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THE LOG 1985-86





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Cadet Officers return BOTC Graduation/Recruits arrive Administration Classes start Honours Day Thanksgiving Stand-down (no classes) National Universities Week Open House Mid-semester academic reports due Remembrance Day (no morning classes) Classes end Exams start Exams end 0900 - Results due Registrar 1300 - Faculty Board/Faculty Council Christmas Ball Christmas Leave

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Military Training Supplemental Examinations Classes start Stand-down (no classes) Mid-semester academic reports due Easter Break (no classes) Classes end Second semester examinations Stand-down 0900 - Results due Registrar 1000 - Faculty Board/Faculty Council Supplemental exams Convocation, Sunset Ceremony Graduation Parade and Ball Successful cadets to summer duties



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The path is long, through dense forest; you crawl alone In hopes to find , the sunny glade . Cut and bruised by the wicked wood, you see an easy path how simple life would be ; to live without challenge but you continue towards the light. How it seems that the closer you come to the golden light, a dense wood will rise to test you again . You ask yourself, why? You have taken the hard way, and your heart begins to shine because you knew all the time . That the sunny glade lives In those who dare CHRIS ROBINS

March 1986 Photo by R Pierce

Commandant's Message As we observe the tranquil beauty that surrounds us here at Royal Roads, it is difficult to accept the fact that the world in which we live is becoming increasingly more violent. From South Africa to Afghanistan , from the Shatt-al-Arab to Libya , wars , terrorist attacks, and civil unrest seem to be the order of the day. Overhanging all of this is the ever present threat of a major confrontation between the super powers . To those of you who are about to graduate, the world outside must seem far from the ordered existence that has governed your lives for the past four years . Yet it is precisely in this difficult world of our that you must practice your profession . During the past four years you have received a broad liberal education , you have been trained as military leaders and you have been prepared physically for the rigours of military life . You have been taught how to think , and how to lead . In the near future you will learn the techniques and skills required by your various classifications. At the end of this process you should be a consummate professional , capable of meeting the demands placed on you , and facing up to the challenges of a rapidly changing world . As you continue your education and training you should remember that you remain a part of society but that you profession and society demands much more of you that it does of almost any other professional. As General Sir John Hackett put It, " The essential basis of military life is the ordered application of force under an unlimited liability . It is the unlimited liability which sets the person who embraces this life somewhat apart. " Je voudrais sou halter bonne chance a tous les dlplomes de cette annee et aussi a to us ceux qui partiront cet ete a poursuivre leur etudes a RMC ou au CMR . Vous pouvez quitter Ie College content d'avoir profite pleinement de votre sejour ici . Sans doute garderez vous de bons souvenirs de Royal Roads pour Ie reste de vos vies Bonne chance a tous .

A.J. Goode Captain(tl) Commandant

Exam Routine


Dr . J.S Mothersill Principal and DOS

Prof. M.D Thom Registrar

Capt. R.J. Beardmore Asst. Registrar


Miss S Day Librarian

Maj . A Malcolm

Maj . G D. Resch Hd . of MLM



Dr W, Rodney Dean of Arts

Dr , J,A , Boutilier Hd of History

Dr A ,G Martel History

Dr P Sri English

Dr. J.A . Bayer Political Science

Lt , (N) W,R , Glover Political Science

Dr R Tallentlre English

Mr, W,T, Mann Commerce

Dr. M, Madoff Hd. of English




Dr . M.R. Barr Hd . of Chemistry

Prof. E.R. Chappell Hd . of Engineering


Dr . K.J. Reimer

Prof. J.W . Madill

Dr . M.G. Robinson

Mr . P. Stewart

Dr . G.M. Barrow

Dr . G .M. Lancaster Hd . of Mathematics

Dr . R.C. Snell

Dr . S.D. Wray

Dr. M.J. Wilmut

Dr W.W Wolfe

Capt. D.L. Christensen

Dr. F. Millinazzo

Dr. P. Smart


Dr. H.J. Duffus Dean of Science

Dr. D.P. Krauel Hd . of Physics

I Dr . J.M. Gilliland

Dr . R.F. Marsden


Dr . W.T. MacFarlane

Dr . D.w Buker

Dr . J.M. Press

Dr . H.H. Jorch

Mme A . Hadley Hd 01 French

Mme M Savard

Mile A . Allard

Mile A . Tetreault

Mme J. Van Campen

Mme F. Nantals

Mme L Hal

Mile M.L Connor

Mme N. Arnold







The aim of the Canadian Military Colleges IS to produce well-rounded officers Honours Day IS a time to acknowledge those who have excelled In academics from the previous year . Sixty cadets received second class honours , while the following received first class honours (which entails attaining an average of 75 percent) : OCdts Hodgson, Johnston, Stewart, Voice, Heuthorst, Carter, Hopkins, Nicoll, Theus , Wilton, Cornish and Johnson . Book prizes were also awarded for excellence in a department of study The winners of these were 路 OCdts Carter (shown receiving his award), Heuthorst, Bachynsky , Cornish , Walsh, Johnson and Chalkley .



R W Bachynsky

15599 Edmonton, Alta. ARTY M &SS

Ron IS perhaps the most liberal member of our graduating class When others gather In the mess, beer In hand, to discuss firepower and the like, Ron can tYPically be found In a qUiet corner, SIPping his orange JUice, and expounding on the merits of our social wellare system Ron abhors violence, and was positively aghast when he was made CWTO An aspiring personnel selecllon oJflcer, Ron plans on making people his career. and never IIres oj giVing freely his always sound advice Ron was a member Of Royal Roads' lunatic fringe fhroughout his military college career, often toting a powerful handgun, and singing the praises of his greatest heroGenerallslmo FrancIsco Franco One might even say Ron has patterned his life after that of the great man, dreaming someday of Installng himself as dictator-for-life of any country ripe for the conquering Ron has, however. tempered his rugged lifestyle with such gentlemanly pursuits as representative squascl, and education (or rather. reading novels and campaign histories while maintaining 2nd class honours), and of course young ladles We are confident that you'll excel In the service of the "God of War" (Ie the RCHA) Good luck and good balding

R A Brooks Though Tony Brooks was born In Bolton England on the 27th of March, 1964 He halls more recently from the thriving metropoliS of Sechelt B C (You know, 'Gibson's Landing', 'Molly's Reach' 'The Beachcombers'II??) Tony started as a rook In Cartier Flight, but sWitched to Fraser Flight after second year Tony has held few bar posilions In hiS lime here at Roads, Jumping from DCFL In hiS third year to the Big CWSO this year he has spent a lot of time In the Band as the Bass Drummer (who needs the drum). but spends most of hiS time engaged In ancient animalistiC rituals on the Rugby Pitch (smart like Coke machine I) Tony may be remembered as the guy who would practice speaking french With any barmaid he could find In St -Jean while at S L T (I guess that's how he got hiS Blue Maple Leaf) or as the guy who drives the Subaru After four years of PhysICS and Computer SCience, Tony aspires to serve as a proud (large) LEME officer

15606 Bolton, England LEME P&CS S A Brousseau

15252 Ottawa,Ont. MARS P&CS 20

Scotty entered CMR wondering where this path In life would take him the hospital often' II began In Prep year on hallow'en when this big clvl-goon beat hiS face and body to a pulp Then the follOWing year It was a big recruit who broke hiS collar-bone DUring the next summer hiS french training was cut short for another VISit to the hospital They had to make another hole In hiS body to fetch hiS appendiX Well, It came lime for Scott to transfer to Royal Roads Unfortunately the beatings continued He JOined the high-box team, but whenever Scotty Jumped, all we saw was this warped body squirming around In mid-air With a high pitched wailing cry, and a loud splat against the box Scott took It easy In hiS last year, he JOined the trlathalon team. Aller the first compelltlon, back to the hospital he went "You're bow-legged son", said the doctor The JOints In hiS knees were rubbing unnaturally So, now you know about Scotts body But what about hiS college life bOring I He became the mess vlce-prez, he's In the navy, he's from Ottawa he studied PhYSICS and Computer SCience, hiS college number IS 15252, he had a girlfriend (he's slill a Virgin though), and baSically an okay kind of dude But who cares about that. II's that phenomenal body of hiS II's the beatings, the scars, and the bazaar InCidents that make thiS man A body, which by human standards, should have thrown away long ago Good-luck In the future Scott and get some life Insurance l

W P L Carter Paul IS from the frozen wastes of Winnipeg He was ful! of youthful Idealism when he arrived, and although he's matured more than four years , he has somehOw managed to hold on to some of those Ideals This IS due to hiS Artsmanl,ke behaViour , specifically hiS addiction to Philosophy far beyond the level of Just grabbing an easy few credits This has led to a noted tendency to look a little too long before leaping (with one major exception I) HIS MdCol achievements Include a tour as C W Wing B S Officer In 3rd year and a spell as C W Pres In charge of Vice In fourth year He did a good Job as PIO and as VPMC despite certain distractions He IS a member of the 400 Club due to hiS love for Dairy Oueen sundaes that led him to bike over the Malahat to Duncan on occasion HIS most unusual accomplishment was hiS creation of a tiny protege named Michael with whom to spends hiS Idle hours Paul's academic record IS somewhat reminiscent of the Western Front 1914-1918 a war of attrition where each small gain was achieved only at the cosl of much suffering Neverthetess he has carried on undaunted and will graduate With a hard-earned degree in PhYSICS & Com SCI, and pOSSibly an ulcer Coming from a strong RAF background, ItS only natural that Paul should be pu rsUing a career as an AERE Good luck Paul, and try to teap BEFORE you look

15612 Winn ipeg, Man AERE P&CS

T CaSSidy Halting from Williams Lake, Tim was part of that elite Western Canadian Military contingent at Roads, ArriVing bnght eyed and bushy ta iled, he was dispatched to Fraser Flight to participate In the history making 'Chopra Party' AcademiCS aSide, Tim enfoyed hiS first year at thiS institution of higher learning Second year saw Clark as a CSC and brought him the opportunity to give back some of what was so generously given to him the year before HIS drive for athletiC excellence saw the OUiZZO achieve the ex halted rank of CWIMSO In hiS third year and for once the 1M program at the COllege ran smoothly HaVing done such a good Job as CWIMSO, our hero found himself as first slate CWSO thiS year Finally, haVing reached the zenith of the athletiCS realm, he broke With tradition and became CFL Fraser In hiS last semester at Roads Of the three facets of COllege life, Tim always placed academics first (excluding military and athletiCS of course) As a master of the all nlghter, Tim always pulled through In the crunch Tim was part of both Rep Hockey and Soccer teams throughout hiS years at Roads He also consistently held hiS crossed clubs and captured the year crown several times Tim IS leaVing Roads the go on to a career as an Armored officer

15614 Williams Lake , B,C, ARMD M &SS

M Cope Mike crossed the Rockies to set up hiS batcave at RR MC In 1982, Most noteable were hiS nocturnal activities which Included diVing through hiS Window at 0200 before leave expired and hiS organizational Involvement In the famed Chopra party The only difficulty Mike encountered In 1st year was academiCS He perservered however, and then SWitched to arts to aVOid exacerbating the problem , Academically, 2nd year was Significantly better than 1st year as Mike finished near the top of the class In 3rd year , Mike as DCFL Fraser started hiS own weight-watchers club In which membershi p was not VOluntary Mike's Marachlno Cherry speech ranks right up there With Churchill's Battle of Britain In second semester as CSTO, Mike keened up the SON gUiding It to victory and the coveted Wisner Cup OutSide the College Mike's cultural hOrizons were expanded as he attended ballroom dance classes and brushed up on hiS German ethniC Jokes , fortunately (for him) thiS didn't last too long Fourth year marked the height of Batcope's military career With hiS appOintment as first slate CWC In the same year he also JOined the ranks of the academically delinquent In an effort to bring hiS academiCS back on line, Mike was appOinted to the exalted position of CWAO In second semester Batcope departs RRMC for the salty seas hoping to one day command hiS own batboat and own a hat like the Commandant vilians of the sea beware , Batcope's on hiS wayl Mike , we Wish you smooth sailing and God 's speed

15618 Red Deer , Alta , MARS M & SS 21

M R Delong

15286 Brampton,Ont. PLT M &SS

Mike shed his cIvIlian clothes to become a prep at CMR In 1981 Having endured Initiation and Ihe new French milieu, he went on to flourish as a cadet, even becoming a household name for his excellence as captain of the rep hockey team When not burning energy on the sports field, Schlong channelled his efforts Into organizing and participating in college activities When coaxed a httle, he could also be drawn Into those extracurrlcutar activIties earmarked more by SPIrit than by any semblance of discipline Indeed, late one October night as a first year, Schlong found himself leopard-crawllng Into the R,cheheu River alongside two cohorts and two frightened recruits In second year, he spectated the "St Catherlnes Street Massacre", participated In the late-night bUrial of hiS squadron commander's car, lost himself In Ouebec City after TGIF with the Vandoos, and kidnapped the 'Sherp' for a little party In town after day-12 of the 25-day Internment After second year and pilot training, Schlong was ready for a change and so It was that he set up roost at Royal Roads. HIS organizational abilities and long-winded meetings held him In good stead as CWVPMC, CSl, and DCWC He also put hiS golfing, skIIng, and hockey skills to use, and could be found wielding a 3-Iron or bounCing hiS orange Gremlin off the snowbanks of Mount Washington'S roads In any event, Mike has enjoyed five good years at MIICol, and IS destined to do well as a fellow fighter Jock and officer Check SIX, Schlong ' M W Gerenda

15633 Windsor,Ont. INF M &SS

"GMUMBA", as he IS affectlonably known, came to Royal Roads as a wandering warmonger who had to be removed from the streets of society With hiS large frame, very short hair, and ever present smirk, he qUickly applied unknown psychological tactics to all barmen who posed a threat to hiS relaxed way of life Militarily, thiS young lad from Windsor, Ont qUickly grasped the Inner essence of the mll-col system ThiS ability was recognized In the variety of command posItions which he was tasked to carry out In hiS four years at the college These Included such positions as CSC, SCSC, CSTO, CFl, DCWC AND CWC PhYSically, Gmumba demonstrated even greater prowress on the athletic field participating In anything and everything When not partlclpallng on the playing field, Mike could be found teaching Ihe do's and donI's of phYSical harassment In the seif-defence course, or the unarmed combat course Most of hiS free time though was spent In the weight room, where Mike could be found sweatIng, grunting, and straining under cold steel plates as he endeavoured to perform Increasing feats of phYSical strength Academically, In hiS four years at the college Mike has encountered a few rough spots However, by applYing himself to the tasks at hand, he has been able to come very close to second class honours As the scnoollng comes to a close, no one IS sure Just exactly what Gmumba IS gOing to be dOing In the future Many have speculations, but until they see hiS picture on the cover of Time life MagaZine, as he stubbornly argues It will be, no one will ever know for sure A C Grant

15322 Pineour t, Que. MARS P&O


"Big AI" left hiS hometown of Montreal, Quebec In 1981 to enter hiS prep year at CMR While there, he discovered "le Tavern du COin", which helped him to make It through second year He came to Royal Roads In the fall of 1984, intending to study PhYSICS and Oceanography But, what he really got was a case of major culture shock' Why did first years have to march In the Flight hallways? And, who could have possibly comprehended spending four hours, every second Saturday, pounding the parade square? Regardless, AI did adjust, and soon he loved drllJ as much, If not more, than anyone HaVing seen AI play "rep soccer", and being that he has been CSA, CFl, and CWA (Oooh l ), one might say that he IS a "Really Bad Dude"l But, In spite of It all, AI IS as mellow as he ever was (Congratulations All) In spite of drill, soccer, and bars, AI stili found time for friends In experimenting With various forms of females, AI went ugly early with his notorious Alpha-geltl Gobbler episode. Thanks for your friendship Al' Good luck to you on your future career as a naval officer and forest ranger l

R S Johnson Though RJ had several years In the air cadets, he found Royal Roads a big change from working on the 'back forty"' back home In Saskatchewan However. with time he adjusted and found himself as a second slate CSC Long experience with shOoting prairie vermin proved to be a great asset to Ryan In his long Involvement with the college rifle and pistol teams He was also extenSively Involved with the parachute club. and after one parlicular jump he became famous as 'Slow Chute Johnson' Although, he could not read a note of musIc when he arrived here, Ryan took upon himself the Immense task of learning to play the bagpipes If nothing else, Ryan's experience In the band taught him an appreclalion for mUSIC In hiS efforts to prove to the Artsmen that Engineers could actually read and write, Ryan wrote many articles for the Tricorn, and In second year became Rec Club Council Secretary In first year when ever:'one Including hiS professors were sure he was gOing to fallout by Christmas, Ryan pulled off some kind of miracle (as only a Champ MagiCian could), and almost won a gold star In spite of all of hiS actiVities RJ shll managed to snare a mink But we all know that It was really him whO was snared Good luck Ryan



15646 Churc hbridge, Sask. PLT HONS P & 0

R D.L Knight Rob was born In Sarnla, ant where he spent most of hiS life until completing high school. In trying to sa lisfy hiS CUriOSity, while at the same time looking for a challenge, he came to Royal Roads and JOined the ranks of Champlain flight HIS fine performance In 1st yr earned him CSC of Champ fit dUring the fall semester of 2nd yr After realiZing the VIrtues of CSc degree he deCided to stay on at Royal Roads Once again Rob was given bars for the fall slate as DCF L and was awarded CST a for the honor slate Rob IS perhaps most notorious for hiS encounter With electrical theory and Dr Shurer In t st yr, 'Mr Knight understands. everyone understands" More I'm confused" Rob has always recently II'S. "Aaah Sir. been active In sports as a member of the Rugby team In 1st yr, and has proven to be an aVid soccer player for IMs Rob leaves Royal Roads for Kingston to commence hiS CELE trg In August We Wish him the very best In hiS career as a CELE officer

