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Celebrating 25 years of Porsche Exclusive. To commemorate this important year the new 911 Speedster, built by Porsche Exclusive team, will be on display in our showroom in Canada Square. For more information and dates please call Alistair, Franco or Kirsty on 020 8819 8910 or visit

Porsche Centre East London – Canary Wharf Showroom 20 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5NN


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Right: Goodwood Grandstands

12 The Earl of March Beverley Byrne explores Goodwood’s past,

present and future with owner Lord March

Beverley Byrne explores Goodwood’s glorious past, thriving present and bright future with its charismatic, dedicated owner and custodian, Lord March

There’s been horse racing here for over 200 years, golf since l901 and motor racing since 1948. We’re also proud that the first game of cricket was played here in 1782, and the earliest written rules of the game are still in our archives



16 Can’t buy me love?


Pandora Jones meets the wish-granting founder of Berkeley International to find out if money can indeed buy you love

ntil recently, my idea of a country estate was largely fashioned by fiction. Seduced by Downton Abbey, Brideshead and Pemberley – home to Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy – I imagined most historic estates existing in an anachronistic Upstairs Downstairs universe enjoyed by a privileged few. But all this changed on meeting the Earl of March, the Renaissance man responsible for steering the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex into the 21st century. Since taking over the Goodwood Estate Company from his father, the 10th Duke of Richmond in l994, the Earl of March has set about creating a world-famous sporting estate embracing a group of dynamic businesses. Drawing on the estate’s history, he has combined revolutionary concepts with innovative business strategies to make Goodwood into one of the UK’s most desirable and accessible brands. As a guest of the Goodwood Hotel, and by extension an associate member of the estate’s exclusive sporting clubs, I’d

Directly descended from the 1st Duke of Richmond, the natural son of Charles II who bought the house and park in 1697, Lord March is a hands-on custodian of this historic estate. Since reviving the motor racing events first established by his grandfather, the 9th Duke, and investing in the original downland golf course, organic farms, the airfield, the Goodwood Hotel, plus restoring the house itself to its former Regency glory, he has also founded crowd-pleasing festivals including the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival and Vintage at Goodwood. Events such as these have put the estate firmly on the international calendar as one of the great centres of sport and entertainment in the world. It was Lord March’s passion for motor racing, inherited from his grandfather, Freddie March, which initially ignited Goodwood’s new public and corporate image. “Before the war, my grandfather had been an excellent racing driver, but his parents were very much against it. There’s a family story about him taking part in a big race which was broadcast on the radio. His parents were having dinner at home in the Egyptian Dining Room when they were surprised to hear their son’s name mentioned as a driver. The butler was instructed to remove the radio. It must have been very hard for my grandfather. Motor racing was part of his identity but it was never recognised. Nevertheless, he went on to establish the race track at Goodwood and some of my treasured childhood memories include going down there with him, seeing those

remarkable cars and meeting my motor racing heroes.” One of the first major decisions Lord March made after taking over the estate was to re-open the race track, which had been closed since l966. “As with so many traditional estates, trying to make enough money to keep it going was a pressing issue. Selling land or precious family treasures was a way out, but we wanted to avoid that. As I’ve always loved cars, I thought restoring the racing circuit could be a way of building on Goodwood’s heritage and finding ways to generate revenue.” “Prior to this, when we were planning the first Festival of Speed in l993, I had no idea my grandfather had held a similar event in l934, albeit on a much smaller scale,” he recalls. “I happened to be leafing through some of his old albums when I discovered a photograph of my grandfather winning a Lancia car club event held during the event. Later, I found the little trophy that he’d been awarded and we decided to create a similar version for the new Festival of Speed. Stories like this, taken from Goodwood’s history, unite everything we do here.” The festival proved to be a roaring success. “We’d no idea what to expect”, he laughs, “but when 20,000 people turned up we thought it was a miracle. It was so busy that the stewards collecting the entrance fees simply couldn’t handle the volume of notes. Fortunately, Wilfred Cass, the

been impressed by the programme of rejuvenation initiated by Lord March. No expense has been spared, no corner cut, no detail overlooked. And yet, far from creating an élitist playground, Lord March has achieved all this to ensure the pleasures to be found at Glorious Goodwood can be shared by everyone. “Whether it’s motor racing, horse racing, golf or the stunning art collection in the House, everything we do reflects our passions and desires to share them,” he tells me over a cup of Earl Grey in the clubbable atmosphere of Alfred’s in London offices. “We’ve been fortunate that those sports various generations of the family enjoyed privately have eventually become public events. There’s been horse racing here for over 200 years, golf since l901 and motor racing since 1948. We’re also proud that the first game of cricket was played here in 1782, and the earliest written rules of the game are still in our archives. There seems to have been a tradition of inviting people to be part of Goodwood, which I’m more than happy to maintain.”

great entrepreneur and founder of the Sculpture Foundation based at Goodwood, collected up a number of ladies’ handbags, distributed them to the stewards to safeguard the money and thus avoided a potential crisis. By the end of the event, we realised something here had touched people. Perhaps this could be Goodwood’s golden egg?” From stories such as these, it’s clear this urbane and charming man is not averse to flying by the seat of his immaculately tailored pinstripe trousers. As he points out, “When we held the first Revival and requested everyone dress up in appropriate period costume, a lot of people said it would never work. But it did. By participating in recreating this period in Goodwood’s past, the entire audience felt they were an essential part of its success. Seeing people emotionally engaged in these events is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job.” When asked how he ensures that each event in the year runs smoothly, he gives a wry smile. “I worry a lot. Obviously planning is crucial and getting the right people to do the right job is essential. I’m lucky to have a fantastic team around me who share my enthusiasm and passion. Hospitality is what we’re good at. Our family has been welcoming guests here through the centuries and that attitude still prevails today.” Although tradition plays an important role, much of Goodwood’s award-winning success can be attributed to Lord March’s aesthetics as well as his business acumen. From the interior of the hotel to the Kennels, Goodwood’s über-chic private members clubhouse, a unique visual impact unites them all. This is perhaps not so surprising when I discover Lord March enjoyed a successful career as a London advertising photographer (under the name of Charles Settrington) before taking on the estate. After leaving Eton at the age of 16, he eventually became a photographic assistant to the legendary but demanding film director, Stanley Kubrick. “It was a menial job but working alongside him taught me that the end result was all that mattered and compromise was never an option. I went on to open my own studio specialising in special effects and the sort of complicated large format photography that doesn’t really exist now. 15 years later, I came back to Goodwood.”


concierge 34 All you need is love... We suggest some inspired alternatives to chocolates and flowers

40 Heidi Klein Look the part in this season’s most glamorous swimwear

heidi klein

calibre 64 The car for all seasons Matthew Carter spends time behind the wheel of the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid


Peter Zownir

Fashion Editor:

Lucie Dodds

‘Palm Springs’ snake print bikini, £180, Heidi Klein

travel connoisseur

70 White Sand... ... and white knuckles: Mark Wheeler finds out more about Sol Rally Barbados

escape to


76 Six Nations, Only One Trophy With the 2011 Rugby World Cup fast approaching, Lee Brooks previews the Six Nations tournament

comment 82 Shooting Star Annabel Harrison talks to Nathalie Dauriac-Stoebe, CEO of Signia Wealth

connoisseur 100 Escape to Paradise Louise Wise escapes to the paradise island of Mauritius and its Shanti Maurice resort

106 Barnsley House Hotel Set in the heart of the Cotswolds, Barnsley is perfect for a romantic weekend retreat

Pristine white sandy beaches, fragrant tropical gardens, giant turtles and multi-coloured lunar landscapes prove there is more to Mauritius than meets the eye. Louise Wise escapes to the paradise island and its Shanti Maurice resort.


y knowledge of Mauritius was limited to one word – ‘dodo’. I soon discovered the ill-fated bird was just one small part of this island’s colourful and eclectic history. Leaving London and its slate-grey skies, tube strikes and general winter weariness, we flew south to the Indian Ocean, took a sharp left over Madagascar and touched down at the south west corner of this small, but perfectly formed paradise isle. Unlike the majority of visitors to Mauritius, we avoided the well-beaten track to the north of the island and followed the traveller palms south west through gently swaying sugar cane fields and trees dripping in lychees. First visited by the

Portuguese in 1507, inhabited and then abandoned by the Dutch in 1638, controlled by the French in 1715 and then surrendered to the British in 1810, Mauritius finally became independent in 1968. With no indigenous population prior to the arrival of the Portuguese, Mauritian culture has since been created by its many immigrants and continues to welcome new visitors with open arms. Shanti Maurice does a good line in warm welcomes. On an island accustomed to reinvention, Shanti Maurice has relaunched itself as a boutique lifestyle resort, and is the perfect base to enjoy a genuine Mauritian experience. Located on the largely untouched southern coast, the resort enjoys unspoilt views to the west across white sandy beaches.

It is obvious from the moment you arrive that the emphasis here is to work with the natural surroundings. This sympathetic mindset is evident throughout; local hardwood has been used in the construction of the villas and fragrant herbs grown on site are used in the restaurants. The 61 villas and suites nestle within 36 acres of tropical garden, impeccably maintained and yet perfectly in keeping with the natural flora and fauna of the island. Gently purring golf carts navigate through immaculate lawns to deliver you to your front door. Villas at Shanti Maurice all face the ocean and combine the luxury of a 5 star hotel with a distinctly beach house vibe. Thoughtful touches such as complimentary Havaianas and the Spa’s signature ‘Africology’ products in every bathroom suggest someone really knows how to induce maximum relaxation. If the Junior Suites or Luxury Villas are not enough,

there is the Shanti Villa. Comprising a stunning master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, a guest bedroom, open courtyard and wrap-around balcony, dining and living area and, of course, lodgings for the butler/ bodyguard. Privacy around the sizeable infinity pool is guaranteed, thanks to the natural reef and subtle planting. Tearing yourself away from the villas is made much easier by the heavenly treatments available at the Nira Spa. Housed in a tea pavilion surrounded by lily ponds, the waiting area alone is worth the visit. First port of call was a private consultation with the resort’s own Ayurvedic doctor. From the Sanskrit word, Ayurveda is derived from two roots ‘Ayus’ and ‘Veda’, meaning life and knowledge and is an integral part of the Nira philosophy. The aim of Ayurveda is to treat the body, mind and soul for optimum health, which can be achieved by balancing three subtle energies known as doshas.


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The Fusion between Ceramic, 18K Red Gold, Rubber and Alligator.

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or more than 600 years, February has been brightened by Valentine’s Day. Geoffrey Chaucer first associated the Saint’s commemoration day with romantic love in 1382, in a poem honouring the first anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II of England, and the tradition has continued ever since. For those who are lucky in love, we make an annual dilemma easier with our selection of perfect presents for him and her, from gorgeous jewels and beautiful bedrooms to boys’ toys and personalised luxury gifts (p. 34). Alternatively, treat the love of your life to a delicious Champagne Sunday Brunch at ROKA (p. 113), a romantic UK retreat, or a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. For those whose hearts sink at the mention of this sentimental celebration, reminded only of the lack of romance in their lives, Pandora Jones tries out élite dating agency Berkeley International to see if money really can buy you love (p. 16). When the romantic focus of February becomes too much, direct your thoughts to the more masculine upcoming Six Nations Tournament: Europe’s rugby titans battle it out once again for the coveted trophy and title, and Lee Brooks discusses each team’s odds to win, as well as the fact that it is Martin Johnson’s last chance to fine-tune his squad ahead of the Rugby World Cup (p. 76).

For horse racing and motor car enthusiasts, Beverley Byrne meets Lord March, owner and custodian of Goodwood, to speak to him about the estate’s glorious past, thriving events calendar and bright future (p. 12). As the shortest month of the year, February is also one of the gloomiest. Brighten up your days by planning a holiday far, far away in the sunny climes of Mauritius: Louise Wise explores the paradise isle’s sandy beaches, tropical gardens and multi-coloured lunar landscapes while staying in the idyllic Shanti Maurice resort (p. 100). Ladies, take inspiration from our Heidi Klein fashion shoot (p. 40) to ensure you look the part in this season’s most glamorous swimwear. If you’d prefer to stay closer to home, Barnsley House Hotel in the heart of the Cotswolds (p. 106) is the perfect place to escape for Valentine’s weekend to relax and unwind. Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day, however you choose to spend it.

Annabel Harrison Deputy Editor

Beverley Byrne explores Goodwood’s glorious past, thriving present and bright future with its charismatic, dedicated owner and custodian, Lord March

T he E arl o f



ntil recently, my idea of a country estate was largely fashioned by fiction. Seduced by Downton Abbey, Brideshead and Pemberley – home to Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy – I imagined most historic estates existing in an anachronistic Upstairs Downstairs universe enjoyed by a privileged few. But all this changed on meeting the Earl of March, the Renaissance man responsible for steering the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex into the 21st century.  Since taking over the Goodwood Estate Company from his father, the 10th Duke of Richmond in l994, the Earl of March has set about creating a world-famous sporting estate embracing a group of dynamic businesses. Drawing on the estate’s history, he has combined revolutionary concepts with innovative business strategies to make Goodwood into one of the UK’s most desirable and accessible brands.  As a guest of the Goodwood Hotel, and by extension an associate member of the estate’s exclusive sporting clubs, I’d

been impressed by the programme of rejuvenation initiated by Lord March. No expense has been spared, no corner cut, no detail overlooked. And yet, far from creating an élitist playground, Lord March has achieved all this to ensure the pleasures to be found at Glorious Goodwood can be shared by everyone. “Whether it’s motor racing, horse racing, golf or the stunning art collection in the House, everything we do reflects our passions and desires to share them,” he tells me over a cup of Earl Grey in the clubbable atmosphere of Alfred’s in London offices. “We’ve been fortunate that those sports various generations of the family enjoyed privately have eventually become public events. There’s been horse racing here for over 200 years, golf since l901 and motor racing since 1948. We’re also proud that the first game of cricket was played here in 1782, and the earliest written rules of the game are still in our archives. There seems to have been a tradition of inviting people to be part of Goodwood, which I’m more than happy to maintain.”


Right: Goodwood Grandstands

Directly descended from the 1st Duke of Richmond, the natural son of Charles II who bought the house and park in 1697, Lord March is a hands-on custodian of this historic estate. Since reviving the motor racing events first established by his grandfather, the 9th Duke, and investing in the original downland golf course, organic farms, the airfield, the Goodwood Hotel, plus restoring the house itself to its former Regency glory, he has also founded crowd-pleasing festivals including the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival and Vintage at Goodwood. Events such as these have put the estate firmly on the international calendar as one of the great centres of sport and entertainment in the world.  It was Lord March’s passion for motor racing, inherited from his grandfather, Freddie March, which initially ignited Goodwood’s new public and corporate image. “Before the war, my grandfather had been an excellent racing driver, but his parents were very much against it. There’s a family story about him taking part in a big race which was broadcast on the radio. His parents were having dinner at home in the Egyptian Dining Room when they were surprised to hear their son’s name mentioned as a driver. The butler was instructed to remove the radio. It must have been very hard for my grandfather. Motor racing was part of his identity but it was never recognised. Nevertheless, he went on to establish the race track at Goodwood and some of my treasured childhood memories include going down there with him, seeing those

There’s been horse racing here for over 200 years, golf since l901 and motor racing since 1948. We’re also proud that the first game of cricket was played here in 1782, and the earliest written rules of the game are still in our archives remarkable cars and meeting my motor racing heroes.” One of the first major decisions Lord March made after taking over the estate was to re-open the race track, which had been closed since l966. “As with so many traditional estates, trying to make enough money to keep it going was a pressing issue. Selling land or precious family treasures was a way out, but we wanted to avoid that. As I’ve always loved cars, I thought restoring the racing circuit could be a way of building on Goodwood’s heritage and finding ways to generate revenue.”  “Prior to this, when we were planning the first Festival of Speed in l993, I had no idea my grandfather had held a similar event in l934, albeit on a much smaller scale,” he recalls. “I happened to be leafing through some of his old albums when I discovered a photograph of my grandfather winning a Lancia car club event held during the event. Later, I found the little trophy that he’d been awarded and we decided to create a similar version for the new Festival of Speed. Stories like this, taken from Goodwood’s history, unite everything we do here.”  The festival proved to be a roaring success. “We’d no idea what to expect”, he laughs, “but when 20,000 people turned up we thought it was a miracle. It was so busy that the stewards collecting the entrance fees simply couldn’t handle the volume of notes. Fortunately, Wilfred Cass, the


great entrepreneur and founder of the Sculpture Foundation based at Goodwood, collected up a number of ladies’ handbags, distributed them to the stewards to safeguard the money and thus avoided a potential crisis. By the end of the event, we realised something here had touched people. Perhaps this could be Goodwood’s golden egg?” From stories such as these, it’s clear this urbane and charming man is not averse to flying by the seat of his immaculately tailored pinstripe trousers. As he points out, “When we held the first Revival and requested everyone dress up in appropriate period costume, a lot of people said it would never work. But it did. By participating in recreating this period in Goodwood’s past, the entire audience felt they were an essential part of its success. Seeing people emotionally engaged in these events is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job.”  When asked how he ensures that each event in the year runs smoothly, he gives a wry smile. “I worry a lot. Obviously planning is crucial and getting the right people to do the right job is essential. I’m lucky to have a fantastic team around me who share my enthusiasm and passion. Hospitality is what we’re good at. Our family has been welcoming guests here through the centuries and that attitude still prevails today.”  Although tradition plays an important role, much of Goodwood’s award-winning success can be attributed to Lord March’s aesthetics as well as his business acumen. From the interior of the hotel to the Kennels, Goodwood’s über-chic private members clubhouse, a unique visual impact unites them all. This is perhaps not so surprising when I discover Lord March enjoyed a successful career as a London advertising photographer (under the name of Charles Settrington) before taking on the estate.  After leaving Eton at the age of 16, he eventually became a photographic assistant to the legendary but demanding film director, Stanley Kubrick. “It was a menial job but working alongside him taught me that the end result was all that mattered and compromise was never an option. I went on to open my own studio specialising in special effects and the sort of complicated large format photography that doesn’t really exist now. 15 years later, I came back to Goodwood.”


feature interview

Left and below: Goodwood Parade Ring Revival - Sussex Trophy Goodwood Grandstands Glorious Goodwood

“Although I live in an 18th century house, I still love modernism,” he continues. “By blending contemporary style with traditional architecture, we can promise our clients an exhilarating and luxurious experience. At the hotel, we’ve already renovated five suites and, by the end of the year, 25 out of the 94 rooms will have been completed. It’s very important to me that everything about Goodwood looks and feels right.”  As a business strategy, drawing on history to provide a fashionable, state-of–the-art experience has proved a stroke of genius. But, as Lord March observes, “When I took over the house, I didn’t regard it as the burden my grandfather had. Unfortunately, his much-loved elder brother had been killed after the First World War in Russia, so my grandfather never really felt Goodwood was his to have. But I was lucky to be interested and involved from a very young age and never had any real doubts about taking it on.”  So what advice will he be giving his son when the time comes? “I think he needs to find a way of making it his own,” he replies thoughtfully. “He’s very keen to discuss ideas and participate, but I wouldn’t like him to do anything under pressure. However, Goodwood has always been a family affair and I like to think that whatever happens, it will always be so in the future.” n

When we held the first Revival and requested everyone dress up in appropriate period costume, a lot of people said it would never work. But it did.

Annual events at Goodwood will this year feature the Festival of Speed with Formula 1, classic cars, planes and bikes from 30 June and 3 July. The Goodwood Aviation Exhibition will be taking place at the ex-Battle of Britain Goodwood Aerodrome as a significant part of the Festival of Speed and Moving Motor Show. Goodwood Revival, offering a chance to step back in time and revel in the glamour and allure of the golden age of motor racing, will be held from 16-18 September. For horse racing fans, Glorious Goodwood begins on 26 July until 30 July. For all other information, visit


Can’t Buy Me As children, we’re told the Genie can’t grant a wish to make someone fall in love. At Berkeley International, it’s a rule that’s overturned. Pandora Jones meets the wishgranting founder of this élite matchmaking agency and, in the name of research, experiences the minefield of blind-dating



ames is 34. He is tall, with dark eyes and a ‘classically handsome’ look. A well-educated, successful lawyer, he has spent time in the UK, New York and Shanghai. He enjoys travel, films, kickboxing and socialising with friends, who say he is confident and charismatic. James has worked hard all his life and can afford to buy anything he wants. Well, almost anything. What James wants most is to find someone to share the rest of his life with. As everyone around him gets engaged and married, he is finding that this, unlike his Porsche, Savile Row suits and penthouse apartment, is the one thing money can’t buy. He has been on blind dates set up by friends, tried seeing work colleagues and even ventured into the world of online dating, but the whole experience left him feeling disillusioned and lonely. However, there is hope for James, in the form of someone who does believe you can buy love, or, at least, a great deal of help in the enjoyable, emotionally loaded journey towards it.


Mairead Molloy is small, blonde and bubbling with a quiet enthusiasm. Within minutes of meeting her, I feel her eyes raking over me, formulating my description (long blonde hair, green eyes), working out a personal profile and lining up potential dates. Mairead founded Berkeley International for people just like James, people who wake up one morning to realise time has stolen a decade from them and they are now workaholics in their mid-thirties, fed up with being the odd one out at dinner parties. James, Berkeley’s website says, is “perfectly able to manage on his own but has reached a stage in his life when he no longer chooses to do so. He is, however, not prepared to compromise in his choice of partner. Meeting just ‘anyone’ is not his problem – meeting the right person is.” Reassuring words for a perennial singleton. Mairead points out that there are a lot of single people in London who want to meet people on the same “level” as them – something that is evident the moment I visit Mairead to find out how she can help those cash rich, time poor, Unlucky In Love souls. As Mairead quizzes me about the type of man I’d like to date, I rattle off the somewhat vague list (tall, handsome, intelligent, funny, sporty, charismatic and ambitious) and sit expectantly, waiting for “I have the perfect guy for you.” Instead: “is that all?” Yes, I reply. What about men who’ve been divorced? Well.... No. Or men with children? No… What about X, Y or Z? No. No. No. The questions continue. It’s clear that Berkeley International attracts, and caters for, people who know exactly what they want and are used to getting it. They have incredibly specific requirements. Interestingly, the men are choosier, especially regarding appearance and age: “she must be younger than me by ten years”, or, “I will only date blondes.” The key differentiator of Berkeley International is the price: the service fee is £8,000 plus VAT. This is by no means a cheap date, and very considerably more expensive than sites such as or Typical clients are extremely affluent (of course), educated, well mannered, successful and (Mairead’s most interesting choice of word) normal. This is backed up by an age range of 18 to 83 from all types of professions, including doctors, lawyers, bankers and entrepreneurs. What warrants this, some might say, extortionate cost in the search for your Romeo or Juliet? Mairead assures me that Berkeley is the haute couture label in the world of singles clubs, backed up by their inclusion in GQ’s ‘100 listed Best Things in the World’ and Quintessentially’s proclamation that “Molloy is doing the unimaginable, making Berkeley International into a must join club...” The process, much simplified, is as follows: contact Berkeley (phone or email); attend an interview; sign a confidentiality contract (privacy is of utmost importance and as such, information is only passed on with express permission); start dating.


