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THE LOG 1992/93


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plain. As Minister of National Defence. it is an honour to ex tcnd \0 the Royal Roads Military College Graduating Class of 1993 my s incereM congratu lati on,) on behaJf of thc Canadian Government and the people of Canada. Vous avez termine avec succes un programme ex igeant, d·une duree du quatre ans, qui vou ') a prepare me ntalement et physiquememt ajoucr un role imponan l. tant dans votre pays que panout ailleurs dan s Ie monde. En ce senS,on attend plus de vous que des diplomes des uni ve rsites civiles. Vou') se rez affectes a des poSies de conll11andemenl et de gestion qui feronl appel a vOlre dynami <;me ainsi qu·a votre esprit d·initiati ve. J'ai J'assurance que vous ferez preuve d 'en tholl siasme dan s !'accompli ssemelll de vos laches. When you march off the parade square as commissioned officers you will be fa ced with the challenges of changi ng times, both at home and abroad. The Canadian Forces are becoming increasingl y involved in the international arena, and as young officers, many of you will soon be involved in Peacekeeping and UN Obse rver roles in far region s of the globe, The training and education that you ha ve received witl serve you well as you are called upon to meet the chall enges facing the nation and the Canadian Forces. Je vOlldrais, e ncore un foi s. vous felic iter et Valis adrc s~e r IllCS meilleurs vocux pour l·avcnir.



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A. Kim Campbell

Commandant's Address



":clcome the opportu-

mty to put pen to paper

and address some parling words to the CIa'>!'! of '93.

But not parting words - rather slarting words. Lei me explain. Starling wordr.. in the




sense that your cia,,'> b the large"l number of graduates since Roads became a degree granting university. This Irend will continue. you have been the Sian of il. and. if 1l00hing el'ic. thi~ will give you something to hang )our Old Brigade berets on. sometime do\\ n the road.

You are slaning your mil ilal)' service as newlyminted young officer'i in a lime of fiscal restraint that ha ... had. and \\ ill continue to have. an impact

on the Canadian Forces. This is nOI new, as this fact has been a conslanl throughout my time in unifonn. Paradoxically. the world is now more unsettled than it has been for the pa\t quarter century. This will affect you. a\ the demand<., on the Forces and on your shoulder<; as junior leaders wi l l continue to be both eXC iting andchal lcnging. It was ever thus. and I know that you arc anxious to face these new challenge<.,. ju<.,\ a<; your predecessors before you. You are :-.tarting Ihi<; new phase of your life from a <.,olid educational foundation. arguably the be<.,tthat the country ha<., to offer. You had to be good to get in. and beller to graduate: but. do not forget

that learning docs not end when you march off on 15 May. but should be a life long goal. You will now start. those of you who payallention.toapply in earnest the leavening of experience to your ideas and your

ideals. I trw,>1 that you will <.,1;:111 this new phase with enthusiasm. an enthusiasm that feeds and gro\\ s on achievement. It is perhaps harder for your generation to be pmilive in Ihe face of the overwhelming mass of negative new,> that make up our daily fare. But. as Ihe fresh leadef';hip. don't succumb to the pressure to join those who spend their working hours thinking up rea<.,ons why something cannot be done. You arc the product ofa system that still expects and maintains high standards. and we have given you the opportunity to test your limits in the ""MiICor' exposure. Don't start your new challenges by selling Jaw standards for yourself. Lady and Gentlemen Cadets of the C lass of '93. you have the talent-lise it wel l . I, for one. wi l l be following your careen. with in terest. as you are the custodians of the tradition and the future of the Forces. Good luck. and God bless. Colonel VM. Caines

The Log - 5


1------1\ Once again I am pleased to have been allowed Ihe opportun ity of ad-

dressing theCadel Wing in our year book "The

Log", This has been vcry even 路

tual year with rUl1lour of an imminent closure of the College hilling a peak

level during the falllcnn. The dreaded Minister". Commince on Military College!. (MCMC) visited the College in early March and although it's report wi ll 1101 be completed until late May Ihe COTllTllittee members appeared quite positive.

The 1992/93 academi c year wi ll be a wate rshed dale in Ihe history of Royal Roads. Several years ago chan ged in our Arts and Science programs were implemented which pro-

Message vided cadets with Ihe choice of a

numberofattraclive degree programs. AI the same time the opening of the Millward Wing provided cadets with much improved living condition ... at this College. The ... e two factors have made the college a much more attractive place at which to complete a four year degree program. This year 50 cadets entered founh year and hopefully will be graduating during the May ceremonies. We could call this graduating clas!>. the "first hal fhundred'路 which should be followed with even larger grad uating classes in the imlllediate future. In conclus ion best wishes to the members of the "first half hundred"


(""/olld ("/Jilin COlllllllllldalll

\tlll"f \/"n II

Staff OJflur oj Carerrs f'(mr Squadron

8 - Staff


("m,m/(lIIlkr 811/(/l'l"IIa~rl /Jir~Cfor l,jCadrts





O"t Squadrol1 Coml//(mder

C<lII/<l1I! 1I"lm~J T ..路o SqlltlllrQl, COl/lmollder

C<I{'I<l1II .\fm'w, Thru ,~qllolfrOI1 Commollder

Staff - 9



f)r 11olitf',-ul/


Or. B"'IUI/'r!" IJnlll o/ \ "s




'-nil< IlJI!.'r

lJ('an 0/ Sri,,,/,'{' I

10 - Staff



DRILL STAFF Si!l l)urrc'lle ,\1\\0


PO::! Gagoilrd

PERI STAFF 1"0210hn\10n. Sgl Full o:-r Sgl L.unben. LTC'" 'mlJlud. Cap! Jol1," \Ir . Durre,ne

BOATS HED I-lr. Sm'lh. LS La~cr. LS Elliotc. PO::! E"'~II1"', \'S (111J.',>(IJl. POI fleOllKh"mp. 路\ 8 KOllal. 1.'<; T Olllh






Capt 'bdore. Mr.. Bellon. L;mj!,>tafl Mr. Parler. 1\11' \Va.". \1r.. Pearce. Cap! Pacquin

COLLEGE ORDERL Y ROOM \1 .... AndCf'.{Ill. ,\Ir" I'rCI1ICaU. MS Webber. , ",',,, JCIN:cn LS Vandenbe rg. LS Jollo. 1'o1WO (,udall). MJ) Hope ClIPI \k GIIIn:. 5,,1 Green

CASTLE STAFF Sj!1 00)11:. /.1<. Vella.epl Bndal I'O~ Bmler-Srn)thc. I'01 Kilb) I .T(~)


Palle. PO:! Boyd


O'al). Dr. "'cen.

Dr. \lll1m;lIlO. \1l'o.



Dr. Sndl

LIBR ARY Jwn Rideout. Claire


R;l(Challcc T .mna ... AnlM: Fletcher

Ken Llo}d.


Day. BaIT)


SECOND LANGUAGE TRAIN ING \1110:. Ilalllel. Mme. II Julcy. Mlle. Lmicigne. Mme. Lcdcn:. M, Donnelly. \hn e. Tetreault. t.lIIc_ Rober!. Mme. TO),OI1;lga. r>1rne. Goulet

Slaff - 13

PSYCHOLOGY LT(~1 Lyon. \1\. Wau\, Dr. 51. John. LCdr Croo~\.



PHYSICS Or \\-addell. LCdr. Flemming. Dr \ Dr Budle). Dr J.Jwmt>c. Dr \I~>. Dr S1.:k:c). Dr. I\rJU1. Dr. Prc\\. \1 .... , PCU).John. Dr. Shcr

ADP 1'o1r. I'cllYJohn. r.1Cpl Rideoul,

Stele Lang. B."l.cl1. Dr. Kr,!ul. Mr. Lee, Mr,_

Mr.. Pcu)"John. \Ir.

14 - Siaff



16 - General

General - 17

GOOD TIMES 18 - GcnerJ.1

General - 19

20 - General




22 - Gcncral


WE LOVE TO "To be or nOlle be"

In (a+b)/sec (d-e)


Rowdy Hours The fi!"'" Rowdy hOUT,>ofthc 1992

a!lacking and flattening.

Chri~lma!> c:o:am routine 1001.. place on

Ho .... c\'cr ..... ilh Howdy hOUT.,

Saturday. December 5. after much careful preparation and <,trategic planning. J Squadron teamed up v. illl II Squadron and a~ccndcd on III Squadron. T he pillow .. flew, along wilh a fcwothcTthing,>, and III Squadron was brutally cru~ hcd. 'Illey didn't staydowtl

came Ihe promise of the return of Rowdy hours, The pcnl up fru<,traliOI1<,

or studying ror 5 exalll'> in 7 day~ wa~ vetlled as once more Ro'Wdy hour, came to pass. This tUlle. \\ ith I I Squadron hiding out. I and IJJ Squadrom round it neces~ary to tum upon the for long a~ they lllal1:Lgcd to ~wing a other. The ca~uahie~ were 111 in;rmll. deal with [ Squadron !O sandwich the but the fighti ng wa~ fie rce. and it wa, Red Army of II Squadron on Ihe 2nd to be the fina l Rowdy hour. For the noor. Ilowcver. due to the :lggrcs,>ivc remainder or eX;Ull routine. one cou ld nalUre of young Roadcnl~. and some nowonlyget their)..ic).. ~ rrom the L1,alle fresh blood, Rowdy hou r~ were qu ickly Flight WaterWal).., while happily chatturned illlo Howdy HOUT". It was now ting away on the romleT balliefield,or a lime for visit ing and chatting. nOI night hall~.

26 - Acadernic~

1'111' pn"clllr',1 .. <lmllt,~_1 <lh"llI '! go Imhc("dl'J U,l RO<li/cml hauk II filiI . 1.01,,/11' ,.,,~hl KUla ",lft,lto Ac("p ('011111 uf till' /III Chrmn/u.\ fl'<lll'


Time for a study break .• •

L Academics - 27


,, I


~ '"

I 30 - General


HA LOWEEN General - 31


WiT~ LOVE Roads spawlls some Oscars Il'hell Big Srors come 10 101l'1I.

l\ho I..llell' 11'(' Iwd 111'0 s/(/n jllSI waiting 10 he fO/llIt/ right liNe al Roods? CUPT

McGuire (III(/ Corey GdOlfir: fOol.. their hig leap /0 slfIrdo/ll.

The Log - 33

Portraits on Location or In Studio ~,. H1Orli(:i;ou for your patronage, and best wishes in future

Hallmark! Co/wood Card alld Gift Shop Ltd. 11'504 - 19 13 Sooke RO,'111 Victoria. DC, V98 10)

HALLMARK CARDS GIPTWARE WITERY When )'011 c:ve enough to send the very best

'preferred rate'




Four )~U1 .go, Chns came 10 us from !he boommg Iov>n of Salmon Arm B.C, and belV! h,,, mil col Career in Frasa Allhl He Iud. slov> <tan bul $OOfI found hlm~lf under 511'1CI §.OClal11amlIl, al LlI.1 Cnllel"ill) m Quebec (II). [I ....S ", Lalalthal Pisani learned thai C'Cr KI Impol'Wll 1." of II1III~ ftlen though you fcelltlc)ou CV! n). )011 nIH n«d IlIoble 10 bruk )OUT fan) In iiCCond year. Ons "n mol ed 10 T... o Sq~ron ... lItrt lit dlloC:OICred motOl" Ichlde, In the ne~1 llIrtc )ears. this E,\ IE cadet ..... rtspo'''lble for ~nas}lIng up 1 ~poru bIle. L nmaro. and I Thundcrbml ...... eLl .. coll«1tnl ""'"' JT1O\ml! 'loLlllon~ than IIC' could posSIbly COUn! Duong hl~ gnd )Caf. Chru coold oflen be found pll)lng b,s com]"l\l~r. slttptnl In cll.'5. Shoollng pool. or crul"ng ch"b ", hIS babe magnel W AII)'~ Clcnlfl,lL four )can IItrt hale come 10 In end. bul he IS ~ure 10 be remembered b) lilt people" lin lnc"

Erik came 10Roads from lilt Pro<mscd Land 10)Oln an Influ~ o("anna·be Roadcnls lno"n as "Import.. " He " .. affc(llona.lely lno ... n as "'\orman" Bale, by IllS fnendl dllC 10 lilt fKlthal)O\I nelcr really lno" ... heiller I sholcl· ... ,eld,ng manlK "ould be I i"ling)ou in lhe middle of lhe mghl. and because no one really lno"s "hal happened 10 hIS IIrlfntnd.. l"ono IS abo inlrilllCd b) I number ofmechV!lcal inmumcms. such.s II>~ Glock, hIS Brenn Gun. and of courv . Ills blc)'cle. Although IIC' can IICICT rel1,l1T\ 10 lilt beaullful maNlcl ofO'gclo" n u a llOOp leader. perNPJ"'c "Ill .11 run inlo:\onn ,"!he fUlurt In hIS nexl mOllon plclure role" D,n) 'orm Callahan· \leallltad. TaI;~ care "orm lo-oc Paul. &

B~ ii':":;jj;::l'I~

:;~~~!!~~;;~~~;';~~~~~~'~~'~"~' '~"~hilO"'~h~'"h~'~m~'~d~'~;;~'~~~;:~~~~o.::=t

II leil.ll


ended up;n the promised land. FI is nOlonou, for her abilll) to be in bed before

I high a'·crage. Thi' rule of her.; is broken on OCCasion ho"e_cr. E~P<'cially in "",mng atOIInd IIIlf naked (Old yoo go I" ImmIng thai n'glll Fi?)



countries "hen "''''Jone i,

Fi hM been kno ... n 10 wcss aliule bcf!m' lueh .,>ems as E~·bud parades ([)on'1 (orgM 10 .alule!) Somenmes .be ... onie\ \0 mud'!. VIC can po"'''' a small car ,,"h her ~rgy output (TIm may be 1he cause of her man),' ISUS 10 the 110\1'11111 Although F. may not folio" e'er) rule in the rollege (espeClIIl) th<: one aboll! fral In lhe cham of <"ommand) ~ sun lea>c,. Jood .mprcuion on the fint lear catkls r'We'"" not ... onh) ''', You "Quid IlloO ne'er ""alize her ~M:I of papcT\loork Elpeciall} .... hen II comc~ 10 ,,«);;1) rfPOI'U. (I'm ~ure ~l r, Rldlcr "'llllllft "'lh thai!) I 1 here for tho: su~r 10 Imp",~~ $OITIe poIennal recruIts "'Ih her K~mle PfO"c\~ Aflcr Ihal for lilt rtSI of her A'\A \' BeSI of luck Fi. "c'lI mm

Year of the Boar bornmU~1 1M the )ear boar arc w~~, and gallant. people I ','h,,,,,Ch,.,alrou, ",'" ",.,""b,,"""'; . llIe) do" hal lhey " nh all of tilelhe sirenglh lheyal"a)'~;:~~':h':~';h:,,::,:,lb~.~"~~;:,:o:r:~~;:~hl ha\~. I I flO one can OIen:omc. 11lcre j, ~'Ihcr lefl fIOr n~hl nor n:lreat "hen a boar pc:f'>OI1 -.ell 01,11 I I\u tremendou~ fonllOOc and gn:al hone'I)_ Soar-)ear people don'l nul~ man} ffWn,h_ bul "hen lhe) do. lhe} male fncnd, fOf life. and an)ollC h" ,",. ~"J": hoar·~caf·pel'\OO a, I friend" ,ndeed fonl,lll3lC, Boar·)ur·pc:orlc don"1 tall moch. b\n "hen lhe) 11.

1 :::;:;'::;"~;:~::';":;I1: ~II

corne OUI al one ume. and IlIC're "flO 'humng lhem up Unllllhe) MIC fi""hrd ,!\::.~:~! lhe) M,·C 3 greallh'f'li forlflO"lcdgc. The) <'lud) • greal deal and on lhe ,urb,;c are . If a boar PC:f'>OI1.' lno" ledge 1<' probed. II " III be d,,,,:o\ C..,.] Ihal "Mt he lllo", I ,u,h a tlfoad In fronl 1>01 ha, a nalTO" bad

("alh)' ,:3"'e In Rood, four )e3" ago. SIw 'OJ, ,,,tel. young. and IMn.xenl She l' no" n",med "'Ih 1"0 <hlldren What -.orne people ",ll do 10 llcI 01,11 01 'lud)1I1~' Oun"g 'p,,,e~. Calhy·,nrean he lound 1M from (Illhe I",'al TIl ('(olIlr~f) I" l'op"lar belocf, ,1 ,,001 lhe H.lleI: ,he ,oe, lhere for: ,he ha, ,han:, m llIe ,om""n) Reali)! R,.-l_ Snan. and Cr:Il11 an: hal'l') 10 <.ec Cathy fill311) ,radualc She I' al"I)\ ,"'lln~ her ned <'1\1110 "real IItr fall .\.n) more ~l InJune, and Cath) "ouW he Lea' 11lj! here: III a hncc. C:llh) h.:I.' had J numl>cr \>1 m"h.J1'" dl,lnn~ her II1'IC al Itt>;o<l- She Iu, hJoJ lrooble ",\h "re'liJnj!. 1(" hvcl). and ccnam b'Cl,·Ie, Cuh) and he, f;unl1~ are Iran,fered frwcn n"nh. E.dmonton RIel ""II he III Jill and Calh) ",II he eha.'lng oullhe bad IU)' All the he" ollocl ~nd I

I\n'13 <'3m~ l<I "Iho: land of pl~mf' lrom ",e'n: nOI ~UI!C ,un:' She', loved JU,I ahoul nel}",IIen:' Ilo"'ner. ller IIII.' on lhi: ""hiM) hc:j!3n on 1M na~al n:-.:r.''''. rowmj! around 00"" 1.3~e tn a ",haler. Th" ",d' -0 ""'lunS Ihal Kn'la ",allied m'~. '0 ,he lIexlllcd 10 10 ~oad, and bfi:(>ffi<' an officer, Aller ~e1lln, oc<, ,IY ",J\ lYaml.) \iI) (>'~r a piale of n;o.,:lIo<.l, "Whal am I gcnlnJ! nl),eU 1n1O·"'·· 'Well. I\r"la "'a, ~cnln~ Inln -·plem)·· 01 'luft Shi: "anC<! ... nh plen!> 01 n:'JX"I"OIIlI> In "'.:onu >ea .... uh ba .... and mo'cd fill 10 plcnl) 01 In-OI~hle .... Jalc'OI~hl leo pam"" 13'1 mlnule e"3)', el\"" pnKl1ce'. r...ld hoc~c> hn,,~,. In Ihlm ~nd lounh )C;if'o Wl1h plen!) 01 hard ....n. Of mlracie'. I\",la pulled 110ft 10 bttome .... :klemK olhee. All (.f (he '''lrl "3, a pa,n on IhI- (1nJ!~"'_ 001 n ,,"-, ",>t1h 11. Gtl1,n, 0\11 ollhal OCWA 1X"'llon "a';lf1 lidded hnnu, A IX"lm~ to ('al,al) "llIl«p he, ··n:lal1,d)··.-I.,.,., 10 Ihal n:d-llea<led gu)' lhal ~«P' ""lon, (",hi:n he', fI(lI pl,lm~ up (iem'~n <hl<h In fon:'J!n uounlne,l. and IYr famll)" We ""h)ou lhe hc:'1 of lu"l and ~ 10 find a \la!lnnlia ",hCTe "e ,:m meel J~3m' lot; of 10"1.'. An~ and B,II T lll3nl

. • l.4S ._





I wmg II 'P'>t1mp ~al''''' Bul. ala,. lhe R",uI310'" (""'H ....'I hrark'hl had found lhem",I'e' a lrue Ie;ookr Who cis-. could u'>C h" lIIa~m'fKenl Ie.oo.le ... h,p Jb,hue~ 10 <oo"rke a )ounj! and Up<.·Ufll1nl! Rellul",,,, 10 ...·qulfc wmc hor,e, lor d3 00)' A <.el1-proda.nlCd ""<Mkml<, Broomer ",a, al>l~ hl dank h" d3'\J1lJI~' arkl 1'«'" allle" 1111 ~u<h ph",*, 3, I r'I ~ "" much" til" ",onll ,.. 1f'OK. OK. he~·. the plan" and ~rTm )U'I Bo,nl1l0 lIa,~ a IUlIe n~PI') 110'" Of .'OIIf'><: h" pro",e" m O1h1-r field, 01 cfld(,a"nur ha_e alw ,hlnru lhrouj!h m Ih" h" I"enl) ·r. ...1 l"ar. a, t.. dc'rernlcl) moo (0 nla~c up for 10-.1 IImc FlnaU) dft~r r"c long )ca ..... one nu~h( ,ay Ihal Rood, hJ< wnoc,'>Ct! holh Ih" rI'e and ,ub'>C</ucm fall of11Y IIn<'e ~n:JI man '"Broom" -Frce "I la,I, frcc ~I Ia" ThJn~ God ,\Inughly, I'm frce al 1",1' "Ycc' B)~'" WE LLV U \IAN, "REGULATORS. MOL'NT l P'" Sh~"n & JJ,







-Ille Rncrc"d Rod [)o;J'Cl halt- from a ,mall comer of the "'orld ~no"'n a' Acad,a .... 11h a II" of n'(~namc, ,u<,h a, ··Spno,e .. "lerry .. ~nd "f \'nur'>C "Douce:' Rod \O!1tIC<! dO\\ n q~,dl) at Royal ROal.h aflcr be",~ p«'pcrl) a",m,lalcu In1<. W~~lem ,'ullure Dou"t ",a, 10 ~a>c lhl' l.... n'nion3') pcnoo Ihrou~h the pnl<u",nj! of ""'h pe3<cful ~eU'l1Ic, a' nO"'tr ".t<hlnjl, Jnd duch dls,t:lIlg (31 GagelO",n 1001. Bcmg fluem m nc:nller En~h'h (If Fn:n,.-h, Douo:e ",a, 10 ,LIp Lo'JI, and Jump 'Ir.tlghl 1010 h" ,uIT1ITl<rlramml! a, an anTlOUred ofli"cr afler Ii... l lear Duntl~ <e<:ond )tar. he "'4' (0 ''''II<h InlO the p')<,holotl) dcJ!Ttt ~ram Tho; "., III n:,ull "hen he ",~, lnad'enenll) ~!I"len:d a, ~ ,Ioocm., 0f'P'.,..w 10 a 'olumec:r >ub}ttl oflhe ocp;.nmeol', \11><1) on the CflNI' 01 m·bn:edm! Kno",n f(lf hll ne<:pl.lonally lC'C'n mom ,Iandanl Ihroughout the "'ng, Dou.:e 'I"'nl lhe lUI" bdlC' mJ Ihat he ".' SPlticT-man and help'", hi, fncllIh ( hle JdI S,mon,) '(3) '11lN11l3nd lYahh> b> ealln~ all 'hi:lfeool."". 0."""1.' tin,,1Ied 011 h" four ~earlour 31 Roo." belO~a full) trained ~rmouretl offICer. and ha, =cnll~ been a'''gncd 1O,1Ie 1!I~nw: ~"8m"'nI du (':uIa<b The",. Oo.:Kl<"t dalm, be ",II 'Iral~hlcn out lhe Sc'gcanl' \IaJ<"', 3lld n:e,meoul ma ....·o" ahl~ \lan.d '\101,113" DocllafTI'IC came 10 RO)al Road, (al the 1I0'emmc:ni", c'pen...:. (Of cour<oeJ from lhe ",c,tcm 01 Cal~ar'> \IQ,~ha. loo"n lor 1\" f,nan031 ,llil (001) ,,(If~In~ h ... hlnl'>Clfl. hJ' COO'''lenll) !IO\l~hll0 male -~ fa,1 huo..l. "..;I,e 3 penn), ',1111 me, other I!U)," el". .1" Ilea" " 31",a" In ,t.. flj!hl pl.occ lhouJ!h, becau,"" fIlOrK'j "all lie nul> IU"e, '"The \10' Ie Fund." 'F"h F«dIl1I1:-'11lo: In,urJn.:c &.un," and num~fQU' other linancial :10:11,,11(' ha"e lalell up It.. maj01lI) of MJA.·ch (,mc "hlk ~I R,.)"I Ro.!t!, 11" dcllA.": prugrnm, J comblOalioo 01 reph1c 'll1llle, and economIC' (of COUN:). "a, aho 'el'} Imponanl 101 h""_ lie and hI' da" male, '1"'01 iong Il0<l.... the da) bef,,", m;lf1) final cum, learning cnlln: COU'-"C'. lor ,u"h profc",.,..., .' lIarry the HO"I1/~r. Dr. Gardner (\lo"ha', hero)_ lic managed 110 gel h" B a"'rn~e a, "cU \Ian:cl "a, 10"cd b) aU In h" rounh )carda". and c'rec,all} b) Ih" mcmhc ... of the Ch,oc'>C Foodfc'l. TI1C l"'IO~1e m h" e)c (.I"J)' '>Can.hll1J! for lhallo<t I"'nny). and lhe ehu<lk m h" laugh la< NO <ccood yea ... dlUfl ~O e<:nh ,ntf) h" mo~1C lund) ",II al",a), he remembered, 'lal<-el "" II hc:ller 1 I \'he</ue ror one I ~, J '>C,...... II.I lI" In lhe 3mllcl}, he~'en


I' u\

Paul F.g~l1ello hall, ongll1all) from ,"an~"no, "El WOI'PO" ho"'e,'cr ~al1l<! 10 Ro)al Road, "'a the 'a,1 nonho:m c.pan;c of AI.,la. h" 01",,,1" l",of,11d. II "'." I) 10 c<;cape h,S e<-8lfl-f""nd: af\ll1110 gel a hl~,cr .-ar Thc-.e ob)l'<'II'e' ",en: e3"ly 3<,I\'C"ed h,' the hlj! WOI'_ and ,,"hm 3. )'car he mel h" fUlure !>all af\ll "halO, and f"lrrha..ed lhe "Grcal While Sialhon WhIle managlOl! 10 ruo lhe Vene on ""pour fOI four )1'3 ... 'Inllght. Paul undcnoola dcgrt'(: m &;ntl.Mn,,,, and Tara. Rarely '>Cen around (he colle,e I al lea,' afler Itd_) I. Paul "'.' 10 re·mll,,,le a ",hole ne", ra,h of Eh" "~htln8' at tVIC L'llIm.lel}. W"I'I'O "'" 10 1I~ the lnrn ""h Tara ( lhe ,",ee I!lfl"' ) ,n h" 1"",.1 ),(3r, "hlle ,ulI m3mI3"''''8 h" bl~ doo. Folio", 108 gradual",", Paul .... ,11 be lYadlOg 10 ",lYre,er h" nc:", ",I~ lell, h,'" Rumou ... ha,e ,1 ho .. e,e'.lhallh" "Ill be \Ioo...:JJ'" "ho:n: Paul ",,11 undergo "''''g' lramm~.:and ma)hc: e'en hnk \\'01'1'0 maf\Uf""lunn~

50 - Gradu.ate..

• • r

F~ril '"', d",~n 1<> I~alc high ,,"'Il001. ,,,,1 h" half, and <-orne," Ro)~1 R,>ad, m pu",uu of hl~her cd~a(">n and moral, allK' An tlf'l,malnKmber of 'l",,~cnlle n,gh!. be "'J, mo.t<l 10 ('a'1I .... ,I1I,h. m "",,>no.l ,~ar I<> ,he hom". (lIlbe fiN lear. "'" llul (,ril~ "' .. I hard <.>tl'~ '-''''1 ~ .... a"" hut )"",-o"ld...:.) he "' .. ' remap' a I>u o'er ~eal(>l" E J "'il' ~nu" n m ~o;>nd )ear for h" pari) oril .. nll.allon 'llll' and h" abll,() 10 'lJ~ "UI "I lroubk.- or 31 lea'l ,al~ man) re<'f'le oo..n ""h hIm a, iX""ble. ,e. S"'a.:hl .... ,1 ~Q_ and lldnaPI"ng" ,\hht",~h ...:adenll'" "'e", .... all) m""h h" ") k. be 'prnl a 101 '" linK ~I l \"", and ('arlllY<W1 Ilu,J}!n, Ih<: ......·'al betul 1000r "I fcm:t!e, "llhell' n;aluralll.lh,ul Ahn man) month, of hunl,n~ (;m,J a Inr'o \'anU1lIlen Fe'iI) "' .. , f'naJl~ ~hk 10 ~al,-h IIlm-..:lf a l«prr (Elkl. In fourth )C3t afl~r re,umln~ fr(JJ1llhe ,1111'" d"e' ~t1ll""" m IlJhfa~_ lhe mll'cd ,,_, ViI·"",a. be mo,ed OUI "I ,he colktc. anoi JU" IIlc ,he 'lor)' or tho rrogmm and lhe pm"!",'''. her genlk ~'" 11ImC'd h" Tnum~ TRh mlo a B\1\\ l~~. and lhe) h,ed hal'Plt~ c'cr ahn_ When he "'3, a.:luall) a, lhe ~,'lkj:C. \1, f.ef}:uIA"I ,ho"cd ~C<11 m,hu.1) tlcpo."II1Jn(111 and ~ '" Ilhnp" '0 calml) anoJ p"h(el) c\pIJlIl'n fi", )~"" ho", 10 <"on\'",;I,Il<>" ml"alc,. E.J ",II he "2)lIll/ III VKlona lor another }ear 10 do hI> \lARE Ir;un,ng. and "C ""II 111m alilhe be,. III fUlu",_ I """,)d J"'I hl.c 10 <0;1) good Iud III m} fello", ,.31:"- I-,~ h.>d a ~re"l '0'" }~." M", .\, f.,.. 1M re'l 01 ,he .'oU,-,e, 11c~lc )'''' "'nh thll ..."..., .... ;ore man) ,mponam ,-3."'-" III ",hu;h .Il<> dIOe",",;e MI"'C'en h3U 3 Marl ~"d a ",hnle M.m mal.~ JI"I lhe l.hlle ....n.:~ ""I",«n "goal tklC31 :mtl a 'pl<"1l<lld ''''''''



--- A.H.K. Boyd

An"" c.lm<' 10lhe I~nd from th.31 "Qlherplao:c" III KlIlg,loo forlhmi dnd fourlll )ear, and matk. 'rla,h .n the ph)" .. ,.oo oce3no~r;).pll> pn' m3n~~mil 10 \Ia~ on lhe nghl "de oflhe Cu,,~ 'lOST of llIe ... a) IlIn.... ~1I 1Ie:. nlli. col. "ilrc:c. J }ca. ~n,J a hall !II ''''0 "Iuadron hall,. An"" mOlcd ,Jo"'n 10 WHQ 10 learn ho ... "w" III frien,J, alllllnOI>O:'u;c people" An"" ""II be londl}' renKmben:<l for lale 1lI~lIllca,>. her 'I,mng ren,J"",,, of "m} ta. h3, no,1I1n~ 10 prOlc" dnd lor filld,ng an apanmcllI and fUml,hlll,!!: an 3p•..,,,,,,nl on V".ona·, m"" pnmc P'''':C nl "3Icrfr"n! fl:al'C"3'C wmrolclc ",nh 1"'1) ~O'" Jnd a gallIge door opener, from DMccll', lII1,J So,n', dnd dmncr ;" 1)O"~ L..,~e, he",', '0 hopmg "'e meel agam 1)'"Cr Jion Rod,J Ihll"I


l1"It am"a] of Maf'lIal f>elam 10 RR \1(' "'3' Irl<letd an e>em "'hKh lIad a large cll<"\-'I upon ('lumplam FtI~1I1 Iwlalcd dlK 10 llIe: languagc bamer. Vi,-II) "","crlllcle,\ Itamed "hal a ho<.,,-,llClr "'3' and ),0", '0 rapid!} do .... lhe hph". l.angUJge~ "'c'" 100 mUllI. ho",,'~r_ 10 In ~noJ }ur he d ... ,,,, lhe Ie,,,,r an, tlcglW O! I">,-h and 1001. OUI h" h'U,w.II<.>tl, b} pra<'I",ng a "'JIPOIIC'>f p)J3ma 'pori (Jud<>r. Tn" ,1>11 ",a,n', cn'.... 811 (0 ~«p hIm harP). 10 Il<> ((...... on esc anoJ Te,n~ in _,«I )eat: lor ",la\~h(1O tIC -.ang Roiling SI""'" " .... ~I 10 lhe ('WA {\brla ",a'n-, ,ml""'' t_ I~I' final year foc" upoo iI rellC''''al of 1m FlOUl<o 1\'0", uJ"ltlcr lhe ",,11"\11.11(10 of hI' 1lC'''' landl,If,J .n ('iLrIlt. fl,glll ObI Inu,I), he "3> ~ ~ood ,IU<le". h«Ju,,: he gO! 10 lale hd,J ~nl" 10 Rnl)', Ioou..: Wnll a .'(M() mllc ~lIam anti a nng 00 II" finger. ,",e, """otllodl"'OIert~ ... orl,Jol ,\ \1,('. FcIKua.,oo, tk.", fit" and 3, " e / ' ram,l} mono 'I<I~' ~If ~oo <",,'I do g<lOd, lool. ilood'-'

I"m llred. l"m hun~I'}'_ To .... 11") Ill" lIun~~r "" II~, rcwncd burgef', wm doir' and OIher 7-11 meal ~rotlp ,ut--mulc' \I{)II =eml) he ha, lIeen fllllll)!: II" .... ,0,1 ,ub- flilln, h" da~ '" 1111 'Ieep) "'cepIC'. napp) ",app,el and '110<)1) ",oo';e,. he" re;><l) 10 untlcna~c ,orne I ...., lIa, otkn '-n ",("",,~,J aboul Robb)·G mo",n8 .mo .Il<> fiN pla..-e a.:.l<km •..- 'landlllg Robb)·G ha, maml31nC'd h" IIllhe ....-.l<km,,, mnllng .• he top of ,he IxMlom quanti' When Rob', OUI "f lhe 110><."-1 or bel"ecn lhe he mal he heard 13.)1118 be ha, ,tllff!O"'-) Th" 'IUIt " ...·Iu,k, ro"'III~ . . ,"'Immlnll. runnmil and ..... "1 rc .. ~ml} ,lIa, mil II" kgl in the ,ho,,~., The 1lC" VI'J lIull,J,n~ m Van";<lu"~r ',,, ''',,'' '.,," fundI wlle..lcd from Rot-II)', Imc"", p;i)IlICnh. Along'" 1111 the \'"a card, one ~a" f,nd a lell.,,, (ar,J a \ja"cn;ar,J III II" "atkl T~rc 111"'1) "an} paper mOIK:).only pla."e. W«, "C all m," RnbIH-G and .... C(, '" I,ll lI,m ,II~ be" of lu<lm .he lulul'('. Rohb)', ... meup ...-oold nol be complrcc .,..,,11001 ,a} 1118 ,nmc,1I1118 ubout hI' ml31ualUln ",til Ihe (0""'3",, vf III~ ro"m8 ICam (jooJ lu..-l ... ,,11 n"ll.Ial mlhe future, He) Robb) Ild'C )'''U been ahle 10 ~et tile pea, an,J wm ,"1<11 of )'our nOle'l



iX"'.". . ,hee".

