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FOB Walton Celebrates U.S. Army Birthday By CPT Ashlea L. Cleveland Soldiers and residence of FOB Walton, Kandahar commemorated the 236th birthday of the U.S. Army with an official cake cutting in the new FOB Walton Dining Facility on 14 June 2011. As a tribute to the occasion, TF Rough Rider chose the youngest member of their ranks to do the honor. PV2 Devrynn M. Robertson, Alpha Company, 204th Brigade Support Battalion, was born on 16 October 1992 in Mesquite, Texas, making him the youngest in the battalion by 7 months. “I basically joined the Army to get out of Mesquite”, says Robertson. LTC Todd S. Bertulis, Task Force Commander, and CSM Troy J. Tuten, Task Force CSM, lead the celebration. “Even in the beginnings of this combat tour,” says LTC Bertulis, “ we must pause a moment to value the tradition and history of our Army, and to show our appreciation for those who served before us, with us today, and who will serve in the future.” “The fact that we celebrate the birth of our Army is truly significant,”

says CSM Tuten. “But the fact that we get to celebrate the Army’s 236th birthday while deployed in support of contingency operations in Afghanistan makes it all so much more profound.” The Army was created before we became the United States. The Continental Army was founded on June 14, 1775, when the Continental Congress authorized enlistment of riflemen to serve the United Colonies for one year. After the war against the British, the Army, along with the Navy and Marines, were all eliminated, shelved due to lack of sufficient finances. It wasn't until 1790 that Congress brought back the Military branches with new names, the first branch formed being the Legion of the United States, the direct predecessor of the US Army and who would latter be called the U.S Army in 1798. It was a proud day for all those belonging to the U.S. Army, TF Rough Rider, and especially for PV2 Robertson who will always remember this day, the Army’s 236th birthday.

Above: LTC Bertulis and CSM Tuten join PV2 Robertson in making the first cut of the Army birthday cake, FOB Walton DFAC. Right: A Fallen Soldier table on display at the DFAC to honor all those Fallen Soldier, Prisoners of war ,and Missing in Action personnel who, all through the Army’s history, have given their lives to this service and for our country.

FOB Walton Changes Hands TF ROUGH RIDERS NOW AT THE HELM By CPT Ashlea L. Cleveland

After a long anticipated Relief in Place with 4th Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, the Rough Riders of the 204th Brigade Support Battalion have finally taken the lead at FOB Walton, Kandahar. On 11 June 2011 at 1000 hrs, LTC Todd S. Bertulis, 204th BSB Battalion Commander, and CSM Troy J. Tuten, Battalion CSM, uncased the battalion colors, symbolizing the completion of the Transfer of Authority from TF Packhorse to TF Rough Rider. In addition to the task of logistically supporting the entire brigade, Headquarter and Headquarters Company has inherited the role and responsibilities of the FOB Mayoral Cell. With FOB Walton expanding to support over a thousand Soldiers and civilians, this is no easy feat for the Trail Blazer team. “On 09 June 2011 the Mayor Cell conducted its first meeting with all the resident units of FOB Walton,” says First Sergeant Maria Denzine, HHC 1SG. “ The Trailblazers have been diligently working on numerous projects for FOB expansion and daily Mayoral responsibilities including processing over 50 service orders daily and the opening of Popeye’s Chicken within the next few weeks.”

Another vital mission taken on by the Rough Riders is the Base Defense Operations Cell (BDOC) mission. This mission is essential to the lives on the FOB as it is its firstline of defense. With the Blacknights of Bravo Company standing guard each night and day, it is our own 204th Soldiers keeping watch over the residence of FOB Walton. WO1 Travis Ogletree, BDOC Officer in Charge (OIC), has already established an impressive professional

LTC Bertulis and CSM Tuten uncasing the battalion Colors at the TF Rough Rider Uncasing Ceremony at the new FOB Walton DFAC.