15647 Ont. CELE P&CS R J P Maxwell The first thing one experiences about Rohan IS an ability to find something amusing to say about any Situation we find ourselves In. ThiS sense of humour takes forms ranging from extremely dry Wit, to cutting CYniCiSm, to ridiculous slapstick Mr Maxwell knows the parade square well, for he has been a dedicated drummer for all four years, even dUring hiS colourful" sOjourns With bar posllions Rohan's academiC history resembles a Sine wave, the varia lion due to outSide Interests periodically taking control of hiS thoughts HIS sanity was preserved by engaging In fou r main hobbles AbUSing "Jezebel", hiS enigmatic and somewhat vulgar Ford Mustang, DeVOUring ANY reading material In Sight, Dreaming of flYing hiS own "Mon!" power glider, WhiCh, we understand, Will even take Priority after grad over hiS most eVident pastime The Casual Perusal and Evaluation of IndiVidual Members of The Opposite Sex Rohan IS, to say the least, enthuslasllc about hiS chosen profeSSion "bUilding things and blOWing them up" ("M ILE" for short) Best of luck Rohan, and be careful With your explOSive plasterclne

15658 Georgetown , Guyana MILE GEN SCI 23

T F M Iddelveen Germany has produced some of the finer things In life Porches, fine beers, Leopard Tanks and of course, Tom "Buddy Holly" Mlddelveen Being a base brat, Tom IS an accomplished world traveller, though he calls Ottawa hiS home Four years ago, Tom's Sisler decided to become a real man, and enrolled In CMR Tom, not one to be outdone, went one step higher and found himself at Royal Roads One of the two remaining Mack flight Originals, Tom has kept himself busy Apart from hiS fine shooting ability, which gave him hiS crossed rifles and pistols, as well as making him a valuable rifle team member T om has also spenl almost hiS whole mllcol career In the band He has had a Wide variety of bar POSitions, Including CSC, CBO, CSA, DCFL (for a monlh), and is now CFL Mack Tom has decided to follow In his father's footsteps by becoming a Zoomle officer As such, he IS now learning the necessary skills golf, Windsurfing, scuba diVing, and skiing Whal a tough hfe" Well, I guess someone has to do It Best of luck In the future, Tom, and have fun With the 18's"

15667 Ottawa,O nt. PLT

P &CS J P Mooney


John Mooney - the man, the legend, perhaps the only albino ever to attend a Canadian military college When he home dUring the summer, though, hiS father said "That's no sort of altitude to have, son You go back and do first year again, and thiS time have fun l" So John reluctantly returned to Roads With strict orders from hiS mother to become an athlete, an academiC, and a CSL Naturally John obliged heading up both the squadron SWim team and the cycling club, finishing near the top of the class In fourth year, and leading One Squadron to victory after victory (and graunch after graunch) But John also managed to squeeze In a few extracurricular activities over the years such as cycling in HawaII at government expense, crUiSing to the American Virgin Islands at government expense, a good-looking blonde named Paula (thiS one at John's expense), and cleaning up after hiS delinquent brother In FlOrida As for the future, John bids farewell to Royal Roads to pursue hiS dream of becoming the loudest man In the Canadian Navy or NATO for that matter FOrlunately Its always hiS laugh that we can hear, and With an outlook like that, he can't loose

St. George, Ont. MA RS M &SS S P Myers Shawn (Yogi) Myers, coming all the way from St LOUIS, M,SSOUri made a shakey starl at Military College, but due to the extraordinary effOriS of hiS recruit term roommate he IS finally graduating as a full lIedged Hud Stud Academically, Shawn has maintained an Impressive second class honours average throughout hiS four years at RRMC and will be receiving hiS BSc In computer sCience Athletically, what can one say about the universal sporting ability of the 'Yog In addition, Yogi has always been the backbone of any 1M team ranging from hockey to soccer to waterpolo Militarily, Mr Yogi has held CFL first slate and acqUired hiS crossed clubs In fourth year Moreover, he was DCFL of Hudson In third year gUiding hiS subordinates In a manner that would make 'BooBoo' proud All In all, thiS happy-go-lucky Stud has always added a lot of spice to anything he does OUick to crack a Joke or to strike up a conversation, Yogi has only fallen to one bout of Studltls - KJR He Will cerlalnly be missed by everyone In Hudson and the wing Good Luck In the future buddy I FTW Yogi"

15677 Ottawa,Ont. LE ME

P &CS 24

R K Nickerson Robin " Nicky" Nickerson came 10 Royal Roads from Richmond. B C He was 1sl slale CFSO In 2nd year. CFL In 3rd year and Ihe shall maSler Ihe CWA In his 41h year Wllh his keen dflll e?) and a lillie bit of bumsharklng 10 Ihe MLM deparlmenl. Nick received his crossed blades award However. all work and no play would have made Nicky a dull boy which he wasnT He was very acllve In sporls. having been on Ihe rep volleyball leam for four years and , In a slroke of alhlellc wonder. he earned his crossed clubs award On Ihe 1M scene Nick was an all round. lop nolch alhlele (second only 10 his recrUlI lerm roomle ll ) having played H20polo. soccer hockey , broomball and ETH On Ihe social scene , Nick could ollen be found passed oul wllh his Iwo emply Cider boilies lucked under his arm, having JUSI relalned his 1IIIe as resldenl caps champ Being a dedlcaled fisherman, Nicky loved 10 spend his free lime (WhiCh, being a Mllslud, w s conSiderable) Iroiling Ihe ocean for Ihe dlfferenl flshles mosl nOlably Ihal elusive CAT-fiSh, which he was never qUlle able 10 land Regardless , Nick lives up 10 Ihe Irue Iradilion of Ihe HudSlud and we wish him Ihe besl oj luck In his fUlure endeavors In Ihe PPClI FTW NICK

15678 Vanc ou ver, BC . INF M &SS

D S Pelerson So Ii came 10 pass Ihal blg-eared and slighlly crazy Dave Pelerson came 10 RRMC In 1982, from Ihe Melropolilan Indian Reservallon of Massell, In Ihe Oueen Charlolle Islands Milcol life soon gOI 10 Pelrarch, as he found himself porllng a shiny new pair of gallors He never losllhe feeling of doubling across Ihe CIrcle, because In Ihe IInal counldown 10 grad, he again lashed black lealher around his ankles Pelrarch was not always such a low-life Cflminal ill When he was nOI mucking around wlih diapers, he was gUiding Hudson fllghl Ihrough Ih,ck and Ihln as Ihe DC FL and Ihe CFSO As a senior, Pelrarch has gradualed 10 new and grealer helghls, as he now occupies Ihe posilion of Cadel Wing Recreallon Officer He IS an aVid alhlele, having played soccer, ball hockey, foolball and badmlnlon In a Slroke of alhlellc wonder, Pelrarch even earned his crossed clubs I In each year of his slay here al Disneyland Wesl, he has malnlalned second-class honours May 171h Will see Pelrarch moving off InIO Ihe "real world路 as an asplflng naval officer and fulure submaflner Besl of luck In Ihe fulure Dave, and remember 10 walch your ears as you pass Ihrough Ihe halch FTW Pelrarch 'll '

15683 Masset , B.C . MARS M &SS

M D OUinn Michel 'Milch" OUinn came 10 Royal Roads from Sarnla, Onlaflo. While looking back on Milch's wflleup for second year I realized Ihal whoever had wfillen II hadn路1 said anylhlng aboul his achlevemenls and awards al Ihe college I mean, he does aller all possess Ihal cove lied Silver maple leaf In academics, cerlaln classmales have menlloned Milch's uncanny abllily 10 gel along wllh Ihe professors wllh commenlS like, "Are you sure you don'l wan I Ihe asslgnmen l early, Sl[?" Milch has, however, been humble and nOI Irled 10 show up his classmales by excelling In academics Milch was able 10 snag or maybe II was Ihe olher himself a prelly red-head, Tracy way around Anyway, Ihey Will be married before Ihe years end Wllh so much of his lime spenl wllh his wlfe-Io-be, MilCh has nOI had a 101 of lime 10 go OUI wllh Ihe buds, bUI one occaSion In parllcular comes 10 mind Many grads Will remember Ihe Iradilion of "Warrior Wednesday" Ihal Milch began one nlghl al a wei T -shirl conlesl brrruh l M,lch路s bar posilions have Included Ihe dreaded CSA H3 and Ihe Idle CBO Posllions One nOlable success was Ihal Milch was aClually able 10 gel Involved In sporls Ih,s year (II look him Ihal long 10 recover from a flrSI year rugby InJury), and hiS seal In MIR IS now available Maybe hiS brolher will conllnue Ihe legacy Bul on a more serious nOle. Milch was one of Ihe Hudson surVivors and we wish him Ihe besl Wllh married life and In hiS chosen classlf,calion CELE Good luck Mllch '

15686 Sarnia, Ont. CELE P &C S


D G Reid

M345 Collingwood, N.S. AERE P&CS

"DIRAC" hails from the beauliful province of Nova Scotia Being a young buck (then) and looking for some advenlure he chose the CF to make a career as a Safety Systems Tech where he worked with the Airborne Growing wiser In his old age, he then JOined RRMC and the AERE classl!icalion (wise choice) Despite the background, "FERMI" IS an excellent student and known for his studiousness and promptness, not to men lion his French language prowess I "The Dude" has many talenlS, one of which he brought to the college In the form of a rock band CUT" and the Shorts) This "TECHY" has turned out to be a BIG man on campus Imagine being CSL4 for two semesters In a row li Perhaps this IS due to hiS unique ability to put up With MIICol children for 4 years and never get angry Derek how did you do It? On the senous Side Derek IS a qUiet and good natured person who IS always Interested In the people around him Because of hiS Sincere demeanour Derek has won many fnends In the class of 86 and we would like to extend our best Wishes to him and hiS lovely Wife Brenda Good luck on the fllgr,tllne li

M R Robert

15439 Toronto,Ont. PLT M &SS

Marc IS one of those 'speCial Imports' who left the flatlands of CMR In 1984 and ventured west of the Rockies to tackle the myriad challenges of Roads The Sherp was known as an Inlliator at CMR, and thiS was not to change In the west An advocate of 'alley dnnklng', Marc made hiS contrlbulion to the Mike Pennel era Marc's presence was felt In other ways he was responsible for renovating the eating mess and the creation 01 the PI S T political party Perhaps the most notable event at CMR was hiS display of clvl-ballerlng on ST Cathennes St , In scarlets no less l ArriVing at Royal Roads, Marc shed hiS nick-name and became known as Shlorka Holding the positions of CFL Mack, CWIMSO, and CSTO 2, he left hiS unique leadership Impnnted on the College A mover of men, Marc led the Infamous '100 Days ' expedition on Parliament which received international TV coverage Marc enjoyed most sports he was a member of the CMR/RRMC hockey teams, he was an aVid mogle skier and enjoyed mountain hiking Marc's faVOrite pastimes were Spilling beer on other guys' women and listening to good tunes Deslined to be an '18 JOCk ', Marc heads for the Jaw In September We're sure hiS presence will be remembered there, tool Bonne-chancel We're sure hiS presence Will be remembered there, too' Bonne-chancel

K N Salchert Well Kurl 'Salty' Salcherl comes to us from the budding metropOliS of Powell River MIICol has certainly corrupted thiS upstanding young man He no longer smokes, ~e darns the garb of all good navy men, "the paunCh", allnbutable to those many many nights of nachos and beer dunng hiS gruelling SIX mile runs He was breeched tWice, In second and fourth year He has had many glrlfnends, though they have all looked the same Throughout hiS stay here Salty managed to achieve hiS crossed clubs, crossed swords, and 2nd class honours. The DSM must not have liked Salty's dnll because he was appOinted CBO for two terms (at least, but why then CFL?) Sally has always been very aggressive On the sporls field HIS sporls Include. sailing, hOckey, waterpolo, ETH and many more (basketball on Fndays) He was Windsurfing preSident and of course the captain of the S'x Mile running team. Well Salty, the Buds Wish you the best of luck In your career Arrr Billy, keep 'em sallin', Arrr FTW SAL TY

15687 Powell River, B.C. MARS M &SS 26

J MASt-Hilaire Andre nous est arrive d'un des "autres colleges en trOlsleme an nee af,n d'etdUler t'oceanographle a RRMC Tout en apportant une saveur unique de QuebecoIs au college, Andre s'est famillorise rapldement avec une partie Importante de la Vie colleglale, waterpolo Connu sous Ie sobriquet de 'Polo man" Andre a passe plusleurs heures d'entralnement sur terre et dans la p,sclne Ses efforts et Ie fait qu'il etM touJours pret a alder les autres Joueurs de waterpolo lUI a gagne Ie respect et "esprit de camaraderie qU'11 a su developper en tant que OC FL Champlain Quelques faits sailiants de ses deux dernleres annees sont casser Ie nez de son insrtucteur (Capt Slater), Ie "Sunshine guy' gagnant du priX d'Air Canada pour ses nombreux voyages a travers Ie pays et une tentative de fin de semalne de ski a Whistler Andre apprecle une sOiree tranqUilie avec un bon repas et du Vln, ce qui contraste avec les longues nUlts durant les perlodes d'examens quand II mangealt de la pizza et buvalt du cafe Un oceanographe sans restraint, Andre a beaucoup d'energle, de temperament et hent a ses opinions Andre, bonne chance dans tes poursUites et tes etudes Ready aye Ready I

15457 Qu e,

MARS P&O M L Tailiefer Marty began his Mllcol career at CMR In the fall of '81 Not having any prevIous military experience, he took a while to settle In Marty was especially proud of being a rook term COMSEC, but started to wonder If he wasn't dOing something wrong when one of his recrUits ran away He JOined the exodus from CMR at the end of second year and became one of the 'CMR 7' here at Roads He qUickly got used to the college, and deCided to redirect his Interests from an Oceanography degree to SOCIaliZing and Intensive T V watching Marty's proudest moment at Roads came when was appointed CWPIO, he then had what he had craved for 2 years complete edltorlat control of the Royal Rodent and all the PR he could handle Marty's onty experience With rep teams was a brief stint With the Roads waterpolo team, but his skltts In basketball and football (at CMR) showed his true athle tiC abilities As an aspiring Naval officer Martin IS tooklng forward to all the good things the Navy offers the travel, the foreign ports, the girls Marty has spent his time at Mllcol preparing fo r thiS life, and I Wish him all the luck In the wortd In his purSUits, I'm sure he Will do well

15459 Blain ville, Que ,

MARS GEN SCI J H, Vance Getting Into RR on a combined scholarship of Airborne and Drill wasn't to hard for Jon but ge tting ou t may prove to be a problem, It seems that somewhere along the line academiCS reqUired him to stay up late with the rest of the "One-nlghter" club ThiS young Infanteeer has led, encouraged, humored, and struck fear Into the hearts of his subordinates as a CSC, CSTO, CFL and CWTO Known as a man who Will put his n_ts on the line for most worthy causes Jon and his unscrupulous band of vandals brought RRMC In big white letters to the media ,n fine military fashion When Jon wasn't climbing mountains, playing Rep hockey, pumping Iron, bUying fast cars, trying to qUit smoking (thiS IS definitely my last carton '), or ragging on someone he was wooing a certain young Victorian lass, she has consented to marry our young hero Jonny's next goal IS to raise his own platoon Qff to the RCR to become a lover of chicken Jon brings With him a special brand of leadership designed more for wartime but will no doubt keep 'em busy In times of peace If gtory IS attainable In Canada's Army Jon IS bound for It You're one of a kind all the best little buddy

15696 Tweed,O nt. INF M & SS


A F Walsh Bud started out his military career classified as Pilot. but that only lasted until mid way through Pilot Phase II The Pilot types of Portage dldn't take too kindly to his SPit polished combat boots. his keen military bearing and his keen Army drill Needless to say. Bud took that summer's leave early Back at Roads for third year Bud took command of Lasalle as CFL first slate and drilled the squadron In second slate as CSTO #3 At the end of third year he placed third In hiS class receiving the Honeywell Computer SCience Book prize The Jump course and Artillery Phase II proved to Bud that the Army life IS for him (finally an enVIronment that appreciates a keen military attitude) Bud returned to Roads for fourth year as CWPMC lirst slate and spent hiS second semester as a SIC (drinking sherry and doubling on the circle) After grad It'S back to Gagetown for Phase III & IV and then off to the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery

15699 Ottawa,Ont. AR TY P&CS A H Watson

15700 Kingston,Ont. MARS P &O

When I looked back at the 1984 Issue of the LOG. I noticed that, according to the text beside Alexander's picture, he was suppose to have left Roads two years ago In order to complete a degree In chemical engineering at the "other college" In hiS home town. Something must have happened dUring that summer of 1984 The answer IS Simple while working as a he discovered research assistant at the COllege oceanography HIS decision to slay was rewarded (?) by many challenges including presteglous military appointments such as Intramural sports officer. squadron adJudant and finally squadron leader Alex has a very Simple goal In life perfection And he almost achieves It In many fields Firstly there IS nol one sport Alex has not yet tried In which he has not excelled Unfortunatly, a broken leg In third year followed by knee problems slowed him down somewhat Even then he holds the speed record for gOing across the circle with crutches Although he IS not as thrilled as before by hiS phYSICS and oceanography degree, he has managed to keep up the old average and to stay awake In most of hiS classes by asking "Just one qUick question" Alex, best of luck In law school and In the CIVI world

D.R Weger

15187 Revelstoke, B.C. INF M &SS


Dave, by any of hiS nicknames (Wege the Wonder plug, Wedgehead Weegle. et. al.) has been a Integral part of RRMC for the last five years Most people leave the College after four years but Dave qualified for the advanced course and stayed for an extra year In second year, hiS third, Dave was the Tricorn Editor and the much maligned publication was In line form Nevertheless Second Year found Dave at the zenith academiC career, Nl In the arts class and a gold star on hiS sleeve Third Year saw Dave as the DCFL Cartier Flight Nocturnal by nature, Dave spent many a night In the JCR Uh studying I Highlights of the year Include drinking about 100 oz of rum In one sIlting, checking out the pilot claSSification and being named first slate CSL for Fourth Year Dave dropped hiS honours theSIS after Gen Galtlerl kept coming out of hiS laundry closet threatening to hurt YOrick However he did manage to keep up the SOCial Side, gOing out With, you guessed It, the Commandant's daughter I "Hey Ev can the guys come over for a VISit?" Dave finished off hiS Mil Col career as C FL Cartier. as good a place to retire as any Good luck Dave, we know you're ready for the RCR, but IS the RCR ready for you?

