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Ignite your passion Stepping into a Lotus is not just about getting into a new car, it’s about entering an exclusive world of automotive experience and knowledge spanning over 60 years. It is this knowledge that has led to one of the most varied and exciting product line ups by any manufacturer, each model has one thing in common, passion. Our founder, Colin Chapman, was an engineering genius, his passion for cars meant he made many ground braking decisions, not just for Lotus, but for the automotive industry as whole. Everything we do at Lotus today is injected with the same passion, from our engineering through to our cars. Ignite your passion for driving, book a test drive today in the adrenalin pumping 2-Eleven, the exhilarating Exige, the stunning Elise or the sophisticated Evora. Fuel economy figures for the Lotus range mpg (l/100 km): Evora Urban Extra Urban Combined CO2 emissions

22.8 (12.4) 43.5 (6.5) 32.5 (8.7) 205 g/km

Exige S Urban Extra Urban Combined CO2 emissions

23.7 (11.9) 43.5 (6.5) 33.2 (8.5) 199 g/km

Elise S Urban Extra Urban Combined CO2 emissions

* Indicated figures are estimates at time of going to press and will be confirmed and available at once the car undergoes witnessed performance certification.

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26.6 (10.6) 48.7 (5.8) 37.2 (7.6) 179 g/km

Evora 0-60 mph Max Speed Max Power Max Torque

Elise S 0-60 mph Max Speed Max Power Max Torque

4.9 seconds 160 mph (257 km/h)* 276 hp at 6400 rpm (206 kW) (280 PS) 258 lbft at 4700 rpm (350 Nm) (35.7 kgm)

5.8 seconds 129 mph (207 km/h) 134 hp at 6200 rpm (100 kW) (136 PS) 127 lbft at 4200 rpm (172 Nm) (17.4 kgm)

2-Eleven Entry Level 0-60 mph 4.3 seconds* Max Speed 140 mph (225 km/h)* Max Power 189 hp at 7800 rpm (142 kW) (192 PS)* Max Torque 133 lbft at 6800 rpm (181 Nm) (18.3 kgm)*

Exige S 0-60 mph Max Speed Max Power Max Torque

4.5 seconds 146 mph (235 km/h) 220 hp at 8000 rpm (164 kW) (223 PS) 158.6 lbft at 5500 rpm (215 Nm) (22 kgm)

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14 SUPERMAN RETURNS Obama’s first 100 days

20 ‘TIL DEBT DO US PART Divorce and the recession

26 CUTTING EDGE Medical research takes a turn

25 ALL OF A TWITTER Blogging as a business tool?

34 EASY AFRICA Morocco’s mountains, markets and retreats

28 WILD AT HEART Paul Lister reveals his re-wilding programme for the Highlands

94 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Discover Russian culture and cuisine in the City

30 MAGYAR SPIRIT Josephine O’Donoghue finds old world charm in Budapest 44 FASHION Candy coloured tailoring

54 ASCOT The great British tradition and high fashion 67 WARDROBE MISTRESS Heather Ridley lusts after the ultimate shoe room 85 SUMMER SPORTS Cricket, tennis, golf – the choice is endless 90 ARTSCENE Whitechapel Gallery regeneration 96 LIFE YOUR SPIRITS Jim Littlewood looks back into the heritage of vodka



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Editor issue 46 The month of May looks set to be full of sunshine, barbeques, short-breaks, summer fashions and outdoor activities. Check out the latest trends in our men’s summer tailoring fashion shoot (p.44), style update pages and Royal Ascot collections (p.54). With the imminent arrival of Coutts London Fashion Week, we also look at the range of glittering collections available this season, Claire Adler examines the most recent work of designer Stephen Webster, and we highlight some of the events scheduled for the week itself. For those who need a little more heat than the great British summer offers, we travel to Budapest (p.30) and Marrakech (p.34) in search of the best hotels, restaurants and attractions; two very different but beautiful suntraps. On p.14, in current affairs, we look at American President Barack Obama’s first 100 days in power; what has he achieved so far, and what are his great plans for the future? Cutting edge medical research also draws our attention on p.26 as we look at the animal testing labs recently completed in the university city of Oxford. Paul Lister tells us more about his re-wilding programme aiming to bring wolves back to the Scottish Highlands on p.28, and later on Sarah Collinson considers Russian cuisine as the new foodie trend (p.94) whilst James Littlewood reveals the origins of vodka (p.96). Lastly, for those a little behind on their spring cleaning we have everything you need. A selection of helpful spring cleaning tips and suggestions for brightening up your home, a sneak peak at the hottest walk-in wardrobes around, and advice on the best barbeques for the summer garden party. CANARY WHARF CITYLIFE


Skeleton Chronograph Highly complex and spectacular Automatic skeleton chronograph movement Second time zone Also available in 18k rose gold Alligator strap, deployment buckle

CANARY WHARF Image courtesy of Coutts London Jewellery Week 8 - 14 June 2009 See page 38 for further details

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MAY 2009 • ISSUE 46

SUPERMAN RETURNS Obama’s first 100 days


medical research takes a turn


mOrOccO’s mOuntains, markets and retreats


cOutts lOndOn Jewellery week


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CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE: Claire Adler is a London based freelance journalist, specialising in jewellery, watches and luxury. Her work has appeared in the Financial Times, the Daily Mail, the Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Times, Spectator Business, Wallpaper*, Intelligent Life and House & Garden. She also writes for fashion news service WGSN, hotel magazine IN London and magazines published by Bentley, Harrods and Watches of Switzerland, amongst others.

Jamie Carter is a freelance journalist based in Cardiff. Specialising in gadgets and technology, Jamie has written for the likes of T3, Home Cinema Choice and The Guardian as well as a number of websites. He writes on flatscreen TVs for What Video and What Plasma magazines and away from technology is also a regular contributor to BBC History and Real Travel magazines.

Martin Bamford is one of the youngest and most successful financial planners in the UK. He runs his own firm of financial advisers – Informed Choice – and regularly contributes to various financial publications. His personal finance book The Money Tree, published in 2006, is a best seller.

Kate Hughes has an established reputation as one of the UK's leading celebrity hair and make-up artists. A regular guest beauty presenter on television, she has worked with a wide selection of actors, presenters, musicians and models. Kate's hair and make-up consultancy, 'It's All About You', transforms women for weddings, special occasions and red carpet events.

Dr. David Kuo is one of the UK’s leading financial experts, and is head of Personal Finance at, the country’s top website for independent financial comparison. As well as providing daily comment and financial news for BBC London, he presents Money Talk­­– Fool’s weekly podcasts which cover all aspects of personal finance.

The sharpest suits in the City have been meeting here for centuries Located in the heart of the City for over 900 years, the Tower of London has played a central role in shaping British history. Leading men of state have been meeting at the Tower since the time of William the Conqueror, a tradition that continues today.

• Six venue areas that can be used either alone or in conjunction • Space for 12 to 300 guests • Rooms to suit all tastes for both daytime and evening events

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In the first one hundred days of Barack Obama’s presidency, Katherine Eriksson takes looks at the realities of his early actions and his ambitions for the future of the United States


ust imagine Barack Obama’s first day as president of the United States. After all the celebrations ended, the ball attendees trickled home, and the speculation over Michelle’s dress was finally put to rest, Obama still had a country to run – not to mention a mess to clean up. While the media’s attention has remained disproportionately on Michelle’s clothes, since that first day Obama has been under a mountain of expectations. Obama has exhibited the previously expected superhero tendencies at times – he monitored a hostage situation with Somali pirates, survived the threat of assassination on a visit to Saudi Arabia, and provided funding for the welfare of women worldwide through his repeal of the global gag rule prohibiting US funds from



Economic Figures Unemployment rose from 8.1% to 8.5% in March GDP decreased at an annual rate of 6.2% over the last quarter of 2009 Budget deficit is projected to be $1.75 trillion for 2010 Obama’s Accomplishments Passed $819 Billion Economic Recovery Act ‘Making Work Pay’ tax credit program for working families Closed Guantanamo Bay Repealed Global Gag rule Obama’s Agenda Increase financial aid for university students Make health care affordable for all Americans Remove US troops from Iraq and later, Afghanistan Make Social Security and Medicare sustainable so as to balance the budget in the long-term

reaching family planning groups overseas. And then there’s that $819 billion Recovery Act that he passed. I assumed the Recovery Act meant nothing for me, a poor graduate student, until 1 April when I noticed $40 extra in my pay packet. No; not an April Fool’s Day joke. Some investigation revealed that Obama’s flagship program ‘Making Work Pay’ includes tax credits for everyone, and took effect almost immediately.This is a far cry from the stimulus package by the Bush administration where we had to wait to be mailed a cheque according to our social security number – annoying for those of us at the end of the line! The speed with which this tax cut has been implemented is indicative of the efficiency of the Obama administration.The new

administration’s policy of transparency has led to the creation of numerous websites where citizens can see where their tax dollars are going (e.g. Along the same lines, Obama has refused to give up his Blackberry so as to remain accessible to alternative points of view to those fed to him by his advisors. Obama has also used the Recovery Act to enact changes to health care already. Currently, Americans who lose their job can continue to receive health insurance at a high cost through a program called ‘Cobra’.The Recovery Act will provide subsidies to help pay for this coverage, helping those who lose their job maintain health insurance. While as a pro-Keynesian economist, I favour the increase in government spending Obama has asked for and received, there are those who

question whether the Recovery Act will work. The projected federal deficit in 2010 is over 1 trillion dollars, a figure not seen as a percentage of GDP since World War II.Will this deficit drown our economy or will the spending create growth and pull us out of the recession? Right now, the economy does not look good. March was the worst month yet for retail sales. Unemployment rose to a recent high of 8.5%. GDP decreased by 6.2% annually in the 4th quarter of 2008. Inflation is under control for the moment, but there are fears that excessive government spending will lead to high inflation after the economy recovers. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, Americans remain convinced that there is hope. Whether it is Obama’s eloquent words or belief in his policies, his job approval rating remains


around 62%, higher than those of both Clinton and Bush at the same times in their presidencies (and we know where Bush’s went from there…). Unfortunately, the 62% approval rating masks a dismal 27% approval rating among Republicans – the country remains as divided as ever. Republicans have gone so far as to organize a new series of Tea Parties modelled after the original Boston Tea Party as a protest against taxes.They fail to recognize that federal taxes are the lowest they have been in decades, and that taxes collected as a percentage of GDP this year are lower than recent years. The Republicans have become a party determined to marginalize themselves. Rush Limbaugh, an evangelical conservative talk-show host, has become the defacto mouthpiece of the party.Those who dare criticize him for ranting against Obama end up apologizing a few hours later.The Republican Party still whines about spending money to get us out of this recession, even if they were the ones who got us into this whole mess in the first place. But Obama has bigger problems than just whiney Republicans. His trip to Europe, though ultimately successful, included disagreements with France and Germany over economic policy, and a scalding from the American rightwing for bowing slightly too low to the king of

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Saudi Arabia. Comparisons to Roosevelt and Kennedy do not fly overseas. Nonetheless, the G20 provided an opportunity to start to heal relations with the rest of the world. His ability to hold rational discussions with European leaders and to come out with a compromise even in the face of strong disagreements differs from previous American diplomatic efforts.While at home Obama has been criticized for thinking that we can single-handedly make the world stop hating us, he did in fact call on all nations to work together for peace and prosperity. He asked Muslim nations to become our allies against extremism, and European nations to work together.



Where is the money going?

Whether it is Obama’s eloquent words or belief in his policies, his job approval rating remains around 62%, higher than those of both Clinton and Bush at the same times in their presidencies



$111 B

* Tax Relief - includes $15 B for Infrastructure and Science, $61 B for Protecting the Vulnerable, $25 B for Education and Training and $22 B for Energy, so total funds are $126 B for Infrastructure and Science, $142 B for Protecting the Vulnerable, $78 B for Education and Training, and $65 B for Energy. * State and Local Fiscal Relief - Prevents state and local cuts to health and education programs and state and local tax increases Source:

International issues have come to more prominence recently. Obama has pledged to remove troops from Iraq over the next 19 months and to move these combat troops in to Afghanistan to stabilize a country which is becoming more threatened by the Taliban. He closed Guantanamo Bay with one of his first executive orders. Maybe finally we will have a moral high ground. He has also tried to show a tolerance for more religions than Bush ever did. Obama held a Passover Seder in the White House and then held an Easter Egg hunt a few days later. His family has also not decided which church to join. Despite all the problems the United States faces, the public’s attention has remained easily distracted. Recently, the 24-hour news networks spent days debating what Michelle Obama wore to meet the Queen of England.The new White House dog, Bo, has had more media coverage than the House of Representatives Majority leader, Steny Hoyer.The recent drama where pirates captured a US ship captivated the country for days – if only the unemployment rate had the same effect. Obama represented hope before his inauguration on 20 January. He has since had to deal with the weight of the world on his shoulders, literally.The world can only hope that he can make good on the promises from his campaign speeches –time will tell, right now is too early. A man in a conservative part of South Africa told me in March that apart from inspiring the youth of America, Obama has also inspired the youth of South Africa to remain in school. If Obama has even part of that effect in the rest of the world, he’ll do just fine. n Based at UCLA, Katherine Eriksson is currently studying for a PhD in Economics. With an academic background in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Virginia Tech University and Oxford University, she has a keen interest in global economics, politics and third world development.



Barclays to lend additional £11bn to UK households and businesses Barclays has recently announced its intention to increase lending to its UK customers and clients in 2009 by £11bn, an increase of 6% on UK loan balances at the end of 2008. Loan balances in the UK increased to record levels in 2008, up 12% on from 2007. Barclays additional lending is to be directed to UK homeowners/homebuyers and businesses in equal measure. “At a time when customers are seeking to cope with the economic downturn, and governments and supervisors are dealing with the effects of the financial crisis, we want to do our part in getting credit to customers,” stated Group Chief Executive John Varley. “Activity by households and businesses will help restore sustainable growth to the UK economy.This is a good time to lend, in circumstances where the commercial and risk terms make sense to our customers and our shareholders.”

Gender pay audits portray a poor picture of business in the UK The Equalities Minister, Harriet Harman, published the Single Equalities Bill on 27 April. Speaking on behalf of the British Chambers of Commerce, David Frost stated that “This Bill will discourage job creation and make employers fearful of the recruitment process. We already know that half of small firms struggle to navigate employment law and this will just add to the problem.” According to the BCC, the government will not introduce mandatory gender pay audits until 2013, although the year 2013 does not feature in the Bill itself, so there is doubt as to whether the government will stick to this commitment. “Coupled with the 50 per cent tax rate, this sends a poor message about doing business in the UK.”

Electronics Merger Japanese electronics companies NEC and Renesas have confirmed rumours that they are planning to merge in 2010. If a deal is successful, the merger would result in the world’s thirdbiggest computer microchip making company. The combined company would account for over 30% of the $13.6 bn market for microcontrollers used in cars and consumer electronics. The firms said they were exploring the possibility of joining forces “in light of fierce global competition in the semi-conductor market”. If the move goes ahead both companies have confirmed they will restructure.

FASHION RULES The popular online fashion retailer Asos has reported strong sales growth, despite the recession. Sales for the twelve months to end of March totalled £165m, which was a rise of 104% from the previous year. Asos stated that pre-tax profits should beat market expectations and predicted that the company would enjoy another year of strong growth in 2009. Sales in the past four weeks were up 80% on last year, with international sales soaring 173%.



Citi offers electronic solution to clients

Swiss tax offer to the States Switzerland has made a revised tax offer to the USA if it drops a tax evasion case against UBS, the Swiss bank.The offer was made by HansRudolf Merz, the Swiss President, to the US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on 25 April – although there are doubts as to whether the Treasury Secretary is able to intervene in a legal case. American citizens are required by law to inform the IRS of amounts over $10,000 (£6,820) that they hold offshore, so that any income can be taxed accordingly. UBS already paid $780m in fines earlier this year, after aiding US taxpayers in tax evasion.The Justice Department and the IRS are currently pursuing a larger lawsuit against UBS for the names of more than 50,000 citizens with monies saved in Switzerland.Talks between Switzerland the USA began on 28 April.

At the end of April, Citi announced that its Global Transaction Services (GTS) and Citi Global Markets (CGM) businesses are now providing clients with an integrated electronic execution and custody solution for most major equities markets.The Citi Execution to Custody innovative approach addresses the challenges of a complex execution landscape and associated increasing order and trade volumes. Citi’s solution combines electronic execution and smart order routing to reach pockets of liquidity and achieve best execution. It also uses GTS’s leading custody capabilities to reduce settlement costs, automate the settlement process, and provide full asset servicing, post trade.

TIDAL POWER COULD BRING BIG BUCKS TO SCOTLAND The sea between the Scottish coast and the Orkney Islands has some of the strongest tides in the world, created from powerful surges from the Atlantic and the North Sea through a narrow strait only a few miles wide. A hidden resource, Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has stated that the tides have the potential to turn Scotland into a hotbed of new energy. The Crown Estates has started an auction of parcels of seabed for tidal power developments, and over 40 companies are now bidding.To attract developers to the area, the Scottish Government has recently passed a new subsidy scheme tripling the per-megawatt payout for tidal energy. For its part, the Crown Estate wants up to 700MW of tidal power – enough to power about 700,000 homes – to be built as an initial trial. Tidal turbine company Atlantis Resources is planning a £400m project to build a tidal power plant. Rather than directing energy into the National Grid, CEO Tim Cornelius has decided to bring demand to the local area and establish a data centre where companies can locate servers and large computer equipment. Norwegian renewables company Statkraft has backed Atlantis Resources with a $14m (£9.6m) cash investment and Morgan Stanley has also invested

New routes from Stansted Airport Two new routes were launched at the end of April from Stansted Airport. Aurigny introduced a new daily service to Jersey and Pegasus Airline established a direct connection to Bodrum on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Aurigny has been operating in the Channel Islands for over 40 years and the demand for air links to Jersey has remained constant. Direct links from Bodrum into Stansted are also important to Turkish tourism and the route has developed out of a growing demand from the UK travel market.



‘TIL DEBT DO US PART Josephine O’Donoghue looks at the growing correlation between debt and relationship break-ups, and asks whether the recession will push divorce levels to new highs?


t almost goes without saying that finances can be one of the most difficult practical elements of a relationship for couples to manage, even in a financially stable environment. In a recession, as is occurring this year, living costs rise, businesses go into administration, jobs are axed and debts soar – all placing huge pressure on human relationships. Often hidden behind the bedroom door, financial stress and everyday money worries can climax as a poisonous sting to an otherwise strong relationship and can even be as damaging to a couple as adultery. Marriage support organisation Marriage Care reports that finance is a factor for 60 per cent of couples who approach them for help in rescuing their relationship, and statistics confirm that an increased

number of couples separate in times of financial strain. During the recession of 1990 – 1994, divorce rates grew sharply from 153,386 to 165,018, only to decrease as Labour came into office and the economy improved. More recently, the 2007 report Breakthrough Britain, commissioned for the Conservative Party, showed that debt is one of the biggest causes of family breakdown; it found that nearly 11 million people suffered relationship problems because of debt concerns. According to Psychologist Kim Stephenson, financial hardship can expose unwelcome truths about the nature of the relationship, highlighting significant financial goals of the

individuals. “What the little research out there does tell us, is that people often have unspoken goals about money that they don’t share, because they’ve never needed to before now. In times of economic boom they just get on with it, but in times of uncertainty, resentment can kick in”. How many of us have resented our partner’s unnecessary pair of new shoes, round at the pub or new plasmascreen television, when on a budget? Writing for the Times Online last year, Iain Duncan Smith pointed out that many of the voluntary groups who work with couples in debt, say that the families they were helping had not fully appreciated that their problems began with financial worries, often compounded by periodic bouts of unemployment. More often than not, it was only when they looked back over the breakdown of the relationship did it become apparent. Indeed, increasing redundancies, repossessions, unemployment and mounting debt in the last twelve months have contributed to a two per cent increase in divorce and a ten per cent increase in the number of people seeking marriage guidance. A spokeswoman at the Family

Policy Studies Centre stated that redundancy is undoubtedly one of the most stressful experiences that anyone can encounter; feelings are unexpected and not understood by partners or other members of the family, and this can have a very distressing effect on relationships. “People on very low incomes or benefits after being made redundant often do not admit to their partners just how bad things are. They may try to get out of trouble by borrowing from unscrupulous loan companies at exorbitant rates of interest; others may bet the housekeeping on the horses or bingo, which only gets them into deeper trouble.” Unfortunately, it seems that a sharp increase in divorce is inevitable. “A recession is always a factor in rising divorce rates,” explains Juliette Mace (Quastel Midgen LLP). “Couples who experience a sudden unexpected decrease in their income are at risk of divorcing. Mortgage arrears, redundancies, property portfolios disintegrating all put immense pressure on marriages. If the marriage was rocky in rosier financial times, a recession can be a nail in the marital coffin. Currently I am noticing a 50 per cent increase in enquiries about divorce which I attribute primarily to the recession”. n For more information on Marriage Care, visit


COMPANY PROFILE We take a look at the history and growth of Barclays; from its beginnings in 1690 – through the move from the City of London to Canary Wharf in 2005 – to the present day


arclays is a major global financial services provider, dealing in retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services. With an extensive international presence in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia and over 300 years of expertise, Barclays now operates in over 50 countries, employs approximately 155,000 people and handles money for more than 48 million customers. 1690 John Freame and Thomas Gould start trading as goldsmith bankers in Lombard Street, in the City of London. 1736 James Barclay, John Freame’s son-in-law, becomes a partner in the business. 1864 The company builds a new banking house in Lombard Street. 1896 The company joins 19 other businesses to form Barclay & Company Limited, with 182 branches and deposits of £26m.

1902 The business obtains a listing on the London Stock Exchange. 1918 The business amalgamates with the London Provincial and South Western Bank to become one of the UK’s ‘big five’ banks. 1925 Barclays Bank is established by the merger of the Colonial Bank, the Anglo Egyptian Bank and the National Bank of South Africa. 1946 Barclays Ideas Committee is introduced, inviting colleagues to share their suggestions for the business. 1961 Barclays opens the UK’s first computer centre for banking, in London. In the same year Barclays introduced automated branch book-keeping. 1966 Barclaycard, the UK’s first credit card, is launched. 1967 Barclays unveils the world’s first ATM, from its branch in Enfield, London. 1973 Barclays Business Advisory Service is launched. 1977 Barclays is the first UK bank to introduce Personal

Bankers to some of its branches under a pilot scheme.The following year the programme is extended nationwide. 1986 Barclays is the first UK bank to have its shares listed on the NewYork and Tokyo Stock Exchanges. In the same year, BZW is created from the merger of Barclays Merchant Bank/ Barclays Investment Management, De Zoete Bevan and Wedd Durlacher Mordaunt & Co – the forerunner to today’s Barclays Capital. 1995 Barclays is the first financial institution to open a website on the internet. 1999 Barclays is the first UK bank to offer customers a mortgage in euros to buy a home in the UK. In the same year, Barclays is estimated to be the most valuable brand in the UK, worth over £5.3bn. 2003 Barclays purchases wealth management firm Gerrard Management Services Ltd, to become the UK’s largest private client investment manager.


