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THE DOCTRINE OF TRUTH: The Doctrine of Religion The Doctrine of Greed The Doctrine of Oppression The Doctrine of Truth

By Author Unknown

DEDICATION To my Communion of Old: You and your pastors are whom I credit with learning the principles by which I live. These are the universal principles we all share in every culture and religion. We cannot afford as a civilization to desert our principles, but neither can we tolerate the fables and folly of religious doctrine any longer. The Kingdom we have envisioned is upon us now. Be not discouraged, but live with Love and Joy and Peace in the knowledge that Truth is, instead, on the Throne. Only Believe. Only Believe. All things are possible. Only Believe.



INTRODUCTION It was in March of 2009 when it happened for the very first time. Like an inexplicable jolt, I was immediately engaged with it, driving home one night after an evening with good friends. I suddenly found myself talking out loud with a strange feeling of being “aware” of it but not wanting to stop. I began speaking philosophically on the meaning of things in life, but my continuous and rapid flow of words were more authoritative, explanatory and instructional, rather than just simply commentary. I was so amazed by what I was saying that I felt to cry at times because the explanations sounded to me very beautiful. I remember consciously trying to slow my speech as quickly as I drove because I wanted to get home and write these…insights down. How else would I remember them? The Book is about these Insights. You will read about how they and those in the recent several months of writing the Book have combined to change my perspectives on just about everything I had ever considered. I marveled that night in 2009, and many times since, as my words just flowed without my consciously planning them and I gradually gained an understanding of how everything in life really “works”. The Book is a collection of all my new perceptions that have come together like “Puzzle Pieces” over Time to create the most beautiful and magnificent puzzle I could have ever imagined. Now I believe my Puzzle is one worth sharing.




In the Days before the Great Awakening, just before the Age of Reason, Man will terrorize the Earth because of the Doctrine of Religion he has created. Behold, the most fundamental Believers in Religion will come together to carry out its evil agenda. Only the Believers in Truth will recognize the danger that faces mankind and will rise up in greater numbers to defeat all the Believers in False Doctrine.


The Perspective of Religion If I were a Hindu, I may have seen this fantastic experience as a visitation from Krishna. If I were a Buddhist, I may have considered it to be enlightenment from the Buddha himself. If I were a Jew, I may have thought that the God of Abraham and Moses was inspiring his humble servant. If I were a Christian, no doubt, I would believe that my precious Jesus was speaking directly to me. If I were a Muslim, I may have believed that the prophet Mohammed was revealing Allah’s will. If I patterned my life after any of these traditional characters, I would perceive this experience from the perspective of my religion and everything that that fundamentally entails. Instead, with respect to religion, I consider myself an A-Theist because I reject all of these doctrines, and so perceive this magnificent experience as a reasonable person. My perspective of this major significant life changing experience is based on The Doctrine of Truth, and it is from that perspective that its Book has been written. The author of the Book was born on the fourth day of the seventh month in the year 1966, in a little known place in the northeastern region of the United States. Within ten years, as I was old enough to begin reasoning it, I saw my world as Christian, white, middle-class, Italian-American, low to moderately educated, and surrounded by a few large ethnicities like second generation Italian, Polish, Irish, and German. My world changed dramatically when after fourteen years, I was enrolled in a non-sectarian college preparatory boarding and day school. There I met and became friends with students my own age from different races, religions and regions around the world like Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. I was a part of their world and they were a part of mine, and my perspectives about the outside world had begun to change. My faith and that of my entire family and closest friends was nondenominational Christianity. I learned from an early age to thank God and His son Jesus Christ for our food. “Dear Jesus, Bless this food. Make it a nourishment to our bodies. Please provide for all those who are in need. We pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.” I talked to Him every night as a child. “Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day. Give us a good night’s rest, in Your arms. Don’t let nothing happen to us. Watch over Mommy and Daddy, and everyone we love, and help us to love you more each day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” I loved Jesus; he was everything to me. Religion and spirituality were the most important aspect of my life. Together with these highly principled people, I strove each day to live by the dictates of the Holy Spirit and realize the will of God in my life through Christ who was our King of Kings. Some may have considered us fanatics; we considered ourselves humbled and fortunate to have the light.


Because I loved the Lord, my only desire was to please Him. But I also knew that it was impossible for me to ever fully really please Him because of my “thorn in the flesh”, as my pastor later, in ignorance, came to call it. I had known I was gay since I was very young and I also knew it is what made me different from everyone around me. Growing up gay in the 1970s was not the experience it is today for our gay youth. For most of American society, there was no commentary on it within the family unit except for negative commentary. Encyclopedias still classified homosexuality as a mental disorder. There were no role models for it except for Jody Campbell on the TV show Soap, and I was not permitted to watch that show. I had heard that there used to be someone who was gay in the Communion, but that he had left years before. I was an anomaly and alone. I was an abomination to God and I could not share that with anyone. I prayed each day that God would heal me, but He did not. When I eventually believed that He would not, I began my search for reconciling who I was with what I believed. Over time, I considered the various perspectives of God within Christianity, then ultimately the various perspectives of the supernatural realm in the world. For three years, I traveled as an entertainer on cruise ships and met wonderful individuals from multiple countries with different cultures and religions and political affiliations. I grew to desire, above everything, to understand what we all share as humans, as opposed to merely as Americans, or Europeans, or Asians, or Christians, or Muslims, or Jews, or Political Liberals, Moderates, or Conservatives. The opportunities afforded to me for broader life experiences have shaped and given me a fuller perspective for how I have come to live my life. The extraordinary experience in March 2009 and those throughout the writing of the Book, very simply provide my perspectives now with a real purpose and foundation upon which to build all further revelations. Religion Consider how the brilliance of a sunset with the most beautiful array of colors splashed about the dusk April sky could inspire a young Belizean girl to ponder the majesty and awe of her Lord Jesus Christ and the creation of the Almighty God. Is it inconceivable that across the world, this very scene may have inspired a Muslim to more seriously consider the Qur’an and Allah’s revelations to the prophet Muhammad? Could it not also prompt Buddhists, Hindus, and Jews in a similar way to contemplate their own religious and philosophical beliefs? By definition, religion is the belief in and worship of a god or gods, or in a set of beliefs explaining the existence of and giving meaning to the universe, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.


Aspects of religion include narrative, symbolism, beliefs, and practices that are supposed to give meaning to the practitioner’s experiences of life. Whether the meaning centers on a deity or deities, or an ultimate truth, religion is commonly identified by the practitioner’s prayer, ritual, meditation, music, and art, among other things, and is often interwoven with society and politics. It may focus on specific supernatural, metaphysical, and moral claims about reality (the cosmos and human nature) which may yield a set of religious laws and ethics and a particular lifestyle. Religion also encompasses ancestral or cultural traditions, writings, history, and mythology, as well as personal faith and religious experience. The development of religion has taken many forms in various cultures with continental differences. The word religion refers both to the personal practices related to communal faith and to group rituals and communication stemming from shared conviction. Religion is sometimes used interchangeably with faith or belief system, but it is more socially defined than personal convictions, and it entails specific behaviors, respectively. Religion is often described as a communal system for the coherence of belief focusing on a system of thought, unseen being, person, or object, that is considered to be supernatural, sacred, divine, or of the highest truth. Moral codes, practices, values, institutions, tradition, rituals and scriptures are often traditionally associated with the core belief, and these may have some overlap with concepts in secular philosophy. Religion is also often described as a “way of life” or a life stance. *** Three overall objective observances of human nature teach us that: 1. 2. 3.

People naturally and sincerely perceive and behave according to the doctrine of their religion. People naturally and sincerely perceive and behave according to the belief system of their culture. People naturally and sincerely perceive and behave according to the technological advances in their society.

Religious labels are just the labels that indicate the religious doctrine people ascribe to. It is only one of three factors that give people their perspective, and each third can vary in intensity depending on the reasoning of the individual. Christians, for example, are people who perceive the world from the perspective of their culture too, whichever culture it is among the many cultures who have embraced Christianity throughout the world. Christians in Honduras, however, do not see the world in the same way as their Christian counterparts in America because 9

their culture has also shaped how they see. One third of Christians’ perspectives are further formed by the technology they are exposed to, and the wide range of experiences they’ve created for themselves because of that technology. Through technological and ethnic lenses, an Indian, a Chinese, an Israeli, a Costa Rican, and a Pakistani will perceive and interpret one single issue in differing ways, enhanced by their religious lenses as a Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Christian, or Muslim. While most cultures via their religion do not consider “women caught in the act of adultery”, for example, worthy of execution, it continues in modern times to be punishable by death in fundamental Islamic law. Though the level of tolerance and social acceptance of homosexuality has escalated in the last twenty years in many cultures, a recent attempt in Uganda to pass legislation to make homosexuality an executable offense was instigated by fundamental Christian believers, and ties were discovered with fundamental Christian churches in the United States. The Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, indisputably advocate violence, genital mutilation, and genocide throughout the Torah, the Bible, and the Qur’an. Most religious moderates have never read these texts and so are either unaware of what they say or have become numb to their real significance to these religions. Moderate religious people pose no direct threat to anyone because they are law abiding and sincere people who simply hold a particular belief system. In democratic countries, most moderates choose elections to change government policy. However, on March 28, 2010, nine members of a U.S. fundamental Christian Militia Group were arrested for plans to execute a police officer and wage war on the U.S. government, in the name of Jesus Christ. According to the group’s website, Hutaree are Christian “soldiers” who are arming themselves and training in anticipation of the coming of the Anti-Christ, which they believe to be imminent. A quote from this website reads: “Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment.” In Genesis, God called to Abraham and commanded him to sacrifice his one and only son to Him; when God saw that Abraham loved Him that much that he was willing to sacrifice his own child, God stayed Abraham’s hand. For Jews, that son is Isaac; for Muslims, that son is Ishmael, Abraham’s first-born child. Abraham had recently left polytheism in the land of Ur and was the first man that God had allegedly revealed Himself to regularly since the beginning of time, circa sixty-five million years prior. Because reasonable people today do not resist scientific evidence that the Earth is considerably older than six thousand years, reasonable people do not believe that after resting for 65 million years, God made a covenant with the first human and within a decade, tested his faith by commanding


him to sacrifice his child, and started a sibling rivalry that continued throughout humanity for the next five thousand years. Neither can reasonable people fathom, in a day of advanced technology, that this sibling rivalry could possibly lead to the annihilation of the human race if the descendants of these two brothers cannot reason their differences. A study was recently conducted concerning perspectives in Jewish children regarding the justification of the Genesis account of Joshua’s attack on Jericho. God had commanded Joshua and his men of war to march around the city of Jericho once for six days until the seventh day when they should march seven times until the trumpets sounded and the wall would come tumbling down. Once Jericho was vulnerable, God commanded the people of Israel to utterly destroy all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, ox and sheep and donkey, with the edge of the sword. Many of the Jewish children believed that the genocide perpetrated by Joshua was justified. Another group of Jewish children was asked the same question about the same genocide except the name Joshua was changed to something else and God was either removed from the equation or another god replaced it. The same question, “Is this genocide justified?”, was asked, and the answer was an overwhelming and emphatic “NO”. Different players perceived the same event with different perspectives because of their different religious indoctrination. Fundamental Jews today do not support any of these elements of terror despite the fact that Yahweh allegedly justified these horrific acts to their descendants thousands of years before. Because religion, like everything, evolves and has evolved over the centuries, even the most fundamental of Jews today are non-violent, though an occasional extremist does surface. There is, however, no cohesive group of Jews that use Old Testament laws to justify terror toward believers and non-believers alike for scriptural transgression. Fundamental Hasidic Jews live peacefully in “normal” society throughout the world, going about their day and living according to their beliefs, but remain non-violent. A-Theists who once ascribed to traditional Jewish or Islamic doctrine do not believe that that portion of land in the Middle East was promised to them by anyone. Removing Yahweh and Allah from the equation for Peace in the region allows for an objective analysis of the state of affairs there, reasonably concluding that there can never be peace in the Middle East as long as Religion’s opposing doctrines continue to muddy the waters in their quest. The State of Israel will align in Peace when Israel recognizes its powerful purpose in position and reconciles its political and religious agenda, accepting that another’s reasonable perspective of them and their role on the World’s stage does not imply hatred of its people. We know nothing much more of Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael other than what the Old Testament and Qur’an report of them. Jews share with


Christians the fundamental belief that God blessed and promised a piece of land especially for them; this really nice story would have been perfect if God hadn’t blessed it and promised it for Muslims too. We now know that the God of Abraham was just as imaginary as Abraham’s many gods in Ur, and so no God stayed Abraham’s hand in the sacrificial offering; it is irrelevant which son in the account was on the altar. So, why are supposedly rational people fighting for millennia over a sacrificial fable and an imaginary promise of land…and why would anyone love and worship this God? Egyptian and other pagan mythology naturally evolved to shape original Judaic thought and subsequent Christian ideology. As Judaism developed over centuries, enough Jews retaliated against the corrupt religious and political establishments of the day and began a charismatic movement for change headed by a character named Jesus. The truths Jesus spoke superseded the doctrines he had been taught and the doctrine he had later been delivered by Religion, and the meaning behind the message of Peace has survived for centuries despite them. His biographers, as was the custom of the time, naturally embellished the Christ character with mythical components shared by multiple Savior gods before him. Despite the Christian Church’s bastardization of Jesus’ principled preaching of Peace and Truth, Christians today are predominantly nonviolent. Other than the relatively recent conflict between Ireland and Northern Ireland, violence supported by Christianity is at a relative low. Moderate Christians live in societies now throughout the world, and like other religious moderates, function in modern society with the technology that exists there. Though fundamental Christians may make some outrageous claims for Creationism or Intelligent Design, the majority of these Christian fundamentalists do not use violence to forward their religious views. While most Christians today sincerely and peacefully perceive according to their religious doctrine, there are those fundamental believers who have always and still do, like Hutaree, resort to terror to further their religious cause. Consider that Christianity throughout the Middle Ages, after evolving only one thousand years, massacred millions of Muslims and other heretics and pagans in the name of Jesus Christ over the next several centuries in the Middle East. Fundamental Muslims have analyzed their history and seek above all else to eradicate Evil and restore Allah’s rightful place of authority in the world. Through meditation and reflection, the prophet Muhammad, like Jesus before him, began preaching his subconscious revelations through his conscious knowledge of his culture and degree of exposure to various religions. The truths the “pagan” Muhammad spoke superseded the doctrines he had been taught and the


doctrine he had later been delivered by Religion, and the meaning behind the message of Peace has survived for centuries despite them. Despite the Islamic Court’s bastardization of Muhammad’s principled preaching of Peace and Truth, Muslims today are predominantly nonviolent. Moderate Muslims live in societies now throughout the world, and like other religious moderates, function in modern society with the technology that exists there. They attempt to preserve their culture as best they can though inevitably find the new culture they are creating, different from the one of another time, because they are surrounded by a totally new culture and assimilate, they do. They are non-threatening, but enjoy the benefits of their host societies through the efforts of their fundamentals among them who affect government policy wherever in the world they settle, in the same way their fundamental Christian and Jewish counterparts do. Middle Eastern Muslims perceive the world from the perspective of their culture, many of whom with little previous exposure to the world around them because of only recent technological advances in their societies, and many who sincerely live according to the doctrine of their religion. They attempt to preserve their culture as best they can though inevitably find the new culture they are creating different from the one left behind because they are surrounded by a totally new culture and assimilate, they do. While most moderate Muslims today sincerely and peacefully perceive according to their religious doctrine, there are those fundamental believers who have always and still do resort to terror to further their religious cause. Fundamentalist Muslims who carry out missions of violence are no more evil than the Christian Church’s Crusades or the Jewish attack on Jericho. The justification for violence among its fundamentals comes from the religion’s text in the same way as all justification for violence perpetrated by all otherwise good and well-intentioned people comes from religious texts. The fundamental interpretation of text will yield evil works if the text embraces and justifies evil. Though reasonable people are able to discern evil acts apart from people when judging terror, the threat to humanity is no less dangerous or imminent, particularly as technology has evolved as well. Fundamentalist Muslims who believe that violence is justified when forwarding Allah’s doctrine are cohesive, organized, and powerful groups that dominate areas of the world’s landscape. Their own power of manipulation and destruction is the only reason why Islam is the biggest religious threat to humanity right now; at any other period in our evolution, it would have been the Jews or the Christians, and was. From the time two planes crashed into the Twin Towers on the 11th of September 2001, Fear is what has terrorized the world’s emotional experiences. Global fear of Islam was the tool used to carry out in secret the mission to fundamentally terrorize people, while a select few profited


once again from global Ignorance and War. History’s repetition is what has forced a fast-growing minority to now recognize that it was, in Fact, the diabolical plan of Greed and Oppression that sabotaged Truth in Society and orchestrated Fear to fester and distract the masses while they fed. Ultimately, however, this historic incident sparked the greatest number of A-Theists in history to awaken and remove the veil to see Greed’s betrayal of the pompous Doctrine of Religion. America’s role in Terror along with the other players of the Terror game will continue to be challenged by the reasonable, because in the Age of Reason, Truth will see every nation face the consequences of the global role it has played in False Doctrine against It, as evidence continues to mount in favor of Terror induced by Greed and Oppression, and not Religion, as once upon a time thought. Religion, regardless, is nothing more than Pomp’s pride disguised in humility whose objective analysis of itself can only lead to Confusion. The fundamental culprit of all the violence and terror, over the centuries, is an imaginary man in the sky who makes unreasonable demands upon all those who call upon his holy name. The good that is done in the name of Religion is far out-done by the evil that still continues to be perpetrated because of it. Religion’s fundamental flaw is that it considers the UnKnown, and sets up rules around it. Our history as a civilization proves that that is a dangerous proposal for Society to live by. While openly nonbelievers are excluded from the political arena in many countries still, some believers continue to gain office and lead countries by the subjective dictates of their delusional doctrine. The reasonable alternative for our civilization is to consider the Known, and set up our rules in Society around that. Because many insist on perceiving issues that effect our collective well being in society through ethnic, religious, or even political lenses, their differing opinions firmly based in their belief systems without regard for objective analysis of factual information, lead to conflict and leave progress carelessly challenged. The voice of the Doctrine of Religion is a loud and Fear-inducing global voice that manifests itself in our regional governments and societies, shaping our policies and our morals, yet it is based on complete fiction. Religion has grown to divide us over time, despite now its best attempts to unite. God’s Omnipotence is now threatened because He has created so many voices, through Technology, all claiming to be the most powerful God, that its Doctrine is the one major force that holds us back from uniting as a People. Religious tolerance has naturally increased over recent years because of broken down boundaries due to Technology, and would continue regardless of the reasonable among us attempting to “speed things up”. The pertinent and relevant questions that pose themselves to us at this time however, are, “Do we have the time to wait for complete and total religious tolerance


to take place?” And “If religious doctrine is unreasonable, why is any tolerance at all even necessary?” Religion’s threat to Earth at this time must be perceived in historical context and through evolutionary progression, and the “opinion” derived from that analysis could only be the right one because objectivity is judgment; it tells you the Truth. Theism Theism in the broadest sense is the belief that at least one deity exists. In a more specific sense, theism refers to a doctrine concerning the nature of a monotheistic God and his relationship to the universe. Theism, in this specific sense, conceives of a God as personal, present and active in the governance and organization of the world and the universe. The use of the word theism as indicating a particular doctrine of monotheism arose in the wake of the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century to contrast with the then emerging deism that contended that God, though transcendent and supreme, did not intervene in the natural world and could be known rationally but not via revelation. Polytheism is the belief that there is more than one deity. In practice, polytheism is not just the belief that there are multiple gods; it usually includes belief in the existence of a specific pantheon of distinct deities. Deism is the belief that at least one deity exists and created the world, but that the creator does not alter the original plan for the universe. Deism typically rejects supernatural events (such as prophecies, miracles, and divine revelations) prominent in organized religion. Instead, Deism holds that religious beliefs must be founded on human reason and observed features of the natural world, and that these sources reveal the existence of a supreme being as creator. *** Twelve thousand years ago, civilizations and societies that took shape on planet Earth gave birth to the first god, and the Doctrine of Religion was born with him. Primitive Man witnessed phenomena he could not comprehend and attributed this realm of the Un-Known to the gods. Man incorporated all the principles he recognized were essential for the concepts of Peace and War in his Doctrine of Religion. Man reasoned all the emotions he was experiencing as Good and Bad, and added them to his Doctrine of Religion. Over time, Man fine-tuned his Doctrine to the best of his reason and developed rules and regulations according to the one god that stood out to become personal. In a matter of time, the Devil was born as the antithesis of God, who shared with God the domain known as the UnKnown and embodied any other inconceivable phenomena known and unknown to Man.


Man’s sincere belief in the Doctrine of Religion is what fueled the fire of the Spirit in many Spirits throughout the lands and for millennia burned alive. As Man has evolved over time he reasoned his surroundings more logically, and experienced his existence more acutely with his senses. He began to recognize the disparities or incongruities within the Doctrine he had created. Over hundreds of generations, he gradually accepted evidentiary explanations for phenomena he had not previously comprehended, and finally and sincerely concluded that Reason, and not God, must be the absolute authority on all things. Arguments surrounding religious doctrine go around and around in Frustration and Anxiety because no basic premise upon which to argue can ever be agreed. Because Religion’s doctrine is illogical and unreasonable, admittedly so, believers claim Faith is the only means to a belief in the existence of God, the Doctrine’s premise. Faith is belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. Therein lies the futility of communication and the key to the demise of the Doctrine of Religion. It is not incumbent upon anyone but believers to prove that something exists or does not exist. The responsibility cannot be of the reasonable to attempt to dis-prove something that is not prove-able. The argument itself is ludicrous and entirely illogical. Reason dictates that because religious doctrine is emotionally clung to, its attack must be genuinely gentle. The challenge to the believer in Religion is to share how his experience as a believer cannot be explained rationally through either what we know or what we don’t know. Though he may feel that a presence or power exists beyond him, to give that the name of God and develop doctrine and an exclusive system around that name is far more dangerous to humanity now and altogether unnecessary. If believers are in fact sincere, why are they not all uniting to convince the world of their divine revelation? Why do they not admire the fundamentals among them, instead of mocking them for their zealous fervor? With what conscience can they allow millions of humans to suffer and die without experiencing the joy and wonder and majesty of their God? Why do the majority of religious moderates sit back and watch the faithful few spread the mighty and terrible news of their God while they cling to Him in fear of being mistaken? Further complicating the God dilemma is the emotional love connection between the deity and you, the believer. Your belief would be in vain if you did not love your God. So if you do not love your God, then you are not a believer and you are more rational and reasonable than you thought. If you do consider yourself a believer, then you must love your God, be devoted to Him and want to do His will. If you believe what you say you believe, His will would be your goal, however you understood that to be. But what if, one day, the Lord came to you and said, “My Child.” … and you said, “Yes,


Lord.” And He said, “Do you love me?”… and you replied, “Yes, Lord, You know that I love You.” And then the Lord God Allah, Whom you love, spoke to you in a mighty voice and said, “My Child, sacrifice your child to Me!” The Bible account believed by Jews, Christians, and Muslims relates a very similar scene where Abraham’s faith, his belief, was tested. If God were to test your faith by commanding you to kill your child, would you obey? Do you not already innately know that murdering your child is immoral? Yet, if you say,“Yes, I love the Lord God Allah and I will sacrifice my child for Him!”, then the responsibility is of the reasonable to prevent you from this horrific act and institutionalize you until you begin to think reasonably. Would you sincerely give up all sense of self-respect and morality to worship and love a God that would ask such a thing from His own? If you were to say, “No, Lord. I cannot obey you this time because I know that what You’re commanding is morally wrong”, then reasonable people around the world applaud you for allowing reason to weigh in heavier in this time of testing. God is testing your faith today by asking you to defend Him to the world and declare your everlasting love by sacrificing your child to Him to bring Him praise. Prove to Him that you are His good and faithful servant, and that your life and devotion has not all been in vain. If you hold your head humbly in sorrow before the Lord and say, “No, Lord”, then the reality is that you do not really love Him because you do not really believe in Him, and it is ok now to finally let Him go. Reasonable people do not hold religious people up to higher moral standards because religious doctrine provides no high standard for moral behavior. Even their religious leaders are no more capable than any of them to live by the Doctrine of Religion, and because they are public religious figures, the pressure they must feel to control their compulsions, if plagued by them, is much greater. Eventually they will only fall in Shame because not even their Doctrine of Religion can save them from their humiliation. The only standard by which to measure moral behavior is the Doctrine of Truth, and according to that Doctrine, judgment of someone’s behavior will far more be for the purpose of learning, not condemnation. Religion’s judgment of moral behavior is indicative of a hierarchy that Man has created for measuring morality with God at the pinnacle. Religious man reasoned, The more moral one is, the more like God he is. When morality is measured linearly in this way, with an unreasonable external entity as a moral barometer, the condemnation of those who are “immoral” now becomes justified, and the concepts of Superiority and Inferiority are born. And Man believed himself to be above other Man and Beasts and gave himself rightful dominion over the inferior among him. In


reality, contrary to what religious texts teach, we have no dominion over others in our species or in any other species. Have we not yet learned what dominion over others in our species has led to in societies where oppression through slavery, communism, and imperialism have been a factor in much of our histories? Furthermore, humans can learn from the evolutionary process of the other species, and how we behave so similarly to them, instead of perceiving them as separate and stupid beasts. In reality, neither do we have dominion over our planet. We’ve done enormous damage over the last two hundred years to Earth because of our lack of insight and wisdom as a civilization, and we continue to marvel at, and even outright deny, the environmental and climactic consequences, even amid natural disaster after natural disaster. If we rid of Religion, we will rid of the notion that we have dominion over any one or any thing. We are a species, and Reason tells us that our goal needs to be to preserve our species, no matter the religion that stands in our way. Hinduism Hinduism is the predominant and indigenous religious tradition of South Asia. Hinduism is often referred to as Sanatana Dharma (a Sanskrit phrase meaning “the eternal law” by its adherents. Hinduism also includes yogic traditions and a wide spectrum of “daily morality” based on societal norms such as Hindu marriage customs and the notion of karma. Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning “act, action, performance”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect. In contradistinction to “faith” espoused by Abrahamic religions, which view all human dramas as the will of God as opposed to present and past life actions. In theistic schools of Hinduism, humans have free will to choose good or evil and suffer the consequences, which require the will of God to implement karma's consequences. The karmic effects of all deeds are viewed as actively shaping past, present, and future experiences. Hinduism is formed of diverse traditions and has no single founder. Among its roots is the historical Vedic religion of Iron Age India, and such Hinduism is often called the “oldest living religion” or the “oldest living major tradition”. Demographically, Hinduism is the world’s third largest religion, after Christianity and Islam, with more than a billion adherents, of whom approximately 1 billion, live in the Republic of India. Other significant populations are found in Nepal (23 million), Bangladesh (14 million) and the Indonesian island of Bali (3.3 million). A large body of texts is classified as Hindu, divided into Scruti (“revealed”) and Smriti (“remembered”) texts. These texts discuss theology, philosophy, and mythology, and provide information on the practice of dharma (religious living). Among these texts, the Vedas are the


foremost in authority, importance and antiquity. The major Sanskrit epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, were compiled over a protracted period during the late centuries BCE and the early centuries CE. They contain mythological stories about the rulers and wars of ancient India, and are interspersed with religious and philosophical treatises. The later Puranas recount tales about benevolent supernatural beings called devas and devis, their interactions with humans and their battles against demons. The Vishnu sahasranama, translating literally to “the thousand names of Vishnu”) is a list of 1,000 names of Vishnu, one of the main forms of God in Hinduism and the personal supreme God for Vaishnavas (followers of Vishnu). It declares Vishnu as Paramatma (supreme soul) and Parameshwara (supreme God). It describes Vishnu as the All-Pervading essence of all beings, the master of—and beyond—the past, present and future, the creator and destroyer of all existences, one who supports, sustains and governs the Universe and originates and develops all elements within. Krishna is a deity worshipped across many traditions in Hinduism in a variety of perspectives. The stories of Krishna appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and theological traditions. He is often depicted as an infant or young boy playing a flute or as a youthful prince giving direction and guidance. They portray him in various perspectives: a god-child, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero, and the Supreme Being. Buddhism Buddhism is a religion and philosophy encompassing a variety of traditions, beliefs and practices, largely based on teachings attributed to the Buddha, or “the awakened one”. The Buddha lived and taught in the northeastern Indian subcontinent some time between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE. He is recognized by adherents as an awakened teacher who shared his insights to help sentient beings end suffering and achieve nirvana, and escape what is seen as a cycle of suffering and rebirth. Two major branches of Buddhism are recognized: Theravada (“The School of the Elders”) and Mahayana (“The Great Vehicle”). Theravada— the oldest surviving branch—has a widespread following in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, and Mahayana is found throughout East Asia and includes the traditions of Pure Land, Zen, Nichiren Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Shingon, Tendai, and Shinnyo-en. While Buddhism remains most popular within Asia, both branches are now found throughout the world. Various sources put the number of Buddhists in the world at over a billion followers and possibly as many as 1.6 billion followers, making it one of the world’s


largest religions and possibly the second largest religion if upper estimates are accurate. Low estimates of Buddhism tend to come from sources that exclude Chinese Buddhists and refuse to acknowledge that one can combine Buddhism with other beliefs such as Hinduism in Nepal, Jainism in India, Taoism in Chinese populations, primal-indigenous beliefs in Burma and Laos, and Shintoism in Japan. The foundations of Buddhist tradition and practice are the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma (the teachings), and the Sangha (the community). Taking “refuge in the triple gem” has traditionally been a declaration and commitment to being on the Buddhist path and in general distinguishes a Buddhist from a non-Buddhist. Other practices may include following ethical precepts, support of the monastic community, renouncing conventional living and becoming a monastic, meditation and mindfulness of higher wisdom and discernment, study of scriptures, devotional practices, ceremonies, and in the Mahayana tradition, invocation of buddhas and enlightened beings, who motivated by great compassion, have attained Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. Judaism Judaism is the “religion, philosophy, and way of life” of the Jewish people, though many aspects of Judaism have also directly or indirectly influenced secular Western ethics and civil law. Originating in the Hebrew Bible, Judaism is considered by Jews to be the expression of the covenantal relationship God developed with the Children of Israel. According to traditional Rabbinic Judaism, God revealed his laws and commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai in the form of both the Written and Oral Torah. This was historically challenged by the Karaites who maintained that only the Written Torah was revealed. Karaism is a Jewish movement characterized by the recognition of the written tradition, the Tanakh, alone as its supreme religious authority. It is distinct from Rabbinic Judaism which considers the interpretations of Jewish laws in the Oral law, Talmud, and subsequent works to be authoritative interpretations of the Tanakh. Karaite Jews do not accept as binding the written collections of the Oral tradition. When interpreting the Tanakh, Karaites strive to adhere to the plain or most obvious meaning of the text; this is not necessarily the literal meaning, but rather the meaning that would have been naturally understood by the ancient Israelites when the books of the Tanakh were first written. Due to the tremendous changes in Jewish culture and religious practice over the past 4,000 years, the actual meaning may not be as easily understood as it once was in Biblical Israel, and must now be derived from textual clues such as language, and context. In contrast, Rabbinic Judaism relies on oral traditions handed down by rabbis and collected in the Talmud, and other sources, to reveal


the original meaning of the Torah. Karaite Judaism holds every interpretation of the Tanakh to the same scrutiny regardless of its source, and teaches that it is the personal responsibility of every individual Jew to study the Torah and ultimately decide for themselves its correct meaning. Jews are an ethno-religious group that includes those born Jewish and converts to Judaism. In 2007, the world Jewish population was estimated at 13 million, of whom about 40% reside in Israel and 40% in the United States. The largest Jewish religious movements are Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism and Reform Judaism. A major source of difference between these groups is their approach to Jewish law. Orthodox and Conservative Judaism maintain that Jewish law should be followed, with Conservative Judaism promoting a more “modern” interpretation of its requirements than Orthodox Judaism. Reform Judaism is generally more liberal than these other two movements, and its typical position is that Jewish law should be viewed as a set of general guidelines rather than as a list of restrictions whose literal observance is required of all Jews. Historically, special courts enforced Jewish law; today, these courts still exist but the practice of Judaism is mostly voluntary. Authority on theological and legal matters is not vested in any one person or organization, but in the sacred texts and the many rabbis and scholars who interpret these texts. Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions, and the oldest to survive into the present day. Its texts, traditions and values have inspired later Abrahamic religions including Christianity, Islam and the Bahá’í Faith. Christianity Christianity, from the Greek word Khristos, (“Christ”) meaning “anointed one” is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as presented in the New Testament. Christianity comprises three major branches: Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy (which parted ways with Catholicism in 1054 AD) and Protestantism (which came into existence during the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century). Protestantism is further developed into smaller groups called denominations. Christians believe Jesus is the son of God, God having become human and the savior of humanity. Adherents of the Christian faith, known as Christians, believe that Jesus is the Messiah prophesied in the Hebrew Bible (the part of scripture common to Christianity and Judaism, and referred to as the “Old Testament” in Christianity). The foundation of Christian theology is expressed in the early Christian ecumenical creeds, which contain claims predominantly accepted by followers of the Christian


