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Aquaworld, Budapest (H) | Wine cellars “Le Meridiane“, Trento (I) | “Sala Portoghesi“, Montecatini Terme (I) | Multiplex Cinema “Città del Cinema”, Foggia (I) | Agrana sugar storage silo, Tulln (A)


RUBNER, LEADER IN EUROPE FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF LARGE TIMBER BUILDINGS Rubner Holzbau is the ideal partner to trust when building complex timber structures and projects of high architectural quality. The constant thrust towards innovation and our wide experience gained over decades of work have allowed our company to become the technological leader and specialist in the field of timber. Rubner Holzbau puts forward innovative solutions for: • glulam constructions • prefabricated roof and wall panels • cross-laminated timber panels or wood-andglass curtain wallings • complete building envelopes This wide range of products has allowed the company to create, all over the world, buildings characterised by a common denominator: supreme mastery in the use of timber - a value that is ac-

tively experienced by all our staff at the production facilities in Bressanone - Brixen, Calitri and Ober-Grafendorf, as also in our design and sales offices all over Europe. The passion for this raw material also emerges in the many types of projects we develop for public and private residential complexes: • industrial and commercial buildings • sports arenas and shopping centres • churches • congress and cultural centres • bridges • housing estate The yearly production by Rubner Holzbau amounts to 300,000 m2 of prefabricated roof and wall panels in solid wood, and 85,000 m3 of special glulam elements.


Installation progress for the various wood structures




A precursor and innovator in the field of eco-sustainable material processing, for decades Rubner Holzbau has concentrated its attention on the added value offered by high quality natural products. To process wood, a renewable raw material, requires less use of energy with respect to any other material normally used in building and contributes, thanks to its absorption of CO2, to protection of the environment and therefore of the human vital space. The extraordinary characteristics of the cellular structure of wood are not altered by the glulam production process, which indeed enhances and improves the mechanical performance of the material. More than 50 years have passed since, among the first central European companies, Rubner Holzbau decided to specialise in the production of glulam wood. Glulam by Rubner Holzbau is produced us-

ing conifer strips from the Group sawmills, dried artificially, then glued with parallel fibres in a press, shaped as to specific requests and then finished. Thanks to the production procedure used, this material has a load capacity up to 80 % higher than that of traditional construction wood. Glulam is particularly well suited to use in construction with a high prefabrication level, but above all in projects with long duration and high aesthetic value. Thanks to many decades experience gained in design and to the creation of completely automatic production lines of high quality standard, it has been possible to reduce the costs of glulam production, allowing for solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, always within rigid cost parameters.


Observation tower, Windischgarsten (A) | Cabin cableway Daolasa - Val Mastellina, Commezzadura (I) | Glulam column directly inserted in the foundations Production facility Novello, Oggiona c. Santo Stefano (I) | Edipower gypsum store, San Filippo del Mela (I) 6 


T = 2π

x k


Glulam wood has a high fire resistance. The carbonised layer that forms on the outside due to combustion slows down and can even prevent combustion of the deeper layer of the beams, so that wood structures never collapse spontaneously. The combustion rate and the structure durability can therefore be calculated.




 SAFE AND LONG-LASTING The market share of glulam structures is in constant growth with respect to those of concrete and steel. Glulam has approximately the same load capacity as steel, but far lower weight, allowing the construction of wide span structures without heat bridges. Wood boasts a high resistance to corrosive atmospheres and offers extraordinary characteristics that can answer even to special demands.


Seismic risk in central Europe was largely undervalued up to a few years ago. Today however, beside the specific regulations in each country, we have European regulations on this topic. For roof dimensioning, the horizontal loads that act on the structure of a building due to seismic movement are crucial. The own-weight of glulam, lower than that of solid wood, confers excellent properties on the structure. The experts at Rubner Holzbau analyse all aspects of the real situation as from the design phase, and integrate harmoniously into the project all the possible influencing factors, such as the layout, the construction height, the static and structural characteristics, the swaybrace system, the choice of materials, the distribution of the masses and the ductility of the load bearing structure.