So this is what I do. Mairead emails me profiles of three eligible bachelors fitting my list of requirements. Let’s call them Tom, Dick and Harry. They sound almost too good to be true. One has a ‘disarming sense of humour’. Another is ‘tall, dark and handsome’. The phrase ‘very good looking’ recurs and I think to myself that perhaps this research might go rather better than I had planned. All call to arrange the dates, ticking the first box: not afraid to communicate via the medium of speech. All follow up with confirmation texts, ticking box number two: pro-active and organized. Within a day of releasing my profile, I have three dates lined up. Mairead and her team work fast. Harry was shy. Conversation did flow but largely due to my ability to talk to anyone and everyone rather than Harry being a ‘natural conversationalist’ (this was definitely not true). I pre-emptively judged this one and settled just for drinks, which was wise: Harry was nice but we just didn’t have enough in common. For ten years, he has lived to work, which jars with my sociable tendencies and love of travel, culture and lie-ins. Tom, on the other hand, was not shy. In fact, Tom was extremely confident but this transcended at times into borderline-cockiness. To be truthful, but perhaps overly harsh, he is one of those people who has no idea they are coming across badly and sails through life blissfully unaware of this fact. We chatted freely and drank champagne so it was a pleasant evening, if not spark-filled. My third and final date was Italian and suitably fiery. I arrived at the date feeling like I needed a drink and left needing a cup of tea. He was wonderfully enthusiastic and typically charming, sprinting, wine-fuelled, through a conversation that left my head spinning. However, despite the fact that the evening was the most enjoyable of the three, and that we had more in common than I had expected, at more than a decade older than me, it wasn’t meant to be. I would hazard a guess that at 27, I am too young for all three gentlemen I met and that had I joined this agency the other side of 30, second dates could have been in the pipeline. The success rate is very much dependent on age: up to 38, there’s a 75 per cent chance of ending up in a relationship for six months or more but for those above 40, it drops to about 60 per cent (largely due to the issues of wanting or having children). Mairead agrees with me that the Internet plays a massive part in dating nowadays because we are so influenced as a nation by what we see online: “sometimes I feel people have lost the ability to communicate on a one to one basis, as in, sitting down together but still using an iPhone, laptop or Blackberry.” Indeed, the attitude of many people to relationships has shifted because of this: think of how many couples you know who are in constant contact but always via email or text. Is joining Berkeley International, in their words, ‘the intelligent business decision for your personal life’? Perhaps taking a more professional, proactive approach to soul-mate-searching can pay dividends in the long run. David, a member for six months, declares that joining Berkeley was ‘the best decision I could have made and exceeded my expectations’. My verdict is this: sometimes money can indeed buy you love. n


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Technology & Relationships in the 21st century Is the effect of technology on relationships in fact the biggest millennium bug? Caroline Green examines the impact of vast changes in the communication landscape


tep back to New Year’s Eve, 1999. As midnight approached, we held our breath. Of course, most of us were sceptics about the millennium bug’s existence, yet somehow we remained unable to disregard the potential havoc. Would traffic lights systems shut off? Would national grids collapse? Had I backed-up everything onto floppy disks? But midnight came and went. The Christmas lights continued to flash and Auld Lang Syne echoed through parties across the country. Five minutes later, our fascination with the bug was superseded to buy the quest to find another glass of champagne. We had won: the show did go on. However, unbeknown to us, technology was making gigantic inroads into our relationships. Texting, Facebooking and online dating were to be the catalysts of the real millennium bug. It wasn’t about making things crash but about changing the rules of the game. The aim of this bug was to transform the way in which we communicate – the very medium of our relationships.


feature current affairs

Think the millennium bug didn’t exist? It did. We just misunderstood what it would come to be and the impact it would come to have on our relationships every single day. The real millennium bug operated by stealth to herald an immeasurable, perhaps irreversible, evolution in our society. It changed the way we communicated by offering us new tools, and we love them. We now willingly choose written and visual media, over the spoken word, because we can be cleverer, more informed and better at portraying the best version of ourselves in ever-expanding networks. The question is: have we become sidetracked - in truth cybertracked - from real-life relationships? n

With new tools at the ready, this bug has made us wittier, calmer and bolder. It seduced us by allowing us to improve our self image in a new online world. Claiming the top spot, as the most drastic of all the communication developments, is the text. The phone had been around for decades, and before the millennium approached, we could call people from new places on our brick sized mobiles. However, texts offered something new. Why? Firstly, they make us better communicators, and better flirters. Great one-liners rarely come to us on the spot, but with 20 minutes to rack your brain, chat to a friend, down a drink and whittle through three re-drafts and - voila – a smooth talker is born. Secondly, they could shield us from the harsh reality of rejection. Texting is as much about the timing tactics as the content: if someone doesn’t text back straightaway, maybe that’s their way of flirting. Maybe it didn’t send properly (even text receipts can be faulty, right?) Maybe they dropped their phone in the bath? Ignorance is bliss. Finally, they give us time to weigh up our options: we can take our time over our responses and decisions. Facebook is next, because there are very few who would deny the impact it has on our lives. Why is it so successful? Once again, it changes the way we communicate, and by doing so, allows us to alter our image. Facebook not only provides the benefits of texting by allowing us to send messages or wall posts but also makes extroverts of even the shyest friends: suddenly we like posting information about ourselves, uploading pictures and making friends with people we aren’t entirely sure if we’ve ever met before. Our networks have expanded – and we spend more time boasting about it. Online dating isn’t about making networks expand but explode. We don’t need to have mutual friends for introductions anymore: we can get into a cyber submarine and browse all the fish of the sea. Even a busy lifestyle is no longer a barrier to meeting our perfect match. As with Facebook, we can put up our best photos on our profiles (perhaps from ten years ago, or even of someone else). We can be anyone we want to be online.


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25/01/2011 13:23



on your door step

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... And while you’re counting, show your loved one how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day with a perfectly planned romantic weekend for two in vibrant Canary Wharf. Skate, spa and shop until you drop before dressing up to be wined and dined in the best bars and restaurants on offer. Perhaps it’s time to pop that all-important question following what will be an unforgettable weekend...

Saturday Eating: Quadrato Restaurant Start as you mean to go on with a relaxing, intimate breakfast at Quadrato. The Four Season’s showpiece restaurant is contemporary, refined and stylish. Breakfast on Saturdays is served between 8am and 11.30am and includes all the usual English and continental favourites as well as ‘energy’, à la carte and Japanese options. With a three-story bank of floor-to-ceiling windows, the restaurant also offers spectacular views of the River Thames.

Shopping: Cabot Place, Canada Place and Jubilee Place Does your heart sink each year at the thought of having to choose the perfect Valentine’s present? Take the stress out of this annual gift-nightmare and shop together to choose your dream presents. For her, jewellery is a girl’s best friend, so visit Pandora, Tiffany & Co. or David M Robinson and peruse through Jo Malone and L’Occitane’s products for the loveliest scent. For him, choose beautiful shirts from Thomas Pink, a classic Montblanc pen or boys’ toys from Bang and Olufsen.

Skating: Canary Wharf Ice Rink One of the most romantic outdoor activities is ice skating and the rink in the heart of Canary Wharf, nestled beneath the gleaming towers and twinkling lights, lives up to high expectations. Twirl around the ice, impress your partner with smooth moves or hold hands to stay standing. The rink is popular every year on Valentine’s Day and has been the setting for many a marriage proposal.

Dining: Plateau Look out across the stunning glass, concrete and steel of Canary Wharf from Plateau’s fourth-floor vantage point and be swept away by the intimate, romantic atmosphere of the elegant main dining-room. Plateau is inspired in equal measure by the glamour of mid-century Manhattan and the classics of French cooking, featuring an impressive central-theatre style kitchen.


Drinking: Gaucho Boasting the largest Argentine wine listing outside the country itself, The Gaucho Grill has compiled a comprehensive series of tasting packages for entertainment, education or simply indulgence. Perfect for Valentine’s weekend, the packages serve as a guide to what Gaucho has to offer but the restaurant is also happy to provide a more bespoke service if you desire something a little more romantic.



Brunching: ROKA Make sure your weekend continues in exactly the right way by heading to ROKA for their infamous champagne brunch and toasting yourselves and your weekend so far. ROKA offers delicious Japanese cuisine and symbolises a way of life, represented in its name (‘RO’ means to share food and drink with friends; ‘KA’ represents the feeling of being surrounded by warmth and energy). ROKA is open for brunch on Sundays from 11.30am3.30pm


Relaxing: Spa Treatment at Dove Spa After brunch, pamper yourselves at Dove Spa located at Virgin Active Gym. The philosophy there is simple: deliver honest, professional skin care results that really make a difference to your skin. Before any treatment, Dove Spa offers a free 15 minute scientific skin analysis to diagnose your skin type and condition on the day. With expert knowledge and understanding of the diagnostic results, they then help you choose a treatment plan and select appropriate products to suit your individual skin type. Go there for an indulging treatment experience during the day, feel relaxed as your weekend comes to a close and by the evening, see the improvements.


WHERE TO STAY The Four Seasons Hotel, Canary Wharf The luxurious Four Seasons is the ideal hotel destination for your weekend getaway. Choose the Weekend Celebration package, which includes full English breakfast each morning in Quadrato Restaurant (or, thoughtfully, In-Room Dining), complimentary late check-out at 3pm and, with excellent attention to detail, valet parking, a bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. Arrive safe in the knowledge that you will be suitably spoiled at this hotel.

Ice Rink


Spoil her Rotten Head to Canary Wharf for something your Valentine will love nearly as much as you 1






7  

8 9

1 Versence Long-Line Balcony Bra, £75 and Versence Deep Knicker, £49, Myla, Cabot Place 2 Classic Vanity Case - White Smooth, £750, Aspinal of London, Cabot Place 3 LOVE Pendant, £112, Carat*, Cabot Place 4 Nars Tainted Love Gift Set. £44, Space NK, Cabot Place 5 Sterling Silver and 14ct Gold Heart Ring, £175, Pandora, Cabot Place 6 Love Note Gold Diamond Ring, £1,500, Links of London, Jubilee Place 7 Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles, £21.50, Charbonnel et Walker, Cabot Place 8 Carvela ‘Girl’ Shoe, £110, Kurt Geiger, Cabot Place 9 Shaun Leane Silver Hook my Heart Earrings, £155, Charles Fish, Cabot Place  Ronnee Heart Matinee Purse, £65, Ted Baker, Canada Place  Tiffany Diamond Lock Set in Platinum, £4,175, Tiffany & Co., Cabot Place.

SHOPPING Accessorize the modern day man Decorate your man this Valentine’s Day with masculine gifts from Canary Wharf 1 3







8 1 IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph, £8,500, David M Robinson, Jubilee Place 2 Cashmere Club Check Scarf, £150, Aquascutum, Cabot Place 3 Re-charge Black Pepper Bodywash, £17.50, Molton Brown, Jubilee Place 4 Amber & Lavender Cologne, £68, Jo Malone, Jubilee Place 5 Sony MHS-CM5 HD Bloggie, £139, Jessops, Cabot Place 6 Internet Microphone, £75, TUMI, Cabot Place 7 Heart & Arrow Cufflinks, £14.99, Tie Rack, One Canada Square 8 Starwalker Black Mystery Pen, £370, Montblanc, Canada Place 9 BeoSound 8 iPod Dock, £915, Bang & Olufsen, South Colonnade

NEWS Canary Wharf Marks Tu B’Shvat Festival with Tree Planting The latest tree to be planted on the Canary Wharf Estate has extra significance for the local Jewish community, following a special ceremony. Representatives from Canary Wharf Group and other Canary Wharf-based companies marked the Jewish Festival of Tu B’Shvat by planting a tree in Jubilee Park, adding to more than 1,000 trees already planted around the Canary Wharf Estate. Danny Seliger from Canary Wharf Group, and organiser of the event, said: “The tree planted today is symbolic for a number of reasons. The planting and accompanying lunch brings together Canary Wharf workers and the local community, including schoolchildren. It is very pleasing to see.”

Portugal carves its way to success at the London Ice Sculpting Festival 2011

Construction of London’s ‘Walkie Talkie’ begins Construction of 20 Fenchurch Street, EC3, dubbed the ‘Walkie Talkie,’ officially started last month, following the breaking of the ground by George Iacobescu CBE, Chief Executive Officer of Canary Wharf Group plc and Robert Noel, Managing Director, London Portfolio, Land Securities Group PLC. Iacobescu said: “We are delighted to be able to apply our extensive high rise experience to such an iconic development. We look forward to working alongside Land Securities on this exciting project, which will be yet another step forward for London’s economy.”

The third annual London Ice Sculpting Festival, held at the Capital’s iconic Canary Wharf, saw Portugal prevail as the 2011 champions. The Festival, from 13 to 15 January, saw teams from the United Kingdom, France, Hungary Netherlands, Portugal and Africa competing to impress the judges and public. Each team battled to transform a giant two tonne block of ice into a frozen masterpiece, interpreting this year’s theme: ‘Love London!’. After hours of hard work wielding all manner of equipment, from chainsaws to chisels, the finished sculptures comprised a theatre ballerina, London’s iconic skyline, the Trafalgar Square Lion, a nude figurine, a series of figures representing London’s multicultural society and the famous image of The Beatles at Abbey Road. Having spent two day’s voting, visitors to the Festival crowned Africa as winner of the Public Choice Award for their stunning and intricate replica of the iron Lion.

art window galleries The Art, Design & Lightbox Window Galleries, located in Canada Place Shopping Mall, are showcases for up-andcoming artists, designers and craftspeople.

COMMUNITY GALLERY The Community Gallery is devoted to exhibiting work produced by local arts projects. It is situated within Jubilee Walk, the link from Canada Place Shopping Mall and the Jubilee Line Underground Station.

Greenhill Centre Until 22 February

Sophie Breitmeyer Until 25 February

Taking inspiration from fashion and architecture, Sophie’s collection features organic structures reinterpreted from fabric ruffles and ancient Indian architecture, made with materials including silver, gold and precious stones.

Francisca Prieto

Until 25 February

Chilean-born Francisca experiments with typography to create innovative artworks with graphic elements in both 2D and 3D, giving each piece a rich narrative of its own. Her work appears in collections at the V&A Museum, Tate and The British Library.

Balint Bolygo Until 26 February

Bálint works across sculpture and design, combining artistic imagination, invention, science, mechanics and engineering. Practical solutions to physical, structural and nature’s challenges are the very elements that give an idiosyncratic aesthetic to his innovative works.

The Greenhill Centre in Newham provides a range of resource services for people with physical and sensory impairments. The two quilts on show were created over a period of a year and draw attention to the communities who live in the East End of London. Several visits were made to the sites, drawings were created and photographs were taken. Collage, embroidery and photography were then used to create the richly detailed quilts.

Sculpture in the Workplace Works from a Chinese Studio in Canary Wharf Canary Wharf Group has launched its year of public art exhibitions with a new series of painted porcelain plates by Malcolm Ross-White, displayed in the lobby of One Canada Square. Ross-White has drawn inspiration from his visits over the past seven years to Jingdezhen in China, the centre for porcelain production since the 16th century.

Malcolm Ross-White: Yellow Door Yellow Storm - Works from his Chinese Studio Until 11 March 2011 Lobby, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf E14 5AB Open daily FREE Join the artist and curator, Ann Elliott in conversation on Tuesday 8 February at 1.15pm in the Lobby of One Canada Square. Please call 020 7418 2257 to book a place.

events Viva La Dance!

If live music and dancing is what excites you then this is the night for you. Viva la Dance! is Canary Wharf’s unique social dance evening celebrating the dance styles of Latin America. Whether you love to dance, love to watch or love to give anything a try, this is the evening for you. With professional dance instructors on hand, learn something new or practice your moves in a friendly and lively atmosphere with a live Salsa band, delicious themed platters and an array of thirst quenching drinks available all night long. With a free glass of bubbly on arrival, Viva la Dance! is sure to get your feet tapping to the Latin beats - warming you up for the weekend.

Thursday 3 March, 6.30pm £8.50 (includes complimentary glass of bubbly on arrival) East Wintergarden, Bank Street Canary Wharf Visit or call 0844 847 2268 (Booking fee applies) On the door, subject to availability Full bar and food available.

Canary Wharf Quiz Night Register now for the last of the Canary Wharf Quiz Nights until the series returns in the autumn. The winning team takes home £250 in Canary Wharf Gift Cheques while 2nd and 3rd place receive £150 and £50 in Gift Cheques respectively. A full bar opens from doors opening at 6pm and snacks will be available during the middle of the quiz. So go on, join in the fun, put your thinking cap on and let your competitive spirit run wild!

Monday 14 February 6.30pm (doors 6pm) East Wintergarden, Bank Street, Canary Wharf, E14 £15 per team*, maximum 6 team members - All proceeds go to Mudchute Park & Farm *Teams must register in advance via email to: arts&

Note: Only items purchased at the East Wintergarden may be consumed on the premises.

After Hours With…Rumer A fast rising singer-songwriter with a captivatingly pure voice, Rumer is often compared to Karen Carpenter and Carole King in late summer. She has just been nominated for two BRIT Awards. Don’t miss this rare chance to see Rumer in the unique and intimate setting of the East Wintergarden.

Wednesday 16 February 7.45pm (doors 7pm) Support: TBA

Win tickets to sold out After Hours with…Athlete

Visit or call 0844 847 2268 (Booking fee applies)

Tickets for this event sold out in just 4 days but, as a reward to all our music loving readers, we have 4 tickets to give away to one lucky person. To be in with chance to win simply email arts& with your name, contact number and the code CWM1. Winner will be drawn at random and notified on Monday 14 February.

On the door, subject to availability

Wednesday 2 March

*Maximum 4 tickets per person

7.45pm (doors 7pm)

Full pay bar available from doors open.

East Wintergarden, Bank Street, Canary Wharf, E14

£25* East Wintergarden, Bank Street, Canary Wharf, E14

Canary Wharf Comedy Club

Next month:

Featuring **Charlie Baker, Andrew Lawrence, Nick Helm, Adam Bloom and one more act tba

Tickets are on sale now – and selling fast – for the ISS Canary Wharf Squash Classic at the East Wintergarden held 21 - 25 March. Book now to avoid disappointment. £15-£45. Visit or call 0844 847 2419 (Booking fee applies)

The multi talented comedian and jazz musician Charlie Baker kicks off the spring Comedy Clubs with his unique brand of witty stand up. Following suit, is Andrew Lawrence whose articulate and hilarious ranting compliments perfectly Nick Helm’s energetic poetry and chutzpah. Add to the bill one of Britain’s most inventive and well loved comedians, Adam Bloom, and you have the perfect line up for a classic night of comedy.

Tuesday 22 February, 7.15pm (doors 6.30pm) £15 East Wintergarden, Bank Street, Canary Wharf, E14 Visit or call 0844 847 2268 (Booking fee applies)

Nick Helm

On the door, subject to availability ** Line up correct at time of publication Full pay bar and food available. Charlie Baker

Adam Bloom

Last Chance:

It’s your last chance to take to the ice as Canary Wharf Ice Rink closes on Sunday 20 February. Situated beneath the iconic towers, the ice rink is one of the best outdoor skating locations in London. Visit for more details and booking.

Canada Square Park, Until 20 February, Monday to Saturday 9.45am-11pm , Sunday 9.45am-7.30pm

Have you ever wished your phone was capable of acting as a bridge between your virtual existence and your day to day life, able to fulfil your every need at the touch of a button? Vertu phones are leading the way, closest of all to this feat of lifestyle arrangement engineering


l i f e.


A R R A N G E D.

Vertu’s Signature In 1998, a team of specialists set to work. They had been tasked by Frank Nuovo with the objective of creating a mobile phone on a par with luxury items from the world of watches and fine jewellery. A unique ‘no boundaries’ working environment for the design and engineering teams ensured the creation of the original pieces that form the three distinct Vertu collections, Signature, Ascent and Constellation. The name Vertu means ‘a love of, or taste for, fine objects of art’ and as such, its stable of products are aesthetically sleek, smart and ultra-stylish, manufactured with an astonishing attention to detail.

Standards Far Beyond Standard In the small village of Church Crookham in Hampshire, every Vertu Signature and Constellation phone is hand-built from start to finish by one craftsman and since 2008, each of them signs a signature plate concealed within the battery compartment, testament to the Vertu hallmarks of design, passion and precision. It also means that if your phone is involved in an accident of any kind, this same craftsman will ensure it is returned to you in perfect condition. Vertu is a clear market leader in terms of revolutionary techniques, materials and ideas. It was the first phone manufacturer to patent a new method for lighting a phone keypad, using light shining through laser holes, the first to feature a ceramic keypad and the first to deploy carbon fibre and aerospace grade aluminium in the creation of a full handset.

A Quest For Perfection In 2002, Vertu launched Signature, the first luxury phone to feature a dedicated lifestyle assistance button: Vertu Concierge instantly connects the user to a team of experts with a global wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts. The first Concierge request was made in Singapore: a bouquet of flowers was ordered and delivered on behalf of a client. Constellation Quest, Vertu’s first smart phone launched in October 2010, saw an enhanced Concierge offering including three different options of service, depending on the anticipated frequency of usage. This phone is for ‘true citizens of the world’ and comes with the Concierge, City Brief, Vertu Select and Vertu.Me features enhanced.

The Concierge Lifestyle The Concierge button provides a direct link to Vertu Lifestyle Managers who can respond to any need, anytime, anywhere, tailoring luxury services and opportunities to specific demands. Particularly useful for the discerning, jet-setting traveller are the City Brief guides: these cover 140 key cities in eight languages and auto-load to your phone upon landing. Perry Oosting, President of Vertu, declares the Constellation Quest handset ‘as functional as it is beautiful’, a description that is wholly deserved of any Vertu product. n 020 7538 2332


canary wharf/The City Mag.indd 1

27/01/2011 15:28

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. ......


Take the stress out of gift buying and visit luxury gift service to find the perfect present for any occasion, as well as top shopping tips

G is the ideal one-stop shop to buy luxury gifts and goodies for men, women, children and even beloved pets. Browse the extensive, well-chosen array of homeware, fashion, beauty, food and drink, and experience gifts at your leisure and add to your basket for purchase, or to a wish list for wishful thinking. Shopping for family, friends, colleagues or yourself is made extremely easy, thanks to a clear, stylish layout, simple search function and wide range of prices, from £2 for greeting cards to £105,000 for a Dottling Bel-Air Customisable Safe. The Occasions

section is particularly helpful, suggesting gifts for every type of special event throughout the year, as is the eclectic assortment of corporate presents, often the most difficult to choose. For a personal touch, many items available can be monogrammed. Gift-Library features regular interviews, insider shopping and style tips, and a personalised reminder service for important dates. All purchases are beautifully packaged in the company’s signature taupe colour and dispatched on the same day. GiftLibrary delivers to 168 countries worldwide. n


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L ve... There are a million ways to say ‘I love you.’ We look at some inspired alternatives to chocolates and flowers

For the gentleman...

For the stylishly sporty...

Make your Valentine a happy man this year with the Victorinox range of red-hot must-haves. With a selection of high-quality luggage for the jet-setter, rugged apparel for the outdoorsmen, luxury timepieces for the style conscious, and the classic Swiss Army knife for gadget-lovers, Victorinox has something for every Valentine.

IJP Design is the clothing line created and designed by top golfer, Ian Poulter. Famed as much for his stylish apparel as for his skill on the course, Ian has created a clothing line that fuses fashion with functionality in pieces that can be worn both on and off the golf course. Accessories start from £19.95.

For the lovely lady... OAK launches its Richmond Park collection just in time for Valentine’s Day. ‘Fallen for you’ is a hand-sculpted 18 carat yellow gold bangle designed to curl delicately around your loved one’s wrist. ‘I’ll always remember’ are 18 carat yellow and rose gold rings that look stunning when worn alone, and are amazingly eye-catching when sported together.

valentine’s day

Kiss it better... For the fourth year running, Clinique partners with Great Ormond Street Hospital to raise money for the Kiss It Better appeal. This year, Clinique has created a special Limited Edition Smoothie Kisses Lip Gloss Set. The set of four Vitamin C Lip Smoothie glosses is housed in a brightly coloured pink bag and will be sold exclusively in House of Fraser stores.


Lovers leap to St Helena’s heart shaped waterfall... Woo a loved one at the world’s most romantic natural wonder, the Heart Shaped Waterfall on the secluded St Helena Island. As has been the case for the past 500 years, a sea journey is the only way to reach the island, and visitors couldn’t ask for a more remarkable Valentine’s rendezvous than at the foot of the 100m waterfall. Perhaps here is the place to pop the question...

The pleasure is theirs...

Love is in the air...

Spoil the one you love by giving them the experience of a lifetime. Mantis has more than 43 stunning eco lodges, wilderness experiences and boutique hotels strung out across the world. Each resort is selected for its unique location, wildlife, culture and beauty. Indulge in the Mantis experience by splurging on a stunning safari or Latin America adventure.

Inspired creators of luxury gifts and accessories, D.L. & Co., give us the Black Dahlia Candle – a dramatic combination of black pepper, jasmine absolute, amber and Mysore sandalwood. Mixed to create an intoxicating blend of sweetness and spice, the candle comes encased in a scallop-shaped glass holder and is available in 10oz (£65) and 15oz (£95) sizes.

A gift that says a thousand words...

Explore the lost gardens of Heligan...

Luxury pen retailer Graf von Faber-Castell epitomises exquisite craftsmanship. Their pens embody the finest taste in fashion and style and are perfect for a partner who has everything. Celebrate your past, present and future with an Anello pen, named appropriately after the Italian word for ring.

Discover the enchanting story behind one of England’s most mysterious estates, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall. Find yourself amid tunnels of towering bamboo in lush sub-tropical jungle, or gather some ‘grow your own’ ideas from a working Victorian garden. Elsewhere, the romantic Pleasure Gardens offer the finest surroundings for the perfect Valentine’s walk.


feature xxxx

L ve

that knows no price limits

This Valentine’s Day, most of us will spoil our loved one with a romantic meal or a sentimental gift or two. For other people, chocolates, champagne and red roses just don’t cut it. Annabel Harrison looks at how the super-rich splash the cash to spoil the ones they love, as well, of course, as themselves


othing says I Love You like a solid gold monopoly set with diamond dice and real money. Not to mention all your billion-pound properties condensed into one square foot. This was a bespoke gift for Sir Philip Green to celebrate his 50th. His thoughtful wife also hired Michael Aspel to appear with a This Is Your Life book: a Franck Muller or Ferrari just didn’t cut it for such an occasion. Luxury items are no longer enough for the richest of the rich: presents must be sparklier, shinier and, most importantly, utterly unique. The super rich are gifting themselves, and their nearest and dearest, with bigger and better, in tune with the mantra ‘you are what everyone can see you have’. Roberto Cavalli commissioned a £26 million Baglietto yacht to match his car and helicopter: the chameleon-esque, psychedelic paintwork blazes brightly among a blandly white armada in Sardinia each summer. Simon Cowell has not one but three Rolls Royces, the last of which is a £400,000 variation on the classic Phantom coupé; he explains, with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, “I can hardly bring myself to say it, but it’s perfect.” Despite the fact that he appears to be predominantly driven, rather than driving, Simon’s personal fleet also includes a £750,000 Bugatti Veyron, a Ferrari F430 and a Bentley Azure. Spoiling yourself or a loved one with an extravagant mode of transport is one way of flashing the cash, but drinking is quite another. Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim recently splashed out on La Lay del Diamante Tequila. At £1 million a bottle, covered in platinum, sterling silver and 6,000 finely cut diamonds, he ensures his guests are bought only the most luxurious hangovers. But even this can be upstaged: a 100-year-old, diamond-encrusted bottle of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac, described as “the kind of taste that comes around once in a dozen generations”, was sold to a buyer in Dubai last year for a throat-burning £2.2 million.


