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Ronald Wassmer Jr. Design Portfolio



495 Appleton St. MA 01040 • 203-627-2330 •


M.Arch (Expected Graduation May 2016) College of Engineering Architecture and Technology University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT

B.S. Architectural Engineering Technology “Architecture PreProfessional Program”: College of Engineering Architecture and Technology University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT May 2014

High School: Mark T. Sheehan High School, Wallingford CT


2010 - Current

CT Civil Group LLC: Milford, CT Engineering Technician

Construction Layout and General Survey, 2D CAD consisting of Plot Plans, Site Plan Design and DWG updating 2009 May - August United Concrete: Wallingford/Durham, CT

General Laborer Assembly of cast-in-place Concrete elements


I would like to work for a firm doing all ranges of design work and presentation drawings, specifically using innovative presentation styles to create a dynamic and clear presentation for the client. Along with doing advanced Revit/CAD work and streamlining the design to job completion process to ensure a high quality and speedy construction process.


Available upon request



Revit Architecture Revit Structure AutoCAD Rhino 3D Adobe Suite Microsoft Office Suite Space Planning/Programing Visualization Communication Teamwork

CTDOT 102-278 I-95 Auxiliary Lanes Interchange 14 +15 CTDOT 301-0106 New Haven Rail Yard Facilities Improvement, Component Change-out Shop CTDOT 144-180, 144-178, 50-206 Safety and Bridge Improvement on RT 15 UCONN 901-229 Reclaimed Water Facility City of Bridgeport 015-0159 Fairchild Wheeler Multi-magnet High School City of Waterbury Jonathan E Reed School Oxford Greens Golf Course and Residential Community Sacred Heart University Edgerton Performing Arts Renovation and Addition Kleen Energy Power Plant Spring 2014 Undergraduate Thesis, High Altitude Research Center Spring 2013 Steel Design Competition, Culinary School, Hartford, CT



Fall 2012 School of Botanical Studies, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA Fall 2012 Tensile Fabric Structure University of Hartford, West Hartford CT Spring 2012 Fire Department Headquarters, Bloomfield, CT Fall 2011 Addition to the Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, MA

Soccer, Track (Highschool Captain 2010 Indoor/Outdoor), Computers, Cycling,




Fire Department Headquarters Bloomfield CT, USA

Spring 2011 5

Taking advantage of the scale of the surrounding buildings, I created a structure that would fit in the surrounding residential structures, and with the vernacular of the area. Keeping the truck bays off of the corner allows for a pull through style garage, which is highly desirable according to the drivers. The angled portion of the plan is specifically designed to front the intersection creating a distinct public building that announces its presence but does not overwhelm the other municipal buildings.








Tensile Structure

Harry Jack Grey Center University of Hartford West Hartford, CT USA

Fall 2012


The concept behind this project was to create a simple form that allowed for adequate covering of the space, but was interesting enough to draw people in towards the space. This was achieved by basing the forms off of barrel vaults but breaking up the form into three components. Each of these components is an individual, freestanding tent. The lighting was configured to create a glow effect on the canvas. This would also create an indirect lighting effect to light up the space underneath the tents themselves. Looking from the hammock back towards the tents you can see how they would glow at night, creating a form that would draw people towards the quad. Along with this, the forms create enough shade for people to gather under in the hot spring and fall days during the school year.






2014 AIAS Charrette

Design a “urban center� on a corner lot in the south end of Hartford, CT. Approximately two hours of design time. Given: Site, 2 Shipping Containers, Unlimited of any item from a dump(tires).

Spring 2014



Hartford Culinary School 26 Union Place Hartford, CT USA

Spring 2013 21

Design isn’t always a fluid process, an abstract concept can lead to a fantastic design, or a grouping of multiple good ideas, surrounded by an overall lack in fluidity. Starting with a five grouping of pillars I constructed a pair of overlapping masses that would be the primary programmatic spaces. Cutting each mass in half and into a “L” shape to force the building to expand vertically and fit better into the surrounding spaces, this caused the majority of the program to be situated on a single loaded corridor along the long section of L. After further work I realized that the massing were too rigid for my liking, softening up the exterior façades by creating 2 dimensional curves which would distort the harsh edges of the building. Along with this I created a glass connection on the upper floors to differentiate the administration and restaurant from the educational spaces. The bridge is entirely transparent aside from the steel support, which allows for more natural light to reach the spaces behind the building. Elevating the building created a lot of possibly dismal spaces underneath the building. This was combated by a few primary things. The entrance was placed in the middle of the building inside a massive light well, with a self-illumining statue to become a beacon showing people where to enter. Under the restaurant/admiration section I created a bar that would form as the waiting space for the restaurant, and give a street presence to the whole building. People would wait there and take a glass elevator into the restaurant. A multi-use gallery space would help make the underside glow and create a local attraction where art could be showcased and seen by the public. Finally the hanging mesh next door to Black Bear Saloon creates a spill over space for the bar next door, and across the street. The mesh is illuminated by spot lights which cast very dynamic shadows and make the space underneath bright and inviting. The space would also become a public space for various events hosted by the school and town. Finally, the overall feel of the building enhances the gateway to downtown along Asylum Ave and when leaving the train station. The vibrant façade shows the possible rehabilitation of Hartford bringing it forward into the 21st century. 22






Ron Wassmer Jr Undergraduate Architecture Portflio  

Architectural Portfolio of Undergraduate Work