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feature 12 High Spirits Rolls-Royce’s CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös

talks to Josh Sims about keeping up with the times


19 Redefining Life On The Road

hen the rumours leaked late last year that Rolls-Royce was actually going to do it, they were greeted with some scepticism. After all, this was the company whose flagship model, the Phantom, was a veritable beast, with hefty haunches and miles of sweeping bonnet, peaking in a gargantuan grill. At 19 feet long and 6.5 feet wide, this was less the proverbial gentleman’s club chair on wheels than the entire gentleman’s club. And now, here were the rumours and whispers abounding that the enormous 6.7-litre gasguzzler was going to go all eco. Surely, with the luxury market still reluctant to embrace environmental concerns openly – as though to do so suggests penny-pinching rather than social awareness – Rolls-Royce, of all car brands, is the least likely to take on the golf cart silence of an electric engine? But it has. The 102EX is a fully electrically-powered Phantom, unveiled this spring, although it’s not being rushed into production. Also known as the ‘EE’, which stands for Experimental Electric, it is more of a test-bed to gauge consumer reaction and assess whether this is the best eco drivetrain for Rolls-Royce to adopt. Yet the fact


Richard Brown explores how electric

vehicles will play an increasingly bigger part in getting you from A to B


Rolls-Royce may be the most venerable name in British motoring but, as its new CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös tells Josh Sims, that does not mean it can avoid having to move with the times

that the company has even considered it is a reflection of a new energy for the brand, largely down to the leadership of Torsten Müller-Ötvös. It was he who took over as RollsRoyce’s CEO last year after a lifetime of brand management roles with Rolls-Royce’s owner, the BMW Group, where he was its youngest ever ascendant to the top table. Positioning and re-positioning automotive brands is what Müller-Ötvös is all about. It was he who oversaw the re-launch of the Mini and with the EE he is testing the water. “It is more an exploration of what our clients think about a more environmentally friendly engine,” says Müller-Ötvös. “Clearly we need to make a proper decision on that, if we need to go down the route of producing alternative drivetrains, which could be diesel, electric or a hybrid, but it has to be right for the brand and our customers. It’s less about whether they really want it and more about responding to the changes in legal issues in certain countries that might encourage them to look into the area. Get it right, though, and I think there’s definitely a market there.” Moving Rolls-Royce into a higher gear has been one benefit of its German ownership, however disgruntled many may have been when (like the recent Kraft takeover


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50 Summer Loving Transform your garden into a stylish entertaining space this summer

calibre 56 Man on a Mission Double world champion Mika Hakkinen talks to Matthew Carter about Formula 1 and names champions of the future

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72 New Balls, Please Lee Brooks and former British number one Annabel Croft discuss Wimbledon 2011

Redefining Life

On The ROAd

comment 82 Full Throttle Head of Global Sales and Marketing, Peter Schwarzenbauer, on Audi’s future

This summer, expect to see most of the top motoring brands exhibiting at various events showcasing their versions of electric or hybrid cars, ahead of almost inevitable eco-friendly manufacturing requirements in coming years. Richard Brown explains how electric vehicles will play an increasingly bigger part in getting you from A to B


et’s start by dispelling the myriads of myths that have married themselves to the concept of the electric car. One: electric cars travel only a handful of miles before they run out of juice. Untrue; after a night on charge, most will last for a range of somewhere between 50 and 80 miles. Two: electric cars are slow. False; the Telsa Roadster will take you from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, outperforming almost all sports cars in its class. Three: electric cars are ugly. Vastly inaccurate; go to Google and type in ‘Lightning GT.’ The list goes on. The truth is that the beginning of the end for the traditional automobile engine has begun. Improvements in technology, coupled with record-high oil prices and a more environmentally-minded world, mean that the future of the motor industry lies in fuel efficient, low emission, electric and hybrid vehicles. A new generation of lithium-ion batteries will soon allow some of the ‘electric’ cars already in production to travel further than 150 miles before they need recharging. By 2013, the number of electric models on our roads is expected to number 75 while by 2050, 60 per cent of the American automobile market will be accounted for by plug-in hybrids – something that will reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 450 million tonnes a year.


connoisseur 94 Ibiza Rocks Annabel Harrison revisits the jewel in the Balearics’ crown to explore its grown-up side

98 Suite Dreams in Florence Kate Harrison enjoys a romantic weekend in Florence

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Canary Wharf Motorexpo 2011 See p. 16

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V I S I T O U R M O T O R E X P O S TA N D F O R A T E S T D R I V E .*

We’re proud to introduce the latest showpiece in Bentley history – the New Continental GT. Representing the very best in British design, this is a Bentley of extremes. A thrilling mix of supercar performance and handcrafted luxury, this stunningly sculptured coupe combines timeless Bentley styling with the most advanced technologies. This is a true motoring enthusiast’s car. The pinnacle of pure power and luxury.

To take a test drive* and find out more about our passion for performance, visit the Bentley stand at Motorexpo in Canary Wharf from 6th - 12th June. Fuel economy figures for the Continental GT in mpg (l/100km): Urban 11.1 (25.4); Extra Urban 24.9 (11.4); Combined 17.1 (16.5). CO2 Emissions (g/km): 384.

For more information call 01270 535032† or visit The name ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B’ in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2011 Bentley Motors Limited. Model shown: Bentley Continental GT, mrrp £135,760. Price correct at time of going to press and includes VAT at 20%. Price excludes road fund licence, registration and delivery charges. †Calls will be recorded for training purposes. *Subject to availability.

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f I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me ‘a faster horse’”. These words from Henry Ford perfectly sum up the challenge of listening to your customers while keeping the bigger picture in mind; pioneering inventions and technical breakthroughs are what will take a motoring brand forward, providing customers with something they didn’t know they wanted nor had they ever imagined possible.


Cars are now so ubiquitous – more than 600 million on the planet – that without them much of the modern world would grind to a standstill. For everyone who loves the speed, the spectacle and the supercars of the motoring world, we celebrate cars new and old, speedy and sporty in our bumper Motoring Issue. Henry Ford’s 21st century customers want choice and they are certainly well catered for, with every size, shape, style and colour of car imaginable on the market. Canary Wharf is the first destination to be overtaken by cars as the thriving summer season of motoring events rolls into town. More than 400,000 visitors are set to descend on the world’s biggest free to visit motor show; Motorexpo 2011 is taking place from 6 to 12 June (p. 16) and hundreds of cars, from Bentley to BMW, will be on show in front of the iconic backdrop. Of the other big events taking place in June and July, Salon Privé at London’s Syon Park, 22-24 June (p. 64), is the ultimate glamorous garden party for car enthusiasts and buyers; Goodwood plays host to the famous Festival of Speed, 1-3 July (p. 60); and the home of the British Grand Prix hosts the best and most historic models at the Silverstone Classic, 22-24 July (p. 67).

Motoring editor Matthew Carter is in his element this month. Visiting Goodwood for a pre-season preview, he spoke to double world champion Mika Hakkinen (p. 56) about his career and the new raft of F1 hopefuls, as well as being treated to a high-speed ride in the Caparo T1 with Mika himself (p. 58). Matthew also pits the eco-friendly electric Nissan Leaf against the Peugeot iOn (p. 62) and tries out a petrol-electric hybrid supercar – the Jaguar C-X75 (p. 66). Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös tells us about how the company plans to move with the times (p. 12) and Peter Schwarzenbauer discusses Audi’s future potential (p. 82). If cars are just a means of getting from A to B, turn your thoughts to the exciting two weeks of Wimbledon on the horizon (p. 72); are you backing Nadal, Federer or Djokovic? Summer months equal short haul breaks on the travel front: I reignited my love of Ibiza and its grown-up side (p. 94) while Kate Harrison experienced the beautiful, romantic city of Florence (p. 98) and Pandora Jones stayed at the idyllic country house hotel Ellenborough Park (p. 102). Whether you’d rather visit motor shows, Grand Slams or sunnier climes, book now to make the most of June.

Annabel Harrison Editor

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Rolls-Royce may be the most venerable name in British motoring but, as its new CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös tells Josh Sims, that does not mean it can avoid having to move with the times



hen the rumours leaked late last year that Rolls-Royce was actually going to do it, they were greeted with some scepticism. After all, this was the company whose flagship model, the Phantom, was a veritable beast, with hefty haunches and miles of sweeping bonnet, peaking in a gargantuan grill. At 19 feet long and 6.5 feet wide, this was less the proverbial gentleman’s club chair on wheels than the entire gentleman’s club. And now, here were the rumours and whispers abounding that the enormous 6.7-litre gasguzzler was going to go all eco. Surely, with the luxury market still reluctant to embrace environmental concerns openly – as though to do so suggests penny-pinching rather than social awareness – Rolls-Royce, of all car brands, is the least likely to take on the golf cart silence of an electric engine? But it has. The 102EX is a fully electrically-powered Phantom, unveiled this spring, although it’s not being rushed into production. Also known as the ‘EE’, which stands for Experimental Electric, it is more of a test-bed to gauge consumer reaction and assess whether this is the best eco drivetrain for Rolls-Royce to adopt. Yet the fact


that the company has even considered it is a reflection of a new energy for the brand, largely down to the leadership of Torsten Müller-Ötvös. It was he who took over as RollsRoyce’s CEO last year after a lifetime of brand management roles with Rolls-Royce’s owner, the BMW Group, where he was its youngest ever ascendant to the top table. Positioning and re-positioning automotive brands is what Müller-Ötvös is all about. It was he who oversaw the re-launch of the Mini and with the EE he is testing the water. “It is more an exploration of what our clients think about a more environmentally friendly engine,” says Müller-Ötvös. “Clearly we need to make a proper decision on that, if we need to go down the route of producing alternative drivetrains, which could be diesel, electric or a hybrid, but it has to be right for the brand and our customers. It’s less about whether they really want it and more about responding to the changes in legal issues in certain countries that might encourage them to look into the area. Get it right, though, and I think there’s definitely a market there.” Moving Rolls-Royce into a higher gear has been one benefit of its German ownership, however disgruntled many may have been when (like the recent Kraft takeover


feature interview

of Cadbury’s) the purchase was announced. Müller-Ötvös stresses how the Britishness of these cars nevertheless remains – some 80 per cent of employees are Brits, all the craftsmen are Brits, the chief designer, Ian Cameron, is a Brit, the cars are made here – and is a great selling point, especially overseas. But he also gently points out that the reputation for excellence Rolls-Royce once justly commanded had been fading fast, with the brand “stunning in the earlier years of its history but losing its way during the 80s and 90s.” BMW, he says, risking opprobrium from the overly patriotic, re-awakened “engineering competence, manufacturing competence and the latest in manufacturing technology to get the quality that Rolls-Royce customers expect and what we have to deliver.” Another further benefit has been the CEO’s enthusiasm for spotting unexploited markets, however incongruous they may seem on first consideration. How about, for example, a less stately, more affordable Rolls-Royce? That may not fit with the Rolls-Royce story as it is popularly conceived, but Müller-Ötvös has made it work. In addition to the Phantom, he has added the Ghost, a car that is a celebration of Rolls-Royce history but one as much symbolic of the times as the new EE; the Ghost marks this year as the centenary of the spirit of ecstasy, Rolls-Royce’s flying lady mascot – said to be modelled on automobile pioneer John Walter, Lord Montagu’s secretary and lover. “The Ghost hasn’t been about taking business away from other car brands. To be honest, a lot of our customers already have several cars in their garage from several different companies,” says Müller-Ötvös. “It is a reflection of a change of philosophy for the company: it’s less ostentatious and I think that will be a key part of what Rolls-Royce is about in the future. The Phantom, of course, is a statement. It’s often chauffeur-driven, for example. But we also recognise with the Ghost that there is a need for more of a driver’s car, a more everyday car, something more subtle.” Recognition of the need for the company to broaden its remit has certainly proven successful. Last year saw Rolls-Royce report a record year-on-year sales growth of 171 per cent with sales of 2,711 cars, more than double the previous record set in 2008. This success is largely attributed to the Ghost, which has brought new customers to the brand. Indeed, some 80 per cent of Ghost customers have, atypically for the company, never owned a Rolls-Royce before. Not that the brand is in any way going mass-market: at £165,000, and upwards, the Ghost may be Rolls-Royce’s more affordable car, but Müller-Ötvös sees no future in one any cheaper than that.  “The economy is getting better and people are getting


more confident and coming back to buy luxury products again, but you can’t move established brands too dramatically or too fast, especially one as old as RollsRoyce, with its heritage and tradition. It has to be step by step,” he says. “There’s been talk of launching a more affordable car but I don’t think that would be right – our intention is to be very, very highly exclusive. And there’s still no one around the world selling more cars in that segment than Rolls-Royce. You wouldn’t want to see a Rolls-Royce on the corner of every street. We’d lose that exclusivity overnight.” Buying a Rolls-Royce, for the few who can afford one, is about more than exclusivity. As the luxury goods market continues to crack along its middle – dividing the highprofile and widely distributed brands from those more niche and barely known beyond the long driveways of élite luxury consumers – what has buoyed it up through the recession has been an increased interest in quality over mere brand flash, in purchases of good sense rather than status. And that, Müller-Ötvös stresses, is where Rolls-Royce can really stake a claim. Rolls-Royce may well be world famous but “these cars are also an investment,” he points out. “In the end, it’s all about build quality – and we make a point of inviting anyone thinking about buying a Rolls-Royce to come to the factory at Goodwood to see how we manufacture cars, and lots do. When you see the precision put into the engineering and into all the detail, from the leather to the wood, you come away knowing why the cars are at the price level they are.” n






Motorexpo, now in its 16th year, is Britain’s biggest free-to-visit motor show and, from 6 to 12 June, many of the world’s leading motor manufacturers will once again descend upon Canary Wharf


ounded in 1996, the 2011 Canary Wharf London Motorexpo will be the best yet. As a result of the huge success of the London event, the Motorexpo event also now takes place in Los Angeles, Toronto and New York and organisers expect more than 400,000 people to attend their London show this year, as the biggest, brightest, shiniest and speediest cars roar into Canary Wharf. The exhibitor line-up reads like a Who’s Who from the motoring world, covering a record number of manufacturers and including Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Lotus, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Saab, Volkswagen and Volvo. More than 200 vehicles are being displayed, from superminis and supercars to family hatchbacks and F1 racers, throughout the indoor and outdoor public spaces at Canary Wharf. Visitors can touch the cars on show and even have the chance to get behind the wheel and drive more models than ever before. Brand new attractions for 2011 are set to include appearances by the now infamous Titan The Robot and the Motorexpo RaceRoom in Jubilee Place - a thrilling race simulator zone in which visitors can compete to win a once-in-a-lifetime F1 experience. The winner will live the life of a F1 driver, being flown to Hungary to stay at the five star Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest and to drive an F1 car at the legendary Hungaroring Circuit. Another advancement will be Drive the Future, situated in Montgomery

Square and produced by Motorexpo in association with Quentin Willson; this will showcase electric, hybrid and ultra-economical saloons, SUVs and sports cars and will allow the public to ride and drive significant new ‘green’ vehicles for the first time. Leading automotive brands are giving domestic debuts to brand new and updated models. Visitors to the Motorexpo will be the first in the UK to see Jaguar’s 2012 model line-up, Lotus’ Elise Club Racer model, the Mercedes-Benz SLK200 Blue Efficiency and the new Bentley Continental GT luxury coupé, to name but a few. Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque will be in attendance, as will the ever-popular Land Rover Experience Terrapod. Best of all, the iconic Jaguar E-Type is celebrating its 50th birthday in fine style with more than 50 examples joining a cavalcade to Motorexpo on 6 June. It is expected to stretch to almost half a mile, and starts in central London, finishing alongside the Motorexpo exhibition space in Canary Wharf. The London Motorexpo is entirely free for visitors to attend, with no tickets necessary, and Canary Wharf’s iconic towers provide a fantastic backdrop for the event. Easily accessible by road, rail and river and with space for 2,900 cars in the underground car parks, visitors to the Motorexpo can also enjoy a range of excellent facilities with more than 200 shops, bars and restaurants onsite at Canary Wharf, making the Motorexpo a great day out for all the family. n

motorexpo details Where: Canary Wharf When: Monday 6 June to Sunday 12 June Monday-Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sunday: 11am - 5pm

More information:




120 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 3LS 509 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 4JS Telephone: 020 7486 3080 email: |


current affairs


Redefining Life

on the Road This summer, expect to see most of the top motoring brands showcasing their versions of electric or hybrid cars at various events, ahead of almost inevitable eco-friendly manufacturing requirements in coming years. Richard Brown explains how electric vehicles will play an increasingly bigger part in getting you from A to B


et’s start by dispelling the myriads of myths that have married themselves to the concept of the electric car. One: electric cars travel only a handful of miles before they run out of juice. Untrue; after a night on charge, most will last for a range of somewhere between 50 and 80 miles. Two: electric cars are slow. False; the Telsa Roadster will take you from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, outperforming almost all sports cars in its class. Three: electric cars are ugly. Vastly inaccurate; go to Google and type in ‘Lightning GT.’ The list goes on. The truth is that the beginning of the end for the traditional automobile engine has begun. Improvements in technology, coupled with record-high oil prices and a more environmentally-minded world, mean that the future of the motor industry lies in fuel efficient, low emission electric and hybrid vehicles. A new generation of lithium-ion batteries will soon allow some of the ‘electric’ cars already in production to travel further than 150 miles before they need recharging. By 2013, the number of electric models on our roads is expected to number 75 and by 2050, 60 per cent of the American automobile market will be accounted for by plug-in hybrids – something that will reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 450 million tonnes a year.


Olga Besnard,

feature current affairs

Not since the second half of the 19th century, when pioneering engineers were shocking the world with their horseless carriages, has the automotive industry bore witness to such widespread innovation. What once appeared on bedroom posters and desktop-backgrounds as concept cars are now real-life models progressing though production lines as the globe’s automotive giants scramble to secure their share of the future motor industry. It was the US conglomerate General Motors that unveiled the first all-electric vehicle (out of the pool of major car manufacturers) back in 1996. Put into production in response to a Californian mandate that aimed for two per cent of all cars sold in the state to boast zero-emissions by 1998, the EV-1 was, although fully-functional, both expensive and impractical – largely due to the inaptitude of the battery that powered it. Since then, batteries have come a long way. A new generation of lithium-ion batteries have extended the range that electric vehicles can travel while simultaneously reducing the time it takes to recharge them. That said, the ‘electric cars’ currently on our roads are, strictly speaking, not entirely electric. Instead, they employ a range of hybrid engines that use advanced batteries to supplement elements of the traditional internal combustion engine or vice versa.

Not since the second half of the 19th century, when pioneering engineers were shocking the world with horseless carriages, has the automotive industry bore witness to such widespread innovation


Following in the wake of the Toyota Prius, the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt, Vauxhall announced its Ampera Electric Car – the petrol engine powers a battery that drives each of its four wheels – while Citroen gave us its C-Zero Electric Car, a vehicle capable of doing 80 miles before needing a recharge. Elsewhere, Ford revealed its Focus EV earlier this year; the company’s first zero-emission production model, the EV benefits from its own lithium-ion batteries that can take it up to 84mph. Luxury brands are also conscious of falling behind the times and have invested heavily in providing wealthy drivers with environmentally-friendly, low emission options. As well as the stunning SLS AMG E-cell, Mercedes has launched its S-class hybrid, with BMW following suit with a similar version of its 7-Series. Rolls-Royce has just unveiled its 102FX, an electrically-powered Phantom which has been nicknamed the EE (for Experimental Electric) and is intended to gauge customer reaction to the concept of an electric Rolls-Royce. Even the Audi R8 Spyder – one of the most desirable cars on the road today – is set for an all-electric remodelling. Expected to hit showrooms at the end of next year, the Audi e-tron will use four electric motors and a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery to deliver 3,319 pounds of torque and get the car from 0 to 60 in fewer than five seconds. While a cheap, reliable, all-electric vehicle may not currently exist, it’s clear that car manufacturers are investing heavily to make sure they soon will. After all, none of them want to miss the boat when the inevitable manufacturing restrictions are put in place and consumers will be buying electric cars not just because they are environmentally-minded but because it has become a legal obligation. n

Alexis Dove


Glittering Reception This month, Charles Fish reopened its Canary Wharf store, beautifully designed to reflect the luxury of the pieces in this treasure trove. To celebrate, Charles Fish is hosting a lavish evening event on 9 June. Set to be a gem of the London Jewellery Week social calendar, the Charles Fish launch reception will showcase some of Charles Fish's newest collections, straight from the world’s largest jewellery and watch show in Basel. The three guest designers attending reflect the exciting range to be found in store, from the most acclaimed and recognised to the newest and most cutting edge. Award-winning designers Shaun Leane, Alexis Dove and Ruth Tomlinson are on hand to give one to one style advice while explaining how their own ranges were inspired. Charles Fish prides itself on a wide range of beautiful jewellery designs, including elegant cocktail rings and stunning diamond pieces, from the affordable to the most serious of treats. Charles Fish director, Samantha Hansard, describes the new look collections as “luxurious but welcoming – elegant but it’s funky elegance, which works very well with our vibrant mix of jewellery and timepieces.” Charles Fish also boasts the accolade of being the exclusive stockist in Canary Wharf, and often in the whole of London, for the designers showcased in the store. All party guests can enjoy champagne, beautiful gifts with every purchase and the opportunity to enter a free prize draw to win one of three gorgeous pieces of jewellery – one from each designer’s newest collection, with a combined worth of more than £1,000. The event, from 5pm to 8pm, is free to attend but places are limited so please RSVP to to book your place.

Charles Fish Cabot Place 020 7512 9595

Shaun Leane

Ruth Tomlinson

Japanese gem Canary Wharf’s

What better way to treat yourself, now that summer is here, than to have lunch or dinner on the terrace at ROKA Canary Wharf? Overlooking Canada Square Park, the terrace offers a sublime and tranquil oasis away from the pressures of everyday life. Even when the sun isn’t shining, the terrace is the perfect location to socialise with friends or clients, thanks to the heaters that it comes equipped with. On drizzly days too, summer continues on the terrace because of the ample shelter provided by the restaurant’s awnings. By night, sunset views and city lights complement ROKA’s characteristic vibe to create an intimate environment in which to wine and dine guests. Choose from ROKA’S thoughtfully selected menu which includes dishes ranging from sashimi, nigiri and maki rolls through to tempura dishes, salads and tatakis and the restaurant’s signature robata grill options. In addition to its sumptuous food, ROKA boasts an extensive cocktail list and impressive humidor, comprising a collection of cigars that includes Bolivar Petit Coronas and 23 year old Ron Zacapa Centenarios. For weekday evenings or leisurely weekends, the terrace is the perfect setting to unwind and recharge with great food, wine and company. With comfortable sofas and deep armchairs, ROKA becomes the ideal place for lunches, brunches and relaxing afternoons.

ROKA The Park Pavilion Canada Square 020 7636 5228

For tantalizing treats on the terrace this summer, head to ROKA Canary Wharf

SHOPPING Aston Martin Racing Circuit Jacket £350, Hackett, Cabot Place

Wandi Boss Black Holdall, £599 Hugo Boss, Cabot Place

Leather Diary, £140 Montblanc, Canada Place

Best for


Men’s Leather Driving Gloves, £89 Aspinal of London, Cabot Place

Look no further than Canary Wharf this month; it’s the perfect place to treat your dad this Father’s Day, or just to surprise the man in your life, with the very newest and best in fashion, gadgets and masculine accessories IWC Portofino Watch David M Robinson, Jubilee Place Harrington Jacket, £325 Aquascutum, Cabot Place

BeoSound 8, £895 Bang & Olufsen, South Colonnade

Meisterstück Montblanc Diamond Fountain Pen, £560 Montblanc, Canada Place

Grooming Products, from £17.50 Molton Brown, Jubilee Place

Joyrider Shoe in Navy, £105 Gant, Canada Place

Jamie’s Italian, Churchill Place

Rocket Restaurant & Bar, Churchill Place

Cafés, Bars Restaurants When you’re ready to take a break from shopping, sport or supercars, try out the wide range of eclectic bars, contemporary cafés and fabulous restaurants in Canary Wharf All Bar One


Reuters Plaza 020 7516 0191

Cabot Place 020 7715 9360

Amerigo Vespucci

Café Brera

Cabot Square 020 7513 0288

Bagel Factory Westferry Circus 020 7513 0737


Canada Place 020 7515 8886

Bene Bene

Canada Place 020 7516 1777


Churchill Place 020 7715 4766

Birley Salt Beef

One Canada Square 020 7719 0061

Birley Sandwiches Cabot Place 020 7512 9112 Canada Place 020 7719 1163

Birley Soup & Salads

Cabot Place 020 7512 9112

Boisdale of Canary Wharf Cabot Place 020 7715 5818

Cabot Place 020 7512 9191 Jubilee Place 020 7516 9090

Café Rouge

Mackenzie Walk 020 7537 9696

Caffé Nero

Jubilee Place 020 7719 8036


The Park Pavilion 020 7513 0406


Reuters Plaza 020 7719 1749

Cat & Canary

Fisherman’s Walk 0207 512 9187


Canada Place 020 3229 0087

Corney & Barrow

Cabot Square 020 7512 0397

Costa Coffee Cabot Place 020 7512 9251 Canada Place 0207 516 0172

Crepêrie Canary Wharf Reuters Plaza 07921 295975


Jubilee Place 020 7519 6427 One Canada Square 020 7513 0076

Curve Restaurant

London Marriott West India Quay Hotel 020 7517 2806

Boisdale of Canary Wharf, Cabot Place

Davy’s Wine Bar Fisherman’s Walk 020 7363 6633


Canada Place 020 7715 9658

The Fine Line Fisherman’s Walk 020 7513 0255

First Edition Cabot Square 020 7513 0300

Gaucho Canary, Westferry Circus


Westferry Circus 020 7987 9494

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Jubilee Place 020 7719 6408

The Gourmet Pizza Company Cabot Square 020 7345 9192

Henry Addington Mackenzie Walk 020 7719 1114


Cabot Place 020 7512 5790 Canada Place 020 7719 1378 Jubilee Place 020 7512 9650

SHOPPING Pizza Express Roka Terrace, The Park Pavilion

Canada Place 020 7513 1000


Cabot Place 020 7719 1629


Quadrato Restaurant, Four Seasons Hotel London, Canary Wharf

Cabot Place 020 7719 6200

Manhattan Cocktail Bar

Westferry Circus 020 7510 1857

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Organic Chickpeas

Royal China

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Starbucks Coffee Co.

