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“Where flowers bloom so does love.”


DEDICATED TO To the many couples who helped us create the most beautiful weddings possible.

“I don’t care if you spend a thousand dollars or a million dollars. Everyone’s gonna be treated the same.” ~ Greg Goodman.


hile Greg has provided floral arrangements for Barack Obama and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, every utterance from Gregory Goodman is a bouquet of understatement. “Pretty much we’re proud of every event,” he said. Greg appreciates the beauty and impact of a simple bouquet of daisies or the simplicity of a carnation, My Little Flower Shop doesn’t trade in simplicity. Greg is about upscale, memorable, and elegant floral bouquets that will be remembered and treasured as both works of art, and flowers that marked an occasion, told a story, and struck both the wedding couple and their guests with awe and emotion.



“Flowers are art. Alan and I take them and create an event, a story, a visual and sensory work of art that tells a story and conveys the significance of life’s greatest moment — like weddings, where people, gay or straight, come together in front of the most important people in their lives to declare their dedication and love for one another. “Our bouquets commemorate that occasion, and they celebrate it with the significance of the arrangement. We also create ‘life moments’ arrangements to celebrate graduations, births, or any event people want to remember. ”


lan Kelly, CEO, learned floral design after leaving the military, meeting Greg and discovering his true passion and an untapped wellspring of talent and creativity. Falling in love with Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, they decided to make their second home a permanent location and My Little Flower Shop quickly rose to prominence as the premiere full service floral, wedding and event design studio in Palm Springs, CA.

Alan also fell in love with weddings and all they represented. “Weddings allow me to regularly experience the joy of family and friends gathering to celebrate love — love of family, love of friends, and most of all, the rich love of a wedding couple bravely coming together, focused more on one another than they may well focus on the rest of their lives together.”



“Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys!!! They just recently did my wedding and did such an amazing job.. I truly enjoyed every second of doing business with them. They were so professional, and so fun and easy to work with. Not mention the flowers were perfect and everything I could have asked for… ~ Stacey, Pasadena, CA


umility and equality bloom in tandem at Goodman’s nursery. After spending two decades beautifying Beverly Hills, Goodman brought his style and sophistication to the desert a decade ago. His high standards just kept blossoming. “We don’t really handle carnations or daisies or anything like that. Everything is more upscale, fun, elegant, elaborate and unusual.”

In addition to providing elegant floral arrangements for delivery and delight, Gregory revels in concocting memorable experiences for his eternally grateful customers. “We love our clients, especially weddings. We specialize in weddings and parties, gay and straight – I don’t care who you love, they’re all weddings. It’s just great when you see the joy on the client’s face.” Established in 2010, our experience is extensive. Past projects include prestigious events such as the Academy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, Five Presidential Inaugurations and Inaugural Balls. We are trusted to create celebrations and tribute arrangements for celebrity clients across Southern California. Most importantly we have created hundreds of unique, personal weddings, birthday celebrations, showers, anniversary parties, and all occasion/holiday bouquets for happy clients across Southern California and beyond..


3 “We’re members of Main Street. I (Greg) also founded Wedding Warriors, and we try to be a part of the community as much as we can.”




estled lovingly in the heart of Palm Springs, My Little Flower Shop is the perfect place to not only find or create gorgeous floral arrangements, but to learn how to tell a floral story about your special event that will last for decades to come. If you've got a soft spot for blossoms and a penchant for all things vibrant, meaningful, and memorable, especially wedding bouquets, you're in for a treat! Whether you’re a romantic at heart or haven’t even heard of the history of the language of love — flowers, it’s time to delve into the fragrant facts about flowers and bouquets and the stories they were designed to tell. Flowers connect us to joy, relationships, and celebration, and they always have.

HISTORY OF THE BOUQUET Wedding bouquets were first used in ancient Greek and Roman weddings.


ack then wedding parties also carried herbs and garlic to ward off evil spirits. Not exactly the goal of modern day weddings, but then again, you never know. Brides also incorporated flowers to increase their fertility, their hopes of a long lasting and fruitful marriage and to stimulate the loyalty of their partner. That’s a lot to ask of a flower arrangement, but we still do it today. During the Middle Ages - European brides carried pungent floral posies made of thyme, rosemary, and dill to help mask poor hygiene. Hopefully, those aren’t conditions you have to worry about today, although it doesn’t hurt to incorporate some fragrant herbs and a sprig of garlic, to be sure! The modern wedding bouquet, as we know it today, originated in the Victorian era. Brides carried flowers like roses, peonies, and lilies for beauty and to symbolize fidelity and fertility.

5 As much attention as roses and baby’s breath get, the most popular bouquet during the Victorian era was Orange Blossoms. These fragrant white flowers were especially popular for Victorian wedding bouquets because they represent purity and innocence. Many modern brides still incorporate them into their bouquets today. Your bouquet is your moment in time and should represent your dreams, values, and your wedding wishes.


lowers and floral symbolism also represent faith and ethnic practices and play a meaningful role in all three Abrahamic faiths. — Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, but flowers transcend religious boundaries. They allow aesthetic customization for the couple and add beauty regardless of affiliation. Flowers are a near-universal element in weddings worldwide.


