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The 2023 catalogue has been updated with some new bulls. Most of the bulls are for use in Canada only, but there are also five bulls with exportable semen. Many of the bulls listed are of older origin, however I believe that most of these bulls are right for the times. They have growth, muscle and depth of body. If you have any questions on the bulls I will answer them to the best of my knowledge. Some of this semen is also limited, so if you are interested, don’t wait as it may be gone.

We also have several combinations of Embryos available for domestic use, and we can custom produce Embryos for domestic use or Export worldwide.

I have not listed detailed pedigrees. If you want more info please contact me, or pedigree information can be found online at Canadian Livestock Records.

If you’re looking for a bull not listed in the Catalogue, give us a call as we may have some in our limited supply list, or know where you can find some

All prices listed are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping or handling. However orders will be combined where possible to lower these costs.

Breeding Stock,
and Embryos available. Reed & Michelle Rigney Westlock, Alberta, Canada 1-780-348-5308 Website:
Double L Wee Willy (C15234) 1/29N SIRE: WSS Sultan 3S MGS: Lorne DVD 9L  Polled Fullblood  Umpire was the 2010 National Champion bull and sire of the 2012 & 2013 National Champion females as well as many other show and sale toppers.  He sires calving ease and low birth weights with adequate growth. His calves are also easy fleshing with a soft appearance, and deep bodied.  Semen for Export, or Export embryo production. Contact us for pricing and availability in your Country.  We currently have semen stored in Australia & Canada Arsha’s Polled Umpire (R18121) 1/29N SIRE: RHEO Lancaster MGS: Arsha Lava 103L Contact Us  Horned Fullblood  Outcross pedigree  Calving Ease sire  Exportable Semen Fort Ellice Samarai (R5050) 1/29N SIRE: Azur.................... MGS: Barbee Fascinator 4K  Horned Fullblood  Sire of Many Champions & High Sellers  High Growth Sire - Use on Cows only  Very Limited USA supply VOB OK Northern Justin (R1146) SIRE: Winstons Northern Image MGS: Vertigineux $25 $25  Homozygous Polled Purebred  Easy calving, with good milking daughters.  Exportable Semen Amber Zachary 21Z (D2885) 1/29N SIRE: PCC Xamos 16X ......... MGS: Van Alta Jake 92N $25  Heterozygous Polled Purebred  Calving Ease Sire  Very Limited USA supply $25 EXPORTABLE SEMEN - the five bulls on this page have semen Exportable to various countries as well as domestic semen
 Horned Fullblood  He and his dam won every show they were in (about 30).  Produce moderate mature size, good milking daughters with very good udder and teat quality  Horned Fullblood  Another Hanover bull with a successful show career  Along with Special he is recognized as one of the best 817X sons Hanover Special (R10295) 1/29N SIRE: Gelstar 817X........MGS: NAJ Galante $25 Hanover Encore (R11375) 1/29N SIRE: Gelstar 817X........... MGS: Sandbrook Vincent $25  Horned Fullblood  1995 National Reserve Grand Champion Bull  Sire was 2-time National Grand Champion Bull Royal Tradition II (R7895) 1/29N SIRE: Gelstar 801X MGS: Gelstar Nickodemus $25  Horned Fullblood  Produces deep bodied soft made offspring  Horned Fullblood  Very Succesful in the show ring  Horned Fullblood  Use on Cows Natalies Radar 8R (R1784) SIRE: VOB OK Northern Justin MGS: Connington Icarus $25 JA Pop 20Y (R5038) 1/29N SIRE: WSS Mighty....... MGS: Sir Gold Dust Pet 318L $35 Heartwoods Reinhart 17R (R17620) 1/29N SIRE: Maple Valley Sir Eminent MGS: Heartwoods Eyecatcher $25
 Horned Fullblood  Original French Import  Breed leading Rib Eye Area and Scrotal Circ. EPD’s Fantome (R9) SIRE: Utiton MGS: Foundation Stock  Horned Fullblood  Original French Import $25 Grand (R2) SIRE: Eurymedon MGS: Amidon  Horned Fullblood  Original French Import  Breeding leading calving ease and birthweight  Produces more moderate sized cattle $25  Horned Fullblood  Original French Import $25 Harmonieux (R15) SIRE: Eldo MGS: Kapucin Herbalt (R16) SIRE: Etrivin MGS: Americano $25  Horned Fullblood  Original French Import  Horned Fullblood  Original French Import Flon Flon (R8) SIRE: Colbert MGS: Joski Gangbuster (R31) SIRE: Baricaut............. MGS: Daimio $25 $25