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Coming Soon:

The Gourmet Hotdog Company Reuters Plaza Iberica Food & Culture Cabot Square Sweet Couture, Cake Boutique Canada Place Wildwood Jubilee Place

Fittest of the Fit British Triathlon comes to the heart of Canary Wharf on Thursday 30 June at 6pm with the triathlon event’s answer to Twenty-20. Many of the world’s top male and female tri-athletes, including US number one Jarrod Shoemaker, are set to compete in a Super-Sprint Eliminator As part of the British Triathlon Super Series, and a first for 2011, this year’s event welcomes a new race format, a Super-Sprint Eliminator race. Competitors in heats for both men and women will be ruthlessly whittled down to just 20 with the fastest finishers progressing to the two finals later the same evening. Each race comprises 400 metres of fast-paced, flat out swimming, ten kilometres of cycling and a final two kilometre run to the finish line. The first competitors dive into Middle Dock at 6pm and the non-stop action continues from then until the men’s finalists cross the finish line on South Colonnade. The race format may be fast and furious, but rest assured, this does not make the contest any easier. Competitors will be going all out to ensure they qualify for the final, pushing themselves to their limit. And while this may be a flat course, the wind tunnels created on this closed circuit will challenge every competitor. There will also be a Corporate Race for firms within Canary Wharf to enter teams and race for the title of Canary Wharf Corporate Triathlon Champions 2011. For information on how to enter a team email arts&events@ or visit All the action takes place at Canary Wharf from 6pm.

Elite Races:

Athletes compete in heats through which they qualify for the final. Each heat has 25 athletes and the first eight athletes across the finish line qualify for the final automatically, with the 4 fastest losers from the two heats combined also making it through. Super Series Ranking Points will be allocated to the athletes in the final as per the scoring chart. Athletes who race in the heats but do not make the final will have their points allocated based on their finishing time in the heats.

Schedule: Elite Women’s Heat 1 start: Elite Women’s Heat 2 start: Elite Men’s Heat 1 start: Elite Men’s Heat 2 start: Corporate Wave race start: Elite Women’s Final start: Elite Men’s Final start:

6pm 6.30pm 7pm 7.30pm 8pm 9pm 9.40pm

The Chief Race official is Howard Vine and the race will be filmed and will be broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 within a month of the event and internationally on Setanta and other local channels.

sport Corporate Race:

The GE Canary Wharf Triathlon includes a Corporate Challenge exclusively for employees of Canary Wharf based companies that will take place between the heats and finals of the elite races. Teams entering the Corporate Challenge can look forward to racing on the same course as the elite athletes and benefitting from the entire elite athlete experience. Each team of three people will compete in one wave between the elite heats and finals: Athlete 1: Start and 400 metre open water swim Athlete 2: 10 kilometre Bike on closed roads (9 laps of North and South Colonnade) Athlete 3: 2 kilometre run on closed roads (2 laps of North and South Colonnade) Teams can be of mixed gender and ability as long as they are from the same company. No individual entries can be accepted. The Corporate Challenge is due to start at 8pm and will be a single wave start. Teams are required to arrive and register at least one hour prior to the race start time.

For information on how to enter a team email arts& or visit

The Halfords Tour Series Action-packed road cycling returns to Canary Wharf this summer, as The Halfords Tour Series reaches its climax on Thursday 16 June Ten of Britain’s top professional cycling teams are doing battle on the night, including among the ranks Olympic Gold Medallist Ed Clancy and Tour de France stage winner Magnus Backstedt, all competing to be crowned the best team in Britain. The 2011 series begins in Durham on a tough course, featuring a long cobbled climb that is sure to sort the men from the boys and prove which teams have got the mettle to win The Halfords Tour Series. After rounds in Aberystwyth, Peterborough, Colchester, Stokeon-Trent, Oldham and Woking, the series boils down to a final hour of racing, taking place at 7pm, with Canary Wharf’s ‘home’ team Rapha Condor Sharp hoping to be crowned champions on their local roads. As it’s all about teams, The Halfords Tour Series is unique. While individual glory still counts, the aim of the series is for teams to place three riders as high as possible in the finishing positions at each round to secure the all-important team victory on the night. In 2009 it was Team Halfords Bikehut that came out on top, with Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta adding their name to the honours board in 2010. This year there is everything to play for, with the battle set to go down to the wire when it arrives at Canary Wharf. Raising the curtain on the event is the Canary Wharf Corporate Grand Prix, a cycling Pro-Am featuring representatives from all ten professional Halfords Tour Series teams and some of Canary Wharf’s biggest tenants in a relay race around the world-famous business and shopping district. All the action from Canary Wharf is being replayed on ITV4 at 8pm on Friday 17 June.

The Teams

Reigning Halfords Tour Series Champions Motorpoint lead the way in 2011, looking to become the first squad to successfully defend their title. The team, including the legendary Malcolm Elliott, faces tough opposition from a number of teams who have strengthened over the winter. Canary Wharf’s home team Rapha Condor Sharp has signed Olympic Gold Medallist Ed Clancy and Great Britain team pursuit member Andy Tennant from Motorpoint, as well as adding other criterium specialists to the already strong team, which is led by Dean Downing. Rapha Condor Sharp has come third in each of the first two seasons of the series, making the overall title their holy grail for 2011. Scottish team Endura Racing were runners up behind Motorpoint last season and have also strengthened, signing a number of riders from home and abroad, including the likes of Paul Voss, who rode for the Milram team in the UCI World Tour last year. Britain’s two other UCI Continental registered teams, Sigma Sport - Specialized and Team Raleigh, will both be aiming to finish higher than last year, particularly in the case of Raleigh, having signed a trio of North American riders to strengthen their Halfords Tour Series chances. C










Gibb winning at 15:17 Canary Wharf in 2010


cycling The Rounds New to the Series in 2011 are Team UK Youth. With the charity’s head offices based in Canary Wharf, the team of Paris Roubaix and Tour de France stage winner Magnus Backstedt is sure to want to end the Series on a high. Intriguingly, the team’s ten rider squad includes Greg Mansell, son of Formula One World Champion Nigel, competing in his first season of professional cycle racing. Also new to The Halfords Tour Series are Wilier GoSelfDrive and Twenty3c - Orbea, while Pendragon Le Col Colnago return with an altered line-up, although still led by London-based Welshman Yanto Barker. Rounding off the ten teams fighting for glory are - Metaltek who took the individual win in Canary Wharf in 2010 thanks to Commonwealth Games and World Championship medallist Tony Gibb. This year Metaltek will be hoping to go one better and secure its first ever team victory during the eight rounds of The Halfords Tour Series.

Round One Round Two Aberystwyth

Thu 26 May

Round Three

Tue 31 May


The Halfords Tour Series is more than an elite series. The event showcases some of our finest home-grown athletes and brings the sport to the attention of the wider public. We hope this exposure will inspire more people to get cycling. Andy Brotherton of Halfords

Tue 24 May


Round Four

Thu 2 June


Round Five

Tue 7 June Stoke-on-Trent

Round Six

Thu 9 June


Round Seven

Tue 14 June


Round Eight Canary Wharf

Thu 16 June

Sculpture in the workplace / visual arts

art Five Symbolic Images: Bronze and Plaster Sculptures by Christopher Le Brun 27 June to 2 September Lobby, One Canada Square Widely acclaimed as a painter, Christopher Le Brun RA began to include sculpture in his practice during the 1990s, working largely in bronze. As an artist he embraces the exploration of different art forms, and in fact his election to the Royal Academy of Arts was within the subject area of Engravers, Printmakers and Draughtsmen. Through each process his subject matter is consistent with a vision that is clearly based in romanticism and symbolism, but having a well-defined contemporary edge. Some of the sculptures in this exhibition, in bronze and in plaster, have been made especially for showing at Canary Wharf. Included are both highly finished works and the models from which bronzes either have been or will be cast. Leaf-clad towers, horses, moons and the sun - themes that the Romantic poets took into their work - have found a secure place in Le Brun’s twenty-first century imagination. Le Brun studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London and Chelsea School of Art. He was elected Royal Academician in 1996. He lives and works in London. Tuesday 5 July at 1.15 pm FREE Curator Ann Elliott in conversation with the artist Please call 020 7418 2257 to reserve a place

COMMUNITY GALLERY In Jubilee Walk, the link between Canada Place and Jubilee Line. Devoted to work by local arts groups

window galleries The Art, Design & Lightbox Window Galleries, located in Canada Place Shopping Mall, showcase up-and-coming artists, designers and craftspeople. Until 24 June the galleries display:

Sarah Eyton Sarah designs beautiful and elegant contemporary jewellery for men and women that makes a statement. “I seek out sheet materials which can be formed with cutting edge technology or traditional methods to create a 3 dimensional shape – the possibilities are endlessly intriguing”.

Elisabeth Bond Elisabeth’s woodcuts derive from her observation of the world around her. Pieces of wood are found all over – left by workmen, thrown onto the street. CUTTING LONDON is a response to the wood itself and to the city.

Alexander James

Rosetta Arts Centre Until 24 June The Rosetta Arts Centre is based in Stratford and works with young people, helping them to think about themselves and how they engage with the world around them. Imagining Identity is a photography project celebrating the participants’ individuality and the factors that shape their lives. It was undertaken by young people from the Iranian Youth Development Association, London and by young girls of The Omid-e-Mehr Foundation, Tehran, with each group working with an artist.

This series of photographs were shot in neon soaked Tokyo. Exploring a fascination with the energy of the taxis at night: they glow with a sense of urgency. The landscape of the city interacts with the reflective surfaces, juxtaposing the energy of city life with the stillness of the individual within.

events SUMMER SCREEN You know that summer has arrived in Canary Wharf when the big Summer Screens go up in Canada Square Park and the screening of live national and international sport begins. This year a packed programme includes Wimbledon, Formula 1 and golf, plus fascinating archive footage of London, highlights of the Proms and a host of interactive onscreen games to while away your free time. You can also keep up to date with news and current affairs from BBC News24 and enjoy entertainment from all the BBC channels.

THE LUNCH MARKET Join us for an alfresco lunch at The Lunch Market with over 30 stalls of delicious international foods. Inspired by the spirit of outdoor markets throughout the world, our Lunch Market offers a fabulous assortment of tasty dishes for a lunch with a difference. Choose from spicy curries or tagines, fresh burritos with guacamole or a range of delicious organic vegetarian food, chunky Argentinian steak sandwiches, gourmet chorizo rolls, fresh ice cream and much more. Some of Canary Wharf’s most talented chefs will also showcase their talents with free cooking demonstrations informed by their love of local ingredients. On 28 June Michelinstarred chef Mark Sargeant, formerly of Claridge’s, is our special guest demonstration chef.

Tuesday 28 June 11am-3pm Canada Square Park, Canary Wharf

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to experience dance from an unusual angle. A transparent stage provides the setting for a series of performances designed to be viewed by audience members on reclining seats beneath the stage. Providing breathtaking perspectives on sensuous Spanish dance framed by Canary Wharf’s towering architecture, the effect is unforgettable.

RICHARD HOUSE LADIES MIDNIGHT WALK Canary Wharf is proud to support this 10 mile walk starting from London City Airport. Visit for details.

Saturday 25 June Throughout Canary Wharf

DANCING CITY PREVIEWS: La Mirade Transparente by Producciones Imperdibles


Thursday 30 June 1pm & 4.30pm & Friday 1 July 1pm & 6.30pm Cabot Square, Canary Wharf FREE

Celebrating its 10th year, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival’s annual outdoor dance programme returns to animate Canary Wharf’s parks, squares and public spaces with leading British and international dance companies and artists. This year expressive live painting and choreography splash colour at Columbus Courtyard, hip hop encounters stilt-walking at Jubilee Plaza and even a washing machine makes a choreographed appearance at Westferry Circus.

As well as Dancing City favourites such as Pied en Sol and Producciones Imperdibles, this year’s programme features an exquisite outdoor duet from the English National Ballet.

Saturday 2 July 1-5pm Throughout Canary Wharf FREE Visit for more information.

For more information visit

NEWS Restaurants and Art Exhibitions to ‘Pop up’ in Secret Canary Wharf Location London’s best pop-up restaurants and interactive art installations will take flight in a secret location in Canary Wharf this June. The location, to be known as Create House, is being donated by Canary Wharf Group and will feature headline activities for the annual CREATE11 Festival from 24 June to 23 July 2011. Create House’s Restaurants in Residence project will showcase four of the very best restaurants from London’s underground dining scene each week. Also at Create House will be The Space Between, an art exhibition by graduating students from the London College of Communication which pushes the boundaries of space through a range of media and technologies. Alongside this, Horizonville by Yann Gross is an exhibition of spectacular and fascinating photographs taken during the artist’s moped road trip into the Rhone Valley, Switzerland.

To book tickets for Restaurants in Residence, please visit Further details about Create can be found at

'Images from Horizonville by Yann Gross

Wharfers Are Up for a Cricket Challenge One of England’s fastest ever-bowlers had Canary Wharfers queuing up to face him in the Canary Wharf Cricket Challenge last month. Devon Malcolm was bowling deliveries to those brave enough to test their cricketing skills in Canada Square Park. The event was raising awareness for the Johnjac Cricket Supplies ‘Concertina’ cricket net system and the Cricket Foundation charity campaign, Chance to Shine, supported by Brit Insurance. The Concertina nets use minimum storage space and can easily be rolled out across a school playground. Hundreds of school children across Tower Hamlets are now being given an unprecedented chance to practice cricket at school, thanks to Concertina cricket nets and funding by Canary Wharf Group.

Excavation of Canary Wharf Crossrail Station Nears Completion Two years since the start of Crossrail’s construction, Canary Wharf Station, one of the largest along the Crossrail route, nears structural completion below ground. Canary Wharf Station is approximately the same size as One Canada Square, Britain’s largest office building, laid on its side. Two years of construction has seen more than 1,000 piles installed, nearly 100 million litres of water removed, 300,000 tonnes of material excavated and nearly 375,000 tonnes of concrete poured. The station, which has been built ‘top down,’ now extends 28 metres below the waters of North Dock in Canary Wharf, with the ticket hall and platform levels excavated and nearing structural completion.


canary_whaf_mag_2nd_phase.indd 1

20/05/2011 15:16

fashion Luxurious Lingerie interiors LIFE ALFRESCO health & beauty REEBOK GYM . ......................

. .................................................

. .............................


Whether you’re looking for something special for Father’s Day (19 June) or for a present for your boyfriend, friend or boss, visit luxury online gift store Gift-Library. com to take the stress out of shopping


ou spoilt your mother on Mother’s Day and now’s the time to show your father some love. While a dinner or bottle of whisky is a rather predictable present, a Men’s Gift Set hamper from is much more special. The creation of Caroline Stanbury, the website dedicates itself to offering the world’s most unique and stylish treasures, specialising in creative and stylish gifting solutions for the person who has everything. Finely attuned to their client’s tastes and requirements, the team’s insider knowledge of high-quality boutiques across the globe means

that visitors to the website have access to exclusive products and offerings, as well as regular unique collections and monogramming options. Perfect for Father’s Day this month, the beautifully packaged Men’s Gift Set hamper features teNeues’s Luxury Toys Book, Mary Ching’s Pony Skin Slippers, Tateossian’s RT Knot Round Cufflinks and Classic Collar Stiffeners, Francesco Lionetti’s Leather Cigar Case and a Daines and Hathaway Cufflink Box. Men may be notoriously difficult to buy for but makes the process much easier. n
















Over the Bridge TUMI may be better known for travel and lifestyle products but watch out for its first eyewear range, launched this spring – The Traverso Collection. As indicated by the name, the designs of the sunglasses were inspired by the architecture of great bridges of the world; one pair is named The Brooklyn, for the famous bridge spanning the East River in New York City, and another, The Severn, is evocative of the river connecting South Gloucestershire and South Wales. All the sunglasses are engineered for performance, fit and function, using, as you would expect, the latest technology and materials. Renowned lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss has developed an exclusive Tumi ZR3™ CR-39 Polarized lens with a transparent coating that allows dirt, water, oil and dust to slip off its surface. The frames are, like bridges, constructed for strength and flexibility. TUMI, Cabot Place East, Canary Wharf

Quote of the month:

Say Boux Boux Avenue is a new lingerie brand offering a range of underwear and night garments both online and through gorgeous, boudoirstyle boutiques. The emphasis is on detail, and exquisite fabrics, delicate prints and great colours feature across the range, while attention is taken to ensure each item fits perfectly.

Initially there are three beautiful collections being launched. Choose Body Language for simple and flattering essentials, something from Vintage Garden Party for pretty embellishment and pastel hues and Burlesque Boudoir if you’re feeling adventurous.

I love t-shirts they are an antistatus symbol. Giorgio Armani



Hackett Aston MartinRacing 59 Wallet

Launching on 15 June, this website features a designer of the day and offer fashionistas the chance to purchase limited edition items for up to 24 hours. Clothing and accessories will be sourced internationally from both emerging and established talent in a move to share interesting pieces with a wider audience.

The New Cut

For Father’s Day, this wallet is the perfect present to ensure your dad is on trend. Quintessentially British, Hackett has brought a world-famous racing brand on board for a range including wallets, keyrings, credit card and passport holders. The design of this wallet, £70, was inspired by Aston Martin’s racing win of 1959 and it includes smart flashes of patriotic red, white and blue on the inside.


Elfin yellow, Punch pink and Royal blue are some of the colour options available for the new ankle-length skinny jeans by Current/Elliott. The super soft style is based upon a vintage sample reworked into uber modern shades and is set to prove another successful cut for the label, which has achieved huge popularity since its launch in 2008.


Marlene demi bra, ÂŁ99 and Marlene thong, ÂŁ49


Peter Zownir

Fashion Editor:

Lucie Dodds

Cherie soft bra, £69, suspenders, £55 and thong, £39

Angelica corset, ÂŁ250 and Angelica thong, ÂŁ35

Lucille camisole, ÂŁ250 and French knickers, ÂŁ170

Isabella padded plunge bra, ÂŁ110

Rita high apex bra, £89 and Brazilian brief, £49

All Myla Lingerie, 0844 87361111, Myla, Promenade Level Cabot Place, Canary Wharf, 020 7715 5374

Make-Up: Rebecca Casati using Laura Mercier Skincare and Make-up Hair: Soichi Inagaki using Bumble and Bumble Shot on location at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Goodwood, in a Phantom Extended Wheelbase. Prices start at £285,200. Available from HROwen, 15 Berkeley Square, W1, 020 7491 7941

health & beauty


health & beauty


MORE THAN JUST A GYM Workers in Canary Wharf tend to spend a lion’s share of their time in the office but it’s worth venturing out to keep your body as fit as your mind. General Manager John Penny points out that members not only benefit from the regular range of facilities expected in a health club but also from “extra wow factors such as a basketball court, golf centre and group training concepts which are way ahead of industry trends.” As personal fitness is so important – “in a hierarchy of needs, personal fitness should be your primary concern”, Penny stresses – Reebok’s team can assist with your individual goals, whether it’s starting to exercise for the first time, recovering from an injury or training for a marathon.

If you’re bored of running or weight lifting, try out combat sports, military training or power plates. Reebok has an impressive 13 metre climbing wall and, if you’re a Strictly Come Dancing fan, try out Ballroom or Latin dancing. As Penny points out, health and exercise are currently being promoted in many different ways; “we’ve seen the introduction of public transport cycling services across London, companies are offering mandatory Wellness benefits and incentives to employees and with the Olympics around the corner, we will see a boom in health and fitness interest across the nation.” What are you waiting for?

Must have Items At Home Sports Kit

Waitrose’s sports section is full of items which make it easy for anyone who lacks motivation to work out and burn calories at home. Gaiam’s Dance Hoop and Workout DVD is a really fun way to exercise; all you need is the foam hoop (adjustable in size), a DVD player or laptop and enough space to hula. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t master the manoeuvres immediately; persistence pays off. This is a popular piece of equipment so if it’s sold out, staff can help to suggest similarly fun options to improve your fitness at home. Gaiam dance hoop and workout dvd, £28.99: subject to availability FROM THE Sports section, Waitrose, Canada Place

Reebok Sports Club, Canada Square

treatment of the month: SeanHanna Tierdrop Cut If you have long hair in need of attention, there are two options – the safe one and the brave one. Helpfully, Seanhanna’s Tierdrop Cut works for both. It makes use of seamless, bi-directional layering and hair is actually cut in ‘tiers’, hence the name. This appealed to me as I love my hair to have movement but I’m very keen to keep the length and weight of it. I opted to have my long hair, straight and lacking bounce, tierdrop-layered which gave it a wonderful new lease of life. The alternative is definitely a cut for the brave but with crops being favoured by girls of the moment Rihanna and Agyness Deyn, maybe it’s time to take the plunge and try out a fashion-forward chop this summer. Stylists at Seanhanna can help to advise you which option is best for your current style.

River-Inspired Relaxation ‘See the flow of the river; feel the stream of life’; this is, rather accurately, the vibe ascribed to the newly opened River View Treatment Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Canary Wharf. With great views of the River Thames, Four Seasons and The Organic Pharmacy have partnered to create unique treatments, using all-natural products and bringing the theme of the river into each treatment. Even better, if you visit before 30 June 2011, you’ll receive 20 per cent off any treatment of 50 minutes or longer. Four Seasons Hotel London

Seanhanna, Jubilee Place

46 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf

020 7510 1999



life change

Chelsey Baker travels to a military-style Boot Camp in southern Spain and discovers how to lose a dress size, feel great and kick-start your fitness in just one week


f you’re searching for a way to lose weight, improve your fitness, increase your energy levels or simply de-stress, look no further than Boot Camp Spain; this exclusive luxury seven-day course is designed to help you tone up, slim down and take control of your life. Boot Camp Spain’s slogan is, appropriately, “Be The Best You Can Be” and, as a stressed-out city exec with a chronic loathing of exercise, this looked like an irresistible opportunity. I needed a life-changing kick-start and to get fit so, leaving the stress and smog of the city behind, I accepted the challenge to

become slimmer and fitter. How tough could it be? I was greeted at the airport by Sarah, Boot Camp Spain’s director. Her friendly, calming approach to my barrage of questions allayed my initial fears and left me comforted and excited. An hour’s drive from Malaga, our destination was a stunning converted mill in a lush valley near the crystal-clear waters of Lake Iznajar, the unspoilt beauty of the area a far cry from the bars of nearby Marbella. Acres of olive groves and a winding stream running through our retreat made this the perfect setting for outdoor activities. The beautifully converted

health & beauty

mill has everything the discerning traveller could wish for, and each room has a completely individual character with all the usual mod cons. With our every need catered for, including daily maid service, we were able to focus solely on our training. The camp accepts just 16 participants and follows a structured regime, combining a controlled diet with exercise, led by highly experienced British Army Physical Training Instructors (PTIs). My fellow Boot Campers all came with different goals and aspirations, including a hedge fund manager wishing to stop smoking and destress, a high-powered city executive needing a week away from the office and an HR manager slimming down to fit into her dream wedding dress. Stories of stressful divorces and the desire to start a new fitness regime before turning 50 were told; each had their own reason for attending but all came with one aim in mind – a seven-day life change. My initial thoughts of a Boot Camp conjured up offputting images of crawling in mud, unappetising food and blood, sweat and tears. At Boot Camp Spain nothing could have been further from the truth. The first evening consisted of a welcome meeting followed by a private assessment. Diet, lifestyle and goals are carefully evaluated for each guest to ensure the training programme is tailored to their personal needs and that they are working towards reaching individual goals, whether related to weight loss, fitness or general wellbeing. Each day started early and we continued with our carefully selected activities until late, with plenty of breaks including some welcome downtime for sunbathing. I rejoiced in every day being planned out; all I had to do was switch off and follow instructions, giving my mind a well-needed break. We were to adhere to a wheat- and dairy-free diet, designed to detox our bodies and promote the benefits of the training. As a lifelong junk food fan I was, quite frankly, scared, particularly as I had heard horror stories of starvation rations from friends who had attended boot camps in the past. So it was with trepidation I sat down to our first meal. To my surprise, meals consisted of delicious chicken, fresh fish, soups and salads, all homemade from local produce. We even had treats throughout the week, including chocolate brownies and dairy-free cheesecake, and ate five times a day with no calorie counting or hunger pangs on the agenda. Most meals were taken on the main terrace overlooking the beautiful gardens and swimming pool. Paul, the nutritionist, was on hand for private consultations, working with each guest to improve their diet and to make improvements to their health that were compatible with their individual lifestyle and personal preferences. By making simple changes, these will continue to benefit guests long after they have left Boot Camp Spain. Our PTIs were determined to change our outlook on fitness through appropriate coaching and education along the trekking route. Fears of being shouted at were quickly set to rest and their approach was to win “hearts and minds” through motivation and encouragement, not by intimidation. Throughout the week we were led in small steps out of our comfort zones; this training style has a cumulative impact, leaving you wanting more and believing you can conquer the world.


It’s an action-packed week; training includes boxing, scenic hikes, jogging, command tasks, various sporting games and plenty of circuit training. We also took part in navigation exercises, canoeing and rock climbing as well as combat training. There were moments when I pushed myself to the absolute limit, but the camaraderie, endless patience and good humour from the PTIs and the support of the fellow Boot Campers carried me through every stage. Knowing we had a support group around us was invaluable. Other unexpected treats included deep tissue massages in the evenings, where every aching muscle was eased by the lovely masseuse who worked her healing powers to smooth away the day’s pain. A visit to the Arabic baths for a relaxing, pampering experience in sumptuous surroundings, in the shadow of the Alhambra palace, made me feel like I was on holiday, not at Boot Camp. Boot Camp Spain is dedicated to changing how you think about exercise and nutrition and shows you how easily this change can become part of your daily life. The average boot camper on my week lost about eight pounds and gained a completely new lease of life. The most striking thing by the end of the week was the fundamentally changed perspective and increase in confidence we all had. The experience made a dramatic impact on my life both mentally and physically, and far exceeded my expectations. I lost a dress size (over five pounds in weight and three inches from my waist), gained a new sense of wellbeing to last a lifetime and even came back with a suntan. This week is perfect for city dwellers who have to maximise personal time and achieve results in a short period. For a seven-day lifestyle change in luxury surroundings with added benefits of year-round sunshine, delicious food, and massages, Boot Camp Spain really is the answer. n

I accepted the challenge to become slimmer and fitter at Boot Camp. How tough could it be? Call 0800 334 5077 for more information Prices from £1,295


PuraVida Phoenix Design

PuraVida. A new sense of lightness in the bathroom.

Sanitaryware, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower trays, wellness products and accessories: Duravit has everything you need to make life in the bathroom a little more beautiful. More info at Duravit UK, Milton Keynes, Phone 0845 500 7787, Fax 0845 500 7786,,

UK_TheCity_PV_210x297mm.indd 1

14.12.10 13:55:12 Uhr




news Home Help A recently launched property management service promises to help with all manner of domestic requirements. Belinda Corani heads up the new venture after a long and successful career in personal styling, which fuelled many requests for interior consultation and wardrobe organisation. Belinda has undertaken and monitored a wide range of tasks from furniture restoration and construction to auction house liaison and carpet repair. The service is already proving popular with busy professionals who reside in London.