For those from a religious or faith based background:

JEWISH WEDDINGS: Many Jewish weddings involved floral chuppahs wedding canopies decorated with garlands of flowers hanging down the open sides. Flowers were woven through the chuppah frame. Common chuppah flowers were roses to symbolize love, passion, and beauty. Ivy represented fidelity and strong bonds. Myrtle signified good luck and happiness in marriage. Bouquets carried by the bride often used myrtle and ivy for their symbolic meaning related to marriage. Orange blossoms also signified purity and fertility. In some traditions, brides would wear floral crowns or headdresses known as stephanots made of myrtle and roses.


Grooms sometimes wore boutonnieres made with rosemary, which represented remembrance, or containers of spices. Brides would carry herbs like parsley and basil to ward off evil spirits who might curse the couple. Flowers were seen as imbued with life force and fertility that could bless the union. Garlands and wreaths enhanced the festive joy. So flowers, especially roses, ivy, and myrtle, played an integral symbolic role imbued with wishes of love, luck, memory, and life for the new Jewish couple. The traditions emphasized creating harmony and beauty.

“Be like the ower that gives its fragrance even to the hand that crushes it.” ~ Imam Ali




loral garlands and flower-adorned arches may decorate the ceremony area at a Muslim wedding. Rose garlands are especially favored. The bride often carries a fragrant bouquet of flowers like roses, orchids, or gardenias. These flowers signify beauty, femininity, and new beginnings. Muslim couples may sprinkle flower petals on one another as a blessing and as wishes for a sweet marriage. Floral motifs are often found on decor elements like canvases and textiles and carved or painted on surfaces at the reception. Orange blossoms are popular as symbols of joy, prosperity, and fertility. Jasmine represents elegance.



“Love is a ower which turns into fruit in marriage.” ~ Proverb



ltar arrangements at Christian weddings traditionally use white flowers like roses, lilies, and hydrangeas to signify purity. Orchids, signifying femininity, grace, and elegance, are a popular choice for bridal bouquets and are often used as well. The bride's bouquet contains culturally meaningful flowers like roses (love), baby's breath (innocence), and ivy (fidelity). Flower girls walk down the aisle before the bride, sprinkling flower petals along the path the bride will walk to meet her future husband at the altar. Flowers typically adorn the church or ceremony setting - from pew markers to swags along the aisles. Bridesmaids often carry flower bouquets complementary to the bride's wedding bouquet. So flowers hold special meaning in all faith-based weddings and are used for decor as well as for cultural symbolism related to marriage. You don’t have to be religious or profess a faith to incorporate flowers into your wedding ceremony.



lowers bring beauty, fragrance, and meaning to your faith, gender, political ideology or background. They are common ground for us all, a place where love matters more than anything. They are a time, a place, an arrangement, and a special collection of the things we value in nature - color, timelessness, the eternal essence that lives on in flowers. Though they may fade, their power and presence remain. Ask any bride or groom who has opened a book to find the faded petals of a long-pressed bouquet if the emotion that surges through them is reminiscent of that special day, and the answer will be yes. That’s why it’s important to take time to explore the possibilities, colors, fragrances, and meaning behind each flower. It might be helpful to ask parents and grandparents about their bouquets. Is there a family flower or tradition you might want to carry on - or a new tradition you want to start?


o you have children who will be participating in your vows? Will they be carrying a special bouquet? nd finally, consider your nose. As fantastic as color, variety, and fragrance may be, you don’t want to select flowers that cause an allergic reaction that leaves you crying at the altar - not because of love, but because of blocked sinuses. It’s a real thing.


11 “What great service the personal touch provided to my bride over this past weekend really made her day. My Little Flower Shop Palm Springs crew went above and beyond to provide exceptional service and a superior product. The Flowers were FRESH and delivered right on time. Gregory Goodman Allan Kelly are going to receive more referrals from my business, I have been Catering events for over 30 years and wish I met them 30 years ago.” ~ George Angelaccio Hyatt Regency Hotel, Palm Springs, CA



ou do want a bouquet that will hold up to a long wedding service, heat or conditions particular to your wedding venue, and many wedding photos. Many brides are satisfied with selecting beautiful, fragrant, colorful flowers that match their wedding ensemble, but Gregory Goodman and Alan Kelly, can also enlighten brides and their entourage about the symbolism and power inherent in certain flowers as well. These two have made it their life's mission to sprinkle love, joy, and floral enchantment wherever they go. Think of them as your fairy god-florists, armed with petals and passion! Gregory and Alan don’t just craft flower arrangements; they breathe life into them. On your special wedding day, when emotions run high, and memories are in the making, they ensure that your flowers aren't just beautiful—they're a piece of art, a conversation starter, and a cherished memory all rolled into one.


lowers provide natural beauty that lifts moods and brightens spaces. Note that fresh-cut flowers add vitality and life to the celebration of marriage. People tend to feel happier around fresh flowers. Flowers let people express sentiments non-verbally. They convey things like love, appreciation, and even sympathy when words fail us. For the spouse who struggles to express themselves verbally, flowers “say it all.” Floral arrangements create intimate connections, memorable moments, and memories that literally last a lifetime not only in our hearts and minds, but in our photos and videos.


ifting flowers shows someone they are special and thought of. They mark our special moments, whether an a crown of olive leaves for the victor in the Olympics of old, or the bride or groom or attendants at a wedding. Flowers are integral to all our important ceremonies, but none is as important as that date marking our eternal union with our beloved.


re you feeling the pressure to “get it right” and pick the “perfect bouquet”? You don’t have to stress. Not only are these Gregory and Alan the maestros


of blossoms, but they’re also top-notch wedding planners.


rom the "I do's" to the bouquet toss, they are with you every step of the way. They know the ins and outs of weddings like the back of their hands, ensuring your big day is as seamless as the petals of a rose. Wedding planning isn’t just about making a guest list, securing a venue, and dealing with the logistics of “the wedding day.” Planning your wedding is creating a symphony of music, color, emotions, expectations, and food, along with family, friends, vows, and promises.


