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Rukmini Poddar UF ID: 58510842 352 256 8939

Protecting India’s Women Triptych poster series Spring 2013, Independent Project 8.5 x 14 (inches)

During my visit to India this December, I witnessed the start of a huge anti-rape movement. Strongly identifying with the issue, I created my own awareness posters. By scanning colored inks, I created these fluid textures. The first and last posters show an abstracted map of India with marked rape cases and accompanying newspaper clippings. The middle poster illustrates the face of a distraught face emerging from the splashes of ink.

Protecting India’s Women Detail images

Krishna Lunch Menu Cards Five double sided postcards Spring 2012, Typography 4 x 6 (inches)

Because the Krishna Lunch menu is memorized by most customers and is consistent every day, I chose to create a design that helped to visualize what people could only remember. I focused on creating a visual guide that would help inform customers. My process included food styling and photography of each day for one week.

Krishna Lunch Menu cards: Details Krishna Lunch customer with menu card (top left) Styling and photographing the plates (top right) detail shot of printed menu cards (bottom)

Measuring Perception Curtain blinds, printed type Spring 2013, Sculpture Form and Space 18 inch diameter

This sculpture puts a twist on the familiar Snellen Eye Chart. I overlaid strips of measured type onto curtain blinds and presented them in a spiral motion to emphasize this distortion of perception.

Pepsodent Packaging Toothpaste Package Spring 2011, Typography 8.5 x 2 (inches)

I redesigned Pepsodent’s toothpaste packaging in a style inspired by vintage comic books. I applied elements of a classic comic aesthetic in order to attract a demographic that would feel nostalgic or attracted to this design.

Mitosis and Cell Division Ink, pen, notebook Fall 2012, Drawing Movement and Motion 3 x 5 (inches)

This flip book is a series of abstracted ink drawings. When flipped, the drawings come together to create form of a cell splitting into two. I overlayed each drawing with two empty circles that join and separate, symbolizing attraction and seperation of all things.

Abstraction of Music Relief Print on Rives Fall 2012, Printmaking Color Theory 22 x 29 (inches)

Color, texture, and rhythm is used here to create a strong visual composition of music. The left print represents music that occurs in dynamic but harmonizing pulses. The second print visualizes fragmented sound.

Between Lines of Color Inkjet printer, canvas Fall 2011,WARP 32 x 22 (inches)

As an exploration of printing surfaces, I printed photos on canvas in order to question what are the inherent differences of painting and photography and how to reconcile both mediums into one.

The 50 Square Journey Transparent paper, printed graphics Spring 2011,Visual Methods 3 x 3 (inches)

Understanding that a journey happens with many things occurring at once, I decided to use layers of transparent paper to create multiple small booklets. This allows viewers to participate by giving them a choice in where to start and where to end.

The Deconstruction of Culture Canvas, fabric, pins, inkjet printer Fall 2011, WARP 62 x 8 (inches)

This piece focuses on my personal experience with Indian culture; as a country rapidly conforming to the standards of western countries and thus throwing out all of its own cultural values. It’s formed as an irregular tapestry of fragmented textiles and graphics and allowed me to incorporate experimental typography.

Sequential Panel Book Ink, cut paper, floss Fall 2012, Drawing Movement and Motion 22 x 14 (inches)

By solely relying on illustration and panel layout, I reinterpreted a whimsical story into a more poetic narrative of a boy who pulls his tooth out with a bird. The boy becomes a metaphor for the inner psyche and the bird symbolizes the boy’s freedom.

The Spider’s Star Web Posters Fall 2012, Digital Imaging 14 x 11 (inches)

The universe can be likened to a spider web. We percieve the universe as it relates to our own web of our personal lives. I photographed a spider web and abstracted the edges of it to small circles. I then overlaid text and constellations on top of it.

The Spider’s Star Web Poster 2

Simplicity and Design Posters Spring 2011,Visual Methods 11 x 17 (inches)

This event poster is inspired by John Maeda’s philosophy that simplicity and complexity complement each other. It is meant to attract people to interact with it by pealing out the template and constructing their own package. When folded together, the type aligns together to spell out simplicity.

The Scrabble Brand Game Printed game and wooden tiles Fall 2011, WARP 24 x 16 (inches)

Logos have become today’s visual language. This board game allows people to interact with it and realize how familiar they are to read the language of brands. More than being a commentary on to commercialism, it is an interpretation of language. Shown at the window gallery of Ligature 2012

The Scrabble Brand Game Detail shots

Graphic Design Portfolio -UF 2013  

My application to University of Florida's graphic design program, Spring 2013.

Graphic Design Portfolio -UF 2013  

My application to University of Florida's graphic design program, Spring 2013.