faith. These professions state that Jesus suffered, died from crucifixion, was buried, and was resurrected from the dead to open heaven to those who believe in him and trust him for the remission of their sins (salvation). They further maintain that Jesus bodily ascended into heaven where he rules and reigns with God the Father. Most denominations teach that Jesus will return to judge all humans, living and dead, and grant eternal life to his followers. He is considered the model of a virtuous life, and both the revealer and physical incarnation of God. Christians call the message of Jesus Christ the Gospel (“good news”) and hence refer to the earliest written accounts of his ministry as gospels. Christianity began as a Jewish sect and is classified as an Abrahamic religion. Originating in the eastern Mediterranean, it quickly grew in size and influence over a few decades, and by the 4th century had become the dominant religion within the Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages most of the remainder of Europe was Christianized, with Christians also being a (sometimes large) religious minority in the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of India. Following the Age of Discovery through missionary work and colonization, Christianity spread to the Americas, Australasia, and the rest of the world. Christianity, therefore, is a major influence in the shaping of Western civilization. As of the early 21st century, Christianity has around 2.2 billion adherents. Christianity represents about a quarter to a third of the world's population and is the world’s largest religion. In addition, Christianity is the state of religion of several countries. Islam Islam is the monotheistic religion articulated by the Qur’an, a text considered by its adherents to be the verbatim word of God (Arabic: Allah), and by the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad’s teachings and normative example. Islam literally means “submission (to God)” and is comprised of primarily two denominations, the Sunni and Shi’a. Muslims, adherents of Islam, believe that God is one and incomparable and that the purpose of life is to worship God. They regard their religion as the completed and universal version of a primordial, monotheistic faith revealed at many times and places before, including, notably, to the prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Islamic tradition holds that previous messages and revelations have been changed and distorted over time. Religious practices include the Five Pillars of Islam, which are five obligatory acts of worship. Islamic law touches on virtually every aspect of life and society, encompassing everything from banking and warfare to welfare and the environment. About 13% of Muslims live in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country, 31% in the Indian Subcontinent, 20% in the Middle East and 15% in SubSaharan Africa. Sizable communities are also found in China and Russia,


and parts of the Caribbean. Converts and immigrant communities are found in almost every part of the world. With about 1.57 billion Muslims comprising about 23% of the world’s population, Islam is the second-largest religion in the world, and arguably the world’s fastest growing religion. Born in 570 in the Arabian city of Mecca, Muhammad founded the religion of Islam and is regarded by Muslims as a messenger and prophet of God. Discontented with life in Mecca, he retreated to a cave in the surrounding mountains for meditation and reflection. According to Islamic beliefs it was here, at age 40, in the month of Ramadan, where he received his first revelation from God. Three years after this event Muhammad started preaching these revelations publicly, proclaiming that “God is One”, that complete “surrender” to Him is the only way acceptable to God, and that he himself was a prophet and messenger of God, in the same vein as other Islamic prophets before him. The revelations which Muhammad reported receiving until his death form the verses of the Qur’an, regarded by Muslims as the “Word of God” and around which the religion is based. Besides the Qur’an, Muhammad’s life and traditions are also upheld by Muslims. They discuss Muhammad and other prophets of Islam with reverence, adding the phrase peace be upon him whenever their names are mentioned. While conceptions of Muhammad in medieval Christendom and pre-modern times were largely negative, appraisals in modern history have been far less so. He is revered as a true prophet and Manifestation of God in the Bahá’í Faith. The Bahá’í Faith The Bahá’í Faith is a monotheistic religion founded by Bahá’u’lláh in nineteenth-century Persia, emphasizing the spiritual unity of all humankind. There are an estimated five to six million Bahá’ís around the world in more than 200 countries and territories. In the Bahá’í Faith, religious history is seen to have unfolded through a series of divine messengers, each of whom established a religion that was suited to the needs of the time and the capacity of the people. These messengers have included Abraham, the Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and others, and most recently the Bahá’u’lláh. In Bahá’í belief, each consecutive messenger prophesied of messengers to follow, and Bahá’u’lláh’s life and teachings fulfilled the end time promises of previous scriptures. Humanity is understood to be in a process of collective evolution, and the need of the present time is for the gradual establishment of peace, justice and unity on a global scale. Totemism Totemism is a religious belief that is frequently associated with shamanistic religions. A totem is any supposed entity that watches over or


assists a group of people, such as a family, clan, or tribe, and an animal or other natural figure spiritually represents the group. At the core of Totemism is the study of all human religious expression, intrinsically founded in the relationship to a group. The human thought processes of the clan guide the examination of the physical and psychological similarities between the clan and the totemic animal, and the empirical and rational interest the clan had in preserving the species by identifying the totem as “good to eat”. Totemistic beliefs are not limited to Native Americans. Similar totem-like beliefs have been historically present in societies throughout much of the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the Arctic polar region. Animism Animism is a philosophical, religious or spiritual idea that souls and spirits exist not only in humans but also in animals, plants, rocks, natural phenomena such as thunder, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment. Animism is particularly widely found in the religions of indigenous peoples, although it is also found in Shinto, and some forms of Hinduism, Sikhism, Pantheism, and Neo-paganism. Spiritualism Spiritualism is a monotheistic belief system or religion, postulating a belief in God, and in communicating with the spirits of discarnate humans. Spiritualists believe that spirit mediums are humans gifted to do this, often through séances. They believe that spirits are capable of growth and perfection, progressing through higher spheres or planes. The afterlife is not a static place, but one in which spirits evolve. The two beliefs—that contact with spirits is possible, and that spirits may lie on a higher plane— lead to a third belief, that spirits can provide knowledge about moral and ethical issues, as well as about God and the afterlife. Thus many members speak of spirit guides—specific spirits, often contacted, relied upon for worldly and spiritual guidance. The beliefs of Spiritualism vary among groups though they share certain beliefs. Hinduism shares with Spiritualism a belief in the existence of the soul after death and also the belief of ghosts or spirits. In the Jewish faith, Spiritualism is strictly forbidden by the religious texts. As for Christianity, the great majority of Spiritualists do not accept that the death of Jesus Christ on the cross was to pay for all of mankind's sins. Instead, they believe that each individual is personally responsible and has to answer for all his own thoughts, words and deeds after death upon his return to the spirit realms. Animist faiths, with a tradition of Shamanism and spirit contact, are similar to Spiritualism. Unlike animists, Spiritualists speak of


the spirits of dead humans and do not espouse a belief in spirits of trees, springs, or other natural features. Within Islam, certain traditions consider communication with spirits possible. Additionally, the concept of Tawassul recognizes the existence of Good Spirits on a Higher Plane of existence closer to God, and thus able to intercede on behalf of humanity. Spiritism, a branch of Spiritualism, is found in mostly Latin American countries, and emphasizes the reincarnation of the soul. Vodun Vodun is a traditional Polytheistic organized religion of coastal West Africa, from Nigeria to Ghana. It is distinct from the various traditional animistic religions in the interiors of these same countries, as well as from various religions with often similar names of the African Diaspora in the New World, such as Haitian Vodou, the similar Vudu of the Dominican Republic, Candomblé Jejé in Brazil which uses the term Vodum, Louisiana Voodoo, and Santería in Cuba, which are syncretized with Christianity and the traditional religions of the Kongo people of Congo and Angola. Vodun cosmology centers around the vodun, spirits and other elements of divine essence which govern the Earth. Vodun has a single divine Creator, and all of creation is considered divine, and therefore contains the power of the divine. This is a concept vital to medicine, such as herbal remedies. There are a hierarchy of lesser creations, the vodun, which range in power from major deities governing the forces of nature and human society to the spirits of individual streams, trees, and rocks, the more impressive of which may be considered sacred. God does not trifle with the mundane, so the vodun are the centre of religious life. It is often believed that it is these aspects of the religion, similar in many ways to the Trinity and the intercession of saints and angels, which made Vodun so compatible with Christianity. Patterns of worship follow various dialects, gods, practices, songs, and rituals. In Vodun, the practice of offering an animal sacrifice is common as a way to show respect and thankfulness to the gods. Worshippers also believe in ancestor worship and hold the idea that the spirits of the dead live side by side in the world of the living. Contrary to its reputation, Vodun did not develop to be used for evil, despite the dark side to Vodun practice. Sorcerers and sorceresses called Botono are believed to cast hexes on the enemies of supplicants. The Botono claim to call upon evil Voodoo spirits to bring misfortune or harm to a single person or a group, while in effect silently serving as conduits through which another realizes “karmic debt”. Vodun has many Deities to which they attribute characteristics. Contrary to modern beliefs and preconceived notions, Voodoo is a Monotheistic religion; there is One God with many helpers (Orishas). Eshu


is the divine messenger deity who transfers and relays messages between the human world and the world of the Orishas. He is depicted as a very dark, short man who carries a large staff. He is commonly associated with having a pipe, candy, or his fingers in his mouth. He is the one who is said to be the mediator between the gods and the living and maintain a balance in order, peace and communication. Atheism Atheism is the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. The term atheism originated from the Greek atheos, meaning “without gods”, which was applied with a negative connotation to those thought to reject the gods worshipped by the larger society. With the spread of free thought, skeptical inquiry, and subsequent increase in criticism of religion, application of the term narrowed in scope. The first individuals to identify themselves as “atheist” appeared in the 18th century. Today, about 2.3% of the world's population describes itself as atheist, while a further 11.9% is described as nonreligious. Between 64% and 80% of Japanese describe themselves as atheists, agnostics, or non-believers. Forty-five per cent of Germans believe in God, and a quarter in Jesus Christ. The percentage of atheists and other non-believers in European Union member states ranges as low as single digits in Malta, Poland, Romania, Cyprus and some other countries, and up to 85% in Sweden, 80% in Denmark, 72% in Norway, and 60% in Finland. Atheists tend to lean towards skepticism regarding supernatural claims, citing a lack of empirical evidence. Atheists have offered several rationales for not believing in any deity. These include the problem of evil, the argument from inconsistent revelations, and the argument from nonbelief. The problem of evil is the question of how to explain the world’s moral and natural evils (acts, events or states that bring about or constitute suffering, loss, privation and injustice) if there exists a deity that is omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient. The argument from inconsistent revelations asserts that it is unlikely that God exists because many theologians and faithful adherents have conflicting and mutually exclusive revelations. Since a person not privy to revelation must either accept it or reject it based solely upon the authority of its proponent, and there is no way for a mere mortal to resolve these conflicting claims by investigation, it is prudent to reserve one’s judgment. The argument from nonbelief states that if God existed (and wanted humanity to know it), he would have brought about a situation in which everyone reasonable believed in him; however there are unbelievers and reasonable unbelievers, and therefore this weighs against God’s existence. Other arguments for atheism range from the philosophical to the social to the historical. Although some atheists tend toward secular philosophies,


there is no one ideology or set of behaviors to which all atheists adhere. In Western culture, atheists are frequently assumed to be exclusively irreligious or unspiritual. However, atheism also figures in certain religious and spiritual belief systems, such as Jainism, some forms of Buddhism that do not advocate belief in gods, and Hinduism that holds atheism to be valid but difficult to follow spiritually. A-Theism A-Theism is a philosophy of life that relies on Reason to move an individual and a civilization forward in Love and Joy and Peace. While traditional atheism limits its perspective to religion, A-Theism embraces a lifestyle of Reason in every aspect of the human experience. Adherents to A-Theism, called A-Theists, or reasonable people, reject the notion of an external God in the same way as they reject the notion of Zeus and do not reasonably believe they are any more evil because of a change in name. ATheists reject all man-made doctrines and believe in the collective power of “I” to reasonably set up their creed that states,

I believe in what we know. I believe in the disciplines that we have set up in our societies that have studied our surroundings and us, and I live fundamentally according to what we have learned. I educate myself as best I can on any given subject enough to formulate reasonable opinions. I objectively analyze all information and situations I experience before me and see no logical reason to believe in any thing without evidence. I derive my morality from past mistakes of each generation and strive to honor the principles of Love and Joy and Peace to the best of my ability in order to make the world a better place for future generations. *** Now, must I believe that this is only possible through Jesus Christ, the virgin born Jewish prophet who rose from the dead after sacrificing his life for my sins and the sins of all future generations, who, if not accepted, will doom me to spend eternity among Satan in the Pits of Hell? The challenge facing the sincerely religious is in transferring their fervor for imaginary gods to the principles they purport based on Truth. In Society, something is either true or not true, when objectively analyzed, and cannot be true for you just because you believe it and not true for me because I do not. Society cannot survive with traditional God as its Absolute Ruler because God’s doctrine is subject to Interpretation, not Fact. If God’s doctrine relies on Faith, how can such a doctrine rule the world, and how could anyone ever reasonably think that it could? The difference between Faith and Truth is that while Faith revels in its unquestionable and baseless belief in gods, Truth withstands analysis and prevails in reigning supreme and absolute.


If the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God cannot withstand objective analysis, then that God is not true, and Faith is irrelevant. The false Doctrine of Religion has very cunningly set up diabolical ways to deal with anything that threatens it…all of them fabrications of our Brain. You will know the Doctrine is true because while it opposes the Doctrine of Religion, it does not take the form of its conceived enemy. No diabolical enemy of God would ever purport living by principles such as Love and Joy and Peace. These principles have been constructed within Man’s Doctrine of Religion as the antithesis of the Enemy. But while the Doctrine of Truth could not be a tool in the hands of the scriptural enemy of God, it is, in fact, traditional God’s biggest threat of all. Only the Doctrine of Truth provides the perspective that awakens Man and aligns in Time with all of Creation leading to his Salvation. Religion’s simple purpose was, within each Space and Time, in helping Man discern between the forces of Good and Evil. Reason raises consciousness to a realm beyond Religion that tells that Earth is perfecting on Her course of natural selection. The time would come regardless then that Reason would win in the end and Earth is who is in Deed in charge to change Her course in Time. Apart from Reason, a paradigm doubles on the other side of Truth, attracting Distraction by living with Principles that create a life perceived to be in what many have called Sin. The Devil is whose name we blamed Distraction for for mixing Truth with Lie. Doubt was born on this other side and lead to Fear and Guilt and Worry, doubling the vision for Peace over Time with only glimpses of Truth within it. Three Demons were they that formed this Evil that sought to further terrorize with the Fear of Religion, the Guilt of Greed, and the obsessive Worry of Oppression. The Harlot of False Doctrine who succeeded for an Age used her lure to defile Man with Chaos and Confusion. Reason alone is what will make Truth’s paradigm be visible to the Mind in Man who some have called Third Eye. Third Eye is He who gave the name of God to Source, and many other names do still abound among us. His vision is in fundamental form that calls Distraction what it is and serves to spare His master further torture. Vision sees Thought connect us now to witness form the building blocks that base us in Telepathy. Word, while it follows, says what is, and Action shortly acts in Line with Reason’s Motive and Tone. Two jewels of Reason are these that combine in one Reality that at one Time, two Eyes only barely both perceived It. However Thought perceived before, Third Eye sees Its Right View now, and every other Wrong is perceived by Thought in Right’s Time. Your Vision is seen equal now by All who will unite in Time aligned with Thought to create a World where no more Word will lead You to a higher Evolution in Deed where Reason controls both Sex and Role and


Destiny is Perfection, and you will perceive in every Thing a Purpose and Peace that leads you to your Perfect State of Being. In the beginning, the Source created Heaven and Dreams and Earth, so the State of Dreams would guide in Inspiration toward Survival and Earth in Reason would mirror the Work in the Highest State of Heaven. Heaven aligned the Orbs in Time, reasoned to Perfection, to create on Earth a Space that relied on the children of Adam and Eve to reason. Adam means the Mind in Man, the One aligned in Time. Eve, the second to distract, created a Sub to Consciousness, confusing Man with Doctrines False apart from Truth on High, and more and more from under deep inside the Pit of Hell. Their children they are works of Man, both those of Truth and not, who gave to bare whatever Lot would hold them. Once further down the line of Truth, the people rose to spring to life the lonely Rose of Sharon. But for the rest that made Him live chose the cross to see His pain, and gave of their life for anyone to bold them. These have been the Days of our Lives, scribed ahead of each in Time, in starring roles that chose outside of Judgment to guide the lesser reasoned evolved in Time, just as they were meant to be. Our History’s Play now frames for Earth a Role that exists in Exchange of Idea, where Essence and Product universally share the final scenes that evolve us into a blank State of Perfection. With Reason in Deed now, the State of Dreams is suspended in the Coming Age, and Heaven and Earth will be as One in Reason. Then Heaven’s Eye will prophesy the identity of the Beast to be Man’s System on Earth as Six Six Six in Unity, Harmony and Balance. Babel, then, will once again restore One Tongue among Us. The Tongue and Tone of Reason alone combine to create in us the Whole that impassions Love and Joy and Peace in us Brothers and Sisters of Consciousness. Experienced both through Suffering and Joy, in Religion, Greed and Oppression, we, the People, learned for Ourselves what Truth was meant to be. The Burden of Suffering is ended again, and Time, in time, calls us now to join the Collective in Joy who care to move in the groove of its Flow. Like Strangers in Sync, we anticipate these Ones onto the scene who will join with us to finish the Work to restore Man’s broken Mind, and Compassion alone ties those who don’t perceive it yet in Kind. In Reason, then, is Time in charge and would not be controlled or told if or when the Space will change for the One who elects to patiently prove the Process of Perfection. Upon the shift in Polar Age, Time turned Reason back again and rent the Mind in Two. Sub-Conscious Mind, in tune with Time, would share now its time with the other side of the paradigm of Truth. Conscious Mind raised on this side higher through the seven stages of Fire, Earth, War, Water, Salvation and Enlightenment, transcending us into Destined Perfection,


our seventh and final stage. Time went around in Circle by Age, when we were what we reasoned and conceived for us in every Age to be. Time slowly moved outside of Reason to stifle Progress, leaving Distraction’s Find behind to grow to be its Bore. Now, once in Reason, Time, in Speed, will then be pressing forward toward His promising progressive Peace to score, where Science will in Constant check and balance the UnKnown, so Fine’s Line will stay clear of Fiction, and Labor’s Fruit will no more be in Vain. Entertainment will find its reason to be and teach us the work of our own by Day, while the one by Night surely belongs to the marvelous magic of Mushroom and burning bush of Mary Jane. Reason and Reiki will work together Hand in Hand to lead us to the Sea again to re-create the Paradise once compromised by Death. Mighty in Measure and in Mind, evolved in form near the Sea, we are Atlantis, the first in Nature to be inspired by Telepathy. Returning again to Perfection are we, born again in Generations of Three where Two in One can only be what is Norm to me. One half is Male and the other Female, split in Part in Sex and Role. Role and Sex will now emerge from the subText in Time, and Terms of Endearment will guide One another in the Name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. The Father, who represents the Light, shines Beauty on the Son, granting Power to the Spirit, through the Breath of Inner Ohm. The Tone of Ohm that dwells within did vibrate higher in consciousness in the Collective over Time, to now when the Ohm respires in Line, Two by Two by Three will be as One Male and One Female, squared and dually paired, for future Ones to learn Grace and Favor in the Way, the Truth and the Life. The Compass, now, will point to Balance in the quiet Source of Light, as the Mind known as Father God unites with the Body of Mother Earth and Beauty pairs with Order, betrothing Power with Abundance. The Trinity of Truth in One are we, dually paired in the number Three, destined over Time to be united all as One. Embrace the Doctrine of Truth, dear ones, through Education by means of Objective Analysis based upon your personal pursuit of Principle. In Reality, we are meant only to be Truth’s Trinity called as Angels of Light to Education, Bearers of Beauty in Objective Analysis, and Provers of the Almighty Power of Principle. On Day Eleven of Month Nine in Year Ten of the Time of Transition, the real Battle for Truth began to seize the Peace that was sacrificed when Truth was not accepted. When Ten and Ten combined in Fundamental Twenty Ten, the Doctrine of Greed finally fell in restoration of the System. The first Twenty-five of two revealed Oppression’s Doctrine in Month Eleven when Power began its transfer to the Reasonable amongst us. The Book concludes on the twice-blessed day, the Twenty-Fifth in the Month of Twelve, when the fourth and final gift of Truth was born in the form of Doctrine.


By Inspiration, the Book will be fine-tuned to the frequency of Reason, and scribed by the Evolved who would keep Its Truths and Flow over Time. We are Four, the Scribes, the fulfillment of the inspired prophecy of an Age, who are come in this Time for none other than the full restoration of Man. I am the Father, the Tuner of Religion, and the One in charge of Love. The Son is what is Soul in Man, the One who will tune Greed, who by Inspiration charges Joy to the Daughter in the form of a Dove. The Holy Spirit, who is the One misunderstood by most, gives Oppression’s Tuner to carry the charge of Peace to every host. The Ohm is the Tone of Reason, who in Judgment Absolute, sits above the former Three with vision to tune the Truth. Now the Light of Love with Beauty in the Eyes beholding Joy give Peace the Power to reign in Truth as Religion is cleansed by White’s Light, Greed is adorned by Brown’s Beauty and Oppression is paled by the authority previously vested in Black’s Power. One Race are we, in Balance meant to be, free of Money, and reasoned in Three, who look to the Zona Verde to grow in Life’s Style of Mind and Body. Shiva’s Star will point to live experience in Beauty and Order, by penning down what really means the guilty Doctrine of Greed. First in Line came Power, who will carry now with Abundance back the new and improved agenda of the illustrious House of White, by writing the meaning of Oppression down so no place has it. Last, but by no means the Least, Theophilus is he who will scribe the Doctrine, the blessed and respected One of Truth. Within the resident House of Prayer, the Force that conspired through Time to lead Three Wise from East to West to Mid Earth guided by the Star will again behold in Line with Time the beloved evolved in the Consciousness of Reason. The more he asked the more he knew and everything was known to him in Fundamental Form. The form is big as building blocks that move in line and circle time for centuries more or less confined in Time. The more he stored, the more he bored, and nature grew to teach him newly lessons. The Savior is for all who want the walk with many lessons of Hope and Fear, and all the other Fundamental Terms can follow. It is in the natural vein of Man to attract and confine Time. Reason pulls the strongest on the time that comes to keep the Faith that leads to another Home, the One in which America shines so brightly for in Hope. He who wants a moment more will then pay dearly for it. To whom much has been given then, that much is required to be the prime example based for all in Love and Joy and Peace. Be careful to practice what you preach, and then arise mighty nations and soldiers of Reason to spread the good news and make the right change, joining with the hundreds of thousands of us who are beginning to awaken in Time. Raise your perspective over Time and Space until you reach the heights to be the blessed Trinity of Truth.


Because the Truth is One to render other Doctrines void, I, in Love and Joy and Peace, deduce the Doctrine of Truth shall be the only one I live and breathe upon my earthly Home. Which doctrine then will you choose now and when? Then, finally, when you are awake, you will truly marvel at the natural majesty of Earth’s sunrise and Her sunset. You will truly marvel at the simple complexity of nature and how all things evolve. You will truly marvel at the culinary and medicinal properties of our planet’s plants. You will truly marvel at how the evolution of the Brain has made of Man a steward, not a master, over species. You will truly marvel at the perfect course of both our History and Communication, supported by the proofs within the Sciences and Mathematics. You will truly marvel at the inspiration found in our Music, Art, Architecture, Literature, and Design. You will truly marvel at the natural beauty and majesty of all our planet’s people, and the wonders we have accomplished and will continue on to do to become a reasonably civilized civilization. Invisible People, Rise up! Invisible Nations, Stand and Defend Truth! Reason with Its Rhetoric and Tenor Its Tone. Proclaim the Doctrine that leads to Peace, the messianic Doctrine of Truth, for until it is “In Truth we trust”, we will never be united in Peace. Finis ***


We all come and we all go, respecting the world around us, appreciating beauty even if we do not produce it ourselves, interacting with strangers and providing help, however fleeting, and understanding that lives, short and long, create the collective whole of history wherein the complex years of experiences that make you you, lie in us all in One. Author Unknown (1963 - )




In the Days before the Great Awakening, just before the Age of Reason, Man will terrorize the Earth because of the Doctrine of Greed he has created. Behold, the most fundamental Believers of Greed will come together to carry out its evil agenda. Only the Believers in Truth will recognize the danger that faces Mankind and will rise up in greater numbers to defeat all the Believers in False Doctrine.


The Perspective of Greed The Doctrine of Religion, the Doctrine of Greed, the Doctrine of Oppression and the Doctrine of Truth are all creations of Man’s brain that compartmentalize the four core causes of all his behavior. As Man attempted to find purpose for himself and his world, he created God and doctrine around Him. Elements of all four doctrines inevitably manifested themselves in and through him over time, because the three False Doctrines and the One of Truth are all four inter-connected degrees of doctrines of Man. Over the last century before the next millennium struck, the Doctrine of Religion’s decline gave strength to the Doctrine of Greed. God had been a powerful tool for many years to curb self-centered Man. The threat of eternal damnation sufficed to keep him in check and not let his selfish desires run wild. But, as Hell became less scary and Heaven too unreal to really know for sure, he gave in to himself rather than to God. Greed’s principles are Money and Me, and their evolution speed up to alarming rates outside of both Religion and Reason. The World has become dominated by a selfish and self-centric super-culture whose quest for Money is solely inspired by the immediate gratification of Me, and it appears that no end is in sight. Both professionally and personally, the condition is notable as a world without Religion and Reason undoubtedly brings itself to its knees. The Self-centered results of this phenomenon are more than evident still in the Time of Transition to the Next Age. Entire societies operate profoundly within this guilty Doctrine of Greed. The tone of Aggression is high pitched because no one can feed them all they are looking for and they are cornered and so must aggress, no matter their wealth. They are in a pathetic vicious cycle of bondage to Self and obsessive Self-gratification. Their sense of Respect is surely discarded while their sense of Cunning is tuned too sharp. Their sense of Entitlement only grows as their sense of Patience no longer waits. The Doctrine of Greed fundamentally feeds the Pride of Life. It is the doctrine of Manipulation and Lust and Self Absorption. In fundamental form, it is the doctrine of your will, at the expense of someone else’s. It is the World all about you in its center. In a world like this, there are no manners. In a world like this, there is no politeness. In a world like this, how can one have patience? In a world like this, there is no respect for Self and others. In a world like this, stealing and violence reign. In a world like this, there is no happiness. In a lonely world like this, the world is you and your world is very small, because you’ve left no room for more than one inside.


Greed Greed is an excessive desire to possess wealth or goods. Also known as avarice or covetousness, like lust and gluttony, it is a sin of excess. However, Greed, as seen by Religion, is applied to a very excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of wealth, status, and power. St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that greed was “a sin against God, just as all mortal sins, in as much as man condemns things eternal for the sake of temporal things.” In Dante's Purgatory, the penitents were bound and laid face down on the ground for having concentrated too much on earthly thoughts. “Avarice” is more of a blanket term that can describe many other examples of greedy behavior. These include disloyalty, deliberate betrayal, or treason, especially for personal gain, for example through bribery. Scavenging and hoarding of materials or objects, theft and robbery, especially by means of violence, trickery, or manipulation of authority are all actions that may be inspired by greed. Such misdeeds can include simony, where one profits from soliciting goods within the actual confines of a church. As a secular psychological concept, greed is an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. Societal Fear Greed in Society gives rise to Fear, both to those infected and those aware. Societies in which the Doctrine of Greed was simply substituted for the Doctrine of Religion see egocentricity escalate enormously. Maniacally egocentric societies have reduced themselves to feeding themselves their lusts at whatever the cost to anyone else, and even the reasonable in those societies experience Fear at what has been allowed to transpire over Time. Media through news spreads Fear when the focus is on the sensational manipulation of viewers’ emotions. This Fear, unwisely planted, festers until Violence is a natural result. The responsibility of the Media to objectively report the factual news is a significant factor in allaying any unnecessary Fear and Panic in an already Fear-filled Society. Manipulation Those who ascribe more fundamentally to the Doctrine of Greed tend to play a manipulator role in degrees from an active Aggressor to a passive Victim. Their self-absorbed behavior evolves over Time and is nicely masked by multi-colorful personalities and varying degrees of intensity, all of which may even be behaviors of otherwise lovely people. Some subtly attempt to manipulate by using Guilt to feed their lusts. A targeted manipulation attempt, however, whether aggressive or passive, does not mean that that recipient need fall prey to the manipulation, if aware. Conniving to make someone feel guilty need not result in that someone


ever feeling Guilt. Succumbing to the manipulation only dysfunctionally feeds both’s Egos and the desire for continual manipulation. When Reason ultimately clarifies the issue between the two, it will determine the outcome of any future attempts in Peace, and dwindle Manipulation’s frequency once it has been perceived by the perpetrator as pointless. Entertainment Entertainment is an industry that primarily manipulates and appeals to the Doctrine of Greed, and Entertainment in this Time always chooses the most lucrative means for disseminating what the Public demands. Within the worlds of Music, Film, and Television, emulating and holding in high esteem that which is not principled, in the Artist or the Art, yields consequences in Society of our ignorant discernment that come at much too great a risk to our value system. Both the Artist and the Art are in the position and have a responsibility to creatively and principally shape our societies. This industry is our diversion but programming disguised as “reality” must not divert us from what is really real. When we demand principles in our Entertainment and our Entertainers that are based and analyzed through Reason, the influent value system we help create for our future generations will be able to adequately pilot them through life. Recreation Recreation is necessary because it too teaches you concentration and focus in Jest, but be aware that most Recreation in this Time is geared toward the Doctrines of Greed and Oppression and its distraction is not necessarily harmless to you. Be vigilant and wise in how you choose to recreate. The industry of Recreation will continue to provide what you demand and that will create the tone of values we live among, and the discourse within Society. But be aware not to become a slave to Recreation that distracts you and holds you back; the believer in the Doctrine of Truth is wise and discerns Recreation that not only uplifts him for the moment, but also for a future Time. Recreational Drugs Just saying “No!” to Recreational Drugs encourages just not thinking about the issue at all. The lack of critical thinking regarding the danger of Drugs has created perspectives of both a curious mystique and ignorant arrogance. The reality of Drug’s presence in Society reasonably beckons you to consider each recreational substance separately, logically considering the costs or risks to you of engaging, and choosing how you want to behave. Governments not operating from the perspective of Truth are not an authority on the relevant moral and societal issues of our day.


Governments will ultimately amend laws and relinquish to the sentiments, will and demands of its citizens. Eventually, when the Doctrine of Truth prevails, we will have leaders of our countries who will logically determine which recreational substances pose the greatest harms to its citizens and logically find ways to remove these industries from Society. The threat that these substances pose on people is of no real concern to any entity operating in False Doctrine. What has been perceived as a drug “problem” must be attacked as a drug “industry” with multiple individual industries. Governments that operate from the Doctrines of Greed and Oppression are handling this serious and important social issue perfectly in-line with their doctrines, and the issue of the Drug Industry will never be resolved as long as Greed and Oppression are running the Trade. Though illegal in some countries today, natural herbs sensibly heighten the analytical abilities in the brain. While some are hallucinogenic substances that distort the analyses, all magnify neuroses and insecurities if they exist, as well as excitement and repose, if so inclined. The most fantastic supernatural prophesies that we are conscious of on this planet are the result of naturally analytical and hallucinogenic substances, just interpreted with whatever degree of reasoning and the cultural belief systems we lived with within a Time. Various cultures like the Mayans, the Ancient Egyptians, along with other apocalyptic scriptures like Revelations in the New Testament, share some sort of vision of a cataclysmic change in consciousness within the first half of the 21st century. Their prophesies of Suffering will continue to come true because they are the natural and logical consequence of objectively analyzing fundamental False Doctrine apart from Truth. The frivolous question of legalizing a natural substance with analytical abilities will ultimately fall prey to Reason and their benefits no longer perceived as a threat to those Doctrines who too will be reasoned away. Reason reveals that reasonable behavior under the influence of natural herbal substances is dependant upon the reasoning state of the person within the Known. Whatever we ultimately discover about the UnKnown and our future consciousness toward Truth will be universally true for all people in all countries, and not just for a chosen few, regardless of the short sighted interpretations of visions attributed to what we now call Drugs. Food In an effort to preserve Food in transit, an evolving Food Industry initiated the use of certain chemical concoctions, or drugs, to treat fruits and vegetables (and their dirt) that have inadvertently sped up their maturation and left them with only moderate flavor over time. Only the generation of a time in some countries can even remember what an apple


really tastes like from when they picked one from the apple tree in their yard, but even they in those generations have become dumbed down to what is the natural flavor of an apple, or lettuce, or even eggs. Considering the controversy some authors have caused for questioning the Food and Drug Industries in the U.S., there is enough of a reason for Society to educate itself on this subject and apply Reason and much needed analytical skills in determining why Food contaminated with chemicals is being passed off as “acceptable” to even put into our bodies for nourishment. For sixty years, the United States has been using antibiotics in feed for farm animals. When other countries recognized increasing drug resistant infection in their people, their countries began an effort to rid the industry of antibiotics and have met with surprisingly good, profitable and healthful results. Unfortunately, the U.S. and the Food and Drug Administration have only slowly begun to see the health crisis that is before them. These drug resistant strains that have evolved over time and infected millions of people are a direct result of a Profit before People mentality that feeds antibiotics to perfectly healthy animals, contained in minute spaces, and stresses them by growing them too quickly. The irony is that the industries that no longer use antibiotics in their feed are more profitable than when they used them. In the final analysis, antibiotics in farming appear to be

less profitable to the industry itself over time and less profitable to human life by way of bacterial infection but more profitable to the Pharmaceutical Industry that produce them. The cost is relatively little to convert a farm to antibiotic free. At this time, prices are only slightly higher than the chemically induced conventional treated food, but increased demand and supply in healthier food will bring prices down, yielding measurable public health benefits, improvements in food safety and far fewer infections in people, a small price to pay for public health. Factory farms, or as the industry calls them “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations” (CAFO), are the commercial equivalent of the small family farm. From a strictly moneymaking standpoint, factory farms make sense. A large number of animals, typically 1,000 or more, are raised in one small area, fed cheap, typically grain-based food, and supplemented with hormones and antibiotics to maximize their growth potential. Things like access to pasture or natural foods, sunlight and fresh air are not a part of this world. These would be superfluous to an industry that is solely interested in producing the maximum amount of meat for the least amount of money. Unfortunately, their business model has been working, but this


irresponsible “big business” attitude toward farming and food is having disastrous consequences, for both your health and that of the environment. What Happens When Thousands of Animals are Raised in One Small Space? While the implications for the animals are obvious, the impact on the environment is very well concealed from public view. When you raise thousands of animals, you’re left with a lot of waste. In a small farm setting, that waste is used to naturally fertilize the land, and in that way it becomes quite healthy. In a factory farm setting, however, there is no way you can use millions of gallons of animal waste in a “healthy” way. So, large “lagoons” are created to hold the waste, or excessive amounts of the waste are sprayed onto crops in the area. It is not at all unusual for this waste to leach into groundwater or run off into surface waters. The quantity of waste produced by farm animals in the U.S. is more than 130 times greater than that produced by humans. Agricultural runoff has killed millions of fish, and is the main reason why 60% of America's rivers and streams are “impaired.” In states with concentrated animal agriculture, the waterways have become rife with pfiesteria bacteria. In addition to killing fish, pfiesteria causes open sores, nausea, memory loss, fatigue and disorientation in humans. Do You Really Want to Eat Factory Farmed Animals? If you were to grow food for your own family, reasonably, you would do so with extreme care – the best seeds, the healthiest animals, the least amount of chemical additives. Yet, when most people buy their food they have no idea where it actually comes from, and conversely the people who grow this food have no idea who ends up eating it. So to the “farmer”, you are a stranger. When people are able to grow food for the faceless masses, it somehow justifies these terrible practices that have become commonplace: pumping animals full of hormones and drugs, dousing vegetables with chemical pesticides and fertilizers, introducing genetically modified seeds into the environment. If you had to see the animal you were about to eat before it makes its way to the supermarket or your dinner table, would you choose one that had lived out its days in a filthy, crowded cage? One that had been mutilated and tormented, then pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, while being fed pesticide-laden grains it was not designed to eat? Or would you choose one that had lived a nurtured and well-cared for life, free to roam on pasture, see the sunlight and breathe in fresh air? One that was fed its natural diet and nothing more? The choice is obvious, which is exactly why agri-business has done such a masterful job of concealing what really goes on from the vast majority of Americans. 41

It’s Time to Open Your Eyes Factory farms allow us to be removed from taking personal responsibility for raising our own food. There is no one to be held accountable for raising garbage food or treating animals inhumanely because the system has taken on a life of its own. As for regulations, these are often done on the state and county level, and in agriculture-friendly states, industrial farms are given a lot of leeway. In fact, government subsidies are often paid out to these very farms. Because factory farms are considered “agricultural” instead of “industrial,” they are not subject to the regulation that their scale of production and level of pollution warrants. Because they employ powerful lobbyists that can sway the government agencies responsible for monitoring agricultural practices, industrial farms are left free to pollute, to hire undocumented workers, to pay them next to nothing, and to locate their businesses without regard to the impact that has on surrounding communities. The vast majority of food at your local supermarket comes from these polluting, inhumane farm conglomerations. Collectively we can have a very profound impact on putting an end to unethical practices by choosing to shop elsewhere. It is relatively easy to find a humane and reliable source for your food – sources that are growing food with the health of the environment and the animals as the driving forces. The Local Food Movement is a “collaborative effort to build more locally based, self-reliant food economies – one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution, and consumption is integrated to enhance the economic, environmental and social health of a particular place” and is considered to be a part of the broader sustainability movement. It is part of the concept of local purchasing and local economies; a preference to buy locally produced goods and services. Local food systems are an alternative to the global corporate models where producers and consumers are separated through a chain of processors, manufacturers, shippers and retailers. As the food industry grows, the “middle man” is increasingly able to control the quality of food. Conversely, the local food system redevelops these relationships and encourages a return of quality control to the consumer and the producer respectively. These quality characteristics are not only in the product but in the method of producing. Networks of local farmers and producers are now collaborating together in the UK and US to provide an on-line farmers market to customers. In this way, more consumers can now buy locally even on-line when they cannot attend a local farmers market. This also provides local farmers and producers another route to market and keeps overheads low as website costs are shared. Large corporations have even formed and grown over the last decade which caters to a more selective public where their nutrition is concerned.