With the joy and celebration of the announcement “You may kiss the bride,” there’s the traditional tossing of the bridal bouquet - the passing of the most important flowers to an unknown recipient, ensuring the tradition of marriage is passed along.


hen we gather among a community of our nearest and dearest, as well as our friends and soon-to-be families, we not only join couples together, but we join our tribes and communities together, for better or for worse.


eddings are truly an orchestrated event where flowers, colors, seating, and decorations work with each other to symbolize the dreams you have for you and your spouse and your lives and futures. Why wouldn’t you want to spend the time putting in the energy, thought, and passion





that special time deserves? When you step into My Little Flower Shop, it's not just about buying flowers; it's about becoming a part of a family—a community of people who care deeply, celebrate love fervently, and believe that every special moment deserves a sprinkle of floral magic. So, whether you're saying "I do," celebrating an anniversary, or just want to make someone's day a tad brighter, pop on by. Let Gregory, Alan, and the team show you the heart and soul they pour into every petal, vase, and arrangement.


fter all, at My Little Flower Shop, every bloom tells a tale, and every couple gets the fairy tale ending they deserve. Come and let your love story flourish with us! But first, walk with us as we share flowers and more to inspire you with ideas to create the wedding of your dreams!


“Say it with flowers.” “Say what?” “Anything.”




lowers tell a story. Yes, they’re beautiful, fragrant and stunning in the right arrangement, but more than that, flowers tell a story — YOUR story. Specific blooms carry symbolism - Certain flowers like roses (love), lilies (purity), tulips (passion) have traditional meanings that can reflect the couple's relationship. Colors set a tone. Soft pastels connote innocence, vivid colors like red/orange signify passion. White represents purity. Color themes can also coordinate with wedding decor and STILL tell a story of love, committment or joy. Local/seasonal flowers - Incorporating local, seasonal blooms connects to the time and place of the wedding. It ties in a sense of locale. Heirloom flowers - Adding blooms from a family garden or using heirloom seeds can honor family heritage. This adds personal history. Bride's favorites - Flowers the bride loves, even if unconventional, can communicate personal style and what is important to her. Arrangement style - A cascading, organic bouquet style can come across romantic, wild. A minimal, sleek look is more modern. Scent - Fragrant flowers like gardenias or peonies enhance the sensory experience through smell. Texture - Silky petals, fuzzy blooms, wispy grasses each impart a visual and tactile diversity. So flowers can impart far more than just visual beauty. Thoughtfully chosen, they convey layers of symbolic, sensory, and emotional meaning for the couple on their wedding day.



here’s a time and place for tradition, until there’s not. Your wedding, celebration, or special day is your day. Make it special, memorable and above all else, deeply and significantly personal. Forget the stereotypes about what flowers “should” be carried or used.. Make your day, yours…


othing says “I’ll love you forever,” like flowers.




e craft floral bouquets that reflect your unique love story. When you see how thoughtfully flowers speak to your personal history and future together, you’ll understand the power of meaningful floral storytelling. We make your bouquet and arrangements personal. By learning your love story, interests, values, and vision for your ceremony we find inspiration for floral choices that authentically represent you. We focus on symbolism.


s we work with you, we’ll explain how certain flowers carry traditional meanings (roses for love, lilies for purity) and how your bouquet can reflect your unique love and devotion as well as your vision for your future. The colors you choose also set an emotional tone - bright colors for celebration, pastels for romance. This builds atmosphere for your wedding. Where possible, we suggest including flowers from a family garden or venue with a personal history. This honors your past and new beginnings. We suggest you incorporate your favorite blooms, flowers you adore for scent, look or memory. This adds a personal touch. Flower bring a rich sensory experience as well as a visual one. Fragrance, texture and variety create a multi-sensory experience for guests. This collection of color, fragrance, texture, and meaning makes your wedding even more memorable. We can also create placards to explain the flowers you’ve chosen.




hare your vision with us, or whatever florist you choose. Use descriptive language to paint a picture of the flowers you believe will tell a beautiful, cohesive story through symbolic meaning, rich sensory effect and artistic vision. Start with an overarching vision and then map the floral design from the bridal bouquet outward. This helps build a coordinated, meaningful floral motif across the entire celebration. Here’s the basic process we suggest: Discuss Your Wedding Vision Understand the overall style, theme, and your personal vision for the wedding first. This provides helpful context. Select Bridal Bouquet Flowers Focus next on the bridal bouquet since it is the centerpiece of every wedding. We can recommend flowers that represent the bride and couple and best tell your story. Choose Wedding Party Flowers With the bridal bouquet decided, select complementary flowers for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Aim for cohesion. Plan The Flowers For The Wedding Ceremony Based on the bridal and attendants’ flowers, design coordinated flowers for the ceremony venue and decor. Choose The Flowers For Your Reception Finally, incorporate reception table arrangements and other florals that tie everything together beautifully. Consider Seasonality and Budget Throughout the process, we ensure selections work with the wedding season and couple's budget parameters.

