room, Ground Floor

FROM THE EDITOR For anyone who works, whatever they do, January brings with it that inevitable back-to-school feeling. The foot-dragging, reluctant swing back into your normal routine can be a shock to the system after a week or two of indulgence and lie-ins. So, soften the blow with our essential guide to getting back to work in style... First up, take inspiration in the form of the greatest workplace films ever. Featuring trading floors and finance scandals the world over, we chart the movies that have immortalised banking and business and catapulted the most infamous rogue traders to the dubious status of superstar. From Jordan Belfort in the hotly anticipated Wolf of Wall Street (opening this month) and Patrick Bateman in American Psycho (whose stage adaptation at the Almeida Theatre in Islington runs until 25 January) to charting the economic downfall in Inside Job and Margin Call, this round-up will certainly help you get back into the mood (p. 14). One thing all these films have in common is the propensity for characters to sport the sharpest outfits and the most cutting-edge style. Get in shape with our essential guide for workwear for him (p. 20) and for her (p. 24). And finish off the perfect outfit with the right shoes, tie, bag and scarf (p. 29). Finally, if you’re still feeling uninspired, perhaps Andy Rosenbaum’s positive findings for UK banks in the light of the economic upturn might help you to feel more positive. Wishing you all the best for a successful and prosperous 2014...

Emma Johnson Managing Editor

12 CW JANUARY 2014

Just a couple of hours from home. And yet a world away.

w w w. a u s t r i a . i n f o

Yo u r p e r s o n a l H o l i d a y I n f o r m a t i o n L i n e : 0845 101 1818 (calls charged at local rates)

All of above: The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio


“Greed is


Beleaguered brokers are dragged through the mud by their pinstriped pants in Martin Scorsese’s explosive new film The Wolf of Wall Street. But they should be used to this by now, if previous classic trading flicks are anything to go by WORDS: Gavin haines


porting the finest pinstripe suit known to humanity and wearing enough Brylcreem for his hair to be declared an ecological disaster, Michael Douglas delivers one of the classic lines of the 1987 film Wall Street. As unscrupulous trader, Gordon Gekko, he makes a rousing speech to the shareholders of Teldar Paper on the merits of greed. “The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good,” he enthuses. “Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. And greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA.” Unfortunately for the supercilious stockbroker, greed would also lead to his eventual ruin, as Gekko is brought down by his more ethical prodigy, Bud Fox, played by Charlie Sheen, who knows a thing or two about falls from grace. Greed doesn’t just set the tone for this seminal stockbroker film, but the raft of trader flicks that have followed. Hollywood doesn’t have to dream up pinstriped villains such as Gordon Gekko when you have the likes of Jordan Belfort walking down Wall Street. His meteoric rise to stockbroker extraordinaire, and subsequent demise, was the inspiration behind Martin Scorsese’s latest movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the film is unlikely to restore public faith in our fallen financial institutions, as it follows the fortunes of Belfort, who succumbs to the familiar trappings of wealth and embarks on dirty tricks to fund his increasingly lavish lifestyle. Deception has scarcely looked sexier – especially when Belfort and his crooked cohorts resort to duct taping cash to scantily clad women, in a desperate attempt to hide their ill-gotten gains. Oh, what a wonderful problem to have. But this isn’t just about beautiful broads, fast cars and fancy yachts. After flirting with these clichés the film mines new depths of depravity, as greed tightens

its grip on Belfort and those around him; people get beaten, cockroaches are eaten and a dwarf is thrown across an office. Then things turn really nasty. Perhaps even for Gordon Gekko, this would have been beyond the pale, although we do see in Belfort the same ruthless egotism that makes Michael Douglas’ character such a formidable force in Wall Street. And like Gekko, Belfort is never satisfied. “My name is Jordan Belfort. The year I turned 26, I made $49 million, which really pissed me off because it was three shy of a million a week,” he says. “Was all this legal? Absolutely not.”

Documenting the downfall In the corrupt soul of Belfort we also detect a soupçon of Frank Abagnale, the conman played so brilliantly by DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can, a true story about another doyen of deceit. And, as with Catch Me If You Can, in The Wolf of Wall Street we learn that the rollercoaster reality of a bent broker is stranger than anything Hollywood can muster up. Which brings us to Nick Leeson, whose unscrupulous trading in the early 90s brought down the UK’s oldest investment bank, Barings. The Londoner’s story was brought to the big screen in 1999 with James Dearden’s classic Rogue Trader. Played by Ewan McGregor, Leeson’s moral compass is set way off course as he is transferred first to Jakarta and then to Singapore, where he finds himself on a slippery slope, breaking trading laws and gambling with the bank’s money to recuperate company losses. Set in the City and the emerging financial centres of Singapore and the Philippines, this is as much a commentary about the UK’s early ventures into the so-called tiger economies as it is about the downfall of Leeson and Barings. However, while there is pleasure to be had in watching Gekko crash and burn in Wall Street, as the noose tightens around Leeson it’s hard not to feel sorry for the beleaguered Brit. And when the proverbial hits the fan back in London, there’s relief he has made good his escape. But, alas, our rogue trader can’t run forever – as appealing as that would be if you were accompanied

JANUARY 2014 CW 15

Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas in Wall Street (1987)

Michael Douglas in Wall Street (1987)

Shia LaBeouf in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)

Vin Diesel in Boiler Room (2000)

by Anna Friel, who plays his wife – and in a classic airplane arrest scene, the long arm of the German law catches up with him, as he returns to London. Evidently, the prospect of prison in Britain was a damn sight cheerier than that of Singapore. While the demise of the Queen’s personal bank by one rogue trader makes for a rollicking good story, if you happen to be in the movie industry there are few things better than a global financial crisis. And since the 2008 meltdown, documentary-makers have been picking over the corpse of capitalism in a succession of feature films. First on the scene in 2009 was Michael Moore with Capitalism: A Love Story, which examines the social costs of corporations pursuing profit at the expense of the public. On his journey from the boulevard of broken dreams in Middle America to the global financial epicentre in Manhattan, he counts the cost of capitalism

Bad-apple bankers and impotent regulators are hung out to dry, as Inside Job exposes a culture of complacency, greed and addiction amongst the Wall Street elite in job losses, home repossessions and lost savings. It’s a sobering documentary but there are moments of humour, like when Moore turns up at Wall Street with a hessian money sack to collect the $10 billion he says is owed to the people of the USA. The burly security guards, who have clearly swapped ear-pieces for personalities, look none too impressed. Then there was the Academy Award-winning Inside Job (2010), which brings into sharp focus the institutions and individuals that led to the 2008 downfall and claims mockingly to be the film that cost more than $20 trillion to make. Rogue brokers, bad-apple bankers and impotent regulators are hung out to dry, as Inside Job exposes a culture of complacency, greed and cocaine addiction amongst the Wall Street elite. Narrated by Matt Damon, it features candid interviews with talking heads such as Christine Lagarde, MD of the International Monetary Fund, who in one scene recalls a conversation she had with then US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. “I clearly remember telling Hank: ‘We are watching this tsunami coming, and you’re just proposing that we ask which swimming costume we’re going to put on.’” Incredulously, she


recalls his response. “Things are under control.” In Curtis Hanson’s 2011 Too Big to Fail we are reminded that it really wasn’t under control, as the documentary singles out Hank Paulson’s role in the 2008 meltdown. He has the dubious honour of being number one on Time magazine’s list of people to blame for the crisis and this documentary about his handling of the Lehman bankruptcy will hardly enhance his reputation. The City of London is also dragged into the narrative, thanks to British banking regulators who stepped in to prevent Barclays from taking over the defunct institution.

Psychos in the city However, if you thought the financial crisis was a messy business then you obviously haven’t seen American Psycho. And you really should. There are probably fewer victims in this film than in some of the aforementioned documentaries, but that’s no thanks to the protagonist, a psychotic investment banker called Patrick Bateman, who is making a killing on Wall Street. Literally. That’s because Christian Bale’s

character is a homicidal maniac whose hunger for success in the city is matched only by his greed for guts. It’s brutal, bloody and brilliant. The city boys get the same old treatment, naturally. You can’t move for pinstripe suits and carefully combed coiffures, while a culture of misogyny, materialism and substance abuse prevails as it does in most other films about Wall Street. But this adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel veers comically and chillingly between the prosaic professionalism of life at an investment bank and the psychotic persuasions of our protagonist. Is Bateman’s reckless behaviour a metaphor for the industry? One does wonder. And perhaps, at times, one also sympathises with Bateman as he endures odious colleagues like Paul Allen – although hopefully that sympathy doesn’t run deep enough to condone his treatment of poor old Paul, who is murdered with an axe in Bateman’s apartment during a conversation about the pop group Huey Lewis and the News. It’s one of the movie’s iconic scenes. You may have noticed by now, some patterns emerging from these films. We’re not talking about the

Christian Bale in American Psycho (2000)

JANUARY 2014 CW 17

FEATURE Demi Moore in Margin Call (2011)

Russell Crowe in A Good Year (2006)

iconic skylines of London and New York, which provide the backdrop to most of these movies. Nor are we addressing the stylistic elements – the slickedback hair, the braces and pinstripe suits – which are de rigueur for our dashing brokers. No, what we are talking about is the moral bankruptcy of Wall Street and the City of London, which is a recurring theme in all of these movies and others such as Margin Call and Boiler Room, which has an excellent cameo from Ben Affleck as big-time broker Jim Young. “Become an employee of this firm and you will make your first million within three years. Okay, I’m gonna repeat that, you will make a million dollars within three years of your first day of employment at J.T. Marlin,” he says to a bunch of hopeful brokers. They’re listening and so are we. “There’s no question as to whether you become a millionaire working here. The only question is, how many times over. You think I’m joking... I am not joking.” The speech continues and by the end of his rousing monologue you want a piece of the pie. Trouble is, that pie has a nasty aftertaste and the film follows a predictable path as you realise J.T. Marlin is operating on the wrong side of the law. It’s bereft of ethics, bad to the bone and leaves you wondering whether there are any good guys out there in our financial institutions. Cue, Max Skinner, the London broker who makes the deal of his career by trading in a high-flying City job for a new life in Provence. This is the 2006 romantic comedy A Good Year, starring Russell Crowe, who takes us on a journey of enlightenment as his character discovers that a

18 CW JANUARY 2014

simple life in a rambling French château is preferable to a stressful career as a trader in rainy old London. Naturally, there’s a woman involved. There’s always a woman, and her name is Fanny, a devilishly attractive café owner, who succumbs to Skinner’s charms. But this is not just another notch on the bedpost, oh no, and pretty soon our trader-turnedwine-maker is living the good life in rural France. Ridley Scott’s gushing romance might be more predictable than the Gregorian calendar, but you can’t help admire Skinner’s exit from the rat race. He defies the cinematic odds and remains one of the few stockbrokers to escape Hollywood with their reputations intact. But like the greedy traders, the scandal-hungry audience is left wanting. Jordan Belfort, do your worst.

Efficiency as beautiful as our slopes. From London to the Alps in practically no time at all. What else would you expect from the efficiency experts? With direct ights from London City to three cities at the foot of the Alps to y to, we bring you closer to the slopes than anyone.

73 weekly ights from London City to the Alps SWISS.COM

050_300_CanaryWharf_210x297_AirA320_Jungfrau 1

20.09.13 12:29

If the SUIT FITS Call it a sartorial return to form, in the most literal sense; sharp suiting, square shoulders, crisp silhouettes and handsome detailing are making a return to men’s workwear WORDS: STEPHEN DOIG

Reiss A/W13 Men’s Collection


fter season on season of skinny silhouettes, razor-tight trousers, narrow shoulders and reed-thin ties, a shift towards a more classic, more solid style of suiting is finally upon us. Well-attired gentlemen are once again breathing a sigh of relief as jackets lend a greater sense of ease, trousers no longer cut off circulation and a more masculine, classic aesthetic informs their wardrobe once again. “I think men now want something a little more classic, something very elegant, very refined, something that is a little bit more timeless,” says Jason Basmajian, creative director of Gieves & Hawkes, the tailoring institution that has dressed everyone from Prince Charles to Nelson. “I think there’s definitely a focus on a very classic silhouette. For example, a lot of men are keen on trousers that are slim but not ‘skinny’; and on cuts that are sculptured but not restricting.” One of the trends that Basmajian notes the store is seeing, is a shift towards double-breasted jackets. “It’s a more traditional way to wear a jacket, because you need to keep it buttoned to maintain the structure of it, and the shape is a little

A lot of men are keen on trousers that are slim but not ‘skinny’; on cuts that are sculptured but not restricting more traditional itself, but it’s a very elegant look that more and more men are adopting.” If any more proof were needed, Gieves & Hawkes’ Autumn/Winter 2013 offering sees Prince-of-Wales checks on cashmere blazers, solid velvet tuxedo jackets for an old-school hint of Cary Grant allure and impeccably cut three-piece suits. Perhaps part of the allure of returning to a classic style of tailoring lies in how menswear style icons have shifted in recent years. Cast a mind back to the early noughties and Hedi Slimane’s barely-breathable cuts at Dior Homme were revolutionising menswear, with Pete Doherty and Jamie Hince heralded as fashion’s newest thing, sparking a trend for tailoring that cut away at the seams of the traditional rules. But today, with Mad Men’s Don Draper acting as a sartorial template to the stylish modern man, and a focus on the red carpets towards proper, solid suiting (think Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford), a rekindling of sorts has occurred. The allure of old-school idols like Gregory Peck, Terence Stamp and Cary Grant hold a lot more punch than whippet-thin musicians in skinny drainpipes (and a scroll through men’s style site Mr Porter’s gallery of icons confirms this).

JANUARY 2014 CW 21

Gieves & Hawkes

At Anderson & Sheppard, the focus has always remained on classic cuts and silhouettes, which were influenced by Dutch tailor Frederick Scholte in the early 20th century, focusing on suits that created an “ease of movement and a natural body line”. Last year Anderson & Sheppard celebrated a collaboration with Bryan Ferry, a defiantly old-school choice, to drive home the fact that classic style never fades. And at Norton & Sons, the label’s finest advert is creative director Patrick Grant, the designer and master tailor who heads the brand alongside Savile Row label E. Tautz (which numbered Winston Churchill among its devotees). Grant’s personal sense of suave devotion to British manufacturing in fabrics such as tweeds and checked wools is a look that lends itself to a latter-day Duke of Windsor (and that’s a very good thing), with suits in richly textured Harris tweeds, solid squared shoulders and the most understated of pocket squares and accessories.

A beautifully-cut suit that doesn’t bend to the winds of trends will only serve to stand the test of time “We’ve definitely seen a rise in very classic, simple cuts coming back,” says Andrew Bird, co-founder of City tailors Cad & the Dandy. “The look is just a lot more substantial and has a greater sense of confidence. In real tailoring, it’s not something that ever went away, but I think the mass market has been preoccupied with copying trends on the catwalks that are focused towards a skinny silhouette.” Tweaking the classic formula for a tailored suit is, Bird says, sartorial suicide. “Shortening a jacket just for the sake of it, changing the lapels to be smaller; these things don’t work because suits are designed to be proportionate to the body. Playing with silhouettes doesn’t serve to work to those proportions.” Bird also cites a return to double-breasted styles and a new appreciation for less ‘flashy’ fabrics like flannel as indicators that tailoring is returning to solid ground. “Pinstripes are dying a death, no one wants an in-yourface pinstripe suit, but certain fabrics like flannel have a lot more substance and depth and are proving more popular. People have watched shows like Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire and definitely appreciate what was considered a more traditional look.” Like all classics, a beautifully cut suit that doesn’t bend to the winds of trends will only serve to stand the test of time. And look suitably Donald Draperesque in the process.

Gieves & Hawkes


Reiss A/W13 Men’s Collection

All three: Anderson & Sheppard

JANUARY 2014 CW 23

What to Wear


Fashion may be famously flippant, but its impact on a woman’s perception and performance at work is a serious matter. The women’s workwear debate is growing; is there space for individualism, is there room for femininity and is power dressing the real way to battle the boardroom? WORDS: Aimee Latimer


athered in fashion brand The Fold’s showroom, Champagne in hand and opinions bubbling, a panel met to discuss the curious question of what women should wear to work. The panel originally consisted of Britt Lintner (a finance executive for 15 years and owner of The Fold her own fashion line), Polly McMaster (finance background, Cambridge PHD and MBA holder and founder of The Fold) and Jo Glynn-Smith (retail development director of Harper’s Bazaar). However, this select panel quickly evolved to encompass the entire room of invited The Fold customers, as more and more women chipped in to debate a surprisingly provocative topic. So, what should women actually wear to work, especially in an area like Canary Wharf where men are prominent, aggression is prevalent and playing the game is everything? Britt Lintner is one woman qualified to advise. Her rare background in both finance and fashion gives credence to her new collection for The Fold: a limited-edition series of five signature dresses inspired by five successful and extraordinary women, which are designed to make women feel chic and comfortable. A concern facing the women in attendance – and particularly those in the more traditionally ‘masculine’ fields such as finance, manufacturing and construction – is, if to fit in and compete in business, are women expected to act and dress like men? How high is the risk, that if a woman were to look too feminine she wouldn’t be taken seriously in a male-dominated industry? Women don’t have a ‘suit’ like men do: a foolproof outfit they can pull on to look homogenous with their colleagues to ensure it’s their ideas, not appearance, which create the greatest impression.

Although stylish and androgynous clothing can help breach the male-female divide, a sure-fire way not to cheat one’s way into being taken seriously is by wearing bulky and overtly-male clothing as a means of compensation. A woman should never dress to fade into the background, she should dress so that her outfit doesn’t overshadow her brain. A simpler way to view the situation is to think of angling the way one dresses in terms of elegance, rather than femininity. For as Coco Chanel said: ‘A woman can be overdressed, but never over-elegant.’ Elegance is a transcendent quality; a woman can look just as poised in a trouser suit as in a fitted dress. Power dressing no longer means bulky shoulder pads and man-sized lapels, it means clothing that complements rather than veils a woman, making her feel confident and in control of her career. The standard of workwear has long shifted from dull, scratchy pencil skirts and stiff blouses. With career-focused women working longer hours, the desire to dress well in the office is rising, blazers are flooding the high-street and brands such as Reiss and COS have a prominent focus on suiting and smart tailoring. Furthermore, new brands such as The Fold, which focuses solely on women’s workwear, are flourishing by filling the need for stylish and professional clothing. Another touchy topic that flared during the debate, is that why shouldn’t women be allowed to – even encouraged to – express their individualism through style in the office? The answer is realism: because it is unprofessional. Just as doctors wear scrubs and men are expected to shave, what one wears to the office is a uniform and a representation of the company one works for. Admittedly, in more creative or informal offices, blazers can be traded for smart jumpers and – god forbid – at a magazine company the odd

A woman should never dress to fade into the background, she should dress so that her outfit doesn’t overshadow her brain

The Fold


JANUARY 2014 CW 25


The Fold



The Fold


FEATURE Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti

miniskirt and jewelled earrings sneak in. However, for the most part, showy dressing is inappropriate and suggests a lack of awareness of one’s environment. A softly-patterned blouse, a personal but subtle necklace and a designer handbag can be excused, but the bold fashion statements are best left for the weekend. The question of what women should wear to work was never answered by the panel. The question is too large, too all-encompassing and too affected by circumstance to be answered in one evening. What to know, however, is what power dressing truly means: it means dressing to look and feel powerful. Clothes that cover the trifecta of comfort, modesty and confidence is what women should be wearing to work. A good performance and work effort will always trump any fashion faux pas, but in the meantime, when in doubt, leave the fishnets at home. Once the case of what to wear is meandered through, the next is wear to buy. The Fold communicates closely with its customers: their feedback is crucial, both for the success of a new brand and to ensure The Fold is meeting the needs of working women. The brand’s appeal, beyond the quality of the garments, is how its pieces are specifically tailored to flatter elegantly, rather than distractingly showcase, a woman’s body. Gathered waists on long-sleeved dresses create a fitted shape without being provocative, soft-cowl necks add detail to necklines without being low-cut and tones such as fuchsia and navy are saturated with colour, but not too

bright as to be obtrusive in a sea of black suits. Look out for the signature exposed gold zip on the back of The Fold’s pieces, because formality doesn’t have to omit personality. Reiss’ collections are ideal for standing out in the office for the right reasons. Its dresses, mostly cut to the knee, feature bold patterns and geometric shapes. Its blouses, which tuck effortlessly into cropped trousers (with heels) or longer suit trousers (with flats), feature neat lapels, subtle embellishment and retail alongside sleeveless but high-necked tops. Reiss also deftly uses colour – feminine navies, berries and apricots – to keep the looks fresh and pretty, but still professional and grown-up. COS has more masculine shapes for those wanting a bold and androgynous silhouette. Relaxed tailored trousers, square jackets and over-sized cuts are typical of its collections, as is a more subdued colour palette of salt-and-pepper greys, black and autumnal shades of green, burgundies and blues – ideal for conservative offices. COS also sells shoes and accessories, including quirky statement necklaces and chunky heeled boots, which are fresh, simple ways to add to an outfit to carry it from office to evening. For a variation on the blazer, Massimo Dutti offers fitted blazers, which can instantly smarten more casual outfits, in a range of fabrics such as velvet, wool and flannel. Look out for the brand’s shoes too: its leather brogues and slipper shoes are office-friendly and, most importantly, comfortable.