OCdl (1I"'Han Hatcll "3, I':II-..:d ,n Mar~lI~m Om. at>d came.o Ro)al Road \lIlIlal')' C(\IIC8~ 10 ac'lIie,'c a <k8rtt m 111\1<>1)-' and Poh',"al Sciencc and )Ie~,n 3 h!cllnK ~ar«r m Ih" r>oal) So la. '" 800d lie like, h" heel' darl. II" '" lng' ht"_ an,J he ~no", Ihal '" "II lhe e"epl,oll "I good f"end, ",110 ~ ... '''' ,tit fl:al nK3nmg of ,mq.nI> ..... 'pc.;1 at>d ItIC 'mile' of qualn) male bor"Itllll@H' femllk I'<jullalcnl "h"", al'l'lKahlc) .llltIC fl:" " gra'~' "'0\11' \llle Roa.Jhou>c and Ta'em ga'e lum lhe '-''''1 "llhe": 1"'0 "'<lu,,,,nlCnll <11>0:'1''''' v' ..-.101prOOU":. anti RR\1(, 0,1,0,1 be,( 10 fulfil Ill<> re" I 13) ,-"'-~".o m) fnend, 'Ih"..: ",ere I"" da),"


A, flO' "". CVC'e"f\




Squ'rrel!ll" lhe light afteT h,~ firs! )ear and mo, ed do"nslalrs 100ne squl'dron_ TIlere heended h'J mIl col career afler man) Iflltrc~ttng e,em •. A. 110«1'00 commander, he "as ",no,,1led for his phrases and enunc,atlon, Laler,l$ Squiml ntO,ed on to the blBger and bener I1fe of a Cf1. he encountered e\Cry rnaJOt' problem Ihal he could "uhlflthe fir<t " .... k ofroo~ tenn SUICidal cadets and harassment l«lUfC5on the first dlly of rook term mne for I 'eryenj'O)lble t"o " .... ~. eh Squ,mP TIle 1o«ond IoCmeMer foond Squlml as CSTO TIleonc lhing he learned m mi. POSItion "as not locornplam 10 lhe OCSL aboulthe amoont of paperworl, the jOb entailed. BUI now SqUIIWI"offloGaBelo" n 10 complete hl$ armoull'd Lrammg All the be\t Earl and ",member)QU onl) ell U ; \CH once a dll)!!

OCdt G",gOf} P Johnslon, bom in Ouav.a Onl. mO\w to tilc fronuer m his early yean lIId found hlmselffinnly estabhshed m Abbonsford Be. Afler a Stunningly brilliant Cadel eMttr, G"" "enllO mil \XlI and entell'd amongsl tilc Fraser fe" Ne>er a dull moment for "Aclion bckson" he frequently Ic!Otcd the b",a.:h S)$lemJOSI,IOSI once mOfC, and finally amassed enough energy 10 come precanously close: to the brink of success, and lhen losl abysmally aga'n. Ho"e'er. JusHee as pocHe as il is had our hero as CWTO m hiS fi~t semester of 4th )·ear and soon the",aflcr he 1'd000ed the almost angelic dlspo<;ilion an) man v.'lh h,s good catholic upbrlngmg "ould, (er, .. Dayglo's and nude, naught) dance pantes ucluded of course, nghl Jeanne)_ Glued to his completely cool, radically Sludl). and orsasmlcall) sllmulalins bud ChnSllan,(1 ....'onder .... ho .... role Ih15) the ~Ir mmhed from Lola~IOO$a concen 10 Scandals e~ba",I, ne'er sloppmg 10 ask ..... hy nor check Ihe d .... lndhng. palhel" sum pnmw on Ihe plelhora of mSIIban~ cards G",g ~ept in his wal\el for fucl on anyone of Ihelr crash survival canoc:/mounlaiTlttring trips Probably the mOSI rede<:ming v;nuous quality of G",g is his dme for skill mallery; The tenns "slandard transmission l«hnIClan", "fl) fishmg .... i~~" ... sl .... p dcpriHllon disciple" and "ba'ICball bandll", 0;10 Imlt 10 cred't Ihe lUTIOUnt lLme and near cloc~ ..... or\: pe-rfection G"'g projects "h,le (ndea"ounng allhe!;C pursUIts, No ..... complelmg m,l col, Greg enlers Ihe .... or>.mg "orld as a MARS officer and "ill no dOUbt enjoy a .... ondrous caner after spendmg 81errible )ears m Kakura. BOIS"ana, ha' ing siglled Ihe mo'e orders one mommg .... hllt hung..o'er from a panicularly brutal \Ionda) "all)OII can bong for a dollar" mght at Scandals, Good luck RB. Talk hard


TK corne. to U\ from lilc btmhng metropolis of Port Albem, Alihough II Ii I "onder 00'" he could .ffon:! the Inp he", JtrloCe he can'tlffon:! an)lhlng the:. He slInw his mil \XlI carttr off as the ogre of -110«1100 and 110" Ii oneoflhe ~Fraso:r Fe" .. HO\\ he made It lhrwgh fool' lean "'1m alleutonc sup pertenn slll1 bogglesOIIrmlnds! (Ma,lie hiS COllJl«uon~ hIgher up the cllam of \Xlmmand helped him OUt') TK "an .. 1Ii .pom pla~fr and h,\ addtcuon dra"s him 10 lhe TV as first pr>Onl)_ .You "ould Ihlnk he "0II1d learn afler "31"hm~ "EocIIlO \Ian" llefore a 'umencal AnaJ)St~ cum!) H,s add",uon IS "ea~enm~ ho"c\CT. due to the IOfluenc(~ ofa (eMam bruncllt. {Yes, TK ma~ a.:lualll be lummg romartnc'! When IS lhe "eddtn~ Tom-') Tom t< 0(110 'OTC 10 fln"h h" \ IARE mumng_ Good locl Tom, "c'lI m,,' yoo. Don't forgel u, "hen lour hug( \«rel bnng' m huge mOnt)'!

Sewnd Lleuten,ult Kri,lm~ janice Leppard, kno" n 10 mo,t B\ "Larry" came to Road, from D.nrnouth. NOH Sculla. A_ a JfC Ihi~ rcbdhou, rodent q~,d.I) rcaliled thatthmll' are don~ dlHercntl) ()II the "cst coo,t, und thai cr~" done d'ftc .... mJ) al Road, (wmel1me\ iI', a ba-.(, 'omeUrtll.'~ 11', a Ir.l'ntn~ ""UIUUon etc_ .j A. the yeal" Jla,,,,d .• he -el1led ",10 m,1 col life, and learned that ~lthough free l'nIC I' lim,led e'('l()fIC mu~t IT) to follo ..... lhe mOlIO Came Diem, Time pa,<.Cs qUlc~er "lth ea<:h )C3r, 'II 3'" ,,&deI)OU mU,1 -'-elle the day" and tl) 10 accomplish all lhe 1I0ah)00 -.(1 oot for )our>elf. and 'IT"e for an) other achtC,ement'" hlCh)oo may thlll~ a", ulI<Illamablc. If lOll do Ih". lhen B_ a ~Ih Yr, "hen you .... fle.;! ba<:~ on lour )U,I" al R{))31 lI.ood" )·ou·1I halt no "'1I"'ts or dl"'l'J1<l,mn1('nt'. \10>1 Importantl) al m,1 col, as m an) m,ltlUllOfl, It " "\.... 'al 10 ",member 10 be a I~am pl3)~r 1I0WE\-ER ne,·cr \3cnlic( lour umquene,~ and Indl'ldual ,alu(, '" order 1<) conforml Be,t of loc~ .., a Suppl) OftlCer (und) at! S" Bn ,n Pet3"3"", Ontario

52 • Gradu~uc~


Ouo can be found, .. cll aclUall} hc can I c>cr be found allhc Colkgr a, lie 'pend, k" lime al the Collcgc wn!he: wOP_O. En. ha~ ~n adopIffi 1\) lile hall Eh m llou,dllJld and I, fcd qUllc ~gularl) ~'can ~ ,""en b) h" ",me" ~ 10 h" eomm'Unenl "lIl1lhc lame .. Ba) Rugh} Club. En<,~, CSTO ha, m,,-ed c'cr) p.>nde .. ec\cnd Ene ~ of W mnnbcn of!1Ie under ~I Car.....han Iu,m dunn~ llIe 'ummer and ,,~, ...,1"'1c-d!0 ~m Can"," '" I Ja~...e Rugh) lOOr. Ho .. c\cr. fechn~ gu,l!) abo,1I m""n~ all 100..: 1'~11kk<. hc Ikc,<kd WI hc "ouk! <!K~ around for lhe Gr.Jd pIJ3de 0110 ha. 1111\ Innale ab'hl) 10 linn!', llIe be.IIOI' .. onll OUI In pt'OJIk Wh,k ;odd'n~ f"':lng ,Inrc' 10 Anne', lit .... eM. ErK m~ffi 10 IInng the demon 001 '" Jean-O and lhe ...:ramblm, ablhl) OU' 01 C""g} and Robb)-G Aflcr a noghl ofihrH man "C all ~ C)C 10C}C and Jcan-O', d"ll "III ne,er he lhe ~ agam. En,', mo'l rl!ue pD''>C:"ion. h" hand,. att u!o<'d 10do c"cr}llung from ,h'fllng gun 111 h', E.....·on. 10 _h,fllng IlIu~e from '>COOnI', Inc> 10 IT) mg 10 "':OK Wc .. ,<II ~·ou alilhe be'l on Ihc (ulure and "e .. ,II al"I), ~memher )'0\1 from !he: I'lClU~ 00 the Gr.Jd ,h,n, Robb)-G. C",ig. Jean





d~ g~lc.

CWTO, 011 menk' F,n. Ycar (\O<H. f()IT,en CD',. ,'""Ie<, <houlder.h'gh: "'o'cmber _ I'm 001 oflle~: Cllr"lma, _Ia)ed; E~am, pa\\Cd'cm all. Long Scach. Dnllfc'>l. ')'mllols. p.lr3dc~ - [)oro.,'; una] \\0", .... hal a _ummer' 5c<;QfId Ycar 12: An;. lAJ\e II', XCOUnl!) • Ye,.of cour<,e~; SIlO" III Surf A biN' Long Bca<.h TIll' Boule; Summn MARS II (Ah. 'EGATIVE) Th,rd Year; lIom'J!(~,n Aor ,"on::c; CSSO .1.11>c BC'I, Andc""" gCIIIII!( belief; Acronom) ,maybe 001: X,Coun,,) You bel'; Sno .... !11 Surt Nu, 1. AIlI'· Oh "hat fun' Founh Ye~r (111" " iI'): A\\C Wllal", tha!", OCSL 3 • .,.Ob), HarT) Ihe Ho" llIe' _ Boom': CIS)'1 - made ,t, F~n..;h .. ell. mJ)be n.o!, CWSRO· gOI 'I. Oa,," (I love )a), Aca<icm,e\·!·1i ",cragc: F",,,,h" I pal<.ed; CWSRO wrry Cllarloe; 1'O'olmg MCI"'ge _ "hal" Ihat"': N<:>nh Sa) - hn't Ihal ,old~ Fnernh Hm1C~. the g>rl, .. ,II gu mad~ Ooo.:c'.' 011.110)3 Bonn,e' \ta",,(!, 1hcy'~ onl) penntc<' ~IC 0 \011) bul Da"n "mone EVERYO'E. lin" could 1 e,cr forgct'



lege - A When Don 'o...~)' \ldnt)fC fir<,t arrl\ffi at RR \IC he "3' "ff 10 3 Imll,am ,·arttr a_ ~ \IILE officer Th" "a; .0 lie ,lion h\ffi ho"c\·Cf.due loan 'alle'll'" reacuoo' tOlakulu_ l10c 1',\0\1 b",och '>Q(IO reahICd lhe,r rood fonune and :l$lffi hIm tf lie .. oold h~e to lrade on h" bea'cr feap h;wl~c) tor I"" Roman tolum",. l10c Du,.-hter ""-U"l'Iffi and ,. 110" off to an C'en 1110«' IInlloanl C3lttr a, a PAD\, oltl(cr I lie hope,). Doc~ 'aI' that Iofe at Ro~h "a,n'l tOO bad, II', JU" Ihal lhe) ma~c)O\1 do a 11)1 of .. or~ here - and lilal. '>C:nOUII) cu.' mto )OU' dnn\,"~ l'Il1C' l10c odd cp,\Ode of SluTre\ TI'G ~ 10 be ",,,\Cd al..o. MaU\( of m,nor ""hcdulong probleml ,n a ..."gnll1Cn~, m,d tcrm,. e'>",)'> 300 final c.anh One ul tile lIe'IIIm<:' Duo..-\~ IIad at R03ds (bc,,<ic, the ~ Sqn mes, d,nner<) "3$ ~'t~mg $OR1C ROTP bull 00 lhe 'pom (ield Yep. l)I.ol\ ">a)" .. atchong a hUllth of 10 lcar okh grol'ell,ng at )our fecI In a"c of a LT', a.hle", pro.. e". t> lrul) a ","artlmg C\pencnce.

Coo~"knn~ lile Dud,man ha,b from Cape Brelon aod gOI ~K~ed <lUI IIf gralle.~ for 1along h" tc....-ller", par~'nl!

lpot. he: hal acromphlhffi .. ooder. here at Road\ lie <iepan, RRMC' .. 'Ih a 1'01,,£<"0 dcgree, "a, lhe DCSL 4, and no" lno", JU,I coough F",,,,h 10 be ,Iangeloul Good lu.~ Dud), )"u'lI be m,,\Cd

. "

Well ... hal ,'an .. c ,ay about th" IIId,v,dual'! Wc could tall ahool h" que'l for M". R'~hl, .. hK e"v'mp<l"ed Rffi, (Carllll, hnn anomal, (Luh), and tinall) .10 Ihe approval o((~m'ly & friend_. pcrllap' he ha' fouud her (IS THAT A RII\G O~ IlfR FI'GER',') \\.-c ,'ould aho lall about a s..01l .. 1\0 s,vel a c)"K:al an"'e. 10 an) ljUC,lIon on bolh F",nch and Englo~h OR .. c cHuld lall aboul a no r>e('l Rugby IIg'" .. ho wmeH"",; anere~"c,,,,~ d"n~lnil <"oold be found wppor!on the ""are" .. all. bluhbermg 10 h,m",lf aboul 110" mu<"hora romamP<' he ". In Jlh )car he 1\.:0, mcn III a new 1e,·cI of qu'dong genm~ I" Cia" HorlOUI'I bmh ICIl1CII .. I'I. Ue ha. al..odon31ed hi_ blood ,n mndlorl ,,"'OC,".~ lile gm .. th prnenlla) of lhe RUSh) PIt<h SCot... III be rememhercd for h" Rugb). "'penall) lile Gnbbler BBO'I I! II" 1'1"".... "h 1m, SFl', II" membel'lh,p on lile ,",,:.on. low OUalll) Leag...,. ,oclud,"~ un,:""n) .b,IoI) III puno:-hl"l hole. on ".11<_ h" ".nm"g< & I ,n the game of lAJ,'e , .. e hcloc\e he" no" on tote <'all I I mOnO Bl11emc",



.. Graduate<; - 53

"urn) 1m2. Md'htt. an e'·'....,e<:(lrol~"I. fl""lI) <kuokd 10 gCI hI, heatloue oflhe d<>u<.l, 11~~.utI<: In Ro)~1 Roa<.I, '0'100) ..orne wn of<;c'ence 'Iufl. ~OO b"GUlre an ·\I:,Rr OIlKer "" ~ of lhe ~h<)...:n fe ..... \lU'Ta)' fil In .... ell a, an ,mn"~ranl en>,(", h" e,'codall..",,'} ,n \lurn) 'luKLI) ~a"re<.l a ~"..eJ"un a, "llIe: t:T Enfon;e(' "hene'er 'Ieppmg fOOl un ehe pia) rn~ frcl<.l or KC, II" "'l'ulal,on for pia) dOO a<.Ihe",ncc to the ruin "a, '" pm...,un,e<.l,hat he Nmc<.l (Of h'nI",'fthe poYo,tiun of Squatlron Tra' .. rnj!/D''>l,ph ...... Oflo,er, \turn)', hu'oour. 1Io"(",cr. ha, 11o:"cr ~n In ooubl Who:n nul "<.Iudm~·· nul 01 l""I',,;h <"Ia'> Inr a 'lur.:L 'moLe. he .... a' a real"'1UJ"L-up" 11 .... .1, .. II"" f,>ur )CJ'" "UmI). lOU ",II 'mel} be m".ed.



)00 "II}


'ku~lc, \1cui!k-Meutl'e'~'

Dunn!! h" IU\lr )ca", "I R,-,)~I Rua,I- Cuhn h~, e3me<.l h,m""lf a -h;r [1I.\llIl'Ilon of homO\e'\lal. human. an<.l "omen', ngh" Inot to ",cnllnn hl)1 1'I""k<lgc,) hc ...... ver failw,o maLe h,' np'"'''''' Ln""11 \i:>.I,,,,,'nnm!! Ihe ,<.leal, of Vl<'Ion3n en"",)' he lei'll Imolhe ~(flhCemu') k,,' 1I1)1,n h" "aLe a 11'.. ,1 nl broLcn he3ne<l an<1 pall1"lg female, A, lhe lea<.le, ortt~ w, S"""I nub he .... 3' ne'er "ullouc3 beauuful <.Ialn""l hanging oil uf hI' amI, '"l ,orr""ngl) l11O,t "' lhe..c '3(lle, "'el\:: ·'.... 0:.:1 mr.l,,;enl '1 .."Ire,,} hl"..rk, 01 .'clu~ ~""C'I')" F""nUrlalci) for Colrn. ,n h" man) ",IDlIt:o""h,l". he: .... a' """Cr lhe cemer of 1ll1jumc, or Scandal, A,,<.1e Imm h" Jlhh3U"n "'lh lhe VfI, Colm .I,u u....:! h" "'l"'laUQr1 .. > a mOlNC)ke enlhu,,",1 In mlf'f\"~ unLn""mg )""nlE la~"c .. _ llIe: C(lmtllnal,,,n 01 h" ,nl,-n", k"'e It". .l1lhal ".' pla,<.I. a ~debnl)', fa.:c I Pee Wee Ilel1TlOU1l. (kar eunlplc\lOf1. and. ''''') «(111...: ...... I"e ...:n..e of humour. ...e.;UrN h,m J pl;><;e ,n ~n) I"".c·, hc:;an rmm.:<.I'Jlci) aher GrJ<.lu~IUIII he to herd h" 1I0g .ocr&>, Canatla 110, 1fJ,nrn~ a, a 1'1,101 ",II ~(lmme:"c(' earl) In lhe fall en 'l<X1"oCj"" St;. lie ",II al ... , h<,Mlhe ""'''.w.Lu~ I"",unn a, lhe 1~.Ir.I"mem Officer fOf ,l, .. Comman<.l. a l""II"III,hJI he.' h', e'perre,,,,,ed enough co handle Cohn', de"", 10 11) helrn'f1le'" IN lhe Ann) '1.00' he,"een h,m aoo h" HOI! hcnhnl' nr"" Cohn a, "e L11C" he, •. ,I "Irul) unl(>nun.'e thal .... e ne'er Lne" h'm heller "hen Ire "., a"a~c

1\::1'''1:''''-", '" a ref'lnner

You ,'~"IC )I",,,,dl en VchCI alld Sleel d~ant'. hom of fOf~OIten «(a-.on, an<1 farktJ dc"gn, llIe: yea,.., iX''' til' "u,dly In elemal da),' <.Irr~'ng )OU Oil and (II1.nd on ..1Id 00 um,l. l\lo~\Og uI'I. )OU rIQue .. thc mlour h .. , ,hangw No looger " Ihe f\llme ~ <.I"13nl hlul 1101' arc )'00 ",mcor><: you mal' one d.y hewmc T,me I'a.:w your d ...... I1l, ",Kl lollo"e<l tire II1lem ,f nul Ihc dela,l So n,)\\ h .. ~ )'00 arc a .... chel an<l Sleel rr~urt' ,'rafted b) rctl"oo<.l ,urmun<l, <.Ioollnal ... l h) 'IOrIC '.>IIc,. tX'Can' aiJvun<.l an<.! <.Ii,lam peak,_ Here al Ihe NgC of \(Imc pllllla""'e, lhe ne'l of th" "3\e lhere "nO Il«tliooL h .... L. 1111 ""e<.l,o tooL f... ",an.! Onl) hl,,,;L hclo" ~11<l \Carlel 'urround Ih" moment rClfe'cr 1<) he ele'lred min all OUr mm,h Th"" ... ho .... e are "al~,"~ up lhe: ,ea,,,,. "h<l .... c ha't lle,.-urrre manohrng alorr.c a, Qnc_ and "00 "e ,lull ",mam


Lu,c. Lo" I' & Kcll) J


LC"'I11~ CI;rrc,h"lm Alhena_ Duug <lc,,<.Ie<.llo ,Ian" ,IC" hie a, an ofil<'cr "Ilhe Inlunt') hy JOllllng RR\IC, Doug "n)OY' I' T greall) .... h,,'h he <.I"pla)', ,H "II) 'pon, c"em dn<.l,n Ille hantllrng 01 h" ,,,IJortlmale,, lie can run. hUI one Ihmg " f,>r~cnall1. he 'U~ <.I,re'II·1 no,,' Doug h", al",<.I"l'Ila),w h" pIO"c" m nlhc •• 'ea,. ,,,oil "' n!lIunla\O h,L"'g_ "he", he "capahlc of \o,'h feal' '" glrdmg o'~r lhc 1'''-'''''''' al 'cry IoU' Ind, of n;~hl [)",u~ "allun" nhm".!,,,,,,. hUIIlli"1 01 lhe: lime lUll b'lIcr. H" b'lle"""" "em, f""nlho-.e Illal ha'c eo.,o)c<l ,ummer pha...:' '" "h',h !llo-.I of lhe lime" 'rent 011 n'ghl, 10C'01" pI3~e, 1'1 UII '",al,oo, Doug "ould r31tK,r ,pen<l h" 'u"'me:'" ,n the """II 300 moo and '''1118 "I' h" lree lime "uh lho: h,ooUlg (If boot., A, a Ira,nulg "n'~Cf h" _I Sqn Doug "a, Lepl"ell tX·c'up'e<.l. >Ian'"g' Irentl of ha'm~ mo,." <la}, 01 ~""h ...., .... cd Ihan <.Ia>, of ",h<)(ll Dou~ "al.... 'U~ "Ill) "I"a), ."m'n~ up ",Ih lhe Illi'" ongmal D'[)"sn,Ofl h" door, II " ""UIlC" dul no! hcll'll1'nl Ih<'ugh '" h" ,111<1,e,. "oce he u,uall} hand'!II all h" e' .... )' 131c Ih) ll1(lnlh">_ [)oul' ha, pl;l<;w mu,-h dlUlllo"anh h" ufKk"'lan<.lln~ of the F~nch tan~ualle. Il!vugh French ,1111 """.tin, an oh'lade III h" pa,h o.""ll h., ,"""n m.ll1) \O(,al ,L,tI, lhroo~hout h,> >ea'" al RR\-lC" lie I."c, 10 e.l a hill lunch a,,, n1l<.ln'gh, 'n",L al Gr.orl Ballilnd he al .... ', h" '>lull'h ' .... h"h he <.1"1'111),-<.1 "nh full cmhu"a.'111 ~ rcdn:ordlln~ lire e\le"'1I" ...1 a carl Douv ha, ,u '~'"oU1 '''''' ....·Ie' al RR\lC He" an hone>.l rkwon 10 eanh .-..on and ",II i>oxome a r .... al karkr of mcn Good I",l [)(lu~'

54 . Gradu~tes


f",m h"!lIe 01 11K. hou.o:. lame 10 Roath ,II "'el ~hJlld tl\., ear.. NI "'HII mno,,) (n'!1) ~kpl man) I 01~1I1 JII 1M KR iLII<l S('K on f''''1 ~rlII ....... oo..I 'eM due 10 (OOul!llItul. dru"l r"'(Knm~lc, Cra,~ 11K. d ....~r m;w;k <I~'Ic: ~n ,mf'":"u>I1 On 11K. 1;o<J1C" ~I Ro.><!, ,n h,. h"'l )CaI. h,~ ~'ltI1mcql' ~1"'~)~ a&.kd ,p .... ~ 10 I 'cl) dulll")"h da" HO"'t"cr. all klTlJ.k, no" n,,,,lloO,ul!:) &$ c'C:l)lhm~ ~ hl'chl<l' d". ChH.hd'!1 h" II.1U) dx,,'. II", '1n1'J'N 1"'111', h,s htlC' Il\IoI.l ;ond 01 l·I)I,l~. ch,.l, d'g Cra'I!:', charm 1hc: l1'I<-.nlc). ha, c'celled m ~ foeld 01 Ilhlel"" .. "mmg!he 1I,~h Jump on h" _und )UI;ond ma'maonm, a \.I;,~ vi al lea'>! 4<;1) (-.nt~ PT [""I. Cra'l!:) ""clll"",,," "0 t~ 1\1 hruomtlal1 te;lln IIIr h" athku. ~h,ht) ....,mpentl'e 'p,m iLII<l m,1d manl>l"rro temperament \I.e: thonl Cra,/!:> """'" 10 ......1h S~) hulll"l IIle h,m ",,' an: n<ll 'un:. Cra"." "h h" no:" l{lUnd F,..nrh pmticleoq f'CrN[" he JK"ted tn C\IR I" ,Ian an . 'S I' JIfUllram W~ ""h)(>II lu<l ,n lhe luture: and h<lpe ).>II •• harm " ~pPrt'C'~I~od on I~ p,o,m.o: IlUId "f OntJrI(l Itohl'l) -G. tn~ J,td leao



CMR all,J RMC Ihe j!:r~c:unj! Ihc) trul) de-.e .... cd. M'~c mCI the fi .... t halCh nne n'j!:ht at lhe dcel Ihll, \Clung the g,ollnd",.. l I... a InOj!: and 'l'icnd,d friend,h,p_ Th"",u~h h" elt,'"" a Imal of 7'1 dJ" 01 ,nlen...: \OI;,al"allon lo1\o"cd. "~a'" Ikcpenmg lhe hc.",d, 01 tIK.'e nc" Incnd,h,p' Ala, dll!:re"c:d lrom h" ""l!:lnal l'<"'lI(ln 10 ~... )ffiC.n Ul"twtl"" mcmher "I da bo), "'Iub_ -'1/ .... -, It)'OU ,an't be~1 .h,:m.)OUI 'cm" CO'Tl<:ldcnull)_ h" membe .... h'p .. ~, re.;cl-'w on IJ( nca, ah<>IIt the ~ time a, h" f,,,t '111'1' e\;l/T1_ We:koooe to the cluh A ,mall and>m lndllJ"'>I1 ollhe ncel1erw.'c 01 Ih" OTl<:e fll:~t m~ ,.... 1.....,: 1'1 )"M fill>. the "n~1c @,..alc'l 0 r rn,.., al the..> «>llI'g~. h,l"nll hand III IIIU,je11l r~pOf\l, and. "f <:UU~. I", )"'" ."t. "'(>Ioe (If "h.,:h 'h>ppm \lIle from ..:h'c"n~ the Illu,t"'>II~ rlnl 01 "[)()(j"' F,naJl,. 'n lhe mil .• 11.:r all ha. been ""d;mtl dofIc, and the 'enrcn,:e I~od dlld<'. u "",f~ 1<>\;1) that Ihi' .. ~, ~tt.:r than "CATS'

"E,C11 man 1\ 1m: 10 n.o: J' lar., he', _!lie (J( "111m!!. hut u-, 001) the dej!:= 10 "hl<'h he Ihlll~' Ilt.J.llklcmuno:, lhc: lk~ ....... 10 "h,,;h he ".11 n.o:."· ·A)n R.od lllc grcalc't "nue 01 Ro)al Itoo.t. '''Iua~ Collc~e" lhe en.:ouraj!:cmenl of lhou,hl and 'nrto'pc<:uoo, Th,\ ha,. III tum. Itl the till:, of OUr Illtllre an'omph,hmem,


l1I<: thm~' I ,11<",,101 hne In''''n hel",.. I "~ here; I l1fI:a~ II!, ",Ih )"\Ir ~"ltncnd at lu;>mc DO "'Of' 00 ""OT' i!el a <· .... d" <:Md Go RFTPaltcrt''''1 lear

J nl

lllc doud' I,,,. panC'd on Ihal btdlll oP.I....-1c: n>ll~ tla) \\ ho wuld pn-d"'1 lhal a "mple p'lfa", h~c 'II"I}' Wekomc 10 ROdth" could ca,1 lhe ,,>coming rroop 01 '101'<'"' IIlln 'nfam) III lhe annul, <It mlk~e hlllOf) A, (IIIe (If the founJm~ memhe" (II da 00)' dllb. Sha"n "' ... al"a)' eOrllnou, of the no:cd, (II' the gnlUp Whelher It he "h'le dnn~II1' or .-I,mb"". the: phra-.e ~Ju,t /!:O(ll1 "lthool ",., hc.,),' .. ,III"c'>I1 111 our heath and m,nd; A~gll:"o,,,d) \(X,a!, "h"'h AIl~u' ~"d la, un WllIe't, SIta"n', manno:r can be cltaraclen/cd h) "hJI ~ ~cnall1 'I1l.1IJ ~l\lUpol u, Ill.iihI !c"" ··otlkC'r·lo~c heha'l"u," And "" t~1l: "c "C"'_ "nmg around lhe room one n'Shl. wtl Sha"n ,a),_ 'H~)'! 1 .·ould rCarr) go tor a ~cr" So "c: d,d IIc~ c:odelh 11K. Ic",-.o WE t.L \' l~ M,' .... ' h' & Broomer

·,It", J. 0<'1" '- )e.,,, ~I ItR\I( The 411t1~ar \b::lh I 4th )'~~r " lhe r~II~'1 ,..:adc"".. }car l The '~III() hoi"" ~I ~r.od I"r I" ,,\~ III p<"'cn} 10'

~ca .... ~




It I' 1Io..... 'cr. the ",,,,I tun ..1 In} lca, Ruk~ \\lJI~~ !;.oit .. ell


)( h"u" ,iccI' I',,"~ It.J.rd T'1UI e'en h~nl", and . ... ,·'c..... tr...:\. ",,'cr 1l:1"'~I_ J,."",



ap<,l<lI"c. gel the


Graduates· 55

OCd( S"'"I~ ~am~ (0 Road, WI(h man)'llIgh .'p",ItI00' and gll'J( ~'pe':lallon' She qUI<'~ly 1l'3h/~ Ihal lhe be'l ... a) In gel ahead ... a, Ihrough hard ... on.. and lkdi"3led, pen;,lenl nsocialloo ","h I~ Scmor Cadel' I"'ho', namd,1 ... e "00'1 memlon hell'l, "I<' (\<'clled '<0 ",,11 ... nh French 11<,10 In r,"'1 )ur Ihal Ihe Banll m'''led her ... ,tk ran~ln, abl1,l1e, tIC' 'hared "',lh (he lroople' From ,10'" run, aoo homble gnmacc, ,III' mmw omo 10 ""',,lien! run 11m", ~nd nen m~ hOlTlble ~nm;w:e, In l~ pIll"5uil of IIII' pIllar 01 A, 111'1 )'car<. al Road, <onlm~, ",,,olc fll'l~ IUl>C'd 111'1 Image wnh a health} combln31100 of ",,,amc ,hafl "",'el''''''''e aoo ",mor ,tail """'3hfa(,,'n Our hlll~ SI<', alt«II.,IU(ci) rekrrW 10, lhough noI oflen referrro 10 a, mOO'>!:. or \1\1000tIl,>OOI'''',«« ITIO'Won from ""m 'UIl, 10 ... el ,uII. and hoi, COI'I'"Ie 10 be ~""" n from Ibhfa,\ 10 E..qulmah a, llIe Ship' D""r_ Aftcr a Ien~lh) 'ahh.all"al,n a Te<.'(I(1lI'll''''')O chamber ,he men-arne her 1~1d.31100 and hI' gone Il.,,,n bel., ... a,am ;onoJ again In he.r IlI'Ial )car "I<'ole dId C\cr)lhm/l" hum runmng a """"p"per (0 \.Cndlng football field \I7e Chmlma, Canh 10 CrNlIa, ""II. al ka,1 fir.( ",me'ler Leammg lhe lrue Ie~son of \ 111 Col. ," " "1<;,'c~~lull) delcgalcd 3 ... a) all nf her dUlte' and ...., heard 10 COfTllTICnl.'Whal do I do""" ~ I don'l do ,-n'" in her final momh~ h~. b«n lhe bk,,,n,, 01 he.r f"lrem •. (he darilOg of her ,upenor., lhe ICrror of he.r Iubordmale'. IIII' baM of he.r !Itt"', and a plealull' (0 one and all ... ho mel her and cn)O)ed her fiM humour and fnCIII,hhl[l

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P,oneer of aerodynamIC!. TIle) lhoughl he "31 a real ,man ale" He Ihoughl big and Ihey called Ill'h.lh, The) dllln'l ~no" he ... a~ pan<.>ramK PIlIC' And remcmbcr 10". les~ I, more, arnJ """au",,, )'0\1 ha.-'e (C" gel lhe. he_I He good and if you ... on'l 1>0""'1 111 have fUll. band1h_ And. fTlg man, doo'l e.-er forgel 10 "a,h Ihallllo"~cy. Cllre_, ",mcbody IIghl a match tlune)'-

A \Cholar, a @~nllcm~n an.! ","'- "J 'I') jean-GauchO"> (JJ) S,mon a,mcd al ROlal Road, ","h a complelc lmholog} of I'hdolOl'h,,'al da",~_ uooe, OO~ ann arnJ a Fre""h-Spanl~h-Ylddl~h-Ru"'an_S"ahlll·En,h'h d,.(IOO3r) under lhe other, Ll~e hi' nalTlC ,a~c, J,J, Rou'",all. our JJ could "a. phllowphIC for hoIl.-., In foci. \(IIlte of lhe phooe nIC"a~e' he lett 011 all'" cnnl! m",'h,nc. are \001110 be publl,hed, undcnhe Inle, "The \I~ ...'almorpl'>o)\" llIC L.te and Tlln,,_ of lJ, !1!moo'" JJ "'a_ a ~ecn ..:hol.r ~rnJ .-ould argue pohllC~, pllllOlOph) and hblOl) .... ,(h lhe ""\1 ollMm And In IruC an'-llICn 'I) Ie.... lII'n III' dldn'( ha.-c lhe tach he made Ihc:m up_ JJ_ relTlCmber 001 10 do Ih:1l In ~our tIC" "J08" ' JJ "'3\ al .... a "Ial memtlC'r of lhe '>Jllm~ (cam, A na(urallO lhe 'I'On.1II' 'IulcLI) ""UITIC 1!hre31 10 IiIC cornpellllon, .and a( lIlTlC' 10 hlnl\C1! and h" ere" and h" boal_ If (here "'a, a boal nearb) , II "oold,,'( ~\oCal'" un><:llhed JJ and Anna "ere In~nd. to man) pe<.'f'I~ al lhe ~oll"g~_ The .. fncndllne" "nd <HI) Ie', IOf lifc mU "~l\ In JJ'I ) other.. leel ",d".xne and al home TI", half of learn lhU<'lle" III 'llrel) 101'1 \1;\1113 & Papa Chu<~1c '-Bul ,,"eh a Ude a' mm 109 \CCIO_ a,lttp, Too full for \{lUnd ~oo fo•• IO. When Ih~1 ... III(h dll''' Iron, (1111 of lhe boundlc" dttp Tllm, a~am holTlC, T ... ,hShl aoo t\cnln8 bell, And aner Iha( lhe daf~1 And may lhere IJc no ,adne" of farc ... el!.