Gadgets can also prove to be fantastically expensive gifts: British jeweller Stuart Hughes, known for giving luxury devices the ‘Supreme’ treatment – essentially covering them with gold and diamonds – has designed the world’s most expensive iPhone 4. The Diamond Rose Edition, so named for the rare platinum 7.4-carat pink diamond on the home button and the spare 8-carat flawless diamond in case the owner wants a change, has a price tag of £5.1 million and only two will be made. The phone comes in an imperial pink 7-kilogram chest cut from a single block of granite: the question is, would anyone actually use this phone? The fashion industry is no stranger to extravagant expenditure, but Victoria Beckham has raised the bar with a Hermès handbag collection worth £1.5m. Named after the actress Jane Birkin, the bag has become a fashion classic because its huge cost, superior workmanship and endless waiting list mean it is out of reach for all but the superrich and super-connected. Victoria also owns the pièce de résistance of the Birkin family, the silver Himalayan: at £80,000 it is one of only three in the world, with its own 3-carat diamond. While handbags speak volumes to women, for men, personalised number plates silently scream ‘I am a man of stature’, and the world’s most expensive were both bought by residents of Abu Dhabi: Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury paid £3.5m for “5” and £800,000 for “55”, despite claiming that these numbers have no significance to him (perhaps hijacking the lucky number of a rival billionaire?) The ultimate of prestigious number plates, “1”, was procured for the astounding price of £7 million in 2008. So, if you wish to spend the way the super-rich spend, whether indulging the one you love or simply yourself, personalise the private jet, the luxury yacht and the cars, and ensure every gift you buy is encrusted with enough diamonds to need its own bodyguard. n



Panoramic opening roof and two-colour paint Steering wheel mounted ‘Abarth Competizione’ gearbox 140 bhp of pure power Adrenaline on the lips The wind in your hair


Abarth 500C fuel Cons mpg (l/100km): urban 33.6 (8.4) / extra-urban 52.3 (5.4) / combined 43.5 (6.5) / CO2 emissions: 151g/km

Abarth500CAd 297x210.indd 1

25/1/11 14:52:04

The Gentleman’s Tailor

19 Savile Row; Austin Reed, Regent Street; House of Fraser, City

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24/01/2011 15:06



Beautiful Bloom Sotto e Sopra has launched a new range of corsages, made from high-quality Italian leather and suede. Affordably priced between £5.50 and £20, these instantly transform an outfit, taking a formal business look into the evening or making casual weekend wear more special. The corsages also complement the Sotto e Sopra range of tops, which are elegant, versatile and simple: true to the company name, meaning ‘under and over’ in Italian, they can be worn by themselves or layered with another top, jumper or jacket. The range includes a variety of styles of long, short and threequarter length sleeved tops, t-shirts and vests, priced between £35 and £60 and, notably, for eco-conscious fashionistas, the tops are made from environmentally friendly fabric Lyocell.



The House of Hardy Amies

This British couture and fashion house has impressive origins. It was founded in 1945 by Sir Hardy Amies, dressmaker to HM Queen Elizabeth II, wardrobe master of Hollywood legends and the first designer to expand his design interests into the world of sport: he styled the winning English Football Team at the 1966 World Cup. Mention must be made of the beautiful illustrations and videos on the Hardy Amies website, which explains the unique history of the company and its eccentric, eponymous founder. The Spring/Summer 2011 Collection was inspired by Sir Hardy Amies’ love of the country: in homage to his beloved English Country garden, but breaking the old adage of the ‘Sunday Best’, the collection turns timeold formalities on their head, playing with the idea of rich but pure cloth, kid mohair and traditional Corgi knitwear. Items are to be worn for everyday pleasures and pursuits, and these echo those found in Hardy’s own wardrobe: luxurious, dapper and distinctive but worn with carefree abandon, giving every impression, just as Sir Hardy suggested, that one thought about one’s wardrobe in the morning and then would comfortably forget about it.

Quote of the month:

Fashion is very important. It is lifeenhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.

Vivienne Westwood

MUST-HAVE ITEM: Merrell’s Winter Boots range for women has arrived just in time to make lives easier as bad weather hits the UK once again. Tough and practical, warm and fashionable, these boots are made for walking, bringing ski chalet chic to the heart of the city. With sticky rubber soles and waterproof materials, negotiating snowy or icy conditions becomes much less treacherous and the specially engineered midsoles provide the correct support and cushioning for women’s feet. These boots will see any woman through the long, wintry months until sandal season.

Merrell Winter Boots



Vogue is synonymous with fashion, so this website is ideal for anyone who is passionate about both. Even if you prefer to peruse the print version, www.vogue. com adds a new dimension to your experience: Vogue TV brings all the latest catwalk shows and expert interviews to your desktop, and the Vogue Blog Hub, with contributors ranging from Lara Bohinc to Henry Holland, offers wide-ranging insider viewpoints. For the keenest Vogue readers and fashion at your fingertips, download the iPad app.

If your winter wardrobe is predominantly black, with monochrome splashes of white, navy and grey, it’s time to invest in colour ahead of the Spring/Summer 2011 season. Used by many top designers in their 2011 collections, this is a technique that is simultaneously on-trend and stylish, suitable for business attire or evening wear. Louis Vuitton’s collection includes bright fuschia juxtaposed with more unusual colour blocks, such as burnt orange or cherry red.


‘Palm Springs’ snake print bikini, £180, Heidi Klein

heidi klein Photography:

Peter Zownir

Fashion Editor:

Lucie Dodds

‘Palm Springs’ snake print one shoulder swimsuit, £180, and gilt cuff, £68 both Heidi Klein. Suede ‘Halley’ stilettos, £850, Jimmy Choo 020 7823 1051,

‘Sugar Hill’ brown spot triangle bikini, £190, Heidi Klein Leather ‘Louisa’ stilettos, £475, Jimmy Choo, as before

‘Tahoe’ print tie front swimsuit £175, Heidi Klein

‘Dakota’ olive and gold rope triangle bikini, £175 Heidi Klein

All swimwear, Heidi Klein 020 7259 9418

Hair and Make-up: Emma White Turle at Tiger Creative

health & beauty



Professional Illuminating Tweezers

health & beauty


Fitability Fitability is totally unique in its approach to fitness and wellbeing. They provide an unrivalled service of total privacy for Personal Training, Sports Nutrition and Hypnotherapy, all under one roof in a beautifully modern and well-equipped studio. As this is set to be one of the longest and coldest winters, don’t just sit there and watch yourself gain those extra pounds; get ready to beat those winter blues with the special “Pump & Pamper” package, which consists of a first class Personal Training session with a fully-qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, followed by a deep tissue or sports massage carried out by a fully-qualified physiotherapist. Look forward to being a fit and happy Valentine this February.

Tweezers are one of those beauty tools you should never be without. Illuminating Tweezers are a revolutionary new concept for perfecting the art of tweezing: whether you’re in front of the bathroom mirror, or partaking in last-minute beauty preparations in the back of a taxi, good light is imperative for such an operation. The hand-filed tips are perfectly aligned and, best of all, the ultra bright LED light illuminates your eyebrows so you can see those hard-to-reach hairs. For girls on the go, La Tweez tweezers come complete with magnifying mirror. La Tweez’s “best-selling product”is available in black, white, pink and stainless steel.

Pump & Pamper Package, special promotional price £80 Fitability Limited, 020 7987 0480 118 Westferry Studios, Milligan Street, Docklands, E14 8AS

treatment of the month: Strawberry Laser Lipo Getting slimmer couldn’t be easier. The non-invasive Strawberry Lipo Laser gives instant inch loss without any pain or downtime. Laser paddles are placed on problem areas to target fat cells which are then opened up (causing the fatty acids and toxins to spill out) and instantly shrunk (think grapes to raisins). You will immediately see the results, with inch loss where flab once ruled. Problem pudge - muffin tops, saddlebags, or bingo wings - will be reshaped and redefined, making your dream body an achievable reality. Eight treatments are recommended for each problem area and patients must ensure they exercise within 12 hours of each treatment to allow the lymphatic system to kick in, as well as avoiding alcohol, for the best results. The stomach is the most popular treatment area. The treatment costs £150 per session (per area) so an 8 session course costs £1,200. Buy an 8 session course and SAVE £227 020 7531 1911

Total inch loss from abdomen (lower stomach and sides) after three treatments = 4.1 inches Weight before treatments = 80 kg Weight after treatments = 78.5 kg

GET THE LOOK Perfect Pucker

Whether you’re in the mood for the latest nudes or prefer this season’s deep berries and cherries, the ‘perfect pucker’ is achievable this spring. To attain this look, ensure your lips are always exfoliated and well nourished. The most flattering lip tones will be one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour, according to make-up artist Bobbi Brown: “find a lipstick that looks good on your face when you are wearing absolutely no make-up”. Use a lip brush and be sure not to paint the outside edges of your mouth. For a more natural look, line your lips after you have applied the colour. Allow the colour to fix and apply a glossy overcoat. This will make your lips look fuller.


concierge health & beauty

The Power of Communication There’s more to wealth than tangible assets. If the ability to speak clearly can change history for a King, think what it can do for you, your career and your relationships


he 1925 Empire Exhibition is about to draw to a close with a live radio broadcast. A reluctant figure steps up to a huge circular microphone, the only thing between him and 100,000 spectators. A red light blinks, glows and waits. The still silence becomes uncomfortable as The Duke of York is paralyzed in the grip of fear. Many people have already witnessed Colin Firth’s agony as Bertie in the recently released film, The King’s Speech, a true story depicting a hero’s painful journey to reclaim his ability, and human right, to express himself. People like Bertie are everywhere. According to The British Stammering Association, there are around 750,000 sufferers in the UK alone. But looking more closely at this film, we see that it’s not just about the fixing of a physical defect or the overcoming of fear. Whatever your circumstances, you may not be aware of the current limits to your communication or how these could be having a direct impact on opportunities or chances of success. Have you ever thought about your own aspirations in that context? What do you want from your job or your career? How do you want your relationships to be with work colleagues, clients, close friends and partners?


Paradoxically, some of us can talk intimately to our beloved or our best friend yet in any other situation we act like Bertie, hesitating and dumbfounded. I know many men who would do anything rather than initiate conversation with the opposite sex, let alone give a presentation. However, there is a way to improve in the communication stakes: you must continually build your own communication equity, a kind of equity you can create yourself that increases your influence and helps you fulfill your own dreams. Confident communication allows people at all levels, King or otherwise, to act with integrity and intelligence. We are taught the basics as children and learn more within organisations as we grow older, but nowhere near the range that is possible. Whether the kind of life you are trying to create depends on interacting with someone or taking your career to another level, ask yourself what kind of communication this requires? Your choice should come from more diverse forms than simply business skills. A wider variety of communication skills will contribute to a well rounded life and improve the chances of creating the success you seek. Here are a few suggestions to help. Firstly, the ability to vary your voice in different situations isn’t just for actors. The Central School of Speech and Drama offers many Physical Voice Training courses to train you in a better vocal variety. If you can spare a few evenings a month, for a relatively small fee, Toastmasters groups offer regular practice at talking in a safe environment and also the ability to listen and evaluate other speakers. You will find it useful for improving networking skills and public speaking. Improvisation Techniques are also invaluable. In Improvisation and The Theatre, Keith Johnstone explains the importance of status when trying to teach actors how to reproduce ‘ordinary’ conversation. He discovered how status transactions go on all the time. He calls it the ‘see-saw’ principle: I go up and you go down. Improvisation skills can help you reach the level of spontaneity and naturalness you have with your friends but in a wider range of situations. He explains that the reason why friends are able to freely communicate and interact is because they unconsciously agree to ‘play status games’ together through their use of words, voice and eye contact, which are all neutral. When he was able to make actors raise their status just a little above their partners (a minimal gap), the actors became authentic. Comedy works on the same principle: a comedian is someone who is paid to lower his own or someone else’s status. If you consider how President Obama delivered his inaugural speech, he used status to talk to the world but connected with neutral language that was aligned with a tone he might use with friends. Take responsibility today for building your own communication equity. We may not face the challenges of a King but we can see how the ability to express ourselves well can change the direction of lives and personal histories. n Sharon E Wright is a personal health development coach and qualified fitness professional and Master Practitioner in NLP who works with individuals and organisations in Functional Health and Fitness methods & courses

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Weight loss,

want results? We deliver!

This is all about you and what you want your body to be. Fresh food specially prepared and portion controlled.

Enjoy life, enjoy food with The Pure Package.

u id Val


hether you’re trying to shape up for a special occasion or whether you need a helping hand to kick-start healthy eating habits, look no further than gourmet food delivery service The Pure Package. Loved by Londoners and A-list celebrities alike, The Pure Package has revolutionized dieting and healthy eating across London, after being the first company of its type to launch in the UK in 2003. The Pure Package offers carefully tailored, freshly prepared and guilt-free meals and snacks delivered directly to the doors of timestarved Londoners who want a quick and easy way to stick to healthier eating, or who may want to address specific health goals including weight loss, detox and cleanse or training support. The service is perfect for busy people who love delicious food but at the same time care about their health. The service has an unbeatable success rate for its most popular weight loss programme, which promises sustained weight loss with none of the usual restricting calories or fads. With yummy and varied meals, made using ethically sourced ingredients from the company’s base in New Covent Garden Market, The Pure Package aims to take all the hassle out of planning meals and cooking, all the while delivering tasty food which meets your health goals. The Pure Package can count Denise Van Outen, Alexandra Burke, Lisa Snowdon and Hugh Jackman amongst its fans and promises to deliver the same results for Londoners keen to shape up. n

ot eP P GB A

The Pure Package: The Perfect Solution

Delivered fresh to your door every day.

nt u il e 1, q nd M arch 201

WeighT Loss DeTox & CLeanse heaLThy eaTing Training supporT 0845 6 123 888

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04/01/2011 09:45

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A Permanently Good Hair Day Erica Hempenius visits Sean Hanna in Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf, to see if their Brazilian Blow Dry can achieve the impossible: perfectly straight hair with minimal effort


am the eternal optimist and believe good hair days are achievable with practice, patience and sheer determination. In reality, I possess none of the above when it comes to rushing out the door on a weekday morning, and more often than not end up arriving at work with my hair tied in a ponytail. On the days that I do set the alarm early, in order to perfect a hairstyle vaguely resembling that of Cheryl Cole, I spend the entire day moving my head as though I’m wearing a neck-brace for fear of motion-related frizz. It will inevitably start raining on my way into the office and we all know what happens next. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t tried fad trends and quick fixes for my hair-related woes, but none that I have found aim to keep your hair healthy as well as fundamentally fabulous. Step up, Sean Hanna’s Brazilian Blow Dry. Ordinarily, I tend to steer clear of any beauty procedure or treatment that has the word “Brazilian” attached to it — too painful for my liking — but the new Brazilian Blow Dry (also known as Permanent Blow Dry) captured my imagination. The lure of having fabulous, glossy hair long after the blow dry, coupled with the fact it is a chemical-free treatment, was music to my ears. The Brazilian blow dry converts curly or thick, unruly hair types into a state of low maintenance smoothness for 12 weeks, eliminating the laborious and time-consuming chore out of daily styling. The following morning I woke up without so much as brushing my hair, and I looked and felt as though I had just stepped out of the hair salon.


So here comes the science part: this hair-smoothing technique is rich with keratin and promises to improve the condition of your hair. In terms of hair straightening treatments this is ground-breaking, as the harsh chemicals previously used affect the elasticity of the hair and may result in it becoming fragile and more prone to breakages. The Brazilian Blow Dry strengthens your tresses by filling the damaged cuticles of the hair with keratin, whilst intensively moisturising the hair and softening it beautifully. However, it does not do away with volume and bounce in the same way that conventional methods can do. Instead, the treatment allows the hair to retain its own natural movement and shine. There’s no need to worry that the fresh growth of hair will appear as a stark contrast to the treated hair, as the Brazilian Blow Dry is designed to wash out with time, leaving the hair looking natural and healthy. The process is simple; first, the hair is washed thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo and the rich keratin formula is applied. Depending on the coarseness of your hair, this is left for around 20–45 minutes and then the hair is blowdried with a salon-perfect finish. Sean Hanna provides an in-depth consultation and analysis before the treatment and guides clients through the process, from beginning to end. Since introducing this celebrity-endorsed treatment, Sean Hanna has seen a large number of women – and men – indulge in this treatment, which is testament to their professionalism and hospitality, incomparable to that of any other salon I have previously experienced. Ultimately, I am happy to announce I am the proud owner of silky, glossy hair that looks fabulous no matter what I do (or don’t do) to it. Towel-dried, it falls perfectly, with not a frizzy stray in sight. No matter how many meetings I am running between, my hair stays looking picture-perfect all day. No longer am I a slave to the straightening irons in the morning, and the extra snooze is working wonders for my mood and productivity – this alone is worth the price tag attached to the treatment. Prices start from £195 depending on hair length and type. This is discussed within your consultation. I cannot recommend this treatment enough: it is the miracle frizzy haired girls on the go have been waiting for. It may be a cliché but, go on, de-frizz yourself: you know you’re worth it. n Sean Hanna, Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf 020 7513 2660

London Hairdresser of the Year 2010-2011 Canary Wharf 020 7513 2660





ITALIAN LUXURY in the UK Italian furniture company Giusti Portos enters the UK market with the introduction of three luxurious bed collections: Angelica, Ducale and Perlage. Each bed is distinctive not only for its Italian craftsmanship and quality, but also for its elegant shape and lavish finish. The Angelica and Ducale beds are both made of hand-forged solid iron and come in a silver leaf pickled finish. Ducale also comes in a worn iron finish and Perlage’s finish, solid forged iron sheet, in pearl or red pearl. “I am delighted to enter such a prestigious Italian name into the UK market,” says UK sales manager Gianfranco Bianchi. “The initial response to Giusti Portos has been extremely positive and I firmly believe it will be a huge success.”


RETAIL SPACE REDEFINED In designing the interior of Mulberry’s new New Bond Street store, London-based Universal Design Studio has created a retail environment like no other. A vast concrete ‘warehousestyle’ floor provides the canvas for a selection of bespoke features including sculptured oak display stands, distinctive handmade irregular tiles, and an 8.7m-long polished brass cash desk.

SURFACE MEANING Surface Design Show 2011 is a mustattend event for anyone looking for the latest in surface solutions. As the only UK event to focus exclusively on interior and exterior surface innovations, the event showcases the most creative ideas currently being developed by designers, architects and manufacturers. The three-day exhibition, taking place at The Business Design Centre in Islington, will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to touch, feel and test the most advanced surfaces on the market, while networking with the crème de la crème of the industry.

The backbone of the store is an undulating, traditionally crafted, dry-stone wall, which helps retain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Universal Design Studio designed the store with the aim of achieving a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’ – something considered highly unusual in retail construction. Mulberry Flagship London, 50 New Bond Street

Following a highly successful year, December saw award-winning luxury interior design consultancy, Callister Russell, launch their prestigious London showroom. Located in Worlds End Studios near Chelsea Harbour, the showroom demonstrates the company’s extraordinary interior design concepts and inspirational furnishing solutions. It will also act as an innovation studio and meeting facility to enable the design team to host business appointments. “By displaying a range of designs and bespoke furniture pieces,” explains Henrietta Perry, Callister Russell’s Head of Design, “the showroom will provide the perfect platform for people to see exactly what we can do for them.” 132–134 Lots Road, Chelsea, SW10 0RJ

15–17 February The Business Design Centre, Islington


Loft Living are at home on the 4th floor of Selfridges, offering exclusive interior furnishing and accessories with timeless elegance and understated luxury. Carefully selected pieces showcase the very best in design and materials, and most sensual and beautiful in craftsmanship.

Our Natura and Urbana collections, combined or apart are destined to become future classics. At Loft Living we bring our passion for design together with the finest materials to give you effortless style with endless possibility.

Our team of professional Interior Designers will offer you a free design service and help you achieve your ideal interior scheme. With a huge selection of furniture and accessories plus an extended range of finishes Loft Living can give you exactly what you want. We offer products ready for delivery or to bespoke production and modification to suit your needs.

Visit us at Selfridges 4th Floor Loft Living 4th floor 400 Oxford Street London W1A 1AB Tel (0)20 7318 3062

the trend

Start your day by waking up in a haven of bedroom bliss. Avoid fragmented, discontinuous spaces by sticking to cool, light colours and blending tone-on-tone hues. Complement detailed, châteauxinspired furniture with intricate accessories to create the perfect boudoir

Embroidered linens bedroom, from £1,583, from Moghul Curtains and Cushions, 0845 508 2834

Valbonne carved armoire, £865, Lovers Lounge,

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, £12.99 Penguin Classics,

Chateau Carved Chest of Drawers, £425, Lucy Willow, 0845 803 0988,

The Sonnets and A Lover’s Complaint, £12.99, Penguin Classics,



French White Mirror, £2,384, Christopher Guy, 020 7348 7366,

Moghul Signature Range, cushions from £32, 0845 508 2834,

Provence Dressing Table, £316, The White Company, 0845 6788150,

Focus Linen Pink fabric, POA, Greg Kinsella 020 7352 7989,

Chaise Longue Chateau Bench stool, £395, Lovers Lounge, 020 7275 8115,


concierge interiors

Antigua King-size Oak 4 Poster Bed, £795, Graham and Green, 0845 130 6622

Lock & Key Hand Mirror, £24, Oval,

Angus McTavish, £1,550, Sarah Bonallo 07531 574 227,

Faux Fur Collection, from £49.95, Malini 020 7730 1234,


Cath Kidston Candy Flowers Revival DAB, £200 01709 571722

PuraVida Phoenix Design

PuraVida. A new sense of lightness in the bathroom.

Sanitaryware, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower trays, wellness products and accessories: Duravit has everything you need to make life in the bathroom a little more beautiful. More info at Duravit UK, Milton Keynes, Phone 0845 500 7787, Fax 0845 500 7786,,

UK_TheCity_PV_210x297mm.indd 1

14.12.10 13:55:12 Uhr

5 CWpromotion



of the best Remodelling, not relocating, is the new property trend. Renovating your home’s interior living space can pay dividends in the future, both in terms of quality of life and financial investment GET INSPIRED In the current climate, we all have to think about how we use the space within our homes, either improving what we’ve already got, or extending to ultimately make our home a more comfortable and inspiring place to live. Before you start, it’s essential to evaluate your home and make a list of priorities. Does your home need more living, sleeping or storage space? Could it be airier and use its interior space in a better way? Consider the emotional benefits; if you feel good about your surroundings, it has a positive effect on your quality of life.

financial sense. An interior designer can help you from initial thought processes right through to final solutions. The specialists at Chameleon Designs combine creative flair with strong commercial sense to create dynamic interiors that are both individual and timeless – something that’s sure to make you feel inspired and at ease.

With the right materials and smart planning, this can make perfect 020 8473 1363

DRIVING DESIGN FORWARD Whether you see yourself as the next Gekko, Bond or Draper, there is one thing that all these men have in common - effortless style. From their clothes to their cars to the homes they live in, these men surround themselves with the sleekest, sexiest objects money can buy. With the help of Chaplins, you can do the same. With over 25,000 square feet of showroom, Chaplins showcases 180 of the biggest and most exciting names in European contemporary furniture, lighting and home entertainment. With all the latest collections displayed under one roof, it’s the one-stop solution for all your home furnishing needs.