Donna Karan Home Known for her highly chic fashion design work, Donna Karan has developed a fabulous new homeware collection, which is now exclusively available at Harrods. The line is inspired by her love of travel and fascination with texture and has a distinctly urbane feel. “This new Lenox collection is a balance of modernity and soul,” the creator explains.

“Every piece is an object of desire for personal use or entertaining at home.” While practical enough for everyday function, each item is hand-crafted and unique. There are burnished metal plates, layered glass vases, and gleaming gold-coloured bowls from Nepal as well as hand-sculpted wood accessories and stylish flatware.

At Home With Halcyon The Wigmore Street showroom of Halcyon Interiors has unveiled a range of stunning new kitchens from ALNO. Renowned for high quality style, supply and installation, Halcyon has incorporated the latest designs into contemporary living spaces which reflect the modern, multi-purpose use of this area of the home for cooking, eating or even entertaining. Rich colours provide a striking backdrop for luxury and opulence which will stand the test of time, while interesting additions include the Stone Glass range. In this collection, doors appear to be made from stone but are in fact crafted from glass and topped with a matte surface, for ultimate convenience.

Twist on a Classic Fleming & Howland has updated its classic leather designs with a brand new colour palette for spring/ summer. The family-run business has excelled at fine craftsmanship since its beginnings in 1780 and continues to produce hand-crafted chairs from high quality British cow hide. New shades include a refreshing powder blue and rose yet all products retain a gorgeous antique finish.


the trend Transform your garden into a stylish entertaining space for summer using handsome wood furniture and a mix of both modern and traditional accessories

Salisbury Teak Table, ÂŁ1,250, Indian Ocean



Barrel Swing Chair, £395, The Conran Shop

Silver Sands Garden Sun Umbrella, £195 Burford Garden Company,

Sparrow and Finch Claridges Bird House £399.95, John Lewis,

Galvanised Thermometer, £18, Graham and Green


concierge interiors Grenadine Teak Bar Table, £395 Indian Ocean,

Large Jewel Hanging Lantern, £49, Burford Garden Company,

Mulberry: The Book, £55, Mulberry

Niki Jones Dove Grey Concentric Cushion £70, Heal’s,

Outdoor Lavender Planter, £25 John Lewis,



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interview motoring sport

mika hakkinen caparo & Jaguar ...............................................................................wimbledon ............................................ ...................................

Race Car Meets Roadster

T The new 4.0-litre, flat-six cylindered Porsche 911 GT3, thought to be limited to just 500 units, brings racing performance to the road

he racing career of the Porsche 911 GT3 is impressive by anyone’s standards. Launched in 1999, it has taken just 12 years for the car to accumulate wins at the 24 Hours of Daytona, the GT class of the American Le Mans Series (seven times) and the 24 Hours Nürburgring (a further five times). This summer, Porsche brings us the newest edition of the now iconic automobile: the 911 GT3 RS 4.0. With a large rear wing, adapted side plates and central twin tailpipe, the aerodynamically optimised body of the RS 4.0 instills in a road car all the attributes that have made the Porsche 911

GT3 a serial winner on the race track. The model’s 4.0-litre displacement sports engine – the biggest 911 model line engine ever – is the world’s most powerful naturally aspirated engine, with 125 hp/litre and capable of achieving a maximum power of 500 bhp at 8,250 rpm. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 can sprint to 62 mph from a standing start in an implausible 3.9 seconds. n For more information, please call Porsche Canary Wharf Showroom on 020 7718 5242 or email


MAN ON A MISSION Double world champion Mika Hakkinen talks to Matthew Carter about Formula 1, names a motor racing champion of the future and explains when it’s okay to drink


en years ago Mika Hakkinen, double world champion and arguably the only man who could regularly beat Michael Schumacher in a straight fight, made the decision to leave Grand Prix racing. By that time he had done ten years in the top flight, started 161 Grands Prix (winning 20 of them) and taken consecutive titles in 1998 and 1999. But he’d had enough. So in 2001 the ‘Flying Finn’ took a three year breather before returning to the sport in 2005, racing a Mercedes in the top German DTM touring car championship. He did this for three years, winning three races and then once again hung up his helmet, but not after one last test in a Grand Prix McLaren to see whether the itch still needed scratching. It didn’t. Today Hakkinen is still deeply involved with the sport but from the pits and paddocks rather than on the track. He’s a partner in Aces Management, nurturing new talent, and today he’s at Goodwood House in Sussex, partly to promote the upcoming Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival meetings and partly as an ambassador for the Johnnie Walker whisky people. He’s spreading the word that’s it’s okay to drink in moderation, and providing you don’t have the keys to a car anywhere nearby. “I like a drink, you like a drink – we’re not killjoys, but you have to do these things responsibly,” he says with a smile. His talent behind the wheel is without question, as he’ll prove later with a quick (and I mean quick) blast up the Goodwood hill in the fearsome Johnnie Walker Caparo. But he has no desire to drive competitively again. He shakes his head, hair still as blond as ever, when I mention his old nemesis. Mika is 42 years old, just four months older than Schumacher. His response


is measured, careful. “It is early in the season, maybe things will change, but…” His voice trails off, clearly convinced that the seven times world champion has made a huge error of judgement coming back, only to be beaten by younger drivers. For Hakkinen it is these younger drivers who represent the future. Among his roster of up and coming drivers is a fellow Finn, Valtteri Bottas, currently racing in the GP3 feeder category and a test driver for Williams F1. “My partner Didier Coton, who was my manager when I was racing, looks after the business side of the sport, leaving me to help the drivers. I know what a driver needs. From my experience in the cockpit, I know how a driver thinks, how he sees the outside world. You cannot expect a young driver, aged 19 and probably from a different country, to come to the UK and understand everything that happens around him. “I know what is going on inside their heads and I can help them to focus on what they need to do to make motor racing their life. If they can focus on their performance and not have to worry about anything else, then… then they can become world champion.” Will Valtteri Bottas be the next Finnish World Champion? Mika immediately says “yes”, but then pauses before elaborating on that verdict. “Listen, it’s always easy to say ‘yes’ if someone has the raw talent, but the key to turning a young driver into a champion is development. He needs to learn his job, learn about working with a team, build his confidence, get experience and go forward in the right direction. “I said ‘yes’ too quickly. I am

confident about his ability and talent but now comes the moment to work hard and win in the lower categories before he can hope to end up in Formula 1.” And will his role as tester with Williams help? “Yes and no. It’s good to be part of an F1 team but there’s never enough testing available. He can use simulators and so on but that’s never as good as the real thing. These days there are not enough opportunities for young drivers to learn about the cars and the tracks, the weather conditions and so on. It’s a tough road ahead for Valtteri.” As Schumacher has shown, motoring racing is like a drug and once hooked, it’s difficult to get off it. “Do I miss the driving? Yes, a bit. But it’s really the excitement that I miss. I had been racing all my life, starting in karts when I was six years old, and motoring racing gives me a special feeling.”After he retired, Mika tried a spot of race commentary but “it wasn’t really me. I speak my mind and not everybody likes to be criticised so I didn’t enjoy some of the comments I got back afterwards. I think DC [former McLaren teammate David Coulthard] is doing a really good job at the BBC, though. He’s working with a great team there and Martin Brundle is excellent, too. The British viewers get a great deal!” And how will this season work out? We are speaking just before the first race but already Mika can see that Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel is the combination to beat. “This season will be interesting as there are quite a few technical changes which will influence the outcome of the race. Things like the movable rear wings to help overtaking and KERS


[Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems] to give a power boost are complicated but some teams will understand them better than others. “And then we have the new tyres from Pirelli. No one knows exactly how they will perform over the race distance. There are so many different elements that it’s difficult to say if any team will dominate but there’s no denying Red Bull is looking good. They have done their homework and carried their knowledge gained from last year over to this season very well. I think theirs is the ultimate package at the moment. “And both drivers are flat out confident, especially Vettel. From my experience when I won my first world championship, that title just gives you a lift. But don’t underestimate McLaren or Ferrari.” Mika also has a word for one man missing from this year’s championship: Robert Kubica, the Renault team leader, was seriously injured in a rallying accident before the season began. Was the team right to let him compete in the rally so close to the start of the F1 season? “If he hadn’t had the accident we wouldn’t be talking about it but, personally, I would never let my driver do something like that. There’s too much risk involved. When I was racing in F1 I wanted to do everything – mountain climbing, everything. But I knew I had to focus on Formula 1. There’s plenty of time after F1 to do other things – that’s the way I viewed it.” And with that, it’s time to indulge in some of those other things. It’s time for your fearless scribe to be strapped inside a rocket ship on wheels and to be hurled up the Goodwood hill…

Left: Mika demonstrates the historic Mercedes W196 at Goodwood last year


STRAIGHT to the top Matthew Carter hitches a ride in the awesome Caparo T1 and watches a top class driver at work, close up


n any other environment, the fact that a grown man has just brushed my thigh with his elbow might raise an eyebrow, but when we are both shoehorned into the cockpit of a Caparo T1, it’s frankly unavoidable. Nominally it’s a two seater but it would be more honest to call it a oneand-a-half seater. I’m lodged in the passenger seat behind, and effectively underneath, my driver hence the unavoidable contact as he clambers in, adjusts his safety harness and then clips the steering wheel into place. Clearly, the Caparo is no ordinary

car and today it has no ordinary driver, but double world champion Mika Hakkinen. The Caparo looks a little like an F1 racer, an illusion magnified by the sight of Hakkinen’s familiar pale blue helmet sticking up from behind the wheel. It’s just that F1 cars don’t often have mudguards or number plates. Developed by some of the engineers who helped to create the awesome McLaren F1 road car, the British-built Caparo is an uncompromising racer that just happens to be road legal, the ultimate track day special. It’s powered by a 3.5-litre racing V8 that develops

a little short of 600hp and which revs to more than 10,000rpm. The engine, naturally for a race inspired machine, sits behind the passenger compartment but from where I’m sitting it feels as if it’s bolted to my bum. As Hakkinen prods the starter button my senses are assaulted not just by noise of the thing but also by its physical presence as the vibrations shudder through my body. With a clunk Hakkinen drops it into gear and we trickle up to the start line. We are at Goodwood House in Sussex, the setting for the Annual Festival of Speed and today’s press preview gives a real flavour of what to expect at this


year’s event (1-3 July 2011). Some of the world’s rarest and most iconic competition cars are here, offering rides up the 1.16 mile hill for a bunch of hacks keen to experience the noise and drama first hand. Racing E-types, GT40s, famous rally cars… you name it, they’re here. Technically the blast up the hill – on the drive that runs past Goodwood House and snakes through the grounds – is a demonstration run. But put a racing driver in a fast car and things soon get competitive. As we get the green light, Hakkinen buries the throttle and with a scream we hurtle towards the house, home of the Earl of March, taking a sharp right at the last moment. The acceleration is violent enough to take my breath away.

Literally. I instinctively close my eyes and then force myself to open them again – what’s the point of a ride with a champion if I don’t see any of it? I try to take in the crazy dance of the digital rev counter as Hakkinen blasts through the gears, his fingers caressing the steering wheel shift paddles. I try, but such is the uncompromising ride and sheer brute force of the acceleration that it’s all a bit of a blur. So I relax a little and marvel at the sheer speed of the Caparo and at the way Hakkinen makes it look so easy. A couple of days after my ride, I’m sent video footage of the drive, taken from a small camera mounted on the front of the car and looking back towards the cockpit. As Hakkinen slots the car up the narrow ‘hill’ past


trees and grassy banks on one side and stout flint walls on the other, I note how in control he is, whereas I have been turned into a nodding dog as my neck fails completely to counter the G-forces. It’s all over before it has begun. It takes perhaps a minute to drive the course, maybe less – I genuinely have no idea. At the top of the hill we are held for a few moments along with the other glorious cars that set off up the hill before us. Mika leaps out of the car and is immediately surrounded by marshals and officials wanting to chat. A naturally nice guy, he’s always been a favourite in the UK and is more than happy to share a joke or sign an autograph. The trip back down to the start is meant to be a gentle convoy run but once a racer, always a racer; Hakkinen quickly realises that by following the rules we won’t be able to go much more than 30 mph. So he hangs back and once a suitable gap has built up he floors the throttle again and rockets towards the back of the queue. This time I can hear his laughter above the engine. Just. And in the collecting area at the bottom of the hill he performs the racer’s favourite trick, a full-blooded doughnut that gets the Caparo facing in the right direction without having to perform a tedious three-point turn. “Did you enjoy that?” he asks, my grin giving him the answer he needed. Then he turns to look at the car, in its lacquer-black Johnnie Walker livery, and simply says: “It’s good, but only 600hp. Not like a Formula 1 car…” n


calibre motoring

high-speed action at

GOODWOOD For the best motor sport action you need to head down to the South Coast, says Matthew Carter


t’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven.” So said a petrolhead mate of mine when I took him to his first Goodwood Festival of Speed. He was amazed by the sheer size of the spectacle and hugely impressed by the atmosphere, the setting and the cars all around. Up until that point he’d been a Formula 1 fan but used to being treated like a second-class citizen, only able to see the action from a vantage point hundreds of yards away.


At Goodwood he was able to wander around the paddock at will and get close enough to touch the cars. And what variety! From the earliest competition machinery to many current Grand Prix cars, via a host of iconic racers from each decade, no wonder he was happy. And that’s the thing about the Festival. It really does bring you close to the action. In his first year there my mate even managed to grab a few words with Lewis Hamilton.

The Festival is the brainchild of Charles Gordon-Lennox, Earl of March and Kinrara and custodian of the Goodwood estate. Faced with the need to raise money to maintain the historic estate he hit on the idea of a garden fête for motoring enthusiasts in the grounds of the house. It helped that Lord March has 98 octane flowing through his veins: his grandfather, Freddie March, founded the Goodwood circuit, which in the 50s was the country’s premier race track. That first Festival was held in 1993 and since then has grown and grown. It is now a must-attend event for every car maker with a heritage and it has turned static museum pieces into runners once more. This year virtually all the Grand Prix teams will be there, with Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes, Williams and Lotus all bringing cars along for a run up the hill. To mark the centenary of the Indianapolis 500 there will be a smattering of Indy cars and stars, including Emerson Fittipaldi, Bobby Under and Gill de Ferran while Dario Franchitti will be driving the ex-Jim Clark Lotus 38. As before there’s a rally special stage where aces like Jimmy McRae, Hannu Mikkola and Russell Brookes will be in action and there are bikes, too. If ‘proper’ motoring racing is your thing, then you need to head to the nearby Goodwood race circuit for the Revival meeting later this year. Packed with glorious racing machinery mainly from the 50s and 60s, with a smattering of pre-war machinery thrown in for good measure, the Revival – the first was held in 1998 – is a piece of theatre where the audience is transported back to the golden era of motor sport. The car parks are full of classic cars while everyone attending gets into the spirit of the weekend by dressing up in period clothes. You’ll see mods and rockers, military men and women, flower power fashions and fifties elegance, as well as some of the closest, most dramatic racing you’ll find anywhere. The Festival runs over three days, 1-3 July, while the Revival is held from 16-18 September. Both are ticket only affairs: you can’t turn up on the day and expect to get in. Point your mouse to for all the ticketing information. n

Future Perfect? After years of hype and countless false starts the electric vehicle is finally here, says Matthew Carter. Is this zero emission heaven or a charge up a very blind alley?


’m in the middle of a shopping centre – and I mean right inside it – yet driving a car. Why? Because I can. I’m at the wheel of the new Nissan Leaf, a battery-powered electric vehicle that has no exhaust pipe emissions whatsoever. I can drive it past John Lewis and turn right at Starbucks because I’m not gassing anyone, though it’s probably best to ignore the escalators. All the same, Health and Safety are having kittens, as this is a real live car sharing space with real live shoppers. I am restricted to 4 mph and there’s a lady in a fetching hi-vis jacket walking behind me to make sure nothing untoward happens. Surely she should be walking ahead, waving a red flag like they used to do when the motor car was born back in the late 1800s? A silly stunt maybe, but it does suggest that sometime soon the only vehicles that will be allowed in our city centres will be zero emission EVs. In a few years’ time, the Nissan Leaf might well be seen as just as much a pioneer as the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen. But is it ahead of its time? In some ways, yes and in some ways, no. Finally released from shopping hell, it’s time to try it out on the open road. With the ‘fuel gauge’ suggesting I have enough charge for 80 miles, I set off on a round trip that should total no more than 40. ‘Range anxiety’ – will I run out of juice before I reach my destination? – isn’t a concern today. First impressions are favourable. Although top speed is only around 90mph and the 0–60 mph dash takes well over 11 seconds, it feels faster. Partly that’s down to the slug of

torque that’s available the moment I press the accelerator. There’s a single speed transmission and the Leaf just gathers momentum in a smooth whoosh. It rides and handles well, too. With the battery packs mounted low down beneath the passenger compartment, the centre of gravity is about as low as it can go. There’s little body roll when cornering and Leaf really does have a mini-limousine feel to it. The only fly in the dynamic ointment is the steering, which is overlight and totally devoid of any feeling. Leaf is a great place to be, though. There’s plenty of room in the airy cabin and the futuristic nature of the drivetrain is matched by the futuristic layout of the controls. The gear selector was a computer mouse in a former life and while you drive, a dashboard display starts ’growing’ trees to show how environmentally friendly you’re being. Advanced telematics can be accessed via an iPhone app, which allows you to turn on the air conditioning, say, from your desk a little while before you are due to set off home, so you have a nicely chilled cabin to get into. The same app will also let you know how much power you have left in the battery. As a car, then, Leaf is pretty impressive. It even looks okay, in a Japanese family hatchback sort of way: at least it can’t be confused with anything else. Little wonder, perhaps, that it is the current European and World Car of the Year. Where the questions arise, of course, is how it works in everyday use. It should be cheap to run. There’s no



IN BRIEF Car: Nissan Leaf Price: £25,990 Engine: Electric AC motor, laminated lithium ion batteries Power: 109 hp Drive: Front-wheel drive Performance: 0–62mph in 11.9 seconds; 90 mph max range: 110 miles

congestion charge, no road tax and often free parking, while Nissan reckon it costs just £2 to ‘fill it up’. Plug into a socket (Nissan advises fitting a dedicated 16 amp system at a cost of £995, rather than relying on the domestic network), wait eight hours and you’ve enough juice for 110 miles. Or so they say. If you have access to a quick charger, that recharge time will be cut dramatically but, at the time of writing, you can count the number of quick chargers in the capital on your fingers and toes. Still, 110 miles is more than enough for most people. The average daily journey, apparently, is only 26 miles. That said, I started my journey with 80 miles in the tank. I actually drove 36, yet the read-out at the end of the trip is telling me I have enough left for just 28 miles. I’d been on the open road, so regenerative braking seldom came into play and I’d been using the air con, the radio, the sat nav… little wonder the battery was being overworked. Think of Leaf as a second car and you won’t get caught out, though £26k (£31,000 without a £5,000 government grant) is more than many will be prepared to pay for a second car. Nissan reckons most owners will opt for a finance scheme, which gets them into the car for just under £400 a month after paying a £5,775 deposit and with an

optional final payment of just under £9,800. Leaf isn’t the only EV from a mainstream manufacturer being launched this year. The Peugeot iOn – also known as the Citroen C-Zero or the Mitsubishi MiEV, same car, different badges – is now on sale in the capital. All the same, range restrictions apply to the Peugeot but the iOn isn’t nearly as convincing as the Leaf. It costs about the same (though Peugeot, coyly, is only advertising monthly charges of £415 plus VAT), yet is much smaller and less refined. The ride, in particular, is dreadful and the interior plastics of the cheap and nasty variety. It’s quiet, keeps up with the traffic flow and has no emissions but it’s by no means a car to fall for. Unlike Leaf. Living in a typical London terrace, I wouldn’t be able to recharge my Leaf overnight but I could plug it in while at work. And although London’s recharging network is still in its infancy, it won’t be long before plugging it in at the side of the road will be as easy as finding a metre. In a few years’ time, the EV will be a familiar sight on the capital’s roads. Indeed, they may be the only type of private car allowed in the centre of town. If the next generations of EV are anywhere like as good as Leaf, the future doesn’t look so bad after all. n

IN BRIEF Car: Peugeot iOn Price: £498 per month Engine: Electric AC motor, laminated lithium ion batteries Power: 64 hp Drive: Front-wheel drive Performance: 0–62mph in 15.9 seconds; 81 mph max range: 93 miles


calibre special event

and 20 stunning motorcycles, will be displayed on the lawns of the privatelyowned estate. This year’s collection spans 90 years of real craftsmanship and automotive excellence with rare Bugattis, Ferraris and Alfa Romeos joining the best examples of RollsRoyce, Porsche and Grand Prix models. Elsewhere, on Thursday 23 June, RM Auctions – the world’s largest and most prolific auction house for quality automobiles – will be presenting a sale of ‘Quintessentially English Cars.’ Away from the roar of engines, a host of luxury brands will be in attendance, displaying their latest and most desirable lines, while live music, raffles and competitions help to explain why Salon Privé has become one of London’s favourite summer attractions. Daytime hospitality at the three day extravaganza – as well as entitling you to Pommery champagne, a lobster luncheon and English afternoon tea – includes full

Salon Privé is a must for any car enthusiast, collector or buyer

The Ultimate

Garden Party

Set on the lawns of a stately home, with the world’s most spectacular supercars and luxury brands in attendance, Salon Privé is much more than a picnic in the park


he stunning grounds of the historic Syon Estate will play host to Salon Privé for the first time this year. The move to the opulent venue reflects the automobile show’s growth into one of the season’s most eagerly anticipated social events. In addition to an array of jaw-droppingly desirable supercars, a collection of rare and priceless classics and a selection of boats, bikes, and luxury brands will take centre stage on the manicured lawns in front of the imposing Syon House. Now in its sixth year, Salon Privé is an absolute must for any car enthusiast,


collector or buyer. Featuring more supercars than ever, Salon Privé 2011 will include a total of 14 UK public debuts. Wowing the crowds for their first time at a UK show will be the GTA Motor Spano, the Lamborghini Aventador, the Bugatti Super Sport, as well as both the Aston Martin Virage and Vantage V8 S. For those looking to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, Salon Privé’s Concours d’Elégance, in association with Chubb Insurance, will transport visitors back to the most glamorous eras of motoring history. More than 60 fabulous and priceless classic cars

access to the Concours d’Elégance, the supercar lawn, the RM Auctions sale and the luxury brands area. Guests opting for evening hospitality tickets can choose between one of two black tie events: either the spectacular Salon Privé Summer Ball in the Great Ballroom of the London Syon Park, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, on 23 June or The Richard Burns Foundation Dinner in The Garden Room Marquee on 24 June. Ranging from a private hospitality suite out on the lawns to The Duke of Northumberland’s private dining room, a variety of unrivalled indoor and outdoor options allows Salon Privé to accommodate groups ranging from six people to 600. Whether you choose to visit during the day or attend just in the evening, the culinary skills of Absolute Taste – the partner of Salon Privé for the first time in 2011 – will ensure your experience of this garden party with a twist is an unforgettable one. n Salon Privé takes place on Wednesday 22, Thursday 23 and Friday 24 June at Syon Park, West London, TW8 8JF Visit or call the ticket hotline on 0808 100 2205 for more information

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£40,196.28 £798.89

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24 Months

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1st Credit Arrangement Fee*


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Representative 9.4% APR At the end the term you have 3 options: 1. Renew. 2. Retain. 3. Return.

calibre motoring

FAST FORWARD It’s got three engines, four-wheel drive, a top speed over 200mph, ultralow emissions and looks to die for. Matthew Carter considers whether it’s worth a price tag of as much as £900,000


t’s the Jaguar C-X75, a petrol-electric hybrid supercar concept originally shown at the Paris Motor Show and which has now been given the production go-ahead. The first road-going examples are due in a couple of years but if you fancy one you’d better get your name down quickly: the total production run will be limited to 250 examples. C-X75 will use the latest carbon fibre technology to create a super lightweight chassis and the design team has adopted aerodynamic techniques used in F1 racing. So it’s fitting that Jaguar has teamed up with Grand Prix team Williams F1 to develop the car, which will be built in Britain. Although the concept was envisaged to run as a jet turbine/electric hybrid, the production version will tread a more conventional path, with a small capacity/high output petrol engine – possibly a 1.6-litre turbocharged Grand Prix engine, of the type that will power Grand Prix cars in 2013 – coupled with two electric motors, one powering the front wheels and the other the rear. As well as its huge top speed, and a 0-60 mph sprint time of three seconds, Jaguar reckons the C-X75 will run for up to 30 miles on electric power alone and, overall, it produces just 99g/km of CO2 which means it gets into London’s congestion charge zone for free. Want one? Jaguar is taking ‘expressions of interest’ via its website. n


A thrilling lap of Silverstone at the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival, plus nine pairs of tickets for runners up

The Silverstone Classic, held at the home of the British Grand Prix, is billed as the biggest classic racing festival in the world, with no fewer than 22 races over the three day weekend (22-24 July). This competition prize is for the final day (Sunday 24 July) when there will be races for GTs, Le Mans racers, historic F1 cars and big banger touring cars, with Mustangs and Ford Falcons at the fore. Ten lucky readers will each win a pair of tickets (worth £90 a pair) and one of those ten, drawn at random, will also get the ride of a lifetime around the circuit in a course car at some point during the day. There’ll be more than 7,000 classic cars on display in the infield and official birthday celebrations for the E-type – 50 this year – with 1,000 examples of the iconic machine taking part in a cavalcade around the track. There’s much more to the Silverstone Classic than just motor racing – the festival is packed with things to do and see. Air displays include a Spitfire and a Mustang while the Red Devils parachute team will be dropping in. There’s a Village Green entertainment area with lots of things for the kids and Jamie Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts will be looking after the catering. There’s also plenty of music. Living up to the event’s ‘Rocking and Racing’ tag, three of the country’s top tribute acts will be playing the music of Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones and Queen on Friday night, while Saturday night will see Wishbone Ash, 10cc and Suzi Quatro rocking the fans. On Sunday the music will be rather gentler, with the 40-piece Amadeus Orchestra playing many classical favourites. For all the latest news and ticket details head to the Classic’s website at

how to win To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, email your name, telephone number and the answer to the following question to with SILVERSTONE in the subject bar. The E-type Jaguar was originally launched in: a) 1960

b) 1961

c) 1962

The closing date for entries is 30 June 2011. Each of the ten prizes includes one pair of entry tickets to the Sunday event of the Silverstone Classic (24 July) and one winner, drawn at random, will enjoy a high speed trip around the Grand Prix circuit in a course car at some point during the day. These prizes are non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered. The competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over, and closes at 23:59 on 30 June 2011. Entries received thereafter will be discarded. The promoter reserves the right to withdraw or amend this promotion. Employees and directors of Runwild Media Group and their subsidiaries and affiliates, agents, dealers and their immediate family or household members are not eligible to enter. By entering this competition you agree to your details being used by Runwild Media Group for promotional purposes. Please see subscriptions for full terms and conditions.