Why~ Unfonunalcl) for \hl~ he had alread) 'pcn! (hree )ea", a( CMR befnre he a.,led Ih" 'Iucmon Nc'cMhelt" he fmall) .a" Ihc lighl and came (0 lhe ... e'l cua,!. Ilo ... c,.,r, 'omC(lric neglecled 10 Idl hIm Ih",;1 I '. Ihe "'",1 COO'1 of Canada and noIlhe ... ,,'1 ('00" ofOuebe<:, lie hal reI3'"".! man)' ofhl\ 'Iocbcco" dn, I alflllallOOl alld lllu",'alla"e', The one', h~~ ''''CI"\-"mg 10 hl( pede"nanl .h31 all of lhe anglo, Il'membcr s l.:r lie al..o "",cr realilCd Ihal (he hoc~e} Icam from \ Iomreal, lhe OtIC Ihal ... cmllle red and ... hue ./Cf'>CY'. all IhJIg"'31. Oh "cll. ca.:h to h" 0""

Ih, (hml )ear "'a' lillnl" nh n~Il"lTICnl, BClOg one of lhoe fc,,' .mpon, loe",,'ape hre;ll(;h he "a''''~b':''~:;:~~: 1 1 \',<,Iona dunng hll r,"'1 mOl1lh In ViclOlla_ II~ ~I..o made (he A (earn of IIlC Ilod,,) Club. 801 a\ ~ lound hlm-clf ,Ialed on a Sh,p', O"cr COON II~) arcn'IIM'" IIlC \3Il1C Imle r"h on lour CheSl1 R"IUmln8 to Road, he found h'm;elf ..,CFL and lhe.n CSTO, A, CSTO '1~11. ~ould mo-I often be: foo,.""""~",,, lhe "'(J,d, 'H"'",h Parade Mal1. TlITIC" h'~800d 10\CC Ihal he. upbclJ lhe ,\ Sqn l13\lJllOO, It "'fn~ ... ell "lIh hll 'kId;'IK hohh, of fecdtllg ~oldfi'h (0 h" pmmh.a_ Spar~ Ica.-", Road, f(>l" "OTC Of fI()( ""a (ho ... c,'"r pn:fer.o \.3) 10.... hen: he ",,1I mnun"" h" \tARS


56 - G raduate..


In,,'' Iw" ,~duJ 'I. bUI Paula had u' all fool~d, ~'ng lhe onl} ~,,,han c'cr 10 1Ia,t: made II \hl Col undelecled Paula toej!an her m,llI:lr) tarttr I, RMC "hell' ,he gained an carl) Il'pu\.1l1un lor • ,a "'" Ul'f'\"r«hcl .."", Ilf lhe ~adel" lng, Fecllng "'" nll of I~ WC,I. Paula mlwed 10 Roa.h .Ior '1ul~ll} @alned I rq)Ul~llon fOf n01lno","j! l~ meamng of comphllll<.'~ (Conf,,",,II) "3> I l"llo1Ulhh uf Il'toelh ..... """" and hte aftc. \"1 ColNurred her' ""Ill. ,Iu"ng "U> '"~ on lhe pulled Ihrou~h '" lhe tnd Dc:'pnc Paula', .11"'10)'"8 robn oflcillng prof, ho" mu~h ,,00. "r l1'aJl, uao;l. t>ul pilI mlo our tSl-il~', W1t ",II ~ UcMI) ml'-w Good lu,;l Paub' See)OU \000 ,~

tl~lhng from lhe Ihn' Ing metropoll, of LlmeSI~. \b,~. Jo,;.ullOl>!. lhe a.l,,~ of &II aJ"I<,rnl pI'O'crb; '"Go "C,t )OUng m~t"·. and I\a, ~\er Ic:>oled bilr:l BefOn' he C\PCrieoced "'" "11'11 "01"1(1" hell' all~ collegc. he ,,"'> ul.IIlg II u.') a., an IIlfantl) ~llOIIcomman<kr in I~ PPCLI ~n~1I1g ...:On', !olc; regular I"'ld ,umm..r and "1I11Cr ,;o,;al,on, 111 Wa1l1"nghl. dn, Ing h" ,,"0 bl~"l nod,lIx, IJI <13) o,cr hIli and .ale 111 four ,Mltrem countne, (of tOUf'>C he had aJilhe dlffcrent comfort, olhome follo"'ng tk.\tl, hehlnd h,ml. "hal "" Undcl"land, he can ,twxo. prell) good 100 bul ooce hI> ele> ,t;uted 10 go (1101 10 menhon h" haIr!) he decIded he had In ,Ian "orl"'8 lor h" rn<>n(} and decIded 10 j!o pIlot SU'J"",,'ngl), he J>.ls"w Ponage, brulah/w lhe Fn'n.:h languagc enough Ihal lhe hCllI:h Ucpll"ouldn'llalr Dn) mort. and man;lged 10 fool the PolHoco rroh '"10 Ihonllng he lilt:" "hal he "a, lal~ln~ aboul He), I don'l ul'I<kNalld any of th" ,lUff, th<' ~c) 1\ not leulng lhe proh find OUI' BUI hey. "e .eall) ~I>O" ,,110 ~eel" K"l;n tm~, It" ",ie Palne'la tt!oc hou,c 'e.~cant m~JO') alld Ihe" NO )c~r old \OIl :\Ilola> "Iw .c~ularl) l!IH', dad (rcc unanned comhal lr''''11' Word ha, 11 th~1 ',lola, can e,en ma'~h and >alUle beller than Kirl., He), "C don-, doobl II! Klrl'> uft to Ihc "Jd"" 10 fly "the ionic l'ol""hc ,,"h "on~,' "Happy (~ar) Ir311, and h'tp lho>e lakeoff, and landm!!, ~'1ual"

MIl ,'01 "a "oman. alld 11 .. l'I«'e"ary. In onler to ~tCp Iter do"n, 10 beat her alld!o >IJllg~k "'Ih her And 11 " \ten Ihal ,he m~ ollen allo", he"l'lf 10 be lakcn O"Cr bl men" 100 are Impcluou. Ihan b) Iho\(" ,,100 ma~e cold :WHn.:e, Oh "ell. 11 ";" )U'I 111l<-or)-; dldn'l h~,c mud Iud" nh "omen ellher \1anh m the auu..w'·' SUP!'. Bre"ch. Bre.... h. Bl1'ach, SuP!'. BI1'<lCh, Supp. Bltae'h, Supp. Bru.h. SUi'll alld )CI ~r em"n. It·, been r"c long )'e31", man And)oo lfll)\<. uport Itne..:tlllll. pcrhap> n ~ ~OU. 'Iud~ habn~ £1_;\ i, "ong WE U ; \-, L' \1":\, Clomb on' B'Ollme,6; il",ther SIIa"n

)'oothlul tOCOUmCN "nh tkadl) loilet ,nale> and I~ pol)c"c< enduTlllll:e IC't of J1Il'31e "'tooohni/. Pf1'p;ored L<N:I "ell f~ RR \Ie Sailore\lraorthnaln' an.! a, Id Chur.:lkhead.l.(1'>C'1 h;od alnar;l, ·unJ>.lTalicled e'tn al Roo.h·-for ,ubmlllln8 p;lpen late, AI"a)~ laIC, bUI nr'~r pcnah/ed, e<pttlant prufc'\Of'\ "elt di\;1moro b) h" ma'lcrl~ d,ploma,,) and bo,,,h Ho"d)--dood) ,nn CSl..~ cnjo)ed a "hlrl",OO \Qtla! Iofe, oflcn double-and trtple,i:>oo.»;mg hlnl'>C'll. [)o:.p'le a!1\1~( from a "orldl} anJ ~nhghler>ed UT, to>!:!', predldlon that 'You "31"h One da} 1"11 he an old. blUe. 'pon'lcr' m;~hl ~omt lrut:, \1albc nollhoo~h, \ 10\1 peQple nollCC to."" "ell-drr,,,,d lhe debonair Tlbelan al"J),' ". pc.hap" " It,ull of lhe f!l<t Ihal uuhle mo>t cadch. to,d "3, ahle 10 rel\lm home at ",II, "he"",JU'1 ma)be, Mom hclpetJ hIm <'hO<ht h" "ardrohe. Although a ,upcrior An' >wdenl. LO\el had dltfKUlly on I!r-~'r,nl! Ph,,,,,, e'pttlally "c"too', la", of mOllon and Ihelr apph,alloo I{"I C01"\lctte, and large boul(le .... 1.0",11~ loo~lIIg lomard 10 IWh) '," (a,l) '>C\'Cral )C~I" 01 ,ntcn'"e "ffi"er lra,mng. after "h"h "t'li prohabl) -.ce hIm hO"lon~ ,he ,ail. of a ,ubmannr I l!l II ,I a~plnul!lO I, on ~n~!I\ccnng Well. that )car made ,u~h an 'mpre"'oo on hIm thaI he dttuled 10 If} It a'~ln ,1111) Ihl< 11m.. fn>man an, pcr>pcn"e.Ju'IIO ~CI the ful! c'I"'n~n<e, Throughoul that ~U. Rol) could t..: heard munc.",~ 'an""" four letler e,plo"",c,. hle hale ~nd \bth 10 name: hoI ~ fc" He al",cronged h" degll'C I'3ltcm 1<) "').:hol,,)!) 1<1 tl) dOO lcam "h~ >"meon~ III lhe" n~hl m.nd """,ld "ant 10 Il'pcal an) lear al \111 Col. Dunng h" fI'c )ea. 'In al Ro.;od" Rol, h~, t..:en an II<:1I'e me:mb(,r of S<poadron ~I.I. ;.ailIng. I~anong and ,'h~lel du,", )'c~. a .ul ~thkll~',upp(lnc,,, our Rnl) So mur;h \0, on facl. that he" bcon8 ""'1>IUcll'd f"rdrall hl "'" O,'~) "''''lc) duh The \"ght) "Cartanl,-' cr '·Ouo.l~ He "anl\ 10 fullil hI> ,ommltment 10 the m,loW) fiN, h""C<fr Qu....-l. Qwd Rol)" for lhe memooc, and g<'IOd Iu.;l on I~ af,e.·hfe (hie It ",1 C{"I111w ".J


., -


.... ";l <'allW In II' a' a «',/«1 t'n>m WlI>C IIm',,""I), on r'\c" Brun"'Kl ("hal', II <'allc-d ;q.:a"'·'l .... ",l ha, ,u","",d u, all II) d",n~ 1m- ,·t."·u......·l .. prt'~,..~m although n()-Qf)t loan figure 0\11 .. h~l ",,', 'Wd)Ulg. I'~rha", n "due to h,. man) '100) """0"''' 'Ih a I''''''u". on h" 1i"'1 year(Do IOU "~n' 'Ira"' .... me' (lfI til"...: l'~r.... alc')1 Allhough "" .. loc\cr 10 ha'': an) 01"'11:) he '1111 mana~t" 10 male ,! 10 the .... ,Id R,"cr I" "ng J~1U1 II" hu"",laoo N(t N,l ,\00 "hen he ,can, mco lho<.c eloxlr" iced Ie,,> he lI,u;oll) I~, .. onlrl>ll"~t<·h IhI....:: .'u,I". ',,-l'). Wlw:n he <lront. ''''l "ml\;l"""••" h" Inc"," b) d,lmE "Oo)OU ha,,, FRH' 1"'1' !tor tk"~I\;ll<.-d dr"cr,' !e'en If he', nOI un' Inll!1 Rut '>CfIt>u,ly , .. t. ~'oor a gre.1 fnend and '"'' admire l"ur ~h,hl) III rem;llll 'l!C'ulrar GoooJ lUI-till K,n"'ion and ''':"11 all 011" \0\1



I We"" un all \;1) Ihal Je:m 1La, h;oJ hr. pIl,) t>t \1,1 Cui li.oo,," f,\f"'" luI< "h'<h ,a~~, ~r an hour '0 do bu, " al .. a), I~' a, If ,,,-, 1La., done rIOI.tllng .... "h " kan-O ha, ~n ~oo .... n ,or ht. ahllll)' '0 C,~" h..:. C,"(~II"" .an~ln~ f.o," ,ht C'CI lX'f'UiJr C)C 1a.1I IIUllenn~. e)~ roiling and general f3<;;31 nprc"""". Jcan·O lan "hen he f"ulld a"he \\iId d"n~"'g .. a'er ", .. II Lemon. per" ""ll no ICC and an <xca"""al e,en"'g 01 d"ubk, "'a'gll, ur. kan-O-, lau9h and "'n:a,'K lORe rna) he heard Ihrou~hoUl ,he "''''g an) lime 01 the da) or mghl hul an) good man can -.ce 'h.ough all her -.31'\;a,m Jean ""' ,un'c"full) rcmo~cd her Caruer (l'gh, "JIIlC'oC ''''''' al ,he end nf 'oC<.:ond lear ulfoogll mll-",'ulou, "!:adem,, <.eparall()ll Jean "J' al"J)' an ai,1 '" "ully g.0Il1" I>c,"~ alilc 10 'unllllJrlfC a Ivur ""ge ,harlcr Into c,gh, fln'lll) af,c' dce~"'g out 01 nCl)ll1lng \hl ("01 h.>ll 10 vllc. ph)'K;,II) lor ''''0 yea .... Jean-O" pall"'g up her ",bo ~nee anll moving 10 'ca ,hmg' Wc hope you, up' and dow", til the 'ulure ",Ill>c nll>'~ IIICmorablc Ihan IlIn'l' 31 MIl Col

, •

&OIly finally managed III I.aduale III" )ear.rom RR \1(' aher ~ l()IIll )ca" of hard "",1 and "'C3I, mo" 0111 dlltt,ed 10 ,hm!!, OIhe:r Illan ocadelllln. Alnn~ IIJC "3) IJC hal Idt a traIl of fr;K'urcd limbo.. cml") brntk" bro~cn hearh. a "-.;1 blllllJC 'lfe 01 I'.:ru·, "allonal Deb!. one G~r Glen"", and an ')(:"J"'lIIal ~,lIlhal fond tou<,h \1'»1 01 ,he: <,,,liege "'JO,"cd "'hen S<.-(III), \(lId h" lcelh rallll,,~ "elTt'. and ,mlfl.w III d",,",hd "hen lhe) fwnd w, II "a, ",1.1,,, IlIl.ull:c 'OC l'urdl.1'oC QI a rlll~ for Illl" n~hl. S~(II1) ",11 be ""memhercd e,pa:I~II~ 1o, h" laugh U <'m,,, ,,",I ... cen J Jocl. h.ImlfJCr and ~ ""'lrJled ",C"oIl<khu.;~I. h" pmhnenq a, "N~ ... ~~, and hi' JI1 a•..,,,nd .hun"hne" He "J' .Mlmlrcd and lll'('<j b) II" ronl., a, a on _'rd ~car (Il0l to menllon h" Cfll. and kd III< "',ng '" unpre.h.... ed bar ,ale,;1' P\K III -',h )C3' lie "J' <'IH.'af"3on Qf 1M Ru~lI) ,earn. and p"'''&''' 01 (he: .... ,.....",a L"" Quain) Lea~tH:. ;1..1,,11 '" ",hl ... h M" ulkjuC\uonabl~ ... dhuncd s,;"u ""II nn d<,,,,hI. dol ",dim h.. hilrd,,,,,,,, \lARS oc;!:Up;lllOr1. and" III IIl.cI)' gel m;u-rlcd, ~nl'" lal, ... Id




m h" ,,"'n t~mll, "f anlH»ln~ lillie Ihu~. Good 1",,1. SnMI). and \.1) 11,10 ("hr""e fll. u,'


Ja ....'" ''['m a I'Il<M"' TomKru,<, Ca",e!O RR\!C Ihe hcan..,1 L"",cr '-blliland. Surre). HC h'(lIl" fOUl )(';"" al RR \lC can be be" ,umm<-d up J' "eJl h,," (dn lhe:) 1"11' l>c'l ,,,mnICd up' leI', -.ce. llen:', ho" 'IJC "OT)" ~OC, Ja,on m<..:" gill. Ja"", UJo<,t, girl. Ja,,,n f,nd, lit" ~lfl l:nf"nunalci) lor Ja,on m.N "I h" ad'<'nlur." hapPClltd nn ,he "MII,land atld he ",II neve. ha'e ,IJC "Pl"'n"II'I)' ,n u...: .h,"~ Ihuu\;,nd, of Ircqucnl ,ailing PO'n!' ",,,11 Be 1·"ffI'" Ilial he ha, r:t<'~ed up m .eanl )ca" Jawn lIad.1I\ mlen'oC 10\<' Ill. all "'''' 0('1"""" "dIN 'lllllg. """,'cr. and runmng lallhough lew 0("\ "wid ~{) d\ fM '" ,u !:alllh" a \1"'"1. lie c"mcd ,he hatred. I nlt.1II re'flI.",;1 0111..: ",,"-n'r Icam b) ,a~;,,~ ,hem on variou, ,r,mllu~ Jog, ahou! Ihe coliege, A 1,,,11-&'-0 ')pe. Ja"'n', 1lI3m ~oal In hlc " '0 ""' IIIlJIKlall) ,ullerr,ldclll i""ad. '"n~IIl~'/f'llh)-tb.1l111ng m <'ha"'pa~ne "..III. Th" mai.c, hIm 3 uRl"lue mil" _d"al 1"lldle'''''1 Jnd ,·"",hlll"d ",nil II" ab_IIt) 10 dl3l1eng" c'en III< mO'1 c,pcncrn:w ",-onnm;c' pmfe ....;" ( he tn,,,1 ha'c ",,,11) ~,be,'o-. 10 S,gUII"""", (0""<:1 ",II uo&.,uhledl~ net h"n ",h.Il IIC de""", Ja'>Ol1 k~,~, Road, for CFRC Valk."oo,er" he:", II" Cd""" In 1110: "ITlIC.I I·on.'~' beJan. ,\her d ,umlT1<". of lun "11M:>rr>< 13....... ""ilium III h" do... nhlll I", a paIr of nt'" c"un.n~,.nd head .... III \loo'><!jJ" 10 cOI1lplcle h" lra"",\~ 3' a 1',101 .... e JII '" "h ~011 lhe be" "I Iud ,n T .... ltel


58 - Orad U al e~


fnn -1.1\(

IMc'C ,he

for ~""....,Ir· &.







We1l1l1Y friend .. we IKI\e comc 10 Ihe end of the yearlhal counh. I cannol.,,,y it wa"n'l wilhout ih fair ... hare of head- aches and ditemma~ bUI to ~uggeM Ihe<,(' drawbad.,~ oUlweighed Ihe h'ghtiglm would ~urely find me on Berg~l11a'~ 7.62 lisl a~ a liar. Looking back I Ihink Ihe ~ingle rno'" imponam aspect of 4th year life involved the la ... llwo tables at [he back of our me"". It w a" Ihere \\ e cxpo"cd. argued and nearly bral-'. led on occa .. ion O\erthe merit~of[he (NNF) newer, nicer, friendly and Mlchauian (read draconic)me[hodofleadcr~hip. We may have had our moments \\ hen [he occa"ionat premediHlled na~h of painful de:l1h [hal we'd inflict on one another cour\Cd through our mll1d .. , but .. mid~t all [he "discu"ion" I think [he teaming we carried away from Iho~e table .. was invaluablc. Onc of the rno\! irnl>onam and probably the mo~t conte~tcd topic wa ... that I-'. hieh invol\ed the treatment of onc'" men. WilhoUlt!) ing to~ugge'" I '\C "olved thc dilemma between men and mi""ion. or thai wc ha\e in anyway found Ihe final "truth" imolved. I think tho"e discus~ion~ in the me., .. and for Ihat mailer in the block, at p"yche cia", and in thc "beverage" room" of Victoria havc ~hcd ~ome \ery po.. itive light of the .,ubjcct. If you que"tion the imponanee of thi ... a"pcct of leadcr ... hip, a.,k }ouT\Clf: Why i.. it thai any r..:CM you have cver mel III a har or at other military function has always made a sincere attempt to offer you advice on hoI-'. to properly Ireat and manage your men? To quotc from a rather contemporary ... ource, General II. Noml:m Schwar7hopf ..aid: ,· It doc'>n'ttake a hero to order men into balllc. It [ake) a hero 10 Dc one of the tho ..e men who goc'> 11110 baule,"

Th" ~ays two thing" to me: Rc~pect your men and nevermakc thcm do anylhing you would nOI do. II i.. your men thaI wi1l1l1ake Ihc ultimate ~acrifice when pu\h come~ 10 ~hovc and If not for any olher rea~on re<,pectthem for Ihi" commitment and dedicalion. M ,... "ion ..... ill alway,> be .. upremc. but \\ hCllcvcr po, ... ble place your men '" cOI1\ideration, before your 01-'. n ... you·1l do our college if nOt .. imrle your..clf proud. Good luck in your future career. , .. RRMC!

Gr.tduJle., ~ 59

lllr.., a.... fewer day~ lill gr.w lhal (he urne, 1>1. John-Ion has been caught na~cd fhl,h', room 2. On an a'"rage day. the", are le~~ """h 10 gl1ld than (he number of boul"i under \1r. SICC:,,,", ~ou<h l ' I, Fcrgu'\OIlIl3, less hours len althe ,011"iI" lhan the 2nd >".Il', ha,,, da)~ ~ Where are Ie" "«h 10 vad lhal the number \(OnIon lhal hl'" b«n mo,ed OUt of \1", Slmncr", -.«lIon due to I"'r>OfI3J real.Ol\' ~. '1lIcre.", k" "cch 10 grad than lhe numher "antl-fra,'- founh )"31'\ that bttam<: Ihal Wi) bI:<"au,,"

lhe)' kepi l!",ung turned down b) girl> at lhe coUelle. t,. There JIl: Ie" monlh~ 10 grnd than lhe number '"lll:' ", Berg>rna h3, brQlen h" 0"""


7. There J"" I"" "cel, to g'm~dl;':h~,": :"~~':;~~:::~:::;: ",hoha'e,",dlo\l, PCTI)'."


drunL -'"

II. Thc.-n: are k" wccls 10 l!rad than II", number oj "'"r) lh:U \I, \",haud Iw pKLt-d up th" lea,


&30031_ 9, Thc.-.... are le\, .. ccl!. lograd than the numbuof II

\1, Sr(ll)n1field·, plam to bu~ \OfTIelh,", h" th",.n...J b) a thml ycar. 10. 1lIc",.", Ie" momh, to ,r.ld than the numhcr tUIlC' Woolfonl and \1r. Do\I,ct ha,'C ,nla a room to 'IUd) 10 grad Ih"n the number


1p'""""~I ' D::'d:::::~::i":~~~t:"'::':::J~~~~

I ~~u

,;;:,c;:rc: day' 10 grad than, Slh,dc h3, gone ",hm'"ll Thcrc:arelc,.dayqogradlhanl \ an V. ,II ha, !>cen IUrned dov.n for ,ml,t Tbc fil'>t )C'lf'o ha.e O'~ Ih",e time, h man) around lhe Irx~ as the founh )UI'> ha'c al ""hooL The", are al<.O Ie" ",cd_ 10 Ihan the "m"" . ' , ,."11,, Ihal \1". SLtnner ~1I11 has lef, 10 run hefon:.he her I'T 11:" 1bc", a", ics, month, 10 grJd Ihal1 the numhcr 01 " la,1 term ",1\0 ",cre .,rgm, ore many. many more day' 10 grad Ihan Ihe I I ~pUll0 'Ir Altmtycr 3'" Ic" day' 10 grad than tIM: number of Mr. \h.Ken/.'c h.llo recc"cd 10 hi' head 19 In an un .... la'ed announcement there are Ie" da), logradlhanthc: numherofl,me~ 'Ir 'lcKenftc h.J.h.Jd to be nmed t>.xl from d«l, 20. TllCre arc: Ic~, da)~ 10 grad than lhe amount mone) and I1me thai Mr Berg,ma ha> "a.....J on no"'el"\ and mu'h) letter.; ,n h" foonh )car,



60 - G r ud ualCs


There"", da)' to grad than number ofha,,' on c'ther Mr Fcr,u'lwn\ Zu~'< head 11 l1Icre all' Ie" day, 10 gr3d than number of tltTlC" ,It. Rodier", ha" I,:"d "If I can't ha,c )00, no one 21, There are mon: day' 10 grad Ihan t number of girl' thaI ha\C bro~cn up '" IIh , Oa_ before the Chmtma, Ball 24 l1Icre arc Ie" day, to grad than number of lime' m a day you can here GrJ) .ay "I"m hungry" or '"I'm ured." 2~. lllcrc are more "'cd, 11) gr3d than t number of non nall~e people III O'Dona,',,"', homelo"n 16 There are Ie" da), to grad than number of 'pllln~ wmment' \1", ha, male in lhe Ia~t hour 17. There are more da)\ 10 jltad lhan numberofFrench ... onI, m D"l'e', 28. Tbc", arc Ie" monll\, co grad number of g"l, Mr StU'C' and a 11




'iCCond )'car ha.c ,n common 29 The", a", Ie" day' to grad than number of t,mc\ 'Ir. 'I<Kcn/tc or Broomfield ha.c fallen alol«p dunng ,"'~~_ h..., •• lffl. "Whal do thc:) n'ghr'" 30. T11crc arc Ic-., ",cd.. to pad t'number 0( I!me<> \ 1,,, LropanJ ha. "'" . ' . " I-tan. for 'o",c f;llk':tnrq: .....,., f'N )"eN II 1bcrc: an: Ie" da), 10 grad than t number of Yah 011 \1r. TClhong, farm. 32. Then: an: 1c" day', 10 grad than t number of Ihllll.l' thai M", Sh,clc ha. cmllt for ,n 11M: Column"1 H. 1bc", an.' Ie" da~, 10 grJd than t number of b.ah) nanl<" 'Ir. McKcnlleand La..alle third )e;ll" ha,c been con.iderin~. .1..1 l1Ic", In.' Ie" da~, 10 lhan I number of I,me. 'oOITICOI'IC h.>', .;l"d.·~. . ... hal \lr John.".,;and \Ir Ih1<:h do an) fral nile,. or are IlM:y \afc under lhe ""'" rule.,"·




Congratu lations to Tim Be rgsma and all Graduating Students at Royal Roads. Over the last four years "e kno" that Lt has been tough seemed unfair and cruel at times - but now that pan is o\eLthings are back to normal - now comes the ,&.,.c.r, really imponantdevelopmenl. "ell equipped technically you are about to be turned loose on a Force and a Country looking for one thing - leadership! Taking alt that you know into account you will decide where we must go and the best way to get there. and then persuade others to fo llow. Be guided by the Principles you have learned and God bless you Tim and all your Term Mates in your futures. Your Family


Colin Michaud路 Four years of dedication to the college & yourself! Our heartful congratulations. Love, Mum, Dad and the rest of the family

To OCdt Gray, Re., Congratulations on completing your final year, and best wishes for yo ur future endeavours. Your loving family.

A.D. McPhee R.C.N. Ret'd &

..... " ..


...,lI-y ...... .. r1I'l"





ConpatulatioDs Scott! And belt wiabes for a bappJ and successful future. We are very proud of you. Mum, Pete & Graham

,.,' .,


COk (;PATuLA n路olY$. ...-r





.. y






~rAl ~



Good luck to all rugby players - Thanksgiving will never be the same! Ann McKenzie


M~'~ 1

Gr-..tduates - 61

路 Congratulation s: We who love you salute your ochicvcment

Mayall your dreams

CMR 88 - Royal Roads 93 David J. Broomfield

take night

Your GrourKi Suppon Crew: Mom & !hi GrJn & Gr.ul(b:l (McD.). Nrumy & Pops (T.). The Nickolson.

Findlay. Healy. Byillc Clans.

CONGRATULATIONS and best wis hes for the future Mum , Dad & Your Family


Congratulations to Royal Roads Military College 1993 Graduates

maintenant pret a assumer ton

ro le d'officier. We are proud of yo u! ! Nou se sommes fiers de toi!' Good luck. God bless yo u. Que Dieu te beni sse.


~ 62 - Gradualc~

Congratul at ions, Felicitations Mark David Sirois Your standards were hi gh and yo u have achieved them. Now is the time to build on what yo u ha ve aqu ired . Tu es

Mom andlet Papa

Congratulations Robert Gray! Love from Mom and Jeromir

Good Luck Kurt Hagen Love Your Family

Congratulations Doug Cong ra[ula[i on~ Chri ~! Alwa}~

rcmcmber thc Threc 0\ Our Lovc \lul11, Bill & Allthc Fami l} Gratu;'lc~

- 63

Bernard & Maureen Togher Alan Bischoff

Larry & Janice Carbol Mike & Lynne Ingledew

Mary Fisher George Laverty Mr. & Mrs. Foote Alan & Lorraine Bedard Rick & Susan Payne

Graham A. Robens Horst & Sigrid Loll

Betty Greer David Snyder James & Sylvia Walsh Viet Tran C.M. Hughes Dr. & Mrs. RL Coles Pierre & Anila Marin

Harold Cox O. Roland Selby

Joyce Wiggins

Gordon & Joyce Perry Mr. & Mrs. Lutes

LCol & Mrs. H.L. Fraser

Roger Ayotte

Grant & Corrie Speannan O. Salava Brian & Katherine Tyldesley

Jacqueline Olga Millman Lynn & Garry Jarrett

Pau l & Anne Carey Robert H. Gray

W. Kabatoff

W,P. Rennie

Roben A. Mc Hardy

Andre & Madeleine Gagnon Mr. & Mrs. Hun

l <J John A. Hudson

The Mutu al Group

MCo'l'1 CA

5H Tf\Jf"(> Sn et Pent 'd on. Be V2A 6W4 Tel a. FlX (604 ) 49) 路5380

Res (604) 492 -0020

The Pacific Yearbook Conn ection congratulates the Graduating Class of 1993.


• ,








fillS, £yr(' H. " Or/I('f M. 1/,,111). em B . G"~"On H Omallll G .. Mufw/m 1.. ,\lI'.55('rS"lIIlIdl H . Grl'sm(IIA S. Hml/ili('r J , Hl'id S . . /JaffulUlIIl' S ,,\{lI'WII/WI II . 11m {,ilm/ C , I'I"III.![IIII: K , I)lIlil'S 5 . / /OdgI'SOII K . Dymoll(l A .. F.dford A , IJo('(lIIji/lo C . .klJlil'''lIIsh K . Jurl'd /:., Rld/I'r G . Tm"flnglOlI-Smllil N .. B"wmji('id 0, 11 11/ S. H",,"I' K. Kul/llms T. Ilrll<trd S . lI llrrrn B. B/()(~u 8

Hac-Ii HOI.'

Ruter R Cud,,,,, ,., . CIr.llldry A, Coml'dll P Chorll'l J, (a.lic'lI'" IIl'rIIl'r /J lIahll C \1''' H ""'qll<ll II "路'"hl'r S., O'GamulII II BlIrft'r \\ B/'/II/>11 J AI<.II/' (' 路I,t/run P 1\ IIl1h S Bmll',1 C lfa$1i.1'1i P Eu~Il'I J PmI' G Sld'li. J C""''''I'IIII 80"t'1l \I .,. Crnshl C. 51<1," J SfWU A \11.1'1'1 C , B'lIlr, S \ltalli.(禄n~1 C. 1I1"IIIIIUIII D .. DI'Bdlrfc'mll1' \ ,BI'll f fllI/,h C 8u/t'$ E, \/'//f

G . ),/11:1"11 J

Hack No.' I-iolu , {,,"urt D , Ml>lr/.~I",tl'n 5 II/Jrd, J) IIII/Jr 0 I IcC/JlIllni R Ild lard.' A I1dnnt.\. 1 lIoshtr B Rm II 1/11< {mIl'S \I Middlt No. ' til/I'l l F,I"" C ,C/Jrbol R Ill'iS/l'r K ,Lu, D , Grrurd B ,Gubt'r/II GI'fOl<l/: C "'erum ,\ UI>\ D CWItrr- lI<11u/ln T Fl'r~"so" C \ ()rr"" D Prlll(i,- L 1I(1(L".\~11' ,\ 11u(PI,,'rsorr 0 ~rur.fl)1I j I-'rolll No.' Grum/路 11111S(I" j MII~t 5_ Plat! K ,DII'''I11~ j._ AI/mt,'" C Gat'",,, ) H('f~wl<l T Ttf/r()nf[ L.

Lufll'lIr ) .. /5l'III'r) A fr,Jll'r C "'<IIlil'rl Hidd/t No..



M m ~rll:II') f ' r Oll1 Nu ..'