Clothes that cover the trifecta of comfort, modesty and confidence is what women should be wearing to work

JANUARY 2014 CW 27

26 octOBER - 16 February th


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Those little

DETAILS From the Square Mile to St James’s, designers have for centuries devoted themselves to adding the final accents to a man’s look WORDS: STEPHEN DOIG


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Hugo Boss


hen it comes to that final flourish on a guy’s outfit – the peak of a crisp white cotton pocket square, the dimple in a beautiful silk tie – there are some things that London’s well-heeled gentlemen have a knack of doing better than anyone else. And as well they should; the UK is spoiled in that it has a wealth of luxury accessory labels for men that combine history with impeccable craftsmanship and peerless taste. The handsome tiled exterior and calm, masculine décor of Mayfair’s Drake’s store might exude a sense of history, but this accessories label is a relative newcomer into the arena of men’s attire. Founded in 1977 by Michael Drake, Jeremy Hull and Isabel Dickson, the label has evolved from beautiful cashmere scarves to encompass hand-knitted silk or woven jacquard ties, and bow-ties dyed using an ancient English technique called ‘Madder Dye’, using natural products. What’s remarkable about Drake’s array of elegant accessories is how unyielding the styles have been to trends; while some of the knitted silk ties come in a more slender style, the focus has always been on classic, impeccable

Tumi New & Lingwood

Simon Carter


Tumi Ted Baker

Dunhill Zegna

Hugo Boss

Simon Carter Emmett

handmade pieces in club stripes, discrete prints and pared-back designs. The aesthetic is nuanced and considered, and the USP of these pieces is how they lend a hint of personality to a corporate suit without screaming ‘look at me’; a nubbly woven tie will add texture and depth to a crisp white shirt without frightening anyone in the boardroom. A similar supporter of British manufacturing and industry can be found at Turnbull & Asser, the heritage tie and shirtmakers founded in 1885 and outfitters to Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, along with James Bond and a host of others. Turnbull & Asser’s ties are handmade in England using a series of techniques to ensure the most peerless quality; the handcrafted element in these weighted silk ties means it contains one ‘central stitch’ which is designed to be unbreakable. The tie should be able to spring back into shape after the most arduous of days; ideal for the smart man who is in his suit from dusk till dawn. While British style institution Dunhill is perhaps more famous for its tailoring (outfitting Daniel Craig, Jude Law and Bill Nighy along the way), it’s interesting to note that it began its sartorial journey by specialising in accessories. Alfred Dunhill began his career by accessorising the new toy of the upper classes – the motorcar. Taking the template from his

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Hugo Boss

From the toes to the tip of your collar, Britain’s range of heritage accessories labels are unique

Ted Baker


father’s saddler business, in 1893 Dunhill began creating pieces for the motorcar, from goggles to horns, picnic hampers to headlamps. In the 50s the label celebrated a new lease of life with its eponymous gas lighter, something of a status symbol amongst the well-heeled London set. Today, the label’s handcrafted range of sterling silver tiebars, wallets, ties, cufflinks and pens continues to lend the final dash to a considered man’s outfit (the solid ‘thud’ that one of the label’s weighty platinum pens makes on the boardroom table can’t fail to resonate). In keeping with the British tradition of enduring, timeless accessories, Church’s shoes adhere to a key tenet of durability and long-lasting craftsmanship. Founded in 1675 in Northampton by the superherosounding Stone Church, Church’s helped to make the region renowned for handcrafted shoes. The company was the first label to introduce the concept of ‘left’ and ‘right’ shoes (hard to believe, I know) and its beautifully constructed leather shoes adhere to the

most classic of styles and shapes; oxfords, brogues and monk-strap shoes in chestnut, black, tan or oxblood remain its mainstay. Another label flying the flag for impeccable footwear is also John Lobb, the bootmaker brand that has called its St James’s store home since 1849, and which focuses on a bespoke service creating works of art that are unique to each customer – a shoe from this heritage brand can take months to make and every facet of its construction is tailor-made (luckily, recent decades have seen the introduction of a readyto-wear line of handmade shoes). From the toes to the tip of your collar, Britain’s range of heritage accessories labels are unique in how they focus on classicism and handcrafting over mass production and fast fashion. Whether it’s the beautifully patterned socks and pocket squares of New & Lingwood (or one of its gentlemanly, lavishly embroidered dressing gowns for down-time dash) or a neat Drake’s tie, every style accent of the modern gentleman is thoroughly catered for.

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Tightly Wound

Ingo Maurer is a designer of exceptional lamps and lighting. Over four decades his design company has grown to employ 60 people and has showrooms in Munich and New York. Light Structure – a standout piece – is an interwoven structure of six tubes connected and held in tension by insulated wires. Crafted from glass, acrylic and aluminium, it can be displayed in two ways. Firstly, as a table lamp, where it utilises a continuously rotating transformerdimmer, or as a hanging lamp, with a dimmable integrated transformer. Although Light Structure is still a prototype, Ingo Maurer’s unique pieces can be purchased in London, including at The Conran Shop. D Light Structure, £POA, Ingo Maurer,

BRAND boom

Collections and brands to look for in 2014

Dickie Bows A relatively new brand, having launched in 2011, Marwood soon garnered attention from those in the know and is now stocked in London’s Liberty and at mrporter. com. Specialising in neck ties, bowties, scarves and socks, each product is designed to be treasured and worn time and time again. D

On The Horizon A preview of Massimo Dutti’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection centres on light-tone chinos complemented by coloured blazers. More of an evolution from its previous collections than a break from form, S/S 14 channels a European flair and makes its mark through classic cuts and harmonious colour schemes – making it pretty difficult to select a bad outfit from its Cabot Place store. D Spring/Summer 2014, Massimo Dutti, Cabot Place

Fervour Pitch One British brand to keep an eye on is Fervour, which is dedicated to crafting functional, elegant, well-constructed athletic wear. Launched in 2013 with a limited collection of shirts, the initial release sold out and proved popular with professional athletes. The flexible sportswear is developed to enhance the mechanics of the body in motion. Furthermore, the dynamic – and flattering – designs are sure to stand out for all the right reasons in the gym amongst a sea of kit. D

It’s Pronounced ‘Key-Kay’ Newcomer and knitwear expert Quique is a boutique creating highend knitwear for men. The clothes are inspired by traditional knits and then modernised with a focus on one element in the design, whether that be colour, pattern or cut. When one of its 16 styles is ordered, a sales assistant confirms your measurements so it can be handmade to size in the UK and delivered within five weeks. D From £660,

For Him | STYLE

Smash & Grab The MB&F M.A.D. Gallery, located on Rue Verdaine in Geneva, displays horological machines and mechanical art. Up until May 2014, the Gallery is showcasing artwork by Fabian Oefner. Oefner has created two series of images titled Hatch and Disintegrating. In the Disintegrating series, a car has been dismantled completely and then photographed piece by piece with the images then layered to create the illusion of an exploding car. In the Hatch series, Oefner gives his interpretation of the birth of a car. These images were made by taking a miniature version of a Ferrari GTO and surrounding it in plaster gypsum before smashing the shell to create the illusion of the vehicle breaking out of its egg. If you’re not passing through Geneva anytime soon, the exhibition can be enjoyed online. D Hatch and Disintegrating by Fabian Oefner,

Talking Point Race cars are not subtle and neither is this. This iPhone speaker dock is made from the exhaust manifold of a retired eight-cylinder engine Formula 1 race car. Buyers can actually choose which car’s engine they want from a list that includes a 1978 Cosworth DFV, 2006 Renault RS26 and 2007 Ferrari 056. The iPhone sits between the manifold’s four head pipes, which conceal 70-watt speakers and a 140-watt subwoofer. It is about 50 cm high and 38 cm wide and, if it isn’t unique enough, makers Hammacher Schlemmer offers optional personalisation. D The Formula One Speaker Dock, £5,200 Hammacher Schlemmer,

Easy as 1, 2, 3



It’s the time of year to succumb to new year pressure to reinvigorate your grooming routine. It’s important to use a skincare range designed specifically for men, as male skin differs from women’s: male hormones stimulate oil and sweat glands, which make skin oilier, and is also thicker, as the same hormones enlarge the middle layer of the skin (the dermis) with collagen. Clinique’s men’s skincare system is designed to be simple, effective and – most importantly – easy, with just three steps: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.

1. The Liquid Face Wash (£15) lathers on to leave skin clean but never feeling tight and it helps soften stubble pre-shave.

2. A gentle exfoliator buffs off the top layer of dry skin


to reveal clearer skin and it allows moisturiser to work more effectively. Apply twice a day by sweeping a dipped cotton ball in one direction over unshaven areas. The Scruffing Lotion (£16) comes in three varieties – for dry, oily and very oily skin.

3. M Lotion (£23) replenishes moisture and helps soothe shaving irritation. D Clinique, Boots, Jubilee Place

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man chairs




Available in 14 colours, this tub chairs can add colour to a room without the need to paint.

Inspired by fighter jets, this chair has a shell of riveted interlocking aluminium panels.

This club chair is supremely comfortable with its deep seat and chunky armrests.

D Velvet Tub Chair in Dusk, £445, Oliver Bonas,

D Aviator Tomcat Chair, £POA, Timothy Oulton,

D The Henry Club Chair, £POA, Stuart Scott,

Jubilee Place




Plush quilting creates a softer feel than traditional leather for hot days without sticking.

A lot of effort and hand-sewn, hand-coloured and wax-finished cowhide went into this chair.

Upholstered in aged leather, this traditional armchair nods to heritage design.

D Magica Lounge Chair, £1,820, Bonaldo,

D Monochrome Tank, £3,345, Fleming & Howland,

D Highbury Estate Armchair, £2,250, Eichholtz,




A stylish lounge chair in antique leather with polished stainless steel and a distinctive cupped base.

Aesthetically simple but contractually complex, this chair’s frame alone is made from 130 parts.

A Sunday morning-friendly chair – pull the lever, lean back, relax and put your feet up in style.

D Carlotta Chair, £1,925,

D Director’s Chair, £6,000, David Linley,

D Soho Recliner, £1,085, Halo,

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Making it clear° Specialist family law services

Transparency as standard When any relationship breaks down, whether it is a marriage, a civil partnership or a couple living together, there’s a lot to think about. Then there is the added worry of how much your legal support will cost and how you will pay for it. At DWF we provide clarity and accuracy at the outset as to what your legal costs are likely to be, with access to funding facilities to meet those costs. With a range of specialist family law services providing advice covering divorce and the financial issues arising from a divorce, civil partnership dissolution or cohabitation disputes, our Family team have the experience and expertise to support and guide you. For a confidential, no obligation, initial consultation contact David Pickering on 0161 603 4983 or email To find out more visit

Š DWF LLP 2013. DWF LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with registered number OC328794. DWF LLP (registered number OC328794) is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

A More Tailored Fit Mixing a unique design aesthetic with sartorial tradition, Emmett London lands in Canary Wharf

All of Emmett London’s shirts are made from the finest fabrics, typically woven in Italy, and many exist in a limited edition of only 25


hen it broke last autumn, news that the extension of Jubilee Place mall would be bringing Emmett London to Canary Wharf would not have been missed by the area’s fashion conscious men. Founded in 1992 by tailor Robert Emmett, the company has been carving a reputation as one of the country’s most prestigious shirtmakers ever since. Having kept Dermot O’leary looking dapper in the previous two seasons of The X Factor, and about to supply England football manager Roy Hodgson with shirts designed specifically for this year’s World Cup, Emmett London knows a thing or two about dressing for the occasion. All of its shirts are made from the finest fabrics, typically woven in Italy, and many exist in a limited edition of only 25. Add meticulously tailoring and innovative designs, and you can see how the brand hopes to uphold the traditions of Jermyn Street while offering a unique blend of Britishness, humour and quality.

“Emmett London has a unique approach to menswear,” explains Emmett’s creative director Nash Masood. “Our foundation is the shirt around which everything is built. The Canary Wharf store was designed as a one-stopdestination for men who are keen to engage in a sartorial dialogue and build lasting relationships with our style consultants. We have a specially designed room within the store where this consultation all takes place.” While it may be best known for its shirts, Emmett London also sells a selection of accessories, including ties, scarves, socks, boxer shorts, cufflinks, pocket squares and swimwear. It’s also proud to offer a made-to-measure service for shirts and suiting. Next, to ensure a truly customised fit, Emmett takes a total of 12 measurements before offering a selection of more than 700 clothes, 60 colour shapes (yes 60!) and 13 different types of cuff. Five weeks later, the company will call you in for a final fitting. Voila, a bespoke shirt tailored to your personal style. D Emmett London, Jubilee Place


In The Swim Taking its inspiration from 1960s Riviera and Palm Beach glamour, when it comes to Orlebar Brown, think sun-kissed beaches, cocktails by the swimming pool and, above all, poolside style

Having garnered a reputation as the King of Swim, Orlebar Brown has diversified to deliver a stylish range of resort wear


n 2007, photographer Mr Adam Brown launched Orlebar Brown to provide an unprecedented, more tailored approach to beach shorts and swimwear. Film fanatics will know that when Daniel Craig emerged from the waters in his James Bond debut, it was in a pair of Orlebar Brown’s that he did so. Now, six years on, having opened in Jubilee Place, the intrinsically British brand has gone global, opening stores in Europe, the States and Australia. With an aesthetic that nods to a bygone era, and inspired by vintage images of the sixties, the brand aims to remind their clients of the dapper sophistication and seamless charm that once came with holidaying. Made to be robust and comfortable, the tailored pieces have always been a smart, practical choice at lunch or by the pool. Last year, having garnered a reputation as the King of Swim, the brand diversified to deliver a stylish range of resort wear. The new collections boast a classic, retro style and include items such as Riviera shorts and chinos, neatly

fitting sweats and jackets, and a range of bags and accessories designed to add a touch of panache to casual looks. The Monaco Spring/Summer 14 collection is one motivated by classic illustrations of 1930 travel posters - which are boldly printed on some of their bulldog shorts and Tommy T-shirts – once again taking Orlebar Brown’s devotees from beachside to dinner table with effortless ease. For autumn/winter 2014 Orlebar Brown has headed into the jungle. Following on from its Cruise collection, which explored OB in the urban jungle, the brand has moved into the tropics. Flora, fauna and birds of paradise all provide the inspiration for next season; exotic palm prints, feathers and specially commissioned illustrations in a vibrant palette of greens, oranges and yellows run throughout. Also look out for new polo shirts and longsleeved t-shirts. D Orlebar Brown, Jubilee Place



Lighter shade pale


Pastels aren’t just relegated to the Spring/ Summer 2014 catwalks; embrace a softer shade this season with perfect pastels and lighter tones

Fashion natalie read

Photography rachell smith

Coat, £1,295, Amanda Wakeley (; Blouse, £205, Cacharel (; Skirt, £810, Reem Juan (; tights, from a selection at Emilio Cavallini (

THIS PAGE Blouse, £POA, and Cardigan, £230, both Cacharel (; Skirt, £POA, Mary Katrantzou ( OPPOSITE PAGE Shirt, £384, Emma Cook (net-a-porter. com); Dress, £POA, Burberry Prorsum (; Bag, £345, Pedro Garcia (; Earrings, £7,550, and Ring, £12,200, both Stephen Webster (

THIS PAGE Dress, £POA, Dsquared2 (; Cape, £POA, RED Valentino (; Brooch, £395, 1980s Chanel at Susan Caplan, (; Gloves, £49, Dents (, OPPOSITE PAGE Jacket, £1,060, Marni (; Dress, £POA, John Rocha (; Necklace, £6,640, Delphine Charlotte Parmentier ( HAIR & MAKE UP Darren Hau using Shu Uemura and John Christopher MODEL Olga at Premier Model Management

Smooth, Manageable Hair for



Your exclusive Christmas & New Year offer

020 7513 2660 26 Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf London E14 5NY *Terms and conditions apply


for HER:


Creature Comforts

Olivia von Halle previously worked as a trendforecaster for clients including Louis Vuitton and the Gucci Group in both England and Shanghai. On returning to London, she longed to ditch her heels after long nights out and slip into something comfortable – without a sudden comedown from glamour. Inspired by the lounge pyjamas popularised by Coco Chanel and her contemporaries in the 1920s, she launched a collection of tailored pyjamas at London Fashion Week in 2011. The line was quickly noticed, and celebrity fans, including Victoria Beckham and L’Wren Scott, followed suit. Olivia von Halle’s The Gosford Collection for Spring/Summer 2014 includes men’s-style shirts worn nonchalantly over shorts and delicate silk loungewear in sugary pinks, clean mints and pretty cornflowers. D The Gosford Collection, from £185, Olivia von Halle,

winter Hair Care Look after your Hair Skyler McDonald, creative director of Sean Hanna, shares with Canary Wharf her five top tips for maintaining healthy hair through winter.

1. The harsh winter months dehydrate your hair, making it dull, limp and static. To protect and nourish hair, always apply hair oil, which will coat tips to cuticles eliminating frizz and restoring shine and manageability. I would recommend Shu Uemura Hair Oil (£38.50) – it contains camellia oil, a natural antioxidant that protects hair.

2. A regular haircut is a must – even if you have just a small trim every six weeks, getting rid of split ends will protect your hair from splitting further. A regular trim is essential, even when growing hair long, as it’ll keep it feeling full and healthy rather than long and wispy. Check out our latest signature Connexion Cut (from £60), which is perfect for someone who wants to retain hair length, yet keep locks healthy.

3. For those who suffer from extreme frizz during the winter months, there is no better solution than a Brazilian Blow Dry (£99), a treatment that enriches hair with pure keratin, making it shiny, sleek and manageable throughout the cold snap. If you don’t fancy having your hair straight you can ask Sean Hanna stylists to give you a wavy Brazilian Blow Dry (£99) to create a silky, wavy look.

4. A weekly hair mask will make a huge difference to your locks, giving your hair a boost to recover from the harsh, dehydrating effects of winter. Kérastase Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Masque (£26.80) is a perfect treatment for deep nourishment without weighing down hair.

5. Heat protection is not something we should only use in summer. A heat protector should always be applied before styling hair and is more of a necessity in winter when your hair is prone to more damage. Kérastase Styling Spray À Porter (£23) not only gives a perfect hold and matte finish after blow-drying or styling, it also protects your hair from heat. D seanhanna, Jubilee Place

Runway Spy A pinnacle factor that created the visual power of Carolina Herrera’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection was movement. The models glided down the New York Fashion Week runway in billowing layers of sheer organza with graduating transparency for skirts and dresses which were enticingly sheer, without being see-through. The collection made a welcome break from the boxy coats and oversized shapes popular this winter. Greens, burgundies and patterns such as pinstripes and checks kept the flowing look grown-up – for clothes, not just to be seen in, but to move for. D Ready-to-wear Spring 2014, Carolina Herrera,

For Her | STYLE

Buffs on like a powder, feels like a cream and creates buildable coverage for photo-shopped-looking skin. D Original SPF 15 Foundation, £25

An infusion of minerals nourishes and revitalises lips, while its deep pigments colour and brighten. D Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Risk It All, £16

This deep peach copper shade suits all skin tones and creates subtle daytime shimmer. D Shimmer Eyecolor in Tan Lines, £14

The Naked Truth The new bareMinerals boutique in Jubilee Place, from its glittering counters to white chandeliers, reflects the make-up brand’s light, bright and beautiful ethos. The easy-to-navigate make-up stations are designed to encourage a welcoming atmosphere where a woman’s natural beauty is celebrated – and gently enhanced. Those hesitant to try mineral or powder make-up will soon be convinced by bareMineral’s cult-hit formula, which buffs on to create an airbrushed look, enhancing skin by hiding imperfections and highlighting natural beauty. Book into one of its popular ‘makeunder’ sessions for expert advice and to see what minerals can do for you. D bareMinerals, Jubilee Place

Ready-Aware Wolford is one of the many new stores to open recently in Canary Wharf’s Jubilee Place. Though better known for its tights, the brand’s lines include lingerie, shapewear, swimwear and a readyto-wear collection, which mainly features simple shapes cut from fine merino wool to create a fitted yet sleek silhouette in a variety of colours – ideal for looking elegant and comfortable during long stints in the office. D Ready-to-Wear, Wolford, Jubilee Place

SLEEK CHIC J Brand has reinvigorated its coveted line-up of jean silhouettes with the introduction of stretch-technology fabric. The new stocking jeans combine the ultra-softness of tights with the texture of denim for a wardrobe stable that feels like leggings but looks like jeans. Cut to hug the body, the stocking jeans are available in J Brand’s iconic super skinny and Maria cuts, and its latest styles – the stacked super skinny, side zip leggings and high-rise Alana crop. D J Brand Stocking Jeans,

One To Watch Fledgling luxury accessories line AEVHA London by Alice Horlick has found its feet with the debut of a new Spring/Summer 2014 handbag collection. The collection balances robustness (for everyday use) and uniqueness (for everyday fashion statements). The collection has been designed with a woman in mind who appreciates the discrete luxury of an undiscovered brand. Unusual shapes and bold colours make the AEVHA London accessories stand out in a wave of new Spring/Summer 2014 collections, so be sure to get yours before word gets out. D Spring/Summer 2014, AEVHA London,

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STYLE | For Her





Look out for this when it comes out in spring; simply pair with dark jeans and heels.

This powder blush in Accent 84 contours and adds radiance to darker complexions.

D Pullover, £TBC, Tiger of Sweden, Jubilee Place

D Chanel Joues Contraste in Accent 84,

Available from 27 January, Nina Ricci has teamed up with French pastry baker Ladurée to create a fragrance and macaroons inspired by each.

£31, Boots, Canada Place

D La Temptation de Nina, £40, Nina Ricci,



Play up to the drama of costume jewellery with Carat*’s decadent cocktail rings.

This decorative bra adds a little extra boost. D Adana Push-Up Bra, £260, Bordelle,

BLACK MAGIC Slip on a scent like a dress with a sensually scented dry body oil.

D Magnificent Radiant Cocktail Ring,

D Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Dry Body Oil,

£454, Carat*, Cabot Place

£48, Jo Malone, Jubilee Place




An elegant fragrance, which layers fruity notes of lychee, raspberry and peach.

Beautiful heeled boots with just the right amount of attitude.

A glamorous yet flattering gown, which conceals arms and has distracting pleats skimming the thighs.

D Venetian Violet Flower Water,

D Plaited-Strap Heeled Boots,

D Black Silk Embroidery Gown,

£45, Crabtree & Evelyn, Cabot Place

£125, Massimo Dutti, Cabot Place

£1,850, Temperley London,

50 CW JANUARY 2014

Jubilee Place and Cabot Place Canary Wharf SB_SS14_CanaryWharf_297x210.indd 1

16/12/2013 12:52

Shape-Up in Style Get fit this New Year and look good while doing it. With an abundance of stores boasting the latest in designer sportswear, and industry-leading facilities in which to wear it, Canary Wharf is the place to shape-up this January


The sixth store to open in Europe, ASICS in Jubilee Place provides professional advice for runners and an extensive collection of footwear and quality apparel. The store is fitted with a high-tech Foot ID scanning system, which takes a 3D scan of your feet and then uses test shoes, software and cameras to analyse your ‘gait cycle’ as you run on a treadmill. This data generates a personalised Foot ID to reveal which shoes best suit your running style.

SHOPPING Sweaty Betty

Working out has never looked so good, thanks to Sweaty Betty. The pioneering company challenges conventional wisdom, mixing together style and performance as well as femininity and sport. The company believes in inspiring its customers to lead active lives. Everything it creates must pass three tests: is it beautiful? Will it help people perform better? Will others covet it? See its Cabot Place and Jubilee Place store to marvel at the results.

The Reebok Sports Club

Located above Waitrose Food, Fashion and Home, The Reebok Sports Club is a luxury health establishment offering state-of-the-art training facilities and a vast array of free classes per week, including ‘ski-fit’ sessions designed to get you in shape for the slopes. Occupying three floors – a space the size of three football pitches – it has the largest free weights area in London (10,000 square feet) with over 500 pieces of cardio and full-body training equipment. Other facilities include a functional training area, a 13-metre high climbing wall, a competition-sized boxing ring with eight surrounding power bags and a 23-metre swimming pool. In addition, the indoor sports hall is ideal for football, basketball, badminton, netball, volleyball, tennis and table tennis.

Virgin Active

With waterfront views overlooking the Thames, Virgin Active on Canary Riverside is one of the brand’s 122 high-tech health clubs in the UK. These modern yet inviting Virgin creations are designed to help all clients reach their exercise and fitness goals, offering sophisticated, spacious, and vibrant exercise environments suitable for all to work out, splash out, or chill out in.


SHOPPING Runners Need

For specialist running requirements, look no further than Runners Need. With enthusiastic and experienced staff, they offer an extensive range of specialist running gear and stylish yet practical gym clothing, as well as knowledgeable advice to analyse your running action and recommend appropriate footwear.

