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2013 media kit

theCurrent your community connection who, what, when, where and why

what we do More than a print publication.


Since its beginning four years ago, The Current has embraced and celebrated its community. People have heard of it, they see it and read it. That is hard to beat when you’re trying to reach customers. Now boasting a refreshed website coupled with a print product that is second to none our readers are drawn to the contemporary design and unifying messages. It’s the best of both worlds – a solid, well-respected brand that is positioned to deliver your message across multiple media platforms. The Current is better positioned than ever to deliver an effective marketing campaign for business of all sizes. In addition to our highly effective direct mail print product and four-color design, clients can benefit from targeted placement in a number of sections within the publication or on Our website is fully responsive to all media devices from desktops to smart phones so your message can reach a broad audience.

Quick Facts • We’re unique from local newspapers in that we’re the only one that offers direct-mail. • Over 40,000 papers produced with each issue. • Median home value is $299,000 • The average household income is $109k per year • Median age is 37.2 • 62.8% are educated beyond high school • Circulation via USPS mail delivery

Current Communications 934 Canton St. Roswell, GA 30075 770-810-5943


theCurrent media kit

Note: All data used in this media kit is compiled from the 2010 US Census data and USPS distribution information.

who we reach Our readers are your customers.


The print circulation of The Current has steadily increased since our beginning. People want to read the publication and they request copies. They also love the fact that it is mailed directly to them. This allows us to guarantee your message will be delivered.

The Current is delivered through the US Postal Service. Why is that important to advertisers? It’s because readership is far greater when delivered through the mail than driveways or “free” stand-alone distribution in random locations. Our dedication to quality circulation ensures that your message goes to a community you can reach with your brand and advertising message.

Quick Numbers

What The Current does is create unique and authentic content about the people of our community. With our new website we are positioned to better deliver content across a variety of platforms. Each print issue is digitally available in “flip book” format. Additionally, web-exclusive content and additional editorial content not seen in print is posted regularly and will attract digital readers.

Age 45 - 54 16.3%

nt Coverage urre Ma C e p Th 30004

Age 35 - 44 15.8%

Age 55 - 64 11.7%

Household Income: $50,000 - $74,999


$75,000 - $99,999


$150,000 - $199,999 6.9%

Alpharetta 30005 30009 30075

Roswell 30022 30064

East Cobb

Age 25 - 34 14.5%

$100,000 - $149,999 24.3%

Over 40,000 total print distribution in zip codes 30075, 30076, 30009, 30004, 30022, 30068, 30067 and 30064, the first week of every month.


Our Readers:





theCurrent media kit

$200,000 +


why advertise with us? Ten, or so, reasons to advertise with The Current.

1. We’re the cool kids (and nice). The Current is widely read and respectfully distributed through the mail into more than 40,000 homes per issue. Additionally, each issue is distributed digitally online averaging over 3,000 viewers each month and has been steadily growing. What does this mean? Readers like us, they hang out with us and they will like you too. The greater our reach the more people read your message.

4. We gather no moss. The Current is a widely read magazine and is unique in that we cover Roswell, East Cobb and Alpharetta. Our direct mail distribution is far superior to the competition and our free issues are snatched up as fast as they are put out. While other papers are quickly recycled The Current stands as a month long source of information. What this means to you? Whether it’s our entertainment reporting, restaurant reviews or community spotlights people trust The Current to keep them....current.

2. Our readers bring the bucks. The Current readers average household is the highest of any other media. What this means? Our readers can afford to buy your products and/or services...when they learn where to find you.

3. We hit your target. The Current takes a multi-faceted approach to targeting your desirable demographic. Each month we: • Direct mail over 40,000 copies to local homes • Supply thousands of bonus distribution through our marketing partners. • Additional distribution to doctor wait rooms. • Place copies with all of our retail-marketing partners. • Release a full online version at • Our website is fully responsive to mobile platforms. What this means to you? We deliver your message into reader’s hands. While other media options offer vague distribution The Current specifically targets locals at home and on the move.

5. We cheer for the home team. Here at The Current we are proud boosters of the community. When you advertise in The Current, it tells readers that you are a part of the community too. Also, we work to include advertisers in relevant stories whenever possible. What this means to you? We care about your business as much as the community.


theCurrent media kit

6. We stand out. We don’t mean to brag but at The Current we invest in the quality of our product and it shows. Our features, design, direct mail distribution and exclusive content are all heads above the competition. What this means to you? When you advertise with The Current you can trust that your ad will always be in a high-quality product.

8. We’re techno like that. Every issue of The Current is featured in its entirety on As an added bonus readers see your message in both print and online. What this means to you? You pay for print and get digital for free!

9. Our readers pay attention. According to BIGreasearch, a leader in marketing research, monthly publications and their ads garner the most attention than other forms of media. When readers are engaged in print they are less likely to be distracted by other forms of media compared to users of TV, radio or the Internet. What this means to you? The Current readers are focused on your ad and not driving with one knee or talking on their phone.

7. We are in the know. Whether it’s highlighting concerts or profiling a new theater season The Current keeps readers informed about what’s going on around town. From the hippest new restaurants to the coolest places to shop – we keep our fingers on the pulse. What this means to you? We’re hip...who doesn’t want that?

10. We can make your website traffic hum. Publications spur web traffic and searches. In fact, a recent study by BIGresearch shows that publications lead other media in influencing consumers to search for and buy merchandise online. What this means to you? Advertising with The Current delivers traffic and buyers to your website or retail location.

11. Two birds, one stone. The Current is heavily distributed where your customers live. With our digital and print offerings we can deliver two great audiences with one vibrant, fun, effective, engaging (and humble) product. What this means to you? There’s no more effective way to reach your target than The Current.


theCurrent media kit

Current 2013 Media Kit  

The media kit for The Current.

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