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Edited by Europa Publications Subject Areas: International Politics, Political History, World History A Political Chronology of the World is a major new publication which provides an impartial record of the political, geographical and economic events that have helped to shape world history. The book provides in-depth coverage of more recent events, particularly in countries with a recent history of political upheaval, while also offering invaluable detail on the early history of each nation. In addition to coverage of purely political events, this title also includes details of the principal economic, cultural and social landmarks in the history of each nation. This volume should be the first point of reference for concise information on the history of each nation in the world. Organized with a chapter for each country in the world, contents include: • the major events that have shaped each country and, where relevant, associated dependencies and territories • coverage of major events and developments from the early history of each nation to recent events, charting each country’s economic, political and social progress • detailed information on the elections, wars, disputes, diplomatic activities and changes to national borders by invasion, annexation and treaty that have had a major influence on history.

Key Benefits: ♦ Ability to simultaneously

compare what has been happening in different countries ♦ Enables you to see the development of a country from early settlement to the present day ♦ Provides a detailed record

of a country’s political life

April 2011: 279x211: 832pp Hb: 978-1-85743-577-1: £375.00

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A Political Chronology of the World 2011 (UK)  

A Political Chronology of the World 2011 Flyer for the European, Asian, African and Australian Markets from Routledge and the Taylor & Franc...

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