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A Guide for your Wellness Life

He has created everything we need in abundance. We cannot measure the quantity of water in the sea or empty the sea water. We cannot count the number of grains of sand on the Beach.

Welcome !

We cannot pump out the air from the atmosphere.

I Welcome you to the World of Wellness.

We cannot count the number of leaves on the plants and trees in this world.

I request you to read this with an open mind and an open heart. Your study will make a great difference in the quality of your Life and your family. Would saw Industrial Revolution in 20th Century and P.C. (Personal Computer) Revolution in 1980. We experienced Internet Revolution in 1990. Wellness Revolution started in the world in the year 2010. Wellness Revolution, is moving forward fast and is all-prepared to bring in a revolutionary change in the lives of people. How many of you want to Live a happy life, to stay young and to look beautiful and handsome ? "YES" is the answer of everyone. World Wellness Organization is the leader of Wellness Revolution. Wellness is our Birthright! We are born to be happy, healthy and wealthy. Our Creator wants us to live a happy, healthy and wealthy Life. Wellness is the nature of nature - The GOD. He has created enough for everyone to live a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Life. 1

We cannot empty the fragrance from a small flower. Abundance is the nature of nature - The God ! In the same way, there is abundance of happiness, Good Health and True Wealth. It is up to us to draw from the abundance to live a life of wellness. He has given us the will to choose what we want from the abundance of the Universe . But we don't use it. If you plug-in a '0' watt bulb in this hall, the hall will be dark.If you plug-in a 100 watts bulb in the same hall, the hall is slightly illuminated. If you plug-in a 1000 watts bulb in the same hall, the hall is fully illuminated. With the same power supply and same plug, the illumination of the hall depends on the wattage of bulb you use. What bulb you use, also determines the brightness in your life. When I say bulb I mean your "Thoughts". Your thoughts determine the quality of your life. You become, what you think about most . You attract what you think about most. 2

If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. As per the "Law of Attraction" your thoughts can become things in your life. "Thoughts become things". This law works with everyone, every time. The law of attraction will give you, what you want always. What you think about most is what will appear as your life. What you think about, you bring about. "You are the master of your thoughts" Whatever you have right now in your life, you have attracted them to you. What we think about comes about in your life. For example, one morning when you think, I will not become angry today - you become more angry that day. When you think, I will not incur debts this month you borrow money - you tend to use the credit card more times that month. When you think, you should not fall sick - you will fall sick. Think over it. What you want or don't want is not important. What you are thinking about.. the very thought is important.

If you think about and analyze your past, you could find that from our childhood onwards our thoughts and thinking had been wrought in the negative way and in the same way we were moulded and brought up too. To live a life of wellness and live healthy, happy and wealthy, you don't need money, education, experience or expertise. What you really need is the determination to change your thoughts to change your life. You are what you think you are. You create your Future by Thoughts. Today you are like this in your life, because of past thoughts. Your TODAY is going to create your FUTURE. a decision today. Change your thoughts. You will see before very eyes how your life changes.

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The world is moving towards a world of illness. Our study shows that the reason for illness is illness consciousness. Everyone is thinking of illness in all aspects of life - physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, cultural and environmental - and they attract more illness in all these areas of life.

Your life is like a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds you are sowing. Whatever seed you sow, God will make it sprout. Do you understand now, why your life is like what it is today ? Negative thoughts bring in nagative life and life situations. Positive thoughts bring in positive, happy, healthy and rich life to you.

The World Wellness Organization is committed to change this illness consciousness to wellness consciousness, to create a World of Wellness. People with wellness consciousness will attract only Wellness. In the World of Wellness, everyone is Healthy, Happy and Wealthy.



You have the power to heal. God -The creator has placed in every one of us, The Divine Wisdom which has the power to create life. It is only because of the presence of Divine Wisdom inside the mother that she is able to give birth to a child. When Divine Wisdom could create a life itself, why the body it heal ? Remember that the Divine Wisdom is in everyone, that operates and cares for every cell of the body. The nature of nature is to make every living cell or group of cells to be healthy and function normally. If a tree or plant loses its branch, it starts sprouting. If a lizard looses its tail, it grows back. If any cell or group of cells of our body get damaged or loose their normal health, the Divine Wisdom starts rejuvenating the same. Science calls this as Homeostatis. "Ability of a cell or group of cells to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes." Medicines and other outside intervention slow down or block the Divine healing process - the Homeostatis. The medicines destroy our stomach lining, disturbing our digestive process, our liver, blood cells, kidneys and many other organs of our body. Infact, the Divine power within us fights against medicines and other outside interventions. In a normal body, the Liver destroys 60% of all medicines and other material interventions. Medicines you take for a particular disease, travel throughout the body and destroy our cells and organs. 5