Taking the Chequered Flag The launch of the Silverstone Wing heralds an exciting new era for British motor sport Last month’s official opening ceremony of the Silverstone Wing – Silverstone’s new state-of-theart Pit, Paddock and Conference complex – was attended by the most illustrious names in the history of British motor sport. Five of Britain’s six living Formula One World Champions – John Surtees OBE, Sir Jackie Stewart OBE, Nigel Mansell OBE, Damon Hill OBE and Jenson Button MBE – were present, alongside fellow Formula One luminaries Sir Stirling Moss, Sir Frank Williams, Christian Horner, Ross Brawn, David Coulthard and Murray Walker. Formally opened by His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent, KG, the new building represents the second stage of a multi-million pound investment at the home of British motor racing. Measuring 390 metres in length and taking a total of 260,000 man hours to construct, the aweinspiring Silverstone Wing boasts 41 garages, a race control building and media centre, as well as hospitality and VIP spectator zones. Talking at the event, Damon Hill commented on how the opening of the Wing “represented the culmination of many years of hard work. It gives a clear statement of intent for the future.”  The impressive new facility, which held the FIA GT1 World Championship - its first major motor sport event, between 3 and 5 June, has been designed to accommodate not just race meets but also conferences, product launches and experiential activities. With a unique heritage and passion for delivering first-class events at the core of Silverstone, the new


development is a venue like no other. Bernie Ecclestone, President and CEO of Formula One Management, was unable to attend the opening but sent a message of enthusiastic, positive support: “The new pit and paddock complex will form the backbone of Silverstone’s plans to be a world class facility of its type. I am delighted with the progress and prospects for the future of Silverstone. It is a great shame that it could not have been completed ten years ago but well done Silverstone.” The ‘show’ element of the ceremony culminated with a focus on the present and future of Silverstone, which was represented by three current greats of world motor sport. Britain’s most recent Formula One World Champion, Jenson Button, was joined on stage by nine time World Champion Valentino Rossi, and 2010 Formula One British Grand Prix winner Mark Webber brought things to a close by driving his Red Bull Racing Formula One car into The Wing, coming to a stop in the middle of the room. Conveniently located between London and Birmingham and with easy access via all major transport links, Silverstone has been home to some of the world’s most prestigious events for more than six decades. With three large halls, a conference facility, business centre and a 100 seat auditorium, the circuit’s new Wing will make sure the iconic racing venue plays host to a lot more to come.


ten hot cars, one amazing day

Ever wondered how it feels to hurtle around a world-famous F1™ Grand Prix circuit in some of the best performance cars on the market? Or what it’s like to take command of a top of the range Ferrari or the mighty Audi R8 V10 with the help of some of the finest instructors around? Now you can stop wondering and start experiencing, by taking on the legendary Silverstone Challenge.

Prices from £599 (exc. VAT) per person

For more information call 0844 3728 230 or visit

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These are not just any prawn sandwiches. T h e s e are Chelsea FC pr awn sandwiches! B e s p o ke seasonal packages tailor made to s u i t yo ur requirements.

Styled by Chelsea FC E m a i l : h o s p i t a l i t y @ c h e l s e a Call: 0871 223 9940

c h e l s e a f c. c o m /t a i l o r m a d e





Regatta Royal Now in its 172nd year, the Henley Royal Regatta has a reputation as one of the best in the world. As much as a sporting occasion as a social event, the regatta is attended by competitors and spectators from across the globe. The competition is organised on a knock-out basis, with crews rowing two abreast over a course that exceeds 2,000 metres in length. The Grand Challenge Cup for Men’s Eights is the event’s most prestigious race, but The Stewards’ Challenge Cup and Queen Mother Challenge Cup are also exciting. Henley Royal Regatta, 29 June - 3 July tickets can be purchased at or on 01491 572153

Engineered Elegance

Festival of Speed What Wimbledon is to tennis and Henley is to rowing, Goodwood is to motor sport. No other motoring event can match the unique combination of more than 350 vehicles and around 100 motor racing heroes, blasting up the drive of one of England’s most revered stately homes. Enthusiasts attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed can enjoy watching great machines and drivers at close quarters, with the chance to stop

and chat to some of their motor racing idols. This year’s attendees will see no less than nine F1 teams, many of the World Superbike teams, a celebration of the E-Type, the biggest salute to Indianapolis outside America and much, much more. The Goodwood Festival of Speed, 30 June - 3 July Goodwood Estate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0PX

Blue is the colour Chelsea Football Club may have narrowly missed out on Premier League glory this season, but one thing that has always remained first rate is the club’s hospitality. With this year’s campaign having only just finished, Chelsea is already opening the VIP doors to next season’s hospitality. Boasting a host of suites and dining rooms, the club provides businesses, from a range of sectors, relaxed environments that are perfect for one-to-one face time with clients. At a time when marketing budgets need to work harder for you, Chelsea’s facilities provide a platform for all year round entertainment which can be tailor-made to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you’re looking to gain new business, improve staff morale or retain current clients, enquire about the club’s hospitality packages at, on 0871 223 9940, or via

It’s tough to look stylish whilst working out, but thanks to Ettinger of London, you can now arrive in style at the gym. Made with a sturdy cotton drill and trimmed in a waxy hide, the Hurlingham Bag epitomises English sophistication. Big enough for sports kit but small enough for overnight stays, the bag provides the most stylish of ways to get your sports clothes to and from the gym. Ettinger of London’s Hurlingham Bag, £416

Say what?

The environment of Old Trafford and all the people who work in it are geared for success. They have a winning mentality throughout the place. Manchester United’s Nemanja Vidic on what keeps the team at the top of their game.


New Balls, The British summer is finally upon us, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time for Wimbledon. Lee Brooks speaks to former British number one Annabel Croft ahead of tennis’ showpiece event




very year at the end of June, people are inspired to dig out their tents, invest in a couple of disposable barbecues and sleep rough on the streets of SW19. Why? Because it’s Wimbledon - the world’s most historic and glamorous tennis tournament which offers fans the chance to laze in the sunshine on Henman Hill (or sit in a prized seat on the hallowed Centre Court if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket) with a glass of Pimms and, of course, strawberries and cream, while watching the sport’s greats wield their magic with a tennis racket. “I think it’s the history that’s behind Wimbledon that makes it so special,” says Annabel Croft, former British number one. “It’s a very individual event, quintessentially British and very different to the other Grand Slams. Everything is immaculate, from the flower pots to the way they prepare the grass courts. And a lot of players on the tour grow up watching Wimbledon and have been inspired by the tournament.” Roger Federer, a six-time Wimbledon champion, has played some of his greatest tennis on the fine turf of the All England Club, but in the last two years, his powers have started to wane. A new challenger, in the form of Rafael Nadal, has taken the reigns of world leader with his aggressive, never-say-die approach to the sport. This year, though, another rival has thrown himself into the mix ahead of the only grass court Grand Slam of the season. Serbian Novak Djokovic, renowned for comedic impressions of his fellow players, has ditched his nickname of ‘nearly man’ and stepped into the upper echelon of the sport. “He’s won six titles this season already,” says Croft. “And they’re big titles too, including his second Australian Open title and three Masters titles. He beat Nadal for the first time on clay, the Spaniard’s favourite surface, to win the Madrid Masters and is playing like he’s the world number one. There’s a great rivalry developing between them and along with Federer, I think these three are the ones to watch at Wimbledon.” One man who’s omitted from Croft’s prediction is our very own Andy Murray. From the dizzying heights of the Australian Open final earlier this year, the Scot has since struggled and looks worryingly short of confidence ahead of his home Grand Slam. “He needs to be more consistent,” says Croft. “Last year was an up and down year for him then he finally got it together. This year, he’s not played much and that doesn’t bode well for Wimbledon because it’s not just a case

It’s a very individual event, quintessentially British and very different to the other Grand Slams


of flicking a switch to play well. Hopefully he’ll be able to find some inspiration but it’ll depend on the draw. If it’s kind to him, he can use the early rounds to build up some consistency and find his range so he’s ready for the likes of Nadal and Djokovic in the later rounds. It would be a nightmare if he got a danger man early on.” Murray has reached three Grand Slam finals now but has failed to win a single set. What does Croft believe is holding him back? “I think it’s a case of the individual themselves finding the form from within. Tennis is such a mental sport and only Murray can know what it takes to make it to the next level. No one else can really help him make that step. In the past, he’s been quite an angry player on court and that’s come back to haunt him. Also, he’s such a perfectionist and struggles to find his top level if everything isn’t working well. Instead of tipping the monopoly board when things go badly, he needs to find another way to beat the top players and grind out a win.” While Croft thinks the men’s game is enjoying its most exciting era in recent memory because “there are lots of matches where the standard is so high, you don’t know who will win,” the women’s game isn’t in such an assured position. The former British number one believes that with the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, both struggling with injuries, reigning US Open and Australian Open champion Kim Clijsters also on the side-lines and a world number one in Caroline Wozniacki who has yet to even win a Grand Slam, the game is in a difficult place. That said, Croft admits that it’s still exciting for the fans because Wimbledon “will be wide open for a new name to come in and shock.” On the British front, the women have struggled to mount a challenge and replicate Virginia Wade’s sensational run to victory in the 1977 tournament, with our leading players Elena Baltacha and Anne Keathovong currently ranked 82 and 107 respectively. “I’m a big fan of Baltacha,” says Croft. “She’s got a big heart and tries 150 per cent every time she steps out on court. She’s worked so hard to get where she is and has every chance of putting on a run at Wimbledon. Having played at Wimbledon, I know how you can suffer nerves because of the weight of expectation and that’s the same for all the British girls. It’s never easy to play there because you want to do so well in front of your home fans.” While Baltacha and Keathovong are coming closer to the end of their careers, Croft believes two futures stars, in the forms of Laura Robson and Heather Watson, have every chance of taking British women’s tennis into the future. “Robson probably hasn’t pushed on as the hype predicted but she’s got real talent and flair and has the potential to do very well. Then there’s Watson who’s a joy to watch. She’s a real battler on court and while she’s quite petite compared to most of the other girls on tour, she’s a great mover and is great on the counter.” While hopes of British success may be lower than usual this year at Wimbledon, a titanic tussle between three of the best players the men’s game has ever seen, a wide open draw on the women’s side and the likelihood of great weather for the two-week tournament, there’s every chance it could be another vintage fortnight at SW19. n


© Ernoult - Breitling SA



High Flying Team Spirit The Breitling Jet Team is a flying display troupe made up of seven professional pilots who put precision, performance and teamwork at the top of the agenda


ake a look around your office and think about your friends and colleagues for a few minutes. Would you trust any of them with your life? Luckily, in our largely predictable day-to-day working existence, it’s not a question we need to ask of each other. For the Breitling Jet Team, however, it’s a deal-breaker when it comes to joining the fold. This élite band of aerial adventurers is watertight when it comes to cohesion and trust – a good job really,

Their time ‘at work’ is spent flying together at breakneck speeds of more than 450mph considering most of their time ‘at work’ is spent flying their L-39 military jets at breakneck speeds of more than 450mph within a hair’s breadth of each other. In their big blue office in the sky, the ability to follow direction and work together towards a shared goal is paramount. And we’re not talking about striving towards sales targets or company goals here; the consequences of someone being ‘off their game’ is pretty serious. Among the team, based in Dijon in France, are an array of former military pilots who have a lifetime’s experience of airshow flying, some as part of the Red Arrows’ French counterpart,

the Patrouille de France. Other team members are happily seduced by the nostalgia of legendary, vintage aeroplanes, while some prefer getting dirty under the cowlings, spanner in hand. It’s an eclectic mix of characters on the ground who transform into a united, powerful force once in the sky.

Front Foot Forward Team leader and 30-year veteran display pilot, Jacques Bothelin, is the kind of chap you’d put your faith in without hesitation. Bothelin says there are two key words in this job – quality and safety – and that a polished display is the result marrying the two. ‘Speedy’ – as he’s referred to during flights over the radio – has racked up more than 10,000 hours in the cockpits of 145 different types of planes and is clearly able to measure risks. “Emotional stability is one of the main qualities required to be a good display pilot,” states Jacques. You must stay humble, whatever your experience.”

Show- Stopper Jacques says his motivation never wanes, and being able to share his boundless enthusiasm for flight is enough to keep the job exciting. It’s a having-his-cakeand-eating-it situation for the pilot, who is definitely a showman at heart. “We

consider our aerial display as an artistic expression and we try to give the public an emotive 25-minute performance,” he says with fiery pride. “This is achieved with the choreographed and elegant manoeuvres, the smoke, the music and the commentary.” With testosterone-fuelled names like “Avenger” and “Crossbow”, it’s no surprise that the display’s series of jaw-dropping synchronised sequences incite plenty of “oohs” and “aaahs” from the crowds below. Throw in a healthy dose of G-force-inducing acceleration and dives, and the spectacle will leave you speechless. n

See the Breitling jet team The Breitling Jet Team is coming to the UK this summer and will be displaying exclusively at the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford on 16 and 17 July. Lining up alongside the most iconic military aircraft from around the world, the L-39 jets will dazzle crowds at the world’s largest airshow of its kind. Day tickets cost £39 and kids under 16 get in for free.





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Admission strictly by advance ticket only • For tickets or hospitality please call: +44 (0)1243 755055 ®


a vip day at Glorious Goodwood: Four Richmond Enclosure badges, a car park label and race cards for the opening day

It was the third Duke of Richmond who first brought racing to Goodwood in 1802. It’s now 200 years since the estate held its first event and the venue is internationally acclaimed as being one of the best racecourses in the world. This July, Goodwood is hosting its most famous meeting of all; Glorious Goodwood sees 100,000 people flock through its gates to enjoy the chic, relaxed and stylish atmosphere for which the event has become famous. Much sought-after Richmond Enclosure tickets are normally reserved for members during the Festival (26-30 July). Attracting the very best from the international world of horseracing, as well as the crème de la crème of English society, the Glorious Goodwood festival is set to be one of the most exciting sporting events of the summer. Getting the event off to a stirring start, Tuesday’s Sporting Greats Day will see sporting heroes gather to celebrate British sporting excellence. Wednesday’s highlight will undoubtedly be the Sussex Stakes, announced as part of the inaugural British Champions’ Series. As Ladies’ Day, Thursday promises to be a day of elegant summer fashion, with the highlight on the track being the Goodwod Cup. After another full day of racing on the Friday, Saturday will play host to the competitive Stewards’ Cup before the festival reaches its climax with the Group One Blue Square Nassau Stakes on the Sunday. Glorious Goodwood, Goodwood Racecourse, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0PS Call 01243 755055 or visit for more information or to book tickets


how to win Goodwood is offering one reader the chance to win four Richmond Enclosure badges, a car park label and racecards for the opening day of the Glorious Goodwood Festival. How many people will flock through the gates of Glorious Goodwood this year? To enter, email your name, number and answer to the question to with GG in the subject bar. The closing date for entries is 30 June 2011. Terms and Conditions: This prize, of four Richmond Enclosure badges, a car park label and racecards for 26 July at Glorious Goodwood, is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered. The competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over, and closes at 23:59 on 30 June 2011. Entries received thereafter will be discarded. The promoter reserves the right to withdraw or amend this promotion. Employees and directors of Runwild Media Group and their subsidiaries and affiliates, agents, dealers and their immediate family or household members are not eligible to enter. By entering this competition you agree to your details being used by Runwild Media Group for promotional purposes. Please see www.runwildmediagroup. com/subscriptions for full terms and conditions.



gadgets Richard Brown presents this month’s best and most exciting technological wizardry

The Ultimate All-in-One Hot on the heels of the release of the iPad2 and white iPhone4, Apple has revealed its updated all-in-one iMac. Boasting new quad-core Intel Core i5 processors, the latest iMacs will be up to 1.7 times faster than previous models, bringing a new dimension of speed to everything you do. Powerful graphics have been added, as well as high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime HD camera. With prices starting at £999, it’s not the cheapest of desktop computers – but in the world of technology, you pay for what you get. iMac, Apple,, prices from £999

Boy’s Toy

Girl’s Gadget

Something Spectacular

Perfect for the woman who lives a luxurious lifestyle and likes her gadgets to say ‘stylish’ in an understated fashion, the new Vertu Constellation Quest comes complete with an analogue clock and ringtones that have been specially composed and recorded for Vertu. The handcrafted Constellation Quest features, handily, a virtually scratchproof sapphire crystal Back in 2010 Air2Air gave us the Draganflyer

screen, stainless

We’ve sent men to the moon but personal flight

X4 and aerial photography was brought to

steel casing and

on earth has remained a dream. Until now. After

the masses, allowing us to take pictures at

striking sapphire

nine years of development, including six years of

angles we could only dream of capturing with

keys, perfect for

intensive testing, Jetlev Sports bring us the Jetlev

hand-operated cameras. Now the company has

ladies on the go.

Flyer – a jet pack that allows users to experience

unveiled the DraganFlyer X8. Possessing advanced software, the X8 has more power, flight time and camera capabilities. With a revolutionary folding design and specially designed load-bearing backpack, the X8 is also extremely portable.

Draganflyer X8, Air2Air, £30,000–£40,000

controlled personal flight, albeit only over water

Vertu Constellation Quest, Vertu, prices from £5,900

at the moment. Using a four-stroke 250hp motor and fuel tank at the water’s surface, the Flyer has a maximum top speed of 22 mph and can reach heights of up to ten metres.

Jetlev Flyer, Jetlev Sports, £60,700


calibre gadgets

three of the best...

Audio Entertainment More Than a Sound System Boasting a host of technical improvements – including a superior FM/DAB/ DAB+ receiver, revised audio circuitry optimisation and a new CD suspension arrangement – the new R4i from Vita Audio provides far greater audio clarity and sound resolution. At its most basic, the R4i is a powerful 80W audiophile-grade amplifier and speaker system. But add a multi-format CD player, iPod dock, USB playback port and auxiliary inputs and it becomes much more than that.

Street Life TDK Life on Record’s Three-Speaker Boombox will transport you back to a time of big beats and even bigger hairstyles. A dedicated, high excursion 6-inch subwoofer driver and two 6-inch coaxial drivers deliver dynamic, fullrange sound and a striking, retro look. Designed to be a hub for shared moments, use the TDK Boombox as an out-loud expression of your musical identity.

R4i, Vita Audio, £629.99

3-Speaker Boombox, TDK Life on Record, £499

Raising the Bar Boston Acoustics, the world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance loudspeakers, has introduced its TVee Model 25 Soundbar System. With a total system power of 150 watts, the virtual surround sound TV and music audio system uses a slim soundbar and wireless subwoofer to deliver powerful, room-filling sound, with Boston-engineered best-in-class performance – guaranteed to add a punch to your movie, music and gaming experience.

Where would we be without...?


The first light-emitting diode came into existence in 1962 when

It can be hard to find a tech

Nick Holonyak, working as a consultant for General Electric,

website that always reports news

was trying to provide a simple and inexpensive way to get

rather than hearsay, but with a

computers to convey information. Whereas Holonyak’s early

primary focus on the very latest in

LEDs were only able to emit low-intensity red light, modern

gadgets, technology and consumer

Last year consumer electronics manufacturer Kogan

versions can be used to emit a very high brightness across

electronics, Engadget does just

was named Australian Retail Association’s Retail

visible, ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. From humble

that. Updated several times a day,

Innovator of the Year and featured on business

beginnings in portable calculators, LEDs are now employed

the website features news posts,

magazine BRW’s Fast Starters list. This year, the

to tell us everything from when our phone is on charge to the

product reviews, videos, photo

company hopes to shake up the entire UK consumer

current share prices running along the outside of the Thomson

galleries, editorials, and stacks of

electronics market with its expanded, exceptionally

Reuters building in Canary Wharf.

special featured content.

Tech News:

affordably priced Agora range. Throwing down the gauntlet to UK manufacturers and retailers, Kogan is offering its Agora Internet TV Portal for £99, its Agora 7” Tablet PC for £89 and the Agora 12” Laptop for just £219.


The Light-emitting diode (LED)

TVee Model 25 Soundbar System, Boston Acoustics, £299.90

The Lounge Hair Salon T R A I N I N G I N T E R N AT I O N A L

Looking to escape the boardroom and change your career? Have an interest in fitness and want to take your training to the next level? Believe you can help other people achieve their fitness goals? Our Diploma in Advanced Personal Training is the first-ever truly internationally recognised qualification in the UK, and takes just six weeks to complete. Our flexible range of world class courses opens up a world of opportunity.

Visit: Call us now: 0207 561 3260 Text us: ‘Fit’ on 60066* Socialise with us: *Messages charged at your standard network rate. † Please call to book an appointment.

WHOLE head highlights


Cut & style

Intensive conditioning treatment (inc. scalp massage)

Cut & Style


Cut & style

Intensive conditioning treatment (inc. scalp massage)

n Offer valid until 30th June 2011 n Promotions valid Monday to Friday only n Dedicated customer car park available n 2 mins from Bermondsey station (Jubilee line) n Please mention Canary Wharf magazine upon booking


National Academy of Sport Medicine

The ‘International Advanced Diploma in Personal Training’ is internationally recognised and includes a NASM ‘Certified Personal Training’ Certificate. Approved NASM Training Provider under license through Active IQ Limited.

200 Jamaica Rd SE16

020 7237 2624

interview personal finance human resources

audi investment .................... self sabotage

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In allocating the nation a collection of nearly 28,000 different job titles, the 2011 Census highlighted the changing nature of the world of work


lubberman, Rhubarb Forcer and Wizard are just some of the occupational classifications that have fallen out of the census over the course of the last century. Replacing them this year were job titles such as Environmental Psychologist, Feng Shui Consultant, Pole Dancer and eBay Trader. This is a far cry from the three categories that were available for selection in 1801: Agriculture, Manufacturing/Trade and Other. The 2011 survey also allowed for occupations including Abseilers, Leakage Technicians and Reiki Healers.

As well as aiding the police in identifying community needs, the information derived from the results helps to determine the allocation of government funds to services like education, transport and healthcare. A particularly insightful entry to the 1911 returns seemed to substantiate our island’s reputation as a nation of animal lovers: one of several family pets that were unnecessarily recorded was Mr and Mrs Arthur John Delve of Smethwick’s dog; apparently, Biddy was a “faithful Irish Terrier Bitch, Magnificent Watch, a demon on Cats and Vermin, age 11 years”. n






Last year, Audi recorded a revenue increase of 19 per cent and net income almost doubled. Now the German car manufacturer has given itself the task of becoming the largest luxury car producer by 2015. Richard Brown catches up with Audi’s Head of Global Sales and Marketing, Peter Schwarzenbauer, a man with a crucial role in ensuring Audi fulfils its potential


aving served as a marketing executive at BMW and Head of Sales at Porsche Germany before he was announced CEO of Porsche Cars North America, Peter Schwarzenbauer knows a thing or two about shifting cars. Now at Audi, where he has been for the last three years, Peter has an instrumental role in shaping the future of the German car giant. I meet the marketing mastermind, along with Esther Bahne, Spokeswoman for Sales & Marketing Audi AG, at last month’s annual Audi Polo Challenge – a charity event hosted at Ascot’s Coworth Park in association with Princes William and Harry. What are the key features that distinguish Audi from other car manufacturers? Peter: The main difference, in my point of view, is the design component. Research has shown that the main reason people buy a car is based on exterior design and we currently have the best-looking cars in the industry. The second reason is the interior; not only the design of the interior, but also the quality, the feel, even the smell. What was it that brought you to Audi? Peter: I saw a company with huge potential. Society and the world are changing and what I would call “old luxury” is going out of fashion. Audi is such a fresh brand of understatement that in the next ten years it has huge potential. What I enjoy most is thinking about what could happen in the future: to look at how a city will be in 30 years’ time and to think about what this city means for us. With the right product portfolio to match the changes in society, you have the perfect fit. What have been the biggest changes in the automobile market over the last ten years and what do you predict for the future? Peter: The biggest change has been that the car has become completely connected. There is not one piece in a car that is not communicating to the other pieces. In ten years’ time, I think the car will be connected to the outside world, becoming almost like a mobile device. Nowadays we are used to things like iPhone apps, where we can download everything and anything we want. I think a car will become a similar thing; it will take on an additional role and no longer simply take you from A to B. How much did the recession affect Audi and what did you do to combat the downturn? Peter: Through the recession, specifically from 2008 to 2010, we did much better than our competitors. We had a record year in 2008 and only went down in 2009 by five per cent, which, if you look at the magnitude of the recession, is nothing. We then had a record year again in 2010, so you could say that we had nearly continuous growth through the crisis. Esther: We actually came out stronger than we went into the recession and improved our position amongst the competition. Where others fared worse, we overtook them. Peter: We became number one in Europe, overtaking BMW and Mercedes, and in the UK –and we have kept that position for the first four months of 2011.