Freedom Back Clinic

Fitness meets Fashion

Head to the country’s largest Waitrose Food, Fashion & Home in Canada Place for sportswear designed to impress on the track or treadmill, or visit JD Sports for a vast range of exclusive fashion and footwear styles from brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Converse. Elsewhere, The Reebok Sports Shop located at The Reebok Sports Club, prides itself in providing a wide range of sports clothing for all sporting necessities designed to reinforce and reignite their clients’ love of fitness. It also stocks a large selection of protein bars, gels and shakes from Maximuscle for pre or post workout nourishment.

Pure Sports Medicine With the New Year comes the opportunity for a fresh start. For many people, this means leading a healthier lifestyle and losing weight. It may be tempting to try a fad diet, but these are usually unrealistic, difficult to maintain and sometimes dangerous. Make this New Year different; find a reliable source of information at Pure Sports Medicine, a unique sports injury practice, dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems. Consult the clinic’s sports dietician Linia Patel to help you understand nutrition and make healthy lifestyle changes. Linia has extensive experience in weight management and does not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Pay a visit for bespoke exercise and nutritonal advice or to have a diet plan tailored to you. You’ll find Pure Sports Medicine on Level 2 of Cabot Place, above Tesco Metro.


Three years after opening its Canary Wharf doors, Freedom Black Clinic’s osteopaths and chiropractors have seen most neck, shoulder and lower back complaints. Its clinicians have all found a similar trend of underlying factors among patients; sitting for long hours at the desk, some patients using multiple screens for long hours, incorrect work-station set up and not enough exercise. To stay healthy, the clinic recommends you take regular breaks away from the desk every 45 minutes, complete a thorough work-station assessment, perform simple stretches and do things like stand on the tube. If you are not sure how to stretch correctly, or have further questions, then book in for a free consultation.

New You whole body health We’ve done all the work for you this January and selected the very best local treatments to get your entire body primed for the start of the new year WORDS: JOsephine O’Donoghue


f your body aches after a full-on festive season of high heels, late nights and busting moves on the dance floor (not to mention the cheese, wine and chocolate), the return to work and real life in January can come as a bit of a shock. Now is the time to make those new year resolutions – but alongside the promises to eat less and exercise more, why not agree to regular health and beauty treats too? With six-weekly haircuts, fortnightly manicures and regular visits to the dentist, the new you will feel invigorated and refreshed, ready to take on 2014 and all of its challenges. We’ve tracked down a selection of perfectly polished treatments that will take you from postChristmas fatigue to new year vitality, all a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf…

Health & Beauty | style



One of the most enjoyable ways to kick-start full body health for the new year is to indulge in a full body massage – and, although this one definitely counts as a treat, the benefits of massage aren’t limited to personal relaxation. We love the Therapeutic option, which improves circulation and banishes toxins while easing sore muscles and untangling painful knots. Amma Therapy can send expert therapists to your home for a massage seven days a week. Choose from 60 or 90-minute sessions of therapeutic, deep tissue, Thai, Ayurvedic yoga, sports or pregnancy massage to leave you feelingly blissfully renewed.

Christmas is a time to enjoy the finer things in life – good coffee, fine red wine and maybe even the odd cigar – but these ‘treats’ can all add up to stained teeth. If your smile is in need of brightening for the new year, Smilepod’s teeth whitening is a great (and easy) treatment. Ordinary brushing can’t shift stains, so professional whitening at the Canary Wharf studio can do the job in just a little more than your lunch hour. The final effect can be compared to a makeover, such is the improvement to your overall appearance – and with Smilepod, it’s made super-simple with a fixed price list and walk-in studios. D Smilepod, Canada Place




A new year, a new you – and what better way to start feeling good about yourself than with a good hair day? Fitting in a trip to the hairdressers is always tricky, so why not switch your stylist allegiance to the Canary Wharf-based Sean Hanna salon and enjoy a re-style and blow-dry during a break or after work? Conveniently situated in Jubilee Place, stressed and busy clients leave feeling relaxed, styled and sleek, ready to show-off their gorgeous good hair days. Choose from a range of services, including the fabulous Brazilian blow-dry (which will ensure your ‘new you’ lasts for up to 12 weeks) and the Executive blow-dry.

Feeling beautiful from head-to-toe is an admirable goal, so don’t forget your toes! Even hidden under tights, socks or boots, your feet deserve some pampering, especially after carrying you through the festive period (no doubt squeezed into towering high heels). For a really luxurious pedicure, head to Bruton De Rose where your tired feet can relax for a full 45 minutes as they’re soaked, softened, exfoliated and moisturised
your nails are shaped, polished and painted. Look out for new exclusive nail polish brand Morgan Taylor with a host of on-trend shades, and CARITA moisturising products that will totally transform your skin.

D Seanhanna, Jubilee Place

D £15 off when you book a manicure and pedicure together,


Bouton De Rose, Admirals Way

Young actress Saoirse Ronan famously, and rather amusingly, pointed out that: “If you don’t have eyebrows, you don’t really have a face” – and she’s pretty much right! To pull off that perfect feminine look, groomed eyebrows have to frame your eyes and your face – something so many women get wrong. To avoid eyebrow embarrassment, head to the Blink Brow Bar where you can choose from treatments such as ‘Brow-hab’ (eyebrow rehab for addictive pluckers), ‘Bold Brows’ (for statement eyebrows, voted a Harper’s Bazaar top 100 beauty secret) or ‘Brow Enhancement’ (to encourage healthy eyebrow growth). Trust us, you’ll never go back to DIY brows.

FACE With treatments taking as little as ten minutes, mesotherapy is a smart option to consider this new year. With a series of ‘mini-injections’, clients can boost their skin’s nutrients with a shot of active vitamins, minerals and amino-acids, helping to nourish delicate facial skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for a more youthful, glowing appearance. Improvements can be seen especially in skin tone and the reduction of dark circles – the perfect tonic after a busy holiday season. D The Rejuvenation Clinic & Medispa, Cabot Place

HANDS They say that hands give away your age, regardless of how toned your body is or how youthful your face. With the cold weather continuing to settle on London, it’s important to take care of hands and nails on a two-to-three week basis. The spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Canary Wharf offers a space quite away from the hustle and bustle of the malls, where you can enjoy your manicure in simple seclusion. Choose from the classic manicure (including nail shaping, buffing, filing, cuticle care, a hand massage with Essie Recovery Cream, and application of Essie Nail Polish, £45) or the luxury manicure (which adds in a micro-dermoabrasion crystal exfoliation, £60), leaving your hands silky-smooth and bang on-trend with this season’s nail polish shades. D Four Seasons Hotel London at Canary Wharf Spa, Westferry Circus

D Blink Brow Bar, Canada Place


Bodyfit Burlesque will be available on the Reebok Sports Club timetable from January. Please visit: or call 020 7970 0911

Nobody really wants to head down to the gym in the dark this January, so why not opt for the fun version? Reebok Sports Club has launched a new Bodyfit Burlesque class taught by Iris Rose, a professional dancer and fitness instructor. Leaving you feeling fit and inspired, these classes focus less on the hard slog of the treadmill and more on the benefits of improved posture, strength, balance and coordination. In an effective workout that will tone legs, bums and tums you can enjoy expressing your more sensual self through dance, confident in the knowledge that you’ve also burnt off a shedload of calories. D Reebok Sports Club, Canada Square

JANUARY 2014 CW 57










treasured timepieces, fine and contemporary jewellery & luxury goods


New Year means new beginnings and, with that, new adventures. To herald the start of 2014, Piaget is launching a fine watch and jewellery collection inspired by travel, drawing on two of the world’s most historic trade routes: the Silk Route of China and the Spice Route of India. Available from January, A Mythical Journey comprises 32 watches which incorporate micromosaic, embroidery, bullino engraving and enamelling, and 16 pieces of jewellery created from exceptional stones including emerald, facetted sapphires and emeralds. Demonstrating the inextricable link between time and travel, the Swiss manufacturer will also present two Emperador Coussin models with each dial illustrating one of the routes and featuring a hand-engraved enamel miniature map. D


The Pinstripe Collection Tel: +44 (0)20 8877 1616

Ettinger Pinstripe Ad Canary Feb12 297x210.indd 1

19/1/12 11:18 AM


Watch of the Year for Girard-Perregaux After exhibitions in Beijing, Macau and Dubai, November saw the watches nominated for Geneva’s 13th annual Watchmaking Grand Prix arrive for the Oscars of the watch world. In a ceremony attended by the Who’s Who of the industry, Girard-Perregaux was awarded overall watch of the year for its Constant Escapement L.M., while Van Cleef & Arpels and Romain Gauthier walked away with best Ladies’ Complication Watch and Best Men’s Complication Watch respectively. Impressing both the judges, who awarded it the Grande Complication Prize, and the public, who voted it their watch of the year, was A. Lange & Söhne’s stunning 1815 Rattrapante Perpetuel Calendar. Incidentally, it would have won our vote too.

Perfectly Pitched For elegant, mechanical Swiss timepieces, Baume & Mercier has always offered good looks at value for money prices, a fact it continues to prove with the latest addition to its Clifton collection. When it arrives in stores this April, the Clifton Chronograph will provide wearers with a Swiss-made self-winding movement, a day and date display and sapphire crystal case back for a price rumoured to be the right side of three grand. Bargain. D


Greubel’s Third Invention


For treasured timepieces, horological heirlooms and modern masterpieces, watch this space...

ONE TO WATCH This month Sandy Madhvani, Showroom Manager at David M Robinson in Canary Wharf, selects his watch of the moment:

Behold Greubel Forsey’s Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain. Launched a year before the brand’s 10th birthday – a decade in which it has become one of the most fêted names in haute horology – the timepiece houses the watchmaker’s third new invention, the Tourbillon 24 Secondes; a highly-efficient, fast-rotating, 24-second revolution tourbillon cage. Housed in a regal 5N red or white gold case, the invention can be seen ‘floating’ in mid-air thanks to a transparent tourbillon bridge. Limited to 33 pieces, the 24 Secondes Contemporain comes with a lofty £369,500 price tag. D Marcus Watches, 170 New Bond Street

“The first GMT to feature blue and black on its bezel, the Rolex GMTMaster II comes in at 40mm in size and incorporates an eye-catching blue second hour hand. A handsome addition to an iconic collection.” D GMT-Master II, £5,950, Rolex Available at David M Robinson, Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf

january 2014 CW 61




4 5





Whether you’re in Courchevel or Saint Anton, Meribel or Saint Moritz, this season, après-ski in style




8 D 1 Grenoble Orohena coat, £1,180, Moncler, D 2 Emergency II, £12,040, Breitling, D 3 Chunky bobble knit scarf, £355, Lanvin, D 4 Lunettes Monier sunglasses, £170, Moncler, as before D 5 Lunar compact system camera, £5,300, Hasselblad, D 6 Aviator coyote-trimmed trapper hat, £250, Canada Goose, D 7 The Hublot sledge, POA, Hublot, D 8 Leather hiking boots, £395, Car Shoe, D 9 Toffee+Vodka spirit drink, £17.85, Thunder, D 10 Zai for Bentley skis, £6,645, Zai for Bentley,

62 CW JANUARY 2014

Swiss movement, English heart

Bespoke Unitas 6497 hand-wound movement (Calibre JJ02) from master watchmaker, Johannes Jahnke / Each piece, of only 250, personally assembled by Johannes in our Swiss atelier / Supremely engineered, 43mm, 316L stainless steel case with full diameter transparent case-back / Unique serial number engraved on case and movement Premium Louisiana alligator deployment strap / 5 year movement guarantee

Showroom at No.1 Park Street, Maidenhead. To arrange a personal appointment, call +44 (0)1628 763040

440_ChristopherWard_CanaryWharf.indd 1

05/12/2013 15:33

SHOOTING STAR It’s the last name in the horological alphabet but the first word in precision. As the brand freefalls its way into the public psyche, Richard Brown speaks to Zenith CEO Jean-Frédéric Dufour about going supersonic


Pilot Montre d’Aeronef Type 20 ‘40mm Lady’ with rose gold diamond set case, diamond set dial and white alligator leather strap, £26,600

ust 14 months ago, eight million YouTubers watched a man freefall to earth from the edge of space. Millions more watched in the days that followed. The man survived and the timepiece strapped to his wrist thrust Zenith from the shadows of obscurity into the consciousness of the watch-wearing masses. Before Mr Baumgartner’s exploits, it’s fair to say that Zenith was a brand admired by those in-the-know but relatively unknown by the man on the street. Having teamed up with the drinks giant that’s famous for giving you wings, however, ‘Zenith’ has entered the vocabulary of people to whom ‘watches’ had previously meant ‘Rolex’, ‘Omega’, ‘TAG Heuer’, ‘Breitling’ and little else. Those recently acquainted with the company will find in Zenith a pioneer of modern watchmaking and a brand peerless in the precision-based accolades it has been awarded. During its 150 year history, the company has won in excess of 2,300 prizes in the field of chronometry, or precision timing, for its pocketwatches, on-board chronometers and wristwatches – more than any other watchmaker. While its creations have always been esteemed among collectors, company CEO Jean-Frédéric Dufour admits that it took Baumgartner’s supersonic endeavours to propel the brand into the public panorama. “Our main expectation was to send a unique Swiss watch Manufacture to the edge of space,” he says. “Now, from the incredible press coverage, most of Felix’s jump spectators know that Zenith exists and that it manufactures watches. The next time they see a Zenith logo or advert, or come across one of our products in a shop window, they might stop and pay more attention to our watchmaking feats. I can confirm that since the jump there has been an increasing demand not only in the El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th [the watch worn by Baumgartner] but in the whole collection.” Now rooted to a life in Le Locle, Mr Dufour wasn’t necessarily destined for the watch world. After graduating from the University of Geneva (having read Commercial and Industrial Sciences), Dufour felt impelled to explore the world beyond the Cantons of his native Switzerland. A desire to discover the unknown took him to Hong Kong and a job in a bank. The experience taught Mr Dufour two things. Firstly, that banking wasn’t for him; secondly, that if what he’d witnessed in Asia was anything to go by, the future of watches was bright. “Back in Switzerland, I started as a junior seller, at the very bottom of the hierarchy,” says Dufour.

JANUARY 2014 CW 65

Musée National des Arts et Métiers, Paris, where visitors can explore the planes that inspired Zenith’s early pilot watches

“Thanks to the different people I met and the responsibilities they entrusted me with, I was able to develop my skills. I had the opportunity to begin at Chopard [as head of product development for watches and jewellery] then I worked for Ulysse Nardin and then for Swatch Group.” Dufour would become CEO of Zenith in 2009, nine years after the company had become part of the LVMH group, and two years before he’d be named Man of the Year by the international watch press. One of the first things Dufour was to do upon assuming the reins at Zenith was to restructure the company’s creations into a more focused set of collections. Looking for a way of “combining our incredible and continuous history and simultaneously maintaining a recognisable collection that is both contemporary and elegant,” the reshuffle saw the El Primero, Pilot, Captain, Heritage and Academy become the brand’s bedrock ranges. It is, of course, the movement from which the El Primero collection takes its name that has provided the brand the most kudos. Pre-1969, all chronographs (watches with a stopwatch function) required manual winding. When, in that year, Zenith presented the El Primero, it became the first manufacture to successfully integrate an automatic winding mechanism into a chronograph movement. The El Primero was also the first chronograph to operate at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour, against an industry standard of 28,800. With a balance spring [the organ that dictates the accuracy

Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 ‘Annual Calendar’ with titanium case / rose gold bezel and brown alligator leather strap, £12,700

of a watch] beating more times per hour than in any other timepiece, the ‘sweep’ of the El Primero’s seconds hand was created by 10 beats per second, as opposed to eight, making it accurate to 1/10th of a second and, as a result, the world’s most precise movement. (A titbit of trivia for you; until 2000, when it developed its own in-house movement, Rolex’s self-winding Daytonas were powered by a modified El Primero movement – making the Zenith-Rolex Daytonas more sought-after at auction than the later Rolex-Rolex Daytonas.) In 2010, under Dufour’s guardianship, the El Primero was the recipient of a facelift. Whereas the dial of the original El Primero featured seconds, minutes and hour sub-dials, the El Primero Striking 10th lost the hour sub-dial in favour of a centre seconds hand that rotated every ten seconds – allowing tenths of a second to be measured with greater ease. For its innovative way of making the most famous movement in watchmaking more useable, the Striking 10th was awarded international watch magazine Revolution’s Best Men’s Watch in the year of its launch. The watch currently decorating the wrist of Mr Dufour happens to be the El Primero’s most recent incarnation. “I wear an El Primero Lightweight, launched in November last year, an even more avantgardist sport version of the El Primero Striking 10th chronograph that marries lightness, performance and originality. A watch reflects who you are. I would always recommend a timepiece that you feel comfortable with.” To see the carbon-cased, titanium


and silicon-comprised Lightweight for yourself, head to Harrods, where the watch is being exclusively stocked for £13,600. Next year, Zenith will celebrate its 150 birthday. Before then, renovation work continues at company HQ. The restoration of the Manufacture’s main building last year marked the first stage of a huge revamp, one designed to pay tribute to the brand’s birthplace – a UNESCO World Heritage site – by returning the original facilities to their former glory. “By 2015, the 18 other buildings comprising the Manufacture will also be fully renovated,” explains Dufour. “Rather than taking the easy route, tearing down and rebuilding the various edifices on this complex site, we have chosen to preserve the historical architecture that has contributed to the writing of our legend. We will continue to leave an indelible imprint on the town of Le Locle.” In an industry that puts patrimony on a pedestal, in which oldest somehow automatically means best, brands, and their press releases, are constantly ‘paying homage to the past’. But while the renovation at Le Locle showcases Zenith’s commitment to conservation, the Red Bull Stratos Mission proved it to be a brand very much in the 21st century. Of course, being in tune with Generation Y means internet, apps and social media. All of which Dufour knows his brand cannot ignore. “Zenith is present on Facebook, YouTube and Weibo. We use social media as a resource and a means to build relationships. By ‘liking’ Zenith or sharing content about our products, our followers promote

the brand. Social media is a valuable form of online advertising. But the internet will never replace live experiences and human relationships. It will never bring you the emotions and pleasure you feel when physically visiting the Manufacture or discovering our products with your own hands.” Last year, attendees of Baselworld had the chance to get their hands on a new collection of Pilot’s watches. Worthy heirs in style and size to the company’s original Type 20s of 1938, the six 2013 editions featured portly diameters, Superluminova Arabic numerals, large screw-lock crowns and, in the case of the Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 Tourbillon, both a tourbillon and high-frequency chronograph function. As one of a handful of brands to take serious ladies watches seriously, Zenith has also given us the noteworthy Star Open and Star Moonphase. Fitting the former with an El Primero movement and the latter with a 195-part, specially-engineered ultra-thin calibre, Zenith acknowledged the fact that women do indeed appreciate mechanical mastery, and not just quartz creations encrusted with diamonds (as some watchmakers seemingly believe). So what should we anticipate seeing at this year’s Baselworld? According to Mr Dufour, fans can expect to see “a revival of some true Zenith icons”. And for the brand’s 150th birthday in 2015? As history’s proved, for Zenith, the sky’s no limit.

The Red Bull Stratos Mission proved Zenith to be a brand very much in the 21st century

D Zenith is stocked in Charles Fish, Cabot Place

El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th with steel case and rubber strap, £6,300

JANUARY 2014 CW 67


Come to a Head It seems diamond tiaras are no longer restricted to princesses; Graff Diamonds’ company figures from the last five years reveal a marked increase in the demand for precious head adornments. Therefore, following on from the Hair & Jewels campaign released last year, the luxury jeweller continues to make the most of this popular trend with the launch of a new collection of bejewelled Alice bands featuring floral, leaf and butterfly motifs. The company has also developed a unique setting for its brooches which can now be worn in the hair. With each piece showcasing Graff’s flawlessly cut diamonds, meticulously set, they’re certain to turn a head or two. D

History in the Making The unmissable exhibition now showing at the Grand Palais in Paris sees more than 600 pieces taken from Maison de Cartier’s rich archive on display. Comprising watches, jewellery and objet d’art, each piece conveys the history and evolving style of the house since its foundation in 1847. The majority of the exhibition comes from the Cartier Collection, which includes 1,457 pieces amassed over the past 25 years, while others have been loaned from public institutions. Highlights include the suite of jewels from 1860 and the famous Panther brooch, created in 1949 and bought by the Duchess of Windsor. The exhibition will also highlight Cartier’s long-time involvement with the film industry, with jewellery featured in films such as The Great Gatsby, Some Like it Hot and A Perfect Murder also being showcased. D Cartier: Style and History, until 16 February 2014

jewellery Jewels, gems, pearls and diamonds; the essential components of any lady’s jewellery collection

Cutting Edge Three years ago, co-President of Chopard Caroline Scheufele launched the Animal World collection in celebration of the House’s 150th anniversary. Now, for the first time, the bestiary of animals has made its way to London and is currently on display in Harrods until February:

The 150-piece Haute Joaillerie collection of animal-themed gems was inspired by Scheufele’s favourite childhood stuffed toys. Taking more than a year for her team of craftsmen to turn this dream into a reality, the results were truly enchanting, each piece reflecting Chopard’s colourful, whimsical and imaginative nature D Above and right / White diamond seal and south sea pearl necklace and polar bear ring in white gold, featuring diamonds, both POA and part of the Animal World collection, Chopard. Pop-up boutique in Harrods until February

68 CW JANUARY 2014

Off the Record Setting the new world record for a diamond or jewel, the Pink Star diamond was sold at Sotheby’s Geneva on 13 November for an incredible $83,187,381 (£52,024,735.83), far surpassing the £38 million estimate. After a nailbitingly tense five minute bidding war between four prospective buyers, it was eventually sold to well-known diamond cutter Isaac Wolf, who has since renamed it ‘Pink Dream’. Mined by De Beers in Africa in 1999, the flawless fancy pink vivid diamond has been described by chairman of Sotheby’s jewellery division in Europe, the Middle East and Switzerland, David Bennett as “a true masterpiece of nature.” D

T H E PA P I L L O N C O L L E C T I O N na t u r a l c o l o u r d i a m o n ds



CanaryWharfJanuary2014.indd 1







06/12/2013 15:47

RUN WILDbracelet london_UK 13/04/12 09.37 Pagina 2

From the Honeycomb Eternelle Ring Collection






4 1 6 14






As Emily Dickinson said, “fortune’s expensive smile is earned”; so invest in lucky charms this New Year and may you not be fortune’s fool

9 13




D 1 Moonlight pink opal necklace, £429, Assya, Charles Fish, Cabot Place D 2 Cancer ring, The Zodiac Collection, POA, Solange Azagury-Partridge, D 3 In The

