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Your guide to selling with RUN

Contents 01 Welcome to RUN – A fresh way to think about real estate 02 Why choose RUN? 03 Appraised value and achieving the best price 04 Marketing services 05 Methods of sale 06 Selling with RUN 07 The forward plan 08 Office locations

Welcome to RUN – A fresh way to think about real estate At RUN Property there is no pressure or fear tactics. Just transparent, tailor-made solutions to ensure we provide you with a service that helps to sell your property as quickly as possible for the highest achievable price. For you, the client, this means we will work closely with you to ensure you are well informed of market conditions and receive a realistic appraisal of your property’s worth. At RUN, we make it all about you and your needs.

Why choose RUN? RUN was founded in 2004 by a group of people who loved property. They were property investors who were tired of the service they received from traditional real estate agencies who didn’t have the systems, people or resources to deliver modern standards of service. It is this attitude to customer service that has helped RUN become Australia’s largest metropolitan real estate agency. RUN now manages over $10 billion of property investments throughout a network of local offices in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. With 40,000 clients based locally, nationally and internationally our global network reaches all around the world, providing you with an unmatched resource of buyers. RUN is also the only real estate company in Australia listed on the ASX, providing you with the strength and reassurance of dealing with a reputable and secure company so you know you are in good hands. Our team of sales, investment and property management specialists provide a unique resource for making smart property decisions.

Appraised value and achieving the best price RUN’s commitment to providing honest, well-informed and intelligent advice becomes paramount when discussing property prices. In our experience the value of your property is influenced by the following three important factors and it is important to take into account all three when preparing your home for sale: 1. What has sold recently in the surrounding area of your property? • What was the method of sale? • What marketing tactics were used and who was targeted? 2. What is currently for sale? • What other homes will the buyers compare to your home? • How long have they been for sale? • Why haven’t they sold? 3. Presentation of your home • How does your home present to buyers? • Are there unique elements that can be emphasised to elicit emotional attachment? • Our suggestions to help present your home Based on these considerations, with our experience and judgment, an unbiased estimate of the selling price is what we will provide you with. Other factors that arise during the selling process will make a difference to the final price and these can be influenced in your favour. This is where a RUN agent’s expertise works for your benefit: • Marketing your property to a high standard and using methods most appropriate to securing the interest of targeted buyers; • Working with you to present the property in a way that attracts the greatest interest, emphasising features that are valuable and unique; • Identifying, informing and managing buyers with potential interest in your property to create competition for the property; • Finding the one that personally values your property for unique reasons – this buyer is most likely to pay a premium.

Marketing services RUN’s size and presence in Australia’s largest markets help provide our clients with access to the best available marketing services at excellent rates. A marketing campaign will be tailored to attract and inform the right buyers and will comprise: • Internet marketing, incorporating premium positioning on, and RUN’s own website • Targeted marketing to the RUN client database • Brochures and local area marketing • Professional photography, floor plans and copywriting produced by specialists in property representation

Methods of sale Auction, private sale, private treaty, tender and many other terms are used to describe different property sale methods. Putting the jargon aside, the appropriate campaign for you will depend on the interaction of many factors including the individual property style and characteristics, location of the property, the type and intensity of competition in the market at the time and your own circumstances in time frame and motivation. Any agent selling a property needs to understand these influences. RUN agents will take time to understand all of the driving forces before giving you a well-founded recommendation on how best to approach the market with your property. The most advantageous method of sale depends on many variables based on the property and circumstances. RUN sales agents will make a recommendation of either auction, private sale (private treaty) or sale by tender. Auction By introducing a fixed time frame and a highly competitive setting, an auction is an excellent method for attaining the highest possible price. • Typically a four week marketing campaign culminates in an auction on-site at the property or at a specialised auction venue; • Reserve price can be determined on the day of the auction, allowing you to make a decision based on the feedback from the market during the campaign; • Offers can be made (and accepted) prior to the auction. Private sale/private treaty This method provides flexibility to the seller and accommodates a longer-term, more targeted campaign. • Sale is negotiated privately with one or many buyers; • You can advertise with or without a price; • There are no time constraints - the process could take a week or months to sell depending on your requirements. Sale by tender Tender sales combine private negotiation with a deadline, creating a sense of competition for buyers and allowing for full benefit from the agent’s negotiating skills. The results of a sale by tender can be exceptional as many buyers will offer a higher price in exchange for special terms.