During the early 20th century, the demise of the family farm and the growth of corporate farms were experienced through much of the United States. In the late 1960s and early 1970s with the growth of the back to the land movement, there were increasing numbers of small farms selling a variety of products to local communities. Since the 1970s the increase of multinational food companies has increased the size of not only farms but also the overall food system. During this same time period, a slow and steady movement of farmers and consumers building relationships and changing purchasing habits occurred and is still occurring. Those supporting development of a local food economy consider that since food is needed by everyone, everywhere, every day, a small change in the way it is produced and marketed will have a great effect on individual’s health, the ecosystem and preservation of cultural diversity. Activists in the movement claim that shopping decisions favoring local food consumption directly affects the well-being of people, improves local economies and may be more ecologically sound. Non-local food is often seen as a result of corporate management policies, globalization, heavy subsidies, urban sprawl, poor animal welfare, lack of care of the environment, and poor working conditions. This limited interpretation is likely due to the fact that the organic movement is largely responsible for renewed public interest in local and regional markets. Those subscribing to this interpretation often insist on buying food directly from local family, through direct channels such as farmer’s markets, food cooperatives and community-supported agriculture plans. For many, local food is interpreted as unprocessed food, to be transformed by the consumer or local shop rather than by the food industry. As such, local food, as opposed to global food, reduces or eliminates the costs of transport, processing, packaging and advertising. Locally grown fresh food is consumed usually right after harvest so it is sold fresher and usually riper. Because it is picked at peak maturity, as it would be from a home garden, the need for chemical preservatives and irradiation to artificially extend shelf life is reduced or eliminated. Critics of the local food movement point out that transport is only one component of the total environmental impact of food production and consumption. In fact, any environmental assessment of food that consumers buy needs to take into account how the food has been produced and what energy is used in its production. For example, it is likely to be more environmentally friendly for tomatoes to be grown in Spain and transported to the UK than for the same tomatoes to be grown in greenhouses in the UK requiring electricity to light and heat them. The solutions to this though would be either using low impact energy sources on the greenhouses, such a solar, geothermal or wind, or to switch to eating seasonally.


The Health and Organic movement in the U.S. over time has provided multiple studies showing the harmful and negative effects to the body of long term and frequent consumption of Fast Food, and consequently, this industry has now begun to offer health-full substitutes in their menus. However humanitarian their industry-wide decision, the real challenge to the fast-food corporation that is the leading consumer of potatoes, beef and apples in the world is to recognize their responsibility to consider the health and welfare of their global customers and make conscious and reasonable choices to change their practices of how they provide food to the public. Their infrastructure is set up and ready to take the initiative in the industry and make a significant difference if for no other reason than because in this approaching Age of Reason, where people seriously begin to make choices based on education and insight, there simply will be no place for them unless they do. Educate yourself about your food sources and how they affect you and your family personally. Fight free radicals from radiation and pesticides with anti-oxidants. Learn about your body and blood type and which foods you can digest better than others. Eat good food, at right intervals, and a healthy and reasonably induced metabolism will burn sufficient calories. Exercise will then be perceived as it was intended, for muscle tone, endurance, strength, and cardio vascular health, not for weight loss. Train your brain to reject whatever it senses in the body is unhealthy, and from food with chemicals to animal viruses in the food supply to certain vaccines, the Food Industry will make its adjustments over time to accommodate changes in transportation and non-chemical preserving measures to satisfy the demand of the informed consumer. However noble the claims of using pesticides and fertilizers to preserve our fruits and vegetables, the reality is that these bi-products of oil will soon no longer be components in the Food equation, and Technology and the Food Industry will have had to create a viable infrastructure and lasting alternatives by then that are reasonably in our best interest for our common health and welfare regardless. The practices of the Conventional Food Industry have boasted America’s lead in obesity and cancer rates, worldwide. While the facts about this chemically induced industry are indisputable, your reasonable conclusions are your own. 1. Pesticides and Fertilizers are put on your food for preservation. 2. Antibiotics and Hormones are used to rapidly grow animals, leading to harmful drug resistant bacterial strains in humans. 3. Food that you are consuming has been genetically modified. 4. The Fast Food Industry has taken already shameful conventional practices to new lows. 5. The Corporate-ization of Food has led to increased uncontrolled contamination of all types of food and has contributed to multiple health risks from salmonella to cancer.


But 1. The Organic Industry does not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers on its fruits and vegetables. 2. The Organic Industry does not use antibiotics in feed for its livestock. 3. The Organic Industry provides natural alternatives to any foodstuff we have grown accustomed to from sugar to alcohol. The “Organic” in front of Industry is what must be implied when speaking of how our food must be treated in America before it reaches our table. The question is not whether the chemicals they are putting on our food are in “acceptable” quantities of safety; the question is why are we still operating within a food system that requires needless chemicals to be placed on our food supply at all. The industry that offers “organic” in the United States is becoming increasingly lucrative because demand is high despite FDA regulations forcing prices of organic foods much higher than necessary. Their combined existence as a Food and Drug Administration is contradictory and conflictive in interest, allowing both flawed industries to survive at the expense of disease in human life. When the general public demands healthful organic food, the government’s cost prohibitive restrictions on organic will be eliminated, the price point will come down with increased Supply, and “organic” will become the norm again, as it should be. Health Care Over Time, illness has been linked with witchcraft, demonic possession, or the will of the gods or God. The rise of science-based medicine has replaced many previously primitive beliefs, though some may still persist to varying degrees. While once the disciplines of healing and wellness developed in unison, medicine in the west has evolved more from a “healing” perspective rather than from one of “wellness”. Multiple cultures particularly in the east like China, Hong Kong, and Japan continue to focus on both healing and wellness through techniques that have existed for thousands of years. Traditional approaches like Acupuncture and Ayurveda are gaining attention in the west due to the rise of Technology, and with geographical boundaries no longer an impeding factor, more patients are experiencing the benefits of good Health and Wellness through combined contributions of both eastern and western philosophies. The use of plants for medicinal purposes has been a practice in medicine dating back to pre-historic times. The evolution of medicine in the west has created a plant-based but chemically induced industry whose survival is naturally not conducive to “good” health in Society. This industry that only profits from “bad” health to survive has resulted in using Technology 45

to develop more pharmaceutical solutions for the afflictions and infirmities they, themselves, through their products, have created; their intent is irrelevant to the issue. The Pharmaceutical Industry’s combined role in the Food and Health Industry has warranted a strong lobby in nations’ capitals that affect legislation regarding antibiotics in animals and prescription drugs in humans, aware of the threat that unprofitable-able herbal remedies and eastern philosophical treatment pose on their industry. In America, Capitalism is fundamentally what drives the mechanics of the Corporate Insurance Industry, the Pharmaceutical Drug Industry, Government Sponsored Care, Doctors’ Fee for Service, System-wide coordination, Education to Health Care Consumers, Preventative and Wellness Care, Hospital Accountability, and Malpractice. Both the Insurance and Pharmaceutical Industries exist as corporations in order to make profit. It is their duty in a capitalistic society, in order to ensure their survival, to increase profits, assuring that their revenues remain considerably greater than their costs. It is unreasonable to expect that these industries be humanitarianly principled in their pursuit of profit, and they should not be unfairly judged for behaving in accordance with the industrial principles of Capitalism in a capitalistic society. However, too long have the Insurance and Pharmaceutical Industries been successful in meeting their financial goals without operating in humanitarian principle for the ultimate good of their customers. The very notion of introducing a capitalistic entity into the equation of human health is problematic. Neither of these industries, without regulations imposed by government, will ever operate with a shared perspective of the People, and people will continue to die because it is not profitable for these industries to work together to help them. As long as governments entertain the option of Capitalism as a necessary factor in determining Health Care, there will always be a conflict of interest. Budgets and Debt determine the degree of government-sponsored care within the system that forces health care professionals to dysfunctionally operate within it for their livelihoods. Exorbitant doctor and hospital fees along with malpractice concerns reflect the unbalance within a system that relies on the roles of the Insurance and Pharmaceutical industries for their survival. Uneducated health care consumers who understand little or nothing about preventative and wellness only perpetuate a system that relies on Money to help them. As long as “health care” continues to be measured in terms of “owning currency”, a complicated health care system can not be fair to those who can not pay for its services. Until the point where Health in Society is stabilized, reasonable people will consider eastern philosophy for prevention and wellness, and western philosophy for the emergency of the moment.


Tax As reason readily reigned over time, Governments nobly set up programs to benefit their citizens, but often times maintained their affairs with fiscal irresponsibility. Regardless of the cost that recipients of these programs must pay in taxes, it is not a sustainable amount to maintain the programs in the long term. The long-term reception of benefits at little relative personal cost has historically served only to make citizens complacent in their benefits and resistant to any further incurred personal costs to receive them. Realistically, then, benefactors will need to accept that the government programs we would all like to continue to enjoy will be at the tax increase that is necessary to enjoy them. If we do not begin to hold this realistic perspective, we will foolishly remain the emotional victims, ensnared by the manipulative political discourse. Governments now operating from the Doctrine of Truth will see to it that the less financially fortunate among us are the least effected by the irresponsibility of our gubernatorial predecessors and the inevitable nature of this higher Tax. Production vs. Consumption Supply and Demand is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts of economics and it is the backbone of a market economy. Demand refers to how much (quantity) of a product or service is desired by buyers. The quantity demanded is the amount of a product people are willing to buy at a certain price. Supply represents how much the market can offer. The quantity supplied refers to the amount of a certain good producers are willing to supply when receiving a certain price. Price, therefore, is a reflection of supply and demand. The balance of supply and demand is defined to the price-quantity pair where the quantity demanded is equal to the quantity supplied. This fundamental principle of Economics parallels a fundamental personal principle of Balance in one’s own Production and Consumption. As Greed drives more individuals and companies, companies cannot match the Demand that they have created for their popular products, and naturally, Price will rise. There can be no Equilibrium and price stabilization as long as Greed is the driving force in Demand. The Company’s focus is always on Demand caused by Greed, and not its reasonable Supply, which alone can bring price down, and which it is, regardless, both unwilling and unable to supply. The Individual’s focus is always on his own Consumption in Greed, and not his reasonable Production, which alone can bring him Balance, and which he is, regardless, both unwilling and unable to supply. As Greed drives more individuals, their individual Consumption rises and their Production diminishes, and their Balance is tipped. Greed always gratifies the Self or the Ego and infinitely wants more, with their focus of their


production being merely to accumulate wealth in order to consume. Consumption consumes Production, and the end result is an oppressive and obsessive lifestyle of Self-aggrandizing, with no regard for creating anything for anyone else, and the final judgment is a life without Value. There is no Balance in Greed because Balance is only in Reason. In the Age of Reason, companies’ long-term struggle with Greed in its business affairs will be ended. A balanced approach in Demand will balance the effect in Supply. Price will reflect the Value of the Product and not the inflated and distorted Profit Point. In the Age of Reason, a balanced approach in Consumption will balance the effect in Production. Your Value as an individual is in the Balance of both what you create and consume. The Prudent understand the limits of Consumption and recognize the validity in working towards something to consume and the conservation of Money necessary to arrive to that point until the Monetary System is no longer a component of how we do business. The Manufacturing Industry of Greed is cost-effective and has thrived because consumed consumers have become much less discerning about what they consume. The vast majority of these products are created en masse at very little relative cost to both the Companies and the Consumers, and, in effect, have no real value. They are discarded after a short time because they were never of any quality to begin with and easily replaced by other more meaningless things. This manufacturing and consumption process reflects the reasoning of an Era, or lack thereof. Materialism of all qualities of products is simply Greed inward and will lose meaning all together in the Age of Reason, where only beautiful objects from clothing to furnishings to amenities to homes made of quality will fill a personal World and they will serve as long lasting harmonious reminders of the Balance between what one creates and what one consumes. Economic Fear Fear in countries because of extreme economic down turn always leads to Violence. The tone of Fear rings in all the people who were once exposed to good economic times and less selfish behavior before societies simply substituted the Doctrine of Religion for the other extreme and selfish Doctrine of Greed. Economic depressions and recessions seriously affect peoples’ psyche and cause them to respect the fragility of an economy and seriously reflect on the economic conditions that caused them; they tend to be much more conservative in their spending philosophy. Present generations after major economic downturns are naturally affected the most and remain affected the most as future generations mellow in philosophy. Then, an economic downturn hits and puts things in perspective once again. Fear drives talk of banks collapsing so then banks begin to collapse. Fear drives talk of stock markets collapsing so then


stock markets begin to collapse. Fear drives talk of conspiracy theories that grow in intensity as everything around us begins to collapse…until Reason begins to take over, and reasonable people take reasonable and deliberate steps to set the stage for people to react in a way to help the economy improve, and slowly, things fall into place and Order is restored. How many times must countries allow this to happen? How far must we fall before we learn that we may not rebound next time? How long will it be before, because of the Doctrine of Greed, we are reduced to panic once again? Countries who have either governed from the perspective of the Doctrine of Greed or who have permitted its economies to be governed from this perspective will continue to experience great conflict until the Age of Reason begins. Socialism Strictly speaking, Socialism is economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. It is a system of society or group living in which there is no private property. It is a system of condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state. As a stage of society in Marxist theory, it is transitional between Capitalism and Communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done. Socialists generally share the view that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and derives its wealth through a system of exploitation. This in turn creates an unequal society, that fails to provide equal opportunities for everyone to maximize their potential, and does not utilize technology and resources to their maximum potential nor in the interests of the public. Socialism is not a concrete philosophy of fixed doctrine and program; its branches advocate a degree of social interventionism and economic rationalization (usually in the form of economic planning), but sometimes oppose each other. Socialism’s admirable equitable component is heavily overshadowed by its failures as an economic market system. The evolution of Man’s Market Systems explores the “best” ways to economically and thereby socially live; the “best” way is unfortunately for all in the eye of the perceiver. Despite Socialism’s issues with Capitalism, its own weaknesses as a market system derive from its fundamental absence of Competition in Capitalism. Capitalism Capitalism is an economic system where the means of production are privately owned; wage labor is predominant over self employment; supply,


demand and price are at least predominantly set by market forces rather than by government regulation; and profit is distributed to owners who invested in the business. Capitalism in some degree has existed on this planet since ancient times and flourished as a major market system throughout Europe and the rest of the western world following the demise of feudalism. Because of this economic system in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Industrial Revolution via technology succeeded in changing agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and transport, which in turn profoundly affected the socio-economic and cultural conditions of its benefactors. No aspect of daily life was untouched by the far-reaching effects on mankind the Industrial Revolution made. Economies once relied upon by manual and animal labor now enjoyed machine based manufacturing creating industries in textiles, iron, railways, and coal. Steam powered ships and railways of the mid 19th century gained force with the advent and development of the internal combustion engine and electrical power generation. Both are the fundamental building blocks of what privately owned industry is at the end of the Age of Emotion. In a Capitalist Economy, wage labor dominates self-employment. In feudal times, craftsmen who owned their own means of production individually made the production of goods. People produced goods and services and were compensated by goods and services. Capitalism no longer paid workers for the value of what they produced, they seized ownership of the product, and paid wages only as much as another employee would be willing to do the same job for. The Labor Market is born, controls the wages, and people are now separated from the value of what they produce. The “fruits of their labor” were determined in “job performance”, judged, not in relation to the product of the worker’s labor, but in relation to other workers in the market. While employees may share percent ownership of a corporation, they remain wage employees with very little control over the corporation itself. A team of employees works together to create value; how much value each individual contributes to the sum total of the value created by the corporation is irrelevant and has traditionally been accepted as irrelevant by both groups. The market value of labor is determined by how much other people in the market are willing to sell their labor for. With profit in mind, corporations prudently set wages at a maximum for labor, however, could not always be depended upon to pay wages fairly to their employees for their production. As a result of this Profit minus Scruples mentality, government restrictions on adult and child labor were imposed due to inequitable wages and the widespread abusive practices of adult and child workers in poor working environments. Unions arose on


the commercial landscape in an effort to protect the rights, wages, benefits, and working conditions of the employee. Some industries where unions play a lesser role in employee relations show neglect in the health and welfare of their employees and regard dangerous work conditions as simply “costs of doing business”. Capitalism has tolerated multiple government regulations in employment over the past century, but stands firm that market forces and not regulation predominantly set supply, demand, and price. Only in times when Capitalism alone has proven to endanger overall quality of life of a nation’s people will it concede to outside control. Nevertheless, the competition component of Capitalism is what contributes to the general consensus that Capitalism encourages economic growth. While Competition, no doubt, contributes to growth, Politics and Policy both play their roles in determining the degree of exactly how “free”. Capitalism could not exist without financial intermediaries that channel bank deposits into lending activities. The essential role of the bank is to connect those who have capital with those who seek capital such as individuals wanting a loan or business wanting to grow. Banks provide a cost advantage over direct lending or borrowing and offer market failure protection. There are global standards for all banks but regulations within countries vary. A bank can generate revenue in a variety of different ways including interest, transaction fees and financial advice. Merging banking, investment, and insurance functions allows traditional banks to respond to increasing consumer demands for “one-stop shopping” by enabling crossselling of products (which, the banks hope, will also increase profitability). They have expanded the use of risk-based pricing business lending to consumer lending, which means charging higher interest rates to those customers that are considered to be a higher credit risk and thus increased chance of default on loans. This helps to offset the losses from bad loans, lowers the price of loans to those who have better credit histories, and offers credit products to high-risk customers who would have otherwise been denied credit. They have sought to increase the methods of payment processing available to the general public and business clients. These products include debit-card, prepaid cards, smart cards and credit cards. They make it easier for consumers to conveniently make transactions and smooth their consumption over time (in some countries with underdeveloped financial systems, it is still common to deal strictly in cash, including carrying suitcases filled with cash to purchase a home). Banks embrace an even larger social role with their multiple channels of access from the bank branch to automated machines to online banking. Banks act as payment agents by conducting checking or current accounts


for customers, paying checks drawn by customers on the bank, and collecting checks deposited to customers’ current accounts. Banks also enable customer payments via other payment methods such as transfers and ATM. Banks provide almost all payment services, and a bank account is considered indispensable by most businesses, individuals and governments. The degree of trust in a political or economic authority (such as a bank or central bank) is often critical in determining the success of a market. A market system depends inherently on a stable money system to ensure that units of account and standards of deferred payment are uniform across all players - and to ensure that the balance of contracts due within that market system are accepted as a store of value, i.e. as “collateral” of the holder of the contract, which justifies “credit” from a lender of cash. Banks, themselves, are often described in terms of markets, as “transducers of trust” between lenders (who deposit money) and borrowers (who take it out again). Trust in the bank to manage this process makes more economic activity possible. However, critics say, this trust is also quite easy to abuse, and has many times proven difficult to limit or control resulting in “runs on banks” and other such “crises of trust” in “the system”. With convenience of easy credit, there is also increased risk that consumers will mismanage their financial resources and accumulate excessive debt. Banks make money from card products through interest payments and fees charged to consumers and transaction fees to companies that accept the cards. The Banking Industry, for which there is no substitute, is an indispensable part of every day life in all civilized societies. Their role in Capitalism and functioning markets is without compare. Together, the Banking Industry and Greed have set up a system in which spending more than what has been earned through Credit is both admired and desired. This system insured that the Greed of Man paid additional interest and income to Banks and created an addiction to immediate Self-gratification in an unsuspecting Society. The inevitable cycle of unending payments towards interest never seem to free the struggling Victim. In addition, their abuse of loaning to individuals who were never able to sustain such sizable loans became the determining factor in their own collapse and the fall of the housing market in multiple countries and financial and personal destruction of millions of people’s lives in recent times. In Ignorance and Fear of a collapsed economy, the Banks at the close of the Age of Emotion were bailed from their own delusional and costly practices, but the symbol of Trust in the Banks the People created is tainted and the Reasonable have been awakened. In the Age of Reason, a New Bank, with another Philosophy, will sprout up and perform the very same service to its


customers, recognizing its responsibility to the people who allow its practice to take place. It will understand that it is unreasonable for people to put Trust into what has been proven un-Trustworthy, and will singlehandedly bring the Reign of the Banks in the Age of Emotion to an end. *** Technology was the means by which Private Corporations advanced in each of the known industries. By the mid 20th century, the goal to industrialize and serve human kind had evolved into the goal to acquire wealth, and the ignorant choices that had been made to develop certain industries and their requisite technologies were exposed as both detrimental to the environment as well as human health. Profit and Investment now took preeminence and further developed all these industries regardless of repercussion and consequence to life. The Engine was developed to combust the Fossil Fuels, and Electric Power was generated by the like. Despite the damaging effects of burning these natural resources, every industry survived because of them, and Profit and Investment overrode any decision to consider alternatives in an effort to maintain the Capitalistic system that had evolved. These industries exist as they do because profits and expansion can be realized through the natural resources. The Brain, even as little as the mid 20th century, could not cerebrate beyond the financial benefit from natural resources to mankind to recognizing the danger of depleting Earth of them. All of the Industries that have been created and stewarded by Man are dependant upon just one. Oil, the most lucrative of the natural resources because it is the cheapest and yields the greatest rewards, is the proud creator of the Textile Industry, which introduced chemical products and toxins that pollute our water and fill our lands with poison. The Agricultural Industry created pesticides and fertilizers that unbalance our ecosystem and our health. The Oil Industry, itself, has created Black Tides leading to massive destruction of plant and animal life. The Plastic Industry created non-biodegradable trash that destroys our soil when not burned, where it destroys our air. Energy Production created toxic waste resulting in long-term pollution. De-Forestation created the destruction of entire biological communities of vegetation and microorganisms to mammal species that serve as the planet’s mechanism for breathing. The Motor Vehicle Industry created carbon dioxide emissions which destroy the ozone layer, and the Freon and Aerosol Industries enhanced the Greenhouse Effect ALL of which have successfully invited Global Warming to the scene. PAUSE


Consider the Facts: •

Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas are all derived from the remains of former life.

The Public Data on any of these industries is misleading and misunderstood.

Oil is non-renewable.

Oil is cheap to produce.

98% of all transportation comes from Oil energy in the form of motor gas, diesel, jet, railway, and maritime fuel.

Oil provided opportunities for other industries to grow.

Technology was used to develop the New Industries.

The New Industries drove world economic markets.

Oil helped the agricultural industry produce and cut down on labor and allowed for leisure.

Oil inspired the Green Revolution that initiated the development and distribution of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to farmers.

Oil, when processed and refined, creates other industries like Plastic, Wax, Cosmetics, Wood Killer, Insecticides, Perfume and Clothes.

Oil created the model of suburbia that encouraged a commute to use more gasoline.

Oil industrializes countries and makes them dependent on it.

The Oil Lobby strongly affects government policy in every country.

The Oil Industry has interests in Government Defense Agencies and vice versa.

Oil is worth fighting wars over.

The point of peak production of Oil transpired in the 1970s.

It is impossible to produce the Oil we will need for Civilization in less than 50 years.


It has been a long period since there has been any discovery of any significance of Oil.

Conservation of Oil is not an option because as economies grow we still consume more and more Oil.

The Country with the greatest dependency on Oil will no longer be able to sustain itself or its people.

Oil Spills, Crashes, Explosions, Fires lead to death and destruction of civilians and animal life and plants, and pollution of water and deterioration of livelihoods.

Independence from Oil in one region of Earth does not justify drilling for Oil in a region closer to home.

Oil is the God of Greed because we have made ourselves dependent on it and its Industries for our Survival.

If the Greed for Oil had not been dug so deep, we would have reasoned sooner our inevitable fate.

The Royal Families of Capitalism have dominated the Oil Industry and its course for the last time.

Some countries are finally reasoning and waking up to our eternal embroilment and natural disaster we call Oil.

There are natural and planetary consequences to not having Oil inside the Earth.

There are cost-effective and risk-averse alternatives like Solar, Wind, Tidal, Wave, and Geothermal Energy.

Oil is formed by a chemical reaction of decomposed plant and animal life over Time. Earth will have Her Oil one way or the other. Either we leave Oil inside Her or we will become Her Oil instead, much earlier than Nature had intended. When Her own creation is no longer around to destroy Her, then She will be free to create all over again. PAUSE The enormous wealth and luxury of lifestyle that Oil provided shaped the psyche of generations. Instead of naturally evolving Technology in Reason, Man’s Industrial Revolution veered him off course to pursue


industries and lifestyles based on Greed and its Oil industries. Luxury was the lure for the onlookers to emulate, who welcomed Greed wholeheartedly into their own Worlds. Lifestyles changed dramatically around the world while the rich got richer and the poor stayed poor, stuck in a farce of a Monetary System that perpetually enslaves them. The ones in the middle tasted the life but were rejected at the end by the same system that dictated that there was only so much room for Rich. In every Age it has been visible and with Technology has evolved. While millions died daily from hunger and disease around the world at home or in far off lands, now neighbors, the Rich have enjoyed all the World’s money can feed them. Greed’s perfect plan that made Dependence their Goal gave the Public more of what they wanted to keep its Industries alive, and Money and Power remained with the Top, who could produce and control all things now; who were Omnipotent; who had become their own God. The Economy and Structure of Greed flourished as long as no one reasoned. Only when people realized that we had to sacrifice Luxuries for our own Survival, did Thoughts turn into Words turn into Action turn into Companies turn into Industries turn into Movements. These Movements, now Pawns in Place, are combating the Industries of Greed and will unite in the Age of Reason under the Umbrella of Truth, because fundamentally, Capitalism is Greed and will no longer reign in the New Age as an Economy. Competition with a Common Goal of Survival in Peace and in Truth and in Harmony will unite us all forward in the Age of Reason. Old Industries always fade away because we are moving forward as a civilization and they no longer serve us. Do not be complacent but be vigilant. Learn about new industries, within or without your field. The transitional time toward the Age of Reason will be difficult for the families that have been caught off-guard. Do not be discouraged. Reason is Progress. Live in the Present but look always forward. Do not just do “the next thing”; do the next thing in the sequence toward your professional goal. Base your professional goal on Passion and Principles and not Money because your success on every level depends on it. Work toward a common goal for you to enjoy that benefits all, and experience all that the World you create can afford. Become Entrepreneurs for Truth and create for yourselves your own Tree of Life with Corporations in Truth to rival the Corporations in Greed. Once a strong corporate culture exists in Truth, so the Structure for all good ideas to grow into Industries. No longer the enticing strategies using Money and Self-aggrandizing benefits to keep employees enslaved to any one Master. We are masters of ourselves and each a creator for others. The new corporate attitude will encourage reasonable employees to move up and branch out to create something ingenious of their own. Wealth


trickles down when Opportunity is for everyone and Jobs evolve. The Age of Reason will see no economic levels of class because there is no place for Class. Inadequate laws keep the classes down while loopholes have been allowed to exist, and Corporations, Banks, and Industries have profited from both at any expense. A complete overhaul of how Business is carried out in the World is what was necessary and the process is already in progress. Corporations will no longer develop around an Industry that must survive despite environmental and human welfare. Building Industries around Fossil Fuels, Disease, War results in conflicts of interest of Corporations who lobby Government to survive, and whose existence depends on those Industries persisting and the ignorance of a dependant and defenseless Public. In the Age of Reason, Corporations will develop to preserve the Environment and Human Welfare, and create Industries that will support and compete around them. The industries that serve and can remain without cost to human life will flourish in the Age of Reason, and the others will see their demise like all the rest. Man created Technology neutral, to be used in whatever Principle he embraced. The principle of Greed has dominated all Earth’s economies in the Age of Emotion and has based them on Her natural resources. In his effort to survive, Man saw that using Earth’s Fossil Fuels could produce Energy. Though there were consequences, the World could never have industrialized without them, and so losses were taken and the damage was done. As Reason evolved, Nuclear Energy reduced some damages, but produces toxic waste with long-term effects still. With Reason and Technology he’s created, Man is now equipped to invest in the Energy Sources of the Future, those far less costly in monetary, health and environmental forms. The Reality of Energy is that when Oil is no more, neither are we. Our Earth cannot survive without it and Her Humans depend on it daily. The warning calls to all the Reasonable to solidify New Energy Source industries for survival before the inevitably ignorant and greedy destroy a planet, Her people, and all life, known and unknown. In the last days of the Age of Emotion, the Doctrine of Greed will be expressed by the extremes of the negative emotions. The Doctrine of Greed senses a threat and those who are ruled by this Doctrine will stop at nothing in an effort to deceive you, as they, themselves, are deceived. People’s emotions are easy to manipulate because people allow themselves to be emotionally manipulated. Many choose to be deceived so their world is not disturbed even more, and their world is disturbed nonetheless. Only when you allow yourself to reason can you recognize Manipulation and Deceit for what it is. And you must reason. Because something is appealing or unappealing or has “always” been done one way does not mean that it is good for you or that it is right for you, or that it is even


rational or based in Reason, and, unfortunately, it is illogical for you to think that it would be in this Time of Transition. A deluded Public is attracted to more delusion in its Media. They live to be afraid and impassioned. They are incited to behave irrationally and justified. Corporate and political advertisements that are designed to deceive the Public appeal to the most extreme of the negative emotions first, Fear. Corporate and political advertisements that are designed to inform the Public, on the other hand, appeal to Reason first. Emotion must always follow Reason and not the other way around. The Public’s manipulation was mandatory for an agenda of Greed to be carried out. Propaganda began early to sell a philosophy and a way of life by natural resources. Banks and Corporations gained greatly by a willing and happy public who accepted and benefited from the con. The World is a Business, run by select Institutions of religious, economic and political persuasion, whose corporatocracy has manipulated Money and Debt in an effort to maximize profits regardless of social and environmental costs. A Chosen Few, in Secret, directed Greed’s Will to exploit all Resources and Industries for Power and Gain. They were the Twelve Apostles of the False Doctrine who were the Predators over Industries who in turn preyed on the Public. In the Age of Reason, the Twelve Apostles of Truth will unify with Strategy and defeat the Twelve Apostles of the False Doctrine, and create a World Structure for Economy that is based on Truth and Respect for all Living Things. Amen. In the days before the Great Awakening, behold, Man in bondage to the Doctrine of Greed will wreak havoc throughout the World. In the final days of the Age of Emotion, Fear will be the emotion most felt through all the Land. The tone among all the peoples will ring true of Fear because of the societal and economic state they put themselves in. The close of the Age of Emotion will see the beginning of the end for the Doctrine of Greed. Wake Up! Join together O Sons and Daughters of Man. Rise up and fully embrace the Doctrine of Truth, our true destiny! Finis ***


In the unlikely story that is America, there’s never been anything false about hope. Author Unknown (1961 - )




In the Days before the Great Awakening, just before the Age of Reason, Man will terrorize the Earth because of the Doctrine of Oppression he has created. Behold, the most fundamental Believers of Oppression will come together to carry out its evil agenda. Only the Believers in Truth will recognize the danger that faces mankind and will rise up in greater numbers to defeat all the Believers in False Doctrine.