If you place poisons like alcohol and tobacco on one side of a balance and medicines on the other, medicines weigh more in terms of the damage to our body. We have no idea how the Divine Wisdom works in our body. It has its own plans and programs to repair the damaged cell or group of cells. This is called the "Self healing power" given by God, to every human body as a Gift. There is also another gift called the Immune System in every human body. They work together to protect us from sickness and heal any condition So called disease. All diseases were invented by man and not by God. All medicines were invented by man. Medicines do not heal any disease. It is the self healing power of Divine that heals the so called "Disease". Human beings were living with many superstitions throughout history. One of the superstitions was that the Earth was flat.Another superstition was that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Humanity is still living with many superstitious beliefs. Today I invite you to wake-up and start thinking about the superstition that medicines heal the body. The so called diseases are not diseases. They are warnings for us to correct our Food Habits and Life Style. They are not even symptoms of diseases. They are the healing symptoms of our body. How can we describe the healing process as diseases ? We have to think about such superstitions which are dominating our lives today. 6

Pain is not a disease. In order to repair the damaged cells, tissues and muscles the Divine Wisdom inside us demands our body to take rest and this symptom is pain. Pain is nothing but a sign to remind us to protect our body. Fever is a symptom of a war caused by the Divine wisdom to fight the infection. The body heat called fever is produced for the required energy to fight the war. Further the required energy for the regular operation of the body like digestion, walking and thinking are reduced or shut off and diverted to be utilized to fight the war. If we attempt to suppress the fever it is against the work of Divine Wisdom. Taking complete rest without consuming food or water would support the fight and when, the war is won, the body will return to normal temperature. In the same way, cold is also not a disease. It is the way Divine Wisdom cleans the body by ejecting the germs and waste materials out of the body.

If you believe in God, you have to believe that God has created our body and our body is managed by God. Everything that happens in our body, happens for good and is created by God. We have no authority to brand God's healing process as a disease and intervene in the work of the Divine Wisdom of our body. Let us stop living the superstitions and start living the truth, that our body has the power to heal. All living beings in the world except man live healthy till they die, because they follow the nature's way. We human beings fall sick because we live against the Nature's Way. One of the main reasons for illness is our Food Habits. God has given us Fruits and Vegetables to live a healthy life. We have forgotten God's food and we follow the food created by man. From the day man started eating cooked food he started getting sick. What is God's way? Protecting Life with Living Food.

Vomiting and diarrhea are not diseases too. They are the work of Divine Wisdom to eliminate from the body of unwanted materials. These are not diseases but the acts of Divine Wisdom to make the body to return to its natural condition.

What are Living Foods ? Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds. We are made to consume foods that are mixed with chemicals (poison). We should be aware of this fact and act accordingly. God never wanted us to live with the so called diseases.

Swelling occurs when a part of body is critically damaged then the repairing work is speeded up.

Many under the banner of science, research and medicine spread false ideas about food and health. God has given to every human being Immune System and Self Healing System which no science



can ever give. God has also given us the responsibility to experience and protect these systems. What we eat determines our health. What we put into our mouth will either strengthens or damages the God given Immune Power and Self Healing Power . The responsibility of protecting the healthy body given by God is in our hands. When you are sick your body wants only God's Power and God's Food. That is the Cosmic Energy (Prana) and Living Food. All Medicines are chemicals which are poisonous to the body. By taking medicine you damage and destroy the God given Immune Power and Self Healing Power. Taking responsibility for the Food we eat is the best and guaranteed health insurance. Medicines NEVER cured any disease so far.They by supressing the symptoms of disease pave way to increase the intensity of the disease and create more new diseases. We are aware that our body is the Temple of our Soul. Caring for our body is caring for our Soul. If you love you, you will love your body. If you love your body you will take care of your body. Eating the right food is taking care of your body. Right Food is nothing but the Living Food. The big question? What to believe ? God-Given Nutrition rich Fruits and Vegetables or foods and medicines that are sold with a profit motive of a few individuals. 9