Vibration period


Elasticity coefficient




Height at which the seismic load

is applied to the mass


1 2 3 d char,a k0 d 0 d ef


Initial area of the structure component


Limit of the residual section


Limit of the effective section

d char,n Ideal carbonisation depth coefficient d ef

Ideal carbonisation depth

d 0

Depth of the layer for which the

strength is assumed zero

k 0 Coefficient





In the realisation of the contracted projects, whether simple roofs or complex lattice beam structures with wide spans, or complete solutions, Rubner Holzbau can supply a complete service including CAD design, production, supply and erection of the structures or produce the various glulam components based on the project designs provided, optimised, if wished, under the technical and structural points of view. The customer himself decides the volume and the supply conditions: from beams cutting to paintwork to insertion of steel components, from delivery ex-works to transport of the finished components to the selected site by Rubner Holzbau. Whatever the service chosen, Rubner Holzbau organises all the operative phases, reducing the customer’s commitment to a minimum.




Restaurant “Eden“, Ripalimosani (I) Architectural design: Arch. A. Gianfelice 520 m3 glulam


National velodrome at Sangalhos, Anadia (P) Architectural design: Arch. Rui Rosmaninho 670 m3 glulam


Church of San Francesco d‘Assisi, Imola (I) Buyer: the curia of Imola Architectural design: Ing. Luciano Ravaglia, Ing. Vincenzo Collina, Ing. Andrea Collina 255 m3 glulam


Aquapark Aquaworld, Concorezzo (I) Architectural design: Sering S.r.l. – Arch. Federico Pella 1,090 m 3 glulam


rces 45.29 25.03 4.77 -15.49 -35.74 -56.00 -76.26 -96.52 -116.77 -137.03 -157.29

Max : Min :

-177.55 45.29 -177.55





med atial Fra 40 - Sp 7.04.09

res Structu

Company headquarters Jointek, Somma Lombardo (I)






The durability of glulam structures – as also of structures built with other materials – depends first on the quality level at the project design and execution stages. Technical perfection, maximum safety and best quality are the requisites with highest priority for Rubner Holzbau. For this reason all the Rubner Holzbau production facilities have an internal engineering office for design and structural calculation of the structures, offering a wide range of services: from dimensioning very simple glulam beams to developing complex roof systems. The experience acquired by the Rubner Holzbau engineers is all to the customers’ advantage right from the initial consultancy and budgeting phases. 60 CAD designers and structural engineers can rely on decades of knowhow, acquired thanks to the many projects completed and to the long experience of expert engineers in the produc-

tion departments. They can therefore guarantee the realisation of solutions that fully respond to the requisites set but also of innovative wood projects - and above all, at limited cost. To reach these objectives it is clearly essential to employ adequate and constantly updated software and hardware devices, and to ensure continuous personnel training. Certificates • ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • BS OHSAS 18001 • FSC • PEFC • Declaration of conformity CE as to norm DIN EN 14080 • Attestation A as to norm DIN 1052 • Conformity marks Ü and ÜA for panels • Quality marks RAL-GZ 422/1 and 422/2 • Attestation SOA


Beam for pitched roofs with overhang

Three-hinge system with tie bar

Gerber beam

Cantilever beam

Lattice beam






Glulam Is a natural construction material that can be dimensioned with extreme precision and that, as to structural safety, offers almost unlimited possibilities in the creation of structures that optimally combine functional and load-bearing characteristics, without loss of aesthetic harmony. This leads to structures that are slim and elegant, fully answering to structural demands. The engineers at Rubner Holzbau also select the structural arrangement that best answers the needs of the single projects.

Three-hinge arch

The quality of all products is guaranteed by external controls but also by severe tests carried out in the company laboratories. The humidity of the wood, for example, is checked once a week using the Darr method, while the adherence of the strip joints (finger joints) is checked using a bending test on two samples for each strength class and for each layer. Last, the strength of glued joints is monitored through a delamination test carried out on a sample for every 40 m3 of glulam.