DP Young David Peter Young came to Royal Roads In 1982 Over his 4 year stay Dave saw action as a CSC, CSA, CFL and CWPMC He spent his first 2 years as a piper In the college band and HIs last 2 years as a troopee on the parade square He also played for the college rugby team In his 2nd year and off and on dUring his 3rd and 4th years On the side, DP did his FM disc jockey Immltatlons for cOllege dances, When Interviewed, Dave had these words of wisdom to pass on to future Roadenls .. Anything worth achieving IS not easily achieved OUltters never Win and winners never qUIt. God helps them who help themselves NEVER date a girl who knows more guys at Ihe college than you dO'" After graduallon Dave plans to bUild his empire In slocks and real estate while continUing his profession as an Aerospace Engineer Afler he retires, Dave says he will open a bar In Ottawa with Bud Walsh and Jon Vance, two fellow animals from Lasalle flight 'So If you ever come across a place called 'The Arooha Club' be sure to drop by for a blast from the past

15931 SudburY , On t.





I 29



Picture this if you will - three bus loads of officer cadets about to enter the RECRUIT TERM ZONE . Arriving fresh from BOTC, they are welcomed with the encouraging news that they will now be known as "Recruits" . A single line of blank faces peers forward in the dark . Suddenly, the sound of clickered boots marking time creates tension . With a hearty " Forward" the sound gets louder and soon , scarlet clad barmen appear on the upper circle . Introductions and a welcome speech abruptly pass and the new cadets follow their barmen into the unknown - Nixon Block. After mysteriously retrieving all luggage , the new recruits are told to hit their pits and rack . What is a pit and how do you rack??? Rather constant directions from the barmen soon led the recruits into their beds for sleep . The next morning begins with garbled voices followed by loud music and a chorus of general yelling . The important lesson of PANIC has begun . Soon , disgusting turnouts are everywhere and each recruit is deemed "baggo" and "grossly idle" . Yes , this is Mil Col at its finest. Days begin with " Wakey , Wakey , Wakey" and conclude with mail call and the infamous thirty second shower .


Flight bag drives with the dreaded CFSO take recruits to new heights of self torture. Out of nowhere comes the Recruit Tabloid - a fun affair pitting the recruits of each squadron against one another in a competition of athletic prowess and ridicule. Next comes the Recruit Xcountry - seven kilometers of excruciating fun and enjoyment including the ever-popular Heartbreak Hill. Still in store is Doggie Week - 120 hours of exhilarating bag drives including everything from circles in drill boots to pagoda dips and a routine beret search at noon . The morning inspection count down reaches the two minute mark on Black Thursday . Room contents become magic and fly out into the halls while the entire second year term eagerly contributes to the confusion . The next day finally arrives - the last day of "rook camp". The day of the Obstacle Course l The obstacles are a blast! ... especially for those who long for the feel of mud, icy water, and more mud , When it is over, all rejoice and attend ceremonious parties where recruits become Junior Cadets . And so It is that meal musters , daily inspections, and shower parades vanish only to become memories ; memories of the RECRUIT TERM ZONE .


Clockwise from Top Left: It's Superman' For Ih,s I wenllO college? Is th,s tegal? Hey' tt's great lor the compleXion' Follow me Normal students walk to class. One squad'

Clockwise from Top Left: Correcllons, why? Quick, climb Ihe

fence l Bag Ihe bod l Ah Requesls, Sir? A refreshing dip


friendship Check Ihose arms'



WISENER And then there was Wisener! Presented to the college in 1946, the Wisener Cup has become synonomous with outstanding drill and ultra-keen kit. Winners of the Wisener Cup Competition gain valuable pOints towards final standings , while all participants benefit with the highest of drill and dress standards . Generally held once per semester, Wisener was halved in 85186 . An unfortuitous amount of snow led to its cancellation in the fall term, despite efforts to proceed according to alternate plans .



o almighty God, who has gathered us together as members of this College to rrepare ourselves for the work of the coming years grant that we may realize our responsibilities. all to each and each to all may TRUTH, DUTY AND VALOUR abound amongst us. and your name be hallowed In our midst and your blesSing rest upon our work, through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen


Upon return from two weeks of Christmas leave the juniors were in for a week of the "real" military life . It all began on Monday morning with a briefing of what the week would hold . The following two days held a variety of events , from entering the gas chamber and repelling from the tower, to throwing grenades . The highlight of the week was the arrival of the two twin hueys . A familiarization flight was the first thing on the agenda, followed by repelling the next day. Excitement built as the PPCLI showed us how it was done , then it was our turn to show them how not to do it; JIC Tyler was the expert on this subject as he was bent on pushing his buds out before him . Once down at the bottom the enthusiastic juniors couldn 't wait to go up again .


From Left to Right , Opposite Page: Long way down Walch Ihese ropes Cold L Z Learning Ihe ropes Helpl Navy men In fllghl This beals S__ ' Dead-eye dick


Military Staff

LCol W .J. Anderson Vice-Comdt

Maj P.R. Learmouth SOC & MT

Maj B.W. Bezanson CAdO




Lt (N) C.E.P Richards

1 SqnComd

Capt J.D . Slater 2 Sqn Comd

Capt J.D. Guerin 3 SqnComd

Capt L.M .B Tremblay 4 SqnComd

Military Staff 43

Capt A .D. Mackenzie PADO

Military Staff 44

Capt H.R. Schilds Dof A

Capt H.GW . Prank PE&RO

Capt D Raynor DO

Military Staff

Capt K Hur ULO

Capt R.F. Mitchell ULO

Lt (N) G.L. Zimmerman Chap P

Maj C. Verreau It Chap RC


Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades -

Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades 46

Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades -

Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades - Drill - Parades 47

Drill Staff

A Final Word from the Drill Sergeant-Major consider it an honour to contribute to your yearbook . As I leave the college after SIX challenging years , and the Canadian Forces after thirty , I feel I would be remiss If I passed up the opportunity to write about drill and its tremendous value to the military ethos. Drill, has been the subject of many lively discussions, not to mention a number of well written articles , all of which have served to illustrate the high profile of It. The most common area of interest has been on the merit of drill and ceremonial. Everyone understands the aims of drill , but all too often there is a tendency to think of drill in terms of ceremonials mounted for public view. This of course is not what military drill is about. It's the first teaching vehicle used in training for war. Drill establishes dress and deportment which is necessary for the uniformity required to build espritde-corps, it develops instinctive obedience to orders , and it develops the self-discipline that is crucial to survival in combat. The parade square is also where the potential leader learns to take responsibility , develops self-confidence and practices issuing orders with the necessary authority . In closing , I extend best wishes and hopes for a bright future to all officer cadets . As you work your way up that ladder to your first maple leaf, may you never forget the true purpose of drill. After all , it has helped make you what you are .


Military Skills Competition



Air Force

September 27, November 1 and 15 were special days at Roads as cadets participated In Army, Air Force , and Navy Days. Each group had Its chance to show off what was special about that element. Army Day featured combats, firepower demonstrations, and a section attack. Air Force Day was dominated by wings, flight suits, and sunglasses, not to be out done . Finally was Navy Day with a generous helping of salty sailors showing their stuff to the land-lovers. In the end these days showed just how important each element is to the Forces as a whole.











....- - - CONVOCATION - - -












0 W


Clockwise from Upper Left: Death on the rampage Open up, here comes the coo-choo What do you mean we're on candid camera" Cartier Flight feeding station


J R /



Clockwise from Upper left: Keen doubling You'll never be ewe at this rate Really, I tried hard Mr Baxter Very scary to look at Strict discipline shows through. Getting a free ride


Cartier Flight

Well , the good ship Cartier has sailed through another year at Roads and has a high rating on its voyage . After collecting its cargo of rooks , Cartier set off into the rough waters of "Recruit Term ". This elite group , gathered from across Canada and South Africa , helped 1 Sgn win the Willemont Cup . Alas , Cartier was on the second leg of her journey and picking up steam until it was hit and sunk in the Wing Swim Meet. Cartier then matched brawn with brains by supplying a highly motivated and experienced Roadie crew to run the talent show . Now that Cartier has finally come to the end of its voyage , it has one accomplishment that will never be forgotten - John Mooney and Dave Weger are out of MilColl!


Fraser Flight


Fraser flight was certainly a force to be reckoned with in Wing competitions since the Fraser rooks contributed much to the capture of the coveted "Triple Crown" for One squadron. Although the flight never quite got a grip on academics the flight's morale soared in the first semester. It kicked butt in 1M 's, winning three out of five Blackeyes and coming out in first place in POints . Second semester saw the flight continuing its success by remaining prominent in sports and coming second in Wisener by one point. RefUSing to be part of the crowd Fraser consistently triumphed in the area of larks. Next year promised to an equally challenging year and no doubt the Fraser legacy will continue to "s tick 'em". Intoxicus Maximus ad Infinitum.


Champlain Flight

The A-Team returned to RRMC in August to find that the vaguries of the alphabet had filled our flight with McRooks . Recruit term passed quickly, and the McRooks entered into the social life of the flight. The fight for power and liberation eventually led CFL Kerr to his late night meeting with Pauline , who took him to a mysterious basement bound and gagged . Second semester began with the usual mil training for the juniors, and " adventure" training for the seniors . After that, and a bit of bar slate shuffling , things rapidly got underway , and Champ actually started to win a few things. Wiesener , and mil skills fell to two squadron , and Champ won a few IMs . Scheduled before a training weekend , the squadron mess dinner was a bit quieter than in previous years, but this was made up for a bit later by the infamous " squadron spewfest". All in all it was a good year for the A-Team , and part of many more tocome .


MacKenzie Flight

Front Row, Left to Right: P Pnestman. D Mlddlestead. A Poston. C Marsland. J Simpson. M Tatllefer. A. Grant. T Mlddelveen, M Robert, J Perry. D Lopes, R Maxwell Middle: S NaSh. R Paynter, S Montsugu. G Marshall. W McCa", K Riley. L. Gibbon. L Oster , T Nlchita. R Pierce. R QUinn. K Reimer Back: D Prelkshot. J Paupst, A. Long. T Gobin. P Lyons, D. HiSlop, J Pataracchla. C Robins. V Penner. W Prokop'w J Plneault, O. Preradovlc.

"Oh , what a night, everything will be alright ... " , but not for a while, as the newest recruits, arriving were soon to find out. Mack flight , under the leadership of I'il AI , and seconded by Paynter, supported by Marshall, Perry ar,d McCall was quick to formulate into a close knit unit. Once again the true military flight rose to the occasion and Mack captured both Wisener and Mil-Skills . As well, Mack took the wing swim meet AI , Tom , Mark and Marty , the best of luck to you In the real world . Those off to RMC too, bonne chance . To those that remain , the future is in your hands . That which is worthwhile comes from within . Pride is the greatest of all virtues; for it is pride that gives us the drive and motivation to strive to be the best. In the end we all have ... " a long long way to go ."


Hudson Flight

Hudson was the flight to diminish most during the year 1984-1985. Out of the original 15 recruits to brave Royal Road s, only six survived to see second year with the aid of their seniors and a super junior. Academics , not a high point with Hud juniors, was the crunch in the end that led to the sad loss of a few flight buds , and Rovak . But although we were small , doesn't mean we lacked spirit. The squadron cleaned up on the sports field , and won the award for overall intramurals. And then there was the illustrious HUDSON BOMBSHELL . Throughout the year , it had its moments painted red and then blue , but it was soon restored to its natural state - Green , the superior colour of Three Squadron , Ruler of the Wing . FTW HUD


LaSalle Flight

Well the year has finally come and as we all pack for the summer we think back on the past 9 months. For some it was the last of life at MilCol as they will soon be on their way to a career outside of Roads . The third years can look forward to being fourth years, most of the second years are off to RMC and the first years can finally locamote without looking like they're part of a duracell commercial. After a not so successful first semester, Lasalle came back strong in second semester. First together with Hudson we won the Wing Regatta and then it was on to two black eyes In Intramurals . After a long hard semester we showed our true colors by winning the Williment Trophy.



Blck Row L 10 R: H Pettigrew, I Stewart, D Gillis, W. Carter, M Ward, J Hodgson. T Gobin, S Mcintosh, V Motyer. D Baker Cenlre: K Salchert, S MacMonagle, J. Grech, A , Jalaslaa, B Woods, C. VOice, A Butler, T Heuthorst, D Peterson, R Brooks. R Maxwell, D Townsend, J Stevenson. R Ford. M QUinn, D Tyler. W Prokoplw. S Collins. L Oster Front: E DeConnlck, J Schneider, A. Brosha, S Flight. S Andrec. D Berscheld . M Wagener. V Penner. D Shaw B May C Stolz



,. .

", .

.". ~ .. :

' ... ~



~~.~ ~.; .., f


. '"

During the 85-86 year, the band partook in many activities . We welcomed our new band master PO T. Vickary who had become lovingly known as Papa Smurf. During our first semester our band was led by Mr . Salchert. He worked diligently to pull the band together through recruit term and get ready for Remembrance Day Parade and the Christmas Concert. Second semester saw the helm taken by Mr . Quinn who prepared the band for Expo '86 . Honour Slate was the return of Salty as the head of the band while we practiced pathfinders march and the the figure eight. The year has been a memorable one for the band, from larks and band parties to Expo '86 , the band has met all its challenges with spirit and enthusiasm . Our sincere thanks go to PO Vickary for his hard work and determination over the past year. His patience and sense of humour have been greatly appreciated .


4 Squadron

The year started with our usual enthusiasm and zest. We participated in numerous events within with the wing . We have a very creative bunch of UT's this year, some of us go so far as to invent new drill movements . I have never seen anyone come to a halt and lay down with such timing and grace despite the pressures of a commandant's parade . No one would have noticed the beautifully executed drill movement if it hadn't been for 4 Sqn giggling and jiggling . Ever since then we have been called the Number Four Jello Sqn . All in all though it has been a pretty good year for most of us even though you may hear us "complaining for nothing at RRMC ", but this is usually because we're in "Dire Straits". (joke Hal Hal Groan .)


4 Squadron

Reid, D Theus, J Dore, J Christie, J Drinkwater. S Johannsen, P Vale, J. Messier, A Cook, A Vander



o C


e y

. and now Howard , ABC sports would like to go 'up close and personal' with the men who made up this intriguing group, the Royal Roads Hockey team . Dubbed " The Roosters" by their adoring fans , these dedicated few began the season with intensive dryland training . Initially , things went badly. Continuing to work , however, at 6 a.m. practices and after school, the team began to slam and score their way into a battle for the top of the league, held by the mealy-mouthed PPCLI 's. Mid-term exams once more decimated the team , but on they went, taking on all comers, including BCIT and the highly nationally ranked Douglas College . Finishing second in the League , they took on their infamous rivals , the 3 PPCLI, for the League Championship . In two of the greatest hockey battles that ever raged across a rink , the Roosters and the Pickles fought it out in a 5-5 tie and a narrow and controversial 5-4 defeat for the Roosters . Well , Howard , there you have it, Now back to you in the booth .


R u




Fourth Row from the left: T Brooks. B Ford. P Demers. K. Genlles. N Gaudreaull. J Slevenson. A Boegman. E Liebert ThIrd Row from the left: B Staff. R Baxter. A Butler. C Abbott. R Taylor. P Abbott. D Whitley D Gillis, J Clelland. Dr G Lancaster Second Row from the left: J Cornish. D Baker. M Gagne. V Walers. J Bflssette, S Mclnlosh. J Clifford Bottom Row from thelelt: D Welsby. J Renaud. W McCall. R Stoney. J Palaracchla, R Burke. B May

To Simply state that our season started off a little slow as the new members became accustomed to the game , is unfair . It fails to acknowledge the effort expended both on and off the field in Abbottsford at Thanksgiving, or the extensive dry-land training that went on during Fridays at Peer's (complete with monkey fights and "training films" ). Comments like " our play improved dramatically over the year" Fail to do Justice to the work of the talented individuals that made up the team . Despite the heartbreak of having our European tour cancelled, the team's morale was boosted by Pascal's breach , and trips to Nanalmo, Duncan , Oak Bay, and other such exotic locals, but thiS could never be adequately expressed in 250 words . When aSSigning difficult tasks of this nature, the editor must remember that this is the RUGBY team , and rugby players are not supposed to be literate Hawaii , here we come , maybe I


w o


e n


v o I I

e y b

a I



Although a fairly long season, the ladies' volleyball team had a great one. Working with all levels of skill, from the elite coaching of Jan Joyce to the Initial levels of other members, the team joined together to form one solid team. Finishing 5th place in the Totem Conference League and 2nd place in the Victoria Women's League, the ladies proved they could not easily be defeated. The year was filled with many exciting trips to the exotic sites of Castlegar, Comox, Kamloops (with the all exciting tour of the radar base) and numerous colleges in Vancouver. To those who look back, the 85-86 RRMC Ladies' Volleyball Team will be remembered for their smiles, skill, and their ability to attract spectators (in the name of spirit, of course l ) And so the saga continues. until next year. college


e n S

v o

StJlndlng from the Left: A Watson. M Paupst J Hopkins. T Sykes. A Tansey. J Simpson. R. Nickerson. A. Long. Capt G Pronk Kneeling from the Left: P Szabunlo. J Schneider B. Roe. 0 Lopes. C Blair


e y b

The 1985-1986 season for the Men's Representative Volleyball team has been very exciting this year. RRMC has finally become a power to contend with in the Totem Conference . As well , for the first time In our College's history , it was ranked in the top ten across the nation . The accomplishments of the team don't end here because A . Long , M. Perry , B. Roe, and A. Tansey have all been selected as All-Star players throughout the season with M. Perry being selected for the Provincial All-Star team . After mentioning these 'firsts' in RRMC Volleyball, it is necessary to acknowledge the person whose efforts have made everything possible . Capt. Pronk's devotion, expertise , cool head, and pencil breaking abilities have made this team what it was this year . Overall , it was an incredible season with a bunch of wild and crazy guys who shared one common interest - Volleyball . Good luck in the future Boys and remember that " Volleyball players go hlgher l ".

a I I


T i

a t h


o n Standing from the Left: S Wilton. D. Bersheld. A. Jalasjaa. S Brousseau. KLutz. S. Flight. P Dimitroff. T. Heath. A. Butler Kneeling from the Left: J. Tomlinson. B. Slbthorpe. K Aselstlne, K. Reid

Many wondered why we did it - sometimes we did ourselves. The triathlon team , as its name implies , provided a challenge for all who joined . With each practice , the spit seemed to get shorter and the cycles more challenging but more fun . Then , as others headed in after 500 , we headed out - down to the pool for a swim which also promised to be more of a bag drive than the last hour. Royal Roads had its own triathlon on November 17 , basically a " Practice" competition to see if we could handle the real thing . After Christmas the " Serious training " started as " March and UBC isn' t that far awayl " as coach Jon Gri never let us forgetl Our team had doubled in size since last year and sent strong competition to this Vancouver event. U of Vic also set up a course which our team attacked in late march . The strength and spirit is therenext year promises that and more .