Only the Life Force and Life Power can sustain Life. Only Living Food can sustain Life. Only Life can Sustain Life. God has given us required living foods for us. We will not die of sickness. There is no connection between diseases and death. We need not suffer of sickness if we follow the Divine Food and the Divine Way. You have to decide today: Are you going to follow Divine Way or Man's Way ? We are now following Man's incomplete way to protect our body. Let us change to eat Divine Food of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds to protect our body, to build our life with living food. Who can decide the best food for our body ? None other than our creator the Divine. People lived Healthy for more than 1000 Years,eating Divine Food in the early days. If you eat Divine Food you can, not only live without Diseases but also reverse all known and unknown diseases. Fruits and Vegetables have the power to heal and clean the body. You can also live healthy till the last day. Our body has 75 Lac Crores living cells. Every minute 30 crores living cells die, the body has to create 30 Crores Cells. For our body to produce new quality cells we have to provide quality raw materials. The quality of raw materials determine the quality of cells. Today most of the food we eat are DEAD FOODS. How can we create vibrant, healthy and quality Cells by eating Dead Food ? 10

All animals in the wild eat uncooked food and live healthy till the last day following the Divine Way. Only human beings cook the living food in fire and make it a dead food before putting into the mouth and suffer. Think and Act Now. Why should we suffer ? Why we live a distressed Life ? Let us eat the food with life force and provide good raw material to build quality cells in our body. Quality Cells lead to quality tissues quality tissues lead to quality organs, quality organs lead to quality body systems, quality body Systems lead to healthy body. This is the Divine way. This is the wellness way. Let us spread the Wellness Way, If we follow the Divine way, the wellness way. We can correct all the harm we have done to our body so far and reverse all so called diseases, produce quality cells, improve our immune power, increase our self healing power and live healthy till the last day of our life as per Divine will.

A. Believe the Divine Wisdom and have patience B. Take complete rest without mobile phone, T.V & light C. Provide healthy foods for cells : Banana, Lime juice, (without salt or sugar) Tender coconut, Dates and Divine Noni juice. D. Have a Mental attitude that “I am healthy” or “I am already healed”. E. Sing or Listen the Divine song "I love you, I thank you", to the Divine child within you. We offer you the above wellness system as a Gift of Love for your Wellness. Let us spread this message to 10 people in the next 10 days.

By taking Divine food. we can live long healthy and happy. Believe deeply that Divine has given you self healing power

We have a mission to touch One Billion people by the year 2020, creating Wellness Awareness.

Not only you have to believe this truth but also have patience for the Divine to complete the healing process.

I invite each and every one of you to own this mission as your our mission to create a World of Wellness within you and around you.

Wellness system for Sick and Healthy

I invite you to become a Wellness Leader.

For healthy people to stay healthy and sick people to become Healthy we recommend the following :

I invite you to take a leading role in the Wellness Revolution which is sweeping the world.



10 Concepts for Wellness Living 1. Wellness is your Birthright Our creator created us, to live a life of Wellness. Living illness is living against the will of the Creator. God - The universe has provided us abundance of health, wealth and happiness, for every human being, to enjoy and celebrate living. God has also given us a mind to choose from the abundance, what we want in life. By our illness thoughts, we choose illness, diseases and poverty. We can choose to live a life of Wellness and establish our Birthright. Let us live a Life Of Wellness! 2. Wellness is Oneness

4. Participation is Wellness We are born to work, participate, contribute and live. Not participating, not contributing leads to life of illness. Contributing to other people's life is true service and real work. Let us live a life of Wellness by contributing to other people's lives. 5. Living Cells Require Living Food Feeding dead food (cooked / dead food), to our body will harm the body. Cooked/ dead food does not contain life energy (prana) and nutrients required by the body, to stay healthy. Our live body is made up of living cells, which require living food, to clean and nourish them. Let us reduce daily intake of cooked food and increase raw food.