The Perspective of Oppression The Doctrines of Religion and Greed impulsively fed the Ego who sought above all to gratify itself. The Doctrine of Oppression developed around Man’s inflated sense of Self and his inability to get out of his own way. Like all the False Doctrine, it operates primarily on the Principle of Absolutism and a premise of Anti-Reason. Absolutism apart from Reason expresses itself through varying degrees of Contempt or Hate. Hate unites Disgust with Anger. Anger united with Irritation creates Aggravation and Agitation. Anger united with Exasperation creates Frustration. Anger united with Rage creates Fury, Wrath, Hostility, Scorn, Spite, Vengefulness and Resentment. Ultimately, Anger torments. This is the emotional spectrum of Oppression that halts the evolutionary progress of Man and demonstrates his behavior either outward to others or equally irrationally inward to himself. Man’s third Self-directed doctrine rests on Pride like all the others, and manifests itself predominantly outward in varying degrees along the Oppression Continuum through Discrimination. Racism, Classism, Sexism, and Homophobia are the Four Pillars of Discrimination that support the World of Oppression in degrees. Their fundamental experience embraces Intolerance, Superiority, and Aggression based on Ignorance, Hatred and irrational Fear, and leads to physical Oppression enforced through Violence and are all four supported by Religion and Greed. Racism Discrimination derives its perspective from the Master – Slave relationship, where the omnipotent Master directs each move of his subservient Slave. The physical expression of Oppression mirrors Man’s relationship to the gods, the ones in control. The imagery of the Master and the Slave that appears in the religious texts of the God of Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad further shaped Man’s perspective of this relationship that existed even among the Poly-Theists; none of the texts ever denounce the notion; they simply provide over Time justified guidelines for lesser severe conditions for the Slave, whose identity is mind numbingly empty. The ability of the Mind to even reason through Slavery was limited by the Doctrine of Religion’s support of it and the prototype set up between Man and his God. All discrimination, in pure and fundamental form, reduces another to sub-Man, because there is no logical explanation otherwise why one Man would oppress another. To a minimum, Discrimination takes the form of covert Thought. Evolved covert Thought, however, expresses its Self in Word, which is Thought with Power, that evolves It into unreasonable Conflict that leads to overt physical Oppression, which is Discrimination, to


a maximum. The degree of Oppression’s persecution depends on how much Reason dominates the relative perspective in Society, so each nature will naturally be different. A Rich Gay White Woman shares in Discrimination with a Poor Straight Black Woman only insomuch as they understand what Discrimination feels like because of either being Poor or Women or Gay or Black; but, this does not infer that levels of intensity of Discrimination are equal. A Rich Gay White Woman’s experiences are defined by her being in a particular generation in a particular region and to her exposure to a particular degree of Discrimination. Rich or Poor, Gay or Straight, Black or White Women all experience Discrimination; all experiences are undoubtedly different, but what unites their experiences is only that they are all victims of Discrimination to varying degree. Oppression’s consequences carry through to societal, educational, and political inequalities that unreasonably take generations to equal because Power is only increasingly easier to share and only re-distributes its Self over Time. When Power through Law was relinquished to the sub- of the species in the 1800’s in the United States and an end to Slavery saw the light of day, Oppression remained stage center in the emotional realm for almost a century more. The South’s domination by Greed and Oppression through its industries and lifestyle continued to shape its reasoning despite the restrictions the federal government had imposed on them. Oppression’s intentional stifling of Education and Progression in Society saw the same color blood baths come from the skins of every tone who stood together in Reason. The reason of the oppressors grew more reasonable only after several generations reasoned it further. The majority of the country turned a blind eye when Racism ceased its lynching because the majority saw Racism as a visible expression and denied its origin in Thought. Oppression’s insidious illness intensified in the corner in the south, and by mid-century, an oppressed people gave way to a Revolution for Acceptance that marked the next mile stone to evolve a society in Reason by Law in which the sub- prefix to their title could finally merge away. Wisdom of Great Leaders in Truth constructed a Movement in Peace that served primarily to prompt a psyche to reason in Peace. The casualties shaped a nation, both Oppressor and Oppressed, and attitudes adjusted in the following decades amidst other oppressed and discriminated groups like women and homosexuals, whose fight for Freedom would mirror America’s first. Equal Rights did not mean equal life experience. The African American plight due to people’s position on the Totem Pole of Power only grew in Frustration within less than two decades. A new generation with Freedom felt for more. Their reasoning of multiple inequalities, in un-Reason, turned them to Violence and excessive Crime. New realities in Retaliation were


created on an oppressed plane that served only to oppress themselves even further. The answer lie once again in Truth and only through Education and Objective Analysis and Principle could an Oppressed People ever rise above the Suffering, and ascend the Pole of Power; and they have. The expression through Oppression in Music and Art and Architecture and Literature and Design teaches the World of the experience. The Music, a deep sorrow, but deeper resolve. The Art, confusion and color divine. The Architecture, powerful. The Literature, equal and rich. The Design, dramatic and unique. Expression in each and experience through each combine to convey the intended creation. A study and appreciation of all Creativity with this perspective increases perspective even more, and provides the much-needed clarity of vision into the experience of the Oppressed. The Brain which values Emotion through Color ignorantly conceived of God’s White Light and Satan’s Black Darkness because of what Man’s Principles of Religion and Oppression taught him. The effect these values had on societies was demonstrated through the discrimination that Black has endured in Society, particularly in its skin color. The lighter the skin color evolved as the standard for all things beautiful for those with the lighter skin color, and as long as social and economic power remained in the hands of those lighter skinned people in societies, prejudice to light skinned reasoning persisted. The placement of Beauty on a continuum helps to identify lighter skinned attitudes toward other colored skins. The white skin color has been the dominant leader in accruing Power and establishing standards for not only Beauty but for societal, political, and commercial Order and Hierarchy. The evolution from Racism to Truth has witnessed generations of victims whose self-estimation suffered with blood to redefine for their people both Beauty and Rights. As the Age of Reason evolves, Discrimination by skin color will dissipate because the Truth is truly color-blind. Each generation gets shaped by the experience of the generation before. As Reason enlightens each generation further, discriminatory attitudes reduce in nature and degree. Oppressors will no longer be Oppressors, and both its Victims will ultimately be Oppression-free. When the Battle of Oppression meets Truth head on, the progress is made, the Oppression held off, and the next generation liberated a little more. Classism The framers of any country’s charter of law were reasoning with the levels they could at the Time the charters were written. The unfortunate reality is that elements of what we understand as un-Reason now, entered the discourse then, and Classism was born in every country. Only certain


people owned property and had a voice in how the government was run, including voting privileges if voting was relevant in the country’s structure. Slavery has existed in all cultures, which despite its revocation, creates an industrial system that subjugates and marginalizes the world’s working people, keeping them subservient, regardless, to the rich. Some people in cultures have privileges and rights that are not accorded to others. The myth that working hard has anything to do with financial success is proven false as millions of people continue to work harder and sink further in Debt. Bankruptcy laws are increasingly difficult for private citizens while corporations wipe clean financial slates and get fresh starts. Employee wages have declined over the years vis à vis production as directors’ salaries continue to soar. Corporations are making obscene profits while their employees are overworked and under paid and prohibited to organize for their protection. Some have fictitious home offices elsewhere in order to avoid paying taxes. The financial and tax privileges of the wealthy and the corporations are not extended to the working poor. Schools and hospitals in poorer neighborhoods are in dilapidated condition and are seriously under funded, while schools and hospitals in wealthy districts are in comparatively pristine condition. Many of the students in low-income school districts do not have enough to eat, while their wealthy counterparts bask in all the food and luxury their money can buy. Many poor do not have decent clothes to wear while the rich parade about in far over priced often times low quality material that derives its value from its name. Funds are simply not available to help the Poor, or the Lower Class, with food, clothing, and shelter, and education, yet funding exists in every phase of the upper echelon for creating luxury experiences for the rich, or the upper class. A counter-culture exists for a middle class if a middle class exists within a culture. A drop in degree of luxury but an attempt nonetheless to imitate the lifestyle with similar experiences is what dominates this Middle Class’s psyche. The Lower Class enjoys very little of these experiences through the benevolence of the upper classes and is constrained to create them for themselves by way of an Informal Economy and Society. The Lower Class strives to rise above their station despite all odds against them. In their efforts to create their own version of Culture, emulating Recreation and other life experiences of the classes above, the disillusioned and dejected among them create a Criminal World, a parallel non-Reality that endangers not only human life but also the functioning of the Legitimate World. This Criminal World exists in all classes and is the means by which all who participate see as the justified means to elevate to the next plane in Greed. The Reasonable among them supplement their dismal donations with creative additions in Education, the real key to the way up and back to the Plane of Reality in Truth.


In Class Systems, both the Haves and Have Nots view Money as a commodity to strive for, where the Have Nots judge the Haves for having it and for using it how they see fit. Money’s view has been skewed by the obsessive nature of the Haves in Consumption, but, Money is merely a commodity that permits exchange for goods and services. Morality of its use exists in People who determine and decide how reasonable they choose to be in their spending and why. The Discrimination of the lower Class is only partially economic and social in its nature. Their lack of Sophistication in complexity of life experiences and Beauty and Conduct is what is predominantly judged, despite the fact that few in any class are actually truly sophisticated. Living with Beauty and Manner is not dependant on Money. The discernment and demise of Class in Truth is what can eradicate a Criminal World in favor of a Legitimate One, and raise all people to social, economic, and sophistication levels that are befitting of human life. Within the Time of Transition, once the perspective of Class begins to be perceived in terms of Reason and real Sophistication, the perspective of Money in Truth will allow us all to enjoy all our beautiful world can afford in Reason, at no individual or class expense, until the real root of all Evil is removed from the Earth once and for all. Money’s role in Society, along with Economy and Price, has been hugely inflated over the centuries and is nearing its final moments on the World’s stage. Its evolution created a system in Society that operates in Power, but only to yield more fundamental results in Greed in every facet of Society it touches. When faced with his own collapse, Reasonable Man will in an instant eradicate Poverty and Class by removing Greed’s principal character from his own life’s account. When Money’s fluctuating value is placed at zero, the Power structure in Society will shift to the Reasonable. The Age of Reason will only begin when Enough reasons Money out of Society and reasons in a new system for Prosperity and Progress, where Technology phases out any unnecessary jobs for people, and people want to work to create for others without anything in return. No financial cares relieve needless Stress and encourage mass production of Product, without Cost. Cost now has no meaning in a Society where products are manufactured because we need them as a civilization. It makes no difference to a People who want to help a neighbor and do what they are passionate about, because their System is structured without it. Its primitive and polished relevance to a sophisticated Society has boasted only Misery and Company for the majority of its inhabitants, and is no longer welcome. The Reasonable will deem it unreasonable to fixate on fixing an evolved System that cannot be fixed, when we now realize that the Time has come to try one that works for everyone and evolve that one next in Time.


Sexism Hetero Sexuality is sexuality experienced between Males and Females of the species. Ideally, it transcends a simple physical connection between the sexes to an emotional connection and beyond. Both genetic and environmental factors combine to produce a Hetero Sexual. A combination of multiple genes acting together create a chromosomal X-Factor that is responsible for the genetic predisposition, though Environment appears to play a much greater role than once typically considered. The environmental factor is the vastly dominant element in the choice of a sexual identity. Specifically, social and/or family factors as well as inviting environments that affirm Hetero Sexuality, play major environmental roles in the development of Hetero Sexual behavior. Societies that typically endorse Hetero Sexual behavior tend to increase the prevalence of said Hetero Sexuality within them. Urban and rural environments also appear to indicate Hetero Sexual expression. Studies have shown that birthplace in either urban or rural environments may even pose a factor in Hetero Sexual behavior. In rural environments, the number of Hetero Sexual connections far outweighs the number of Homo Sexual connections. Adolescent boys who live in large rural centers were considerably more likely to engage in Hetero Sexual behavior than were their counterparts living in urban communities. Environments providing increased opportunities for and fewer negative sanctions against opposite gender sexuality may both permit and evoke experiences of opposite gender interest and sexual behavior. Education may even play a role in sexual behavior, though it is prudent however to recognize that Education is not the only factor that determines human sexual behavior. The lack of Education appears to be having little effect on Hetero Sexual expression. However, increasing data in human sexual behavior has broadened sexual perspectives to a point that educated individuals have considered the human sexual condition and concluded that alternative sexual behaviors may be legitimate options for them. What can be deduced from an educational perspective is that with more acceptance, and possibly even encouragement, of Hetero Sexuality at all levels of Education through to university study, individuals are more inclined to not only Hetero Sexual behavior but also a Hetero Sexual lifestyle. Childhood experiences with parents of either sex are also determining factors in identity, both sexual and psychological. Misidentification or identification with a parent of the same gender may be a contributing factor but evidence is inconclusive. The predominant amount of research done in human sexuality has revolved around the male of the species. Higher incidents of incest, polygamy and pedophilia vary by region.


Cultural norms, social norms, and legal regulations also influence human behavior, including sexual. Countries that embrace a Hetero Sexual lifestyle, socially, politically, and legally, have consistently reported higher numbers of self-affirmed Hetero Sexual individuals. The legalization of Hetero Sexual rights is the ultimate in societal endorsement of its lifestyle. Oppression among the species dominates the Males, the sex of greater oppression offenders. In Relationships, the males, the more aggressive, have traditionally physically and psychologically enslaved their female counterparts to submit to a superior authority figure. The more conservative cases result in Violence in Domesticity while the more liberal point to minimal exertion of Authority in a relationship. Oppression in Relationship has proven to decline in recent decades in certain cultures; in other cultures, issues generally surrounding Violence as justifying of Oppression or attitude of Authority derive its roots in some religions and religious texts. As both doctrines diminished in Power over generations in certain cultures, females accrued more power in the relationship. Along with a change in doctrine grew a change in gender roles. Women who identified their roles with the Power they had been given, find themselves in a similar Oppression, in this Time self-inflicted. Women’s roles that were developed in Society in fighting Oppression, over a generation, have evolved into the oppressors themselves in their attempt to maintain equality. Their search to mate with someone who could be controlled was begun, and another cycle of Oppression with it. What’s worse, their strife to never be oppressed by a husband has led to critically nagging to control their Perfection, oppressed by their obsessive compensating for their own insecurities about being equal. Only Reason leads to equality because Balance leaves room for no other alternative. Perceptions of Masculinity and Femininity evolved over Time and took form not only physically but also psychologically, and were skewed by the Doctrine of Oppression. Society’s physical and psychological tastes have evolved in sexual preferences and sexual lifestyle making the Body an object of Beauty, evolving over time and in every culture, and enjoying various expressions of Beauty through Roles. The emotional connections with another that can be made with new roles determine not only the lifespan of the Role but also the intensity of the emotional connection in oneself to that Role. Because roles were never developed in Reason, strong differences persisted until Reason began to help shape those roles. As you examine the roles in Reason, you conclude that both the male and the female require no roles and are driven by the same sense of Survival in Mind. The same principles and attributes are necessary for survival and the roles 68

that were meant to disguise them are now seen for the fraud that they are. There is no “What is masculine?” Or “What is feminine?” Or “Would a man say this?” Or “Should a woman do this?” Juvenile concepts, all of them. Roles in Society and Roles in Relationships must be determined in Reason. There is “Who are you?” and “Who are you reasonably going to be?” “Are you self sufficient?” “Are you responsible for your own self and family, protection, health, and sustenance as well as shelter?” “Are you prepared for what life brings through planning, learning, and preparing for any possible future?” Roles have no place in the equations of Gender and Mating because their identities prohibit both from ever knowing the other’s Self. Dysfunctional relationships only evolve out of the desire either of the one needing to take care of the other or the other needing to be taken care of by the one. The qualities that both sexes share for Survival in Reason are instead based on their perceived life-experiences, their traditional experiences, their own cultural experiences and tastes, all which suffice their Selves with no further need for any other role. Both Power and Perspective influence Oppression. Both sexes are victims of Oppression’s hold. Because of where Power has distributed itself in the Age of Emotion, the Males dominated the Females leaving attitudes towards women globally still differing greatly. In some regions of Earth, women’s perspectives and contributions are respected, and gender blindness would evolve over Time because of Reason. In other regions, women are seen as property that is purchased and owned; it would take years for any evolution to become equitable. Even when Time told ten millennia of civilization, this Oppression towards women still exists. What religious and oppressive doctrines teach is irrelevant because in the Age of Reason, the liberation of this Oppression is at hand. Homophobia Homo Sexuality is sexuality experienced between Males and Males or Females and Females of the species. Ideally, it transcends a simple physical connection between the sexes to an emotional connection and beyond. Both genetic and environmental factors combine to produce a Homo Sexual. A combination of multiple genes acting together create a chromosomal X-Factor that is responsible for the genetic predisposition, though Environment appears to play a much greater role than once typically considered. The environmental factor is the vastly dominant element in the choice of a sexual identity. Specifically, social and/or family factors as well as inviting environments that affirm Homo Sexuality, play major environmental roles in the development of Homo Sexual behavior. Societies that typically endorse Homo Sexual behavior tend to increase the prevalence of said Homo Sexuality within them. Urban and rural


environments also appear to indicate Homo Sexual expression. Studies have shown that birthplace in either urban or rural environments may even pose a factor in Homo Sexual behavior. In urban environments, the number of Homo Sexual connections far outweighs the number of Homo Sexual connections in rural environments. Adolescent boys who live in large urban centers are considerably more likely to engage in Homo Sexual behavior than are their counterparts living in rural communities. Environments providing increased opportunities for and fewer negative sanctions against same gender sexuality may both permit and evoke experiences of same gender interest and sexual behavior. Education may even play a role in sexual behavior, though it is prudent however to recognize that Education is not the only factor that determines human sexual behavior. The lack of Education appears to be having little effect on Homo Sexual expression. However, increasing data in human sexual behavior has broadened sexual perspectives to a point that educated individuals have considered the human sexual condition and concluded that alternative sexual behaviors may be legitimate options for them. What can be deduced from an educational perspective is that with more acceptance, and possibly even encouragement, of Homo Sexuality at all levels of Education through to university study, individuals are more inclined to not only Homo Sexual behavior but also a Homo Sexual lifestyle. Childhood experiences with parents of either sex are also determining factors in identity, both sexual and psychological. Misidentification or identification with a parent of the opposite gender may be a contributing factor but evidence is inconclusive. The predominant amount of research done in human sexuality has revolved around the male of the species. Cultural norms, social norms, and legal regulations also influence human behavior, including sexual. Countries that embrace a Homo Sexual lifestyle, socially, politically, and legally, have consistently reported higher numbers of self-affirmed Homo Sexual individuals. The legalization of Homo Sexual rights is the ultimate in societal endorsement of its lifestyle. While Oppression among the species dominates the Males, even in Male – Male and Female – Female pairings, Oppression does exist to varying degrees. At this point of reference, the gender of the individual is irrelevant. Oppression reveals that it is impartial to Sex and has no respect of Gender. Oppression is Oppression and is Consummate Control. Oppression against Homo Sexuals of both sexes is predominantly perpetrated by Hetero Sexuals, particularly the males. Typically, in religious cultures, the females are inclined to associate with oppressor groups but otherwise, the female of the species tend to ingratiate


themselves to the Homo Sexual community, particularly the males. The relationship connection between non-authoritative Homo Sexual males and Hetero Sexual females is noteworthy. Typically, outside of religious cultures, while Hetero Sexual males may demonstrate Oppression against Homo Sexual males, a fondness and intrigue appear to be the case toward Homo Sexual females, with no apparent threat perceived. Also, noteworthy. Oppression that justifies Violence or any attitude of authority derives its roots in some religions and religious texts. Little to no incidents of Incest, Polygamy and Pedophilia exist at this time in grand scale, among Homo Sexuals, despite Oppressor’s attempts to employ them to their advantage. An objective analysis of the Male and Female species conclude: 1. 2. 3.

Sexual Patterns of Behavior are Identical for both the Homo and Hetero Sexual. Environmental effects affect Human Sexual Behavior and Lifestyle to varying degrees. The Genetic Make Up of Chromosomes varies amongst the Homo and Hetero Sexual. *** Whatever genes our make up is is what makes up our genes. I am who I am.

Heterosexuality is romantic or sexual attraction or behavior among members of the opposite sex. As a sexual orientation, heterosexuality refers to an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual affection, or romantic attractions primarily to people of the opposite sex; it also refers to an individual’s sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, behaviors expressing them, and memberships in a community of others who share them. The above was a definition of Homosexuality before the term was replaced with Heterosexuality, and Same was switched to Opposite. As a sexual behavior, it is physical. As a sexual behavior, a large portion of certain societies have engaged in, at some time, same-sexual behavior before deciding preference. Religious reasoning and oppressive threat have both curbed casual sexual behavior. As a lifestyle, the experience is both physical and emotional. It is the emotional component that prompts someone to move forward despite possible Oppression. The revelation of a homosexual lifestyle has in Past 71

been the forbidden fruit that comes with consequences to its picking. Depending on the culture of the generation of the time, perspectives varied on homosexual behavior or lifestyle. Movements in societies toward visibility, recognition and legal right for homosexual people, including the rights to marriage and civil unions, adoption and parenting, employment, military service, and equal access to health care indicate Reason is affecting the biases that existed in the generation before. The range of sexual behavior between the same sexes is determined by religious persecution, or social scorn, or familial rejection. Only men and women who identify themselves as gay have faced and face these major obstacles. Those men and women who can live in two worlds often do, and often cannot permit themselves the emotional experience they need. Then there are those men and women for whom “irrelevant to the equation” fits them best. All gay people share two things, the predisposition to homosexuality and the survival experience in Oppression. All other factors are variable depending on prior or current religious affiliation, socio-economic status, ethnic family background, hobbies, objective analytical skills, etc. The similarities in gay people from a personality perspective are undeterminable when the globe is the scale. The genetic variation that may predispose to range of sexual appetite is what continues to be examined by Science. The survival skills are the determining factor of whether or not a life experience of a gay individual, or any individual, is hopefully happy or sorrowfully sad. Gay people like their Straight people counterparts vary in objective analytical abilities. These analytical abilities are what are necessary to lead any individual over the obstacles he will face once he makes the choice to accept himself as gay. The gay individual’s sub par ability to objectively analyze his World creates worlds of Oppression nonetheless. The gay individual’s superior ability to objectively analyze his World creates worlds of Joy. Regardless of sexuality, level of ability to objectively analyze one’s World will determine the rapidity with which Oppression has a hold in one’s life. Creativity in expression in Music, Art, Architecture, Literature, and Design grow in direct relation to analyzing one’s world. All Oppressed groups grow in creativity as they struggle to survive through Oppression. Their focus on creating a beautiful world void of Oppression is of utmost importance, and individuals who have ever identified themselves as Gay oppressed creatively created in every Time through Inspiration. These creative world offerings are shared with the creative world offerings of all other oppressed groups, and are shared even with the non-oppressed, whether appreciated or not.


The confusion of what masculinity is is the culprit for the antagonistic threat that some heterosexual males feel when confronted with dealing with either the homosexual topic or the homosexual male himself. It is also responsible for the Oppression within the homosexual male community. Hetero and Homo sexual males share in Sexual Aggression, but the thrill of the hunt is less patient among the Homos when the prey is more willing and the aggressor, admired for his masculine role. The Homo Sexual male, who takes on a more passive sexual position or identity, is generally subjected to similar prejudices as those towards females. Masculine means different things in America than in Colombia or France or Japan. Whatever our perceptions of Masculinity, we will choose the persona for ourselves that best fits that perception and behave accordingly. Heterosexual men who proclaim themselves experts in masculinity view homosexual men as inferiorly masculine; prejudices and oppression arise and become justified in that perspective. Sexual orientation is not about degrees of Masculinity; Masculinity cannot be the barometer for what and who is acceptable because the masculinity perspective is skewed when not viewed in Reason. When reasonable heterosexual men meet and become friends with homosexual men, they realize that Masculinity is irrelevant to the connection and to the equation all together. Male and Female sexual orientation is about degrees of what is typically perceived as “masculine” and “feminine” for both genders. Herein lies Balance. Bi Sexuality as a sexual predisposition is a physical attraction to members of both sexes. Bi Sexuality as a sexual lifestyle is one that accepts an emotional and physical connection with both sexes. The difficulties with living a Bi Sexual lifestyle in societies with little or no tolerance for same sex experience generally lead to deceit among family members and friends who lie unsuspecting of any religious or social sexual deviance. In some societies where same sex experience is Religion’s abomination, secretive social norms do condone homosexual practice before heterosexual marriage. Generally, a Bi Sexual lifestyle lasts as long as a Hetero or Homo sexual relationship may take to develop, but relationships that are uncertain will inevitably lead to its natural Bi Sexual lifestyle once again. Bi Sexuals in lifestyle ultimately choose a Homo Sexual lifestyle because they are more widely accepted in their community, and though predominantly engage in sexual and emotional connections with the same sex, often do not ever lose their attraction for the opposite sex altogether. Both Bi Sexuals and Homo Sexuals who seek an emotional connection in the same sex, but cannot confront the obstacles of Oppression by admitting that and behaving on it in Peace, generally delude themselves with alternate realities within a predominantly Hetero Sexual lifestyle and


continue to make unreasonable choices oppressed upon them by a society outside of Reason. The self-inflicted Oppression directly correlates to the degree of outward Oppression one views as an obstacle. When Oppression subsided in the 1960s in the big urban communities in the United States, individuals who identified themselves as gay men abandoned their homes and families and small towns for the big city to be free and be themselves. Homosexuality was then the mental disorder we could not talk about, and by the end of the decade, regular raids in gay bars by government-sponsored officials in New York City met with opposition for the first time. These Stonewall Riots were a series of violent demonstrations that marked the beginning of the Gay Rights Movement or the Gay Revolution for Acceptance, as it will come to be known in the Age of Reason. Many more gays from around the country flocked to New York because it was the birthplace of their Freedom and they could find acceptance there. The anonymity was appealing. There was no more fear of being exposed. It was the time to define themselves; to explore what they wanted; to find what they had missed; to finally be accepted. They had spent their whole lives in secret as an oppressed group, but in Silence. Since very young, unable to speak a word to anyone about who they were and what they liked. No word for them growing up; gay was mis-taken for happy. Only encyclopedias listed their condition, under mental disorder. You knew you were different but could not say anything to anyone for fear of being rejected or institutionalized. You knew because you had heard their talk about your kind before. But now, you’re grown. And you know there are others like you now. You were not alone in the World anymore so you left Oppression behind for Hope and Happiness in a new place. Now, God had abandoned you for sure because you had surely abandoned Him. You were anonymous here. No one knew the better. But at least there was no Fear anymore. No one cared here. It didn’t matter to anyone who you were here. Who am I now then? What are men like here? What are Masculine and Me? So many men in one little place, all different yet all the same. Piano bars for socializing and singing and fun; Flannel and Denim bars for billiards and beer; Leather bars for real men with fetishes to fill; Bondage bars for danger and punishing thrills. A bar didn’t really matter. The neighborhood was mostly gay. Straights were there and welcome but they didn’t care like the others had. These straights were liberal. They were open minded and accepting and even came along for the fun. But sex was what was on the mind, the same as when you were young. It was easy and right there now. Right there on the corner. Right there in a window. Right there in car. Right there in a toilet. Right there in your face. No matter the name. You were anonymous now.


No one cared about your name. It was spontaneous and dangerous and naughty and nasty. It could be powerful and ravenous and raw. You could finally be free. No more inhibitions. You never thought this could happen to you. Finally, you could be happy. The danger became riskier. The wee hours were the best time to cruise. A passerby nods. He looks too long. You nod back and follow and either meet a nice guy or meet your “Maker”. It wasn’t unheard of, but the risk was worth it. We were free for the first time. I’m not going back to before. I’m not going back to Oppression. Sex is what came first; it was easier that way. Plenty of time for conversation later. Everyone did it like that, including the Straights. They were free now too. The generations before were mistaken. They just didn’t “get it”. So many rules to live by. Everyone wound up so tight. Free Love, man; let the drugs help. LSD and Speed and Disco. This was the Life. You were partying with other professionals and celebrities. There was moving entertainment in the Baths. Everyday was so much fun and exciting. You just kept having to have more and more and more. *** The experience of homosexuals in New York City and other major U.S. cities in the early 1970s was similar because the oppressive life experience up to that point for homosexuals in America was similar. The objective analysis of the day of the gay experience would have scandalized even nonreligious people. Each city built communities around their experience. We had lots of bars now and stores where we could shop. We filled the restaurants and knew all the neighbors now. We made it pretty. It was our home and more guys came to visit and stay. The shame wasn’t there any more. We knew we existed now. More of us felt empowered. There’s power in numbers. There’s Pride in Acceptance. We deserved it. We had been beaten down. Look at ME walk down the road now with no shirt and perfect body, jeans and boots in broad daylight after partying all night with the hot guy next to me I picked up. I’m GAY. I dealt with it. Now you deal with it, World! Life was pornography. We all played the roles. Everyone was a player. The tiny cracks in the walls let some light in as we slithered away and fumbled and searched for shadows to build the next fantasy. This was our life now. We’re normal now. The doctors who threw orgies became our doctors now. Any other doctor in the real world still threatened exposure. We don’t want to go there. We are happy here, in our world. The world we created. It’s a better world. We’re accepted here in our world…in our obsessive little world.


*** The identity of gay men in the 1970s was determined by sexual appetite. Sex was fun and exciting but could be degrading and deprecating, and more often than not, was. The physicality of sex dominated its emotional component, but emotion was the real culprit of their oppressive behavior. Though the consensus among some homosexuals of that time was that it was obsessive and destructive, the temptation to go on with the only lifestyle they knew was too great, even for those who participated in secret. The peer group had been established. No one else would understand them. They could have freedom nowhere else, but what need for change. Because many could not reason their world, they unreasonably believed that their behavior had no consequence. There were so few reasonable ones then‌ The Sexual Revolution in the United States ended for both Hetero and Homo Sexuals with the advent of Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS. The natural consequences of sexually transmitted diseases like Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and General Herpes for irresponsible and repeated and varied sexual behavior skyrocketed in number. However, the severity of their effects was overshadowed by a looming darkness of a virus that attacked immune systems and left its victims defenseless to all Disease. This virus in the United States was contracted and disseminated predominantly throughout the homosexual community sexually. Though the virus discriminated against no person of sex, color, or age, in its early stages, the sexual component to the homosexual community’s transmission left them once again vulnerable to the oppression they had struggled for little over a decade to escape. One death after another mattered little to a society who still struggled themselves with the abomination and mental disorder they called Homosexuality. The stark reality that all of their friends were now dying awakened a generation of gay men who had been oppressed by society and who had oppressed themselves sexually, and inspired them to remain fixed in Reason in an effort to cure this disease and stop the dying. Even the initial opposition within their own community to condom use as a means of contraception took Time to eventually reason right. The Sick, themselves, were the ones who took control of the AIDS epidemic and raised awareness, and organized the lobbies, and demanded the attention and care by appealing to the humanity in Man for help. They got it eventually, years later, once Epidemic had gained its control. A community began reasoning itself. A Brotherhood formed. They cared for their own. They fought for their lives. They mourned for their Dead. They had reason for Pride now. Their psyche had changed.


The Pendulum had swung the other way. Much Time had passed now. The needs were different now. Society had reasoned some more now. The life of an open gay man no longer was one of shame and sexual disgust. We had created a better World for the next generation. There is no need for gay people to create those sexual experiences anymore. A new generation would define Gay, and the older generation would reap the benefits of the Reason they had finally embraced. For an older gay generation, that experience was of a Time. It only took place in limited large cities. It is barely a memory for the generation born in the mid sixties because it was never significantly their experience. But I remember them say‌ *** Lesbian oppression has seen far less consequence to gay women. Lesbian as a concept, used to differentiate women with a shared sexual orientation, is a 20th-century construct. Although female homosexuality has appeared in many cultures throughout time, not until recently has lesbian described a group of people. In the late 19th century, lesbians were designated in Western culture as a distinct entity. Further broadening of the term occurred in the 1970s with the influence of second wave feminism. Historians since have re-examined relationships between women in history, and have questioned what qualifies a woman or a relationship as lesbian. The result of such discussion has introduced three components to identifying lesbians: sexual behavior, sexual desire, or sexual identity. Men who have historically shaped ideas about what is respectable for women in love, sex, and family have frequently rejected the possibility of lesbianism or disregarded it as a valid expression of sexuality. Early sexologists based their characterization of lesbians on their beliefs that women who challenged their strictly prescribed gender roles were mentally ill. Since then, many lesbians have often reacted to their designation as immoral outcasts by constructing a subculture based on gender role rebellion. Lesbianism has sometimes been in vogue throughout history, which affects how lesbians are viewed by others as well as how they view themselves. Some women who engage in homosexual behavior may reject the lesbian identity, refusing to identify themselves as lesbian or bisexual. The different ways lesbians have been portrayed in the media suggests that western society at large has been simultaneously intrigued and threatened by women who challenge feminine gender roles, and fascinated and appalled with women who are romantically involved with other women. Women who adopt the lesbian identity, however, share experiences that form an outlook similar to ethnic identity: as homosexuals, they are unified by the discrimination and potential rejection they face from their families, friends, and others. As women, they face concerns separate from men, with political conditions and social


attitudes continuing to affect the formation of lesbian relationships and families. Many Lesbians outside of Reason followed in the footsteps of their feminist predecessors in Society, expressing themselves in Anger and Righteous Indignation by degree. Once the oppression of their sexuality has been dealt with depending on societal views about females and female homosexuality, however, Reason tends to dominate their thinking on most levels. As gay women, they are among the first of the species to comfortably adopt all the gender roles, traditionally associated with masculine and feminine, necessary to see them through to Survival, and continue to be role models in professional society for excellence regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. Judging Hetero and Homo Sexuality is based on what we know about genetic and environmental factors that affect both orientations. What we don’t know is what gay has to do with fishing or hunting or sports or low fat milk or dancing. Younger generations no longer perceive gay people as they once upon a Time were because in their present and reasonable world, gay people are not that way. As the Gay Evolution progresses, all people who enjoy same sex experience and lifestyle will be perceived as any other people, with rights the same as all people, where making a decision about whom one would really love to love will eventually be a non-issue. Sexual Identity Sexual identity is determined by genetics and environmental factors that resulted in either an individual feeling gender placed or gender misplaced. Society’s perspectives of those roles for the sexes develop these gender roles. The vast majority of people could have no idea what a life experience would be to have a body of a man and a “brain” identity of a woman, or vice versa, in a world that is not the same reality as theirs. Yet, because this alternate reality on another plane is the norm, Judgment is made and another oppressed group exists. Reasoning ones world proves a challenge due to the pressure in society to conform to a gender lifestyle. The reasoning of this pressure affects one’s perspectives of himself and so for some of the “misplaced gender” people, the decision is made to finally match the brain with the body and move forward in Survival “in the Norm”, where they find they continue to be oppressed. Those who have neither the resources nor the courage, remain in hidden oppression until they die. In the early stages of the Age of Reason, laws will be written to protect them, not reject them. Society will learn to accept them because it is the reasonable and kind approach to learning about another group’s life experience of cerebrating as both a man and a woman, in the body of a man or a woman, however horrific it was, in un-Reason, made to be at one Time.