Explore everything Chaplins has to offer by visiting their website or go in person to experience the service that has cemented their position at the top of their game. 020 8421 1779


HALCYON CELEBRATEs 30 YEARS Halcyon Interiors’ The ALNO Store is the leading supplier of ALNO brand kitchens in the UK. Recognised for their expertise in design, supply, and installation, the company celebrate their 30th birthday this year. ALNO’s precision designed kitchens have been imported into the UK from Germany for over 30 years, constantly offering new solutions to creative problems, and 2011 witnesses the company unveil its ultimate satin glass collection. Designed in response to the nation’s ongoing love affair with glass, the collection’s innovative approach to colour, pattern and texture highlights the reasons why the brand has become the leading supplier of glass fronted kitchens in Europe. The multi-award winning ALNOSatina range reflects the trend for matt finishes. Offering a striking contrast to traditional glass doors and eliminating the problem of visible fingerprints, Satina incorporates iconic colourways as well as high fashion shades including platinum blue and terra brown. 020 7486 3080

LIVING IN HARMONY Welchome believes that homes should be where everything falls into place: technology and nature; energy and power; luxury and sustainability. The company also believes that finding harmony between objects in interior spaces is the key to happiness and wellbeing. That’s why their minimalist designs are created from the most ecologically sourced materials and contain no chemical components. At the same time, as being environmentally friendly, Welchome’s products are of the quality, being designed in Italy and made from the finest sustainable resources. Their eco inventions unite influences from nature with contemporary style and culminate in first-rate furnishings. As well as offering a free interior design service, Welchome stocks products for living, dining, sleeping, and kitchen areas and a range of tasteful and functional items for use around the home. The company sees Italy as its home but London as its the future. 020 3417 0193

LIVE IN THE DREAM Boscolo’s mission statement is to strive for perfection through continuous design and client satisfaction. For over a decade, the company’s interior designers and project managers have been succeeding in doing just that, creating bespoke luxury homes in some of London’s most sought after locations. From concept to completion, Boscolo’s tailor made service works closely with you to transform your property into the home you’ve always imagined. The meticulous attention to detail paid by their in-house architects, designers and craftsmen ensures that each aspect of your home meets the exact specifications set out during the design process, whilst their extensive experience means that budgets are respected, timeframes met and property value maximised. Working with your aspirations in mind, their passion for craftsmanship will ensure the true potential of your property is realised. 0845 20 20 208


The beautiful new Audi A7 brings saloon car versatility together with hatchback practicality in a stunning coupe silhouette. Now this luxurious five door performance car is available for you to experience at Docklands Audi. Call the Docklands Audi Sales Team today to find out more or to make your appointment to experience the new Audi A7 first-hand.

Docklands Audi

Marsh Wall, South Quay, Docklands E14 9SL Telephone: 020 7536 0555

Docklands Audi

motoring sports gadgets

Porsche Cayenne six nations rugby ................................. Latest & greatest ............................

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French watch manufacturer BRM and car maker Abarth, sharing the same passion for racing and attention to detail, team up to produce a special limited edition timepiece


here are only 49 of the V12-T-44 Abarth BRM limited edition automatic chronograph, which comes in the distinctive Abarth colours. The black crown is engraved with a small Abarth scorpion, as featured on the company’s logo, and equally pleasing attention to detail is seen on the black push buttons, bearing the words ‘start & stop’ and ‘back to zero’, embodying the BRM and Abarth partnership’s ethos of sporting spirit, personality and high-quality technology. Bernard Richards Manufacture has long been associated with precision mechanics, expressing

the sporting values more often associated with the automotive industry than watch making: self-accomplishment, performance and extreme pleasure. The Abarth brand was founded in 1949 by Carlo Abarth, a man with a passion for car racing. In the image of its founder, who earned the nickname of “wizard mechanic” in the automotive industry, Abarth offers sports cars with a focus on enjoyable driving in all circumstances and the added option of further increased power. This is a watch for the true sporting gentleman. n



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Snow? Bring it on, says Matthew Carter… but then he has just spent time behind the wheel of the sure-footed Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid, the greenest Porsche of them all


o the weather forecast got it right for once. Expect snow, it said, and that’s just what we got – by the lorry load. Just before Christmas, London turned white and the roads were treacherous. In the old PC days, the last car you wanted in conditions like those was a Porsche. Actually, that’s not quite true. Give me a frozen lake somewhere up near the Arctic Circle and the keys to a tailhappy 911, and I’m in heaven. That’s where the Porsche winter driving experience takes place, and powering a Porsche sideways out of a bend with nothing to hit except a (comparatively) soft snow bank is pure driving pleasure. But icy roads in the city, with errant cars and taxis slipping and sliding around, not to mention bollards and other street furniture to get in the way, is another story. Or it was. The ‘PC’ mentioned earlier stands for pre-Cayenne. On days like these, a Porsche Cayenne is absolutely the right car for these conditions and, as the snow settled, that’s just what was sitting outside the house. Serendipity or what?

When it was launched back in 2003, many Porsche aficionados dismissed this 4x4 SUV as a jumped-up Volkswagen, conveniently forgetting that the very first Porsche was a go-faster VW Beetle. Why, there was even a diesel version – heresy for a sports car brand. It is true that without the VW Touareg, the Cayenne wouldn’t exist. But if Porsche listened to the purists the company wouldn’t exist today. The fact is that the Cayenne is one of the most successful Porsches of all time. It looks sufficiently different from the VW and, thanks to some clever engineering, it appeals to a different audience. In keeping with the Porsche badge, it’s more overtly sporting and luxurious than the more workaday VW. And Porsche has even managed to make a large 4x4 acceptable in the city (just). The car outside covered in snow was a petrol electric hybrid. In normal use, all four wheels are powered by a potent, supercharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine punching out 333 hp. But tucked away under the body is a parallel electric motor, adding a further 47 hp to the mix, bringing the total up to 380 hp.


That provides the sort of power and performance you might expect from a gas guzzling V8, but with better fuel economy and lower emissions: Porsche claims 34.5mpg on the combined cycle and 193 g/km of CO2. In everyday use, expect nearer 28 mpg: still not bad for a car with this performance. Like most performance hybrids, the Cayenne’s electric motor is primarily there to boost top-end performance, but it is possible to run the car in electric mode alone. In fact, it becomes something of a game to see how far you can make it go in electric mode, and it certainly livens up traffic jams. There’s a series of complex displays on the dashboard that let you know when the battery is being regenerated by the petrol engine, when it is boosting overall power and when it’s operating alone. Porsche reckons it can cover ‘short’ distances at speeds of up to 37 mph as an EV. I never got it going that fast in electric mode, but if by short distances they mean a few hundred yards, that I did achieve. The only downside of city use, is the slightly jerky transition between electric and petrol power. You learn to overcome it to a degree, but it’s never quite eliminated. More significant is what Porsche calls ‘sailing’ mode. You’re powering along a motorway and once your desired cruising speed is reached, you ease off the throttle. At this point the petrol engine is switched off, and the resulting reduction in mechanical drag helps cut fuel consumption. OK, it’s a long way from a zero emission saver of the environment, but it’s a start. In other respects, the S Hybrid is a typical Cayenne. It’s recently been given a new look, with the front end much closer to the appearance of the current 911. It’s longer than before, though doesn’t look it, and has lost a bit of weight on the way, though the Hybrid pack soon puts it back on. The interior manages to combine a sporting attitude with a luxurious feel, though – as ever with a German car – to get the base model up to spec involves a severe bashing of the bank account.


The S Hybrid spec gets you a leather interior, an eightspeed auto ‘box, parking sensors, powered front seats, 18-inch alloys and a standard tracking system, should the car get nicked. But if you want decent bi-xenon lights, satnav, an upgraded interior or need to plug your iPod in, it’s all extra. Even Bluetooth connectivity for the phone is an extra: the test car had around £13,000 worth of options but still lacked heated seats, which would have been a boon in the snowy weather. Ah, the snowy weather: that’s where the Cayenne came into its own. Despite the icy roads and despite the large (optional 21-inch wheels) performance tyres, the Cayenne had ample grip. And when the snow went, it performed like a thoroughbred should, handling like a sports car, albeit a tall one. So, should you buy the Hybrid over the diesel, and is it better than the equivalent VW? The diesel is a little cheaper but perhaps a little less refined on the go. The Hybrid, however, is an intriguing machine and the petrol engine is one of the best. It makes a glorious noise when pressed and delivers its power in one creamy smooth punch. You pays your money and takes your choice. The answer to the second part of the question is simple, though – it’s different: both are great cars, but a Porsche is a Porsche. And that’s enough for most. n

IN BRIEF Car: Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid Price: £59,058 Engine: 2,995cc supercharged V6 petrol, parallel electric hybrid Power: 380 hp combined Drive: Four-wheel drive



SQUARED Oddball looks and weird interior features mean the Nissan Cube is unlike anything else on the road. Not that you’ll ever be likely to see many. Matthew Carter wonders why


s a global car maker, Nissan produces a huge variety of different cars that are seldom seen outside their local environment: funny little micro cars only ever spotted in Japan, gargantuan pick-up trucks purpose designed for the States…that sort of thing. A while back, the high-ups at Nissan thought this diversity would make a good story. As a result, every three years or so, the company stages a global media event to which hacks from all over the world are invited to sample Nissans they wouldn’t normally get to drive. At the last event, held in Portugal, burly Americans squeezed themselves into Micras, anorak-wearing Brits pored over the specification of the Japan-only Elgrand, and everyone queued for a go in the GT-R supercar. But there was one other model that all the journos, regardless of where they came from, fell in love with. It was the Cube, a box on wheels that lived up to its name like no other. Cube – described by Nissan as the car for people who don’t like cars – is a Japanese phenomenon. The country’s best-seller for umpteen years, it is the transport of choice for the country’s youth: blinged up examples clutter the streets of Roppongi night and day. And the motoring writers adored it. Here was a car that made a statement (though quite what that statement was, goodness knows). Why, they demanded to know, isn’t Cube on sale in our country? And such was the strength of feeling from their assembled guests that Nissan said: “Er, OK, we’ll see what we can do.” But it wasn’t as easy as that. One of Cube’s stranger bits of design is the asymmetric rear door. It’s side hinged to make access to the boot easy and has a rear window that wraps around into the rear three-quarters of the car for better over-the-shoulder visibility… but on one side only. That’s fine for right-hand drive markets such as the UK and Japan, but it needed to be reversed for America and the rest of Europe. And that involves serious re-tooling. “OK,” said Nissan, “we’ll design a new Cube, keeping the asymmetric rear door, but create two versions so it’s suitable for all markets.” And they did.

The latest generation Cube arrived in all markets last year and continued on its idiosyncratic path. Although the designers claim it has more curves than ever, it was still pretty obviously drawn with a setsquare or possibly one of those Etch-a-Sketch toys. It sits proudly upright and look like nothing else on the road. The interior is just as weird, with Japanese cultural influences everywhere. The headlining, for example, resembles the ripples on a pond after a pebble has been dropped into the water. The blind under the sunroof looks like Japanese rice paper, and there’s a small piece of what can only be described as shag pile carpet on the dashboard. Like I said, weird. Thankfully, it’s not so weird to drive. Under the oddball exterior is a pretty straightforward piece of engineering. Cube owes much of its running gear to the Nissan Micra. There’s nothing much wrong with that, though its bricklike shape means motorway top speed is blunted somewhat, while the wind noise generated makes conversation a little difficult. But this is a town car, where top speed and on the limit handling don’t mean much. Instead, you have a car that has plenty of room inside along with ample boot space for the shopping. It’s dead easy to park and visibility out – thanks to that wraparound rear window – is perfect. And it’s comfortable. The ride quality is superb, aided, in no small part, by the sofa-like front seat. It’s loaded with kit, too, the top Kaizen version fitted out with satnav, USB connection and a rear-parking camera as standard. You can even alter the ambient lighting so it resembles a disco, should you so desire. On paper, then, there’s a lot going for it. But while the motoring writers might love it, the customers, it seems, don’t. Perhaps we Europeans are too reserved to want to stand out from the crowds in a Cube. According to strong rumour, Cube is about to be quietly withdrawn from the showrooms, so if you want one, get down to your nearest Nissan dealer sharpish. Moral of the story? If you’re a car maker don’t listen to what motoring writers have to say. We clearly don’t know what we’re talking about. n



IN BRIEF Car: Nissan Cube 1.6 Kaizen Price: ÂŁ15,100 Engine: 1,598cc four-cylinder petrol Power: 110 hp Drive: Front-wheel drive


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SLK TAKE THREE This is the third generation version of Merc’s baby sports car, the SLK, which is set to go on sale here in March. The two-seat roadster has a new chassis – more sporting says M-B – a new range of engines and new looks.


hile some rivals have gone for a fabric roof on the roadsters, the SLK’s trendsetting folding metal roof remains and, in fact, has been enhanced. You can now specify the standard aluminium affair, or go for one with a tinted glass panel. As with other new models in the German firm’s extensive range, the engines are smaller units that have been turbocharged to give the expected levels of performance, but with better mpg figures and lower emissions. The entry level SLK200, for example, has a 1.8-litre, four-cylinder engine turbocharged to give 184bhp. There’s still a V6 version, thankfully. The 3.5-litre SLK350


has 306bhp, a 0–60mph time of less than 5.6 seconds and a combined fuel economy figure of almost 40mpg. But the big news is the availability of a diesel version, a four-cylinder 2.1-litre version with twin turbos to give 204bhp. From a styling perspective, Mercedes have clearly decided to give the SLK a more grown-up look with a front end that closely resembles the range topping SL sports car. But it’s the work done on the chassis that has does most to underline its sporting credentials. There will be three versions available: standard, sports (harder springs and dampers for sharper responses, but with a stiffer ride) and one with a Dynamic Handling package that uses advanced electronics to offer the best of both worlds. n

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FOR YOUR LIFE AND SOUL. Available with typical 0% APR* over 3 years, with 30% deposit required and prices from only £18,995‡. What’s more, VAT is fixed at the 2010 rate^ and 3 years’ free servicing† is included. Call us on 01708 735 735 to book your test drive˚ today.

Romford Mazda 299-307 Collier Row Lane, Romford, Essex RM5 3ND 01708 735 735 The official fuel consumption figures in mpg (l/100km) for the New Mazda5 range: Urban 30.4 (9.3) – 44.1 (6.4), Extra Urban 47.1 (6.0) – 61.4 (4.6), Combined 39.2 (7.2) – 54.3 (5.2). CO2 emissions (g/km) 168 – 138. Retail sales only. Subject to availability at participating dealers only on vehicles registered between 4 January and 31 March 2011. *0% finance available on all New Mazda5 models. Finance subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. Applicants must be 18 or over. Guarantees/Indemnities may be required. Mazda Financial Services RH1 1SR. †All New Mazda5 Sport models available with 3 years free servicing or 37,500 miles, whichever comes first, and includes a maximum of 3 services. Free servicing covers the manufacturers scheduled servicing only at a participating Mazda Authorised dealer. Terms & Conditions apply. ^VAT offer: all Mazda5 models available with VAT at the equivalent of 17.5%. Mazda’s VAT offer applies to the current retail list price and excludes the first registration fee, road tax and all factory fitted and dealer fitted options that will be charged at the standard 2011 VAT rate, currently set at 20%.Model shown: New Mazda5 1.6D Sport. OTR price £18,995. ‡OTR price includes £1200 dealer contribution. Model shown features optional mica paint (£420). On the road price includes VAT, number plates, delivery, 12 months’ road licence, 1st registration fee, 3 year or 60,000 mile warranty and 3 years’ European Roadside Assistance. ˚Test drive subject to applicant status and availability. Details correct at time of going to print.

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White sand . . . . . . and white knuckles go hand in hand, as rally crews tackle the Caribbean’s biggest annual motor sport international. Mark Wheeler finds out more about Sol Rally Barbados


sked what sort of sporting activity you’d expect to find on the small Caribbean island of Barbados, it’s a fair bet that most people would feel pretty confident going for diving, surfing, swimming, perhaps yachting . . . and cricket, of course. Very few would tick the box marked ‘motor sport’, and even those that did would be surprised to find it is comfortably the most popular spectator sport in the island, and does remarkably well in the participation stakes too; last year, the island’s governing body, the Barbados Motoring Federation, issued around 350 competition licences. Per head of the population, that represents almost double the 35,000 issued in Britain. There have been cars on the island since the early 1900s and the Barbados Rally Club (BRC), which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2007, is the longestestablished club devoted to a sport that does not involve a ball; in that time, the BRC has run race meetings, dexterity events, kart racing, navigational and stage rallies. These days, its blue riband event is Sol Rally Barbados (4 and 5 June 2011). From small beginnings in 1990 as a one-day rally for 30 or so local crews, Rally Barbados - it


was renamed in 2003 - has grown into the Caribbean’s biggest annual motor sport international; one of the region’s strongest sporting brand names, particularly for European visitors, it is a major contributor to the island’s foreign exchange earnings. As ‘conventional’ tourism, a vital component of the island’s economy, has been increasingly battered in the wake of the worldwide recession, niche-market tourism has grown, with sports tourism a key player. Sol Rally Barbados enjoys significant support from the Barbados Tourism Authority, the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association and the Tourism Development Corporation, as well as corporate Barbados, thanks to its annual injection of around $1.1 million US dollars to the island’s economy at a traditionally slow time of year. There is also the extensive television air time it generates. Since Sol RB2010, Motors TV has broadcast 24 hours of coverage in six languages to more than 18 million households subscribing by satellite, cable and ADSL in 59 countries across Europe and the African sub-continent. A two-day tarmac rally, with 24 special stages run under road closure orders, Sol Rally Barbados follows the previous weekend’s Saturday Scrutineering and Sunday

Shell V-Power King of the Hill ‘shakedown’, a chance for overseas visitors to accustom themselves to the quirky qualities of local tarmac . . . and it ain’t half slippery. There’s even a rally stage in this tropical island (where nicknames are a part of everyday life) known as ‘Iceland’! Sol Rally Barbados 2010 marked the 20th Anniversary of the BRC’s first International All-Stage Rally - it has hosted 235 overseas competitors from 19 countries over those two decades and helped put Barbados on the map in motor sport communities worldwide. Among entries already received on-line ( are five first-timers from Europe, so passing the 250 mark looks like a given. With its intricate road network of around 1,400 miles, Barbados lends itself to tarmac rallying, while the local fans make overseas competitors more than welcome, helping to sustain the island’s long-standing tradition of repeat visitors. Of the 180 competitors from Europe who have rallied in Barbados in recent years, more than 20 have been at least four times, one has competed for ten consecutive years - testament, perhaps, to the quality of that welcome - or, perhaps, the quality of the local rum! n

Polo Press ad A4 Final_Layout 1 19/01/2011 11:30 Page 1





Start the weekend early on City Friday, enjoy the charms of Ladies Day and see it through to the thrilling conclusion of Finals Day and the Veuve Clicquot Polo Party. And if the polo isn’t enough, visit our Harrods Food Court, Shopping Village, The Mahiki Bar or the famous Punch Bowl Pub. Contact us now for more information on our range of hospitality packages to suit any budget T: +44(0)20 7 936 5284 • E:


Thanks to the Barbados Rally Club, you can join the Caribbean’s top rally drivers for a mix of sun, sea and special stages as they fight to retain bragging rights against an international invasion The package includes: • return economy flights on Virgin Atlantic from London Gatwick • accommodation for 12 nights (26 May to 6 June 2011) • rental car for your stay • official Sol Rally Barbados souvenir magazines

how to win

• official Sol Rally Barbados polo shirts • invitations to the Sol Rally Barbados Welcome Party • tickets to the VIP Pavilion on Day 1 of Sol Rally Barbados For more information, visit

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic package, go to, access the online entry form and answer the questions. The closing date for entries is 31 March, 2011. Terms and Conditions: the competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over, and closes at 23:59 on 31 March 2011. Entries received thereafter will be discarded. The prize is non-transferable, must be taken on the published dates, and there is no cash alternative. The promoter reserves the right to withdraw or amend this promotion. Employees and directors of RunWild Media Group and the Barbados Rally Club, their subsidiaries and affiliates, agents, dealers and their immediate family or household members are not eligible to enter. By entering this competition you agree to your details being used by RunWild Media Group and the Barbados Rally Club for promotional purposes. Please see for full terms and conditions


Make sure this year’s bonus pays dividends.

For our members, the benefits of Club Wembley for clients, colleagues, friends and family are as astonishing and long lasting as the memories of our world class events themselves. Join us now and you can enjoy The FA Cup Final, The UEFA Champions League Final*, Take That, England’s Euro 2012 qualifiers all with the exquisite hospitality you’d expect. To make our club your club call 020 8795 9521 and you and your guests will be here in time for The Carling Cup Final.

*UEFA Champions League Final and Take That are not included within the Club Wembley membership. Wembley Stadium will however try to secure tickets for these events wherever possible.

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THRILL OF THE CHASE British jump racing is considered the best in the world and next month’s Cheltenham Festival attracts a crowd of nearly 200,000 people. Before then, 19 February sees Ascot play host to The Betfair Ascot Chase Raceday. Worth £150,000, jockeys battle it out over two miles and five furlongs in a race that acts as a final outing before Cheltenham’s famous festival. Elsewhere, Fontwell Park hosts its Countryside Raceday on 27 February. The day features the National Spirit Hurdle, as well as six other jump races.


SIX NATIONS STYLE With no international football events on the horizon, 2011 is set is become the year of the oval ball. The Rugby World Cup takes place in New Zealand through September and October, but before then The Six Nations kicks off on 4 February. To mark the occasion, the new official supplier of England team kit, Eden Park, is reissuing their 6 Nations Rugby Shirt for Spring/Summer 2011.

Twill crests of each country’s motif are embroidered onto the shirts with England’s RFU rose, France’s cockerel and the Prince of Wales’ feathers decorating the chest, the Scottish thistle nestled near the hem at the front, the Irish shamrock sown on the back hem and the Italian crest appearing on the right arm. A large twill ‘6 NATIONS’ patch stands proud on the back of each shirt, slightly distressed to create a rough and ready look, while Eden Park rugby ballshaped buttons and diamond quilting over the shoulders complete the look. The Eden Park 6 Nations Shirt retails at £108

New Mexico’s Taos Eco Park has long been known for its world-class skiing, hiking and biking facilities. Now the park will also be recognised for its exceptional soccer training opportunities, after becoming the highest FIFA 2 Star training facility in the world. Located 7,000 feet above sea level, the park offers teams the opportunity to train on cutting-edge artificial pitches that mirror the playing characteristics of natural surfaces. “Teams from all over the world will be able to train at high altitude, on a FIFA certified field, in preparation for tournaments,” said Joel Israel, Executive Director of the Taos Sports Alliance. “This is a huge opportunity for soccer teams worldwide.”

Say what?

It was such slow, painful torture that you wondered whether this is what it must be like to be squeezed to death by a boa constrictor. Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper on their country’s loss in last month’s Ashes


Only One Trophy With the 2011 Rugby World Cup fast approaching, Lee Brooks previews this month’s Six Nations tournament, which represents coach’s Martin Johnson’s final chance to fine tune his England squad


hile our boys suffered abject failure on the football pitch out in South Africa last year, there’s been more positive news between the posts for England’s rugby team in the last 18 months. While Martin Johnson’s men aren’t quite dominating the world like they did when he was a player nearly ten years ago, progress is being made. That’s just as well, because 2011 is World Cup year, and having reached the final of the last two four-yearly tournaments (Fabio Capello take note), winning in 2003, England have a real chance of replicating that form this September in New Zealand. But before that all kicks off, there’s the small matter of the Six Nations, one of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments in the world, which this year takes on extra significance, as it provides the final chance for northern hemisphere sides to tinker with their sides before the World Cup. Back in 1871, England and Scotland played the first rugby union international and after a series of friendlies against Ireland and Wales, the Home Internationals competition was set up, comprising the four teams. The annual tournament then evolved into the Five Nations when France joined the fray in 1910, before arriving in its current guise in 2000 with the addition of Italy. The format is simple. Each team plays each other once, with two points for a win, one for a draw and nothing for a loss. Should any team remain unbeaten, they win the grand slam and bragging rights, as well as the title. The six-week tournament kicks off on 4 February with the final round of games taking place on 19 March, giving the European nations six months to prepare without any competition rugby. That’s in contrast to those in the southern hemisphere who have their equivalent – the Tri-Nations – one month before, which is sure to give them an advantage. Ordinarily, the defending Six Nations champions would enter the following tournament with a good chance of retaining it, but this time around, France is struggling for form. Though they dominated last year’s tournament, the opposition was below par and the final match against England was a particularly weak affair. Thereafter, Les Bleus went on to concede 16 tries in their next five Tests with heavy losses to South Africa, Australia and even Argentina, and looked like a side in all sorts of bother.