and authoritative presence of Soldiers in the towers and on the gates of FOB Walton. “This is a great mission that we take great pride in doing”, says WO1 Ogletree. “ We are ready to defend FOB Walton against enemy forces, and dedicated to maintaining a safe place for everyone on the FOB to live and operate.” In his address to the Soldiers during the ceremony, LTC Todd S. Bertulis acknowledged the support of the Rough Rider families. “Unseen here today are your Families– spouses, sons and daughters, moms and dads, sisters and brothers, and significant others who provide you with love and support that sustains you in this formation one more time as we, Task Force Rough Riders enter again into combat." “Our overall mission is to sustain the Warhorse Brigade in its fight against the insurgency,” says LTC Bertulis, “ as well as to build-up the capabilities of the Afghan National Security Forces and ultimately help the government of Afghanistan connect with its people. With TF Packhorse continuing to trickle out of theatre, the Rough Riders are already in full swing, taking the lead and, as always, making it happen.

204th Combined FRG Meeting 204th BSB Combined FRG Meeting 2 June 2011 5:00 BN Conference Room The meeting was kicked off with a Welcome and Introductions of FRG Leaders, Rear Detachment, Company representatives and Key personnel. The welcome and introductions were followed by representatives from Fort Carson Sports Fitness and Aquatics. Handouts were made available detailing the upcoming June fitness and Aquatics schedules and services available were covered in their brief. The Rear Detachment Commander then discussed the transition process,

troop’s morale, mailing procedures and issues. The upcoming schedule and location for future combined FRG meetings was also discussed.

The meeting closed and Family members broke off into small groups to have an opportunity to socialize

Each of the FRG Leaders was given an opportunity to discuss any items of issue or concern at the company level.

The Next 204th BSB Combined FRG Meeting will take place on 7 July at 6:00 PM at the FRC. Childcare will be available. Slots for Childcare must be reserved by 22 June.

Note: Alpha Company FRG will be conducting a FRG meeting at 5:30 at the USO on 27 June.

Please send your Childcare needs to or 526-4172 no later than 22 June.

Family members were given an opportunity to have any questions or concerns addressed.

204th Brigade Support Battalion Combined FRG Meeting & Potluck 7 July 2011 6:00 PM Fort Carson Family Readiness Center (FRC) (Please bring a dish to pass to the meeting) HHC – Main Dishes Alpha – Side Dishes or Salads Bravo – Desserts Charlie – Drinks Rear D – Plates, Napkins, Utensils, Cups (Food Responsibilities will rotate for each meeting)

We will start the meeting with a potluck dinner and then have a presentation followed by an update from the Rear Detachment. We will close with updates and issues addressed by each FRG Leader and FRG Advisor. Childcare available – Please send your name, child or children’s names and ages, along with your phone number or e-mail for contact purposes to or 526-4172 no later than 22 June

Come out and meet fellow Spouses, FRG Leaders, and the Rear Detachment!

Celebrate the 4th of July a day early, on July 3, at Fort Carson's largest Every year Fort Carson invites the local community for a day filled with fun and concluded with a magnificent fireworks display; one of the biggest ones in the Colorado Springs area! The Independence Day festival will have many fun activities for the whole family, including paint ball, a cash cube, challenge courses and games for the kids, inflatable jumpers and more. There will be live music and entertainment on the stage, 13 food vendors will offer the best of fair food as well as a wide selection on refreshments and adult beverages. A $500 jewelry gift card and other valuable prizes will be up for the grabbing at the cash cube. Admission is free and the event is open to the public, fees apply for certain services and merchandise. Time is from 4-10 p.m. For more information call the Events & Entertainment office at (719) 526-1867 or visit

Pull-Up Your Combat Boot Straps Deployment Discussion Group Designed for Spouses/Family members who are going through their first deployment or those who would just like to learn new and better ways to cope with the deployment stressors. Come out and get great Ideas on how to get through the deployment while making new Friends! Conference Room Bldg 2352 Quinn Street Fort Carson 5:30pm– 7:00pm 23 June and 30 June RSVP NLT June 20, 2011 to

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