We are all One. The quantum physics has established beyond doubt that everything is made up of energy. What we see as solid matter is not solid; it is only an expression of energy in different vibrating frequencies. All of us a made up of energy, made up of sub atomic particles called, electron, proton and neutrons. If we look at cells, all cells are made up of the same particle. We cannot be separate. We are all one. Wellness is Oneness. Experiencing this oneness is Wellness. Let us live in Oneness and Harmony! 3. Living Love is Living Wellness Love is the only most powerful emotion. It has the power to heal all. We are all born with Divine love within us. Realize the Divinity within you, and unleash the power of Divine Love within you. Only what you give, belongs to you. The best way to get love is to give it. Love all around you and accept them as they are. Let us vibrate love, to be in Wellness. 13

6. You have the Power to Heal Our Creator has gifted our body with Divine wisdom, which can create life, like a lady giving birth to a child. This Divine wisdom is there is everyone's body and it can heal, correct, and repair any condition. The Nature of nature is to be well. Like a lizard that can grow back its tail naturally, if cut, the same way, every cell in our body has the wisdom to bounce back to normalcy. We only need to support our body, by giving it time, space and energy. Medicines do not heal us. By taking medicines, we block our body's natural healing ability. Let us listen to our body! 7. Life Force is Source of Wellness Our physical body is a manifestation of the subtle energy field of prana, without which we could not even move. All the physical and


emotional imbalances in our body are merely a reflection of imbalances in prana. Balance your prana- balance your life. Be grateful for every breathe your take. Be mindful about your breath. Slow, deep and full abdominal breathing is the right way to breath, to balance your prana and create Wellness within. Let us practice slow, deep and full abdominal breathing daily. 8. Disease and Death are not connected The global belief that people die of diseases, is false. Death and disease are not connected. Our Creator knows the time of our birth and death. We die when it is time for us to die, not one minute early/late. There are many people who suffer for years with diseases and die and some who die without disease. Birth and death are to be welcomed the same way. Let us live without the fear of death. 9. The World is Good; People are Good This world is a wonderful place to be in. Be grateful to be a part of it. Do to others, what you want to be done to you. The world is filled with good people, who make this world a good place to be in. Be Wellness, to create a World of Wellness around you. Let us be kind to all. 10. Change your Thoughts to Change your Life Your thought is the key to creating your life. Everything you perceive in the physical world has its origin in the invisible, inner world of your thoughts. A simple and effective way to change the world outside you is to change the world inside you- your thoughts and your beliefs. If you think illness, you will attract more illness; if you think Wellness, you will create Wellness in your life. Let us think Wellness, and be Wellness. 15

10 Commandments for Wellness Lifestyle 1. Meditate and Exercise Meditate and Exercise or walk everyday for 20 minutes each: This will help you to maintain a good balance of body, mind and spirit. 2. Eat Moderate One of the main reasons for dis-ease is the quantity and quality of food we eat. Our body requires food, for only 10% energy, but we feed the body for 90% energy, and suffocate it. Practice eating 50% of what you eat now, and eat only when you are hungry. You will experience the difference in your vital energy level and health in one month. 3. Go Vegetarian Our body is designed to process and extract energy from live food, and not dead animal flesh. It takes 72 hours for the body to process non-vegetarian food, with great stress. The strongest animal in the world - The Elephant does not eat meat, chicken, eggs or fish, and yet is strong. Most of the non-vegetarian food contains chemicals and toxic acidic residues. You can live a healthy, dis-ease free life with vegetarian food. 4. Manage Your Water Intake Human body is made up to more than 70% water. Manage your water intake, to maintain your body's water balance. 5. Eat 3 hours before sleep Our body undertakes rebuilding and rejuvenation of millions of cells at night, when we sleep. Body requires more energy for this rebuilding


and rejuvenation process. When we eat and go to sleep at once, most of the energy is diverted for digestion, instead of cell rejuvenation.

10 Habits 1. Eating fruits before food :

6. Check Your Words Your words make or break relationships in your life. You feed and take care of our body, but ignore your mind. Your mind is responsible for your body, and decides your future. Hence, feed positive thoughts to your mind to stay healthy. 7. Vibrate Love We are born with Love, to Love. We have abundance of Divine Love within us. The more Divine Love we give, the more we receive. Live life as Love. Say,"I Love You" to yourself and to everyone. 8. Live Gratitude

We are normally used to eat fruits, after a meal. This is an illness habit. Fruits are predigested by Nature and do not require much energy for digestion. Food we eat, takes more than three hours to digest. If we eat fruit after food, the fruit waits for food to get digested in the stomach. In the meantime, the fruit gets fermented and it produces gas. It also contaminates the food that is being digested. Eating fruit on empty stomach, before a meal, is a Wellness Habit. 2. Avoiding Water while eating:

We need to be thankful to the Universe, our parents and all people around us, for their contributions to our life. When we live a life of Gratitude, we will be blessed many times, in many ways. 9. Manage Your Stress Stress is inevitable in our daily life. We should learn to manage our stress, instead of avoiding it. Observe and experience the stress, instead of resisting it. In life, what you resist persists. What you experience will disappear. 10. Care for Mother Earth If we harm or abuse Mother Earth, we will be harmed back. We have to harvest what we sow. To save and protect us, we need to care for Mother Earth.

