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Premium Leather Program

Made to order / Premium top grain hides / Handcrafted in the USA

Leather is the longest lasting and most durable upholstery material available. Although the initial investment of quality leather may be more than fabric upholstery, leather is actually one of the best values in the long run. With proper care, our quality leathers can be expected to last an average person’s lifetime.




Ingrid Ingrid-L-006

Lyra Lyra-A-L-006

Brooke Brooke-L-CHR


Kara Kara-L-006

Ottoman: Kara-L-075

Madeline Madeline-L-006

Ottoman: Madeline-L-005



Ottoman: Desmond-L-005



Ottoman: Lilah-L-005

Pate P420-L-006 Springfield Springfield-L-006
Thatcher P320-L-006
Allie Swivel Allie-L-016 Bernie Swivel Q115-L-016 Carlyn Swivel P230-L-007 Kara Swivel Kara-L-016 Ottoman: Kara-L-005 Lilah Swivel Lilah-L-016 Ottoman: Lilah-L-075 Kitt Swivel P865-L-016 Madeline Swivel Madeline-L-016 Ottoman: Madeline-L-075 Times Square Swivel C181-L-016 Ottoman: C18-L-075 Rothko Swivel Rothko-L-016 Pate Swivel P420-L-316

Swivel Gliders

Accent Ottomans

Hair on Hide

Only available as shown. Must select finish on Pfifer and Rocco.

Kara Swivel Glider Kara-L-007 Ottoman: Kara-L-005 Lilah Swivel Glider Lilah-L-007 Ottoman: Lilah-L-075 Times Square Swivel Glider C181-L-007 Ottoman: C18-L-075
Dena P800-L-005 Miles Miles-L-005 Miles Miles-L-075 Cleo 17” Q120-L-005 Cleo 25” Q120-L-075 Cleo 31” Q120-L-095 Macon P870-L-005 Miles Miles-L-005 Leather: HL234-46 Pfifer P895-P-005 Leather: HL249-07
Zuri Zuri-PL-005 Leather: HL246-47 Rocco Q140-P-005 Leather: HL249-07

As Shown Leather Sofas

Available as shown only



KL240-21 athena butterscotch kid-proof leather, carob finish, pewter casters.



KL240-94 athena cocoa kid-proof leather, carob finish, pewter casters.



KL240-55 athena mushroom kid-proof leather, carob finish, pewter casters.



KL240-21 athena butterscotch kid-proof leather and carob finish.



KL240-55 athena mushroom kid-proof leather and carob finish.



KL240-94 athena cocoa kid-proof leather and carob finish.

Bespoke Leather Program

Customizable in limited leathers and finishes

Indulge in tailored luxury as you select from two of our best-selling styles, eight opulent leather choices, featuring kid-proof options, and two finishes. Exclusively with the Madeline sofa, enhance your choice with two captivating nailhead and caster colors.

Madeline Sofa


Shown in KL252-75, Latte Finish, Brass Nails, & Brass Casters

Sylvie Sofa


Shown in KL252-76 & Latte Finish

Sylvie Chair & Ottoman

Sylvie-L-006 & Sylvie-L-005

Shown in KL252-75 & Latte Finish


Sylive Sectional


Shown in KL252-21 & Chocolate Finish


*Nailhead & Caster Options:

*Nailhead & caster options available on Madeline only. See pricelist for upcharge.

• If nails are ordered, you must specify the nail finish.

• Brass nails come with Brass Casters and Black Nickel nails come with Pewter Casters.

• If nails are not ordered, you must specify the caster finish. Standard with Cloud Cushion only.

Chocolate Latte KL252-75 KL253-89 Kid-Proof KL252-98 KL253-57 Kid-Proof KL252-21 KL253-94 Kid-Proof KL252-76 KL253-48 Kid-Proof Black Nickel Antique Brass Pewter Brass

Leather Descriptions

ARNO (#207) - Gr 2: South American hides are aniline dyed with a pigmented top coat added for consistency and durability. Then a sauvage is hand applied, creating a subtle cloud-like effect. A stain resistant treatment is applied, making this is a family friendly leather. Arno works well in traditional or contemporary environments.

ATHENA (#240) - Gr 3: First aniline dyed, then lightly buffed by hand, this transparent technique allows you to see the hide’s natural characteristics, along with a distressed, rugged appearance. The innovative KidProof finish provides durable protection with a soft hand.

BELLISSIMO (#247) - Gr 6: The finest European hides are first Aniline dyed, then waxes are applied to create a gleaming, sophisticated surface. These waxes will crackle when pulled, bent, or scratched, and lighter undertones will be exposed when the waxes dissipate from these areas. A beautiful patina will develop over time, especially in areas of high use.

COLT (#245) - Gr 1: After these cowhides from Argentina are aniline dyed, slightly darker waxes are applied, creating a two-toned, transparent finish. The surface is then brushed for a dusty, rugged appearance. Colt will continue to develop distressed marks where pulled or scratched, and a patina will develop in areas with repeated contact, adding to its timeless, antiqued look. Expect to see healed scars, insect bites, and color variation.

