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>>Cleaning up and finishing up our shop space so we can finally get to work!


RPM’s continuing do-it-yourself shop series shows how you can put together and equip your own modern workspace, too! story by


Toby Brooks

ast month we took a bit of a breather from our continuing series on the RPM Hardcore Horsepower Garage and showed you a cool new technique from US

Cutter to custom glass bead blast your parts. However, before we could get our vinyl cutter up and running and our new bead blaster operational, we had to clean the place out. A long winter had resulted in more than our fair share of clutter, misplaced tools

and parts, and just general mess. We decided it was long overdue to get the place picked up, organized, and finished inside with the remainder of the insulation and interior paneling installed. The first order of business was to unpack an enormous

1. We had been putting it off or far too long, but wow, what a difference! (Inset): It sure doesn’t take long for the junk to pile up, does it? In addition to boxes of unorganized parts and tools, we also had an enormous bundle of insulation that had yet to be installed in two exterior walls. (Main image): After a solid weekend of insulating, organizing, and cutting and installing interior panels, our space is looking pretty good if we do say so ourselves. With the other Lift Master garage door opener from Gatehouse Supplies (www.gatehousesupplies. com) installed and the Trinity International modular shelves in place (, we have a space we look forward to working in at long last. A coat of primer, some paint, and a little trim and this stage of our project will fi ally be complete.

bundle of faced R-19 insulation we’ve been meaning to install for months off he floor and stuffed in the walls where it belongs. After several hot and itchy hours of work (do yourself a favor, wear appropriate sleeves and protective equipment), our walls were | august 2015


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