PIII"I' 1\ f),,/rm \I Prrtdrrll)'



.-011 Amj(')

, S l'()('/n)

Dm'll' Brli<ml 8 /follt' C l't'.'plt' ,\1 111<1'<11111 C Lut C Gnn-

~. i

/ I I

, R(}/J~

efT. D . Jf}/m~mt J . Vo"/,,,(' II Barll'r T. Prict' J • N(ll'(((}sty A . M iddft' 1(01.- ROI \I . Bt'lIsmtth C Colts B TI'/Jesh J K . SWldC/um I I/art/IS D • Dflqm'lIl' J Vea/ T. \!/Clullid E .. Sa/a\'U 0 F ront No..' IIr~/t'dt' .. 1\ . F,tld T. f.ulllllppe S.. St""'t'r P . SrrOlS M . up!'"rd K .

• lIiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiO i'D j Oi/1U"OI! D .


P . IVl'dmull J

Hack No ..'

1\ is:s:tln H O'\lcl T..

\ ,I/J \'<'1 P Rill<' I) C,/(,A 8 Il0or(" C 5uI/I C , S'I'I'(,,"I G 1\ hlll"fi J \ dllIO 8 . Thnmpso" D , 1\ <,J/",hl11 G Bwho/} P S(JntM 8 M iddl<, No ..' \fllrm J . 110ur T \\n.tllI' T.. 1\ uJ" R R"'l'h"rr K \ lI,d, P DII/I' f) (III,,,. 0 II tltl'r II Kt'lW<'l/' r SlI/lIlIll'rs K 8<"/0''/ J, 110111 T . JU/'<'" J Ilo,hfl/ T . Shul,Am R Front HQ'" P"//('" \I \\ oofjord 8 IIn,lIh' J, DU'''lIr",,, M ~Im/J<'r f). 0",1 \I .11111 [("<I" C V",.,-n R ,.',,,,,,, 1. I fcGl1I R. II '/50" L.

Hark No ..' 1(/1I,IC'bltr~t K . Rl'dt'~QP B . Clifford D.llmtflt' C. Mu{Fud'l'rII 8 . DutOS"" S. Du-t,t L M iddle Ho ..' Suh",.rill D BllrI J . Gould P . Kut/llng f IlrSftrSl'1I C II ht'uftm J f "ronl Ho ..' 8ft'''SIt'r C .. 1f111ml/lS J I/d/U\'ft' D" IImPhrr I1.. i.t'bl""f J . S(>fI)~" K . SlnlWI I. Th(>mpS()1I R \I'all G


, 78 -

F1igh t~


• ,.

., •


. "

,~ .~


•~ . • ,




Aighls - 79



R(lst D. Co.,· 8 Moar D. W"UII<"t T . { ,"IIWIt /). SmmdtrI K .I\t" \1m Il/IltS \I . ."r,hurs P . \\'mlt R ThompJO/I S M(J,,,,\~,t \ lIiddlt NOlo' Btd<l,,1 J .. \ UII Ons/rum E.. 8m/e.\' C. Prill(/(' L.. AI(,~t,.s"'r ~1 Rl'l<hrr/ K F,.usa K DIJ"SO/l S. l1u<Cal/lI(h S .\1'<11 T. Atmrtd, T. Somns B f/u{ubIlJ H . Lumqllt L. 11rWI'r K. Soram /) No ..' Amrrndrmd If 11l1dtll;lt 1. PIIP(}\" \I PO I ;,-Arn T . DrlChllrme \I Frs/rl" C Campbell G. 1I0lltt C .

Back Hall'


80 - Flighls


,"' ur Higllt: H elllb,,/

Near Highl; /J /j/oda Ht/o ..': '" C(m/omhe

, Abol't'; II DI,'/""/,, Abo"r right: C /Jon/II/II.\() Jimher Slful/n 1m/aiJIlI

Highl; \ DrBellefrllll/e

Far 1.l'lt: T Ihl'llI.S: Nl'ar 1. l'lt: If OnlJlII f' ar M iddle ul/: T Fil-M

, I hol't : J F/Jolt'

Far {.I'I': M f,-null Nrar 1. l'lt: n (;".,.".,1

MH.Wt l.t/t: S flell/ut' ,Ibl,wt RighI: J Gnm,l\l m .I"'! Middlt' I.t/I: II 11I~It'cJt'"

Middlt Ctnlrt: C GmfwII!

M iddlt H;ghl: C flC//m HUllQIII l ..t/I : 0

Ifrl'll"""" IIQIWIII Higltt:



Left: I101l:l'll Center Left: S ..}"fahel' Bottom Left: 1 ,}"fari" Bottom Rig"t: C Lemyre C""'"r Rig"t: r wngois Below: R . \1cG IfI

"'ar Highl J LlIIu/'l'l'r Highl p \1U1~dl, "I' Of JOn//' pcoplr ml,"WIY /.\ mIl JIm <I 'WI 'if Ilf(' ,(, <I rI路II,~w"

路lI'/m ,\ \/m I)mr,,1d IJI'IQW RighI I) II, !'.-lIIm", HeIQ'" M iddle S


lJ ell/l., J I/ f< Iwud HOI/om Higllt H M rH('ndmm/1 Ilorwm r IfOf('Ill' II


Top '-t'ft C m" Top Higllt A Plall Abol'(' ttfl G. Pmr, tel I Abo .... r !'rlld'ell AbO"" Higllt G Olllall<l


U '/t T Hic/ulY(l 路'Mr alld lin路 IJm' \ d(III'1I

Ilflllia ('(IIIH'rIr,/w


Tlralltl 80I}! MFHSP\lGHRl11ISTlI

Be "".. rIll


Top Ci. H"IO('rI.\

tOOrl' P SllIptotl Par Hight K .swmdrr.! Hight 1/ Slmo/lJl/11 HOI/om Higllt J T""lrl /Jot/om S 1\ ",,/

I~fl 8 Llarrt" 8t1o ..' I \I hilt



• '

MARS ms tor~ lmd Internaliomll Politics \bu. halhng from!~ land 01 pQ'~n) and ",,,lr.ue, lI~hfa~. '\0\3 Su)ha. bnlUj1hl I ralher u"''lue \a_Ie on '"'n,,," It.> Road" L'le man)" OIher.. 'hI! "'3. unable 10 rd"J~ 1\" \Cwal Uf,C_ dunn, h" fIN year. 'io"'e\er. -.e.:ond )ear ...." an abundance of roc: ... ~ome'" to dl<)(l\C lrom and \1~1l "'" -oon '''''pi up on a 'lion. bu1 ugly I)e\. 'c1'). '"Cll 1Ij!1») 100e affair. \lau"s ,hot at 10'-c "., \lI'I'ped b) 1\" ,man bud,. bul the "Cchb.:uc ()nt," <"OI.Ild 1\(\1 he denied. ~ "Oale Go(f' could oflen he found plellnS up \Cp;ir:ucd "'QfTIt"fl al an) local two finding a':c'cpc3""C "nil 1.... opfJO'l1C ~,. \lan turned 10 hoclc) and the Lc... h,"~, 01 thr Air Log rr~t to find lhal Inncr peate that he w de"red \Ian 11M doxoded 10 'tl) 00 al Road,. rea"tlred on the r"", \I\311heo: ""II be a lre.1I crop of c:llkl' rIC.1 lear Good Iud. and good hunting'


CrOIn\\ell. W.E.


l-list & Inl . Po litics


We' Came 10 II' from 1h1: .. dl. l llQ"'" mclropoli\ 01 \13d"" A nuId) I,d. he abk to ~onc~al I!I~ deep. IOC<""UOU, learning' lllroughool hl~ fil"Sl )ea •. but the b1l111 of a dau~hl('r In '><Xond )Cilr pro".kd hIm an OI'pOt1unll)' 10 \.lll,fy II" dan.. urg~$_ L-nfOrllmalely. Ihl' early 'u~~e" on lhe home fronl dId not 1;1'1 and We. turned II" allenllOl1 10 hoc~c) Bemg one of fe" ,elernn. n:malnlng al Road •. We, a$IUmed lhe pl>"I1011 of club ~'llknl (al!hou~h the tnl"OIl dId 1101 n:ficrl hi' pl~) In~ ablln) I 1...lIer. unahk 10 ;Kl'cpi hi' role ., the 'lul'l. elT .. uh .. moM ~h3I1eng<"ll In<!"tdual In EconomIC'. he .... ,Ihdre .. 10 lhe ,omfnrh of hi' room, lhe 'o«IIt/uc<.. hnde) ~anh. an<! 11K-laiC "'Shl' 1~lIsof a ~c"'lInCaMlel fil~hl <.«000 )ear Good IIK~ in lhe fUlure. We,

C rosb~.





from lhe bene. "de of Canada. '8mS' " 0IlI: of 11K- oddcll C,,", n'ght. When not h,lemng 10 IK-a,~ mct3.l .. lhra-.h"or .... hale'er you ["all hI' muI ...·. be foun<! up I~le ......·nr"'lnS a 'Ill'" 10 Salan became "cll ~11O"n al RRMC fOf 10 IT\J.~e lot, of..:e ,' ream dl..appear in lhe bhnl. of an e)e Ik aho became ,err fond of mc:) an<! 'w)' f:lIl:ly made ,I through a game "Uhoul being 'Qlercd from hl:ad 10 f~ In mud I hfe fOf Core)' a bll lOugh. beIng l';tll<"lllhc ")Olln!;In' or ·bah)·Ia.ce·. and nlO'oI of h" fll!<' IlIgl!l, "ere lpent ""arching for ..omcbod) eI",,', I D If belOg drau<"ll lhe 1 S<jn SCR e,'cry nlghl 31 11,00 b) IhI: Canler an"", doc,n'l bnng do .... n. WIll be relumlng 10 RCKI<J, 10 wrlllOUC III, deg".'c 10 lhl: have "COl 10 RMC .... lIh lhl: ""I of U'. )0\1 Goale!)_

I".""""" '" I 'T'III,,'



Sua,-e. lhe Guru of Lo'e. '>IICal ed b)' Can:ldtan I mml~r;l1Ion 10 anen<! . I ROa(h. 001 ha> been l llQI"n 10 (requeml} return 10 lhe \\c,,,"'Jf[ homeland ofh" h"panIC forefalhc .... , '-:e,er Of dl""oura~. the Guru Offi~'311} rellrcd from the figllllnl! arena oj jo'e afler doggedly cl\a"'lg and , h,s r~1) lillie elf A~ a re,ul! of lhl: ne .... fOlln<! afi«lloo, and l'OOlplcmellh from II" ,tarT) e}ed elf. hl~ ~tf~"....,rn blotled and , .... ollen. hi: belle,ed hllllo,clf to be a lrue: ~OIllendc. '" a \1r ~bnlbody ronle~1 In \lualland, OOPS" True: of ","art and pun: of IOUI. hi: ha, ne,er follo"ffi Ihc d.ul path of "n and d«cll_ A lruef fncnd one could flr'e. find Remember Am'g<). If 10 IIQ one ej~. 10 11l)'lC1f al .... 3), be lrue:

.. •



.... ~







d.' " . ..' " ~;.



... •

~ ~

•,....• , .. ".... .,~



Eagles, J .C.L.


Hi s l/ Po liSci

All the "3} lrom ~ ~t lO~'1 hi ~ "~'>l C~t. JaloOll I.KnfiCM .. ",han life al S"huJI' tor 0lIl.' of 'I~". h,ppo.:tx) and -..x!al aht'IWlOn al Ro~." ~e·~ ,t,1l "ondenng tww.·he managffi IQ fool 0 '\0 I"IQ ktunlt h,m In[Olhe m""h ..ooghl ~fter «"lulc'cr'·'"?) ROTP ~ram ~r11;Ip> EGOTIS \I and '\ ICE II AIR arc v.elghled rr>o:n hea, III t.If1 lhe 4pptlUII'''' than ,,~ ~allle' A gU} "ho hL,"" 10 leI olroUnd. Ja.on h.u t>c-en -.«n '>1~; Ihrough ~ ",ng "nh a Santa hal on lind nothln d..e). m;U.m~ .had~ deal, v.nh a drug k>rd 'n TIJuaru and rC"CQ'enng from cc",cL.;I pOl.onmg ,n \1;u~llan . k·, ,1111 no)I. 'un:" hether he·, gQlnlt 10 R'tC for It·, Poil okgrtt Of for 11·, m'\lmu} 10 Quccm. E,~r v.a~. [ pn~ Klng'I,," Stt)1 U PS


Fjeld. \\ .D. ~ay..r

10 rc-..

OCd! (retired )

Ch ilian Studies

6elfow Goc> ~.IoRb-l.ktna-l So FJdd. pxl tt..p.n<.. Km»ll t-x.,...." tt .... "'> ;nl1T1l'de:l1 fnn. f'e\dgc. n-q:,id. FI<I) dl. p.lbl 110:

ll"c grl. ~ ··un v.hIIl ' '"C<"III:'' Bo}.p-.t "hal ~ 00 on Q.rl:o.' ",m S)I,..:tJ'ft ~-...~y.;nl ....... old ,,"3\-6:'

",101 O\-'C."f til. ~""' o(tII. ,"'" m:lJOf1I)-

""'Ie til. I/U}' cnng.d \1\ ern). 27~


To "'} 1-'..3)...., I, great 31 'fU\'> is 311 tnIer\tI1cn)('lJ]. I-'. 'l-rn 3.' "" ho ""00 a ~1CU1Jr g;trrr !he usual A.."'Jl<ltl'C ""'" Wa)lll:. II dd\·t mauct" th.:It ICI\ or I\\dYe 00>er\ pia),'() ",m rum ) '00 nsne I~"" [>W)-cd II; ,ulle)buIl.lnlnwllOlJ. tn<.cOOil. 811. ;nl I alnn,l f~ HOCKEY . 11e.:w1d hoItJ ",-, ""n 1'dI<-tli.'I1 the f"""- Wayne plan-. \Q go \Q ~ ne~1 )'-.,..-;nl-.hcM Ult"ln e,"';;tJ) " [~'I C-w.. I"AA-~~ "all ilIlw!. and "''-' ~ IIO'>\' he C".rt do II

Hise). D.T.


His & Int Politics

The IlIfam~ror Lu,t hJII, lrom lhe fnutn "a>teland 01 FQn \ 1e'l u",,) ··Cliff· broughl a II.". bel or InOt"'Jht) and cnren~,"mc", 10 Road, Allhough h" Loo" Itd!!c of 1I",1~" >tau,ut' " kgcndal). h" I.-xL ~·ord "nh ,,'(>olen " 1;K~m,. C!tft). no)I.llI'lng able to fInd a good ... hok'>Ofl1C "",han to \.1tl\f) h" manlallcnde .....·,... IUmM h" (harm ''" the ["unh )n, d~". ,"aU"" a '''0 oorpcl'lOll in h" lu,,) "cb I~ \.1~ Cliff "a, II)m8 10 ad'a .....·c h" Iurpole01.,,1 "'Ih Ihl' m,,'c hut "C all u..... he v.a!> III II for the ",\),llm IOmd alf~tr dId 1101 la't. \0 Cliff f"",nd a /lCv. 10,( "'... ~e) When Chff "as"·t hu,) pi~ k inlt hlm",rf"'pofflhc ice Of~·olkcllnlt "",v. ",11Ie '-OIlIl't. hc acluall) ContribulM 10 r $qn·, offen'>C b) ",on", a \Ingle ~I Good I",,~. ,Iud. and Ill.lllh for comIng 0\11'

~1ialkO\\ ski. CoS. MARS lIist/ l)oli Sci A 00h: cned oot \11 the dul \11 KralQ\\. f\)IaOO man~ ~~.., \1 ••, ~ t tal~Q\\"". 111lNll"" pm.'IOr of CanlCT RIg/u. e,IITIfd=. :nJ ~"""'0W1<It:r of !he bll Four had t>.:o:n rom_ Kno>o."" (hal her goal "'" \Q tll(>\e 10 the land of mIlL iII!d h'-"Ie). CaIh) made Inwnphanl pn~, 10 RQ)'3III.()I)lk. "t.:thcr II be 00 >lJ .. III <.!'u p., d"er·, anlt". or a tr.1d'IK~ I\~,'" getup 01 nhl:uto.;nJ t-o"lI .. C.oth) ,113lk: J name for at RfXId" J\ a •. ~n'. III the rJJIl. a """'P'"'f«'l 11-1'-":1". a "'~ of bI"", aoo a IIIctlCr of 1TL,1!') a ",-,"lOt·, <:QId ""an and kit"s. Sill: cal, to: f,....,id fl\.\jumung the \\-;o.l. ",>,. L falling. (tltlClllg 111 S<. ... idar,. or >can;hm~ for the [1<.'Th".1. tall. Iprelcrabl) bU(L) IIW. «.\\~K.' ,\" n'ol. " ~oo dartn&. ro:;> dare ,,1("0() aoo mo>1 unr<JfWItl). no beer", roo h,~, GO(ld luc~ In the ,.."t Iv.", ~ca ..... Calhy. arid 1"11 '"'.. lOU on boon! ,hIp afler that


• ,.\ER E

O'Gorman. W.T.



Mech Eng

W,ll,am Th<>ma, O·(jom'an ~Jmc ," Ro)al Road' from lhe greal "Illtt nonh lal lea" In (ompatl",n 10 lien: an) ,,"3)), A INC.' ""I"f al [lean. hc 'enlured lunh 'rom Thunder Hay. Ontarto Th" I,ttl .. l"I'lIIC h3' t>c-en a mcmtx" "f the '<31["'~ lum and the tcOCIII, duh fwm the ,et} tx,glllnlllg. Hold,n!; true 10 h" na' al .001,. Ih" Inltep,d }"un~ ",anY" ha, ~ndea"lUted \U ""'e a "rllll e,el) pon. (or ""3, thaI 3 port I" e'ef) "tI '!~) If )'OU'H e'er t>c-en I<M>l.lllg 1,1( h,m. don·t It" 1.\ ,he p.tr3(k "Iuat"C. dK"~ Ihc ,,"lid blue '>Ca, SU~t OGER ,,,II tx, mo'lII, 10 R ' Ie no:~' ~ea. 10 hn"h h" "~"'hJn"31 F..n~ItK"l"nn~ dc:,n:e. ,I looh h~~ he·U Il.l'e 10 get u~ 10 ,he rold and ~nnl h" k ....·'n~ ... il, 01 fale.





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• , • • -r. _t'b



Political Scicncc and Economics

'''InC' 10 R<»d, \tt~lng

'::~:~::,:~;'~ bred ,n 'a,~am, S~'L IOC --I'un"oc," kll h" helo,ed ",ocal f,eld, and II of lhe big ~II). Ik "J' an ImlnC'd,ale 'U\;u'" ~I Ro",J,. h" IeHI of ',re"

m~lln' OIhe" around I 1 lie nen f()r1nnJ II" O"n ~r.on:.hl) <·ull. III<: A" Lo~ Cllmm.;md"" a ...:1«1 grolJl' ItalnnJ b) SJ'lOl' lhe Imn"""'~, (11l.oj: prtx:edun:, De'p'le Ih". SpOil)" I'IN I,,,~ rem~lncd "'''''lcy. ""<.'C II<: "'a, unable m,,," ,... Irc.;nnn, 01 IOC oppo'>lle "!< cwel" In ~ drunlcn 'IU"," aU""cd 11,m '0 '~m II" fru',ranon, I and olll<:f\\I<.e1 on un,u'pe<.'unj! opponem, "c, 'pend,nll m",rc lime mlhe: f'Cn.1te) bt,\ llun on lhe: ICC

1'.~,_ll~I~:~:,:;::: ::::~. ~

111111 of II" ",."" H~ \(IUghll" own;OITIC Ih" II)' bcJlln~ Chf, o.;<.'a"OIl<Itly and ~Inl,.;'ng aboul I III the ''''.un, au. R<»d, ~ould not "'I"f) II" ntt<I fOf' It,fcr".-e. re,ullln~ m h" lon, d,<,(u'~ depilrlUll' 10' R\IC ... he:n:, a' III<: Pun"ocr. he" ,II be called upon.o <.'ru,1I an) nal"C up'Nn~', \\c 11,m the be"oflucl and haW~ lIun"n~. "lIl11c'




~ II'(! 1O..nrJ) IfI )"'" rucm ..! ..... " :~.:;"~.. :::';';'.~'"~~

A, " <~ dua ard " " ... <.' II) ~ ("0"" D.'CO a pan of the liN. foro: ~t>Ic lor "M.1I1& ~. at rrom 4(Cf, If! w.;, n~ 1"'.-10 a1 ~\lm. 11)"" l\al.c c,pcro.......-.:.l <"lllu0i Ih,........... o .)lh:nrn."..... ,hen)oo u.)'W J.......ln 01 nlUln .Jlr.!6, Ye.. he i.\ J gre;>I ~). 'f)t1I can",,,,, F' ham 0lIl \lfbi.'d Ik 101........ 10 """vllu, 'fXl'\' !nnc tur\"~ at Ilcn-.nIl1jlIka<:h "lule Iu, fricrd!. Greg and kff dunb (doo't "00)' J~). ~ W) )'" ... III lira......., ~l, b) " Itc IfOC ma'>Icr of w.;, ''nuN\.-r "hlpp."f" \U1tt lie tool. Iu. l.~ for"',..- at ~I!\h, haW)""


f.tcd and !'I:lIied ~'" ,b:~ I I k"'~... C'f. unhl\: <.in): and kIT. lOU wlfljlnlbahl) (,(:\,"1" sec J~ln IfI R&l t.:cau-.c he " '10 RMC "hen: dUrOllI! "RJO-<:xiSl(fll ard Itcre ",III'C nilI'OO} "-' llCllu, I" pm.;I ...: "")"3) he m.ll.<... 1tc O .....klo Inp ! d~~ he C"'" h: a I; aft.."I" dl;t. die fflClKioJlIP Gt.-.J h,.,'l. at 11\

S,eek 1\ lhe lIal].,homc"gu) III lhe ... orld "u mn._ l~f)' I'lc~\C.". h" I I to '3} thi~ ~I Ie~" In "!lie' a d~) lie rela'c' at W""'. J m,,",'al lool III h" ~)h. a <'18Jrelle ,n Of"" lIand and a J:w:<,r in lhe OIilcr ",ll a p.Kl and a I'n,'ilcr 10 l!u; "Rela~ fnend" for I am lhe hand""!lIC,t ~U) '" I"" "orld - A[W1 from 8" IIlg bmol" ,cmIRa" ~nlnkd·-n.c hand\OfJ1C ~IJ) 111)00 and InC'_R. Jain<:, "a ""n,111nC' Amencan p')COO, mlllU~ "oleI><;C, On ,he "de he frtt·lancc, a, lhe hJnd,ornc,1 ,""mmer/"~I~' polo I'la)cr C'Cf 10 J!mcc the "aICf_ ,,~"" he lIo<:'n'( ""m \.0 mucll a' charm ,he ... al(", Th"" lIue,lIonahle f,v h" am" and Ie!!, do mo'~ ,I' cardull) I"") mo,'c "cf) la,' and III a m,"'1 lIandwmc manncr Jamc~" 'll 1I",c COf1ll'leled h" 31 f.tR\IC. ... h,lh "'3, c"cnded ~ popular dellWld. and ... ,11 rInd II" I lor one: am ,ure lhe~ ",II he ",,,,,-,,-M h) II" heaulcou,


Walsh. S.J,

l~~~!!~;;~~;;::~;S:':hcr>hanl~ :




Ph.\ s1E:l rlh

Obs Sc.

\11 IIIe fc,", Ilia, 113\ allo"ed heN."IIIO be ,ub)«led IIIe OIl( of IIIe rc" ~Ifl' in the Scicl><;c I'fI'Ilram, 'C\l )car,1I<: "III 'IJ) and lalc Phy/EOS unc of the 111"" lo)al '\0\3 Scollam I "c c'er mel, She lIo<:'n'I/e1 mU\;h I '.~m Illal "n'l from i'oo,a s..'Oh~ and Ihal mdude, III<: hoy, She h3.\n'l <.'1I3n~ed man} "f ller lIabn' She ,,,II SCI' mon: ~)'e p;ldage, Ihan C'Cf)OIlC d", PUilogclher. and ,he "oll ha~n'l tiguretl OUI "(InC

::;;:::::~:~::::~.:':.:.::n c\llloolng and ml''''Il,

AI le3"}OU don'l gel ,00'" from PnJ!1lI11 In)'Illore ,"ICC fhlllli (Qr" Illal a II,,", IIIIIlg'!). Sleph ha, J:w:<,o HI)' ...:IIVC ill bt\lll "h"," and IllIIIll h.l11 f"h llhc lell halO, te w(."m, "ran~e ,II" ... alcr lo,er 1<) g\1 and pia) ~rmy Ih" ,umm<."L ..... e all ""II}ClU Iud'

Wcrncr, D.G.


C hil

lbc: hal\\ uf Cano<'r FIiJ!1I1 rewund" "h h" bello" '"lllauj!lIlcr, II" monll 1011,111<: "all", "clr' tor til<: college, Our mJ'c '-ncnd ""Hor lea'c- the fon unprOlC<-'1C<l. he" the guard,an of our ,ac~ collc~c, Ilc can be oflcn \ttn pc:r'()fTIllllB- h" mldmllhl' Ig,l, II) lI,q,ompulcr, .. orrytng ronll<: ,afCly (,I h" cumrade" II " ",,""nng !!-Iare d~nlll~ lrom hi' "deO ganlC' ,round, oul"dc, 'I ",m"",,,hle Illal an~ C' II come .... P'I" TIle onl) lhlll, "hl<'h ,'ould ",... "hl) ,mcr/cre" IIh h" <.eIl'JI'J'OIIlICd dUI) """Id be 11,\ "!numerahle da)' on \1&LO, Thougll ou, ~umpanlon II<- lIra'e_ he" al'" "n "\l&ll) unllt.he: 11C\1 com,ng of (1m"'!!'- Fafl:"cll lbc: collcgc ",II ,un::l) fall m(u nlln ,,,lhI,,,, lour prOI""'''c ' •.-rulln)'_ n.c C,,,( I:::n~nw:ffln~ ~ram 31 11;\1(' \hall unduuhlool) bemfil




ne, S.

B~n. halllnJ!


tn"" lhe J'fUI' '>Cd land vt \1"1111<>1». brOUghl

"lher1hl"~" 10 R..,..t-

.... ,>1 be If ~hk 10 ~,.".." uh lhe ,I""

\Iech Eng

~ Ion~ lradmon of dn"llO~ iU1d I"'n)lOj! lamont


01 V'dOf1a 3ftcr C<"fIIn~ from lhe" 1M ll<>I1hcm mlng'''I lrom hI' fUI."" '1Il1~ '" I"'''e hit ...,If·I''''.:I,,,n.-.i ,rulne'" ,n ullk)t>atl and OOdmlOh1O. B,th fnull) t"undll~ I<> 1'1J~ a mm', '1'1>" iU1d joined llIr h".. lc) learn Allh"ujl.h llI>llno"n;o., ~ prohf" "'..... r ("cll. f10I reall) ~n) lInd "I ....,,"«rt Ball, ".' ~!>k 111 .. omnb\.uc t" the le;om b) r.... llOj!: up lhe h'ghe,! 100aJ, of m"....! opI'n net, iU1d hI! pI"I,. lie he 'WIll) m'''''d ..... II<" .",unbute.ll<l lhe e!hl" d"~,,,,)· 01 Koa,h b) hemg the """,,1 Lllln~ to ~ till<> ...:lIl>e "c h.od lhe h:Id lhe b\", ....·~enLI. Ball, "ill be lra,clhng 10 R\lC 10 '·"11110 ..... hI' ,real Ir.Mhl,,,n, Good Iud' '''''" of L~nn Ul.c. Balt, relfC~lcd III Itw= ",wid (11 cn~'nrenn~ l"mall)





\I ech. Eng.

A l'\3u>c "f Pcl.rborouph. On\ Cho. applied 10 mll...ol In I· ...'" he (o"ldo', m3lc ~ll<lU~h tn<1IlC) 10 go to L All", be'''r "Ilen:d II.F.TP and Ie:~mmg ,hal he "ould ,pend more on re"dt'lo;e at a n',lOnal un".",,,) Lh..ln tw= "I>utd al R,,,,d,, he dec,ded I" h\( lhe a,htnture. ~ rom.:m.:e qu,dl) faded dunn~ fI.·V\l11 term" hen he IhouBhl tw= "3\ pa) lOr LO thnlU,h hcll SIO'-". then he ha, JO,,,,,d the ~"'''-(;ounn) learn, and lhe "'Jthl"" du!> Chn, had a ~ood )ear ,n h" "",,,nd lear runnm, dc'plle lalhng Qff a !>rtdge, a"d m"""l! a Inalhlon due 10 road r..,h. /';e.1 ,ummct. CIl", ",11 be enJO}'m~ lhe ....·enK '·,e", orCh,lI''',Id durtoi\ hI' Mil l , ,\llI.pha...: Atter Ibdl. he "111 be fClum,", 10 h" home pm' to 'Iud)' cngmC.fI"g dl II.MC dod I" gel bal'~ nltO t"",,(oooll)" '~"ng ..




1):nies. S.M.


Hisl & Poli Sci

"':de up Slcph' Th,<, <.am, 10 be lhe mO\t cOInmool) 'd,d phra", II> Slephame ,,110 ramo: 10 lhe sreal f'lU"l ..... e 01 Bm"h COlumbia from lhe .... ,Id to"" 01 Kl1c·he""r. Some h.,,, been .,l"'l! "'h) SLeph ha, dc,,<k'd tu n:mam In S.C and t10I relurn 10 lbe great homeland 01 Onlano ",,'I lear' Wa, n the mounl."". lhe (.... or her af'P"renl aUa.:bmenl 10 \Onk" lor e'en one) "I \he "land', nau>e,. She ~Cpl neeHenl marl,. "'pt\:lall) In .11\') J'h)'''' and m;!lh ma)be" 'Ih lhe helpufa 'pc"Cial frIend fmOlllle ~nd 1Klor" Slcj'h ,'an he <.an man) I ,,«\end flO<!ltn~ around ,,!lh lhe '>aihn~ learn 00 the hIgh <.ea,. Ila'e a nl("( r",l'


~". "~1Il at::!OOlb\..


I ':~;~:~:~ ~



ani f:lflOe"> 'l'oelf '" '«1"00 lmd ri d",,.,.,. Well ITIO'ol of the wne he tIwJI,., !hal he " a hoirU-Nn

Pla..:1.. tfu" .. defm,!tl} !lOll the ,....'" Jcfi",.....,.. chome). Fbmung &:.:h Idrmt>tng~ ani ~ ,!«po. al Rood, lit 11;.., l>....:n lnou.n. . 10 h.:r,c ""} po.« rootroI of hr. I1lO\ m.C!1!.> thu,. he ha<. !un the 2nd )T "'~, I Ie: 1m m<IfI) 0Ih<T '"pxlp" ad\cnI\II'e> 10 tall 3bouI ,1 }0lI e'otT h.:r'e the ~h;n~ 10 a.... tum. Th" "'-' "Ill to;: """'-'or a lorI@ 3!Id ~)OUIlIe) 10 G~n lor hI' .ut,Ib) ph.:r.c, 110: ",11 rte\Cf kcl ""~ I~._ hc "'ll be conllllwll} be !htlll.J!'i 01 h,s fncnU-. GIq!.. J~. J.lI'....... ;v1d Ch.vtl). ,,110 ",11 lhmb"'il III 11.,110:. CoIor.iOO Lool. for kff on the In.... 0/ «the.- ,nlClkctU31 "~I!IC' or ~

.8 C



I"" ..

il"P l.n'II"·· 0.. "h.:r1. "ouId I'raso...,.to;: ",lhooI Our Imlt We-Jcy CnNu, Ft", A 1i.A. Foxy. RmJK OC Renard (<fan-, It ....~'WOC "" fr.lrl<."''') 11.... 1, I ''''"'''~'''''~'' the la!1d ~ " ...."""'"CO";,., ~ kl\e> kI t..·I.ll1OO '""" ha, I-.xn I.ep ntrmlel) ru,.) ~ the fl"\ 1"0 ~C<"'- v,h:thcr '""""'I" tI-., lui.., lor "" ~ .. (11)'''~:':)'; , .. 'gn<nnt! ~', dead1 ~ Iile:" Tum tid 'U')'(n ~ .................11 1>::100: I 1.111 )011" 1I.en,,,, tiN )ClJ " .... ~ ,u'1'kY ............... And lo.J) uh lo.J). dod I '"'tf Jl'l) oIf. ~ It CIl' I,. I Ie)- dod tile ~tng 0:.. ), .... I.t""" hclp~ k( ,.. "'"' I~ I>::tr1jt m Iho: lroce. tid "!CUl"Cd ~1011' 0...""" rAl-dl, I:';',) ]u-. boa • ..mod) .... unnf .. thc "-111 .... t.;;.."k. dub ~ the.,.., ~ t.....lqx him more LIQl ru,.),!IId "lui LIw..., 11;.., Itt jlOOm" l"CIUm, 1'fl1IU'II) rot( c:n~ tu '" I>Lo<Ie "1IfT1(r>..r.:... f"O.lf ~ al cchc:r "'3)" A go.ld c .... llf1Ie "..,. tto:~"'OOor--IIM.n,.""""'~"l:" ~_ ....... v, ...,. tid ,",Cf a ..n..d forth;r.e "ri«-.. \1.3)1>:: tid·, ,,'" ~ ~(!I'I umc hen: I<lp]a~ U'. It"~ )'lUI bun lI.enJrd. W.I1. here', 1" lhe fulure Slc,e. ,uod lll<~ ~, a lulun: Alt ...... *'<l hen: ', ~ h,nl. """"1 ma,,'MlII.k nalnl to lrom of )our open ",rJ<io,. "'pec,.U) "'hen ". lAO" a



,'Wa,n '(lU"~ female" '" ,he o>!,,"!!!




..:;:-'..,f;;......,.,~ " "<.

Fredrickson. I



Psyc h

Fn-d "a, I>re"ed In It... prom,-ed land and ",,\Cd In It... hood 01 R~"n:a Aller w ...... mll oncnPfllcd gUll", lOll,. and mold) p'geon ,1001,. Fred figured t...·d la~e It... m,) col plunge S"lo.e It...n he', bl~,.,.,.j our hllmbkabode "1111 cia"" ,lone, fot OIIr children From II1leo<'(:l), orga,m," pho\o ,hooI, 10 bl.lenl badgc.-I",er Frcd ha, lou.:hed "' all "om~ mon:!han OIher,)_ Ue Iffl h" mar~ III ~be,; and h., d"pla)ed lhe off,ec.·hJ.c qualn) 01 ,h;mng amongM f""nd, mne and 1"1'11: ag3m Alhku<all). F~" J mand. a<:oOCm1(aJi). Frcd" bnlham. and \0<-1111) Fred" lIo,Hi~e, HI< nqul\.lle ch;mn and ""'alh-131.IolI pohlenc:" 113, helped h,m ,lap 31 Ica.'1 10 Il<:" noI~he'on h" bdl, Fred <hall do "onder, ",Ih 1"».110101/> and ",II , ._ _. . . ._ _ _ _ _ _ __ he m,,'>CtJ b) lhe re<1 (Iflhe -5- Kttp '>(Illog 'l""Ibn!. fn. ~lIlho<c )oon,l


"3flna·b,', Fred_

Greslllllk. S.R.