Stars phoenix pendant, £216, Assya, Charles Fish, as before D 4 18-karat gold diamond necklace, £2,775, Inez and Vinoodh, D 5 Star 18-karat gold bracelet, £5,000, Solange Azagury-Partridge, D 6 Zodiac set Leo clip, POA, Van Cleef & Arpels, D 7 18-karat gold horsebit bracelet, £4,950, Gucci, D 8 Sun brooch, Fairy Tale Collection, £21,000, Jewellery Theatre, D 9 Zodiac set Aries clip, POA, Van Cleef & Arpels, as before D 10 Rainbow moonstone ring, £5,394, Irene Neuwirth, Farfetch, D 11 Sun and moon amulet pendants, £1,145, Marianne Dulong, D 12 Gold-plated cubic zirconia earrings, £330, Eddie Borgo, D 13 Moonlight gold and pink topaz ring, £230, Assya, Charles Fish, as before D 14 Crystal Haze drop earrings, POA, Stephen Webster, Charles Fish, Cabot Place D 15 Caftan moon gold-plated and acetate collar necklace, £980, Aurélie Bidermann,

JANUARY 2014 CW 71

INSIDE TRACK The Street Westfield Stratford City E20 1EJ 0208 534 3446 @InsideTrackShop


Register now for more information on one of our VIP shopping evenings (availability limited)

motoring all the best in cars, driving & vintage motors

Back In Bentley

This season, three celebrated British drivers are heralding the return of Bentley Motors to competitive motorsport. Beginning at the Gulf 12 Hours Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, Guy Smith, who took the chequered flag at the 24 Hours Le Mans 2003 endurance race; Steven Kane, former Porsche Carrera Cup driver; and Andy Meyrick of Bentley heritage, are to race the Continental GT3 in a bid to return the established English motoring company back to a peak competitive platform. This half-day endurance test precedes an extended stage of further development for the classic Bentley vehicle, which has been designed in conjunction with M-Sport specifically for the company and its celebrated new racing drivers. D

Golf majors on


With the launch of Volkswagen’s latest GTI, the original hot hatch is back on top WORDS: Matthew Carter


n the beginning – well, back in 1976 – Volkswagen stuck a GTI badge on the back of its humble family runabout and the hot hatch was born. And that means the Golf GTI isn’t so much the daddy but the granddaddy of the breed. And, frankly, that has been obvious to anyone who has driven a recent example. While there was still some evidence of the spark that drove the original young tearaway, successive GTI generations got not only older, but crustier too. That state of affairs has been exacerbated by rival hot hatchbacks, which have been getting progressively more outrageous with each new iteration – Mégane Renaultsport 265 Cup anyone? – leaving the venerable VW wheezing in their wake. Clearly, it’s time the GTI got rid of the cardi, pipe and slippers and started to work out a little. And that’s just what’s happened, though glance at the latest seventh generation Golf GTI and you’d be excused for thinking it’s ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss.’ For there’s nothing flamboyant about the car that might lead you to believe this is something special: a little red strip across the front, GTI badges… and that’s about it. That’s no bad thing. The seventh generation Golf, though clearly an evolution rather than a revolution in styling terms, is far sharper, leaner and more purposeful than previous generations. Mind you, if

you’re tempted to use the performance on offer maybe it’s better to be a little discreet… It’s under the skin that the real changes have been made. The car benefits from all the upgrades that have restored the ‘ordinary’ Golf to its place at the top of the pack and then added more, much more. For the first time in GTI history, there’s a choice of two power levels available ex-factory. Both are powered by a turbocharged 2.0 litre direct injection engine. The unit develops 220PS in the plain GTI and 230PS in the ‘Performance’ version. An extra 10 bhp might not sound a great deal – and the figures are very similar (6.5 secs to 62 mph and 152 mph max plays 6.4 secs and 155 mph) – but there is a world of difference between the two cars. The base GTI is pleasant – and is probably quick enough for most needs – but the Performance version adds a serious kick for just £980 more. As well as the power hike, the Performance versions get bigger brake discs complete with red calipers, and a front limitedslip differential. What this means in practice is that it not only goes better, it stops better too (albeit a little snatchily if you’re unsubtle with the middle pedal). More impressive, though, is the LSD, which endows the car with much better front-end grip, and, therefore, higher cornering power.



Car: Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance 5-dr Price: £27,480 Engine: Front-mounted, 1,984cc, 4-cylinder petrol, turbocharged Power: 230 hp Performance: 155 mph max, 0-62 mph in 6.4 secs Drive: Front-wheel drive, six-speed manual

Just as well, as the extra torque developed by the latest engine – at 350 Nm, up a substantial 70 Nm – means there’s a great deal more potential for unruly torque steer through the driven wheels. The result is a car that feels absolutely planted no matter how demanding the road is. Put simply, with the extra power and chassis tweaks, the GTI Performance model is as far ahead of the pack as the original GTI was all those years ago. There’s good news as far as the rest of the car is concerned, too. Despite its performance potential, sports suspension and low profile tyres, which in other cars would mean a rock hard ride, the GTI rides exceptionally well. It’s a comfortable place to be, too. The cabin is typical VW – efficient, classy and beautifully screwed together. But while the interior of a standard Golf might be a little soulless, there are a few neat touches that lift the GTI. There are one or two nods to the past – such as the tartan fabric coverings for the sports seats and the golf ball shaped gear knob – and one or two more that are positively racy for a VW. At night, for example, there’s a gently-diffused red LED strip running across the inside of the doors, matched by a similar strip in the sills, illuminated when the doors are opened. Mix-in discreet red stitching on the leather covered steering wheel, clever use of chrome highlights and an easy-to-use touch screen infotainment system (complete with DAB radio as standard) and this really is a great place to be for a long journey. Safe, too. A plethora of electronic safety aids are standard, and include City Braking which uses information from radar sensors to jam on the brakes if the car senses a potential collision and reckons you’re window shopping when you should be looking ahead. Radar also regulates the cruise control to match the speed of the car ahead. If it slows down so will the Golf until you pull out to overtake.

And it’s something of a bargain. Despite being substantially quicker than the old one, not to mention being better looking, more comfortable and boasting more standard equipment, the new car is just £195 more expensive than the generation it replaces. Not that that means it’s cheap. The £25,845 entry ticket for the 3-dr 220PS version is, er, robust when compared to Renault and Ford rivals but I’d argue you’re getting more car for the money. And, unusually for a German machine, the standard GTI Performance has virtually everything you need as standard, bar £1,725 worth of navigation. Oh, and it’s more fuel efficient and cheaper to insure than before, too. All good? Almost. Old habits die hard and the GTI hasn’t quite been able to dump its sensible side completely by kicking off its comfortable brogues for a pair of Nike Air Max trainers. Progress is accompanied by an irritating display that advises way too early when you should change gear to help save fuel. Even worse are the ‘Eco Tips’ that pop-up on the dash when it thinks you could be doing more to help save the world. But that really is about the only note of criticism that can be levelled at the latest GTI. As a rapid, and highly desirable, all-rounder there’s nothing to touch it.

JANUARY 2014 CW 75


Porsche puts a

TIGER IN THE RANGE The best-selling Cayenne SUV gets a baby brother WORDS: MATTHEW CARTER


fter the runaway success of the Cayenne – now the biggest selling Porsche in the range – it was only a matter of time before the company developed a compact SUV, a baby version if you will. And so it has come to pass. Launched at the recent Los Angeles Motor Show, the all-wheel drive Macan will be a key player in Porsche’s plans to pass 200,000 sales a year. It’s about the same size as the Audi Q5, which is hardly surprising as that’s precisely what lies under the skin. In the same way that the Cayenne was based on another VW Group product (the Volkswagen Touareg), Macan’s development has been sped up by using existing hardware. But this is no rebadged Audi. Porsche engineers have

76 CW JANUARY 2014

spent their time modifying the chassis with wider tracks and unique components to ensure the car has ‘the most agile handling in its class’, according to the company. Due in showrooms next April – the order book is open already – there will initially be three Macan models in the range with more to follow. All three will be powered by turbocharged V6 engines, two petrol and one diesel, with prices ranging from £43,300 to almost £60,000. Top model will be the Macan Turbo, powered by a Porsche-developed 3.6 litre V6 with damn near 400 hp on offer, while the most popular will be the Audiengined 3.0 litre V6 diesel turbo. All three will have Porsche’s seven-speed dual clutch manual/automatic PDK gearbox as standard. And the name? It’s derived from the Indonesian word for tiger apparently.

Pre-clear immigration and fly on to six major US / Canadian cities

New York Chicago Boston Orlando San Francisco Toronto





Newquay Krakow Jersey

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Majorca Ibiza


There’s still time to find your Southend-on-Ski deal You can now fly to 22 destinations across Europe and connect to the US and Canada from London Southend Airport. Perfect for winter sun or a great ski getaway. With up to eight trains an hour from Liverpool Street station direct to our passenger-friendly terminal, it couldn’t be easier. London Southend Airport named the best passenger airport by Which? Book a flight and find out why

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If it looks like a MILLION DOLLARS’s probably worth a million dollars. We, nervously, test-drive Mercedes’ legendary 300SL Gullwing WORDS: Neil Briscoe


entatively, I approach the smiling man in the logoed Mercedes t-shirt. He’s standing behind a small counter, laden down with keys. All around us are a mixture of Mercedes SL models, varying from museum-spec classics to the brand new R231 model. Various cars are heading out of the gate on test drives, but I am somewhat astonished to note that the most desirable car in the car park is untouched, unmolested, apparently unloved. Summoning up my courage, I point at the object of my affections and in a voice that suddenly takes on the timbre of a nervous teenager, ask: “Can I drive that one?” ‘That one’ is a 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. It is one of the most iconic shapes in all of motoring, from that rounded tail to the famous up-and-over doors, made necessary because the car’s massive racing-derived chassis rails cut across the space where a conventional door would be.

In fact, everything about the car is racing-spec. Given the manufacturing code W198, it’s essentially a road-going version of the 1954 W194, the original Gullwing which scored overall wins in both the gruelling Le Mans 24hrs and the certifiably insane Carrera Panamericana road race in Mexico. Rudolf Ulenhaut, the legendary race car designer who created racing machines for both Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss was called upon to turn his track car into a road car and the 300SL, the first car to bear the Sport Leicht badge, was born. It’s an astonishing mix of the mundane and the cutting-edge. That strong-but-light tubular steel chassis hides nothing more exotic than the 3.0 litre straight-six engine from a four-door 300S saloon. The difference here is that it’s canted-over at a 45-degree angle to make the whole car lower and more slippery through the air, and the Bosch mechanical fuel injection means it has almost double the saloon’s

Feature | MOTORING

grunt; 215 hp. That was enough to push the Gullwing up to a top speed of 160 mph – faster than the current SL’s electronics will allow it to go. It really was the first true supercar, whatever Ferrari and Lamborghini might care to argue. Of course, being a Mercedes, this was an exotic wunder wagen that you could reasonably expect to be able to use every day. Even so, it had its foibles. That fuel injection system could be problematic, the massive oil cooler actually proved too efficient, never allowing the engine to warm up properly, and the swing-arm rear suspension could be properly lethal in unsuspecting hands. Now, 300SLs are staggeringly valuable. When they were built, between 1955 and 1957 (a somewhat more tame roadster version took over in ’57) you could, at a massive extra cost, order yours with an all-aluminium body, saving 80 kg of weight. Those ultra-rare alloybody cars (only 29 were made) can now fetch more than $4 million at auction. Even a relatively run-ofthe-mill steel bodied car can fetch north of $500,000 and the car I was pointing at has never left Mercedes’ ownership since it was made in 1957. It must surely be worth well into seven figures by now.

So my nervousness is understandable, as is my disbelief when the smiling man with the keys answers: “Certainly, do you need any help starting it?” Um, yes, yes I reckon I might. Another smiling man, let’s call him Horst, wanders over and shows me how to fold the big, white, Bakelite steering wheel flat. That done I sit on the broad, high door sill, swivel, slide and drop into the tiny tartan-covered seat. The steering wheel snaps back, upright and Horst, instead of climbing aboard to act as chaperone, as I had been expecting, simply slams down the door, gives me a thumbs up and wanders off. Leaving me in charge of a million-dollar car with a reputation for both stunning performance and evil handling. I turn the tiny key in the ignition barrel and, without a moment’s hesitation, the big straight-six rumbles into life. Crikey, it’s rough at low rpm, sounding as much like a diesel as a thoroughbred sporting power unit. The big gear lever, topped with a white knob that matches the steering wheel, easily finds first and I nudge my wheeled Lottery-win out of the gate. Straight into afternoon traffic in Malaga (where Mercedes is hosting the event). Uncaring tourists in rented Dacias whip past the priceless Merc’s nose, while equally insouciant locals in battered Seats weave in-between them. My nervousness has gone, replaced by now raw, naked fear. What if I damage this car? A simple paint scratch or panel ding could cost more than the value of my house. Ah well, nothing ventured… Of course, this being a Mercedes, it’s almost comically easy to drive. That big wheel makes you think that the SL will be like a truck to drive, but the steering is light, full of feel and wonderfully direct. The four-speed gearbox has a long, wide throw but it’s easy enough to find the right cog and with the engine still sounding appallingly rough, off we flow with the traffic; the million-dollar Merc and me. A few things become swiftly apparent. One, it’s hot in here. The late afternoon Spanish sun is turning the tiny, turret-like cockpit into a meat broiler and I’m sweating at least as much from that as from the sheer scariness of piloting a vehicle this valuable. Secondly, this car is still quick. For a few moments,

JANUARY 2014 CW 79

MOTORING | Feature

a modern legend

the traffic clears a little and, with a quick check for Guardia Civil over my shoulder, I give the big Merc full beans in second. The mechanical injection system takes a tiny second to cough, clear its throat and then, with an almighty shove from behind, fires me up the road at what feels like a colossal rate. Better by far than the acceleration is the noise. Gone is the rough, tappety tick over, replaced by a multi-layered roar, edging into a baritone bellow. This is what Fangio and Moss would have heard, accelerating hard out of Tetre Rouge and facing down the endless Mulsanne Straight. It is intoxicating, it is life-affirming, it is wonderful. It is also cut short by a blundering tourist, weaving their heedless way across two lanes of traffic to make the turnoff for Puerto Banus. The big drum brakes haul me up smoothly, and sanity and legality return to the Merc’s speedometer. My heart is pounding in my ears now, which I think makes this a good time to turn for home. I pull back into the hotel car park, switch off and sit for a moment, door up and cockpit cooling. The other cars are back too and are being silently lined up and cleaned by Mercedes people. I almost don’t see them, my mind lost in a fog of relief and elation. For a brief moment, I consider firing back up, peeling away and seeing how far I can get before they realise I’m not coming back. Putting such foolishness away, I click down the steering wheel, haul myself out and walk away. A million dollars? Worth every cent…

80 CW JANUARY 2014

Mercedes has, somewhat sadly, now ceased production of the 300SL’s true spiritual successor, the AMG-engined SLS coupe and roadster. It was a bit of a pastiche (the coupé didn’t need those gulling doors, they were there just to show off) but that roaring bellowing 6.3 litre V8 engine made it an intoxicating drive. A smaller, lighter, more affordable successor is planned for next year, giving Mercedes its first true rival to the Porsche 911. In the meantime, you could do a lot worse than console yourself with the new SL. The latest generation of Mercedes’ two-seat, folding hard-top roadster is an astonishingly capable car, equally good at weaving up mountain passes as it is at cruising along a smooth autobahn. There is, of course, an AMG version with a monstrously powerful 5.5 litre twin-turbo V8 engine, but frankly, you don’t need to upgrade beyond the brilliant SL500 with its 4.7 litre turbo V8. Of course, the big news for Mercedes this year is the launch of the all new S-Class. It is traditional in motoring circles to regard the biggest Benz as, essentially, the best single car in the world and this new one is really pushing the boundaries. It can be fitted with everything from cameras that scan the road surface ahead to alert the suspension to upcoming bumps to semi-active steering and brakes which can more or less do the work of driving for you. Available with everything from a humble diesel engine (currently a 3.0 litre V6 but there will be a 2.1 litre S250 CDI eventually) to a roaring 5.5 litre AMG version to, next year, a plug-in hybrid S500h which will be able to roll silently though town on electric power.







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We keep tabs on the movers and makers shaping the worlds of business and finance

Technological Revolution

Prime Minister David Cameron chose London’s East End as the location to unveil a new government fast-track visa programme, which targets leading talent in the technology field. The scheme also includes a £15.5 million fund to invest in innovative firms and to accelerate residential processes. The news will particularly benefit East London, the UK’s unofficial technology capital and home to 1,300 digital companies across Canary Wharf and the surrounding areas. Furthermore, the visas will provide a boost for East London’s Tech City, an organisation supporting growth of the technology sector in the area. D


business digest Barclays to reduce Branch Staff in Drive for Efficiency 2014 will reportedly see finance giant Barclays cut an estimated 1,700 customer-facing jobs in a long-term effort to increase efficiency and encourage automated banking. Barclays will reduce cashier presence and focus on computerised services in an effort to meet the rapidly changing needs of the modern consumer who, it claims, relies more on the bank’s online facilities than its in-branch services. D

Nestlé to Create 1,600 Jobs Multinational food and beverage company Nestlé has announced plans to create 1,600 opportunities for young people in the UK and Ireland over the next three years. Jobs offered to youngsters will include shop floor, sales assistant and managerial positions. It is hoped the project will tackle a UK and Ireland unemployment epidemic in which a reported one-in-ten young people leave school illequipped for the workplace and, at the same time, diversify what Nestlé boss Fiona Kendrick described as an ‘ageing workforce’ in the Nestlé conglomerate. D

Deutsche Bank Cuts Commodities Deutsche Bank, formerly one of the top five financial institutions in commodities, ended its global commodities trading business on 5 December. Germany’s largest bank cut 200 jobs as it became one of the first major banks to leave the sector because of falling profits and tougher regulations. In a statement, Deutsche Bank announced it will cease base metals, energy, agriculture and coal and iron ore trading, but will still retain precious metals. The bank’s main commodity desks in London and New York are expected to be, internally, the worst affected. D

84 CW JANUARY 2014

© Gordon Bell

Morgan Stanley Completes Solar Field Morgan Stanley’s Westchester campus in New York has this winter announced completion of a six-acre solar field which will produce 1,000 MWh of electrical energy per year. The creation is part of a global effort by the financial institution to minimise its effect on the environment and will produce a reported five per cent of the building’s total electricity usage, which will be increased to 25 per cent during peak production. D

NEWS Spectacular Menorah lights up Jubilee Park

The beautifully landscaped Jubilee Park became home to a special 15-foot high menorah to celebrate the Jewish festival of Chanukah. The Menorah’s first ceremonial candle was lit on Wednesday 27 November, with an additional light added on every evening until Wednesday 4 December, when the menorah became fully illuminated – an enchanting spectacle, which harkens back to the Hebrew story of its origin. This is the 15th consecutive year that Canary Wharf Group has installed a menorah, part of its ongoing work with the local community across a variety of faiths. Three Canary Wharf-based companies – KPMG, State Street and Citi – sponsor candle lighting ceremonies over the eight nights of the Chanukah festival. These ceremonies were accompanied by two choirs: The London Cantorial Singers on 3 December, invited by State Street, and Menorah Grammar School Choir, who performed at Citi’s building on 4 December.

Sharing the joy of Christmas Food

For the sixth-year running, Canary Wharf Group assisted with a Christmas food collection held by the East End Community Foundation. The initiative provides elderly and vulnerable people in East London with food to help them through the Christmas period. The Foundation aims to distribute more than 800 food deliveries to some of Tower Hamlets less fortunate senior citizens and disadvantaged people throughout East London, so that no one goes hungry over Christmas. The collaborative effort was unanimously appreciated. On receiving a bag of groceries from volunteers, one delighted recipient said: ‘What lovely people. This has really cheered me up.’

Canary Wharf Leads New Code Club Campaign

On Wednesday 11 December, Canary Wharf Group announced a sponsorship agreement with Code Club. The two organisations will be working together towards the goal of providing after-school coding classes to 75 per cent of Tower Hamlets primary schools within the first year. The agreement was announced at Canary Wharf Group’s Level39 Technology Accelerator and technology professionals from the surrounding financial services and business community were encouraged to volunteer to deliver the classes for 9-11 year olds. Code Club are a nationwide network of volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children. It is hoped that 50 clubs will be established in Tower Hamlets as a result of the partnership, which would enable 600 children to learn valuable coding skills.


SouthKorea asia rising:

south KOREa


nce one of the poorest countries in the world, South Korea is now richer than the average European Union nation, a feat it has achieved in a mere half century. With robust investment in its brands over the past two decades, it has given birth to powerhouses like Samsung, Hyundai and Kia that compete side-by-side with the world’s top companies. Its swift and staggering success has made South Korea an exemplary model of growth, but now that it has almost caught up with the developed world, it must keep innovation at the fore to solidify its gains and continue its heroic ascent.

The power of conglomerates Much of South Korea’s success can be attributed to the work of big family-controlled conglomerates. Originating in the 1960s, in the aftermath of a devastating war, the uniquely South Korean business structure created global multinationals with huge international operations. Comprising a single, large

WORDS: Ji Hun Moon

company or several groups of companies, each conglomerate is owned, controlled or managed by the same family dynasty. Not dissimilar to Carlos Slim’s Grupo Carso in Mexico or Lee Ka Shing’s holdings in Hong Kong, South Korean conglomerates have produced some powerful brands. Not least among these is its number-one brand, a company that’s making headlines around the world: Samsung. Samsung Electronics, one of more than 80 businesses within the Samsung empire, has become the world’s number-one smartphone maker, now outselling Apple’s iPhone. While Samsung is also dominant in electronics and appliance sales, its rise to the top in the smartphone category has made the brand a household name globally with a sought-after, must-have product that people line up to buy – the Galaxy. As reported in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2012, Samsung Electronics’ brand value rose by a whopping 40 per cent compared to the previous year, and has held its number-one spot in the American TV market for seven consecutive years. Another conglomerate-led company,

Asia Rising Series | business

Hyundai, has seen great success as well, coming in at number two on the Best Korea Brands list. Though conglomerates are considered the most influential agents in the South Korean economy, and have been surprisingly resilient, there is a downside to the country’s dominant business structure. For one, the system has proven to be prone to fraud and corruption such as questionable accounting practices and illegal political contributions. South Korean © TungCheung conglomerates also tend to be overly dependent on the founding family – which may be fine for a time, but can leave a company vulnerable as leadership passes from one generation to the next. Additionally, there are signs that conglomerates may be impeding the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the country, creating massive imbalances in the economy and stifling innovation. However, a system that produces companies like Samsung and Hyundai can hardly be called ineffectual. South Korea’s conglomerate-run companies have demonstrably applied and improved existing technology, even very sophisticated technology like touch-screen smartphones. But outside of internet businesses and computer gaming, South Korea has few start-ups or leading-edge technology firms. Nationwide venture-capital businesses are lacking, since each conglomerate has one of its own. Therefore, entrepreneurship is low. The drawbacks of the business structure may not outweigh its benefits, but as South Korea ventures boldly forth into the technological frontier, greater efforts will have to be made to support the level of innovation that will be necessary to maintain the country’s current level of growth.