C r

o S S

c o u

n t

y 1985-86 marked a fine season for the Royal Roads Cross-Country team . Despite a rather depressing recruiting campaign the team forged on and at some points in the year had upwards of 20 members . The team competed in 16 races throughout the year with 8 runners going to each race . If anyone thinks that running a half marathon IS really a deek from a one hour parade they are most welcome to join up and find out. This leads to yet another asset that the Cross-Country team may claim . With a very minimum of pressure placed on the team members of vastly divergent ability by the smiling Dr Smart a very relaxed social atmosphere developed on the team . The race trips became a great way to get away from the college grind and blow off a little steam . Special thanks to Dr. Smart and his political magic at the castle



Standing from the Left: A. Poslon, M. Ward, E DeConnlck, P. Cowan . Kneeling from the Left: G. Kerr, I. MacPherson, 0 Richardson

e This year's rifle team had yet another physically, mentally and morally demanding season under the fearless leadership of our captain, AI Poston. The team honed it's skills during our twice weekly practices and improved greatly throughout the year. We started out with a mix of experienced shooters and newcomers, with all pitching in to make it a successful and satisfying season. The highlight of the team's year was the annual trip to the University of Idaho to shoot against the U.S . Navy ROTC unit there. Although the team didn't do so well in the competition itself, we all had a great trip. The next challenge that faced the team was the DCRA Postal Shoot. Finally, at the end of the year, was the crossed rifle shoot. All in all it was a very enjoyable year for everyone.

P i S


o I Standing from the Left: S. MacMonagle, T. Espenanl, C. Slollz , S. Sharp, M. Torn . Kneeling from the Left: O. Lavoie , K Johannsen, R Johnson, D. Townsend


Once over the initial disappointment of finding out that we were to shoot at paper targets, the pistol team settled down to serious practice with both the college's .22 match pistols and the Force's 9mm service pistols. There was alot to learn this year as most of the team were 1 st years new to the idea of serious pistol shooting. But, with hard work and patience, everyone on the team can now be considered "dangerous" with a loaded pistol The highlight for the pistol team's year was their trip to Moscow (USA?) in November . After dragging Scott away from his new American "frien d", the team got back home without any accidents. With most of the team remaining at RRMC next year, the team should .be very strong for the 86/87 season. Best of Luck and Good Shooting, guys


de or fal

H an


Top Row Left to Right: W Cummings, M Wellwood . K Binnie. J Miller o Preradovlc Bottom Row from the Left: J little , L Oster, C. Zaidi, M Baliion


now sial heir fler

Ican any g al rang ood

The Royal Road s Curling team consisted of Darryl Soligo (skip) , Todd Culver (third), Darryl Williams (second) and Jay Simpson (lead) . We had a very successful year in the Thurs night Juan de Fuca men's league , fin ishing In a tie for fourth place overall out of sixteen teams , despite the fact that we had to forfeit about four or five games due to Xmas exams and leave . Unfortunately , we fell apart in the playoffs and failed to win a game In the round robin B-event. However, with such a promising performance and vast Increase over previous years , next year should be our year .

S k

Well folks here It IS. Another season has passed with the RRMC ski team . Well this year the team spirit and skill was excellent. Docs Reimer and Wolfe were excellent in their coaching and pre-ski season bag drives. " Hey there goes the ski team waddling down the soccer field ". Well we did manage to have several days training at Whistler Mt . The entire team proved to be excellent skiers . With the help of a Whistler coach , we were all skiing like Todd Brooker by the end of the three days . While at Whistler, the team helped themselves to the cultural aspects of skiing , Anyway , I would like to conclude that the entire ski team feels that it is an essential part of the college rep teams and therefore ind ispensable to all.

c u

i n

9 From Left to Right: D Williams D Sollgo. R Pierce. J Simpson, T Culver


s o

c c e

Top Row from the Left: J. Werseen, G. Venman, R Baxter, J Perry, J Hopkins, T Cassidy, R. Lankester, E. Izatt, S McWilliams, A Grant, Cpl Button s. Bottom Row from the Left: 0 Baus, A Durst, J Lindsay, J Clelland, P Garbutt, G Marshall, D Gillis.

Royal Roads United Football Club played a well fought season in the Totem Conference. Due to a fine start the team was able to finish quite high in the conference standings with the highlight of the season the defeat of the NOTC team in the Hibbard Cup competition The tYPical B.C. liquid sunshine played spectator to a hard fought match which came down to sudden -death penalty shots . Special thanks to John Buttons and Jim "the coach" Spencer (who due to the lack of his plumbing knowledge couldn't turn off the tap the night of the banquet and had to be picked up by his son).


a t


The Water Rats enjoyed their best season ever this year. With most of last year's team returning, we found ourselves with a strong base to which was added several strong rookies . Second semester, the season began in earnest. In the first tournament, Roads resoundly defeated Nanaimo, and held UVic to a respectable 7-4 victory The same results, Roads defeating Nanaimo and narrowly losing to UVic, would hold true at the subsequent tournaments. Due to logistical problems, the finals were never held , and by a series of defaults, Roads finished second in the division, while UVic won and Nanaimo finished last. Many of the players demonstrated some outstanding performances . And if all this sounds like a post-mortem, it is, for this is the last year for the Royal Roads Representative Water Polo Team.


o I



Standing from the Left: D Stacey, K Riley, H. McDonald, V Motyer , J. Hea , T Heuthorst , J Smith Sitting from the Left: Capt Slater , J Stewart, J. Simpson, K VanDuelmen, A St Hilaire

Th te

12 , an we Tri sil Ihe 10

did be an petl pen pen

lea yea

Top Row from the Left: R

Ermel . S Andree. S Collins. D. Puddington. M. McFarlane. Dr T. Thomas. Bottom Row from the Left:

R Ames , T. Culver, C . Robins, J . Cosman, J Christie

S a i n


m ng ng In

ds 10


the 've

The fall of '85 was rather slow, however the team managed a trip to Douglas College on the 12th of Oct . The team did very well with 5 wins and 4 losses. In January J. Pineault and G. Reid went to Courtney for the BC Winter Games Trials . Jamie earned a Gold at the trials and a silver at the actual games Grant won a silver at the trials . At the end of January the team went to Tacoma, Washington to compete, but we didn't do as well as we expected. In the beginning of February the team went to SFU and competed against some strong competition . The team gained some valuable experience and sore muscles from the experience . In all it was a successful year, but the team looks forward to an even better time next year .

Possibly the college's most competitive team, they consistently placed in the top 5 of the 15 colleges and universities in the pacific northwest region. The team was able to capture a fourth in the Timmy Angstorm Eliminations for the North American and third in the RRMC Invitational. In the Hibbard Cup this year many old members of the team, who now sail for NOTC, were destroyed in every race of the series by us. It would be criminal not to mention the fantastic coaching of Terry Thomas. Her presence will be sorely missed next year. With a strong junior contingent and Mr Puddington staying the team should be able to put in a strong showing next season.


W r

e S


I n 9

Top Row from the Left : J.

Pineau It, D. Shuster, P Weir, Bill, R Qurnn. T Sloan, Sgl Tremblay Back Row from the Left: J Grech

W Sippola, G Reid, S Ross


From Left to Right ; MWO Sears , E Izatt , P Lyons , M Cope , R. Bachynsky

s q u

a s h


a d


Squash, not only a much admired vegatable, but the game of true gentlemen. This year's powerful assemblage of players possessed a wide variety of skills: Ron Bachynsky's fiendish blinding of his opponents with his exposed epicranium, Marty Taillefer's imposing and intimidating racquet gesticulations, Pete "The Stomper" Lyons' distracting in-court confabulation, Mike Cope's maddening perpetual benevolence, Ed Izatt's fraudulent portrayal of a tranquil (if not meek) adherent of the Mormon faith and Sergeant Major Sears' superior agility. Although the team, engaged principally in exhibition and local league play, U Vic did, on occasion, quake at the prospect of facing our formidable arsenal in tournament play. While we did not always triumph, an opponent was never left unscathed. But of greatest importance, particularly to the multitudes of our devoted fans, was the fact that we were undisputably the most articulate and ruggedly good-looking team to venture forth from Roads.

i n t

o n Top Row Left to Right: Sgt Straight,

D. Kane, R. Hyland, S. McWilliams, J McCarthy , D. Peterson Bottom Row Left to Right: R. Obertreis , M. Crocker , D. Hislop , N. Belland , A . Day , A . Vander Pluym


The badminton team played several tournaments this year enjoying many successes. We started the season slowly but as skills improved the games became longer and competition more intense. Special thanks to the coach for his expertise in teaching the finer pOints of the game. The sport itself requires agility, speed and quick reflexes. Each of the players possess these qualities and it definitely shows in their playing ability. Unfortunately budget cuts are going to reduce the team's flexibility next year but hopefully we will continue to do well. Congratulations to this years MVP D. Peterson .




Cross Country

CWSO Allenge

Hibbard Cup

Clockwise from Top Left: PlaYing a tough game of 1I00r hockey The Runners Roads wins again Concenlrallon The hand-off On Ihe side lines Look of determination No action Arr Billy Paddling to victory

Hibbard Cup

Sailing Regatta

Swim Meet

Clockwise Irom Opposite Upper Lelt: Loading up. Nicky finally gets up Fans for 2 Sqn. Where did he go 2 Sqn WinS I Gelling a Get set head start On your mark Digging In. Seiling sail Traffic accident

Track and Field



Track and Field


Flying Club This has been another successful year for the Flying Club . For the first time in its existance, the club has successfully branched out into the gliding field and thus broadened its horizons . There were two trips to Nanimo where cadets soared in S 222's and L-13 Blaniks . The private power pilots got there share of over 50 hours in Cesnas and a Warrior which included trips to Comox and Vancouver . Finally the flying club went to Comox during the January Mil - training week for a 5 day tour of the 407 Aurora Sqn . and the 422 Search and Rescue Sqn . which ended where all CF pilots do, on the ski slopes of Mt. Washington .


Camera Club The camera club was very active within the wing this year . Camera club members have served as Wing photographers, covering wing events as well as cadet activities in the block . Its President , James Belovich became the new CWL (Cadet Wing Len) as he got off almost every parade to take pictures. Many young cadets learned how to develop in the dark as they were exposed to new and interesting photographic skills.

Parachute Club

Magic Club

There are some experiences in life which are hard to describe; parachuting is one. It is the moment of truth . You are In front of your jumpmaster . The Jumpmaster asks If all is 0 K and you reply " O.K." The pilot yells " DOOR" and throws open the aircraft's door. A blast of cold air and engine roar hits you square in the face : This is the moment; the sounds are overwhelming Afraid , but the adrenaline is rushing through your body in anticipation of what IS to happen next. The jumpmaster says " GET READY ", and you climb out grabbing the strut Jumpmaster : " GOI ". Without hesitation you push out and arch into the 80 Mile an hour hurrican . All IS silent now but for the soft Wind rippling the canopy .

The RRMC Magic Club began it's third year participating in the National Universities Week in which members astounded the audience with their new found expertise . With Dr . Gilliland 's guidance, club members learned how to divide people into two and sometimes even three pieces (Heather and Laurie beware I) , as well as chopping off an unsuspecting " volunteer 's" head! The club's other activities included participation in the Underpriveleged Children 's Christmas Show , trips to area magic club meetings and, of course, the Springfest Talent Show. The club would like to thank Dr . Gilliland for his help and experience as well as to wish him luck in teaching cadets the "Nuclear Physics Shell Game"



Scuba Club

Auto Club

The scuba club had a large increase in membership this year as many cadets became newly certified divers. The miltrainlng diving trip on the Navy Yag was a great success with 3 cadets receiving advanced level certification. Night dives, reef dives all added to the fun. It was great fun watching Sean Boyle try and float his anchor of the bottom. In second semester many weekend diving trips were made by the club members. All in all the year was a great success for the club

This year the Auto Club had about 50 members on paper and about a dozen "faithful" diehards. Three successful car clinics were held which managed to keep Capt Christensen hopping from open hood to open hood, thus saving cadets hundreds and hundreds of dollars on both simple and complex car repairs. This year during the Springfest Car Rally cadets were treated to a scenic route around Colwood, Langford, Metchosin and West Saanich outback areas.

Windsurfing Club Ski Club The year started out on a disappointing note Having lost to mother nature, the Ski Club cancelled the first two ski trips. The next standdown approached and having commandeered a bus, 30 plus "rock stars" stormed Whistler Rain hampered the hili all year long and thiS weekend was no exception ThiS summary cannot be complete without tales of homecooklng, binoculars, shotguns, canned baby potatoes and face plants Special thanks to Michelle and Doc, may next year improve again so that fun may be had by all

This year we held the 2nd Annual R.R.M.C Windsurfing Regatta One BIG Regatta with surfers from allover, and I can honestly say a good time was had by all. We had one little problem though, It was attended mostly by CIV'SI Well In 86-87 We hope to get more of the wing out, and DOMINATE (with a capital D) the windsurfing scene (How you ask? Probably with the help of a bikini or twOI) First let me tell you more about the club We're more laid back then the rest, no meetings, no obligations and no hassels l All you have to do IS eat, drink, and dream "WIND" I If you think It'S not for you, I'm sure we can change your mind Ride your 1st Wind and your hooked for Ilfe ll So what are you waiting for? Surf Roads 86-87 1 Dr. Surf Prez Windsurfing Club



Clockwise from Opposite Page Upper Left: My, what big feet you have The wet look Cynics. VComdt gets Initiated Transfer to RMC That was one big bird HUD STUDS Which way IS up? Nice lampshade

2nd Year Term



Cartier 16513

London . Onl

R GAmes


M,I Col- To Rob. and ex-RCR reservlsl 11 dldn'llook like It would be all that hard alier all . he had carned a sword at the graduation parade Irom "Hotel Chilliwack' He was stili disillusioned thatllrst night at Roads In which he utlered those Immortal wordS ' Th,s IS neat l ' Yet Rook Term ended qUickly enough . and so did the rest 01 the year Rob managed to pass with no supps (Il even though he was a member 01 the Cartier Country Club and the rep sailing team - can you say party at U 01 Wash? Alter a summer of trYing to speak french at St-Jean . Rob returned to Roads to be the Cartier Flight Jew . a founding member of the cynicism and sarcasm club, and to lead the flight 1M hockey team - a sport he excels at If he survives the year academically (Ie escaping the Bayer Bomb) - which he shOuld do ,f he cuts down on hiS euchre play, Rob will be heading off to RMC (following a summer at Portage) to blend Into the woodwork and take general history Best of Luck '


16514 Thunder Bay, Ont


M L Andrews

'Chelle, 'Chelle who writes so well It has often been said That the poetry In your head Would be better left untOld, If I may be so bold, E E Cummings need not fear For It'S painfully clear That your poetry won't last OutSide of H Class l Not many H Class members escaped 'Chelle's unique brand of poetry throughout the endless physics and history classes "Bubbles" had many other attributes; she was very active with the ladles' volleyball and Xcountry team, coached her flight basketball team and "bagged the bod" (as well as those of the Rooks) dUring her reign as CFSO first slate. 'Chelle decorated her sleeve With crossed clubs and swords, and was a member of the illustriOUs 450 Club It's off to CFB Borden for a fun-filled summer of LOG Phase 2, then to RMC for Economics 16515 Belleville,Ont


K.A Aselstlne

Kim, JOined the army on a whim. They sent her to C,V U, For 1 year times 2, But for Kim It had to be, Royal Roads Academy, Where they do drill In their spare time, And to smile IS a GrIme Her first year was engineering, But a sup she had been fearing, Switched her to the artsmen class, Where higher marks she did amass Now It'S off to RMC, To finish her degree, She'll be happy to know, only 1298 days left to go In first semester Kim was CA flight proctor, a big Job considering CA flight's academiC standing After Christmas, Kim spent an Interesting 3 weeks in the hospital entertaining countless guests by blOWing bubbles through her IV tubing and trying to be nonchalant about her catheter She deCided she'd had enough of hospitals and needles In her posterior and returned to take the reigns of Cadet Section Commander In hand and complete a successful year at RRMC. One special award Kim received Ihls year IS the Golden Zipper Award Next year Kim will be studYing at RMC, after an exciting summer of ADMIN phase training


