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TRY IT AND SEE Rosie Little


Rescued I like Julie Cockburn's style of work as she takes once plain and ordinary photos, and makes them so much more interesting by sewing into them for example to create an entirely different photograph. This portrait shows a normal photo covered in blue string. According to a website this photo was influences by mutation showing how someone can change so quickly due to something happening to them. I intend to create photographs similar to this in the way that I will be taking a normal photograph I have took or a bought postcard and adding button sequins etc. to the print.


Buttons for eyes, sewn up mouth. Sequins for hair. Engrave into an image Rankin take a photo do something with it Shaun Kardinal ( embroider, sew into images) Maurizio Anzeri Stephen Gill (Dry flowers) Julie Cockburn Write on prints Painting etc. Natural Spaces


Lighting Fairly bright just normal light (natural) no extra lighting needed. Props None, although after the photo has been taken buttons and string will be needed to sew onto the image itself. Model Bonnie, just face on neither happy nor sad, just a plain face. Where studio/Location In a garden Natural scene. Date Within the two weeks off Equipment Tripod Health and safety


This image is created by the artist putting objects within the camera lens, I really like the effect this photo has, however I will not be able to create a photograph like this as I do not have the correct lens.





These photographs will really link to my work as this photos have been printed and then drawn on, I will use this as inspiration when creating my own outcomes, as I will also print photos then edit them on top of the print rather than on the computer.



My intention when taking this photograph was to portray a sense of childish behavior by the use of the blue butterfly. This photo is unbalanced, however this was intentional as I believe it gives the photo a unique feel and makes it more original. I think this photo fairly well focused however I think it is difficult to seem very well focused as I was taking of photograph of a printed image. If I was to reshoot this photograph I would make it more of a wide shot rather than a close up. I think the composition of this photograph is OK as there is enough negative space. In conclusion, if I was to do a reshoot of this set of photographs I would attempt to use a wider range of techniques in order to gain a diverse array of photographs




I created this picture to form a link between my work and the artist, I like the outcome of this photo shoot as I think my picture has certain links such as sewing into my picture to create a similar effect to the artists work.


Overall this Is one of my favourite photographs as I believe the end image shows the techniques that can be used to change a photograph and give it a completely different feel. I think this photograph is balanced as there is an equal amount of negative space on each side. I think this photograph is correctly exposed as there is not a negative amount of light. I have not edited this photograph as I believe it did not need to be edited.



I chose these as my final two because I like the graining look as I believe it adds effect, also I picked these two to be presented together as I think the use of the butterfly in both creates a link between the two. As well as these two in my opinion being my strongest photos. I like the exposure of both of these photos as they both have the correct levels of exposure. The left image is balanced which I believe works for this photo however the right image is intentionally unbalanced in order to create an original photograph.

Final project  

Final, try it and see