2005 Barclays moves its world headquarters from Lombard Street in the City of London to the new 1 Churchill Place building in Canary Wharf, London’s new business and finance centre.The bank spent two years scouring the City and West End for a suitable site, but only Canary Wharf fitted its needs. Designed after the 9/11 attacks, the building is constructed around four staircase columns with a large, central column containing lifts and toilet facilities. The building manual states that there is enough room in these columns to contain everyone who works in the building, in the event of a security alert. 2006 In an industry first, Barclaycard launches OnePulse, a credit and cashless payment card which incorporates cashless Oyster card technology. 2007 Barclaycard Breathe is launched, the first UK credit card rewarding customers for environmentally-aware purchasing decisions. 2008 Barclays acquires Lehman Brothers North American investment banking and capital markets businesses. 2009 Barclays announces its 2008 Full Year Results, reporting profit before tax of £6.1bn. n



Steve Robson, eacg

A BOOST FOR BUSINESS Business is back on track in Canary Wharf and new recruitment is getting the green light, says Josephine O’Donoghue


anary Wharf company ea Consulting Group (eacg) has recently announced plans for a recruitment drive. The Docklands firm is hoping to increase numbers by 40 per cent by bringing in over one hundred management consultants and banking professionals. Formed in 1998, eacg is based at Marsh Wall and specialises in consultancy in the financial sector – this will be their biggest recruitment drive to date. Currently the UK’s fastest growing consultancy, eacg have an existing workforce of 250 consultants. The team work with the majority of the UK’s leading banks and are involved in several significant projects, ranging from technology transformations to mergers and acquisitions. The company’s recent growth is due in part to the model of consultancy

it offers, which is structured to provide external expertise at internal costs, through a close partnership with clients. “eacg is in the business of delivering change at a fair price and in today’s economic climate, change is one thing we’re seeing a lot more of,” says executive chairman Steve Robson. “The recent growth in the number and scale of the projects we’re now involved with means that we’re having to rapidly grow our workforce to meet demand.” According to Emma Baker, eacg human resources manager, the company has received around 150 applications but are expecting more. The quality of applicants has been high, “particularly at senior levels with high levels of expertise in financial services consulting,” says Emma. “And we welcome more applicants from all levels currently on offer, including those with less consultancy experience.”

Derek Radcliffe, a former director at LloydsTSB and now a director at eacg, says: “At a time when everyone is talking about contraction, it is fantastic to be working with a company whose biggest challenge is finding the staff to resource its growth.” eacg has a structured recruitment process to ensure candidates are fully aware of the requirements of each role, and they can ‘self-select’ the level matching their current skill set. eacg has offices in both Canary Wharf and Twickenham; the majority of new roles are based in London, although the company does have a significant number of opportunities available across the UK. The new positions on offer relate to a range of projects and carry contracts of three years or more. n For more information on eacg, visit




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All of a


Tom Hubbard-Green examines the growth of Twitter and how it could be the biggest free business tool of the year


Twitter is a free micro-blogging service that lets users post short updates or ‘tweets’ on what they’re doing; much like Facebook status updates. These tweets are received by anyone who is subscribed to (or ‘following’) that person or company.


witter’s growth has been exponential over the last year with an ever-increasing army of people and brands joining the service’s ranks of micro-bloggers. The reason for its growth is undoubtedly down to Twitter’s simplicity; the way in which it allows users to receive each other’s updates without entering into anything approaching the social bind of a ‘friendship’ – the system employed by the networking behemoths Facebook and MySpace. If you’re interested in what someone is saying then you can ‘follow’ them and hear more, and when you get tired of them you can sever your ties without the slightest twinge of social guilt. Technology businesses have naturally been some of the first and most effective to use Twitter as a platform for brand awareness and consumer engagement. Dell Outlet UK (the arm of Dell that sells its cut-price returned and refurbished computers) regularly tweets about new offers and deals. This is a win-win situation as consumers get alerted to money saving offers and Dell harnesses the power of the micro-blog to create an exclusive club of

potential customers.This target readership are privy to the best deals and are actually more likely to purchase them because of the implied scarcity of products offered only to a minority of people. Twitter has also allowed businesses to keep track of what their customers and critics are saying about them. Five years ago a customer might have called or emailed their friends to tell them what terrible customer service they had received; a complaint that would have cut the company out of the loop. But now that same customer might tweet about their bad experience and, as Twitter updates are publicly viewable, the company can not only listen to the complaint but also respond to it quickly. Indeed, Southwest Airlines recently received a slew of free advertising for spotting a tweet by a technology journalist who was dissatisfied with the company’s communication regarding his cancelled flight. A representative of the airline got in touch with the journalist to smooth things out and the result was a widely read article extolling Southwest Airlines’ use of Twitter, which hit

all the major social media news portals. In the current employment market Twitter has also become a useful tool for finding work. The social media site www. recently ran an article on finding a job on Twitter and reports seem to suggest that many people have been successful. With the right tweets, re-tweets and followers it seems like Twitter really can get you a job – although this also means that those still in the market for a job should take care of what they say on Twitter, as employers are now sure to be watching potential employee’s accounts as closely as their blogs, LinkedIn profiles and Facebook activity. Correctly harnessed then, Twitter can be an unrivalled tool for brand awareness, customer engagement and personal gain but all would do well to remember that Twitter now has the power to make and break reputations. Perhaps it would be prudent to plan your engagement strategy before joining one of the world’s fastest growing social networks. n

ANIMAL RIGHTS AND WRONGS Chris Baraniuk finds out more about how the controversial Oxford Animal Lab is set to be a test case for the future of British medical research


or the past six years, Oxford University has been embroiled in a bitter stand-off with a local animal rights group which has condemned the construction of a new £18m animal research laboratory. Oxford’s Biomedical Sciences building finally became fully operational in April this year, but its development has been fraught with legal wrangling, threats to university property, staff and contractors, and the wider debate regarding the ethical treatment of animals in medical research.

The local campaign group SPEAK (The Voice for the Rights of Animals) has been the driving force behind a long series of protests against the construction of Oxford’s research centre. These protests have taken the form of everything from heckling the balaclava-disguised builders working on the project, to the more traditional demonstrations and marches through Oxford City centre. The campaign’s website ( calls for a boycott of Oxford University and City

and there are numerous references to what SPEAK terms the “Oxford vivisectors” and their “animal torture centre”. Although the website states that, “SPEAK is focusing on stopping animal experiments at Oxford University”, it is clear that, as the biomedical lab gets up and running, Oxford seems ultimately victorious against this long-standing opposition. This is partially thanks to a High Court injunction which the University obtained in November 2004, allowing the enforcement of an exclusion


© Nasir Hamid


zone around the laboratory construction site and permitting protests outside the building only at an agreed distance once a week. Furthermore, the leader of the SPEAK campaign, Mel Broughton, has just been sentenced to ten years in prison for plotting firebomb attacks against colleges at Oxford, despite consistently claiming to have been involved only in a “legal” and “nonviolent” movement. As SPEAK expanded their presence in Oxford over the past eight years, one Oxford Professor became increasingly determined to express in public his support for the animal research lab. Professor Tipu Aziz is a university expert in neurosurgery and has been one of the few scientists willing to openly and consistently defend the benefits of animal research for medical science. He has criticised the stance of groups such as SPEAK, saying: “They lie about animal research. They’re opposed to it from a totally illogical point of view”. Prof Aziz also commented that while scientists felt uncomfortable justifying their work publicly because of the threat of violence from extremist groups, it was vital to the development of medicine that researchers stand up for their methods. And despite threats against his own well-being, Prof Aziz says it hasn’t shaken his beliefs. “My name and address were released on the internet with a call to kill me a while ago, and there was a bomb threat which was quite serious. The address was quickly removed from the web and in the second instance an arrest was made. One expects such things if you take a stand on an issue. It did not stop me speaking out for research. “Scientists aren’t trained to engage with the media, but they should be open to talking about their work. Cambridge University wanted to build a facility like Oxford’s, in the face of threats from SPEAK [then SPEAC], but the scientists involved wouldn’t speak out about what they were doing and the plans for the lab were eventually shelved. “I wasn’t going to let that happen in Oxford. I felt quite unhappy that the opportunity for the Cambridge scientists to do really brilliant work was denied.” Scientists and supporters of Oxford’s research lab were galvanised in early 2006 with the formation of ‘Pro-Test’, a group set up specifically to offer an alternative voice to that of SPEAK, and champion the

benefits of the Biomedical Sciences building and animal research as a whole. Originally set up by a scientifically enthusiastic teenager, Pro-Test quickly attracted national media attention and was part of a BBC documentary on the controversy surrounding the animal lab three years ago. Pro-Test now say that since the opening of the research laboratory they have scaled down their operations from the marches and protest events which were originally organised. But while it seems that Oxford has won the battle to develop their new laboratory, Prof Aziz has said that the increasingly heated war of words between activists and scientists has cast doubts on the future of medical research in Britain, especially in the wake of attacks on personnel involved in animal experimentation. “The high cost of securing this kind of research may drive scientists working in this field abroad, to countries were animal experiments are less well regulated. This isn’t a victory for the protestors.” Oxford University has confirmed that, as of November 2007, the cost of securing the construction site of their new laboratory had risen to £4.5m, and a spokesperson commented that it was “safe to assume” that costs have risen further since then.

Timeline Autumn 2003 Construction begins March 2004 SPEAK relocate operations from Cambridge to Oxford and begin campaigning against the development of Oxford’s animal research laboratory Summer 2004 A series of criminal damage is carried out against alleged contractors and suppliers July 2004 Main contractors quit the project in the face of animal rights extremism and continued threats. Building work is called off until November 2005, Oxford University obtains a High Court injunction November 2008 The Biomedical Sciences building is finished April 2009 The animal research laboratory is fully operational

Prof Aziz added, “I think this will be a very major problem in the next few years. As people’s grants come up for review and the impact of SPEAK is felt, scientists will see that it has become much more expensive to do this sort of work, and they will likely migrate to the US, parts of Europe or China. “Because of the cost of security alone, animal research is probably the most expensive form of medical research in the UK, and that fact is far more difficult to bring to public attention. It’s not easy to prove and I’m not sure how I would raise people’s awareness of it.” A spokesperson for the organisation Understanding Animal Research, corroborated Prof Aziz’s views, saying, “That’s probably a fair comment. It’s one of the factors which may encourage multinational companies not to locate new facilities in the UK. It’s definitely a worry and a concern for the scientific community.” More information on the Oxford University Animal Lab can be found at n

For more information on the various campaigns, visit and

WILD AT HEART Paul Lister is the owner and leading visionary of the Alladale Highland Wilderness Reserve and founder of the European Nature Trust. The subject of several recent BBC documentaries, Paul is working to restore a unique and pioneering ecological and social regeneration programme in the Scottish Highlands What do you do? I own and direct affairs at Alladale Wilderness Lodge and Reserve (www. and I am a trustee of The European Nature Trust (TENT), which supports and funds well-founded initiatives which preserve and restore the last remaining habitats in Europe. My vision is to restore the balance of nature in a wilderness area of the Scottish Highlands, by returning native pine forests and once extinct animals in the UK such as moose, wild boar, wolves, lynx and bear, whilst bringing prosperity to the region through investing in conservation and education. Rather than operating

a traditional sporting estate, I want to create a large wilderness reserve where once native carnivores can manage the indigenous prey species such as red and roe deer. The lodge is also open to guests; we have a luxurious Victorian lodge that can cater for groups of up to 14 guests, and two stunning cottages which are located in the most beautiful glen. Why do you do it? I am fortunate to have time, energy and resource to follow my passions. I bought Alladale Lodge and the surrounding 23,000 acres in 2003 in order to begin


restoring a relatively small wild and remote area in the Scottish Highlands with the intention of expanding with the help of my neighbours. What are the ambitions that drive you to work so hard? I want to see a change in the Scottish Highlands and prove that undisturbed wild places can not only benefit animals and plants but also the local community and visitors.The thing to remember is that a standing healthy forest has more to offer than a felled one. As John Muir once said, “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world”. If you could change one thing about the UK, what would it be? We have an initiative at Alladale which I would like to see expanded nationwide. Under close supervision we invite local


I want to create a large wilderness reserve where once native carnivores can manage the indigenous prey species such as red and roe deer teenagers to wild camp for six days and they take part in a whole host of motivational, environmental, educational and leadership activities alongside our rangers. In partnership with the Challenger Trust it would be our goal to see these environmental/outward bound trips offered to school children throughout the UK. What has been your proudest moment? I would say the success of finally getting Hercules and Hulda (European moose) flown from Northern Sweden into Inverness Airport in November 2007 following months of foot and mouth disease preventing the movement of mammals.We’re hoping for a calf in 2010.

Who do you most admire in today’s world? I admire Doug & Kris Tompkins who, for the past 12 years, have used their philanthropic efforts to save and restore vast tracks of potential wild lands in Patagonian Chile and Argentina. What will you be doing in five years time? I hope to have created a conservancy of at least 50,000 acres around Alladale and have the rightful animals (wolves, bears and lynx) back on the land instead of using the rifle as a control for the burgeoning deer population. As a result, hundreds of jobs will be available in an area of high unemployment, where traditional land use activities are in decline. n

MAGYAR SOUL Josephine O’Donoghue visits the Hungarian capital of Budapest and discovers the majestic Gresham Palace Four Seasons Hotel, stunning architecture, a world-class opera house and an abundance of old world charm A little background In 1873, the region of Buda (on the right bank of the River Danube) and the region of Pest (on the left bank) united to create the city of Budapest. So technically, the city of ‘Budapest’ is only 136 years old. However, the historical architecture in Budapest suggests otherwise, and it doesn’t take long for visitors to find themselves immersed in the rich history and culture of the city. Budapest has gone through numerous changes over the years, and has a multifaceted feel as a result.The original settlements of Buda and Pest were established in the ninth century; the city became the twin capital of the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary in the nineteenth century; was partly destroyed by British and American WWII air raids; was declared communist in 1949 (and democratic again in 1989); and in the mid-nineties, added several architectural gems to the UNESCO World Heritage list. The capital city of a unique country, Budapest reflects Hungary’s reputation of innovation and new ideas.The Magyar people invented the fuel carburettor, sound film holography, LPs and CD-ROMs, discovered vitamin C and

created the metallic eosin glaze (giving Zsolnay tiles the lustre that makes the city skyline so bright) – and there is an exciting atmosphere of possibility in the city and around the famous universities. The River Danube runs through the centre of the city, and each day people stroll along the water, travel down the river by boat and take photographs of the stunning parliament

buildings on its banks. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest is also famous for the medieval Buda Castle, the Opera House, the suspension bridge and Andrássy Avenue. Gresham Palace The Gresham Palace is one of those rare finds which is really quite special. A sensitively restored Art Nouveau landmark, the Four Seasons hotel has been finished with beautiful stained glass, mosaics and ceramics. The artists who worked on the hotel replaced the glass roof to mimic the original structure; mosaicists reconstructed the mosaics of Miksa Róth; ironsmiths restored the exquisite peacock gates; and the works of modern Hungarian artists now fill the lobby. Majestically located on the east bank of the River Danube, the hotel overlooks Old Buda, and the Chain Bridge is just a short walk from Parliament and the shops of Váci Street. The hotel is finished to the very highest quality; guest rooms combine old world charm and high-tech ease alongside restored period features. For those looking for the perfect European getaway, a Four Seasons suite is an absolute must. Modelled on turn-of-the-century chic city apartments, the suites each have a distinctive and unique character. One, two or three bedroom suites are perfect for families, executives and private entertainment. The sumptuous Tower Suites present an elegant, open-concept design and luxurious comfort in every way.


The Gresham Palace is also known across the city for its fabulous cuisine. The old glamour of the Art Nouveau setting enhances the entire dining experience, whether enjoying coffee and pastries, pre-dinner cocktails or a multiple-course taster menu. The formal, elegant restaurant, Páva, excels in Mediterranean cuisine and creative Hungarian fare – the perfect place for an extra special meal on your first or last night.

cobblestone streets of Castle Hill and taking in the night-time views across the river from Pest’s Danube promenade. An energetic climb (or swift lift ride) takes visitors up to the cupola of St. Stephen’s Basilica where physical efforts are rewarded with panoramic views of the city. The church (named after St. Stephen I, founder of the Hungarian state) is Budapest’s largest and has recently benefited from a ten-year restoration. Don’t forget to stop off at Andrássy Avenue Don’t miss (one of Budapest’s UNESCO World Heritage Every visitor to Budapest should set aside sites) – it is home to Heroes’ Square, some time to enjoy a few hours exploring the numerous cafes, and the interesting House of


Terror Museum recounting Hungary’s days behind the Iron Curtain – definitely worth a visit. The Museum of Fine Arts (www. houses some of the best collections of art from the territories of the Habsburg Empire, and is one of the most popular cultural attractions. In particular, check out the outstanding gallery of Spanish work by El Greco, Velázquez, Zurbarán and Goya. Opera The Opera House in Budapest is so famous that it hardly matters what’s playing – everything is divine. Book a red velvet box for the ultimate indulgence and pretend you’re a high society darling, come to hear Gustav Mahler conducting. Enjoy a glass of champagne in the interval on the terrace overlooking Andrássy Avenue ( Spa A trip to Budapest isn’t complete without an afternoon in the fabulous spas. The city has several popular thermal bath complexes, including the Gellért ( and Széchenyi ( Both spas offer the traditional thermal pools and a wide choice of therapeutic and medical treatments, ranging from ‘mud-packing’ to electrotherapies! n For more information on the Gresham Palace Four Seasons Hotel, visit

Learning a language? Consider it child’s play. Think about how you learnt your native language as a child. The world was your classroom, but there were no lessons. You were an active participant in the process of learning, but it all seemed like fun and games. Like child’s play. That’s the secret to Rosetta Stone. We unlock your brain’s natural ability to learn a language. You’ll learn through engaging, interactive activities that encourage you to think in the new language. And just like a child, you won’t memorise or translate. You’ll have fun as you progress, and you’ll find it easy to achieve your language learning goals.


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PARIS LONDON Sarah Collinson weighs up the merits of a long weekend in both cities, and asks if we might consider spending some time in our own City next time a free weekend pops up?


hich one would you prefer? A full-English sourced from local farmers markets, or a freshly baked croissant? A pint of traditional bitter served with a packet of Walkers, or a flute of vintage champagne served with foie gras? Skiing in Scotland or skiing in the Alps? Sarah Brown or Carla Bruni? England and France have always pitted themselves against one another. In 1066 we lost at

Hastings. In 2009 they lost at rugby. Unfortunately for us, France has typically come out on top in the style and elegance stakes, leaving England lagging behind in a cultural backwater. However, in recent years the situation is now not so clear cut and London is arguably as attractive a destination as Pairs for the discerning traveller. Both are cosmopolitan cities divided into districts each with their own feel and identity, offering a city experience to

suit every taste. St Germain and Shoreditch are relaxed and bohemian; both Chelsea and the 16th arrondissement are affluent and sophisticated; Montmartre and the West End offer theatres; and in both cities visitors can walk or dine overlooking a beautiful river. On the art-front, Paris has always been ahead of the English capital with famous collections in the Musée du Louvre and Musée d’Orsay, specific sites like the Picasso Museum and the tiny galleries of St Germain. London now rivals this with every art taste being catered for.The National Gallery and The Tate Britain offer traditional works alongside newer collections, while The Tate Modern and the Saatchi Gallery offer contemporary and controversial pieces.The smaller gallery scene is also thriving with the arty hub of Shoreditch offering late night openings to showcase new talent. The same can be said for the shopping scenes. Paris has always been seen as the fashion Mecca of Europe, attracting top designers and the pick of boutique stores; but London’s fashion status has gradually been growing and it is now recognised as a style capital in its own right. Paris still pips the post for big-name designers, with the districts of Avenue Montaigne and Saint Honoré, but London is the place to go for more edgy vintage fashions. Soho, Shoreditch,

Portobello Road and Spittlefields sell one-off gems that the polished designers of Paris can only emulate, and with London Fashion Week attracting more up-andcoming talent, this trend is only going to be pushed further. France has always been heralded for its food and Paris is of course the champion of that culinary reputation.There are countless cafés, restaurants and bars on every street with each seeming to offer a better menu than the last. However, although England’s foodie credentials are still lagging behind the French heritage, London is catching up in quality and now arguably provides a much wider range of cuisines. London is a multicultural wonderland of restaurants meaning you can easily have Caribbean jerk chicken one night followed by Iranian kebabs the next, while in Paris you may only find traditional French cuisine.This is, of course, delicious but it may get a bit tiring after too many sittings. Of course living in London we’ll usually choose to holiday abroad, but next time you are booking a mini-break just stop and think about what a fantastic city we have on our doorstep and put some time aside to make the most of it. n For more information, visit www. and www.parisinfo. com

Club Med La Palmeraie



With hints of summer finally on the horizon, now is the time to join a club dedicated to keeping you warm all the way into winter, says Alice Tozer


veryone should experience the rush of endorphins delivered by going on holiday on a whim. But that’s not to say that planning a holiday abroad months ahead is without its advantages. Apart from lower costs, perhaps the most satisfying of these is a feeling of one-up-manship over the rest of the UK-destined workforce. Looking ahead, November is not typically the happiest time of year; in fact it’s the perfect month to pack up tools and leave the country for a week. For those of us who do not enjoy an October half-term, this almost seems our right. So where to? Europe seems a little too close for a great escape, but a mere three hour and forty-five minute flight will get you to Marrakech, with only an hour’s change needed to your watch. Morocco may lie on the most north-westerly edge of Africa but it still guarantees the heavy swathes of humidity, exoticism and rich culture characteristic of the continent at large. WHERE TO STAY With only a week to holiday, a little luxury is not unreasonable.The time-saving element to going all-inclusive also makes perfect sense. Voilà; Club Med and its palatial La Palmeraie resort in Marrakech ticks both boxes and also


The Atlas Mountains

passes with flying colours the test of bringing impeccable taste to the single-package holiday. The belief that Club Med, a French-run conglomerate of some 80 worldwide holiday resorts, deals in one-size-fits-all holidays for the under thirties, is severely outdated. Since 2002, the brand has been under the governance of Henri Giscard D’Estaing (son of former French president Valery no less) who has upped the target clientele several levels and found renewed inspiration in Club Med’s first holiday villages of the 1950s – this time for upmarket vacationers and for all ages. THE RESORT Arrival at La Palmeraie from MarrakechMenara airport takes a mere twenty minutes by shuttle bus. Built in 2003, the village spans a mainly artificial oasis. Moorish archways and terracotta or ochre-dusted walls lead guests through tranquil gardens, whilst low lighting and ubiquitous still-water features add bold beauty to the resort’s outdoor emphasis, which does not stop in the 300 bedrooms. Here, stone floors maintain a natural feel and red petals scattered on the bed suggest romance. Charcoal, latticed gratings – an Arabian architectural leitmotif – constitute the windows and exude character. Club Med La Palmeraie

I must admit to having been a bit of an allinclusive phobic before I visited La Palmeraie. My ill-conceived snobbism (based on past truths, in all fairness) had me imagining elbow fights for a full-English. But at La Palmeraie the buffet presentation of succulent couscous salads and wholesome meat tagines is as in tune with local customs as the resort’s architecture. Thank goodness, given the discerning clientele is principally French (secondly Belgian). The outside terrace makes for an idyllic, sun drenched lunch spot. But is it all inclusive? One extra expense to anticipate is a trip to the on-site spa.This can hardly be left out of the itinerary given the Spa Cinq Mondes is a core feature of the resort, which comes under the “feel renewed” category out of five genres into which each Club Med fits. I recommend a fifty-minute Traditional Oriental massage (£73) according to the traditional North-African know-how, which comes with down time in the hammam. Two outdoor swimming pools and a back-toback daily timetable of exercise classes (taught in French) complete the emphasis on wellbeing. October and November’s highly temperate climate allows for plenty of poolside time, but the sun goes down abruptly at 5pm at which point a slight chill sets in; a reminder of one’s proximity to desert territories. If going to the gym reminds you too much of home, there’s always the option of a camel ride for novelty’s sake. Evening activities are subtly done and include belly dancing displays and the opening of the civilised rooftop ‘night club’ where bougainvillaea guards the doors.

