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Matty says: How far did you cycle? (E-mail address not verified) says: Mate when are you going to learn? - look at the bloody pictiure!!!!!!! do you really think that is a viable pciture for the site - it looks useless in admioncointrol so guess what it is totally useless on the site on the home and guide page! Matty says: Changed (E-mail address not verified) says: yes but how did that get there in the first place? Matty says: I thought it was ok - It had fireworks and said Pattaya on it! (E-mail address not verified) says: so you thought that picture looked ok on the front page pf the website after you checked it after finishing creating the guide? Matty says: yep (E-mail address not verified) says: well I tell you what... put it back on and email everyone you know and ask them if they can make out anything at all on it because I am obviously completely mad and I need to hear from everyone else that the picture is fine... (E-mail address not verified) says: oh and Iask them if they think they need to be told twice it's in Pattaya because they could not read the location as Pattaya on the left anyway. Maybe New Year Celebrations or New Year Party if you need shorter might have been more use of the space but just my idea... Matty says: Ok i'll ask them and while i'm there i'll ask them about your collage! (E-mail address not verified) says: mate, different things I think. The collage was put on and was visible and comes down to personal choice if you like it or not. THe key issue is that I did check the front edn as I always do and it looked ok to me and was put there to make people look closely. Having said that it is was a fiddly pic so I looked again and agreed wit you and changed it. Matty says: I agreed to change that - if you looked closely you could see Pattaya City! Same thing! (E-mail address not verified) says: you put a pitch black picture up and did not check it as you seem never to do on the live site as you probably would ahve seen the text ws stupid too repeating Pattaya Pattaya.... it ain't New York... (E-mail address not verified) says: oh I see no you want me to believe your eyes are better than mine as you can see in the dark,,,, ok, they must be! (E-mail address not verified) says: you have four lines to check on the Tusker's bar ad and you didn't bother reading it: 'restaurantl'.... you are going to tell me that it was written like that on their site but that doesn't mean we ahve to have mistakes on our site do we? (E-mail address not verified) says: On the Pattaya NY guide you told me if was really short so why didn't you read it and see the typos too - I corrected two there already and I'm not tlaking about style or grammar/syntax/punctuation but simple mis-spellings... Matty says: On the subject of spelling mistakes I have noticed two in the text you wrote for the Locations and Guides pages yesterday, so obviously you don't check either! (E-mail address not verified) says: umm, so now your attention to detail is better than mine. You are scoring a long list superior skills... Matty says: No i'm just making a point that we all make mistakes! (E-mail address not verified) says: we do Matty, we do but some of us admit them, say sorry, fix it and don't make ourselves look an ass by trying to make out that the opther person is wrong! Some of us also learn from our mistakes too - and try to limit them rather than doing the same thing oevr and over becasue is isn't imprtant enough to you...

Matty says: I nnever blamed you - I changed the picture, i thought that it looked Ok but you said it was shit so I changed it and I always change the text if I see it is wrong or you see it is wrong, nowhere did I say you were wrong! You always tell me that it's wrong in a derogatory and sarcastic way - just say Matty this is wrong and i'll change it! (E-mail address not verified) says: or how about work out for yourself it;'s wrong by looking at it! I am not here to check everythign you do although I have to and I thnk it;s pretty clear to see that the pictiure was totally impossible to see but you still argued it was ok ratehr than saying it was a stupid picture! YOu see the lack of checking inn NIck but not yourself.... Matty says: Same as in you! Like the locations yesterday, and the headers you put on the Guide and locations pages, if I see them I change them for you I don't go on about it - next time I see a spelling mistake from you i'm going to put it in an arsey e-mail to you! Jus tbecause your having a bad day don't take it out on me and put me in a bad mood! (E-mail address not verified) says: sorry, connection dropped and I'm skyping with HK Matty says: no worries Matty says: good luck with HK (E-mail address not verified) says: For the record I am not having a bad day - I feel good aftetr a tion of ewxercise and losing weight... It's youe end mate trust me! (E-mail address not verified) says: they are delayed for 30 mins so I can continue arguing with you... Matty says: super Matty says: i'm enjoying it (E-mail address not verified) says: I'm not because I have better thngs to do but you seem to just prefer to do the same stuff worng all the time and keep justifying it - very Thai donlt you think! (E-mail address not verified) says: I mean is it really tough to check what you have written on the site? Matty says: I didn't justify it I said I thought it was Ok that is why I put it up, you said it wasn't so I changed it then you started going off on one! Matty says: I will start checking what I have put on! (E-mail address not verified) says: or to learn about apostrophes or do you plan to spend your shole life not knowing? (E-mail address not verified) says: I want you to send the pciture outr to few peole in the size it was oj the front page and tell me if jsut ONE manages to see anythihng in it! Matty says: I've overwritten it! I'll try and find it again (E-mail address not verified) says: then you can tell me it;s ok or maybe you might realise you were just justifying errors - the bit that got me was that I asked you why you did it and if it looked ok and you said 'yep' - I have it - I'lll email it! I know where you din dyour pics - you always take the first ones.. I'll email it to you in the dame size as the front!. Matty says: ok (E-mail address not verified) says: and rather than just saying oh shit, yeah it;s way too dark, I'll get soemthingn else you tried to argue it's ok... batter still as I said, see for yourself it;s useless! Matty says: I had looked at it on the homepage - and I could make out Pattaya probably because I'd seen it in a bigger size so knew what it said! (E-mail address not verified) says:

no way - I have jsut sent it to you! impossible Matty says: Even I can see that says Pattaya! It is a bit too dark i'll give you that ! (E-mail address not verified) says: ok finished skypeing... Matty says: cool how did it go? (E-mail address not verified) says: very good Matty says: super - is it all go then? (E-mail address not verified) says: so have you worked out a bit of resaon or are you still holding out to be a great judge of all the things you are not?! Matty says: I never said I was a great judge of anything! (E-mail address not verified) says: oh, god I am tired Matty... I'm going for a shower - let me know when you can accurately accept your strengths and weaknesses. I have a very clear idea after working wit you beleiuve me but when you argue the toss with me after you have made errors like that, it is very tedious and you are only deluding yourself... Learn some simple stuff and mvoe on before you saart arguiing wit me over (E-mail address not verified) says: stuff that is totally inappropriate for the front page of the site! Matty says: i'm sorry you thought it was inappropriate all you had to do was say please change the picture! (E-mail address not verified) says: no mate becaue it is not my job to state the obvious to you - do you get it now! You have to exercise soem judgement and be able to see that pitch black isnl;t a picture, typos are not allowed on a website, grammar has to be what we accept as English and there ahs to be logic - how is Pattaya Pattyaya Celabrations at all logical for example... (E-mail address not verified) says: when are you going to take responsibility for youerself? (E-mail address not verified) says: Whe are you goping to learn to do things that you cannot do or are you always going to rely onm e? (E-mail address not verified) says: I ned you to know the job and be independednt enugh wit the right judgement to decide what to do or I always have to supervise you... Then I can never move on to do toher things can I? Matty says: I'm willing to take responsibility for myself never have not been but when you talk to me like shit and tell me that it is awful and useless what am I meant to think - you were the one talking about motivation and guidance this morning - i've never known any motivational speeches to tell people they are shit and can't do the job and then when I do think I am doing something right you say it is not (E-mail address not verified) says: I have already said the English is BBC English, pictursare clear and testeful and content is what someone would weant to read... (E-mail address not verified) says: Mate, I have motivated you more than I ever thought I would have to - suggested ways to learn English, asked you 50 times to check the same stuff and triued to be a guide ratehr than a boss so steady - your inabailities are not my repsonsibility! Have you always been like this inh previous jobs? (E-mail address not verified) says: what did anyone else do for you that I have not done more of? (E-mail address not verified) says: you talk to me about how I treeat you.... how do you trreat me when you canlt even be bothered to elarn how to use an apostrophe? is it that you have so little respect, you are too lazy or too arrogant? or is it that you assume I will always be there to correct it for you? (E-mail address not verified) says: why should I when it is such a simple thing? so steady Matty!

Matty says: I'm not saying you haven;'t done a lot for me - you have and I appreciate it and I know you are trying to help, but when you say things like CHECK YOUR SPELLING IT IS WRONG - ARE YOU USELESS it doesn't help! You have made spelling mistakes too - I am putting more content on than you at the moment so therefore i make more mistake and I appoligse for them but try and say things nicely.. Matty says: belittling me doesn't make me work harder (E-mail address not verified) says: I have never said you are useless but you need to learn some basics and stop expecting me to help! (E-mail address not verified) says: I make typos as I write fast and yes I do miss them after.... but I write far mroe than you - you mainly copy and paste (E-mail address not verified) says: I only make typos, no grammar, spelling,. syntax or puntuation mistakes - you do! (E-mail address not verified) says: I always looka tthe site after - you don't (E-mail address not verified) says: I check through everything - you don't (E-mail address not verified) says: I find it hard toi believe you can even start to equate youyr performance to mine..... Matty says: Yes and I check your articles and make sure there are no typos and change them accordingly - I don't tell you tht you have made another speling mistake I just change it - surely it is a two way thing we check each other - I send articles to you before I post them because I know they won't be up to your standard - if you don't want me to write anything for the site tell me! (E-mail address not verified) says: And I have been remarkably patient with you considering you have shown no willingless/ability or ehatever it is to learn thngs you badlty need to.... (E-mail address not verified) says: learn about apostrophes and then talk to me or is that me asking too much? Matty says: Paul, I am doing 15 hour days at the moment tryng to go through the BBC and teach myself grammar is the least of my worries when everything else needs sorting! (E-mail address not verified) says: I want you to change the ahabit oif a lifetime and elarn sdomething important - learn how to sue apostrophes - it’s a two minutes last time I checked and then we will talk... I'm going for a shower...


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