Selling with RUN With your authority to act and agreement on the method of sale and time frame, the RUN team including your sales agent, our marketing team, management and administrative staff will get to work. Some of what you can expect as part of a typical campaign includes: Communication • At the outset of the campaign we will agree on the means and frequency of communication suitable to you; we want to keep you informed every step of the way, but are also conscious of the value of your time. At a minimum, we will insist on delivering an update following each open for inspection; • For auction campaigns, the pre-auction meeting is crucial in understanding the state of the campaign and deciding on auction tactics and a reserve price. Marketing • Photography, floor plan and copywriting specialists will be engaged and immediately briefed on your property. An appointment at the property will be arranged in consultation with you (and the tenant if applicable); • Internet advertising will commence and when first listed your property will appear high in the search results for the relevant area; • A quality signboard will be installed at the front of the property prior to the first open for inspection; • Pointer boards will be placed on prominent street corners prior to open for inspection appointments; • Local area marketing, including the delivery of display cards to nearby residences will be completed at the commencement of the campaign and (for auction campaigns) prior to the auction; • Display advertisements will be booked and placed with local and metropolitan publications on an agreed schedule throughout the campaign.

Buyer management • Our client and buyer databases will be referenced for buyers with interest in properties like yours. This prospect list will receive targeted communication at the commencement of the campaign; • All buyers making enquiries, including those present at open for inspections, will be profiled and recorded. You will receive regular reports covering the level of buyer interest, price expectation and feedback on the property; • All offers on the property will be reported to you without delay. We may recommend our property stylist pay a visit to the property with a view to creating a warm and enticing ambience to appeal to potential purchasers emotions as well as giving you ideas about how you can furnish it yourself to maximise the selling price of the property. This is also of great importance for photographic and advertising purposes, in order to maximise the number of inspections by potential purchasers. Open houses Throughout the campaign, there will usually be one to two open house inspections per week which will be carried out at times that suit you and most importantly, the prospective buyer. Due to some buyers personal requirements it may be necessary for us to show the property outside scheduled open house inspections and we usually do this in the evening as the majority of buyers work during the day.

The forward plan To proceed with arranging the sale campaign, the following is what we require from you: 1. Sign the agency agreement and authority on the agreed marketing plan; 2. Provide us with your solicitor’s details; 3. Agree on timing and means of communication to be used throughout the campaign. What we will do: 1. Liaise with your solicitor to arrange contract documents; 2. Make arrangements with tenants on your behalf; 3. Arrange an appointment at the property for photography and creative services; 4. If sold prior to the completion of scheduled advertising, all incomplete advertising will be cancelled where possible; 5. Trust account banking of the purchaser’s deposit, which will be released to you on settlement. Where permitted by legislation, use of interest bearing accounts and early release of deposit may be arranged; 6. Coordinate the purchaser’s final inspection one week from settlement; 7. Arrange release of keys to the purchaser on settlement.

Office locations MELBOURNE



Inner North

Eastern Suburbs

99 Elgin Street Carlton VIC 3053 T: 03 9340 2500 F: 1300 782 512

19 Hall Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 T: 02 9308 8705 F: 1300 656 300


Inner East & CBD 212 Riversdale Road Hawthorn vic 3122 T: 03 8809 5000 F: 1300 782 512 WEST 211 Buckley Street Essendon VIC 3040 T: 03 9348 3000 F: 1300 782 512

1 Kings Cross Road Darlinghurst NSW 2010 T: 02 9301 5600 F: 1300 656 300 St George 293-295 Forest Road Hurstville NSW 2220 T: 02 9504 3555 F: 02 9570 9359

535 Milton Road Toowong qld 4066 T: 07 3833 6660 F: 07 3056 2190 Shop 2, 3374 Pacific Hwy Springwood qld 4127 T: 07 3833 6610 F: 07 3056 2192 250 Ross River Road Aitkenvale QLD 4814 T: 07 4422 0999

Inner West

3/283 Old Geelong Road Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029 T: 03 9348 3064 F: 1300 782 512

129 Norton Street Leichhardt NSW 2040 T: 02 9508 2333 F: 1300 656 300

South East

North Shore

541 Blackburn Road Mt Waverley vic 3149 T: 03 8808 3666 F: 1300 782 512

1/127 Longueville Road Lane Cove NSW 2066 T: 02 8423 2255 F: 02 8569 2004

741 High Street Armadale VIC 3143 T: 03 9514 8888 F: 1300 782 512

Shop 2 P1/201-205 Pacific Highway St Leonards NSW 2065 T: 02 8423 7222 F: 02 9439 3154 97 Blaxland Road Ryde NSW 2112 T: 02 9301 5600 F: 1300 656 300

ADELAIDE NORTHERN, SOUTHERN, EASTERN, CBD, WESTERN, BEACHSIDE AND HILLS Level 8 420 King William Street Adelaide SA 5000 T: 08 8211 8552 F: 1300 782 512 13 44 44

Your guide to selling with RUN