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SNAKE HANDLER Snake replace its heavily damaged predecessor. This new Mustang would come to life from a pile of chromoly tubes welded to perfection, creating a double framerail 25.1.E chassis built to the high level of excellence that Jerry Bickel Race Cars is known for. The ody is a Bickel 2014 carbon fiber Mustang Pro Stock body with a Roush front end. The ody was heavily modified by none other than Jeff oskins and his crew of brothers; Chris Werner, who computer designed the Super Snake look by adding proper dimensions, reshaping the hood and creating the hood scoop, all while keeping the weight to a minimum, and Jake Werner who prepared the carbon fiber. Hoskins came to Robert with sideby-side comparisons of the original front

and the new concept created to give the Mustang the Super Snake look and he immediately gave the concept two thumbs up. Painter extraordinaire Jeff Hoskins then laid down the stunning factory Ford Red Candy skin and High Performance White stripes just as you would order from the Ford option catalog with details so perfect, the final result is— in a word—brilliant! And that one-of-akind front end just looks flat out badass. Power comes from a custom designed Sonny’s Racing Engines 903ci Ford which starts life as a solid chunk of aluminum and is then milled to a specification of bolt patterns that designate it a “Ford” or “GM” piece. This motor is advertised as producing 1,730+horsepower on motor and well past 2,750 on four easy stages of spray.

JUICED DISPLACEMENT Stuffing all 903 cubic inches of big b ck into this chassis and keeping it so well designed was a task in itself, yet everything on the car is easily accessible and highly detailed. The motor claims 1730+horsepower naturally aspirated and well over 2,750 on four small stages of nitrous oxide.





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