16516 North Bay, Onl


JL A Audet

"Audeek" or" Maudlt Toad" came to RRMC from the land of french spares, Montreal Once here, hiS keen altitude and past militia experience covered the fact that he almost perfected the art of "Deeklng" In hiS first year, Luc learned that english was a real language, that hiS major couldn't be chemistry and that hockey was to be aVOided on pain of death Over the summer, he pretended to go to Canada's Wonderland, Bordon Ont for hiS LEME Phase2 but really he went to see hiS girl-friend, Monlque Luc returned to his second year to get even more spares ThiS year marked the Increase of "Mac Runs" and a realization that hiS future In history was Indeed history. He also became one of the "Cartier Breach Brothers", shOWing people how to double properly One wonders If Luc will make It to the 450 Club tune In next year at CMR for that answer (Hope he feels comfortable With all those french people there)

16517 London,Ont

DM Baker


Dave Baker a k a "Bakes" spent hiS first two wonderful years of MIICol at good old Royal Roads. Dave deCided 10 leave hiS successful academiCS here to finish off at RMC In Aerospace Engineering (too bad hiS recruiter failed to mention that CMC's don't offer thiS degree) Anyway, when Dave looks back In the Log In twenty years time, ready for hiS next F-18 mission (or IS that Tracker flight?) he'll probably wonder what he Weeelillemme tell ya Dave was a member In good standing of the was remembered for here at Roads Cartier Flight Eucher club although his opponents hated to be prey to hiS "WOOdy Woodpecker-laugh" Dave also was an oustandlng member of the "athletiC over-achievers club" What we all remember him most for IS hiS good looks (paid plug In) BASS FISHING, face it Dave, you went to RMC because there IS no Bass fishing out west l Finally to finish, a descrlpllon of Dave's Ideal woman "A good looking chick who enJoys bass fishing but IS too Inept to catch more than me"


'6 Ne

16519 Nepean,On1.


J L Belovlch

There have been many people who ask who IS the Latvian Mangler, the teller of bad Jokes who IS seen running through Cartier Halls? The answer IS Simple James L Belovlch. James, while trying to follow In the footsteps of both his father and brother. came to Roads In 1984 from Ottawa (that den of moral fortitude) James qUickly fell IntO College routine by learning all the old deke's and creating a few of his own "I can't go on parade I have to take pictures" James rose In prominence when he became a member of the Rep Fondling (wrestllngJ Team and the Rep God Squad With all of these qualifications It was inevitable that James would receive a command position He did this In 2nd/yr when he became the Cartier Flight Procto(Ioglst)-r With these learned skills he should be well prepared to tackle "the other college' and Ihe MILE branch The only thing that won't be missed IS his Bad Jokes '


16521 Kingston, Ont


A Boegman

After years of laughing at the cadets of RMC In their funny uniforms, this Kingston nallve saw the light and )olned Ihe CF as a rack monsler/kye monger Of course In the Forces' Inflnlle wisdom they sent Anton 3000 miles Instead of 3 blocks. Since coming to Ihe land of year round rugby, Anion has managed to do Just that, and become a valuable player But rugby wasn't the only Ihlng In his life (although Irs hard to believe) Anion managed CFSO bars and a IIny bit of academics to round out his stay at Roads. An aVid skier and hockey player Ihe lights In his room burned long Into the night as he wrole his Infamous "Night before essays" due Monday morning after a weekend Irlp 10 Whistler When nOI listening to his reggae tapes, or reading cheap paper-backs he IS In deep concentration about his eucher hand and whelher or not to go for the four POints again Anton will be staYing In Victoria to undergo his phase training, then Irs off to Kingston to beat up high school kids laughing al his uniform. Have a good lime Boegy


16523 Ottawa,Ont


M Brissette

An excellent euchre hosl and keeper of 'the lounge', Mike 'Bope 0' Brissette spent most of his second year culturallZlng members of the Cartier Country Club Dally plrhanna feedings became a moral boost for the blood-thirsty seniors Despite Mike's 'beat the Christmas rush' membership In the 251 over-achievers club he proved to be the rugby leam's favorite pair of legs as Ihelr hooker Having completed his time al a real MIICol Mike IS bound for CMR and will be a little closer 10 his home Training to be a pllOI Mike slill has difficulty deciding between Ireetop level tac-hel and CF-18's, but either way It IS certain Mike will be Improving his crud game nightly In a Snake Pit somewhere

16526 Calgary, Alta

A C Buller


AI Butler, known as the Infamous 'Butts" Since his first day al Royal Roads, graduated from cleaning only half Ihe room In RecrUit Term to cleaning the entire room In 2nd Yr AI also escaladed In rank as he graduated from Mace Boy to Mace Man Many questions arose as to why AI attained the nickname' Butts' Some of his friends say It'S because every time he was asked a quesllon In first year he responded with "But But ", others say Irs because of his lasl name, but the majority call him "Butts" because It'S usually the only thing you see as he gallops by you at a pace not quite determined by sClenlist yet AI loves running so much that he became a member of the Breech Brothers so as to run across the CIrcle again. When Allsn'l running on the upper track, you can see him running away with Ihe ball on Ihe rugby pitch AI was one of Ihe few that avoided Supp Fest In Cartier Country Club at the end of first year bul at the end of 2nd Yr first semeSler, AI decided that he liked History so much Ihal he wrote the final tWice Walch Out 86' rooks because Butts IS coming back for 3rd and 4th year to learn aboul waves and he's ready to "Bag Ihe Bod"'"


16529 Fernie , B C


J Clelland

James " KIL T Clelland came 10 us from Ihe Ihnvlng melropollS of Fernie B C Where IS Fernie you ask? Well we believe II IS somewhere In Ihe rockies bul we are nol sure Whal we do know Ihough IS Ihal he comes from a long line of Hobblls which explains his helghl , or lack Ihere of , and his overSized hairy feel HIs size Bul was besl ep,lom,zed on Ihe parade square by Ihe command 'Tallasl on Ihe nghl Clelland on Ihe lell whal he lacked In size he made up for In splnl James played on Ihe Rep Soccer and Rugby leam as well as being a valuable member of Ihe Fllghl Euchre Squad Bul when nOI playing Euchre he could be found somewhere on a dale wllh hiS ex-glrlfnend's roommale from U-VIC James has en,oyed hiS flrsl Iwo years al Roads so much Ihal he has decided 10 slay Iwo more and become a MliSlud We all Wish him Ihe besl of luck In Ihe fulure He IS a Irue leader and a greal fnend 10 us all

16530 Aurora Onl

Da '" 00 al oe


S Collins

Spence unlike hiS land-onenled " Richmond HIli Roadenl counlerparts, IS a Irue sailing sea-loving God As caplaln of Ihe sailing leam, and coordlnalor of numerous regallas, Spence proved 10 be one of Ihe REAL navallypes Spence was a member of Ihe rep 'fun-In-Ihe-sun and Ihe rain' salling leam and a bandsman for bOlh years In facl , Spence was one of Ihe few bandsmen who expressed hiS deSire 10 play Ihe Irombone and be a Iroople allhe same lime, I e gallors Spence was able 10 gel second class honours In firs I year, bul slipped 'slighlly" In second year when he adopled Ihe alillude'Forgel academiCS, bnng on Ihe lemmes" Hence, he endeavoured 10 change Ihe college mollo from Trulh , Duly, Valour 10 Women, Procrasllnallon, Parl-Marksl Spence won Ihe Cartier Mouslache Conlesl bOlh years HIS mouslache was like ralncoals on wing dnll on again, off again Spence's grealesl dlsappolnlmenl occured In Ihe beginning of second year when, aller haVing mel a blond bombshell of a french nurse m SI Jean , received a call from her saying Ihal she regrelled nol haVing gOllen 10 know him " biblically speaklng"l Spence IS off 10 KlngSlon and a new life Go gellhose Oueens women Spence '


16531 Rlmby Alia


J W J Cornish

Jim came 10 uS from R,mby Alia, 'Hey-hey leaVing behind a lucrallve career as a redneck W,lh greal skill and ablilly he qUickly adapled 10 college roullne Jim IS a brawler al hear! and 10 prove Ihls he did whal every olher down-home boy WOUld, he jomed Ihe Royal Roads rugby leam, Affecllonalely called Tummy by hiS leammales he proved 10 be one of Ihe more aggressive players on Ihe field, as seen by Ihe large collecllon of MIR cMs he oblamed One may gel the Impression Ihal Jim IS juSI anolher country hick Well qUlle Ihe oPPoslle In faci he proved 10 be a lOP sludent and won Ihe LI Governor's Medal In firs I year ThiS along wllh hiS olher lalenls gained him a CSC posilion In flrSI slale Liking It so much here Jim has deCided 10 slay 10 be a (cough?I?) oceanographer In keeping wllh Ihe sea Iradilion he has also become a MARE officer WARNING - Slay oul of Ihe waler when Jim IS oul of Port Good luck Jim

16072 Fonlhlll Onl

D J BOlan


Dan comes from some obscure place back easl, bul Ihrough Ihe years has become less Ihan obscure al RRMC Dan's fashion oullook has changed Since hiS arrival here Once liking Ihe look of lealher jackels, Dan was soon dismayed by Ihe fact Ihat Ihe fashion coordinator for Ihe cadels had oullawed lealher II was a good Ihlng for Dan, however Ihal he was In Fraser fllghl- Ihe fashion fllghl Dan IS well-liked here not only by hiS peers bul also by Ihe Comdl who conslanlly lalks 10 him on Wing parades The PERI slaff IS also very fond of Dan and IS sending him lellers wllh regards to hiS lalesl phYSical ach,evemenls Due 10 Ihls kinship Ihal has developed Dan plans 10 slay al kRoads for Iwo more years ThiS depends of course on whelher the AcademiC slaff likes him as much as Ihe PERI slaff does We Wish Dan Ihe besl of luck In survIving al RRMC


" Ie d~!e'r



:6522 CanwoOd, Sask


D Y Boyle

Darla came to Royal Roads from a family of 8 who lived In the thrIVIng metropotls of Canwood , Sask She began her time at Roads as an Engineer but halfway through first year decided that arts was more her styte She's a member of the ladles rep volleyball team and an aspiring MIiStud HaviCg obtained her clubs early In lirst year Darla has always been very aClive In sports at the college Dartas always been very busy although nobody s sure exaclly what al. as she seems to spend a great deal of time away from the college She has always had opmlons and Shes never missed an OpportuCily to let them be known Hopefully third year wilt be as good for her as her second year has been EnJOY the next two years at Roads Darla

16165 Wanganul , N Z

S T Boyle


Sean ' Ie panlquer" Boyle was oflglnally deported from New Zealand (no sheep Jokes, please) due to hiS record of reckless driVing In that country ThiS naturally made him a contestant for the Cross-Country team's bimonthly "Dflve like a Fool' competition Eventually beating out S Wilton iC the " Hurling Abuse at Other Drivers category, Sean was a maJor part of the most elile group In the college (no, not the magic club) Hailing from the land of KIWI , Sean was the obVIOUS chOice for lirst slate CSC of Fraser Juggling hiS time between hiS bar position and running, Sean also belonged to the Scuba Club, and If that wasnt enough , he retained hiS membership In the 450 club After flndiCg out hiS monthly salary wasn't suffiCient, Sean tfled getting a Job as guest lecturer for Thermodynamics, Alas, he didn't get the Job As a result, he Wilt be keepiCg hiS classification (CELE AIR) and Wilt be attendiCg CMR next year hoping to become CMR's first CWLSO The Fraser Buds will miSs you alol. Sean Good Luck


16528 Niagara Faits, Ont

LA Chalk leg


Lisa came from booming Niagara Falls, Ontario Her lime at Royal Roads has been spent diligently studying engmeerlng courses Her hard work paid off as she was Fraser's proctor In second semester She also won the French award after her InterestiCg summer In St Jean,Ouebec Lisa Will atways be remembered for her speedy sports car and her speedy Circles In first year lisa, the surVivor, IS moviCg on to RMC Best of luck lisa we know you Wilt fight to the end

t6532 Saint John , N B

J R Cosman


Jeff one of the few lucky New Brunswlckers ever to make It to Roads, realized he had discovered his niche iC life, when In English 113, the Morgue uttered the Immortal words , ' Art IS the Signature of spam " Jeff IS determiCed to find out what exaclly the Morgue meant and to thiS end, Jeff will be gOing to RMC for Honours English Jeffry Ratph (yes, that IS hiS middle name"), beSides earniCg hiS crossed swords and crossed clubs, entered wing wrestling looking for a few WiCS but unfortunately was qUite confused by trying to light hiS tong0stldentlcattwm brother (Stoltz) One of the strongest members of the sallmg team, Jeff IS PUttiCg hiS 'Sea legs to goOd use thiS summer dUring MARS Phase It Forever searching for the gotden rice paddy Jeff can often be seen screammg around town on hiS Yamaha 400 (Yes, It does run l ), sporllng a line yellow sou'wester He has many faVOrite sayings, hiS most faVOrite beiCg " Welt, Pete, better them than US " After a ' bflel period of spiritual explorallon (possible caused by second semester CSC Bars) we are happy to see Jeff back on the darkslde Good luck In the future , grow strong and make us proud of you Jeffy


16533 Campbell ford, Ont

W G Cummings


Sill came to Roads as a GUNG-HO tnfanteer and has done his ctasslflcatlon proud by showmg aggression and drive m everything he does He and his roommate were the onty JICs to ever leopard crawl down the hall In full cam and combats to hand m their correction chits (HIs CSC began Inspecting him out of arms reach l ) Sill, armed with crossed swords and clubs, went mto second year as a first slate CSC It was then that he began to really mellow out Fraser halls qUickly became the dungeon of Grant block Selng a true ski bum, Sill cap tamed the team to a successful, and definitely enjoyable season. Sill's heart, however, lies m Montreal, where he spent one ecstatic stand down In particular It was there that he developed his present passion for yogurt (he sometimes eats It toOll) Sill hopes to spend his summer jumpmg out of perfectly serviceable aircraft, traveling to the balmy swamps of Club Gagetown, and wlndmg up at RMC Sest of luck m the future SIII'

16535 Nanalmo, S C


P Dimitroff

Comrade Dlmltroffski IS from sunny Sulgarla, where he developed his Incredible running ability Every morning at 5 AM he would get up, milk the family gazell and set off on the 20 Km run to school Needless to say when he ran home again for lunch he didn't have much lime to eat, which explains the lean build he has today Pete was Involved In managing the College's Cross Country Team and Triathlon teams Other POSitions Included his presllglous appomtment as first slate Flight Fire Warden, while second semester brought him two bars as CFSO and the responsibility of maintaining Fraser Flight's monopoly on the sports field Pete's pet peeves were the Standing Sroad Jump, the Maritimes, and experiencing the "Grete Waltz Syndrome" while running Pete travels to Portage this summer to learn how to fly All the best at RMC Peter l


16538 MediCine Hat, Alta


W D Eyre

'No bram Wayne came to Fraser from Medicine Hat, Alberta qUickly est-abllshed a reputallon as Roads' own verSion of Rambo HIs psychotic actions as a first year (such as leopard crawling to deliver reportmg ChitS, booby traPPing the halls, and recltmg Apocalypse now lines) began to put fear Into rook and senior alike Thus ended first year for Wayne Second year produced an even more hOrrlfymg verSion of Wayne-CSC 4 second slate with clubs, blades, and antlclpallon of the airborne course. He did his best to 'develop' his JC's dUring his He was not a lecherous Rambo-type, but a soft-spoken Individual looking for the love Ms Right (Ie Ms Fascist) could give him while flghtmg In Afganlstan He would have to walt for that though Another two years of Queen's girls, Mllcol, and applied sCience awaits him at RMC

16539 Ottawa,Ont

D A Fox

Dave" Anti-Christ" Fox, well known for his recruit term rag-on voice and spiked hair came to us from some unknown (even to himself) place In the bowels of Ihe earth. An engmeer turned artsman after a year of pam, he was Fraser's first slate CFSO Dave IS Armoured (funny, he doesn'l look armoured) and IS Airborne qualified After a year of bagging It on the Rifle Team, Dave wanted to take It easy, so he jomed the Cross Country team. Dave IS also quite the badge collector, cross clubs (450 Club), crossed swords, crossed rifles, and crossed donuts Dave Will be heading off to RMC for Political SCience and Economics next year Good luck Dave, and I hope you find what you've always been looking for


16 Tor pn

ace 'A

rap hiS

occ es l eff

su miSS.