A complex load bearing roof is made up of single components, assembled with steel or wood connectors. Rubner Holzbau pays special attention to the correct connection of the structural components, searching for solutions that take account of all the aspects of structural stability, from aesthetics to fire resistance, to durability and to the functional characteristics of the project.

Wood connectors are produced by Rubner Holzbau directly, in its own facilities, while those in steel are made by certified external companies, specialised in steelwork, according to technical drawings by Rubner Holzbau. As to needs, the steel connectors may be subjected to particular treatment. In order to allow a high prefabrication level and a speedy assembly of the components at the building site, the greater part of the connector elements is pre-installed by Rubner Holzbau at its own works, where specific checks are carried out.

Brücken, Cermis – Cavalese (I) Benevento (I) | Alpago (I)

Glulam production




The Rubner Holzbau glulam beams are in general produced using Nordic spruce. For special production – above all for outdoor applications – woods such as larch or douglasia (a species of pine) are also used. The strips for glulam production, cut from fresh roundwood, artificially dried and selected according to the strength class, are sawn at the Group sawmill and supplied just-in-time to the production facility. Here they are stacked under vacuum and go on directly to the completely automatic production line. After a quality control system, with elimination of defects (large knots etc) through scanner detection, a continuous beam is produced, in the required length and with finger joints, which is finally planed and glued. The beam produced with this process, of length up to 50 metres, is then shaped to the required form in a numerical control press, respecting the prescribed threshold values.

After the phases of hardening and planing, the beam is finished according to customer requests; this is done in large part by numerical control robots that cut the raw beams according to the CAD project. The processing as to customer requirements is facilitated by the use of fixed-axis laser drilling and milling units. The consequent detailed control guarantees dimensional precision for the wood elements, which have tolerances even smaller than those foreseen for structural steel components. The beams are then painted and impregnated; after that, the steel components are fitted. The glulam production at Rubner Holzbau is subject to constant external control by accredited international agencies, which also check the validity of the national and international certificates and quality marks, as well as the conformity with the prescribed quality standards.


Transport and erection of glulam structures


S TABILITY AND QUALITY  AN ENORMOUS LOAD CAPACITY, CALCULATED EXACTLY Rubner Holzbau organises the entire logistics process and guarantees, on the basis of a time schedule worked out to the smallest detail, delivery just-in-time to the worksite, even for beams of length 50 and width 4.5 metres. The main advantage deriving form this is that the reduced weight of the wood allows a high prefabrication level and hence a reduction in erection times. All the logistics-relevant parameters are analysed at the design stage, discussed with the client and considered in the total cost calculation. The choice of the means of transport itself depends substantially on the shape of the beams, the location of the building site and the available road conditions but also on the size of the beams to be carried, in all cases attempting to find the solution at the same time most ecological and economic.

The erection work is preceded by a series of checks at the production facility; and before work starts at site an Operative Safety Plan (POS) is developed. At site, the components ready for erection are positioned on the relevant supports by means of cranes. The various phases of erection are carried out in conformity with the relevant plans, where the exact position for each wood component, for the metal connectors or for the steelwork is shown. Besides greater speed of erection at site, the high prefabrication level offers many economic advantages. It is also possible to schedule with precision all the work to be done and to coordinate exactly the single skills and personnel present at site.


OUR KEY BRAND VALUES AT YOUR SERVICE Rubner, with decades of experience in high quality wood structures, has become the reference specialist in the field of made-to-measure wood buildings. This result is the fruit of the company philosophy that accompanies all members of our staff in their professional development, placing them at the centre of all decisions and activities. The Rubner philosophy is based on eight key values that generate trust in the Rubner brand; because wherever you hear or read the name of Rubner, you can trust in these eight values.


Attention and respect We have deep respect for wood and for the environment, but also for our staff, customers and suppliers. Behind all actions there are people, and success will be long-lived only if we work as a team and with reciprocal respect.