Instead, the England team enters the tournament as favourite. That’s quite a turnaround from 12 months ago when the boys in white stuttered to a fortunate second place in the group. England last won the Six Nations back in 2003, (incidentally the same year they last won the World Cup) so manager Martin Johnson will be keen to follow through on their favourite tag in the hope that history will repeat itself come the World Cup in September. The squad finally looks settled with youngsters in the form of Chris Ashton and Ben Youngs making a huge impact in the last six months. Similarly, their brand of attacking rugby, which so beautifully dismantled the Australians in their own backyard last summer, seems to be paying dividends. Ireland appears to be the Chelsea of international rugby. Two years ago, they had the world at their feet and a grand slam Six Nations title to boot. Fast forward to today, and Declan Kidney finds himself with an aging team the wrong side of 30. After a disappointing performance in last year’s competition, it’s difficult to see them making much of an impact this year. Joining the Irish in a worrying drop in form is Wales. The little nation won the grand slam in 2005 and then three years later in 2008, but has since gone on a horrific run of form, which has seen them rack up a winning record only marginally better than minnows Italy. Warren Gatland has a big job to do if he is to reinstall some belief in the side. They’ve got a tough opener against England in the tournament’s first match, but expect the dedicated Welsh fans to turn out in force at the Millennium Stadium to throw their weight behind the boys in red. The dark horse of this year’s competition is Scotland. The team in dark blue has made steady progress in the last year, losing just one of their last seven Tests. Andy Robinson’s men shocked world champions South Africa during the autumn internationals and, thanks to their strong scrum and a growing confidence, Scotland could end 20 years of hurt since their last triumph. Lastly, there’s Italy, a side who have competed in the tournament for ten years but failed to establish themselves as a contender, and usually battle Scotland for the wooden spoon. With the Scots looking like they’re going places, the Azzurri could find themselves at the bottom once more. n





Jamie Carter tries out the best selection of gadgets at the start of 2011


This 40-inch LED-backlit TV is that rare thing in the world of flat screen TVs: a thoroughly luxurious package. Its highlight – despite the presence of 3D wizardry – is Ambilight. It may not be the headline act here, but this uniquely Philips feature sees three strips of LED lights strapped to the back-side of the TV (both sides and top). The idea is that light is projected onto the walls behind the TV, and this dynamically changes according to the content on the screen (a blue sky and green mountains will see blue light emitted from the top, and a mix of blue and green from the sides – you get the idea). New for this generation of Ambilight televisions is that you can adjust the hue of the light to compensate for coloured walls; it no longer only works accurately on white walls. You can also change the intensity of Ambilight, or simply leave it as an always-on living room light (as LED lights are used, power consumption is negligible). The 40PFL9705 is packed with content too, with built-in Wi-Fi powering Net TV – a portal that gives you access to content such as Cartoon Network and streamed films from Box Office 365 (both £2.99 per month), as well as an open Opera web browser. The latter is rather clunky, but it’s also possible to

new gadgets Tech Air 2110V4 compact A4-sized bag for 7–10.2-inch netbooks, £22.49

use the TV’s Wi-Fi Media Connect, which puts the desktop of your computer on the TV. And now to the real attraction: 3D. On some LCD TVs, the third dimension can look unreal, as in, unrealistic, but here it’s dazzling – the 40PFL9705 provides easily the finest 3D picture you’ll see on a LED TV, though it’s not quite as impressive as the Panasonic VT20 plasma. A normal 2D picture is even better, with the panel’s 224 LED segments creating a contrast-rich image, though HD is limited to external sources such as Blu-ray; there’s no Freeview HD tuner inside the 40PFL9705, which some will find difficult to overlook on a £1,700 television. Another standout feature that you just can’t find anywhere else is sound quality. Most brands choose to slim down their TVs beyond the 69mm found here, but there’s a good reason for this Philips’ extra girth; two woofers on the rear and two forward-firing tweeters. You might not see the difference, but you’ll certainly hear it.

Philips 40PFL9705 40-inch 3D Ready LED-backlit TV £1,700

Edifier Aurora 2.1 multimedia speaker, £49.99




Who needs a guitar amplifier when you’ve got an iPhone? In its never-ending quest to make Apple phones smarter than the rest, accessory giant Griffin has made an app available that, in conjunction with its cheap three-pronged GuitarConnect cable, enables the iPhone to become a de facto amplifier and effects pedal. Download the free iShred LIVE app to an iPhone 3GS or 4, an iPod Touch or an iPad, and connect the cable to your phone, guitar and a pair of headphones. The app presents a handy guitar tuner, a metronome, a clean/overdrive switcher and some preset sound effects (sweeping sky, natural or crunchy tones, slap delay, retro vibey and note warper), as well as options to create your own. Best of all, there’s a recorder module available, but that costs another couple of pounds. Sound is hardly CD-quality, but it does the job if the neighbours are starting to complain about that Marshall stack in your living room.

The world of 3D isn’t just to do with movies; HoMedics’ latest massager also purports to be entering the third dimension, though here it’s about the trio of Shiatsu, vibration massage and soothing heat. After a long day slouched over at a desk with a phone stuck to your ear, this could be just what you need. Made from soft-touch fabric, this massager’s moving mechanism works on the back and, uniquely, the shoulders, too, with 29 settings, including spot massage. Totally adjustable to fit all body shapes, the 3D Shiatsu back and shoulder massager is available at Argos, Debenhams, House of Fraser, and Selfridges.

Griffin GuitarConnect cable, £14.95 & iShred LIVE iPhone app, free

3D Shiatsu back and shoulder massager, £229




Hybrid super-zoom cameras may be all the rage, but you can’t carry that kind of bulk around in a jacket pocket. Step forward Ricoh’s CX4, a 10-megapixel, 29.4 mm thick, compact digital camera with 28–300mm optical zoom, which means wider angles for better landscapes and much more open interior shots. The CX4 uses new image stabilisation tech that reduces blur by the equivalent of around 3.7 shutter-speed stops, resulting in better pictures both in dim indoor conditions and when you’re zooming in from afar. For night owls, there’s also a night landscape multi-shot mode that reduces the amount of noise in pictures by combining four different exposures into a single photograph. Build quality is excellent, operation is fuss-free and picture quality is first class; no wonder it costs a shade more than its slimmer competitors.

If you travel a lot with work, a netbook has probably been on your radar – or even in your briefcase – for a couple of years now, but ASUS is offering a tempting reason to upgrade. Boasting a stunning 11.5 hours of battery life, its glossy Eee PC 1015PEM also includes Intel’s latest N550 Dual Core Atom processor – and this is a fast operator indeed. Part of ASUS’ Seashell 1015 Series, this 10.1-inch netbook with Windows 7 Starter and a 160GB hard disk (with extra ‘cloud’ storage available) is available in red, blue, black and white, all fitted with a SD Card slot and three USB slots, a built-in YOUcam webcam, Wi-Fi and the latest Bluetooth 3.0 for streaming music to wireless headphones. In use, the battery life proves the key feature, with the rather loud ‘tip-tap’ keyboard feeling a little hollow on a netbook lacking a little when it comes to build quality.

Ricoh CX4 digital compact camera, £259.99

ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM 10.1-inch netbook, from £252

MagicBox Torque DECT Phone with answering machine, £69.99

Motorola FLIPOUT smartphone with QWERTY keypad and touchscreen, from £149

HMDX A-100 iBeam iPod dock speaker, £79.99





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A With Asian markets set to outperform their western counterparts in 2011, it’s looking good for exporters of luxury British goods

ccording to Mike Kerley, a fund manager at Henderson Global Investors, “Eastern markets will outperform those in the West over the coming months on both an income and capital basis.” Emerging markets are set to increase some 6 per cent in terms of real-term growth. China’s economy is increasing at around 9 per cent per annum, consumption in India remains strong and growth prospects in Malaysia and Indonesia look healthy. John Flint, chief executive of HSBC Global Asset Management, puts the success down

to “low levels of government and household debt and favourable demographics.” Whatever the reason, this is good news for exporters of high-end British goods. As the middle classes of emerging countries have grown, so too has their taste for the ‘Made in Britain’ label. “British products carry huge prestige abroad and represent some of the finest craftsmanship in the world,” says Max d’Ambrumenil, MD of Appleby Parva, who last year set up a ‘Best in Britain’ brands website. As long as Britain maintains its reputation for quality, tradition and sophistication, exports of luxury goods look set to grow. n


SHOOTING STAR Nathalie Dauriac-Stoebe, CEO of Signia Wealth, was named as one of the Financial News’ 100 Rising Stars of 2010. Annabel Harrison finds out more about her meteoric rise to success


ith a wealth of experience, professional demeanour and immaculate appearance, Nathalie is a force to be reckoned with. Recently honoured with the Spear’s award for Future Leader in the Wealth Management Industry, she has an impressive track record in private banking: prior to founding Signia Wealth last year, she was senior client partner at Coutts & Co, with the notable distinction of being their youngest partner ever (by the age of 26), and one of the four founding members of the Coutts Private Office. Now 32, it is clear that French-born Nathalie will achieve the aim indicated by her company name – Signia is an abbreviation of signature – of creating her own stamp on the wealth management industry. What factors led to your decision to found Signia Wealth? I spent almost ten years at Coutts so I knew the market pretty well, and people were becoming very disillusioned with private banks. I think after the crisis [recession] there were a lot of wealthy people in banks, i.e. bankers, as well as clients, who wanted an alternative solution. So that’s why we set up Signia.

I think if you’re a fighter, if you believe in what you’re doing and you’re good at what you do, you will succeed in any industry.


How long did it take to go from the initial idea to being open for business? We got FS accreditation on 1 March and we just reached £1.5 billion before Christmas. I don’t like waiting! It took three months to get the accreditation: this was good, because it gave us time to do the strategy for the business. I also needed to hire some people – I started on my own with my CIO. I wanted to make it happen very quickly, because it was a time when people needed a solution. What do you enjoy most about your role at Signia and the responsibility it entails? I enjoy seeing it growing so quickly. Growing from no clients to 35 clients by Christmas, in such a short time, it’s quite amazing. Seeing clients happy. I enjoy seeing my team happy and willing to come to work. There’s a great atmosphere here, and we’re still recruiting. It’s nice to see people wanting to be part of this: it was my dream and it came true. What sets Signia Wealth apart from other boutique wealth management firms? We’ve created an offering that’s unique in the current marketplace, in response to our clients’ frustrations regarding the increasingly homogenous offering. We’re focused solely on the Ultra High Net Worth market, and our clients are generally successful individuals with £10 million or more of investable assets. Our proposition is truly international and a significant number of our clients are not UK domiciled. Furthermore, our approach to all our clients, including UK clients, is international in the sense that a very wealthy UK individual is likely to have international requirements. We also invest our clients’ money ourselves. We have an investment team of seven extremely high-calibre investment managers who invest directly in the markets on our clients’ behalf. Having a dedicated team of in-house investment professionals means we are not reliant on external managers, and we can have a transparent fee structure that we have aligned with our clients’ goals. In addition to this, we offer a cash management service and we have negotiated superb rates for our clients. We also have a debt advisory service inhouse, something that very few other boutiques offer. There are more men than women on your senior team. Is this a ratio you’d like to make more equal, or do you not feel it makes any difference? It doesn’t make any difference at all. What I want are stars. It doesn’t matter whether they’re men or women. I want people who work together as a team, who only care about whether the client is happy and that what we’re delivering is good. What has been the highlight of your career so far? You have to be happy with what you’re doing, otherwise you get bored. Setting up the Private Office at Coutts was a great achievement. Setting up Signia was a tougher challenge, because you have to do everything yourself. I am proud of what I’ve created.


I also have a big family interest in wine, so this is another passion [Nathalie’s family owns vineyards in France and South Africa]. Do you think it is harder for women to succeed in the City? If you ask me why I only have five women here, it’s because it’s very difficult to find women in this industry. I’d like to have more because I think people trust women as much as men. It’s never been a problem for me. I think if you’re a fighter, if you believe in what you’re doing and you’re good at what you do, you will succeed in any industry. What qualities do you think are most essential in being successful in business? Determination. Passion. Never give up. Really enjoy what you do. How much did the recession affect you and your business? I probably would never have set up Signia in the same way if the recession hadn’t happened. I set it up because people asked me to do it: they wanted to find something different and independent. Personally, I learnt more during this crisis than in ten years at Coutts because nobody saw it was going to happen. Now I think people, at least in the short run, will remember what happened and be more cautious. More due diligence will be done before investment. Who have been your role models in business throughout your career? There have been two. Firstly, my father – he is my closest friend in the world – and second is John Caudwell, on my advisory board. What do the members of your advisory board bring to Signia, with such impressive credentials between them? One is: I never set up a business before – I’m quite young – and I believe if you don’t know, you shouldn’t do, so the best thing is to learn from people who do know. These people have trusted me to give me their names. I’ve known them for a long time – they come from very different industries and they give me very good advice. I don’t think I’d be in this position without them. It’s also given me credibility in the market and it’s happened a lot, that John Caudwell or Jon Moulton will pick up the phone to me and say, ‘Have you thought about this?’ so for me, it’s a luxury to have them next to us. In terms of personal finance, what do you think is the most important rule to live by? People don’t spend enough time looking after their finances, because they didn’t have time, when they set up their business, or because they don’t have the knowledge. The best advice I can give is choose the best team of investment advisers and find people you trust who have a good track record. You can earn money very quickly, but you can lose money very quickly. n


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The Year of the Rabbit Dr David Kuo discusses what lies ahead in 2011 following the Chinese New Year The loveable rabbit, which is the fourth sign in the Chinese Zodiac, is an animal that never fails to melt even the hardest of hardened hearts. It is the embodiment of peace and goodwill and this could herald a year of polite politics, discreet dialogue and conciliatory consultation. The backdrop of politeness, discretion and conciliation is likely to bode well for a period of peace and tranquillity. It could conceivably be very different to the preceding Year of the Tiger, which was punctuated with mess, mayhem and muddle. Yes, it was 12 months ago when the majestic Tiger, which is renowned for striking first and asking questions later, roared in and caused havoc wherever it roamed. For instance, it seems that without any rhyme or reason, BP’s oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico exploded on 20 April 2010. The subsequent oil spill caused one of the world’s worst environmental disasters: questions are still being asked today as to why it happened, who was to blame and how long the effects of the spillage will be felt. Meanwhile, mechanical problems at aero engine maker Rolls-Royce resulted in the grounding of a fleet of Qantas Airbus A380 planes. Elsewhere, in far-flung Asia, North Korea fired a handful of missiles at neighbouring South Korea. The cross-border conflict caused a surge in the price of gold, as investors took fright and sought solace in the yellow metal. On the economic front, Ireland imploded and Greece slid down the greasy pole as the Tiger sunk its claws into the troubled euro. There are still lingering questions as to whether Portugal, Spain and Italy will escape such a mauling.

But despite this turmoil in the Year of the Tiger, shares have performed admirably. The FTSE 100 index started the Chinese New Year at 5,142 points and currently stands at around 6,000 points. This is a rise of around 17 per cent, which is a remarkable performance in the face of economic chaos. However, it has not been plain sailing in the stock market. In July, the FTSE slipped to 4,805 points, which could have caused some faint-hearted investors to ditch shares in favour of a cash cushion. But to have done so would have been a mistake. So what can we expect in the Year of the Rabbit? The languid Rabbit would suggest that the next 12 months could be an ideal time to start investing in a stock market index tracker if you have not already done so. An index tracker is probably one of the most effortless and relaxed ways to invest in shares. If we use history as our guide, then over the long-term, an index tracker will outperform all other forms of investment, the majority of managed funds, and most other private investors too. Best of all, the tracker requires no time, skill or ongoing maintenance. On an effort-to-reward basis, it outshines all other investment alternatives easily. The Rabbit is also the embodiment of tranquility and a congenial environment. Consequently, green and ethical issues could play a big role next year. Ethical investors claim that investing should mean more than maximising profits, instead putting money to work to create something of greater value. If that rings true with you then green funds, ethical trackers and socially responsible companies could be your route to making the world a better place. But beware: there is no formal definition of seemingly interchangeable terms such as “ethical”, “sustainable”, “socially responsible” and “green”, so this type of investing often involves some degree of compromise. The Year of the Rabbit is likely to be an unremarkable year, if only because of the Rabbit’s instinctive inclination for caution and discretion. The year may appear to move slowly and deliberately at times, but do not mistake that for a lack of progress. The Rabbit has the ability to leap over obstacles and recover from misfortune because it has many bolt-holes. So hop to it and start investing before the year passes you by. n

Dr David Kuo, Director at the popular financial website The Motley Fool



comment personal finance

Surviving the Austerity Measures Martin Bamford discusses the impact of the spending cuts, job losses and VAT increase on the British public This is the year when the austerity measures necessary to deal with the massive budget deficit are likely to be felt by many people across the UK. Over the past few months we have already seen a comprehensive spending review resulting in public sector department cuts, and a rise in the rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent. The British economy and investment markets did reasonably well in 2010. The stock market was up by around 9 per cent over the course of the year, with a lot of this growth arriving in December. Looking at all of the main investment asset classes, there were positive numbers across the board. It is fair to say that, in financial terms, last year performed better than expected. There is every chance, however, that this year could be much tougher for the majority. Interest rates remain at a historic low as we start the year, and there is little prospect of much higher interest rates during 2011. Whilst price inflation remains stubbornly high, the Bank of England has factored in some of the short-term influences, including the recent VAT rise. Savers are likely to have a pretty dismal year of returns again during 2011. There is also the spectre of job losses looming on the horizon. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has forecast 120,000 job losses in the public sector, and a further 80,000 jobs being lost in the private sector. Fears about job security have an impact on consumer confidence. When combined with the VAT increase and recent falls in property prices, this could result in less spending and therefore stunted economic growth.

What measures can you take to survive a year of austerity? The answer will depend on your personal circumstances and your own financial objectives, but there are some steps that everyone should consider. Clearing debt, particularly expensive unsecured debt, should remain a priority in 2011. Interest rates on savings remain low, but the cost of servicing debt is still very high. Banks are of course profiting from this big gap between the rate they pay on savings and the rate they charge to borrow money. If you can reduce or clear your debts, this will be money well spent if we do happen to experience a ‘double dip’ recession or you lose your job. Another important objective should be a thorough review of your expenditure; think of this as a spring clean for your household budget. One client I spoke with recently saved his family £70 a month by simply downgrading four packages to the level of service they were actually using. Just think what you could do with an extra £840 a year to put towards meeting your financial goals and objectives. Finally, this is a great time of the year to get all of your financial paperwork organised and ensure you have a good understanding of your financial position. This exercise doesn’t have to take very long, but you will finish it feeling much better about knowing where your money is being spent and how it is invested. Until you know this, it is impossible to construct a meaningful financial plan for the future. As always, some people will have a good financial year and others a bad financial year, regardless of how the economy and markets turn out in 2011. By taking control of your financial planning, you can tip the odds in your favour so that this year of austerity will have little or no impact on your own situation. n

Martin Bamford is a chartered financial planner at Informed Choice ( and author of several best-selling personal finance books.


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Bankers’ Bonuses Clare Murray looks at the rules and regulations surrounding the annual banker bonus period Banker bonuses are receiving vast column inches at this time of year, just before bonuses are declared. Reports in the press suggest that the coalition government has failed, despite its public announcements to the contrary, to influence the level of bonus payments to be awarded at the London financial services institutions for 2010, with reports of an estimated £7 billion bonus payout. What has changed following the credit crisis is that there are now rules stipulating that a proportion of bonuses must be awarded in shares, and that this can only be paid out over a period of time. The Financial Services Authority published its Remuneration Code on 17 December 2010, which follows the Committee of European Banking Supervisors’ (CEBS) published guidelines. The Remuneration Code includes provisions that senior risk-takers in financial services can be paid only 20 per cent of their bonus in cash and that for the most senior employees, 60 per cent of bonuses must be deferred over three to five years, with guaranteed bonuses restricted to a period of one year. The new rules came into force on 1 January 2011. However, crucially, the actual bonus levels remain to be determined by the banks. In the context of bonus payments, a distinction must be made between guaranteed and discretionary bonuses. Discretionary bonus payments tend to be a reward for performance, as well as an incentive for future performance. Guaranteed bonus payments, on the other hand, can include signing on bonuses or retention bonuses and are now more regulated within the financial services sector. For most bankers, their annual bonus will be discretionary and there is little room to challenge the level of the discretionary bonus awarded by a bank, unless an employee can assert that no reasonable employer would have exercised the discretion in that way, i.e. the decision is irrational and perverse. A bonus award can be challenged if there are discrimination issues at play; for example, a female banker receiving a lower bonus award than her male colleagues in cases where their performance is of equivalent value.

A bonus award could also be subject to challenges in circumstances where it is alleged to have been reduced in response to whistle blowing. However, in general terms, it has become fairly difficult for senior executives within the financial services industry to challenge a lower than expected bonus. With all bonus arrangements, a frequent question is: what happens on dismissal or resignation? i.e., is the bonus forfeited or is a pro-rated bonus payable? These issues should be (but are not always) set out in the drafting of the employment contract or bonus documentation. Due to a recent Court of Appeal decision, there is now a further element of concern in terms of bonus entitlements. The court has held that an employer can, in certain circumstances, terminate the executive’s employment immediately before a bonus is to be awarded and avoid paying an annual bonus otherwise due. In that case, the contract included a pay in lieu of notice provision, entitling the employer to pay out the notice entitlement in a lump sum, and a bonus clause stating that the employee had to be employed in order to receive his bonus. The employment was terminated ten days before the employee was due to receive his bonus; he was paid out in lieu of his notice (in accordance with the contract), but was not paid his bonus. The employer won. Whilst there is an obligation on an employer not to exercise discretion in relation to a bonus payment in an irrational or perverse way, there is nothing to stop an employer from dismissing and not paying the employee a bonus that is about to fall due, in accordance with the contract. So whilst the press may rage against the large bonus payouts to some key figures in the industry, most bankers’ bonuses are completely discretionary and at risk of being withheld, even if the employee has performed outstandingly for the entire year. Things are not always quite as clear-cut as they seem in the press and bankers’ bonuses are no exception. n

Clare Murray is Managing Partner at specialist employment and partnership law firm CM Murray LLP. She can be contacted at or 020 7718 0090. The contents of this column are for general purposes only. Specialist legal advice should be taken regarding specific circumstances.


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Baggage Chelsey Baker, business advisor and life coach, looks at ways to free yourself from emotional baggage with unresolved matters and, wherever possible, move on; because whenever you dwell upon the past, you increase the likelihood of repeating your past mistakes.

Excess baggage, otherwise known as emotional baggage, can often lead to a life mired with regret, clouding judgement and preventing fulfilment of future aspirations. Holding on to this baggage distracts your mind and can massively affect self-confidence. If past events keep you up at night or you can’t seem to move on with your life, now is the time to free yourself of any negative emotion or memories. You can’t go on feeling ashamed, hurt, guilty or angry about your past so it’s time to move forward unhindered and rid yourself of that excess baggage. Think about things you’ve held on to, from bad relationships to family feuds. None of us has led a perfect life; to live is to experience and to experience is to survive. Curiosity develops in childhood, which leads to trial and error and, in turn, brings us knocks and disappointments. In adolescence we discover first love, which inevitably exposes us to varying degrees of excitement, passion, disappointment and insecurity. Adulthood can show us rejection, guilt, deception and grief – none of which are pleasant, but all of which are essential for us to grow and develop resilience. Indeed, happiness and contentment have no real meaning in a life without some pain and regret; for one is the barometer of the other, and the means with which we learn to direct our future lives, relationships and careers. However, in order to make a positive experience from an unpleasant event, we need to know when to let go, and for many people, this is far from easy. First and foremost, you need to understand your past: once the initial impact of a significant episode passes, you should always try to decipher events with dispassionate eyes; gain some sort of balanced proportionality and attempt to interpret things as others might see them. Don’t let bad feelings fester inside. Look for patterns, learn to deal


Often, all you need to do is learn to forgive yourself and others; recurring negativity is primarily a symptom of non-forgiveness, which can render us prisoners of our past. Forgiveness is seldom easy and will require you to let go of deep-seated resentment. You should reflect upon those people who still induce this and establish exactly what upsets you. You should then at least attempt to see things from their perspective; ask yourself if your memory is not overly biased and represents a true record of what really happened. One key element in moving on with your life is quite simply learning how to live in the present. The baggage of an unresolved past will constantly compel you to make unwarranted, and often quite illogical, preconceptions for the future. A series of unsatisfactory previous relationships do not necessarily mean that all future ones are equally doomed. We all categorise and prejudge others, as it’s the primary way in which we interact with strangers; however, you can significantly reduce all your future opportunities and potential, not to mention creating a self-limiting psychological impediment, if you consciously categorise yourself. All relationships are based upon the mutual chemistry of the individuals concerned, but when you typecast yourself, you involuntarily commit an act of selfsabotage by polluting your half of the equation. By restricting your choices to predetermined ideals, your character to a desired stereotype, or your disposition to a star sign, what you have actually done is to needlessly constrain your future potential happiness with irrational bias and prejudice. It is one of the most negative things you can do to yourself and a chief cause of frustration and disillusionment – yet it is completely avoidable once you learn how to open your horizons and go with the flow. Make 2011 the year in which you conquer your demons. Silence your mind’s constant chattering, make peace with your past and, once and for all, move on. You will then anchor yourself firmly in the present, savour your life and stride confidentially into the future with renewed optimism, creativity and enthusiasm. You owe it to yourself and to those who matter to you to let go of any excess emotional baggage that you have been carrying for far too long. n

e c i v r e s r i a p e r h c t a w Full Canary Wharf Locations Cabot Place, Tel: 020 7308 1212 Jubilee Link, Tel: 020 7513 1974 Chuchill Place, Tel: 020 7516 0111 Other Locations: Westfield Shopping Centre, Tel: 020 8811 1276

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Apps For Cultural Understanding In a previous edition, we mentioned that we would keep readers updated about new apps for your iPhone or even iPad that would be appropriate for expatriate consumers and, indeed, in the past few months, two companies have released apps to enable you to grapple with new cultures. Invogen, a cutting-edge digital technology solutions provider, has partnered with Dean Foster Associates to produce the Japan Culture Guide, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. This app gives an abundance of information for those visiting or moving to Japan: business etiquette is explained and more than 100 key words and phrases for greetings and conversations are included. There are also useful web tools such as maps, up-to-date weather reports and currency exchange rates. They promise further apps for Brazil, China, India and other countries. As far as China is concerned, they have been beaten to the mark by yochina, where ‘yo’ simply means ‘travel’. The company behind it, Yocoy Technologies GmbH, says that the app combines a phrasebook, travel guide, culture guide and dictionary in a single product. It has a special feature that allows your Chinese conversation partners to select an appropriate answer to a question, which is then translated into English. You also get comprehensive intercultural advice on what to say, what to wear, appropriate gifts for business partners and what to wear at a funeral.