16542 Toronto. Ont


P F C . Garbutt

Phil's perfechonlstlc athtude and flair In dOing things made him a poslhve catalyst to RRMC He was an accomplished athlete, a force up front on the Rep Soccer Team, a 400 Club member, and a deml-god In IMs HIS innovations In drill ranged from an experiment In atomics to the Immortal command of "Change to happy lime " Phil's broad reaching talents also spread to academics In fact his perpetual early arrival back to hiS room to study and the lie on his door knob signalling he wasn't to be disturbed, soon became a common occurence Finally, Phil's greatest Impact on the college was simply his progressive taste in clothing which established him as the flight and later cadet wing fashion consultant I'm sure Phil will have Just as positive effects on the Alrforce as he has had on Roads when he heads off to his first Aerospace Officer phase this summer Sink a couple putts for me and everyone else heading off to that other Mil Col In the east, we will miss you terribly . NPG

16543 Dear Campbell River, B C.

N P Gaudreault


You have probably been wondering where Nell has spent the past two years, and are equally CUriOUS why he failed to take up work with one of his two hometown Job offers You'll have to apologize to the management of the "Mill" and "Harewood Textiles Inc", but I'm confident that they will agree, spending the last two years In Fraser Flight, RRMC constitutes a bit more of a challenge for the man. And a challenge It certainly has been for Neill After Juggling classifications he finally became a Naval Cadet, Nell consolidated his future In Maritime Engineering by attaining Second Class Honours In a crushing academic 2nd Yr When all those frustrations bUilt up In class, Nell let loose "crushing a few skulls" as a member of the Roads Rep Rugby Team, and getting his clubs. Now, he is off to Kingston, preparing to become that Astronaut he has always aspired to be, and we at Roads are feeling sad having to say good-bye to a close friend, who will be sorrowfully missed

Fraser 16519 Calgary, Alta


K P Gentles

Keith, the PIT MASTER and owner of the Fraser PIT PILLOW, never really went to MIiCol, he slept through It, and what a n,ghtmare With the position of Trlc Adv 0, Keith had to work extremely hard to maintain his high ' academic standing In Fraser Flight Along with being a natural genius, he was an asset to both the rep Rugby and Sailing teams In IMs he was a strong player with highlights In Ice Hockey, Ball Hockey and ETH Keith also achieved his CrosS-Pistols and Cross-Clubs. Unfortunately for Keith, Saturdays never really eXisted This may be because Friday nights eXisted all too welt Frequently Keith and his friends would Jump Into his bright red '68 Mercury Cougar and drive down to the Col-Wod for beer and ronles We think he has shares In the place Following his ancestors' footsteps, Keith IS a vrallnfanteer (whooahlll), who enJoys repelling down 4-storey bUildings, submarining Commandants and collecllng generals' licence plates. ThiS summer he is off to Gagetown but not before a stop over In Edmonton for the Jump course Best of luck to you Keith at RMC

'Ie PS

16548 Toronto,Ont

J PC Grech


John comes to us from the big city of Toronto, but we all know that when he got off the boat from Malta, he got lost and boarded a bus which said' Royal Roads' on It Well, It seems that John has settled right In here He has maintained his B average with moderate work and his strong, slender body can often be seen on the sports field John was also well Involved In other activities such as the band, rep wrestling team, being captain of the FlYing Club and entrepreneurlng In the Pizza business dUring exams All things being equal though, John liked to concentrate on things related to his pilot classification, girls and fast cars. He has fallen ,n love with one of the local girls and they can often be seen together In John's 6 6 litre Trans-Am If John does thiS well at RMC, he'll have no problems


t6540 BC


J G Fraser

Janice came directly to RRMC without first having gone through the basIc training at Chilliwack with the rest of us She qUickly made a name for herself though, as "Recruit Fraser Halt"" was the most heard drill command In Champlain's halls She astounded all with her early academic performance After narrowly missing first class honours by 18 % In first year she has shown considerable Improvement In her second year When not hampered by Injury. Janice has been an outstanding member of the college volleyball team. Janice IS the last remaining female second year In Champ Flight and will be missed next year when she moves on to RMC to study electrical engineering She IS perhaps best noted for her smile Through the grim days In recruit term, and countless InjUries, Including Calculus 103 she has kept smiling and been an Inspiration to all

16549 Prince George, B C


J M Greengrass

"Lurch' Greengrass, second slate proctor for Champlain flight. IS renowned for hiS unique ARTY' aspirations and for his famed roots In thriving Prince George. B C From his humble 'lumberJack-like' beginnings .. Jim-Bag deCided MIICol was for him Thus the great persplrer of Camp flight ended up at Royal Roads, as the senior member of his year In terms of age that IS He hopes to carryon at Roads for PhysICS and Comp SCI The best wishes of his peers go with him


16552 Brampton Ont

T W Heuthorst


Big Hue' came to Royal Roads a country mUSIC. union Irucker Brampton suburbia radical Fortunately some of his peers have refined him The first thing to go was his degree program He needed arts. so he was sWitched early In first year to Mil Stud Next, he lost his barbaric love for football. and 10lned a gentleman's sport, water polo Instead of beating on other people, he was given a big bass drum and told to beat on It to keep the band In line and the wing In step This display of leadership stood him well as leader of the best Mil Trg scam In history a motorcycle gang rampaging San Franc,so Finally, he needed someone to keep him ' relaxed Luckily the chemistry was right, so to speak Big Hue IS 01110 Air Nav training In order to keep from getllng lost all the time Good luck Theo. and please no more Icecubes on Easter Standdowns l

t6554 Scarborough Ont

J C Hodgson


Pookle Bear came to Roads fleeing the urban blight of Scarborough A First Class Honours Engineer In First Year, Josh stunned us all by sWitching to Arts where, It was rumoured the racking was better Many sleepless nights and numberless pots of tea (Ceylon Spice by preference) later he was" Artsman, to the frustration of his classmates "Hoshua Jodgson" loves the pipes and could often be heard on the OD late at night cursing 'those damned reeds' HIS ellorts paid 011 as he was the feared second slate CPM An AirNav with a yen for Sea Kings, Josh IS 011 to survival school Ihls summer and then to the other place back east for a degree Best of luck Pook and don't OD on lea'


. 6~5 Pe',er


J P Hopkins

Jonathan HOP<lns came to RRMC as a proud Nova Scotian eager to make his mark, which he d,d After a Keen first year Jon returned In second year as a first slate CSC with his swords, crossed-clubs. 'and first class honors. while stili achieVing COpiOUS amounts of p,Hlme Hoppy IS well known as a partler exIraordlnalre as well as, being the Radical member of the Champs DynamiC Duo (who listens to the Sex Pistols) He bUll! up a great deal of popularity With the 1st Yrs In RecrUil Term, always finding lime 10 slap and TALK By popular demand. he was named . SCREAMING' for 1985 and promplly graunched Ihereafter To the dismay of Mom and Dad and sailors everywhere. Jon IS now a member of the element He'll be off thiS summer to get hiS Airborne Wings. followed by MILE phase II He'll be missed In Champ next year as he heads to RMC to pursue a degree In Civil Englneeflng Best of Luck. Buds l

16557 Ottawa Ont


R B IrWin

Bflan IrWin a[llved at Royal Roads from the Natlon's capital ready to face the challenges ahead of him He met those challenges well and was rewarded for hiS efforts With the first slate CFSO pOSition He IS renowned In thiS capacity for leading the mighty Champlain flight to victory In a tense battle for the basement In tMs against the staff and four squadron Despite hiS Inability to Improve Champlain flights phYSical prowess the religiOUS half of the DYNAMIC DUO did hiS share In boosting our SPiritS and teaching the rooks how to party Nixon Block Witt never be the same since the notoflous Champlain flight party and Bflan made sure he was leading by example ASide from partying Bflan led the Cross Country team to another successful year and he finally won a race In captuflng the WING CROSS COUNTRY title After learning how to fall from the sky Without hurting himself. Bflan will be heading for Chilliwack to start hiS career as a MILE As CSL of 5 SON Bflan Will be leading hiS men to that mecca In the East, RMC I


16558 Winnipeg. Man


EM Izatt

Ed came to uS from the boonles of Winnipeg, Manitoba ASide from haVing the handicap 01 being the youngest member of the second year term and a strange liking for all things that come from Newcastle, Ed succeeded qUite well at Roads He was an Integral part of the rep squash team and an Indlspensabte fullback of the RRFC Seeing the error of their ways, Ed was made a second slate CSC (It was the accent that did It) Upon complellon of hiS second year (If academiC match other accomplishments), Ed Will be gOing to that 'other' cOllege In the East to pursue a degree In C,v,l Englneeflng and perhaps attempt to convert others to the muslc!?1 of Pink Floyd We Wish him best of luck on the lump course and remember to leave the salmon alone

t6559 Peterborough,Ont

P D Johnston


Paul was raised In Keene Ontaflo, Just a stone's throw from Stallngrad Paul expected Roads to be full of peopte Just like him. but was shocked to find that he was the only wafflor monk. and despite not being the Oflglnator of the term. he did prove to be ItS last basllon PJ crashed through first year making qUite a reputation for himself With hiS Insallable thirst Despite hiS atlltude towards lunlor academiCS, ("Why do I have to study thiS sh-t. I want to be a Mllstud?"j Paul achieved first class honours, and after a frustrating summer In St Jean (M LePerduj, returned to Vlctofla determined to make hiS mark on the COllege In the process PJ met hiS first 'ove, Pauline. who he was generous mth. lending her to any second year In the Wing But Paul S true mark came when he became a second slate CSC Eager to chip hiS sec lion up to standard Herr Johnston handed out more CIrcles than he had rooks Now he's off to Gagetown to fulfill hiS life-long ambition as an armoured officer Best of luck Paul and take It easy on the rest of the CF


16560 Guelph , Ont


D S Kane

Damn came to Royal Roads from the rural area around Guelph , Ontario What IS incomprehenSible IS how he's able to draw parallels between Mozart and ZZ Top, but If you read as much sCience fiction as Damn does dUring a day. then your ability to think 'claSSically' would change also Damn was a member of the Rep badminton team and malnlalned hiS cross clubs throughout second year HIS love for motorcycles and speed IS great, so great that he (among others) provided work for the California Highway Patrol Despite hiS limited time spent on academiCS Damn achieved second class hOnours In both first and second years Good luck In your endeavours Darrln and close your eyes when you rack '

16561 Niagara Ont


Champlain Flight IS known for ItS unlquen9Ss In the wing and 'BOOBIE' exemplifies this In all respects Coming to Roads from Nlagara-On-The-Lake and the Ontario SCience Center School. Jan Cunningham King had no problems with his 1st Yr academics While his roommate was failing out, Jan was noted reporting Innocently Excuse me Mr Ferguson, JIC King reporting I've already done this 1st Yr stuff - Can I become a 2nd Yr?' (he found he had to start from the bottom Just like the rest of us) Well. when Jan finally moved Into 2nd Yr as Flight Proctor he felt the academiC crunch and became one of the RODs victims' But , nevertheless, he received hiS 2nd slate CFSO bars. Jan was known for dOing things HIS way and being Wed "Duty Dude' was part of the result He was on friendly lerms With both the COMDT and VICE COMDTPersonally welcoming them to numerous briefings I Jan IS off to Pilot training this summer and hopefully , RMC for Electrical Eng that IS, If the Mothershlp DOESNT return Jan IS expected to do well this summer and those gOing on to RMC will look forward to seeing him there '

Champlain -Mackenzie

16564 Brampton,Ont


J W Little

Let me pense Hailing from Brampton, which has been olten quoted as the center of the universe Joe came to Roads for a challenge ArriVing With hiS golf clubs over hiS arm and the Financial Times under the other, Conrad was soon to be confronted by recruit term. Many limes we considered a hot-dog stand on Paradise Island. while we wrote a continuous stream of letters home. and supported Bell Canada Joe's summer adventures allowed him to develop a whole new concept In language training while personally advIsing the new base commander As a reward for hiS first year performance, Joe received first slate CSC where he proved hiS capabilities and went on to become Champs DCFL Possessing both academiC and athletiC prowess (450 club), Joey looks forward to continue hiS studies next year at RMC, and then to graduate Into the MARS classification Only to return to 10 Toronto St Good luck Conrad , someday we'll be to ones haVing fun 'You can blowout a candle, but you can't blowout a fire

16545 Klngston,Ont

L S L. Gibbon


LaUrie JOined the ranks of "Roadents from the home-town of that other MIICol-Klngston, and soon earned a She spent her first year In very hallowed position In the college, "Tallest on the right, Gibbon on the left Champlain FlIght before packing up and moving across the foyer to Mack U for second year bringing With her a great bulk of experience for something practically unknown to Mack second years namely supplemental exams LaUrie's main sport was waterpolo and she proved that Size makes no difference to the quality of play shown dUring the game She was even awarded a trophy In a tournament for this very reason, (no, not Skill, but for being the smallest player In a men's tournament) LaUrie IS returning to Kingston and she Will be taking many memories of Roads With her. her own room for second year, Comox & Bob, Long Beach & Rob and Guntape The best of luck IS Wished to her In the future by all the members of Mack flight


65 Ke


16547 Calgary Alia


T L I Gobin

Tell-Lee GODin hailed from Ihal unknown clly somewhere In weslern Canada 10 end up In Royal Roads. !~aCk Fllghl Aller pushing Ihrough RecrUII lerm she JOined Ihe pipe band and Ihe scuba club In facl, she I ,ed diving so much Ihal she became Vlce-Presldenl of Ihe club In second year Tell-Lee also disliked being '"OWn as a wimpy female l To prevenllhlS she became bOlh a welghlliller and a biker and was ollen heard saying 'Leave pass. whal S a leave pass?' Tert was one of Ihe few female engineers 10 pass englneellng In bOlh years Wllh second-class honours 10 boot' NOl only does she wanl 10 be one of Ihe fllsl female AIRNAV's Oul She wanlS 10 lake Compuler Englneertng al RMC as well' Well, wllh all Ihese challenges facing her one QueSllon SIIII remains 'Is she an ROTP cadel or a UP" Good luck and ailihe besl. Terti

16553 Arthur ani




Halling from Ihe small lown of Arlhur Onlallo. Dawn JOined Ihe ranks of RRMC wllh a bllghl appealing smile and a frtendly nalure, which were nol always looked upon lighlly In fllsl year Although a former engineer Dawn saw Ihe Ilghl (or perhaps Ihe lighl saw herl and she became an artsman As second year came along, Ihls blonde-hailed upcoming LOG officer conllnued her purges In bad minion and volleyball 10 reach Ihe acclaimed slalus as social adVisor and manager of Ihe V-ball elghl However one musl nol fall 10 forgel Dawn's calling In life - Mess Secrelary As Dawn relurns 10 Onlallo nexl year. she Will have many Ihlngs 10 look forward 10 home. a degree In Honours Economics and Polilical SCience, a slruggle 10 become a pllol. a coniinued allempllo lesllhe syslem" and Ihe chance 10 relurn 10 Ihe social life she knows and loves l


16565 Smllhfleld Onl

A 0 Long


Alex "SCR' Long has always had a dlfferenl allilude lowards Ihe Ilfe-slyle al Mllcol, If II confllcls wllh Ihe scheduled programming of any of Ihe major lelevlslon nelworks. II can' I be IIghl He IS also a Irue member 01 Mack-U. !ollowlng Ihe flighl mOIlO "LEAD US TO THE RACK - MACKI" as often as humanly possible When allsnl soaking up gamma-rays or upholding fllghilradilions, he can usually be found on Ihe volleyball court HIS greallalenllhere won him lOp 1sl year alhlele honors lasl year and an all-slar TOlem conference medal In 2nd year Alllhis was accomphshed wllhoul a lefl knee no less lll Alex IS off 10 RMC 10 pursue a degree In FAME (and hopefully fortune) He's looking forward 10 a slack career In Ihe All elemenl as an AERE or CELE officer He hopes ulltmalely 10 become Ihe Head of Ihe Departmenl of TelevISion Programming for Ihe Canadian Armed Forces We all Wish you Ihe besl of luck al RMC AI and may you always be above escape veloclly"

16566 Kelowna B C


DR Lopes


There was never any doubl where Dr Lopes would have ralher been al any given lime. speeding over while-capped waves on hiS Windsurfer Unfortunalely Ihe MIICol schedule denied him Ihls dream II was Ihls high-Spill led allilude Ihal made him InIO a dlivlng force In Mack fllghl HIS SPIlII and phYSical ftlness skills were reflecled In hiS achlevemenls on Ihe volleyball leam, hiS 450 + performance on Ihe P T lesl and hiS 2nd Siale CFSO bar appolnlmenl On Ihe olher Side of Ihe COin. Dave had a peculiar las Ie for clolhlng and LOUD musIC. whiCh on more Ihan one occasion provided him wllh some undesllable alieni Ion from Above Dave Will be missed as he IS off 10 R M C 10 pursue hiS Englneertng degree and posl-grad work In Naval-Archlleclure (hopefully)


16567 Ottawa,Ont


PS D Lyons

"Private" Pete "The Stamper" Lyons left the small town of Ottawa and The Glebe for the world renown university of RRMC Upon his arrival, he formed his own bitter and tWisted club alier receiving the honored positions of flight proctor and fire warden I won't say much about the lire warden position except that our room has been warm even on the coldest of nlghts" Pete could often be found terroriZing the local motonsts and pedestnans With hiS pride and lOY hiS motorbike He would often come back to Ihe surly life 01 mil col after an hour and a half on hiS motorbike then complain he dldn't have enough time to do hiS academiCS Because of thiS, Pete lived by the rule of "learning the course the night before the final exam" and surprlstngly did qUite well, almost earning hiS gold star Next year Pete IS off to RMC - for what? He doesn't know, as It IS at RMC he saysl Besl of luck In Kingston Pete, but remember, pilots may have the Right Stuff, but AEREs have the REAL Stuff" l

16568 Cedar Valley, Ont


G H Marshall

Cedar Valley Press Headline "Gord Marshall, St Andrews' Dayboy Playboy Goes to MILCOL" One day It was crulsln' In mom's porche, breakln to the Gap, and slpPln' With Sue at the club the next It was Maybe we gal on the wrong bus' recruit term With the GOO. chemistry With Doc Reimer, and no Sue Actually Gordo has proven to have the 'right stuff' lor MtiCol, he IS a valuable member of hiS term, along With becoming a first slate CSC, a 400 club member. and a dominant player on both the rep soccer and hockey teams. From the outset of hiS stay at Roads, Gord's profeSSional and strong leadership abilities have enabled him to attain a level of excellence and leave a lasting Impression on all those who knew him. Good times and of course we all remember Octoberfest and were always had With Gord, be II at Monty's or the WAD the X-mas ball But stili one queslton remains, lust where am you gOing next year Gord? "Sur la plage, Jack" ' off to Portage and phase two pilot, wllh aspirations of becoming a T AC-HEL piiol But for now he's