How important are the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China to Audi’s plans? Peter: That depends a lot on timeframes. Short term, right now, China is our most significant market. In 2011 it will overtake Germany to become our largest, with roughly 280,000 units sold. In terms of India, we are growing rapidly but there is still only a small premium car market in the country. We will probably only sell around 10,000 vehicles this year but long term, one day India could be as important as China currently is. Brazil is a little like India. Last year we sold around 7,000 units, which was already double the previous year, so percentage wise it’s huge, but in absolute numbers it’s still quite low. Esther: Russia is also a growing market for us. By 2020 we expect it to be one of our top ten – at the moment it’s floating around tenth place. Where does that leave America and the UK? Peter: If you want to be the number one premium car manufacturer in the world, you can’t allow yourself to have a focus on just one place. From a risk point of view, you have to try to keep Asia, Europe and America in a certain balance, because you never know what will happen in economies around the world. Esther: For Audi, more than any other premium car brand, the UK still remains a very important stronghold. It has always been one of the top three or top four markets. India may be very exciting, but if you sell 2,000 cars there and you sell 100,000 cars in Great Britain, there’s clearly a different weight to the markets. The Audi Polo Challenge is now in its ninth year. What was the inspiration behind the event? Peter: We wanted to do something charity-orientated. I think it’s quite boring for a company just to send some money somewhere. It’s much nicer to create something around an actual event. The Audi Polo Challenge started with Prince Charles, and now Prince William is taking it on. It’s a unique [invitation-only] event that money can’t buy. It’s extremely positive for our brand. Esther: Audi doesn’t do many public events and it’s not something we invite lots of press to; it’s not done for coverage so much as to provide somewhere for our Audi friends to get together and support a charity. What does the second half of 2011 hold in store for Audi? Peter: We have a major summit coming up in Frankfurt in September. We have 200 or 300 experts from around the world, including architects, designers, and city planners, coming together to discuss how cities will look in the future. It’s something I am very much looking forward to. Esther: It’s also a year of sustainability for us and activities that go beyond the car industry. There will be a focus on sustainable living in urban environments and sustainable driving in terms of renewable energy. What’s the most exciting car in Audi’s current model range? Peter: The R8 Spider. It’s the best car you can drive. n


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Investment Advice Dr. David Kuo from The Motley Fool explains how to avoid some of the mistakes that can be made when investing Sophia Loren once said that mistakes are part of the dues that one is expected to pay for a full life. Sophia Loren is right. But it would be far better if we can avoid many of the obvious mistakes that people make, especially when it comes to investing. As Warren Buffett said, when it comes to investing, there are two rules. The first is never lose money; the second is never forget rule number one. I would be lying if I didn’t admit to making one or two howlers when I first started investing. That said, the difference between good investors and those who struggle is that successful investors not only learn from their own mistakes, but also from the mistakes of others. So, here are some of the most common investing gaffes that investors make when they first start out buying and selling shares. Try to avoid them if you can. One of the most vexing problems is knowing what to buy, given that there are, quite literally, thousands of shares that you can choose from. Too much choice, it seems, can sometimes be worse than having no choice at all. Consequently, many investors turn to the man down the pub, cab drivers and throwaway tips on chat rooms for inspiration. These are probably some of the worst places to look for investing ideas, because they probably know less about investing than you do. Instead, start with an industry that you may be involved in already; for example, if you are shopkeeper, your knowledge of the retail sector could give you an edge over professional analysts. If you are really stuck for ideas, then investing through a stock market index tracker is a good first step to investing. The index tracker will give you exposure to all the shares of your chosen market, and the value of the tracker will rise and fall in line with the index. There are hundreds of indices that you can track and they range

from the FTSE 100 index to something a little more exotic, such as the MSCI Turkey index. It is also possible to track the FTSE BRIC index that includes companies from Brazil, Russia, India and China, or you could home in on one specific country – for example, China. Another common mistake is investing with money that you may need in the short term. It is generally accepted that over the long term, the stock market has delivered a better return for investors than other types of assets that include cash and bonds. However, if you are serious about investing in shares, it is important to be prepared to invest for the long haul. Typically, you should be prepared to leave the money invested for at least five years to reap the full benefits. A common trait amongst many investors is believing that they can consistently find the next ten-bagger, or a share that goes up ten-fold. You may find that you are lucky once, or even twice, but you should never be lulled into believing that it is ever easy to unearth shares that rise quickly. A better strategy is to treat the stock market as you would your current account. That means adding, adding and adding money to your portfolio as and when you have spare cash that you can afford to invest for the long term. Finally, it is a common mistake to think it is possible to make loads of money simply by buying and selling shares on a daily basis through timing the market correctly. This may seem like an easy way to profit quickly from shares, but in reality, it is also a quick way to lose a lot of money very rapidly. Day trading has earned a reputation as a money-spinner because of some notable success stories in the past. However, day traders like gamblers have very selective memories – they can usually recount in great detail how much money they made, but can rarely remember their losses. The best way to profit from shares is to invest little and often over the long term. It is worth bearing in mind that it is not timing the market that will make you rich, but time in the market that counts. n

Dr David Kuo, Director at the popular financial website The Motley Fool


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Super Injunctions In the wake of recent media coverage about super injunctions, Martin Bamford discusses the need to keep both our personal and financial data private and safe The recent furore surrounding the issue of super injunctions, and the identity of those who have sought this form of legal protection, has prompted an important debate about the right to privacy. Whether or not you believe that those in the public eye have an inherent right to privacy, the protection of your personal information is one of the most important things to do in order to safeguard your finances. Nowhere is privacy more important than when it comes to your sensitive personal and financial data. As we move to an increasingly online world, many people justifiably have concerns about the security of their confidential data. Several recent high profile examples of personal data going missing or being purposefully stolen, including the recent ‘hack’ of the Sony Playstation Network, illustrate how serious the loss of personal and financial data can be. Private information can be worth big money to criminals: stealing an identity can be a very lucrative criminal activity which increases the demand for confidential information and makes the protection of this even more important. Organised criminal gangs know that they can make money from your data and for this reason you need to work even harder to keep it safe. When dealing with authorised and regulated firms in the UK, we should have a relatively high degree of confidence that they will take their data security obligations very seriously. In addition to having to comply with Data

Protection legislation, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has strict rules and guidance on this subject. This means that there are two big sticks with which firms can be beaten, should their systems and controls fail to keep your personal information safe. Financial services firms also risk huge reputational damage should they lose data; you do not want your customers thinking about that time the director left a laptop loaded with confidential customer data on a train. If our banks, insurance companies, fund managers and financial advisers fail to meet their data protection obligations, they can expect to be on the receiving end of public censure and hefty fines. The most important steps we can all take to safeguard our privacy take place closer to home. Being acutely aware of the risks to personal data is a good place to start: this means safeguarding your data and being very careful about what you disclose to others. In the past week I have heard about one lady who was the victim of a ÂŁ15,000 loss because of data thieves posing as her bank. I have also been on the receiving end of several suspicious but very convincing phone calls claiming to be from my mobile phone company, asking for personal data. We might think that data theft is rare, but in reality it is happening every hour of every day and if you let your guard down for one minute, there is a huge risk of data loss. It is, unfortunately, easy to understand why people fall for these tricks. Professional criminals are well practised and tend to sound like the real deal. How we dispose of confidential information is crucial. You should make it a rule in your household that nothing with a name or number written on it ever leaves the property without being shredded or otherwise destroyed so it is of no further use. Keeping a careful eye on the activity within your bank and investment accounts is a vital step. We recommend that our clients obtain their credit reference report at least once a year, to check for any suspicious activity. Whilst nothing in your bank statements or other financial correspondence is likely to be embarrassing enough to warrant a super injunction, letting your personal information slip into the wrong hands can result in a lot of distress and expense. n

Martin Bamford is a chartered financial planner at Informed Choice ( and author of several best-selling personal finance books.


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Eliminating Self -


Chelsey Baker, business advisor and life coach, identifies some of the patterns associated with self-sabotage We’ve all been there. You have an important deadline to finish or a critical presentation to prepare and you find yourself unable to focus, becoming intoxicatingly distracted by the most irrelevant of matters. Instead of concentrating on what needs to be done, you lose two hours watching TV, creating a new iTunes playlist or indexing a drawer full of business cards. Then all of a sudden, the realisation of your unfinished deadline hits you and you are left feeling exasperated, frustrated and angry. It doesn’t matter how successful or confident we are, at some time or other we all fall prey to such unconscious impulses and, generally, attribute them to some form of inexplicable self-sabotage. So what’s actually going on? When asked, the following are cited as the most common forms of self-sabotage: procrastination, over indulgence and impulsiveness. However, all behaviour, no matter how self-destructive, has an adaptive function and the underlying causes invariably run deep. Fear of failure, for example, and, ironically, fear of success, are often major factors. Those whose career paths follow in the footsteps of a successful parent or sibling may come to believe that they are not worthy of their predecessor’s success, something that may induce low self-esteem, poor self-image and lack of belief. Some people unknowingly find themselves working against their true desires. The responsibility of supporting a family and/or the desire for financial security may be trapping you in a job you’ve long outgrown or never really liked. Alternatively, you may feel unappreciated or frustrated by a bureaucratic organisation’s need for you not to express your creativity. Sadly, some people never figure out what their true desires really are – something that can lead to an unexpressed talent going to waste.


Others come to make self-sabotage a way of life, continually creating mental and emotional stress for themselves. We all know people who take on more projects than they can cope with and consequently fail at most, if not all, of them. For these people, being regarded as multi-talented outweighs their ability or desire to follow through, regardless of their good intent. Pessimism, while often touted as a sound survival strategy, can also be massively destructive, particularly in those who habitually assume things to be worse than they actually are. Pessimists often pass up opportunities to better themselves, overlook solutions to problems or cause themselves needless mental angst. This is more than seeing the glass half-empty; it’s a specific worldview that can undermine your self-belief. Most of us will recognise one or more of these factors. It should now be apparent that what is going on is a disharmony between the conscious and sub-conscious mind. Self-sabotage largely arises from a hidden form of selfpreservation at all costs, driven by internal conflict – one which can tie you up in knots as your mind struggles to select a correct and safe direction to move in. So how can you resolve this? It may not be as hard as you think. Once you come to the realisation that you need to change this behaviour, you're already pushing at an open door. The first step is to correctly identify what is the root cause. What is it about your unconscious self-image that is at such variance with the persona you consciously project? You’re looking for something that normally escapes your attention so you’ll have to be brutally honest with yourself to find it. Once you brush past this ‘conflict’ it quickly rises to the surface where it’s laid open in your rational consciousness. You’ll need time to come to terms with this change of perspective but by progressively reconditioning your thinking, you’ll lose most, if not all, of the subconscious impulses to sabotage yourself. When we are suddenly faced with a certain situation, event or task, most of us will immediately experience some form of anxiety. The answer, then, is to focus thoughts on how you respond to these qualms; change your responses and your anxiety will subside, leaving you free of self-sabotage and ready to achieve your goals. n


The Roof Gardens – 99 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SA

HOW MUCH? £60 per person, based on a minimum of 8 people (£50 per person for members)


Friday nights, May - July 2011


Phone 0207 368 3960 or email and Quote ‘Canary Wharf’ to receive a £10 discount.

Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability.

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Boasting rain showers and Jacuzzis in every suite, as well as dining under both the stars and the sea, it’s no wonder Burj Al Arab is consistently voted the world’s most luxurious hotel


ust as the Sydney Opera House is the symbolic representation of that city, and the Eiffel Tower is the iconic emblem of Paris, the Burj Al Arab has become the building most evocative of Dubai. Despite never having advertised itself as such, the hotel has become renowned as the world’s only seven star resort. Offering 202 jaw-dropping duplex suites that range from 170 to 780 square metres in size, in addition to six awardwinning signature restaurants, around-the-clock butler service, receptions on every floor and its very own Rolls-Royce fleet, it’s easy to see why.

Burj Al Arab is located a short distance from the shores of the idyllic Jumeirah beach on its own artificial island and, standing at 321 metres, is the second tallest hotel in the world. Intended to resemble the billowing sail of a ship, its unique design has also ensured that it is one of the most photographed hotels too. Book a stay and you’ll experience not only the ultimate in Arabian hospitality, but also some of the most magnificent fine dining to be found anywhere on the planet. n


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Travel with Style If you’re considering updating your luggage collection at this time of year, you are sure to desire something from the luxury travel collection at Aspinal. The new range features a handsome selection of leather pieces which are both hard-wearing and timeless. The Boston Travel Bag is a gorgeous calfskin duffle-style design, which is highly versatile with sturdy grab handles and a detachable shoulder strap. It comes in three classic tones, including a rich dark brown and tan, each complemented by signature brass hardware, vintage style rivets and a plaque. £450,

The Dylan gets dreamier effect to create luxurious and stylish retreats. Minimalism is banished in favour of antiques and local artwork and, while there is definitely a traditional feel, ultra modern drinks cabinets, entertainment systems and flat screen televisions ensure absolute comfort and convenience for guests.

Stay in St Tropez Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez has reopened for the summer season, more luxurious than ever. The glamorous resort in the heart of the French Riviera is known for its sleek and stylish vibe. Guest suites are clustered around a pool and lush Japanese garden and the whole complex has an airy, contemporary feel. The restaurant is headed by the acclaimed Pierre Gagnaire and drinks can also be taken in the decadent Dom Pérignon champagne bar. An exclusive partnership with French cosmetics brand Payot allows visitors to enjoy a range of indulgent beauty treatments, alongside a Jacuzzi and hammam. This June the hotel is opening two beautiful villas, in addition to its existing suites. Each of these will form a spacious retreat with two bedrooms and a large living space while enjoying access to a private garden, plunge pool and terrace.

Travel Fact In keeping with its reputation for fast living and fun, Hong Kong is the city with the most Rolls-Royce cars per capita in the world.

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Amsterdam’s leading boutique hotel has redesigned ten of its already beautiful suites. The new ‘Luxora’ rooms are inspired by the world of nature and are awash with natural tones and textures including leather headboards, pearlescent shell details and copper-edged mirrors. Elsewhere marble and velvet are used to decadent

This invitation-only, free travel site boasts more than six million members from the UK, France, Italy, Spain and, the most recent addition, the US. The team of experts negotiate exclusive, high-end travel deals at prices of up to 75 per cent off, with new sales opening every day. These are limited, and first come, first served, so log in early to secure the holiday of a lifetime at a very reasonable price.

Brought to you in association with Small Luxury Hotels of the World, an unsurpassable collection of over 500 hotels spanning 70 countries, which offer an infinite variety of experiences.


Ibiza I


Annabel Harrison revisits the jewel in the Balearics’ crown, casting off memories of childhood holidays in favour of exploring the multi-faceted island. As long as you’re looking for sun, there is something here for everyone

t’s 14 years since I’ve been to Ibiza. Memories of idyllic summer holidays in family-friendly Cala Llonga are filled with swimming pools, pedaloes and pesetas, a wholesome image readymade for filling pages of travel brochures. Since then, it hasn’t escaped my notice (or that of the rest of the world) that Ibiza’s big draw is the clubbing scene, which makes sense of vague recollections of leather and fluoro-lycra party garb I’d seen as a child on excursions to Ibiza Town. On closer inspection, these two extremes have a treasure trove of options in between for visitors not keen to party in Pacha and lacking a handful of children to amuse. The popularity of the third largest Balearic isle (the ‘season’ of which stretches from Easter to October) is no doubt due to the fact that there really is something for everyone here. In just four days, I saw this first hand; the 150,000 Ibizencans (pronounced I-bi-then-kans) have gone all out to cater for every type of visitor – and it shows. From clubbing to culture, fine dining to dancing and spa-going to cycling, the expression ‘spoilt for choice’ can’t help but spring to mind. The BA flight from London City Airport to Ibiza is speedy (two hours) and stress-free (City is much smaller than its sister behemoths Gatwick and Heathrow), getting you in the Ibiza frame of mind from the word go. Touch down on the tarmac and be immediately

absorbed by clear blue skies, stretches of cerulean sea and enveloping warmth. As the island is so small (there are only three main roads and you can’t drive more than 41 kilometres in any one direction), transfers are quick and travel is easy. Hire a car and explore for yourself; book a guide and driver to do the hard work for you; splash out on cabs here, there and everywhere; or take the healthier, more scenic option of cycling. The island is steeped in history and the influence of the Phoenicians, who arrived 27 centuries ago and dedicated it to their god of music and dance, Bes. Ibiza is habitually linked to hippies, albeit wealthy ones, and reasonably so, as they arrived in their droves in 1978 and just never left. Indeed, the vibe of the island reverberates (slowly, for speed is as foreign to the Ibizencans as a lack of spirituality) with a casual, happy, hippy resonance and even the architecture is sympathetic to this; buildings have smooth walls and curved edges. As our wonderful guide Dominique says, ‘things go [emphatic pause]… slowly here’. Dominique also instructs, in keeping with the fashion ethos of the island, ‘wear whatever you want, as long as you look good’. This mentality applies just as much to the hotels scattered over the island; hugely different but all equally cool, they make and break their own rules. I can’t choose a favourite, so here are the best of the bunch.



THE LUXURY OF NATURE Can Curreu, Sant Carles My first impression of this rural hotel and spa, formerly a farm, is that it is almost too immaculate to be true. The buildings, pristine white cubes with smooth walls and curved edges, look as though they have been crafted out of icing for a particularly beautiful wedding cake. Dotted amongst them are picture-perfect orange and lemon trees, as well as an olive tree believed to be 1,000 years old and rolling hills. With 17 rooms, the peacefulness is overwhelming, in a relaxing way, perfect for couples seeking solitude. Rooms offer exclusivity, elegance and comfort, as well as privacy, but you will certainly be tempted out by the spa with its modern thermal circuit, the tranquil, pretty pool area and prestigious restaurant. For an alternative to a romantic stroll, ride on horseback along ancient mule tracks. The hotel believes in the luxury of nature and, after a stay at Can Curreu, you will too.

BOUTIQUE BEAUTIFUL The Giri Residence, San Joan Its delightful owners describe The Giri as “hippy chic with a big city touch”. Indeed, I adore this place and photos don’t do it justice. With just five suites, it feels like you’re staying in a very luxurious private house, which is, quite simply, the epitome of cool. Owners Lars and Rosa have done an incredible job with the décor: despite splashes of Scandinavian minimalism, Balinese comfort and Moroccan detailing, somehow The Giri exudes Ibicenco soul. I find myself wanting to reach out and touch everything because of the wonderfully original use of clashing, tactile textures; granite and wood, bamboo and stone, marble and glass. The colours are also perfectly eclectic: gold, slate, cerulean, grape, oak, sand. Service is impeccable, thanks to a staff to guest ratio of 1:1 and if you want to use the incredible spa, it’s “yours while you’re here” – exclusive use and privacy galore. I have never experienced anything quite like The Giri.


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SOPHISTICATED LUXE Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa, Santa Eulalia This stunning waterside hotel in Ibiza’s Santa Eulalia Bay marina has a beautiful view of the sea and a quaint beachside promenade leading to Santa Eulalia. Built by Ibizencan architect Juan de los Ríos, designed by Barcelona-based Triade Studio and run by the Torres family of seasoned Spanish hoteliers, Aguas knows what it’s doing and does it well. From the striking tree painted white outside to the huge circular reception, bright and airy thanks to lofty ceilings and bands of glass floor to ceiling, the overall impression is modern and sophisticated, with a clean design palette of white, black, stone, silver and marble. The 112 rooms, all smart and sleek, come with latest technologies, including state-ofthe-art, energy-saving domotics for personalised lighting. Aguas has everything you could possibly need: a gym, climatised pools, two outdoor pools, a beauty salon, a boutique, on-site Business Centre, High Performance Executive Centre and a sumptuous spa. For a more social experience, try out the rooftop “chill-out” bar, Air Ibiza, or have a drink at the Scuba cocktail bar downstairs.

IBIZA’S HOT SPOTS Beach Club Blue Marlin, Playa Cala Jondal

Lunch ZenSea, Playa Cala Nova

Supper La Brasa, Ibiza Town


Culture D’Alt Villa, Ibiza Old Town

Sa Cova Winery, Sant Mateu D’Albarca

Shopping Sluiz

La Dalias ‘Hippy’ Market


THE ‘‘OH MY GOD’” HOTEL: Ushuaïa, Playa D’en Bossa Ushuaïa is the coolest new kid on the block. One look at the website and you’ll be hooked; teasing phrases pop up and vanish, all extolling the virtues (and vices) of The Unexpected Hotel. It’s also the “I Don’t Remember My Room Number” Hotel, “Just Like Heaven” with “Everything You Want”, and it promises to pump up the volume: if you’ve ever wanted to watch a concert from your hotel room balcony and you love music, Ushuaïa is the perfect place for you. It boasts an enormous, purpose-built poolside stage, where top international DJs and artists will perform between 5pm and midnight for up to 4,000 guests, as well as a Pioneer Recording Studio and its own radio station. In the 236 rooms, clever touches prove they’ve thought of just about everything for to cater for bright young things: blackout blinds allow for sleep any time of day or night; aromatherapy fragrances and chromotherapy LEDs help to soothe the morning-after feeling; and when you’re ready to party, rooms come kitted out with their own DJ booths, the Ushuaïa radio channel and a Maxi-Bar (when Mini just isn’t enough).

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My advice to you? Book Ibiza now. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to go straight back. n


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Suite Dreams

Kate Harrison enjoys a romantic weekend in Florence at a restored, aesthetic marvel of a hotel where it’s all part of the process to come, see and stay in bed


veryone would like to stay in a royal suite, wouldn’t they? I harbour envious curiosity about what lurked behind the silk curtains of Kate Middleton’s set-up at The Goring. To be frank, a simple suite is quite an upgrade from the standard four walls of a hotel room in my world. The big screen has romanticised and characterised the hotel suite; scenes of frolicking around in Pretty Woman and Carrie’s exuberant stay in Paris with the Russian in Sex and the City come to mind. At the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, a suite is – happily – what you are likely to end up with, as almost a third of the accommodation is arranged as such. What’s more, magnificent frescoes and friezes will adorn your walls and ceilings, lending you a feeling of residing in a cosy art gallery rather than a bedroom; a special type of gallery where you can kick off your heels, raise your voice and wear out the furniture, all the while imagining life as a Florentine noble (as best you possibly can).

I came to Florence for a romantic weekend break with my husband as so many do. I like to think ours was one to savour a little more than the average though, as it was on the cusp of our transition to first time parenthood. Samuel Johnson is quoted as saying that someone “who has not been in Italy is always conscious of an inferiority, from his not having seen what it is expected a man should see.” Today, there’s a palpable sense of duty for the welltravelled UK holidaygoer who wants to keep conversation flowing to have ‘done Tuscany’. As the regional capital of Tuscany and one of the most stunning cities in Italy, and arguably the world, Florence is both the Tuscan virgin and the romantic couple’s best bet. Founded by Julius Caesar himself, it is also of course the wine lifeblood of Italy, if not Europe. Guests at Four Seasons Florence (‘Firenze’ in Italian) can stay in either the 15th century Palazzo della Gherardesca or the Coventino, a 16th century former convent. Importantly for most these days, Renaissance artistry cohabits with


high-tech comfort. Each suite is unique but all are decorated in wonderfully bright Tuscan hues and come with sensational garden views. One step further in the direction of contact with nature would be the hotel’s exclusive garden suite, La Villa, and the garden suite to outdo all others is the Della Gherardesca Royal Suite, where a long vaulted reception gallery contains five broad windows overlooking not the hotel’s garden but its own botanical park, the Giardino della Gherardesca. There is something incredibly special about staying in a hotel that has reinvigorated an old property. The Four Seasons Florence is the result of one such restoration project. Knowing someone used to live in your hotel injects the place with a home-away-from-home quality. Never mind that previous residents might have had rather a different concept of the word ‘home’ to you and me (Four Seasons Florence was formerly the home of a Pope and five centuries of Florentine nobility). Stepping inside these folks’ home of yore gives visitors the chance to view artworks ranging from the 15th to the 19th century in their original context and in the knowledge that a meticulous process went into unearthing them (in this case seven years). Family emblems and shields only add to the sensation of human warmth. 18th century novelist Fanny Burney wrote that


Someone “who has not been in Italy is always conscious of an inferiority, from his not having seen what it is expected a man should see”

“travelling is the ruin of all happiness! There’s no looking at a building after seeing Italy.” The Four Seasons Florence should definitely be approached with such a warning. The hotel meets all expectations in terms of life beyond the Suite, should you choose to explore it. There’s the two-storey spa with high quality herbal treatments used by 13th century monks. Italian dining can be experienced at Il Palagio restaurant where 50 excellent wines are on offer, and that’s just including those by the glass. You’ll not be wanting for your outdoor pool, gym or hair salon either. What is now the hotel’s backyard was built in the 1470’s for Bartolommeo Scala. Known as the Giardino della Gherardesca, it is, incidentally, Florence’s largest private garden. Back in the day it was a truly secret garden of unexpected botanical delights used for collections, including those of azaleas, and it even housed a ragnaia (a grove designed to catch small birds). The present garden, made in the 18th century, is a path-riddled haven of shrubs, trees, an Ionic temple and a tepidarium (the warm area of a Roman bath). Go beyond these 11 all-encompassing acres and you’re surrounded by spectacular, varied countryside, thanks to Florence’s position in the basin of the Arno River. Beyond what we might be accustomed to expect in a hotel, this one has its own chapel where the noble family used to pray; a small window in the ceiling of the chapel allowed family members to peer in at services from the floor above, should they not have the inclination to attend. But the greatest achievement of Four Seasons Florence is that amid the stuccoes, bas reliefs and silks, there is not an iota of pretentiousness to be found. This is in harmony with the laid-back charm of Florence itself, credited to the social consciousness underpinning Renaissance humanist ideals. These philosophers believed fervently in the worth of the individual and would no doubt have understood the pleasure of having not just a room but a rich architectural suite of one’s own. n For more information please visit


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The second largest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam is an extraordinarily dynamic metropolis featuring modern architecture, unique festivals and cutting-edge art and culture. What to see::

Historic sights and dizzying heights

As Europe’s biggest port, Rotterdam’s history and culture is anchored in maritime life and nautical exploration. Surrounding its 14th century harbour are historic buildings, including the White House (Europe’s first skyscraper) and the Pilgrim Father’s Church which served many of the first American settlers who sailed aboard the Mayflower. The iconic Erasmus Bridge arches over the river whilst in the nearby Blaak area, ultramodern cube houses overlook the water, encapsulating Rotterdam’s seamless fusion of eclectic history and contemporary innovation.

The Manhattan Hotel

Indulge in five star splendour in this sophisticated sanctuary within the heart of bustling Rotterdam. Centrally located inside the impressive Millenium Tower, The Manhattan Hotel is convenient for transport links and shopping, just a short amble from many of the city’s beautiful sights and attractions. Classic yet contemporary, the elegant design houses a wealth of facilities from a state-of-the-art gym to a wonderfully sumptuous brassiere. The 230 pristine rooms are equipped with all the necessities, as well as many additional luxuries, that will ensure your time in Rotterdam is as relaxing and rewarding as you would wish. Weena 686, 3012 Rotterdam +31 10 430 2000

Where to eat:


CityJet flights are available from London City Airport to Rotterdam up to eight times a day.

i 100

For more information, schedules and to book your flight visit or

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A modern and luxurious eatery with wonderful views over the river Maas, Parkheuvel is perfectly situated between the picturesque and the urban. With three Michelin stars, head Chef Erik van Loo has earned an impressive reputation for his French-based cuisine flavoured with a subtle European influence. Recently restyled by architect Thed Konings to produce a refined and intimate interior in the French art deco style, the sumptuous ambience combines perfectly with the exquisite menu. Heuvellaan 21, 3016 GL Rotterdam +31 10 4360530

As day turns to night...

Rotterdam’s dynamism and energy translates into a vibrant nightlife, centred around the harbours, with Delftshaven, Veerhaven and Westelijk Handelsterrein offering a dazzling array of restaurants and bars. Summer evenings find rooftop terraces bustling and water-side bars filled with locals and tourists alike. Hyper Hyper’s stylish red and white interior provides perfect surroundings for lounging and dancing and is a great place to start the night. Thalia Lounge, situated in an old cinema, has five levels to explore and regularly showcases national and international DJs.

Don’’t miss:

Rotterdam’s windmills and zoo An emblem of the Netherlands’ past, Rotterdam still boasts seven working windmills. Sporadically open to visitors, these majestic buildings can be found around the city; most notable are De Ster and De Lelie situated beside Kralingse Plas lake. Nearby Rotterdam Zoo captures the best of nature’s diversity into continentthemed areas, including a 22 metre shark tunnel to explore the bounty of the oceans. After sampling history and the depths of the oceans, scale modern heights with the Euromast – a viewing platform 100 metres up that provides panoramic views over this exhilarating city.