Crafting Your Dream Wedding: A Floral Journey with Gregory and Alan


s we keep reminding you, at the heart of every wedding lies a story, one of love, dreams, and the promise of forever. We believe in bringing that story to life through the language of flowers. After both parties say “Yes!” The next steps are often harder, more complex and frustrating than most couples expected — but they don’t have to be.



s a matter of fact, because we have not only provided floral arrangements (including bouquets) for weddings, but have also helped couple plan their special day down to the venue, flowers, cake, and rehearsal dinners and reception — they have the process down to an art. That makes it easier on you and your loved one(s).

How All This Works: Crafting the Dream - Budgeting Wedding budgeting is a balance of dreams and reality. Prioritize essentials, allocate funds wisely, and remember that meaningful moments often outweigh lavish expenses. Plan with love, not just your wallet. The Rhythm of Dreams Come prepared to have a conversation about your special day. As our conversation progresses, like a dance gaining momentum, we’ll begin to piece together the puzzle of your dreams and expectations. We’ll weave in tales of Palm Springs—the sun setting behind the majestic mountains, the allure of its mid-century modern charm, and the desert’s bloom after a rare rain. By intertwining these tales, we ensure that each wedding's floral display is not just beautiful, but also tells a rich, deeply personal story. The Vision Your story becomes our inspiration. Every glance shared, every memory made—these guide our hands and hearts in crafting the perfect floral palette. Finding Your Floral Language Roses for passion, daisies for innocence. Orange flowers for purity. Every flower has a meaning. Together, we'll translate your love story into a breathtaking floral narrative.


The Heart's Desire No dream is too big or too small. We'll weave your aspirations into reality, ensuring the essence remains untouched. The Art of Balance With expertise and care, Gregory and Alan will curate options that resonate with your vision while respecting your budget. Our Promise Quality, for us, isn't a choice—it's a promise. Every bloom, every leaf is a testament to our commitment.


ith your help, we will craft a collage of emotions, memories, and dreams — this inspiration board becomes the soul of our floral designs. Season’s Whispers Nature has its rhythm. We embrace it, recommending flowers that are in season, fresh, and radiant. The hues you adore, the shades you dream of, the fragrances you want—they all find a place in our design. Sealing the Dream - Finalization Re ecting You Together, we revisit our design, ensuring it mirrors the essence of your journey. We create a blueprint that details flower types, counts, and arrangement structures that are critical. We craft a map of your floral dreams. The Countdown With anticipation and excitement, we lay out the path leading to your big day. Each petal and every fragrance is handpicked by Gregory and Alan, ensuring they echo your love story. Preserving Beauty Our flowers rest in nature-mimicked sanctuaries till they grace your wedding, preserving their pristine beauty. Quality’s Whisper In every stem, in each bloom, quality speaks. And we listen, always.


Tools of the Craft Our tools aren’t just instruments; they're extensions of our passion. Precision, care, and artistry converge here.

The Floral Symphony Crafted by masters, each arrangement is a harmonious blend of beauty and emotion, meaning and history.


Guarding Dreams Until they reach you, we'll be able to protect your arrangements, making sure they are fresh. Collaborative Harmony In sync with your wedding crew, we ensure our florals blend into your wedding's tapestry, yet stand out as your unique and memorable arrangement. The Perfect Moment Timeliness is our mantra. We promise the brilliance of fresh blooms at just the right moment. Graceful Unveiling With finesse, we set up, turning your venue into a dreamscape. The Final Waltz - The Wedding Day Last Touches Every petal in place, every fragrance wafting. We're there, ensuring perfection. With You, For You As you embark on this beautiful journey, we stand by, ensuring your floral dreams walk with you. Conclusion With every petal and every fragrance, Gregory and Alan craft not just arrangements but dreams. Through this guide, we hope you've felt the passion, commitment, and love we pour into making your day truly magical.


lowers have seasons. And seasons have colors. What colors are considered appropriate to the time of year of your wedding.

Bold? Pastels? Rich ? Riotous? Warm? Cozy? Inviting?


onsider both the season and the colors of your wedding when planning your special day.



30 F

lower meanings. Throughout history, each flower, herb or plant has been assigned a meaning related to emotions, characteristics, or relationships. For example, red roses represent love, daisies mean innocence, and lilies symbolize purity. While many of us understand the language of more commonly used flowers, few people can explain the language or meaning of succulents, berries, pine, or rarer flowers used in arrangements. We know bouquets are messages, love notes to one’s beloved.


loriography refers to the symbolic meaning associated with flowers and floral arrangements. It is a means of cryptically communicating messages using flowers. Some key things to know about floriography: Floral symbolism dates back centuries, but floriography became especially popular in Victorian times. Flowers were used to convey certain messages that could not be openly spoken because of political or power ties among people. symbolize purity.

By selecting and arranging specific flowers, symbolic messages can be secretly embedded in bouquets. You can do this as a message to your partner, or share the symbology with your guests. It’s up to you. Floriography was used in subtle communications, particularly in courtship, and we honor that tradition. Context matters. A flower's meaning can vary slightly depending on the culture, time period, color of bloom, or arrangement style. The recipient must interpret the implied message based on norms.


ost people need a florist to do this. Language of flowers. Common floriography dictionaries were published during Victorian times to help document the symbolic coded meanings of flowers. This allowed more complex floral messages to develop. It’s still possible to find these books if you’re serious about studying the meanings over time. Floriography persists today, with flowers still given to convey certain emotions, sentiments, or unspoken expressions. Many floral designers incorporate symbolic meanings. Floriography enriches the inherent expressiveness of flowers.