Camels group

It’s hard to believe a restaurant exists in the lonely Atlas landscape and this is La Medina & The Souq where a guide is indispensable: La Bergerie Free shuttle buses run regularly from La restaurant and hotel (www.labergeriePalmeraie to decadent sister resort, Club serves outstanding tagines Med La Medina, where La Palmeraie guests and a sumptuous orange tart, among other can walk in freely, and enjoy similarly refined homemade specialities. If you can find it, you food and drinks as part of the La Palmeraie will feel you’ve stumbled upon something all-inclusive deal. Call to prayer from the special. Try to schedule in a night-stop at this adjacent mosque is the only substantial sound picturesque hideaway. The rooms are quaint to be heard from this inner-city oasis. and open onto a garden with lemon trees and The souq, or market supreme, is a stone’s polygamy. Our stop-offs included the remains delightful swimming pool. We spent a lazy throw from La Medina. Wearing your allof a Berber castle and a huddle of camels afternoon here, sipping our rosé in the 90 inclusive wrist band within it is to be avoided, around which youngsters congregated, flogging degree blazing heat, lamenting our imminent for it could seriously hamper any bidding unidentifiable wild berries which really hit the departure from the continent. down efforts. Don’t pay one of the lingering spot. Take some biros and durum coins with guides to “show you around” the market; they’re just on commission to beeline you to you to ease your conscience but be prepared to A WEEK WELL SPENT? feel like you’re only scratching the surface. Marrakech airport is small and Easy Jet’s specific stall sellers. But do take the time to Clay hut villages are the main feature in the check-out swift. Meandering into the accept all the liberally sweetened mint tea Atlas Mountains. We recharged with mint tea departure hall at Gatwick, I could hardly going, and to barter for vibrant earthenware, and flat bread on the roof of one skeletal frame believe I had been to Africa and back. Unlike carpets, tea sets and spices. constituting a family home, our guide having my companions, who had been easily led in the prepaid for their hospitality. Winding our way High Atlas in Four-by-Four souq, I didn’t have a £500 Moroccan carpet to back down, weathered-skinned women toiling prove it. I wasn’t too sorry about that. One trip worthy of hiring a guide is a tour of the Atlas Mountains in a four-by-four, arranged the land and sprightly young children trailing But, I wondered, had Club Med put its herds of goat dominated the route. Life in on request by La Palmeraie (£79 per person). money where its happy mouth was? Had it the Atlas Mountains is stark; the Moroccan In November, the weather in the mountains been, as the motto goes, “where happiness remains blissful and as we gained altitude, our government ensures its people all have access means the world”? to bread, so that malnutrition, at least, is not guide provided compelling trivia on the Atlas Entirely so. I had returned in a relaxed an issue. people, and volunteered the complex rules of state of pleasure and feeling culturally enriched. Club Med La Palmeraie had struck The Club Med package includes: a balance between homely comforts and v Return flights and transfers between other worldliness. It seemed particularly airport and La Palmeraie appropriate for Marrakech first-timers, v Accommodation in a standard Club wanting a safe and comfortable base, but was Room - other room types available at also generally suited to anyone seeking sweet extra cost revenge on the October half term brigade. n v Personal holiday insurance VENTURING OUT

Morocco may lie on the most north-westerly edge of Africa but it still guarantees the heavy swathes of humidity, exoticism and rich culture characteristic of the continent at large

v All meals, with wine, beer and soft drinks, plus open bar and snacks

v Daytime and evening entertainment v Every half-hour shuttle buses to Marrakech la Medina

The cost of a 7-night stay at La Palmeraie, including flights and for one adult, is approx. £800 in November.




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WIN VIP tickets to Michael Jackson and a luxury stay in London! Millennium & Copthorne Hotels are offering you the chance to win a pair of VIP tickets to the hottest show in London this summer Michael Jackson’s - “This is it” tour. Plus a VIP stay in London.

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Head to the prestigious COUTTS JEWELLERY WEEK to discover a whole new world of precious treasures and dazzling new designs


he award winning Coutts London Jewellery Week returns 14-18 June 2009 with a week of celebrations, featuring big name designers such as Stephen Webster and Shaun Leane, whose highly-coveted jewels are worn by A-Listers including Christina Aguilera, David Bowie and Liv Tyler. Alongside the traditional names, Coutts London Jewellery Week will also play host to some of the rising stars of the London jewellery scene, including designers Amanda Brighton and Assya. Take this opportunity to find out more about London’s unique history with the jewellery trade, learn more at The Goldsmiths’ Company at their ‘Day of Knowledge’ or perhaps try a jewellerymaking class to create a unique own piece. Exhibitions include Treasure, with forty of the London’s hottest new designers, and Creation II, which highlights the work of twelve of the UK’s best contemporary jewellers. ABOUT COUTTS The connection between Coutts and jewellery runs through the bank’s three-hundred year history, and begins with its foundation in 1692 by Scottish goldsmith-banker, John Campbell, who not only supplied plate and jewellery but also a full banking service to clients. Last year, Coutts was delighted to be the co-sponsors of The Royal Ballet’s dazzling production of Jewels and the last four years have also seen Coutts supporting some of the top designers from the world of fashion, including Stella McCartney, Oswald Boateng, Alice Temperley and most recently Matthew Williamson’s Ten years in Fashion at the Design Museum. Coutts London Jewellery Week is an exciting extension to the bank’s support of both art and fashion. Coutts provides integrated wealth management services to high net worth individuals from 26 offices across the UK, through a wide range of products and services including investments, tax, banking, philanthropy and family business consultation. Coutts commercial banking arm also provides a full banking service to UK businesses. n For more information, visit

HATTON GARDEN Plans for Hatton Garden will see the entire area transformed into a delightful bejewelled garden, entwined and crisscrossed with paths leading visitors to selected outlets for an interesting insight into the jewellery design process. COUTTS NEW JEWELLERS AWARD Coutts London Jewellery Week has announced the winners of its inaugural Coutts New Jewellers Awards; sixteen rising stars have been awarded with a fantastic opportunity to draw on Coutts’ unparalleled wealth of expertise working with SME’s and entrepreneurs via the Coutts Business Development Forum. The awards were created in order to support and nurture new talent, particularly in the current economic climate. Visitors can see the work of the sixteen jewellers in a range of exhibitions, shows and jewellery recycling classes.

of, and encourage support for talented design-makers, this initiative is aimed at small independent businesses. The campaign will come to life when Cockpit Arts opens its studios to the public – visitors can meet designers, see new trends in the making and buy jewellery ranging from £5 to £5,000. For more information, visit

BLEEDING HEART For those looking for a place to stop and enjoy a light lunch or gourmet dinner HYATT REGENCY during Coutts London Jewellery Week, Located in the heart of the West End, look no further than Bleeding Heart. Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill is Spread out over four underground ideally placed for Coutts London Jewellery chambers, the restaurant is perfectly lit Week. The London Jewellery Week package and decorated with numerous bookcases, includes an overnight stay in a King/Twin wine cellars, brickwork walls and prints. room, full English breakfast in The Montagu, An attractive and atmospheric venue, you and one of the exclusive ‘Jewellery can’t go wrong. Cocktails’. The hotel’s newly designed guest rooms offer the very best comfort in elegant Bleeding Heart surroundings with the latest technology. Bleeding Heart Yard Call 020 7486 5800 or email london.churchill@ for reservations

COCKPIT ARTS Cockpit Arts is launching ‘Make Difference’ during Coutts London Jewellery Week 2009; a new campaign to raise awareness

Off Greville Street, Hatton Garden, EC1N 8SJ 020 7242 2056

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STYLE UPDATE For those looking for a simple yet stylish piece, check out Jane Adam’s stunning collection. With an international reputation for her sophisticated and sensual jewellery, Jane’s most recent collection includes a range of cuffs from dyed anodised aluminium, fine silver and gold. Her work exploits subtleties of colour and the dynamics of mark making and surface texture, combined with elegant, simple forms. For more information, visit

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N I T A L SPIRIT Jewellery partnership Very Garcia are hot favourites for on trend contemporary design at Coutts London Jewellery Week


he dynamic partnership of Very Garcia (ceramicist) and John Aristizabal (silversmith), the brand Very Garcia is the product of combined skills – the two personalities fuse the design of their jewellery to create a fresh outlook to traditional techniques. At the cutting edge of exciting jewellery design,Very Garcia combines organic and structural forms, using ancient goldsmith techniques in order to create dramatic and unusual pieces. Ranging from necklaces and brooches, to cufflinks, rings and earrings,Very Garcia offers a huge choice of interesting jewellery. Labelled as contemporary jewellery with a Latin American twist, there is something very raw about the Very Garcia style; on trend with all the catwalk tribal prints and bright carnival colours. Each Very Garcia collection uses silver and Tumbaga gold (an alloy made of gold and copper that dates back to pre-Columbian time). Warm in colour, the alloy was originally created as an offering for the gods and goddesses and as a result, it is widely considered to contain mystical and sensuous properties, understood as a marriage of two elements of distinctive mystical properties and feminine fragrance.

The artistic jewellery from Very Garcia’s workshop attempts to reveal the rhythmical patterns in nature with a fluid and harmonious result; smooth lines and textured surfaces merge to create a piece of jewellery that looks different every time you look at it. As you might expect, Very Garcia also take on personal commissions, creating personal pieces to reflect emotion and meaning unique to the individual. Why not call the workshop to talk through initial thoughts, or drop into the Cockpit Art Studio to chat about your jewellery ideas? n VERY GARCIA Studio E6 Cockpit Art Northington Street London WC1 2NP 0207 253 2707


in style

Thursday 28 May

5pm - 8pm

An evening of exclusive store discounts* entertainment and goodie bags (whilst stocks last)

Shoe available at L.K.Bennett

*discounts available from 12 noon - 8pm

famous for business

fabulous for fashion

no business like show business This summer London’s hipper than thou Mount Street sees the opening of a new boutique. The man who is probably the most high profile jeweller in the world, Stephen Webster, should fit right in, says Claire Adler


he question of how Stephen Webster manages to split his time between 22 international shops, the building site on Mount Street of his newest and most flamboyant store yet, his creative directorship of Mayfair jewellers Garrard, and constant press appearances in the UK, USA, Russia and Asia is anyone’s business. In between all that, he actually has to design and sell jewellery. On the phone from a Dallas hotel room, he tells me one way he defines successful time management is being able to sleep on plane journeys. For someone who claims to have flown over a million British Airways miles, it’s hardly surprising. Webster’s jewellery, Superstud Stacked Bangles

possibly as much as his personality, have attracted clients from Korea to Kiev and Puerto Banus and secured him countless awards along the way. He is a nine times winner at the annual UK Jewellery Awards. In the last month alone, the supposedly London-based Webster has been to Basel, Dallas, the UK (for Easter), Phoenix, Chicago, New York, Boston (for a client’s charity event) and Las Vegas. This was followed by Russia for a two week visit taking in St Petersburg, Moscow, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. “It’s all fairly intense,” says the man whose jewellery is not known for its understatement. Webster’s new Mayfair boutique being designed by Kelly Hoppen includes a verterbrae-shaped showcase that winds

Lobster ring

through the store. Housing his new Jewels Verne collection, inspired by mystical sea creatures from Jules Verne’s fantasy adventure novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, counter surfaces will be covered in snakeskin and there are curiosity chests for the silver collections. “Over the last few years we’ve noticed that the more fanciful the pieces in our



Jewels Verne Bracelet

Jewels Verne Titanium Fighting Fish Brooch


collections, the more people enjoy wearing them,” says Webster. While Webster, who hails from Gravesend, began his career over 30 years ago as a goldsmith and was commissioned by the likes of Liz Taylor back in the early 1980s, he is now more in the public eye than ever. It wasn’t till Madonna was photographed wearing Webster’s £3,250 Crystal Haze ring and later when she commissioned wedding rings for herself and Guy Ritchie from him in 2000, that Webster was thrust into the media spotlight. Today, his muse, best friend and advertising ambassador is pop princess Cristina Aguilera, other best friends include interior designer Kelly Hoppen and artist Tracey Emin, while Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz are regular clients. Thanks to Garrard’s owners Yucaipa Investment Fund financing Webster’s own company, coupled with the introduction of his hugely successful silver jewellery collections in 2007, Webster is now confident enough to say he sees no limits to the possibilities of his brand’s global expansion. Meanwhile, Webster moved in this spring to Garrard as creative director. With its royal warrant as jeweller to Prince Charles, Garrard is the first jeweller Stephen Webster approached over three decades ago, when he started out selling his own jewellery. Archives in Albemarle Street show that the former Crown Jeweller accompanied King George and Queen Mary’s crowns at all times on the Royal Yacht. At Garrard, Webster will also oversee collections by guest designers, the first of which is by Georgina Chapman, wife of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and cofounder of fashion brand Marchesa. Prices will range from £1000 to £15,000 with

four one-off pieces which they hope will be worn with Marchesa dresses gracing most of Weinstein’s leading ladies at film premières round the world. Despite any talk of doom and gloom we might be hearing in London, for many including Webster - who is an entertainer of sorts - the show goes on. With sales up 20% during the past year, Webster is showing little outward sign of slowing down. In Dallas, Webster has just premiered a new “show” at American department store Neiman Marcus. An invitee only audience of 150 guests - despite the fact only 50 were anticipated when the project was planned – were treated to a seated dinner and runway performance. “It’s called Rock and Romance and as I’m known as the jeweller with a heart of stone, I teamed up with a bridal, more romantic jeweller and we each dressed four models from top to toe in designers of our choice,” says Webster. “There’s no way I’m excited by Terminal 5, but being part of the process of building a brand globally can be like an act,” says Webster. Crab ring “I’ve no idea how you say that without sounding totally pretentious,” he adds, self-consciously. In Russia, Stephen Webster’s fame has reached celebrity proportions, to the surprise and amusement of even Webster himself. In Ekaterinberg in Siberia, a region historically known for producing tanks for the Soviet

Union, Stephen Webster was one of three international jewellery stores – the others were Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. In recent years Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels have closed down and only Stephen Webster remains. When Webster arrives in town, he is treated like nothing less than an A list actor. “Two weeks ago Orlando Bloom and Kate Moss came to the Garrard party we had in Mayfair. There were 75 paparazzi at the door and when I walked out, not one person took a picture. But in Russia, all the attention is on me. It’s one of the craziest things in the world. I have even been papped on the street there,” he says, laughing. “I love the challenge of going into a room and winning people over,” he says in all seriousness. At one of his American events recently, Webster overheard a man say he wasn’t impressed by the catwalk show, even though it was clear his wife was enamoured. “I went over to the guy who was a bit embarrassed and I was completely cool about it and we started chatting about sports and had a great time.” n

Pastels Photography by: Jason Moore Fashion Editor: Lucie Dodds

From left Antonio wears cream knit £190 pink and cream seersucker waistcoat £349, matching jacket £799, pale pink trousers £225, all Ermenegildo Zegna, Aviator sunglasses £92.50 Rayban at David Clulow 020 8515 6700. Krishnan wears pink jacket £655, trousers £355, shirt £159, tie £89, and pocket square, all Ermenegildo Zegna 020 7518 2700. Sunglasses £190 Persol at David Clulow as before.

Antonio wears pink shirt from £310, pink sport trouser from £575, tie from £100, silk square from £65, jacket from £2,460, loafers from £3,715, all Tom Ford at Harrods. 0202 7730 1234.

Antonio wears blue pinstripe linen suit £895, blue shirt £125, knitted tie £59, and silk square £39, all Gieves & Hawkes, No1 Saville Row W1, 020 7434 2001 Sunglasses £190 Persol at David Clulow, as before.

Krishnan wears cream jacket from £2,460, lilac shirt from £310, tie from £100, silk square from £65, and pink sport trouser from £575, all Tom Ford as before.

Model: Krishnan and Antonio at Premier Model Management. With thanks to Jon. Grooming: Yvette Redmond at Tiger Creative using YSL L’Homme Touche Eclat, YSL L’Homme Anti Fatigue Treatment and YSL L’Homme Healthy Look Moisturiser. Shot at The Lanterns Studios, Battersea,

Krishnan wears blue pinstripe suit £1,205, blue shirt £149 tie £65 and blue glasses from a selection all Paul Smith, 020 7379 7133.

Pale green sweater with suede patch elbow £220 Pale pink cardigan with suede patch elbow £275 Martin Margiela at Browns 020 7514 0038

fashion xxxxxxx 51 xx Fashion Editor: Lucie Dodds

Velvet loafers from £3210 Tom Ford at Harrods 020 7734 1234

Silk printed pocket squares £40, Dunhill as before

Cream rope belt £130 Ermenegildo Zegna as before

Aqua leather travel wallet £305, Smythson 08705 211311

Sweater £665, trousers £295 and shirt £225, all Ralph Lauren Purple 020 7535 4600


PASTELS Cream leather document holders £195 and 395 Dunhill 0845 4580779

Cream ostrich leather trolley suitcase £535, Furla 020 7434 3812

Cream white and blue loafers £110, Ermenegildo Zegna 37/38 New Bond Street W1 020 7518 2700

200 Jamaica Rd SE16

020 7237 2624

Spring Hair Offers

Cut & Style Package Ladies Cut £40 Mens Cut £23 • Cut & style • Intensive conditioning treatment (including scalp massage) • Consultation & advice

Colour, Cut & Style £70 • Half head of highlights • Cut & style • Intensive conditioning treatment (including scalp massage) • Consultation & advice • Valid until 31st May 2009 • Promotions valid Monday to Friday only • Dedicated customer car park available • 2 mins from Bermondsey station (Jubilee line) • Please mention Canary Wharf magazine upon booking



Come to your senses

Feeling the pressure of working life? Kick back and relax with the bespoke treatments that see the Six Senses Spa at Pan Peninsula crowned top of the spa experiences. Claire Rutter investigates


he Six Senses mantra of SLOW LIFE (Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wholesome Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences) is embedded into the core of this facility, with each product and treatment carefully chosen to fit into the urban sanctuary's ethos. Catering for your needs, Six Senses Spa at the Pan Peninsula offers its Asian-inspired signature range of luxury treatments and selected grooming necessities worthy of their international fivestar hideaways, only minutes away from the bustle of Canary Wharf. Featuring on its extensive list to try is the Dreamtime Facial, which includes 50 minutes of pure indulgence, just like the name suggests it promotes deep relaxation using a unique formula of royal jelly and orange blossom. But, if you want to indulge yourself with an array of treatments, the Pan Peninsula haven has a range of carefully crafted Spa Journeys, so you can enjoy being pampered for hours. These therapies can be enhanced with beauty add-ons such as the Deep Hair Treatment, Detox Facial Massage or Eye Soother. To complement these luxury spa experiences, they are set upon the backdrop of a bio-thermal circuit, which features a chromotherapy steam cabin, crystal laconium, dry sauna, sensory shower and a hydrotherapy pool where you can unwind and let the stresses and strains fade away. The Six Senses Spas are internationally renowned for their holistic approach combining destinationinfluenced experiences and providing guests with simple and accessible, take-home advice. Alongside its home range, the spa also offers a range of Aromatherapy Associates products and bespoke ila spa treatments, which are in tune with the Six Senses' environmentally and socially responsible values.

Each of the products in the skin care range are 100% free of synthetic and chemical ingredients and are custom blended by hand, a method inspired by Indian traditions. The premium 'beyond organic' products are made in small batches to guarantee the highest quality for each guest. Complementing the spa's vast menu of Asianinfluenced therapies treatments and affirming its campaign to offer holistic wellness and guidance, guests at the Six Senses at the Pan Peninsula can be treated to specialist Wellness Consultants. The visiting lifestyle consultants have different expertise, catering for an array of needs. Wanchai Li, an Asian therapy practitioner and Meira Shore, a hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner have joined the internationally trained Pan Peninsula therapists and will be available for private treatments until June. These individual sessions range from 50 – 110 minutes and cost up to £200. Wanchai Li will be available for appointments every Tuesday and Meira Shore will be available every Thursday. But for those who fancy being pampered at any time in the week, the urban sanctuary is open until 9pm on Monday to Friday, and is open at weekends. n

Book any 50 minute treatment and receive a complimentary 24 minute express treatment valued up to £50. Includes complimentary use of the bio-thermal suite. Offer available until end of June – details of the terms and condition can be found on the webiste. Please quote ‘Canary Wharf’ at any time of booking. 020 7531 2320 penpeninsula

HATS OFF Kasha Van Sant watches two British institutions come together to mark the most definitive social event in the British calendar


n a bid to create a strong, contemporary image, Ascot Racecourse has invited Vivienne Westwood to present her vision of Royal Ascot, Britain’s most historic and famous race meeting. As one of the most inspirational and recognisable designers of the past 20 years, who brought modern punk to the fashion forefront, she talks of strict dress codes and ironic ladies’ hats. Can you tell us a bit about styling this shoot, the concept and the message you wanted to get across? It’s great to have the opportunity to work with Finlay-Mackay, the photographer. He’s able to access the feeling of the stables and horses and add to that great clothes, a beautiful girl and Stephen Jones’s hats.

Last year the Gold Label was shown on the catwalk at Royal Ascot and this year you are involved in the publicity campaign; why have you become involved in promoting this great racing event? Royal Ascot is a British institution for showing off clothes and I like to take advantage of any opportunity to do that. Of course the hats are most important and the best hats should be ironic. Are the men in their morning suits and the ladies in their hats one of those historic British institutions that inspire you? Morning suits are great especially if they are made to fit. Menswear has got a wonderful tradition and has been codified for a couple

of hundred of years and it hasn’t changed much. They usually look better than their wives because there is less to choose from so you can’t make too many mistakes. Ascot has a strict dress code, is it something you would like to shake up a little? I think strict dress code is great but it is a triumph of personality to be able to emerge as a star in such a situation. That’s what it’s all about.You can look great in the confinements of a dress code. It’s about how you are, how you relate to your clothes and how you put them together. The Duchess of Cornwall looked fantastic in the taffeta gown at the Royal Variety Performance recently,


photography: finlay McKay attire: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Hats: Stephen Jones

is she someone you would like to dress for Ascot? It would be quite a publicity coup. I really enjoyed meeting her and am very proud of how astonishing she looked in the dress. I’d like to repeat it for another occasion. For me, to make somebody look important is the most important thing about clothes, then they look sexy anyway. Do you follow the racing or have you been racing yourself? I like the idea of a group of people gathered together and it is amazing to look at horses and jockeys. Painters such as Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec are really into painting horses. One of them said that we really miss something when we don’t see horses and it had something to do with the beauty of their noble physique. I haven’t been to the races recently but now and again, it is great to go to the races. Both Vivienne Westwood and Stephen Jones will showcase their latest designs in the stylish surroundings of the Bessborough Restaurant. Tickets for Royal Ascot 2009, (Tuesday, 16th June to Saturday, 20th June) are now on sale. To find out more information or to make a booking visit, or call the Hospitality Team on 0870 727 4321 or email: n



DISTRESSED How to accessorise this season’s hottest trend

Clear heart shaped Swarovski pendant with pave white cubic zirconia, £145, Stephen Webster 020 7486 6576

Amos Gilet, £325, All Saints. Available at

Rivet gladiator sandals, £524, Sigerson Morrison. Available at WWW.NET-A-PORTER.COM

Silver snakeskin belt bracelet, £140, Alexander McQueen. Available at

EDITORS CHOICE Generic girl ripped jeans, £200, Acne. Available at WWW.NET-A-PORTER.COM


Distressed denim cut-offs, £155, Citizens of Humanity. Available at WWW.NET-A-PORTER.COM

Deep green lizard clutch, £2,050, Balenciaga. Available at

18K Yellow gold , Twister reversible ring, with Hematite, Quartz and Diamonds, £5,980, Stephen Webster 020 7486 6576

Inaya gladiator heels with studs, £485, Bionda Castana. Available at


Less can definitely mean more, and never has this been so true than with this season’s hottest trends – distressed denim, bold colours, frills and florals... make the most of these looks by teaming them with the simplest basic. Our favourite is Oscar London who offer luxury fashion basics, including the perfect tee, ideal to team with the best pieces straight from the catwalk.

MUST HAVE 100% cotton tees, £39.50, Oscar London. Available at

The perfect gift or simply a well deserved treat, everyone loves to receive a beautifully packaged parcel, and luxury brand Oscar London certainly deliver products with all the trimmings!

U R B A N I N T E R I O R . C O. U K

0207 739 4644

2 7 - 3 3 B E T H N A L G R E E N ROA D L O N D O N E 1 6LA



2 0 % OFF


K I T C H E N S , B AT H RO O M S & A P P L I A N C E S

Present this advert to redeem. *Terms and Conditions. 1. 20% discount applies to the following brands only SieMatic, Villeroy & Boch, Bisazza, Gaggenau, Sub-Zero, Wolf and Miele. 2. Valid until Monday 31st August 2009. Orders must be made on or before this date to qualify. 3. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 4. Only one advert voucher per transaction.