Hi st &Po li SC .

Grell)' came !O MOlal MO,K" from lhe rcal LOlu, L:lnd 011 nonhem Varl(;O\I'cr 1,!Jnd "'c'cr before reah/cd. h" .b,hl) fOf 'pclld"'g. and lendIng "'OIl<:) "a, full~ reah/ed a, ~al" of'- lIe)' Gre/. cJn I btmo" enough (()feo'cr'" a:hocd Ihmugh C \IR b} the memoc .. of It... .. ~ .. Upon hI, .elum 10 ROiM"Grell) fitlall) dl,,',)'cred Ih" pl ..... e lhe) called, and found Ihal <'OOlnlry 10 popular bchcf. ThUM;I) "a, Iht he,1 "'ghl 10 pan) Greif). uoh~c man) mhe,..,. ha, nOllx:cn afkucd b~ lhe RMC call ofthc "old Jnd prdctr' ,n'tc:,d 1" 'Ial I1lllcauhful Bn"h Columb,a anod (11,;0) 'UlllJm"n\!

I-Iodgson. K.E. "<IIhl)~"





His & Poli SC.

the ,'u!c<.l f~malt II), on F.... "" H,p,tl,,",' ,hen .~a,n ""' .. "(1011) ,,,,,1 o.~.the )~~" K.. hI}n·, m,nUl<' ,..."'" and bul>bl} I-<XXI humour 1Lt,'•• amrd he. the ""lrwne 1k>rI.., Nh"" w ..all) .....,mbl<', he. ",Id mnm,"SILt", JU<.l a,l "'" roul, 01 n"hl"""'''"g') "aIItr)'n ha> .1", Nt-.>ed ~ 11W1 ~,,~ """ ho. "ondrrtul ,la>, ,".n.Ml-lllgh n(Itc" >nd ..... lOOt ~~ 1O@C!)""damntdlmlalOdbug/ltcc','I-......I,hleo. "'~.-h,,,,, lUll JOInrn lluoop. I"'t..n~" KadIr)-n" • 11ft 'P'''' "bel "all".). bouoc>"" !aup.,",... n~"" and ........ " ....... ", ... I<'I"n~ "alllwl~ OUI !"'fI<',;",U) dunn, he.- morrung dIN"'$ .•" S,"' •• , Awrtooc,,, <"a) (If pun"",,,, oJ, ..... l.,...,.j, "00 "'" !all, ,n~' JOt"" "h'l<' nW."'~ IIttnl. \he', r.. , ... m' ....,... IIt'gII" ~""' to """ ..... C,"OT') K4Ilw)-n". bt~,buI h"IcIIW'OCI"ho JC" <kunl on 1"0 pon!> 1\10<4" .... d" ",,11 he. hod) ".,ghU. _ "ho ...>II) k»t'> ",d.>nt;., .".", . . . ~. fi."", [n .""'n~ I IItini. all of .... "ho .... Ic.a'UI' RR \1C""llm,,, ".......,n_l) _Ihc ........)'n' IIc... ... I... l) .. ....,.,~" ",..,.tho bundl<' of JOt for '''0 """" )at'>. "'nlJ"') t..u_ "'" ...11) 11\01)

. . M. ,,>.

Mac Ph"il. R.C.






I-l is & Poli ,


• I 1 • iJ~ t\.11O"11 a-. the "coc~""," =ro,! in Fill"'" n,ghl. f'nnpull ..ctnOO h" I"" lCar>. \.. aI R,\IiII.b ""h the c~ mooSCIChe ",er!.ru..n 10 11'I:IrlJ.1fld_ 1/" rool'oUMl qut<.I for b<lnng aJllto;w.c'..- ",131111 ,,110 101) "0IlWl ,,110 ",1I1ooI. land thm llugh) t>egan dunf1ll n:t:TU1I1I:fm afirr . en: ~. \I~ S.oo;. I0OI. a ~ i0oi. III1d dc.:1ded !h.lI he "had no dJ,,-'" Jl'O'ed 10 hc InK • hllk- 1:11... - ,,11m he III1d \Jan) .Jured the \3fIlC I~ YcarOld'r1 rn the \3fIlC OIP.. AIIta;.1) .... h.1oJ herrIN. "" Kcnh' Ann!hcr"cl.b.,~" act "ot> th:II he"",Cf leli \.lain<. on h" O\OIn M.)IN hi, rOo:,", oJ.:llC\ -- \OIl ~ Ill.c 1 do(! ",110 Ill.", 10 crap on t'>n>~ eI'C> Ia"ll btI1 not Im. ......n. On 100 da), \0 p. ,,~ all "a.ted 111 JI1u"pallOl1 III ' « If "oold \kq! in t.:r bed "Iuo;h "Ol'> pL1nIed np. bc<.dc K~th\;. IINC'3d ". aJlLlughed ,,11m he I!OI" JIM IIIIhc heiId. H;ulmg from Mod.y l.ane AlbcnJ tmn-, reaU) hefpcd 1m. \I) Ie fj"dIoIc." O((cd"_" a rt;.a.IlUnl on 1f)'OU..., a "lW" "00 "3J1l> 1Ocne.. ('Il h" ·'m:Ir\dlou.>" welling ~ In all J1one..I) though. 1 ....". drcl.:ft lhaI,f you C>Tf na:d 3 <d or -.houIder; 10

..-::..:4 """'n .





~ . ,.

I p""<:h logon ., Iw\ ,. ~ t.II.-.s., 2. [);)n", mat " .... om""'", ph~ pIft'ImonI ''I''''--,(~ aorot...",,1fId ,I, WI..... do.lIb<all '1"""1 DI ~~". FJllkl \1,. "'nhlllllt Rt.:I ~ Rwpo oIlhtbr<l .. hfo.-dhap< ",,-n mnorrb:r (II ",hal. IIdeo.r< bbdr "" ~





Electrical Engineering

J.oon 'French)' RCUIIuer. abo rrlentd 10 a. Fr.Jnk. Fr.n.'OI). French. Lmk

.r~~~~ FmJ;h 'Ian. RacIer. ''''-ed l.e3pmg Frog I\Ild Road 10 Y~). "M tclx'm !he ~sh "" I/OOII1al "hen he came 1(1 ROO!Id>. F~ )'eaI" ";b "WIll) 'IJeI'R 1flII)u;;Utd at \Ul:h ~ 100 d.J.}} C"[)on', rm'oe' I'U@...,·' anythIng Ilw rJlO\'e$"')., He abo had I tIwla fortft~'"i. h~. tIuI tllllC:!haI tum and I"nngulZ WJp.d and !W Ihr hall•. or !>Imp!) taIlung w IlL, bud. Qn the upper "rde "tuk ~ I\iId 10 march w.oulder!ugh. J3.\OI1 ,,~also \;n(Mll to be gcnerou> )e1 a1"Il)' gtX bladr:d for II. e<peeWl) on on: rrommg


~ aIitr Imdmg hi.1xd lOll,; ~ Pnngrull!he rugm befon:! ThmCaffil' ~ )-ear"hoch "" speru U1 tn, room e,ther "ltIl 1lome,,0Ik or tn, guifriend (" loch "a, ob\ IOU>I) IlIIIlIh"r bla<k 10 "'~''''''''''~'::::;'.['., the X-COWlIry learn If! hope: 10 fmall} run 3"3) from lh'l @trI !hat ,>utl OOunlii him al me lImI: or another( .. ~ she come,. A:Iall\3Jhhhhhh!'!"l.

Spearman. M.J.


His & Poli Sc.

HIS "",@hbou"lo•• h"qulet"i)',andlhepeac:erullihoflm mUSIc. HI~ friend$ en)o) hll noctumal ~I\'h H" ~,rlrncnd like~ ho ... ~ 10 ~el 'long ","h. rr,klng )OUI nighHep job a lillie bn for gramed a~n'l )011') H" Squadron Comma~1 pmj't~ b) h,s producmcllC'<> and "'llllngllC•• 10 do a~ lold. The W~d ellJO)' h,\ conllnucd bU"IIC'H Sellt here a~ I sub'cI"\"c by All. \I,ke h..... "II« am,·al. fttnUied man) ".) ... ard "'a,flIO hiS ~1cep1c,>. IlIC'bfUied .... ) of life. (True 10 hI' \IOC) Wc "onder ho" he has man.aged 10 'Ia) off bruch (bul lhen Igam. \1,lc doe, ,!"",al. the I"",th. nghl E&rll In facl .... e ... onder man) Ihlng;,; JU'>I "hal do ... e ~ In h'm any".)~ Forcg~ condusloo Wh) boIher "'''IIIII! lime IhH1klll~ about n~ In the In>e: spml of \hle. he "'OIIld "';1./\1 uuo be dnnkmg. C'man \lIke. hUrT) up and filll,h m) ... rue up. lhe Wad dO)C, m an hour P,S .... c "amOlir SHX).

Enk lhe ·· " a =o"cnng hea,) melal \pced Ihra,h E... \iemer IUmW H1.II!UIIOI1.lJ c:a<kl"'ho ha, finall) realized Ihal v.-e>lcm Can:ada I' 'U!"",lIor. One of the fc" rema,n,ng Bridge,.... Enk "a, -..d 10 ~ all h" ... omlerful bndll1n~ lnend,hlP'! pcn~ a\ ihe) letl lhe mllnar, due 10 acadcmln. obe"t). and gnpk"Be". Enl (ould ">(<'T1 pulling ollC'·hailded. 360. rouoo·thc·"orld dunho,er Fordo" head on h" bcllerda)" and pumping lhe anaholorOll ("h'ch only affected .-tna," mu ....-k'i ... "h John and Da,e In lhe Summer. Erll" mO,1 prllcd moment Ih" jear.... a. hiS carnal ad,cnlun: "I,h \1" Clau, "hlch " ... ' ne,cr@l\cnenough,imebttau<;c Mr. Clau, "a, ... aliing on ,he nr HD"e'er. Enk ,"11 mallllalll~ his cool melalhead calmrn." Enl "ill bid the "'(>fl(\crful We" coa" next year and (OII'IIIUe a ne" lI(e 01 11.1 Ii


StushnofT. K.L.



_ ~11"'I-"lCl, ~"""n., '11«1' "'''IrUI) tIC m".,...! ...... ~I Rn..J, lie" "'., ".. "' .......,.".. ~ IUm., ....... ond ) ~I C\IR ,".he "J.. un f'R>I: ...m \\ h) ...... h~II".>u1d hed-.:. .... ("lit )'''' m,~hl .I,l ' I!cl"" c mr he', hfttINc.J lho, unw ~'''''n ....... ) IOn,..., '" m.on) J,n~nll"">rk 1>1.1 S ,~W''''' he <10..." Ila,e II" ",.,,",' lI"do.:~.~ ",n~,.m I ....... lhe.".....,••". Jhd,n'd .... " ....."Ob<rl>ul kl""~ ..I"u.....,I''''. ",calllro.,-.. the",.I",." .. "h) tho: 8«1 .... ' .. " ... '" tw~ ........ _oInll, ,'I tho: ca'" Th... ·, n~hl. "'" Io< ... ~ ,h ... l "The ,,1<1' ....... hk....,."... ,,... mI'" 'I T "wN/ ->oItd "' .... "'" ""I) "' ..... 11) "'I "~h ..... ~II'" Ollod "",Ill". t.:.1 ,no uc.J hrm ......·ltn he.- pI.o..c '''' p,(lc.J ,·Iotaoo ~ ..... he.-..l "bt, l'....... "hal d.t ,he""",'I",11 u,' ,".11 al ..." t.. ~t.:rnt h· h•• 'u~ l, ....... an.l ,.... ,,, ... ,... m..l 11 .... )'0<1<" 0\, ,"ell 8«t •• 11 JeI<_I) I'< ......,"""'" I,,, h•• pen"'" \I,ron I..,., aM h............, "" Je~.... uh ""'~~ -\nl"'~' ..... ....-.J ........... ""kI do.:h .. ",I, apft!hol ...... rf'u*oc 'Il«t )OU'n: .-rW(, 1.... · .. ;0, ~ " " " . , _ . . . . , ~ ", I· ..... ",~ hJU,. 10 me, 'II 1'r....".I~· W~ ",.h lOU all I"" I:le.t ,,~n,





Wright. D.J.

His & Inl' ))olitics


\\ e "e happy fe". "e Nod of broI"",,: for "" ,oda} that ,he<!, h" blood "'Ih me: ,hall be m~ brotl1er. be be ne'e, \Q ~;k. Th" day -.hall ~enlle h" ,'ondn,oo Ifen!) \'. Shale'peare

!fome,. one of ,t.. ""-"" 13n) chara,;le" amllhl Cham n'Sht hall,. nOI 1<) mcnl,,,n one 01 the more cullured II" cohurt" ha\ Ixen okfinllcl) t> h' h" man) 'Thal' c\pene""c, Ih" )ear .... h"·h "ere d,..erfuH) re,aled. m okla,l. !O aH the en,,,,,,, cnJ!,ne.,r ~«h ,ull ,tud. at lhelr de'~, \Iudl;ng. Proud 0"",,, of lhe dUly POll)·. Ch", dcm"n,mIlN hI' ,upenv, dn'm~ ,~,llth" pa,t ,unllner dunng one of the m3n) n")3~C' b3l:~ 10 lhe homdJnd Ihuom' "hal the hc-Il "3\ that"!). 1(lmer.l1 1\ rumoored. h3' al,o to«n kllO"n to hefncnd glanl ~h,d.c(\, on hI' trom la"n. ,\"de from thO'. K"'to[f, "me'~ maml) 'pent at hI' de,~ .... or~lIlg on UT"lC C\\3) or anmher. or 80mg 001 to d,mlCr ()Ct agaml .... nh Kamna. or tf) "'8 t(l c'pla", 10 U' ens'T"lC(' ..... ho" cqu"ll) dem;mdUig hI' COUN:\ really are_ A final .... ·ON 10 Cltn, "ho " rerna"""g at RRMC for hi, final 1.... 0 yca..... " Da~ telephonc ~longc lt I ('am,'"

Cra igie-Manson. T.


Comp Sc.

Ongmall) l \l ;l<:~ Bulldv8. Ch",,~,c "a, "",crel) tnghtened afler room,"S "'Ih Stacl). '>0 he dcfcnw to Cham n'gh, (lX''''l>nall). "., he "anled 10 get a"3) from OT"lC of h" mher roommale,. Gmo Ihlabu,). \ bn>Onator C;lJ1 otten be beard '-3l'ng "You'lI gel )"oor Ibmn pop Wcdne\da)' Onnl "aler'" or babbltng toco/lcrenlll ~boot h,\ h,~h D J'·eraS( Charle\ ra~l) PUI> In appo:araoce, ,n the SCK Of on the lo .... n;a,' he t;lfl alnlO'>t 'nlalhbl)' be found m fronl of h" comptucr. h" Ik>.l or on h" pn. An 1M \l.arnor. nx, ' 1.u\\On3tOf a~"~Il"d g~atl) on tho:" pummdltng ofllle 1.'1 dnd ~ Sqn mUllIon._ AI prncn1. Ch""~le', ",lde.t dTt"am\ '",d\llk'"g...,."vnd y~ar "uh marl., g~aler lhan. 001 II(>! C<jual 10 :I(to<\. re'~'mng ,la,her and p;I~ong off hI' VISA



/// ~ ====~.==.============~

~lARE Eng. Managemenl Ferg'e tonl<"IO u, from lo,el) Ham,llon. OntJrto. "here ,he ga'e up 3 tu,,,on-pa,d pl;oc( al ~",(·l· In Ir;lJ1,fcr '0 m,ll:ol ( .. e llC'er urt<kl'HIOd II ellher)_ nx, year at \'AC d,,J \QIllC good. 1h<J\lgh. malmJE her an eng,n«r "'Ih almO'lI 3.' man) ,part"., an an,). a fa", of "'h"'h ,lie 1lC'·er t,red ot rem,ndm~ ho:"rd3.,mJle,' She "3' lhe onl)" female to 'u" "., he, fi ..... t year on Cham (CoolC on, lId,. ,ou can do ,I"!!). F,N year hIghlight, 'ocluo.k"<l fallml! OUI of the lop bunl. \U\IJlmng mulupk b.I~lI>VI r:undal1<:ong at SI_T. ~nd ""pr,icu"ng II Sqn poopded drtW' in Ihe m,ddle of the mght Allc. a l'ar accident pulled hcr from the "''' Ing I(am. If ,he couldn't be f""nd on the 1M field. 'he .... 3. probably "nging m Ihe ~hOtr Or J'13~,"g hcr 'C', ycaf\he'U be goong 10 RMC m the proml-ed land a' Road, fcrn;,Ic cO!urihution 'a the Eng Lneenng program 11 ~'c fun Ferg!'


Ferguson. C.E.

I·,ola. a ~ a_Gate,. Tmun. The Rode, .\ bn. The Ch,c~cn \ Ian. and Gaelan IOtO!he: htghJ) \CCreI to,,,, 01 S1l:.:!\..r-.:"~ ri""~ ,\lA:'ITOB.A 1'1'011 !he: tq.,mmg. he ":t\ dc--Itm to t'IC a RO)a1 Roodent l'f<'" am''') he had dlff.:ull) coo'inc"trt- pcopk that he dJd noc co:rc from Queb-:<. buI from a ",,,," rmx:h \(J'o\n '" '1:v1tK>!!i II " liN )ear "3-'> qUlll: l"2lme.lcq:tin:g ~ Ind "'" and ~mg to '>Ll) WI r:i ITUUtIle Ilc ,,:I:> only ~ ~ ", h" fiN )QI" for n....rorulflJlton. In tu, <oe«n.I )C.1I'. oo....c\ef. he "3-'> a .... oId and CI"lI) go) Snn- Itt, ph),tcaI t(~ " " " tdtaI for rugb). he pned the R~aI RQIIIIo. Rugby Team. He ptYIcd tu. e\CelJo:nl oJ..Jlk and manhl.1OO. l ie """ at....1)>. the t>e<.t ~ r:i the to:am :nl "3-'> an ~~ ,,!"om It cam: 10 cancd). DtcipI.IJW). he got brc:l<:hcd on...., lOofim II.: had a '\light dllfK"Ul1) III '\Ia)tng (lUI 0( II\lUI:Ik lie """ .-om.1CIcd for pounng hi> (hnI. oo..n I ~',~... and ~'"' oono:or ebe5 FtOL:I h3>. got "hal It tak\ \0 be !he future alief 0( I).,f........, Sufi", I " ,ll RJ( be p<:Nm1@ ttm;

",,;... ii

H.: " ..., ...:nt to eanh b).-!he: godo.





!l!",:,,~)i" .~k'

Fisher, J.B.C.


1-li!>1 & Poli Sci

Ikong I)x, olde'l mcmher of !he dl\~. Cam ~< ancmpl~d 10 gUide man) of "' Ihn)tlgh I)x, (,p.,I""k, I,f hfc 'I Ro~h HaHng ",om Icalher <o.OCu In FIrM Y~ar. he (ric~ 10 di>couragc Dlher; from dcung!he ,;unc a,)x, f ", 1'1011 M'" he~. f\..-u" ag:,un,( Cad",on,'!) Hc lool!he lumpSofl~3'c d~" under h" llh and '1111 "'car-. tI>o.e d,\Co clOIhe. to 'upper on \Orne C' cnmg., Cam·.!.oe1lloC' of d"l)' " un", a'cnng ,n h'H)'C' II ka,1 Of couroc. !hal dul)" rna) t>c oo.,n, h.. )oung P'~ u.ndcr h" ~ilt and Icach \hem 110" 10 "Iucal of I)x, P'IlC' Or I~I dlll~ m,) cnt.ul Ji det.ulcd med,nl C\IL/ll b) 'oOfIIeonc ",uh '10ft hand. and 1'101 ha' 109 an) on_ Cam '" ,II be \Li),ng he~ aI Road< on an IIICmpl. ",he!hcr 11 ",,11 be ,u.;cc"lul 01"Il0l "debauhk. 10 m:de a band_ /I" f~,oume ",)ing; ORE \\A DAIGAKl' 0 Sl KI JA 'AI DARE" '0,\ oASAI 'E_ KO\IlSHIO\;GA tlO ..... oAKE'''A \10'011051111



FraSt!r. K.F.S.


Co mpo & Space Sci.

Keun I' a computcr and ~pacc >CICI"oce ~Iudcnt, When he " not doong


home"or~. he (an be found cuhe. on<ide "nh lhe hand 01' OIl, on a fidd ne.u..e ."",'""'~" other, H" tntcre", 'r><'tude readmg. con'putCI'\. mU'K. and CJlm~ <k''-Cn" II" fiN ..emc'le. {la,,>/:, <,(> "'elilhal QIlC prof allo"cd Kevin 10 "'nle I",,, final C\:un, In lhe c"uroc The -.«<>n<I '>Cm.:,tcr ", .. nt beIlC'_ IIc aho dc.:ided 10 learn c.crci'>C Induced a~thma a, "cll 3' a h'$.htarld danc.. "r 1"'0 ",' p"~""' 1 lliem bolh tn public. IIc "al sup~d 10 bo' pilot. t>ul ri~hl no", lie i. "'allmg for 0l1a"3 10 ~'i~n hIm a ne", II1OC. and a flDltlcd lruck

G .. berl. U:r.



OCdl Gablon ",a, ~.lIed on Fnda) nlghl "'hllc )x, ",a, I) 109 on the high"''') HO"'ard. afrccnorLalti), ~1lO"'n of a. Sloop,d h) hI, fello" member; of Team SlooJ"d conllm.>e, 10 ,Iud) cngoncenng. lliOOugh hI' graoJ )'car hJ'. alllm,,,. been uncenam_ lie plan' lohead for K'ng~ton 10 \Can:h ofllCuN COUntf) &: Wc\lCm b3 ..... and lor Celc land p/la.~ ",",cumc <.000 {If the) 'lilalc hIm). Ho",ard ha\ d""ngu,,hed h,m<,Clf by bo'lnlthe onl) Ilr·fon'c cadet 10 p.lMlc'p.lte In the Ann) \hl Slill' compellllon ",he~ he ""II bIo fOR'cr mncmbo'red for hI> ,lli!, 10 =.:c patrol, ("kl', charge up the hIli and emply our mag,'l Th" redne.:l , ",110 come. from lhe beauI,f,,1 mclropoll' of Edbcr~. Alben.>(pop 1241 hopc~ 10 ("(unllC "llh 5mcg, Do!! and Gup ;md I)x, ("(-.I of I)x, 1>0), from Champ fllghl(",hen 11 "'a. a real fin-I) in lhe land of mll~ and hone). althoo~h n ""II requIre u;odtng the 'tnJa for a 4XJ He ",ll alw be remmlbo'red fOf h" l'fO"e" on lhe ';1J'<,I) ro"on~ learn. as a mcmbo'. of the .\I~ alumtn. ;and ~~ RRMC_ h

Il:ird\ , O. ARMD Co.ntn~ from Soulh Afnea. Dan u>cd 10 d"play lhe lrue qualn.e, 01 • red· neo:-l One of Dan', final m,.,'c, In Ih" field ofhblorali'm "'I, hI' cntrance I"''TO Club Andre_ SonIC",here along lhe "'I). Dan \.hc\lllw: ~,dc ... and O!ICC' I~a", "'C Ia'" • ~1lOd man fall under lhe JIO",crol lhe "'hlp. A 1\<)'" finn bch."cr In clcmalkl,e. D..n can foeu, full aucnllon on h,~ re~<On 10 1",c_ Chchic, In lhe gllOd 01 d."i),. J'fl'ltc 1.1 cia" liard) could bo' found 'porions hI' mannc corps Issued ,peclaclcs c,'ef)",here. Gagelo"n "JU,I around I)x, come •. .o l11I)be ",dl \oCC Ji reblnh'~' Good lucl. 'hootcr. and "'C hope 10 \.CC YOU \OOIl


Ingram, N.D.


1lIc Ing,ter ... a~ the fin.1 tesHubo: blb) to t~ frvrn lhe '>;orth ... nt Temtone" He orten n:'ens bxk 10 hJ~ chIldhood )ean. '" Inu"lk ... hile It the KaJ,.tll~ Club ... nh!he ~r l i he often fe"l\ hl~ e}n upon the faU) m~ah of " ..lnl. and "hale Kno"n fOl" hI. hoIJj,"g npenl<;e. )'OII'U ne'~r tlt,'h tng 1oOCI.tlwng "'Im an)lhtng Undel 2SO, Ing oftcn undergoes huge enellY '" tng' and I~ wrr>eIlIlKS on ,oluntal)' bed·n:>1 fOf up 10 ~ month, SUt (>I'k;~ nams and 31"gnlTlC'm, mit I1000nd. Kaktus Club bec~s h" bn:wmg ground, ..... llh pick. up hne\ hle, ~Do )OIIgTaZC hen: oftcn~", ho>o can he mIss" For JXl,men. on X·mas Ball dtnner~tlquel1e. Inl! ",ll be hlpp) to sho" )011 ho" to pnm'II\'CI) tIe"our I d«~nt meal. and Ihe per'lOn', ne~tlo )'011, ",th absolutely no shame at all FIQ111 tales of limy to bac~yard advance; on frightenw UVIC male', tng ... ,It not be rememberw, Jlmy hkes football. SOmellme\ 1 falt. It hun~! OUCH!

AERE Mech E ng la~. D.J. Sprout, !he n:'Itiem m!iOO'U1liIC of Cham n'shI, can ofltn be foond at 'Irange houT't of the mght "oomg 00 the CIO\,roads or other n:1 ..lwjobs (,olumanl), [1..00" not). ASide from Ihll, Fnto'\ lime IS 'peTIt either cah:htng the latell Tn:1.. n:run or emenaon'"g Cham n,ght ",m h,s rcoo"roed lienal stum, ("3tch the It311\ Sprout). P"''iessor of nel)' eng.neers drum 0 F, SIIIIOO. he has \Inglc.handedl) cootributcd to the COOlump1'OO of "hat Inde <p~ IIIIK engm«rs ha'e, ASide from alt th". Dcrcl.s also an a'ld ,ailtng team IIKmber. and thus IS often off <;ea"lrd bound on lhe "edendl. A, bu~y as he oflen is. he ha, Stilt managed to leep 1 dIsgustingly hIgh a'crage throughoul thIS )eal _ SproUl I; makmg the voyage to the prOOllscd land and II completing h,s final t"O )ell\ al RMC. INFA NT RY

.\1 ech Eng

the ornel) pnx:1Of of Own n,ghl, "U Il ... a)\ 1 ~rc:c ofmsp'Tatloo, not 10 mention 1 .wtttce of ~ lIome·ba~w I.}e "hen the munchl~ hn, AJ .•• (Olindong mcmber of !he ehte Heathen' Croquet Club could oflen be fOlind tl)'"g ne" stud) l«hl1lq~, (h,,!), or ha''"1! another in dep1h con'elUtlon (~e lopIC as al"a) ,j .. nh lhe gang, Infamous fOf c~allnll ne" and u",que punishmcnls fOf' iO(~lon of the Proc1or Code. Andrc ... 'IOhdlr~d hIS dl~tator.;hlpo'er lhe co"enng fint yean of the flight (Aerot"c~ .gatn~'~). He "U al"ays the en,) of the other engmecrs fOf re,el~lnl! Coof;lcJ, cards. and other dl~l!umngl) mct Ihlng~ from his gll(fflend, Va( Although not out ... ardl) lhe loullh tnfanU) I)pe. man)' h3'e ka~d not 10 mess "lIh thIS JXl"e.hOll'>C on the Ice, Conltnuing on 10 R\IC. "e "Ill be forew 10 \i'e "nh hIm for hIS remaining t"o yean;. Paning .. ord'''1 fancy you squire." Lutn~.

De3n.1..II "the pmcct ~ ofa Gt.;xt 0de1. .~ ,,1to7"' "\\1>en:'s thai "Dd!"t he \'\\ •. an: common phrn.oa Uf<Oj ,,1m refomn@ 10 Dean. In Ius r"", )~ he ~.:.tV'113IldClI the batl.. comer of the cb.... "1m B~ ;nI \\ob(a.tSSLffl). hl> e....,. fmhlut ~ ,,1UIe a.c1K;....., an ~ acadI:nuI.: m."OnJjonlr I )UJlpl, tn «<rod )UI' he IIled 10 tt1O\e up III the frort of the ~Lw. 10 further hi, acadcmo;: prov.~" but afkr. j"" <.I1on I1W1LJIeS he retWl"oed(lO hi, room) ",m Iu, Uti between 1u., q... \\olm ht; ~ .... ourdC'd. he drc1Ikd 10 pLII'loUe uxIependenI ~LIdio \lICh as Inframt E)'elld E.umtna\JOII ;nI The p.;)~hoIog) ofo.rr Sleerma. Can 3/I)ooe" fa]!CI Dean's dm.lm; of genocdc:.' )'00 need bul tlunl. of the ''pII:' But. all ~ aside, Oono a],,;oY' 8."'" hI, all on the rugh)- puduhe nnI.. and 'n the nm. but ",m all thai extra r.oc:l.., ....ould)ou ~,~ odk."",se? Rcpnllc" oi h" futun: f'Ll'Wl1> Dean·La ... ,11 al"J),' a>~ dial unaJlS"crcd '"\\'hat" Il?"

S,~::':::::::'::;, S. R. PILOT s. S.:nmllKrr1locl..e). Got II' lie h;t"

Engin eering

Good. ScnmmcrAkucan "omen s.:nmmcr!\lc,""", ... omrn bul not of m:ent Scnmmcr/dt«'~ car Scnml11C'f!checl~ car, GOI n' Too Nd A f~"

.",,,r.. ,,,,,· ,tut.lrnt ofS<.:nmmcrolog). n.",cr ~all Lmdro> ErK3.


I..n·p d"laroct' ofthr« IIKtel' from s.:nmn~r heen dnnllnJ!. and If n', firIJ.l e,am rounne don't lool fOf hIm m hI' room for he'U he III the SCR TIll' Stanle) Cup, l'nfOl1unald). for)ou "udcnt~ of Senmmcrolog),. Scnmmcr" III be ~,"ns to R\ IC In til< m~an tlmc-, la~e nOle "f our Ihr« potnl' and tl) to ~et a ride '" hI' car n real1~ ,,'el) ~ool.



Ihe WUller

Lmr~ s h. P.A. PILOT \I ('ell Eng TIm fl)"bo~ ,,"-, pa. ~ hI> 11m<: here 1:nl~namm~ !he fl,glll "'Ih 1m humourou, and 11'_,1, na~(ralro an«d04(, P~ul and h" -e\) toell) Il00'( g"1:n h,m much lrouhle In Iryml! 10 leep lilt ma,,,,, 01 ""'·'13 .... <'4 ",~ a"l) Iwm hI' d..ur OlJ} "., 1I(tj, no ma'''''''JU,1 0<10' or 1"0. TIlertc artc onl~ a Ie" Ih,n)!, on hie Ih~1 rtc~lI> ll1.1uer 10 'awnno,h' h" mnl,lfbtle. h" fl>,",. hI' lallllu.. hI' bee •. hI> p,n ... h" T«hn.. oJ;an..( OJ ,",II" Ill. 8.,k, ll"Ioc ~u"",,1 "orld marl1:1 fll'Ke of )='. h" ,·oou. hI' >cO\(h ... )ou ~el!he p,(lIIOT. P~IIJ I' a pmud mnnller and a''''''Wle ;,c:mor' Ke pn.·,tdcnv~hl<'f n«umc olh~(. oil'-' due IIC<lIIItr"; CroqLl<'1 Cluh Ik. al-.o p;otl of lilt "alerfall g:u111 PanoRi "onh."&l1l<'\ ·\RE ~


AERE Ph~ .. ics & Space Sc. \I urph). pan of theelileend orlhe hatl"a). Cham F11~hl, M,I"ardd"-lLl<'1 moIorqde ,ang. "hen 110\ 'lud)lrlg. <'an be !wlld 'f'Cndml! 11Inc: "lIh h" ~"ltne"" .\11"",. Fc" ,'an hO'le'II)' ,a} lhey""e had lhe piea'"1T nf do,nl! Ph),lah ,,"h the Smu.hlcr. NI 11\ an c\P<'ncI>l.'c. CBul "'In- dO<"\ II do Ihaf'"J. AI"a), one 10 ha'c a $ooxlllmc. S<-an e'f'C"Cr\I,;cd "'111<' 01 the tkf,nllc culturc Ih" P'l'1 ,ummc. on SI. Jean. Thl> )car Sean ha, e'lher I>cc:n '100),",. ' Ir.""n'. d"nlln)!, 'kep,"~. Of )U'I han,'", "'Ih lhe ganl!, (\l oR' lhe la'llh"",.) \I urph "III hc 'f'Cm.hng h" lonJI tv. .. )ea" helT al RR \I C And "C all bel'c'e ii" bccau-e of lhe dc~"", prosral1l

Bedard, U.J.