‘value’ play to desirable brand, Hyundai has proven it is bridging the gap when the Elantra was named North American Car of the Year at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Announcing its ambitions to the world, Hyundai Motors had already designated 2011 as a year of “New Thinking, New Possibilities,” as it communicated its slogan and experimented with revolutionary changes at various touchpoints to transmit its brand philosophy: “Modern Premium.” Gearing its marketing efforts toward future consumers, Hyundai’s efforts to transcend its more conservative former image have added vitality to the brand. No stranger to innovation and committed to “challenging every convention out there,” Hyundai’s dedication to improving everything from powertrain efficiency and performance, to driving experience and vehicle testing, has led to a number of achievements. Its engines, for instance, using Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology, push out more power, improve fuel efficiency and have earnt multiple awards. Another innovation, Blue Link, “a concierge, mechanic and security team all built into your dashboard,” is a hands-free navigator that helps users locate their friends, points of interest and petrol stations with the best prices. Enhanced roadside assistance and a monthly vehicle report help users take care of their cars better, while “Eco-Coach” teaches them how to save money and become more fuel-efficient drivers. Hyundai also boasts some of the most advanced testing facilities ever built. Though Hyundai certainly did not invent GDI and is not the only one integrating technology into its vehicles to improve the driver experience, the company is keeping up with the latest trends and excels at refining existing technology. Kia Motors, in the number-three spot, is capturing the hearts and minds of younger consumers with aggressive styling and ambitious plans to bring its flagship K9 model to the world. Making news in 2010 for its in-car infotainment system, Kia UVO, Kia has proven that it understands the wants and needs of younger drivers and can deliver breakthrough new experiences. Developed in

Greater efforts will have to be made to support the level of innovation that will be necessary to maintain the country’s current level of growth

Beating foreign competitors at their own game Fortunately, when a company or country is playing catch-up it can look at what others are doing and figure out how to do things better. Hyundai, for instance, has outcompeted Toyota in the market for reliable, affordable, efficient cars. Now looking to segue from the

january 2014 CW 87

BUSINESS | Asia Rising Series

cooperation with Microsoft, Kia UVO, short for ‘Your Voice’, has advanced voice- and touch-activated features that allow Kia drivers to make and answer phone calls safely and easily, receive and respond to text messages, access and play music from a number of media sources, and create personalised in-car communications and entertainment experiences. Since ramping up its efforts to become a true tier-one car brand, Kia has increased sales and market share. In the past year, sales exceeded 500,000 for the first time in America and BRIC sales also increased, making it a record year for the brand. To strengthen international growth, Kia Motors integrated its websites under kia. com and adopted a uniform style with experienceenhancing designs in an effort to unify and better manage its brand communications. Kia also raised brand-awareness through its global video-making contest called “Inspired by Kia.” The culmination of these brand activities made it possible for Kia to enter the Best Global Brands list for the first time, ranking at 87. Given the stature and accomplishments of these brands, it’s easy to focus on the established global players, but technological innovation and savvy marketing is certainly not limited to car brands in South Korea. NHN, for instance, a novel portal for search, micro-blogging, gaming and philanthropy, gives us a glimpse of the web’s future. Similarly, brands like SK Telecom and KT are quietly transforming communication through devices, computing and broadband. As the innovator of “customer happiness networks,” SK Telecom adopted SK Group’s philosophy of “customer happiness” in the context of its industry. With this philosophy driving its efforts, SK Telecom has pioneered the South Korean telecommunications industry and continues to evolve in the era of LTE 2.0 through innovative changes. Despite the ultracompetitive nature of the telecommunications service market, SK Telecom has ranked at the very top of major customer satisfaction ratings for more than ten years, while cultivating an impressive brand presence. Yet it isn’t just the tech sector that keeps South Korea striding ahead. Its backbone infrastructure of heavy industry, joined-up approach to business and focused and aggressive investment and development strategies are the keys to its continuing success. Many observers have already remarked upon China’s interest in South Korea’s approach to business and the results speak for themselves – providing the focus and critical mass to create world-leading financial services, retail experiences, and of course, heavy industrials.

88 CW january 2014

Building Brand Korea Since the late 1990s, the value and importance of brands has become increasingly appreciated in South Korea. Beginning with the fundamental discussion of what a brand is and then shifting the conversation to management and growth, many companies began to view brand as a core asset. Brands like Samsung are able to maintain leadership in the market thanks to high-quality products and consistent brand activities that emphasise experience and communication. For its extraordinary efforts, Samsung has garnered global attention and experienced an unstoppable rise in both business performance and brand value. Cultivated over the past two decades, South Korean brands have proven to be irresistible to consumers across the planet. Case in point, the phenomenon of Psy, whose ‘Gangnam style’ – which captured the imaginations of people the world over, became the most viewed YouTube video ever and spawned countless imitators and spoofs that fill the pages of the web – may be a sign of what’s to come. More than teaching us all some new dance steps, Psy signifies South Korea’s potential to establish itself as a global cultural influence. This provides greater depth and opportunity for “Brand Korea,” literally opening a new door for brands in a world ever more hungry for entertainment and new cultural references. Given this exciting backdrop, it’s hardly surprising that the world is beginning to recognise the hotbed of innovation that is South Korea. D Ji Hu Moon is managing director of Interbrand in Seoul. This article first appeared in Interbrand’s IQ magazine as part of CEO, Interbrand Asia Pacific, Stuart Green’s Asia Rising series,




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COMEBACK The biggest banking names in the City and Canary Wharf are starting to profit from Britain’s recovery WORDS: ANDY ROSENBAUM

Feature | business


or the first time in a long time, you don’t have to be an optimist to see the glass as half full,” insisted BOE governor Mark Carney recently. The central banker was talking about the British economy, which is on the upswing again, but the same could be said about the outlook for the biggest British banks, especially the likes of HSBC, Barclays and the Lloyds Group. At least, that is the view institutional investors are taking. In November, the big US funds starting moving their money back into the biggest European banks, and that included all three of the above. “The context for European banks is improving, but their stocks were still undervalued,” says Jason White, portfolio specialist at T. Rowe Price. RBS is leading the comeback of the biggest banks. Its new chief executive Ross McEwan has succeeded in splitting-off bad loans into an internal ‘bad bank’ with £38 billion of problem assets. McEwan is changing the culture at RBS, where, he says, loans were made too easily available until the financial crisis turned off the tap. McEwan is teaching his staff to concentrate on customer service, and the results are becoming apparent. Old Mutual analyst Rob James points out that RBS is speeding up the process of getting into the black. “With the ‘bad bank’, losses can be crystallised quicker, and the management team can now concentrate on growing the business.” This process has permitted the RBS share price to rise, James points out. “The key positive for RBS is that it is a cyclical stock. Its biggest unit is the corporate bank, which can be expected to pick up as the economy recovers.” James thinks that RBS’s share price will take off around February, as management concentrates on the healthy part of the bank and McEwan’s new policies take hold. Another important bank, Barclays, is also seeing brighter days, although there is a bit of gloom still mixed into the picture. Barclays has been dogged by scandal; Libor, Forex, among others, but analysts don’t see these old issues as keeping the bank down. Motley Fool analyst Harvey Jones puts it in a nutshell: “There is plenty to dislike about Barclays, but don’t let that put you off. The share price is still up 50 per cent in the past two years, against 21 per cent growth on the FTSE 100, and that’s what really counts to

investors. It is never going to win ethical investment of the year, but this is a key player in the UK economy, a UK-listed bank with global clout, and it is simply too big to ignore... It’s time you fell for the bad boy.” That all sounds good, and while the picture is not entirely rosy at Barclays – two of its top managers resigned in November, and the bank has been closing branches across the UK and Europe – all of this, may be seen as part of the bank’s major restructuring effort as it works its way back to regular profitability. New CEO Anthony Jenkins is bringing in high technology to cut costs – the bank’s operating expenses are currently higher than those of its competitors. Lloyds, on the other hand, has reported the strongest most recent results, with an underlying profit of £1.5 billion, up 83 percent on the same period the year before, reflecting an improved interest margin and lower costs. Unfortunately, the group has been hit with an exceptional charge of £750 million in the last quarter to cover charges from the PPI scandal – banks allegedly mis-sold loan insurance and have settled. Lloyds is now the fourth largest bank in Europe, and a definite target for that American fund investment. The group is in talks with Britain’s financial regulator about the possibility of restarting dividend payments next year and will set out its dividend policy alongside its 2013 results next February. “The bank is back to profitability. We are back to being a normal company. We are going to be a high dividend paying stock in the future,” says Lloyds Banking Group chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio. The government plans to sell off its shares in the bank as it has seen share price gains of nearly 60 per cent since the beginning of the year. The real challenge for the UK banks will not be from their own strategic choices, but rather from the volatility of the British economy. The glass may be half full, but the whole cocktail can go right down the drain, as the recent OECD report on the UK warns, if unemployment jumps up again, or if the Eurozone economy hares off into another euro-crisis. There are also some structural worries: the UK still doesn’t export much to the emerging markets where all the growth is. Still, the UK banks are getting the best of the cocktail while it’s ready to be served. Must be a Pimms.

McEwan is teaching his staff to concentrate on customer service, and the results are becoming apparent

JANUARY 2014 CW 91


beautiful destinations, luxurious escapes & exclusive resorts

World Cup Class

Amongst breathtaking views of the Engadine Mountains and the lake that surrounds them, this winter St Moritz will play host to some of the most respected events in the world of horseracing. The Polo World Cup, from 30 January to 2 February, and the White Turf, a 105 year old horse race which takes place on a frozen lake on the 9, 16 and 23 February will both grace this snowy surface. A great location to enjoy these events is in the Carlton Hotel, which is offering packages, including a three-night stay in a suite on a half-board basis, including a day’s ski pass for the Upper Engadines, a massage and dinner at the hotel’s restaurant from £1,177 per person. Those seeking to maximise the festivities from the warmth of a luxurious suite need look no further. D

All Aboard Under The Sea Holiday-makers in search of a more unique sunkissed-bolthole need look no further than the La Manta Resort on Pemba Island, Zanzibar. The prime feature of this newly opened coral reef atoll is The Manta Underwater room, a luxurious suite situated beneath the ocean, which has windows to showcase the secrets of the deep. D

Luxury cruise company CLIA is catering for food and travel fanatics alike this year with a new range of gastronomic expeditions on offer for 2014. These novel culinarythemed itineraries and new on-board dining options range from cookery courses to wine excursions, and include food experiences with some of the cooking world’s leading Michelin-starred names – Marco Pierre White and Atul Kochhar to name two. D

TRAVEL NEWS For weekend breaks and adventures, we present some of the world’s best island getaways and boutique city-based hotels

Culture Vulture Having only recently opened for business, the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo hotel is the first Andaz establishment to open in Latin America. To mark this landmark event, the exciting new venue has announced a ‘cultural insiders’ series of programmes and packages led by influencers and people of note in numerous fields. From local surf guides and experiencing native street art by Costa Rican artist Salvador Ӧdrec to listening to music inspired by the Papagayo region, the cultural series is designed to inform and enlighten guests about their Costa Rican surroundings by sharing extensive knowledge and helping to connect them with the local culture. D


New Year, New ADventures, New Luggage Globe-Trotter has collaborated with London’s only family-owned five-star hotel, The Goring, to launch a collection of hand-crafted travelware. Elegant and unique, the collection of suitcases combines Globe-Trotter’s ivory vulcanised fibreboard with a leather trim in The Goring’s signature colours of burgundy and navy. The collection is stocked in Globe-Trotter’s flagship store in the Burlington Arcade and is available internationally online. D The Globe-Trotter and The Goring Hotel collection, from £485,

Flight-Friendly This all-encompassing man’s carry-on is handmade from stained black leather and has two removable straps and a removable passport pocket. It also comfortably accommodates an iPad or a Kindle. D Black Leather Aviator Messenger Bag, £394, J Panther Luggage,


Action Packed For those seeking added excitement for their time away from the office this year, the Adventure Travel Show – a vacation show dedicated to experiences off the beaten track – is on at the Kensington Olympia from 25 – 26 January to provide some inspiration. Discover some of the globe’s most inspiring locations at this unique exhibition, which includes photography of Antarctic voyages, rhino safaris in Kenya, Wild West riding and trekking expeditions across Western Mongolia. It’ll blow away the winter cobwebs and get the action-inspired city slicker dreaming of adventure.

Tumi’s Tegra-Lite breakthrough collection combines the highest levels of durability and impact resistance with lightweight manoeuvrability. The case is available in eight colours to help you spot it circling the carousel. D Tegra-Lite Medium Trip Packing Case in Viridian, from £795, Tumi, Cabot Square


Playful Lulu Guinness’ four-wheel case’s high-polished shell is finished with pouting lips. The case includes a complementary set of three drawstring accessory bags and a branded outer cover to protect the suitcase when not in use. D Lips Four-Wheel Cabin Suitcase, £175.50, Lulu Guinness, Waitrose Food, Fashion & Home, Canada Square

january 2014 CW 95


planet It’s more than just a honeymooners’ paradise. Prepare for an otherworldly underwater encounter in the Maldives WORDS: Kari Rosenberg


hincodon typus. The biggest fish in the sea. Whatever you want to call it, nothing will prepare you, should you be lucky enough, for your first encounter with a whale shark. Having qualified and obtained my PADI scuba diving-licence more than a decade ago, I’ve witnessed my fair share of underwater wonders; hovering nose-to-nose with a school of fully-grown bull sharks (who, unlike the whale shark, prefer the taste of flesh to plankton); pitch-black, winding stalactite covered Cenotes; deepsea shipwrecks and sleeping clown fish on a late night excursion. But still unticked on my must-see list (until now) was the whale shark. And it’s an encounter I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Most will think the Maldives a honeymooners’ paradise, and of course, it is. Few places are as tranquil, romantic or beautiful. So much so, that it’s almost impossible to describe without pulling out the obligatory clichés, so I’ll get it over with now; the sand could not be whiter, or softer, so you can leave your shoes at home; the sea is crystal clear, a blue so striking and inviting that you’ll want to spend your entire trip fully-immersed, marvelling that yes, you can see the bottom no matter how deep it gets. As you take off on the sea-plane from Malé to the paradise island that awaits, you’ll spend the half hour journey taking postcard perfect aerial shots, as you can’t quite believe that such a place of wonder actually exists, and that you’re there to witness it. I stayed at the Conrad, which lies in the South Ari Atoll, three degrees north of the equator and split between Rangalifinolhu and Rangali Island. Linked by a floodlit bridge, frolicking manta rays liked to gather there for a communal night-time roley-poley and to collect the plankton accumulating at the light source. When I first read how big the hotel was, I wondered if it may feel a little too large for a ‘paradise island’, but it just isn’t so. If anything, the vast size adds to the deserted island feel. And with one island dedicated to families and the other to adults holidaying alone, you can choose between two types of holiday, both equally

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luxurious. Staying on the ‘adult’ island in a beautiful water villa, I’d finish each day perched on the verandah, feet in the Jacuzzi, gazing out to sea and listening to the soft clinking of the waves against the steps. The other advantage of the Conrad’s size is its choice of restaurants, because there’s no ‘off island’ meal-plan option, unless you want to catch a plane or boat. With seven eateries, four bars and around 14,000 bottles of wine, you won’t go hungry, or thirsty, and you certainly won’t get bored. Having visited the Maldives previously, splitting my time between the Four Seasons and the One & Only, the extensive culinary choice certainly set the hotel apart, in that respect, from its multiple ‘six-star’ competitors. Ithaa – the world’s first all-glass underwater restaurant – serves French food with an Asian twist, and will be a hit with kids of all ages (including the middle-aged) with fish peering in as you consume tuna tataki and spring rolls (slightly unsettling if you’ve gone for a gilled option). Fun as it was, it’s by no means the most chic or impressive watering hole on the island. Food-centered entertainment is big at the Conrad; wine tasting is hosted in the wine cellar by the resort’s sommelier where the floor is covered in cool black sand, in keeping with the barefoot luxury ethos of the island (even the staff go barefoot). There is also a cheese and wine bar, home to 101 types of cheeses, where pairing

need to know: Daily rates at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island start from $625 (approx £388) plus taxes, based on two adults sharing a Beach Villa. To make a reservation or for more information, visit or call 009 60-668-0629 Return fares from London Heathrow to Malé from £623 for economy class or £1,968 for business class, including taxes and charges. For more information, visit or call 0844 800 6666

can fill a whole evening or just an hour, depending on how fromage-friendly you’re feeling. By far the best place to wine and dine was the Koko Grill, a small open-air restaurant offering an eight-course Japanese-inspired tasting menu, while ten or so diners sat in a row facing the horizon as the chef prepared the feast right there. Nothing could be more romantic. The Vilu restaurant offered à la carte Mediterranean fine dining; Sunset Grill a beach-side lobster BBQ; and Mandhoo, organic and bio-dynamic cuisine for the health conscious. Between the other eateries, no request was too large, or craving too obscure: you want it, you’ll get it, and quite possibly, it’ll be the best you ever had. All in all, the food is fantastic across the board, and in the week I stayed I almost longed for the feeling of a hungry rumble if only to justify one more meal or at least justify the gluttony. As well as two adult spas (one over-water offering fantastic holistic treatments, with the other specialising in luxe colour – and chakra – therapy rituals, complete with a serenity spa deck and open-air Jacuzzi) there is one for children, too. The Ice Cream Spa, so it is named, offers the works; massages and facials as well as temporary tattoos and face painting, all using super-sweet inspired (and smelling) products. Aside from exquisite food, outstanding service, myraid spa treatments and the opulence of a water villa

Feature | TRAVEL

(so awe-worthy it required a video tour via FaceTime to the jealous boyfriend at home), the water activities on offer is where, for me, the real excitement began. Whale shark and dolphin snorkelling; turtle conservation trips; manta ray spotting; deserted island hopping; submarine hire; private yacht excursions and big-game fishing, were just a few options available. And while marine life isn’t unique to Conrad, (there’s no turtle-barring gate at the doors of the Shangri-La), barely a moment went by without there being a creature of some kind in sight. Most looking forward to the whale shark excursion, the group set out – a little nervous, extremely excited, and unsure exactly what to expect – on-board the dive boat. Snorkel in hand and ready to jump in on cue, the first was spotted within minutes, as the boat crew stamped their feet on the top deck to signal for us to get in.

Having tried and failed a number of times to swim with the beautiful beasts before, I could hardly believe my luck so soon. We saw a total of three altogether, swimming so close you could reach out and touch them, although it isn’t advisable, for their safety more than yours. They are gentle natured and extremely docile, and have no taste for human flesh, so the trip is totally safe for youngsters, and no previous experience is required. An other-worldly experience, we swam alongside the third and largest (which was around 26 ft) for at least 15 minutes, uninterrupted. Home to the whale shark conservation charity, the staff were incredibly knowledgeable about their subject, their excitement still evident despite doing this day in, day out. After days of languishing on the sand, enjoying fresh fruit cocktails, wine, fine food and a taste of decadence almost unimaginable, it was time to return home. Having flown business class with Turkish Airlines, I knew the opulence would last a little longer, or at least until touchdown at Heathrow. With a short stopover in Istanbul, we planned, and succeeded, in making full use of the airport lounge’s incredible facilities. It’s a destination worth seeing in itself with its numerous food stalls, cinema, play areas, and the décor and service of a five- star hotel. We were already planning which pastries to select for the pit stop (the vanilla custard-filled filo was a hit on the way out). With a slightly longer transit slot going home, we fitted in a short city tour of Istanbul, a wonderful bonus to finish off what was already the trip of a lifetime. So accustomed was I to the Conrad way, that come Monday morning (and the chores of shoes and Oyster cards) that a return to office life was almost unbearable. No cocktails on command? No tea-time turtle spotting? No pool-aide on hand to brush off my lounger? Like a fish out of crystal clear water.

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For All


Located at a crossroads, the Swiss resort of Andermatt is a gateway to the north, south, east and west, connecting three separate Alpine passes and providing a wealth of seasonal luxury and skiing excellence for families and sporting enthusiasts WORDS: Eliza Bainbridge


estled amid the crisp peaks of the Swiss Alps, Andermatt is fast- becoming one of the most sought- after alpine destinations in the world. The Andermatt Swiss Alps resort, both a luxurious ski escape and an exclusive year-round destination, has the feel of a high-end designer hotel, coupled with the exclusivity of a sumptuous private residence. There are three stunning passes, all easily accessible virtually from your front door, which offer excellent skiing – the Oberalp Pass to the east, the St Gotthard Pass to the south and the Furka Pass to the west, not to mention the Valley of Göschen to the north. Previously occupied and utilised as a training base for the Swiss army, development in the area had been limited; however, since the army scaled back their operations in 2009, Andermatt has grown into an increasingly popular tourist destination, appealing to ski enthusiasts during winter and walkers and bikers in summer, all who revel in its unspoiled landscape. The village at Andermatt has retained much of its charming Swiss character but now offers hotels, chalets and some exemplary real estate. The inaugural hotel, The Chedi Andermatt, opened this December and is so luxurious it was hard to leave to set-off on the slopes; it effortlessly combines alpine living with modern luxury, with wood detailing throughout and awe-inspiring views of the mountains beyond, framed in the clever wood-panelled windows. All the rooms are furnished with huge baths (perfect for soaking tired muscles), king-size beds and cosy seating areas, while log fires, and vast leather sofas dotted throughout the hotel create intimate spots for a

warming drink and reflection on the day’s skiing. While one could easily spend all day appreciating the view from the comfort of the stunning hotel, we decided we’d be crazy not to venture out onto the slopes. You can’t fault the location; in the heart of the alps, Andermatt is very well-positioned and benefits from excellent snowfall. Crisp, white powder and some challenging and beautiful skiing trails made for a great day and its variation and size of slopes offer something for every level. Plans for the future involve upgrading and expanding the two ski regions Andermatt and Sedrun to deliver over 120 kilometres of pistes. After a few falls, several stops to admire the view and lunch at the charming après–ski bar, we decided to retire to The Chedi Spa which offers year-round pampering and relaxation. For those less-inclined towards massages but still looking to unwind, the stylish wine and cigar room or cheese cave, showcasing a delicious array of local artisanal cheeses made for a great way to while away a couple of hours. If all the charm of Andermatt becomes so intoxicating you fancy yourself as a more permanent resident, there are a number of real estate investment opportunities too, with 490 apartments and 25 chalets, ranging from a modest 95m2 to an impressive 621m2. With the addition of more hotels in the future, and an 18-hole golf course, there are clearly big things on the horizon for Andermatt, but it’s encouraging that, even with the already extensive scale of development, the rustic feel has been retained and the air of privacy preserved. Equally encouragingly, while it is evident everywhere that luxury has clearly been made a high priority, it hasn’t been at the cost of

Andermatt has grown into an increasingly popular tourist destination, appealing to ski enthusiasts during winter and walkers and bikers in summer

Weekend Break | TRAVEL NEED TO KNOW: Getting there To Zurich: EasyJet, British Airways, SwissAir and KLM fly direct from London To Milan: EasyJet and Alitalia fly direct from London There is also access to an airfield for private aircraft in Buochs (, which is only 45 minutes from Andermatt. In the area Lucerne is located on the way to Andermatt from Zurich, just 45 minutes from the city and within easy reach of the alpine village. It is the perfect place to stop en-route to Andermatt Swiss Alps or to visit for a day trip.

the environment. Sustainable, completely car-free and constructed in the most environmentally-conscientious manner, green clearly also made the brief. Property owners will have access to the hotels, restaurants, lounges, bars and wellness centres, and most enticingly of all, Andermatt Swiss Alps is the only resort in Switzerland with exemption from the Swiss federal law ‘Lex Koller’. This means that non-Swiss buyers do not face the usual legal restrictions when purchasing or selling real estate. Just one more reason to make Andermatt your permanent alpine retreat. D

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Isle of Man gets away from it all on the Isle of Man


WHERE TO STAY: A renovated barn Known as simply ‘The Barn’, this small plot of farmhouses has recently been converted into two-bedroom luxury homes. Inside, open-plan living rooms with exposed wooden beams have comfortable sofas to curl up on after long days stomping the countryside. The luxury housing allows you to escape to the country without the loss of any modern conveniences; The Barn has a dishwasher, oven, fridge freezer, television and a washer dryer. Picturesque and located on a farm, young lambs wobble around outside in spring and scenic walking trails, which branch off from the main estate, are there to be explored. D

WHERE TO EAT: 14North 14North is a former 19th Century timber merchant’s house located on Douglas’ North Quay. Now a family-owned restaurant, it complements its rustic interior with simple, thoughtful food. 14North is committed to supporting local farmers, fishermen and artisans. The lunch menu differs from the evenings with hearty sandwiches on homemade focaccia being replaced by larger dishes of seafood and Manx beef. Be sure to try its homemade flatbreads, piled high with smoked cheddar, local mushrooms and pulled pork.

