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Introducing the revolutionary LOTUSGRILL速. The Fast, Safe and smokeless charcoal BBQ.

LotusGrill XL Yellow item: size:

G-GE-435 44 x 26cm

LotusGrill XL Red item: G-RO-435 size:

44 x 26cm

LotusGrill XL Orange item: G-OR-435 size:

44 x 26cm

LotusGrill XL Lime Green item: size:

G-GR-435 44 x 26cm

LotusGrill Yellow item: G-GE-34 size:

35 x 23 cm

LotusGrill Mandarine Orange item: G-OR-34 size:

35 x 23 cm

LotusGrill Blazing Red item: G-RO-34

LotusGrill Lime Green item: G-GR-34



35 x 23 cm

35 x 23 cm

LotusGrill XL Plum item: G-LI-435

LotusGrill XL Charcoal Grey item: G-AN-435

LotusGrill Plum Purple item: G-LI-34

LotusGrill Charcoal Grey item: G-AN-34




35 x 23 cm


Grill Hood item:


Replacement Charcoal Container item: G-HB-D115

44 x 26cm

Grill Hood XL item: DK-AN-435

44 x 26cm

35 x 23 cm

Pizza/Grillstone Set XL item: PZ-SET-380

Pizza/Grillstone Set item: PZ-SET-290

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Replacement XL Charcoal Containers

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Fast. The LotusGrill® has a built-in battery operated fan,which works just like a bellows. The charcoal lights easily and quickly with readily available lighting gels, meaning the grill is ready to use in a matter of a few minutes. Because the charcoal is burning more effeciently in the LotusGrill® - there is no smoke.

Easy. The LotusGrill® is easy to assemble and dismantle. The grill and the inner bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Double-walled construction means the outer bowl will never be too hot and will stay cleaner (fat doesn’t bake on). Healthy. Grilling with the LotusGrill® ensures a low fat and therefore calorie-conscious cooking of food. Because of the special design of the grill, excess fat can not reach the charcoal and can not burn, meaning no fat smoke. Control. The LotusGrill® temperature can be regulated for precise temperature control, eliminating food burning associated with conventional charcoal grills. No harmful substances are produced on the LotusGrill®. Substances such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines, benzopyrene, acrylamides are produced with conventional grilling on charcoal grills.

Patent number: EP1838187 (B1). Wedermann System

Simple to Use. The power button serves as a variable heatcontroller. Cold air is sucked into the lower slots and funnelled through the air tube into the charcoal container. The more air that is blown into the charcoal container, the hotter it burns.


inner bowl

Safe.The slots on the outer bowl ensure that the space between the inner and outer bowl is ventilated with cold air. Hot air is able to escape through the slots of the inner shell. The outer bowl will never become hot.

mesh charcoal container

Charcoal burns inside a closed mesh container inside the LotusGrill®. Nothing can fall outside, even if you should drop the LotusGrill®.

ignition plate

The grill is fixed to the Grill body with buckles, therefore direct contact with embers is impossible. Double-walled construction means the outer bowl is never hot, eliminating the potential for hand burns. The grill can be moved even while you are grilling.

cool to touch combined power and temperature regulator

outer bowl with ventilation grooves and built in battery compartment

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