THIS MONTH’S Summer in Style Discounts include*:

Fifi Bijoux - £280 Charles Fish Cabot Place East

Myla Massage Express A Gift from the Gods Aspinal of London Austin Reed The Body Shop (for ‘Love Your Body’ cardholders) Brilliant Inc Cecil Gee Charbonnel et Walker Crabtree & Evelyn David Clulow Opticians Duchamp Dune Fat Face French Connection Gap (exclusions apply) Gap Kids (exclusions apply) Hackett Karen Millen Laline LK Bennett L’Occitane Molton Brown (on purchases over £40) Oasis Perfect Presents Phase Eight Neal’s Yard Remedies Robert Dyas Runners Need Ted Baker Thomas Pink (on purchases over £150) Toni & Guy (20% off all hair appointments, ceremony and ritual treatments booked on event) Warehouse Whistles 15% Artisan Gallery Charles Fish Hugo Boss Wallis The White Company 10% The Body Shop (non card holders) David M Robinson (selected items only) Fiorelli Montblanc (on purchases over £300 excluding limited editions) Rejuvination Medispa (certain treatments only) 5% Paperchase (exclusions apply) Other offers The Gentry Hair and Spa (£5 gift voucher for every £50 spent. Double stamp on loyalty card) L’Occitane (Free gift for the first 30 customers to spend £45 or more, after discount) Space NK (customers who spend £80 and more will receive a gift set to the value of £25) Cafes, Bars and Restaurant offers: Chilli’s (20% off food only) Leon (free juice or starter with purchases of any big dish or wrap) Nandos (free starter when you buy 2 combination meals or a platter to share) PizzaExpress (two main meals for the price of one) Smollensky’s (20% off entire bill) Sri Nam (20% off food only) Tiffinbites (four main meals for the price of three) Zaza (20% off purchases over £10) 40% 25% 20%

Clutch - £60 Ted Baker Canada Place

Mariya (Gold) - £695 Aspinal of London Cabot Place

Deluxe Spa Therapy for Body - £50 Crabtree & Evelyn

Summer in Style

Rhia bag £55 Spartan Shoe £85 Dune Cabot Place West

Marriane £119 Myla Cabot Place West

A one day spectacular on Thursday 28th May, shoppers in Canary Wharf are being offered fabulous discounts across a range of luxury stores. Entertainment will run from 5pm-8pm with discounts available from 12 noon - 8pm. Buriti Body & Hair Sublime Oil £12.75 (100ml) L’Occitane Jubilee Place

DR Sixties Dress £149 Leonora Sandal £79 LK Bennett Jubilee Place

Ronny Dress £110 French Connection Jubilee Place

(Left to Right) Rose Rehydrating Daily Moisture £18, Facial Wash £11.70 & Eye Cream £19.55 Neal’s Yard Remedies

* Correct at the time of print, terms and conditions apply to individual retail offers. Check for further information.

PAUL DELIVERY SERVICE Why not take advantage of PAUL’s delivery service in Canary Wharf, and have you order delivered direct to your desk. For breakfast, choose from a selection of fresh croissants and pastries. At lunchtime try their range of fresh salads or sandwiches. Teatime will never be the same once you’ve tasted a delicious French patisserie designed to lift your spirits. If you’re planning a meeting and need to impress your clients, PAUL can arrange sandwich platters, canapés and mini cakes – just the ticket! Placing an order couldn’t be simpler, Online by visiting Or call on 0845 6120401 Deliveries are available Monday - Friday between 7.00am – 3.30pm.

L’OCCITANE L’OCCITANE (pronounced Lox-ee-tan) brings you the magic of Provence captured in unique skincare products and fragrances made from the finest and most effective traditional ingredients. To celebrate the launch of a new sensual rose bloom, Rose Nuit de Mai, L’OCCITANE are offering a free ‘Rose Spring Collection’ when you purchase two products from their Rose ranges, one to be an Eau de Toilette. Jubilee Place 020 7516 9171 Rose Nuit de Mai EDT £28

Exclusive Offer: With your first order placed before 31st May 2009, you will receive a complimentary box of mini macaroons. Quote “Canary Wharf Offer”. Paul Cabot Place East & Jubilee Place


To help the team celebrate the launch of this stunning new salon Toni Mascolo OBE, co-founder and CEO of TONI&GUY and his daughter Sacha MascoloTarbuck, Global Creative Director and Hair Magazine’s Hairdresser of theYear, will be joining VIP guests and Managing Director Carl McCaffrey on Thursday 18th June to celebrate this exciting addition to the only hairdressing superbrand. Toni & Guy are offering two VIP tickets and a goodie bag containing Label M, Shu Uemura Art of Hair and Kerastase products to one lucky reader. For your chance to win, email your name and contact telephone number to For further information and advance bookings please call 020 7987 6222

Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck

TONI&GUY Canary Wharf are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new salon concept in an exciting new location – One Canada Square.The new salon is set to open its doors on Monday 11th May and will provide the dynamic atmosphere and award winning blend of hairdressing that clients love, but now with the added haven of a pampering hair & scalp spa. Exciting new additions to their retail offering include coveted range Shu Uemura Art of Hair products, an exclusive to TONI&GUY Canary Wharf.

ARTISAN GALLERY BRINGS ART AND THE CITY TO CANARY WHARF WITH NEIL DAWSON’S NY:LON TOUR Whilst the Sex and the City phenomena may have peaked after the cult TV series was made into a hugely popular film last year, the interest in art and the city shows no signs of waning – with cityscape paintings proving to be one of the hottest selling and most enduring styles of art in the UK since the beginning of 2008. Riding in on the crest of this popular year-long trend will be the arrival of one of the brightest, young cityscapes artists, Neil Dawson at Artisan Gallery in Canary Wharf on 20th May from 12-6pm. Neil’s visit has been timed to coincide with his latest cityscape art exhibition entitled NY:LON, which is currently on display in the gallery. In NY:LON Neil brings together the frenetic glamour and night lights of two of the world’s most iconic cities, New York and London. The collection features seven vibrant and visually arresting limited editions. To mark the gallery appearance Neil Dawson will ‘hand embellish’ a handful of canvas limited edition prints from the NY:LON collections; as an extra special gift for any customer who purchases a print in advance or on the day of the show. Artisan Gallery Canada Place, 020 3229 0172


Alex Monroe Ring, £108

With summer almost here the hip boutique jeweller, Charles Fish, has chosen some hot new designs for their Canary Wharf store. Focussing on collections from smaller “designer makers” such as award winning Alex Monroe, Brighton based Alexis Dove, contemporary jeweller Johnny Rocket and ethical jeweller Fifi Bijoux they continue to deliver exciting new styles to the high street. Couple this with the introduction of Old Florence, an affordable but chic range of silver jewellery from Italy and the new charm collection from the states, Chamilia, Charles Fish further cement their reputation for sourcing this season’s jewellery musthaves. Charles Fish Cabot Place East , 020 7512 9595.

Alex Monroe Pendant £180

WEEKEND WEAR Take advantage of the upcoming Bank Holidays by getting your wardrobe set for Summer. The River Island store in Cabot Place West has everything you need for the weekend, and for the rest of the season too!


Wear jersey separates with gorgeous accessories for a wearable, and not to mention fabulous, casual but chic Summer look.

MEN Black bag £29.99

Mix casual tailoring with tees and fine knits for laid-back weekend style.

Black leggings £12.99

Mac £64.99

White top £19.99

T shirt £9.99

Gold bangles £9.99

Scarf £7.99

Trousers £29.99 Jumper £21.99

Shoes £60.00

Gladiators £34.99

Cabot Place West Canary Wharf 020 7719 6476



For the very best in luxury spa treatments, there is nothing quite like the Spa at The Berkeley, says Josephine O’Donoghue


he spa at The Berkeley Hotel is one of those places that seem a world away from where they actually are. Hidden away in the middle of Knightsbridge, once inside, it’s hard to believe that this haven is in one of the busiest parts of London. The spa is open to non-members, such as myself, but manages to maintain a sense of elegant style and exclusivity. The treatment rooms are on the top floor of the hotel, away from the bustle of the lobby and restaurants, and above them, on the rooftop, the gym, sun terrace and pool are located. The pool area is very light and bright and open; the ideal place to steal a few hours on a striped sun lounger with a book. One of the most popular treatment brands at the spa is the Doctors Dermatologic Formula (DDF); these treatments are widely considered to go beyond everyday skincare and offer effective solutions to common skin problems. Whether you want to tackle acne, pigmentation, sensitised skin or to restore radiance and turn back the clock, DDF offers real and lasting results for both women and men Originally DDF was available only to dermatologists and licensed aestheticians,

but today DDF is the most advanced antiageing skincare without a prescription and is available through a range of options here at the hotel. We tried that RMX Facial (90mins, £190) which is described as a “powerful anti-aging facial, making use of the growth hormones and peptides to encourage the skin to act young again”. Including an AHA exfoliation to prepare the skin (loosening dead skin cells) the skin is then nourished with RMX Essential and rejuvenated with a massage. The massage works through each area of the face, to relax the muscles and improve circulation and detoxification of the skin. Post-massage, an algae mask is applied with the RMX Essential active ingredients and is left to infuse into the skin while the therapist massages either the hands or scalp. In order to maintain the positive effects of the treatment, guests are then presented with a week’s supply of the RMX Essential to help continue the revitalising effects of the facial. More recently, The Berkeley Hotel Spa is pleased to present an entirely organic menu of treatments. The organic approach to health and beauty includes three new exclusive organic product ranges and

treatments, all of which are proving to be extremely popular with guests. The NEOM Luxury Organics treatment offers a body treatment focusing on massage and personal wellbeing. The NEOM Top to Toe Indulgence is a luxury organic experience which combines holistic treatments such as reflexology, Thai and Swedish massage, aromatherapy, crystal therapy and relaxation techniques to leave you feeling refreshed and calm. ‘Doux Me’ is a French organic facial range which offers a more natural alternative to DDF. With a dedicated French Fashionista following in Paris this is certainly becoming one of the must-have treatments in London; particularly the signature treatment, ‘Dolls Face Facial’. And finally, the organic spa brand VOYA offers an ancient form of body treatment with entirely organic products; derived from kelp from Northern Ireland, the VOYA Body wraps combine the active ingredients with fresh kelp leaves, which are wrapped to cocoon the body and assist in promoting skin regeneration. n

A Sparkling Smile Dr Wyman Chan has developed the most advanced teeth whitening system on the market. After a thorough consultation I sat relaxing, and watching a film in my 3D glasses, as the applied gel took effect. The entire process takes an hour and a half and is totally painless. I left with my teeth sparkling, and much whiter than before. Smile Studio 1st Floor, Wingate House 93-107 Shaftesbury Avenue London W1D 5DY 020 7439 0888

Expert Intervention

As people begin to take more interest in their appearance, the UK has become more conscious of dentistry – and rightly so, says Kate Hughes. Beauty starts with a confident smile, so read our informative guide to find the right professional treatment for you

EXPERT TEETH TREATMENTS T he British are not generally renowned for their dental health. In fact, the general stereotype of British teeth centres on yellow stains, crooked front teeth, metal fillings and infrequent dentist visits. In reality, although the divide is not nearly as dramatic as jokes make out, British teeth are not like American teeth. For many years, the UK simply hasn’t placed as much emphasis on pearly whites as our Atlantic neighbours (whose flashy smiles have the ability to blind) – but in recent years, as the treatments become more readily available, we seem to be catching on. According to Martin Fallowfield (a cosmetic dentist and executive board member of the British Dentist Association) cosmetic dentistry is increasing in popularity not just with the younger generation wanting a Hollywood smile, but also the older generation, who want to do something for themselves. “Quite often teeth whitening is a 40th or 50th birthday present,” he says, a

procedure that can be done in only two hours for around £600. All you need to do is flick over to Channel 4 to see Ten Years Younger stripping years of women’s appearances via the means of cosmetic dentistry. A more intensive ‘smile makeover’ which could involve veneers, crowns and reconstruction, can take months and cost anything from £2,000 to £10,000 – but even this kind of work is slowly increasing in demand. A growing market, dentistry in the UK is a £5bn market, expected to rise to £15bn within 10 years (driven mainly by private work). And if you’re still not sure, remember that the effects are more than simply aesthetic. According to a 2006 study by social psychologists at King’s College London, people with crowded or rotten teeth are less popular, less well-adjusted and are considered less clever than those with lovely teeth. So, if you think about it, a nice smile may also be the key to a better social and working life. n

For fantastic medical and cosmetic dental treatments, Dentexcel is the place to go. You really get what you pay for says Dr Keith Cohen; there can be a considerable difference in cost but cheaper isn’t always better. A dental technician can cost from £20 to £100; it’s a highly skilled job and people tend to forget that with good technicians you are paying for their time. Dr Keith Cohen at Dentexcel City Practice: 1C Angel Court Copthall Avenue London EC2R 7HJ 020 7796 9393 West End practice: 23 Harley Street London W1G 9QN 020 7636 9393

Magic Transformation Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are custom molded to fit you. The virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition your teeth into a smile you’ll be proud of. The great thing about this treatment is that most people wont notice them causing minimum interruption to your lifestyle. Dr Tapesh Anand Q Clinic 130 Harley Street London W1G 6BG 020 7317 1111

Pearly & Perfect Although no cosmetic dentistry procedure can take the place of good oral and periodontal hygiene, porcelain veneers applied over your natural teeth can easily brighten your smile and your self-esteem. At UltraSmile the dentists use their awardwinning UltraSmile veneers and they are so confident of high quality of workmanship, that they offer a 5 Year Guarantee on all our porcelain veneers. UltraSmile 127a Basin Approach London E14 7JG 08452 300 800

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walk-in wardrobe lined with designer dresses in every colour imaginable (with a treasure trove of shoes to match, naturally) was once just the stuff of MTV Cribs; but these days every fashion-forward City girl has her eye on the dream closet. We all know that taking pride in our appearance is important, if not just for fun then for the sake of professionalism – but whilst watching shows like Sex & The City does anyone else find themselves wondering how those girls manage to pull together such stunning outfits between their endless dramas and dalliances? I’m having a good day if I manage to find the elusive right foot to my favourite black heels at 7am and don’t have to do my makeup on the train. How the modern girl is supposed to juggle family, a high pressure career and full social life, at the same time as looking polished and fashionable has always been a mystery. However, an American interior design trend is sweeping the UK and claims to have the answer; perfectly organised, walk-in wardrobe spaces which make it possible for the British City girl to step out each morning with Carrie’s on-trend

fashion, Charlotte’s elegance, Miranda’s professionalism and Samantha’s unflappable confidence. The wardrobe is no longer a regular piece of furniture with a single crammed rail but an installation, a design feature, a haven for fashion and style. Oxfordshire based company Manhattan Closets ask us to “imagine having that one last item to complete your outfit right at your fingertips” – and really, this is the key to the walk-in wardrobe’s appeal. This kind of closet offers effortlessly impeccable dressing by bringing order and tranquility to the time-poor woman, allowing what was once just part of your


Taking a look at the most coveted walkin wardrobes, Heather Ridley dreams of perfect dresses hanging in rows, and perfect designer shoes all lined up daily routine to be transformed into a relaxing ritual. Space is crucial: each item is visible and ready to wear, carefully folded or hung on extensive rails and shelving, whilst ample perusing and dressing space allows for careful garment selection and comfortable outfit testing. Fabulous outfits should present themselves to the viewer in one sweeping glance. Many designers offer a wide range of wonderfully indulgent additional features such as valet hooks which will present your favourite evening dress to you for a swift day-to-night change over, or velvet jewellery display drawers which will bring

that extra touch of glamour to getting ready for a special occasion. Wardrobe systems can be tailored to fit almost any space, as units are flexible and wallmounted, and designers will often visit your home to discuss your unique vision and needs. Minimo, a family furniture design business, offers a range of elegant wardrobe systems which hit the nail on the head; their designs are typically minimalist and neutral but with scope to become whatever you want them to be. These closets can be hidden away behind sliding doors, displayed as dramatic and original design features, or become a completely separate living space and dressing room - a place for a girl to be at one with her ‘best Blahniks’! Whatever your style, a modern walk-in wardrobe system will make looking eternally fabulous seem like a doddle. It’s time for your wardrobe to become a space which celebrates fashion and gives beautiful clothes the respect they deserve. n For more information on Manhattan Closets, visit Visit for more information on Minimo Wardrobes


John Cullen Lighting provides innovative, stylish and unusual ways in which to illuminate your home. Whilst we all think long and hard about which fittings to have on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling, it is the lighting on shelves and display cabinets that can really create beauty in a room. If you collect something, whether it’s books or sculptures, photographs, paintings or crockery, the right lighting can create something of a viewing gallery within a room. What better way to display your spring cleaning results? A soft light behind perfume bottles and jewellery boxes in the bedroom, or an illuminated carving in the study – creative lighting can transform a boring room. Totally unique, personal to you, and actually quite beautiful, why not light up the things that make you happy?



Summer is well and truly on its way, and if you haven’t already done your spring cleaning, now is definitely the time. As the gorgeous sunshine finally comes out, this is the time of year when grubby windows, dusty bookcases and sticky shelves are exposed in the harsh light of day. The cosy darkness of winter (which hid a multitude of cleaning sins, tut tut) is over, and in order to truly enjoy the summer season, a spring clean not only revamps the home, but also the mind and spirit.


Often, one of the most satisfying elements of DIY is restoration; do you have comfortable but worn out arm chairs, or a lovely little room full of junk with potential as a sewing room, study, or nursery? Laura Ashley is one of the best places to choose classic floral or stripy fabrics and wallpaper. We love the floral rose rage, perfect for shabby chic girls who like the feminine vintage vibe; use on chairs, beds, curtains or cushions.




Julia offers every service under the sun when it comes to wardrobes, clothes, cleaning, storage and alterations. We routinely spend hundreds or even thousands on clothes and accessories each year, but then simply pile them all into a large cupboard. With Julia’s client base expanding at its current rate, it would appear that London is finally realising that this is no longer acceptable. Booking a makeover for your wardrobe is essentially booking a makeover for yourself. The most popular service offered is the Alterations and Repairs; this includes general, bridal and vintage alterations and a hugely popular same-day or 24-hour service for fashion emergencies. As Julia asks, do we spend on wardrobes a fraction of what we would normally spend on a new kitchen “because we show off our kitchens, but don’t feel we deserve to spoil ourselves with something nobody but us will see?” Whatever the answer, if you feel like you need a fresh start this spring, an updated look or a more organised lifestyle, where better to start than with the clothes you put on every single day?


Hand held hoovers may seem like an old folks’ aid to general household cleaning, but Alessi has come up with a tiny vacuum so aesthetically pleasing that suddenly everyone has the cleaning bug. Sleek, shiny and powerful, the Alessi design by Stefano Giovannoni has a special crevice attachment which means this re-chargeable hoover is perfect for nooks and crannies, under the bedcar seats and even stubborn pet hair! Hand held vacuum cleaner, £74


If you, like thousands of other busy professionals, have no time to dedicate a weekend to spring cleaning, then a home cleaning service may be a good option for you. There are countless companies across London that offer a range of services from spring cleaning to after-party clean-ups, regular cleaning to carpet and upholstery cleaning. One of the most popular services comes from MyHome Islington. A company that clients can trust 100%, MyHome Islington has been established for over 10 years; all staff cleaners are fulltime and fully-insured, and all cleaning plans are tailored to your individual needs and timetable. All cleaning products are supplied and the company try their best to ensure that clients have the same team every time they book – so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. This is outstanding cleaning at competitive rates.


Jamie Oliver’s store JME should be the first stop for any kitchen or garden products. For those who like the idea of a herb garden but have limited space or gardening skills, Jamie’s plant seeds and grow bag packs are perfect. Our favourite are the chilli and basil plants; the chilli plant will produce a fiery fruit, adding a burst of deep spicy warmth to any dish and the basil is a basic ingredient of good Italian cooking. No need to get your hands dirty with one of these clever packs; just tear open the bag and start growing herbs right inside your home. The compost used in these pouches is approved by the soil association and is peat free.

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Blinds and flooring We’ve got it all covered

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BARBEQUE BLISS Josephine O’Donoghue goes in search of the best barbeques on the market, from the fire-pit to the gas-guzzler


Alabama £399.99 B&Q

Summit Black E650 £1999 Weber

ust in case you didn’t know, the last week of May is officially National BBQ Week. The May halfterm will mark the beginning of ‘real’ British summer-time – that is, when the weather is actually warm enough to cook food outside. So, as the weather improves, and we re-discover our gardens (had you forgotten you had a garden too?), it’s the perfect time to stock up with beers, invest in a shiny new grill and experiment with new cuts of meat and fish, spicy marinades and unusual summer recipes. Why not grill a swordfish steak next time you throw an alfresco dinner party, swap the supermarket burgers for organic veal sausages, or create delicious king prawn kebabs? The possibilities are endless. For inspiration and delicious recipe ideas, visit the official website and, where you will also discover top tips and advice that are guaranteed to help you become a real grill-master! In the face of the credit crunch, the barbeque party is set to become more popular than ever this year – and if you think you might get into the trend, then a high-quality grill is absolutely essential. One of the most popular models for summer 2009 is the Alabama (B&Q, £399.99) – this gas barbeque beauty has a porcelain enamelled grill, a handy side-burner, electric ignition and chromed warming rack. This larger style gas-fuelled barbeque is a definite favourite with the boys, and is perfect for big groups and party hosts. For the serious barbeque chef (and we mean serious) The Summit Black from Weber (E650, £1,999) is the Aston Martin of the barbecue world – if Daniel Craig was looking for a barbecue, this is the one he would want. The design is flawless; it can function in any weather and allows you to cook almost anything with total ease. The Summit Black features up to six stainless steel burners, as well as a side burner, smoker box burner, infrared rotisserie burner and spit fork rotisserie attachment. Stainless steel Flavorizer® bars provide a delicious barbecue taste, the integrated thermometer makes it easy to regulate the temperature, and with two stainless steel work surfaces and six tool holders, the Summit Black means easy cooking with style.

Baltimore £59.98 B&Q

Fire pit grills have also enjoyed increasing popularity over the last few years; particularly with boys who enjoy the basic idea of building a fire, seeing the flames, and cooking meat over them! Portable pits are available at most DIY and home improvement stores; however, one of the most popular trends this summer is for the permanent fire pit. The Garden Fire Company (www. offers a range of solid fuel pits, perfect for long summer evenings in the garden. Unlike chimeneas, the fire in these pits provides all round warmth and flame visibility and becomes the centrepiece of social outdoor evenings. Within a circular stone wall, the fire consists of a stainless steel ash collection tray, full-surround safety guard and steel grate – finished with a mesh fire guard for times when food is not being cooked. The robust construction and careful selection of materials allows the fire to be stored permanently outdoors and building is easy as no special site preparation is required, other than laying a couple of flagstones. n

GADGETS JAMIE CARTER presents this month’s technological highlights

SOUND OF THE FUTURE ‘Perfect in every detail’ is how Sennheiser describes its new high-end handmade headphones. The soft faux leather and two-tone black/silver finish compliments the HD 800’s futuristic design, but it’s the awesomely detailed 6 to 51,000 Hz frequency response that makes these cans among the best money can buy. Sennheiser HD 800 headphones £999

ON THE MARCH Built to military standards, iMate’s new 810F mobile phone can withstand almost anything, from being dropped into water to being run-over by a car. Fitted with Windows Mobile 6.1 software, this Smartphone 810-F features a full QWERTY keyboard and tough touchscreen for easing through emails, games, music and web browsing. It’s a refreshing change to the ubiquitous Blackberry. i-mate 810-F Smartphone £TBC

HARMONY AT HOME After so many frustrating false starts, the idea of a ‘universal’ remote control to work all electronics in a lounge had become a bit of a joke.You’ll pay handsomely for it, but Logitech is promising that its flagship product does exactly what it promises. Its 3.5-inch colour touchscreen screams luxury, an ability to control 225,000 devices from 5,000 brands is a necessity.

DON’T SKIMP ON SOUND Blu-ray players have been around for a while, but this is one of the first all-in one home cinemas with one of the new hi-de disc spinners at its core. Also able to up scale DVDs to near hi-def quality, Pioneer’s LX01BD system has a luxury look and a sound to match, with four discrete dodecahedronshaped speakers lending an unusually stylish look. A touchscreen remote is the final flourish on an iPod-ready home cinema that’s about as future-proof as is possible.

Logitech Harmony H1100 £349

Pioneer LX01BD Blu-ray home cinema £1,999

RED, WHITE AND BLU With many of the nation’s lounges now furnished with a flatscreen TV, attentions are turning to houses’ smaller rooms. Perfect for the kids’ bedrooms, or your own, is Sharp’s funky new 19-inch LCD TV. Available in red, white or traditional black, the 19D1E produces a cracking Freeview picture – and can even show high-definition in all its glory, so it’s perfect for owners of a Blu-ray player, PlayStation 3 or Xbox360.