31 While this arrangement above looks like simply a gorgeous floral display, it’s sending a message and telling a story. The flowers, roses, arrangement consists of banksia protea, white dendrobium orchids, white hydrangea , creme dutch roses, green and white variegated kale. It’s beautiful, but what story does it tell?


he combination of these flowers in a wedding bouquet or any arrangement can convey a variety of messages. Overall, this bouquet signifies a commitment to enduring love, purity, transformation, unity, and appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the relationship. It sends a very powerful message of the couple’s commitment to each other and their future. It also carries an element of good luck and prosperity as the couple embarks on their journey together. The specific meaning may vary depending on the cultural and personal significance attributed to each flower by the couple and their florist.

FLOWERS IN THIS ARRANGEMENT Banksia Protea: Banksia protea is native to Australia and is often associated with change and transformation. In a wedding bouquet, it can symbolize the couple's willingness to embrace change and adapt as they embark on their journey together. It can also represent diversity and unity, as it comes from a diverse region with many different species.

White Dendrobium Orchids: White orchids, in general, symbolize purity, elegance, and beauty. They can also represent love, luxury, and refinement.


endrobium orchids are particularly associated with strength and endurance, making them a symbol of a long-lasting and enduring love.

White Hydrangea: White hydrangeas are often used in weddings as they symbolize purity, grace, and abundance. They can also represent heartfelt emotions and gratitude. The full, lush blooms of hydrangeas can convey the idea of unity and togetherness in marriage.

Creme Dutch Roses: Cream or creme-colored roses symbolize charm, thoughtfulness, and appreciation. They can convey a sense of grace and admiration. Dutch roses, in particular, are known for their high quality and beauty, making them a symbol of enduring love and affection.

Green and White Variegated Kale: Kale is a unique addition to a wedding bouquet and represents abundance and good luck. Its green and white variegation can symbolize the blending of two lives, as well as growth and prosperity in the marriage. It adds a touch of creativity and uniqueness to the bouquet.



Orange Ranunculus: Ranunculus flowers, in general, symbolize charm and attractiveness. The orange color adds an element of enthusiasm and energy. This flower can represent the couple's magnetic attraction to each other and the vibrant energy of their love.

Hot Pink Sweet Peas: Sweet peas symbolize pleasure, bliss, and delicate pleasures in the language of flowers. The hot pink color adds an element of playfulness and passion. This flower can convey the idea of enjoying the sweet moments in life and celebrating the joys of love.

Orange Pin Cushion Protea: Pin cushion protea is known for its unique and exotic appearance. In the language of flowers, protea symbolizes change and transformation. The orange color can signify enthusiasm and creativity. This flower can represent the couple's willingness to embrace change and the creative journey of building a life together.

Purple Imported Lilac: Lilac, in general, represents first love and the emotions of young love. The purple lilac can symbolize enchantment and love at first sight. It can convey the idea that the couple's love story is filled with enchanting moments and deep emotional connections. Sword Fern: Sword ferns are often used as greenery in bouquets and symbolize sincerity and protection. They can represent the couple's commitment to protecting and nurturing their love and relationship.



34 Silver Dollar Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus leaves, especially silver dollar eucalyptus, are known for their pleasant fragrance and represent healing and protection. They can symbolize the couple's wish for a relationship that is not only passionate but also nurturing and protective. Overall, this bouquet combines a vibrant mix of colors and symbolism. It can represent a passionate and energetic love filled with enchanting moments, transformation, protection, and a commitment to nurturing and protecting their relationship. The specific meaning may also be influenced by the personal significance the couple attaches to each flower and their unique love story. PURPLE IMPORTED LILIAC



The bouquet on the previous pages: Quicksand Roses: Quicksand roses are a type of garden rose and are often associated with grace, elegance, and gratitude. They can symbolize the couple's appreciation for each other's beauty and the grace they bring to each other's lives.

Hot Pink Rice Flowers: Hot pink rice flowers symbolize happiness and celebration. They can represent the joy and excitement of the wedding day and the happiness that the couple brings to each other's lives.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus: Silver dollar eucalyptus leaves are known for their pleasing aroma and represent healing and protection. They can symbolize the couple's wish for a marriage that is not only beautiful but also nurturing and protective.

Cream Pampas Grass: Pampas grass is often associated with free-spiritedness and relaxation. The cream color can symbolize peace and tranquility in the marriage. It can represent the couple's desire for a harmonious and peaceful life together.

Jasmine: Jasmine is known for its sweet fragrance and is often associated with love and sensuality.


It can symbolize the couple's romantic and passionate love for each other.

Fresh Rosemary: Rosemary is often associated with remembrance and fidelity. Including rosemary in the bouquet can symbolize the couple's commitment to remember and cherish their wedding day and to remain faithful to each other throughout their marriage. Incorporating these elements into a wedding bouquet can convey a message of gratitude, happiness, protection, tranquility, passion, and commitment. The specific meaning may also be influenced by the personal significance that the couple attaches to each flower and greenery, as well as their individual love story. Overall, this bouquet represents a beautiful and meaningful addition to a wedding celebration. Finally, never forget to include greenery in your bouquet! Iy has meaning and significance as well even more than flowers!