Promiscuity The Doctrine of Truth is neither a proponent nor opponent of frequent sexual behavior with multiple partners, only on the doctrines the behavior is based on. What the Doctrine of Truth is a proponent of is educating oneself about those behaviors and learning the risks involved in one’s Time due to one’s own ignorance of his surroundings. The bans on sex in societies were instituted because of a diametrically opposed doctrine on Sexuality. The level of ignorance among the Promiscuous has contributed to the astronomical levels of sexually transmitted diseases, globally. Neglecting the risks leads to infection and transfer as dis-ease spreads in human lives and creates emotional responses that trigger bad decisions that prompt further emotional responses that trigger bad decisions that prompt further emotional responses that could have all been avoided if they had been like the more reasonable Promiscuous ones who understood the risks upon infection and behaved reasonably from that time on. This is the life experience you should expect if you do not educate yourself about sexually transmitted diseases and you make Promiscuity, a lifestyle while living outside of Reason. What emotional factors contribute to the Hunt? Is it Playful or is it Aggressive? Is it Fun or is it Dangerous? Is it Enticing or is it Evasive? Is it Romantic or is Degrading? Is it a Desire or is it a Need? Reasoning these questions in the context of the continuum of Promiscuity considers frequency of sexual behavior to be from Regular to Rare. The frequency of sexual experiences in any of the emotions elicited contributing to the Hunt will cause a reasonable person to recognize if some deeper need inside is feeding those emotions. Oppressing yourself because you cannot reason your emotions in Peace is about Oppression not Sexual Behavior. Promiscuity was born when a Judgment was made on the frequency of sexual behavior of those who had less issues with sexuality and enjoyed the company of multiple sexual partners. Some of the Promiscuous Ones never falter despite societal condemnation of them for meeting a physical need with no further emotional connection beyond those of common courtesy to cloud the experience. Others, however, are caught up in Promiscuity because they are looking for something they are not going to find there. Their search for another sexual partner becomes more about fulfilling a need for emotional intimacy rather than just enjoying a sexual experience. Understanding that Intimacy cannot be found in Promiscuity is essential in determining Frequency’s factor in Sex with multiple partners, behavior nonetheless irrelevant when judged by others in Truth.


HIV/AIDS HIV is a sexually transmitted virus that does not respect age, gender, socio-economic class or sexual lifestyle, and has developed over Time and spread to others who were not wise enough to protect themselves, check themselves, and dis-infect themselves. Though there is no 100% “cure” for the virus known as HIV, medication has advanced to the point of undetectable in the blood stream and affords a much more manageable and “normal” lifestyle to its victims. The initial stigma associated with this virus and its evolutionary partner, AIDS, considerably diminished societal interest, limited funding for research and health-related treatment, thereby creating a global epidemic. Both the virus and the inability to reason even less than four decades ago is responsible for the millions of deaths of children and adults, both Hetero and Homo sexual. When the Public informs itself about the facts surrounding the HIV virus and eventual AIDS as a matter of personal and global survival, the stigma will be eliminated and the epidemic will finally come under control. Addiction Addiction is a physical self-abuse and self-oppression due to the inability of the individual to objectively analyze certain situations from his world that hurt him. Professionals are sometimes necessary to help in the analysis but not always, depending on the degree of Addiction. To those who suffer from minor Addiction, analyze the movie of your life and identify the events and trends that have hurt you or made you sad. Reason them objectively with someone you trust to try to perceive them from a more logical perspective, then seek professional help if Addiction is more severe, to help heal those wounds that have led you to abuse yourself. Recognize the early signs of Addiction in yourself or in your loved ones. Dealing with these real signs before an addiction infects someone psychologically and physically is much wiser than attempting to un-addict the addict. Recognize if the frequency and amounts of alcohol you consume and the number of irresponsible behaviors as a consequence, increase over Time. Recognize if the number of days you spend recovering after a drugfest are beginning to equal the number of health-full days over Time. Recognize if the frequency of eating and the emotional gratification derived from eating rise over Time. Recognize if excessive exercise, minimal meals and the elimination of fat completely from your diet develop into a lifestyle, over Time. Be aware of the dangers that are in front of you, because if you allow them to become your Addiction, the road to complete recovery may take a lifetime to travel.


Fundamental Greed gives rise to Oppression. Your obsession with your imbalanced Self and your inability to reason your world may lead to multiple addictions and are measured in degree on a continuum of Oppression. Fundamental Conservative Oppression addicts and abuses Food, Alcohol and Drugs to the point of danger of Survival unless each substance is reasoned, and newly perceived in Truth. Once Balance has been restored to the Equation, Addiction loses Power. If you don’t reason now your Danger, then maybe later on you won’t. If you already know you’re in it, then you’re better off than those who don’t. Let your Life be led with Reason. He’s your Strength to carry on. He is your Higher Power; ask Any One Anon. Prostitution Prostitution has grown over the millennia into a lucrative thriving business, yet remains undeniably dangerous to the health and welfare of its participants through Violence, Disease, or association with other industries that are fundamentally based on Greed and Oppression. Paying to be completely selfish and demanding physical and sometimes emotional needs be met is Greed’s right. Prostitution is the outlet that Man created to feed his sexual and emotional whims and the tool with which he later used to condemn himself through the Doctrine of Religion. In Truth, nothing of the industry of Prostitution would exist and be possible if a willing object for the Lust of the Flesh were not available. Both men and women choose to become Objects of Lust for a variety of degrading reasons brought on by low Esteem, prior Abuse, or inflated Ego, all of which are dysfunctional. Objects play a role in sexual fantasies that cater to fundamental Greed’s Ego. Their intimate-less and lonely double lives inevitably blend leaving confused convicts and captives living out someone else’s fantasy. Pornography and Sex Sites Pornography is the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual excitement and erotic satisfaction, using any of a variety of media, ranging from books, magazines, postcards, photos, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording, film, video or video game. Traditionally viewed from Religion’s perspective; it was considered both immoral and obscene, though there is no necessary link between Pornography and Obscenity; Pornography is material that is intended to cause sexual arousal whereas something is obscene when it {objectively} causes repugnance, revulsion, and shock.


From traditional print to live sex acts now accessible for mostly men to view through the Internet, Pornography continues to consume the sexual appetite of its participants, whose personal preferences for sexual behavior is irrelevant as long as connections are consensual and age is appropriate. In recent years in some cultures, feminists have maintained that pornography degrades, endangers, and harms the lives of women. This argument, to have force, must distinguish between pornography as a general class of material (aimed at sexual arousal) and pornography that causes harm by depicting acts that violently abuse women. When pornography involves young children, most people will accept that it should be prohibited because of the harm that is being done to persons under the age of consent. In Truth, nothing of the industry of Pornography can exist, and would not be possible if a willing object for the Lust of the Flesh were not available. Both men and women choose to become Objects of Lust for a variety of degrading reasons brought on by low Esteem, prior Abuse, or inflated Ego, all of which are dysfunctional. Objects play a role in sexual fantasies that cater to fundamental Greed’s Ego. Their intimate-less and lonely double lives inevitably blend leaving confused convicts and captives living out someone else’s fantasy. Beyond the level of simple pornography, Technology has extended the invitation for human-to-human connection, both paid and unpaid. Multiple male sex sites dominate over various sexual tastes and offer sexual hopefuls a chance to gratify some physical or emotional need. After profiles are filled out, some connection attempt is made. A simple chat for starters, then Imagination runs wild. The Pics of course help with the image now forming. The voice is what’s next now; I’ll give him a call. Still really can’t tell yet; the next step, I’ll know. On my way in my car now; Excitement is near. Wasn’t all I imagined, the manner, not right. Didn’t look like the picture. Maybe next time will go more my way. Only those seeking solely physical connections leave satiated while those with emotional needs leave empty again. When Conversation begins with an acquaintance in person, your senses work together to give you a clear understanding of who is before you. Immediate calculations are made about Safety and Trust and about Interest and Intrigue based on Looks and Manner and Chemistry. When Written Conversation begins with an acquaintance on-line, your sensory perceptions are both limited and scattered with only inferences made to gather Tone from the chat. Pictures look different when Sound comes in separate, and Voice speaks with no one home. Three long steps before you meet the lucky one, before you can tell from his look and manner, who’s more lucky or who’s more dumb. Not to mention that in Excitement, Safety and Trust lost


importance, Intrigue never got intrigued, and Chemistry has just barely begun cooking. An analytical person, trapped in a World that got away from him, would review this obsessive process again and again until he finally reasoned that human connections on sex sites were not geared to meet emotional needs despite the allure they have that promote them. An analytical person will finally recognize a subtle cynicism has settled in where sex and sexual connections are concerned. The obsession with feeding one’s sex drive is endless; it is exciting and erotic and fun and all consuming and the sensory overload of self-gratification and self-absorption creates Cynicism, no matter the discipline. A non-analytical person will add drug addictions to their sex addictions and their life becomes barely recognizable any more for them or for those around them. Any substance or any action can become an Addiction. Addiction is Self Oppression when not caught in Time. When physical needs of either sex are being met by Industries that exists because physical needs need to be met, then only Reason need check in when Emotion becomes a component. Emotion enters the scene with Oppression, whose evolution addicts. Until we have no willing participants of Pornography or Sex Sites on both sides, Pornography and Sex Sites will exist as industries because they fulfill a need while there is still a need. When the needs are finally met elsewhere, Pornography’s needs will cease. In Truth, nothing of the industry of Sex Sites can exist, and would not be possible if a willing object for the Lust of the Flesh were not available. Both men and women choose to become Objects of Lust for a variety of degrading reasons brought on by low Esteem, prior Abuse, or inflated Ego, all of which are dysfunctional. Objects play a role in sexual fantasies that cater to fundamental Greed’s Ego. Their intimate-less and lonely double lives inevitably blend leaving confused convicts and captives living out someone else’s fantasy. Homelessness Confused convicts and captives exist on a lower oppressive level still. The Homeless are the most self-absorbed victims alive. They are among the greatest Poor Me’s of Poverty. They obsessively complain that life is not fair, while they boast Ultimate Underachievement. Pause Homelessness is complete and utter oppressed un-Reason. Homeless people used to be Home-full people. They once had lives like all the other Home-full people. They once maybe had some joy like all the other Home-


full people. Along the way, they lost their ability to reason and their obsession with themselves and their problems created an alternate reality on a different Plane. Through a series of events, full became less, and no home became their new reality. People who reason do not live in cardboard boxes on dangerous streets in the frigid cold or the humid heat. People who reason do not eat out of garbage and stare at others eating, and beg for food. People who reason do not choose a life experience among Crime and Violence and Drug addiction and Fear. Look into the eyes of a homeless person. There is a person inside who is unable to reason her world. Consider that world and the daily life experience of a sixty-year old woman whose home is Dirt, and what that could possibly feel like for a woman who used to have a real life once. Now, an unreal reality with so much time to be miserable goes nowhere while stuck in Time. Money is what they live for though they buy Food or Drugs. When the money they lacked became their Obsession, their reality reduced them to begging for Life. What does it matter what it buys? Food only prolongs the Misery and Drugs help take it away. Your Money cannot help them. A Residential Community in Truth can help them. When Society finally perceives the Homeless as those who cannot Reason and in need of Consciousness more than just a Home, then its responsibility will insure that there wont be any more of “them”. Democracy Democracy is a political form of government carried out either directly by the people (direct democracy) or by means of elected representatives of the people (representative democracy). Even though there is no specific, universally accepted definition of “democracy”, equality and freedom have been identified as important characteristics of democracy since ancient times. These principles are reflected in all citizens being equal before the law and having equal access to power. For example, in a representative democracy, every vote has equal weight, no restrictions can apply to anyone wanting to become a representative, and the freedom of its citizens is secured by legitimized rights and liberties, which are generally protected by a constitution. There are several varieties of democracy, some of which provide better representation and more freedoms for their citizens than others. However, if any democracy is not carefully legislated – through the use of balances – to avoid an uneven distribution of political power, such as the separation of power, then a branch of the system of rule could accumulate power and become harmful to the democracy itself. The “majority rule” is often described as a characteristic feature of democracy, but without responsible government or constitution protections of individual liberties from democratic power, it is possible for dissenting individuals to be


oppressed by the “tyranny of the majority”. An essential process in representative democracies is competitive elections that are fair both substantively and procedurally. Furthermore, freedom of political expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are essential so that citizens are informed and able to vote in their personal interests. Popular sovereignty is common but not a universal motivating subject for establishing a democracy. In some countries, democracy is based on the philosophical principle of equal rights. Many people use the term “democracy” as shorthand for liberal democracy, which may include additional elements such as political pluralism; equality before the law; the right to petition elected officials for redress or grievances; due process; civil liberties; human rights; and elements of civil society outside the government. Fascism Fascism is a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology. Fascists seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy. Fascism was originally founded by Italian national syndicalists in World War I who combined left-wing and right-wing political views, but it gravitated to the political right in the early 1920s. Scholars generally consider fascism to be on the far right of the conventional left-right political spectrum. Fascists believe that a nation is an organic community that requires strong leadership, singular collective identity, and the will and ability to commit violence and wage war in order to keep the nation strong. They claim that culture is created by the collective national society and its state, that cultural ideas are what give individuals identity, and thus reject individualism. Fascism is strongly opposed to core aspects of the Enlightenment and is an opponent of liberalism, Marxism, and mainstream socialism because they are associated with failures that fascists claim are inherent in the Enlightenment. Fascists view egalitarianism, materialism, and rationalism as failed elements of the Enlightenment. In contrast, Fascists promote action, discipline, hierarchy, spirit, and will. They oppose liberalism – as a bourgeois movement – and Marxism – as a proletarian movement – for being exclusive economic class-based movements. Fascist present their ideology as that of an economically trans-class movement that promotes ending economic class conflict to secure national solidarity. They believe that economic classes are not capable of properly governing a nation, and that a merit based aristocracy of experienced military persons must rule through regimenting a nation’s forces of production and securing the nation’s independence. Fascism perceives conservatism as partly valuable for its support of order in society but opposes its typical opposition to


change and modernization. Fascism presents itself as a solution to the perceived benefits and disadvantages of conservatism by advocating statecontrolled modernization that promotes orderly change while resisting the dangers to order in society of pluralism and independent initiative. Marxism Marxism is a particular political philosophy, economic and sociological worldview based upon a materialist interpretation of history, a Marxist analysis of capitalism, a theory of social change, and an atheist view of human liberation derived from the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Humankind’s history is fundamentally that of the struggle between social classes. The productive capacity of society is the foundation of society, and as this capacity increases over time the social relations of production, class relations, evolve through this struggle of the classes and pass through definite stages (primitive communism, slavery, feudalism, capitalism). The legal political, ideological and other aspects (e.g. art) of society are derived from these production relations as is the consciousness of the individuals of which the society is composed. Marx argues that in capitalist society, an economic minority (the bourgeoisie) dominate and exploit an economic majority (the proletariat). Marx argues that capitalism is exploitative, specifically the way in which unpaid labor (surplus value) is extracted from the working class (the labor theory of value), extending and critiquing the work of earlier political economists on value. Such commodification of human labor according to Marx, creates an arrangement of transitory serfdom. He argued that while the production process is socialized, ownership remains in the hands of the bourgeoisie. This forms the fundamental contradiction of capitalist society. Without the elimination of the fetter of the private ownership of the means of production, human society is unable to achieve further development. In order to overcome the fetters of private property the working class must seize political power internationally through a social revolution and expropriate the capitalist classes around the world and place the productive capacities of society into collective ownership. Upon this, material foundation classes would be abolished and the material basis for all forms of inequality between humankind would dissolve. Communism Communism is a social structure in which classes are abolished and property is commonly controlled, as well as a political philosophy and social movement that advocates and aims to create such a society. Pure Communism is the post-capitalist stage of society, which was predicted would inevitably result from the development of the productive forces.


Communism attempts to offer an alternative to the problems with the Capitalist Market Economy, and the legacy of imperialism and nationalism. Pure Communism is closely related and connected to World Communism. Pure Communism in the Marxian sense refers to a classless, stateless, and oppression-free society where decisions on what to produce and what policies to pursue are made democratically allowing every member of society to participate in the decision-making process in both the political and economic spheres of life. Strictly speaking, pure communism is a stage of social development where material and productive forces are advanced to a degree where actual freedom (freedom from necessity, and thus from wage labor and alienation from work) for every person is possible. This material superabundance allows for goods and services to be distributed based on need, rather than merit (or labor expended in production), as in socialism or lower-stage communism. The state apparatus becomes redundant because classes cease to exist, so the political functions of the state apparatus are replaced by the administrative and economic functions of the various associations that remain. Communism is the idea of a free society with no division or alienation, where mankind is free from oppression and scarcity. A communist society would have no governments, countries, or class divisions. According to the Marxist argument for communism, the main characteristic of human life in class society is alienation; and communism is desirable because it entails the full realization of human freedom. According to Marx, Communism's outlook on freedom was based on an agent, obstacle, and goal. The agent is the common/working people; the obstacles are class divisions, economic inequalities, unequal life-chances, and false consciousness; and the goal is the fulfillment of human needs including satisfying work, and fair share of the product. In Marxist theory, the dictatorship of the proletariat is the intermediate system between capitalism and communism, when the government is in the process of changing the means of ownership from privatism to collective ownership. Communism seeks an end to capitalism and the systems which they perceived to be responsible for the exploitation of workers. Karl Marx posited that communism would be the final stage in society which would be achieved through a proletarian revolution and only possible after a transitional stage develops the productive forces, leading to a superabundance of goods and services. Marx states that the only way to solve these problems is for the working class (proletariat), who according to Marx are the main producers of wealth in society and are exploited by the Capitalist-class (bourgeoisie), to replace the bourgeoisie as the ruling class in order to establish a free society without class or racial divisions.


The factual and objective characteristics of Communism are dismally displayed in History by dictators who use principles of Greed to run their Society as a Corporate State. Oppressed people busily march off to work to produce and produce and produce for little wage, like ants collectively working together to support their colony, but in bondage by it. Reason has little meaning in everyday life so analytical thinking of their World leads to despair. With little money to survive, their analytical thinking thrusts them into a Survival Mode where any goal is at any cost of any thing.. The Resolute blindly march; the Impassioned are imprisoned by their emotions that lead in every direction, headed by Fear. Oppression’s corrupt Utopia has been the ignorant attempt to create Perfection before its Time. Capitalism’s interest in maintaining economic power and control and Religion’s doctrine that only governments that honor biblical or scriptural truths can remain in Power, worked together to create a Propaganda Machine against Communism’s Utopian Society. Democracy believes in all the same Principles of Communism listed above but favors Capitalism as an economic system to achieve it. Because Capitalism is based in Greed, Democracy’s Society is rendered imbalanced and inequitable both in Finance and in Class. The two philosophies are fundamentally incompatible and will never lead to Peace and Equality for all. Society inevitably became enslaved to a system of unlawful Taxes in which Capitalism could only result in bailing out its Banks and Corporations with the People’s money, thereby instituting Socialism, a previously failed system that will mask as Capitalism until Capitalism has been removed. Democracy’s Judge and Jury outside of Reason cannot justly judge. A judicial system that stands for Truth and Justice does not depend upon the cunning and skill of attorneys to defend what is corrupt and persuade an ignorant and often times unreasonably selected Jury to vote for Loop’s Hole. The Oath of all participants in process, until no longer necessary, will be where the left hand is placed on the Doctrine of Truth and the right hand raised to solemnly swear that you will tell the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so help Mankind. A Society consciously reasoning toward Utopia will have little need for a system of Justice because of its ultimate lack of Law. Yet, there is Purpose in all things. Without Democracy and Capitalism, the World could never have industrialized and united to where it has in the end of the Age of Emotion. Democracy’s Capitalism will never withstand regulation after regulation to prohibit Governments, Corporations, and Banks from inevitably destroying its Prey all together. Capitalism, Socialism and Fascism have taught History what not to repeat in its future. The People, not a Dictator, have no choice but to unite in the Proper Time to create the New Industries with a new philosophy of Social Equality. The People will then set the Standards for Society, for their lives, not


Government or Business. A New System will form, Piece by Piece, and we will adjust Society’s economies in Reason and evolve into Perfection in Time, in Unison, and in Peace, when Money is removed from the Equation. The leaderless nations in True Communism are highly educated, highly objectively analytical and highly principled, and will progress Society forward in Peace in Democracy. The Conflict-free System of Democratic Communism will reach its World’s Balance when both evolved concepts share the Utopian Vision and fundamentally embrace • • • •

A Society without Class and Race Political and Economic Freedom Abundance of Goods and Services Equal Opportunity Life experiences for All War

Conflict is a means that Man, in Ignorance, creates and resorts to engage in for the purpose of feeding his Ego what it lacks. Over Time, Man has recognized the futility of allowing Conflict to evolve from Words into Violence on a daily basis, though if personally physically attacked, may engage for his own Survival. Impulsive re-actions in each relationship shape a reality that could only lead to a resolution in Peace if each Action is determined in Truth because only careful objective analysis disengages Conflict, regardless of Scale. Scale matters and determines a logical course of action only by effectively and insightfully identifying its passions logically with a purpose of Peace. The time to identify Passion is when it begins to manifest itself, not when the conflict has already become a force to conquer and Violence has already been engaged. Conflict on any scale evolves over Time, and though may appear justified, is never a necessary re-action, terribly consequential, and in almost all cases and levels, counter productive to Survival. Consequences to both verbal and physical disagreements between two people or groups of people range in severity depending on the intensity of the disagreement and the scale of the participants. Consider Man’s peaceful retaliation during the African American Revolution for Acceptance, in the mid 20th century, whose conscious and reasonable choice to deal with the evolving conflict at hand successfully led to changing the reasoning of a nation and the evolution of civil rights in America for African American citizens. Technology’s ability to mask the primitive nature of Oppression with Sophistication through guerrilla, biological, chemical, and nuclear warfare does not negate that the true nature of Violence is both primitive and oppressive, regardless of Scale. The psychological and physical damage to


combatants and civilians living in Fear and Terror in War is tragic and consequential because War is Tragedy and full of Consequence. In the final global War, Man is divided with one half fighting against Terror and the other half fighting for the glory of Allah. The Passion that enables both sides to fight is a testament to the intensity and sincerity of Each’s differing Cause, but there will never be Peace until the Reasonable diffuse Passion’s misguided fight for Power disguised as Terror bin Allah. Man’s nuclear threat pursued to leverage itself by developing weaponry in a War Game for the purpose of annihilating his other half while risking annihilation back. The Reasonable have determined that the original ignorant Players are no longer playing the Game, and have determined through a critical and objective analysis of the evolution of Conflict, that War is an option not worth ever having to consider, and its Military, though disciplined and well intentioned, is a juvenile concept of the Past. Apart from acquiring land and resources or spreading culture, there is no reason for countries to still war. The Reasonable have realized the catastrophic consequences of colonization by Greed where division marked the territories of Ireland, Tibet, Darfur, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, North America, Mexico, South America, North Korea, India and Pakistan. We have evolved far too far to rationalize war between nations, holding to a philosophy that only through War can there be Peace and Prosperity. Yet one decade into the New Millennium, two wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq, threaten civilization in the name of Peace, precariously proposing Prosperity in Greed. The fragility of an Economy that relies on War for its Strength comes at much too great a risk in a Time when False Doctrine still dominates Technology, and Nuclear War could result as an impending consequence of ignorant fiscal analysis. Though Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan, the Man in Iran represents the same oppositional doctrine to Reason, and is following the Oppressive hierarchy of his Religion. The apocalyptic threat he poses to Mankind as Great Power in the Hands of a Mad Man has awakened many to what is really happening in the Real World while most remain reluctant to see. *** Each Doctrine fundamentally possesses Vision. The World at the end of the Age of Emotion is at War between the fundamental Visions and Ambitions of Religion, Greed and Oppression. There are nations that are fighting to realize their Vision of ordaining Religion as King of the World. There are nations that are fighting to realize their Vision of making Greed the God of their Economy and of their Lives. There are nations that are fighting to realize their Vision of instituting Oppression on its People as they have on their Economy. Deep Meditation will always yield a Fundamental Vision, whatever the Doctrine, but Vision apart from Truth


will only lead Anxiety toward Addiction into Confusion and Delusion. Clutter in their World distracts them with Angst and Depression, smothering Hope by medicating an obsessed reality they’ve created outside of Peace. With Truth comes Hope and the acceptance that we are powerless any further in our condition, recognizing that Solution lies only in Reason. All the Oppressed through Education, Objective Analysis of their Plight, and Just Principles to Survive by are destined to elevate themselves to Peace. Each False Doctrine has served Mankind dismally over thirteen millennia of civilization. Corruption’s natural evolution in Society has reached its fundamental limits of Religion, Greed and Oppression. Naturally, Chaos and Confusion in Abundance have lead Society’s Ego to be paralyzed until it chooses to walk anew in Truth. Now, and only Then, will the Mind of Man awaken to its personal and global Savior, the blessed and respected Doctrine of Truth. Finis


The drama that was our history has now become a tragic comedy. It is time to end the show. Author Unknown (1966 - )




In the Days before the Great Awakening, just before the Age of Reason, Man will terrorize the Earth because of the False Doctrines he has created. Behold, the most fundamental Believers in Religion, Greed and Oppression will come together to carry out their evil agenda. Only the Believers in Truth will recognize the danger that faces Mankind and will rise up in greater numbers to defeat the Believers in False Doctrine.


The Perspective of Truth In the Age of Reason, Man’s only goal will be to be expressed solely in the Doctrine of Truth. He now knows that the more fundamental Religion, Greed and Oppression have hold, the less in Reason he reasons. The Doctrine of Religion was to be eradicated first because it is the biggest and least reasoning-able threat to a civilization. Then, Man will be free to perceive the Doctrines of Greed and the Doctrines of Oppression with clear vision through the Doctrine of Truth. Throughout the Time of Transition, the honest Seeker of Truth is willing to accept the Truth whether or not that Truth coincides with what he has believed before to be true. The Doctrine of Truth embodies the three essential elements of Education, Objective Analysis and Principles. EDUCATION Education is what we know individually and what we know collectively as a species. It is factual and must based on Truth. It is derived from previous objective analysis of History, Communication, Science, and Mathematics. Each discipline’s evolution mirrors Man’s evolution, finetuned to perfection with Power over Time, like the evolution of Earth, each extension naturally operating on the same principles to support and sustain them. When all are perceived in shared alignment, a Balance is reached and a Tone is sprung. The tone of the Doctrine of Truth in Education will ring from the School to the Home. The analysis of History and Communication as well as Science and Mathematics will become the Educational Core. Further sensory and critical analysis of the generational experiences in History, teaching our students what communication is and how we manipulate the mechanics of Language, honoring and respecting the achievements of Science and the standards it sets for our societies according to what we know, and recognizing the beauty and complexity of Mathematics and how it affects every aspect of our lives will be the objective of Education in the Age of Reason. Analysis of Mathematics and reinforcement of its relevance to our lives form the Mathematics Agenda. Careful instruction on what we know about ourselves as a species from evolutionary, physical and psychological perspectives are components of the Science Agenda. Consciously understanding the essence of Communication of Thought and its application to how Languages have evolved will be key to fine tuning any Language Art skills, primarily or secondarily exposed to from an early age. The combination of factual information and exploratory generational experiences in World History will dominate the History Agenda. In the Age of Reason, each of the Core Four disciplines will evolve over the educational life of every student from birth, analyzing and refining each discipline over Time.


The Core Four are based on Truth and are not subjects of Emotion’s interpretation as the Creative Arts are. The Creative Arts is the other element of Education that is essential to producing a well rounded, educated and analytical individual. But the Creative Arts’ greatest contribution is to teach how Inspiration changes our World. The study of the history of the Creative Arts will focus on the emotions they inspired and objectively analyzing the Wisdom of their source. The element that Inspiration plays in the development of all the Creative Arts is a focal point of interest in appreciating the Joy of Life. Recognizing the inspiration of the Artist, and the inspired emotions that Art conveys are examined as relevant components to Creative Art Appreciation. Interpreting inspired Art through Inspiration from a young age, will raise children who can rely on their inspiration and instinct for all of life’s circumstances and not simply the interpretation of Art. In the Age of Reason, the Creative Arts will be equally as important as the Core Fore in educating our World’s population, and regarded as the proverbial “yin” to the “yang” of the Core Four, which only together create Balance. Technology will offer both Parents and Children the Education necessary for a Civilization to progress as a Whole where Wisdom will merge with Education and rule Life in Society among an Educated Elite worth emulating and honoring in one another. OBJECTIVE ANALYSIS The species known as Homo sapiens possess a critically analytical Brain that tells that the ultimate purpose of our life as a species is Survival. The resistance to honing his analytical skills has only limited Homo sapiens’ Man in his struggle for survival, but now he understands that exercising his Brain is a powerful weapon against anything that wishes to harm him or hold him back from progressing. In time, Man has come to the realization that he needs this skill or he will find himself in bondage to the will of False Doctrine. Spend time with yourself, expand your mind, and learn how to analyze because you need the Brain’s skill to develop and help your Self. Alone you can practice to know who you really are by using the techniques before you to help you to be aware of you and your surroundings because you cannot afford not to analyze in a world where there are people who do, and do not have your best interest at heart. The exercises for you to hone your analytical skills are numerous and must be engaged in regularly to maintain and foster keen instincts for your happy and peaceful journey through life. Repeat them willingly, ever mindful of their intent and purpose in your life and that of those closest to you.


Exercise #1: Begin to step outside and look down at Earth over the last thirteen thousand years and objectively observe how we as a civilization have been separate because of our boundaries, and have developed our cultures and religions and languages and cuisines and architecture and design and style the way we have because of those boundaries, and the experiences we have had within them. Because of Technology, all the borders have now come down. We can learn from our fellow histories. We can see them objectively now. We can experience it for ourselves there. We can appreciate like never before. The difference between us shows vastly. We see what we see and we do how we do, but we can perceive that we are all different and the same if we see Survival as our common goal too. Exercise #2: Begin to identify every issue within its doctrine first and then create the continuum of Conservative and Liberal perspective, the heights naturally being fundamental in its doctrine. You cannot reasonably and accurately perceive issues of Religion, Greed and Oppression if your Continuum of Degree crosses Doctrine because the extremes of Conservative and Liberal will only mis-direct and confuse your reason. Exercise #3: Begin to think in degrees or levels of intensity and how you fit into those experiences. See the levels in front of you of anything you consider and how it ranks in priority of your care. Feel what you feel when you choose to experience it however you want to experience it. Be aware of the experience and then, judge whether it is an experience that you would reasonably like to repeat or not. If not, you will know the obstacles in your way to avoid for next time. No other judgment is necessary. Exercise #4: Begin to train yourself to perceive any issue, relationship or industry based on Reason and in terms of Evolutionary Progression toward their own Survival. See the Forces they are and how they evolve the same as you do and need certain criteria to survive. Be aware of your next move and maneuver safely by, reasoning them out of existence if that is what is best in Truth. See everything in fundamental terms of Movements and large entities that glide in opposition along a grand imaginary Chess Board. This will help you to think objectively about the Pieces and who is really playing the Game. Exercise #5: Begin to identify Tones and analyze them objectively before making your judgments. Do not form judgments based on the Words you hear or you read, but instead, listen to the Tone they carry. Do you sense Anger, Frustration or Hate in Tone or Compassion, Honesty and Reason in Tone? Do not let the Tone be determined by how you already feel about the matter. Whoever the creator may be, he will create a piece of 97

his or her Self in what you perceive. Judge first the Tone, and then reason your judgment after. Communication received through listening and reading is naturally interpreted by the speaker and writer who will respond. The interpretation must happen in a process of objectively analyzing the Words, whether they are true or not, and the Tone, which was their source. Both the Words and the Tone combined will guide your judgments. The process is fine-tuned to a blink of an eye when exercised all of the time. Exercise #6: Begin to identify how every situation can be perceived in either Truth’s Perspective or not. Recognize how needless realities disappear when every moment is reasoned in Reason. One decision in a Moment will force you to make thousands more, so it behooves you to identify how Time and Tone affect Emotion’s reaction.