When we put food into our mouth, our body senses the quality of food and secretes appropriate digestive juice in our stomach. If we drink water while eating, this digestive juice gets diluted and hampers digestion. When undigested food passes into the intestine, it produces harmful gases, creating illness. Drinking water, half an hour before food is a Wellness Habit. 3. Avoiding drinking RO processed / filtered water: By reverse osmosis filtering, all the minerals are removed from water, and it becomes dead water. When we drink this depleted water, it drains the minerals from our body. Hence, it is advisable to drink spring water or UV treated water. 4. Cleaning bowl 3 times a day: We have to clean our bowl, the number of times we eat every day. We can learn from infants how to follow the Natural way of cleaning



the bowl. They clean their bowl each time they feed on mother's milk. Follow Natural way and avoid holding toxic and acidic residue in your body for long time. Program your mind for the Wellness habit, of cleaning your bowl, at least three times a day. 5. Increase intake of Raw food: Cooking has only one thousand years of history. All dis-eases started only after human beings started cooking food. When we cook, nutrition in food is lost and photochemical are converted into toxic chemicals. When we peel off the skin and discard seeds of fruits and vegetables, 80% of the nutrition is lost. When we cook the vegetables, 80% of the remaining 20% nutrition is lost, leaving only 4% nutritional value, for all the money we spend. Start cultivating the Wellness habit of increasing intake of Raw food, step by step. 6. Avoid walking after a meal: After eating, our body requires most energy for digesting the food. When we walk or engage in physical activities, the energy required for digestion is diverted and leads to slow or incomplete digestion.

9. Cleaning your mouth, teeth and gums before and after eating: Our mouth contains many harmful bacteria which go into the stomach and intestine then into the blood, creating deadly diseases. The best way to clean your mouth, teeth and to massage your gums is by using your fingers. Avoid toothpastes which contain chemicals like calcium fluoride, etc. Always read the ingredients before using the toothpaste. 10. Following deep abdominal breathing: We hardly use 25% of our lungs capacity. We are used to shallow breathing which is an illness habit. Practice wellness breathing by experiencing your stomach protruding out while inhaling, allowing more space in your upper abdomen for your lungs to expand fully to fulfill the eliminating of carbon dioxide and taking in oxygen required by every cell of our body. Similarly, when we exhale, our stomach should go inward squeezing our lungs for eliminating carbon dioxide fully.

10 Illness Foods

7. Eating alkaline food : We need to keep our body medium alkaline always to live a disease free life. When our body medium is acidic it is prone to diseases. In the acidic medium of blood, the red blood cells get attached to each other and thus less oxygen is carried to the cells. In an alkaline medium of blood the red blood cells float freely with more oxygen being carried to the cells. Choose more raw food to be more alkaline. 8. Swinging your arms : The movement of your hands activates your brain to be more alert and healthy. You can observe the little children with crawl with their legs and hands. This is nature's design of developing brain of the child. You can also follow the nature's way, the wellness way. 19

1. The First Illness Food : Milk There is only one mammal on earth that never gets weaned of milk and that is human. (Cows do not drink cow's milk). The chemical composition of the cow's milk is different from human milk and does not get digested easily and puts a tremendous burden on the body. Research shows that milk is a major contributing factor to thyroid problems, heart diseases, cancer, arthritis, migraine headaches, allergies, ear infections, asthma, respiratory ailments and multitude of many other problems.


