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ROSE Sandesh VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 MAY 2009


ROSE Sandesh (Message) is a newsletter of ROSE vzw, Organization Supporting Education. Sandesh meaning “Message”, would enlighten you on the activities of ROSE in Belgium and India. Your comments on “Sandesh” are welcome and we look forward to your support - ROSE team (

ROSE @ Broederlijk Delen “India” Campaign Highlights of this issue 

ROSE events


ROSE education projects


From ROSE office desk


About ROSE


Project in focus ‘Parijat academy’


Upcoming events

ROSE vzw participated in Broederlijk Delen promotional events which was held on 23rd January, at Kessel-Lo and on 26th January, at Wemmel. The main theme of both the events was to promote the Broederlijk Delen activities by which they support Indian tribal communities, and to showcase the products made by these communities. Particularly the focus was on Tamarind, an Indian native plant and its products. More than 300 people attended these events from different parts of Belgium. Some of them had travelled to India to support Broederlijk Delen’s India activities. There were more stalls which were showcasing the culture of India. To promote the Tamarind, Rose prepared the 'Tamarind

Inside this issue:

Sauce' along with "Mathari" (Indian Snack) which was available at ROSE stall for visitors for tasting. More than 200 people tasted the sauce and were quite astonished with exotic sauce taste. ROSE volunteer 'Divya' show cased the rich culture and tradition of India by performing an Indian classical dance called "Bharat Natyam" on 23rd Jan at Kessel-Lo. Audience appreciated the dance, and particularly the elegant movements which narrate a story. The event was quite successful for ROSE, and paved new collaboration opportunities with Broederlijk Delen. More info: n=Events.BroedeerlijkDelenEvent

Indian Evening in Leuven


Mondial dag @ SMIKS


Belasaia 2009, Wemmel

Project site visit


ROSE in news


ROSE project updates


On 21-22, February 2009, ROSE vzw participated in the 17th annual Asian fair organized by Belasia vzw. BELASIA is a Belgian not-for-profit organization promoting the social, cultural and economic relations with Asian countries and their inhabitants in Belgium.

Upcoming ROSE events 4

ROSE infodesk in Kessel-lo, Leuven

In Belasia 2009, ROSE presented its education initiatives for tribal and rural children in India. ROSE volunteers created awareness on supporting education in developing countries. Sale of ROSE handicraft bags and T-shirts generated financial contributions!

ROSE volunteer Divya performing Indian classical dance.

Infodesk of ‘Childwellness’, our partner organization.


“Indian Evening” in Leuven with NZ Studenten

Spicy Indian food in traditional banana leaf.

‘Namaste’- Hello!

"Why Indians keep bindhi in their forehead?", "Do Indians speak Hindu or Indian?"

ROSE vzw co-hosted the “Indian evening” on 18th March 2009 at Pangaea, Leuven, in collaboration with the Noord-Zuid Student group of Leuven and Broderlijk Delen. The evening started with a talk & discussion with Mr. Debjeeth from “Living farms” India. Following this, guests attended different workshops giving a feel about the diverse faces of India. The Noord-Zuid student group organized a quiz on India and also offered Indian lassi and Chai(tea), with recipes.

ROSE, in addition to its extended info desk on education projects, hosted more than six workshop themes like Indian languages, Indian food, education, religion, Indian dress and Indian currency. Volunteers answered curious questions like “Why Indians keep tilak in forehead?”. The workshops were quiet interactive to gain insight on the Indian languages, Bindhi's and the Indian dress wear. An “India quiz” included take home messages like "Do Indians speak Hindu or

Demonstration on wearing Indian ‘Saree’

Indian?" , guests name written in different Indian languages and surprise for the quiz were highlights.

Mondial Dag @ St.Mic hielsinstituut, Keerbergen Demonstration on making Indian tattoos or henna was offered in conjunction with trials of Indian saree's and Kurthas. Some dared to get dressed in Sarees and Kurthas and posed for dazzling pictures. Also, the guests seemed enthusiastic in trying the different colors of Bindhi and knowing its tradition. ONLINE pictures: n=Events.NoordZuidMar2009

St.Michielsinstituut High school in Keerbergen organized a Global day on "India", in cooperation with Broederlijk

ROSE Info desk @SMIKS

Delen and ROSE. The students had 24 workshops on India and enjoyed a Indian lunch prepared by ROSE.

Indian lunch @ Mondial dag

Education projects: Site visit of Tr ibal sc hool, Wayanad

A day at Wayanad tribal school lessons & mid-day lunch


The Vivekananda Residential Tribal School, Wayanad, was established in 2002 by Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust, a not-for-profit organization based in Wayanad district of Kerala, India. The school seeks to be a home to the tribal children in Wayanad district. Following Jan 2008 site visit by our volunteer, ROSE started supporting the run-

ning costs and teachers salaries of the school from 2008-’09. The School today provides nourishment, clothing, residence and education to 140 children from the Kurichya, Kadar, Kuruma and Paniya tribes. For the close evaluation during the project execution period, two independent site visits were conducted in addition to regular progress

tracking from Leuven. The latest site visit was made in Jan 2009 by Sandeep, ROSE volunteer and the school’s growth reflects in increase student attendance in tribal region. Current needs of the tribal school (Wayanad): ONLINE

ROSE in news Lighting up their Lives ‘Hindustan Times’, Mumbai, January 26, 2009

Suman Sakharam is a 10-yearold tribal boy in Madhya Pradesh’s Khandwa district (India). Till three months ago, he would spend the day grazing cows. This meant he could not attend his local school, which shut at 6 pm. His village had no electricity, and so, the school gave over at sunset. Now, he does both. His village

still doesn’t have electricity, but his school now has a few solar lanterns — solarpowered lamps with a power storage device — that allows it to conduct classes after sunset. “Earlier, the school would shut at 6 pm. But now, thanks, to the solar lantern, it functions till 8 pm. This means I can finish my work and then study,” said Sakharam.

solar lanterns to rural schools across India for free, with financial support from ROSE and other organizations. This has enabled 16,000 underprivileged children to pursue their studies in evening schools.

