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SNAKE HANDLER HEY MAN...I THINK YOU LEFT YOUR LIGHTS ON Renowned painter Jeff Hos ins is responsible for airbrushing the impressive artwork on the Super Snake with help from his shop crew of brothers Jake and Chris Werner. The custom artwork is incredibly detailed and realistic.

BUILT FORD TOUGH Details of the Purvis Ford Pro Mod are incredible. The Super Snake theme is carried throughout the build. And if you had any question about how ginormous a pro mod exhaust is, check out the football corking the outlet in the pits!

slicks as the custom fabricated chromoly 80-inch wheelie bars keep the Snake lined up during a pass and poised to strike. The task of slowing the mighty Ford down from 245+mph speeds after the hit is taken on by Strange carbon fiber brakes and dual parachutes. From the pits to finish line, the Purvis Ford Racing Team is composed of consummate

professionals. Prior to the run, you’ll find Patrick analyzing the track surface all the way out to the 330-foot mark while greeting his competitors and fans on the sidelines, willing to take a few minutes to shake hands or have a brief conversation as his head is filled with calculations in preparation for his upcoming run. The eam rig is the size of a small shop on wheels, and has to be in order to house all of the equipment and spare parts needed to compete at this level. It is spotless, with everything in its place and is where Patrick can be found between rounds intensely managing data, monitoring every graph from previous runs, and plotting changes for the next pass. Patrick shares much of his pass data and thoughts of his runs on his Facebook Fan Page with his many followers. A tight knit team keeps the car in perfect working order, from Crew Chief Rich Purdy, clutch man Gary Futrell, Jason Dring on truck & shop maintenance, along with general maintenance taken on by T.J. Estevez and Dylon Sidney. With roots very deep in the Mid Atlantic racing scene, Patrick’s newest Super Snake has also been seen doing battle in the NEOPMA Pro Modified Racing Series in 2015 where he continued on page 76 | august 2015


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RPM Magazine August 2015  

RPM Magazine August 2015  

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