© Andrey Bayda


WHAT TO DO: Explore nature In the village of Glen Maye on the west coast of the island there is a beautiful waterfall cascading into a clear pool framed by sloping rocks speckled in green moss. Follow the stream through a gorge to arrive at a nearby sand and pebble beach – it’s easy to see where the Isle of Man’s rich history of folklore and tales of fairies stemmed from when exploring the beach’s hidden caves and rock pools.

From top to bottom: Milner’s Tower on Bradda Head near Port Erin; dishes served at 14North; Glen Maye Waterfall; clay pigeon shooting


DON’T MISS: Clay pigeon shooting In 2012, the grounds of the The Isle of Man Clay Pigeon Shooting Club were subject to major modifications to improve the facilities to members and visitors. Competitions in a range of disciplines run frequently and non-club members are invited to compete. If you’re a bad shot, the ranch-style clubhouse can be discreetly retreated to. D

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British Airways flies daily from London City Airport to the Isle of Man from £59. Flights can be booked at




020 7970 0911 I I


essential information for anyone who travels the world for work

Come Fly With Me

NetJets Europe has unveiled its new NetJets Signature Series Phenom 300 jet as part of a debut tour across selected markets in Europe. The new aircraft is part of a $17.6 billion order of 670 new planes made by NetJets Inc. to rejuvenate its entire fleet of aircraft over the next ten years. Customers are now able to pre-order shares in the aircraft, which are available to charter for 50 hours or more per year. The aircraft can fly a range of 2,718 km, or just over three-and-a-half hours, making it suitable for business trips where multiple cities need to be visited in one day. The NetJets standard of performance means the aircraft is allowed access to the vast majority of airports across Europe, which helps to explain why NetJets Europe is the largest business jet company in Europe. D


Here Rosewood London The Rosewood London is a renovated Edwardian building with long corridors, wooden panelling and a grand piano tucked next to the leather seats lining the bar. Despite its traditional exterior, the hotel caters for multiple modern business platforms. These include an Event Studio, an innovative space where bespoke social and corporate events are planned and personalised with every detail on-hand to choose from, whether it be flowers or cutlery, while professional event planners encourage creative brainstorming sessions to ensure your corporate functions are memorable. D Deluxe King Room, from £370 per night,

Where to stay There Swissotel Berlin The Swissotel Berlin’s 316 rooms and suites’ soft colours and modern design creates a welcoming atmosphere, while large desks, LCD flatscreens and wi-fi throughout also encourage business. The hotel has an executive lounge, a business centre, nine meeting rooms and can cater for events with up to 350 guests. It even has a cooking studio, which can accommodate ten to 12 people for cookery classes and team-building workshops. Guests should be sure to start their day in Germany’s capital with a croissant in the hotel’s Grand Gallery and finish it with a dish from the authentic Swiss menu at Restaurant 44. D Classic Room, from £103 per night,

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Travel Tailoring A business trip wardrobe needs to be smart and streamlined. Realising the need for sophisticated tailoring in materials that won’t crumple and crease while travelling, many quality brands have launched travel tailoring lines to cater specifically for business travel. Look out for crease-resistant wool fabrics and materials that allow movement and stay clear of anything on the easily-staining side of white. D Charles Tyrwhitt Travel Collection, Canada Square

D Charcoal Sharkskin Slim Fit Travel Jacket, £200, and Grey Tonic Slim Fit Travel Suit Jacket, £200, both Charles Tyrwhitt, Canada Square

what to take The herringbone print and relaxed lapel distracts from possible creases while the ribbon fastening allows the wearer to easily open and tie the suit jacket when going in and out doors. D Collezioni Knotted Skirt Suit, £783.55,

Paul Smith’s travel suit’s blend of wool and mohair is wrinkle-resistant to keep you looking smart while ducking between trains and planes.


D Elephant Grey Byard Travel Suit, £715, Paul Smith,

Burberry’s new Travel Tailoring line focuses on using lightweight materials with internal structures, which encourage movement and create a fitted silhouette. D Travel Tailoring Wool Check Jacket, £995, Burberry,

The comfort of a T-shirt with the sophistication of tweed, this Banana Republic piece works well under a blazer or over charcoal-coloured suit trousers. D Tweed Short-Sleeved Tee, £49.50, Banana Republic, Jubilee Place


LAN and TAM Open New Lounges LAN Airlines and its affiliate TAM Airlines has announced the launch of five new VIP lounges to open in 2013 and 2014. The new LAN and TAM Airlines VIP lounges will be located in the international airports of Ezeiza in Buenos Aires, Argentina; El Dorado in Bogota, Colombia; Miami International Airport; Santiago, Chile; and São Paulo, Brazil. Covering a total of more than 60,000 sq ft, the new and renovated lounges are part of both airlines’ ongoing commitment to improve their frequent flyer programme travel experience. D /

what to know


Blumenthal to launch restaurant at Heathrow

British Airways is strengthening its position as the largest airline at London City Airport by adding more aircraft and new routes in 2014. BA is introducing new services to Rotterdam and Florence in March and additonal daily flights to Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Zurich. From March, British Airways will fly to 26 international, European and UK destinations direct from the Docklands. The growth of British Airways’ presence comes as London City Airport seeks planning approval for a £200 million expansion to accommodate up to 120,000 flight movements per year. The proposal will allow the airport to double its passenger numbers to six million over the next ten years.

Heston Blumenthal is launching a new restaurant that’s due to open in June 2014 at Heathrow’s new Terminal 2. The concept is still being honed, but the menu promises to showcase Heston’s love for nostalgia and celebrate all things British. The menu will also feature dishes inspired by Blumenthal’s In Search of Perfection TV series. The show researched the small details that make ordinary food incredible, from what is the best temperature for a pizza oven, or how to achieve the perfect crunch with batter. It is hoped Blumenthal’s reputation of eccentric perfectionism will complement the brand new £2.5 billion terminal, which will also showcase some of the UK’s best art and engineering talent.

D /


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[Business Destination]

Helsinki Situated on the Baltic Sea, Finland’s fascinating capital Helsinki is a city of stark contrasts – east and west, hot and cold, business and pleasure WORDS: KATE VANDY

Breakfast at the Klaus K Hotel

Klaus K Hotel meeting room



country famed for things as diverse as wife-carrying competitions and global brand Nokia has a complicated past. Historically, Finland was once part of the Russian Empire and prior to that, Sweden. The architecture reflects this, with the neoclassical Lutheran Cathedral on Senate Square and the striking Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral being the most obvious examples. And yet, in many ways, the city feels closer to Russia than Sweden, and it’s no surprise that parts of Doctor Zhivago were filmed there. The city’s unique character also comes from its overt seasonal contrasts. In summer, you experience the natural phenomena of the midnight sun, and the city’s streets and parks are alive with joggers, picnics and bicycles, while in winter Helsinki rarely sees more than six hours of daylight, and a magical winter wonderland of ice skating and Klaus K Hotel - The hot chocolates emerges as the Livingroom art wall snow falls.

Best for Business

Klaus K Hotel Envy Plus Room

Situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea region, Helsinki enjoys considerable proximity to Tallinn, Stockholm and St Petersburg and, surrounded by fast-growing markets with easy access to the EU, it has become a key part of the European business world. Bridging both the East and West, it is the regional headquarters of more than 70 per cent of foreign companies operating in Finland, and is popular with those companies for whom access to Russia and the Baltic states is important. Equally, 83 of the 100 largest Finnish companies are headquartered in Greater Helsinki, while two-thirds of the 200 highest-paid Finnish executives live in Greater Helsinki and 42 per cent in Helsinki itself. The average income of the top 50 earners is around €1.65 million and Finland is the only Nordic country in the European Union using the euro as its currency. Doing business in Helsinki is made easy through its cutting-edge technological infrastructure – almost the entire population has access to fibre optic networks – while office space is large and well-priced for a major city. Public transport it also exemplary, ensuring that getting around the city is quick and efficient. In addition, Finland ranks 13th out of 183 economies in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ 2011 global rankings, so it attracts major business players and

investment from across the globe. Google’s investments in Finland, for instance, now total €800 million. D

Where to stay The Klaus K Hotel is in the heart of Helsinki’s design district and easily accessible for the main business areas of Helsinki. Housed in a 19th-century building, Klaus K is inspired by Finland’s national epic Kalevala and is about as Finnish as it gets. The guestrooms are all beautifully styled with Nordic furniture and saunainspired bathroom ceilings, while breakfast here is a treat with pickled herrings, berry smoothies and cakes galore. Meeting rooms and business spaces have a classical, boutique feel, creating a striking backdrop for impressing clients or thrashing out the finer points of a major deal. D

Eating & drinking Helsinki is home to a number of great modern Nordic restaurants, but for a more traditional experience – and to feel like a local – dine at the iconic Sea Horse Restaurant. Established in the 1930s, Sea Horse is muchloved by Finns and celebrities alike. Be sure to sample the Vorschmack – Baltic herring – and the Finnish pancakes. D

Free Afternoon Come rain or shine, Helsinki is a city best explored on foot. A good place to start is Alvar Aalto’s majestic Finlandia Hall. Walk down past Helsinki’s charming railway station to Esplanadi to hit-up Arabia, Marimekko and Iittala – brands at the forefront of contemporary Finnish design. Climb Helsinki Cathedral, stroll through the city’s seriously cool design district for quirky creations, drink at the trendy pubs in the Kallio district and, if you’re a jogger, join the beautiful people at Töölönlahti Bay. Take a moment to marvel at the enormous Sibelius Monument, and while you’re there enjoy coffee and cinnamon buns at the delightful Regatta café. Visit Hakaniemi Market and test-run some Karelian pies and Salmiakki (salty liquorice). From this market you can take a boat to the island fortress of Suomenlinna. The fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Finland’s most popular sights and is a mere 15-minute ferry ride from the city. Once there, find a quiet spot and enjoy amazing views over the Baltic Sea.

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Spousal Maintenance When dealing with financial matters between divorcing spouses, one aspect that the court has to consider is whether maintenance should be paid by one spouse to financially support the other. If the answer is yes then the court has to determine for how long and how much WORDS: Mary-Ann Wright

Mary-Ann Wright

recent cases, there has been an opinion given by the High Court to say that the amount should be based on ‘need alone’. During the proceedings, both husbands and wives prepare a schedule of income needs which is subject to much scrutiny during the case. Although the courts position seems to be toughening up it is still the case that needs are:

“…elastic in concept and there is much room for the exercise of discretion in their assessment.”


n recent times, we have observed what seems to be a ‘hardening of attitudes’ from judges when making orders both with regards to the length and also the amount of spousal maintenance. This even applies to cases involving very small children when historically in such cases life time maintenance orders were made as a matter of course. Two recently reported decisions demonstrate the changing attitudes of the court. In the first case, the wife was awarded £47,500 maintenance per annum for life. The husband appealed successfully; the wife’s maintenance was reduced to a period of 2 years and 5 months. The Court of Appeal felt that the wife had an earning capacity and the Judge who made the initial order was criticized for not explaining or justifying why he had given maintenance for life. In the second case, the wife was awarded 70 per cent of the capital assets together with 4 years of maintenance. The husband’s appeal was successful; it was unfair for the wife to receive maintenance as well as the ‘lions share’ of the capital and her maintenance claims were extinguished. As well as looking at the length of the maintenance the court has to consider how much is paid. Again, in

[per Mostyn J in B –v- S [2012] EWHC 265] The Judges retain discretion, which makes family law anything but black and white. We are unsure why there has been a shift in the position with regard to maintenance. Perhaps it is a mixture of things. Previous awards were deemed to be too generous and there was a general feeling that the pendulum had swung too far in the wife’s favour. The economic climate has clearly been biting the breadwinners harder than ever and perhaps there is an acknowledgement of how hard people have to work to earn the amounts paid in spousal maintenance. The fact that women, even with young children, should not be entitled to expect a meal ticket for life solely by the virtue of the marriage is very much the message which is being given. If you are unsure as to your position or require an overview of your financial position or what your entitlement would be on divorce then please contact Mary-Ann Wright, family partner at national law firm DWF, on 0207 645 9583 or email maryann.wright@ D Our London office is local to Canary Wharf at: DWF LLP, Capital House, 85 King William Street, London, EC4N 7BL

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vision with tradition

DAY NURSERY 3 month - 5 years



North C olonnad


ENROLL NOW ENROLL NOW 0207 515 8333 0207 515 8333


West In dia

Upper B


Excellent Ofsted Reports Excellent Excellent Ofsted Ofsted Reports Reports Baby Gym Baby Baby Gym Gym BabyBaby Salon Baby Salon Salon

Canary Wharf

Heron Quays

Bank Str eet

Wood Wharf

LargeLarge Outside Space Large Outside Outside Space Space


Ma Admir a

Less than 5 min walk from South Quay DLR


ls Way


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Westferry Road

ank Stre

vision with tradition vision vision with with tradition tradition Canary

at The Landmark South Quay

t: 0207 515 8333

Marsh W all

NEG NEG Available NEG Available Available Childcare Vouchers Childcare Childcare Vouchers Vouchers Accepted Accepted Accepted Full-Time and and Part-Time Full-Time Full-Time and Part-Time Part-Time

DAY NURSERY DAY DAY NURSERY NURSERY e: w: 3 month - 5 years 33 month month -- 55 years years

Established for Over 10 10 Established for Established for Over Over 10 Years! Years! Years! t: 0207t:t:515 8333 0207 0207 515 515 8333 8333


eating & drinking, wining & dining, arts & events, culture & community

For The Collection

The focus of the country’s men’s fashion scene turns once more to the capital as London Collections: Men returns for 6 – 8 January. Featuring a diverse range of designers – including Canary Wharf favourites Orlebar Brown and Hackett – the fashion showcase emphasises the commercial and cultural importance of British brands, while examining a vast array of new and exciting names and emerging talent from around the world. London Collections: Men is a true tribute to the diverse breadth of British fashion, from its newcomers to those celebrating the heritage and craftsmanship of Savile Row, and its significance in fashion’s global and fiercely competitive market. D

FOOD DRINK Seasonal specials, new openings and festive treats

THE 02’s New Star The Pilot, the closest pub to The 02 arena and North Greenwich tube station, has recently undergone a transformative refurbishment. Downstairs in the pub’s restaurant, the menu spans all the classics from an excellent towering burger to moreish apple, hazelnut and oat crumble. A conservatory extension opens onto a stunning outside dining area and props up a spacious terrace on its roof. Back inside, a mezzanine is tailored for private dining, with a curtain which can be drawn for additional privacy and a versatile flatscreen TV for presentations. The ‘L’ shaped restaurant, which transitions from a cosy leather-seat lounge to a modern dining room, is perfectly pitched between quality dining and a traditional pub, with attentive staff and comic-inspired art on the walls. The Pilot also houses a hotel. Its ten bedrooms, numbered by a clock on each room’s door frozen at an hour, are a true triumph to the refurbishment. A stay at The Pilot is an experience that truly complements a special night at The O2. D

Secret to Success The company formally known as PretAChef has announced its new brand name, SimpleeHost. SimpleeHost offers a service that revolutionises home entertaining for stress-free, mess-free dining. Online, you can browse a list of vetted chefs specialising in a comprehensive range of cuisine, as well as booking the entire hosting experience. On the day the chef will shop, cook and clean up while you enjoy yourself. Previous customers have varied from busy mums booking for a family gathering to a professional away on business treating his girlfriend to a daily chef for a week while she recovers from a broken ankle. D Menus start from £20 per person,

Wake Up Well One Canada Square Restaurant & Bar is vamping up its menu in time for the new year. From 7am – 11am Monday to Friday, and Saturday brunch from 9am – 5pm, Brisk Breakfasts are now served. At the core of the menu is a variety of egg dishes – including soft-shell crab benedict and an egg white and herb omelette – alongside lavish smoothies, coffees and breads. Furthermore, for lunch, a new bar menu inspired by American diner food has been devised by head chef Jamie Dobbin (former head chef of the Ivy Club). Enjoy the likes of shrimp and scallop burger sliders, salt and pepper squid and chips tossed in smoked spicy mayo. D One Canada Square restaurant and bar, One Canada Square


Wine Sublime


Launched last year, transforms the way wine connoisseurs can experience and discover wine in their own home. It delivers wines, which have been handpicked by London’s most respected sommeliers, direct to its members’ doors. Each wine is selected by experts, including Joao Pires (Dinner by Heston), Laure Patry (Pollen Street Social) and Mikael Hannequin (Searcys Club). Membership is free and cases of six start from £50. D

Magic is brewing at The Parlour this winter with the launch of a new range of colourful cocktails inspired by fairy tales. Enjoy a freshly brewed ‘sugar plum fairy’, a captivating concoction of gin, cherry liqueur, lemon and plum bitters topped with a frozen plum. Or try a playful ‘George’s marvellous medicine’, a fruity and floral mix of vodka, poppy liqueur, apple juice and poppy seeds all served in a swing-top potion bottle. Also new to The Parlour are two delicious sharing boards, which sample some of the restaurant’s signature dishes. ‘Life is too short to be shellfish’ is crammed with prawn lollipops, crispy squid and lobster and parmesan croquettes. Meanwhile, carnivores will adore ‘to share or not to share’, which comes laden with mini burgers and hotdogs, satay sticks and potato wedges. D The Parlour, The Park Pavilion

winter wonders


emma johnson enjoys some seasonal treats and warming winter favourites at Iberica

aving delighted in Ibérica’s summer offering at La Terrazza in July – surely one of the best seasonal openings in Canary Wharf – I was excited to try out the main restaurant’s more wintery menu. On a frosty Monday lunchtime in December, Iberica was busy, with both mezzanine levels open and the kitchen staff going at full speed. It added a nice vibe to the festive scene and, as we settled into one of the cosy ground floor booths, glass of wine in hand, we’d already decided to make it somewhat of a long lunch. The menu at Iberica changes seasonally, but the team works hard to keep core favourites and Spanish specialities available throughout the year. We started with asparagus toast and a board of sweet, rich Ibérico ham, expertly cut by the head carver at the restaurant’s deli. Pan con tomate followed – always a winner – as well as a new dish, Manchego salad, with a soft Manchego, parmesan, thyme and milk puree. Served with crushed walnuts and apple, the dish was fresh and rich in equal measure.


Thinly-sliced octopus and chorizo in a pungent paprika oil came next – a classic Spanish dish, the octopus was cooked with real skill, succulent and sweet, while the paprika sauce was platelickingly good. Scallops with a cauliflower puree and ham crisps were equally impressive, the salty fish and the creamy purèe a match made in heaven. Finally, rounding off the main dishes, was chicken with chilindrón sauce and rosemary potatoes, a hearty, warming dish with classic Catalan flavours. Despite our protestations, and our full bellies, desserts were brought – rice pudding from an ancient Spanish recipe and a layered treat of caramel, vanilla and biscuit – polished-off in seconds with the accompaniment of a good strong espresso. As always, the welcome at Ibèrica was impeccably friendly, the decor and surroundings continue to be some of my favourite, and – as you can probably tell – the food was as good as it always is. D Iberica, 12 Cabot Square

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OUT&ABOUT | Event On the decks: Nick Grimshaw

Henry Holland, Pixie Geldof and Nick Grimshaw

Nick Grimshaw and Co Design the Perfect Night Out The HEINEKEN VIP Lounge at Boisdale Jukebox Bar Ice Rink CANARY WHARF wednesday 4 December 2013 The Heineken VIP Lounge at Ice Rink Canary Wharf played host to the London glitterati this month for the launch of the new Heineken Design Bottle. On the decks was Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw who played to a packed crowd – joined by Pixie Geldof and Henry Holland – who danced the night away and enjoyed a night of skating fun. Grimshaw played a typically uplifting set in the stylish Heineken VIP Lounge, which will be hosting guest DJs every Wednesday through December. The bar was transformed into a UV nightclub for the evening as guests including X Factor’s Mischa B and Nina Nesbitt enjoyed the music and a performance from a Milanbased dance troupe. he UV lights hit the new Heineken Design bottles creating a colourful display for some of London’s brightest stars. D

116 CW JANUARY 2014

On the ice: Nick Grimshaw and Pixie Geldof


The Art & Design window galleries in Canada Place Mall at Canary Wharf are open daily and showcase up-and-coming artists, designers and craftspeople.

jubilee walk



Kate Malone’s work is distinctive, decorative and highly complex. It reflects her generosity of spirit, with all manner of natural phenomena informing her exuberant pieces – fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds and nuts. This exhibition will feature pairs of ceramics influenced by themes that recur time and again in her repertoire: pumpkins, fennels, gourds and atomics. Malone found her metier in creating vases of the most exotic kind, which are redolent of Art Nouveau, Victorian majolica, Minton and Palissy. Nowadays, her work encompasses studio pieces, short-run editions and large-scale public art works often made in collaboration with architects and designers. D 20 January – 14 March Lobby, One Canada Square Canary Wharf, E14 FREE

Tuesday 4 February 6.30-7.15pm FREE Curator Ann Elliott tours the exhibition with the artist. Contact to reserve a place.

