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heese is salty, creamy and oh so decadent – what’s not to love? Meet the French varieties that have melted their way into our hearts and recipes that bring their goodness to life.

styled and photographed by Alison Engstrom

Aged for up to 18 months in mountainous caves in the Franche-Comté region of France, Comté imparts a delicious nutty flavor to a variety of classic French dishes from fondue to quiche. COMTÉ

Encased in a white rind, Brie’s stronger cousin has a delectably creamy texture and a buttery, earthy flavor. CAMEMBERT

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A goat cheese from the Loire Valley that has a pungent taste and an incredibly soft interior. L A BONDE D’ANTAN

A spreadable blue cheese with a hint of spice that lends a savory saltiness when crumbled on top of a salad or smeared on a baguette. SAINT AGUR

images above Tucked away on Spring Street in New York’s Soho neighborhood, THE FRENCH CHEESE BOARD transports you to France by way of its delicious cheeses. The inviting space provides education, gallery exhibitions and of course delectable tasting experiences for those looking to learn about everything related to cheese.


ROSE & IVY Journal Issue No. 07  
ROSE & IVY Journal Issue No. 07