Taxes In Another Country We have reported before on the atypical attitude the US takes to its expatriate citizens. Unusually, the US requires US citizens living abroad to continue to file tax returns to the IRS, even if they have not resided in the US for many years. This rule has been known to catch out citizens of other countries who were born in the US and achieved US citizenship unwittingly. It was reported by the US authorities that more than 500 people gave up their US citizenship in the last quarter of 2009. Admittedly, this is a very small proportion of the number of US citizens living abroad, but it is seen as symbolic and an increase on the figures for 2008. Although it is a relatively simple process to renounce citizenship, it does require a US consular officer to undertake the formalities. Some US expatriates who have not lived in the US for many years would be apprehensive that they could still suffer double taxation and, even worse, pass on tax obligations to their children. The UK also has its tax challenges. According to a report from a major City law firm, more than 16,000 people left the UK during the period 2008–2009 to avoid paying the £30,000 non-domicile levy imposed by the

previous government. The importance of this is likely to be the impression given to high net worth individuals that the UK is not welcoming to senior business people from other countries and jurisdictions. This is unlikely to be the impression that David Cameron and George Osborne wish to convey.

The Forum for Expatriate Management is holding the Totally Expat Show on May 16 2011 at the Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London. Lead sponsors include Nat West Global Employee Banking, Xchanging GMS, Rosetta Stone, Fragomen, JAM HR, HSBC International, Interdean, Sterling Relocation, HCR Group and Equus Software. For more information, visit

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For global living international executives keeping up to date with the latest news is important

The Perils of Travel Brian Friedman discusses the effects of unusually heavy snowfall on travel in and out of the UK, and the merits of seasonal travellers considering alternative plans


his may be a coincidence, but in the February edition of British Vogue, there was an unusually interesting and topical photo shoot. Spread across three pages are pictures of statuesque models with the latest fashion accoutrements and accessories. This is what you expect from Vogue, of course. What sets this feature apart is the fact that the session was shot in the departure lounges of Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport. This was probably well before the major snow falls in mid-late December in the UK, which pretty much paralysed the UK’s transport systems. The recent bout of poor winter weather should serve as a reminder to us all. Even with the technical knowledge we possess, it is impossible to tame nature: nonetheless, countries often seem to indulge themselves in a bout of self-flagellation when roads are blocked and flights cancelled. Many expatriates who take the opportunity to fly home at Christmas and New Year to see family and friends will have had their travel plans severely disrupted. Those who were travel victims in the UK at the end of 2010 were not alone. There was extensive disruption in both the US and Northern and Central Europe during the bouts of winter weather, particularly at major airports. This was in places that might have been expected to cope with significant snowfall. As one posting on the Fodor’s website put it: “It now is plain that it isn’t the ‘number of inches’ [of snow] that matter. It’s how much the snowfall exceeds the norm. You would think that airports in Boston, New York and Philadelphia would be able to handle a few extra inches, yes? Well, no. They weren’t.”

The reports that we have received from some of our expatriate contacts seemed to indicate that many passengers were shocked at the conditions they found themselves in at airports when flights were cancelled. Amongst travellers there was understanding – even sympathy – for some of the airline and airport staff left to grapple with the multitude of nontravelling passengers suddenly thrust upon them. This was quickly dispelled by the lack of information given to passengers. And when I say lack of information, I really mean none at all. We spoke to one couple who had plans to fly from Australia to London’s Heathrow on Saturday 17 December, who eventually gave in and cancelled their plans on Monday 19 December. Luckily for them, this couple had no accompanying children and reconstructing their journey, whilst inconvenient, was not impossible. What concerned them mostly were the

difficulties facing other more vulnerable groups. During their three-day sojourn at the airport, they encountered many families with young children, senior citizens in wheelchairs, and transit passengers with only very light clothing. It is probable that memories of extreme weather conditions will swiftly fade, but expatriate travellers might like to spend a few minutes running through what could happen if they could not actually travel. Perhaps it might be a good use of time to read those clauses about cancellations in your company’s travel policy document – which you have probably never done before – just in case. n Brian Friedman is the contributing editor of Global Life and founder of the Forum for Expatriate Management. Founded in 2008, the Forum already has over 4,000 members who collectively manage over one million expatriate moves. Members come from the leading blue-chip employers of international assignees both in the UK and globally.



AIMING TO TEASE Once very popular in London in the late 19th century, for one night only, burlesque makes a return to the Docklands


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A Rosée Romance

Celebrate with a loved one this Valentine’s Day by opening a bottle of Laurent Perrier’s Cuvée Rosé, famous for exceptional freshness and its elegant, curvaceous bottle


ropose a toast to the lovely lady or true gentleman in your life with the Cuvée Rosé, enjoying a delicate, delicious berry fruit taste. Established in 1812, Champagne Laurent-Perrier is one of the most distinguished independent, family-owned Champagne houses By 2005, Laurent-Perrier had become the third largest selling Champagne brand worldwide, behind Moët & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot. Bernard de Nonancourt, founding president, was a great innovator and notably oversaw the launch of Laurent-Perrier Brut Rosé in 1968 in a cuvée

based on the ripe 1964 harvest, which he had the foresight to put in a special-shaped bottle. Very little pink Champagne was being made at this time but rosé became a great success story for Laurent-Perrier. As Marlene Dietrich said, “Champagne makes you feel like it’s Sunday and better days are just around the corner”. So raise a glass and toast to the pleasure of champagne. n Stocked in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose (selected stores) Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason, Oddbins, Majestic and Jeroboams at £59.99


High Society Sim Smith talks banking, Formula 1 and A-list parties with Dudley Spencer, owner of private members club, The Society


had been hearing about Dudley Spencer and his legendary parties on the circuit for a while so I wanted to meet the man in question, push past the PR and find out what makes London’s latest social events club tick. I met Dudley at his offices in Mayfair and was immediately whisked off to a local Italian restaurant for a late lunch. As could be expected from a man at the top of the entertainment industry, Dudley was charming and chatty, but surprisingly real. Five minutes in, I felt like I was sitting at lunch with one of my old friends giggling away and deciding that we had probably over ordered on the food. I was to find out later that this easy, friendly nature was what propelled Dudley into the industry with such speed and, even more importantly, is the founding philosophy on which his business is based. Born in the UK, Dudley moved to Australia as a boy with his parents, who

still reside there in a rather impressive abode overlooking Sydney Harbour. He moved back here seven years ago after working as a financial futures trader for Bankers Trust, which I could tell by the roll of his eyes he didn’t much enjoy. We established that if work was just about the money, he would have continued along his banking path; however, if he was to leave the industry it would have to be for something he would excel at and ultimately love. To quote the man himself, “I like big, gorgeous, fabulous, glamorous, beautiful parties” – who doesn’t? The difference here is that Dudley didn’t just want to attend them; he wanted to make a living out of them, a good living. He started from scratch and, unlike so many in the industry, had no contacts or easy routes in. Dudley quickly landed his first contract for the Ignite Group, the brand behind the famous Boujis nightclub, working behind the scenes in London and overseas on marketing

and organising VIP nights. The ‘new kid on the block’ learned quickly that many of these interesting parties full of supposedly interesting people were more about the promise of a glamorous night out, and less about the realisation of it. The truth behind elaborate PR stunts really boiled down to a corporate event, wall-to-wall with work colleagues that ultimately resulted in a huge let-down for all attending: “I didn’t really think anyone was doing it properly, there had to be another way”. His next step was clear. He saw a gap in the market and launched his own club, The Society, early in 2009. Unlike any club you may have attended to date, this private members club has no premises but instead, trots around the globe following the jet set and therefore the sunshine to some of the world’s most glamorous locations. From St. Moritz to Cannes and Ibiza, The Society provides its members with a whole year’s worth of unique, high-profile events and



parties that guarantee you the time of your life. The idea was to skip samey venues and samey people and come up with something that’s “always new, always fresh and always interesting”. Based on the fact that “the biggest killer for any party is if everybody’s the same kind of person”, Dudley has developed a unique term that no serious party planner should be without, ‘patron policy’. It’s pretty simple really, but makes a big difference; the parties are all about getting the right mix of people from different social spheres. It makes a change and ensures a couple of exhilarating social encounters along the way too: “ you can’t buy this stuff”. Members-to-be tend to hear about the club by word of mouth, but there are some who apply to Dudley directly. There is, of course, a fee but unlike many members’ clubs, flashing your cash is not the only requirement here. Like any good host, Dudley wants to meet his members: “there’s only so much focus that you can have on lots of money, girls in short skirts and champagne. In the end it comes down to community and enjoying people’s company”. What makes the club so special is that you feel as if you’re partying with friends. This is not a 1,000 member strong establishment but instead a club with integrity and style, a kind of Annabel’s du jour. Dudley is young and fun and to a certain extent living the dream, but surely there will come a time where he will want to move away from the party scene? Not so, “It’s so in my blood now…” He has big plans for The Society. Despite no main events during the 2011 winter, because ‘most people are in St Barts’, The Society will be doing smaller Society-branded events such as the Altitude and Playboy club launches until the events calendar properly takes off in the spring. The first international Society event will be in May and there will be polo, followed by the Hamptons and Ibiza once again, then fashion weeks and film festivals… the list is endless. n


Welcome to Kohinoor Diamonds

– the home of beautiful, bespoke diamond jewellery. DONT FORGET! February 14th 2011 Valentines Day We are diamond specialists and our incredible, made-to-order jewellery is renowned the world over for its stunning design and enduring quality.




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Beat the winter blues with a trip to Zamani Retreat Kempinski, Africa’s first holistic health retreat located on the celebrated northeast coast of Zanzibar. Reopened last month, the retreat is set to become a serious player on the global wellness scene. Offering a holistic experience that promotes physical, mental and spiritual health, the retreat’s ultimate aim is to instil an intrinsic personal happiness within its guests. After an initial health consultation intended to address the specific needs of the individual, three ‘houses’ will offer a wide variety of traditional and contemporary treatments from some of the world’s great healing customs. Zamani Retreat’s policy of experiencing a ‘clean break’ ensures a serene environment and the perfect place to attune body, mind and spirit.

LET THE HOURS MELT AWAY Dar Jaguar in Marrakech was originally built as a fortress; the ancient walls are over a metre thick. Situated in the heart of the old medina in Marrakech, the riad is now a breathtakingly beautiful private guesthouse that blends exquisite traditional Moorish and Oriental architecture with elegant European romanticism. Dar Jaguar is built around a central courtyard which features an antique marble fountain next to


which palm trees intertwine with bougainvillea. Each room has an individual style with heirlooms sourced from all corners of the globe. Furnishings fashioned by local Moroccan craftsmen can even be commissioned to take home. Offering four spacious en-suites and one Royal Suite, as well as three different salons, the retreat also has a sundrenched roof terrace and a courtyard in which the greenery attracts songbirds until dusk.


Travel Fact Sick of the thronging streets of London? Move to Greenland. With a population of fewer than 57,000 people, the island’s inhabitants each have over 38sq km of land to enjoy.


Website of the month: Inspired by the journeys of the 14th century Arabian explorer, Ibn Battuta, Dubai’s new 396-room Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel is a property of iconic stature both inside and out. Designed to appeal to business travellers, holidaymakers and inquisitive tourists alike, the hotel has a lobby spanning 30 metres in height and 90 metres in length. Each of the rooms are furnished in the colours and styles of Moroccan influence, while all of the suites are themed on the African, Asian, Middle Eastern and southern European countries visited by Ibn Battuta. The hotel offers an extensive range of both fine and informal dining, in no less than eight different venues. “In a dance between the

interiors and restaurants,” says Jan Kaiser, the hotel’s general manager, “the Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel offers a true journey in taste and design.”


Having a portfolio of over 400 luxury hotels and resorts around the globe, is your one stop shop for all types of highend holidays. The brand specialises in everything from city breaks and beach stays to cultural tours, family holidays, weddings and honeymoons. Morocco and Zanzibar have just been introduced to their list of exciting destinations and clients can fly Business or First Class thanks to the company’s excellent relationship with a range of airline partners.


Brought to you in association with Small Luxury Hotels of the World, an unsurpassable collection of over 500 hotels spanning 70 countries, which offer an infinite variety of experiences.


escape to


Pristine white sandy beaches, fragrant tropical gardens, giant turtles and multi-coloured lunar landscapes prove there is more to Mauritius than meets the eye. Louise Wise escapes to the paradise island and its Shanti Maurice resort.


y knowledge of Mauritius was limited to one word – ‘dodo’. I soon discovered the ill-fated bird was just one small part of this island’s colourful and eclectic history. Leaving London and its slate-grey skies, tube strikes and general winter weariness, we flew south to the Indian Ocean, took a sharp left over Madagascar and touched down at the south west corner of this small, but perfectly formed paradise isle. Unlike the majority of visitors to Mauritius, we avoided the well-beaten track to the north of the island and followed the traveller palms south west through gently swaying sugar cane fields and trees dripping in lychees. First visited by the

Portuguese in 1507, inhabited and then abandoned by the Dutch in 1638, controlled by the French in 1715 and then surrendered to the British in 1810, Mauritius finally became independent in 1968. With no indigenous population prior to the arrival of the Portuguese, Mauritian culture has since been created by its many immigrants and continues to welcome new visitors with open arms. Shanti Maurice does a good line in warm welcomes. On an island accustomed to reinvention, Shanti Maurice has relaunched itself as a boutique lifestyle resort, and is the perfect base to enjoy a genuine Mauritian experience. Located on the largely untouched southern coast, the resort enjoys unspoilt views to the west across white sandy beaches.


It is obvious from the moment you arrive that the emphasis here is to work with the natural surroundings. This sympathetic mindset is evident throughout; local hardwood has been used in the construction of the villas and fragrant herbs grown on site are used in the restaurants. The 61 villas and suites nestle within 36 acres of tropical garden, impeccably maintained and yet perfectly in keeping with the natural flora and fauna of the island. Gently purring golf carts navigate through immaculate lawns to deliver you to your front door. Villas at Shanti Maurice all face the ocean and combine the luxury of a 5 star hotel with a distinctly beach house vibe. Thoughtful touches such as complimentary Havaianas and the Spa’s signature ‘Africology’ products in every bathroom suggest someone really knows how to induce maximum relaxation. If the Junior Suites or Luxury Villas are not enough,


there is the Shanti Villa. Comprising a stunning master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, a guest bedroom, open courtyard and wrap-around balcony, dining and living area and, of course, lodgings for the butler/ bodyguard. Privacy around the sizeable infinity pool is guaranteed, thanks to the natural reef and subtle planting. Tearing yourself away from the villas is made much easier by the heavenly treatments available at the Nira Spa. Housed in a tea pavilion surrounded by lily ponds, the waiting area alone is worth the visit. First port of call was a private consultation with the resort’s own Ayurvedic doctor. From the Sanskrit word, Ayurveda is derived from two roots ‘Ayus’ and ‘Veda’, meaning life and knowledge and is an integral part of the Nira philosophy. The aim of Ayurveda is to treat the body, mind and soul for optimum health, which can be achieved by balancing three subtle energies known as doshas.


connoisseur travel

Doshas depend on body type and after the consultation guests are presented with a bespoke set of suggested guidelines to follow, according to their own particular doshas. I was delighted to see that butter is well and truly a must for Pitta-Vatas, but sadly alcohol is not. Doshas were put on hold later that evening in the ‘Red Ginger Lounge’, where it would have been rude not to sample the vanilla rum ‘Soma’ cocktail. My consultation was followed by a stimulating ‘Intonga Amasatchi’ treatment, which was not dissimilar to being rolled out with a very fragrant rolling pin. The effect, however, is amazing and will unpick even the knottiest shoulders. One of the signature treatments available is the unmissable ‘Abhyanga Massage’. Performed by two Ayurvedic masseurs, the treatment is more of a ritual than a simple massage. Lasting more than an hour, it is a truly unique sensory experience that will leave your body floating, your mind blissfully relaxed and your skin glowing. There is plenty to do at Shanti Maurice and many comfortable nooks in which to do very little. Teak lounge beds are strategically placed along the beach, by the main infinity pool and in the secluded indigenous flower gardens (the latter being enjoyed by newlyweds we met who had just exchanged vows at the end of the jetty). Beach dozing is made even more heavenly by the unimposing staff, who ferry fresh juice, water and towels direct to your lounger. For the more active guest there is a state-of-the-art gym, running track, tennis court, non-motorised water sports and aqua aerobics led by onsite Activity Manager, Anthony. A local artist also visits the resort to teach finger-painting, which can be practised at the villas, where paints and an easel are provided (and a stunning view to inspire). Lunchtimes were mostly enjoyed on the deck of Pebbles, one of the resort’s onsite restaurants. Over seen by the charismatic head chef, Willibauld Reinbacher, both Pebbles and the new signature restaurant, Stars, offer a heady mix of cape cuisine and international dishes. With African, Indian and even Chinese influences, everything is sourced locally, is sustainable and seasonal. As a result, three courses suddenly seem perfectly acceptable for both lunch and dinner. Stars also boasts an extensive range of South African wines. A spa menu is on offer for those with a bit more self-control. Exploring the island is a must. Rising early, we drove west to Tamarind Bay to go dolphin watching, then south again to the mysterious ‘Seven Coloured Earth of Chamerel’ and along the Tea road. The scenery, like everything on Mauritius, is a mixture of many elements; lush hillsides give way to sweeping fields and sandy beaches. Brightly coloured Hindu temples sit comfortably across the road from very European-looking Catholic churches. Our final night was spent at Shanti Maurice’s hidden gem, the Fish and Rhum shack. Giant Mozambique prawns and a selection of fresh fish was barbequed and served with dangerously more-ish rum cocktails at this beachfront retreat. Beautifully crafted driftwood tables face the beach, where a huge fire is lit in case moonlight on the water is not romantic enough. A local band entertains us as we sample yet another local rum and try to forget tomorrow, London and slate-grey skies. n For further information, call +230 6037200 or visit


Left from top: Nira Spa Pool Nira Spa Yoga Pavilion Two Bedroom Villa Nira Spa Ayurvedic Massage

A gentleman’s stainless steel automatic chronograph Breitling Navitimer Fighters special series bracelet watch. Sold for £1,600

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A melting pot of

culinary delights Spice up your life with five exceptional gourmet experiences, chosen from our collection of 520 elegant hotels around the world

with Small Luxury Hotels of the World™

Grand Hotel Bellevue, Gstaad Azura, Mozambique This eco-friendly intimate resort offers a unique recipe for romance: take one private butler, add a delectable picnic lunch; blend with turquoise waters and garnish with soft white sand. Serve on an idyllic island.

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Enjoy culinary masterpieces in the Michelin-starred Restaurant Prado; savour cheese fondue and raclette in the winter cozy chalet restaurant, or relish a private wining and dining experience set amidst 10,000 bottles of wine in the vault.

The Atlantic Hotel, Jersey If beautiful grounds, ocean views and amazing sunsets at this peaceful retreat don’t tantalize your taste buds, the seven-course tasting menu in the fine dining Michelinstarred restaurant undoubtedly will.

The Manor House Hotel & Golf Club, Cotswolds

La Sultana Marrakech Step directly from the hustle and bustle of the old Medina into the serene haven of La Sultana Marrakech, a unique collection of five richly-furnished riads, where exquisite Moroccan-French cuisine can be enjoyed on intimate terraces.

Enjoy a romantic treat at this 14th century Manor House in the prettiest of Cotswolds villages... champagne, a red rose, a piano serenade, and a seven course tasting menu dinner in the Michelin Star restaurant.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ Over 520 hotels in more than 70 countries View all our special offers at Experience another World



Set in the heart of the Cotswolds, Barnsley is the sort of quintessential English village which is perfect for a romantic weekend retreat. Beverley Byrne discovers what else it has to offer


aving driven past the sweet little church and a cluster of honey-coloured stone cottages, I find a village pub called, perhaps a little unimaginatively, the Village Pub. A companion property to the Barnsley House Hotel across the road, it exudes the sort of rustic sophistication valued by well-educated fictional police inspectors. Inside, an obviously clandestine couple canoodle, a grande dame bellows blue chip vowels, and chaps in tweeds warm their hands over an open fire. Whilst gamine waitresses with French accents serve exquisite food from a seductive menu, I’m wondering if I’ve inadvertently entered an episode of Midsomer Murders. But all this atmospheric scene-setting is but a trailer for the main feature, the Barnsley House Hotel.  Barnsley House, a stone’s throw from the pub, is what is commonly described as a boutique country house hotel. But, as I discover, there’s far more to it than that. As my car is whisked away to some secret back lot and my bags are borne into the house by a welcoming young man, a sense of well-being floods over me. Once inside I see, secreted behind the handsome façade of this William and Mary house, an interior successfully combining traditional and contemporary style with discreet opulence. Cleverly, the new owners have totally refurbished

the ground floor and, by banishing the reception area to a basement room, guests step straight into a welcoming series of elegant reception rooms sans cumbersome desk and ‘how may I help you’ receptionist. The private home atmosphere is further emphasised by general manager, Michele Mella, who greets me like an old friend and whisks me up to Room 1. The door opens onto a symphony of light flooding in through leaded windows framing Barnsley’s cherished walled garden, planted by the celebrated gardener, Rosemary Verey. I yearn to run back downstairs and explore, but Michele is keen to show me round this capacious playpen of a room. Apart from a seriously comfortable four-poster bed the size of a hockey pitch, fancy espresso machine and cinematic flat screen television – ‘please choose from over 400 CDs’ – there is also a mini-bar filled with complimentary healthy juices and a tea tray stuffed with tempting beverages plus a sprig of fresh mint. Furniture is commodious and comfy contemporary; textiles are discretely lush. And yet there is more.  Stepping down a small oak staircase, I’m confronted with a pair of huge sarcophagus-style baths, set side by side (perfect for romantic, sudsy hand-holding) in the centre of a barn of a bathroom, with a flat screen television stationed coyly between them at the toe end. Now that’s what I call dramatic.


The same can be said of the garden, which inspired the colour schemes and decorative themes throughout the interior. Built in 1697, Barnsley House was the family home of Rosemary Verey and her architect husband, David, from 1951 to 2001. Her gardens are internationally acclaimed for their designs and flora and have been attracting gardening enthusiasts from around the globe for many years. Laid out by Mrs Verey during the late 1950s, the gardens pan out over an 11-acre site with four acres of formal gardens.   Its strength of character resides in the formal knot garden and sculpted topiary, a muscular lime walk and blockbuster gazebos. And yet there is femininity to be found in the sensuous planting scheme and humour provided by jocular statuary. A vast ornamental kitchen garden provides the hotel with seasonal fare, and at dinner that evening in the chic Potager restaurant, I discover just how cleverly chef Graham Grafton combines the home-grown vegetables, salad leaves and herbs into his exquisitely constructed, sumptuously delicious, modern European cuisine.  As the garden is the heart of Barnsley House, it’s not surprising the Garden Spa reflects the setting. Hidden away from the main house and embraced by a leafy wilderness, which almost conceals Barnsley’s very own private 30-seat cinema, the Scandinavian-style architecture features floorto-ceiling windows overlooking rural scenes. With dry stone walls, plants and aromatic herbs at every turn, the tranquillity of the surrounding landscape infiltrates the interior. The spa is fully equipped with five treatment rooms, a steam room, sauna, relaxation room and my absolute favourite – a heated outside hydrotherapy pool. Floating in the gloriously warm water listening to birdsong and watching sheep grazing in the field beyond, I can hardly believe I’m in England.


Unsurprisingly, natural ingredients are also found in the Aromatherapy Associates skin care range used in the vast range of spa treatments. Having opted for a bespoke facial and revitalising eye treatment, I’m curious to see what marks these unguents out from the usual stable of ‘promise-a-new-you’ cosmetics. The difference, I can now reveal, is Serena.   Taking one look at my leathery complexion, this aptly named therapist decides on a bespoke menu of sweetscented oils and lotions and sets to work. Massaging them carefully into my face, she tells me in a kind yet slightly urgent way, ‘You can splosh any amount of moisturising cream on your face, but it won’t be any use unless you exfoliate.’ Serena is the complete antithesis of those justout-of-college therapists who slap on a mask and leave the room for half an hour. Sensing she genuinely has my best interests at heart, I relax totally as she immerses herself in the task and her nimble fingers work their magic.  Heading back to my room after this glorious experience, I wonder if I’ve exchanged Midsomer Murders for the Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Seated in a wingback chair in the study, laptop on lap, is actor Nathaniel Parker, the aristocratic raven-haired Detective Inspector himself. I prance by wearing my new face, trying not to stare and wonder if Barnsley House may be indeed be the setting of a forthcoming television drama. Or is the Inspector simply there to prove it would be a crime to miss this supremely stunning and hospitable country house hotel?  Bedroom rates at Barnsley House start at £275 per room per night for superior and twin bedrooms (to include, breakfast, VAT and use of the Spa’s facilities). n   For further information, visit


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Boasting the world’s oldest shopping mall, the world’s fourth largest cathedral and a world famous opera house, there’s more to Milan than just fashion What to see::

Historic sites and shopping delights

The Milan Cathedral and La Scala opera house are well celebrated attractions, and rightly so. Away from the beaten track, you’ll find trips to both the vibrant Navigli’s canal-sides and the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana – a library of ancient tomes and sizzling arts – highly rewarding. Of course a trip to Milan wouldn’t be complete without some retail therapy and in this city you really are spoilt for choice. The most prestigious shopping streets are Via Monte Napoleone, Via della Spiga and Via Manzoni, all located in the upscale fashion district quadrilatero della moda. Elsewhere the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (the world’s oldest mall) in Piazza del Duomo unites fashions with history in a setting that will not disappoint.