AFTER DINNER SPEAKER An ingenious way of saving space comes from iMu, a tiny vibrating unit that can turn any hard surface into a giant speaker. This 5cm, 400g device changes the electrical signals of music into mechanical energy as vibrations – typically from an iPod, phone or laptop – which are then amplified by any hard surface the iMu is left on.

Sharp LC-19D1E 19inch LCD TV £249

iMu vibrating speaker £49

ON AN UPWARD CURVE Seriously impressive and hidden home cinema is what this uniquely curved projector screen is all about. Made by Vutec, the Vision-X Dyna-Curve screen is one of few on sale that helps remove the black bars above and below most films on a DVD or Blu-ray disc. It even compensates for the slight distortion from the anamorphic lens of a projector, while also lending a more involving feel. The screen itself is slightly perforated, meaning the speakers can be totally hidden from view. Vutec Vision-X Dyna-Curve projector screen £16-20,000

what’s up dock? COINING IT IN With the iPod now allpervading, the chance to build a simple home hi-fi around Apple’s genius gadget is proving irresistible. The latest offering is Intempo’s InConcert, a diminutive dock whose twin midrange speakers and integrated subwoofer can pump out an impressive 35W of audio power. Crisp sound is backed-up by a remote that lets you flick through iPod tracks and control the volume.

It’s no wider than a £1 coin, but Panasonic’s latest plasma screens could save you a pound or two. Consuming less power than ever, these plasmas use NeoPDP tech to achieve a slimmer profile and ‘infinite black’ to boost the realism of films. Its Viera Cast features let you stream video from YouTube or digital media from your home PC or Mac, while wireless technology connects to any set-top box, DVD or Blu-ray player – the Z1’s just need to be plugged into the mains. Panasonic 46-inch TX-P46Z1 and 54-inch

Intempo InConcert iPod speaker dock £99

TX-P54Z1 plasmas £TBC

Meridian F80. Listen closely. The Meridian F80, developed in collaboration with Ferrari, represents 30 years of audio research and manufacture condensed into a small and beautiful shell. It’s a complete system: a CD and DVD player with iPod connectivity and AM/FM/DAB digital radio. You’ll be amazed that something so compact allows you to hear more of your music, recovering buried information from the recording and producing a sound full of detail and depth. But then it shares the same technologies as Meridian’s flagship components and loudspeakers: sound systems so advanced that if a microphone can detect it, the system can reproduce it. Hearing really is believing.

Produced under license of Ferrari SpA. FERRARI, the PRANCING HORSE device, all associated logos and distinctive designs are trademarks of Ferrari SpA. ‘iPod’ is a trademark of Apple Inc.

To arrange a demonstration of the F80 in the comfort, convenience and – most importantly – the actual acoustic environment of your own home, call 0800 242 5795 or email • 0800 242 5795

Eren Ellwood weaves the Lotus Exige S into his daily routine with some interesting results




icking up the Exige S from Lotus HQ in Hethel was the beginning of a new motoring experience for me. Having driven a range of supercars – an enviable collection, which together would resemble something like Abramovich’s private car park – I was eagerly anticipating placing the Exige amongst the greats. The first challenge was a three-hour drive back to the office in Canary Wharf; it was a mix of nervous tension (the kind that you get when you drive a brand new car for the first time) and the frustration of sitting in a fast car, in stand-still traffic for half of the journey. On balance, even having the odd 30 metres or clear roundabout (matched with a couple of optional extras) was enough to keep my enthusiasm. I reasoned with myself that whilst the Exige has a proven record on the track, this long-term test is to find out how the same model manages with day-to-day life, including some of the more mundane tasks including commuting, shopping at Waitrose (and whatever else doesn’t include the UK’s A-roads or the Nuremberg Ring). This first month with the car was about getting through the ‘run in’ 1,000 miles at a sub 4500 rpm. A bit like dating a gorgeous woman everyday for a month and never getting to kiss her. Initially, I thought this might make for some rather dull driving – in reality I found this was probably the best way to get a feel for the

offers. I certainly don’t want to upset anyone at Ferrari or Lamborghini, but this car makes you ask yourself what you would paying four or five times the price for with one of their models? The ride is generally a comfortable one; one of my more practical gripes was the matter of getting into and out of the car. Due to nature of the chassis and the low height of the car, it’s hard to get in with any sort of suave ‘James Bond’ style. It probably doesn’t help that I am over 6ft and short of cutting my legs down to size, I had to develop a (quite effective in the end) ‘bum in and slide’ technique. Shopping at Waitrose was just about manageable (we could fit a couple of carrier bags into the boot, and it could easily hold an overnight bag) but overall, it’s not particularly suited to those with any luggage beyond a briefcase and gym bag. As we go to press on the May issues, I’m taking the car back to Hethel for its 1,000 mile service; by the time you read the next issue, we’ll have pushed the car to its limit and experienced the full force of the Exige S! n


car without thinking you’re Sir Stirling Moss too early on, and ditching it! There is no doubt that this car is quick, but what struck me more than anything was the handling. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but this may well be one of the best handling cars (if not the best) that I’ve ever driven. It’s hard to explain the magic of this model’s handling; it’s as if it shapes itself to every bend in a different way, and even when pushed hard returns enough workable feedback to write a book about every corner. Most of it comes from the way Lotus have engineered the car; you’ve got all the right ingredients for the ultimate performance car, without spending enough to by a flat in Monaco.The combination of lightweight body, rear wheel drive and midmounted supercharged engine would normally be enough for most performance car makers – but not for Lotus. No; all of those aggressive curves and wide wings are not just for looks. The Exige is shaped in a way that, as it gets faster it generates exponential amounts of down force. Once you get up to even modest speeds it feels like an invisible force helping you round the corners. Some say it’s the spirit of Lotus. The end result is that this car kept on surprising me time after time; I found myself (in safe conditions, of course) going round a roundabout, missing my exit on purpose, and going round again in awe of the grip the Exige

Model: Lotus Exige S Engine: In-line 4-cylinder, 1796cc, supercharged Max Power: 240bhp @ 8000rpm Max Torque: 170lb ft @ 5500rpm 0-60mph: 4.0 seconds Top Speed: 150mph Fuel Capacity: 43.5 Litres / 9.6 Gallons Car Insurance Group: 20 Length: 3797mm – 12’5 Width: 1727mm – 5’8 – excl. mirrors Height: 1163mm - 3’10

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What better surroundings to discuss your Porsche needs with knowledgable people? And relax in comfortable chairs with a cup of quality coffee.

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SPOT THE DIFFERENCE It might look just like the previous generation model, but the latest Mini Convertible is quite a different animal, reports Matthew Carter


MW, owners of Britain’s most famous car (50 years old this year) proudly say that its newest Mini Convertible is totally new. It just doesn’t look it. Oh, there are differences but you need to be an anorak to spot them. Sadly, I fall into that category, so please indulge me a moment… Ahem, if you’re following a Mini Convertible, the easiest way to tell if it’s a first or new generation version is to look at the boot hinges. If they’re exposed, it’s a first generation model. For the new car, BMW has thankfully got rid of this ugly anachronism, a curious homage to the exposed hinges of 1959 Austin Seven and Morris Mini Minor. In fact, there are many, many differences between the two BMW Minis, not least a new roof. Perhaps the major complaint levelled against the first generation was that visibility out of the thing was terrible. The rear window was too small and the view in the mirror was obscured by substantial roll over hoops atop the rear seats. Things didn’t get much better when the roof was lowered as the folded fabric sat, pram-like, on the rump of the car again obscuring visibility. For the new car, the roof folds in just the same way, but the roll-over hoops have been reengineered so a single bar now sits below the rear seats ready to pop up – in 150 milliseconds – should things start to go

horribly wrong. Rear visibility, while still not perfect, is greatly improved as a result. The roof itself can be opened part way, like a sunroof, or all the way in just 15 secs. And this can be done on the move, at speeds of up to 20 mph, if the mood takes. There’s even an optional dashboard dial called an Openometer which tells you how long you’ve been driving al fresco… though to my mind the £115 it costs could be better spent Club elsewhere. Med La Palmeraie And the other changes? Well they are many and varied, but all are designed to improve what’s already a fun car to drive. In line with the changes to the hardtop Mini, there are new engines, more standard equipment (including air conditioning, at last), revised suspension settings and a bigger boot. Not that the latter makes the car that much more practical than before. It’s still sensible to look on the Mini as a two-seater with the space behind the front seats best for jackets and bags. But perhaps the most impressive change to the new car is its greater rigidity. Take the roof off any car and it’s going to be less rigid. Pop a wheel into a pothole and the shudder can be felt right through the structure. While the latest Convertible isn’t entirely free from this body shake over poor surfaces, it is far, far better than before. The new engines also make a huge difference. The previous generation used a comparatively unrefined engine derived from a Chrysler unit. For the new car, BMW has elected to make its

own 1.6-litre 16 valve engines, which in the Cooper S has direct injection and a turbocharger to deliver 175 bhp. As well as offering more performance, the new engines are cleaner than before and more efficient to boot. They also come with BMW Stop/Start system as standard: BMW calls it Minimalism. Dreadful pun aside, lower CO2 emissions are matched by improved fuel economy: it’s a win/win. And, of course, the legendary chassis has been further tweaked to provide even greater fun behind the wheel. Just how much was demonstrated by a few laps on a race track in the hottest Mini Convertible of them all, the John Cooper Works. Here the same 1.6-litre engine is tweaked to deliver 208 bhp and the chassis stiffened further to cope with the demands of the press-on driver. But while the £23,470 JCW was awesome on the track, really what’s the point? A convertible is about seeing and being seen, and you won’t do either in the JCW. The Cooper S, some £4,500 cheaper, is almost as quick but perhaps the best buy is the ‘ordinary’ 120 bhp Cooper. At a fiver under £16k it has all the style of its bigger brothers and more than enough pace. Beware, though, £16k is just the starting point. Even if you don’t bother with the Openometer, you’ll be hard pushed not to bump that price up by £3-4,000 by plundering the options lists. It’s that kind of car, the Mini. n



VOLVO’S SAFE BET Aside from the occasional false alarm, the safety features in the new Volvo XC60 make an already impressive car even better, says Matthew Carter


olvo and safety: two words that go together like MPs and expenses. The Swedish auto maker has always blessed its cars with standard safety features long before they became mandatory: seat belts, crumple zones, airbags… you name it, Volvo did it first. Now comes a new development. Volvo calls it City Safety, and it’s standard on the equally new XC60 model. And it’s worth taking seriously, for if history is to repeat itself it’ll soon be on every new car sold. Volvo reckons that there are too many low-speed rear-end shunts.You know, you’re in a queue of stop/start traffic. The car ahead moves off and then stops.You move off behind it, but your mind wanders to last night’s game, or what you fancy for supper and, bang, you’ve parked your car in his boot. City Safety uses a sensor mounted in the windscreen of the XC60 and can detect objects up to 6 metres ahead of the Volvo. It also monitors the speeds of your car and the one ahead and calculates how much braking force is needed to avoid the accident. And

when it decides you’re not paying attention, it’ll jam on the brakes for you. If you are doing less than 9mph, an accident should be avoided. Above that speed, you’ll still crash but the severity of the accident will be greatly reduced. Now this gave me something of a dilemma. In the interests of investigative journalism, I wanted to put the system to the test. But every time I cruised up to a stationary car in traffic expecting the system to jump in and save me, I bottled out and jammed on the anchors myself. In fact, I was half convinced that the system wasn’t working until driving along a dual carriageway when a related system, Collision Warning, woke up. Before it starts braking, it sounds an alarm and projects a red flashing light onto the windscreen to alert the driver that there’s a problem ahead. Trouble is, on this occasion there wasn’t.The only object in front of the car was a footbridge some 20 feet in the air. But almost as soon as it started shouting at me, Collision Warning stopped and tried to play the innocent. City Safety and Collision Warning

aren’t the only safety systems in the Volvo. Another is a lane departure device which reads the road ahead and sounds a ‘dingdong’ alarm when the car strays over a central white line. Thing is, it doesn’t seem to realise there are times you want to go over the line… overtaking on a motorway for example. After a very short while, the alarm became so irritating I did the only sensible thing: I switched the system off. Too clever for its own good? Perhaps. But don’t get the idea that the rest of the XC60 is ill-conceived. It’s not. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the XC60 is arguably the best of the latest crop of compact SUVs. Given that rivals include the seriously impressive Audi Q5, the good to drive Ford Kuga and the highly capable Land Rover Freelander, that’s quite an achievement from Volvo. Actually to call it an SUV is a little wide of the mark.Yes, it has four-wheel drive and yes, you climb up into the cabin as you do with a traditional 4x4. But this Volvo is about as likely to undertake serious off-roading as the Labour


Party is to win the next election. Better to call it a Crossover.The XC60 is part estate, part 4x4, part coupé and part anything you want it to be.The styling combines striking, flowing lines with dramatic detailing, and is about as far removed from the traditional Volvo box as it is possible to get. Especially when painted in a sort of bilious metallic green shade… the XC60 colour choice is, shall we say, a little eccentric in places. The interior is delightfully roomy and almost minimalist in its look and feel. The clean design, natural materials and logical

layout is totally Scandinavian. If IKEA did cars… And the quality is exemplary, though at £29k for the top diesel, the D5 SE Lux, so it ought to be. But best of all, it’s pretty good to drive. Although you sit higher than in a conventional hatchback – and therefore get a great view of the road ahead – there are none of the downsides usually associated with tall cars. There’s little body roll when cornering hard and stability is exemplary. Grip, too, is good thanks in part to the four-wheel drive system but mainly to the


basic suspension layout. Later this year, Volvo might well be under new management, but the XC60 was developed with Ford money and much of the XC60’s underpinning also see service beneath the Mondeo and S-Max, both highly praised as drivers’ cars. While the handling is strong, perhaps the most impressive element of the XC60 is the ride comfort. For many car makers, the choice is between comfort and sporty handling: the first type tends to be overly soft while the latter is harsh to the point of discomfort. The Volvo, however, gets the compromise absolutely spot on. There’s a full range of petrol and diesel engines available for the XC60, though most sales will be of diesels. And here Volvo needs to do some work. The 185 hp 2.4-litre five-cylinder diesel of the D5 is a reasonable performer, but is no longer the cream of the crop when it comes to economy, emissions (a hefty 199 g/km of CO2) or refinement. There are better diesels around… and Ford uses them to good effect in Mondeo. Volvo needs to do the same. Overall, though, the XC60 is impressive. It looks good and is eminently practical and while it won’t let you explore the Amazon basin, the four-wheel drive system will help keep you safe when the winter sets in. So we’re back talking about safety. Hard to get away from that in a Volvo…n



A QUESTION OF TIMING Now is perhaps not the best time to be launching a luxury brand. But logic doesn’t always feature strongly in the Aston Martin mindset, says Matthew Carter


irst there’s the One-77, a 7.3-litre V12 powered supercar with a £1.2 million price tag. Just 77 will be made and back in October Aston reckoned it had identified 100 potential buyers. Mind you, a great deal has happened since October… let’s hope there are still so many interested when sales start later this year. Now comes the revival of Lagonda badge, a company with a long and illustrious history as a manufacturer of sporting cars for the discerning gentleman. It built its first car in

1909 and even emulated Bentley by winning Le Mans in the mid-1930s. In 1947, the company was taken over by David Brown, the then owner of Aston Martin and whose initials live on with the DB9. Under Aston stewardship, though, Lagonda withered and died. There was the extraordinary ‘origami wedge’ Lagonda of the mid-1970s but, bar a couple of concepts, nothing since. Until now. To celebrate its 100th year of car making, the company has created the

Lagonda Concept, a huge and not especially handsome 4x4, powered by a MercedesBenz V12 engine. According to boss Dr Ulrich Bez, it had been designed to be a pre-eminent longdistance automobile, a vehicle that combines cosseting luxury with extreme functionality and technological innovation. “An Aston demands to be driven. A Lagonda demands a destination,” says the good Doctor. When times are good, perhaps, but these days most destinations are best served by EasyJet. n

City Art & Framing The Galleries 13 Artillery Lane, LONDON E1 7LP (Opposite Liverpool St Station)

Fine Art for the working environment

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and framing Tel: 02072472320




A Fine Dining Experience for four at Royal Ascot’s Trackside Restaurant


oyal Ascot (Tuesday 16th June to Saturday 20th June) is a unique event in the summer social calendar, steeped in tradition, heritage and pageantry dating back almost 300 years. It is without doubt the greatest race meeting in the world and a celebration of everything that is uniquely British. Following the promotion of the King’s Stand Stakes last year, there are seven Group One races over the five day Royal Meeting, three of which take place on the opening day, arguably the highest quality race day of the season. Only metres away from the track the Trackside Restaurant exudes a quintessential English ambience that encapsulates the essence of Ascot’s classic heritage with a modern twist. In a prime position within the area used by the Royal Enclosure the Trackside has a private balcony providing head on views of the Royal Procession and racing action. To be in with a chance of winning this exquisite fine dining experience for you and three guests including Royal Enclosure guest badges on Tuesday 16th June 2009 email: competition@ stating ‘Royal Ascot Competition’ in the subject line by 18th May. Terms and Conditions apply.

The Trackside package includes: • Royal Enclosure guest badge • Reserved table for the day • Morning coffee and biscuits • Pimm's and champagne reception with canapés • Five course luncheon • Selection of fine wines • Selection of liqueurs • Full afternoon tea with strawberries and cream and rosé champagne • Complimentary bar throughout the day including champagne (until 30 minutes after the last race) • One car park label per couple • Racecard • Hostess Service • Corsage or buttonhole • Television viewing • Betting facilities • Royal Ascot Magazine • Floral decorations • Racing newspapers For more information on booking the Trackside Restaurant or any of our other fine dining restaurants please call 0870 727 4321, email or visit Terms and Conditions Guests must adhere to the Royal Enclosure dress code and supply Ascot Racecourse with their names and addresses for Royal Enclosure security checks by 22nd May 2009.



SUMMER SPORTING MADNESS James Littlewood presents some of the best ways to enjoy the great British summer


arely have we finished digesting the last mouthful of Christmas turkey, and the shops are full of Easter eggs; and as the credits of the Easter bank holiday films are still rolling, there’s already talk of summer. And why not, as we look forward to months of long, balmy days, cricket, tennis, golf, croquet, and, of course, Pimms on the lawn? The professional sporting Brits seem to be acquitting themselves slightly more successfully than we have grown to expect in recent years – hopefully making for a far more enjoyable summer. Andy Murray appears to be showing the sort of form required to have a better chance of winning a major than Tim Henman ever did, and Jenson Button, once described as the latter with a crash helmet on, is finally realising the abundance of potential he has always clearly had. But what of the enthusiastic yet limited amateur, the keen and willing weekend player, who makes up such an important part of the great British summer? Taking inspiration from The Championships at Wimbledon, this year from 22 June to 5 July, there is a wealth of opportunity to get involved in the quintessentially British summer pastime of tennis. Log on to and you’re sure to find someone of a similar standard amongst the thousands of players online. Matches can be played at any of the clubs and courts around London, with the most popular courts at the Islington Tennis centre in North London and unsurprisingly, Wimbledon Park. With the shouts of “Geddinthehole” still ringing in our ears from The Masters, the sporting Londoner may be tempted to give golf a try. Admittedly living in London is not ideal if wanting a game; however, there are a range of excellent courses within an hour’s drive [insert local golf course]. Closer to home, and especially suitable for the non-members amongst us, is the Central London Golf Centre in Wandsworth. A guest can play a round at the par 62 course any day of the week

- bookings are required at weekends and bank holidays. If wielding the willow is more to your liking then log on to com to find your local club. With the Ashes coming to Lord’s on 16th July, there’s never been a better time to don your whites. Should you prefer your sport more compatible with enjoying a cup of Pimms at the same time, then why not try the more civilised and relaxing game of

croquet? Visit to find your nearest club. There are fourteen scattered around London and with membership fees a smidge above the cost of SW19’s famous strawberries, there’s no excuse not to give it a go. So, this summer, why not leave the confines of the gym, get out in the fresh air, dust off the old faithful, whether it be bat, club, racquet or mallet, and “Play up! Play up! And play the game!” n

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Win a Luxury Cornish Hotel Break at St Mellion


et in 450 acres of stunning Cornish countryside, with breathtaking views, St. Mellion is a stylish and contemporary resort. To celebrate the opening of the 4* Resort Hotel, we’re offering all readers 30% off spa and golf breaks, and a chance to win a fabulous 2-night break for two people at the brand new 4* standard resort hotel. This fabulous prize includes either a round of golf or a spa treatment, and flights from London City Airport to Plymouth with UK regional airline Air Southwest, from where the resort is only a 20 minute taxi ride. Resort facilities include: n Wonderful spa complex offering three pools, sauna, steam room and spa pool n Two Championship Golf Courses including the Nicklaus Signature Course n State-of-the-art gymnasium, full timetable of group exercise classes n Wide range of rejuvenating spa treatments, using the finest Elemis products.


For your chance to win, simply email your name, address and telephone number to:, stating ‘St. Mellion’ in the subject line of your email. Closing date: 31 May 2009 The Editor’s decision is final. Competition terms and conditions apply. Package is subject to availability and must be taken before the end of 2009 and excludes school holidays. There is no cash alternative. Transfers not included. Entrants must be over 18.

Reader offer To book an inclusive spa and golf break - from only £88 pppn including 3-course dinner and breakfast when you book by 31st May, please call St Mellion on 01579 352001, quoting ‘The Canary Wharf Magazine offer’. This offer is available for a limited number of rooms only. For more information, please visit Check-out flight times and book online at St Mellion International Resort St Mellion, Saltash Cornwall, PL12 6SD 01579 351351


WIN PLATINUM TICKETS TO CLOTHES SHOW LONDON Clothes Show London is a brand new fashion event for the capital city, taking place at London’s ExCeL from 29 – 31 May 2009. Created by the people behind Clothes Show Live (the UK’s largest dedicated fashion and beauty event that takes place annually at the Birmingham NEC) Clothes Show London is set to be louder, savvier and more cutting-edge. Clothes Show London will provide a thoroughly interactive shopping experience for all – combining high-street and vintage with boutique fashion and designer looks, alongside explosive catwalk shows, trend reports, celebrity appearances and expert advice. Check out the Jessica Natural Nail & Champagne Bar, providing the ultimate Carrie Bradshaw experience; the Designer Beach in association with Company Magazine to catch a beach catwalk show by official swimwear partner and hear the eclectic beats of The Broken Hearts and boy band ViCE. With a cocktail in hand and the sand between your toes you’ll really feel like you are on holiday with the 2.5 tonne bed of real sand complete with hot male lifeguards; and the Kit Kat Senses Cafe, where you can unwind after your shopping. Platinum tickets ensure visitors receive VIP treatment with great seats in the Fashion Theatre, as well as fast-track entry, a goody bag and show guide. To be in with a chance of winning, email your name and telephone number to Competition closes Friday 22 May 2009 and Editor’s decision is final Clothes Show London will take place at the ExCeL Centre, from 29 – 31 May 2009. Tickets are on sale now and are available from the box office on 0844 209 1724 or online at


The Britannia International Hotel in Canary Wharf is located right on the water’s edge of the London Docklands, the internationally famous business and finance district, and home of many multi-national companies. Just one stop from The O2, the hotel is ideally located for an entertaining weekend in London. With spectacular views of the Thames and the London skyline, the hotel also boasts Jenny’s Carvery (serving the fantastic Breakfast and Dinner) or Cromptons the French restaurant.  There is also the Conservatory Bar, perfect for relaxing waterside drinks. And at the end of a busy day, the hotel Health & Leisure Club is the perfect place to unwind. We’re offering one lucky reader a two night dinner, bed and breakfast break in Canary Wharf; the winner will stay in a luxurious Suite with Jacuzzi, enjoy a full English breakfast both mornings, dinner on both nights, and a bottle of champagne and chocolates in the room upon arrival. To be in with a chance of winning, email your name and telephone number to Competition closes 31 May and the Editor’s decision is final. The prize is not transferrable and subject to availability




Screen CHERI Cheri is the first film by Stephen Frears since the highly acclaimed, The Queen. The movie also sees the reunion of Michelle Pfeiffer and screenwriter Christopher Hampton, twenty-one years after Dangerous Liaisons. Cheri has obvious similarities with the cult classic; both are French literary pieces and both declare love to be sentimental nonsense, but that is where the similarities end. Cheri is certainly much lighter in tone, and the story itself is a tragicomedy, unfolding 150 years after Dangerous Liaisons in the demimonde world of nineteenth century Paris. Lea (Michelle Pfeiffer), Paris’ most celebrated courtesan, begins a love affair with the 19 year old son of her colleague and rival Madame Peloux (Kathy Bates). Lea originally takes on Cheri (Rupert Friend), a spoilt and arrogant playboy, to educate him, and turn him into a man. But, after six years of comfortable ‘marriagelike’ bliss, Madame Peloux drops a bomb shell; she has arranged for Cheri to marry the daughter of another rich courtesan. Lea is deeply hurt by the arrangement, but lets him go – however, Cheri cannot let go of Lea so easily. Their parting leads s a bitter and hurtful confrontation and a botched reconciliation. The film is pleasing to the eye, with detailed period costumes and beautiful set design. Hampton’s screenplay is lively, with plenty of dry quips and one-liners. Pfeiffer’s performance was outstanding. The role of

Also on this month

Cat Hughes takes a look at this month’s releases

Lea, an emancipated, wealthy, powerful and older woman is rare, especially for a period piece, and here, Pfeiffer proves that women of a certain age can still be beautiful and attractive. Friend brings across Cheri’s spoilt and arrogant personality well, but he is over shadowed by Pfeiffer’s performance. Cheri is a must-see bitter-sweet fondant of a film. 4/5 OUT MAY 8

X-Men Origins:Wolverine begins 20 years before the first X-Men film, and Hugh Jackman’s mutant anti-hero gets a full metal back-story (April 29). Yes, it’s here, the latest instalment of Star Trek.This film will chronicle the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members during their time at the Starfleet Academy (May 8). Dan Brown’s best

Sponsored by

0871 200 2000 11 Hertsmere Rd, West India Quay

seller Angels and Demons has made it to the big screen. Robert Langdon finds himself in the Vatican and caught in the web of a complicated plot by the ancient Illuminati (May 15). Adventureland is the story of a college graduate, whose life has not turned out how he’d expected. He takes a deadend job in an amusement park and falls in love (29 May).