37 T

he study of the meaning of flowers is known as floriography. It began in Victorian times as a way for people to communicate feelings and messages through the arrangement and gifting of flowers. Floriography was used to convey certain emotions, sentiments, and desires - sometimes those that could not be spoken aloud due to etiquette. Flowers could express love, friendship, congratulations, sympathy, grief, etc. Specific blooms were assigned meaning based on their symbolism, traits, history, and more.

“We’re bi-lingual. We tell all of our customers that human beings speak a lot of languages, and they are often clumsy in their communication, but flowers speak one universal language — and that’s joy, commitment, forgiveness and most importantly, love.”


ust as in the past, flowers can express love, friendship, congratulations, sympathy, grief, and any range of emotion or emotions a person is experiencing, or wants to convey. While specific blooms were assigned meaning based on their symbolism, traits, history, and more, others were added along the way. And while we love weddings, we know there are many, many special occasions when it’s appropriate to send flowers — in times of celebration, homecomings, graduations, death, sickness, or just “because.”


ather than simply send the “expected,” flowers, or floral arrangement, why not take time to send flowers with a message of hope, celebration, joy, strength or loyalty? Beyond individual meanings, arrangements as a whole carry significance based on their shape, the varieties of flowers used, color schemes, and even the method of gifting - in a box, vase, or bouquet. While less commonly practiced today, floriography influence remains visible through the continued use of certain flowers at weddings, funerals, Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, and graduations.



ay this guide serve as a key to unlocking the deeper sentiments behind each chosen flower, adding even more depth and significance to the big day! Roses: Universally known and loved around the world, roses stand for love and passion. Each color carries its own meaning—red for love, white for purity, and yellow for joy. Roses have a long history as a wedding tradition. They were used in ancient Greek and Roman ceremonies, and wreaths made of roses were worn as a sign of love and hope for fertility. In medieval times, roses were linked to Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Brides would wear crowns or garlands of roses on their wedding day as a sign of their love. Rose petals were also scattered on the marital bed. Red roses especially came to symbolize romantic love. Their red color represented strong emotion and passion. Brides started carrying full bouquets of red roses during the Victorian era as a message of their true love.

39 ROSES Today, red roses remain the most popular wedding flower. They symbolize the bride's love for her groom. White roses add feelings of pureness and innocence to the bouquet. The thornless stems represent a love free of obstacles. Beyond wedding bouquets, roses decorate everything from the bridal gown to the wedding cake. Rose petals are tossed at newlywed couples. Roses also appear as boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen. Their timeless beauty and meaning make roses a cherished wedding tradition.




ulips: Representing perfect love, tulips come in various colors with each having a unique significance—red tulips mean “love declaration,” while white signifies forgiveness. Tulips originated in Persia and Turkey, and became popular in Europe in the 17th century. Their name comes from the Persian word for “turban” which describes their shape. Tulips are a spring flower, representing rebirth and renewal. This makes them most fitting for weddings happening in springtime. The different colors also carry symbolic meaning. Red tulips represent true love, white symbolize worthiness and forgiveness, and variegated tulips mean beautiful eyes or a message of love. Tulips are traditionally given on the 11th wedding anniversary. In floriography, the “language of flowers” assigns specific meanings to blooms. Tulips signify perfect, deep love between partners. Thus they are seen as an appropriate 11th year gift. In numerology the number 11 is considered a “master number” representing intuition, insight, and enlightenment. Thus it aligns with the deeper understanding married couples gain after being together for years. Many wedding anniversary gift guides, dating back to the late 1800s, suggest flower types for each year and Tulips are commonly designated for the 11th anniversary.

41 C

alla Lilies: Symbolizing magnificent beauty, these elegant flowers have become a popular choice for weddings for a variety of reasons, including their meaning in floriography. According to floriograhy, calla lilies mean “magnificent beauty” which is symbolic for brides on their wedding day. The white color of calla lilies symbolizes purity, innocence, and new beginnings - fitting sentiments for a bride at her wedding. Many couples love the fact that calla lilies have an elegant, graceful shape that adds a refined touch to wedding flowers, yet they are suited to both elegant modern weddings as well as more simple, rustic, or minimalist weddings.

Calla Lilies With their large, ruffled blooms, calla lilies represent beauty and are a show-stopping addition to bridal bouquets. These flowers convey joy and happiness, perfect emotions for a wedding celebration. Calla lilies have an air of sophistication and class that enhances accompanying wedding flowers with a touch of refinement. In many cultures, calla lilies are used in a variety of celebrations and thus have come to signify festivity appropriate for weddings. By combining their elegance, joyful symbolism, and association with beauty, purity and new beginnings, calla lilies have become a popular choice for modern wedding bouquets.




ily of the Valley: With its delicate, tiny white bells, this flower signifies the return of happiness. With its white, delicate, bell-shaped flowers, the lily of the valley is a symbol of purity and innocence. The white, delicate, bell-shaped flowers represent purity, virginity, and innocence — fitting for brides at their wedding. Its dainty appearance gives an old-fashioned, Victorian look that is back in style for weddings. The lily of the valley blooms in spring, around May. This ties into themes of new beginnings and Spring's optimism and the fragrance is described as fresh, sweet, and uplifting.