WINTER LIGHTS fLUMENS: Illuminating the Wind

Kuntee Sirikrai: Hidden Moments

Kuntee’s jewellery reflects her interest in the mysterious way in which the brain can record the scene of an unexpected circumstance, when time appears to stand still and each detail is etched on the memory. Having studied and filmed hidden movements such as when fingers are constantly moved in daily life, she has used cutting edge technology called Selective Laser Sintering to print threedimensional pieces in nylon and silver. D

canada walk


Saulius Ginetas

D Until 25 January Middle Dock Canary Wharf, E14

Saulius’s vigorous drawing style is used to great effect in these drawings inspired by the frenetic rhythms he has observed at Canary Wharf. He sees a place where people’s movement – rushing and passing through the space – manifests power and an expression of their desire for a brighter future, constantly moving towards success. The movement of his hand over paper is equally free and fast – no rules, no limits, just expression. D



New Year,

New experiences This January, start 2014 with a dose of art, culture and some friendly competition


Teams will compete in rounds of tough questioning covering trivia, music and current affairs in the aim of securing an array of Canary Wharf gift cheques prizes and the accompanying bragging rights. The cost of entry is £15 per team (each team has a maximum of six members) and all proceeds will be donated to East End Community Foundation. Teams must register in advance via email to arts& A full bar and mid-quiz snacks will be available from doors opening so join in on all the fun and release your competitive spirit. Monday 27 January 2014 6.30pm (doors 6pm) East Wintergarden, 43 Bank Street, E14 £15 donation per table to East End Community Foundation

Friday 10 – Sunday 12 January 2014 Friday 12–8pm Saturday 10am–7pm Sunday 12–6pm Throughout Canary Wharf & Wood Wharf Free For more information visit: or *Visitors must sign up on arrival for masterclasses. Children must be 12+ and accompanied by an adult. Sessions on the hour, 20 minutes and 40 minutes past.

Enjoy an unforgettable weekend of competitive high drama at Canary Wharf as more than ten international teams of ice professionals work against the clock to perfect their magnificent ice creations. The UK’s biggest international ice sculpting competition provides a fun and exciting start to the New Year, celebrating Fabulous Fashion on to 2m-high glimmering ice blocks in the Big Block category at Wood Wharf. For a change of pace, the speedy Freestyle and Singles River Life competitions will not disappoint nor will the wonderful Wood Wharf Winter Food Market with its vast variety of hot and cold food and drink on offer. You can take part too – vote for your favourite sculpture in the popular Public Choice award or get artistic in the free masterclasses* at Wood Wharf and in Jubilee Place shopping mall on Saturday and Sunday.


The sparkling Ice Rink Canary Wharf is in full swing and is bigger and better than ever before. Boasting London’s only skate path, which leads you in between Canada Square Park’s twinkling festive trees, around Ron Arad’s Big Blue unique sculpture and within Canary Wharf’s striking backdrop – this ice rink is sure to make your skating experience a truly magical one. This year the ice rink hosts a classic American-style diner, Boisdale’s Jukebox Bar, with a vintage 50s jukebox, drinks and hot food and a large outdoor terrace plus a comfy spectators’ area – a perfect winter haven after your skate. Why not go the extra mile and book lessons to impress your family and friends with your new skills. If live entertainment is what you fancy after skating then visit the Boisdale Jukebox Bar on Tuesday evenings for some blues and soul or battle of the bands every Saturday night. The ice rink is open every day except Christmas Day until 16 February 2014, so book now and get your skates on.


Opening time Please visit website for sessions Tickets Rink side Box Office,*, 020 7536 8400* Party & Group bookings / 020 7536 8400 *booking fee applies


THE Directory Whether you want to dine or to drink, to purchase gorgeous gifts and stylish outfits, to keep fit or to be pampered, Canary Wharf is home to a wealth of services and amenities Watches & Jewellery

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Aspinal of London Cabot Place 020 7719 0727

bareMinerals Jubilee Place 020 7719 1182

Artisan Fine Art Canada Place 020 3229 0172

Accessorize Canada Place 020 7512 9352

Cadenzza Jubilee Place 020 7513 2946

David Clulow Opticians Cabot Place 020 7345 9181 Jubilee Place 020 7519 6284

Frontispiece the Gallery One Canada Square 020 7363 6336

Alfred Dunhill Cabot Place 020 7519 6326

Carat* Cabot Place 020 7516 0347 Charles Fish Cabot Place 020 7512 9595

Dove Spa @ Virgin Active Westferry Circus 020 7519 6657

David M Robinson Jubilee Place 020 7538 2332 Goldsmiths Canada Place 020 7512 9779 Links of London Jubilee Place 020 7519 1767 Monica Vinader Jubilee Place 020 7719 0458 Montblanc Canada Place 020 7719 1919 Pandora Cabot Place 020 7987 9801 Tiffany & Co. Cabot Place 020 7409 2790 Tumi Cabot Place 020 7513 2456


Ten international teams of ice professionals will battle it out in the UK’s biggest international ice sculpting competition from 10 - 12 January.

Brown’s London Canada Place 020 7513 2757

Aquascutum Cabot Place 020 3069 8790


Banana Republic Jubilee Place 020 7719 0743

Nicholson & Griffin Jubilee Place 020 7512 9890

Hotel Chocolat Canada Place 08444 93 13 13

Cath Kidston Jubilee Place 020 7719 8255

Reebok sports club Canada Place 020 7970 0900

Charbonnel et Walker Cabot Place 020 7512 9168

cecil gee Canada Place 020 7993 1318

re:spa Canada Square 020 7970 0912

Godiva Jubilee Place 020 7513 1150

Rituals… Jubilee Place 020 7719 0449


Sean Hanna Jubilee Place 020 7513 2660

Carphone Warehouse Cabot Place 020 7513 0811

SK:N Canada Place 020 7516 0106

Currys Digital Cabot Place 020 7513 0330

The Gentry Hair & Spa Canada Place 020 7519 6660

HMV Canada Place 020 7512 9222

treatment suite; Four Seasons Hotel London at Canary Wharf Westferry Circus 020 7510 1999 The Rejuvenation Clinic & Medispa Cabot Place 020 3229 0257 Toni & Guy One Canada Square 0844 445 7722 Urban Beach Tanning & Beauty Jubilee Place 020 3200 2000

Charles Tyrwhitt Canada Place 020 7513 2988 Choice Jubilee Place 0845 271 9909 Church’s English Shoes Cabot Place 020 7538 9730 COS Jubilee Place 020 3197 9110 Dorothy Perkins Canada Place 020 7512 9707


Dune Cabot Place 020 7715 4755

Asics Jubilee Place 020 7516 9162

Emmett Shirts Jubilee Place 020 7001 0783

Evans Cycles 30 South Colonnade 020 7516 0094

English Tailoring 14 South Colannade 020 7512 9991

Reebok Sports Shop Canada Place 02079700900

French Connection Jubilee Place 020 7512 9110

Runners Need Churchill Place 020 7512 9107

Gant Canada Place 020 7715 7470

Sweaty Betty Jubilee Place 020 3302 8763

Gap Canada Place 020 7512 1335

Hackett, Cabot Place

Sri Nam, North Colonnade

Charbonnel et Walker, Cabot Place

Jamie’s Italian, Churchill Place

Hackett 10 Cabot Place 020 7513 0400

whistles Jubilee Place 020 7519 6132

Hobbs Canada Place 020 7513 2763

The White Company Jubilee Place 020 3701 8099

Gaucho Canary Canary Riverside 020 7987 9494

REEBOK BAR & RESTAURANT Canada Place 020 7970 0920

Hugo Boss Cabot Place 020 7715 5302

Wolford Jubilee Place 020 7494 4343

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Jubilee Place 020 7719 6408

ROCKET RESTAURANT & BAR Churchill Place 020 3200 2022

HENRY ADDINGTON Mackenzie walk 020 7719 1114

Roka The Park Pavilion 020 7636 5228

Jaeger Menswear, Cabot Place 020 3589 2948 Womenswear, Cabot Place 020 3328 9440 Karen Millen Jubilee Place 020 7519 6153 Kurt Geiger Cabot Place 020 7673 9869 L.K. Bennett Jubilee Place 020 7719 0090 Massimo Dutti Cabot Place 020 7718 5030 Monsoon Canada Place 020 7512 9543 Oliver Bonas Jubilee Place 020 7719 1133 Orlebar Brown Jubilee Place 020 7513 1157 Schuh Jubilee Place 020 7513 2468 Ted Baker Canada Place 020 7519 6588 Thomas Pink Cabot Place 020 7513 0303 TM Lewin Canada Place 020 7519 6292 Jubliee Place 020 7519 6292 Topshop Canada Place 020 7512 1996

food & drink ALL BAR ONE Reuters Plaza 020 7516 0191 AMERIGO VESPUCCI Cabot Square 020 7513 0288 BATTERY CLUB Westferry Circus 020 8305 3089 Boisdale of Canary Wharf Cabot Place 020 7715 5818 BYRON Cabot Place 020 7715 9360 Café Brera Cabot Place 020 7512 9191 Jubilee Place 020 7516 9090

IBERICA CANARY WHARF Cabot Square 020 7636 8650 Jamie’s Italian Churchill Place 020 3002 5252

Smollensky’s Reuters Plaza 020 7719 0101 smollensky’

Le Pain Quotidien Jubilee Place 020 3617 6631

Sri nam 1 North Colannade 020 7715 9515

Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte 18-20 Mackenzie Walk 020 3475 3331

Sweet Couture Canada Place

NICOLAS WINE MERCHANT One Canada Square 020 7512 9092 Obikà Mozzarella Bar West Wintergarden 020 7719 1532

CARLUCCIO’S Reuters Plaza 020 7719 1749

One Canada Square Restaurant & Bar One Canada Square 020 7559 5199

Canteen The Park Pavillion 020 7513 0406

the pearson room Canada Place 020 7970 0920

CORNEY AND BARROW Cabot Square 020 7512 0397

Plateau Restaurant, Bar & Grill Canada Place 020 7715 7100

DAVY’S WINE BAR Fisherman’s Walk 020 7363 6633 First Edition Cabot Square 020 7513 0300

Royal China Westferry Circus 020 7719 0888

Quadrato Restaurant Four Seasons Hotel London at Canary Wharf Westferry Circus 020 7510 1857

The Cat and Canary 25-28 Fisherman’s Walk 0207 512 9187 The Parlour The Park Pavilion 0845 468 0100 Wahaca The Park Pavilion 020 7516 9145

Saulius Ginetas window gallery

The Art & Design window galleries in Canada Place Mall at Canary Wharf are showcasing the vibrant drawings of Saulius Ginetas until 1 February.

december 2013 CW 121


PROPERTY Showcasing the finest homes in your area

Covering Canary Wharf, The Royal Docks, Stratford, Bow & Wapping

New Year, New Tactics

With house prices continuing to rise, the experts say where and when to invest

Bathtubs by Catchpole & Rye Breezers Court, Wapping E1W

Warehouse conversion Large apartment set in a warehouse conversion close to Tower Hill and St Katharine Docks. Accommodation comprises two bedrooms, two bathrooms, open plan kitchen and reception room, high ceilings, exposed brick work and a secure underground parking space is included. EPC rating D.   Available furnished   Guide price: £575 per week

Wapping Lettings 020 8166 5366 ﴾WAQ94104﴿

Riviera Court, Wapping E1W

Impressive river views Second floor riverside apartment to rent moments from Waitrose, St Katharine Docks and Tower Hill. Offering two double bedrooms, two bathrooms ﴾one en suite﴿ separate fitted kitchen with river views, private terrace, wooden floors and parking. EPC rating B. Approximately 87 sq m ﴾41 sq ft﴿ Available furnished Guide price: £675 per week

Wapping Lettings 020 8166 5366 ﴾WAQ138267﴿

CW Jan 14 Breezers Riviera - 10 December 2013 - 45747

10/12/2013 16:27:52

C St Thomas's Wharf, Wapping E1W Balcony with river views

Second floor apartment to rent in west Wapping, comprising two bedrooms, one bathroom, good size reception room with exposed brick work, modern fully fitted kitchen, study area, underground parking and a private balcony with south facing river views. EPC rating C. Approximately 77 sq m ﴾829 sq ft﴿   Available furnished Guide price: £625 per week

Wapping Lettings 020 8166 5366 ﴾WAQ189594﴿

Morocco Wharf, Wapping E1W Charming warehouse conversion

Spacious and charming flat in a warehouse conversion to rent on Wapping High Street. This attractive flat has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, reception room, a spacious fitted kitchen, hard wooden floors, exposed brick work and parking space. EPC rating C. Available furnished or unfurnished Guide price: £460 per week

Wapping Lettings 020 8166 5366 ﴾WAQ87765﴿

CW mag Jan 14 St Thomas Morocco - 10 December 2013 - 45756

11/12/2013 10:22:20 New Providence Wharf, E14

Two bedroom apartment This spacious two bedroom apartment has an impressive reception area with superb balcony and river views. Located within walking distance of Canary Wharf. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, reception room, kitchen, leisure facilities, concierge, parking. Available furnished Guide price: £495 per week

Canary Wharf Lettings 020 3641 9294 ﴾CWQ104554﴿

Port East Apartments, E14 Two bedroom apartment

This apartment is situated within a Grade I listed building close to Canary Wharf. The property is full of character with exposed brick, wood beams and solid oak wood flooring. 2 bedrooms,2 bathrooms, reception room, kitchen, concierge, parking, EPC rating D. Available furnished Guide price: £550 per week

Canary Wharf Lettings 020 3641 9294 ﴾CWQ140967﴿

CW Magazine Jan 2014 Lettings - 28 November 2013 - 45359

03/12/2013 16:50:18

C Landmark West, Marsh Wall E14

Two bedroom apartment This luxurious two bedroom apartment is located on the 21st floor of an exclusive development close to the heart of Canary Wharf. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, reception room, kitchen, balcony, gym, concierge, parking, EPC rating B. Available furnished Guide price: £610 per week

Canary Wharf Lettings 020 3641 9294 ﴾CWQ179469﴿

Millharbour, Nr Canary Wharf E14 Three bedroom penthouse

A three bedroom duplex penthouse apartment with outstanding living space, high specification interior, two private balconies and spectacular Canary Wharf views. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, reception room, open plan kitchen. EPC rating C. Available furnished Guide price; £1,995 per week

Canary Wharf Lettings 020 3641 9294 ﴾CWQ176233﴿

CW magazine Jan 2014-letttings 2 - 28 November 2013 - 45365

03/12/2013 16:51:42

Brightlingsea Place, Limehouse E14 Four bedroom townhouse for sale

An immaculate townhouse set within a gated development just off Narrow Street with views over the park. 3/4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, reception room, kitchen, balcony, parking, communal garden. Approximately 161 sq m ﴾1,733 sq ft﴿ 020 3641 6112

Freehold Guide price: £1,350,000


CW mag Jan 2014-sales - 03 December 2013 - 45483

03/12/2013 16:54:10

C Wharfside Point, Prestons Road E14 One bedroom apartment

A well proportioned one bedroom apartment located on the 10th floor of a purpose built portered development.  Bedroom, bathroom, reception room, open plan kitchen, concierge. EPC rating D. Approximately 44 sq m ﴾474 sq ft﴿ Leasehold Guide price: £275,000

Canary Wharf Sales 020 3641 6112 ﴾CNW130222﴿

Ontario Tower, Fairmont Ave E14 Studio apartment

A 22nd floor studio suite apartment boasting views of the River Thames and O2 arena. Bathroom, reception room, concierge, leisure facilities.                       EPC rating C.                                                Approximately 37 sq m ﴾398 sq ft﴿ Leasehold Guide price: £320,000

Canary Wharf Sales 020 3641 6112 ﴾CNW130219﴿

1 2



3 reception rooms ø kitchen ø 4 bedrooms ø 5 bathrooms ø 2 parking spaces ø 24hr concierge ø 360 m (3,876 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Reception room ø kitchen ø 3 bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø balcony ø concierge ø protected parking ø 154 sq m (1,658 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Guide £4 million Leasehold

Guide £1.425 million Leasehold

3 4

Savills Canary Wharf 020 7531 2500

Savills Canary Wharf 020 7531 2500



Reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø wrap around balcony ø 24hr concierge ø allocated parking space ø 148 sq m (1,594 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Reception room ø kitchen ø 1 bedroom ø 1 bathroom ø 1 parking space ø concierge ø 67 sq m (731 sq ft) ø EPC=B

Guide £795,000 Leasehold

Guide £600,000 Leasehold

Savills Canary Wharf 020 7531 2500

Savills Canary Wharf 020 7531 2500

1 2



Reception room ø kitchen ø 3 bedrooms (2 en suite) ø 24hr concierge ø terrace ø 153 sq m (1,651 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Reception room ø open plan kitchen ø 2 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø terrace ø concierge ø parking ø 146 sq m (1,578 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Offers in excess of £2 million Leasehold

Guide £1.299 million Leasehold

3 4

Savills Docklands 0207 456 6800

Savills Docklands 0207 456 6800



Reception room ø living/dining area ø 2 double bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø private balcony ø concierge ø 83 sq m (893 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø balcony ø protected parking ø 117 sq m (1,259 sq ft) ø EPC=B

Guide £1.199 million Leasehold

Guide £1.1 million Leasehold

Savills Docklands 020 7456 6800

Savills Docklands 020 7456 6800

1 2




3 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø private terrace ø river views ø porterage ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

2 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø allocated parking ø balcony ø 24hr porterage ø residents leisure facilities ø Council Tax=F ø EPC=C

Unfurnished £825 per week

Furnished £585 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Canary Wharf 020 7531 2522

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Canary Wharf 020 7531 2522



Bedroom ø bathroom ø reception room ø private terrace ø partial river views ø Council Tax=E ø EPC=C

1 double bedroom ø 1 single bedroom ø en suite bathroom & separate guest w.c ø private balcony ø Council Tax=F ø EPC=C

Furnished £400 per week

Furnished £380 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Canary Wharf 0207 531 2523

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Canary Wharf 0207 531 2523

3 4

*£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit



A RANGE OF BRAND NEW LUXURY APARTMENTS the heron, ec2y A range of studios, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments ø located within the heart of The City ø high specifications including comfort cooling & smart home technology ø 24hr security, concierge & vallet parking ø residents gym ø residents membership to The Heron's Private Club, Roof Terrace & The Heron Club Library ø Council Tax= E - H ø EPC= C - F

Savills Docklands Ben Rogers

020 7456 6800

Furnished Prices from £525 - £1200 per week + £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* *£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit

Beyond your expectations

Nutter Lane, E11 £2,250,000 Freehold A magnificent grade 11 listed Georgian master piece in excellent condition.

Pan Peninsula, E14 £2,250,000 Leasehold Stunning 41st floor three bedroom 1,635 sq ft apartment. EPC: B


New Providence Wharf, E14 £665,000 Leasehold Boasting breathtaking views across the River & O2 this 2 bedroom apartment must be seen. EPC: B

Hamptons Canary Wharf Office Sales. 020 7745 7121 | Lettings. 020 7745 7120

Westgate Apartments, E14 £345,000 Leasehold A smart and stylish two bedroom apartment situated in a modern development moments from Excel. EPC: B

Boardwalk Place, E14 £495 per week (charges apply)* A stylish and immaculate two bedroom apartment with stunning views across the basin and river. EPC: C

East Arbour Street, E1 £525 per week (charges apply)* A lovely end of terrace Georgian townhouse with lots of character, a large private patio garden, modern kitchen and two double bedrooms. EPC: E

Langbourne Place, E14 £425 per week (charges apply)* A large two bedroom apartment set within a popular gated development directly on the River with secure parking. EPC: B

Cumberland Mills Square, E14 £650 per week (charges apply)* A simply wonderful two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with stunning views across the Thames towards Greenwich Maritime Museum. EPC: C

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Wapping Lane, E1W - £315,000 Leasehold

Ontario Tower, E14 - £320,000 Leasehold

• Luxury Studio suite • Balcony, 6th floor • 355sqft, south facing • 24hr Concierge, gym & Spa

• Studio suite • 22nd floor river views • Newly refurbished • 24hr concierge & gym



Landmark East, E14 - £430,000 Leasehold

Landmark East, E14 - £680,000 Leasehold

• One bedroom • 11th floor, 559sqft • Stunning Dock Views • 24hr concierge & gym

• Two bed, two bath • 28th floor, 872sqft • Dock facing balcony • Canary Wharf Jubilee & DLR


11 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4HE


020 7715 9700

Tenant agency fees: £240 inc VAT administration fee per property, £48 inc VAT referencing fee per Tenant/Guarantor

Equinox Building, E14 - £300pw

Boatyard Apartments, E14 - £395pw

• One Bedroom • South facing Balcony • Concierge • Island Garden DLR

• Two bed, two bath • Three balconies • River Views • Secure parking



Baltimore Wharf - £595pw

Landmark East, E14 - £950pw

• Two bed, two bath • 3rd floor, 829sqft • Balcony • Crossharbour DLR

• Three bed, two bath • 37th floor, West facing • 24hr concierge & gym • Heron Quays DLR



Alan Selby & Partners is now called CBRE













Woodstock Terrace, E14 This stunning period property offers an elegant mix of tradition and modern living. Located in a conservation area, this superb property is set over three floors, offering a wealth of space renovated to a high specification. As you enter the property you are ushered into the open lounge/dining room from the entrance hall. Natural wood flooring throughout and a beautiful fireplace compliment the space. To the rear is the family kitchen finished to a superb standard offering plenty of space and a delightful enclosed 57ft garden.

On the lower floor you have two double bedrooms and a good sized family bathroom. Occupying the top floor is the large master bedroom, with high ceilings and large windows. Equipped with full-length built in wardrobes, beautiful natural wood flooring, a pleasant view and soft spot lighting. The en-suite for the master bedroom is equally as impressive. This large bathroom comes complete with a double shower, separate bath and his and hers sinks. Underfloor heating is also provided.

ÂŁ749,995 +44 (0)20 7519 5900

Alan Selby & Partners is now called CBRE


The Heron, EC2Y This twelfth floor 892 square foot two bedroom corner apartment, with north and east views is now available in this highly anticipated development. The apartment offers generous floor space, comprising of a vast open-plan living area, two double bedrooms and two luxurious bathrooms. Floor to ceiling glass amplifies both the light and space in the apartment as well as offering incredible views.

This collection of inspired city apartments boast an unrivalled location and exceptional views. The Heron also offers residents with a tranquil landscaped roof garden and membership to The Heron’s exclusive private club. This includes a private residents’ restaurant and bar, state of the art gymnasium, a private screening room and conference facilities.

The apartment is finished to an extremely high standard throughout. Furthermore, this apartment features a video-entry security system, surround sound and air conditioning.

+44 (0)20 7519 5900


Alan Selby & Partners is now called CBRE




The Heron, EC2Y This fully interior designed twenty eighth floor 851 square foot two bedroomed corner apartment with north and west views is now available in this highly anticipated development. The apartment is furnished to an extremely high standard including bespoke sofas, rugs and lighting throughout. The apartment offers generous floor space, comprising of a vast open-plan living area, two double bedrooms and

+44 (0)20 7519 5900

two luxurious bathrooms. Floor to ceiling glass amplifies both the light and space in the apartment as well as a large balcony that offers incredible views. The Heron also offers residents with a tranquil landscaped roof garden and membership to The Heron’s exclusive private club.