Whitechapel Gallery Whitechapel, that corner of London long associated with both deprivation and the depraved behaviour of Jack the Ripper, can now hold its head high – on the subject of art at least


fter a two year, £13.5m refurbishment and expansion programme, the Whitechapel Gallery has once again flung open its doors to the public. It performed this gesture for the first time in 1901 when social reformers, Samuel and Henrietta Barnett, founded the Whitechapel Gallery with the aim of making culture and learning available to East London society. The adjacency of the old library, founded by Passmore Edwards, was no accident, for it too embraced that philosophy. But

a century later, the Gallery was deemed “not fit for purpose” and the library was defunct, so Iwona Blazwick OBE, director of the Whitechapel Gallery, spearheaded the development of the two landmark buildings into one modern one. Thanks to the skills of Belgian architects, Robbrecht en Daem and London’s Witherford Watson Mann Architects, in collaboration with the artist, Rachel Whiteread CBE, the old Gallery and the library are now entwined with their interiors fused together brilliantly and virtually

seamlessly. The original staircase and other striking Victorian architectural details have been retained but today’s visitors are given the impression of one spacious, ultramodern gallery. The redevelopment has been expensive and painful, running a year late (don’t they all?) but it has been utterly worthwhile because the new Whitechapel Gallery has 78 per cent more space than the original single building did. As visitors walk under the Whitechapel’s impressive, Victorian arched entrance into the gleaming foyer, their spirits lift because

they have literally turned their backs on the grey, graffiti speckled streets where shops and market stalls struggle for survival. With each forward step, the experience gets better and better as they find themselves progressing from one fresh, modern space to another. The good news is that none of the spaces are especially cavernous, so the Whitechapel retains the feeling of an impressive but “user friendly” gallery. The not-so-good news is that the choice of exhibitions for this re-launch is likely to elicit very mixed responses from the local people and, if the Whitechapel is intent on remaining truly faithful to its original principles, they are the people who matter most. Visitors will be greeted in the first instance by one of several spaces devoted to a retrospective of German sculptor, Isa Genzken who has also created projects for Ground Zero in New York. The artist’s Open Sesame! exhibition focuses mainly on a variety of rough-edged, concrete window shapes which reflect her interest in modernist architecture. Upstairs, the mood becomes more lighthearted with Genzken’s group of miniature beach huts which connect with our need for holidays and occasional separation from the pressures of daily life. In another of the Whitechapel’s large spaces, the same artist presents the visitor with Street Party, consisting of masses of colour and texture but in the form of discarded items of clothing, mannequins, fancy dress costumes, masks, feather boas, equipment and other items associated with carnivals. Whatever the artist’s inspiration or aims, I doubt that her work will excite local people enough to want to return to the Whitechapel, so this retrospective strikes me as a very risky launch exhibition. However, if those same visitors progress to Gallery 7, I think they will enjoy Michael Craig-Martin’s selection of work from the British Council Collection. It includes pieces by Lucian Freud, Peter Doig, Bridget Riley, David Hockney and Gilbert & George, amongst other 20th century luminaries. Most arresting of all the inaugural exhibitions is the commissioned site-specific

Clockwise from left: Gallery 7, The Guernica Tapestry, Gallery 7, Whitechapel Gallery Dining Room

artwork by Polish artist and Turner Prize nominee, Goshka Macuga. It relates to the historic moment in 1939 when Picasso’s iconic, propaganda painting, Guernica, was exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery to encourage the East End’s workers towards communism. A life-size tapestry of Guernica, originally commissioned by Nelson Rockefeller in 1955 (in collaboration with Picasso) as a robust, transportable version of the painting, is the dramatic focal point of Macuga’s display. Rockefeller lent the tapestry to the United Nations Headquarters in New York as a deterrent to war but, latterly, it hung outside the United Nations Security Council; ironically, Colin Powell launched the war on Iraq from there in 2003 but a blue curtain – apparent in Macuga’s display – was diplomatically drawn across Guernica. Here in Gallery 2, Macuga has recreated that famous Council chamber, and most fascinating of all are the items placed under the glass on its vast, circular table: letters, photographs and media clippings relating to the original presentation of Guernica to the Whitechapel Gallery are a once-in-a-lifetime read. Other spaces in the Whitechapel Gallery are devoted to providing exhibition facilities

for aspiring artists and teaching areas for school children, all of which are certain to prove popular with the local population. Visitors can also enjoy the striking new restaurant, café and bookshop – so there’s plenty of “culture and learning” available inside those open doors. Let’s just hope enough of them walk through so that the Whitechapel will be with us for another century. n Whitechapel Gallery 77-82 Whitechapel High Street London E1 7QX 020 7522 7888 Nearest tube: Aldgate East


sculpture in the workplace the sculpture of phillip king 30 March – 29 May

Spring-a-Ling 1983. Picture by Heini Schneebeli

Phillip King, (whose sculptures are displayed in Jubilee Park and the Lobby of One Canada Square until 29 May), emerged as a leading abstract sculptor in the 1960s when he graduated from St Martin’s School of Art where he was taught by Anthony Caro. He is now Professor Emeritus of the Royal College of Art. King famously changes his ways of working, continually searching for new themes and materials. His sculpture often playfully includes references to kings.

window galleries Cabot Place Retail Mall

Design and Painting Galleries – a showcase for up-and-coming artists, designers and craftspeople 26 April - 29 May Jahyun Rita Baek Inspiration begins with the materials, combining geometric units and flexible elements into expressive jewellery that captures light and movement. The viewer is invited to sense and explore the pieces.

Jahyun by Rita Baek

MIXKO MIXKO aims to provide a range of products that are both stylish and practical. Their objective is to create items that have a wide appeal, inspire happiness and possess a satisfying simplicity. Mixko

Daniel Preece Daniel Preece is a London-based painter. Much of his subject matter is the urban landscape to which he applies a strong colour palette, often rendering ostensibly bleak architectural structures evocative and compelling. Daniel Preece

The Community Gallery

Canada Place Retail Mall A gallery devoted to exhibiting work produced by local arts projects

7 May – 30 June The Idea Store Art work made by children at Idea Store Canary Wharf in Churchill Place, part of Tower Hamlets Libraries and Lifelong Learning Provision. The Idea Store runs regular free events and activities for children and adults.



Are you in search of a new culinary adventure? Fancy a change from your regular Friday night out? Try dining at a Russian restaurant and discover a whole new world from blinis and vodka, to fish-pie and pickled fruit, says Sarah Collinson


ast night I realised something awful. I’m in a restaurant rut. The realisation hit suddenly as I relaxed into a chair at the small Italian bistro 200 yards from my office for the third time in as many days. It’s in a fantastic location, serves consistently fabulous carpaccio, the service is always exemplary – and it’s therefore

always my immediate choice for a post-work dinner. Although this avoids the risk of a terrible dining experience it is certainly not furthering my culinary education and I fear I am now officially boring. Unfortunately I’m sure I’m not alone in this predicament. Unless you have a specific recommendation it’s surprisingly

hard to go out on a limb and book a random restaurant. London is full of fabulous eateries but it’s far too easy to stick to the conventional few, and go somewhere you have been before or somewhere your friends recommend. It’s time to step beyond this predictable routine; eating out should be fun and exciting – you could be confronted by an aggressive waiter with cold soup, or you could discover a culinary gem that will confirm your status as a foodie when you recommend it to friends. Going to a restaurant should be an adventure. If you want a safe meal, cook at home. The easiest way to introduce a bit of excitement is to opt for a different cuisine to the norm. However, international foods are now so common it’s surprisingly difficult to find a food type that will take you off the beaten track in terms of food.There are, nonetheless, a few cuisine options that have not yet been discovered by London society and can provide you with that much needed twist. Russian food is one of these undiscovered stars. A world away from the negative preconceptions of vinegary cabbage and strange stews, a Russian restaurant will provide a fantastic evening where the food is delicious, the drink plentiful and the atmosphere unbeatable. Tables are pushed close together and the atmosphere is overtly friendly with strangers



buying each other drinks and toasting the health of the waiters.There are multiple courses, copious drinking, effusive conversations and occasionally some dancing (usually a result of the copious drinking).This is not a culinary culture for the introverted and will certainly jolt you out of your standard restaurant stupor. The food itself is surprisingly varied and draws upon all the cultural influences found in Russia. As Russia expanded in the 16th – 18th centuries her culinary repertoire swelled with refined foods from conquered nations with the cultural diversification resulting in new creative techniques.This continued in the 19th century as the Russian aristocracy imported rare foods to their table and renowned chefs to their kitchens.The result today is a subtle mix between the hearty and the delicate; the refined and the simple. Start your evening with an appetiser of home-made blinis and caviar served with smetana (sour cream) and vodka flavoured with lemon peel. Contrary to popular belief, really fantastic caviar isn’t shiny black, but rather an unattractive sludgy grey that you might unwittingly avoid. Authentic Russian restaurants should always serve the grey stuff so don’t be put off when it’s placed on your table. Sip your drink to savour the taste of the lemon and have each blini with a large dollop of smetana and an



spinach, rice and kasha served with fresh tomato sauce.Vegetarian dishes are now also commonplace and the delicate flavourings often make them some of the best choices on the menu. Fashirovannij perec (baked whole peppers stuffed with an aromatic mix of dried even larger one of caviar. Next choose a hot or cold soup. If it’s available fruit, pine nuts and cheeses) is particularly good. Finish with something sweet. Choose one cold Botvin’ya is a fantastic choice. It unusually comes in three parts – the soup, a plate of ‘red’ of the varied deserts (a personal favourite is (meaning ‘prized’) fish like salmon, and crushed Vishni Krem, the Russian counterpart to Crème Brulee made with black cherries and spiked ice – and is eaten with an extra spoon to ladle ice into the soup to keep it cold. Lapsha noodle with cherry vodka) or order traditional Russian tea which is strong and dark and is served with a or Shchi cabbage soups are also good options if small pot of black cherry jam to flavour. It may you’d prefer something warm. seem bizarre to stir jam into tea instead of sugar, For a main dish avoid the stroganoff and but the result is surprisingly good (just don’t Kiev and opt for one of the slow-cooked meat try it with PG tips at home!). Coffee is not a options served with baked root vegetables and national drink, but modern Russian restaurants marinated cranberries and apples.The garnish will all serve it if you are not tempted by the tea. may sound unusual, but the sour taste of the A final shot of vodka is mandatory but by pickled fruit perfectly compliments the meat this point in the evening you should need very and any harshness is offset by a drizzle of the little persuading.You will almost certainly have pan juices that come mixed with sour cream. Alternative meat options will include Pelmeni, befriended the next table, know the details of your waiter’s forthcoming marriage, and toasted thin dough parcels encasing subtly flavoured minced meat, or hand-rolled Kotlety meatballs the health of the chef with the whole restaurant. that are small enough to be pan-fried in minutes. Desire for your ‘safe’ restaurants should have retreated as you look forward to that next If you want to avoid meat, try delicately smoked trout served with warm new potatoes, foodie discussion with colleagues where you can casually ask “I don’t suppose any of you’ve pan-fried salmon with dill, or the traditional thought of Russian…?” n Coulibiak – a salmon pie of mushrooms,

Going to a restaurant should be an adventure. If you want a safe meal, cook at home



James Littlewood examines the Russian origins of vodka, its high-profile reputation around the world, and the best ways drink it in the City



odka martini, shaken not stirred” Ian Fleming chose the vodka martini as 007’s tipple in favour of the more popular gin martini, which had hitherto been the default choice for all aspiring secret service agents and cocktail lounge-lizards. Perhaps Fleming saw something in the uncompromising nature of vodka that he recognised in Bond’s character. Having taken root over 600 years ago, it is not surprising that the culture surrounding vodka has accumulated its fair share of baggage along the way. Needless to say, eyebrows may be raised if you fail to know your kabak from your zakuska. There is perhaps no spirit that could be more compatible with Russia’s soul. Wine, a drink best savoured with cheese in a pleasant climate, would hardly be suited to Russia’s desolate long winters and short, arduous

growing seasons. In truth, vodka remained relatively exclusive and restricted to Ivan the Terrible’s kabaks or taverns, until the1860s when the government began promoting consumption of state-manufactured vodka and it became the drink of choice for many Russians. Nowadays opinions vary between the custom of drinking vodka neat or

enjoying it with some accompanying food or zakuska. Choosing which food to offer your fellow drinkers is a crucial matter. Meat may be eaten, but not sausages; most fish is good; raw vegetables and herbs should be abandoned for saline ones, while any kind of fruit is welcome, especially citrus ones, as well as berries. Even if you plan to take your vodka without food, you may wish to prime the body for the experience bearing in mind there are two groups of people in Russia: those who enjoy drinking vodka and those with stomach ulcers. To ensure you do not pass from the first to the second group a single 50ml serving of vodka should be taken several hours before a proper session ensues. Russians tend to sneer at compromising the purity of the vodka with mixers, which is a shame when vodka is the base spirit of so many fine cocktails. From the full on onslaught of the Long Island Iced Tea (three parts vodka, one part tequila, white rum, orange liqueur, gin, lemon juice, Gomme syrup and a dash of cola) to the more laidback White Russian (two parts vodka, one part cream or milk, two parts Kahlua) there’s a vodka cocktail to suit all occasions.

But where to enjoy a drop of the good stuff when closer to home? The Absolut Ice Bar on Heddon Sreet in Mayfair offers authentic Nordic charms complete with ice glasses especially flown in from Sweden, however it’s hard to imagine our off duty secret agent popping in between games of baccarat. Somewhere maybe more to his liking would be the Polish Na Zdrowie in Holborn where he could enjoy a Szarlotka, made from Zubrowka (vodka infused with a single bison grass stalk) and apple juice. Perhaps a move away from the demure vodka martini, but how to please a man for whom the world is not enough? n For more information on the Absolut Ice Bar, visit

Restaurant listings

RECOMMENDATION: Wagamama Wagamama serves delicious and freshly ‘cooked to order’ noodle and rice dishes, along with fresh juices, japanese beer, sake and hot drinks. all served by friendly staff in a sleek, well-designed, canteen-style restaurant. check out for more information

Argentinian GAUCHO CANARY 29 Westferry Circus Canary Wharf, E14 020 7987 9494 GAUCHO O2 The O2 Peninsula Square, SE10 020 8858 7711

European INSIDE RESTAURANT 19 Greenwich South Street Greenwich, SE10 020 8265 5060

French PLATEAU Canada Place, E14 020 7715 7100

Gastro Pub THE GUN 27 Coldharbour Lane, E14 020 7515 5222 THE NARROW 44 Narrow Street, E14 020 7592 7950

Indian Dockmasters 1 Hertsmere Road London E14 8JJ 020 7345 0345

Jubilee Place, 45 Bank Street, London, E14 5NY +44 (0) 207 516 9009

Signature Dish yaki soba Set Menu Children’s and Take Away menus available Recommended Wine Sake Opening Times mon - sat: 11.30am-10pm sun: 12-9pm Average price per head £15

The Clifton 1 Whitechapel Road, E1 020 7377 5533 MEMSAHEB 65-67 Amsterdam Road Docklands, E14 020 7538 3008 The Rogue Trader 25 Westferry Road, E14 020 7517 9233

Italian/Pizza AMERIGO VESPUCCI 25 Cabot Square MacKenzie Walk, E14 020 7513 0288 CARLUCCIO’S 2 Reuters Plaza, E14 020 7719 1749 LA FIGA 45 Narrow Street, E14 020 7790 0077

Japanese ITSU Level 2, Cabot Place East Canary Wharf, E14 020 7512 5790

Mexican CHILI’S GRILL & BAR 2nd Floor, Cabot Place Canary Wharf, E14 020 7363 5678

Middle Eastern MEZ RESTAURANT 571 Manchester Road, E14 020 7005 0421 NiNA’S TAZA EXPRESS 322 Burdett Road, E14 020 7093 3552


QUADRATO The Four Seasons Hotel 46 Westferry Circus, E14 020 7510 1857

CURVE Marriott Hotel, West India Quay 22 Hertsmere Road, E14 020 7517 2808

ZERO SETTE 2 Western Gateway Royal Victoria Dock, E16 020 7476 6564

FIRST EDITION 25 Cabot Square Canary Wharf, E14 020 7513 0300

Spanish EL FARO Turnberry Quay, E14 020 7987 5511




A Warehouse Wonderland Josephine O’Donoghue heads to trendy Shoreditch and samples the delights of the eclectic Beach Blanket Babylon


n impressive and imposing presence on Bethnal Green Road, Beach Blanket Babylon (BBB) Shoreditch has been built into an old warehouse building. With dramatic high ceilings, the spacious bar and restaurant fuses Boho Chic with Grand French Country Chateau, luxurious Art Deco with 1970s extravagance. The three quirky floors of the venue contain a 150-seat restaurant, a 300-capacity cocktail lounge, and a beautiful 1,300 sq ft gallery. Taking a seat in a circular booth at the back of the restaurant, we had a great view over the bar; sparkling chandeliers were juxtaposed by glass tubular lights, gold and black wallpaper was highlights by a funky pebble fireplace set into the wall and huge streetlamps glowed by the street entrance. After a long day at work, we ordered our starters and a much-needed glass of wine.


The wine list offered a good choice and we selected the Chardonnay, Morande Estate, Chile 2007 (£6.60 per glass) and Pinot Grigio, Via Nova, Veneto, Italy 2008 (£8.50 per glass). Light and refreshing the Pinot Grigio was the perfect accompaniment for my Spinach and goat’s cheese strudel with baby leaf salad and a roast pepper and oregano salsa (£8.50). More of a springroll than a strudel I thought, but delicious nonetheless. My friend ordered the Prosciutto served with cannellini, asparagus and truffle oil salad (£8.50) which was flavoursome and satisfying, though not too heavy for a meat-starter. BBB is a great place to chill out after a busy day, and partake in a spot of people watching. Attracting a range of clientele, theatmosphere is always lively and the ground floor bar is one of the most stylish hang-outs in Shoreditch. We arrived at 7pm, and by 8pm the Thursday night crowds were all in and buzzing – this can only be a good sign. Soon our main courses had arrived, and my Char-grilled tuna loin steak on a Niciose salad (£14.95) was delicious. A big fan of tuna steak, this dish was cooked perfectly –succulent and tender with a gorgeous char-grilled flavour. My friend dug into her Chorizo sausage with sautéed sweet potato and a tomato and coriander sauce (£12.95) with enthusiasm and was not disappointed. We ate in silence for a few minutes (another good sign) and then swapped plates – the sausages were juicy and fat with a strong chorizo flavour – extremely moreish! Although we probably didn’t need dessert, we picked the incredibly rich Butterscotch cheesecake with passion fruit marmalade (£6.50) and the smooth and creamy White chocolate pannacotta with rhubarb jelly (£6.00). After dinner cocktails are a must when visiting BBB, and we ordered the Purple Blanket, the signature long drink from W11 (U’luvka vodka is shaken with crème de mures and a selection of forest fruits. Served long with a berry garnish, £8.90) and the Vanilla Screw (Grey Goose vodka, lemon juice, and vanilla sugar married and topped with a splash of soda make this a truly welcoming tipple, £8.90). The Vanilla Screw turned out to be a brilliant cocktail for after dinner; with a sharp citrus burst which soon changes to a creamy vanilla on the back of the tongue, this drink is sweet and refreshing without being sickly. The perfect choice. n Beach Blanket Babylon 19-23 Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, E1 6LA 020 7749 3540 For more information, visit



emotional rescue

Deciphering the buzz word in psychology and using Emotional Intelligence to your advantage by Raj Persaud, Consultant Psychiatrist


y friends in the world of advertising insist that the way you sell something like a mortgage, requires a contrasting approach to how you might go about flogging beer. Beer they would contend is a more ‘emotional’ purchase, whilst a mortgage, insurance or pensions, usually involves more thought from the consumer, or as psychologists would put it, more cognition, in comparison. So the term Emotional Intelligence would seem to be a contradiction in terms. Thought, if it’s to be pure and rigorous, is supposed to be devoid of emotional contaminants. Meanwhile if you are in the grip of strong emotion, ie on a date with Claudia Schiffer or Brad Pitt, allowing thought into the frame (ie lets be realistic now, how long is this relationship really going to last?) seems to somewhat spoil things. Emotional Intelligence has been a buzz word in the world of pop psychology and interminable management training courses for over two decades now. But a recent paper published by Marina Fiori in the prestigious journal Personality and Social Psychology Review provocatively asks how much scientific understanding of this concept has actually advanced in the last two decades. Fiori, based at the University of Illinois at Chicago, points out in her paper that a key problem with Emotional Intelligence remains a very weak understanding of what really underpins this talent and how to develop it in ourselves. The persisting and massive allure of Emotional Intelligence remains because it was supposed to explain more success in the real world than dry old academic intelligence. Academic intelligence appeared to predict good exam grades in cloistered removed communities such as universities, but didn’t, it was argued, generalise to the ‘real’ world so much. We could all point at those with brilliant university careers who didn’t seem to amount to much afterwards. Also, there are those with no academic qualifications whatsoever, who nevertheless appear to end up running and owning everything. In the ‘real world’ of grumpy bosses and

tricky colleagues it is vital to understand what was really going on around us, this means being able to spot emotions in others, even if they are trying to hide them, or are not good at communicating them. Sure enough those who score high on emotional intelligence appear better at detecting and interpreting emotional states in others from less information, ie as demonstrated in the laboratory, by just being exposed to milliseconds of another’s facial expression. Knowing that your boss really isn’t as happy as he or she is making out with your team’s work could be vastly helpful in gaining a competitive edge over the colleague who is blithely ignorant of this looming problem. But then comes another problem, which those high on Emotional Intelligence supposedly have an edge over the rest of us. Many are inclined to panic or leap into a world of negative emotion at the prospect of stress or challenge. The more Emotionally Intelligent amongst us aren’t just better at spotting emotions and understanding them, they are also superior at identifying moods in themselves and regulating them. So they are better able to fight panic and stay calm and come up with a more thoughtful problemsolving strategy in the fact of emotionally disturbing predicaments. They key to this is that they can observe their internal lives and stay less involved as emotions sweep in. Not only that though, the emotionally intelligent have a good understanding of how they are going to feel in the future and so don’t make the kind of error the rest of us do, like dating the cad who we know is unreliable and liable to let us down in the future, and so make us feel terrible in the longer term. A further string to the bow of the emotionally intelligent is that they have a better grasp of what the causes of their emotions are. Let’s take a common example. You have a more than usual stressful commute to work and as a result you are grumpy when you eventually at long last collapse behind your desk. Now you have to make an investment decision about whether your bank

should buy or sell a particular stock. You feel negative about the stock but in fact this is only partly because of your analysis of the particular company’s balance sheet, it’s also partly because of your bad mood due to the stressful commute. Often times we make a decision based on an emotion without properly locating where the emotion actually derives from. If our bad feeling about the stock purchase actually more arises from the prolonged commute, we will end up making a poorer decision as a result. This is because we will not have properly understood the true origins of our emotional state. Some may like to rely on intuition - a feeling which cannot be pinned down from whence it arises - but the danger of this is that the emotion may be stimulated by something totally unrelated to the key decision you have to make. The more emotionally intelligent are better at understanding why they feel the way they do and then make decisions that are arise from a more dispassionate appreciation of the role of different inputs on their overall emotional state. What’s intriguing is as we delve into Emotional Intelligence is we discover the component skills are actually more complex than we had first guessed when we believed this was a ticket to easy success in comparison with gaining a good degree. This all begins to sound like rather hard work. Fiori in her paper points out that it does look as if many who possess high Emotional Intelligence are doing a lot of the work unconsciously. They almost intuitively know how to deploy their emotionally intelligent skills without having to work at it. If you want to see unashamed master practitioners of this final skill in action, watch advertising.Yes, even for mortgages. Because emotion comes into everything. n Raj Persaud FRCPsych MSc MPhil Consultant Psychiatrist Gresham Professor for Public Understanding of Psychiatry REFERENCE Marina Fiori. A new look at emotional intelligence: A dual process Framework. Personality and Social Psychology Review, Vol 13, No 1, pp21- 44.