Precision We keep our promises, to the letter, defining the rules for operation with punctuality and with excellent quality standards, leaving nothing to chance: the given word is for us our bond. We know that only reliability can generate trust and excellence in performance.

Pioneering We define new standards in the fields of process and product technology and we have taken on a pioneering role in the wood processing sector. Our vision is always forwards and our constant research and development with the integration of innovative ideas underline our approach, oriented to the future.

Leadership Our objective is to reach excellence in all we do, and we consider even the most complex projects a stimulating challenge. Any job is worthy of the maximum respect and is faced by all our staff with an eye to maximum quality. We are proud of the enormous appreciation for Rubner products on the market in this field.

Specialist in wood Our decades of experience have taught us to treat wood with great respect. Our staff is highly qualified and motivated, and bring their experience and capabilities into all our projects, to identify always the ideal solution that satisfies our quality standards and our customers’ demands. We live this specialisation day by day, with unfaltering conviction.

Passion An essential premise to the creation of exciting products and services is the personal commitment of our staff, whose motivation and availability make their extraordinary performance possible, thus guaranteeing the customers excellent results for the future too.

Presence The many projects that we have completed all over the world underline our international character. With strength due to our widely distributed sales network, we can ensure our customers and partners will have rapid and direct contact with our company. We are present at fairs, exhibitions, congresses and seminaries and we maintain contact with our like minded colleagues. We cooperate with universities and polytechnics because research and development are one of the main columns of our work.

Advanced technology Only the combination of man and technology generates excellent performance. Thanks to extraordinary infrastructure we reach the maximum results in terms of quality and productivity, always searching for innovative solutions with the objective of extracting the best from wood. Our machinery is up-to-date and constantly perfected, allowing us to develop our technologies and ensure a position of competitive advantage on the market.


Business sectors, brand portfolio and company offices WOOD INDUSTRY


Rohrbach a.d. Lafnitz (A)



Bressanone (I)

Brunico (I)

Chienes (I)

Chienes (I)

Calitri (I)

Lyon (F)

Sarentino (I)

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Basel (CH)

Strassen (A)

Ljubljana (SLO) Lyon (F) Rybnik (PL) Augsburg (D)

Magdeburg (D)

Prato allo Stelvio (I)

Production facility Sales and Consultancy Central Group Headquarters



PASSION FOR WOOD The Rubner family-managed Group is today one of the main European companies operating in the field of wood constructions. The company management, by now the third generation, has successfully realised their futuristic vision in the field of wood constructions and the evolutionary path has always been characterised by continuous growth and constant internationalisation. In all these years, the creed of the Group, PASSION FOR WOOD, has never failed. This same passion today still inspires the owner family represented by Stefan, Peter, Joachim and Alfred Rubner. Under the direction of Stefan Rubner, President of Rubner Holding, the Rubner Group today manages a business subdivided into five strategic sectors: wood industry, wood structures, large turn-key projects, wood homes and wood doors. Just as in an orchestra, the individual companies integrate in the Group to form a single great unit and fully develop their potentiality. The harmonious exchange between the various company sectors has allowed Rubner to reach the highest performance and to penetrate the market, becoming the specialist in the field of made-to-measure buildings in wood. The vertically integrated Rubner production range covers all the processes and operation phases, from raw materials to finished products.

The individual companies, part of the Group, each bring a wide range of experience and know-how, and their products satisfy the strictest quality requisites. These products range from sawn wood to pillar layer frame glue laminated, from panels in solid wood to glulam components or complex glulam structures, to doors and windows and homes and to large turn-key projects, all manufactured by the Group with full respect for environmental sustainability and with advanced technical methods, so as to give life to customised projects and solutions. The Rubner Group is based in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, France and Poland, with more than 1,500 staff, whose daily commitment to the valorisation of wood contributes to intensifying the importance of this natural and renewable raw material. Rubner creates comfortable living environments, but at the same time contributes, ever since company foundation more than 80 years ago, to the rational use of natural resources.







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