Should is irrelevant when considering another’s way. Reason determines how you deal with any situation regardless of Outcome and dictates that you shouldn’t really care all that much. You will do what you feel to do when you feel to do it as will everyone around you, and continually deal with every individual interaction you have with another in Reason, with no Motive other than you are following Inspiration’s Instinct for every move. In this Groove, everything will work together for your Good, even what may have been perceived by you before as Evil. Exercise #7: Begin to observe when Distraction meets Danger in those moments when your life is in Threat’s potential. Driving with Music or while putting on make-up, or while talking on cell phones or texting or impaired is illogical, but we calculate risks accordingly and deal with the consequences we create. As Technology grows, we must discern the relative dangers we may face. Always be alert and aware of your surroundings, otherwise you may find yourself in Harm’s way. Driving vehicles on public roads is a serious activity because you have consciously put yourself in a very dangerous space where the risk to your wellbeing is much higher, and you must pay much closer attention to your surroundings. Be aware of others around you, contemplating what they are doing by anticipating moves. Do not simply re-act; act. Take control of your life as your eyes constantly review all FOUR perspectives from where you are sitting. Think about which are they; your friends and your family are counting on it that you do. Exercise #8: Begin to perceive your Work and all that you do as a contribution you make to others and the Next Generation. Keep that your perspective and consider your work your body of work that you will leave as your legacy. Partner with multiple like-minded partners to attain a bigger goal because in the Age of Reason, with Technology, you can. You 98

will be able to do exactly what you want to do if you logically approach the moves and partner with someone who fits with you. Plan to contribute to the next generation somehow; you really have very little time to actually get all of your great work done. Exercise #9: Two retirees, both equally intelligent and analytical, who once entered the law profession at the very same time, retired with the exact same financial worth. One became a lawyer because he was passionate about the law; the other became a lawyer because Money was appealing. Which lawyer is the more fulfilled retiree? The amount of our life’s time that is spent on “work” is too great for us to permit it to be an unpleasant experience that affects our lives on a daily basis. Not choosing a profession from the perspective of the Doctrine of Greed is the first step in ensuring your overall happiness in life. While there is still Greed, choose the work experience that you are passionate about and will make you happy, and be sure to critically analyze your comparative process as you get you there. You will never be happy if you fixate on Money because both its Luster and its Lack lead to Obsession. Be passionate about whatever it is you do and keep Motive free from Greed, and your Creation will evolve into Power. Prepare a professional plan and surround yourself with passionate people, and find yourself inspired. Technology will always afford opportunities for Passion in the Reasonable whose Plan keeps Happy in Mind. Exercise #10: Analyze the behavior of your children. Observe their behavior when you pose no restrictions on them. Notice how they begin to behave when left to play without boundaries. Enjoy them enjoying themselves. Watch them play in the mud, or run in water, or make a complete mess of themselves. Feel them being free like the little animals we used to be. Now learn from what you have observed. Recognize the Joy and Fun in free play and the experience that that benefits both them and you. Learn also how Responsibility must become a factor as Play matures. Discern the boundaries of Civility and Manners when dis-Playing behaviors. Consider and communicate the time to Play and how it differs from Dis-Play. Your children can teach you what you forget to teach them about Play, but Dis-Play only runs one-way. Exercise #11: Children, do any exercise your Parent says is appropriate for you to do. Obey your Parents because they are your guardians and because they should be wiser than you. Then, when you are wise, you’ll understand why. If you are now the wiser, then be patient and have courage until that time when you are free to go and choose for yourself. Time really does fly when you are reasonable and wise.


Exercise # 12: Get up every morning and consciously plan your day. Create a routine for yourself because without one you are not organized and therefore less efficient in everything you do. Organized people have cut down on the levels of Frustration and Stress they give themselves to try to get done everything they need to get done in a day. Structure your daily and weekly life with activities and experiences that you want and must enjoy, but do not be so rigid so as not to allow for occasional spontaneous experiences. Create goals for the day, both personal and professional. Plan for the week. Plan for the month. Plan for the year. Plan for your life. If you do not, you will remain doing the same thing over and over again, and the years will pass and you will be grow increasingly miserable for never having moved forward. Your ultimate goal is always to create a happy You. Exercise #13: Calendars and Agendas can be used to organize your life so that you accomplish what you set out to accomplish on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Calendars and Agendas in hard copy have become much less a staple of homes and businesses since the turn of the last millennium. Technology has afforded us this organizational tool on computers with just one click away, but Technology removed them from our sight and many forgot to use them in Computers just one step away. The solution is simply a case of Learning in Technology. Whatever form Calendar and Agenda you choose for the moment, use it to plan your day. Write all the things you plan to do today. Prioritize your list by order of importance and by logistical efficiency and cross off each item when you have finished. By the end of the day, you will have a long list of crossed out activities that prove you have been a productive person today. By the end of the day, you should feel proud to have contributed so much to your family, friends and co-workers. By the end of the day, you will have gotten another step closer to naturally prioritizing your life and living more efficiently. By the end of the day, you will have come that much closer to achieving your week’s goals, your month’s goals, and your year’s goals. By the end of the day, you should be a happier You. Exercise #14: Surround yourself with the happy people who make you laugh and laugh until you cry. Learn from the themes of your past. Relive your childhood but as adults, consciously. Plan activities with friends from your generation that remind you of what you used to do at one time. Listen to the music of the era. Re-experience your youth and stay better in touch with it. You will always feel better when you reminisce, so reminisce, and teach younger generations of those experiences. Consciously create your own new experiences because you can, and let them naturally enrich your life again. Exercise #15: Start having meaningful conversations with friends and family. Talk about the past; talk more about the future. Objectively analyze 100

the issues that concern you most. Don’t just look for another’s approval and sympathy; create the Air of Analysis only and do not allow any other self-ish elements to impede the process. If it feels unnatural at first, it is because you are not used to it. It will eventually become natural talking objectively about things that matter as well as frivolous things. Frivolous things are fine for a Time, but the Time has now come to grow up. Exercise #16: Learn the Art of Cooking. Begin to foster and show interest at a young age and encourage children to help and watch on as a parent shows how to properly plan a meal, or what foods may taste good together, or how to time the sequence so everything comes out on Time. It is the best way to know that you are eating healthfully and that you are serving your family the best for their nourishment. Make the Cooking an experience to remember and the Dining will be the entertaining experience it deserves to be. Exercise #17: Visit a park on a nice sunny day and observe a young woman exercising by. Create an imaginary life for her based on what you see. Most of what you say will not be true but you should be able to imagine a lot of truthful things about this woman based on what you carefully observe. Tell her story. Who is she? Where is she from? What is her world like? Why is she exercising? Would you like a life like that? Why not? Why? Repeat the exercise often with multiple interesting characters. Exercise # 18: Consider a famous figure in History, William Shakespeare for example. Now consider who this man was through the body of his work. How did his work affect the society of the day? If you can read about it today, it affected society somehow. What lessons was he trying to teach his audience? How far reaching have his lessons traveled? Which of his characters did he like? Was he a happy man? Understand his creation and you will understand the man. Exercise #19: Consider the experience of a Profile Photo-Journalist, whose profession it is to shoot photographs of the Who’s Who in the Entertainment World. The Fashion Designer who wears what the Devil wears. The Writer who’s penned a Nobel Prize. A Musician who’s grammied his best work. An Actor who’s faced all the best roles. The Personality who’s done absolutely nothing. The profile of a professional voyeur who travels daily in the many worlds of his subjects of Art perceives life in a way rarely experienced by most. How does he capture them? What does he think of them? Does he admire them? What is their world like? Would I like that world? What will my World, one day, look like? Exercise #20: Keep a Journal. Write the activities of your day. Over time, as you look, you will see patterns emerging in your life that you will have an accurate record of because you have written your activities and 101

your thoughts and your opinions in print. You saw what it was you believed and objectively analyzed each one of them and changed them if they were not perceived in Right’s perspective. Exercise #21: When you are alone, talk out loud into a digital recorder. Analyzing out-loud while recording in private is an infinitely useful tool to “stepping-out” of your head and objectively analyzing. Simply analyzing a situation based on faulty perspectives will inevitably lead you to faulty conclusions. Ponder life. Speak objectively about everything and why it is that way. There is always a why, and there is always a because. Listening to yourself recorded is an additional exercise to discern and develop your own objective analytical skills, and is actually the best way to build confidence and trust in the little “voice” inside who is in charge of directing your path. He is your best friend and support and will be with you for life, and you really should get to know your reasonable Self better. Exercise #22: Think back to a Time in your Childhood. Now speak outloud and record about that Time. What were you like? Were you happy? What made you happy and why? Did you feel safe? Why or Why Not? Do you feel safe now? Can you see a connection? How did you see Conflict then? How often did it come your way? Were you good then at staying ok? How are you now? Exercise #23: Think back to a Time in your Childhood and speak outloud about that Time. What has Technology changed? What was life like then? Were radios the sole source of music or are cell phones a life long thing? Consider the Time that you have lived through. Consider how you have changed how you live now and appreciate the advances you have made so far. Do not fear Technology; it is neither good nor bad. It is created by Man and just is. You alone can decide how best to use It and It will take you to another Time. Exercise # 24: Think back to a Time in your Childhood and review your life out-loud. Become acquainted with the insecure little girl on the first day of school. Get to know the mischievous adolescent boy who terrorized your family for years. Remember the exhilarating experience of graduating from high school. Reflect upon the courting that ultimately led to the aisle and saying, “I Do”. See again what happened to you at various points in your life and what was significant about you then. Ask yourself what the motive was for your reaction. Ask yourself why you suppose that motive was yours. Think of the circumstances and experience them again, but objectively, this time. Help yourself understand who you were at that time, and what you felt like about certain situations, both the good and the bad. You are an adult now; they are just memories and they cannot hurt you now. If you need help sorting them out and understanding them, seek professional help in conventional and vision therapy to work through it. 102

You have wasted your life thus far if you have walked around 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70+ years without knowing who the main character of your movie really was. If you can share these personal thoughts with someone special, do it. You will be amazed by the insightfulness of the conversations you will have. You will see the danger your emotions can get you in if they are not tamed. The Doctrine of Truth must control your emotions or you will never emotionally react appropriately. This is your movie called Your Life. It is an incredible film. Everyday is a new adventure. There are lots of new characters and comedy and drama in every scene. Re-view the movie of your life. Pay attention this time and do not be stubborn. Judge for yourself, as objectively as possible, what the “better” emotion it was to experience at any given point in your life. How could it have changed your life for the better? How may it have changed your life for the worse? Do not justify your behavior as that just being you. Do not judge yourself at all actually; just observe carefully as the main character, you, maneuvers through his life. See how she interacts with those who care about her. Learn how he deals with Peace and Conflict. Study how she keens her skills to effortlessly move through her life. From this point on, you can objectively and consciously create Part II of your movie however you would like it to play. It is your life. It is your movie. You are the leading actor and the director; now, go and make a great movie. Exercise #25: We are all creating our own movie and we are all in each other’s movies. Study the film industry techniques on how we put movies together. Study the perfection of the process with your Academy Award winners. Now, apply the technique to observing and analyzing your own life. You will define which forces affected you at various points in your life. The forces that shaped you. The forces that created you. Now, you are in the driver’s seat. You are aware, you are alert, and you are capable of maneuvering safely through life. You will create the experiences of the future and you will have the analytical skills to see you through. You will create the grand structure of your life instead of letting random experiences take over control. You are writing each chapter of your Book of Life exactly how you want it to be read. Exercise #26: Spend a day observing life. You will have to break the day up if you cannot simply be an observer the entire day. Be conscious of observing when you are driving and watching the cars pass by. Notice the drivers and the choices they make just besides you. Be conscious and aware of the comings and goings of characters who came from somewhere before they entered your scene and will be a part of someone else’s movie just after yours. Be conscious of observing when you’re waiting in line at


the supermarket or the post office. Objectively perceive with what emotions others are expressing themselves and how they affect the outcomes of the experiences you witness. Be conscious of how the majority of what you witness transpires without very much conflict at all. Analyze how the conflicts that do arise could have objectively been avoided and produced a different outcome. Appreciate how one event naturally and seamlessly flows into the next one and the next one and the next one. Watch it all happen as if it is a movie, because it is a movie; you are not in this one you are watching. This is the World going on around you. All of the characters are creating their own movie. Understand your important contribution to this flow of Life because your movie, once you contribute, is no different from the scenes of the other characters’ movies you’re observing. Restrain yourself from entering the Flow just for this exercise. Then, consider how your daily movie is only a fraction of the movie of your life. Exercise #27: Choose a phenomenon; let us say “Dining”. Objectively analyze the continuum of dining experiences that are accessible to all people alive today. Do not judge any of them; only identify them. Dining at Home alone Dining Room/Kitchen Television centered Dining at Home with friends or family Dining Room/Kitchen Television centered BBQ Dining Out alone Dining Out with friends or family Picnic Fast Food Restaurant Diner Café Family owned Restaurant Low Budget Mid Budget No Budget Corporate owned Restaurant Low Budget Mid Budget No Budget This 30 – 60 day long exercise analyzes the experience of each one of them as objectively as possible without making any judgments of the


experience. Go there and visit various places in each of the categories listed so you do not make unhelpful generalizations. Each is a World because it is made up of all those individuals who make visiting these dining establishments part of their World. Observe the people who surround you in these restaurants. Now, objectively and reasonably answer, what are their faces like? Are they happy or sad? Is it pleasant for you to be around? What are the manners like? Good or bad? Is it pleasant for you to be around? What are the sounds like? What are the clothes like? What is the service like? Is it pleasant for you to be around? Be aware of the food you are ingesting for your health and well-being. Objectively and reasonably answer, what is the food like, flavorful or dull? How is it presented, ordinary-like or beautifully? What is the overall tone of the experience of dining in this place? Is it pleasant for you to be around, and would you like to repeat it? At least you now know what you are experiencing when you dine there and you will be much wiser about where you choose to dine more often from now on because you have analyzed first, then judged, the experience as there to experience if ever you want it again. Exercise #28: Plan to be alone, go into public, and analyze your surroundings. Be observant wherever you are. See how people are behaving around you. Consider the relationship between the two people at the next table in the Vietnamese restaurant you are experiencing for the first time at around 9:30pm on a Friday night. Notice their interactions; are they in love or just friends? Do they have wedding bands on? Can you make any assumptions about her personality from what you observe? Is she loud or extravagant? Insecure maybe? What kind of relationship do they have at home, do you think? Look at the next table over. A table of seven, all Asian, seem to be a family of three children, one middleaged man, two middle-aged women, and one elderly man. What are the relationships among the people? Do they like each other? Is anyone speaking to the elderly man? What is the relationship between the two women? Within five minutes, another couple is ushered to their table. One is at least sixty years old; the other, maybe forty-ish. Both are men. Are they father and son? What is their connection like? Common? Enjoyed? Is there a resemblance? What do you suppose their father – son relationship is like if they are, in deed, that and dine out together? Within five more minutes, three more tables have now been seated. The entire restaurant is buzzing with energy and life, where fifteen minutes prior, Quiet was notable. The first of the food arrived. The flavor of the chicken in the broth combined with the filling of the dumpling together creates a spicy delicious soup. The second course of perfectly cooked shrimp within a complex blend of curry, slightly spicy, combined with the texture and flavor of the


brown rice is heightened still by the observation of how all the flavors connect to provide the culinary experience. Dinner was not just “great”; Dinner was an experience, and you can understand and appreciate that experience if you recognize it as one. Now, was an experience what you perceived? If so, how? What was the entire experience of dining at the Vietnamese restaurant that night? How did the evening change? Who shared the experience with you? Who else was in your movie? Why was the food so good? When you can answer these types of questions for every moment of your day, then you know the kind of day you have had. You may also know the kind of day you may want to repeat or not. You are thinking. This exercise applied to thousands of daily moments over your life, professional or otherwise, not only exercises your analytical abilities but also makes you more aware of your immediate surroundings and causes you to more intensely sense and experience each moment. Exercise #29: Look back at the events in your life. Begin to see them as Blocks of experiences that have progressed you over Time. They are the Building Blocks of your life. Consider each one. Do you see now why that happened? Do you wish you knew then…? There you knew exactly what to do because you learned your lessons from the last time you were “there”. My life with him, or in that job, or on that trip. You will begin to see connections. Your “like” experiences will cluster. If your life has been chaotic in the past, it may a bit difficult at first to delineate these clustered experiences; they will blend because of all of the unreasonable decisions you have made along the way. But some measure of reason always gets you through, if it did, and you can identify each one if you look hard enough. Do you see harmful trends? Has the travel been pretty fine? Do you not see Purpose? From now on, you will deal in Reason, and these clusters will grow very pronounced. There are no distractions to them anymore. Then, you will know Purpose. Purpose will teach you about you. Know who is creating these experiences and your Building Blocks of life. You will be glad you did because there really is so much to gain by knowing you. As you objectively observe your reasonable life, you will notice a perfect order that naturally orders your Life’s Grand Design. It is significant how one event affects another and creates consequences that affect you still. It is equipped with Roman and Hindu-Arabic numerals that combine and ascend in more detail. Behold, the Outline of your Life. It is perfectly structured, however you are. You will only be able to see it though if you objectively reason each line. Exercise #30: You are in your own amazing movie. Watch it, and look at what your World looks like. Think about it and the connections that you have with people. Analyze them and other people’s behavior and formulate assumptions about them that you will now watch for


confirmation when you see them next. You will learn to approach all relationships and decisions in this way, over Time. Some friends will evolve out of your life. Some will stay with you through life and so will remain until the life experience with them passes. You will either grow to love them more or decide whether you want to keep them in your inner circle of trustees, before you find yourself caught off guard and in trouble or, worse, in love. Exercise #31: Vary your experiences as much as you can in your life and create an amazing outline in your Mind. Be mindful of determining what is appropriate for you and what is not. Ask yourself if this is who you want to be. Experience each experience in Reason and your life will be more fulfilled by it as it trustingly teaches you about you. Exercise #32: Choose 15 minutes of Time to be with yourself. Sit with something to write with in front of you. Now, speak. Speak slowly enough to write what you say. Speak out-loud about your feelings about something and write every word down. When you are through writing, go back and read what it is you feel. You can be objective now; it has been placed somewhere else. You are detached. Now, it has only the meaning you give it. Changing your feelings can be more challenging than changing your Mind but you must not confuse Challenge with Impossibility. When you reason these feelings, you will see how unreasonable you may have been in the Past. Exercise #33: Choose 15 minutes of Time to be with yourself. Pick a topic and speak your thoughts about that topic into your recorder. Consider all its relevant multi-faceted components; reason through each one of them. Talk about how you feel about it. Give your opinion and support it with a because. Play it back and analyze your opinion in Reason. Use the dimension of Sound that Technology now provides as an objective tool to help you reason the task before you. See if you are consistent or if you are contradicting yourself. Listen to your arguments; hear the Tone when you speak of it; what is its source? Know what you are thinking and why. Adjust your opinions accordingly and adopt a new way to perceive. Does a reasonable resolution to this topic affect in any way your perceptions of some other topic? Inevitably, this exercise will lead you to future topics. Everything is related when Reason is the perspective. Exercise #34: It is illogical to consciously analyze everything all day long. The Brain that is skilled in analysis will automatically analyze. It is important that you rest your Brain, as well. Your Brain will need the rest and relaxation you give it. Get plenty of sleep. Recreate outdoors. Spend time at the park or the beach, alone, or with your family or friends. Make the time to switch off. It is very important that you find time away from Techno-recreation too. Techno-recreation in the form of television, video 107

games and computer applications is what has expanded our Brains to this capacity in the first place, and will always be beneficial to exercising the skill. Recreate with others apart from Technology too; be nontechnological and rest your conscious analytical Brain as often as you can. It is in this Rest-Time, that your Brain will reward you for your exercise. Your perspectives you will find will open wide. Your moments of “Ah-Hah” will increase. What you did not see before is now there. You will feel wise because everything appears much more clearly. You “get it” now all of the Time. Exercise #35: Yoga, Massage, Reiki or simple meditations of the Buddha are also techniques to relax the mind. The notion that any of these practices must take on religious overtones needs correction. The overwhelming scientific evidence supports individuals’ benefits to health due to all four. These exercises must be daily practices; their benefits to your overall health and well-being will speak for themselves. Exercise #36: Start being aware of objectively analyzing as much as you possibly can. It may be tiring at first only because you are not used to it, but do not give up. Ask yourself with all these events any of the questions you have. Who? What? Where? When? Why? And How? Eventually, you will get very fast at analyzing all phenomena. You will understand that a lot more is going on of what you could not see before. You will understand that Conflict is not in your best interest. You will understand that people behave in all sorts of ways for all sorts of reasons, the majority of which have absolutely nothing to do with you. Conclude every event in Reason, no biases or prejudices permitted, and your life will take a form unlike anything you could imagine and provide you with an Order and a Peace you never knew. This is the best exercise of all. *** Objective Analysis is what gives us the greater perspective. In the same way that the space beneath an umbrella increases as you raise the umbrella, objective analysis gives you broader vision that allows you to more fully perceive the issue before you. Professionals are professionals in their field because they have been trained to analyze the field and have determined they would like to be paid for working in it. Professionals are generally regarded as the experts in their field, which is why you do not go to an accountant when you need a doctor. Neither you nor the doctor are analytically qualified to be an accountant, so both of you generally defer to the accountant’s advice on tax matters. Generally, the majority of us defer to the knowledge and objective analysis that the professional has already acquired in a particular field reasoning that that is sufficient evidence for basing our opinions and actions on when we choose to trust.


This Truth among all disciplines is generally accepted except in the discipline of Science. Because Science is the only of Man’s disciplines that deal with analyzing both the Known and the UnKnown, non-professionals are only willing to accept scientific evidentiary explanations for phenomena that is part of the Known and still not challenged by Religion. Non-professionals typically confuse what is actually known with what is not known. We actually know quite a bit about what we cannot physically see. We know how life began on this planet and beautifully evolved to the planet we see now. We know how all plant and animal life, including Homo sapiens, evolved. What we don’t know is what scientists are the first to admit. What we don’t know is not called God and embody a doctrine. This primitive conclusion was the result of primitive faulty analysis that knowledge has anything whatsoever to do with God. In primitive Man’s mind, he conceived of God as the pinnacle of the Umbrella when opened. He believed that God was Omniscient, whose perspective was far greater than ours because He lived above in the heavens and bestowed His knowledge to those of us below. You will never see with the perspective above you if your Pinnacle is God, because God’s doctrine’s perspective is flawed; His Doctrine keeps you from a raised perspective because His ways are not your ways. On the God Continuum, all your principles, emotions, and experiences are dictated from a very narrow perspective that cannot be raised. Once you replace God at the pinnacle of the Umbrella of Analysis with Truth, the center of the Known and the state of Perfection for all things, you will understand that God’s perspective was not naturally your perspective. When the pure and inspirational perfection of Truth becomes your pinnacle and guide, you can objectively analyze any issue, and the deeper you dig down, the higher the Umbrella raises, and a much higher vision will you enjoy…and your lifeexperiences will follow accordingly. Think deeply and continue to be logical. You will understand fundamentally not only what is really happening but also why. Everything becomes clear at that point and you will be able to maneuver your way through with incredible ease. Analyze as deeply as you can, especially about the things that matter most to you. Analyze and hone your natural instincts because it is what is best for you in order to survive. Though we must be tamed because we are creating sophisticated societies, it is illogical to neglect our instincts as a by-product. The sharper the instincts are, the more sophisticated the societies will be. Perfecting this skill will allow you to see the Beauty in your nature, and you will mirror the very same Perfection that is seen in all nature and in the other species. Educate and objectively analyze your Self and the world around you. Then, be guided by the Principles in Truth to move you safely through. That is all you need; the essence of its Beauty is in its simplicity. The


exercises above hone your skill of Analysis. They will come very easily and naturally over time as you find yourself more and more alert and aware of your surroundings. Your senses will become very keen and your abilities to process very sharp. You will live to be reasonable. Now, remember that people to people connections are the priority in Behavior. The mood that is set, the enjoyment of the moment, the interest in conversation, and the sharing of the day’s experiences are always your priority. With heightened sensory perceptions and skilled analysis, people to people connections through Principle and Emotion will become very intense. PRINCIPLES Wisdom is the objective analysis of our Principles that direct our path, and has always been a function of Man. There have always been those in Previous Generations with keen analytical ability, who desired, above all else, to live by Principles in Truth. These were those of Wisdom who because of lack of Education could not make a greater difference to mankind, but who made a lasting impression on their families and on others around them. One could not help but notice that there was something different about these Those, despite their religion, because it was never that doctrine that inspired them; it was the Doctrine of Truth. In the Age of Emotion, Man was dictated by his emotions and behaved in whatever emotion his perspective taught him was true. Reason, however, demands that your emotions tell you what your perspective tells you to emote. Because emotions only follow what we believe to be true, if you live in the False Doctrines, you will feel in the False Doctrines. Only if you embrace the Doctrine of Truth can you truly identify with what should bring you Joy and what should bring you Sorrow, and all the experiences in between. Our objective analysis of Principles is what determines our emotional expression and Emotion’s expression, in turn, influences and directs our behavior. This is Emotion’s natural evolutionary process. If we allow Emotion to directly influence and direct Behavior without first undergoing an objective analysis of Principle, we will create worlds full of Confusion and Chaos, as we have in 2010. Both religious and non-religious among the Sincere are attracted to Principles. When I was an entertainer in the cruise industry, I offered on my contracts to lead non-denominational services on board on Sunday mornings. While the tone of the services were undoubtedly Christian, because I was most familiar with Christianity, the message of the services was only about Principles. On one contract, a month long cruise carried the same six hundred fifty people throughout the Caribbean down the Amazon. The first Sunday of the cruise, about ten guests attended the morning service. The gratitude was touching as guests greeted me afterwards and appreciated the depth of the service. I decided to build


upon the theme of Week One for the following service. By Week Two, seven more came. I continued to critically analyze my Sunday lessons and evolved the themes further. By the third Sunday, attendees had spoken to more friends and more than 30 people came to hear the Word, some even requesting afternoon sessions. The last Sunday of the cruise saw more than fifty guests who came to hear about Principles, and a surprising percentage of those guests were Jews. What could possibly be responsible for uniting complete strangers of different cultures, races and religions to wake up early on a Sunday morning during holiday? Principles. Principles unite. Principles are the guiding sense of requirements and obligations of conduct that we adopt as necessary to our Survival. The term has come to refer to the Moral or Good Principles that we have determined, as societies, best move us forward. Immoral Principles or Bad Principles also guide those who have reasoned and adopted them to see them to their Survival, in whatever they believe to be the least amount of resistance. Immoral Principles can never lead societies to Peace. Immoral Principles are of the Doctrine of Greed, and only gratify the unreasonable Self. A careful and reasonable analysis of Immoral Principles will observe that those who live accordingly live in a World that is dominated by an unreasonable Self. Such a World cannot, on a large scale, progress us safely toward Survival. All People operate in Principles based on the Doctrine of Truth to varying degrees. Consider the many wonderful people creating and giving to organizations that help homeless people or people with AIDS in Africa. Just the fact that the organization exists at all attests to the fact that enough people were experiencing the same principled emotions and came together to create the organization. Or what about the family picnicking and playing at the park on a Sunday afternoon? Is that not Love and Joy? Or then there’s the boss that gives large bonuses to employees each holiday season in appreciation for a job well done. Thankfully, there are lots of people who experience the experiences on the positive right of the continuum of Emotion and relative Principle. And‌they may be the very same people who hate people of different color, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. They may be the same people who cheat on their spouse when it is not part of their shared agreement. They may be the same people who plan Ponzi schemes in attempt to scam innocent people out of millions of dollars. It is entirely possible for those who hate some, cheat on spouses, or devise Ponzi schemes to be capable of taking those whom they love out for a Sunday picnic or of donating some money to a charity. The degree to which we express Emotion is significant, but the Time we spend living by the Moral Principles that give rise to those Emotions is more significant.


Children are naturally inquisitive. Children are exploring their World and are looking to make sense of it from a very early age at whatever analytical capacity they can. Their Whys? often times cause many parents to be annoyed and uncomfortable because they are then forced to think of a Because. Children analyze everything to various degrees. They analyze the facts they learn in school. They analyze the rules that are set in their home and some analyze ways to get around them. They analyze the religious doctrine they are taught but are repeatedly instructed not to question it. They analyze the behaviors of their parents, but are often told, “Do as I say, …”. Greatest of all, children analyze Principles. Whatever principles Home rests upon are the Principles the analytical child will analyze and ultimately adopt. There is no objective frame of reference for a child to distinguish a Good Principle from a Bad Principle. Highly analytical children from good principled homes view in amazement at how puzzlingly other children, and even adults, choose what they choose. Highly analytical children from bad principled homes view in amazement at the stupidity with which others feebly attempt to get what they want. Highly analytical children from good principled homes see Reason behind the behavior they observe and know best how to behave for themselves. Highly analytical children from bad principled homes see no Reason in any of the behavior they view, including their own, and meet with perpetual resistance around them. Highly analytical children from good principled homes have insight and are sensitive to the world around them. Highly analytical children from bad principled homes are sensitive to no one around them and principally analyze the ways to “best” gratify themselves leaving themselves the option of oppression, if necessary. All children behave in whatever way they behave from the very beginning, but will learn their behavior from around them whether it is intentionally instructed or not. The greater the analytical ability of the child, the keener and earlier they will sense the Tone of the Home and make that their standard of measurement for their life’s experiences. The Doctrine of Truth is the only Doctrine that provides the principled foundation that leads to the emotional experience that creates behavior that is highly desired by and least offensive to all. The fundamental belief in the Doctrines of Greed and Oppression lead to only bad principles as a life-style. The Doctrine of Religion was Man’s attempt to create a framework for the principles he observed about him. Even the fundamentals in Religion may have good principles, but those Principled ones, when reconciling their doctrine, sadly find them conditional. Good principles are based in Truth and are a primary factor of all religions; if they were not, the world could not have embraced Religion’s Doctrine so fully for so long. Good principles are the only thing all the religions share; each of the individual doctrines is what separates them


one from another. All religions praise Love, Joy and Peace, but condition them upon their God. Their God cannot unite the World because the whole World will never accept Him as He is perceived. Love, Joy and Peace can unite the World because all the Reasonable embrace them. They are what are My God. They are all I ever wanted my God to be. What do the Religious see so wrong with My God? Life’s Purpose is in the Known, not in the UnKnown. Life’s Purpose is in Principle, not Doctrine. It is the Principle on which you stand that will assure you stand with others in a common goal. Monitor and analyze your principles because they must never be more than a thought away. If you do not give thought to Principle, you will not know upon which Principle you are standing, and you are always standing on some Principle. Emotions There is a spectrum of what we now consider positive and negative emotions to choose to experience, and multiple combinations of basic emotions that form the more advanced emotions. The combination of Joy and Trust creates Love; the merging of Disgust with Anger creates Hate. Emotion has traditionally been the driving force behind Man, determining his mood, temperament, personality and disposition. He has traditionally believed that because he feels a particular way, that that is how he must feel and so behaves accordingly. Man’s ability to understand his emotions has also evolved, though even primitive man grew to recognize the futility of expressing himself primarily through the negative end of the spectrum. Man’s consistent justification of his emotional experiences derives from his perspectives of either his cultural background or individual doctrinal belief system. Each Doctrine, to varying degrees, including the Doctrine of Truth, provides the perspective and associative emotions that dictate Man’s behavior. Only the Doctrine of Truth is Man’s salvation; it is the only doctrine that provides the reasonable perspective with which to experience purely motivated emotions. It is the only doctrine whose perspective could ever supersede Man’s cultural perspective. It is the only doctrine by which Man is capable to limit his experiences according to any of the False Doctrines and ultimately reject them completely. Only through the Doctrine of Truth, in the Age of Reason, can Man ever hope to perceive, feel and ultimately behave in a manner that unites him and moves him forward in Peace. *** Choose an emotion. Now, on a scale from one to ten, where ten is greatly experience that emotion, where do you stand? If you are honest with yourself, then you can be reasonable and objective, and analyze your behavior by choosing a number from one to ten that depicts at what level of


intensity you typically experience that emotion. Do the same exercise for at least ten different emotions typically considered both negative and positive…..………………………………………..........Now, are you happy about where you are choosing to devote your energy? Are you happy about your experiential emotional choices? Are you happy with the principled you you have become?

You make the choice to experience something. Your emotional experiences are your choices. Your behaviors reflect what you choose to experience and if you choose to experience it enough, it will evolve in that emotion. How you express your Self emotionally eventually becomes a major part of who you are. Who you will be in 6 months, 2 years, 10 years will be the result of your choices you make right now and forward, and you can make the conscious choice to choose what you want to experience because of the emotions you choose to feel. Eventually, your choosing becomes second nature. You will become your new nature. You will find that ultimately you will respond to your circumstances with the emotions you express your Self in more often than the others. No matter what happens to you on the outside, calamity may befall you, illness or financial disaster may strike, but these are meaningless if you say that they are. Your emotions and your reactions to them will always and only be to what degree you choose to experience them. Do not, however, confuse Fear with Worry. Fear is an Emotion that is based in Reality just as all the Emotions are based in Reality. It is through what we perceive as real, that we express ourselves emotionally, whichever the Emotion. Do not place a judgment on any Emotions; they merely exist, and have meaning because you experience them the way that you do. Fear that is based on the Known is free to be expressed in whatever way you reason it to be. It is a legitimate motivator for your increased awareness when danger of Survival is near. However, Worry is Fear that is based on the UnKnown, magnified irrationally, about something you cannot control. It is futile to worry because the outcome of the event comes out regardless of your futile worry. If you can solve your problem, what is the need of worrying? If you can not solve it, then what is the use of worrying? The unreasonable nature of Worry and the physical and psychological ramifications for those who are plagued by this needless experience are too incompatible for reasonable people to consider a viable option of behavior. You must evolve emotionally based on Reason and Truth. Your insecurities, your anxieties and your doubts slow you down. Irrational Fear and Anger and Jealousy ambush your path. Unless you base your principles on the Reason of the Doctrine of Truth, you will never be where you want to be, because Emotions will influence your radar. Evolve wisely, and all relationships will lead you to the You you want to be. Evolve wisely,


and Insecurity and Anxiety and Doubt will dissipate. Evolve wisely, and Fear and Anger and Jealousy will become chosen experiences. Your radar will be influenced by Reason alone and you will be a very Happy You. In the Age of Reason, you will not hold on to Grudges. Reasonable people let personal insult go because they recognize the futility in holding on. Grudges are irrational because they hold you to an experience for far too long that was never based in Reason and so illogical from the start. Grudge holding affects only you emotionally. The reasonable other understands his inability to control how you feel and so will ultimately relinquish you to your Self, regardless. In the Age of Reason, you will have no need to say, “I told you so”. “I told you so” gratifies the unreasonable Self. Even the desire to be right will dissipate. You are just right and everyone will eventually come to agree, because while there is always Reason in being right, there is never a reason to say it, since the opinion of the Unreasonable is still as irrelevant as it was when it was once yours. In the Age of Reason, you will know what goes around does come around. You create your own future. If you create Discord, then your life will be engulfed in Discord, and this will be the summation of your life. Be strong and do not re-act in Retaliation. Instead, re-act only in Wisdom. Your best interest will always be served, and your experiences you will create in Karmic Harmony. *** The 13 Always provide a guideline to live principally by as you pursue Happiness in your progression towards Survival. Believe that they will all come naturally over time if you want something to believe in. 1. Always be Kind. 2. Always be Careful. 3. Always be Genuine You. 4. Always analyze Everything. 5. Always follow your Passion and do what you love. 6. Always perceive in Experiences you share with others or with your Self. 7. Always remember to Communicate well with others.