Home from home Pandora Jones goes back to her roots, visiting Cheltenham in the Cotswolds to experience luxurious accommodation and the finest dining in a glorious countryside setting


may live in London, but I’m a country girl at heart. The moment the train pulls out of Paddington, the stresses and strains of London life slip away and grey tower blocks are replaced with rolling green fields, stretching for miles and dotted with sheep and horses. Yes, for those of you who have never visited, the Cotswolds are as picture perfect as you’d want them to be, and just two hours by train or car from our capital city. I was lucky enough to grow up in the beautiful spa town of Cheltenham in the heart of the Cotswolds and, on this occasion, I’m heading back to visit the newly revamped Ellenborough Park Hotel, situated adjacent to the worldfamous Cheltenham racecourse in Prestbury and set in 90

acres of parkland. When I was younger it was known as the Hotel de la Bere and, although I’m very familiar with its picturesque location, the extensive restoration process has given Ellenborough Park Hotel a new lease of (luxurious) life. The estate is bordered on one side by sloping, verdant hills and as we turn into the entrance, a drive snakes around the periphery of the grounds, framed by lush green grass and flowers. Everything is immaculate and the house stands out against the greenery, with its authentic cream Cotswold stone and turreted towers and chimneys. The majestic country house has an impressive 500 years’ worth of rich history, built in the late 15th century by Thomas Goodman and passed into the hands of Sir John Huddleston, before being sold to Edward


Law, Earl of Ellenborough, in 1831. Law undertook major alterations to the house, which became known as Southam Delabere in 1865 and it has since been owned by various tenants before becoming a hotel again in 1973. The interior is everything you would expect from a quintessentially English country house – log fires, exposed brick walls, rich upholstery and dark, polished wood – but the fact that it has been designed by internationally renowned Nina Campbell gives an added level of sophistication, comfort and luxury, which undoubtedly would have been missing for its residents four or five centuries ago. When I am told that some of Nina’s inspiration came from Lord Ellenborough’s colourful history as a governor general of India, I’m not surprised; the Great Hall, a huge, oak-panelled room, has a stunning blue and gold decorative ceiling and the Spa, separate from the main house and far too opulent for lying down with your eyes closed, clearly takes its influence from India. Ah, the Spa. A sanctuary in the truest sense of the word. I could have spent the entire weekend there, ensconced in a fluffy white robe. It includes a hydrotherapy pool, fitness suite and heated outdoor swimming pool, as well as beautiful treatment rooms; mine was wonderfully warm, thanks to a heated floor and a warmed massage bed. Staff members were scrupulously polite and discreet, offering me fresh juices and space to unwind. I highly recommend the Full Body Aromatherapy Massage; after 30 seconds in my company, my therapist Vicky decided to ‘Relax’ me, as opposed to ‘Energise’ (as I was, apparently, quite energised enough). She gently but firmly pulverised the knots in my back, neck and shoulders, exacerbated by a week at my desk, until I felt completely relaxed.


In fact, I was so relaxed that it was all I could do to return to my room and lie down. There are 62 bedrooms and suites in total, including those named after famous racehorses such as Arkle and Kauto Star, divided between the main house and the new Courtyard and Woodland suites. The central staircase that led to my room is decorated with a striking mural, featuring a woodland scene with animals and a ruined folly in the background, and hand-painted by artist Flora Roberts. The opulent room itself is in similar hues, moss green, dark wood and off-white, although its pièce de résistance is the bathroom; marbled and cream, with a roll-top bath and authentic wooden lavatory, it is spacious, luxurious and utterly calming. After so much relaxation, next on the agenda was an evening of fine dining in the Beaufort Dining Room. The original centuries-old stone fireplaces and stained glass windows gave the room a medieval atmosphere, augmented by the lack of background music. The Dining Room serves a menu crafted by head chef David Kelman, who has sourced local ingredients for his signature dishes to give guests an authentic taste of the Cotswolds. My guest and I were not disappointed by the fine dining experience, enjoying a carnivorously decadent selection of scallops, chicken and foie gras terrine, steak and sea bass, all seasoned and cooked to perfection. I particularly enjoyed the Baked Alaska dessert and its delectable hot-cold clash. Foodies will not be disappointed. For wine connoisseurs, sommelier Tobias Brauweiler, a finalist in the running for the title of UK Sommelier of the Year, has chosen more than 400 wines, ranging from the reasonably priced to the sublime and rare, which are stored and preserved in a temperature-controlled environment. He was on hand to (very knowledgably) suggest the ideal wine to accompany every dish. Although it would be fitting to end on the culinary top note, mention must be made of one of my favourite rooms in the hotel – the Boot Room. Thoughtfully, an assortment of Hunter wellingtons and Dubarry walking boots is stored there for guests to borrow, a delight for those who, upon seeing fields stretching for miles, can’t wait to go for a long walk. I suppose it’s true: you can take the girl out of the countryside, but you can’t take the countryside out of the girl. Ellenborough Park, here I come. n



Something extra special Hotels that offer more than just fine dining and luxury suites can be the perfect weekend antidote to a monotonous city lifestyle, and Small Luxury Hotels of the WorldTM have an impressive selection, here is a pick of some of the best… Beachside Luxury The Atlantic Hotel, Jersey Those looking for a seaside escape without the excessive air miles should head to The Atlantic Hotel in Jersey. Set in beautiful, extensive grounds in a conservation area of outstanding natural beauty this stunning hotel overlooks the dramatic St Ouens Bay and the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean. The influence of the beach and the sea is carried into the Michelin-starred Ocean Restaurant, where head chef Mark Jordan serves up a variety of maritime delicacies from his coastal and countryside larder. To book visit,

Walking in the Wilderness Holbeck Ghyll Country House Hotel, Lake District As you enter Holbeck Ghyll, a heavy teak door, an oak-panelled entrance hall and rows of well-used wellies are an indication of what’s to come at this lovely country hotel. Boasting one of the top 15 views in the world, Holbeck Ghyll is a perfect place to explore the great outdoors, either scaling the high and rocky summits to gain the highest vantage points or discovering quiet lanes, peaceful valley trails and secluded tarns. The hotel also organises brilliant walking weekends. To book visit,

Culture Vultures Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club, East Sussex Summer is coming, and so is the opera! Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club is set in a stunning 186 acre parkland estate with lakes and is a great place to enjoy the famous delights of the nearby Glyndebourne Opera. The hotel organises sumptuous picnic hampers complete with food, cutlery, crockery, blankets and wine, which you can either collect from reception, have laid out for you in the grounds or take with you to the open air opera. To book visit,

Sporting Types Bovey Castle, DARTMOOR You know you’re onto a good thing when your hotel stocks endless rows of Hunter wellies and Barbour jackets. Bovey Castle has seemelessly managed to pair subtle grandeur and luxurious Dartmoor living, with traditional country pursuits including golf, clay pigeon and game shooting and archery. Bovey Castle is also the only hotel in the UK to own an eagle that can be flown by guests, and hope Artemis will become a spectacular feature for moorland hunting during winter 2012. To book visit,


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HMC Independent Co-educational Day School for children aged 3 - 18

SENIOR SCHOOL Open Evening (For 11+ applicants - September 2012)

Tuesday, 21st June: 4.00pm - 7.00pm · Fully co-educational since 1997 · 20 minutes from London Bridge · Scholarships and Financial Assistance available · 38 acres of playing fields: large on-site sports centre · Dedicated Performing Arts Centre

Horn Park Lane London SE12 8AW Tel: 020 8852 2283



at 6.30pm 9th June 2011 rden, East Winterga Canary Wharf Tickets: £50

centre of one success in the te ra b le ce nd us for an Come a ful cities. Join er ow p t os m ’s hts, of the world ment and insig in a rt te en of g in exclusive even en’s Aid. oney for Wom m g in is whilst ra ebster this enter Charlie W als es pr ts or Sp y on Hosted by Sk siness professi portunity for bu is a unique op ors to: across all sect athletes, ost successful m ’s in ita Br of l ng, discuss • Hear a pane ent and Liz Yelli ns Pi ew th at M including Sir eir success the secrets to th including siness women, bu d te no d an ities • Meet celebr OBO awards under of the M fo g, in K a ny Ka tertainment és, and live en p na ca d an es agne ul female voic • Enjoy champ ’s m ost beautif on nd Lo of e from on e and take hom a silent auction in rt pa rs ke so Ta on • sp gifts from our complimentary kets visit: To purchase tic ity /successinthec ation visit: For more inform /

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Mexican to Go Mexican market-eating restaurant Wahaca, situated on the first floor of the Park Pavilion, has extended its takeaway menu to include a range of delicious tacos and mouthwatering salads. The tacos provide a true taste of Mexican street food and the salads give a healthy Mexican twist to lunch or dinner. The Marine Stewardship Councilcertified scallop and shrimp salad is cured in lime juice and habanero salsa while the Summer Fuerza salad combines the best of summer ingredients to offer an explosion of seasonal flavour. The Park Pavilion, Canary Wharf

Royal Renovation

Styled in sophisticated dark blue with flecks of gold, the terrace immediately transports you away from day-to-day life and into the elite world of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. With stunning views of Canada Square, where better to indulge in a unique whisky experience?

Following an extensive refurbishment, Royal China Canary Wharf officially reopened its doors earlier this month. Situated opposite the Canary Wharf Pier, the restaurant provides magnificent views of the Thames, something that customers can now enjoy by dining alfresco on the restaurant’s renovated terrace. Decorated in Royal China style, complete with flying golden birds, silvery wave prints and an azure ceiling, the restaurant is a more contemporary version of other more traditional oriental eateries. Pay a visit to sample the perfectionism that Royal China prides itself on.

Fourth Floor, Canada Place, Canary Wharf

30 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf

Whisky on the Wharf


Food lingo: Distilled by taking inspiration from a 500 year old recipe, Babicka is the new premium vodka from the Czech Republic. Packaged in a modern interpretation of old medicine bottles, Babicka undergoes a six step distillation process before being married with natural spring water. With subtle undertones of citrus and wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium) and a subtle finish of rich vanilla, caramel and aniseed, Babicka makes the perfect addition to any cocktail.



Takoyaki Traditionally sold by roadside vendors in Japan, Takoyaki now appears on the menu of Japanese restaurants throughout the capital. The dumpling type balls, typically between one and two inches in diameter, are filled with either whole or diced baby octopus. Meaning ‘to fry or grill in a pan’, yaki is a popular method of cooking in Japanese cuisine.

He was a bold man that first ate an oyster. 18th century satirist, essayist and poet Jonathan Swift

To celebrate the launch of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label terrace at Plateau Canary Wharf, a series of exciting whisky cocktails have been created by the restaurant’s talented mixologists. These fruity and unusual cocktails have been crafted to appeal to both women and men, providing a new sensory tasting experience.

Hectic lifestyles mean that achieving the ‘perfectly balanced diet’ can seem impossible. Designed to suit the needs of time-starved Londoners, The Pure Package is here to help. The gourmet food service delivers tailored, freshly prepared and guilt-free meals directly to your door. An easy solution to the dieting dilemma, The Pure Package boasts a celebrity client list that includes Hugh Jackman.


15-17 July 2011, RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire

Passion Precision Performance

“It was an epic spectacle, as magical as anything you’ve ever seen in the West End and as loud as anything you’ve ever heard at Knebworth” Jeremy Clarkson

For Private VIP Tickets and Corporate Hospitality Packages Contact: Francesca Heap Tel: +44 (0)1285 713300 (ext 5326) Fax: +44 (0)1285 713268 Email:

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An A-Z of Cool With a piece of musical artwork for each letter of the alphabet, Richard Brown deems Alphabet City more like a club steeped in rock star history than The O2’s newest members’ joint


dorning the entrance and dark, winding staircase of Alphabet City, iconic art prints of music’s biggest idols evoke a sense of the rock-themed lifestyles that inspired the club. Hanging from a black ceiling, bronze orbs light the way to the club’s first floor – a stylish and informal dining area where wood meets chrome to complement modern industrial ceiling fittings. Continue to the second floor and the corridor opens into a wide, open lounge, dramatically lit and complete with dark carpets and deep armchairs. Here, wood panelling and a smoky grey and black colour scheme draw attention to the long, sparkling bar that runs along the back of the room. This is The O2’s new private members’ club; the only one associated with, and sited in, the now world-famous venue. Boasting a raised stage, DJ booth and a section of floor-to-ceiling screens, Alphabet City aims to be the most stylish hang-out for pre-show drinks and after-show parties. To achieve this ambition, the club has “embraced a range of distinct, decorative styles to create a totally immersive ambience,” explains Sarah

Mackay, Director of Alphabet Group, the company behind Alphabet City. It’s a decorative approach that definitely works. Alphabet City is elegant and trendy but, simultaneously, distinctively rock and roll. Visiting on the club’s opening preview night last month, I was presented with a wide-ranging cocktail menu created by head bartender Damian Williams. Having sampled a Passiflora – a heady mix of Finlandia vodka, fresh passion fruit, lemon and sugar – I was advised to try a Battery Fizz, which is a Grey Goose-based concoction of chamomile, rosemary syrup and fresh lemon juice. While, admittedly, both choices are about as far from ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ as can be, for anyone who appreciates good-quality cocktails, these will not disappoint. Alphabet City’s bar food and snack menu comes courtesy of executive chef Nick Cuadrado. For those looking simply to ‘fill a gap’, I strongly recommend the homemade pork scratchings with warm apple sauce – possibly the best I have ever enjoyed – and the bar’s contemporary twist on the classic scotch egg, complete with a quail egg at its centre. For something a

little more substantial, the amusinglynamed Piggy Plank sharing platter – a generous charcuterie board of cured meats – as well as the charming portable cheese cellars stocked with artisan cheeses, breads, fruit and pickles, will leave you suitably nourished. When not wearing its private members’ club hat, Alphabet City is also available for private and corporate hire. If you’re looking for somewhere exclusive to host a product launch, daytime reception, a private gettogether or after-show party, Alphabet City is one of the most stylish venues you’ll find. The trail of music-related prints that begin at the club’s entrance – available to the general public for purchase as part of a selling exhibition – is just one of the details that give it a truly distinctive identity. n Alphabet City, The O2 Entertainment Avenue, SE10 0DX 020 8305 3099 To register for membership at Alphabet City or to enquire about Founding Membership to the Alphabet Group’s collection of members’ clubs, visit


London’s oNLy restaurant, bar & cLub in the sky Jaw-dropping 360 degree views from London’s tallest riverside building the world’s best DJs and performers seriously conceived, elegantly executed, delightfully exclusive cocktails from the pharmacy bar, created to stimulate the senses open from 6-30pm until late, 7 days a week Private parties for up to 1,200 guests, private dining for up to 400 guests KuKu London, the exclusive Japanese restaurant, open 7 days a week Cielo London, enjoy the taste of real italian food, open 7 days a week open for brunch in the sky on saturdays & sundays from 11am until 4pm

THE LONDON SKY BAR Millbank tower, 21-24 Millbank sW1P 4QP


runwild_dps01.indd 2

12/5/11 13:50:16



runwild_dps01.indd 3

+44 (0)845 500 3500

12/5/11 13:49:49



The London Sky Bar


KuKu London Cielo London


The View Studios River Room Paint Gallery



Millbank Media Centre Curzon Millbank Cinema


Picture House Restaurant


11 incredible venues sensational events from 10 - 1,200 jaw-dropping view from London’s tallest riverside building Event VENUES


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12/5/11 13:40:36



runwild_dps02.indd 3

0845 500 2929

12/5/11 13:40:49

The best food and drink that Canary Wharf has to offer American

Byron Hamburgers

Second Floor, Cabot Place 020 7715 9360 Smollensky’s

Reuters Plaza, E14 020 7719 0101

Davys Wine Bar

31-35 Fisherman’s Walk, E14 020 7363 6633 PLATEAU

Canada Place, E14 020 7715 7100

Gastro Pub

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The Fine Line

Jubilee Place, E14 020 7719 6408

29-30 Fisherman’s Walk, E14 020 7513 0255




29 Westferry Circus, E14 020 7987 9494

27 Coldharbour Lane, E14 020 7515 5222 THE NARROW


44 Narrow Street, E14 020 7592 7950

Cabot Place 020 7715 5818



65 - 67 Amsterdam Road, E14 020 7538 3008

Boisdale of Canary Wharf

The Park Pavilion, Canada Square 0845 686 1122


40 Canada Square, E14 0845 468 0100


Chef ColLin BROWN

2 Yabsley Street, E14 020 7515 8177


The Battery

34 Westferry Circus, E14 020 8305 3089 Docklands Bar and Grill

Royal Victoria Docks Western Gateway, E16 020 7055 2119 FIRST EDITION

25 Cabot Square, E14 020 7513 0300 REEBOK RESTAURANT

16-19 Canada Square, E14 020 7719 6408


CafÉ Rouge

29-35 MacKenzie Walk, E14 020 7537 9696



Aniseed Bar & Indian Restaurant


The Four Seasons Hotel 46 Westferry Circus, E14 020 7510 1857 Rocket

Chuchill Place, E14 020 3200 2022


WAHACA 40 Canada Square, E14 020 7516 9145


571 Manchester Road, E14 020 7005 0421 Nina’s TAZA express

322 Burdett Road, E14 020 7093 3552

Oriental ITSU

Level 2, Cabot Place, E14 020 7512 5790

25 Westferry Road, E14 020 7517 9233

ROKA 4 Park Pavilion, Canada Square 020 7636 5228


Royal China

Jubilee Place, E14 020 7719 0333



25 Cabot Square, E14 020 7513 0288 CARLUCCIO’S

2 Reuters Plaza, E14 020 7719 1749

Gourmet Pizza

30 West Ferry Circus, E14 020 7719 0888 SRI NAM

1 North Colonnade, E14 020 7715 9515

Seafood CURVE

Marriott Hotel, West India Quay 22 Hertsmere Road, E14 020 7517 2808

18-20 Cabot Square, E14 020 7345 9192


Jamie’s Italian

28 Westferry Circus, E14 020 7239 9077

Churchill Place, E14 020 3002 5252 LA FIGA

45 Narrow Street, E14 020 7790 0077



Turnberry Quay E14 020 7987 5511

Turkish Hazev

Pizza Express

Cabot Place, E14 020 7513 0513

2 South Quay Square Canary Wharf, E14 0207 515 9467

food & drink


Sugar and Spice

and all things nice

While Mojitos might spring to mind, Anna Fogg finds out that there’s much more to new restaurant Rum & Sugar’s offering than just an impressive selection of rum-based cocktails


lthough the name conjures up an image of a Cuban cocktail, Canary Wharf’s latest restaurant and bar offering is in fact very much British. The name Rum & Sugar, a nod to the building’s past as a rum and sugar store during our role as the trading capital of the West, is not only reflected in the rewarding cocktail list but also in the restaurant’s décor: exposed brick walls display original open casks housing the attractive range of wines on offer. The space is well lit and atmospheric, with the simple and clean design reflecting a desire to keep the building’s integrity intact. Choose from whatever dining experience you fancy as eating is encouraged anywhere in Rum & Sugar. A striking central bar lined with high bar stools divides the lounge area (low, rustic tables with welcoming armchairs and leather sofas) and the restaurant (an open setting filled with velvet-clad chairs and bleached wooden tables). We begin our evening with the inaugural Rum & Sugar cocktail, a sweet but tangy combination of rum, elderflower, and fresh lime. The cocktail is confirmation that every great meal should begin with a great aperitif. The menu, as we are told by David Cavalier, Michelin starred chef and Head of Food at Rum & Sugar, offers something for everyone. Born from a desire to promote locally sourced food with a twist, the sharing plates

offer a wealth of British produce. We begin with the fish platter for two and the ideal partner to the post-work drink; Potted Shrimp, Salmon Tartare, Mackerel Fillet, Beer Battered Cod Fish Fingers, Seafood Cocktail and, “because we must”, Colchester Rock Oysters. Opinion is divided – my companion admits her relationship with fish has never reached first name terms – but I convince her that the mackerel should win this course. Subtly flavoured and delicately presented in filo pastry, the salty fish is complimented by a green grape and lime chutney. A close second (and to her surprise, the favourite of my piscatorially challenged guest) is the Salmon Tartare, light, fresh and accompanied by a superb miso dressing. The dishes are presented with a great deal of care and fun touches; miniature preserve bottles for the shallot vinegar, individual jars of the potted shrimp and, what David explains as the ‘twist’, lettuce purée accompanying the seafood cocktail. All add to the dining experience and make it just that little bit more special; a fine trick when sharing is the order of the day. Another ‘twist’ comes in the form of Vol au Vents of Quail Egg and Mushroom with Madeira cream. The twist: a French name in a British restaurant. And the reality: they are delicious and prove to be one of our favourites. We move onto meat and try a selection of small plates. Pork

Scratchings with Apple Puree is a great snack and the Rare Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding is quickly devoured – meaty, rich and perfect with the peppery horseradish purée. I would like to be able to dedicate considerable column inches to the other three dishes as all revealed the expertise of the chef. Slow Cooked Pig is served alongside Black Pudding and Smoked Mash Potato, a classic combination that never fails to delight and, in this case, does that and more. It’s hard to disagree with the assurance that the Chicken Liver and Port Parfait is the best we will ever taste. The dish that best sums up the Rum & Sugar ethos is the Wood Pigeon with Roast Sweet Potato and Spiced Red Cabbage. Beautifully cooked rich meat and the sweetness of the potato are balanced with just the right sharpness from the cabbage: great quality British products with flavours that show them in their best light. I am not convinced that Rum & Sugar dishes will always need a ‘twist’ (a point that Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce and Custard goes a long way to proving) but there is such a sense of fun in the dining experience here that it does add something unique. I agree with David, there is indeed something for everyone at Rum & Sugar, and this is why I would definitely recommend a visit. n


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of the best Now that the evenings are longer and the weather better, why not try out these great venues to enjoy one of the highlights of British summer - alfresco dining? Enjoy a taste of Scotland this summer It hasn’t taken Boisdale of Canary Wharf long to earn a reputation as one of the capital’s premium whisky bars and live music venues. Situated on Cabot Place in the heart of Canary Wharf, the restaurant bears the distinctive Boisdale design of lacquer red and dark green walls and rich mahogany panelling. The Scottish styling of Boisdale’s interior is mirrored by a menu that features Aberdeen Angus steaks, Rossmore oysters and West Highland scallops. Upstairs, the restaurant’s second floor is home to a 12 metre long wall that showcases more than 1,000 malt whiskys – making it one of the most extensive and magnificent whisky bars in the world. This summer, sample all that Boisdale of Canary Wharf has to offer on its awning-covered heated terrace. With tartan upholstered armchairs and sofas, supplied with tartan blankets, the outdoor area is ideal for private dining or, capable of seating up to 42 guests, corporate occasions. Boisdale of Canary Wharf, Cabot Place, Canary Wharf, E14 4QT

AlFresco Americano Inspired by the steak houses and brasseries of New York, Tompkins offers guests an über-stylish slice of the Big Apple right here in the capital. Located in the UK’s tallest residential building, the restaurant and bar provide a home from home for residents and a stunning destination for visitors. The American theme continues from Tompkin’s interior styling through to its menu’s take on classic brasserie dishes. Not just for lunch or dinner, Tompkins offers breakfast options that range from the healthy to the classic and the exotic. Perfect now that the temperature has improved, Tompkins has a spectacular outside terrace, the largest waterside dining and drinking space in east London. Allowing for 70 covers and with large patio heaters, the area is an ideal location to enjoy the summer sun. Tompkins, 4 Pan Peninsula Square Canary Wharf, London E14 9HN


Riverside Retreat Situated on the bank of the River Thames at Canary Wharf, Camino’s huge south-west facing terrace makes it one of the best places to enjoy a taste of Spain in the capital. Dine on the terrace and sample superb tapas and the very best wines from the country, including spectacular examples from Ribera del Duero, Priorat and of course Rioja – wines that last year saw Camino named as a finalist in the national Louis Roederer Wine List of the Year Awards.