 Horned Fullblood - French Import  From the milking lines, produces deep bodied offspring  Horned Fullblood  Early import from England, sire of Gelstar 817X West Riddens Icarus (R178) SIRE: West Riddens Gentil MGS: Baricaut  Horned Fullblood - Early import from Ireland  Sire of many top gaining bulls in the early 1980’s  Paternal brother to Sandbrook Niall, and goes back to the famous French cow Karamba on the dams side Aquarius Magnet (R610) SIRE: Dovea Janus MGS: FanFan $25  Horned Fullblood  Full brother to our “Helen” cow and the “Clay” bull. Helen was the matriarch of our best cow lines, and Hector produces animals more similar to her than the Clay lines Iduskia (R95) SIRE: Cresson............................. MGS: Baricaut Elvernal Juggler (R857) SIRE: Igha MGS: Furet $25 $15 $25  Horned Fullblood  Original French Import  Horned Fullblood  1980 National Res Champ & High Seller Majesty of the Alps (R127) SIRE: Vertigineaux.............. MGS: Foundation Stock Hector Bur Jo (R340T) SIRE: WRR Ikon MGS: West Riddens Graincheu $30 $25
 Horned Fullblood  An outcross import from England Great Nobury Duke (R8640) 1/29N SIRE: Yieldingtree Udor MGS: Bonnenham Macqui $20  Horned Fullblood  Imported from Ireland in the mid 1980’s  Big powerful cattle Sandbrook Vincent (R2255) 1/29N SIRE: Sandbrook Ponia MGS: Sandbrook Olivia $15  Horned Fullblood  An outcross import from England  Sire was a maternal trait leader  Horned Fullblood  An outcross import from England  Sire was 1992 & 1993 Paris champion Hadley Hank (R9686) 1/29N SIRE: Arlequin MGS: Abricot Bradbury Evan (R7394) 1/29N SIRE: Abricot MGS: Beech Tycoon $25 $25 Ravensworth Ulan (R3209) SIRE: Salomon MGS: Giroflet $25  Horned Fullblood  Import from England  Highly regarded in Australia  Horned Fullblood  An import from England  Very high maternal productivity numbers;  Very easy calving, and can be used on heifers.  Maternal brother to Dalemead Judge Druk Uriah (R6304) SIRE: Gaulois MGS: Kobal $30
 Horned Fullblood  1988 Grand Champion @ Agribition, Saskatoon, Brandon  Leader for Calving Ease, and Birth Weight  Heterozygous Polled Fullblood  Use on Cows only  Produces moderate mature size Triple C Chancellor 70U (R3424) 1/29N SIRE: Gold Dust Ruger...... MGS: Irresistible Lucifer $15  Horned Fullblood  Many time champion in the show ring  Dam was also one of the top cows in the breed DJ Zambuca (R6642) 1/29N SIRE: DJ Xradiation............MGS: Maple Brook Max $10 $20  Horned Fullblood  Dam is original French import cow  Will sire larger mature size Hanover Sami Boy (R7487) 1/29N SIRE: Gelstar 811X MGS: Hercule DJ Yankee 38Y (R5752) SIRE: Gelstar Uriah 652U .... MGS: Maplebrook Max Triple C Invictus 292A (R6714) SIRE: Dotted K Xerxes 23X MGS: Irresistible Lucifer $25 $25  Horned Fullblood  Very productive, deep ribbed daughters  High marbling sire  Horned Fullblood  1992 National Champion Bellevues Kenworth 15K (R15887) 1/29N SIRE: MarMacs Cagney 27C MGS: Majesty of the Alps $25
 Homozygous Polled Purebred  Very deep ribbed with good feet and legs  Sire of the 2010 Lindsay Fair Grand Champion female and the 2011 Reserve National Champion Female. Willow Creek Commander 26C (D5942) 1/29N SIRE: Maple lane Y Not 7Y MGS: Double L Utopit 20U  Homozygous Polled Purebred  Easy calving, well muscled polled bull Amber Axel 11A (D3798) 1/29N SIRE: PCC Xamos 16X MGS: Van Alta Luke 199T $35 $25  Horned Purebred  1998 Agribition Reserve Grand Champion Sandhill Fantom 22F (D9024) 1/29N SIRE: Triple C Revolution MGS: Gelstar Radar $20 EMBRYOS Please contact us for custom Embryo production inquiries. We have over 100 bulls in our tank that we could make available for Export or Domestic embryo production. We currently have several combinations of Polled Fullblood embryos available, most with outcross bloodlines. There are also Horned Fullblood combinations available. These embryos are eligible for Canada only. $30  Homozygous Polled Black Purebred  The only Black PB bull available in North America  Calves born in Canada have been top quality Frostybrae Blackie (D3190) 1/29N SIRE: WWP Washington MGS: Maple Brook Marco  Homozygous Polled Purebred  Easy calving Naturs Topper (D7780) 1/29N SIRE: BAR Summit 043Z MGS: VER Oro 12T $40

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