ÂŁ1265.00 per week

Alan Selby & Partners is now called CBRE


The Heron, EC2Y This sixteenth floor 1,237 square foot two/three bedroom corner apartment, with south and west facing views is now available in this highly anticipated development. The apartment offers generous floor space, comprising of a vast open-plan living area, two double bedrooms and two luxurious bathrooms. Floor to ceiling glass amplifies both the light and space in the apartment as well as a large balcony that offers incredible views.

+44 (0)20 7519 5900

The apartment is furnished to an extremely high standard; the living area boasts black porcelain floor tiles, bespoke custom fitted cabinets finished in a dark gloss lacquer and natural wooden work surfaces. Furthermore, this apartment features a video-entry security system, surround sound and air conditioning.

ÂŁ1600.00 per week

Franklyn James

E14 Millharbour, Canary Wharf

£340 PW

E1W Campania Building, Wapping

£350 PW

A lovely one bedroom apartment set within 41 Millharbour consisting of a semi open-plan reception with a large modern kitchen, double bedroom, bathroom and a separate guest w/c. Benefits include floor to ceiling windows in the lounge, communal gardens and 24hr concierge.

A bright and spacious two double bedroom apartment which is set within Atlantic Wharf and comprises of a large reception room, private balcony, fitted kitchen and a modern bathroom suite. Set on the 5th floor, further features include secure parking.

E14 Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs

E14 Boardwalk Place, Blackwall

£385 PW

A recently redecorated and refurnished two double bedroom house situated on the popular Westferry Road. This property comprises of open-plan lounge/diner, a modern fitted kitchen and a family bathroom suite. Benefits include a private rear garden and allocated parking.

£430 PW

A stunning two bedroom apartment comprising of a spacious open-plan kitchen/reception, a large private balcony with marina views, an en-suite shower room to master bedroom and an additional family bathroom suite. Added benefits include 24hr concierge on-site and secure allocated parking.

E14 Langbourne Place, Isle of Dogs


A stunning two double bedroom, two bathroom river fronted apartment. This property offers the occupier breathtaking direct river views from its private balcony, an open-plan reception room, a fully fitted kitchen and access to secure gated allocated parking.

E14 Zenith Building, Limehouse


A beautiful and spacious one double bedroom apartment coming in at just under 500sqft. This property comprises of an open-plan reception area with a modern integrated kitchen and has access to a private balcony which offers pretty Marina views.

Canary Wharf 020 7005 6080

Bow 020 8983 2930

Limehouse 020 7791 1777

Bow 020 8983 2930

Limehouse 020 7791 1777

Canary Wharf 020 7005 6080

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There are many different opinions on what the market will deliver next year, but one thing is certain – it won’t be too dissimilar to that which we have experienced over the last 12 months. We are expecting to see similar amount of instructions and possibly an increase in buyers which, in turn, will have a dramatic effect on those agents struggling with market share. Having three offices in key locations, Franklyn James has its finger on the pulse and can react to market conditions as and when needed. Being an independent agent, we are able to make quick decisions in respect of our approach to our marketing drive and the factors which appeal to our target audience with our main focus being on prestige mainstream marketing and giving our customers a first-class experience. This has been a winning formula on gaining market share, leaving the smaller local independents and larger corporates to look and think outside the box as to what to do for 2014. Many estate agents have stylish office fronts, but the mechanics of how they run their business are completely different. I am sure that all companies deliver a service, but what type of service is best for you? The larger companies will have a number of staff doing their day to day roles and as a client you will probably speak to various different people as you venture down the sales or letting route. With big branding you will be sure that your property will be given the best form of advertising. The smaller independents will give you that one to one support but sometimes won’t be able to show the property to the best of its ability and may have a lack of web and office traffic. What we have done this year at Franklyn James is combined the best attributes from both corporates and independents to use all the tools available to give the your property maximum exposure achieving recording-breaking prices but also being able to tailor our service to our individual clients’ needs. If you require some expert advice on the local market or wish to explore your options in regards to selling or letting, please call into one of our three office today and we will be more than happy to help. I am confident that 2014 will be a good year all round, just remember to stick to your resolutions. n

Halifax, one of the UK’s leading mortgage lenders, has recently released data that demonstrates what we already know: house prices are continuing to rapidly rise. According to the lender, house prices in the UK rose by 1.1 per cent in November compared with the previous month. The tenth successive monthly increase in prices valued the average home in the UK at £174,910. In the Docklands, prices are now far succeeding those of the perceived peak back in late 2007. For much of the UK, prices have failed to exceed that level. The bullish market conditions are being fuelled by cheap mortgage lending and supply constraints. The supply issue will subside as house building continues to increase. The government’s intention to make overseas property investors subject to Capital Gains Tax in 2015 may well stimulate supply in the Docklands area. As for mortgage lending, the Bank of England has refocused the recently introduced funding for its lending scheme as they now believe continued support for mortgage lending is no longer necessary – a clear demonstration of the belief that an overheated property market poses a serious risk to the wider economy. I am confident the Docklands property market will continue to gain momentum throughout 2014. May it be a successful and prosperous new year for you all. n

Franklyn James Estate Agents Docklands, Limehouse & Bow 020 7005 6080

Lourdes Estate Agents 020 7538 9250


Adventurers Court, Virginia Quay, E14

Vantage Mews, London, E14

A bright and spacious one bedroom apartment in the secure and ever popular Virginia Quay development. Featuring a separate kitchen with integrated appliances, modern bathroom, spacious reception and a large double bedroom. Further benefits include a private balcony, secure underground parking space plus 24hr concierge and security.

A lovely two bedroom first floor apartment featuring an open plan lounge with a new fully integrated kitchen, master bedroom with en-suite shower room, further double bedroom and fully tiled family bathroom. Further benefits include ample storage, secure parking, private balcony and ideally situated within a short walk to Canary Wharf.


£300 per week


£395 per week

Saxon House, Aldgate, E1

Dundee Wharf, Limehouse, E14

A newly refurbished one bedroom apartment located moments from Spitalfields Market, the property features a brand new kitchen with integrated appliances, large open plan reception, partial brick work, contemporary bathroom, oak wood floors and ample storage.

A two double bedroom riverside apartment with direct river views from the master bedroom and reception room, private balcony, fully fitted kitchen, two double bedrooms and two bathrooms. This generously proportioned property is located minutes from Canary Wharf, secure parking space, residents gym and 24 hour concierge.



£485 per week

96 Three Colt Street, Limehouse, London, E14 8AP

£525 per week 020 7538 9250 SO


- AN





Pan Peninsula, South Quay, E14

Queens Court, Northey Street, E14

Situated on the 32nd floor of this highly sought after development. This studio suite is approx 506 square foot. Benefits include a separate sleeping area a contemporary style kitchen finished to a high specification and a marble three piece bathroom suite, this popular development further comprises of five star leisure facilities, cinema and a 48th floor cocktail bar.

A large two bedroom apartment situated in this popular Narrow Street development. The property features a spacious reception room, separate kitchen, two private balconies, two double bedrooms and two bathrooms. The property further benefits from a secure parking space.






- AN




New Providence Wharf, Fairmont Avenue, E14

Arnhem Wharf, Westferry Road, E14

A fourth floor apartment comprising of a spacious living room with ample dining space and access to a private balcony, a setback kitchen, a large master bedroom with built in wardrobes, a second double bedroom and a modern fitted bathroom suite with plenty of storage. Further benefits include valet parking, 24 hour concierge and extensive onsite facilities .

A well-proportioned two bedroom apartment located in this Westferry Road development. The property features a spacious lounge leading on to a desirable river facing terrace, fully integrated kitchen, two double bedrooms and two bathrooms. The property comes with a secure parking space and benefits from a 24 hour porter.






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New Providence Wharf, Blackwall E14

Altitude, Aldgate E1

£380 per week

£475 per week

One bedroom apartment I Pool I Gym 24/7 Concierge I Close to DLR links Fully furnished I EPC B

Brand new luxury Development I One bedroom apartment Communal roof terrace I Concierge Furnished I EPC B

Dunbar Wharf, Narrow Street E14

Goodhart Place, Limehouse E14

£495 per week

£475 per week

River views I Two bedroom apartment Secure Parking I Residents’ Gym Furnished I EPC C

Two bedroom apartment I Gated development Parking I Marina views Unfurnished I EPC C

Sales 020 7791 7000

Lettings 020 7791 7011

The Only Estate Agent @ Limehouse Basin HURFORD



Tequila Wharf, Limehouse E14

Medland House, Limehouse E14



West facing I Two bedroom apartment I Water views 5th floor I Balcony I Concierge 897sqft/84m2 I EPC C

New Conversion I Two bedroom apartment I 2nd floor Private terrace I Parking I Concierge 697sqft/65m2 I EPC D

The Panoramic, Poplar E14

Basin Approach, Limehouse E14



Spacious I Three bedroom apartment I 14th floor Gym I Residents’ lounge 989sqft/92m2 I EPC C

One bedroom apartment I 9th Floor Parking I Porter I Panoramic Westerly Views 649sqft/60m2 I EPC C


UNIQUE HOMES, UNIQUE SERVICE, UNIQUE PEOPLE A tailored service from Langford Russell, John Payne & Acorn for distinctive and exclusive homes

By Langford Russell

£1,495,000 F/H

Westbury road, bickley, kent br1

A beautifully presented detached home with five double bedrooms, three bathrooms and five reception rooms. Extensively refurbished by the present owners, this wonderful home effortlessly combines the advantages of a new home with the charm and character of something older. Offering a safe and secure plot of over 1/3 acre and located close to Bickley and Elmstead Woods train stations. Energy Efficiency Rating C. Please contact our Chislehurst office for more information: Tel: 020 8295 4900 Email:

£1,325,000 F/H

Layhams Road, KEsTon, KEnT BR2

Step inside and you will understand why we call it a ‘home’ rather than just a house. Accommodation comprises six bedrooms, four bathrooms, three reception rooms, kitchen, dining room and a self contained annexe which can be separated from the main house. Externally there is a heated swimming pool and ample off street parking. Energy Efficiency Rating C. Please contact our Locksbottom office for more information: Tel: 01689 882 988 Email:

Offices Across South East London & Kent

UNIQUE is a Specialist Division of Langford Russell, John Payne & Acorn

3Dorville Road, Lee, SE12 Price £1400 Per Calendar Month A charming 3 bedroom cottage is located walking distance to Lee mainline train station, shops and facilities. Garden & driveway parking. EPC:D

Contact 020 8852 8633

Delamare Court, Blackheath, SE34 Price £1400 Per Calendar Month A beautifully presented 2 double bedroom ground floor apartment situated in a newly built low rise property. High spec modern living. EPC:B Contact 020 8858 6101

Blackheath Park, SE34 Price £1850 Per Calendar Month Grade II listed 2 double bedroom conversion located on the prestigious Cator Estate within beautiful communal gardens. EPC:E Contact 020 8318 1311

6Greenwich South Street, SE10 Price £3950 Per Calendar Month Georgian Period house in the heart of West Greenwich. Over three floors with 5 bedrooms, 2 receptions, kitchen/diner, 2 bathrooms & garden. EPC:F Contact 020 8858 9911

5Granville Park, SE13 Price £1800 Per Calendar Month Unique warehouse-style development is a superb self-contained 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplex apartment offering bright, contemporary living. EPC:D Contact 020 8318 1311 * Standard tenant charges: £90 agreement fee. £75pp reference fee. Other fees may apply, visit for more information.

3Tizzard Tizzard Grove, Grove, Blackheath, Blackheath, SE3 SE3 3 Price £965,000 Share of Freehold Forming part of a stunning contemporary development these impressive four and five bedroom houses offer beautifully presented accommodation. EPC:B

Contact 020 8318 1311

6Kings Kings Orchard Orchard 6 Price £850,000 Freehold A stunning four double bedroom detached family home boasting accommodation of approximately 1600 sq. ft. and a south facing garden of 150ft. EPC:D Contact 020 8852 8633

Langdale Road, SE104 Price £1,450,000 Freehold Beautiful and substantial five storey, Victorian home with self contained nanny flat, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, two receptions. EPC:D

Contact 020 8858 9911

6Belmont Grove, SE13 Price £1,650,000 Freehold Approached via electric gates, this is a beautifully presented five bedroom detached family house with a wellequipped studio in the garden. EPC:D Contact 020 8318 1311

6Coleraine Coleraine Road, Road, Blackheath, Blackheath, SE3 SE3 6 Price £585,000 Share of Freehold Unique three bedroom two bathroom split level flat. Benefits include private entrance, private patio area and a wealth of period features. EPC:F Contact 020 8858 6101

33 Point Point Hill Hill Guide Guide Price Price £1,475,000 £1,475,000 Freehold Freehold Distinctive Distinctive double double fronted, fronted, four four storey, storey, Victorian Victorian family family house. house. Three/four Three/four bedrooms, bedrooms, three/four three/four receptions, receptions, super super garden garden and and amazing amazing views. views. EPC:E EPC:E Contact Contact 020 020 8858 8858 9911 9911

Murillo Murillo Road, Road, SE13 SE13 44 Price Price £600,000 £600,000 Freehold Freehold AA beautifully beautifully refurbished refurbished and and extended extended four four bedroom bedroom Victorian Victorian terrace terrace house house located located close close toto Lewisham Lewisham town town centre centre and and DLR. DLR. Chain Chain Free. Free. EPC:C EPC:C Contact Contact 020 020 8852 8852 8633 8633

Pond Pond Road, Road, Blackheath, Blackheath, SE3 SE3 44 Price Price £3,595,000 £3,595,000 Freehold Freehold This This is is a beautifully a beautifully presented presented and and imposing imposing seven seven bedroom, bedroom, three three bathroom bathroom Grade Grade II II listed listed Regency Regency style style family family home home onon thethe Cator Cator Estate. Estate. EPC: EPC: DD Contact Contact 020 020 8318 8318 1311 1311

66 Shrewsbury Shrewsbury Lane, Lane, SE18 SE18 Guide Guide Price Price £425,000 £425,000 Leasehold Leasehold AA truly truly exceptional exceptional three three bedroom bedroom split split level level flat. flat. Chain Chain free free with with stunning stunning views, views, bright bright and and spacious spacious with with a plethora a plethora ofof period period features. features. EPC:D EPC:D Contact Contact 020 020 8858 8858 6101 6101

55 Hyde Hyde Vale, Vale, Greenwich, Greenwich, SE10 SE10 Price Price £1,595,000 £1,595,000 Freehold Freehold Four Four storey storey Grade Grade II II Listed Listed Georgian Georgian family family house, house, four four bedrooms, bedrooms, two two receptions, receptions, two two bathrooms, bathrooms, period period features,100ft features,100ft garden garden and and nono chain. chain.

Contact Contact 020 020 8858 8858 9911 9911

Blackheath Blackheath Blackheath Blackheath Greenwich Greenwich Westcombe Westcombe Park Park Lee Lee

Sales Sales & Lettings & Lettings Property Property Management Management Sales Sales & Lettings & Lettings Sales Sales & Lettings & Lettings Sales Sales & Lettings & Lettings

020 020 8318 8318 1311 1311 020 020 8318 8318 0243 0243 020 020 8858 8858 9911 9911 020 020 8858 8858 6101 6101 020 020 8852 8852 8633 8633

1 Montpelier 1 Montpelier Vale, Vale, Blackheath Blackheath Village, Village, SE3 SE3 0TA 0TA 3939 Montpelier Montpelier Vale, Vale, Blackheath Blackheath Village, Village, SE3 SE3 0TJ0TJ 227 227 Greenwich Greenwich High High Road, Road, Greenwich, Greenwich, SE10 SE10 8NB 8NB 1111 Stratheden Stratheden Parade, Parade, Westcombe Westcombe Park, Park, SE3 SE3 7SX 7SX 119 119 Burnt Burnt Ash Ash Road, Road, Lee, Lee, SE12 SE12 8RA 8RA

Capital Wharf, West Wapping E1W

ea2 are pleased to be able to offer this top floor 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. The apartment benefits from having a balcony and Juliet style balcony from the reception. The master bedroom incorporates a balcony and a four piece en-suite bathroom. Separate integrated kitchen with granite work surfaces. guest shower room. The development has a residents gymnasium, 24 hour porterage / security and a secure underground parking. Close to St Katharine’s Dock and Tower Hill Stations.with en-suite bathroom. Further family bathroom. Garden. Garage. Close to St Katharine’s Dock and Tower Hill stations.

ea2 Estate Agency Heritage Court | 8-10 Sampson Street | Wapping | London E1W 1NA t: 020 7702 3456 | f: 020 7702 9168 |


Tequila Wharf, Limehouse E14

ea2 are pleased to offer for sale this modern built 1 Bedroom 3rd Floor apartment. Open plan lounge and kitchen. Balcony with west facing views towards London and over canal. Porter. Close to Limehouse Stations and local Bus Routes.

ÂŁ370,000 Leasehold

ea2 Estate Agency Heritage Court | 8-10 Sampson Street | Wapping | London E1W 1NA t: 020 7702 3456 | f: 020 7702 9168 |

Connaught Place, Marble Arch W2 • 2 Double bedrooms

• Kitchen/dining room

• 2 Bathrooms (en suite)

• Study

• Guest cloakroom

• Approx. 2,436 sq ft (226 sq m)

• Reception room

• EPC rating: current (E) potential (D)

“ A fantastic apartment in this impressive newly refurbished development on Connaught Place”

£2,750 per week Furnished/unfurnished

For more information call Lucy Morton on 020 7306 1630 or email

W.A.Ellis LLP 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus a £60 referencing charge per tenant. For further details of our services and charges please visit

Eaton Place, Belgravia SW1 • 3 Bedrooms

• Kitchen

• 2 Bathrooms (en suite)

• Direct lift access

• Shower room (en suite)

• Double roof terrace

• Drawing room

• Approx. 1,923 sq ft (178.8 sq m)

• Dining room

• EPC rating: current (C) potential (C)

“ An exceptional third and fourth floor maisonette in stunning condition ready for immediate occupation”

Guide price £6,950,000 Leasehold with 114 years remaining

For more information call Simon Godson on 020 7306 1610 or email

W.A.Ellis LLP 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

Your reward for all the lonely dinners at your desk.

A brand new range of 1, 2 & 3 bedroom contemporary apartments offering the qualities of village life in the heart of Greenwich.

Village life in the City Just minutes From canary WharF and the city 020 8305 2712

• Innovative and striking architecture • Superb specification throughout • Eco-friendly credentials • Acres of parkland including the fabulous Peninsula Ecology Park • Great transport connections, only 1 stop from Canary Wharf First homes will be ready for occupation from Winter 2014

For the latest availability and prices, contact us noW!

Marketing Suite open every day 10am-5pm

Greenwich Millennium Village is a joint venture between Countryside Properties and Taylor Wimpey in association with the Mayor of London.

5447 CPL GMV ad 297x210.indd 1

12/12/2013 14:23

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expert comment LETTINGS:


Off to a flying start

No time like the present







After a slower than normal start to the winter months, the rental market has picked up pace with some momentum. The rush to find a rental property before Christmas was no different in 2013, with applicants leaving it until the last minute before deciding to move. As with previous years, we fully expect the first quarter of the new year to be full of activity. The luxury lifestyle development market continues to grow, with The Heron apartments (just moments from Moorgate) completed at the end of 2013. Towering at 38 storeys, The Heron apartments offer not only extremely high specification units with all the latest gadgets, but the development also benefits from a well-equipped gym, a very smart private residents’ bar/restaurant, excellent 24 hour concierge and a communal roof terrace. It’s an ideal home for a corporate tenant. Over the past few years, the majority of investment properties in new build schemes in central London have sold to rental investors from South East Asia where the appetite for property has been extremely strong. This has continued but we’ve also observed that an increased number of The Heron’s new landlords, are from the UK and other parts of the world. This is a positive sign for the investment market in London. Additionally, the number of corporate tenants renting through the Wapping & City office via relocation agents has increased significantly over the past six months, showing there is renewed confidence in the City job market. Although RPI reduced again at the end of 2013, activity levels continue to increase. If these conditions remain, we should start to see rental prices rise in line with the increased demand as we move through 2014. n

2013 saw prices soar and demand far outweigh supply. It was an exciting year for property owners watching their assets grow and culminated in many people staying for another Christmas in their homes. This was frustrating for buyers as they were forced to stay put too. Throughout the year, many buyers remained hopeful that the high prices being achieved would translate in to growing stock levels, but this didn’t happen and as a result many now have their hopes pinned on the fruits of spring 2014. With the new year comes fresh momentum to the market around the City, Wapping and Docklands, a momentum that will open doors to people wanting to trade up or away, and first time buyers will be able to make their first step on to the ladder. Lenders are keen and the demand for properties in East London is at an all-time high. Government intervention schemes have helped build confidence, and first time buyers are registering with record high budgets and never have we seen so many families wishing to buy long term homes in and around the City. Our message to property owners considering a sale is this - the time is now! The international spotlight is on residential property in this part of London and the eastern City fringe is seeing an enormous amount of new development. The international acclaim is drawing people from across the Globe to parts of London they had not previously been aware of. Knight Frank Residential Research explores the “ripple effect” of price growth out of prime central London in its autumn 2013 ‘London Review’, available at Knight Frank Wapping and Canary Wharf wish The City Magazine readership and all of our neighbours and clients a very happy and prosperous New Year. Please do call us if you would like a free market appraisal or any advice regarding the sale or purchase of property in this area. n

Knight Frank Wapping 020 7480 6848

Knight Frank Wapping 020 7480 6848


Red Lion Lane | Woolwich Common | London | SE18 4AS

Style. Elegance. History

JUST RELEASED Montague Mews is the next exciting new release at The Academy. This collection of just 14 newbuild homes and apartments nestles within the heart of this magnificent development. With a high specification and the finest contemporary design throughout, this really is the perfect address for combining modern living in an unrivalled historical setting.

• 2 bedroom from £315,000

• 3 bedroom from £430,000

DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS EXCITING NEW PHASE, CONTACT US TODAY! Marketing Suite and Showhomes open Friday - Monday 11.00am - 5.00pm (Sunday 4.00pm) Christmas Opening Hours: Closed from 23rd December, reopens 3rd January Visit our website to keep up to date with new releases:

or call:

020 3689 7868

Discover true detail.

Take a closer look at the only future ready* UHD 4K TV. With 4 times the detail of an HDTV and advanced picture quality technology, images come to life with deeper blacks, purer whites and brighter colours. It’s a whole new world of viewing. *Evolution Kit required, which is sold separately. It will enhance your smart features to the levels of the corresponding year of launch of your Evolution Kit. Only the software and processing hardware will be upgraded; other hardware will not be upgraded. Evolution Kit may not support certain apps and functions previously installed or available on your TV. Please check for more details before installing the Evolution Kit. Based on currently determinable UHD connectivity, broadcasting and Blu-Ray standardisation initiatives. TV panel cannot be upgraded and may differ from future standards.

Canary Wharf Magazine January 2014  

Welcome to the January edition of Canary Wharf magazine, celebrating the dynamism of the area and bringing you the latest features, articles...

Canary Wharf Magazine January 2014  

Welcome to the January edition of Canary Wharf magazine, celebrating the dynamism of the area and bringing you the latest features, articles...