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Southern Living quarters Furth, 2008, Wingenderstraße 20, 41462 Neuss, Düsseldorf, Germany. Client, Neusser Building Association Ltd. Architecture, Agirbas / Wienstroer. landscape Architecture design, greenbox, Bochum. Realization, Mueller + Partner Landscape Architects, Willich. Gross floor area building, 24 981 sq.m. Arcades, 9661 sqm. Construction costs, € 22.768 million gross, KG 300 +400. Analysised by Rowa Elzain and Rumana Al-Othmani


The project has achieved lots of awards for different aspects, and these awards are: 1) Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2010 (BDA Düsseldorf ) = Award for good buildings 2010 (BDA Dusseldorf ) 2) Auszeichnung Deutscher Bauherrenpreis Neubau 2010 (Kooperation GdW, BDA, DST) = Award German Builders price new in 2010 (cooperation GDW, BDA, DST) 3) Preisträger Landespreis für Architektur = Winner of state prize for architecture 4) Wohnungs- und Städtebau NRW 2008 (Energieeffizientes Bauen für die Zukunft) = Housing and Urban NRW 2008 (energy efficient building for the furture) 5) PROM des Jahres 2011 (RWE Vertrieb AG) = PROM of the Year 2011 (RWE Verteriev AG) 6) Vorbildliche Bauten in Nordrhein-Westfalen 2010 (Land NRW/Architektenkammer NRW) = Winner of Exemplary Buildings in North Rhine-Westphalia 2010 ( NRW/NRW chamber of architectures) 4

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“Südliche Furth” Stadt für Jung und Alt

The new living quarter of “Südliche Furth” is the continuation of the surrounding urban quarter that consists of apartment, trade and industrial buildings. The site is located on the northern section of the urban fabric, where challenges such as noise from road, industry and railway tracks were to be tackled. The “Südliche Furth” offers over 250 barrier-free apartments that are suitable for all ages. It was designed by Agirbas and Wienstroer, who won the first price in a competition organized by the Land North Rhine-Westphalia in 2003 for Neusser Bauverein AG. The project was supported by the German federal government and then subsidized by the Land North Rhine-Westphalia. The 4 hector site which was previously a goods and container station is now a 4 story, energy-efficient and barrier-free complex that is home for many young families and elderly people. Within this complex are open spaces with unique elements that serve all generations. 7


Urban Layout The Urban layout design is based on an orthogonal system that emphasis on flexibility and diversity in order to achieve sustainable development. The layout consists on a block along the railway tracks. This block with is long Arcade act as a secondary buffer from the noise as there is a primary green ballet buffer beside the railway tracks. The smaller cubic structures that are located on the grid form a private inner square where plazas -for both kids and elderly- can be found. The orthogonal system provides the structure with light and also helps in reducing the noise within the quart. The parking spaces are located on underground in order to provide more walking and liveable space on the ground level. 8

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Functions 1. Residential care places and guest apartments 2. Children playground 3. Arcades with noise sheds acting as noise baricade all together 4. Enclosing bar 5. Group homes 6. Neighbourhood centre with citizens’ advice bureau 7. Central plaza between the old and new quarters 8. Water axis 9. Park as a topographical noise protection 10. Infiltration of drainage pond 11. Start of the neighbourhood 12. Community centre for elderly



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Accessibility The “Südliche Furth” is accessible from Wolkerstrasse, Wingenderstrasse, Ripuarierstrasse, and Josefstrasse which are all connected to Römerstrasse. These routes also provide public transportation as the buses would reach all the way to the “Südliche Furth”. Cars can also access the quarter into an underground parking. The accessibility within the quarter is through walking galleries that run along the new area which also resembles little alleys. The alleys continue all the way to the third floor, where buckets and bicycles can be seen as you walk through them, this adds to the personalization of the space. In addition, open stairway and elevators are provided.



Open Spaces The concept of the open space for SĂźdliche Furth residential district is designed to be in a decentralized arrangement of a verity of open spaces based on the type of the neighbourhood. Therefore, different open spaces have different functions to meet the needs of all residents and age group as part of the overall concept. The general concept of neighbourhood in this project allows all generations to find their own places of retreat, meeting spaces, and comfort zone in the open space. The following are the focus of the open space design: 1)The district as a green garden in the South entrance 2)The water axis at the percolation pond with seating 3)The central district court of the Wingender StraĂ&#x;e 4)The large water play ground 5)The hills to the noise barrier in the East of the district 6)Youth club, skate, and street ball zone in the former publishers of the train shed 12


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Apartment Layout As the main idea behind this project is to home young and old citizens, the buildings are designed with a mixture of various types of housing units. Because of the location of the project is in a close proximity of the railway tracks, the project had to deal with noise pollution and put in different types of barriers to avoid the noise pass through. The district consists of green roofed three sided barrier against noise from road, rail, and industrial area. It has got a community centre, assisted living and nursing stations, endless playing elements for children and a rain water pond at the south end of the barrier. Other than that there is an open park between the rail tracks and the barrier lined with trees acting as an additional natural noise obstruction. The project consists of 255 residential units of which 219 are barrier-free apartments (as part of the competition rules), two residential group homes (each with 9 residential care places), two ambulatory residential group homes (each with 8 people), an outpatient supervised group home for 7 people with dementia, and two apartments for guests. All these housing units have one element in common and that is the small gardens. 14


61 square meter two people bedroom apartment with kitchen, hallway and bathroom. 16

76 sqm 3 people bedroom apartment with kitchen, hallway, bathroom and balcony / terrace

47 square meter single people bedroom apartment with kitchen, hallway, bathroom and balcony / terrace

126 sq. ft. 6 people bedroom apartment with kitchen, hall, 2 bathrooms and balcony / terrace.

374 sqm apartment for group up to 8 people with a community kitchen and lounge areas. The individual areas provide an additional kitchen with dining area, living room and bathroom.

Nine residential care places to 415 square meters with a shared kitchen and lounge areas.


Conclusion After analysing the “Südliche Furth” quarter from an objective view, one can argue that the concept might resemble the ‘Parc de la Villette’ as Bernard Tschumi philosophy of a park being as cultural space, where interaction takes place more than a space for ‘nature’. The “Südliche Furth” acts as a park where the possibility of interaction is high regardless of the age. It’s inclusive in its facilities for bachelors, families and elderly people. However, the project deals with one of the ‘worst’ space in the city in an effective way, as it transforms the space into a quarter that enhance the urban fabric.


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