Image by Ola Ostaszewska Smit

The restaurant’s dishes include Arroz Negro (a stunning black seafood paella with squid ink) and delicious dishes from the charcoal grill, including Pulpo a la Parrila (octopus tentacle) and Presa Ibérica (deep-red Iberico pork). Camino is the perfect place for a casual drink, a sit down meal or a fun night out. Its vibrant bar regularly features DJs and summer parties with live music. To add to your alfresco experience, arrive in style via the oyster-card-friendly Thames Clipper, which stops almost directly on Camino’s doorstep. Camino, 28 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, E14 8RR

Dining by the Docks Summer is here and when the sun is shining there’s no better place to be than down by the water. Luckily, Docklands Bar & Grill is able to provide the perfect respite for a spot of alfresco dining. Set overlooking the serene Royal Victoria Dock, the restaurant immediately transports you away from the hullabaloo of the city to a place of serenity and repose. Outside seating is fantastic for unwinding as you watch the swans go by and the breeze rippling across the water. New executive chef Brian Henry and restaurant manager Marco Sani bring a wealth of experience to a restaurant that already had a good reputation for high-quality seasonal food: the Docklands Bar & Grill has been awarded an AA Rosette for Culinary Excellence. The restaurant’s two covered terraces can be hired privately and feature a cooking station which is perfect for barbecue parties and live cooking. The Crown Plaza: located opposite the western entrance of the ExCeL Conference Complex 

From the Four Corners of Italy Having served the finest in Italian cuisine for the last 17 years, Amerigo Vespucci is one of Canary Wharf’s longest established independent restaurants. Inspired by the 15th century exploits of the Italian navigator, from whom the restaurant takes its name, Amerigo Vespucci offers a selection of authentic, regional flavours from the four corners of Italy, as well as a taste of the islands that surround the country. The restaurant’s signature dish is its Gamberoni All’ Aglio, a fusion of fresh king prawns, olive oil, garlic seasoning and chopped parsley flamed with white wine. If that doesn’t take your fancy, the rest of Amerigo Vespucci’s menu is an abundant mix of simply blended, but meticulously prepared, wholesome pasta, vibrant salads and fresh fish. With an outside terrace and a wine list boasting Champagne and Prosecco from regions ranging across France and Italy, as well as a selection of New World wines, Amerigo Vespucci is an ideal location to enjoy a seasonal treat in the summer sun with views of the iconic Canary Wharf landscape. Amerigo Vespucci, 25 Cabot Square, Mackenzie Walk Canary Wharf, E14 4QA



7th & 9th July, Gaynes

Park, Epping


Highlights Include:

VIP packages from £185

• Great Britain vs South America Polo match • Sumptuous 4 course luncheons created by Gregg Wallace

• Charity Auctions in aid of The Lord’s Taverners • Celebrity Polo mini match

• Awesome Aerobatic Displays • Stunning Catwalk Shows


DOE_2011_canary_wharfA4_AD_2.indd 1


After Party tickets from £45

• Kid Creole and the Coconuts • Imagination • Jack Whitehall • The Atlantic Band and special guest James ‘Arg’ Argent PLUS DJ sets from Judge Jules, Luke Neville and Seb Fontaine and Resident Mother Funkers DJs

Now over 2 days - Thursday 7th & Saturday 9th July

020 3225 5203

Visit: 18/05/2011 11:02


out about

City Teams To Tee Off

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summer sessions Following the huge success of its inaugural concert series last year, headlined by Athlete, Greenwich Summer Sessions are back for 2011. Staged over six nights at the historic Old Royal Naval College during the last week of July, this year’s event includes performances from legendary rockers Status Quo, Irish punk folk heroes The Pogues, BRIT Award-winning Mark Ronson with his groundbreaking new band The Business Intl. With individual day tickets starting from just £27.50, you can’t afford to miss out. Greenwich Summer Sessions, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich 26–31 June (inclusive)

We’re all aware of the business rivalries that simmer under the surface of the City’s finance industry. This summer, why not swap the boardroom for the golf course and prove to your business peers the calibre of your sporting supremacy? Providing golfers from the financial sector the chance to show that their competence with a club matches their skill at reading the markets, the Banks and Brokers Golf Championship, sponsored by, invites you, your clients and colleagues to two days of stimulating competition. The Championship is split into two regional events taking place at East Sussex National on 1 July and Brocket Hall, Hertfordshire, on 15 August. It is possible to enter teams in either or both of the qualifying rounds to give your team an even better chance of making the Grand Final which will be held in Spain in October. To be amongst the host of big name banks and brokers already signed up to the event, email The Banks and Brokers Golf Championship 1 July and 15 August

The Duke of Essex Polo Trophy Polo has gone through somewhat of a reformation in recent years. It has been played on sand, condensed onto smaller pitches and even introduced to indoor arenas. Nevertheless, the exhilaration of a traditional ‘high-goal’ polo match remains hard to beat. Attend the Duke of Essex Polo Trophy next month and you’ll experience such a match. As Great Britain take on South America against the beautiful backdrop of the Gaynes Park Estate, Epping, you’ll witness the thrill of a world-renowned sport from the luxury of a VIP hospitality setting. This year, thanks to overwhelming demand, the Duke of Essex Polo Trophy will be preceded by the Gold Cup Day. With exceptional VIP packages available, as well as a Family Fun Day area and Exclusive After-Parties, this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever. The

Duke of Essex Polo Trophy 7 and 9 July Gaynes Park, Essex, CM16 7RJ


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Volleyball At Broadgate What started as an informal game on the sun-kissed beaches of California is now one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Next year, beach volleyball will feature in the London Olympics, taking place on the Prime Minister’s doorstep at Horse Guards Parade. Before it wows the crowds there, you can experience the sport’s fastpaced fun right here in the City. On Friday 10 June, the charity Action For Kids is transforming Broadgate Circle into a beach for a day of adrenaline-fuelled competitive volleyball. The support that individuals and companies provide in entry fees and sponsorship will go directly towards helping the charity in its aim to help disabled children and young people, as well as their carers and families, towards greater freedom and independence. To enter a team, or to request more details, contact Carolyn or Lyn on 020 8347 8111 or email fundraisers@ Action For Kids City Beach Volleyball Championships, 10 June Broadgate Circle, EC2

Cannes Cinema Captured For four generations, the accomplished photographers of the Traverso family have enjoyed exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the greatest film-makers and movie stars of all time. To celebrate the most famous of film festivals, Phaidon Press has joined forces with Cahiers du Cinéma to present Cannes Cinema, a stunning photographic collection illustrating the festival as never seen before. Ordered chronologically, the book’s beautiful images tell the story of the festival’s development from its local, relaxed beginnings to its international significance today. From Alfred Hitchcock to Quentin Tarantino, and Grace Kelly to Penelope Cruz, all are immortalised in this stunning collection of iconic images. Cannes Cinema: A visual history of the world’s greatest film festival, £25

Canterbury Tales Pay City a Visit In what may be a theatrical first, The Pantaloons’ open-air theatre company is performing every single one of the 23 completed Canterbury Tales; no mean feat, considering the play features a cast of just six actors playing more than 70 characters. Chaucer’s journey may have been from London to Canterbury, but The Pantaloons’ pilgrimage is taking them to outdoor venues all over the country. The free show premiers in Southwark this month, so head to The Scoop at More London for some midsummer medieval madness. The Scoop at More London, 2a More London Riverside SE1 2DB15 16 and 17 June at 6pm


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e are half way through 2011 now, and what a year it’s been already. We loved watching the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tie the knot at the end of April, a thoroughly royal affair which delivered on all the style levels we had hoped it would. Now it’s onto preparing for the next big London event, the Olympics 2012, which will bring some much welcomed pomp and ceremony to the capital for three wonderful weeks. Property prices and rental costs are already seeing the benefits of this event, with many residents choosing to vacate the city for a month to make the most of the high rental yields expected over the course of the sporting month. Our Development Focus this month features a unique property in up and coming Woolwich, a development which matches modern panache with classic period character, (p.158). We also look at some of the most exciting new properties to come on to the market (p.156), as well as considering what’s happening in your local area (p.126) and speaking to the experts about mortgages (p.160) and the current state of the market (p.150).

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London City Airport goes from strength to strength London City Airport has played a pivotal role in the development of East London in recent years and recently celebrated the doubling of passengers visiting London via the airport. In April alone passenger numbers topped 231,056, a massive 31 per cent increase on the 175,917 passengers in April 2009. “London City Airport has created a niche product, with its close proximity to the centre, quick rail and ground connectivity and fast track service, making the airport a popular choice for the time sensitive passenger,” says chief executive officer, Richard Gooding. “East London is a thriving district which has seen significant regeneration and development over the past decades. The airport has been at the core of this rejuvenation, generating inward investment while delivering a leading service to some of the most renowned organisations in the world.” Numerous new routes are being added to the airport’s roster on a regular basis, such as CityJet’s recent additions to Pau, Florence, Avignon and Toulon (for St Tropez). And in response to high demand from London City Airport travellers, BA CityFlyer, the wholly-owned subsidiary of British Airways that operates the airline’s London City services, has announced greater access to holiday favourites with new routes to Malaga and Faro.

Transport latest… Not only has the £325m Docklands Light Railway upgrade been completed, but it came in on time and within its budget. The upgrade, giving a 50 per cent increase in capacity, will mean three extra cars per train so that next year it will be possible to transport 55,000 people to the Olympics each day. The project, which started in 2007, has included longer platforms and improved tracks and signalling, £13m improvements to Tower Gateway station and a new station at South Quay.

The move by BA to boost their Spanish routes from London City Airport is part of a wider improvement for holiday travellers with a 39 per cent increase in leisure flights from the capital’s airport for the summer season. Some existing flights will enjoy increased frequency, too, such as BA’s flights to Palma on the island of Mallorca. British Airways has also increased capacity on its routes between London City Airport and Scotland by more than 23 per cent this year. In May, BA CityFlyer introduced an additional daily service from London City to both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Capacity on the Glasgow route has increased

Motorexpo Back for the sixteenth year, from 6 - 12 June, Motorexpo will transform Canary Wharf into a paradise for car lovers with an astonishing array of vehicles from across the automotive spectrum. Set to be the biggest event in Motorexpo history, the world’s leading motor manufacturers including Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and Skoda will be showcasing their very latest vehicle line-ups.

Did you know? More than 600 houses had to be demolished, including one reputedly once owned by Sir Walter Raleigh, in building the first of the two Blackwall Tunnels, which opened in 1897.

by 32 per cent, representing more than 30,000 seats each way in a full year. BA’s capacity on the Edinburgh route has increased by 15 per cent. The improved schedule will mean a new 7.45am service from Edinburgh to London City and an 8.50pm service from the Docklands airport to the Scottish capital. “Our routes between London City and both Glasgow and Edinburgh continue to prove popular with business and leisure travellers alike,” says Luke Hayhoe, commercial manager, BA CityFlyer. “The airport’s location, at the heart of London’s financial district, obviously makes it ideal for commuting between the

Docklands and Scotland’s two major cities, both of which have a strong financial services sector.” However, leisure passengers are also becoming increasingly aware of just how convenient London City Airport is for the centre of London for those wanting to take in the sights or a West End show in the city’s Theatreland district. “Our new schedule between London City and Edinburgh means we now have three services departing Edinburgh before eight in the morning. And our new late evening flight from London City at 8.50pm, will give business customers the opportunity to extend their working day should they need to do so,” finishes Luke.

Asian buyers target Docklands Canary Wharf and Docklands estate agents are finding that an increasing proportion of their clients are coming from Asian countries. “We have historically experienced high demand from international and UK investors looking to buy into this burgeoning property market,” says Cory Askew, director of the Chesterton Humberts Canary Wharf and Docklands office. “However, recently a greater proportion of our investing clients are predominantly from China, Singapore and Malaysia. “Such buyers are invariably looking for brand new or nearly new apartments close to Canary Wharf. The smaller the better; studios and one-beds are always the highest in demand.”   Investors are enjoying gross yields of around six per cent, particularly for one-bedroom apartments, which have seen a surge in rental value in 2011 due to their current rarity. “As the Olympic Games draw nearer, appetite for investment into the area will continue to grow,” says Askew. “Beyond the Games, the long term prognosis is very positive, aided by the completion of the monumental Westfield Stratford shopping mall and the ten-year Wood Wharf project.”



Meridian Place, E14

Wingfield Court, E14

One bedroom flat with Canary Wharf views This one bedroom flat is situated in a quiet development close to Canary Wharf and comes with private parking.

Two bedroom flat for sale with private balcony A well proportioned two bedroom apartment situated in the ever popular Virginia Quay.




£360,000 020 7512 9966 020 7512 9966

Hutchings Wharf, E14

Anchorage Point, E14

Stunning two bedroom apartment with river view A beautifully presented two double bedroom apartment which has been refurbished to the highest standard. The property has a fantastic river view, generous balcony and two off street gated parking spaces. Leasehold

Two bedroom apartment in popular location A well presented apartment on the first floor of this popular portered development situated at the top of Westferry road allowing simple access to Canary Wharf and its amenities.


£450,000 020 7512 9966 020 7512 9966

Share of Freehold


Conrad House, E14 An immaculate top floor property with private balcony This well proportioned two bedroom apartment is brought to the market in excellent condition. Located within a quiet and well maintained development in the heart of Limehouse, the property also benefits from a 24 hour concierge. Leasehold

Wotton Court, E14 Three bedroom penthouse with river views. A spectacular three double bedroom penthouse with a large wrap around terrace situated in the popular Virginia Quay development. Leasehold


£529,950 020 7512 9966 020 7512 9966

Old Sun Wharf, E14

Dunbar Wharf, E14

Duplex apartment with river views Far reaching river views are available from this lovely two bedroom apartment situated on Narrow street. The apartment is presented in good internal order and with a lovely Juliette balcony looking onto the river. Share of Freehold

Three bedroom apartment with river views. Located in one of Limehouse’s most sought after developments is this stunning three double bedroom apartment with balcony offering far reaching Thames views.


£1,200,000 020 7512 9966 020 7512 9966



Taffrail House, Burrells Wharf, Canary Wharf, E14

Sextant Avenue, Canary Wharf, E14

Fantastic one bedroom apartment in the Burrells Wharf development. Reception/dining room, fully fitted kitchen, double bedroom, bathroom. The development is located in a quiet area off Westferry Road and is close to the main bus routes and the DLR is a short walk away for quick access to the Wharf and City. The property also boasts 24 hour estates office, parking, swimming pool and gym.

Knight Frank are delighted to offer this two double bedroom, one bathroom furnished house. Accommodation comprises of a reception/dining room, fully fitted kitchen and modern bathroom. Benefits include a patio garden which overlooks the River Thames and offers views across to Greenwich. Island Gardens DLR is within very close proximity for quick access to Canary Wharf and The City.

£265 per week

£360 per week 020 7512 9955 020 7512 9955

Westcombe Park Road, Greenwich, SE3

Berkeley Tower, Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, E14

We are delighted to offer this two bedroom lower ground floor apartment closely located to Greenwich Park. This apartment has been tastefully refurbished throughout and benefits from solid oak flooring, a contemporary kitchen, a large living room and two immaculate bathrooms.

We are delighted to offer this stunning apartment located within the best development in Canary Wharf. This apartment offers views straight into the heart of the City and amazing views of Canary Wharf. The apartment is extremely spacious, with a breathtaking reception, a dining area residing alongside the modern fully fitted kitchen, ideal for entertaining. The property benefits from two double bedrooms, two bathrooms.

£675 per week

£725 per week 020 7512 9955 020 7512 9955


Milligan Street, Canary Wharf, E14

Arran House, Raleana Road, Canary Wharf, E14

We are delighted to offer this three bedroom house. The accommodation comprises of a large living room area and a refurbished kitchen at the rear of the property which provides easy access out to the rear garden which has been half decked for low maintenance. This property also provides secure off street parking.

Superbly presented split level 3 double bedroom apartment within walking distance of Canary Wharf and is situated on the Dock providing fantastic dock and river views. There is a large light and bright living/dining room with added storage area as well as fully fitted modern kitchen. A large garage is included as well as parking outside the garage offering a rare chance to park two cars. Available furnished.

£450 per week

£550 per week 020 7512 9955 020 7512 9955

Nelson Road, Greenwich, London SE10

Berkeley Tower, Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, E14

We are delighted to offer this 3 storey unfurnished period property set in the heart of Greenwich village. This property has been refurbished throughout and offers four double bedrooms with two en-suite bathrooms. Greenwich DLR station is within a few minutes walk and this provides easy access back into Canary Wharf and the City.

We are delighted to offer this fantastic apartment. Accommodation is extremely spacious and beautifully styled, with a bright reception, a dining area residing alongside the modern fully fitted kitchen, ideal for entertaining. The property benefits from three double bedrooms all with en-suites finished in marble stone. This truly is a most stylish apartment, so early viewing is recommended. The property is available furnished to a very high standard.

£750 per week

£1300 per week 020 7512 9955 020 7512 9955


Trinity Square, London, EC3N Two bedroom apartment in Tower Hill

A lovely two bedroom two bathroom apartment set in this central block moments from Tower Hill and St Katharine’s Dock. This bright flat boasts a fully fitted kitchen, high ceilings, dual aspect rooms and garden views. Available furnished.

ÂŁ595 per week 020 7480 6848


NEO Bankside, Holland Street, Southbank, SE1 Stylish new two bedroom apartment

This stunning apartment comprises of two bedrooms, two bathrooms (one en-suite), a modern well-equipped kitchen and a spacious living room with floor to ceiling windows that lead out to a lovely winter garden, perfect for summer entertaining. Providing ample storage including a walk-in wardrobe and laundry cupboard, this is the first phase of the new NEO Bankside development designed by the international, award-winning architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. ÂŁ875 per week 020 7480 6848

Galaxy Building, E14

Discovery Dock West, E14

Reception room  Fitted kitchen  4 bedrooms  3 en suites family bathroom  large balcony  3 parking spaces  riverside views  concierge  24 hr security and leisure facilities available

Reception room kitchen 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 3 balconies parking space  24 hr concierge

£1.35 million Leasehold

£1.49995 million Leasehold Savills Canary Wharf

020 7531 2500

Savills Canary Wharf

lanterns court, e14

city Tower, e14

Reception room  kitchen  3 double bedrooms (1 en suite)  family bathroom  3 balconies  entrance hall  parking  concierge  gym  swimming pool and leisure facilities

Reception room  kitchen  3 bedrooms  2 bathrooms  terrace  balcony  w.c  parking  concierge

£885,000 Leasehold

£650,000 Leasehold

Savills Canary Wharf

020 7531 2500

Savills Canary Wharf

020 7531 2500

020 7531 2500

Shearwater Court, e1w

Wapping High Street, e1w

Reception room  kitchen  bedroom  bathroom  balcony  dock views  concierge  protected parking

Reception room  open plan kitchen / dining room  3 bedrooms  2 bathrooms  off street parking  patio / garden

£635,000 Freehold

£550,000 Leasehold Savills Docklands

020 7456 6800

Savills Docklands

Bermondsey Street, se1

Lith Hall, e9

Reception room  guest cloakroom  4 bedrooms  3 bathrooms  kitchen / dining room  roof terrace

Reception room  dining room / open plan kitchen  6 bedrooms  6 bathrooms  cinema room  study  gym / playroom  patio  balcony

£3.1 million Freehold

£6 million Freehold

Savills Docklands

020 7456 6800

Savills Docklands

020 7456 6800

020 7456 6800

Gun Place, e1w

belgrave court, e14

2 bedrooms  2 bathrooms (1 en suite)  reception room  private parking  porterage

2 bedrooms  2 bathrooms (1 en suite)  reception room  separate kitchen  gated 5* estate  private parking  landscaped communal gardens  porterage  24 hr security

£595 per week Furnished

£495 per week Furnished Savills Docklands

020 7456 6800

Savills Canary Wharf

Pan Peninsula East, e14

city quay, e1w

2 bedrooms  2 bathrooms  reception room  parking  waterside location  residents cinema and sky bar  spa facilities  communal gardens  24 hr security  porterage

2 bedrooms  2 bathrooms (1 en suite)  balcony  views of St Katharine Docks  private parking  24 hr security

£675 per week Flexible Furnishings

£775 per week Furnished

Savills Canary Wharf

020 7531 2500

Savills Docklands

020 7531 2500

020 7456 6800

We’ve made No.1 our home. In the latest UK Business Superbrand charts, Savills was voted No.1 brand* in the real estate sector for the 3rd consecutive year. Everyone likes accolades, but the real benefit is for you. Because if you’re selling or letting your home, having the most powerful brand on your side can help give your property real profile, and a tangible edge in the market. If you’ll thinking of selling this summer, call us now for professional advice or a free market appraisal.

Savills Canary Wharf 4 Westferry Circus London E14 4HD 020 7531 2500

Savills Wapping 80 Wapping High Street London E1W 2NE 020 7456 6800 * 2011 Business Superbrands, administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis.


Pan Peninsula East, London, E14 £399,950

Pan Peninsula East, London, E14

A contemporary 9th floor one bedroom apartment finished to a high specification with well proportioned living space, balcony and panoramic views. Unrivalled facilities include gym, pool, health spa, restaurant and amazing rooftop cocktail lounge.

20th floor one bedroom south facing apartment with stunning dock views. Luxury finishes and facilities including gym, spa, swimming pool, 24hr concierge, residents cinema and 50th floor cocktail bar. Well placed for South Quay DLR & Canary Wharf amenities.


An immaculate one bed apartment situated on the 7th floor of the prestigious Canary Riverside offering panoramic views. Benefits include good sized bedroom with en-suite bathroom and separate WC, separate kitchen, reception with balcony and 24hr concierge. Parking is included.

Boardwalk Place, London, E14 £599,950

Pan Peninsula, London, E14

Port East Apartments, London, E14 £780,000

Exceptionally bright and recently refurbished, spacious THREE bedroom flat offering full marina views from virtually every room. Located just minutes walk from Canary Wharf and all it has to offer, the flat benefits from a 24hr concierge and a secure parking space.

A highly desirable 29th floor luxury two bed presented in immaculate condition with parking. The development has 24hr concierge, gym and spa facilities and is regarded as the the premier block in the area. Situated next to South Quay DLR station and only a short walk to the extensive amenities of Canary Wharf.


Langbourne Place, London, E14 £795,000

West India Quay, London, E14

Stunning three bedroom, two bathroom duplex penthouse with an abundance of outside space, luxury bespoke finishes and spectacular river views. Secure parking / located close to Mudchute DLR.

This amazing 1568ft² one bedroom duplex apartment is the finest we have seen. Double height ceilings, floor to ceiling glazing with unrivalled panoramic views, parking, concierge and access to room service from the neighbouring 5 star Marriot hotel. West India Quay DLR.


Eaton House, London, E14


A stunning 1300ft² split level Grade 1 listed two bedroom, two bathroom warehouse conversion. Modern fitted kitchen and open plan lounge with access to a private balcony. Rarely available and only metres away from the business district. Includes parking and 24hr concierge.

Waterman Building, E14


A spectacular four bed, three bath duplex penthouse boasting over 2220sqft of internal space, with unparalleled views from four stunning terraces. Bespoke finishes throughout provide unique living accommodation quite unlike any other. Superb location. Viewing highly recommended.

Canary Wharf Office - 020 7715 9700 With London offices in Knightsbridge, Canary Wharf, Blackheath and Greenwich


Ontario Tower, E14


Frances Wharf, E14


Landmark West, E14


This stunning studio apartment is situated on the 13th floor of the prestigious Ontario Tower building and features solid wood flooring, comfort cooling, on-site leisure facilities, lift and concierge services. Blackwall DLR. Available 27th May 2011.

Two bedroom, two bathroom recently completed apartment. Located on the 2nd floor of this secure canal side development, property is fully fitted and furnished to a high standard. Private balcony offers courtyard views and floor to ceiling windows. Available 25th July 2011.

Stunning one bedroom 27th floor north facing apartment offers views towards Canary Wharf. 24hr concierge, and gym. Close to Heron Quay DLR and Canary Wharf Jubilee Line. Available now fully furnished to the highest standard.

Constable House, E14

Arran House, E14

Landmark East, E14




Beautifully furnished, spacious two bedroom, two bathroom apartment available to rent on the 2nd floor of Canary Central. Situated close to South Quay DLR station and Canary Wharf. Available June 2011 fully furnished with secure parking.

Stunning and spacious three bedroom apartment located on the third floor of this contemporary development with large balcony. The apartment boasts dock, river and Canary Wharf views and has allocated parking and a garage.

Stunning two bedroom 17th floor luxury apartment offering dual aspect views towards Canary Wharf and the 02 Arena. Extra benefits include residents gym and 24hr concierge. Close to Heron Quay DLR and Canary Wharf Jubilee Line.

Jamestown Way, E14

Berkeley Tower, E14

Keepier Wharf, E14


An amazing four bedroom, three bathroom house available to rent close to East India DLR. The house benefits from, three bathrooms, large separate kitchen with breakfast area, garage, lovely garden and three balconies. Available 9th July 2011.


A beautiful and spacious apartment in prestigious Canary Riverside. Approx 1200ft² with views over the River Thames and towards Canary Wharf. Canary Wharf within easy walking distance. Furnished.


Stunning apartment, offering three double bedrooms, three bathrooms and amazing dual aspect views of Canary Wharf and the Thames. Presented fully furnished in excellent condition with secure parking. Easy access to Limehouse DLR and Canary Wharf.

Canary Wharf Office - 020 7715 9700 With London offices in Knightsbridge, Canary Wharf, Blackheath and Greenwich

Country Properties

Henham, Hertfordshire


Springate is a superb property situated on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Henham. With a thatched roof and rendered exterior, the house is a superb example of an Essex cottage transformed into an airy and stylish home. Additional amenities which form part of this property ensure a tranquil and relaxing lifestyle. The accommodation has been significantly improved and sympathetically upgraded by the current owners to a remarkable standard. Featured in Period Living magazine; work on the property has been carried out by leading craftsman. Accommodation comprises; a hall area, kitchen/breakfast room with utility room, separate wc, garden room, sitting area, master bedroom suite includes fitted walk in wardrobe and bathroom, balcony with magnificent views across open countryside. There is also a studio flat/ music/entertainment room on 2 levels, with built in kitchen. Pool complex with jacuzzi and integrated sound system. Stable block 1.5 acre paddock has 2 stables, 2 large store rooms. Close to Elsenham Station and the M11 and Stanstead Airport is within easy reach. Contact Adam Dockley on 020 7519 5920 or

Estate Agents | Land & Development Consultants Country Properties

Westland Green, Hertfordshire


This Grade II* country residence offers spectacular views across the open Hertfordshire countryside and originally dates back to the Doomsday book. The property boasts an abundance of space and character incorporating a bespoke kitchen, breakfast area and Westbury conservatory. With 4 further reception rooms, master bedroom with en-suite and dressing room, 4 further bedrooms 2 with en-suites. Externally the property offers approximately 3 acres, including a walled garden, tennis court and pond, external office, double garage and various stores. Situated between two historic market towns of Bishops Stortford and Hertford with rail links to London Liverpool Street and Moorgate (Hertford North). Also offering excellent vehicular access, with the A10 and M11 within close proximity. This is a unique family home set within a picturesque village surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in Hertfordshire. Contact Adam Dockley on 020 7519 5920 or

Estate Agents | Land & Development Consultants

£359,950 • Marina views £399,950

£365,000 • Balcony £349,950


• Large balcony £435,000 • River views • 11th floor £375,000 S TO OL D CO S NT UBJ RA EC CT T


• Two bedrooms • Two bathrooms Neutron Tower, Virginia Quay, E14 • Marina views Two double bedrooms • Car •parking



020 7538 9250

Boardwalk Place, Canary Wharf, E14





Contact our sales team today for a free, no obligation valuation.


bedrooms • Two £549,950 • Two bathrooms • Direct river views • Balcony




Our highly successful than words. sales team is waiting for your property.

Two bedrooms • £399,999 • Two bathrooms • Balcony

Chinnocks Wharf, Limehouse, E14

Court, Narrow Street, E14 • TwoLamb bedrooms • Day•porter Two double bedrooms • Fitted kitchen bathrooms • Two • Private patio underground parking • Secure

Actions speakspeak louder Actions than words.

Dogs, E14

• Two double bedrooms • Two bathrooms • Direct river views Chinnocks Wharf,carNarrow • Secure underground parking Street, E14



The Water Gardens, Limehouse, E14

House, Limehouse, E14 •Fleet Three bedrooms ••One bathroom Two double bedrooms ••Private garden Two bathrooms ••Separate Parkingkitchen



Manchester Road, Isle of Dogs, E14

Ionian Building, Limehouse, E14

• Two double bedrooms • Two bathrooms Shackleton Court, Isle Of • Third floor river • •Direct Measures 897views sqft




Dundee Court, Limehouse, E14

Medland House, Limehouse, E14 • Two bedrooms • Recently refurbished apartment • Penthouse • Fully fitted kitchen terrace • Large • Garage underground and secure parking space parking • Secure £339,950 views • Marina







Dundee Wharf, Limehouse, E14

Berglen Court, Limehouse, E14

• Two bathrooms £564,950

• One double bedroom £669,950

• Two double bedrooms • Two bathrooms • Large reception Harbour, •Millennium Secure underground parking South Quay, E14

• Two bedrooms • River views • Balcony £449,950

020 7538 9250

• Three double bedrooms • Floor to ceiling windows • Modern fitted kitchen Drive, Isle Of • TwoMillennium bathrooms

Dogs, E14

• Secure car parking • River views • Refurbished throughout £275,000

Lourdes Estate Agents, 94-96 Three Colt Street, Limehouse, London, E14 8AP

Lourdes Estate Agents, 94-96 Three Colt Street, Limehouse, London, E14 8AP









Elektron Tower, East India, E14

£250 per week views • Marina

£300 per week views • Marina

£325 per week • Balcony


Fleet House, Limehouse, E14 • One bedroom • Fully furnished double bedrooms • Two • Secure bathrooms • Twoparking • Close to Canary Wharf • Parking

Lamb Court, Narrow Street, E14 • One bedroom • Fully furnished • Two double bedrooms • Leisure facilities bathrooms • Two • 24 hour conciergeunderground parking • Secure








Our highly successful than words. rentals team is waiting for your property.