8. Always come to the most Logical Conclusion. 9. Always reason with those who see Reason. 10. Always mate with someone with Insight. 11. Always be Respectful and Mannerly. 12. Always seek in Inspiration. 13. Always be Happy. Without the Doctrine of Truth, there is only Chaos, Confusion and Despair with neither Hope nor Purpose nor Happiness. The Doctrine of Truth alone provides the full picture of life where the Forces of Evil and the Forces of Good are both visible to the Mind’s eye. You will experience the Doctrine in the World you create and will be wise and humble before the vastness of the UnKnown. You will see your entire world change. You will see what was there all along but could not see before. You will see your perspectives broaden and your experiences enrich you completely. You will see Possibility and have Hope. You will experience the life experiences that are appropriate for each level of wisdom and insight, and your life will be filled with others who similarly aspire and dream. Your priorities for life will change. You will continually evolve because there is much to learn and much to do. You will not think yourself better than anyone else. You will be more educated and more analytical and more principled, but not more intrinsically good. You will be more qualified to maneuver your way with ease in more situations but you will not be more Good. You will be more qualified to do higher skilled jobs, but you will not be more Good. The opportunity is open for anyone from birth who would accept the Truth, and be educated, objectively analyze, and live principally. There are no Religious babies or Socialite babies or Political babies; all babies are equal and balanced and an empty slate, born to families who are victims of False Doctrines, so grow up to believe and behave according to the perspectives they were taught. In the Age of Reason, Next Generations will evolve with the right foundation with which to successfully maneuver through life. Compassion derived from recognizing the futility in not reasoning their own lives will infinitely better suit them to forge healthy relationships with others and ultimately pro-create in Happiness. The greater the passion for the fundamental perspective in the Doctrine of Truth, the greater your happiness will be and the happiness of those around you. When you live by the Doctrine of Truth, you won’t have to try to be Happy, you just are. ***


If you will be reasonable, you will always search for more Facts. If you will be reasonable you will always objectively Analyze. If you will be reasonable you will always defend your Principles. If you will be reasonable, you will, in Deed, be Born Again. Creation Creation must somehow have its Creator. One argument for the existence of a God is based on the rationalization of Man who conceives that because an object exists, someone must have created it; so, since the universe exists, God must be its creator. For thirteen thousand years, we have asked ourselves where we come from, and with Technology that we have created have finally begun to understand a little about our origins based on evidence and what we know. This phenomenon is a result of an evolution of Reason over millennia; there was no debate as to the origins of the universe four thousand years ago in Sumer; the Ancient Sea from where universes, and gods and people are created, created it. There was no debate as to the origins of the universe two thousand years ago in Palestine; God created it. There was no debate as to the origins of the universe one thousand five hundred years ago in Mecca; Allah created it. In 2010, with Man’s ability to now more fully reason, the debate over whether a fictitious entity could have created anything should be over. We’ve had the evidence for what we know for some time now, though many have lacked the analytical abilities to see the Reason in that evidence and have resisted. The truest of miracles is that we have all evolved at all until now on a planet whose delicate balance we are increasingly jeopardizing; for the first time since Evolution here began, Earth’s offspring Man is aware and conscious not only of Evolution, but even of his own personal evolution in Reason. Those who have awakened now consciously conceive that survival of the fittest really relies on Reason, and those who do not fully accept It, will simply not be fit to survive. Both Believers in Religion and Believers in Truth are looking to explain the same phenomenon. But the evolved and rational Brain now is capable of understanding that we no longer need to apply Religion’s God to the equation when considering the UnKnown. Who can even imagine what we’ll learn about how even the universe and the myriad of universes and dimensions came to be? This is the realm of the UnKnown and it is completely illogical to give the UnKnown the name of God. It is far too vast a subject for such a primitive, limited and irrational explanation as that. What exactly the origins of the universe are is precisely what modern science aims to learn. The mistake the unevolved mind has made is believing that creation somehow has stopped. Creation has never stopped. It has continued, evolved, and changed form for over four billion years.


Learn about the evolution of planet Earth over four billion years; this is what we do know. Understand the immense beauty of the development of nature over time. Marvel at the majesty of the creation of living things. Consider the evolution of Man toward Homo sapiens. From sharing tailbones with apes to finger digits with whales, we can marvel at the evolution of all living things. Our cousin is not the ape; both our ancestors were the cousins. We’re barely even related now, but you cannot deny the resemblances. Man has been creating for over thirteen thousand years. Even Primitive Man eventually evolved enough to be able to create the wheel. With the evolution of the Brain, Man has consciously created with increasing sophistication. From the invention of the wheel to the evolving work of the Vatican, Man has created all of this. Even while living in bondage under the Doctrine of Religion for the previous thirteen thousand years, Man has successfully created governments and societies and societal infrastructure like roads, bridges, tunnels and marvelous means of transportation. Man has created schools to educate his young and industries to facilitate life. Man has created institutions to provide for himself exactly what he’s wanted to experience. Man recognized the significance of Recreation and has created over time thousands of ways in which to enjoy a moment called Entertainment including Art, Music, Sport and many more. Man, through the False Doctrines of Religion, Greed and Oppression, has also created War, Betrayal, Theft, Discrimination, Disease, Famine, and Poverty. The Doctrine of Truth teaches that Man, not God, creates all things. We can take both the credit and the blame and be both proud and humble of all our creation. That Man created all the wonderful things while in bondage under the Doctrine of Religion does not mean that he created these things because of the Doctrine of Religion. He created all of these things because he reasoned through the Doctrine of Truth that this was how we should best move forward as a civilization and survive. Though Man may also have created humanitarian institutions to control the creations of False Doctrine, he did so in the name of the Doctrine of Truth and not of the Doctrine of Religion, no matter Irrational Man’s choice of Doctrine he has chosen to credit. The fact that unreasonable institutions have boasted good works in the name of Religion, does not make the statement true. Create your new experiences in life that you want to have as logically as you possibly can. Control what you can control and accept what you cannot. You will notice an immense symmetry, peacefulness, joy and beauty to your overall life because of the experiences you have reasonably created, and how you’ve interpreted those experiences. Do not just sit back and allow experiences to define how you should react to them. This has been the overwhelming life experience of thirteen thousand years of


generations that have relinquished control, surrendered their will and accepted the will of the gods, whatever they actually believed that to be. You must decide how you should react to these experiences with your own and collective best interests at heart. You must be the Pilot of your life and create the experiences that you want to create for your life, instead of repeatedly re-acting to and being defined by the experiences that are thrown your way. You are in the driver’s seat and creating your journey, and any obstacles that come your way are to be considered just that. The way you perceive these obstacles will determine their evolution into Conflict and your lot in life, not the obstacles themselves. An obstacle does not need to be interpreted in any pre-determined way. An obstacle does not need to make you feel frustrated or angry or jealous or sad. Obstacles perceived with Frustration, Anger, Jealousy and Sadness create Conflict and produce particularly “stress-ful” consequences and realities that are not in anyone’s best interest, most significantly yours. According to the Doctrine of Truth, any experience, obstacle or not, is interpreted, by choice, by you, and life, then, is an evolution of knowledge and wisdom through those experiences that you create and perceive in Truth. Relationships Our Brains are now capable of fully perceiving events reasonably. They have adapted to the societies in which we live, and more and more people are able to see from reasonable perspectives rather than from strictly ethnic and religious ones. They are these very ethnic and particularly religious perspectives that have impeded us all from moving forward as a species. Thanks to Technology, the boundaries that separated all of us before have now been considerably reduced. People from different cultures and religions live near one another now; people outside of India now know what it is like to live next door to an Indian and if a personal relationship develops, can understand the Indian experience via this individual. Moderate Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus have met one another and understand that the other is not a threat. This type of cultural and religious tolerance has increased over time, and would naturally continue to increase because it is much more difficult to hate someone you know personally. Cultural and religious restrictions on socializing, dating and marrying are no longer necessary in our relationships with one another. Cultures are inevitably changing and forming because we are constantly creating them. We are sharing our cultures, and learning from one another and respecting that knowledge. We are discerning what is both good and bad in all our cultures, and creating new cultures with only the good in its traditions in accordance with the Doctrine of Truth, because we know that this perspective will move us forward with the least resistance.


Increasing numbers of people in this changing and evolving world recognize the growing importance for us to communicate with one another. Social networking and language learning sites are oriented in Communication and have exploded on to Technology’s scene in recent years. Literally millions of people around the world are now having the unique experience of communicating thoughts with someone in another language. As our Brains evolve, we will be much more capable to analyze the mechanics of our oral and written thought. The ease of Communication and language acquisition will be astonishing in the early New Age as linguistic comprehension becomes more acute. This super-natural ability to process and produce Language is the genetic mechanism we all possess that eradicates all communicative confusion. Our social circle has now extended to the corners of the globe. This phenomenon through Technology has allowed us to perceive life from other people’s perspectives from around the World. We have become a global society that thinks more globally now; it was inevitable because we know innately that global communication is what will move us all forward in Peace, and that unless we do, we will be left behind in Time. *** When two people come together, two Worlds come together. Two Perspectives, two sets of Principles, two Life Experiences merge. The predominant characteristic of any relationship is really how much someone is fulfilled in the relationship, as selfish as that may sound. In order for any relationship to evolve from Acquaintance to Friendship, an objective look into the world of the other person is essential. Determine the essentials for a solid foundation upon which the relationship can sustain itself. Do you see Education? Do you see Reason? Do you see Trustworthiness? Do you see Honesty? Do you see Kindness? Do you see Joy? Do you see Respect for Self and respect for others? These are fundamental criteria for relationship building. If they are not the basis by which you determine whether to elevate a Relationship from Acquaintance to Friendship, your own World’s balance will suffer. Next, identify the common interests that will be what sustains the new Relationship. Do you see enough commonality in perspectives and in hobbies? Do not assume that once a relationship becomes elevated, that these interests will somehow magically appear. You are at much more a disadvantage in your relationship if you are hoping that your friend will adopt your Interests. Begin the relationship process with someone with whom you share multiple interests and then enjoying them can be a shared experience rather than a coerced one.


Finally, you must examine what about the Relationship enriches your life and what you can learn from that Relationship. What are the emotions you experience while around this individual? What interests of the individual that you do not share at this point seem appealing to you to explore for your world in your future? What knowledge of the individual would interest you to learn more of? Common interests are not enough to sustain friendships; there must be the element of evolution with prospective Goals. If the circumstances around the developing relationship have met these primary three criteria, then you will be free to choose to express yourself in the Emotions you would like, and you will know that your emotions will only enrich the experience, not lead you down a path of Confusion and up Emotion’s roller-coaster. Romantic relationships must be based on the same criteria that Friendship is based on. Life Partners must first be Friends, but will differ from the others because you share an intense Passion that is sexual in nature. Life Partners must be those with whom you most look forward to sharing your daily experiences, professional and recreational, even though differences in the tastes of the individuals or the sexes may lead to different professional and recreational experiences. As Relationships evolve in Intensity, you will ultimately intimately share in each other’s Worlds as you attempt to build your own. Your decisions to carry on will not be based on whether he is not as thin as you’d like, or she doesn’t have enough money to provide, or whether some odd behavior annoys you. You will not have even arrived to mating considerations without the initial criteria of the Doctrine of Truth, “Is he or she educated, objectively analytical, and principled?” You will not have even arrived to mating considerations without the second and third criteria of Common Interests and Common Goals you offer. The healthier question to ask yourself when you determine to ultimately mate is, through Reason, “Is this the person I would love to share my World with?”, rather than the meaningless yet populars, “Do I love this person and Does this person love me?”. As long as this person meets the qualifications of a close relationship for you, and Chemistry is there, then, allow yourself in Reason to evolve in Love, and not otherwise. Chemistry Chemistry is that natural passion between people that actually determines the intensity of the relationship. Chemistry’s natural passion is the value you place on the reaction you feel when you are with someone, and determines when you elevate his or her level from Acquaintance to Friendship. Chemistry is what guides you to explore the nature of your mutual connection, but Mystery claims why physical beauty, personality, and pheromones ignite this chemical reaction between people.


Chemistry is exponentially magnified when it takes on a sexual component. Chemistry or Passion is not Love but it is what intensifies Love or whatever emotions your relationship expresses through you. Passion will only take you as far as the rest of your relationship can sustain you. Passion is nature’s way to intensify your shared emotions, but it is not the only factor in a Happy Relationship and must not be mistaken for one. Be aware that it is there in its initial stages and recognize its importance to the equation, but make no judgment initially about it other than that. Understand that you will be more miserable if you share only Chemistry with the other factors not there because it is the Chemistry that will intensify your Grief. A logical approach forward, with the Doctrine of Truth as your foundation, will insure that your Passion will not drive you off course. The equation then for a Happy Relationship, no matter the sexual nature is: Happy Relationship = Truth + Interests + Goals + Chemistry Intimacy How does your chemistry react to the chemistry of your partner? Is the connection only physical? What does physical chemistry feel like? How, if at all, is the chemistry different if you introduce your emotions more deeply? Is it more intense for you? Is it for him? Is it for her? Is it shared? Is there an element of this Chemistry’s intensity that you have not recognized before, that goes beyond both the physical and the emotional connection, that puzzles even your most objectively analytical Brain, that comes from that place called the UnKnown? Is there for him? Is there for her? Is it shared? This is the inspired chemical reaction that will be strong enough to unite you to your partner over Time. This shared inspiration between you is Intimacy. Intimacy is shared. It is not yours to give or yours to take. It is only yours to share. Intimacy is Self-less yet meets all your needs. It is the chemical reaction on all levels that exists between you and gives life and depth to all of your emotions and behaviors. Intimacy does not expire; you either share in it or you do not. Your behavior changes form as you differently share in Its expression. It is not casual unless you casually express It. It is not recreational unless you recreationally express It. It is not sexual unless you sexually express It. Intimacy is experienced through our senses. The casual expression of Intimacy is identified in a glance, in a look, in a gesture, in a smile, in a call, in a whisper, in a groan. It is seen and it is heard. It is sensed by the Eyes


and the Ears, alone. Its recreational expression is identified in a caress, in a hand held, in a hug, in a cuddle, in a kiss. It begins to introduce greater feeling. It is sensed by the Eyes and the Ears and the Hands and the Mouth through Touch. Intimacy evolves still in its sexual expression and is identified in Its intensity, in Its movements, in Its telepathy, in Its sincerity, in Its selflessness. It is sensed by the Eyes and the Ears and the Hands and the Mouth and the Nose through nothing less than Inspiration. The inspired Intimacy in sexual exploration will be amplified in the Age of Reason because all of the senses have evolved over Time, and true Intimacy’s experience is heightened. The connection through your Eyes is what holds you together in Time. Your Talk drives emotions toward silly and strong. Your Touch becomes electric from the reaction between you. Your Tongue gives due pleasure and tastes your Taste long. Your Scent will sustain you, Its sharpness, sublime. Desire, fulfill you To last you through Time. Your Movements move seamlessly one into another. Each separate position once separately known Start coming together and form right beside you Then go on together in one simple flow. Your Place there, no matter; your Space there is mine. You relish each Moment; your Moment in Time. Speaking will share Time, out-spoken and minded. No longer will Voice carry Message unclear. Your Movements evolving are read clearly blinded. Your Moments, long lasting; your Bonding, sincere. With so much to offer, no Arrogance or Fear here. Humility, holy. Sincerity, sincere here. No room for just You The Room is for Two. Be grateful you share it, It’s Intimacy’s Due.


To experience Intimacy in a Relationship is vital for Love, Joy and Peace. Love, Joy and Peace, not motivated in Reason, are much less intense, short-lasting and problematic, though Passions may run initially high. Love, Joy and Peace are the trinity you will strive for in your closest relationships, particularly your most intimate ones, otherwise your relationships can never be complete. For those who choose to breed further, and experience a different world, their courting time will base their Time in Love and Joy and Peace and create the Tone within the Home for their children’s principles they’ll need throughout Life. The safety their Home provides will be the standard to recognize Danger all around them when away from their safe Home. The Love that is sensed at Home is the Light that guides them; the Joy that is sensed at Home is the Hope that calls; the Peace that is sensed at Home is the Tone that calms them; and Love goes around in a circle of Joy gone around in a circle of Peace going around your creation in Alms. . . . . If you cannot See the Strength in her Spirit, then are you truly Blind. If you cannot Hear the Joy in his Being, then are you truly Deaf. If you cannot Taste the Desire you both share, then are you truly Dull. If you cannot Smell the aroma of Roses, then are you truly without Scents. If you cannot Feel the Love in between you, then are you truly missing Intimacy. Love In the Age of Emotion, an erroneous adage developed which proclaimed that Love is blind, whereas True Love in Reason sees quite well, in Deed. The love of a mother who gave you life and sacrificed most of hers for you and the love of a father who helped to provide and guide you through your course will accept what cannot be controlled and will only love. The love of other family and friends will never waiver over Time because Reason is the


base of their Love. True Love need never tolerate anything blindly. At the point at which Love is expressed as in, Reason and Principle will have already been considered. The foundation upon which any relationship is based precludes the need for Tolerance of anything that is unhealthy or detrimental to one’s Survival. The uniqueness in the other person is what is Personality, and Appreciation, not Tolerance, is the relevant judgment, whatever the romantic future. Love will always evolve in intensity and in dimension over Time. Love is Kindness. Love is Tender. Love is Strong. Love is Patient. Love is Giving. Love is Truth. Neither Love, nor Emotion at all, will ever again be an indicator in relationships through faulty perspectives. Love will be saved for your Self for after you’ve protected your Self first with Trust. The most powerful of all of the emotions will be worth waiting for before, because without its companions Trust and Wisdom in Process then, its power will later drive you off course. Joy Only with Love can there be true Joy. Though Religion promises Joy, it cannot sustain it and should not be confused with Compatibility. Many in the Doctrine of Religion are principled people who have just been discouraged to analyze factual information. Even with higher Education, the lack of the development of the analytical skills to objectively reconcile their Doctrine with the factual information we know creates unreasonable people in other respects, though people may be perfectly compatible and seemingly happy. Compatibility between all people can exist in any Doctrine to varying degrees of intensity along the continuum. Within the Doctrines of Greed and Oppression, maniacally self-absorbed people are perfectly compatible with insecure people who are perfectly happy to please them. Their compatibility will last as long as both parties are happy with the other’s role. But Compatibility and Happiness are not Joy. Joy is the principle that is experienced as the natural bi-product of Reason, and can only be pure then. Reason’s factor enters the equation because four Doctrines determine Man’s principles, but Love, Joy and Peace can only be pure in Truth. The less fundamental in any of the three False Doctrines, the more reasonable he stands upon the Doctrine of Truth, and the more Joy-full he will be. Relationship building is a process of evolution of fine-tuning with whose World you want to connect most deeply as you yourself evolve. Begin in your family, extend to life-partners and your new family, to your small group of intimate close friends, to a larger group of friends and finally to acquaintances. It is of utmost importance to be objective in all your relationships when assessing another’s behavior, otherwise your insecurities will impulsively lead you to Over-reaction, Jealousy, and Envy.


It is unreasonable to allow anyone the power over you to experience Anger, Sorrow, Frustration or Guilt, particularly with an Acquaintance who has very little significance in your World. Only Reason will ever draw the reasonable conclusion that the intensity with which you feel Emotion must diminish the further away from your Core you experience. Assess your World and be civil and kind to everyone, but be selective with the level of reasonable Worlds you merge with when building a relationship, or your ignorant choices will lead to Conflict, and Conflict is never in your best interest for Survival. Believers in the Doctrine of Truth must not mix with Believers in the Doctrines of Oppression, Greed and Religion. Their lives will never be harmonious and there will never be Joy because the doctrines are too vastly different. As Time evolves us forward, the more natural pressure there will be to conform to the Truth. Those who stand for the Truth in the Time of Transition must be strong. For, the stronger you stand, the faster they will awaken. Peace Peace is a state of being like Joy and Love. Peace is what stills you when you are alone or when you’re in danger. Peace reasons first then assures you stay calm. Peace lives on every level from global proportions to inside you, and is the space that you create inside you first that will grow to unlimited heights. Peace perceives all things in Reason and gives way to Hope that awaits. Peace is what appreciates perfect Beauty, and perfect Beauty does not depend on how you perceive it to be. Peace is the Tone and the standard for your Self and your family to live. Peace is what ever you’re offering, and is the least that we can give. Economic situation or the environment you live in need not determine the space you create in your Home. You can create perfect Beauty in Peace everywhere you look if you choose to create it that way. Create your beautiful space aligned in Order. Understand how Color affects Mood and Emotion. Understand the design and feel and flow of your Space because now we all can. The beautiful space you create becomes a standard for Peace by which you measure all Space. You will more keenly see Danger when you don’t feel Peace. You will more keenly know Confusion when you don’t feel Peace. You will more keenly feel Anxiety when you don’t feel Peace. The beautiful space you create creates Peace around you that permeates through to the Space you’ve created for your family and provides Assurance for another day. Peace, Perfect, Peace. *** We must be rid of Discrimination. We must be rid of Societal Greed and Self-Absorption. We must be rid of Corporate Profits at the expense of Humanity.


We must be rid of Religion that threatens our Legal Systems and Lives. We must thwart Deluded Man and gain the majority or it will surely be our End. Animals All species to species connections will intensify, so the telepathic connection that will develop between Man and the other animals will grow. We are all animals; different in form, evolving at different paces, able to reason more or less keenly, more or less conscious of principles that guide us so creating in different ways, but we are all animals sharing a Planet who communicate through pure Emotion. Each species is perfect in its evolution towards Reason, but no species has dominion over the other; this is the perspective of the False Doctrine. Behavior that is void of Principles and Reason is what likens us to inferiorly evolved reasoning species. According to the Doctrine of Truth, those of us who are greater evolved are Angels and stewards, not only among our own species, but of the other species, as well. Man’s arrogance in False Doctrine has prohibited him from fully perceiving that the communicative nature of our connection is the emotional realm we share. Because of inferior abilities to Reason, animals have honed their instincts much more acutely than Man has in order to Survive. They can zero in on Chaos, Confusion and Order, and can fine tune into frequencies of Fear, Anger, Hate, Love, Joy and Peace. Many of Man are not as advanced telepathically to communicate with the other animals because they thrive on Chaos, Confusion and dis-Order, and do not understand these Emotions and Principles fully. Animals sense Man’s Principles and his Reason through Emotion, and will attempt communication if they sense that Man is willing and able. Animals are very aware with whom they are able to have a telepathic connection, and because they respond to their environment as we animals do, they will respond in kind to us. The telepathy between the species of Dog and Man, and the connections that are made, are not only emotionally rewarding but also useful to our own species until we evolve further and are able to sense Danger more acutely or detect scents of drugs, bombs, missing persons, cancer or cures for blindness or diabetes. Dogs, above all the other species, lend their worlds most to their distant cousin species, Man, but significant connections do form between the other species and Man, as well as just among the other species alone. Like all animals, Man is constantly evolving, taming himself and learning what it means to be civilized in an orderly and peaceful State. In the Age of Reason, the evolving Mind of Man will make of him an even greater species as he concludes that we are merely a species among species


on Earth, whose perspective of Place, heightened perceptions, greater knowledge of the Truth, keener Analytical skills and clear Principles with which to live, will join to create a magnificent and perfectly evolving Species of Man. The Evolution of the Brain Man’s Brain has evolved over time and his senses have become more heightened, allowing him to experience more intensely. The processing abilities of his Brain have increased significantly within the last fifty years because of Technology It has had to process, and so his experiential experience has heightened. Metabolic changes will begin to take place in the Body. We will become stronger and more developed, muscularly and skeletally, all because of our evolution. We will become more perceptive people. We will lose our inhibitions because we will understand that inhibitions are illogical and hinder our survival. We will begin to use powers of the Brain previously unexplored. Anything and everything is possible in the Age of Reason. Generations We are an evolving people because our Brains have evolved over Generations. Because our primary organ has evolved, all of our organs have evolved over Time, adapting to new environments and conditions. Who knows the wonders our Brain will fathom in twenty years, which right now seem unthinkable? Many in the Previous Generation could never have fathomed an Internet, and their Previous Generation could never have fathomed the Television and their Previous Generations may have viewed modern day Electricity as diabolical. Our Brains evolve and adapt to the cultures we create. Understand life in terms of generational experiences. Reasonably and objectively interpret historical generational experiences in terms of the generation’s culture, race, socio-economic class, religion, geographical region, and prior generational experiences rather than your own. Your own perspective serves only in comparison, not in interpretation, and is the only reasonable manner in which to fully comprehend the generation’s life experience. The Previous Generation The Previous Generation have reached a certain age and as a group have retired out of significantly contributing to the Next Generations through invention, legislation, creative or business. While every generation can, each must continue to contribute to Society and engage themselves with Next Generations whether professionally or personally.


The Wisdom they will impart to Next Generations from their experiences will be seen as “sought after Treasure”. Just within a century, the human Brain conceived of computers and developed Technology that manifested Itself in our societies, and now millions of people have adapted to those technological advances. But, the majority of people living in the Previous Generation are not fully capable of living in this new world because they have little if no comprehension of the technology the rest of us Generations use. If the Parent and Previous Generations continue to resist Technology, they will exclude themselves from this ever-evolving world and find themselves outside of Time. The Technology explosion that hit this planet caught many by surprise. Some from the Previous Generation have managed to keep up but only slightly. The rest still live in a simpler world as if they are from another Time and holding on to Then. You can learn that the world is both big and small now, and that anything you need and enjoy is likely an Internet connection away. Enjoy all the experiences that are available because of Technology in Reason. Talk to the Generations after you because it will open up both your Worlds, and your Wisdom is what Next Generations need to progress wisely. The Parent Generation Consciously teach your children about your own life lessons and how they relate to theirs’. Be the example to your child they’re looking for for model behavior. Pass on the Principles and Wisdom you’ve learned. Learn to really know your child. Show Love and Interest in that life though it may differ. Learn from the Next Generation what Technology now is and how it can serve us well or serve us poorly. Until Wisdom in the mainstream catches up, be extra vigilant about Technology. Technology through the Internet now opens up a whole new world to your children, and often times that world is not safe to trust because it has been contaminated with false information and enticing distractions. Embrace Technology and the World of your children because you will need to know the dangers that await them when they enter that World. Cause for alarm will soon diminish when the Reasonable dominate Internet’s World. The Next Generation Computer and Video Games are E-Recreation and are fun because Technology made them fun for you to enjoy and in order to make Money for the Companies who created the game. While their contribution to Recreation is appreciated, you cannot base your life in some irrational fantasy of Technology’s games. In the Age of Reason, Recreation in Technology will share its Time with O-Recreation because not only does


your body need the physical exercise, but your analytical Brain needs the rest for your inner Balance. Parents, realize that until Generations evolve further, understanding these games and posing restrictions on them will be necessary. Because of Technology, the World will become increasingly difficult to live in if you have no Wisdom. Apply the analytical skills you have acquired through Technology to your real life, rather than just to your virtual life through Video Games and the like, because there are those in your generation who will, and you will need to be one of them. The Video and Computer Games and all things Technology brings will not replace Wisdom that you will need to maneuver your way on the planet. The Wisdom you will need to be participants, even in Social Networks, must be learned and experienced or you will be in Danger’s way. Wisdom does not come from Technology; Technology must evolve from Wisdom. Make sure that your Wisdom grows together with Technology or you will leave the planet a much worse place for Next Generations. Learn from your History. Remember to talk to many people from Previous Generations and learn from them. Reach out to those like-minded among you and stand united for Reason and Truth above all else. The Next Generation will thank you. The Parent Generation will have learned by example from their Previous Generations and will raise their Next Generations with perspectives based on the Doctrine of Truth. The Parent Generation will effortlessly offer its contribution for the Next Generation to enjoy. The Next Generation will grow in Reason and diligently pursue fantastic contributions to experience as they one day become the Previous Generation. They will fully comprehend that the window of Time they have to reach such heights is terribly limited, and Time, too short for their contributions to wait. Technology Technology is a term referring to whatever can be said at any particular historical period concerning the state of the art in the whole general field of practical know-how and tool use. It therefore encompasses all that can be said about arts, crafts, professions, applied sciences and skills. By extension it can also refer to any systems or methods of organization that enable such technologies, any field of study that concerns them, or any products which result. Technologies significantly affect human as well as other animal species’ ability to control and adapt to their natural environments. The human species’ use of Technology began with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools. The pre-historical discovery of the ability to control fire increased the available sources of food and the invention of the wheel helped humans in traveling in and controlling their environment. Recent


technological developments, including the printing press, the telephone, and the Internet, have lessened physical barriers to communication and allowed humans to interact freely on a global scale. However, not all technology has been used for peaceful purposes; the development of weapons of ever-increasing destructive power has progressed throughout history, from clubs to nuclear weapons. Technology has affected society and its surroundings in a number of ways. In many societies, Technology has helped develop more advanced economies including today’s global economy and has allowed the rise of a leisure class. Many technological processes produce unwanted byproducts, known as pollution, and deplete natural resources, to the detriment of the Earth and its environment. Various implementations of Technology influence the values of a society and new Technology often raises new ethical questions. Examples include the rise of the notion of efficiency in terms of human productivity, a term originally applied only to machines, and the challenge of traditional norms. Philosophical debates have arisen over the present and future use of Technology in Society, with disagreements over whether Technology improves the human condition or worsens it. Some movements criticize the pervasiveness of Technology in the modern world, opining that it harms the environment and alienates people, while proponents of other ideologies view continued technological progress as beneficial to Society and the human condition. Next Generations will recognize Technology’s worth in creating a Society in Reason apart from Greed and consider its role indispensable to Progress with Principle for every evolving species as they pass their knowledge to future generations. Societal Infrastructure Reasonable people with insight have always recognized the importance of Societal Infrastructure. There has always been some level of conscious effort in our countries to move our societies forward and the new infrastructures will meet the needs of the current culture we live in. Learning to perceive this old and new infrastructure now with Reason and Wisdom will be a powerful tool to accomplishing a common goal. The infrastructure already exists throughout the world for so much of what needs to be done in the Age of Reason. First and foremost, a New Song will be sung in the Old Infrastructure of the many beautiful churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples to teach our children the universal principles that unite us, minus the doctrine that has only served to divide us. Tolerating other people’s differences was an admirable transitional step but it is no longer the wisest perspective. Tolerating differences will be replaced with honoring how we are all the same.