16569 Ottawa,Ont

C K.A Marsland


As Craig rode through the gates of Royal Roads for the first he exclaimed "Hey, thiS ain't RMC'" He loved hiS first year so much thai he was sure thai he would spend another first year at Oueen's. However after a long relaxtng summer at SI. Jean, Craig realIZed that there has to be life at MIICol Upon returning to Roads Craig found the college different For some reason all of the RecrUits were calling him Mr Marsland and he didn't know why Soon word came down that he was the new Log Editor, and once realIZing that he now outranked the CSTOs, and hiS leave dress was that of a third year, Craig was quite content wllh life at Roads As a proud '5 Squadron' member Craig wrll be moving on to RMC to study Englneenng Management and more Importantly back to surt and tie Good Luck at LEME II and at that other college In the east

16570 Cranbrook, B C

W.J McCall

Warren "Jack" McCall, halltng from the home of Kokanee beer, IS one of the elite fence Sitters, reference next year (must be the room, Jackl). Warren found hiS forte In Rugby, and alier an SL T summer of practice, he returned to Roads to become a domtnant force on the Roads XV Warren's alhletlc prowess was carned on to the 1M arena, as well as becoming a member of the 400 club. HIS first year performance was rewarded With first slate CFSO bars In hiS second year Currently he sprouts a broken finger, but this IS only one of the many InJunes he has sustained over the years. yet he remains stranger to the MIR (except for Mess Dinners) Warren has not only made advancements 10 the academiC world but hiS home away from home, Rachel's, too ThiS summer will find Jack here at Esqulmalt for MARE Phase II, hopefully he can someone to do hiS laundry stnce roomie IS at Portage Well War, the best of luck to you In the future, wherever you end up Sur la pi age , Jack


Dei suc lot as tne l slra

LOI will wa'

657" Mooseho'n. Man


D H Mlddlestend


Della IS dlrec' ,mport Irom Moosehorn. Manitoba and her stay at Roads was characterized by a desire to succeed Graduating Irom a timid. bug路 eyed recruIt. Della more than proved her worth In first year and came to be known as the Graunch Queen I The desire camed over Into second year and was seen In her pOSition as t~e 9,rl's volleyball tearT' captain and as being a CSC In second semester where her section named themselves Dellas Fella s Della S SPlr,t was always seen 10 cheering Mack Flight on and she demonSlraled now wrestling really should be done With a firS I place 10 Ihe wmg wrestlmg meet AspIring to be a LOG Officer Della will complete her military college career at RMC where the famed Dawn & Della Dual Saga will continue Succeeding s a key word 10 Dellas vocabulary and one can surely say 'You've come a long way Baby"

16576 Hamilton Ont

J F Pataracchla


Yes Virginia. thiS unique Individual IS the mfamous, John 'Cabbage Patch Pataracchla Yes, the same man responsible for enllghtenmg our lunch-hour With a woman 10 an Itsy-bitsy tiny black blklnl l But to get the full story on thiS brave SOUl we must first go back to hiS tremendous start I~ MIICol He qUickly assumed leadership responSibility With a week of F D C duties We can also look back and remember the Joyful chOrus of our little feet marking time to Ihe sweel tones of barmen yelling. 'Where the hell IS Palaracch,a " One ' as a thmg for sure Patch always did hiS best. as IS eVident on Ihe "RUG BY " pitch where he IS frequenlly used doormat 10 the name of' RUGBY' AHROOHAHI John Will be staymg at Roads for 3rd and 4th year but those of us leavmg thiS Grand Institution are gomg 10 miSS thiS little Polish-italian. All the best In the future John


16577 Kamloops. B C

V Penner


Victor Penner came to Royal Roads from the nol so far away city of Kamloops BC Wresiling for about one half of hiS Ilrsltwo years. he used the other half to get some 'real' exerCise In the end all the hard work paid off w,th the cross ctubs and crown lor most of second year, and a final score of 498 pomts Known to fall ' asleep 10 some obscure places. V'c was almost never caught With hiS pants down. and If he d,dn t have the latestlly,ng magazine on him. he could give you summary of what It said V,C'S other ,nterests extended to scuba, With him reaching the open water 11 level 10 first semester, and to Bell Canada lowering those tong distance rates When V'c wasnt on the phone to Heather, he could be lound rackmg In hiS PII. or at hiS desk. whichever was more convenient at the t'me Victor plans on pursumg a career as an AERE officer With a ' PhySICS and Computer SCience degree from Royal Roads Best 01 luck In the future V'c I



16578 SI Catherlnes. Onl


Jef not Jeff. nor Geoff Perry found out about MIICoiln a rather peculiar fashion Stumbling mto the office at hlgr school ,n St Catherlnes, the man 10 the office asked If Jel was there lor the tour of the" other college" Military college? Sure I'll go on the field tr,p. and so the triP ended and he enrolled as a RETP cadet at Roads A v,tal member 01 Mack flight, the FRIDGE' has come to be a force to be reckoned With on the sports Ileid Both a strong compet,tor on the rep soccer and hockey teams and the core of Mack S 1M elite Jef IS also a member of the 400 ctub, and a popular bulldog Jefs leadership abllilies have enabled him to pass second year first as a CSC then as the Mack flight DCFL. both of which he performed With a high degree of profeSSionalism He Will also be well remembered for hiS COpiOUS eating habits and hiS unique drill After hiS AERE prase thiS summer Jef Will continue on With hiS studies at RMC



rned rded '11"

J W Perry


16580 Yellowknife N W T

A G Poston


"ALPO" 10lned us here al RRMC from the cold barren wastes of Ihe N W T He soon dazzled we mere mortals with his tasteful, conservative clothes and with his ability to pick up members of Ihe opposite sex However, he usually managed to blow off any chance of a serious relationship with his famous line, 'It's more fun to pick them up, than to keep them" Someday you'll learn beller AI AI did so well as a shaftmaster thai they gave him bars and authority In 2nd semester Too bad they forgot to give him a drill vOice AI leaves for RMC with Ihe proud distinction of having listened to and enloyed the "SEX PISTOLS" every night. 01 having been a "5 Squad Member" and a hardcore "MIAMI VICE" fan Good luck In digging all those trenches and bUilding those bridges In Ihe years to come Allan

16537 Prince George, B C

He 8r l diS

,e' SCi

55 alo Wit

res Ke


T G Espenant

Trev, who was born and raised In Prince George and ended up at Royal Roads alter a wrong turn on his way to the wltdllfe officer's school, whose drawings ended up In a bar slate almost being accepted by the castle, who regards second class honours as enough and the pit as more Important. who was the Illst to lump Into his car (the stereo's worth more) and head olf to hunt the fwer sex, who started off breakdanclng In Fraser hatls and ended up a "Stud", who could shool the zipper handle off his DCFLs trousers (and would doublIessly like to Iry), who almost got 450 on his last P T test here, who was second year "mellow", the friendly flight proctor, who precIpitated Pookle's rise as a sex-adVisor, who would like 10 be an AERE or, at the least, a lieutenant on the Miami police force, who IS gOing to RMC to sludy women closeup has somehow succeeded at Royal Roads Alilhe besl from us In all you do, big guy


16572 Sudburg,Ont


V J Molyer

Valerie Motyer left Chilliwack to lind hersell being one 01 the Ilrst Hud Studelles An aspiling engineer, she was also a piper In the band, a volleyball player, a scuba diver and a "fighting" plloll Val managed to be one of the lew females 10 pass engineering In fllsl year and went on 10 raise havoc at SL T with Ihe mysterious disappearance of a certain slgnl Val returned to RRMC to become CPM first slate and a member 01 the waterpolo team A true leader, Val was the first senior to double on breach, In fact, she liked It so much the fllsttlme that she did It again In second semester l Val Will always be remembered for her outstanding taste In clothes, her flshook earrings, her unicorns and the babyquest Afler her AERE Phas II Training, Val will be off to RMC to tackle Moose Best of luck Vall

t6573 Hope, B C

E J Nicoli


EriC, hailing lrom Rambo country Hope B C , IS one 01 the few truly respectable members 01 Hudson lit "Nlmbleflngers" Nicoli, as he was known lor hiS awesome prowess on the keyboards 01 any available p,ano, began Ille as merely an Inhabitant of Mack, U , but when It was discovered Ihal he possessed a gold academic star, he was ,mmed,alely rushed upstalls to become a Hud Stud (and 10 raise the Flights academic average) Welcomed by all, EriC soon set aboul proving hlmsell worthy ollhe esteemed company by obtaining hiS Clubs, adding welghl to hiS already award-laden arms Often EriC can be seen squlltlng aboul In hiS Hyundal, and asking the $640,000 question "Hey guys, lust where can I park?" Erls used hiS mUSical ability 10 lead the Christmas choll to new heights 01 choral lame, and was a regular on Ihe Hud Soccer and basketball teams Known lor hiS skill and hustle on the court. EriC was feared by all opponents for hiS ruthless drive to the basket. EriC plans to return to Roads after a summer of being a CELE boy Best of luck from all your buds, and keep pounding those keys, you lillie P,anoman '


'6 d

Ye Sh wa


Sh ~

16sr; 81 ghl<l0 Or.,


H J Peltlgrew

Ht.ath ..... r Ht..ade r Helfer

/lie never really !",new what '0 call her Hadtng from the rural community of 8r ghlon Heatner strut_ 'ear land "ghl labs) Into tne hearls of Roadents with ner genlle smile bul 111m dl;POSIIIor Being a STUDETTE nad 'ts toles on Healt1er bul she soon learned how to lake Ihe abuse of her bromer, Allhougnlhe academiC bug did Sling She Impressed us all wllh her slubborn delerminaiion 10 surVive Isomelhlng we all could have USedl Healher s sense 01 humour IS ralher warped Ibul liVing wllh SS has ItS ways Ie change your 'Ifel especially when II comes 10 BMs and burps Bul Healher did bllng atot 01 lalent 10 RRMC wllh her bagpipes (even Ihough we never recognIZed II) and played very sell au sly wlln Ihe band She worked hard on Ihe SP0riS Ileid allen abUSing more players Ihan necessary and as a resull allalned her clubs (great eltori) Healher also led Ihe galor polishing club (bul Grant never minded) Keep bagging Ihe bags bOO and books Good luck out easl Header PS Did you really go reglmenlal?

16582 NOrih Bay Onl


G J Reid

Granlor Donny as he was allen referred 10, had no real problems adlusllng 10 Ihe pandemOnium of MIICol HIS I,rst year proved 10 be somewhal successful With him oblalnlng 2nd Class Honours, Ihe PT Crown, and Top Fllsi Year Cadel During IlIsl year Granl also acqUired a sweelloolh lor baked goods as eVidenced by Ihe Plum Pudding" he look 10 Ihe Chllslmas Ball and hiS dale lor Grad Muffin" AI SL T Grant was lortunate as he was one 01 Ihe lew who had hiS own Moped Upon relurn 10 RRMC as CSC 10, Grant was able to fulfill hiS flrsl year lanlasy of bagging second years Belween hilling Ihe books, bagging Ihe bod, and war ling wllh room 414, Grand wal stili able to lind lime 10 become a leading member of the dark'S Squadron' Side Grant also kept himself busy thiS year as a member 01 the wresiling team and as Ihe ski club presldenl The pariylng kind of Dude Ihal Grant IS, he was disapPOinted that he could nOI remain at PHO ROADS (Pariy Headquariers) lor Englneellng FTW Best of luck In MECH al RMC Donny (and may you someday lIy F-18s)


t6586 London Onl


S R Ross

Born and raised In Ihe secluded town of London, SCali was shocked at the events thai Iransplled In Ihe notOllOus Hudson Flight halls Fortunately SCali was a problem child and was used 10 being shouted at and abused Aller survIving Illst year, SCali departed to St, Jean where hiS French prOfile remained the same but hiS pariy Ille wen I Irom all zeros to lours across Ihe board Upon returning to Roads aller SL T SCali made Ihe '450" club and Illst class honours In SP0riS, he was an aVid wresller and the I M Broomball leam caplaln and SCali was awarded CFSO In second semesler If SCali was not being relused 10 give blood (he VISited an AIDS high-llsk area over Xmas). he was haraSSing commlSSlonalles while cruIsing Ihe grounds on hiS 'Beasl (motorbike) SCali plans to malar on female analomy al Oueen's while reSiding al RMC So FTW and Besl of Luck, Scali

t6SiJi Llodymmster Alta

S B Schreiber


YO<, dear reader Ihls smiling lace IS none 01 her Ihan Shane Schreiber A descendanl 01 Prusslan nobilily Shane (who, by Ihe way IS also lIuenl In Ukrainian) came to RRMC from a small Alberian all lawn (you wanled 10 be a ' IIg pig'??) wllh hiS hearl sel on being anylhlng bul an Infanleer (you II have fun alGagenam Shane If you pretend youre on Ihe sel of Apocalypse Now) Aller a laugh IlIsl year In Englneellng Stlane lound hiS place In Arts where he dlslingUished himself In a number of courses Second year also bloughl him Crossed Clubs, anolher greal season on the College Hockey lam, Room 410 and a roommale who InSlsled on dOing all Ihe laundry (Carol?) Shane was acllve In a number of olher areas Including superb pPrlormances on several of Hudson's 1M leams and an almost successful allempl al CPM Unforlunalely Ihe wlrg loses one of liS mOSI candidly outspoken indiViduals as Shane IS proceeding 10 RMC 10 pursue Honors Foil SCI & HlSlory We Wish him all the besl of luck In Ihe fuJure and hope thai RMC somehow manages 10 c;.urVtv~

the boy from the Alberta Ol!fleld,>


16593 Edmonton, Alta

T Sloan


Couth, extroverted, pleasant this IS not Tom Sloan Tom Sloan IS the only man to survive 2 years 01 MIICot with only spending $6800 but having to eat t 7 pairs 01 shoes Known lor his Irrendly wlttyatlitude and mall order teeth Tom easily won many Irrends with openings like" you look better with your teeth In Tom, being a proud scotsman, showed his strong lamlly attrrbutes by achieVing his crossed swords and attaining second class honours But while survIving lor a luture he had to opt out and took the safe way ARTS When not decorating Grants desk with shaving cream Tom was burning calorres on the wresll,ng mat and In flight halls This physical abuse enabled him to receive his clubs and become wrestling team captain Get a real lobi' good luck at RMC (FTW)

16142 Victoria B C

J J Smith


J J alias Smurl Smith, took a wrong turn driving home one sunny lall evening and ended up stopping at RRMC Well, you all know the rest 01 the story Irom there In lact J J liked his Ilrst year so much that he deCided to do It all over again Just lor the heck 0111. This extremely gung-he "navy-wad dreams 01 being the best submariner the world has to oller and we Just hope he never gets caught without his gun-tape and SWISS army knlle Known lor his qUick smile and easy disposition J J upheld the morals 01 Hudson Fit with his monthly lournat on bunnies and his lun but over-led house par lies When not working on his Imitations 01 his hero T T HIli or competing lor Mr Faclltlous '86, J J could be lound bagging the bod on the waterpolo team or counselling his JUniors as 2nd slate CSC J J obtained both his X-ctubs and his X-swords and was a valuable member olthe HUD I M teams, J J will be oil to RMC this year so best 01 luck at Oueens J J


16524 AM Brosha

Calgary Alta


Arlana Brosha was one 01 Fraser IIlghts Ilrstlady cadets DUring her fIrst year at Roads, Rlna dabbted In both welghllliling and scuba diving Rlna lIew through her Ilrst year, Ilnlshlng oil as one 01 the lew lemales to pass englneerrng The next year lound Rlna as a member 01 Lasalle - the llightllre warden to boot Rlna also kept up with the band and worked with Dr Gilliland as the president 01 the Magic Club Alter lorglvlng alrlend who broke her loot, Rlna and her bud became known as'Fric & Frac" lor all their hard work In the weight room The highlight 01 Rlna's second year was a mlltrg week spent up In Whitehorse, and being a member olthe'Breaklast Club" Rlna Will be oil lor a summer ollun In the sun with lellow CELE oilicers, aller which she plans on buckling down In purSUit 01 a computer engineering degree Atlthe best 01 luck, Rlna l

16575 London,Ont

R M Obertrels


It was not academics that brought Rob to Royal Roads but It was his Will to do something dilierent and Roads did not disappoint him While being on the West Coast, Robert has taken advantage 01 the climate by dOing plenty of skIIng, parachuting and railing HIS Interests In the activities 01 Royal Roads has led Rob to tearn many skills As an aspiring oilicer Rob will be gOing to Borden lor Phase II and then It S oil to RMC W get down to academics "Thousand Stories" Will not lorget the experiences 01 RRMC nor the many Ober 0 s he asked while he was there





1658' Bu'llogtor Onl




Dave Puoo Pudding Ion came 10 RRMC from me while bread centre of Burllnglon, Onlaflo The fllSllhlng our hero did Jpon arriving was 10 I,nd 'ne Yachl Club IBoal Shedl and vln Ihe Sailing Team. HIs expeflence shoued as ne rap,O'Y became one of 'ne leams lOP s"ppers Afler spendmg fliSI year as a Mack Bulldog mose myslellous powers路mal-be elevalor-shaf,ed h,m up 10 Ihe Anals of Lasalle fllghl. As a resull, Dave spen' mOSI of hiS waking hOurs In The Lounge where the Big Hue laid him of Ihe wonders of oce cubes Cherry Jello ano D'"e Dellghl BeSides wasllng Siudy hours, Daves Ilesure acllvll'es Included molor~ycllng IMII Tralnrng m Callforn'a?) and pholography Inudge, nudge l ) The Influence of Room 3tO rubbed ()ff and Pudd I, slaYing al Roads 10 be a Mil Siud But for now Dave'~ ()ff 10 Ihe R Billy School for MARSle TWOsle KnOCk em dead Pudd"