Pori Eco

Thr Heetl) One "cnl 10 BOTC Thr H«h) One camc- IO Roa.h The I l~~b} One "cnl oo,~ I" BOTC TIle H «h~ One "IUC~~ro ba.l 10 Roa,h '''I'I"n8 a fin 10 lhe ~u}>·al·lhe·~ale 10 1004. the OIher "3} J' hc f"l,...:d 1010 M,.·ond Year. n.c hall" "hcR"cr he: roam<:d.«hoed "uh III<' call; of Shalom' 8J. "uh boih h" "\Ie". m3na~ed 10 ,-..mIM n)<I\lanl ell\enam,"(o! for Iho..c ... OO "c", "nhln ea"hot. Of COUN!. Ih" "a,,, hen II<' "a, "o! tkdtn~ al the ~olf COUN!. al"3)' malmg " '«rn Io~e he "3, domg "00 8J learned 10 d"·,, hUI !hill d,d not 'IOPll"loc 'o(lI1~,of'A ~ n;unc:d Rnao' B!)311 plan, 10 11'00010 R\lC for III<' 1"0)e3"01 \10 1C"l. ,ramed he doe. 0"1 ha'e 10 go bad to BOTC (lhmJ ,oor '"-COUnl!)') and II<' \11 ....·" .... Gagel"" n


",,) •• ~~ """.'~" ptIo1~. !h:u', Ifh" II<'3d "'......... ·1 e,pb.Ic pullmg 00 ~ TIIIOr II> a ~ tIung IIw he Iu, JP-I fk"'I"'Ihruu~ IlL, '(It\\, <II<' Ilt'\(\" ""'" k:lhng '-" abcwut hl' fl> 'Ill! \lmuL1tor ..l,II, '"I rn;de Ohc!lll~NeT(Ocnc-r:oI ",th 1~2 mo.lal-.'--) m:""", "" occd ",let> to fl) th<;>.e lugh pe-rforman..'I:. multi·roIe AJIO·,. Ik', alm.N ",;d.". \It'd(\" the ,,,.-,,an '" 11<'" tn the au• .-.nd tll,:l) for tum. lOU can'l bum "hen ~oo cra<.h U1IO the ,..-car, floor l'r.:u ... 1'<.. hI 0..1)"". hT tt.: 0;:\1 <1/ Dr Oo::~th·, Ero eLo.... wookJ pemh III the undeJd, I<"~ gr,l'P "hen the). handed In the,r "" n ao..'<i)U'rl-""" II', 10<1 bOO IIw II<' <"11/1'( ..;am '" m:IOI) ·rn...·l · mark,' <lUI of the r"",.lle <If the 'fO'I.''''' .... he ~ "1m ok! rmf' P-..... I'il), 'JlST SAY '\0 TO CO·S.··. II> P'\1Iw h" ~ " ........ ·1 "onh bl1i-'l'I@., II ",11 ~ ~ "hen ~ "'ul> d<.",n the <>Ie Du)1e C<:mmOO ROOO'llmot)re ['11 j:(l <,Q<ne<!i-IIS&" ,,00. tlone'l. Orl In R\IC he I\."ould!"l )011 ,f you had an Aud, "almg flY )00" Sec)3 on the night hne. pal. !"IIII)' 10 gel"" lhen: '.lllfll<'. ,., Wj!C1.J\I" h"Cj'l

C hri !> Fra se r



Ch", Fra;,c:. j, a ,ood boy. a ",ode! CUllcn - 1031'1)"'''' "lin doc,"'1 lr\\l"


Wil<'li he ha,n'l been drln~lng m 11M: hall"a~. )00 mlShl have '«n h,m cn)O) ,nj! a (do/enlp,m, at thr p.i.,,,,,d OUI (11'1 lhe loiltl. hcml! PI(~"U 0111 of Ihr d"ch h~' 1"'1",(. ,1",almS lIaled arO\lnd l"' IR. "n~ln~ In Ihr . h<"m~ OUI Jim Go.)o.xhn~II·' kI<;~c'. drorpmg "omen on Ihr daoo.-e floor. bn:alml! hI' ,a" ''''l'Jf3<ie, Of 1I\,"S ',«tI' II " qUlel dl'PlNU''''IT,uh. qu,e\. pol lie. alhlc'l<'. and "lleiligell\ >0II11~ man not.he Ch", I ~no" I, and~. I '1111 c~1I him 11l~ t<\omrNle hoxau;,c: he ,ulI doc, m) laund~ .1'n:",,, m) pan". and "'lrn, al rn) glllfn~nd "hcn rrn All( I'....-.llllj!. Alii can lTall) \3)' ,0 condude "Ihal ",II f'IC'(' toe "n"u~h ....... In III<' "lYld 10 plea..e thl> man. and f.... ,hal "( Wuld all be h.iPP)" 01«" Chn,'


I-Ialabus. R.J.


Husiness j\dministration

Roo, "'ho ha~ aho be<:0ITI~ loo"'n a~ ··An~no. G,oo, and SergIo" bttau..c 01 hl\ a'lonl'hml! ha,r and fa~hlon. m:maged lo~s<;ap" 1m, cold ""menof WIn"'P"1 IOconie 10 Ro....h. II" lo"c of .:old "'mlel'>c'plalm 'P"ndlnl Ihc It1,;IJOnl~ of h,\ Chn,lma.' brulln L.A lie plckcd up SCtSA dl,mg dunng hl\ ,ummer of 5LT and has 'IrlCC been If) 101 10 10 deeper and d«per Yc" lhe mcmonC\ of ,han ""II not be fOll!OIICO He al<o ~Wlcd Q,lInl .pm anoJ m~alNiIO ",m I ~Ih'cr medal al lhe liBC Tnalhlon (\I~n:h 199.\). 11>c l!'admon of <kung al Whutlcr each Man;h hal. bttn kcpl I]"C b)' !h" OIIlr.11geou, .locr Alter hi' mit 10 PUI up ",nh 1\1 md 2nd lear An" Rob ""II be heading OUI ca'i lor Commerce/8u"or" Admml'lr.lltlon. Good Iud.. and don't I"", an) of thaI h:ur, Rob ' ,·\lbeno.)ou do ha'e 'Iylc!


ilI'C f"", on eanh ",110 haw a; moch Ilorne 10«0 flI'lde Il'I 111IIo:h d<1CI .lallUl/l fmn \hddk \ t1ilqUOdobon. '0\11 Scoua. kif am'cd III BOTC. ~oN;ln. ...., JW loxr> ~U1l! up dunng ;ummcr Ir':1InD1:j!. "le :bloop Ul hIS I"00I0 wl11l8


I ~~~:~::,~~


,\I"J), one 10 take :ILI...... fIN and

rnr beIng J

~aJllcd thai


~ the ~ aftav.:ard... be


soncn the

'a:> can:tra: and IIIJ"mmJlkJ{~ guy ~ fIN )'~ ..,.,..l""". Aficr two year. ofhartl ':0;111:1:.

h;od J bIet~

for dm1/.''"8 beer and declded!lu.1 Ius sldb would bencr 'CT\C the Rugby Icam th:tn (jolt "'am. Ado.lpIuJi tho.: Rug!» mc:nt.lhl) fuU '\Calc. liu(ch qUldJ) found OUI !Iw be oouklnot go through the I """.III~' JIll", \>U, \I''J'Ibea<J foN. thai cal"'!! chair; "'as bad for IUs sexual ~latKml'up; and!lw he couJd 'olU\ I\C fra:falh UlIO ~ n>e\:ll piles. Bad pro::edcn1 .. lf he maJ.o " 10 RMC hi: plam 10 n,""c the ~Iball progrnm and be 'cry \OCial l.ook OUt Trolh he " on the 1-= I!~!


Electdc Eng;n",

GroU ha, h3d an e,emfullear 10 ~3) Ihe 1~a;I. IncludIng a public dcmOmtrllllon ofhl\)uOO \llll\ or IlICl (hereof, II.A can ollcn be found tllher Mrummlng ~l one of a number of Imp~\\" c (uor, ,n h" lIo,cl. or p"maP'> dn> 109 home '"allerS"" da(c~ on lhe odd Otta~lon tlhe quc~IIOt1 I, "'a\ ,he alk~I" 10 (he food or 10 )ou?!. GCQff~ r:t'"me' 10'01,( h;mglng out 81 lhe "'alcrfall ""h (he ~~I of lhe gang. " "ell l \ beml a member of u,., dlle Ilcalher,Croquct Club. We all "'J~)OU lhe be;1 or'l )earc\cn lhough "t are fon:Nlto h'e ""!h)OII yet Iglm ,II K\IC (god help cho;c QUCC11\' "Clb!). "e "ould hle co U) Ih" 10 poInlOl! "QuI~lllW1' Chng 1~"""">u\I) 10



, Stt-pharuc. <:X.'1."asoonaJI) rdermllO~' .....00-,. •. i. :tnytlung but ",hat htr ,~" F"r.I) \IutfUi I!cpn flf'>()elOI" 1l'I" L\t "amor but made a Iare ~ ~;o. a " ......,1)" !tam "lOO ".wed her "3) IlIIO obI,uon ",tII the lOp Ell! Sc:ae of the gut;.. In the n",,1 of • 1m: "cdcnd.

