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n 1978, Grease hit theaters and Garfield the

Cat made his debut. Jimmy Carter was Pres-

ident and gas was 65 cents a gallon – while

all of this was happening, Jerry and Eddy

Delgado created The Mortgage Office, a private lending software that has since become the industry leader in private lending origination and servicing. Although a Google search will return 132

software companies in this field, Applied Business Software, the Delgado’s company, has remained at the forefront of private lending programs for 40

years. Though no longer married, Jerry and Eddy remain married in their business and commitment

to serving their customers. They are not the only

two Delgados involved with the company, however. Carlos, Jerry’s cousin, has been with the company for 35 years. Jasen, Jerry’s only nephew, has been involved with Applied Business Software for a de-

cade and started working at ABS every summer

since he was a teenager. Outside of the Delgado family, a small, yet mighty team of software experts and collaborators remain dedicated to serving their customers, some of which have been pur-

chasing The Mortgage Office since the company’s inception. The company currently has 20 employ-

ees and has plans to grow in the future. Originate Report had the chance to sit down with Jerry and

Eddy to discuss their company’s 40-year milestone, as well as their plans and apprehensions about the future of the software industry.

Originate Report (OR): How did you start The Mortgage Office?

Jerry Delgado ( JD): Well, do you want the long story

Jerry and Eddy Delgado:


40 Years of The Mortgage Office By Charles Peckman, Originate Report

or the short story? Basically, at the time I had another business – I wasn’t in the software business – I ran an

auto-repair shop and I was shopping for an accounting package for my business. There weren’t many at the time, so I decided to write my own accounting package,

and I did. Then one day my computer broke down, and when the technician came to repair my computer , he

asked, “Where did you buy the accounting package?” I

told him I wrote it, and a week later he called back and

said, “I think I have a client that may be interested in your package.” So we went and gave the seven accountants a demonstration, and at the end of the demonstration they asked me how much I wanted for the software—I said $1,500 and they wrote me a check. That was really the beginning of Applied Business Software;

in about a week or two, we had sold $40,000 worth of software.

(OR): Can you describe what The Mortgage Office does today?

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