Executive Relocation and home search specialists The National relocation and home search service for executive professionals

Recruiting from overseas? Too busy to find a new home? Seeking an investment property? We offer a personalised, hassle free approach to finding homes in Blackheath, Greenwich, Lewisham and the Docklands. Our bespoke relocation service takes the stress out of moving for individuals and corporations. We also offer a customised property management service in Blackheath, Greenwich, Lewisham and the Docklands

Call Sue direct on: 020 8297 8307 | |



ROBERT PESTON URGES EAST LONDON BUSINESSES TO HELP THE ECONOMY Award winning journalist Robert Peston recently told East London businesses that they have a role to play to help the economy out of the current economic downturn. Speaking at a networking event in Canary Wharf organised by East London Business Place, Peston told the audience of East London SMEs that “you create the wealth that the rest of us rely on for a living.” Peston said that despite an economic downturn there will still be opportunities for astute entrepreneurs: “When we go through difficult times, determined individuals who know what they want for their business can actually achieve

fantastic results.” Gay Harrington, Director of East London Business Place, echoed Peston’s views on the economic challenges but stressed the opportunities for businesses if they are ready to adapt. “These are exciting times in East London, despite the recession. There are a number of major projects going on across East London and the Thames Gateway, including at the Olympic site and Canary Wharf, and buyers are reviewing their existing supplier base. Local businesses that are awake to the opportunities can still do very well,” she said.

Canary Wharf Contractors recently picked up four Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) awards. The CCS awards are based on regular audits of construction sites by CCS inspectors who make assessment in the categories of considerate, environment, cleanliness, neighbour, respectful, safe, responsible and accountable. The 20 Churchill Place (State Street) Project won a Gold award, the Fimalac/ Fitch Ratings project at 30 North Colonnade won a Silver and 5 Churchill Place and Riverside South projects for J.P. Morgan won bronze awards. This places all current Canary Wharf building projects in the top 7.5% of approximately 7,000 registered sites throughout the UK. Canary Wharf Contractors also recently received a RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Gold Award for Occupational Heath and Safety. This was granted in recognition of the significant investment the company has made in staff training, leadership seminars, work force welfare facilities and good health and safety measures and standards across its projects.

CANARY WHARF SWITCHES OFF FOR EARTH HOUR Canary Wharf was among the iconic global locations that recently switched off lights in support of Earth Hour, as a gesture towards cutting the use of energy and tackling climate change. Canary Wharf Group wrote to and met with its tenants and occupiers over the weeks preceding Earth Hour to encourage them to switch off all but essential lighting. Peter Kyte, Managing Director of Canary Wharf Management Limited, was impressed with the response: “ Whilst I don’t think we can ever guarantee a full blackout at Canary Wharf and there is some room for improvement

for next year, we are happy about the result. “The outcome is especially pleasing given the amount of time and effort involved during the weeks leading up to Earth Hour. This included writing to and meeting with many of our tenants and occupiers to see what could be achieved without excessive disruption to their business. There is also a considerable amount work both before and after the event for mechanical and electrical engineers in reprogramming preset systems and the like. “It’s not as simple as flicking a switch,” he said.


Dear Clare One of my colleagues, in a more senior position than me, has resigned and wants me to go with him to a competitor. What should I do?

Regards, Kirsty

Dear Kirsty,

There are a number of issues which you need to consider before jumping ship. You should find out as much information as possible about the new position – salary, job description, reporting line etc. Is it a firm offer or merely speculative? Ask to meet other staff members. Just because your colleague is joining the new company, doesn’t mean it is the best place for you. Carry out proper due diligence, check the contract and make sure it is unconditional before resigning. Also review your existing contract. This will set out how much notice you need to give your current employer. Depending on

Martin’$ Money Matter$

GETTING FINANCIAL ADVICE YOU CAN TRUST Martin Bamford, Chartered Financial Planner, Informed Choice


t’s not just the ‘credit crunch’ and global financial crisis that have been shaking the world of retail financial services over the past eighteen months. A number of high profile fraud cases have left wealthy investors reeling and all of us quite understandably nervous about seeking financial advice. Finding a good financial adviser comes down to asking a series of important questions and completing some basic due diligence before taking their advice. A golden rule when it comes to financial advice is to always use an independent financial adviser

(IFA). This is the only type of financial adviser who acts on your behalf rather than acting for one or more providers of financial products. By using the services of an IFA you can be sure they are acting in your best interests rather than aiming to sell products for their employer. To ensure not just independence but also impartiality, you should consider paying a fee for advice. There is no such thing as a free-lunch, but some financial advisers charge by taking a commission for selling a financial product. Without the incentive to recommend a commission-

your position, this can be as short as a week or as much as a year. If you were to leave without giving adequate notice, this would put you in breach of contract entitling your employer to sue you. You may be able to agree an early release date but as you are joining a competitor, this is unlikely. Check if you can be placed on garden leave. Until your notice period ends, you remain bound by duties to your current employer. If you are a director you are likely to be subject to particularly onerous duties. You should not encourage other employees to leave, or divert clients or business to the competitor company, nor undertake any work for the new employer. Your contract may also contain restrictive covenants limiting what you can and can’t do for a certain period after termination, including possible restrictions on joining a competitor and limiting your ability to poach or deal with former clients and colleagues. It is important to take legal advice on them. If they are potentially enforceable, you should abide by them, unless you can agree a release with your existing employer. Possible consequences of your breaching your duties or your covenants include injunction proceedings and a claim for compensation against you.Good luck,

Clare Clare Murray is managing partner at employment law firm, CM Murray LLP, Canary Wharf.To submit a query, email The contents of this column are for general purposes only. Specialist legal advice should be taken regarding specific circumstances.

paying product you can be confident of total impartiality. In the UK, it is a legal requirement for a financial adviser to be authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) before giving financial advice to members of the public. Always check their regulated status using the FSA register at If you take financial advice from a nonregulated individual, not only are they breaking the law but you are left with zero protection in the event of bad advice. Qualifications are another important area to consider. Financial advisers are required to hold a very basic qualification which used to be called the Financial Planning Certificate and was recently renamed as the Certificate in Financial Planning. New proposals from the FSA are set to introduce a higher minimum standard for advisers by the end of 2012 and this will

be equivalent to the Diploma in Financial Planning. In practice, if your financial advice or planning needs are anything other than at the most basic level, you should look for a financial adviser with a higher professional qualification. The two most rigorous qualification standards are Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Both of these standards reflect a commitment from a financial adviser to demonstrate their technical and practical competence in different areas of financial planning. Most importantly, you should work with a financial adviser or planner who is responsive to your needs. Follow these tips and you are unlikely to ever end up with a Bernie Madoff-type character as your financial adviser. n This article is provided for general consideration only and the information contained herein is not to be acted upon without professional independent financial advice.

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The Ultimate Venue in the Sky

The View™

Chic, stylish and ultra-modern. Pure blank canvas potential. The award-winning venue for any event.

8000 sq ft with 360° Views with additional meeting rooms and a state-of-the-art auditorium 0845 500 2929 29th Floor Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP



Why Investing Beats Gambling It is not the domain of the rich and anyone can try their hand

by DR. DAVID KUO from The Motley Fool


was gob smacked the other day when a friend told me that he thought the stock market was nothing more than a casino for the rich. And I was taken aback on two separate fronts. Firstly, I was saddened to hear that there are still some people who believe the stock market is the preserve of rich people only. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth given the rapid growth in the number of low-cost online brokers that have made shares more affordable. Gone are the days when you had to consult your broker about what shares you should buy or sell. I can’t even remember the last time I spoke to a broker. In fact, it’s been so long ago that he’s probably retired to some exotic island (at my expense) where palm trees sway in the gentle breeze, and the ocean gently laps the shore. The other thing that disappointed me even more was discovering that there are some people who still fail to grasp the differences between gambling and investing in shares. Perhaps the most significant difference between gambling and investing lies in the concept of winners and losers. When you gamble, you are taking part in a game of chance with the explicit intention of winning. So, by implication, there will also be losers! Moreover, it is the losers that provide the spoils enjoyed by the winners. Consequently, there is a transfer of money from the loser to the winner, simply because there is nowhere else that the money can come from. However, when we buy shares, the value of the shares is a reflection of how the market perceives the company will perform in the

future. If the company does well, then the profits that we make by owning its shares is generated by the extra value that the company creates. Significantly, those profits are not the result of someone else’s losses but the benefits of the company doing well. Additionally, even at the point when we sell our shares to another investor, both parties win at the time of exchange. That’s because each person is better off by attaining

Interestingly, they are not actually betting that a stock market recovery will happen that is a given. Instead they are speculating on the timing of the recovery and how much lower shares may go. Unfortunately, no one rings a bell at the bottom of the market. It’s also worth remembering that investing is not about buying shares at the bottom and selling at the top. It’s more about building a portfolio of shares that you are comfortable holding for the long

Gone are the days when you had to consult your broker about what shares you should buy or sell. I can’t even remember the last time I spoke to a broker something preferred to what has been voluntarily given up. Another significant difference between gambling and investing is that the longer you gamble the greater are your chances of losing. This is simply because in most games of chance the return you can expect is not in your favour. For example, horseracing odds are deliberately calculated to produce a profit for the bookie regardless of the outcome of the race. By contrast, the expected return from investing in shares is in favour of the investor. Therefore, the longer you invest in shares, the greater is your likelihood of turning in a profit. Historically, shares have delivered a long-term return of nine per cent per year and, in my view, it makes sense to “bet” on shares performing well in the future. In today’s market, you sometimes hear people speak about investing as being a bet on a recovery.

term even if the value should fall. The type of portfolio you have should reflect your tolerance to risk. So, the earlier you start, the earlier you can learn about the various investing styles that suit your temperament. One of the best ways to start investing in shares is through low-cost index trackers, which will provide exposure to a wide range of companies. It will also remove some of the short-term unpredictability that can give rise to the misconception that shares are a gamble. And you don’t have to be rich to start. You can invest small amounts every month but remember to wrap it in an ISA to take advantage of the tax breaks. You can even invest on behalf of your children in their Child Trust Funds, too. n

SPREAD BETTING BIG ON BRAZIL While China and India get the bulk of attention as B.R.I.C. (Brazil, Russia, India, China) nations, it’s Brazil that from my research is showing the most promise and there is much more to Brazil than carnivals, football and sunny beaches


he first thing to state is that Brazil has a stable government; President Lula da Silva has an 80% approval rating, a level that other world leaders could not dream of. He has been a major force at pulling many out of poverty and building up a Brazilian middle class which is good for the economy. The business environment is friendly to foreign investors and the President has built up good relationships with nations that matter, such as China and the US. Brazil is rich in Oil and the state still owns the majority of PetroBras (NYSE: PBR) which owns the Tupi oilfield, one of the largest new discoveries in recent years. Whilst oil has come down in recent months it’s just a matter of time before prices start moving again and this will bring in billions of dollars. The President has also stated he is not interested in exporting oil but would rather export higher margin oil derivatives such as diesel, gasoline (petrol) and petrochemicals. Other Brazilian resource companies include mining giant Companhia Vale Rio Doce (RIO) which is a leader in Copper, Steel, Coal, Potassium and Nickel. Steel producer Gerdau (GGB) and sugar/ ethanol producer Cosan (CZZ) should all benefit from the rise in commodity prices in the coming years. Although world food prices are off their highs, they remain nearly 30%-50% above their decade averages. Agriculture comprises approximately 8% of the

nation’s GDP and employs nearly one-fifth of the nation’s workforce. Brazil is not just growing food but also processing it, they are the second-leading supplier of poultry in the world, accounting for 38 percent of the market just behind the USA and I expect them to be number one within a few years. Brazilian banks are generally intact as their balance sheets are free of toxic assets. Banking shares have been sold off but the fundamentals remain unimpaired. Brazil has had plenty of their own banking problems in the past but now they have some of the best capitalised banks in the world. Banco Itaú (NYSE:ITU) is currently merging with Unibanco of Brazil to form Itaú Unibanco Holding which will be the largest bank in Brazil and in fact one of the top 20 worldwide. Other leading banks include Banco Bradesco (BBD) and Banco Do Brasil.

Whilst oil has come down in recent months it’s just a matter of time before prices start moving again and this will bring in billions of dollars So how we can profit from Brazil? One of the easiest ways is buying or spread betting the ishares Brazil Exchange Traded Fund (IBZL) in London or (EWZ) in the US which mirrors the movements of the

main Bovespa Index and has 72 Brazilian companies within it. It is heavily weighted to Materials and Energy with PetroBras making up 25% of the Index. Other ways to trade include covered warrants offered by RBS Markets and Lyxor offers an Exchange Traded fund listed in the UK (LBRZ). You can also spread bet many of the individual shares mentioned in this article as they are listed in the US and you will find charts and prices on most major financial sites. Final Thoughts Brazil is not immune to the global crisis and growth has slowed in 2009, yet it is likely to pull out of a slowdown quicker and more robustly than most other nations. As you can see from the chart the Bovespa has held up far better than the UK FTSE100 or US S&P500 and that divergence leads me to believe that Brazil is in a far better shape than most realise. 2010 is election year in Brazil and President Lula cannot stand again as he has been in power for two terms already, however, I don’t see the next president rocking the boat and undoing the good work. The sell off gives you the opportunity to get exposure to Brazil at 2006 prices. n Vince Stanzione has produced a home study course to teach private investors how to benefit from trading financial Spread Bets and Fixed Odds. For more information please visit




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Life can be difficult….

… but it doesn’t have to be a battlefield. At Bennett Welch Solicitors we realise that the end of a relationship is never an easy time, emotionally or financially. Making new arrangements for yourself and your family can lead to conflict. We can help avoid this and help you plan for your and your children’s future. We advise on family disputes including divorces, separations, civil partnership dissolutions and arrangements for children. Our experience includes dealing with substantial assets, including pensions, businesses and assets in trust. We adopt a proactive approach to our clients’ individual circumstances and needs. We aim to resolve disputes in a non-confrontational way but will stand up for your rights at Court if needed. If you need advice regarding a pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreement, or an inheritance dispute, we also have the expertise. Call Greg Randall, on 020 8670 6141 for more details of how we can help you. Greg is a trained collaborative lawyer and a member of Resolution, the solicitors’ family law association

Interior design for family homes. From bespoke furniture commissions or new decorative schemes to complete structural refurbishments. To discuss your requirements, please contact: e: t: 020 8318 2070 Bank Chambers, Westow Hill, Upper Norwood, London, SE19 1TY

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Planning a career change? The KLC School of Design is holding its annual Graduate Exhibition. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the work of newly qualified interior designers, recruit talented professionals or discover the variety of design-based courses that the prestigious KLC offers at its school in Chelsea Harbour. For opening times and further information contact Rachel Neillie at, call 020 7376 3377 or visit

Equus limited editions British photographer Tim Flach's 7 year photographic journey celebrates the majesty of the horse in these hand bound books. Each edition is protected and complemented by a superb print folio and case, designed and hand crafted by Asprey Holdings Limited. We love the Carbro and Platinum Edition 1/25 costing a cool £25,000

Bright Lights Bright colours may be creeping into our interiors but many of us still love to have a cool looking modern kitchen. Check out Halcyon Interiors, who run the ALNO kitchen flagship store. Recently installed in-store is the ALNO Star handle-less kitchen in a high gloss white; the ultimate in pared down kitchen design. Prices from £15,000 0207 4863080 120, Wigmore Street London, W1U 3LS

Bombay Sapphire The iconic gin, will launch Bombay Sapphire Dusk this Summer at Somerset House. Treats include an innovative bar design from designer Tom Dixon and a series of cultural evening events. At 6pm, the bar will be illuminated in the iconic translucent Bombay Sapphire blue to mark cocktails time.


Sienna's Secret

Blink, Europe’s first air taxi service, has launched Blink Focus, a new and innovative frequent flyer programme which rewards customers with free trips on Blink. Carrying up to four passengers, Blink’s fleet of next generation business jets provides unrivalled access to over 600 convenient destinations throughout Europe. All at competitive prices.

Sienna Miller and Tara PalmerTomkinson are rumoured to have found the secret to an all natural fuller, firmer bust. Completely herbal and requiring no invasive surgery Perfect C can enhance size and shape of the breasts by up to three cup sizes without needing to top up. It's what cosmetic surgeons have been dreading for years! Priced at £199 for three months’ supply.

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Wow Factor!

Ascot Hospitality and Champneys bring you the Royal Ascot 2009 ‘Picnic in a Box’ for the famous race meeting in June. Beautifully packaged, ranges include a starter, main course, dessert and wine and have a vegetarian option. Champneys ‘Classic Picnic in a Box’ is priced at just £40 inclusive of VAT and can be purchased in advance of the Royal Meeting.

If there ever was a facial treatment worth shouting about then the Hialurox facial from Shenaz Shariff at the The Face and Body Clinic Harley Street, is it! Shenaz offers a 2-hour treat that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It smoothes and plumps as it goes along thanks to hyaluronic acid and cold laser therapy, meaning you can throw away that make up bag, all a snip at £850 for six sessions.

Royal Ascot picnic booking line on 0870 726 3264

Intrepid Travel

David Marshall

For travellers with a yearning to get off the beaten track, Intrepid opens up a whole new world of adventure travel. With a huge variety of tours available travellers explore the world's most amazing places - discovering real people, real cultures and incredible real life experiences along the way!

Discerning jewellery lovers are heralding the arrival of UK luxury Jeweller of the Year David Marshall London. His new collection represents British luxury at its very best with items individually created using bold designs combined with rare and exquisite gemstones. Such as the 24.34 carat marquise cut green tourmaline, diamond and platinum ring. Priced at £17,110 or call 020 7269 9944

Kensington Hotel After a nine-month, £20million renovation, this new incarnation is a stylish pied-á-terre offering 150 rooms and suites in South Kensington. The hotel is an amalgamation of four grand Victorian town houses and exudes an eccentric English twist through its design and British restaurant and bar - Aubrey. 109-113 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London SW7 5LR 020 7589 6300

Hike, Bike, Run, Swim It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or what you do anyone can get involved! We have a whole range of events for 2009: Please contact Please contact events on quoting CWM


C A N A RY WHARF EV E N TS DANCE FEVER Monday 18 – Thursday 21 May Cabot Square FREE

Fancy yourself as a ballroom diva or a Latin lover? Want to learn a few steps or two? Then head to Cabot Square and catch Dance Fever - a fabulous celebration of the moves and music with some captivating dances.

Monday 18 May World Dance Day 12-2pm - Bollywood with Bollywood Grooves Dancers 6-8pm - Flamenco with Jackie Wilford and Cris Mullet Tuesday 19 May Strictly Ballroom 12-2pm - Ballroom Basics with Thomas Voss and Yana 6-8pm - Ballroom Dance with Thomas Voss and Yana Wednesday 20 May Get Fit and Have Fun 12-2pm - Hula Hoop with Hooplala 6-8pm - Lindy Hop/Jive with Temujin Gill and Sunanda Biswas Thursday 21 May Salsa Day 12-2pm - Cuban Salsa with Roberto Molina and partner 6-8pm - Salsa Dance with Lee Knights and partner

SUMMER IN STYLE Thursday 28 May 5-8pm Throughout Canary Wharf Shopping Malls

An indulgent evening of shopping with exclusive store discounts* and entertainment including live music, fashion shows, product sampling and demonstrations. *Store discounts will be available from 12 noon - Check regularly for more details.

Canary Wharf Abseil in aid of Cancer Research UK Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 May 20 Cabot Square

Want to raise money for charity? Feeling brave? Then be abseil-utely mad and sign up for the Canary Wharf Abseil in aid of Cancer Research UK and find out what London looks like from 230ft. To take part in this exclusive challenge and raise money to help cure cancer, register now at by calling 020 7360 8272 or visit

URBAN SOUNDS Tuesday 5, 12, 19, 26 May 12.30-1pm & 1.30-2pm Throughout Canary Wharf FREE

Urban Sounds heads outdoors in May bringing free music performances from emerging artists into the parks at Canary Wharf. Get the most from your lunchtimes by enjoying fresh new music from some of the best up and coming musicians on the scene today. All donations collected during the Urban Sounds season will benefit Mudchute Park & Farm. For listings of artists and locations visit

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The Fortis Bank Tennis Classic is an exclusive event set in one of the most tranquil and breathtaking settings in Central London, the Hurlingham Club. This event showcases some of the top players on the ATP Tour as well as legends of the game. The line-up for 2009 is the best ever with confirmed ATP Tour players including James Blake, Tomas Berdych, Marat Safin and Stanislas Wawrinka and legends Greg Rusedski, Pat Cash, Henri Leconte and Mats Wilander. For full details on who is playing at the event visit The intimacy of the venue ensures spectators have an exceptional view of

the court and can feel fully involved in the action. Each day there are three matches on Centre Court, giving the unique chance to watch former Champions of the game playing alongside the stars of today in a mixture of singles and doubles matches. A limited number of tennis and tea tickets are available throughout the week and we are offering Canary Wharf readers the chance to enjoy this exclusive event for just £125 per person. The package includes a reserved grandstand seat on

CANA WHARRY READ F OFFE ER R Centre Court, afternoon tea with champagne Lanson and strawberries and an official souvenir programme. Corporate hospitality packages are also available starting from £229 per person. To book tickets to this event contact IMG on 020 8233 5854 or email and quote “TFTCCW09”. For more information on the tournament visit


Fortis Private Banking


Our guide to this month’s top events

6-31 May

7-17 May





Talk Show is a month-long season featuring artworks and live events, including an exhibition of speech in the ICA’s galleries, and a range of events in the institute’s theatre. The participants include over thirty international artists, as well as thirty speakers from diverse disciplines.

This insightful festival will throw up a fresh perspective and celebrate Buddhist ideas and inspiration represented in all film, from Eastern documentaries to Hollywood blockbusters. The Barbican Centre Silk Street London, EC2Y 8DS 020 7638 4141

ICA The Mall London, SW1Y 5AH 020 7930 3647

13 May





The Nazis have captured General George Geoffrey Bungle of Strategic High Command and taken him to Sparrow Heights. His only hope of rescue lies with Captain John Smith and his team of terribly brave chaps.