16597 RIChmona HIli, Onl

DO Slacey


Derek came 10 Roads as part of Ihe Richmond Hili IfiO A renound sleep walker dUfing fliSI year Derek had a gift for running on almoSI no sleep Avral dlill god Derek can usually be heard screammg WA. 2. 3. WA' whllsl on Ihe square Afler achieVing hiS clubs m fllsl year Ihe powers Ihal be Ihoughlll fit 10 beslow on him Ihe pas, lion of CFSO LaSalle for fliSI slale After a summer of beer and women al SI -Jean Derek came back 10 Roads full of Vim and vigor ready 10 face a new year The wmg was frequenlly awakened 10 Ihe sounds 01 Mr Slacey and hiS running rooks singing somelhmg aboul'Napalm Slockmg 10 k,ds' Derek can usually be found wailing on delenceless women In Ihe pool wllh Ihe H20 POLO leam ThiS coupled wllh hiS aggressive dflve m 1M S helped him win Ihe Fall 19S5Wang Award Derek Will be off 10 Chilliwack lor Phase II MILE, and after blOWing a lew bfldges Will be heading 10 RMC Good luck Slace

Lasalle 1659S Richmond HIli, Onl

J S Slevenson


If you walked pas I a door wllh Comm'es behmd cross-hails all over II and saw a bud weallng a U Soul of North Ameflca' shill IIslenlng 10 Ihe Black Walch march pas!. pulling Ihrough hiS flfle. and muttellng somelhmg aboul hiS aller-ego KMV you've probably IUS I run Inlo Scotty Slevenson L,vlng In hell' wllh former sewer spelunker from R,chmond Hili. escaped fllsl year wllh an Impressive second class honours and Ihe respecled lask of rook lerm CSC 12 You are nOllO be fooled by Ih,s 'Oom' m Ihe 'Oom Pah Pah' of Ihe band Wan ling 10 blow more Ihallhe luba. he carned oul a coup 10 pullhe band In gal lars A frustraled dlill gad. Scotty relieves hiS aggression on Ihe Rugby Pilch and allhe beer offs If nol oul With Ihe woman who can oul pilihe Wing, he could be found al Regal au Chaud Parlles, or praymg 10 hiS god of fudge (which finally paid off w,lh a 70% Bayer paperl) Scotty dreams of being a Royal' - a rare breed al RRMC - after pursumg a degree In mlillary Siudies Good luck and never sacflflce your mlegflty'


JAN Siewart


.ohn Andrew Norman (Ihe 3rd) IS an Innocent Presbyleflan boy Irom Sireelsville Onl He came 10 RRMC In 19S4 hal In Ihe loolsleps of hiS older brolher Deana He was brulally Indoclflnaled Inlo Roads as a Lasalle Anrmal, and Iflghlened many seniors wllh hiS gruesome alarm clock, which sounded al odd hours of Ihe nlghl Andrew, however, did encounler some Irouble m English and had 10 have a bflel luIofial wllh Ihe Vice Comdl FIISI year was Irequenlly punclualed by odd and Inlereslmg (and often suggesllve) letters from The SNARR Andrew,s an aggressive member of Ihe Waler Polo leam, and has always been a Vral Animal on 1M s Andrew IS an academoc keener. who earned Flisl Class Honours In Flisl Year, and whO Will earn Ihe same again Ihls year Andrew's overall keeness also earned him Ihe POSlllon of Flisl Siale CSC 11 Andrew IS Ihe only man who could live wllh Doug Welsby for Iwo lerms slralghl Second year has been good 10 Andrew He has become a member of Ihe 400 Club, and he was a real abyss' Inlo which many shafts disappeared, but he has always been a fruslraled plus IrOls francophone After Phase 2 P,'OI Ihls summer Andrew w,11 be off 10 Ihe world of RMC Good luck In everylhlng, II has been fun


16601 Leross, Sask


C A Tereposky

Tarol Cerelosky arrived al Roads armed with the knowledge (and the deep vOice) to scare her barmen (and her first semesler roommate) After having spent a summer at Roads for S L T , she was one step ahead 01 the other 'rooks' as she already knew Ihe barmen's names A false start In Ihe SCiences was corrected when Carol sWitched 10 Arts al X-mas and was rewarded With second class honors In second year AcademiC genlous, coupled With strong athletiC ablilly and drive, earned Carol second semester CFSO bars Excelling at volleyball, conquering Whistler, mastellng hurdle fumplng and general Lasalle animalism are probably Carol's finest accomplishments to date Due to a last minute change of plans, Carol Will be leaving Roads for Kingston and an English degree Lasalle flight the volleyball team and the Ih,rd year females are certainly gOing to miSS her Keep smiling Car, and best of luck al that 'other coliege'l

16604 Toronto,Ont

16' Bla


K J Van Duelmen

Kllsten came to Lasalle Flight a CUIIOUS person She had to try everything like breaches, kit musters and all sorts of keen military aCllvltles, Unfortunately she found these less than stimulating Kllsten then turned to being a social godess Armed With the Vanduel-Bug she lerrollzed the populatron of Vlctolla and the Commissionaires of Roads But there were troubled limes Ihe Bug was trashed, Ihere was the humiliation of cooking macaroni on an open flame (5xS2) and the delicate matter of the mess dinner and poor 01' Professor Stewart (and poor ai' Professor Stewart's tuxedo) Despite thiS, Kirsten did find refuge and contentment In Ihe waterpolo pools of both Roads and U-VIC (when she wasn't off partaking In eVil activities) Yes, Kirsten survived Roads (desplle some good attempts to the contrary) and now can escape With the rest of her fllends to RMC (blurpl)

Lasalle 16605 Dartmouth, N S


K M Vigneau

Well, you've come a long way klddo, from Ihe saucer-eyed, frightened recruit I fllst met at the doorway 01 our room on that fateful Augusl nlghl 2 long years ago (But what are the heads?? Excuse me, Mr Williams, IS thiS gOing to be gross?) Despite thell efforts, the barmen could not get It through to Katherine that RecrUit Term was not supposed to be a good time Always smiling and gOOd-natured, Katherine lives up to the traditions 01 a true Marltlmer (a facf that she won'l let you forget yes, we all know where Dartmouth IS now) Kathellne soon proved herself worlhy to be called a LaSalle Animal (remember those Rook term races, and the obstacle course, and ) and her SPllit on the sports field never let up After a summer of partYing In St Jean, Kathellne deCided to take academiCS seriously, and wound up With strong second class honors and second slate CSC bars Allhough a Daddy's girl, Kathellne has found her way Into the heart of someone MUCH BIGGER and better able to take care of her She has deCided to stay al Roads lor Mil Stud Although It means remaining In the West, I'm sure a certain ex-mallne Will make It worth while Good luck Kath, thanks for keeping me sane '

16606 Edmonton, Alta

C B VOice

Somehow when Chlls arrived In Lasalle, we all knew he was different How can a guy actually worship Pete Townsend, watch a movie like Ouadrophenla 15 times and seem to Ihllve on apple pie topped With strawberry Ice cream and bullerscotch sauce? Due 10 hiS keenness extraordlnalle, Chlls didn't manage 10' aVOid bars, being Anal Sphincter Ilrsl semeSler and DCBO second He got hiS clubs and has turned Inlo a I mutant runner Chrrs managed to lind an Inlerestlng mathematical relationship between marks and soclallrfe The first engineer to use up all hiS leave and Ihen some, he managed to pull ofl ridiculously high marks (With a bll of help Irom Hewle) The only mistake Chrrs Will ever admll to IS deCiding not 10 go 10 bed on a certain night about 100 days belore grad You shouldnt have done that Chlls' unique blend Of arrogance, humour, sarcasm and generally warped brain has made him an Interesllng person to be around As to looking forward 10 RMC, hiS only comment IS "spunk, spunk"


lIasr filvl




18807 Braot'orO Oot






ME Wagener

Wags or Faustus as he IS otherwise known I~ a zipper-head (armoured officer) who. when he was not enJOying gelling beal up by female bouncers was ousy studymg for hiS many malh supplemenlals Mike was also a very valuable member of the college Dana and an excellenl eholf dlfeCIor for Ihe Chrlslmas cancel I He was valuable ,n I M football. conSlanlly maiming his opponenls wllh hiS Lasalle Anrmal nalure He s off 10 Gagelowo thiS summer 10 learn how 10 kill Commle~ and Ihen lis back easl 10 R M C Besl of luck Fausl


tlranlford ani


OS We Is by

If F Ighl Sphlncler was meanllo be a derogalOry lerm. we sure picked Ihe rlghl guy for Ihe II lie - problem

s. he likes II' Doug has had lillie Irouble adJusllng 10 Ihe mlillary hfe of Royals Road~ - he lusl hasnl bOlhered Leave card? Oh yeah Ihallhlngl The lasl proud reclplenl of Ihe Infamous Marlchlno Maloney award. he spenl many away weekends as a flfsl year earning II He earned hiS one bar posilion by somehow grasping second class honours In Ihe fall Ihls year - or was II hiS keener roomale? Since Ihe marks were '2EZ' why nol go for Ihe Clubs. so. making sleady progress from 39510 396. and finally over Ihe 400 hump Douger gOllhem An acllve member of Ihe rugby leam. and caplaln of an I M Blackeye soccer leam. he has ,. A proud future Logistics vowed never 10 do Hearlbreak HIli again maybe III run down the @ ',I thing officer he IS ofien seen 10 hiS room, counting hiS socks over <lnd over and over again Best of luck at RMC Doug



16609 Fergus ant

A mans creeds are a disease of the Intellect as hiS prayers are a disease of the mrnd SEAN JAMES WILTON flfsl and last of the 16609 model equipped to kill. seriously Inlured. or otherWise mutilate has none On the outside he appears to be your average male Caucasian. liVing flesh. skin. short half But on Ihe inside he IS bUill of somelhlng different Once he has hiS goals set. there IS no stopping him There IS no room for pain or Pity or remorse. especially when berng the best triathlon member 10 the college IS on hiS mind There IS no room for heSitation or indecIsion, clearly demonstrated through hiS speed and effeclency while repelling from Nixon Block on "100 DAYS" And off the college. Sean IS one of the lucky few who has expanded hiS thinking and liVing beyond the small 650 acres of Royal Roads to hnd that there eXists a world of rnterestlng people especially Wild females that crave healthy young athletiC bodies. and more than one dark alley or dingy bar to enter

16611 Ont

OW Young


'And from the Window on high I heard my rnsplfatlon Twas LudWig von and hiS glOriOUS Ninth Perhaps It wasn t the glOriOUS Ninth but many a C 0 was shorlened by the sounds of the works of the Doors and Pink FlOyd Who was that plano player you say? Well. Ihe mystery contrnues rlghl IOta the flesh He IS ever presenl at parlles but not the loudest. lor lack 01 bOisterous behaViOur a SOCIal recluse. best 01 the alhletes but not always noted. a talented player on many a fran I. be II plano soccer defender or running qUite aeservlng 01 lame. too qUlel? too much a loner? too ofien With the same bunch 01 friends? or was It Ihe mlschevlous smile. Ihe sharp glint 10 the eye and the other mens lear 01 things unknown that turned them iJway' Whatever It was we stili Wish you the best of luck


M409 VictOria B C


Kevin jorned the CF In 1979 as a Communications Systems Tech After trades training In Krngston and Borden . Ont he was awarded that gem of postrngs CFB Comox Kevin performed well was qUIckly promoted to the lofty heights of MCpl When gOlfrng and skIIng failed to provide enough of a challenge, he applied for and was accepted rnto the UTPM program Kevin achieved a record level of rntlmacy With his rifle In Chilliwack. and arrrved at Roads dlsplayrng the flghtln ' All Force SPilit A member of the 400 Club for the past two years. Kevrn's success at the physical aspects of RRMC earned him the position of CSSO rn his second year These days Kevin IS rarely seen Without a pall of skis or a Windsurfer strapped to the top of his new Subaru HIs gift for gab has In no way been Inhibited by the demands of the French language -the guy I, presque bilingue Best 01 luck to Kevin as he continues In Computer Eng at RMC

M410 Sudbury . Ont


J F Christie

NCdt Jim Christie IS aspiring to be a MARE officer and leavrng fate to decide his degree program. but he IS planning to go to Kingston no matter what He IS a member of the RRMC Sailing Team HIS rnterests are faster sailboats , younger women. and more money Jim IS a goalie for the 4 Sqn 1M broomball team and does a failly decent job although there are times when 4 Sqn thrnks that he IS taking payola from the other teams to throw games HIs only dependants are his Wife Gall . his fruck. and his forest of tomatoe plants Slttrng on his balcony But all In all he IS a pretty good head except when he starts tellrng navy stories , Ie "har har billy

UTPM M41 I Sorel , P 0

J J Dore


Jocelyn was born and raised In Sorel PO In July 1976. alter rnqurrrng about opportunities In the CF as a Draltsman he got hlmsell conned Into JOining up as a Radar Tech What beller chance 10 see Canada and the world he thought Well as luck would have It his Illst posting was to CFS Alsask , the sWlnlngesl IItlle town between Marengo and Slblll Jocelyn liked the place so much he extended his lour there lour times DUring this time he met and marrred his Wife Sheila The Illst addition to thell family Benjamin was born In Alsask as well Alter a short stint rn Yorkton. Sask and the bllth 01 the II daughter Megan Jocelyn and family came to RRMC . Despite not having the benefit 01 French classes Jocelyn has done well here at Roads. achieVing Second Class Honours He has also been energetically Involved With various College activities. having played on both the College Hockey and Soccer teams As well Jocelyn displayed conSiderable talent on the parade square , being CSTO for the fllst term 01 second year Jocelyn plans to pursue a degree In Electrical Engineering In Kingston and thereafter a career as a CELE ollicer Good luck Jocelyn

M412 Rivers. Man

K A McCuaig

Ken left the prailies and 10lned the CF In 1973 as a Weapons TechniCian He was an aspiling seargent at Work POint until he decided to take the quantum leap to Royal Roads and start from the bOllom rung agarn Srnce coming 10 the college Ken has become an aVid broom ball player and enJoys playrng defence where he can pick out who needs to be knocked down He has also become a dedicated Jogger Jor some ur.known reason and even reports to the M J R every Friday mornrng to see how welJ he's dorng Ken plans to make the big move to that other college and conilnue his studies rn Engineering Management Whatever the Juture holds for Ken , best oJ luck and don t forget your buds staYing here Keep In touch


M4' 4

St Stepher "J B


B L Ross

OCdt Perry Inl Ross, came Irom 407 Sqn at CFB Comox , where she was employed as a Radar Technician at tne ran. of MCpl Bonnie was getting lonely up m Comox , what wltn her then boyfllend attending U V'c so &ne loaded up her Audl and moved to Royal Roads (,What could be so hard about MIICol?). to be near her man Well. last summer Bonnie mamed that man and mamed life obviously agrees with her for m addition !() her duties as CSA first slate she found the time to participate actively with the cross country running team, winning many awards , not to mention the fact that she finished up sIXth In the wing academically at Chllstmas Bonnie will be remaining at Roads for her en tile four years. pursuing a degree m PhySICS and ' Computer SCience Graduating as an AERE officer In two years Bonnie assures us that her golf game will be up to snuff by then so as not to diminish the calibre of AERE the Forces IS gelling these days Best of luck BI,p"

M415 Spy HIli, Sask

E J Surman


Ernie Surman (a k a PINT) IS one of those praille boys who became fascmated by the sea Ernie Jomed the CF m 1979 as an EW and aller hiS trammg on the east coast he was posted out here to the beautiful west coast sailing club Ernie was ollglnally accepted mto the UTPM program as a CELE, but he felt such remorse atleavmg the sea that he reclassified to CSE Besides keepmg up second class honors and devoting time to hiS wife and daughter fborn dUling last year's fmal exam rouhne) Ernie has been outstanding on the sports field Last year he won hiS weight diVISion m wrestling (this year he decided to rehre a champ) He was also chosen the most valuable player on the hockey team. and he has been the mainstay of IV Sqn's awesome broomball team . All of these accomplishments led to Ernie being given the position of CSSO m the lirst semester Ernie plans to fmlsh hiS last two years here at Royal Roads where he cant get lost m any snow banks Well Ziggy, best of luck In your future tllumphs

UTPM M416 Hamilton Ont


D Thens

The reason Dan JOined the CF m May 78 was to fulfill hiS two life ambitions to never have to study again and to see what else there was besides Hamilton and Ontario Well. things didn't work out qUite as planned for Dan As a Radar Technician. Dan had to spend much of hiS pre-RRMC years on formal courses or m training at vallous CF bases and stations. unfortunately all In Ontallo For SIX years. he tiled everything to change hiS luck and hiS last attempt got him on the west coast However. probably not realiZing what 'UTPM really stood for , Dan got himself 4 more years of study Although he finally succeeded to break away from Hamilton. Dan never could give up the study habit and that IS Just as well In hiS fllst year at RRMC Dan achieved an outstanding Fllst Class Honour. rankmg second over nearly 70 cadets. Besides the books, Dan has many other Interests (some of which he tiled to keep unknown to the Castle) but the latter who couldn't help notlcmg how much he really liked "DRILL made him CSTO for hiS last term at the college All thiS military stuff has got Dan so excited now that he Just can't walt to go on hiS CELE phase training thiS summer


PM Vale


Paul gave up the pursuit of knowledge at Acadia UniverSity and hiS POSition as an Integral systems tech at CFB Greenwood to JOin the ranks of the UTPM He IS an Intelligent sort, and takes hiS education sellously. or so we thought We fllst realized that Paul was different when we noted that where most of US camed our calculators ,n our pockets. he camed hiS In a ruc-sack It became obVIOUS though, that thiS ruc-sackcalculator was not camed totally for ItS computing power We soon found that It was lust another vent for hiS deep sense of humor Rumor has It that aller he completes hiS computer engineering degree m Kmgston , Ihere will be fully computellzed tractors flymg



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