I".,,~~ ....


~~~g~~~E;~~'"",,§~/(Ir~.,),lIng. the In;un\Jod ""tII one or more ofa"3) her clan the fUll'f tIunJ<. SICph \laple"'''''' Rurdwnu:d * had 10 At.. the ~Iora. SICph', fmn10Ilorne ~ =h. t~ moguls. and ",en tJun "all, couLd not Ixtll hcT ~ -.he got '>LlI1Cd. obo.c ....'ed 10 ffftj1lCfl the local DaIry Queen WltII the ~ 01 the icI: CR'",lIlllo1'Cf'\ From the ,lOrtlly rornaro;:c, of SLT 10 tho.: chm'>hOO bond of the "E~,I Four". lrom tho.: 'kJrc' of Baler 10 the "h,le,.;mJ" of \ Ic~lCO. ,to>-mo carved a 'p"",~J 'flO' in the hear!> of \hoo.c ",1>0 knc" hcT. 1"111 ~urc \he'll ml" the mowllaUl, "hite aI R' tC. bill w'U be b<l<;l ,n flO IUlIC.


MacC ulioch, S.A.

Mcch Eng


Who" Ihat hu~c man m lhe purple Iglno)J""lcl ehallng p"ac;ocl;~ 011, 1(' JU'I 5<011. no n~d 10 I()I:L up )'ourchltdren. uolc~~ of cour.c lhe) ha'c food In lhal ,a,c),ou had bener ",atch OUI. beuu,", " ha~ been ><:tCnlllically prOlen lhal ScOOter', 'Iorn~:h CIIlIIOI be fIlled' The: ooly other lime (hal he wuld be eon"dcrcd a ··momlcr"l\ ",hen he gCI~ gom80n lhe ERG~ He ha~ uf COUf'S(cnJO)cd a fc'" dal' bruch Ih,' )car. but olllllc IllO'>l proplc he d,dll'l ha'c 10 "OfT} aboul gculng dre;\.Cd 10 go 10 the balhrQOm. JU~I fft'l lhe HOSE' '01 onl) ha; Scootl fourtd a ~'" hobby III 1O"'"it (h" )cu. he be<:ameCam', 1i"1 ;u<;cc"ful ,Iudtnl

':.:~;':~ ;~:;~";,al fIOl!.C' 011 u,., bait P'p'" Tllc: '1UC,lIon ,,(;In lhe) find a \111 lonit cllOtlgh for hlm~ Although I oft (0 R\IC, "'C ha'e flllh Ihll he "00'1 flftze dunng lhe long. cold 'Hnle". Ikl"'~n flamlOg. rh~'''' lC'" and )C."an·hlO! for lhe p<:rf~1 si, fOOIlall "'OITIan "'C arc 'u~ !t1l11 Scooter ",II 'La) "urn


• '.

, '



no.- f,N ,Inl.( ~a,"'1 BOOlES " th.u ,hc hum S4-')"~ld)(,,.an TllC 1I(\l ,ml.( " th~t ,hc " n:.:tII) a .sol AV. ,U )"'" ~'( 10 do I' tal( a lri at /)0:,. k,- "hcn '-he', ,n he. lIlt' J"lc, " a '-,1'1-0:1 .." 1.1011 "'hKh , Jd nplam \tOST ofhc.cUl,and bru,oe, .. humph, Th" "lUI'" al-.oha' a ,n:~II.ry,;1. fOf. ;ohem.(>,,,ftl,,,'flUl 'tim"",•. ~hc -hould do ,,(11m lin c;trttt' J,;an UI1K", Jute,,, a ba,I.C1b;rJl ,~ .... , lor .. "ILII") and ,he can t~lc h'I' lu'l Iol.( lhe rr..c of them, Jutc-s had an uumUle ",Iallon'hip" ,th a buule or I"" III FIr"",h "'''"' "h,le un SLT. hul n d,dn'l 't3) m her ')'I(m 10.- ....0 Ion, 011, and don't bc: fooled b) hcr<l«epll\dy onnocenl (\tcrior. j",t ~CI he. ,,,a) Imm the con~tra'n" ",rlhe ~I\ ,1,,<\1 "orld and thc thm ,e~.ol ,n.;,Ci) tall, a"a" llere\ploll' "hll'l hl~,n~ lhe We,1 Coo,l Tra,1 g3'c he. the ah., "juh B" Belch" juk, "a ~rral tall., be around. ,11<:', al" J)' I'CJd) to ,'hat or gCI 011 the \lan~ mon: .d,cnlun:, a"al1 lhe louie "IUJ" m ground, .nd pan)" Portage ..... " wnuner and bc)'o:>nd, ,the ' h " lhe hmn

ARTY H jstor~Iliteratu re In \1,1 Col uv.p,mJ b~ rh,lo",ph~, and dn'~1I1O I>ronp ~n ~ura ul porn!,"",t) <Uld ,mdle<'tuallt~ tn ~II OIheNI'>C dn:UJ on'tnut~, When hc 1101 bc:tn, lIoJIlrIl,)U', Roto ~an he h ... nd at the Wad. dro"ntliS OUt h" ah,IIt~ 10 ,pc~l In a pltche. 01 C:anlc.hul~. ,'I rrH,lhng '" the da"',n un h,' petite "",nd,~ \lcm Rub talc, g'NI pn<k ,n h" ab,lol) 10 l'<>rnptetd) hamc au),,11( "h" Ine, to ('~urr WI h" 'Iate~ "("under. )(1 ",II c,>rnmun",ate "nh an)'onc "ho ha, lhe ah'hl) Iu f"r~1 "hallo~,nl 'peaLmgmean" Rub pbn",'n 'Ia) In~ allhe "("cme'ollcs". and rcUdll1~ Chm3', ....·'·cpIdJKe of h" defecI,on, rna) ,tKI. around IU do a \la'ler', t1c~=, 0' 'ol1lelhm~ toLe Ihal \Iathers. R,J. Rub~;IfTlC

I)a )~n,



S.""ale, o.... c ,.ltd that the "",ur-,d '>1a'e 01' all ,>h)C\'1\ m lhe Wll\eoc " .It Il:"l, !i.e'm I\a, ~,_ to greal pam, I" pro.e Ih" 100,,) II"" ~an Of)(!»lm up.lIa man'\""h'~'emenh m '""h lillie 'I""''''~ In Ih,,,'"'''' u·,e,,,,. RACI\ Sla<le) h~C'\ ,Itti'. "h"h "gO<.>d SIJ<le) IIle, bee., .. hKh " gO<.>d SIa.;lc) hle, "''''IC''. "h"h "(~ en belle. 'C3IIV h<: '"1l ,·alt. In( hi' roommalC, A ",~ular .1 lhe "" ad. I\c"n ha, been I.oo ... n 10 u,t "I( ht, tdle d"~u,,,,. m ",der In maL( a run for a p"chc. or 1"0 for ITH.'n'lbefn.e la,1 call, If (1111) he .ould h.,c mo."cd that 13'1 "hcn "C "Cn' gdhng",ady for lII'pc..II"" a, 0.1<"" \Ia)t.c hc:- i, n:all) I"a,1 and h..,n. bul llul f<Uldan~led )"lmB:on d,>a~mg \k'Ke "h,eh m3l.e' him ",.,,,,blc m cla")u,t!,,> U' from ...,oni! ii, ""halc'cr the ,'."'. Ihere oc"(r "a,. nvr ",lllhen' e,er be agam, an(llher mIC <.June li~e Ih" "lie Chee" SI~<.l.c) ,



,,",mbc:rlc), Pay""' hall, from Wa""," Omanu. a .... I)-tQRo;\{t. ""'''P ~ummunu). AI,,"), "'II",~ 10 d"pell all) fUmotII'>. ,,",m ",II ,"'e)o)O,I lhe lfUlh. lhe "hok trulh. and ""'hm~ bullllC tfUth an) lime 01' dJ) and ) .... <It ... ·1 ('(n h.;o'e 10 ",I.' Whc:-u l" "n'l bu,) pun"" he. Iv", m her mt>uth. ,he " ..... u'uall) he h ... nd nn a ""Ir ,,' hla,k", "" ... 'cnl"""'l ,()k orol the ",lIer pc"U4"' .... n. I>.o,)"m, he""lf on a "arm ro<l She h,o,..!dc.l he. ('[I<"n hand to lhe "',,;I.e) learn Ih" )ea.and h;,.,. )m3il). m4llaged to ,.:on: (Of \\",,1. on 1\1-. The "'"C""'e 'Iu~ (h.t """ ". I\,m COjO)' a '> hie mo.( ao:tl\C Ih.u> m,... ( an"c" "Doubl~ ",;rt"Jn'~r an)".IC'"'' Snm~ 01 her un,,(ue IJ1c-nl' u'",Jude boIl"",n!! (",ha'~dcr"I" oj onl) ,'cna", repuhan 'pc..W'I. hckhm~, bcm~ <he ,000,1 SQlA \\ Ihal ,he '" and a Uou'eau I,...." nl dalll;c ,'alk<l "Iable falhn!!' BC'I t)f lu... 1. m Ihe tut~n', K,mm),. Jnd Jon'l ncr Ir~o,rn'''~''f)''

... I'itcher. n . R. D...."(;I1('''''''''' It

LE\IE you II;r.t 3 ,ortfrcUld. " . .h out.

1'&0 <IT




.nl t..'1 \~....... than Sh.d1an can po..l. kIp.ol Ih.: Ttdlr 'kIlN: 8Jn)', ...... c f....''l11J'UItf "'''''''-l'.-.;I \I.1tl""" h;r, al~",o:d Ibm the 0fJp0rtUII11) L<ll\:r.c ......... ;oj hua., h" la,,1UtIlI: A"lIc from m,...:adanto: cwcllcnx. hf' ~-b.' lm....n ~~ hell dm~ '" .... _ 1IIo ... ."j hom 10 ~tJ a !up. L<l the.......,.tron (~t.,,!u, <,() fN 01 ...:1JOO h:td,,~ \(l 00 ",til 11' ~''''"''' for ~ ",Ie I\a,. rn)eI ,~...., 10 a ~ md I\o:m. TiWI\tTl). "'c"d). I., .... I\dl~. T~a. \lel ........ 'I,.".,I~' S",', l'fUt:I. \b:helle. Darn. krtnofct. Cl<. ha,l' IlOl "",1 In,.......wru. IJ!O lil;llll"71 In ,~I ...,.............." Ban) had I1l31I\l;IIDIO; Iu, .1'04) duh .....00"'£ thnlUgh<lU1 the )ear It )"" lr~,ned ""II the WI Gmnan "M"JIn.\'po:, and 1!tIt SS. )0" "ould I<X' All fII all, B;uT) " a 1IU\I".II\h) "no ".llld ""'<:T h:o,.l. or hlao.Ie Iu, bud, (1I1{,\\'O SIERRAl, bU! "c ell"«' 0"" he "til do mn(,nwll) "~ll u' tht: <.uJegc ",1<1 '" h" 'lUllI1l<.'1lra,mng, SEIG HElL'






• •

Rogerson. S.P.


Computer Science &. E.O.S.

SSSIHI' (TP I('a<kl f hShl Padn:) Ro~el"'" e,,,, Ih" 'e.... ", hi' ql>C">l aj!~,n'l c, ,I ~nd .... "..., Hm'e"cr. h" droIt, ","CUII.-U 10 halc n.(>f"C efr"("<.'l ,n I'ra",' "")t111 h~lh "hen: he man:l~nllo ,h.,,, ~tlc~'l (>Ill' ocher II Year I"" h~hl, l'nr"nunJld~ r(lOl"lhe ",'1..,1 \bel. h" ',"I><:' had IIllk ,mpKl on \l r, \hdlaud or 1'Il.lrI) OIhe", ,n the 11'1'hl On the I>r'~ht "ok lhough, '11 ROj!cNlfId,,) Il'<;Ie'c h" fiN m3lllxlo" ('JII'. thJnh Dr Ban- I""femng In ,pend muchQr Ill' lillie 11)lOg. hllmg orc1..e"hc:n:, Slu~n" a bonng. but «:al1) m.c gU) (totho-oc "holl<",'1 lno" hllll), In an) ~u,c. hc', prell) O~ d, Innj!~' )I>U ,lon'l gel nCMh,m dunng a rnn' He <'all> hm"clf a PoiOi. hUI I ""h hlln Iud '" \ 100"': Ja" ,t all II tal c, til ma~t hlln ,hundcr " a gra, ,tl"On

Selb~. IJ.M . I'ILOT C OTllP Scil EOS 'I.r-. s.,ft,., ....., I1a\ <UJ'IC alcn!! ""3, .. Iho I:N ~car Fn.n a urrud yO""s.~1.n ~l a ldoe'>ltl3I1 nllo.Kan:'

On...." )'V\! 'lib gn.,tu<."~'..:Im a ..iIo,.i... he"....,..:n!mn.,., hcrlDll w f.wl) iI'~'" ;n!p'~hrn!he "Pa..'i.' hc ...)dc...:f\ ..... ' When not banlq: Iho I'ur4lm tv.<.l<m.:at. \ II1e\ w.e.naa)ll'1d<" "'" 1fIti. ~. (Ill kllbT} ;nl Alld a fey, \JI1le\



'11Ie- ...... t"c """" !Wdilfl&: u,. III "" ~ UIlIform. (Y ~dlfl&: 'U loN:cnoueo. II Alul\ laIN 1''''......'''''' HJcrl)~ ham "" pie;NIIl:-l, i\hr. h3!. n...........m an e-..ccllm. :11;'...... " ..: 3\C!¥ lhl' )CII'. and he, goq: ~'~.lI ...':f...I)= agllIll >() he """)!I.1 J'n\.1<lI la ,runool) ""h P'l"cr!!) We ";Ill ""f"Xl him k' Ib ~all)- well hm: ,~ R,nJ.,. alit! "c're ,ure to '<I: him mt"'l1!! (~I 10 I\.-.;h.... by Gr~ Year \1Ir. (".. , al" a), "'" rein! (1'1 to to::lp)"OO "a lni.""crthy t"o.>ll (a, klllg;j\)oo <10:'' ) hu~ hun about hi, ",n L"OIoor (Y Iu, . non ' ,.... flC-· ""'"


AmIJ ..\nal!\nuVAnoI/AneeVAn)'1 or "hale"Cr ~ou "anltO ,'all h,m So", ""n: from ~Icphen,,!te. foundl~rkl I k <ottn the good hfc ",al "ell dnd Ill'" he:oR he~ \lr.l,~h( ofl the ro,hlllg. boallnd un1w.rP) ,,"h h" ut,'h, AmI '>OUIl be<.'JrTlC a I"(~UIM a"he Tudor I lou<.C Ik "J' oll ... n ~n '"Dn"Ilg. Bu"",,· .. " ... nd """ona or pIJ)Jng. "uh amvOfllal,'nI1C'" 1.'11 hI' celluhlf ;od,cnWI"(', " no"n ", the ..;,do:m,. god (ha·ha,hal. An,1 ha, ~/..,u lhlllu~h "nh hI> '\(1 a'(ns" (or "a, n ol()'I_ p,y."bl) a PhD "In tlx fUIUI"( for Or, Sh«, When nota,llng. tor 't>ull' , ,\",1 can Ix found ,hooun~ ,1-POllltC'" ",th lhoe B-8alt learn or"ud~lng. \Ia,h, AmI" al"3)' a 11000 ;to(henlUl"( budd) and j, al"J)' read) t.., lI,tell and oller ad, ,~( r[ 'cn In lhoe "poor lillie dude"') Keep """~In~ ham and "3) ca,)· ~o,"~ "",I. belau", lherc', chK~' to be Iwd and more bt"Cno be dran~' Sce)ou al lhe LC).I on our j!rJd year

10 b"llg your '''ler,1

.-----------------~~------~ Teeple. M.A. \11l<; "m.n (lJmo.)-nd



Sheehan. A.M.


II 11:


-.:_ --'"



CE tE( L)

C'h:1:")nd,, ... , l.lI ~', pn>o.Ioc~ a """"'It! and "lent I)rc ri j!U) \h~ I> a d.l''\II; '\1 BOTe he "",,!he In'''',* \IJn 1IUI.Jo..... I~ he h:l, b<\.'(IfTIC k:\.,tdlmal \hl~" ~ .. mdl.ll\. 'IJn) lI;t,c ,......""'" Ium for...., but "' .... h3!.1X~ ......-..l out -'J am ~ 3n 1I1<hJn" Lo"'-"''''I! k' .......... 1nU)I<.', t/tui..q; ,. Iu, .Jtt fN \ lu-.l3ng.. -.ornctIJTIC'o \ h1,~ nil t"c round ~ '"!! III J hoo,(I(l;l1 l"",tl(O"l It....-rm that he ClI"IIlOI -ruth on 'er1,.;al (Y "tung pt."""'"' Ilk.. ·I ........... "tuch" tho: I1lOII: m)'>II:f1<........m.."IOO; an IIlICN on ~ mu'''; or 00' "'¥ 10 -.rud~ UI ~ hon,,,,,l.l1 A j"" beer. lat....... the '"OUm) n........ rb) "'¥ III hI' head off ;....",.......n tho: d"WI'.:t', tOOulmb of hI> \l U>lJng "3nmng h" -001 and thouit"-' of honlOl1lal ,Iud) ",,,,0'" "",.....:ling IOto 0011',011. \lI ~t) bct:ome, \cl)' talbl"'~ SI,,)ong ..1 RR\1C mayoc II) fooI1h)C"".... "C ",II t"c ~I>IC In untJer."and ,,11.:11 he "",yiO{t ,,1>;,00 ,n the altered ,!;lie




Wh:lIun he >;l,d ~houl Kc' ,n \\'0\< ~ ,hal "a'Il'1 ",,0.1 '" (hI' 'pOIld~t )car" l k \\""l\lcr-, .,;:ldem" pr<}\'c" ... a""", hun ~ .cma1<;h "nh 'oC!.'OI\d )e:ll_ and (rom th" e'flCllCTlCe. he 113, mJIU«:d a, a 'Iu<knl ~nd a, J )oung oft,,;el dnd talc, h" allhe col1cj!c nlU<h ITK>f1: "'no,"I) Il0l)'' Ycah. flghl Although ... ~, '" h~, t>ecn inn;cd to..ell ('cl)th,n, he o"n'. IIldudlOj! h', bod), lU ,ut>-.dll( Ih" )ear. he h~, manJ,w l<I mallllalll h.,.1tn:c fa-orlie J>oI,IIme, "f dnn)"nj!. )dllng and 101t~nll' ,\lll>o1lj!h. J,mm) b) II"3lk. lhe \\u"l,ler plall' to '''lilh 10 1111'''1111) h) pr.",;lI<c hI; 1i .... 1~ honed n .....·r ,1,,11, EAT, DIG and "' ILI.. Th" Alt"cna lad hope' '0 ~CIIO RM C 1>0:\1 )ear, ,he humc "I' Ko l omo·,. budch al lhe S,hcr Saddle. tran'l'"n 0.1"".",. all "f"hi<;h he gO! 10 lno" qUilt "ell ollCEt E Ph 11 1a,1 ,UnlnlN





, ·DI'~ " ~ rod~nl Ihal 113> Ille rare [alem 01 ~·II.nj!in~ II" n'a[ 'e~,on~tt~ E",.ml'lc, of [II" amannj! [alent arc OaH cla,m' "1 I,le Ille dumb J(K~ 'ma~e Ind I d,d "nl) ~ome here ror [he 'P,'II\" ·cllange· Oau bIer heard ,,,)ong "And Ihen I'll III,nl Ihal !"II do m~ r",I-j!uduale ,[ud'e,' \nolllel e\ampk" "I'm gOln~ It. II<: C .... C·, -,'lIInj!c· "Wllo "'am, bu,: Ilhon~ 1"11 I>e .Ilourth ~cu ,laohe(' ·~hanj!~· "'GI'C me att Ihe ,hall, I can j!el be~au,c m) ",Ie i!~H me Ihe OK 10 he I 'cnUn lerm CSC' ·Ihe 14d [II~I lie ,hould ~ bla,-'~ and O'er 6fc .. nil 1\" ,nuedlbk ha,l.elt>dl 'l,lI, aU[ dr>c, IIc rc~lI~ nced 10 .. car Ihe buttel p,(>Ol H" 10 """·~",e IT'S 0 ' 1" '" G"' \' E' Illc fa.-I [hal he "a1r~ad} ma,"ed and lI'e\ <·ommon·I,,, "nh he, c'n~ "'e(lend, Til" fa,'1 j!a\C OJ'( Iht IIIle 01 \lcallh cadcI

Marler. T.J ~I A R S Soc ial Science T ~a <:a11C '0 IIU!"~ fittn P.E.I tar I;' a"3}, St.., " .... !WI .~ the '\,.-:o.b>II" a~ I'Iqtr.m. 1'l'l1 .•xI'o::f.,.,-c lro:,... n ... the AOC'",,' ~ her...a:. her;ol Rrn}. TJ ".:I> ",,'Ow the l.('~:nt !he C,oo,'lOIIlb. "nI~ lor her t1'i1<l l lu.lo.rn .... "1!'11 .... OOlcr~, TJ I'OClC'IOO Ih< 1U<1.natnc ·....,.":.n"'· ~ her <oU} "'=;to> ha- ~ m.,~ a r-<lhlcm ",th her fll<:Q~" ,u(:II;.Ihl~" TJ rb)ro [."uloc h'!he FlCkl l kx'lcy learn 1IIa,).:.II'.xl hclfo:t! the!cionl uuuall~ ~ und.,. "a). T J " .... ro-M1OnI} '<til "oth Sue anJ!he 'iFQ "X~ 1.10.... a "~II" f,.- T J k) "'~ a lO'fI", Ic:iIh.:r \(\;~, and all. SIIC ho:'f\.'" to ~'O 10 CMR fef her thort! .nI f\Mlh year and \1"'1) Soc..! .XI\'D.'C'o. "''(Iru<e her 1-!tTO.h. .. klllC de"", lO, her trnde 1\ \l lI). "'" Iq>...... 10 I.ecp a gnp m M 10:<.:1 :nl rI..r "II If' Ild,fax l"Huually G;nJ locI. Scream..'f'



A R ~ tD His/ PSc. BanI! !he hcocr half ot the ,,:aIru. T ,,",' ;n;I ho$ '" ul m'dlcr Iwhlln.m the- r-<'Wlu..oo I;nj, )ldd the tncnolllN fill around IINllhl .xl1hp-'CIICd mor.o),. tl3\c ldi '''th nurnou.... '>IIIrIe'> "t.:h m;llc "', ..(Club,~ TII:\OT. lxarrlr<J,.n ... TII:\. tu.. 'duo.! ham-cll a 'f« I" -m..1 ~ m;lJl) of 1hL, rTI3Il', m~ -.a:-1fI8'. .nI.;due-.......-u t.., ,"",J F,rm !he >OJ ~!hI: t;ri.anJ" .. 'IcrtDl', TIr\ ha!.!XL.1ed \he ba.I. ,,1JInIed!he ~·k"''('I.;nI 'inl<t'o.l uti k> R\K.' nc~1 }'""'. "c hope the"'lI} ok! '1!ICnn 131 -.harcn Ih;o,c lui.C') -.ltIlo. ....r 'otTJp ;nl "hale. ~'11InJO Jo...,., ~ a dop on !he roooJ. nU.e -un:: he',,,~, I,..,.



Coles, n .R. ~I A RS His & Lil Sa.-ond , __ Juo.I-«n a pl:dlljUN In" Ben. a'I"N 10 fmol arull-" docl. .... ho·~ ;lCluall) oJio:lI1n!h.1n hun l noJcN.lndolil). ch" h.I.> I-«n ron C:"') w..J. Taller than ~ 11<tto!!. bul \loll ..ron mough 10 IIC ccnIer·filc f.r Smurl Guan!, Bcn n..o, II" ~ I.o""n th" ~"". b)Ulf 10 bn~ a "n (I( "n:-~u'c cnl'~ 10 Roado, ",th the lilm,'lut>, a, "ell a, t!'~ns he:kl-I'Hw:3d "'th the I n....,.011),:~ 0011ron) of Bnu"!' C<.>Iwnb<a l\he dm 'lIS ",thou! "l">urnnt'~ for 1,,0 mo-.ulli. "'" .vI "'''001. 1nlN' ) 1....... )['$ f( .... '11\1 10 \l.lf\ pII;o.-...c: oUld th,rd )ear, Bcn ha, 001) lhrl-c m.ns' 10 'il) I) oJUI" an.. hu,11 ir~S''I (or people h~e him. 2) hi, real roamc:" Bcru1O.~I. 1',01 HenJ31mn: ar~1 ~) 00gp0f'" m",,,, " "'lhe 'llTl8 of lhe an~"'l'·. aro;I an)one "ho c.k-.:o.n·1 thud, '" I\a, ron ",(01


<;;'~II I)UlJu cttc. ~~

J .O.E.


Elec EnA

J,m lJuo.juenc ~ the Ih= pollar. of 'Ill Col The roN r~lI .... t..,U1~ ",,",,,,",,,,,,, Jm may 001 t.., a hi ~~, hmwr. \IIJdm Nt he b.~ ~ kHLo.", to.:dU'<: "'"' hL, JUII" l11c,tun! polbr .. ~Id c.~ "'I'J'1>, ~ "3 ,alUN memo..'" (~tho: '(1)' r.-(\I'I\'O'''.-d .. ho...." ... IIO: ~ 1C;I1\, 1't<nlbI~. flu..,,', la • ...., roUar " Ih< >«o.t pollar Jom lui 00 roOOI<m ~ 10 lhao. ;l'ofCI.1 ,~ R",u,\lllnJgh I),ol,c 1lC\'O m-n::d!he ROCK. he "'"' lrr:\\ d'~ l'<JdOOro Ikq!!he ...,,1oIbl.: p:r.rnJm .... "hole .. " .......) t.., do:-.w lU nl.ik fno:no.lo. "1Ih (·, fD"'l-'" J U) am DuI.e:<. ",,,I tog.rl.~ ,,;to> ......"".,1,-.1. "",= .... ~ ~ ..,.. enabled htm 10 pod up fU only one ~ pi M a "lIole IClITl J.n" ~ I.. 'CUIc do"n 11<'" He tu¢l , ~ fill<: ........tV .-d I> .. a r.:r . .:.:mlc.tJt-,lc. ;nj lIlInIb reI.llIo.n.hip. l)ulc Ii...... I\:ne b ~ It, hde .... ".:>«.-d p11nal!1 ~ SoJI COld """f'XIJ.'"'- The.rl:- ~ left " .. t.Vft Jim I~ "n:aIl) [lj,~


Royal Roach "al !O br JU,I allOlher wnquell ,n J,m', allempt 10 allend nel) po'>H«ondal) mSlIlUUon m bul Roa.l, ofkred -omclhml!: the 01"'" pla..:e\ dldn"1 -.ecood year, l'OOilong anel arm'mg m SI Jean, f(lr language lr:lllnm~. Jun foond Ihall"o 01 h" former glrlfnend, "en: roommale~ on pha".., II 'i<:Cml Ihal I h:kl knglh) ~on,eNlllon' ahoul the blJlanl "mllanlln In lhell n:lalion.hlp" tic "Jim ga,'e ~ e' .... II) IIle 1hal, bul I ga,e 11 ~l'''). l·n<.bunlw J,m looi ,II,,,,, charm In h,. boldlng. ~uIIOlmj!:, ~.'~";~'!~:' hIgh d«lbel ph)\lq~ and brule up I foor lear long n:lallon,hlp bel\Oeen a C\lR and her f ..... nd lhal l\:I~ncd hl be ,n Gagel'''' n ~I I"" II~, J,m', \.eCOOd year 1\:1, been """", ",,,,,~,,",r", for a 'l, ",~lend "I\(,n: I\(, ""'<I~red lhe largnl mounu"n~ he (oold find. Ihcn "enl ,l,mg lhe ....." day _ _ _ _- - , lU\;l on youl \tlLE phalon J,m. bul for Go,f~ \.l1c learn 10 "n/l




Uagco . K.H.


COmp"le, E:<G.

The Kur\SIO'".llull. ~ OI"ochctw~ knoJ,o,n 3> "Vuk;h" RUftIy \"""h!:d from ROTP 10 L.'ll"';C\1 .Iti.nt. o1Ie 10 In, acadatuc JWl'I'\.!o. tu obIlOIl>I)- from JIN ho" c:II" '"S!cILa'" he did noc rcttI\e ~~ <aToC ~ HI >"'Y. Ahto:;lugh knoJ,o,n fu- many IIuog<. Kun', bud h:ur da)'>1IJld h" '"bCIo1e do feu" wnong his best quallllCo. Kill 1m nWe nas) fOl""""')1».I) II) fnllum 111 'oCCOnd lam 3> heClnon/y oc f<lUnd U1 ooc: ~tv." pIao::!;..l'dun;t hl~ desk 01" '"he1plRg Ill; daughler ;rudy" He hao. also kII]!C I/lIIeIIrIll:Jll '" Mad (in:d.!. PIu.a. 3> \1<. "lSI can "-"\:1) IIUC>.l. ~,,;c.!he Kuru.ICr is a nl:llUaC 0011 and lOX hode) U1 "hK.t\ he ha, a god·l .... e cmuct of Ius '\lIck" (U" " thai m another >f.O'I), 1('1 ""'P and fly In., ~ U1IO a










he "t...11Cr lntMn 1\., h.o three ICClIOll!> In hll \l.;ull and nOOlmg e~ Olhcr than Ihrn' C3"'~ ~ If)follllilllOO matrIl;1IrIO:d. The} ~ S""fNlIl', ",hooI "'00.. and goM. When 001 -;tW)'If'It.. he " R:CIWlg ~ from ~!e S~ ""Wlg 10 Ia fill.. dt qu;.ICIr(r. or " ..,.;Iung MC film!. on his tameI3 (lile allIle cm_ COl'II:<:nl. ", a dNlC3Ied mrmberul!he Dnli Club. 'Ie.. "nI: on man} e'pcdJlIoOnS 10 litw:r;vc~-.ed plaRllfe andC\m Ir'WlIO grov. ...;mc-lunN:lf ra."I,Wll hokkr (('I" !he ,,1lrId'~ ~ <hIh. Moe $IIU doesn'l bebele lNI: he" Iflllle nu~1.Ir) II )"-' ,,3nII kl fond \Iox. h-.&m t{'O" h" fIl.lP'al drommmg r~ or Iu> nun"';,;",'" IIIU"ffIffffI' W,th all lb., f~· ~'mg 'Ie.. a I~ m) IIu))UI" HI> ~ feU ~ loY. UfllIIIus r.v.or """ brought 10 tum




Tldlflg "t" from \l"'l"l.auga. HOOPS 1011 hl~ 'uperhuman ('O"c" ":::,~~~~~::;:"":;":c;,er. he Came 10 'Ill Col an, \0 "3$ rIOI '" ~ oj o...on,;( falThalln). m;h, gOOlicathoho: bo e~ il force,. 1>0". "e lno" nOi. ~h,,, ol1h and dcrd, ",111 .. e (vn:,,,r. yel \OIIl<' mu" b<- IClold lhe o.'''lm~ Ball 10 fi",. )UI. "here II all ,lane<! And hoor" ma'I"ry of the "nllen "Old and an u..... anny al>.llI) 10 "rue lhe ,arne lener I",ce'! Th" "",urJhlc lo\\ng romanlK I" lhal un"al.,eablc f3nall<"','~) ha, laughl u, all. But he ,.dean. a, long a>lhedmK n:all) dId IO\.C lhe l'I:,ull\, Iloop.,lhe a"l timing. has II.ooed many un'U'p""lIn~ roung "omen v.llh h" famou, hnc' )Uch a, 'GO! a 1 d(ln'l can:" and of course Ihe eLa,"c "You don'l ",,~d a glrlfncml hJ't .... ' Hoop' "0: ,alule rou. Oh "al{'h out for frolen fuds,,;Jc,"





)lh} s ics & C om Sc i

\I"""-hI l"onJaro: ~ """"n 3> Mal. erne trun 1u);hehcml htme IrIIhc ~ 10 !he h.lN1 n:aI_) ~ hfe ~ III RR.\tC lie can·l 1'I'ITIeIl"Ib.."T "il) he deodcd IOCITI!e 10 W, II.ondaiuJ 1'0:':. t..ll he fOlllld thai RIt\ I('" aimad) had a rotn fu- him. \toI "11> a lay pCIJllIbr gu). "h) Jl"I ~ coopc ul dal''- CVCI)........ ~ Ju;. name" .1toc-rw. '-Ortl"", hall'" "'" a cannon ptr_ nngmg in the halls. Beongclthe "'J"<"'OI"11II:I:, he ""'" l:',ctI tIr utI<' LX:Woo (Dqu~ Cadet Wu~ Onaul 0ffi0:I:r1..J "11> 111 drarge ~ ~ tIr >I.1IU\ cI mmaI,!blrf;"" flN)'12 Bc:uIu<.c \LoI dod <WI ~,,~ JJb ~ l1li ~ cI the ~ rae.:. he oUq tu<. -a:md)_ prm10ICll hIrn<df",,("\\OO Ikal.'o(\~!he~oI'1he~~ gi>1I1g.0I1 ~ utJe.;1~ltOC;Ut \\'", Ihv.u:Ir) ()nmaJ...1 roo an find \1.01 ,",oI,cd III all fll"Cf ~~ cllik ather pia},"" ",;',IoXn". 10 ""'P'¥ III !he chrw TllI> ".:nhfu) p......m hao. da.-n:d 10 <U) her.: 10 I"'" on ~ "tnleofuI A>un J..noo.<Iedgc 10 the n.."O'l'IIrlf. rwl..-.

Rennie. K. W.E.



C,"omm, from 1 ,he"II~red childhood 1;....:1 jo,ned lhe" m,I"3r) no! c'en lno",mg "hal h" 'IQC Ibrel~ m,,,m, alii mu"cr and bem, ~Md r" ICC brol.c '>I:IImllllng m,ide Kael and tran~formffl him mlO TilE A..I"CH He""," bttame kno"l1l\ ~eel'l. ~ ,1111 refu>c\ 10 ~lcep In h.\ P" In \Ccond ~ear the O,och -old hl\ IoOUIIO the IlocL() pool demon ... "cll ""onllnuc\ 10 0",1 a"a~ al ph)<KS. H( ~1I11 ~I; na~hba.;L, of =1\111, ICITT1 ,nunn, or m,ddle of the ""hi .Jlo"cn from aOO-e. Ho--c\cr he" ha~ ~t1) ITlO\m ,mo the" "octl<'n.l,ller JlIU>c' of hl~ de'cl"prnenl "he"re he" ha, .ho"n ooqu.tlm\ about u'mg the orpI)'I'IC >c, Ind tIuo"m, lhorn! 110.1) Re.cently Kad lound oullhat lhe~ d'M"' n«d ht, \1OC anpnorc w ,1", ofl 101'"3(10--1'1 for tho. born L,ller ,,100 ",II the anrc",,( ;md t>LoodlhiN) ""lure thJ.t "c lno" al"3), lurl, beneath h" ml'lOl.' ....1



Sundquist. A.E.


T~ hit., \lumN u,.oI1 ",th !he .J1OlT Iength..x Iu, ball 'I!Id cham 'l!ld1O "'Irr'<i I "lup Ia>h 001 fromUX() I.m "a mar.d hl:hcld hr fC"> ~""hiIp'!! ~ q~1Of1 on ~~uro::. mmd ... "Irthcr thi' Io\c ",ll be ;\hie to handk the JlI'N'fU..x FnW. K,lthmr.;I. that 11<:"",,, \IJ1lnge ~ 10 Soon. fear.lhough FranI. lNy ha,c 1»)". Soon "a1!Jc,d "'th the all JX.l"o~ul uncle \I.I.'.It'JC3rd,



ro1OfT1l.\ "nhICOtr.!&'e'Pl"nOO fiI;m!:he ir~..xhl'iCMl1ego, ~!:he~ ·Ycurgo .. "TIlInB~)'lUI"tw) c.!·I,"3III'·· Trad.<. rebe<.oo ~CMl1 II<:Irl ~~ ~ kl...lgle h.:nb!I).n "';111\ tho: 1:GlI.-d <cttIe f~ ~ ~ "hen ~ ~ trrm Iwn II III!o bI'.."n;l. J"IIewft ~~ Tre» buI ~ a man d;o;:oe around "amJjI: r1OI1unB bullu, ptf......n. ...n. .-d ~ toWnt uroJrrv._ i.\ ~ 1 "i-.h upoo no man_

On !:he Ru,h) I'",;h.&ott


"",..u. oI1!'iOu.. d fbh. 'kmluli) d"r) 001)

\\ edman. J.G.


Hist & Poli Sci

In tho: 'ItIITI'!,.".0I1991. \It WMn.-tn decdrd 10 lea,c bdurd tu.. Alf Cado1 111 the bocmtnl culn.tral moxa of WeIaIJ,.a"tn. Al.hCTta. and 'JOIIl up. Althuugh he f:fl~l)ro pIa),,¥ ',U"IVIIafIdo" ;1\ BOTe. he '1IlU harOOur; tanla5Ol!'> tNI the ~...... nrnl ",lI ~ r,1 k) J1UI hll11l"dund the <'1JI1U'OI, 01 a mulmrullM:n 001,,-" tl~lI1Il will """hlne HJ'lIlI ""Ill n"",11 of tiN ~~Jr 1:>.\1I111~ up on h" lUOOVl"'te /the J1tn;,h), th" ~car he "'" grunted the maJ""l1ll: and ual1llli p"'lIIon 01 ilud,,'111 Flighl Pm..lor Irmd 'I.rllk III tho: No:I.'). kit '" a hanI...ue of the Fm:1II~ Team. a I'T and Jladcmo.: jrod. ~ dOOk.'.zoJ l'Ublo.: Ent:!n) tan;,., "ell a, tho: "'ng\ bIocl.C<.I ",hlle)". lie "a, ~ted ",th a Imll: S\ 01> a n",m!"<... 01 the IInIl dUh Ill!! IllO\I 0/ the "PUll,>hmrn(' "3> <rem til the hospt1:ll a, the MO"'O\IA",. kil" LII t..., mnallung at RR,\\C, and attcmpung u) I..ttp h" dYe'y 1'1101 '\I3i;:he t,,~o.:l ,n lu ron",_ I\mer 10 the pc!(l(Ik



, IIbehofl', P.M



Comsci/Eart Obs. Sc.

E,er ... onder "here Jlrnm~ Iloff~ "cnt' Try Iocl.m, IO"~r(h ROlli RO;..h. 'p«,fi~all~ La,alle OIl/hi. In 1"1111 B,,,hoH', room. HUI n'lfnc bdo", 'h,·d<.... ~. bn:au'>C Phil need, h" be;Ul) 'l~p. Io:nO"":h ,he 'unlon ",... ~er" b«Ju,," of II" ",U-<..k"',,,mg"'oo (:,h"" Ptlll Inc, h.IId 1(1 D'Old all ~"..h of ph)"ul enon, Wh<.-n rIO! ,,,"w,ng rOf 'mughnde'" or "flllllg ~h«,) IcUCh 10 h" 1!1.lIncnd, hc" found "~'I<knng the halh complJln,ng about

h" "'hcdulc (onl) B 'pare_). Til" ~11'"llual unIOn rep lIa' earned the .Mme 'h~ho1f' IIccau,,-, of h" f'l'o"c" 00 ,he ... aler polo Ic~m and ablhl) '0 dm"n oPf'O''"g Lcam memlle" ",Ih "noqualm,- If lOU c,'cr "'ani Phil 10 lea,c. JU" "L hm\ 10 00 '<OIIlCrh,", he'll )u\1 d"~f'P"ar

Cook. B.S.


Ocean .lEarth Obs. SC.

\,.., 011'1" . "Quott~" 'I'm no! addl~led. [can IIUU an)l'mc I "Joe"" I ",,". )OU mean ."t..,,,,', Rob'. n', 1>01 IIle I ha"g QUI ""h h'''' fIr all)thong ··S!""""ltJoO ... ··Bbbllb"~ddd"""!'·. -'Oh "0"'" "0\(,,,, d.e JU" '<>me 01 the many np.c~w)O, ,h" an: echoed IhfOughout Roa,h. ., Coo~,c and h" "dcl,.l \\ ob engage on 111011al ,'omb31 bet""e" fOUnd, 01 h:I<~m,ll, In h" lil't lear Cool.'c loond l "a) to balan,e f\llln'n~ "'Ih It.., X-(oonlf} team. Ofg31llllng grJu,lI;he,. and ....'MmK'(t.., hold 'I<llnend~ I>o"c"crl "h,le a'o,d"'g \ Wing. blo",ng a lung. Of fa,1I1lB out Illc h" roommate, Entenn)t ""'ood )ear coo~'c trao,feflTd to tt.., .... 'hng team," a f.lIk altellll" 1<> gel mon: friend,. Faillngth". M "a. breached "h,le a!temptlng to ga", f"er><h by ha"ing J h;oll"3Y pan)'_ He ",a) nlll be aJ!X' ~ "ell he rna) nOl be an andcm" ~od "ell Ill) dad "3n heal up h,~ dad' S)e. B)c'



, .-


''T"a.,)'' I-\t, T"ttty !!" ""haIT ""V>11a1 "'" )00 doull!- kill OlCll:!~!" '"n(llh"~'" '"011 )eah!!'" .•\hut up! go .I"a) lag'" T""",) !he !lung th.1I p'~dllJlog) e\pcntllCTt\ dream ahJut. he !wI- tfoolN gmII Vodka buale 11 !he .J.> 1..00-.<.11 "'" nxm 4~l A rnchcr ljUItl ~ ~ me ",""-1 IXIl1lI' kI quNlOn the ~ 11OI>C."\ andl"lllWl'<b< '"'~ Ih.:It atl.lIl3Ir Ilml h" place <:l ""cl~ ....l a.m.1rt1 bnc II A <m<:>:dt raJMT and a romooro., "Ito cbe "ould dan: rd.e their gutfnr:ro. f...n:r. '1'I';nl <;1111 ~ a ."ntg/a."3p." Ola). and nov. Jbo.JI T,,'M', ... T"ttI), cn::;Wn:. Io.tmtll; p j fnen:J. Some "oukl H"Il!IIrt: 10 !<I) Ihot! he n:""nblc:<. '01,,-... 11.11 ofa 'Wt [l."",~l··:tnd I "ouid h;"c IOrotlCUI". ""~, ill line for a COIltrilltlel1lar) n~lIl t.,)\ '" ttc W;Jo.l.Ih<TC "u.! oc 1 I'ght I>n!he roof 0( thctr C\tlbIbITlle1. fur C\ct} I"rcher dial our fairham:d fncno:l Ita>

~ ttcn:. a.. hc-). ~ r.;.-\\nTl"'~ ,,' r«c<."I). ~ III IE:;~~I!II ""'co" ~ hcan- m:J\oc <atrd3~ ~.,..- fbgh. fi'-"l(UInl .. ill rmobll\Cll

thin} l'l"tt'> a '<1101.' Goo.1Iu..i.1I1) fn:nI JPJ

ob>oIcte. "c <:Ill



Dale, O.S. LOG Commerce & Economics s".... c BOTC tht> qu,,~ 10 mo'c blonde ha, bee" NllIn\! her t)cla,t.." mlO ind oot 01 all the trouble ,he can find. l ler mo>t fam\l\l' itlhenture, "".-11I<kd the Fraoco 1'1310011 at BOTC Willy one mcmher of <'f>U"""!!. allno,t d,HKmg ,,"h ~n'lOT\ for a Dcc~ 1';1t1~ durml! Re..'f\l1l ternl and n,t1"'1! "nh e'Cf} mao ~"ve' Rn"cd

in Sa,~atnon. SI>bKt..,"~1l ,t I\ob, IOU' "here <t.., gCl\ t..,r Lo>c for the o,;eln'''' Bdore Long Ihl' I'~V) bound torpo:'do \If 10' c ",II be ..alII,,\! lhe '>Ca, ma~ "'g ne" 1:>0)' fnc",-'" III C, cry J1OI1 ,t.., "01"> Ill.·, roo doom thaltt.., FlIn-O .. ,II al"~), be OIl the mo,e m IIfc.LeI' jU,1 pr.l) .hoe \.tnle, do"" bdon: ,he dn'c' ~n men ,,,,ane

Moo mel!". "Ouofh:c" Tm "'" ,..joJ"tcd. I ca" qU'1 an)u"", I "anI" "Dam"","' "What du )'ou mean '"lI<'rc', Cool,e·. n', n\ll. lil.e r h~llg oul "Ilh hnn or an)lh,ng."·. ··Spoooo"I1C!··. ··Sbbllla.1:Idddcl"(; ..·. "Oh "0"'" The", are JU'1 \Omc 01 Ihe man~ c'I""",onl Ihal aTe «hoed Ihrou~houl Rood ... J' WI>!> and h" >I<k~',~ CooI.>c (np~c ,n monal C0II1\'lat "-,,,nd, of had "'g. De'p,tc "MIIlg Il.<nJ he" 3L"3)' on lhe edge 01 a..'3dcm" m3)hem bul I I ",gh" " nh quoffec and Jube jub>(, . Ia''''g learned fr(>m K)le hi).. 10.1>0" !he dccpc-,t form' ,,,II be heard Stead)"ng Up for<',cl)onc and c\cl)'lh,nl! on It.., college. H" h,laTiou, mcal h"'( anun and "ld<: of rlC"\lnallllC, al"a), h",( SOtr\C\lIlC laugh ;ng!a "",I II PTlCC to pay (Hf no friend,). l ie ilia) nOl he. or ",-';><I(mK god bUI Roo ",n .I"a), t>c remcmbered 3' "lhat gU) Ihal Coo~,e beal\ lhe hell Oul of'" Hyc. Bye'



• ••

J. Jf




Julien. J .P.

~II LE EOS & P J,m ha.. opIcd forthl ~ }Carpl;i/l.' RNd~ UI order 10 pun-ue III~ drum 10 be In (\(1) fiilllllillbe collc,c. S'311,nl olla. part of the \I~d Pk~ In 11,\ f,l'\' )CI'.IOI Hud Boo in Ius ~ond. he ha,c'ohcd imoO!lC.'ofthe Ii" fin~e", ofthl Poo<kd Iron Ft" In U'-1l1c n'gh, In h,s <.econd <;«000 }car '0 0!lC.' Ius liddro more ~P"c 10 Ihl' colicge than Jlmm~ He I\u dW,cated h,m...:'lf '0 the PUl"UlI of happine~> and h.t~ gamN \.OIlY ~""W" al Ih" II 11)1111110 find JIm. n " bhl 001 10 tool In Iu\ room. unlc,i afler 3 A\I TT) ne\1 door d~l Chm &Oom, or aI the Wad ",III lilt ~ If 'n IIClther of the~ pl<1U', be; prob;ibtl) It) Inillo forcefull) r.e~r:IlC CoolIe &: Woo from 1C~1.W C1T1bncc. Fllwl} if be s not In an> of tbe..c placc>, lies l/I VIOCOUH'r on an embrace of II,s 0"'".


o'cr. T)[e,'s firs! '"0 )'cars] mc'an. 1101 hl~ cntl~ \Ill Col CatUr (leI's ~). VinlJ.1ll} un!<no,," to be,m "nil, Ty', m~m of liar) CanM: In first }CU' ia Win, Wn:,tling !lhanb PF.), T)"s un'q~ fencing st),lc found hIm Impal~ on the foils of wme of!Iie fine~1 $ ... ord\IT~n In IIie land In secood )ea, he: ... u .... arded a co>e!ed ~JXlI on!he Rugb) !Cam Ifron! row ... i!h !he ~n) 00) I) II Wali a II\1C !rial b) fi~ bUI ... ,m !he rugby team camc a In!le nDlone!) H,) "[ka!h,Gnp", HP Saocc, com pUler mail. and of 'ou~ ""ute ca~" ... ere all subjcc!, of" Illy bamer on the pnch, If no! for !ho;c "pe~ky" II\:lI<lemlC\ he ... ould ha'e finlshed!he ;ca:.on ... ith !he !eam, He) !here's al"'3}\ net! )'car, unle~' you're one of his room male. (one OUt of four is SII1I1Ilihe S)'Stem a! le3\1). "He)' Rhlno,lS!hal In!enS'ly or In'lnl!)'?"


H islor ~'fLi ler a lu re JO,"lIIg u; from h'cklo"'n Semans, SMhtche... an Tammy MNr ha' for lhe pa;1 1",0 )caJ$ been an ICll'e memhc:r of!he Log and lhe Cro;sroad;_ Fint )ear. the tlmc of mal and tnbulallon, hold, memonel or an a(!>CI\IUfOUI Ibllo ... ecn c'cning and 101, of bughter ""Ih her )eu-long roommate ro rhe chagnn of all other. I" '"g In lhe ~me ~lI"a) In second )earTanun) \.&rIg (or al1emprcd 10) ""h the OooWOPChOlr and "'1, '\Ianaiu"oflhe R"psoccl'nl'arn_ W'm the soccer tcarn ~he h.ld theOPPOr'lUntl) 10 '1<11 Europe ("'ha! I pan)!) and pans of beaullful Be, ali ,,"ell ali become profi.:iclll at ml'mo "ntmg and lfat1.port reqUC'I, Tamm), I memhc:r of the Log"IIC) 'n tIK 'a>}. plans 10 ~main al RR\IC and complete I !I!I"'~_~ Bachelor of Ans 11\ HmOf) and Lncfalu",_

[kiron (E.s~\, Om ,I fi~1 four ~ears after high ,,,Il001 F,nl lear "'al filled ... nh cndunng hlm .... lfto ... crc fortunatc enough 10 hIe belO\O- h,m, Taten under the tutdage of lhe greal half of the Bud.le~lPopm lagleam lhal Jmong O1herthlng' dccoraled!he ... mg "'lIh recei> mg ''''0 ba" In >eeond j'Clr he conllnucd !o ,n,p'''' conf,dellCc on!he Ih"d bladong tcndel1<:lcs lO ... ard, fellClllg. ho"'c,'cr pa"ln~ the greal ~no ... ledge orlhe of three, ,"0,," as a ",Ipon"blc b.annen \Iar~ "upon the quell for lan"",'. aUlplce, o(lhe drill club \Ian) a mght ha~ t>«n 'pent _ . . ._.~ Ihe "CC hou~ much to Ihe profe"ional development ot th" Ma) lour iron ne,er gro" cold oh ~lIIg of 53'


C EL E( L)


Hope). B c. and 4UK~I) 1I\'l'lIIcd S,""" ("",~"" po,,,", h,m",lf from bl',;(>f1"n~ o><',loaded "'lh ... or~ lie hi, been remari..ahl) '\",~c"rul 3t dod"n~ I"" '10'hl~r. ahhooJlh he ",II Jl" nn ,"""oro •• be"'~ I"" bnh,"1 .. 'er hum.1tl ""111~ lrum • ph.~ocop,e' I" ..., "haq!c 01 m;IInlJlmn,,, n'lIInbulloo 10 "":'''1) ha, bo:cn the ''''31100 of n"",c·, POO<":;.:';;:';:::;'~~~ ... nh alilhe DF Ctjulf"llC'nl l"'" <re~led b) nunlll'd . ..nd!he ba..uon of the AACu'oo·1 ~.ll A" CIuh n](clllbl'r. Dllllc h.-t. 1"U,I<kd ",Ie M>l'n lor mm) I fur"1''' bailie ~nd h" fa" .h:lre of plant (""""', ~OIl·d ne'l', tIC' able 10 1111.1 llro",'c.-.n an .. ~rI~ Fnda) aftcrnoon a, IY ... ,11 ha>'e 10011 I'" lho '1.~,lalkl (Ju,1 ~.l P",,'ml

II" h.",


Scoll. C.A.


His t Li IlRackStudies

SlIkt ilm"n, here. our fa,ome rTIOIWChl~' Ita~ made qUlle I repu'311oo for h,m,.,lf. Whn!noc ,leepmg Ihrough elM,.,). dnll. PT. e,c .. ,hI'> loyal '>Ub)«l "busy '!oC'''''II, Lllncy gear. bu~mg Lllncy@e.u.bon-o""nll Of" ""mmmg Llme~ gur. aM 1i<lenmlllO mu,,, ,hal m.....e' ,he mos, sellSOlltd of p\~'hI3Iml' lean ("",ant m lhelr dial". He aho p;mal.",< of.he: c'JMured Ir;oql dealh .gent \lamme .... h"h I~ rn:~nll) regarded b) \.<;Ie .... ", a' lhe mO.l 00"0\1\ ,ub<.l3JKe ouI~lde of Je"",y (and C \1 RI. de\plle lhe ef1(l11\ 01 h" fnCfI(l\ 10 ,;" e lhe free "orld II) launchmgll OUI hl\ "'MO" If you e,er ntt<J '0 find hIm a",al.e. If) al aboul ~ a,m. " hen he\ al h" prll1le. "flmg Ihrough lhe ~pe<;lal cnnle"t; of h" barrack b,n coulIlmg emplle'

'e. .

Taal. L.M.


EOS & 0

Pia) Ing e'el) 'poI"1 under lhe ~un. Lee urne 'n RQaI.b from Pelerborougll. ,";;mm;""iOO,~,,, Too Tall Taal mls~ ,roumng camp I' \kCilll '0 go '0 BOTCI"lul "'a' he Ihmkmll) Ik ha, "l'II;e ,hen ,nn! [n [ame h" Idle bod) b~ plalmg ~'eral spOrt$. Ihrough "h"h hc ="ed ,he name Tool Tall Taal(Bu, "hen <aId fa.\1 he dOC'n·, .... Ihc d,fference), When all eI-.c fa,led .• he ,>o<:cer leam look P,I) on lI,m and a<:quired hIm a. a large. on lhe goal hne:. "''h,lt 1101 collaP'>m@onl1M:spon,fleld.OneLungLeeI<prob<lbly<mgmgorpla)lngmlhc b.:Ind. A, 0fIC' of 'Ihe SIX'. Mr T aal kccP'> an e)e on lhe hallo"'ed La~alle n'gh, Mil, "hM findmg lime '0 mam'am hl~ o",n _.oj,~~ al.'3demlC "undmg(hc ha, no fnends ,lIoughl. Lec .... ,11 remam al Roads.o name .... hM ,"udying EOS & O. Bye. bye'



~~ . •• . ~




'; .. ..~~~. ..... . .


&,.; ..


. ., , .


~ , . ~~.


Vaino. U.



Bren, hall,> from ,he far-a"a) CIl) of Sumchlon. "here he gamcd a deep deilre 10 fl)' a CF-IS. '1(1 he learned hov. ,0 pol"h and much kccnl)" Ihroogh Air Cadel' III onicr 10 become a <,upenor Cadel 11 RO)al ROa!h. Brem made n llIroo@h fiN )ear '" Ilh roo problem. allhough \ 1> Woolford \1111 Ita, noc been ahle 10 in'pe<;1 hI' He al\O helped 10 ,110", hi~ roomie "'MI U'!oC' hc could ha'e for h'" 1"1. and !lUI door; lo.:L for a rea"\Oll The ne.1 lear. afler pcrfonnmg "",,,v" 'es of m'en.,.., e,,1 along "nh other rnembe" of ,he dnll club. he "a, perml1led 10 l'fXu~ ftlrmall,.,., runnm!! ",nh hI> bud, for a few da), In onkr 10 m3lm:... n lhe hIgh "andanl. 8rem ha. d« .ded 10 ,lay II Road, for all four )·(al"';. <'ud~,"g ,u.;h fanlDSI" (an,y kIller) C<)ur'le~ a' ph)"n Brenl .... ,11 remember Ihe good lime' ""e had forever. e<pe~lally apprt(.aung an ,,"h ,he 13.1' Bu,k and '0' I'ol"h on'


Wes lerhor. G.A.

CE LE(land )

Elec Eng.

A refomw:d he;,db;lJlger and rocker. bu, ,11111 Io'lener of Hea,~ \l e'al. Gkn come\ from 1110: link lIo:anl or. unknown elly of ',allara Fall$. On';lJ1o. [k,un.ed 10 bo. an enll'nter al R\lC Glen (an ,1111 bo. found ndlllg around [he <"OUnu)IKle III hll Ford.gunra..k lIIeluded When noc k'IIing (;cfTII"", III Ca"le·\\iolfcmlem_ he prof(,.,..,,, 10 be or ~UCh 1tne~ge. wpne h" dlOl~C of male<._ a",, bo.lllg 1" 11 and ""'[u.lll) Ihro"'mg "Jler al people dunng ,he "3'cr-"all•. he can be found In hl.1 Iron- \blden ,ean pekel reli'lIIg hlgh"hool Glen "a.' al ...... on [110: soccer ,earn lhe 13~1 '''0 )'u" and has " I DuOpgfUUJli. Cilrn",lIal"aprcmembo.r DrIll Club. ",nh many laIC mghls gO'"8 Ihrough poli,h cans and rags_ ,, " h Ja\On. Ci1cn has acquired lhe ab,hlY 10 kno'" .... hen nOI 10 be where •


H isJl'oli Sci

Rose, D.L.