The calcium in cow's milk is much coarser and not absorbable by the human body. We can become anemic, as milk products lack in iron. Animal milk is not suitable for human health. 2. The Second Illness Food : Sugar Sugar suppresses the immune system and upsets the body's mineral balance. Sugar contributes to diabetes and causes hormonal imbalance too. Sugar causes an increase in delta, alpha and theta brain waves, which can alter the mind's ability to think clearly. 3. The Third Illness Food : Sea Salt Excess salt causes water imbalance, high blood pressure and neurological problems. High salt diet reduces bone density. Salt intake causes left ventricular hypertrophy, cardiac enlargement, a strong risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Salt is detrimental to brain tissue, helping induce mini strokes. 4. The Fourth Illness Food : Polished Rice The intake of polished white rice leads to gastrointestinal diseases and heart diseases since the bran that contains fiber and essential oils which play a role in the prevention of diseases is removed while polishing. Polished or white rice contributes to cholesterol since it is devoid of all the good oils which help body. Additionally, the white rice "steals" nutrients from your body.


Excessive carbohydrate intake leads to sugar imbalance and results in diabetes mellitus. In addition, it puts stress on the blood sugarregulating mechanisms of the body. 5. The Fifth Illness Food : White Flour White flour contains diabetes-causing chemical Alloxan which destroys the beta cells of the pancreas. The more refined foods, a person eats, the more insulin must be produced to manage it. The synthetic B-vitamins in white flour are derived from coal tar and lead to imbalances within the body. White flour sold in the market contains chemicals mixed for a longer shelf life. These chemicals like Potassium Bromine are carcinogenic. Gluten in white flour causes celiac disease in people with intolerance to gluten. It also causes irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, dermatitis herpetiformis (autism) and ulcerative colitis. 6. The Sixth Illness Food : Hydrogenated Oil Hydrogenation is a process through which many valuable nutrients are removed. It raises total cholesterol levels, lowers HDL cholesterol and raises LDL Cholesterol. Consumption of these oils increases the risk of breast, prostate and colon cancers. It reduces ability of the body to rid itself of toxins and carcinogens. It decreases immune function. Hydrogenated oil interferes with hormones. 7. The Seventh Illness Food : Aerated Drinks Carbon dioxide used in aerated drinks is deadly and this makes drinks acidic enough to kill most of the beneficial micro organisms in our system. 22

Drinking soft drinks slows the digestive process giving rise to many of the digestive complaints and complications. High sugar level of soft drinks leads to excessive calorie consumption, tooth decay and excess weight gain. To remove the phosphorous content in the blood, (added by these drinks) the body removes calcium from the bones and releases the same into the blood stream resulting in osteoporosis. Carbonic acid in aerated drinks is instrumental in ruining bones. 8. The Eighth Illness Food : Beverages It is an addictive and is a complex combination of 500 volatile compounds like niacin, caffeine, trigonelline and tannic acid. Caffeine stimulates the entire nervous system, creating an illusion of "high energy" and consequently suppressing appetite. In fact, it takes the body over 24 hours to eliminate a cup of coffee. Long term effects of coffee include frequent headaches, hot flushes, palpitation of the heart, constipation, extreme- fatigue, radical fluctuation of moods and inability to concentrate. The beverages dehydrate the body and also suppress sleep. 9. The Ninth Illness Food : Ice creams The artificial flavors are potent Illness Foods powerful enough to cause liver, kidney and heart diseases. Peperonal, a flavoring agent, is a chemical used to kill lice. Ethyl acetate used in pineapple ice cream, is a chemical that is used as a cleaner for leather and textiles. Its vapors cause chronic lung, liver and heart damage.


In banana flavoring, amyl butyrate is used, which is also used as an oil paint solvent. Aldehydec 17 used in cherry flavor ice cream is an inflammable liquid used as aniline dyes in the manufacture of plastic and rubber. 10. The Tenth Illness Food : Non-vegetarian Foods Due to presence of good quantity of protein, the non-vegetarian food causes heavy work on the kidneys, which in turn lessens efficiency of organs leading to degenerative disorders. Non-vegetarian foods add calories through fat present in it, leading to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. The tissue of all animals contains poisonous wastes and when non-vegetarian food is consumed, toxic level in the system increases. Since the non-vegetarian diet is relatively low in fiber content, movement of food in the bowels slows down leading to colon cancer. Excessive uric acid resulting from meat eating causes diseases like rheumatism, blight's disease, kidney stones, gout and gallstone. Wish you a Healthy, Happy & Wealthy life Wish you a life of Wellness I Thank you I Love you Chairman Peter


A Guide for wellness  

The concept is very simple to deliver "Health is Wealth"