Contact our sales team today for a free, no obligation valuation.

• Two £350 perbedrooms week

• Two bathrooms • Balcony

• Two bedrooms • Two bathrooms Neutron Tower, Virginia Quay, E14 • Fully furnished double bedrooms • Close •toTwo Jubilee Line

• Large £395 per weekbalcony • River views • 11th floor £375,000







Dovecote House, Canada Water, SE16


Dogs, E14


• One bedrooms • Shackleton Fully furnished Court, Isle Of • 24 hour concierge Direct river views • •Secure parking


LD Ionian Building, Narrow Street, E14

Actions speak louder Actions speak than words.






Cold Harbour, Canary Wharf, E14

• Medland One bedroom House, Limehouse, E14 • •Fully furnished apartment Penthouse • •Leisure Largefacilities terrace • •Close to DLR Secure underground parking





Barrier Point, Royal Docks E16

Lime Kiln Wharf, Limehouse, E14

Madison House, Limehouse, E14

Ocean Wharf, Westferry Road, E14

• Two £400 perbedrooms week

• Two £400 per bathrooms week

One double bedroom £1100•per week

• Two bedrooms • Two bathrooms • Secure parking Narrow Street, E14 • Chinnocks Close to Canary Wharf, Wharf

• Two bathrooms • Direct river views • Balcony £525,000

020 7538 9250

• Two bedrooms • Two bathrooms • Leisure facilities Millennium Harbour, South Quay, E14 • Secure parking

• Two bedrooms • River views • Balcony £449,950

020 7538 9250

• Penthouse apartment • Three bedrooms • Three bathrooms Drive, Isle Of • River Millennium views

Dogs, E14

• Secure car parking • River views • Refurbished throughout £275,000

Lourdes Estate Agents, 94-96 Three Colt Street, Limehouse, London, E14 8AP

Lourdes Estate Agents, 94-96 Three Colt Street, Limehouse, London, E14 8AP

2011-05-24 14:55:09


Merganser Court St Katharine Docks E1W A penthouse apartment located in St. Katharine Docks, close to the City, Tower Bridge and the River Thames with two substantial terraces either side of the property, offering unrestricted views over the dock and towards Tower Bridge. The property represents a development opportunity to create additional accommodation on either side of the apartment within the terrace space subject to planning permission entrance hall | reception room | 3 double bedrooms (2 en suite shower rooms) | bathroom | kitchen | 2 sun rooms | 24hr concierge | secure private parking | 3 balconies | 2 terraces

Guide price ÂŁ2,750,000 share of freehold

020 7488 4858


2011-05-24 14:57:32


Spice Quay Shad Thames SE1 A fifth floor apartment (approx. 1,759 sq ft) offering stunning views of the River Thames, Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge. With a prime corner position the property benefits from a double aspect and an abundance of natural light via floor-to-ceiling windows. Spice Quay is located in the heart of Shad Thames, within close proximity of Tower Hill and London Bridge stations entrance hall | reception room | 3 double bedrooms (2 en suite bathrooms/1 en suite shower room) | kitchen | guest cloakroom | comfort cooling 24hr concierge | communal swimming pool | communal gym | secure underground parking

Guide price ÂŁ2,150,000 leasehold

020 7407 3669


Movello Full page ad for Docklands.indd 1

27/05/2011 08:16


Here at YOUR MOVE we know that like people no two homes are the same. We know that discerning buyers look for homes with distinctive qualities. And we have the experience to market your home for maximum appeal. With a Premier package you receive: • Valuation of your home carried out by a specialist valuation manager • Professionally printed sales particulars with large photographs • Special feature in local press advertising and 'Premier' for sale board • A premier spotlight on our website, the UK’s most visited estate agency website* • Dedicated staff, there at every stage of the process

Island Row


Three bedroom town house in Commercial Wharf located adjacent to Limehouse Basin. This home offers versatile living space including flexible guest accommodation of a ground floor bedroom with separate shower room, a utility room and access to the rear garden. The property comprises a mid level living room with dining area and separate kitchen. The top floor includes master bedroom with en-suite shower, a further double bedroom and a separate bathroom. Integrated garage plus an allocated off-street parking space, a utility cupboard and access to the loft.

Langbourne Place


A two bedroom raised ground floor apartment in Langbourne Place. Benefiting from Thames River views and occupying a corner position allowing for dual aspect river views from the living room and double doors leading to the communal terrace. The master bedroom benefits from an en-suite bathroom with w.c and direct river views too. A separate shower room with w.c. and an allocated underground parking bay complete this offering. Closest station is Island Gardens DLR. The Greenwich foot tunnel is situated within half a mile of the property.


Our properties also appear on...


YOUR MOVE James Muir is a trading name of James Muir Ltd. YOUR MOVE James Muir is an independently owned business, operated under license from Limited *Source: Hitwise March 2011

River Habitat

Belgrave Court, E14 Two bedroom apartment with stunning river views and terrace

WESTCOMBE PARK RD, BLACKHEATH, SE3 A fantastic four double bedroom house close to Greenwich Park

n Outside Terrace n Second bedroom ideally a single or use as a study n Balcony overlooking the river n Furnished n Circa 930 Sq. Ft.

n Four Double Bedroom Semi-Detached House n Large Open-Plan Kitchen to Lounge/Dine n Long Rear Garden of Circa. 80 Ft. n Front Driveway with Parking for 2 Cars n Heart of Blackheath. Available 14th of July.

£600 pw

£2,800 pcm

BELGRAVE CT, CANARY RIVERSIDE, E14 A superb unfurnished three double bedroom flat

EATON HOUSE, CANARY RIVERSIDE, E14 A Beautiful One Double Bedroom Flat

n 1,843 Sq. Ft, Wooden Floors Throughout n South and West Facing Reception n 3 Double Bedrooms, 3 En-Suite Bathrooms and Cloakroom n Portered Building, 24 Hour Security. n Available Unfurnished n Underground Car Parking Space

n 859 Sq. Ft. with Balcony n South Facing n Double Bedroom, Good Sized Reception, Bathroom, Cloakroom n One Underground Car Parking Space n High Spec including Coil Fan Heating and Cooling System n Portered Building, 24 Hour Security

£1,050 pw

£480,000 LEASEHOLD

• • T: 020 7791 9830 • F: 020 7791 9831 • The Suite LG. 655 Commercial Road, Limehouse, London E14 7LW

London's Finest Properties



Westgate Apartment, Excel, E16

Mulberry Court, Cable Street, E1

Lowry House, Canary Central, E14

• A Selection of 1,2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments • Furnishing Available • Short walk from the City of London • Parking Available • Nr. Shadwell St

• One Bedroom/One Bathroom • Good Condition Throughout • Moments from South Quay DLR & Canada Square • Concierge and Excellent On-site Leisure Facilities

Gainsborough House, Canary Wharf, E14

Starting From £260 per week

Starting From £350 per week



City Walk Apartments, Forest Hill, SE23

Seacon Tower, Canary Wharf, E14

Antonine Heights, City Walk, SE1

Lanterns Court, lanterns Way, E14

£350 per week

£410 per week

City Peninsula, North Greenwich, SW10

Caspian Wharf, Bow E1

£440 per week

£525 per week

• A Selection of 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments • Balcony with River Views • Fully Equipped Gymnasium • Concierge Service • Nr. Custom House DLR

• Two Bedroom Apartment • Large Roof Terrace • 5th Floor • Fully Furnished • Nr. Forrest Hill St

• Two Bedroom Apartment • Balcony • 13th Floor • Fully Furnished • Allocated Parking • 24hr Concierge Service

• Two Bedroom Apartment •B  alcony • 6th Floor • Fully Furnished • Within Easy Reach of the Thames Clipper • Nr. North Greenwich St

• Two Bedroom Apartment • Balcony • 6th Floor • Fully Furnished • Nr. Langdon Park DLR & Bow Road station (District and Hammersmith & City Line) underground station.

• 5th Floor One Bedroom/One Bathroom • Popular Development • Moments From South Quay DLR And Canada Square • Residents Only Leisure Facilities • 24hr Porterage

• 5th Floor • One Bedroom/One Bathroom • Balcony with Far Reaching Views • Good Condition Throughout • Secure Underground Allocated Parking • Close to London Bridge & Borough Tube

• 13th Floor • Unique 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom Apartment • Three balconies • Secure Underground Parking • 24hr concierge • Close to Canary Wharf and transport links



No 1 Pepys St,Tower Hill, EC1

New Providence Wharf, Canary Wharf, E14

• 4th Floor • S pacious One Bedroom/One Bathroom • Exceptional Order Throughout • Secure Allocated Parking • Fully Furnished • Porterage


• Stunning 10th Floor Apartment • Uninterrupted River Views, Front & Rear • Excellent Condition Throughout • Secure Underground Parking • 24hr Concierge And Exceptional Leisure Facilities


Sales | Lettings | Corporate Services | Property Management

Central London 020 7582 7989

West London 020 8896 9990

Finchley 020 8446 9524

Docklands 020 7476 0125

Deptford & Greenwich 020 8692 2244

living local

State of the market Alasdair Carpenter, Company Director of Lourdes estate agents, comments on the state of the residential property market

The effects of the Olympics are starting to show


he Docklands property market has now begun to see the first tangible effects of the London 2012 Olympic Games Not a day passes in my office without a number of enquiries from all over the globe regarding short-term accommodation during the games. My lettings team are working with media companies, search agents, Olympic committees, serviced apartment organisations, team managers and administrators representing a host of nations. In addition to short term lettings, we have also now begun to secure longer rental contracts for those involved directly with organising the games. The event managers, planners and operational staff have now descended upon us in droves. With an already buoyant rentals market this is likely to cause further issues for prospective tenants. Landlords will invariably seize the opportunity to capitalise on the market conditions. This could create a further spike in Docklands rental prices. Available properties are already scarce and an influx of tenants will only compound the situation further. Until now the much anticipated effects of the Olympics on the local property market have been a matter of speculation. Some feared a white elephant of epic proportions and some hoped for a miracle. Finally, we can now lay the speculation to rest, the


world is coming and the demand for accommodation is building daily. This is also having a knock on effect with the localised residential sales market. Many tenants in the area are becoming frustrated with the ever increasing cost of renting and are now capitalising on a relatively suppressed sales market. If you are fortunate enough to have the required deposit it is now, in many cases, cheaper to buy a property in Docklands than it is to rent the same property. The local property market is definitely on the road to recovery, albeit slowly and cautiously. I suspect the vivid memory of the recent market crash will dampen the fire of unsustainable growth for some years to come, thankfully. The legacy left by the 2012 Olympic Games will hopefully further underpin the East London and Docklands property market for the foreseeable future. With regeneration and improvements to transport links such as Crossrail and the Docklands cable car, the area’s future seems secured. The next few years are exciting times for the area and I for one am looking forward to being a part of it. n Lourdes Estate Agents 020 7538 9254

LSP_Full_Page_Ad_v3:Full Page 25/05/2011 14:54 Page 1

London Homes of Distinction

Royal Arsenal

Riverside Woolwich SE18 A great place to live.

As the latest up-and-coming urban quarter and perfectly located, Royal Arsenal Riverside, Woolwich SE18, is not only a great place to live, but also an ideal investment opportunity.

1,372 sq. ft. Warehouse conversion.

Luxury modern flat with private deck.

What a truly gorgeous loft this is. It has heaps of space, beautiful exposed brickwork, including the original arches, exposed beams and sash windows. It has 2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, separate kitchen, 3rd cloakroom and parking. £375,000

Modern property with 2 double bedrooms and two stylish bathrooms. The living room and bedroom give out onto a private deck overlooking the lagoon and fountains. It has a designer kitchen and allocated parking. Ready to move into! £274,950

Smart, well appointed 1 bedroom flat.

What a bargain! Great warehouse.

This is a great starter flat or rental investment. It has a number of upgrades, including built-in wardrobes, sound and TV system. Well-equipped with a modern bathroom and kitchen, it is exceedingly nicely priced as well. £169,950

This great loft overlooks the park through south-facing windows. It has 2 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Part of a warehouse built in the 1800s, it has some lovely character features to match the great views. £274,450 -1% stamp duty paid

Great value, modern 2 bedroom.

Looking to rent a gorgeous penthouse?

This is perfect for people starting on the property ladder, or for a canny investor. Under stamp duty, it has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, good living space, a modern kitchen and allocated parking. It is situated on the 3rd floor overlooking a private courtyard. £246,450

Maybe we can tempt you to rent instead. This penthouse with sweeping river views, high ceilings, 2 double bedrooms, a large study, 3 bathrooms and exposed brickwork is to die for. Comes very nicely furnished or unfurnished. £386pw

Royal Arsenal Riverside offers the following: Riverside setting, close to River Boat. DLR and train within easy reach. Only 23 minutes to Canary Wharf. Site of future Crossrail station. Beautiful warehouse conversions and river view flats. On-site amenities including concierge, gym, deli, café, gastro pub, Tesco, dry cleaners and much more. Huge regeneration in the area. A relaxing and peaceful community.

New properties always required for sale or let. Please contact us for a free valuation. Email: Telephone: 020 8855 2155

South hampStead NW6 A bright and spacious five bedroom, three bathroom Victorian semi detached house of approximately 4,000 sq ft arranged over three floors with the benefit of a self contained three bedroom garden apartment and off street parking for 2 cars. Offered in immaculate order throughout, the house retains numerous period features, and provides a magnificent kitchen/breakfast room, family room, drawing room and a mature and secluded West facing rear garden of approximately 70ft. The lower level is currently arranged as a three bedroom self contained apartment with a private patio and could easily be re-instated into the main house to provide additional reception and bedroom accommodation. Price on APPlicAtion | Freehold reSideNtial SaleS reSideNtial lettiNGS propertY maNaGemeNt

263296_CW_TK_JUNE11.indd 1

24/05/2011 17:25


REDINGTON ROAD NW3 The house is arranged over four floors and provides extensive reception space over both the ground and garden levels with open plan living/ kitchen/family area of some 2,500 sq ft leading directly out to the patio and garden and also to an indoor swimming pool. The ground floor provides a grand double aspect reception room, study and impressive entrance lobby. The property also offers three bedrooms and three bathrooms on the first floor plus a particularly bright master bedroom suite on the top floor with en-suite dressing room, large bathroom and secluded roof terrace. There is also an integral garage and off street parking. The house has been completed to a particularly high specification and provides a smart system, air conditioning, underfloor heating and many other eco and noteworthy features. GUIDE PRICE ÂŁ6,950,000 | FREEholD 20 HEATH STREET HAMPSTEAD VILLAGE LONDON NW3 6TE


263296_CW_TK_JUNE11.indd 2

24/05/2011 17:34


IN LONDON STRATFORD Computer generated image


• Highly specified contemporary apartments • Excellent transport links from Stratford station • Stratford offers excellent shopping with the soon to be opened Westfield Centre

Prices from £188,950* 1, 2 & 3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE Sales Office located at: Flat 84, 1 Ward Road, Stratford E15 2LB For further information please contact:

020 8522 4568

2488 SS AURORA A4 TCMag ad.indd 1

* Price for a 1 bedroom apartment

26/5/11 12:14:23


Your essential guide to new local developments. Read up to the minute information about star apartments, good investments, yet to be launched to the market properties, and the best in innovative design, architectural excellence and chic, city style. This dedicated section covers luxury projects throughout Blackheath, Camberwell, Dulwich and other select areas of South East London.

Academy Excellence

Period property meets modern marvel

Private Hideaway

Luxury city apartments launch


Property Latest By Ben West

Design house Kelly Hoppen, MBE and interior designer extraordinaire, is selling her stunning Georgian town house in Notting Hill. The property, sure to make a stylish investment, boasts four storeys of striking design and innovative use of space. There’s an envyinducing custom Boffi kitchen, with bar-style seating and an exquisitely designed fireplace, and a first floor living room with a black glass chimney breast concealing the television. Attention to detail runs throughout the house, including silent sliding doors, Kelly Hoppen fittings and waxpolished Italian plaster.

Image by Mel Yates

Luxury apartments launch The Hideaways Club has announced the launch of 120 luxurious city apartments around the world. The City Collection is an exclusive private members club which will provide investors with a selection of fully-furnished apartments throughout the world. Set to initially begin with ten apartments in cities including New York, London, Paris, Venice, Miami and Istanbul, the fund will add to the apartments in the next three years, incorporating other locations as diverse as Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok and Sydney. The Hideaways Club is a global property company specialising in

equity ownership and the management of a collection of international luxury property investment funds. It has already had great success with its Classic Collection, a series of chalets and villas worldwide. The new city apartments, which will be worth up to ÂŁ1.8m each, will feature five star concierge service, responsible for all day-to-day requirements including apartment booking, catering and entertainment. Various membership schemes will give owners between 12 and 23 nights annual occupancy, with the added benefit of equity ownership in the entire property portfolio.


New home development promotes house price growth New research has found that areas with higher rates of new development consistently record higher house price growth, meaning that housebuilding activity can boost the prosperity of a local community. Using data from the department for Communities and Local Government, SmartNewHomes compared housebuilding levels with average house price growth over the last one, three and five years, across all nine English regions. In all cases there was a strong positive correlation between the number of new homes built in a region and the rate of house price growth. On average over the last year, each region saw house price growth of 0.63 per cent for every 1,000 new homes completed in that area. Over the last three years, the figure was 0.16 per cent and the rate was 0.23 per cent over the last five years. The research shows that housebuilding activity makes a significant contribution to the

prosperity of an area, and that NIMBY fears over the financial impact of new homes are unfounded. Developers look to build wherever there is likely to be demand, and their investment typically attracts other businesses and residents to enter the area in turn, boosting the local economy. “House builders would not apply for permission to build new homes in an area if there was not a demand from homebuyers,” says Steve Lees, director at smartnewhomes. “By responding to this demand, be it from first-time buyers who provide impetus from the bottom rung of the property ladder, or from families who might otherwise move away, housebuilding makes a significant and lasting contribution to building prosperous local economies. “I would urge local authorities and communities to recognise the importance of the housebuilding sector in creating thriving communities, and to work to facilitate development for the benefit of all their local residents.”

Now is the time to be a landlord

If you have ever considered renting your property out or launching into buy-to-let, now is the time, according to Richard Sexton, business development director of e.surv.

“There’s a cavernous backlog of first time buyers which is pushing the rental market into overdrive,” he says. “Properties up to £125,000 accounted for a third of approvals in March, and although some of these will have been purchased by first time buyers, many will have been bought by buy-to-let investors competing directly for the same housing stock. Invariably, the investors win the contest because of the lack of mortgage finance for first time buyers. The potential first time buyers are then pushing up rental prices - because the demand supports higher rents. This is a win-win situation for landlords.

London leads the way A recent report on the housing market by Chesterton Humberts has provided positive reading for homeowners in the London area. The Bank of England has reported an increase in mortgage approvals, and sellers have been experiencing increased viewings and enquiries. While in London – the only place in the UK prices have gone up, averaging £338,583 in March, which represents a 2.2 per cent yearon-year upwards shift.

Get a good response A London estate agent has introduced a smart phone feature on its For Sale signs, which should encourage potential buyers to ask for more information. W A Ellis Quick Response Squares allow smartphone users to quickly and easily access information on a property, simply by scanning a barcode-like square with their phone’s camera. “People are increasingly relying on their phones to manage day-to-day tasks and source data,” says Lucy Morton, managing partner at W A Ellis. “Our new QR Squares to allow people to instantly access a wealth of knowledge on a property without even having to make a call.”



DEVELOPMENT FOCUS Academy Excellence Luxury apartments at The Academy in Woolwich offer modern style coupled with classic period features


he Academy in Woolwich has become renowned as one of London’s most attractive and distinctive housing developments, partly owing to the incorporation of an original Royal Military training centre. The gorgeous, red brick exterior dates to the 18th century and lends the project a unique, period character which has attracted both first-time buyers and families looking for a new home. A series of stylish apartments two-bedroom properties with a contemporary and attractive style are dotted throughout the development. Living areas are open-plan and spacious, dÊcor sleek and minimalist and fittings and fixtures high quality and carefully planned. It is also worth noting that those apartments located on the higher floors offer pleasant views of the city. While most would undoubtedly enjoy living in the homes personally, the apartments also possess great rental potential. The green fields of Woolwich Common, just next to The Academy, will be home to the location for the shooting and archery events of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics and are sure to attract sporting enthusiasts. At other times, it is clear that a keen sense of community will emerge at the site. The green space to the front of The Academy has been proposed as a local cricket pitch and there are plans for a fitness trail around the perimeter of the green. In addition, preparations are underway to turn the Great Hall at the centre of the development into a modern style community centre, offering residents wi-fi internet access and a TV and film screening room. Adding to the community feel will also be a fitness studio for residents and proposals for a delitype store located on Middle Road, which runs through the complex. The buildings themselves are positioned on Red Lion Lane in Woolwich, close to the amenities of the local area. A neighbourhood has existed here since the Iron Age, before the area became a prominent ship-building centre under the initiation of Henry VII. Forthcoming investment in the district along with its close proximity to the picturesque villages of Greenwich and Blackheath means that Woolwich is becoming a key area for development and growth. Unsurprisingly, the DLR extension to Woolwich Arsenal

Star apartment Apartment number 45, situated in the Faraday building at The Academy is located on the top floor and has striking and far reaching views of the chapel and its spires, landscaped gardens and the Great Hall. A key feature of this particular apartment is its south-west facing positioning, allowing bright sunlight to beam in all day long, contributing to the overall airy and spacious feeling of the home. In addition, 45 Faraday features a huge 42.4m2 wraparound terrace from which you can enjoy the views. Accommodation includes an impressive master bedroom and en-suite bathroom, as well as a walk-in dressing room and bespoke prime-grade oak flooring.

station has increased interest amongst workers looking for quick and easy travel to Bank, City Airport and Canary Wharf. The apartments are now a real alternative for those looking to escape the frenetic nature of the capital in the evenings, along with those who have been priced out of the prime London market. Kathryn Price, development manager at Durkan Homes comments: “The Academy has proven an extremely popular development for buyers looking for high spec property in stunning surroundings. Buyers have ranged from large and small families to first time buyers making their first property purchase – a diverse group of people, which has enhanced the sense of community.” n

£310,000 Hamptons International

Prices start at £260,000 for a two-bed apartment.



Ups and downs Ron Radway of OneCall Financial Advice Centre, looks at THE seesawing nature of recent property prices and the effect of this on the mortgage market


hese days, I find myself constantly asking, are house values going up or down? Is the market getting back to normal? Difficult questions to answer, it seems, as it depends largely on geography and personal expectation. Out in the wilds of Essex, for instance, both the very bottom end and the higher stratosphere, appear to be holding their own pricewise, although negotiations are tight. In the middle range it is still difficult, especially those movers wishing to climb the ladder from below £250k property value to above. Narrow loan to values preclude “equity to spare”, making ancillary costs, mainly stamp duty, difficult to accommodate, leading to a bit of stagnation, and pressure on asking prices. In central London, a very different picture emerges, due in the part to higher entry level values negating the impact of stamp duty, and the unique positioning of the work force and inhabitants, whether traditional old money or nouveau riche, have higher expectations plus the wherewithal to exploit. Let’s look at the latest trade headlines, referring to central London. “Capital values rose one per cent in April, contributing to an annual growth rate of 8.3 per cent,” says one. While others report “Typical prime properties saw prices rise by £767 every day the past 12 months” and “Average values for prime property have now risen by 31.2 per cent since March 2009.” Other news includes: “Market being led by properties in the £1m-£5m price bracket, risen nearly four per cent past


three months. Strongest areas being Mayfair, Marylebone, St John’s Wood, Kensington”. In fairness, this sector is a narrow market place, and consequently produces narrow stats, and while the property market has always been dragged along from the front, it cannot be denied that the market at this end has regained its strength. And what effect has this had on the lenders? They want some of it, is the answer! Mortgage lenders may have endured a hostile press of late (all of it much merited), but they cannot be accused of being daft - they know how to make money and they know a band wagon when they see it. Some 11 new lenders have applied for licences in the past year. Buy to let mortgages is the new buzzword, with both new and established lenders entering the market, disturbing the virtual duopoly of the current major players, which will lead to competitive pricing. Get on board, seems to be the message! Whether this is the beginning of the end of the crunch, or the end of the beginning, remains to be seen, but it would appear to be moving in the right direction! If you would like to discuss mortgages, you should really seek advice from an independent broker. You can find one in your local area by visiting n Ron Radway is a mortgage consultant for OneCall Financial Advice Centre. For further information, visit or call 020 3174 0422

Bespoke living Emerson Park, Hornchurch, Essex A mansion of grand proportions, built to the highest 9 Stunning Bedrooms 4 Large Reception Rooms 8 Bathrooms Cinema Room

Large Open Garden Intelligent Lighting Gated Carriage Driveway

Freehold For Sale Offer in excess of ÂŁ3,000,000

Tel: 020 8518 6555 148 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 4LZ Fax: +44 (0)208 518 6444 All enquiries welcome




Page 1

Studio suites and 1 bedroom apartments available from £350,000

Situated in Zone 1 within the silicon roundabout regeneration zone

Minutes from King’s Cross/St Pancras/ Eurostar and walking distance from Finsbury Square

Apartments ready to occupy

■ ■

Only 5 stops to Canary Wharf from Hoxton Overground station Within a 20 mins walk or 10 mins tube ride to many of London’s major universities 24 hour concierge, gym, sauna and steam room Rooftop gardens with panoramic city views Strong rental demand and attractive yields

T 020 7490 1603


E sales@

THE BÉZIER MARKETING SUITE Bézier Apartments, 91 City Road, London

Prices correct at time of going to press. Subject to change. Map is shown only for illustration purposes and is not to scale.







THE BÉZIER Collection

Captivate Your Senses The first internationally-acclaimed Chuan Spa in Europe is now open at The Langham, London. Rediscover your source with luxurious treatments inspired by the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Langham, London 1c Port land Place, Regent Street, London W1B 1JA T 44 (0) 20 7973 7550


ChuanSpa ExclusiveMag.indd 1

15/3/11 13:35:46



Famous for engagement rings

WEST END 56-57 BURLINGTON ARCADE W1J 0QN T 020 7499 6814 - CITY 9 HATTON GARDEN EC1N 8AH T 020 7831 3333

CanaryWharfJunePapillon.indd 1

12/05/2011 13:25

Canary Wharf Magazine June 2011  
Canary Wharf Magazine June 2011  

Welcome to the June edition of Canary Wharf magazine, celebrating the dynamism of the area and bringing you the latest features, articles an...