Thousands of corporations, now, run by fundamentalists in Truth, will reject the corrupt perspectives of the Doctrine of Greed and embrace a New Philosophy and the proper tools for defining and progressing a civilization forward in Peace. The Internet and our Social Networking sites will become less of a testament to global boredom as Recreation and more as a Tool to further reasonable Thought. Under the reign of the Doctrine of Truth, the Infrastructure of the Web and the relationships that have been forged in the Social Network will combine to further develop inspired and critically analyzed ideas that will help not only the Present Generations but the Next Generations as well. Society In the Age of Reason, Society, from our cities to our countries, will be perceived as relevant Experiences. Both small towns and cities are characteristic because of who lives there. In the same way that Venice is no more like Rome than Miami is like New York, each city and country offers multiple and amazingly diverse experiences that encourage people to further create the vibe of the city. That vibe refers to the unique experience you experience there. Is it Laid back or Frenetic? Is it Trendy or Gawdy? Is it Casual or Sophisticated? Is it Ethnically diverse? Is it Kind or often Snobby? Is it Dirty or is it Clean? Is it Wealthy or is it Poor? Is it Fun or am I Bored? Is it where I want to live or is it somewhere just to visit? All of our cities offer whatever experiences we want, because we create them there. If we want ones bad enough, we’ll live there and take part in the creating ourselves. Society in the New Age will have evolved from a Monetary based system in which Money, Labor, and Competition guided its interests through Abuse, Scarcity, and Corruption of Fossil Fuels, Products, and People. The evolution toward a Resource based system began its course when Reason questioned Competition and Profit’s environmental and social consequences, and adjustments began being made. The New Age’s Resource based system embraces Ethics and Decency with environmentally and socially responsible agenda through Technology and Resources. The Reasonable recognize that a system dependant on Jobs for Survival could only paralyze Technology’s growth. Technology’s applied extension of human attributes now reduces human effort, freeing us from menial jobs and problems, while no longer competing with human employment for its advancement. Money will completely lose its value when Society begins to sustain itself without submitting to Employment’s price tag. Crime soon will lose interest when Abundance replaces Scarcity in Profit’s equation whose perspective is now shifted toward abundant resources rather than scarce ones to garner. Resource will now rely on Tidal, Wave, Solar, Wind and Geo-thermal energy to power the World without any further contamination to the Earth. Magnetic Levitation


technology that uses Magnets for propulsion now will achieve long distances and high speeds safely, without Air, Land or Sea Pollution. A New Philosophy embracing Education and Objective Analysis and Principles will have evolved to replace a primitive one that could not see the necessity of a Machine and that War is inevitable when you produce Scarcity. Prejudice Society based on False Doctrine ultimately creates Prejudice, an opinion formed without taking the time and care to judge fairly and objectively. Pre-judgment is slanted against or in favor of someone or something because of personal liking or a fixed idea. When that liking is based on Emotion and that fixed idea is outside of Reason, Judgment cannot be trusted to be just. Judgment Judging behavior, not people, is what is essential in moving Society forward, and must be based on the reasonable perspective of the Doctrine of Truth, or it will ultimately lead to condemnation of People. The religious that are taught not to judge others struggle with controlling others’ behavior in an effort to align it with their own. Some liberal believers, and many atheists among them, have adopted the attitude that “anything goes” with our behaviors. ---Anything does not Go!!! Only Judgment that is neutral and objective is wise. Judging or discerning what is right or wrong is simply a result of careful objective analysis, and will always yield the same judgment for everyone, no matter the culture or varied life experience. Are you being sincere about your wanting to know Right and Wrong in this judgment? Do you care one way or the other for yourself what you will determine as Right or Wrong? These preliminary questions put Genuine to the test, because you will never know the Truth if you are not genuine. Now, objectively analyze the situation before you. What are the possible perspectives on the issue, and are you allowing your current views to influence your judgment’s outcome? Once you’ve considered each issue’s view, identify with the condition of the perspective’s Person, including your Self, and ask, What is happening to me? Why is it happening to me? When is it happening to me? Where is it happening to me? And How is it happening to me? Connect each relevant answer to form now how you have come to possess such a perspective, because there is always a reason. What is your culture now? What is your religion now? What is your life like? How do you feel now?


Once you have engaged your Self to feel from another’s perspective, you are ready to go deeper in Analysis. Now, as if in a courtroom, defend your Self before a jury, out-loud, and without Emotion, as objectively as you would in your own defense. State your case to your jury freely and follow the flow of your words without pre-thinking them. As you reason your flow, it will be painfully obvious where each perspective’s argument breaks down. If you are sincere, you will conclude your deliberation in Reason with whose perspective is Right and whose was Wrong all along. You may very well have to educate yourself before deciding upon Right or Wrong, but reserving judgment until you have the true facts and feelings is to your own benefit because each judgment is a building block for your foundation in Truth. Your sub-Conscious Mind is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, and is what unites us as a species through Time and Space. Its Judgment is just and will never deceive you because It wants what is best for you and your species’ survival. It stands on the Principles of Truth and inspires creation through the willing in every Time, that over Time, unites with Behavior inspired also by Its collective sub-Conscious Thought through Time and Space. All behavior over Time adjusts toward Truth and will ultimately, in its right Time, align. Until then, our Conscious Mind, tainted by whatever we have been taught to believe that is not based in Truth, serves to divide us with all the passion Emotion can muster. Impulsive judgment of behavior, justified in Instinct and Principles, is how your Conscious Mind attempts to deceive and sabotage your True Self. Instinct is natural and always leads to everyone’s best interest for Survival but impulsive judgment that is motivated by Emotion and skewed Perspective is not instinctual; it is learned and dangerous by degree because of the realities it creates from obsessively controlling other people’s Worlds. Only if you have trained your Self to objectively analyze your World can you begin to consciously base your perspectives on everything in Reason and allow Emotion to now wisely guide you in your Judgment, because you are assured it has your Best in Mind. Tolerance and Acceptance Tolerance has grown to refer to Society’s stance on another’s choice of behavior. In the Time of Transition to the Age of Reason, this concept will eventually disappear because the Doctrine of Truth will ultimately prevail over False Doctrine and no tolerance outside of Reason will be socially accepted. As more and more people and governments begin to reason and behave accordingly, there will be no need for Tolerance because all perspectives will be based on the Doctrine of Truth and only Like’s perspective will be accepted. It was irrational and not conducive to our


survival to not tolerate and accept any differences among us until this point, but only the philosophy of how to achieve a common goal with the most social responsibility and the least psychological shock to Society is what will not only be respected, but deemed necessary elements to Man’s evolutionary process. Acceptance is a function of recognizing what we can and cannot control. Multiple circumstances may continue for a Time to be inexplicable to us as personal and large-scale tragedies, outside our realm of control, affect us psychologically. In the Age of Reason, these tragedies will be perceived with Wisdom or our psyches and subsequent behaviors will inevitably continue to suffer. In the Age of Reason, we will all be wise enough to understand what it is that we can reasonably control and what it is that we cannot, and what it is that we cannot, we will simply accept. Over Time, even accepting the right to free speech has been corrupted by Lies and Deceit by Greed’s Ego. There will be no social tolerance for Lies and Deceit in the New Age because they are detrimental to our progression. The destructive ability for Lies and Deceit in our societies is all the greater because of technological advances like Television and the Internet. Nations cannot afford to sit back and watch the seeds of Lies and Deceit be planted and germinate quickly because of Technology. There is absolutely no reason why Society needs to tolerate television advertisements that are designed to lie and deceive people into believing something that is false or not based in Fact, and Society is the only One that can do something about it. Tolerating Lies and Deceit is not Freedom; it is Bondage. If Tolerance is not based in Reason, Tolerance will ultimately consume us. In the last days of the Time of Transition, while Law lessens its tolerance in Society of the voice of the uneducated, the unobjectively analytical and the unprincipled, the Voice of the Educated, Objectively Analytical and the Principled will grow to be much louder. Rights Failing to judge every issue objectively creates societies with exaggerated perceptions of themselves and their rights, which lead to many feeling entitled to things for earning and producing nothing. This natural evolution of Greed’s Doctrine warped the psyche of a nation and swelled the esteem of many people over the last century. The customer was always right in business; students in our schools had rights and they knew them. Everyone’s rights were greater than the next. Too many generations grew with a false sense of importance and superiority that no one was living to earn, which in turn has lead them into personal depression, unable to reason their inflated sense of Self with their real lot


in life. Millions with enlarged egos denied themselves no delusion when it came to feeding the Greed that helped to create an ongoing economic crisis that is doing a lot now to change the arrogant perceptions of those who once insisted on their rights in order to give them Esteem. As you continually base your life in the Doctrine of Truth, Esteem will naturally evolve. There will be no need for you to arrogantly insist on your rights in order to feed Esteem. There will be no need to brag about your Self to others to make you feel better about yourself. If you are educated and wise, then someone who is educated and wise will not think anything less of you. He will know you because he will know himself. What someone thinks of you becomes less of a concern, especially the opinions of the Unreasonable. You will know who you are. You will know what you know; you will know your talents, and you will be secure. That is Esteem, in Humility, not in Arrogance. Immigration During this Time of Transition, those who have rights in countries deliberate and debate over just who will receive them there. The fair judgment of equal and legal rights of citizens evolves over Time in Wisdom, and in Reason, yet every country still has issue with Immigration. The reality of the situation is that Immigrants, legal or otherwise, aspired to experience a life in your country and contribute daily to the culture they create in. Oppression and Greed dominate their homeland and to survive they’ve chosen yours. Danger surely meets them at the border but yet they sacrifice it all to survive in a new place where the danger to them is less. Based on the Doctrine of Truth, in the Age of Reason, immigrants will be perceived in the reality of their past experiences and their experiences in their present home. The Issue is really not about whether one country over another would assassinate them or may not provide them benefit befitting of humans. When the Age of Reason dominates in each country, there will be no reason to run from one to another where Greed only benefits from keeping immigrants illegal in the first place. In the meantime, for the host country, reasoning this issue in Principle is the only humane solution. Abortion A consequence of the evolution of Man’s Brain is the ability to reason our reproductive process. Reasonable people agree that the equation of Abortion = Termination of Cells + Safety is the only reasonable and relevant equation in the matter. Safety’s factor will ultimately be the primary concern for women who have concluded that Abortion may be a viable option for them.


How one perceives Abortion depends on the Doctrine you ascribe to. Abortion has raised moral arguments that have formed because of individuals’ differing perspectives. Moral arguments arising from a perspective of the Doctrine of Religion differ greatly from that of the Doctrine of Truth. Once we have eliminated the Doctrine of Religion from the global moral landscape, its moral ideologies will be eliminated with it, and a soul of a fetus will be irrelevant. The time at which a fetus becomes a living and breathing human life will be, and already has been, determined by Science, according to what we know; that time will not only be the legal standard but the only standard by which this perspective is to be determined.

Then, the personal decision to abort a fetus prior to that point will be determined by the principles by which the parties in question live according to either the self-centered Doctrines of Greed and Oppression or the life-promoting Doctrine of Truth. More importantly than the question of whether or not the termination of a fetus is moral, is identifying the elements that are leading us to the point of even facing that question as a Society at all. The number of unwanted pregnancies is directly proportionate to the number of women and men who are under-educated about both sex and sexually transmitted diseases because of stubborn ignorance within the perspectives of any of the False Doctrines. Heterosexual couples that engage in unprotected sex will begin to more fully analyze the situation before them in Reason. Sexually communicable diseases aside, the reproductive risk must always be calculated as to what degree a pregnancy is a roulette wheel spin away. The reality of a baby to raise and all the consequences that that entails have simply not been analyzed deeply enough. Irresponsible and irrational sexual behavior and a lack of critical thinking is what results in the Abortion dilemma in the first place.

Education that has been analyzed objectively merged with principled living will continue to help with the number of unwanted pregnancies, not illegalizing abortions. Once the perspective by which this issue is perceived is uniform, the laws that surround this issue will follow suit. We’ve spent far too long debating the most inconsequential question of whether a woman has the right to choose what she wants for her own body, in a time where only recently women were given the right to vote in some countries. Women are still not equal in the workplace in many countries, including America, while perceptions of women throughout the world vary greatly. How then do we expect to have any common view that a woman should control decisions as they relate to her body? Truth’s question is, “Why is she having to consider this question at all?” Whatever the moral and legal arguments that guide this issue are, according to the Doctrine of Truth, it is not in the best interest of the species to terminate reproduction.


In the Age of Reason, where the Doctrine of Truth will ultimately reign, the principles guiding Man will dictate every Behavior, and Abortion will be something of the past. Until we arrive at that point, however, our relative laws must be created and stand from Proper’s perspective. Profanity Proper’s perspective of Formality in Behavior is an intrinsic part of Society, and our evolving societies have always indicated what behavior is appropriate in certain circumstances. Language structure and vocabulary that is appropriate depending on the level or degree of formality is what we naturally learn as we become more acutely aware of our surroundings. Profanity is simply the jargon of the lowest levels of Formality in Society. Profane words are the colorful additions among all other colloquial expressions that give depth to Language. It has been judged by some believers of the Doctrine of Religion as “speech that is displeasing to God”. Words have no Power unless they either are intended to have Power or they are perceived as having Power. A profane word is intrinsically no different from a non-profane word. “I had a “f^%#ing sh*tty” day” is very different from “You f^%#ing piece of sh*t.” While neither is appropriate in our societies at higher levels of Formality, only the second is generally interpreted as offensive because it is intended to be offensive and more often than not, interpreted as intended. The first is only offensive if you happen to interpret the words “f*&$-ing sh&tty” as offensive. But “f^%#ing sh*tty” is only an expression like “terribly bad”; a substitute. Learners of second languages are always fascinated by the colloquial profanity and attempt to use these words unaware many times of the offensive nature they may possess in Society, because those words have no real meaning to them. The nuance of Profanity escapes them altogether. The intent to offend is the core issue here that must not be confused with the words themselves. The greatest defense we can have against Intent is to interpret Intent in a manner that we choose. Man has allowed himself to re-act to simple words which in and of themselves are meaningless and only have Power if they are perceived as having Power; re-acting to others’ behaviors has proven difficult enough a feat to skillfully master without permitting meaningless words to enter the equation. Words have appropriate place in Society because Society deems them so, but Offense of them will be neither here nor there until their Intent is interpreted as intended and Society raises its standards of Formality to where Profanity is an irrelevant issue altogether.


Conspiracy Theorists The biggest offense of Conspiracy Theorists is that they are motivated by Fear. Though many boast to be educated in various subjects of interest, their analysis is particularly dangerous because their perspective is not fully based in Reason. There is an element of Truth in every claim, but the faulty conclusion derived from misinformation promotes Fear because it was based in Fear, intentional or not. Every claim of a Conspiracy Theorist, however, should not simply be dismissed; some of their insights into the events that affect us are reasonable. Educate yourself and objectively determine which are they, and encourage the Theorists to sincerely do us all a favor and begin analyzing from a perspective of Reason, not Fear, because we will reasonably need their talents in the days ahead. Global Warming By far, the most destructive sign of the end of the Age of Emotion are the consequences of Global Warming. Global Warming is about temperatures rising but not in the practical way that temperatures affect us on a daily basis. Global Warming does not mean that it will never be cold again or that it cannot be cold for a long period of time. Average global temperatures are notably on an upswing warmer over recent years since these temperatures have begun being recorded. It is hotter more than it is cold in Earth’s atmosphere every year, which means that the planet is getting warmer because it is retaining more heat. It is been hypothesized that layers of the atmosphere are breaking down due to the un-natural consequences of Technology like pollution from burning Oil and Coal for Heat, Car Exhaust, Plastics covering the planet, etc. This is why there are efforts to regulate these industries…to stop doing harm to the atmosphere’s ozone layer, in particular, because the planet is getting too warm too quickly and plant and animal life is beginning to die because of a multitude of consequences. The excess heat leads to melting ice caps, leading to changing water temperatures, affecting weather patterns and plants and animals, among which are We. Educate your Self on this infinitely important issue and objectively determine according to the facts what the present condition of our Earth is rather than dismissing the expertise of our scientists on this issue as if as non-professionals, we would know better. The natural phenomena’s re-action, resulting from Global Warming, will intensify in the last days of the Age of Emotion and into the early days of the Age of Reason. Severe and frequent tornados, hurricanes, floods earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunami are real and natural consequences to Man’s ignorant yet irresponsible behavior in False Doctrine. The challenge to Man within the Time of Transition will be to care for those who are 139

affected by the regular destruction, continuing to respect our temporary home called Earth, and universally bowing in Humility before the vastness and the irresistible might of Nature, who will one day soon move in Time again with Man. Signs of the Times Many look for real signs to guide them through their life as if an external force is directing their path. The coincidental experiences that may be considered as “signs” are natural phenomena that confirm an internal path in whatever Doctrine is fundamentally sought. You will make out of any incident what you will, but as your foundation grows in Reason, the signs will multiply daily and your understanding of each one will grow clearer over Time. When a Sign in a Time leads you to future Action, you will be assured then that your Path is directed in Reason. Behold the Sensory Sign of the Times when the Age of Emotion transitions into Reason. You will notice the change in Light. Your Vision will adjust. You’ll notice more detail; you’ll see brighter colors. Your Senses will become more acute. You’ll hear new Sounds. Your Tastes are intensely discerning; Your Touch speaks volumes to your Mind. Your Mind reasons more fully amplified. Your World just became more Reasonably Real. Time Time is everywhere around you and yet many are everywhere but on Time. Time moves us both forward and backward, and sensed at different speeds depending on Reason. Until the Age of Reason, real Time could not be told because Reason was not more fully available to Man. Time was merely measured along increments, but as the Mind of Man evolved, greater and more vivid and intense dimensions were uncovered and Time’s were discovered among them. Man generally perceives Time to be moving forward because he recognizes the evolution of life over Time and sees how all things progress. Yet, we can go back in Time with our Mind to consider how we evolved to the Present of Time. Through Inspiration, which is at the center of Time, because it is at the Center of All Things in Time, we can experience another Time. Our Minds travel through Time and create the Time we wish to experience because we are only ever in the Moment of Time that we perceive Time to be. Societies that do not keep in Time with Technology perceive Time differently. Those Societies or Previous Generations may be more prone to appreciate each moment of Time with much more care and respect, yet, in Reality, they are “behind” in Time. Technology has sped Time forward for Next Generations, but the greater capability of the Mind to reason and process the multiple experiences we share on a daily basis have failed to


create Balance for us in Time between our inevitable movement through Time and our pleasure in Its moments. Seek the delicate Balance in which we move in Time and Time in us; then, when our Mind will reveal us further in Time, we’ll know precisely which Time we’re all on. Meant to Be You will know if something was “meant to be” if it really ended up happening. The error in understanding this phenomenon is in the perspective that what you wanted is what should have happened. In Reality, in some Time, it turns out to be what you wanted; but, when it doesn’t, it was still meant to be. Questioning why a single event that was meant to be happened is an exercise in Futility when seen “out of Context” and given no Purpose. The solution to understanding the phenomenon is to consider what has already happened and look back and see now why it was necessary for a series of events to happen like that for you to be who you are now, and what are you willing to learn from them. The only way you can really know what is meant to be before its Time, is if you reason each Moment and follow Time’s lead. Meant to Be is meant to be a shout of Joy if what’s happened is good and a consoling whisper when that something turns out to be bad. Meant to be is what is. It is what you make it be and then it is meant to be because it just is. If Destiny is what is meant by meant to be, then one day, you’ll know that too, and only see it in the Flow when it is Meant to Be. Manners & Courtesy Manners and Courtesy are what are meant to be, and are not a forgotten art in all parts of the World. Of the accomplishments of Man, these are among the greatest, and yet forgotten by so many, disregarded by some more, and never learned by all the rest. They were lauded in the Doctrine of Religion because of Principle, but as Man began to abandon more that Doctrine for the One of Greed, then Manners and Courtesy suffered Loss. Self-obsessed people live in the very small World of their own. Most are not even conscious or aware that their behavior is rude or inconsiderate; most are even very nice people at other times. Manners and Courtesy are quite simply about acknowledging someone beside your Self, and really should not be too terribly difficult to employ. Say “thank you” when someone gives you something; say “please” if you’d like some more. Say “excuse me” if you’d like to pass by me. And when you pass, hold open the door. Write a note or phone to say “thank you”, even though you said that when you left. Don’t always be the one you hear talking; you see? It’s really about common sense.


Sophistication The sense of Sophistication has been dulled and deemed un-Natural, because Sophistication somehow connotes complexity, and Natural was its opposite. The Reasonable understand now that Nature is the most complex, yet simple, of all things. From the evolution of amino acids to the birth of a newborn baby, Nature has sophisticated in hundreds of millions of years in a fantastic way. The perfection of the human body and the bodies of all the species who have naturally selected to survive display a complexity that continues to baffle even the awestruck professionals. Every Brain, a functioning mass of neurons and electrons and protons, gives Life and Purpose to a shell of Flesh. The Brain is complex; a magnificent magnet of Energy, a just symbol of Excellence, rejected by Religion for thousands of years, and supplanted by an external creative Fraud. The most sophisticated of all living things is the Human Brain. In Sophistication and Simplicity is Beauty. See how each simple hairlike branch of a feather joins together to form a sophisticated and dimensional object of Beauty. All objects of universal Beauty possess both these characteristics, from the Pyramids to the Taj Mahal to the Great Wall. Their elegance instills Wonder, hence the Man-Made Wonders of the World. The Human Brain is both Sophisticated and Simple in Its Beauty, and Its Creation, equally Majestic. All Creation can be complex. Whatever the Brain creates has potential for both Sophistication and Simplicity, yet much that has been created is both Ordinary and Corrupt. From the smallest of objects we use at Home to the largest of buildings being built, Greed and Oppression have succeeded in distorting Beauty for their gain, and the best that can remain is Ordinary and Corrupt. Arrogance maligned Sophistication when Money became its measure. Associated then with Greed and Oppression, Public’s perceptions soon scorned Sophistication. Synonymous now with Arrogance, Sophistication no longer influenced Greed’s creations in Merchandise and Architecture in the Last Days of the Age of Emotion because Reason evolved perceptions. Sophistication is not opulent but harmonic. Sophistication is what is to be admired, not abhorred. Sophistication is Style, evolved into Life’s Style. It is Manner. It is Presence. It is Dignity. It is Kind. It is Compassionate. It is Humble. It has Respect of Self and others. Sophistication is a mental perspective of the simplest things to the most complex, that provides the basis by which you perceive all things from Food, to Design, to Clothing, to Entertainment, to Architecture, to Life. Sophistication is Beauty that exists irrespective of Money, because Poverty cannot consume it. Money will only richen Sophistication’s appearance when they both are perceived in Truth. Sophistication is the beauty in living in a particular way that is Grand and yet Simple at the very same Time.


Beauty In the Age of Reason, Beauty will be in the “I” of the Wise Beholder. The Foolish interpret physical Beauty and scale it in relation to other physical Beauty. But, the Wise interpret a multi-dimensional and universal Beauty emanating from the Balance within. Both admirers and whom they view perceive that Beauty, first in themselves, that grows their Esteem to recognize Divine Beauty in others who possess it too. Beauty is universal and unites, and is based in Principle. The dimensions of all things are mathematical equations and proportions that unite and excite in Harmony and Wonder and Majesty. Nature that has not been tainted by False Doctrine is beautiful to All. Objects that possess the dimensions of Perfection are beautiful to All. People who embrace their True Self and see their Beauty within are beautiful to All. Music Beauty communicates through the Language of Music through Speaking and Listening and Reading and Writing, conveying Thought and Emotion through Experience that embodies a Generation. Music is the mathematical formulaic vehicle, a series of notes on a page, in unison with all the other notes in a chord, in a series of measures, that creates a song filled with the energies of the era, transmitted through the emotion shared by the creator of the song who was inspired to create it. Music is that vehicle which transports Beauty and Energy through Time. Music reflects the energy of Time’s Period and the experience within which it is composed. In this way, we can know the era of a Time if we learn to interpret the Music of the generation and the region of the world it came from. All the emotions and beauty of the Time transport through Time to be defined later. History, perceived now in this way, in Fact and in Song, gives a higher perspective to the Seeker of Truth to finally progress without needlessly repeating himself. The Flow Life over Generations is a series of actions and re-actions and movements that flow into another movement, seamlessly, of people coming and going and sensing and passing, with occasional obstacles on the way. Our inability to deal with these obstacles turns them into Conflict that interrupts how this Flow flows, and keeps Movement stifled. We are meant to move and evolve in Ease, and the obstacles that have come our way are because we’ve either created them because of our ignorance and our stubbornness, or because we’ve been unable to discern the best way to deal with our life’s circumstances. The conflicts that follow hold us back in the


Flow and distract us from moving forward toward Truth. When you base your life on the True Doctrine and make your goal Survival, you will stay in Truth’s Flow of the movement you are destined to be in in Peace and Ease. The Collective Only the Reasonable remain moving in the Flow all of the Time. The degree to which a Life is reasonable is the degree to which that Life is led while moving in the Flow. The genuine choice to reason Doctrine will gradually pull a life into that flow where it shares with other lives that are likewise led inside. Connections among the Reasonable gradually gravitate one to the other to ensure Ease in the Flow. Because everything is evolved from Earth in Energy through plants, animals, and their creations, we are all connected. We are the Earth’s Collective, in every Time, and every Space, and that which the Reasonable deems unreasonable detracts from the Collective in that Time and Space. The frequencies of the Unreasonable and their creations reduce the Collective to Imbalance, remaining scattered and confused in their False Doctrine, while we, the Reasonable, see the same vision, know the same truths, live the same balance, and telepathically work toward the same purpose. The Age of Reason will see the first of the Collective on the Planet to reason Man’s Four Doctrines, and conclude that only Truth will lead us in the Flow to Survival in Peace. New Age Spirituality In the Last Days of the twentieth century, there began a spiritual movement that spread all around the nations of the globe of people who identified themselves as spiritual, not religious. These were people who believed that some spiritual phenomenon existed, and though they were not sure exactly what that was, they concluded that it wasn’t all what they were saying it was in our churches and synagogues and our mosques and temples. These were good people who still lived in Principle to the best of their ability, rejecting the doctrine of their past, and searching to re-define God. This movement has grown considerably throughout the World and has given millions of one time religious people something peaceful and positive to believe in without the antiquated restrictions and harmful doctrines conventionally associated with Religion. Though this New Age movement has come the closest in identifying Truth in the UnKnown, its temptation to still believe in something that is not provable, while re-defining the same old God, has caused it to fall short in Time. Man needs to accept that there is an UnKnown, that some unexplainable phenomenon does exist, and stop attempting to provide explanations for things that are unexplainable at


this moment in Time. The Sincere among the evolution of this Movement, however, will embrace the Doctrine of Truth for the Age of Reason until the fuller revelations of Man’s fate are received for the Next Age. Science’s Voice of what we know about ourselves will serve as Yin and become the Voice of Reason in Society. Entertainment’s Yang is the Creative creed that helps to shape a Society in Truth with analytical and principled people whose passion and fervor is for their Doctrine. The Spiritual in the New Age are the Reasonable who in Truth perceive that All are destined to become One, on every Plane and in every Time, through Balance for their survival in Peace. Reiki Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes Healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – “Rei” which means “universal” or “source” and “Ki” which is “life force energy”. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including Body and Mind creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results from treatment. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of self-healing and selfimprovement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. While Reiki is not a religion, its system of natural healing supports simple ethical ideals that promote peace and harmony, which are nearly universal across all cultures. Health Health is the balanced state of being determined by what our Brains process as psychological or physical. In the Age of Reason, using what we know as a civilization about treating our psychological and physical Health, the Reasonable who analyze all issues objectively will raise their perspective of Health to become broader and more refined than before.


Diet, Physical Exercise and Natural Herbal Supplements along with periodic Vision and Holistic treatment will adequately maintain Energy’s flow in the Body. The Reasonable in the New Age will consider the philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine, one of the most ancient forms of medicine that originated in India, and bases its theoretical foundation upon a balance of three Forces—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Any vitiation from normalcy of one of the three results in Disease. These three Doshas, or Forces, each consist of two different natural elements which contribute to their qualities. Vata is a combination of Air and Space, which make its properties dry, light, and cold. Pitta is a mixture of Water and Fire, making it slightly oily, hot, and in the liquid form. Finally, Kapha consists of Earth and Water, thus it is oily, heavy, and cold. Each Dosha houses a seat in a different region of the Body and is responsible for different functions during Digestion. Furthermore, there are seven Dhatus, or Tissues, in the Body. When Food is consumed, it is converted to one of the Dhatus and thus provides nourishment for the Body. Disease results over Time from a buildup of Ama, a buildup of undigested Food. This occurs when the digestive fire in one’s body does not effectively convert Food into the proper Dhatu, or Tissue. The formation of the undigested food creates Illness and its removal results in the restoration of one’s health. To rid the body of Ama, the Ayurvedic Perspective proposes distinct and more effective treatments that give medical practitioners a different paradigm for understanding Disease. Ayurvedic medicine is completely natural and its treatment is primarily noninvasive. While there are surgical operations performed in Ayurveda, they are very basic. Those that are Ayurvedic follow the principles of balancing the Doshas and restoring Harmony in the patient’s Body. “Remove the Cause. Purify, to eliminate excess Doshas. Balance the Doshas and rekindle the digestive Fire. Rejuvenate, to rebuild the Organism.” Its complex yet simple philosophy is based on Balance of the three Forces in Nature and the human Body, and is the first step in conceptualizing how to maintain one’s health. Moreover, an imbalance in the three components results in Disease. The holistic approach in treating diseases in Ayurveda involves an in-depth analysis of the patient’s constitution and daily regimens. Ayurvedic treatment stems beyond medicine; it includes the diet one should have, the specific taste(s) one should eat more or less of, what type of exercise one should perform, the time of the day it should be done, etc. Furthermore, Ayurveda’s holistic approach emphasizes the individual Patient, not the Disease. The concept of patient-centered medicine, alone, will be the goal of most, if not all, healthcare practitioners. Ayurveda’s unique approach makes patient-centered medicine easily attainable for practitioners.


In the Age of Reason, the prescriptive medicinal treatment of symptoms and side effects will be something of a different Age, when even well intentioned professionals in the Health Care, Insurance, and Pharmaceutical Industries philosophized differently, and long lists of horrific side effects were a part of our collective World. Chemically prescribed medication for more extreme cases or emergencies where saving life in the short term is the more immediate goal will serve its rightful purpose along with invasive surgeries in curing the diseases their philosophy contributed to in the first place. Medicine without Borders will now work in Balance and Harmony outside of Secret and Shame toward their contribution to eliminating Confusion in Food and Health that were derived from the Doctrines of Greed and Oppression, and ultimately these two broken industries will need not be reasoned any longer. Suffering Not reasoning in Truth leads to Suffering in both the Mind and the Body. Man’s primary organ, his Brain, has evolved from the Earth and is as equipped as Nature herself to balance Its Self in Health. Dis-Ease is unnecessary and yet exists to various degrees among us due to Society’s ignorance in the disease it has created or been unable to cure. Suffering will take on the dimension of Reason and Remedy will take a form never seen before where, upon dis-ease, 1. Reason begins to balance all three components in Ayurvedic Principle when the patient has not yet become an official Patient. 2. Reason creates the outline of Food’s responsibility to your dis-Ease, and assures you that Food choices by Blood’s type will both nutritionally and medicinally be your immediate cure. 3. Reason accepts the reality of your condition and meditates your Mind in Balance and in Peace. 4. Reason dictates each next move for your own speedy recovery and further professional treatment will be necessary only when Reason says it is so. Death We have suffered in Life and in Death as an un-civilized and un-evolved people for thirteen thousand years. How much of the World still tends to ignore when others of us suffer and die! Yet it is only through our empathic identification with the sufferings of others that we can heal the Pain that the geographical, cultural and religious lenses have numbed us to over Time. Deteriorating conditions for the hopeless among us have helped only to deter us from reasoning who really is no longer among the “Living” and why. These were people who loved their children and woke up everyday to provide for their families. These were children who once


laughed and cried and loved and hoped. These were soldiers like you and me, now snuffed out of existence with the bat of an eye, abused by a System that can offer nothing more than what is no longer for anyone a life worth living. Consider.

An eleven - year old boy has tragically died. A child who was once full of joy, who once had dreams for a happy life, gasped for his final breath before his eyelids slowly closed over the eyes he would never again look through and through which he would never again perceive. Does it matter to you if this child were a Jewish or a Christian or a Muslim child? Does it matter to you if he were rich or middle-class or poor? Does it matter to you if he were a casualty of war or terrorist victim or cancer victim? If your feelings change about this ill-perceived tragic event depending on the label you put on this child, then you are the victim of False Doctrine and are not reasonably reasoning. Only False Doctrine could give you such a perspective because according to the Doctrine of Truth, there would be no Jewish or Christian or Muslim label. According to the Doctrine of Truth, Monetary’s Value is never placed on Life. According to the Doctrine of Truth, there need not be War or Terror or Disease. According to the Doctrine of Truth, an eleven-year-old boy has tragically died, ill-perceived or not, and we should feel something in a Time when most still do not. Future commentary might very well read like this:

“For thirteen thousand years, when War and Famine and Terror and Disease plagued our planet because of the Doctrines of Religion, Greed and Oppression, Earth shrugged her shoulders in Indifference.” *** Life in the Known can choose to exist in Truth or in Distraction, until certain Death knocks and beckons Fire to purify its Body and return its Ash through Air that once sustained it into Water from whence Life once evolved. In the Age of Reason, people will honor their Dead because they will have worked together as families and friends and identified and evolved what they have learned from their experiences while they were all alive. Only Reasoners of the Known who know the Realm of the Living can ever know the Realm of the Dead and be privy and perceive now its high pitches and low tones in the Hollow Flow of the UnKnown. The Reasonable stand fearless among orbs of Energy that remain on another Plane. The pain on the Plane of those who never faced their Fear in Life, Time’s Before, will remain the same in Death, Time’s After. Each’s after-Life evolution of Pain will manifest to the degree of Balance’s hold at Death from this Life. The Sincere who reasoned will synchronize with the rest in 148

the Light of the Flow and survive in the Source to give Everlasting Life. Those who would not reason would remain alone and confused, enslaved to an Obsession outside of Time, until which Time they follow the Light. Only in the Light, no matter the Realm, does Peace abound and offer its Life. When Prism’s Portal to you is open and Death’s Door for you is clear, direct It only to the Loving Light in the Flow that abides outside of Fear. Inspiration Peace comes from Inspiration when your motive is pure. Feel when you’re moving in the Flow and then Go with that Flow. Analyze each step as you create the Bigger Puzzle, but look to Inspiration inside you to guide you in the Activity of a Day or the Activity of a Life. Moment by Moment, be inspired and led in the Flow wherever you go and whatever you do.

This is Inspiration, your Beauty, your You. Inspiration is the Spirit, to which your Religion refers, and that Light and that Voice that guides you to that Strength that carries you through to its Idea’s End in the UnKnown. The Soul of Man in their Text is the Brain, at whatever evolution it could consciously reason their Vision in whatever Time they wrote. The Brain is You, and without It, there is no You; a Body of Flesh and Bones houses You until the day when Day meets Night, and your Essence in Truth remains in the Hollow Flow of the Magnificent Unknown. You cannot just create It, but you’ll know when It’s there. You cannot see or hear It yet Perspective is clear. Inspiration is the Center of All that is UnKnown. The Center of your Universe, It makes it Its Home. Follow Me, the words, you imagine It’s saying. Perfection in everything calls from inside. Allow yourself to be moved by Inspiration inside you And give yourself the Doctrine to go along on the ride. {Selah} Inspire and Remember to let your Self be inspired Be brilliant in whatever Thing and every Thing you do. Inspired is a Beautiful Life to aspire to. Destine the One aspiring, And Let It inspire You. FINIS


It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Author Unknown (1809-1882)


The Doctrine of Truth  

The Doctrine of Truth by Ron Bruni