H&llm, tmmlhe> lIII,e mrtr('puh. o. SooLc Dam I\a, ~ "aodcTed far frum the> IIC_IIO (<>mC to Ro...h Frum the> lIumhk be~tnn."" o' Re<;""11 -'YuL" >he lIa> <k~clopc:d tnto tile TI ~he "11:1(11) 'e,cr 10 "I 'hll 00- 'top 1iItL,nt! Dam ha. bo:oeflthe n} b} night adl~lun:r ofLL~k. AI"a)'. 0f>C' to \al.c n<h. w hal tlen btto Loo..o 10 Ic-od 001 her pm:'OO\ C;ll"O''-CE(>r t""t, t~. Dam, 11 "ollO'1 ow-bllh. n:all)"1 Dam hal lk<:.dW 10 n:mlOo Iv", on lhe .... c>t CI',"'I 10 ,ontll'..e 'Iudymg he", at Ro...h. Chou.1wld and r",ld hodc) hall' all bttn hk>.,ro "1111 her pn:'!oI'f1tC So hall' lhe UUIOO n'~lIt roo.... L'''n~ Xrt>\, the> hall from the> he>a.;h ha, \OO1C ad<anUl$I"o' AI"J),lhen: ",11\1 Im,lc.and. ~iu.k, Dam" _ wdlttr)OII up and lalL 10 '~er ~ th~1 ablln} Smlk. Ph~, Lib "III I>C'Icr 1>0: lhe> n~

\larkus. O.M.


Comp Eng . .:an ulu~11I be found on the> hoo~ ofd~I If he', no! In IIIe S('R "aldllnt! 5,mp.on' DJlc', room "eqUII'JlO'd ",111 1"0 ComPUIC"" """,,,;;;- ",,,b,,,,, and n"oprn'oOl" and a ':>OIInd ~) ,Iem from Hcll. Dal'c n:<JUIn:1 the~ nu""",roul dlltr;M;llon, 11) ""'-'I' hIm t>ul~ bcl"ttn reSlncll'd "tt;'end, D~'c ,-arne 10 RR\IC from l,;WO "'t II RE$O I"r nprrleoce and 'utlleGucntl~ 'prm half o( lir.1 year II a lrf OJ'e 100;', f'-""'ard 10 tonlmum8 II" educalion ~t R \IC on Omano. do<e 10 hl\ fnend, and lamll)' Dal'" Mpr' to pul II" lan~ua~c 1",11,> 10 u"" m tile dlplonlall~ field ,n futull: )CJr. \lTf (aod Ix: prepared (0 ACllon and Implemem ",lIenel'er the need an<.el!)




TIle hean and "",t of dte '.~y Rooden(. A 11<1100' I>.1nd of BOTC f~nd~ of "h"l1 Ryan ~em, 10 be .he only ,yn-",ng member hen: al RR \IC R"~n urne.o U' hell: from IIIe far d"Iance land, of \'"tOTl~ B.c.. Thi~ dId 001 help R)'~" In h" 'lYe', i(>T' "oman, '"<'ead he <.ellkd do"n (for. Ilmel.1oft ~nd 00]" IIh ()I1C of our ocT) o"n fil'll yca .... A(ter her ""'COl dc-panurt' R)an <;an be f\lund nt,,,1 oflcn lIarm,,,", hll C\,roomaIC. bud. coofld;uu. and all around ~Il:JI gU) S/ J 'Or4ua) "Of'luay ha, ~ ..."'n "caT)' of"'oullk'~" mOI"n8. and ,'an be found do"mOVlo draUonll R)'an belllnd hIm loollnll fOf an) !!-ITI "h",h ",II ;'ttp 111111 4UII:( rOf a "'hlk. R>,," Jile,> (0 ;'ttp h" mInd 00 II" I<:hooll"hen he can) a, he', tOf II Ih" lIme aroond. In ~11 ~riOt-"'le" 1Ie'~ an ~''''I 10'1Ie ,·0Ile8e .• ,udll 10


Norqua~ ,

W.S.F. (S/J#4 )



~all"" ,emuTed In RR \lC allille "'ay from the JX11fT1I'oCd land 0\ 'Ol.Srolla_ Thll full fled~cd Ka.:kmIC I>odJi'er

I» 00" iound «"oIImlnt' (lie lIall, of C~nlc, ~lL~hl "hell: he and II" c,·roomlTUle ICOOlOUI for "'cal)' rool,. ma~"ljt lhem fl, .... h e'eT)umc. Dc'pIlC beinll grua .... hed 1",,( "1100"')" ":L> ,"11 abk 10 'I'e II" IIlltemc" tor IIIe nnl three )c.r. lhat he" III be al IIx: Collclle. o.:'pliC h" 411C11 (00- a ..<'''~ ~ "OOlen Wah lIad II> >etlle In.. II" n"'I-\II";'IOII dll:am ot ~ ,·cltatn "fl ha..l home. Thrw~1I h" dreamy '>laLe> Wal( "., al"3)' beong mmtoncd to) the l«ne" SIJ 10 tho: "tnll. ~Il:ale,( ~U) tn IIIe gala\)' SO 'e" \\-31Icr II) far" IIIe moo.l 'lad and ,dIe Alrf"""c fan In be found on tile "'mg and a, al".), the leader of IIIe Rebel "F" CIa". TIte only IIIIOg Iltal ~ttl" hIm anool 10 h;~ -.ocial hfe are It" ne" 51J arrrm'cd bool'> and ht, '<lIt1c"ltal IOtere,"ng Da""'IO, ,llll~. Ihl"cver he" a C,,--dll 10 IIIe Colle~e and ha, a ,reat '-Cn-.e 01 humour WooaaJ"'ltoo!' ~ID

" Keleher. M.A.



WILh I bla,. 01 purple lIaLe lrom St Jolin "Ie" B"""",",-l. '0' ,'all'" 10 NUlal R'l,ld, C<JUIPpr4 "1111 a Raider. lIal. ~\lt·off long Jol\n" and a >U'PIClOU--tOO;'tng 1I..II""pllnl. (l hJ' ,oe,e, been 'oCtn dotng In) ",n uf ",'aden",' "orl. and 113d a (3'-C of Bud on h" 1>.1...,,,, Itt" I'or('hn"ma, cUm roullne. )'CI ,"11 manalled 10 pull oft fin-! tia" horK.tu" on h"l )ear. I I "ell a~,"~ In,,,,n lor hl\ ·dl ...:nmlrul1ln~ la>tel' m ~'ual relallon, After I fun-titled lummer a. C .. tK_ (lll:ltlfW Illal he "ould cnJ") ~"'y hfe much more than NN',C '" he 'gr.t,pr4 IIIe )'1'110" -and,hl~~~ hanoJle> bchmd II" llead and pulled', puncllm8 out.o.he Ea,I. WILh (allot mand.aIOf} d""8 IC\lIn~ loomon~ on the JUIUn:. thl> .. ," a good Ihtn~ G "3, lnn",n 10 ha,c It'cnlll1l~IL dl':ml<'al, (a, "'cll~, """" \lra,n, (.1 STO) tl"alln~ around h" hloo..t-tream. A tclkt" La ... lIc aJllmal. G " m,,'oCd h} ~II

112- 11 )1"\




'- ,. l ~:l ~'OW I


• ""







114 - 1" Years









- lIS

Recruit tenn was one of the most challenging events that we have survived. Through the patient guidance of our Section Commanders we learned everything there was to learn about surviving fi rst year. The major item drilled into open but weary minds was the 4 pillars of Military College. We were taught drill. Royal Roads style with the help of our CSTOs. Our CSSOs were no less eager to show us the imponance of physical health: half time at sponing event!> weren't what we were used to. Then wa!. the opponunity for us to prove ourselves in our Bilingualism: this pro-

vided us with the perfect chance 10 catch up on some rack . Fonunately. it was allover before they hit us with the final pillar: Academics. For these two gruelling weeks of introduction. we learned teamwork. esprit de corps. and how to make a perfect pit in under six minutes. We also learned how nothing was impossible, especially when there were doughnuts on the breakfast menu! Overall. recruit term was a major challenge in our lives. A fitting quote. "That which does not kill me makes me st ronger." Well. we lived to tell about it.

Tup : II IIpI<U/ $('t'ltI' mf/Ig/JI/wl/x. AbUl路t I~jt Kit pftPfilflhl' fi,/u"''''1: Abo.路t ("IOII/.\5/(("/tIfl'l. ,I bo"t Highl R((ntm 'tunhjor ,h,tf /1I1:.~"1:1' ,It",u~h {hI' hu~1' JI,II' Highl N((wlII dom~ fIllllit' dirll$

116 -

1 " Yea r~

Top FWfl .\'i'tln nJ('t1 II!/' .5('<'<111(1

l i bon'

I. l'/I Mr. HU",~smo ~rI'l'II

lil(' orf/nnc "/'1'rWH

Abo.'l' Sh""u ""',,,Il' Lt{l fmmdllOlll'J iii lill' 8"r1l1(,11

I - Year. - 117


SpO There





~Iep a~



althe college in pro\ ing OUf .... onh here. Yes "r. a true competition of

blood. w.e,1t and leu" Not only did our bodic~ ache frolll recruit terms growIng amount of corrections, our minds were al,o cxhau1>lcd from our lack of '>Ieep. We fought through this and still ca rne through as winners.

Th e finE obstacle was the dreaded Airborne push-ups. Second was the

Top Rig'" 3 Stl'! {li.lp/un 111('11" u'/om'l Top '1ht'ltJI("IIII.l' slrowJ 011 II/(' Jun',l oj Ihl'sl' lIud f1,~11I f('{n.u\



JlI~hl d(l/"~ II".

nJlupllhlr /"1m

firemans carry and afler that followed the caterpillar racc. A~ we raced 10"ard" the finish line. our bodies ..creaming out in pain. there was one obstacle l eft. As we cro'>sed the fin'>h line. we

dropped into our posllion, like well trained dogs. Our esc, thc head dog. completed the pyramid and the spo rt .. competition. Th e .. port .. compe tition may bc ovcr but its memory will alway .. remain.

Top Airhourltt' P"sh"ps !.eft I Sqll rf'CrWIJ sho" liJl'ir dl'l路olion to MISS Bt'll



Black Thur~day ... black Thuf\day what is there to \ay about black Ih'usd"I . PiclUre, if you will. incom-

,,,"o",,bllo music blaring from every of Nixon Block a1;. volume which com.c ious thought impos!>ible. nervous recrUII" with the ex-

of abjec t terror on their face~ I between room~. gleeful second years delighting n m3~mg the lives of their charge ..

miserable. Picture marking Illlle in "hower stal ls. hanging one\ head in flight halls, and punctuating ~entcnccs w ith Ihe phrase, '" am an unworthy recruit." Picture wall sit'>, wall Sil~. and morc wall ~it~. And finally. picture one hundred triumphant cadCh lo.,.,mg there training officer In .. freezing cold lagoon in the dead of nigh 1. All in all an eventful evening of Ihc



ior cadets. - 119

Far Righi: Rl'''' hlll~ J'" Ilu' b~I" Ihe Rl'amll JIII,IIIIl'.'" mil h,l\路o' .\O/l/l' ,11.1/.111,..' 10 "~o II rlo ..路; ,\ Ia<Ar,,;,1' F/'ehl Rr.,.",n p.,\",I,l' 11,0"-'<'1,"1'.\ IIf! Jill' till' JAm /'1m Ihla ..' Lt/I ; T/U! 11'11 rWIII/,"'\ oj 1111' '91 0 Iwa.-/l' ("()fIr.H'. /JlII 111(',路 "'1'1", '11'1



Hel" ... Celllre: u l wll(' flight h<ll"lIlo~etlll'r as 11,,'\ "I'I,,"(/;,.h tllr ji/l/II< 11'11'

120 - )" Ycar<,



111~(~11IJI'r 'rl~ll)1 ()llsrril(~tl~ (~()IJllSI~ ~


Years- 121

Tlrl' jinll'</JIw//\ of 1111' '92 Rtaml Tum O/wadl' COlinI' Ill'


Imn Str'l'll




111l' ml'$l sarlCt,

II,~/II flIIIJT!l<ml

Rnfllll Tr<lll du1..m~ "Ill of pam. ,frills bt,-OUSt his orr1..l1' ..路"s flllllp 51/{ 1.. II lip Rnrlm'

M(J(1..I'II:il' "-1111'11



I('s ,

ill {/ Iril<lll/l/1(1II1

pOSI' {If/a jimslrllJ~ Ilrt obswl'il' ('OW'.Il' Ifr, ltm:l'Il dl'udl'.\ 10 ,~I\'t C",'ul'r


n',~lrl" IIf Ihl' l \rll/lmrl'J Corps_

Roml RoaJs snorrd It''lf UI,ftlS 11/ "C"IllI,d POSI' as Ihl'.I' prl'p"fl' 10 fH> IlIImdm'ta II> tht '92 Rl'lrui{J

122-1 Year.

Passing off the Square

AI firq the 2nd

the Square. One-on-one a 2nd year IOO~ you

command, 10 be given. The cvcning\ ,lctivi-

:lrd of drill. Some people were on Ihe square for enclo~ing U~. but then, through your paces, liter- lies were not [he <':I111C for 1ll1llu1c\, rorother\ it mU\1 one of them wou l d corne ally. Every dril l move- everyone. How long you have "ccllled like hou rs. directly ltl fronl of you ment you had ever been slayed OUI on the "Ilwre But once it was over and muller, "Corne Wllh laught came back 10 haunt depended Olllhrcc thing .. : at lea .. t you could ~tand me. you a~ the 2nd year. who your standlHd of drill, peacefully "at-case" on ThIS .... as the third- wa\ IO\lngJy coaxing you your 2nd year's .. I:!ndard the road lind dread the la~t "experience" of re- through Ihi, ceremonial of drill and whether or coming night of "Blad. cruitterm, the Pa .. ~ing Off hell. off hi:. li ... [ of not you met their \wnd- Thur~day . ycar~

ani) \celllcd 10 be

I Year. - 123

UT's Have Lives Too

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JlJ-3LO Gol,hm:am A\c. Vic. B.C.

Da Boys (>11 do mountalll Thn may ~ old, buttht.\, still got it


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The Joy of Drill SLOW DOWN THE TIM ING!!



-,-,.- '11 -

,'" -




Air force Day In flight suits, golf clubs in hand, the zoomies were ready to start a traditional day at the college. Air Force Day slanedou\ bright and early with the traditional air raid si ren followed by the \\<cathcrrepon and golf course conditions. The zoomies came QUIto show the pride in their clement by donning their best pressed unifonns for and carly morning parade under the review of Lt. Col Par"er (ReI). The day passed most normally except for that Air Force feeling of relaxation that engulfed the cadets. Air Force action film s and an assortment of artifacts were displayed on the QD. AI the

end of the day. the cadet wing was awestruck at the display of a Canadian Labradordcmomtrating a Cao;evac on the parade square . Thecrew orlhe Labrador and the Cadet Wing then set in a heading for the gunroom fora TG1Fcompiete with pilot games and the traditional MooseMilk. The day of the personnel in blue ended later that night with high spirits and stories being told by those who had served or were doing so loday in the Royal Canadian A ir Force.

L1 Col J rHn! r ..I/ ..... J Om' of Iht nwm tnll'rwlnlng I"r Fore(' gamts of sJ..iIl ... lIich fhulI"If~ ..d Ih.. ,'udns at lh .. TGIF

commuml (if 11115 mOlle) lJ(trod.. of :()()nIlI'S

130 - Militar}

IIII' puru,lt as If murchts PUSI "ndtr IIII' fuSllt tll/rulla. lit> dOl,hl Olm'''''.~ IIII' IIm.. /.)"/h路fl.l of OCdl AshlOlI/hlllg ellllodo"s


oed, .'bh,o" //I his III(UJ,h/1 fif~路It1.~


IX "<I!I.Ifilr dl",lr<llla fmm Ih~ 'O"l"r

1 jill<路 (,.ffl"' tum "dl .Jrl"sud ,路tlr For.., Ojjia, Cfld/'l.!

1 C<IIlfIdlUlI F"rt"~!i Lnhr(lfIUllr "dIU'PI(T



dr",mlSlrallOlI of /1 CW路(I"K




Mi lilary - 131


Tht' D,'oJt'1S IS .lalult'd hI Iht' Jlpnour GrlOrd IJda ... Lt Ft'JJt'fI.\ drt'ssed in .\0\'0/ F,rt' I,'t'ur. relit'I<'s h,s squadron_

132 - \ 'Ii litar)

As the sun rose over the bow of HMCS Royal Roads, the Wing was found formed up on the Upper Deck awaiting Colours. A traditional avy honour guard awaited the DCadets who inspired us with some words about this soggy environment. The day was little different from any others, but some claimed they could feel the sway of the upper circle as they marched across it. But what Navy day would ever be complete without a party at the Gunroom with everything from Boat races to a Rum Ration.

Military - 133

Army Day For the boys who aren't afraid to get dirty.

134 - Military

Military - 135



,~a1n1n8 Ah, Summer. Rest, relaxation, sleeping in 'til mid afternoon .. NOT! There's nothing like summer. Warm, lazy days of kicking around, laying by the poolside, thinking about everything you don ' t have to do. Unfortunately, for those of us who aren't pilots , this is only a distant memory. Sure , we get to go camping and spend the day out in the sun playing in the dirt, but its a little different when you

have an eighty pound pack on your bac k, and you're di gg ing trenches. Of course, not everybody has it so good. But for everyone, it is safe to say that summer employment in the military sure beats the heck out of what most of your friends back home end up doing to make a buck .. "Would you like fries with that... "

There a/ways was a cerra in magic bern'een Hatch ane! Johnson.

136 - Military

Tim Bllrgsma; at home in Gagetown .

Abandon All Hope All Ye Who Enter...

OCdr Jall:ell alld OCdr Nelle ill a real RV. The Trellch. Leam ro lo\'e ir. lall Whire demollsrrares his aquired skill for diggillg 0111'.

Jasoll ' 路011 Kruse alld Kirk Soroka rake hm路e ir real hard 011 Phase III Pilor.

Jeff Hurchillsoll alld Chris Miles always ill search of Ilew ways ro pracrice rheir frellch skills.

Chris Graham gar ro play wirh hig gUlls all his phase.

Mili tary - 137

GASH ... -------~~

Dash? ..

M*A*S*H? .. .

Las h? ..

Was h? ..

... and MORE Gash!

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NOTC Challenge ~


Track & Field

FIRST SEMESTER 1M RESULTS: Handball: 1. Cartier

2. 3. 4. S.

Fraser Hudson Mackenzie Champlain/Lasalle

Tennis: 1. Champlain 2. Mackenzie 3. UTPNCM 1 4. Fraser S. Cartier 6. Hudson 7. Lasalle 8. UTPNCM

Waterpolo: 1. Lasalle 2. Champlain 3. Hudson 4. Fraser S. Cartier 6. Mackenzie

146 - Sports

Soccer" A" Div.: 1. Champlain 2. Hudson 3. Mackenzie 4. Cartier S. Fraser 6. Lasalle

Soccer "B" Div.: 1. Hudson 2. Fraser 3. Champlain 4. Mackenzie S. Cartier 6. Lasalle/UTPNCM

Basketball :


1. Lasalle

1. Fraser

2. Fraser 3. Hudson 4. Mackenzie S. Champlain 6. Cartier

2. Lasalle 3. Cartier 4. Hudson S. Mackenzie 6 .. UTPNCM 7. Champlain

Curline: 1. Mackenzie 2. Fraser 3. UTPNCM 4. Lasalle S. Hudson 6. Cartier 7. Champlain

Broomball: 1. 4 SQN 2. 3 SQN 3. 2 SQN 4. lSQN

s SPOrlS- 147


FILM New onto the scene thi s year, the Royal Roads Film-making Club has covered a lot of new ground with regards to recreational activity. Like all new clubs, we spent most of thi s first year sorting out the various problems involved with doing something totally new . Botched A V equipment and constant rescheduling became a part of life for all of us as we mucked our way throu gh. Many a Saturday morning the Wing came to lunch to see someone dressed in a carpet eating his cereal, or a cadet trying to pick the crumbs out of the beard he had miraculous ly grown overnight. Tourists, likewi se, delighted at the antics of a young man in white pantihose and a dean's hat skipping along the senior trail s, or a pair of

150 - Sports

BACK ROW: T. Neal. K. !-Iagell. R. Jones. L. Taal. C. Shelhume. S. KeIlIlY. C. SCali FRONT ROW: 1. Price. A. NOl'ecosky. R. Mathers. B. Coles. L. Willgert. P. Bischoff, M. Papal' MISSING : 1. Mackell:i!'. C. Mialkoll'ski. L. Wilsall. S. Low. D. Vllrall. T. Kened.'. B. Girard. C. !-latch

scarleted guys running into each other again and again until we had "just the right look". Mi ss Mackenzie underwe nt quite a transfornlation to become the wicked hag Olgarash, but not so much as Mr. Hatch, who became the "beautifu l

and spirited" Princess Arabel. Ar after it was all done, the final resu if nothing else, is something we c~ all be proud of, and will serve as valuable learning experience for ~ of us in the years to come. Oh, aJ it was a lot of fun too.

ICURLING I This awesome club, dedicated to having lots of fun , has actually had to restrict members from joining. Oh, if only the whole world could experience curling, what fun it would be. 0, really, curling is much more fun than it looks , and not to mention, curling competitions are always sponsored by beer companies.

D. Wemer, S. Reid. R. Eyre. R . New MISSING : D. La\\,. C. Crosby, D. Hudsoll, p , Comeau

Spons - 151




MISSING: LT(N) OslJOume (Coach). Capt. Billil/gs. MCpl Gra\'el. MS Bradt. C. Gelloll'it:. T. Kel/edy. S. Fo.\ (Mal/ager). P. Umrysh. 1. Loutulippe. J. Michaud. R. McGill. M. Spearmal/. T. Cadieu

BACK ROW: C. Hahl/. D. Wemer. M. BOlI'el/. A. Lutes. M. Sirois. S. Scrimshaw. S. Balial/tYl/e. Cap/. McGuire. N. Schiele. 1. Eagles MIDDLE ROW: M. Roy. S. Reid, R. Lafleur. W. Barter. A. Roy. T. Kalholls. M. Nickerson, B. Bedard. D. Broom/ield. A. SpOil FRONT: K. PaYl/e. E. I'an Oostl'llm. K. Reichert. D. D'EI/tremol/t, B. Cox. W. Cromwell


[52 - Sports

Acting' Genills' ThankThank-yoll .


Where are the NHL scouts when YOII need 'em ?

Sports - 153

154 - Sports

ISCUBA I BACK RO W: J. Laflellr. M. Nickerson. T. CadiI'll. 1. Chorley SEA T E D : K. Payne. 1. Bedard. P. Doyle FLOOR : R. Halablls. R. Jones. B. Bedard. J. Hlllchinson MISS ING: A. Checkells. B. Cook. M. Corll/ier. T. Dienning. rl. Fockner. H . Harris. S. Hart. W. Ingledell'. N. Ingram. 1. Johnson. S. Kenny. S. LOll'. D. O'Oona\'On. H . Ray. 1. Whiting. K. WOll'k. G. Nelle. Z. Gothard


S ports - 155

Surfing only when its wann (which is way more than at RMC or CMR) members of the club enjoyed a relaxing atmosphere which provided an opportunity to practice, improve, exercise, and have fun. Let it be known that windsurfing develops great abs , which many UVic girls can attest to.

156 - Sports




WATER POLO FRONT: N. ROl/deall, C. Millmal/ , C. Lawlwess, 1. Cormier REA R: 1. Steeves, M . Gas, T. Dienil/g, J . Steele. P. Shiptol/, J .

MISSING : P . Bishoff

Sports - 157



...• W

... • ~


-., ~






ilh lhed"" ofano"",>"",. it i, time to look back and reflect upon that which was. 1l1e team started out the year on a physical note, with the new coaches, John Shelidan and Mike Erlic putting us through our paces on the first dayof practice. Butastheyeargotgoing,and the team took shape, there were many stories to tell. First...Abbotsford,1l1eGobbler, Scott Mackenzie's house. That'saboutall any of us can remember, with the exception of Jim Duquette who met an entire girls rugby teanl!!! Then the season got going. Westarted out as we expected, taking losses inour first games, and not realJy being up to snuff as a team. However, as the fIISt semester led into the second, we started to pull together to play some exciting, smart rugby ,and we were also





•• •




giving teams a run for their money. The season has been highly successful for the team, and although weare losing ournucleus of experienced players, there are some who can carry the torch. Using our pace and fitness,combined with heads-up thinking on thepitch, we will take rugby atRRMCtonew heights!!! Congratulations to the members who were also Crimson Tide trialists: Scott Van Will, Scott Mackenzie, Ryan McGill, Jim Duquette, Scott Treadwell, Jason Eagles, and Ryan McCallum. And SO ends another season of rugby at Royal Roads. Good luck to all those who continue in the game, and to those leaving, thanks. We would also like to thank our coaches for all the time and effort put into making this season a very enjoyable and productive one.

• •

• "



•• '.

Back: ELoll(Ass. Coach). K. Prillgllll2. D. 8room.f/eld. J. Eagles, D. Low. R. McGill. S . MOlIIgomery. S. Archer. K. Myers. J. Chorley, W. Wrighl. J. Sheridoll (Coach) Middle : M. Erlic (Coach). R. McCallum, A. Novecosky. J. Duquelle. S. Treadwell. S. McDowell. T. Kelledy Sittillg: G. Fiola. S. Vall Will (CapO. S. Mackell:ie (CapO. K. RUllell Missillg : G. Cooke. 1. Sleeves. J. HIIIChiIlSOIl, G. Price. C. Laven),


.• •



• •



he Road s Cross-Country Team , the most inconceivable mixture of blister infested, muscularly challenged, soc ially leprous, vermin ridden roadents to trike the Athletic Department sprung forth from their warren s with all the deranged fervouroflemmings to attack the roads of S.c. The streets of the wonderful suburb of Victoria have yet to recover from the wrath of thi s onslaught. This motley crew could be found at the end of any and every paved, unpaved, so lid and (at times) sludgy plot of land travers ing to and fro to the bellowed commands of Sir Pete . Sir


•• •


• toad, Cam Maclean. They were known more commonly as Starsky and Hutch , Lavern and Shirley, Mork and Mindy , the last of the Mohicans, the dynamic duo , the Pair of Plegic s ... yet were always loved. The season of pavement plodding was highlighted by numerous events ... Yvonne in tights , Cam in CISM, Jay in the driver's seat, Tim in the second semester, Laura in red , Clay in bed , Chris C. in Oakleys, Chri s M . in new shoes, Il sa in every race, and Pete in any girl available. Yet all in all, after the fun and pain , the team managed to survive the trying task of wearing the boatshed hill level and wearinganewmoataround the castle, and even did it with style.

•• "

• s.

/" ROW A DeBoda. B. Reynolds. I. I/an Ooslrum. L. Princic. S. Segal. C. Carey. P. Dimilroff (Coach) 2 nd ROW ' C. MacLeall. K Schliewinski. C. Rook. R. Jones. S. Baxler. T. Field. C. Moore. S. SllIshnoff. F. Coulolllhe. B. Warren ABSENTEES: Y. Prilcheu. J . Roulier. T. Neal


The rowing team has do ne extremem ly wel l so far this year, with several 2nd and 3rd place finishes in first semester, not to mention the incredible Monster Erg times. With Scott puking

after his 2nd place finish and Gord and Kathryn both pulling their balls (M their feet) off to pJace 1st in the Cox'ns Crawl. Will and Garret Were just half seconds off a third place finish.

-the victims of the single: Robby G, Nick, Chris -the Alberta connection: Jay and Howie -Daphne and the hole in her green tights -Will's never ending method of getting to Rowing , Roller Blades, Bike, Run , etc. -Erg workouts every day for two weeks -Gunner Shaw Cross Country -Trying to go side by side with UVic through the Gorge -Birthdays rowing team style -a good year all in all

Sailin2 Team 92-93

This year for the sailing team has been very successful both in and out of the water. We made it to a total of four regattas in the States. and held two of our own here in the lagoon. Coach, LCdr. Fleming, kept us on our toes, always with a word of advice or a coachism, while Keep, Maj. Bryan, kept us in line. Although we didn't win any eliminations, we certainly gave the Americans a run for their money, and made a name for ourselves as a team to look out for in the future. On the keel boat Royal Roads,

the team certainly cleaned up in the Sunday series winning 12 trophies for the past year of racing. Losel and J.J. have taken over skipping and results so far have been excellent especially when J.J. hasn't hit anything. All in all it has been an excellent year. We have a whole new year ahead of us in the fall, and the remaining team members will surely miss those that are leaving. A special congratulations to our new daddy. Remember: If it doesn't blow it sucks & you've got a bit of breeze between the ears.

ISOCC:ER I otrade ragicall nd swe he all ne

BACK ROW: Z. Gothard. P. Maskel/. G. WesterhoJ, M. French, M. Nordine. T. Watts MIDDLE ROW: D. Molinari (Coacli), S. Perry. T. Kalh olls. 1. \,on Kru se, G. Cooke, S. Mabee. C. MacPhail, T. Moar (Manager) FRONT ROW: L. Taal. R. Comcilissen. M. Tougher. T. Richard. A. Mcinnis, A. Lilies. R. Shapkill MISSING : M. Spearman. C. Bel/smith

The soccer team did quite well thi s year (in playing soccer and getting out of wing drill for most of the year). Undertheguidanceof our wanker coach Dave, the Royal Roads Cougars managed to get out of the Pit (Division 5) and will be moving up to Division 4 next year. The soccerteam played in two leagues this year. In the BCCAA league, the soccerteam gave all of the major colleges a run for their money

162 - Sports

and also won a game against Douglas College. In Division 5, the Cougars had a slow start, but after they clinched first place in the Division with an impressive record. Thus, after a 4 year fierce battle , the soccer team moved up in the league. All in all, the soccerteam played 29 games thi s year. Plus, the soccer team took to the field and showed Carrie Oke and her crew that it does not take any skill to

play Field Hockey by whom ping them 4-0! Sorry girls, maybe next time. Vivid memories of this year. The Germany and France soccer trip , Dee 's aerobic class, Mal Nordine's shots that were a ' mal' high and a ' mal ' wide, Paul Maskell's pregame ideology and stealing the heart of a first year's s is ter, Spud MacPhail's loss of bodily function on the way to Kelowna , Mabee's words of

encouragement on the playing field, TK spending most of the time laying on the ground at the Hospital,Jason von Kruse 's running practices, and Shawn Perry missing a penalty shot..twice. We would like to thank our coach for everything he has done for us and a special thanks to our manager, the lovely Ms Tammy Moar for getting us to the games, keeping us sane, and fulfilling the players' special needs and requests.

GOLF So after another record season of this rediculous game, it was time to trade the shorts in for skirts. Yes, tragically, the Golf team was sacked , and swept away to make room for the all new Girls' Field Hockey team. So now we not so much mourn the loss of the Golf team, as warmly embrace the coming of the Field Hockey team ...

ay 0\

th so

ac iss W




1992-93 marked the first year Royal Roads boasted a full female representative team. Off to a shaky start, 18 enthusiastic girls started practicing on their own time, on unserviceable terrain, with sticks that had been in storage for ten years, and balls fTom the same era Despite the less than perfect conditions, the team,thenonlyaclub, wasforrned With self-taught skills they represented the college in the reputable Bunyan Tournament in Victoria sporting issued grey P.T. strip. Fittingly, uniforms were our first acquisition. From then on the team could be sporred running around the upper field cautiously wearing spandex under the "shorter than acceptable ca~ civ length" royal blue skirts. The "new" team's reputation quickly spread across the league for being a bit "aggressive" but nevertheless were warmly welcomed into VILFHA. It didn 't take long for the young girls to find their niche amongst the

Terry (Coach). Garn Rideout (Coacli). Steve Reid, Dave Lychack, Briall Mosher, Jeff Hutchillson. Bryall Bedard, Rob (Coach) Josh Price, Ken Meister, ShawlI Fortin (Capt)

BACK ROW: Caherille Bailey, Dallielle Rose, Jellifer Foote. Shei Kenll)" Kim Saullders, Amallda McGuire, Leah WilSall, Sue Pearce FRONT ROW: Michelle 0011111, Steph Walsh, Heather Amlllldmd, T.J. Barter, Nicole Rondeau , Louise Larocque . Carrie Oke



older, more experienced teams. It is hard to stay unskilled while practising four times a week, thus with status of rep team awarded, various coaching tactics implemented, and goal posts built, theRRMC ladies field hockeyteamcelebratedfIrstscor-

ingagoalandshortlyafterwards, winning their first game. A "real coach", lots of turf games and a smaller but more unified team in the second semester made sure the league knew that Royal Roads was a team to be reckoned with. Maythankstoallwhosup-

ported the tam and helped them tackle the first shaky year, making it successful. Special congratulations to all the girls who played and were part of this substantiallandmark in Royal Roads history. May the ball never hit your feet...

Sports - 163

Work & Play I

Our hard working Rep teams on the road and on the field give it their all.

I â&#x20AC;˘

Cur¡off ar rhe Gorge. The dedicared field hockey ream will pracrice e\'en if rhey call'r see anyrhillg.

164 - Sports

The Royal Roads Sailillg Teal1l all Ihe lI'a/er. The lIeed for speed.

Rllgby players jllSI walllla 17(1\'1' filII. The soccer leal1l all Ihe field.

Sports - 165

Roads' European Vacation

I I t

From March 4th to the 13th, the boyz and the managar rampaged and revolutionalized Germany and France. There were more than a few precious moments: the flight there and back, our gorgeous female billets, the beast (Christian), Numburg 0), bumping and grinding with the billets, DIDI DIDA, the Autobahn, exotic foods, the tour guide and HelT Lauer, gross German beer, getting drunk every night and getting kicked out of the pubs and house parties, Schmetterling, the Boot, the strip show at Julia's, Switzerland, the crane in Strasbourg, the van's broken door, the "Gimme y'er juice" song, the diary, our billets (or other people's), their families and having an excellent time. Yes, we did play soccer, showing that we incorporate hockey into every sport we play here in Canada. We lost 3-2 (due to the lights going out) and tied 2-2. In the end, we totally corrupted our billet's minds and they want to come back next year. Go figure!!

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After Hours at Roads When not devouring knowledge, the Royal species of the Roadent family can be found at more noble persuits.

174 - Soc ial

Social - 175

176 - Social Life

QIqristmas ~innÂŁr Top: The DCdts donig wlwt we've always wanted him to be doing. Left: The Sergeant Major taking orders. Below: The CommalUiant

Soc ia l Li fe - 177

OIarol ~ÂŁrfticÂŁ


he Carol Service at Royal Roads is a time for a traditional Christmas celebration. Held on the second last day before the Christmas leave, it is the second last time that the cadet wing joins together before the New Year. There was the choir and band to provide entertainment and there is always a short Christmas service given by the Padre. But the highlight of the evenig was the Champlain Flight Bell choir. As usual, they put on an excellent perform-

Cadets chokillg under the pressure oj the recei\'illg lille.

180 - Social Life

Tile bigest crowd is always oral/lid the bar. Or tile food table. Or tile dessert table.

Social Li fe - 18 1


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Frol/ t Row: OCdl Bruce. Cpl COl/way. Capl Paqllill. P02 Bllller-SmYlhe . POI Kilby. Mrs Schiller. Ms Vella. UrN) Thys M iddle Row : MCpl ESley. Mr. Niksic. OCdl Dale . OCdl Woolford , OCdl 0011111. OCdl Coulombe. OCdl Malcolm. OCdl Prilchell. OCdl Tilompsoll. OCdl Willger!, OCdl Brodie. OCdl Moar Back Row: OCdl Arlhllrs. OCdl Gumley. OCdl Har!. OCdl Sherburne. OCdl Skillller. OCdl Simollsoll . OCdl Saullders. OCdl SpOil. OCdl Gelo""il:. OCdl Campbell






Mess Dinners A Formal Kind of Fun.

190 - Social Life

Social Life - 191



194 - C losi ng Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies - 195



Drill Fest

196 - C los ing Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies - 197


198 - Closing Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies - 199

200 - Clos ing Ceremoni es

Clos ing Ce remoni es - 20 I



202 - Closing Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies - 203

204 - Closing Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies - 205

206 - Closing Ceremonies

9159-Royal Roads The Closing Balance The exciting life of the Log Adv 0 position has been matched only by the exciting existence one enjoys while living next door to Mr. K1iza in the Millward Dungeon. When I wasn't scrounging for money to pay for this book, I was usually next door scrounging for Geoffs key or his printer (just like the rest of the College). Thanks for everything Mr. Guitar Man' (leaving for RMC and allowing me some peace and quiet for example). More note of thanks go out to the ad staff: Jeff, Delta, Reg , Sherry, Hillary, MIA-Joanne and, oh yeah, Bryan. Your efforts are much appreciated, especially since we won't be in the red next year! Thanks to the Flight Reps for their assistance and to our staff advisor, Capt. Martin for his interest and guidance. Last but not least, special thanks to our business and parent sponsors for supporting the Log. Hope you all enjoy the book-it's worth its weight in gold! The Ice Queen


Many thanks to all those who helped make this dream a nightmarish reality. Best luck in the future guys.

C losing Ceremonies - 207


ere I sit, 32 hours and a bottle of scotch after the la cadet has stumbled out of here, in a Euphoric of hypertension after completing a non-stop L~

marathon. But now I can breathe a sigh of relief knowirl that it is over, finally. To Stef I say, HA! But still, I thap everyone who has contributed in whatever way to publication, because Lord knows it wasn't easy people to work. Not many people are eager to volunteer this torturous pursuit. However, it has been a Ie experience for me. First, I learned that all the stories abo the Log Edi tor getting hot cars and lots of money aren't tru The part about the babes flocking to your door wasn't wrong either, I did get to live beside Jules all year. She m not have It's heifer than a hagpipe lilies! flocked, but she bothered me often enough. Secondly, I learned that you can get anything if you know how to ask for it. Thirdly, I learned when to put things aside (I'm really good at that one now). I was probably the first Log Ed in many moons to actually leave the college for Spring Break. And lastly I learned the big Log Editor secret that never actual Iy gets passed down to the successor; no matter how much you work during the year, you are always stuck with more than is humanly possible to accomplish at the end. So with that, and the sounds of my pit screaming for my company, I leave you now with this end to the 1992-93 year at Roads. Thanks Steve, and good luck all in the future.

- Geoff H.A. Kliza

208 - Closing Ceremonies



1993 Log Royal Roads Military College  

This 1993 yearbook, known as The Log, commemorates the events at Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, BC, Canada. A hardcopy of this ye...

1993 Log Royal Roads Military College  

This 1993 yearbook, known as The Log, commemorates the events at Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, BC, Canada. A hardcopy of this ye...