After long day at work, children study under an oil lamp at evening schools.

Read the full interview ONLINE: n=News.NewsOnRoseJan2009NEF

Benefactor: Chetan Singh Solanki, co-founder of ROSE and currently assistant professor, IIT Bombay, has provided 540

Solar lamps at evening schools facilitates a littlle better learning!

Project updates Street Children shine in three languages

The children from Siragu (wings) project, who have been learning ‘English’ and ‘Tamil’ (local native language), have taken one extra step. ‘Hindi’ the prominent Indian language, has been introduced in the II grade (primary) curriculum. All students who appeared in the exams conducted by the National language school ex-

celled with good grades. Siragu (wings) school project caters to 350+ deprived street children, who are first generation school goers. ONLINE: n=Projects.2009-Suyam-Chennai

Deobhog Library

ROSE sponsored a library to Deobhog, a village in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, India. This library is currently

fully functional and caters to rural student. The library has been setup near the local government school and is open for five hours a day. ROSE funding included primary school books, story books, novels, engineering books etc. This rural library would also help students to prepare for various competitive exams. ONLINE:

“”Earlier, the school would shut at 6 pm. But now, thanks, to the solar lantern, it functions till 8 pm. This means I can finish my work and then study”

From ROSE office desk…. In the first quarter of 2009, ROSE monthly volunteer meeting was organized four times. Meeting agenda included discussion on different work packages like projects, cooperation & funding, finance, events, etc.  A project workshop on 8 Mar 2009, reviewed active projects, and also discussed

new projects in need.  On 5 Apr 09, a workshop by the cooperation team documented potential cooperation partners and necessary action points. Deadlines for provincial and regional funding in Belgium was inventoried.  The finance team submit-

ted the 2008 account statements and first quarter VAT filing to Finance ministry, Belgium .  As a vzw working on South projects, ROSE represented in cooperation meetings organized in Flemish parliament, Vlaams Brabant and 4de pijler.

ROSE Annual Report 2008 is ready!


CONTACT US Tervuursevest 21, Bus 201 30001 - Leuven, Belgium

ROSE vzw is a volunteer organization based in Leuven, Belgium with the objective of giving a helping hand to less-privileged children in rural India. ROSE was established in 2001 as a VZW organization (Registration Nr 0474.242.896) with the objective of “Education for all”. Accordingly, ROSE raises funds by holding a variety of fund-raising activities and utilizes these funds to improve the infrastructure in schools that are in need.

Phone: +32 484 425 036 E-mail: Web: Donations above € 30 are tax deductable in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland & Great Britain.

Interested to contribute?

Big impact @ little cost Sponsor a child’s education, by making a regular monthly contribution ~€ 10-15!

 Attend ROSE events, join ROSE as volunteer.

IBAN: BE73 9795 4450 5360 BIC: ARSPBE22 More donation info:

 Help in translation with your Dutch & French fluency

 Organize solidarity events/workshops to benefit ROSE educational projects.

Feel free to contact us: n=Donations.Donations

Projects in Focus / Upcoming events! Project in Focus

Upcoming Events

‘Parijat Academy’ is a active ROSE project in the northwestern Indian state of Assam.

ROSE @ City festivals

Parijat Academy offers free education to a wide range of under privileged children in the rural region of Pamohi near Guwahati, Assam.

 Wereldfeest Bruul, Leuven on Saturday, 30 May ‘09

Did you know?

Visit our infodesk at city festivals for more info on ROSE.

Sale of Indian accessories @ROSE events

 Ottertrotter festival Tivoli park, Mechelen on Sunday, 28 June ‘09

To support salary of one ROSE event: BBQ teacher for a month in Parijat  ROSE along with its partis equal to a meal for two ner VZW Childwellness people in Belgium! would be holding a BBQ Avg. teacher salary per in Broechem-Ranst on month = 1500 INR = 23 € Saturday, 19 September 2009. All are welcome! More info on ‘Parijat Academy’:

Special thanks to our translation group, who have been quite generous in sparing their valuable time for ROSE activities. - ROSE team (

ROSE – An Organisation for Supporting Education BTW BE 0474.242.896

ROSE vzw Tervuursevest 21/201 B-3001 Leuven, Belgium

rekeningnummer 979-5445053-60 IBAN: BE73 9795 4450 5360 /BIC: ARSPBE22 (Vanaf € 30/ jaar wordt een fiscaal attest afgeleverd in BE, NL, DE, CH, UK) More info:

DOORLOPENDE BETALINGSOPDRACT (te bezorgen aan uw financiële instelling)

Ja, ik wens onderwijs projecten van ROSE te sponsoren. Ik geef daarom de toelating om, vanaf .... / .... / 20...., 

een bedrag van € 15 / maand (gemiddelde maandelijkse kosten voor een kind op school in India)

 of een bedrag van € . . . . . / maand van mijn rekeningnummer:.......................................................... over te schrijven, ten voordele van rekeningnummer 979-5445053-60 van: ROSE vzw Tervuursevest 21/201 B-3001 Leuven, Belgium.

IBAN: BE73 9795 4450 5360 BIC: ARSPBE22 Naam en Voornaam Adres Postcode


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