CityJet offers six direct flights a week to Milan from London City Airport.

i 108

For more information, schedules and to book your flight visit or

Where to stay:

Maison Moschino

The Maison Moschino hotel traces its roots back to 1840 when it was used as a railway station. Having been completing reinvented by the Moschino brand in the late 20th century, the neoclassical building is now one of Milan’s most desirable hotels. Located in a vibrant district near Corso Como, the impressive hotel is also just a stone’s throw away from the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie – the home of da Vinci’s The Last Supper. With 65 bedrooms inspired by a contemporary fairytale theme and designed to conjure an experience of the surreal, a stay at the highly imaginative Maison Moschino will be like falling down the rabbit hole: after a while, you’ll come to expect the unexpected. +39 02 29 00 98 58

Where to eat:

Ristorante Cracco

Only opened in 2007, Ristorante Cracco has already been awarded two Michelin stars – one of only four restaurants in Italy to have achieved this – and was voted the 22nd Best Restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine. Owner, Carlo Cracco, is widely regarded as the supreme exponent of Italian cuisine, famed for his re-examination of traditional dishes. If you can secure a table, a visit to Ristorante Cracco is a must. Specialising in risottos and white truffle dishes, your taste buds will be in store for both an explosion of flavour and a lesson in restrained Milanese chic. +39 02 87 67 74

Where to play::

Party Hard

Milan is not only the capital of fashion and business but also where the young and trendy go to party. Nightlife in the city means more than a drawn-out dinner. Clubbing starts around 11pm and goes on until about 4am although many people hit the town early to make the most of happy hour aperitifs. Milan boasts thousands of bars, restaurants and clubs with the two most popular night time haunts being the area around the Brera gallery and the Navigli district. Clubs definitely worth a dance in are Tocqueville and Alcatraz.

Don’’t miss:

Pinacoteca di Brera The somewhat under visited Pinacoteca di Brera has to be one of Milan’s most overlooked treasures. A fantasy land of Italian and European masterpieces, ranging from the 14th to the 20th century and including works from Rubens to Carravagio, the museum is one of the most important art collections in Italy. Pinacoteca di Brera was originally built in the 17th century for the Jesuits who founded a library, an observatory and Accademia di Belle Arti –Brera’s original art collection was amassed for the students of this school. Today, most of the museum’s paintings are by Italian artists and are arranged in chronological order, displayed in 38 rooms. Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese are all present, as are Rafael, Foppa and Bellini. The unintimidating size of the gallery makes it perfect for a half-day visit.

The Lounge Hair Salon

HALf HeAd HigHLigHts


Cut & style

Intensive conditioning treatment (inc. scalp massage)

Cut & styLe


Cut & style

Intensive conditioning treatment (inc. scalp massage)

n Offer valid until 28th February 2011 n Promotions valid Monday to Friday only n Dedicated customer car park available n 2 mins from Bermondsey station (Jubilee line) n Please mention Canary Wharf magazine upon booking

200 Jamaica Rd SE16

020 7237 2624

food & drink



food & drink

To make shedding the festive flab a little easier, Rocket is running a series of low-calorie cocktails. Add a new approach to an old classic with a Cosmo Light – a mix of Citron vodka, lemon and orange peel, fresh cranberries and natural fructose – or beat the signs of ageing with an Orange and Carrot Martini – a blend of Stolichnaya Orange, carrot juice, lemon juice and freshly squeezed orange. A host of other cocktails are also available, all with less than 140 calories.

news Rocket Canary Wharf, 2 Churchill Place, E14 5RB



NEWS: Macarons have taken the world by storm in recent years. Now, for the traditional day of romance, Pierre Hermé brings us Macaron Infini - blackcurrant, cream flavored macarons with salted-butter caramel. For the final component of Macaron Infini - ‘Ambergris’ - the company have collaborated with master perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez of Maison Rochas. In addition, Pierre Hermé presents another three new macarons in a limited edition Valentine-inspired box.

In the evening, the tables are cleared and the bar becomes the ideal setting to socialise with friends and colleagues, or just relax after a strenuous workout. With stunning panoramic views across Canada Park through floor-to-ceiling windows, the Reebok Bar and Restaurant is the perfect place to soak up life in Canary Wharf. Reebok Club, 16–19 Canada Square, E14 5ER

Food lingo: Leggings Leggings is a collection of ingredients sold in a bundle from which Jamaican Beef Soup can be made. The word’s origin dates back to a time when Haitians lived in Kingston, Jamaica, and used to sell the bundle as Legumes - French for vegetables. Over time, thanks to the Jamaican accent, legumes became leggings, hence the term. Traditionally, Leggings consist of pumpkin, cabbage, carrots, turnips, parsley and thyme.



Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first.

Ever sat in a restaurant and tasted something so good you went home and tried to recreate it? American Todd Wilbur has. In fact, he’s spent over a decade doing it. Now, thanks to his devotion, you can duplicate your favourite brand-name foods using common ingredients and easyto-follow recipes. Reproduce your favourite famous foods, including cloned dishes from Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Planet Hollywood, at a fraction of the price of buying the real thing.

Henry Wheeler Shaw, 19th century American humorist

Situated in the Reebok Sports Club above Waitrose, the Reebok Bar and Restaurant is the busiest in Canary Wharf with around 200 customers every lunchtime. Serving a wide selection of fish and meat dishes, the restaurant’s aim is to add a healthy ‘twist’ to most meals. The fresh juice menu makes healthy food sound more appetising, with a wide variety of smoothies and multipower fitness shakes.

Corkers crisps are the brainchild of Ross Taylor and Rod Garnham. The friends share a passion for locally farmed produce, which is why everything that goes into a Corkers crisp is as British as a routemaster. You probably won’t recognise a Naturalo potato, because they’re not considered pretty enough for supermarket shelves. Their taste, however, is exceptional and once sliced and fried, they make the perfect crisp. Corkers come in a range of five delicious flavours including Pork Sausage and English Mustard, Sea Salt and Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Red Leicester and Caramelised Onion, and Thai Sweet Chilli.


The best food and drink that Canary Wharf has to offer American

Byron Hamburgers

Second Floor, Cabot Place 020 7715 9360


Canada Place, E14 020 7715 7100

Gastro Pub


Chuchill Place, E14 020 3200 2022



The Fine Line

Reuters Plaza, E14 020 7719 0101

29-30 Fisherman’s Walk, E14 020 7513 0255

WAHACA 40 Canada Square, E14 020 7516 9145

Gourmet Burger Kitchen


Middle Eastern

Jubilee Place, E14 020 7719 6408

27 Coldharbour Lane, E14 020 7515 5222




29 Westferry Circus, E14 020 7987 9494


44 Narrow Street, E14 020 7592 7950




65 - 67 Amsterdam Road, E14 020 7538 3008


25 Westferry Road, E14 020 7517 9233


Jubilee Place, E14 020 7719 0333

2 Yabsley Street, E14 020 7515 8177


The Park Pavilion, Canada Square 0845 686 1122

40 Canada Square, E14 0845 468 0100

Chef ColLin BROWN

Aniseed Bar & Indian Restaurant


571 Manchester Road, E14 020 7005 0421 Nina’s TAZA express

322 Burdett Road, E14 020 7093 3552

Oriental ITSU

Level 2, Cabot Place, E14 020 7512 5790 ROKA 4 Park Pavilion, Canada Square 020 7636 5228


Royal China

30 West Ferry Circus, E14 020 7719 0888




25 Cabot Square, E14 020 7513 0288

34 Westferry Circus, E14 020 8305 3089



The Battery

Docklands Bar and Grill

2 Reuters Plaza, E14 020 7719 1749

Royal Victoria Docks Western Gateway, E16 020 7055 2119

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Jamie’s Italian

25 Cabot Square, E14 020 7513 0300 REEBOK RESTAURANT

16-19 Canada Square, E14 020 7719 6408


18-20 Cabot Square, E14 020 7345 9192 Churchill Place, E14 020 3002 5252 LA FIGA

45 Narrow Street, E14 020 7790 0077

Pizza Express

CafÉ Rouge

Cabot Place, E14 020 7513 0513

Davys Wine Bar

The Four Seasons Hotel 46 Westferry Circus, E14 020 7510 1857

29-35 MacKenzie Walk, E14 020 7537 9696


31-35 Fisherman’s Walk, E14 020 7363 6633


1 North Colonnade, E14 020 7715 9515


Marriott Hotel, West India Quay 22 Hertsmere Road, E14 020 7517 2808

Spanish CAMINO

28 Westferry Circus, E14 020 7239 9077 EL FARO

Turnberry Quay E14 020 7987 5511

Turkish Hazev

2 South Quay Square Canary Wharf, E14 0207 515 9467

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Japanese Brunch

Jennifer Lewis swaps the traditional English breakfast for a more exciting Japanese brunch at ROKA in Canary Wharf


hen I heard that ROKA, famous for its exquisite Japanese robatayaki cuisine, had launched a Sunday brunch menu, I was more than a little intrigued. My normal approach to brunch is decidedly English so I was excited to explore what ROKA would offer my taste buds. Upon arrival, we were greeted by our ever diligent waiter Malik, who explained Roka’s new brunch concept: the sprawling sushi buffet table positioned temptingly close to us was unlimited, we were to choose two mains to share from their menu and then would be treated to a dessert platter, again to share. The brunch menu is “all about sharing”, he explained to us, clearly encouraging a relaxed Sunday morning atmosphere. The fine drinks menu was also unlimited – whether your drink of choice is a Bloody Mary or a glass of classic Champagne. The restaurant décor comprised various shades of natural wood, finished to give a contemporary yet warm feel to the dining experience. I started with a Cherry Blossom Bellini, a delightfully flavoured tipple, which slid down all too easily. For those who’d like a more wholesome drink, I recommend the Namakemono – a fresh concoction of raspberries, cucumber and apple juice. We began our feast with a trip to the buffet table, a beautifully laid out spread of sushi, sashimi and maki. I was a particular fan of the green tea noodles, while my companion enjoyed the ginger, coriander and basil red cabbage salad. When we returned to our table, we were pleasantly surprised to find a dish of baby squid with chilli and lime, which was soft and exquisitely cooked. It was tempting to overfill on the buffet but we held off in anticipation of our mains. We chose the menu’s hero dish ‘gindara no saikyo-yaki’ (‘black cod’) which did not disappoint. It was served fresh off the restaurant’s central Robata grill, wrapped in a magnolia leaf and marinated in their speciality yuzo miso sauce. It was cooked to absolute perfection: the white fish was so divinely soft it seemed to

melt in your mouth. This was finished off with a ginger stick to cleanse the palate. The second dish was the ‘kankoku fu kohitsuji’ (leg of lamb). The meat was succulent, nicely crisped and bursting with the flavour of the Korean spices. We ate it with simple sesame-seed-sprinkled sticky rice, which complimented the richness of the meat. We ate slowly, savouring the atmosphere of the now teeming restaurant. The Brunch menu, which has been running for just over two months, clearly has already won over a captive audience. Other diners ranged from couples enjoying a Sunday morning treat to groups of friends catching up and families enjoying a civilised morning out - with the added benefit of the children’s play area. The knowledgeable members of staff were always on hand to explain the intricacies of the food preparation or simply help a small girl with her chopsticks. By the time our dessert platter arrived we were nearing fullness but it was too much of a treat to pass up. The hot dark chocolate pudding was utterly delicious. It came with a crunchy top of Jivara chocolate (40 per cent cocoa chocolate infused with malt) to give it a velvety taste, branded artfully with the ROKA name, out of which, when pierced, the Maccha (green tea centre) oozed. It was accompanied with a pear ice cream and a selection of fresh fruits. Our Sunday morning banquet was finished off with fresh mint tea, right on cue to help settle our by now very satisfied stomachs. As we drank our tea, we realised that our morning had slipped nicely into the afternoon, so we left, now truly convinced that Brunch, the Japanese way, was indeed a marvellous way to end the weekend. n

ROKA SUNDAY BRUNCH exclusively at ROKA Canary Wharf The ROKA Sunday Brunch is served with champagne at an all-inclusive price of £38.90 per person Meals for children under ten are complimentary


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BECAUSE YOUR BIG DAY IS ALL ABOUT THE SMALL DETAILS. At The London Marriott Hotel West India Quay you can be confident your special day will be just the way you imagined it. Picture perfect. Classic or contemporary, large or intimate we have the perfect space for your perfect day! And, if you book with us before 30th June 2011, you'll receive a free case of champagne with our compliments. WEDDING FAIR - SUNDAY, 20TH OF FEBRUARY - 11AM TO 6PM Our qualified wedding planners and preferred suppliers are looking forward to meeting with you and discuss every aspect of your special day

Quote: WED11 to receive the Champagne offer.

LONDON MARRIOTT HOTEL WEST INDIA QUAY 22 Hertsmere Road London, Canary Wharf E14 4ED Phone: +44 (0) 207 093 1000

Terms and Conditions apply, please call the hotel for information.


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London Fashion Week may be a trade-only event reserved for the industry’s top designers, fashion élite and celebrity A-listers, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the action. As soon as Fashion Week is over, the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend rolls into town. Taking over Somerset House from 24 to 27 February, the event gives you the chance to shop from more than 100 designer brands, each selling a selection of current and past season’s collections at discounts of up to 70 per cent. Enjoy a bevy of catwalk shows and, once you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped, pamper yourself at Elizabeth Arden and TONI&GUY, or simply sit back and relax with a glass of bubbly. The 2011 Vodafone London Fashion Weekend takes place 24–27 February at Somerset House Book tickets at

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER... With so much going on across London these days, it’s rare to discover something entirely new. However, on 24 February, The O2 is offering just that. The arena plays host to The Gaucho International Polo event – the first international polo test match ever to be held in London. Celebrating everything polo, the day-long extravaganza has something for all the family. As well as celebrity and exhibition matches, the event boasts a retail village, live music and numerous fashion shows. The culmination of festivities is the Churchill Cup match – a renaissance of an age-old rivalry as EFG’s Team England takes on Camino Real’s Team Argentina. The match is followed by the one thing no polo event would be complete without: a lavish after-party. The Gaucho International Polo at The O2-24 February 2011 Gates open at 2pm and festivities run until 1am Tickets are available at or through Ticketmaster on  0844 248 5022




RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW Russell Howard reached the final of the Channel 4 stand-up event at the Edinburgh Festival aged just 19. Since then, his freewheeling, apparently effortless style has won him numerous awards and made him a household name. Now, the award-winning comedian and star of Mock the Week hits the road with his brand new arena tour Right Here, Right Now. Promising to be his biggest and best to date, the tour hits The O2 on 19 and 20 of this month. His love of improvisation and ability to go off on hilarious tangents are sure to have you in sidesplitting stitches. Russell Howard visits The O2 on 19 and 20 February 2011

A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE Like postcards from the future, familiar views of the capital have been digitally transformed by illustrators Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones, and are currently on show at the Museum of London. Displaying 14 arresting images including Parliament Square as a rice paddy, people ice skating on the Thames, Buckingham Palace surrounded by a sea of shanty houses, and the Gherkin occupied by thousands of eco-refugees, the exhibition brings home the full impact of global warming, food scarcity and rising sea levels. 10am–6pm, October 2010 to 6 March 2011 Museum of London, 150 London Wall, EC2Y 5HN

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LONDON UNDER SIEGE: CHURCHILL AND THE ANARCHISTS The Houndsditch Murders took place on 16 December 1910 when a group of armed Latvian revolutionaries attempted to break into a jeweller’s in Houndsditch. The murders remain the highest loss of police life on a single day. The Siege of Sidney Street took place two weeks later, when more than 200 armed police laid siege to Sidney Street where two of the Houndsditch gang were hiding. To commemorate the event’s 100th anniversary, the Museum of London Docklands is opening ‘London Under Siege: Churchill and the Anarchists, 1911’. The exhibition will set the murders and the siege in their historical and social context, exploring immigration at the time and the then Home Secretary Winston Churchill’s role at the siege. ‘London Under Siege: Churchill and the Anarchists, 1911’ runs until 10 Apr 2011 No1 Warehouse, West India Quay, E14 4AL

THE BABY SHOW Whether you are in the nursery trade, a parent, or a parent-to-be, this month’s The Baby Show unites everything you could want to buy for, and know about, babies under one roof. Held at ExCeL London, the show attracts more than 20,000 visitors and works with more than 600 companies in the market, including big names like Pampers, Huggies, Mothercare, and Fisher Price. It also hosts smaller exhibitors and ‘mumpreneurs’ that bring you niche, innovative products that you won’t find on the High Street. The Baby Show runs from 18 Feb 2011 to 20 Feb 2011 at ExCeL London

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The Future’s ALL white The Canary Wharf Ice Rink returned this year for the sixth time and has proved just as popular as ever with friends, families, colleagues and shoppers frequenting the rink in Canada Square Park. Open until 20 February, there’s still time to take to the ice


anary Wharf is, for many, synonymous with business, shopping and skyscrapers. Home to 15 million square feet of office space, 95,000 workers, One Canada Square – the tallest completed building in Britain – and more than 200 shops, bars and restaurants – a frosty outdoor entertainment venue might not be one’s first thought when considering the bustling business and shopping district. However, for 100 days this winter, Canada Square Park has been transformed into an outdoor ice rink during the cold, snowy months, providing a beautiful location to skate under the towers of Canary Wharf. The ice rink, this year sponsored by Thomson Reuters, is open this season for its sixth year, an impressively long tenancy, which makes the ice rink a familiar and popular fixture on the Christmas calendar. In 2005, Brian Jokat, managing director of sponsorship consultancy agency Skateco UK, which operates the rink, approached Canary Wharf Group plc with a business plan, making the most of the wonderfully ‘unique surroundings’, and since then, the ice rink has gone from strength to strength. The potential of the idea came to Brian following a visit to Somerset House’s ice rink in 2002, when there were far fewer outdoor ice rinks in London over the Christmas period than there are today, and while working in Canary Wharf’s Citigroup building for AEG. Over the last ten years, the number of outdoor ice rinks has increased hugely in London, but Canary Wharf’s ice rink has retained its key differentiating factor, with business and shopping surroundings, rather than being situated in a tourist destination, as the Natural History Museum or Hyde Park rinks are. Brian cites the efforts of Canary Wharf Group plc, in building up their retail offering to mirror the success of the business district, as nothing short of “tremendous” and comments that the high standard and variety of shopping in Canary Wharf has made a huge difference to the popularity and longevity of the ice rink: the fact that Saturdays and Sundays are the rink’s busiest days are testimony to this. Since 13 November, the rink has been open seven days a week and remains so until 20 February, well past the festive season of Christmas parties and office excursions because, as Brian points out, “skating is skating – it’s not just for Christmas”. In light of this, Skateco runs a special schools programme in the quieter weeks prior to and after Christmas for schoolchildren in the Tower Hamlets area, 95 per cent of whom have never skated before. Teachers are invited to bring groups to skate with a qualified coach once a week for four weeks and at the end of this experience, the children have not only learned to skate, but have also been educated about the sport and merits of exercise.

The rink provides the perfect location for family excursions on the weekends or for skating off winter pounds, an ideal outdoors activity to keep up those New Year’s resolutions, because it burns approximately 420 calories an hour. The rink is also a beautiful setting for Valentine’s dates in the evening, with twinkling lights, music and post-skating drinks. Brian confirms there have been marriage proposals every year and this Valentine’s Day, David M Robinson, located in Jubilee Place, is joining forces with Skateco to offer a “significant gift”, befitting the romantic occasion. The ice rink has certainly made its mark on Canary Wharf and it is well worth visiting before 20 February to make the most of the wonderfully wintry outdoors and extend the festive feeling that little bit longer. n Canada Square Park Until 20 February Monday to Saturday 9.45am–11pm Sunday 9.45am–7.30pm (The last skate session begins one hour prior to closing time.) Buy tickets online at or call or 0844 847 1556


You’ll be floored… by our service, our quality, and our prices.

For quality carpet and floor coverings supplied with a quick and reliable service – look no further. Contact Selby Carpets now for a free quotation on 0207 739 5051.

Selby Carpets 0207 739 5051



PROPERTY Showcasing the finest homes in your area

C o v e r i n g CANARY WHARF, D OC K L AN D S , WA P P ING & T h e C i t y

Coco Chanel Living Room Courtesy of Moghul


The Paragon, Blackheath, SE3

Stunning grade I listed property with 5 bedrooms Occupying a heathside position and forming part of a Grade I listed Georgian crescent, this is a unique opportunity to purchase the largest single property available within the Paragon, providing in excess of 3,000 square feet of beautifully presented space. The property comprises of five bedrooms, four bathrooms with three elegant reception rooms arranged over three levels which are connected by an impressive wide spiral staircase. There is also an integrated Sonos sound system in the drawing room, dining room and cinema room. Outside at the rear, the landscaped communal gardens extend to almost two acres.

Canary Wharf Sales 020 7512 9966

Share of freehold ÂŁ2,000,000

0208 318 1311


Basin Approach, Limehouse Basin E14 Outstanding house with marina views Outstanding 3 bedroom house set in Limehouse Basin, moments from Limehouse DLR and a short walk in to Canary Wharf. This stylish home has been finished to a high standard boasting 228 sq meters (2460 sq feet) of living space and arranged over three floors. This modern property has large reception room with access on to a private balcony, a family room, utility room, 3 bathrooms, a garage and additional parking for 2 cars. Unfurnished or furnished. ÂŁ1200 per week 020 7480 6848

Savills Canary Wharf 4 Westferry Circus E14 4HD

Savills Docklands 80 Wapping High Street E1W 2NE

020 7531 2500

020 7456 6800



Reception room ø separate kitchen ø 2 double bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø underground parking ø balcony

Reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø protected parking space ø daytime porterage

Guide £460,000 Leasehold

Asking price £475,000 Leasehold

Savills Canary Wharf

Savills Docklands



Reception room ø kitchen ø 3 bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø patio/ garden ø garage ø additional parking space

Reception room ø kitchen/dining area ø 3 double bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø parking space ø 24hr concierge

Asking price £725,000 Freehold

Asking price £925,000 Leasehold

Savills Docklands

Savills Canary Wharf



Reception room ø kitchen ø 3 double bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø laundry ø large terrace ø balcony ø parking ø 24hr porter

Reception room ø fitted kitchen ø 4 bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø shower room

Asking price £1.325 million Share of Freehold Savills Canary Wharf

Guide £1.65 million Share of Freehold

Buying or selling in 2011? Talk to Savills.

Savills Docklands

Savills Canary Wharf 4 Westferry Circus E14 4HD

Savills Docklands 80 Wapping High Street E1W 2NE

020 7531 2500

020 7456 6800



1 bedroom ø 1 reception room ø 1 bathroom ø balcony with river views ø private parking ø porter ø gymnasium

2 bedrooms ø 1 reception room ø 2 bathrooms (1 en suite) ø balcony with river views ø private parking ø porter

£350 per week Furnished

£485 per week Furnished

Savills Canary Wharf


Savills Canary Wharf


2 bedrooms ø open plan kitchen / reception ø 2 bathrooms ø parking ø 2 bedrooms ø 1 reception room ø 2 bathrooms ø balcony ø private river and Tower Bridge views ø porter parking ø communal gardens ø 24hr security £525 per week Furnished

Savills Docklands

£575 per week Furnished

Savills Canary Wharf



2 bedrooms ø 1 reception room ø 2 bathrooms ø private parking ø balcony with river and Tower Bridge views ø porter

1 bedroom ø warehouse conversion ø private parking ø porterage ø views of St Katharine's Docks ø terrace

£675 per week Unfurnished

£750 per week Furnished

Savills Docklands

Renting or letting in 2011? Talk to Savills.

Savills Docklands

Whatever platform youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on, just search Savills.

Savills apps for the iPhone and iPad make it easy to search on the move. And our relaunched website with an improved search engine, together with our international network opens up a whole new world of buyers and tenants. Buying, selling, renting or letting, search with Savills.

WE HAVE THE POWER TO MOVE YOU. Savills Canary Wharf Sarah Dorman 4 Westferry Circus London E14 4HD 020 7531 2500

Savills Docklands Dawn Shepperson 80 Wapping High Street London E1W 2NE 020 7456 6800

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Development DIGEST... Fairfield Quarter

Property Latest Work begins on 20 Fenchurch Street

Close to Bow Church, Fairfield Quarter has affordable homes available where it is possible to buy, subject to eligibility criteria, a 25 per cent share of a one bedroom apartment. This ranges from £41,000 to £56,750, based on full market price ranges from £164,000 to £227,000. You can increase your share of the property at any time. Genesis Homes 0845 600 4663

Construction has started on one of the most hotly anticipated buildings in the City. Dubbed the ‘Walkie Talkie,’ 20 Fenchurch Street will be completed in 2014, cover 690,000 sq ft across 37 storeys and be topped by a public sky garden. The development is being led by Canary Wharf Group and Land Securities. Managing director of Land Securities’ London portfolio, Robert Noel, said at the opening ceremony on 18 January 2011: “In January 2010 we were the first property company to commit to starting major developments in London in this cycle, as we saw a supply constrained market evolving for prime office space between 2012 and 2014. “In starting work on 20 Fenchurch Street with the Canary Wharf Group today, we begin an exciting journey that will bring together our complementary skills in development, leasing and construction to create a new landmark for London.”