FAWN (#234) - Each Brazilian hair-on-hide is a unique, one-of-a-kind, with its natural color ranging from soft beiges to golden brown in shade. Expect extreme variation in color, pattern, and hair length, which varies from short summer fur to long winter coats. Brand marks add character to this novelty article. Fawn is naturally resistant to stains, can be cleaned, and will not fade under natural sunlight. Currently avail on our Miles-L-005 ottoman only.

FONTANA (#231) - Gr 4: Italian hides are first aniline dyed. Then waxes are applied which crackle over time with wear, for an aged, distressed appearance. When pulled, the wax separates, providing a stunning color contrast. A final clear, protective coat is added for additional wearability.

FRESNO (#253) - Gr 2: South American hides are aniline dyed with a pigmented topcoat for consistency and durability. A stain resistant treatment is applied, making this is a family friendly leather. Fresno includes natural leather characteristics with a soft and supple hand.

GALLOWAY (#233) - Gr 4: Select hides from Argentina are aniline dyed, then receive a unique oil and wax treatment to create a dramatic, crackle effect. This old world and natural appearance will provide a rich distressed look with use. The natural marks, such as healed scars, insect bites and neck wrinkles, should be embraced.

MACON (#230) - Gr 1: Top grain, South American hides are aniline dyed, then wax is applied to the tips of the leather grain for a rich, matte luster. Because of the pure aniline properties, expect color variation and natural markings such as healed scars & bug bites.

:KidProof Leather

MERINO (#249) - Premium quality shearling sheepskin pelts from New Zealand are meticulously tanned to accentuate their inherent beauty and tactile appeal. The touchable wool texture imparts striking style and lush comfort that is soft and luxurious to the touch. Expect pile height and color variation. Merino is only available on the following married skus: P895-P-006 Pfifer Chair, Q140-P-005 Rocco Ottoman

PALERMO (#212) - Gr 5: European hides are aniline dyed, then lightly brushed with beeswax to give a matte, silky touch and velvety finish. Features some healed scars and natural marks.

POSH (#248) - Gr 6: This elegant nubuck starts with premium European hides that are finished by hand in Italy. Each hide is double-dyed for deep, rich color saturation. Surface buffing provides a supple hand and desired visual tracking. A combination of fat liquors and oils allow for a short water repellency window. Over time, body oils will be absorbed into areas of wear, creating a dark patina. Expect color variation.

SALENTO (#210) - Gr 6: European hides are aniline dyed, then oils are applied, giving a subtle, pull-up effect. Salento is a smooth, sophisticated leather.

SHETLAND (#246) - Each premium Brazilian hair-on-hide is expertly tanned for a soft hand. This is an all natural, un-dyed leather, so each hide is unique with extreme variation in color and pattern in whites and blacks. Also, the hair texture and length will vary from hide to hide. Brand marks are used and add individual character. Shetland is only available on the Zuri-PL-005 Ottoman.

SIENA (#201) - Gr 4: European hides are first aniline dyed, then a micro-pigment is added for protection and consistent color coverage. A sauvage finish is hand applied for a subtle, two-toned effect. Lastly, a stain resistant treatment is applied, making this is a family friendly leather.

SIERRA (#232) - Gr 3: These premium, aniline dyed Italian hides have the perfect combination of waxes and oils added to provide a sophisticated burst of color when stretched. Embrace the contrast and depth of this very natural leather. Expect color variation from hide to hide.

TUSCAN (#202) - Gr 4: First European hides are aniline dyed, then a unique oil and wax treatment is applied which creates a dramatic crackle effect. Healed scars, insect bites and neck wrinkles will be present and add to the distressed look.

VINTAGE (#251) - Gr 4: These premium Brazilian hides are finished in Italy. First Aniline dyed, then a unique combination of oils and waxes are applied. A final vacuum drying process provides a gorgeous, smooth drag to the surface. Oils and waxes will dissipate when pulled, bent, or scratched, exposing a color burst of lighter undertones. A beautiful patina will develop over time, especially in areas of high use. Wrinkles and stretch marks are characteristics to be embraced.

ZAHARA (#252) - Gr 5: Premium, heavyweight Italian hides are first aniline dyed. Then a unique combination of oils and waxes are applied, creating a rich, transparent two-toned effect. When pulled or stretched, the waxes separate, providing a stunning color contrast. Expect distress marks and scratches for an aged, rugged appearance.

Leather Care

• Like your skin, leather absorbs oils and dirt. The more natural the leather finish is, the more susceptible it will be to stains.

• Avoid sunlight. Direct or even in-direct sunlight will cause fading. The more sunlight, the faster the fade.

• Avoid direct heat from floor vents and fireplaces, as this will cause the leather to dry out and crack. Also, oils and waxes in some leathers will harden and turn dark when exposed to heat.

• Leather accumulates dust just like your upholstery. Vacuum with a soft brush attachment on a weekly basis to keep dust particles from settling in the grain of the leather.

• We do not recommend the use of any after-market cleaners, due to the various techniques and processes our leathers possess.

• When cleaning, test an inconspicuous area before proceeding.

