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April 24, 2012

Education By Corey Bard

Earth Day should not be the only day we recycle, reuse, practice conservation and teach people to be more aware of the fragile environment where we live. The Library held a story time in Wingfield Park Sunday at the Earth Day Picnic and Hoedown. Thanks to Sean Parker, Gloria Sayers, Andrea Reed, Mayor Alborn, Debi Lee, Laura Eisenberg, Lynn Crawford and Rifle Salas for entertaining children and adults and promoting reading. Here are some of the stories that we shared in the park: “Whales Passing” by Eve Bunting reminded me of the more than 10,000 gray whales that migrated between Hawaii and Alaska passing the Oregon coast twice a year. I never actually saw a whale in Oregon, but the newspapers always would highlight the migration and point out the best places and times. It was suggested to me that Depot Bay, Ore. was a place to view the lazy whales who chose not to make the full trip north and would spend the summer there because the feeding was plentiful. “Someday a Tree” also by Eve Bunting is a story of hope. A tree is dying and when efforts to save it fail, Alice realizes we must act and continue planting new trees for the future. “Everyday is Earth Day” by Kathy Ross is a resource book on recycling, reusing, conserving and creative ways to do arts and crafts. “Let’s Celebrate Earth Day” by Connie and Peter Roop chronicles the founding of Earth Day and an introduction to nature and how we must live as a part of the complex ecosystem. “The Story of the Frog Belly Rat Bone” is a creative look at planting a garden and the lasting friendship that can be created from a community working together. “Dancing Deer and the Foolish Hunter” by Elisa Klevin is a tale of man’s attempt to tame nature and control his environment when he should be striving to live in harmony with nature. The recent release of the movie “The Lorax” made this story a favorite at Earth Day – again a cautionary tale of neglect and mishandling our living in harmony with our surroundings. Johnny Appleseed is an American Folk legend about John Chapman who walked across the northeastern United States promoting the planting of trees. Disney has a cartoon called “American Legends” that includes Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, and John Henry and wonderful animation and songs. The book, “Johnny Appleseed,” is also available in Spanish. “Wilson’s World” is a creative child painting how he wishes the world could be. A thinly disguised creation story – it reminded me of a collection I read years ago about how the creation myth exists in almost every culture and country of the world each telling how the world began. Earth Day is a reminder that we have lost our way and need to protect the environment because we are all from the same matter and chemistry and how we treat the Earth effects each and every one of us.

Learning history by immersion By Jack Shuster

One of the best ways to learn history is to immerse yourself in it. That’s what Jason Everitt is doing. Everitt, a teacher at Dexter High School in Dexter, N.M. is bringing 40 students and three adults to historic Fort Stanton State Monument for a guided tour on April 27. Few sites in the nation encompass the breadth of history seen at the Fort Stanton State Monument, the best preserved fort in New Mexico. A must-see attraction, Fort Stanton State Monument is in Lincoln County, nestled on Highway 220 that bisects the Billy the Kid Scenic Byway. New Mexico’s newest State Monument features more than 155 years of southwestern history ranging from its initial creation as a military garrison to its significance as the first tuberculosis hospital in the state, to an internment camp for German seaman during World War II. Everitt and the students from Dexter High School will begin their journey through the fascinating history of Fort Stanton at the museum which features an excellent exhibit and introductory video that provides breathtaking images and informative interpretive content that bring the rich history and heritage of Fort Stanton to life. The Fort Stanton Museum store sells a variety of gifts and keepsakes that support the mission of Fort Stanton, Inc, in their efforts to preserve the history of New Mexico and the West as well as educate the public about the historical significance of Fort Stanton. The Museum at Fort Stanton State Monument is open Thursday through Monday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday hours are from noon to 4 p.m. The museum is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Dexter High School students will then tour the parade grounds, look at the historic buildings and have the undivided attention of four tour guides and two museum docents.