Copper Apartments New developments are a bit thin on the ground in the Greenwich and Blackheath area at present, but one that has generated plenty of interest is Copper Apartments, on Invicta Road - a small, new development. With an eye-catching design, this features 13 apartments built in a very contemporary style. Humphreys Skitt currently offers a £325,000 two bedroom ground floor apartment with a terrace and state-ofthe-art kitchen and bathroom. Humphreys Skitt 020 8297 1697

Lett Road Developments in the area being built independently of the Olympic site include 64 one, two and three bedroom apartments at the striking, contemporary Lett Road development near the Olympic Park, with prices ranging from £235,000 to £337,500.

Chesterton Humberts freezes VAT Property consultancy Chesterton Humberts will freeze VAT on fees until 28 February 2011. Sellers can benefit from the VAT freeze at 17.5 per cent on fees earned through newly signed sales instructions between 4 January and 28 February 2011. Chesterton Humberts will pay the extra 2.5 per cent themselves, as long as sellers instruct the company as sole

Currell Residential 020 8555 0282

agents at their standard commission rate and contracts are exchanged on or before 30 April 2011. Robert Bartlett, Chesterton Humberts CEO, comments: “We want to give property owners considering selling a bit of motivation. With prices rising across the board, we want to do what we can to minimise the pain.”


Area news Olympics bring new life to Dalston The County Homesearch Company (, the largest independent network of homefinders in the UK, has identified Dalston in East London as being one of the few areas of the UK that will buck the sliding house price trend in 2011. “Urban redevelopment is making Dalston an increasingly popular place to live,” says Jonathan Haward, chairman of the County Homesearch Company. “The brand new station on the East London Line means that from May 2011, the area will have easy access to the City, Canary Wharf and the West End. Consequently, Dalston offers great opportunities for property investors or workers wanting a ‘City crash pad’ to buy, and its house prices are not likely to decrease.” However, the East London property market as a whole is likely to benefit greatly because of the massive development currently underway at, and around, the 500-acre Olympics 2012 site in Stratford. Regeneration is to be carefully integrated with existing communities, creating huge new employment opportunities and creating sustainable and thriving

Transport latest… Most local residents are aware that the Blackwall Tunnel is regularly closed for refurbishment – but they can’t remember when that is. So in the interests of clarity, here are the details. Until June 2012, the southbound tunnel is closed between 9pm and 5am Sunday to Thursday, and from 1am to 8am on Sunday. The tunnel is also closed on some weekends between Friday at 9pm and Monday at 5am – look out for signs notifying these extra days. Other options for southbound traffic are Tower Bridge, Rotherhithe Tunnel and the Dartford crossing. However, the Rotherhithe Tunnel is also closed from 23.59pm on Friday to 7am on Saturday for routine maintenance.

neighbourhoods, including the construction of around 10,000 new homes. Transport improvements will no doubt impact positively on the property market here, with the extension of the Docklands Light Railway, increased capacity on the Jubilee line, and Stratford Regional Station being equipped to cope with three times the current level of passengers. With the Eurostar and Crossrail connecting with Stratford in time, and City Airport in the vicinity, the transport network will be remarkably extensive. The substantial retail and other facilities coming to the area, such as the £1.45 billion Westfield Stratford

Quick News Underlining East London’s great ethnic diversity, a new mosque is set to be approved by planning chiefs near Westferry DLR station. The Limehouse Bangladeshi Cultural Association, which at present uses three different buildings, plans to construct a purpose-built centre in Gill Street that will include a mosque and community centre. It should be completed within about three years.

Did you know? 23,000 people can fit into The O2 arena – or 22,986 if seven of them are extremely fat.

homes & property

City - which will be Europe’s biggest shopping centre - and a new Ikea store opening, will make East London even more irresistible. The Stratford City area is expected to accommodate 16,400 homes on completion, while around the Ikea site there is development potential for up to 1,500 homes. New homes are also planned in Bromley-by-Bow, Hackney Wick, Canning Town and Leyton.  Analysis of Land Registry data by Lloyds TSB revealed that house prices in East London have risen by 26 per cent (compared to 20 per cent nationally) since 1995, when it was announced that London

would host the Games. But other factors have impacted on prices, such as gentrification of areas such as Hoxton and Shoreditch. The financial crisis and property crash would have blurred things further. Some neighbourhoods have enjoyed particularly high increases, such as Homerton rising by 69 per cent, compared to the Greater London average of 36 per cent. Yet, in total, only four out of the 14 Olympic postal districts have seen house prices rise by more than the average for London. That said, prices remain well below central London average values and are therefore likely to be a great investment for the long-term future. n

Docklands Development Holiday Inn is building a new flagship Docklands hotel and is inviting savvy investors to capitalise on London’s thriving hotel market, which is currently outperforming major European cities including Madrid, Rome, Brussels, Berlin and Amsterdam. The £32 million project, Holiday Inn, West India Dock Road, is due for completion in time for 2012, and will occupy a prime strategic location adjacent to Westferry DLR station. “London remains one of the most soughtafter property investment destinations in the world and the Holiday Inn West India Dock presents an outstanding opportunity to include high yielding prime London real

estate,” says Steven Worboys, managing director of property investment experts, Experience International. The 17-floor hotel will have a restaurant, café, bar, gym and conference space. Investors are invited to purchase a 999year lease on a hotel suite for £189,000 (lower than an independent RICS valuation) by paying £65,000, with the remainder available through competitive and transferable developer finance if required. Experience International 020 7321 5858

129 Sales

Wheatsheaf Close


Lanterns Court


A delightful first floor 1 bedroom apartment set in this quiet residential development, the accommodation comprises; reception room with separate kitchen and bathroom. Wheatsheaf Close is situated within 450 metres of Mudchute DLR station. Ideal for first time buyers, investment buyers and also those looking for a ‘pied a tere’.

A 1 bedroom, 5th floor luxury apartment of 486.96 sq ft with a balcony facing the courtyard, also consisting of a full furniture package and a 6% rental guarantee. Set within in this stunning new development approximately 300 metres from south quay DLR station. Lanterns Court also boasts fantastic leisure facilities of its own and a 24 hour porter. Completion due for April 2011

020 7519 5900 |

020 7519 5900 |

New Providence Wharf


Apollo Building


A fantastic 2 bedroom apartment set on the 6th floor of the desirable New Providence Wharf development. Offering a reception room with balcony and direct views across the River Thames and onto the O2 Arena, a separate modern kitchen, en-suite to the master bedroom and bathroom. The development itself offers swimming pool and gymnasium as well as 24 hour porterage and secure underground parking.

Offering stunning views across the River Thames, this 2 bedroom, 4th floor apartment comprises reception room with balcony, open plan modern kitchen, en-suite to the master bedroom and main bathroom. The property also boasts a secure covered parking space and the development itself offers a Gymnasium and a 24 hour concierge, The Odyssey is situated approximately 0.8 miles from the Canary Wharf business complex.

020 7519 5900 |

020 7519 5900 |

Estate Agents | Land & Development Consultants

New Providence Wharf


Kempton Court


Set on the 11th floor of this stunning private riverside development, this well presented 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment with balcony accessed via both the reception room and second bedroom giving in-direct river views. The New Providence Wharf offers 24 hour porter, leisure facilities and secure underground parking, with both Jubilee line underground and DLR connections.

Set within this private development we offer this 2 bedroom ground floor apartment with west facing sun terrace, accessed via the 18’9 reception room. The property also benefits a kitchen and bathroom as well as a secure parking space. Kempton Court offers a porter and is situated within 120 metres of White Chapel DLR station, the Liverpool Street station can also be found within 0.7 miles of the property.

020 7519 5900 |

020 7519 5900 |

Langbourne Place


New Providence Wharf


A spectacular 3/4 bedroom duplex penthouse set within this private riverside development offering spacious, light & versatile living accommodation comprising approximately 2133 sqft. Further benefits include secure underground parking and day porter the Langbourne Place development is situated within 500 metres of Island Gardens DLR station. This property must be seen to be appreciated.

With stunning panoramic views across the river Thames, onto Canary Wharf and the City beyond, with 2 bedroom suites, open plan reception room with dining area, study area and kitchen. The wrap around balcony leads onto a decked and lawned terrace with a plunge pool and sauna. The development offers 24 hour concierge, spa, swimming pool and gymnasium as well as Valet Parking.

020 7519 5900 |

020 7519 5900 |

Estate Agents | Land & Development Consultants Lettings

Lovegrove Walk


Peninsula Court


A spacious one bedroom apartment, offered furnished and available immediately this property is situated on the third floor with wood flooring and balcony with views towards Canary Wharf.

A delightful 2 bedroom 2nd floor apartment with separate kitchen, set in a private development situated adjacent to Cross Harbour DLR station and available immediately.

020 7519 5900 |

020 7519 5900 |

New Atlas Wharf


New Providence Wharf


A two bedroom two bathroom apartment situated on the fifth floor with south facing balcony offering views over the park and to the River Thames, fully fitted separate kitchen, master bedroom with fitted wardrobes. This property is offered furnished and the development benefits from leisure facilities, 24 hour concierge and secured parking.

A spacious 1 bedroom 7th floor apartment offered fully furnished, the development offers 24 hour concierge, spa and leisure facilities and set in close proximity to Canary Wharf. Available immediately.

020 7519 5900 |

020 7519 5900 |

Estate Agents | Land & Development Consultants

Lovegrove Wharf


Canary South


A spacious 4 bed town house, offering versatile living accommodation, wood flooring, 2 balconies and a large private terrace with views on to the dock the property also boasts a utility room, garage and off street parking.

A stunning ex show apartment set on the 3rd floor offering floor to ceiling windows, solid wood flooring, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, also with secure underground parking situated close to Canary Wharf. Available immediately.

020 7519 5900 |

020 7519 5900 |

Cyclops Mews


Jamestown Way


A spacious three bedroom townhouse set in a private gated development offering separate kitchen 2 bathrooms and parking, the development offers a 24 hour porter and leisure facilities.

A fantastic 4 bedroom town house with stunning views across the river Thames and on to the o2 arena. Offering 3 bathrooms 2 of which are en-suite, a low maintenance garden and balcony, the development offers a 24 hour porter.

020 7519 5900 |

020 7519 5900 |

Estate Agents | Land & Development Consultants

River Habitat

ONE WEST INDIA QUAY, E14 Luxury Duplex in the heart of Canary Wharf

RESERVOIR STUDIOS Chic Contemporary Gated Development

n Crca. 2,500 Square Feet n South Facing Duplex Apartment n 29th and 30th Floors n Three Bedroom, Three Bathroom n Comes with car parking space

n Large Live/Work Unit Space n Currently with one Bedroom n Duplex 2nd & 3rd Floor n High Ceilings and Wooden Floors n Close walking distance to Limehouse DLR

£1,500 pw Reduced

£395,000 Leasehold

BELGRAVE COURT An unfurnished riverside classic

BERKELEY TOWER A spectacular river view Apartment

n Direct River Views n 1,843 Sq. Ft. Unfurnished n 9th Floor n 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 1 Cloakroom n Portered Block, 24 Hr Security n Comes with Car Parking Space

n Fantastic River Views n 1,402 Sq. Ft. n 3rd Floor n Two Bedroom, 2 Bath n Portered Block, 24 Hr Security n Comes with 2 car parking spaces

£1,050 pw Reduced

£815,000 LEASEHOLD

• • T: 020 7791 9830 • F: 020 7791 9831 • The Suite LG. 655 Commercial Road, Limehouse, London E14 7LW

London's Finest Properties



Lanterns Court, Canary Wharf, E14

Eastern Quay, Royal Docks, E16

Eden House,The Watergardens, Canada Water, SE16 Starting from £450.00 per week

• One Bedroom Apartment • Fully Furnished • 7th Floor • Balcony • Secure Parking • 24hr Concierge Service

• large 1st floor 2 bedroom/2 bathroom (i.e. not diagonal bedrooms) • Rectangular arrangement throughout • Due south aspect • Moments from Canada Water tube • popular modern development

£350.00 per week


New Providence Wharf, Canary Wharf, E14

The Landmark, East Tower, E14

Ontario Tower, E14

Westgate Apartments, E16

£360.00 per week

£375.00 per week



New Providence Wharf, Canary Wharf, E14

Mount Pleasant Road, Lewisham, SE13

New Providence Wharf, E14

City Quarter, E1

• Three Bedroom Apartment • Three Bathrooms • Two Large Receptions • Large Garden • Close to Hither Green Station

• Two bed/two bath 6th floor riverside apartment • Highly desirable layout with two entrances • Excellent condition throughout • Contemporary fixtures and fittings • Impressive river views

£575.00 per week



• Brand New Luxury Apartments • Available Now • A selection of 2 and 3 Bedrooms • Walking Distance to Canary Wharf • Concierge Service

• One Bedroom Apartment • Fully Furnished • 8th Floor • Balcony • On-Site Leisure Facilities • 24hr Concierge Service

• Two Bedroom Apartment • Fully Furnished • 13th Floor • Onsite Leisure Facilities • 24hr Concierge Service • Parking Available

£485.00 per week

• One Bedroom Apartment • Fully Furnished • 17th Floor • On-Site Gymnasium • 24hr Concierge Service • Walking Distance to Canary Wharf

Galaxy Building,The Odyssey, Isle of Dogs, E14 • 2nd floor 1 bedroom/1 bathroom • Very spacious and modern • Balcony with river views • Close proximity to Canary Wharf and transport links • Secure underground parking


• 2 bedroom 2 bathroom (en suite) • S triking architecture •H  ighly prestigious landmark development • Approx 1,000 sq ft of living space • 24 hr porterage, security and excellent on-site facilities

• 11th floor two bedroom apartment • Large balcony • Stunning views • On site gym facility • Minutes from Canary Wharf

• Two bed/two bath corner unit • Exceptional level of specification • Highly desirable development • Moments from DLR/Tube and City

Sales | Lettings | Corporate Services | Property Management

Central London 020 7582 7989

West London 020 8896 9990

Finchley 020 8446 9524

Docklands 020 7476 0125

Deptford & Greenwich 020 8692 2244

Live life to the full at the ultimate riverside address Royal Arsenal Riverside SE18, is one of London’s most exciting riverside communities, where facilities for residents include a 24 hour concierge, gym, open space, car club and Young’s pub and dining. The latest phase, The Warehouse No.1 Street, offers stylish warehouse living with all the convenience and benefits of a new build home, combining smart contemporary interiors with architecture that reflects the heritage of this unique location. Stylish touches include exposed brick detailing, and each home has a balcony or terrace.

1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Prices from £245,000 Sales and Marketing Suite and Show Apartments open 7 days a week. 10am – 6pm and until 8pm on Thursdays. For information call 020 8331 7130

Our vision for your future

Prices and details correct at time of going to press. Photography depicts typical interior at The Warehouse. Computer Generated Image depicts The Warehouse No 1 Street and external photography depicts Young’s pub and dining at Dial Arch and Wellington Park at Royal Arsenal Riverside.

homes & property

Riverside living in the heart of Greenwich If you’ve been dreaming of riverfront living, stunning panoramic views and a genuine Greenwich address, then head to Lovell’s London & Regional Properties and King Sturge would like to introduce you to Lovell’s Wharf, a low-rise and light-filled development within walking distance of Maritime Greenwich and with exclusive access to the River Thames. Lovell’s Wharf represents an opportunity to acquire a stunning new home that you can truly enjoy living in.

On weekdays, the unique location gives you easy access to Canary Wharf, the City and the West End thanks to the DLR, Jubilee Line, as well as other rail and Riverbus connections. At the weekend, enjoy a short walk along the Thames Path that takes you to Greenwich Village, its Royal Park, historic buildings, markets, traditional pubs, modern bars, dynamic restaurants and charming shops.

In addition to offering apartments that are 2030% more spacious than other developments in the area, Lovell’s is a residence designed for outside living - something the development celebrates with tidal gardens, paths and a central square. Large balconies and terraces mean residents can live in harmony with their surroundings and Lovell’s environmental credentials include green roofs and ground source heat pump heating.

• S  tunning two and three bedroom penthouses • B  right and spacious one, two, and three bedroom apartments • High standard of interior finish • Excellent eco-homes rating


homes & property

History and Heritage

Star Property

Lovell’s is the latest example of the regeneration of former industrial wharves. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the names Lovell’s, Granite, Badcock’s and Pipers Wharves would have been familiar to river travellers and the residents of Greenwich. However, back then, the line of wharves barred direct access from the local streets to the river itself.

Currently, only the largest penthouse is available on the market. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and its own balcony which faces the river and garden.

Today, Lovell’s opens up the river to its residents and neighbours in the East Greenwich Conservation Area. An extension to the Thames Path at Lovell’s has been designed to link Greenwich Peninsula (including the O2 entertainment centre and North Greenwich Jubilee Line station) with the historic buildings of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site.

“The Lovell’s penthouses have the most stunning panoramic views of the River Thames, Canary Wharf skyline, The 02 and Greenwich Peninsula,” says Margaret Keenan, King Sturge Associate. “Add to this the high specification of the contemporary interior finishes and you have a truly spectacular home. Lovell’s embraces 21st century climate-conscious living and one of the main features is the ground source heat pump heating which does not require internal radiators. Lovell’s really is a great place to live.”

Price: £835,000

For more information and to arrange a visit, please call Margaret Keenan at King Sturge on 020 8090 0276


For new homes. For a new way of life.



London Borough of Greenwich



Kidbrooke Village




CatorPark Kidbrooke Village




MeridianGate Kidbrooke Village




CapitalPlaza Kidbrooke Village



Discover Kidbrooke Village, launching 19th - 20th March Discover Kidbrooke Village, launching March 2011. Coming soon - Kidbrooke Village, SE3, an exciting new sustainable London community where you can live the life youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve always wanted. Choose from an outstanding range of new homes from Berkeley, where benefits for residents include shops, restaurants, schools, sports facilities and a journey time of just 15 minutes* by train to London Bridge.

Phase One, City Point, launching March 2011. Register for information 020 8150 5151 Kidbrooke Village. For London. For everyone. Delivered in proud partnership with:

Details correct at time of going to press. Photography depicts view of Sutcliffe Park and indicative lifestyle. *Journey times are approximate only.




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Zone One 24/7 Concierge service Gym, sauna & steam room Private roof top gardens Panoramic city views

E T 020 7490 1603 WWW.BEZIERLONDON.COM THE BÉZIER MARKETING SUITE Bézier Apartments, 91 City Road, London

Take the long view reserve now, move in 2012 Caspian Wharf is a new waterside development located on the Limehouse Cut Canal in Bow. With superb views and connections to the City and Canary Wharf, this development is the ideal location for commuting and enjoying London life to the full. The latest phase ‘Pacific Court’ includes 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses. Just a few minutes away lies Stratford’s Olympic Park for the London 2012 Olympic Games along with the new Westfield Stratford City shopping centre due to open 2011.

Studio, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses Prices from £169,950

Caspian Wharf 1 Yeo Street, Bow E3 3AE

Sales & Marketing Suite and Showhome open daily 9.30am – 5.30pm

For information call 0844 800 1152 Our vision for your future

Prices and details correct at time of going to press. Photography depicts previous Berkeley development.

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Page 1



Central location next to Canary Wharf, iconic architecture and extensive luxury leisure facilities make Prime Avenue the prime residential investment opportunity in London today.

PRIME LOCATION: Next to Canary Wharf financial district and four luxury retail malls PRIME ARCHITECTURE: Designed by Skidmore Owings and Merrill, master planners of Canary Wharf PRIME SPECIFICATION: Custom designed kitchens, luxury marble bathrooms, full height windows, luxury flooring PRIME FACILITIES: Concierge services, valet parking, 24 hour security, retail and restaurant PRIME LEISURE: Health spa and gymnasium with swimming pool, sauna, steam and hydrotherapy pool PRIME TRANSPORT: Next to Crossharbour DLR station and short walk to Canary Wharf underground PRICES FROM ÂŁ245,000


Baltimore Wharf Marketing Suite 6 Baltimore Wharf London E14 9AQ

Tel: 0808 118 3551




se ou th ng en ini e p ma On re Built on the historic Lovell’s Wharf site and designed to maximise light and magnificent views along the river, Lovell’s offers a collection of bright, spacious one, two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses with extensive terraces, all finished to an exceptionally high standard and ready to move into now. Penthouse £835,000*

A development by

Photograph taken from Lovell’s at 6.30am


l Na


R Old



Call now to book an appointment to view the show apartments 020 8090 0276 * Price correct at time of going to print

homes & property



St John’s, Blackheath is a new and recently released development by Belway Homes. It is an imposing development of fourteen two and three bedroom executive apartments in sought after Blackheath, SE3

Star property At St John’s, the majority of the apartments either have their own garden area on the ground floor or balconies/ terraces above. There is just one two bedroom, two bathroom executive apartment on the market on the ground floor. This apartment can be seen in the left of the picture; its delightful garden area is to the side. Price: £359,950 For more details, please contact: Margaret Keenan King Sturge, Blackheath 020 8852 8383



ach of the fourteen apartments at St John’s has its own parking space in a car park to the rear, which is included in the sale price. All apartments have beautiful fitted kitchens with granite worktops and AEG appliances, including integrated dishwasher and fridge/freezers. Striking stainless steel single ovens, chimney extractor hood and splashback to rear of ceramic hobs finish off this area. Ivory ceramic floor tiles are to be found in all kitchens, bathrooms and utility cupboards. Energy efficiency has not been forgotten, with low voltage downlights in rooms and high efficiency condensing boilers with hot water storage cylinders, wet system radiators and chrome heated towel rails in bathrooms and en suites, complete the heating arrangements. Bathrooms have been designed with white fittings throughout. The large halls benefit from laminate wood flooring which extends into the living area. Internal doors have chrome plated door furniture and bedrooms are carpeted throughout and include built in wardrobes with shelf and hanging rails. All walls are covered with matt white

emulsion and satinwood to the internal joinery. Safety is an important feature at St John’s which has been fitted with a video door entry system into the communal hall. St John’s is close to St John’s Church which lends its name to the area. The green space of Blackheath is a breath of fresh air and a short walk away. Acres of unspoilt land on the heath, combined with the buzz of the true urban village, which can be found at both Blackheath Village and Blackheath Standard, add to the enjoyment of St John’s. Greenwich Park with its sweeping vistas across the London skyline, part of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site, is close by. A walk down the hill in the park, London’s oldest Royal park, with its wilderness garden and deer park, leads to nearby Greenwich and the centre of the Maritime World Heritage Site. Weekend markets, handsome architecture, museums, a theatre, an art house cinema and great mix of restaurants and bars, give residents and visitors alike a great choice of activities. St John’s, Blackheath has been designed with care, thought and perfect attention to detail, making it an excellent proposition for your new home. n

UNIQUE HOMES, UNIQUE SERVICE, UNIQUE PEOPLE P e r s o n a l P r o p e r t y C o n s u l t a n c y f o r B u ye r s a n d S e l l e r s o f D i s t i n c t i ve H o m e s FOR SALE

UNIQUE is a privately owned and specialist estate agency designed to provide personal property consultancy for selling or buying exclusive and exemplary homes.


UNIQUE is the brainchild of Robert Sargent, founder of the Acorn Estate Agency group. Robert recognises that the needs of the most affluent vendors and purchasers have always posed a problem to typical high street estate agents and so he has created Unique: a specialist team of experienced and proactive property professionals whose sole focus is to service the needs of high net worth clients and manage their multi-million pound property transactions.


We don’t deal in volume; we leave that to other people. We prefer to deliver a bespoke service to each client and each individual property.


UNIQUE isn’t just a property consultancy, it’s a complete ethos: a way of conducting business that allows us to give our clients the options and tailored service they desire. DO YOU HAVE A PROPERTY THAT DESERVES THE UNIQUE APPROACH? We offer a one to one marketing and consultancy service, providing a tailormade sales programme for your home which includes a stunning property profile brochure.


By targeting precisely the right audience we deliver a successful sale at the right price in a timescale that fits our client’s specific requirements. PERHAPS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A UNIQUE HOME TO BUY? If you are seeking a property to buy then UNIQUE can also help you find it. Whatever is on your wish list, with our extensive experience and well affiliated contacts in the luxury homes market, we are perfectly positioned to source you a house to make a home.


London Office

Kent Office

t: 020 7089 6500 E:

t: 020 8378 1222 E:


KNOCKHOLt tN14 £2,500,000 F/H FOR SALE


BROMLEy BR1 £1,950,000 F/H Incorporating

canary wharf F E BFEBRUARY R UA R Y 2011 2010
















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canary wharf


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