Discover something new about London’s scientific history with a focus on the 19th and 20th centuries. This walk passes by the homes of Victorian pioneers and educational establishments that fostered groundbreaking research, and premises in which famous discoveries were made.

Greenwich Playhouse Greenwich Station Forecourt 189 Greenwich High Road London SE10 8JA 020 8858 9256

© Museum of London

12 May –7 June

Museum of London 150 London Wall London, EC2Y 5HN 020 7600 3699

14 – 16 May

Until 16 May





Highly acclaimed observational standup comedian Shazia Mirza presents her hilarious new show full of stories.

© Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Archive

Rich Mix

Renowned photographer Cecil Beaton has immortalised many of the twentieth century icons including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Gilbert and George. This will be the first time for many years that these images will be on view and available to buy. Chris Beetles Gallery 8 & 10 Ryder Street, St James’s London, SW1Y 6QB 020 7839 7551

5 May – June 14

19-23 May





Scheinmann’s collection of paintings is inspired by landscapes, rocks and the human body. She conveys her personal vision by infusing the real with the imaginary. The cracks in the rocks and the patterns in nature present new images which are then translated into paintings, prints and other mediums.

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, the Northern Ballet Theatre has a mixed bill that will let you experience the best that this leading ballet group has to offer.

Portland Gallery 8 Bennet Street, London, SW1A 1RP 020 7493 1888

Sadler’s Wells Rosebery Avenue London EC1R 4TN 020 7863 8000

rd_dec shirt company.qxp



A chameleon, the perfect white shirt comes in many guises, all of which have certain things in common. The perfect white shirt fits well, its sleeves are long and well shaped, its top button thoughtfully positioned. Its colour is a bright, complexion-flattering white. The fact that it is made well - and made to last - goes without saying.


The perfect white shirt is a classic. No one said it has to be plain.

The world’s largest fashion and beauty event arrives in the capital for the first time! For three days leading fashion brands, celebrities’ and experts will be strutting their stuff in London’s ExCeL.    

Tel: 0845 1192 343 16:24

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Take your game to suffolk this summer

(J28, M25) Woodbridge

10% off Golfing Breaks with Unlimited Golf Stay at Ufford Park Hotel, Golf & Spa during May - August 2009 and enjoy a 2 night golfing break from only £179.10pp* (Normally £199pp). Includes dinner, B&B, use of the health club and unlimited golf on the 18 hole par 71 championship golf course.

Bring your Mates & Stay for FREE Why not bring along your golfing buddies and enjoy a 2 night golfing break from £199pp* and the organiser stays for FREE (Min.15 people plus organiser).

Call reservations on 0844 499 1634 to book or visit Yarmouth Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1QW. *This offer is subject to availability and based on double occupancy in a standard room.

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The PerfectWhite Shirt. Simple. Versatile. Essential.

A major international exhibition showing the work of Professor Keith Cummings and his students. It examines his impact on glass education over the last 40 years.





11 May - 5 June

Canary Wharf-May 09:Layout 1


Gateway to Suffolk’s Heritage Coast...

Commercial Cars & Couriers

AL L B T N l A P S, OAD K N l R D + HE R



Tel: 0207 790 1144 or 0207 790 3939


ity door Facil ln t s e g r a •L in th e UK t at £ 25 ar • Prices st Bar • L ice nsed Rooms with • C h anging we rs in tball Ho t Sh o Th e Pan tre Ce

P. S. G


• 24 Hour Mini Cabs, Chauffeur Service and Nationwide Parcel Delivery • Reliable Service with experienced drivers • Established over 30 Years Available for bookings 7 days a week 8AM-10PM ** Booking Conditions Apply

• New Accounts Welcome with online booking • GPRS Based system with integrated GPS vehicle tracking • Sat Nav in every vehicle • All areas covered

Unit 4 Wood Wharf Business Park, Preston Road, Canary Wharf, London E14 9SF T. 0845 2300 850 E.

100 FREE PAINTBALLS per person when you present this advert

• Credit & Debit Cards accepted in vehicles PCO Licence Number 1346/02/05

Fax: 0207 423 9488



Until 14 June

16 & 17 May





The British Council Collection is to go on show for the first time. The exhibition features works from the 20th and 21st centuries. Each item will have the price paid for the art on display, and a ‘passport’ will show where the works have been shown since their date of purchase.

The ultimate shopping treat! Avoid the high street crowds, meet over 70 designers and gain an insight into working practices and be inspired by exceptional craft and design

Whitechapel Gallery 77-82 Whitechapel High Street London E1 7QX 020 7522 7888

Craft Central 33-35 St John’s Square London, EC1M 4DS 020 7251 0276

Until October

Until June 5





The British Museum and HSBC are collaborating to being a season dedicated to Indian culture. A unique programme of exhibitions, installations, lectures, film and performances will include Garden and Cosmos, The Royal Paintings of Jodpur, an Indian landscape and a specially commissioned space showing India’s biodiversity.

Featuring Helen Musselwhite, Catherine Rayner, Sonia Rollo, Rose Sanderson and Helen Thorpe, this show aims to bring together artists whose work is inspired in vey different ways by the animal kingdom.

The British Museum Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG 020 7323 8000

5 – 23 May THEATRE HAVANA RAKATAN One of Sadler’s Wells’ most successful productions, Havana Rakatan returns to the Peacock Theatre by enormous popular demand for a third year! Mambo, jazz, bolero, son, cha-cha-cha, rumba and salsa all come alive in a dazzling dance display of Cuban passion that is guaranteed to get heads nodding and feet tapping. Peacock Theate Portugal Street London, WC2 0844 412 4300 22 – 24 May THEATRE BRILLIANT: FEVERED SLEEP One of the UK’s most inventive performance companies, returns with a dazzling production for 3-5 year olds. The final part in a trilogy of works that take a child’s daily rituals as the starting point for extraordinary creative events, combining movement, music, light, and captivating imagery, the show explores the deep emotions, magical imaginings and the secret games that are conjured as we sleep. Lilian Baylis Studio Rosebery Avenue London, EC1R 4TN 0844 412 4300

19 May EVENT THE MODERN GENTLEMAN To give the man about town inspiration on what to drink and perfect a sharp modern look, the makers of super premium vodka Smirnoff Black are hosting The Modern Gentleman Masterclasses. Guests will be invited to spend time with experts who will be dishing out advice. Just call and reserve your complimentary place. The Glade Room at sketch 9 Conduit Street London, W1S 2XG 07951 483589 www.moderngentlemanmasterclasses.

Ongoing EXHIBITION THE BRITISH MUSIC EXPERIENCE The BME is the world’s only fully interactive permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of popular music in Britain, live at The O2. Using state of the art technology the BME shows how rock, pop, dance and many other genres have formed and influenced British culture over the last sixty years. The O2 London, SE10 0DX 0844 856 0202

Style in the city A rare opportunity to purchase close to London’s Square Mile. City Quarter offers a stunning collection of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 2 and 3 bedroom penthouses. • Superb location – within a 15 minute walk of Bank and Liverpool Street Stations • Excellent connections – choice of underground, DLR and rail. Close to City Airport

Marketing Suite open daily from 10am to 6pm (late night Tuesday until 8pm) and weekends 10am to 5pm

For more information please call 020 3217 1000 or Email

• Excellent location for The City, Tower Bridge, Tower of London and St Katharine Docks • All apartments benefit from their own private patio, balcony and/or terrace overlooking a landscaped courtyard or stunning water lagoon


• Superb specification with individually designed kitchens and fully integrated appliances • Limited parking available by separate negotiation

Prices from £385,000 Prices correct at time of going to press, map is not to scale and is for reference only. Images are taken at City Quarter showhome.

Square Mile Boundary

8683_037_CQ AD Canary Wharf 29_01 1

28/4/09 17:27:26



Ivory House , E1W


3 bedroom conversion penthouse apartment with stunning views over St Katharine Docks. n 3 terraces n Porter n Parking space

West India Quay, E14


Teal Court, E1W


A contemporary styled 3 bedroom duplex penthouse apartment located in a prestigious landmark development.

A three bedroom duplex penthouse apartment with panoramic views of St. Katharine Docks Yacht Haven.

n 24 hour porterage terrace n Protected allocated parking n Furniture included

n Balcony n 2 roof terraces n Parking Space

Savills Docklands, Execution Dock 80 Wapping High Street, E1W 2NE 020 7456 6800

Savills Canary Wharf 4 Westferry Circus, E14 4HD 020 7531 2500

West Grove, SE10 A beautifully presented Victorian terraced home, arranged over five floors, in historic Greenwich. It has been painstakingly refurbished to a very high standard whilst retaining a number of original features. The house benefits from some of the finest panoramic views of London and there is easy access to the West End, City, and Canary Wharf and a number of well regarded Independent and State schools. Gross internal area (approx) 4692 sq ft.

Savills Canary Wharf, 4 Westferry Circus, E14 4HD

ÂŁ2,950,000 n Open plan kitchen, dining room & family area n 2 further reception rooms n Master bedroom suite with dressing room,

walk-in wardrobe and en-suite n 5 further bedrooms, 3 further bathrooms & 2 WC’s n Study and office

020 7531 2500

Eaton House, E14

£375 per week

Victoria Wharf, E14

1 bedroom apartment in excellent condition Canary Wharf located in the heart of Canary Wharf. Private parking, 24 hour security, modern amenities, 020 7531 2500 river walks/restaurants and gym facilities on site. Furnished.

A spacious 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment with 2 balconies overlooking the River Thames. The property comes with 1 on site allocated parking space. Furnished.

Pierpoint Building, E14

City Quay, E1W

£425 per week

£425 per week Canary Wharf

020 7531 2500

£675 per week

A 2 bedroom apartment in this popular Canary Wharf development, offering river views, residents leisure facilities, 24 hour security and within 020 7531 2500 close proximity to Canary Wharf. Furnished.

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in a secure Docklands development overlooking the marina of St. Katherine’s Dock. Furnished. 020 7456 6800

The Grain Store, SE1

Merchant Court, E1W

Contemporary 2 bedroom warehouse conversion in a highly convenient location close to London Bridge. Unfurnished.

£465 per week Docklands

020 7456 6800

Contemporary 2 bedroom 2 bathroom warehouse style apartment featuring exposed brick work. The apartment is located within a portered block and is offered with a private parking space. Furnished.

£460 per week Docklands

020 7456 6800



MAY Hot Properties







A. Berkeley Tower, E14

B. City Quarter, E1

C. Royal Arsenal Riverside, SE18

A 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom south west facing apartment in the sought after Canary Riverside development, offering sweeping views over the Thames to the city.

A selection of stunning apartments and penthouses superbly located 15 minutes walk from Bank and Liverpool Street stations, all offering a private patio, balcony and/or terrace.

A gorgeous top floor warehouse conversion with high ceilings and park views, set in a beautiful gated riverside development offering an onsite gym and 24 hour concierge.

£665,000 – Savills 020 7531 2500

Prices from £385,000 – Berkeley Homes 020 3217 1000

£250 per week – London Stone Properties 020 8855 2155

D. One West India Quay, E14

E. Marylebone Village, W1

A spectacular 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment offering unparalleled views of Canary Wharf and ideally located next to the DLR and shopping malls.

A selection of properties within the award-winning Marylebone Village, offering a 24 hour in-house property management service and located moments from Bond Street and Regent’s Park.

F. Vanguard Building, E14

£565,000 – Life Residential 020 7476 0125

£300 to £3,500 per week The Howard de Walden Estate 020 7290 0912

A two bedroom, two bathroom apartment offering communal gardens and leisure facilities, secure parking and 24 hr concierge. £360,000 – Alan Selby & Partners 020 7519 5900

London's Finest Properties

Idaho Building, Deals Gateway SE13 • One Bedroom Apartment • Part Furnished • 3rd Floor • Balcony • 24 Hour Concierge • Nr. Deptford Bridge DLR

£213 PW

Arizona Building, Deals Gateway SE13

New Providence Wharf, Canary Wharf E14

Michigan Building, Canary Wharf E14

£230 PW

£295 PW

£295 PW

• Two Bedroom Apartment • Fully Furnished • 3rd Floor • Balcony • On-site Swimming Pool & Gymnasium • Nr. Deptford Bridge DLR

• One Bedroom Apartment • Fully Furnished • 10th Floor • Balcony • 24hr Concierge Service • Nr. Blackwall DLR

• One Bedroom Apartment • Fully Furnished • 4th Floor • Balcony • 24hr Concierge Service • Nr. Blackwall DLR


Three Colt Street, Canary Wharf E14 • Two Bedroom Apartment • Fully Furnished • 3rd Floor • Parking Available • Ideal 4 Sharers • Nr. Westferry DLR

We urgently require 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for awaiting, company and professional tenants. For all management properties we will take our fees on a monthly basis.

£325 PW

Seacon Tower, Hutchings Street, E14

• 2 Bed/2 bath with spectacular river views • Light and airy apartment • Contemporary fixtures and fittings • Secure underground parking • Balcony over river


Lowry House, Canary Central E14

• Three Bedroom Apartment • Fully Furnished • Balcony • Lovely Courtyard Views • Allocated Parking • Nr. South Quay DLR

£550 PW

The Watergardens, Canada Water, SE16

• 2 double bedroom/2 bathroom apartment • Beautiful ‘continental’ style development • Set within secluded courtyard around tranquil water gardens. • Located right next to Canada Water tube and shopping mall • Due south aspect with panoramic views


One West India Quay, Canary Wharf , E14

New Providence Wharf, E14



• Spectacular 1 bedroom/2 bathroom • Arguably Canary Wharf’s most prestigious development • Superior specification and highly contemporary fittings • Unparalleled views of Canary Wharf • Located next to DLR and shopping malls

• 2 bedroom/2 bathroom • 6th floor riverside apartment • All rooms river facing • 900 sq ft of living space • Two separate entrances to apartment • Very high specification • On-site facilities include swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and gym

Sales | Lettings | Corporate Services | Property Management

Central London 020 7582 7989

West London 020 8896 9990

Docklands 020 7476 0125

Deptford & Greenwich 020 8692 2244

NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY Demand for City homes of distinction bounces back


he number of property purchasers who believe now is the right time to buy has doubled, according to the latest figures from the Building Societies Association*. In just over six months, confidence in the UK property market has swelled with the feel-good factor creeping back into the housing market. Substantiating this, Berkeley Homes (Capital) Ltd has reported an increase in interest at its City Quarter development in London’s E1. Piers Clanford, Berkeley Homes (Capital) Plc’s Operations Director, comments “Our staff have seen an uplift in enquiries that coincides with a number of property leaders stating the bottom of the property market has almost been reached”. Professionals wishing to make the transition from a rental property to home ownership are taking advantage of the opportunities now available in prestigious central locations. Berkeley Homes (Capital) Ltd has seen an increase in sales enquiries at its Hoopers Yard development on Leman Street in E1 – a collection of fortyfive apartments and penthouses located on the edge of the Square Mile. As Piers explains, “We expect the remaining properties at Hoopers Yard to be snapped up this spring as buyers realise our product offers unrivalled quality and good long-term prospects”.

Set close to Wapping and St Katherine Docks, Hoopers Yard is an array of apartments and penthouses designed by architect Sheppard Robson and built to the highest standard. The entry-level homes at Hoopers Yard are attractive to those looking for a well connected pied a terre property, suitable for Monday to Friday living with prices starting from £385,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. Hoopers Yard offers the perfect ‘lock up and leave’ environment as access to all apartments is via an electronic audio door entry system, with electronic access to common areas and multi-point locking entrance door with spy hole viewer to each property. For added peace of mind there is secure underground parking, monitored CCTV coverage and a daytime concierge, who will take in parcels and handle any personal callers. At the other end of the Hoopers Yard property spectrum is a number of stunning duplex penthouses that start from £850,000. These properties offer luxurious London living, with special finishing touches and features, extensive private outdoor space and generous floor plans, with the largest offering 1,111 square feet of living space. The penthouses enjoy an enhanced specification, with a duplex layout featuring an oak staircase and private terraces.

The homes bear the superior Berkeley Homes specification that includes Alno kitchens with grey composite stone worksurfaces and Siemens appliances. The bathrooms feature Hansgrohe fittings, ceramic floor tiling, bathroom cabinets with mirrored doors, vanity shelves with feature lighting, contemporary bathroom suites in classic white and chrome finish ladder-style heated towel rails. The quiet enclave of City Quarter is a short walk from St Katharine Docks, Wapping, Butler’s Wharf and the Tower of London, from

where the Thames Clipper riverboat service operates at Tower Pier. The City Quarter Sales and Marketing Suite is open 10am to 6pm weekdays (until 8pm on Tuesdays) and from 10am to 5pm on weekends, with a number of show apartments open for viewing. n * Figures from Building Societies Association (BSA), March 2009 Hoopers Yard at City Quarter 99 Leman Street London, E1 8EY 020 3217 1000


London Stone


23 mins to Canary Wharf by DLR 20 mins by River Boat

Elegant 3 Storey Bright 3 Bed Townhouse Smart, Modern, 1 Bed

Fabulous Bedwith River ViewtoPenthouse Top Floor3Flat Floor Ceiling Windows

Tall, spacious, sunnyand andmodern elegant1house with 3 double Good sized, clean bed, overlooking a beds, kitchen, lounge, 2 baths and south facing and garden. courtyard with large rooms throughout heaps of storage. Furnished. Furnished

Sitting the top floors, overbalcony 1,400 sqrunning ft of space Great on 2 bed flat 2with a large thelooks length of through floor to ceiling glassthe windows over the river. wow! the property overlooking internal lagoon andTotal fountains. Furnished

SE18 £300pw £196pw

SE18 £392pw £242pw

Gorgeous 2 Bed Warehouse Conversion Beautiful Furnished Loft Style Apartment

Smart, Well 1 BedRoof Skylights Fabulous LoftFurnished with Amazing

Truly lovely loft flat withwith exposed bigwith windows Fantastic 2 bed a hugebrickwork, living room doubleand exposed beams.throughout Big rooms,and overa great 1,000 modern sq ft, 2 baths. height ceilings kitchen. Furnished/Unfurnished Furnished

A smart, modern property good size, wellwith furnished truly unique 2 bed flat in of thea Royal Arsenal, a hugewith big rooms and modern kitchen and and bathroom. living area that has a vaulted ceiling loads of roof skylights. Furnished

SE18 £320pw £273pw

SE18 £202pw £335pw

Luxury Modern 2 Bed 2 Bath Fantastic 3 bed Penthouse onwith two Views Floors

Top Floor Warehouse Conversion Gorgeous

This 2 double bed flat with luxury3bathrooms and kitchen A really great penthouse offering genuine double has great roof top and river views. bedrooms, 2 smart bathrooms and an ultra modern kitchen. Furnished

High Ceilings, views,two great furniture charm suit A beautiful flatpark set over levels with 2and double you? Then come along bathrooms and check this area. bedrooms, two smart and one a large Furnished/Unfurnished

SE18 £260pw £358pw

SE18 £250pw £345pw

Royal Arsenal Riverside, Woolwich SE18 A beautiful, gated development nestling along the River Thames the Royal Arsenal is composed of gorgeous old warehouses and ultra chic modern buildings, many with splendid river views. • Onsite gym and 24 hr concierge • Onsite delicatessen and café • Tranquil riverside setting • Gated Buildings • Onsite dry cleaners • Neighbours that become friends

Thames Clipper

020 020 8855 8855 2155 2155 -- 07747 07747 865 865 383 383

9 Gunnery Terrace, Cornwallis Road, The Royal Arsenal, London, SE18 6SW

GET A FOOT ON THE LADDER Newlon Home Ownership says that affordable housing in the capital can also be stylish


f you’ve not already choked on your cappuccino, read on – you may be surprised. Affordable housing is becoming an increasingly important sector of the London property market. Historically, affordable housing was considered logical choice for key-workers and low-income earners. Today, this could not be further from the truth. Did you know, that to be eligible for these Government subsidised schemes, you just need to be a first-time buyer earning up to £60,000? At Newlon Home Ownership, we aim to make buying a home easier through NewBuild HomeBuy (NBHB) – formally known as ‘shared ownership’. Here, first-time buyers start by purchasing a share of a property (usually between 25% and 75%) and pay an affordable rent on the remaining unsold equity. Over time, buyers can make additional purchases until they own 100% of the property. For example, how do you fancy buying 35% equity of a two bedroom apartment with stunning views over the Thames for as little as £89,075? This is just one offer at our Glasshouse Fields development; a great location within walking distance of waterside restaurants, bars

and pubs in Wapping, Limehouse and St Katherine’s Dock. Alternatively, for those who yearn to be close to the hustle and bustle of Whitechapel and Brick Lane, we have eleven one-bedroom apartments in our gated development at Fenton Street, Commercial Road – priced at £61,500 (30% equity). Or for those requiring secure off-street parking, our development at East One, Harford Street E1 is a good choice; prices start from £60,000 for 30% equity. For applicants unable to purchase an initial NBHB share, help is at hand. Rent to HomeBuy (RtHB) is the new government initiative which allows applicants to rent the home they intend to buy (at a subsidised rent) thus enabling them to save the required deposit. All developments previously mentioned are available under this scheme, at 80% of market rent for a maximum of three years. When the time is right, applicants can then proceed to purchase their home under NBHB. All developments are built to Newlon’s high and exacting standards, and come with custom made kitchens (with integrated oven, hob and extractor hood) and fitted

bathroom suites as standard. With smart modern interiors and good local facilities, affordable housing provides the best way for higher income first-

time buyers to take their first step onto the property ladder. n Newlon Home Ownership 0800 058 2544

newlon DPS City:Layout 1



Page 1

pastures *Own a 30% share of a newlon new home

Is the grass always greener on the other side? If you’re renting then the answer is probably YES. Talk to Newlon about their home buying packages.


If you think you can’t afford to buy a new home

Terms and conditions apply

‘New Build Homebuy’ could be for you. Picture yourself living in a smart new home for as little as £198 per week for a 30% share. Equity starts from 25%

upwards which you could increase at any time. Then you pay a subsidised rent on the remaining percentage. Alternatively, if you can’t afford the deposit on a mortgage help is at hand with our new ‘Rent to Homebuy’ scheme. So, don’t let the grass grow under your feet. It’s about time your saw what’s on the other side of the fence.

new home

new life

new you

Newbuild Homebuy

Intermediate Rent

Rent to Homebuy

For further information call our sales team

0800 058 2544



for as little as £198 per week


Harford Street E1

Old Street N1

30% share from £209.29 per week

30% share from £198.16 per week

Rent to HomeBuy Available one bed: £830 pcm

Rent to HomeBuy Available one bed: £801 pcm

30% share from £249.02 per week

Highbury Square N5

Mare Street E8

Limehouse E1W

35% share from

30% share from

35% share from £204.64 per week

£250.94 per week

£202.98 per week


Commercial Road E1



(Includes parking)

Rent to HomeBuy Available one bed: £801 pcm two bed: £890 pcm

or visit our website


Next issue...



n June we will be examining how Britain has already exceeded their 2009 ecological allowance and will be eating into natural reserves and damaging the environment for the remainder of the year; could you make a difference to the environment? We will also look at the role of women in business during the recession, recent developments in Darwinian science, and why more young adults are choosing to remain at home. In addition to business and finance, international travel, interiors and fashion, we will also be taking to the skies with aerobatic display team, The Blades, and burning rubber with our Lotus column. For this and much more be sure to pick up a copy!

BOSS Store london Unit 5 Cabot Place West Canary Wharf +44 (0) 844 847 9335

Canary–Wharf _Bulgari-outline.indd 1

27/4/09 11:29:34


Highly complex and spectacular Automatic skeleton chronograph movement Second time zone Also available in 18k rose gold Alligator strap, deployment buckle

exclusive distributor

Reece & Co, Suite 2 Ground Floor, Moulton Park Business Centre, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 6AQ, phone : 01604 497 595, fax: 01604 497 596,


Skeleton Chronograph

I S S U E 46


MAY 2009 • ISSUE 46

SUPERMAN RETURNS Obama’s first 100 days


Medical research takes a turn


Morocco’s mountains, markets and retreats


Coutts London Jewellery Week


UK & international

Canary Wharf Magazine May 2009  

Canary Wharf Magazine May 2009

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