RMS GOBond projects moving along By Bea Etta Harris, Ed.D. Superintendent An RMSD committee met to review the contractor proposals for the White Mountain Elementary playground and completing the Ruidoso Middle School site. For each site, four proposals met the deadline and met all the criteria for review. It was a tedious but exciting day to review the proposals and score each one. After scoring the proposals, the price proposal was opened. When all the scores and the price were entered in the formula (provided by the Public School Facilities Authority), Wooten Construction from Las Cruces was awarded the contract for both sites. The Award Letter has been sent to Wooten, and we expect work at both sites to begin May 29, the day after Memorial Day. In the next few weeks, materials will be ordered and there will be delivery of some materials so you may see some work happening before May 29. We anticipate the WME playground will be completed before the first day of school in August. The RMS work is more extensive

and some of the work ASA Architects will be completed have been working before the first day of with the District on school; specifically, the demolition at the we have requested old middle school, the that the road up to roofing project at Horthe school will be ton Complex, and the altered, and the landretaining wall project scaping in front of at Horton Field. They the building will be have begun meeting completed by the first with the high school day of school. The science teachers early completion reregarding the remodel quests for RMS were of the Science Wing. Bea Harris determined by what Those plans should be needs to be done so traffic can flow finished by early fall, then out to bid, the first day. The work behind the and construction may begin as early school, at each end of the school, as January 2013. and on the playfield will not interASA will begin this fall workrupt traffic and pedestrian flow after ing with Nob Hill and SVP teachers school begins. We are anxious for planning the move of the Pre-K stuthe entire project to be completed, dents to the SVP site. The architecbut understand the complexity of tural planning will happen next year the RMS project will require many in preparation for the 2015 GOBond subcontractors and a great deal of election. coordination. All these projects are made posMorrow Reardon Wilkinson sible because this great community passed the GOBond proposal in Miller, Ltd. Landscape Architects 2011! Thank you for your commitwill be monitoring the work on ment to keeping our facilities in both WME and RMS in the coming top-notch condition. months.

RHS students honored for academic excellence Photo courtesy of Sandi Aguilar

The 31st Annual Academic Awards for Ruidoso High School was held on April 16 at Spencer Theater honoring more than 65 students for their dedication, hard work, commitment and achievement. The students earned a 3.8 GPA or higher during the school year. Pictured are Hannah Lindsey, Jennah Castleman, Marikka Temple and Kalen Freed.

Lincoln County ‘Robot Regulators’ Courtesy photo

The Lincoln County “Robot Regulators,” a team of students composed of middle school and high school students from Capitan and Carrizozo competed April 14 at the New Mexico Regional Botball Tournament in Las Cruces. The team consisted of Wade Stearns (CapitanGrade 8), Clay Bob Stearns (Capitan, Grade 6), Sam Edington (Capitan, Grade 10), Harrison Moore (Capitan, Grade 6), Johnathan Smith (Carrizozo, Grade 10) and Rylah Zamora (Carrizozo, Grade 10). The Robot Regulators was fully funded by generous support of the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics in Norman, Okla., and their supporters as well as the Society for Science and public donations. The team worked evenings and weekends during the course of several weeks to prepare for the competition. Coordinator of the team, Ashley Ivins said, “I’m working to try to figure out how to make robotics, engineering and scientific research available to students of Lincoln County since it’s not currently offered in schools. With budget cuts and a back to basics of reading and math attitude, unfortunately it’s not on the horizon.” The Robot Regulators won a “Judge’s Choice Award for Rookie of the Year” at the event and will be heading to the RoboRAVE state competition on May 5 at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

Winter reading program winner Courtesy photo

Allen Sherrill was the winner of Capitan Public Library’s winter reading program. Presenting the winner with a Walmart gift card is staff person, Debbie Myers. Capitan Public Library is one of just three full service public libraries in Lincoln County. Founded in 1996, it’s become a vital, steadily growing and constantly evolving community resource. Everyone is welcome to use the library and library cards are free to all Lincoln County residents.

April 24, 2012  

The April 24, 2012 edition of the Ruidoso Free Press, the source for news, business, religion, education, opinion and sports in Lincoln Coun...

April 24, 2012  

The April 24, 2012 edition of the Ruidoso Free Press, the source for news, business, religion, education, opinion and sports in Lincoln Coun...