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ave you ever had this happen? You are in the shop picking up after your last project. You grab a wrench laying on the floor and take it to your toolbox to put it away only to discover that your toolbox is locked. You recall you left your toolbox keys in the house, so you run back inside and go to your bedroom. You flip on the light and realize you have a burned out bulb. Undeterred, you head back into the kitchen to grab a new bulb from the cabinet. As you open the door you discover that it is horribly out of alignment and needs to be adjusted. So, you head back out to the shop to grab a screwdriver.

ONE STEP FORWARD... story by

PART 18 Russ Gra


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october 2015 | RPM Magazine

Toby Brooks

>>One seemingly simple issue sends us back to the drawing board on our intake, ignition, and fuel delivery systems

October Issue 2015  

THE RIDES OUTRAGEOUS...Bradley Gray's army of wild home-built pro street creations is anything but ordinary! YRUSLO?...Shannon Renfro's X2...

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