“Flowers, flowers. I must always have flowers.” - Claude Monet


t fits with the joy of weddings. Shakespeare's Ophelia also refers to lily of the valley meaning “return of happiness” which connects it to marriage. For all its simplicity, it’s also a Royal Wedding Flower. Both Princess Grace of Monaco and Kate Middleton used it in their bouquets, sparking a revival of the bloom. We often hear that the flower looks like it belongs in an enchanted forest, conjuring fairytales. Links to dreams coming true. Our customers aren’t wrong! Some cultures see lily of the valley as lucky and protecting against evil spirits. That’s a good meaning for matrimony.



ydrangeas represent heartfelt emotions and gratitude, and are often chosen to express understanding. Hydrangeas have been used in wedding bouquets since at least the 19th century, though they surged in popularity in the mid-2000s. Their lush, full blooms give bouquets a romantic, abundant look. Hydrangea’s symbolizes devotion, grace, and joy. The four petals are said to represent four seasons or four directions. Blue hydrangeas in particular are linked to love and relationships. Light blue conveys sweetness, darker shades convey deep commitment.

43 T

heir rounded shapes and stem lengths give bouquets visual balance. White hydrangeas symbolize purity and new beginnings appropriate sentiments for brides. Their clusters of small florets create full, "fluffy" bouquets. Their availability adds to their wedding appeal. As a full, showy bloom, hydrangeas complement more delicate flowers like roses. Hydrangeas dry beautifully. Brides may choose them in order to preserve their bouquets after the wedding. Their lushness suits floral themes of abundance and growth common in weddings. Hydrangeas' romantic symbolism and full, lush blooms make them a meaningful, visually striking, and versatile choice for wedding flower.

44 P

eonies are symbolic of a happy life, marriage, health, and prosperity, and are often considered a good omen for the newlyweds. Peonies originated in Asia, especially China, and have been cultivated for over a thousand years. Their name comes from Paeon, a healer in Greek mythology. White peonies indicate devotion. Pink peonies represent romance and intimacy.

“Brides plan their wedding dates around peony season. Flower enthusiasts plant them all through their gardens. Florists go crazy over all the different shades available from white, to coral, yellow to reds and every imaginable pink!” - Chantal Larocque


Red peonies convey a deep bond of love. In China, peonies are known as the "king of flowers" and are associated with honor, prosperity, and a happy marriage. They were often depicted in wedding art and ceremonies. Peonies symbolize romance, prosperity, good fortune, and bashfulness. The lush, full blooms represent a happy union and are thought to bring blessings to the marriage.


aisies epitomize innocence, pure joy and innocence. They are a bright and cheerful addition to any wedding. In ancient Rome brides would wear wreaths made of daisies to symbolize their virginity. In Medieval times, young maidens would dress in daisy chains as a sign of youthfulness and maidenhood. Queen Victoria chose to carry daisies in her wedding bouquet when she married Prince Albert in 1840. This sparked a popular trend among Victorian brides.


45 D

aisies represent loyal love and innocence. Carrying daisies symbolizes the bride's innocent and faithful heart entering marriage. The simple beauty and purity of daisies evoke feelings of freshness and new beginnings - perfect for a wedding celebration. In Celtic tradition, daisies represent the spirits of children. Having daisies in a bouquet can symbolize family, children, and motherhood. Daisies are said to be the flowers of birth months and carry an aura of new life - an appropriate meaning for a bride starting a new chapter.



tephanotis represents marital happiness. These star-shaped blossoms are a traditional wedding choice. They became a popular wedding flower during the Victorian era for their beautiful ivory color and waxed look. They remain a wedding staple today for their classic, romantic look. In the language of flowers, stephanotis symbolizes not only marital happiness and “desire to travel together.”


The white color of the Stephanotis has traditionally symbolized purity and virginity, making it a tting choice for brides. The stephanotis' sweet, subtle fragrance adds to its appeal.


The circular shape of the blossoms represents eternity, perfection, and everlasting love. With its sculptural, pinwheel-shaped blooms, stephanotis projects an air of elegance and grace. It became a staple in high society weddings during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Stephanotis is sometimes incorporated into bridal veils, wreaths, and floral details on the wedding dress to accent the beauty of the bride. In Hawaiian culture, stephanotis is used for its luckbringing power related to marriage.

47 O

rchids denote love, luxury, beauty, and strength, and have had a long-held association with weddings for their exotic allure. There’s no denying orchids are a favorite flower and for good reason. Orchids have been associated with nobility, luxury and refinement since ancient times. Greek women believed orchids were a symbol of fertility, virility, and healthy sexuality. The women would often drink orchid root mixtures to help them conceive. Victorian-era brides carried orchid bouquets as a status symbol due to their rarity and the expense of the exotic flowers. They symbolized wealth and beauty then, and they still do today. Orchids became a popular flower for corsages and bridal bouquets in the 1920s and 30s with the advent of commercial orchid cultivation.


The delicate blooms convey a sense of innocence, elegance and grace on a bride's special day. The wide range of orchid varieties means they can express many moods - soft pink orchids evoke romance, while white orchids impart purity and integrity. Orchids are said to represent rare and treasured beauty. Carrying orchids makes brides feel special on their wedding day. Some believe orchids represent spiritual growth and enlightenment and that the flower spikes resemble pilgrims journeying to Mecca.



range blossoms are a popular and very fragrant flower that stands for virtue, love, fertility, purity, and hope. Emotionally, orange blossoms symbolize innocence, purity, and eternal love. They have been associated with marriage and fertility for centuries. An orange blossom bouquet expresses the bride’s hopes for a fertile, fulfilling marriage filled with innocence and lifelong love. Historically, orange blossoms have been traditionally worn by brides in Europe and later in America as a symbol of fertility and purity. Queen Victoria wore orange blossoms in her wedding bouquet in 1840, starting a tradition that continued for decades after.