• Spills – blot, do not rub, excess liquid immediately with a clean cloth. If absorbed, stains typically dissipate through evaporation of the fiber structure over time.

• Stubborn Stains – Use a clean, absorbent cloth. Apply a diluted solution of any non-acidic soap and distilled water. Rub front to back or side to side, do not rub in circles. Clean an area larger than the stain to avoid spotting. Wipe clean using a damp cloth. Go over the area once more, using a damp cloth and rub the cleaned area in one direction. Allow the area to air dry. It may be necessary to repeat this process for stubborn stains.

• Suede and Nubucks are very susceptible to stains. Should a spill penetrate the leather, allow the spill to dry. Use a suede brush, or vacuum with drapery attachment, and brush the nap.

Leather Types

ANILINE DYED - Hides are immersed in transparent dyes that fully penetrate front to back, then milled or tumbled in large drums, to produce the softest, most luxurious leathers. Pristine hides are typically used, because surface imperfections (or beauty marks) are more visible through the transparent finish. Aniline dyed hides usually have little to no protection, so oils and stains will absorb easily. Expect wear patterns or a darker patina in areas with frequent body contact.

SEMI-ANILINE, ANILINE PLUS or MICRO-PIGMENT - Hides are first aniline dyed, then a light pigment finish is added. This allows the hide’s natural character to show through, but also offers some color consistency and protective properties, compared to aniline dyed hides.

PROTECTED - Opaque pigments are applied after the hides are milled. These pigments provide more color consistency and natural markings are typically less noticeable. Protected leathers are easier to clean and stand up well to heavier use.

OIL and WAX PULL-UP - First, the hides are aniline dyed for color saturation. Then oils and/or waxes are either applied by hand or added in large milling drums. The aniline dyes are usually lighter, so when the leather is pulled or scratched, the oils and/or waxes “migrate” away from that area, creating a rich “color burst”. Pull-up leathers typically have more extreme color variation from hide to hide because the waxes and oils absorb differently in areas across a hide. Because the finish is more transparent, natural markings will be more visible, giving a more casual appearance.

SUEDE or NUBUCK - Hides are first milled with aniline dyes for rich color saturation. The surface is then sanded to create the desired “nap” or surface texture.


CORRECTED GRAIN: Top grain leather that has been buffed or sanded to minimize imperfections in the hide. This can be very subtle or more extreme, depending on the desired end result.

FULL TOP GRAIN: Full top grain leathers have not been sanded or buffed in any way, allowing the natural markings and character of the leather to show through. These hides typically have minimal scars and markings, which also make them more expensive than corrected grain leathers.

TOP GRAIN: These are the top layer of a hide, but they have been slightly sanded to minimize imperfections.

KIDPROOF: A water-based polymer, transparent top coat is applied in the final step. The hides go through a conveyor oven to dry, then are passed through a roller that applies pressure and heat to seal the surface. This process makes the leather resistant to spills from water-based products. However, if the spill stays on the surface for a long time it will absorb through the top coat. Due to the nature of leather, abrasives, solvents, dyes, markers, acids or other aggressive products will stain the leather permanently. If the surface is abraded or cut, the stain will absorb in that area.

MARKINGS: Natural markings should be expected in all leathers. Wrinkles, healed scars, healed insect bites, brand marks, and manure burns are all a natural part of leather and may be used on upholstered furniture. Leathers are intentionally selected from different areas of the world for their characteristics.

MILLING: Hides are tumbled in giant rotating drums using a combination of heat and a misting of water to soften the hand or enhance the grain. The longer the milling process, the softer or more pliable the hides become.

PEBBLE GRAIN: Hides are stretched gently during the drying process. When released, they contract to create a plump “pebble” grain. Large embossing plates can also be used to stamp a consistent pebble grain pattern.

SAUVAGE: A two-toned mottled effect that is applied to a leather, giving a cloud-like appearance.

SHADING: Shade variation will be more extreme on leathers with transparent finishes. Leathers that are pigmented will have less color variation, but all leather is a natural product, and every hide absorbs dyes differently. This is part of the beauty of leather and should be embraced.

SPLIT LEATHER: The underneath layer that has been “split” off from the top layer. Splits are buffed, sanded and embossed to look like top grain leather. Stiffer than top grain leathers, they are typically used on less expensive furniture and will not be as long lasting or durable as top grain leathers.

STIPLE: Hides are fed through giant rollers that apply subtle contrasting color or sheen to the tips of the leather’s pebble grain or surface.

TANNING: The process of converting a raw hide into a stable, non-perishable state.

TOP GRAIN: Leather which contains the top layer of the hide. Top grain leather can be full grain or corrected grain leather.

VACUUM DRYING: Hides are placed, grain side down, on large heated, polished metal surfaces. Water is sucked out with vacuum dryers with low pressure, at a low temperature. This creates a smooth surface.

VEGETABLE TANNING: Tree bark extracts are used to tan the hides. Usually, “veg” tanned leathers are stiff in the beginning but get more supple over time with use. One of the oldest methods of tanning known to man.

RB4669 03.24
Rowe Furniture Leather Collection

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