ORANGE BLOSSOMS Spiritually, the orange blossom represents the promise of a fruitful future. Its white color symbolizes purity, while its fragrance and closure represent the sweetness and secrecy of a bride's long-awaited union. For many brides, carrying orange blossoms connects them to generations of women who carried them as a sign of their hopes and dreams for the future. Orange blossoms are also associated with spring, a season of new beginnings and rebirth, symbolizing the couple's new life together. Their renewal every spring parallels the couple's commitment to continuously renew their love and relationship. innocence, fertility, purity, and the promise of an abundant shared future of love.


unflowers are cheery, simple and a popular favorite of many of us since they often represent or remind us of our childhood and the flowers that grew freely around us. However, they have much more meaning to us than the joy, warmth and positivity they radiate. They also represent adoration, loyalty and longevity. Brides choose sunflowers to infuse their bouquet with feelings of lasting love and commitment. Spiritually, sunflowers symbolize faith, worship and spiritual nourishment. Because they always turn to face the sun throughout the day, they represent following light and truth. And, just as sunflowers track the sun across the sky, brides carry them to represent the beginning of a new dawn. They evoke starting anew while staying rooted in faith and wisdom. For many, sunflowers also evoke thoughts of the life-giving sun and its power to sustain life. In this sense, sunflowers convey hopes of blossoming, fruitful unions. Historically, sunflowers were cultivated in Central and South America and revered by Aztec and Inca cultures. They were brought to Europe in the 16th century where victorian brides used them to convey loyalty and longevity. Their vibrant golden color evokes warmth, prosperity and joy. Their uplifted heads symbolize optimism and achievement. For many brides, sunflowers represent the belief that love sustains and nourishes partnerships through all seasons of life. Sunflowers in a wedding bouquet signifies faith, loyalty, warmth and the start of a bright new chapter together.




e hope you enjoyed this section. Although each page and flower is fascinating to read about, so much more goes into selecting the right mix of flowers to create a story about you, your fiancee, your wedding and your hopes for the future. Wedding bouquets are so much more than a mix of flowers, and color to match your wedding scheme. They’re a narrative, an expression of your dreams. They tell a story about your wedding, your character and your desires. When we meet with you one of the first things we’ll do is ask you about your favorite flowers, what draws your attention and passion to them. Then we’ll explore the meaning of those flowers, and suggest a variety of different flowers that conveys who you are and what you want your partner to know about you. When you walk into our shop, we don’t just see you, or a couple. We see a story about to unfold. That’s when we begin the conversation and start the wedding dance. Like a dance gaining momentum, we begin to piece together the puzzle of your dreams. We weave in tales of Palm Springs—the sun setting behind the majestic mountains, the allure of its mid-century modern charm, and the desert’s bloom after a rare rain. By intertwining you about your special day, your dreams for your wedding and after we ensure that each wedding's floral display is not just beautiful, but also tells the rich, deeply personal story of each couple.



our story becomes our inspiration. Every glance shared, every memory made—these guide our hands and hearts in crafting the perfect floral palette.

FINDING YOUR FLORAL LANGUAGE Roses for passion, daisies for innocence. Orange flowers for purity. Every flower has a meaning. Together, we'll translate your love story into a breathtaking floral narrative.

CRAFTING THE DREAM It can be overwhelming, right? How do you plan and carry out the perfect wedding at the right price without compromising your vision, dreams, and expectations? It begins with honest conversations about what you want, what you envision and what your budget is..

BUDGETING We know. We’ve seen the fear and trepidation of couples intent on creating a great wedding without going into debt for life to do so. We get it. Wedding budgeting is a balance of dreams and reality. We help you prioritize the essentials, allocate your funds wisely, and remember that meaningful moments often outweigh lavish expenses. Plan with love, not just your wallet. THE HEART’S DESIRE


"They created the most beautiful oversized bouquet I’ve ever seen.” - Erica G.

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THE HEART’S DESIRE No dream is too big or too small. We'll weave your aspirations into reality, ensuring the essence remains untouched.

THE ART OF BALANCE We’ll curate options that resonate with your vision while respecting your budget.

THE PROMISE Quality, for us, isn't a choice—it's a promise. Every bloom, every leaf is a testament to our commitment.

SELECTED WITH LOVE Gregory and Alan hand pick each petal and every fragrance ensuring they echo your love story. In every stem, in each bloom, quality speaks. And we listen, always.


YOUR INSPIRATION BOARD With your help and input we will craft a collage of emotions, memories, and dreams — this inspiration board becomes the soul of


our oral designs.

SEASON’S WHISPERS Nature has its rhythm. We embrace it, recommending owers that are in season, fresh, and radiant. COLORS OF LOVE



The hues you adore, the shades you dream of, the fragrances you want—they all nd a place in our design.




e hope you’ve enjoyed looking through our book. If you were inspired or gleaned ideas for YOUR wedding, or bouquet, even better!


eddings are truly momentous occasions and deserve the thoughtfulness, meaning, and story you put into them. Everything from the boutonniere to the bouquet and every table arrangement matters.


lowers really do “say it all,” with color, fragrance and meaning. Let us help you craft the wedding of your dreams. Contact us at My Little Flower Shop. 861 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262. Or, call us: (760) 778-7111

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