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Winter Wonderland AND LAUNCH PARTY 11 DEC


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Merry Christmas Roehampton! Yes, it is that time of year again: ‘tis the season for – well – deadlines, exams, frozen toes, diminishing bank accounts and disrupted public transport. But let us not dwell on that. Think about all the presents, food, wooly jumpers and, oh I don’t know, maybe awesome Christmas-edition university magazines that this time of year is so famous for. In this Christmassy edition of Fresh, we will address all your Christmas needs and much, much more. Esther will let you into her little secret of doing Christmas on a budget (page 4), Louise will get you right in the mood for Christmas Jumper Day (yes, that is a thing) (page 16), while Vera tells you all about her magical trip to Lapland (page 28) and Celia shows you how to make her wonderfully wintry caramelised apple tart (page 34). Plus, some very exciting information about a brand new project: Growhampton (go to page 8 to read the interview with the project makers) and, of course all our usual reads, including music, film and book reviews and the fashion girls advising you on all your

Holly Holly Barker Editor 3

Wondering how you are going to afford Christmas this year?

Esther Dark shows us how to give gifts, on a budget. Struggling to manage my finances and keeping to a budget as a student is challenging at the best of times, but even more so, when Christmas approaches. With my usual seasonal eagerness, as the last days of October rapidly disappeared, I began writing my wish list for all the people I needed to buy for. But, as the list grew longer, my heart sank, as I suddenly realised the crushing reality of my bank balance. My student loan would not stretch even half way down the list. It certainly would not cover all of the extra, but essential Christmas expenses; including the outfits I need to buy for all those Christmas parties and Christmas pampering appointments, not to mention the further socialising funds needed for those ‘let’s-hangout-andtreat-ourselves’ festive themed gatherings.



It frustrates me that the student loan company does not offer us poor students, next term’s loan before Christmas. It could at least arrive before the January sales! As much as I adore being the receiver, hoping that my parents have picked up on my obvious hints about the new dress I have lusted over, I honestly do prefer giving. It pained me to imagine not being able to afford the presents on my list this year. In desperation, I sold my iPhone last weekend for much needed cash to fund a Christmas shopping spree. This is an extreme measure for me and I do not advocate pawning everything you own of value, just to get a present for your Secret Santa. Does Christmas really not need to be expensive? Is being an ungenerous scrooge the only way to survive? Perhaps, not – here are some ideas that I am undertaking this year, that may help other students out there, who - like me - are facing up to the great

Christmas financial dilemma. Firstly, I know every student is bored sick of the word, the one parents love to remind us of: budget. Just because they now are coming in cute, red festive paper cups, does not mean it is necessary to buy a Starbucks drink every time you are cold. Every little counts, hit the supermarkets late at night, be first in the queue to get some knock off red ticket buys, start shopping in value. Thinking of creative ways you can reduce the amount you spend this month is a challenge that can actually be fun and rewarding. Saving now, will pay off later, giving you more money to spend on the Christmas outfit! Secondly, bake, don’t buy! After the popularity of The Great British Bake Off, all of my friends have inundated my Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr with pictures of their bakes. Baking is no longer stigmatised as boring and just for Grannies, it is suddenly seen as cool. Also, it can make a thoughtful and inexpensive gift. What about challenging yourself to make your own jam, gingerbread men or brownies and tying them up in beautiful red ribbons and bows this year? Or if you’re feeling really adventurous, why not attempt to brew your own mulled wine or beer? Thirdly, if you are feeling artistic, hotfoot it down to

Hobby Craft. Generally I think their stock is overpriced, but it is a brilliant place for inspiration. They have a magazine out recently (that is free) with more than enough, inventive, original ways to make you own DIY presents. Even for the not so artistic of us, their ideas are generally quite simple and manageable. You could make a cracker, and put a little note or chocolate inside, or sew your own Christmas bunting. If I am being honest I am tired of opening the same old Dove shower kit for Christmas, clearly purchased in a rush in 3 for 2 at Boots. Handmade presents are not just for kids. Thoughtful presents are absolute treasures and the way forward for students. Finally, do not let your Christmas joy be robbed by worrying over how you will be able to buy presents for the relatives you only see once a year or even those special people in your life. At the heart of it, as cheesy as it sounds, Christmas is about thinking of others and it is the thought that counts and not the price tag. Esther Dark 5

S ’ N O T P M A H E RO WINTER ND A L R E D WON 11 December 4 pm - 8 pm Digby Square



LAUNCH PARTY Dear staff and students Roehampton Students’ Union would be delighted if you were able to join us on 11 December. We will be once again sprinkling festive dust over the courtyard, transforming it into our very own Winter Wonderland with all the Christmas essentials – live music, carol singers, Santa’s grotto, mulled wine, mince pies and more. However, this year’s Winter Wonderland is extra special, with the launch of Growhampton – a new sustainability initiative with a focus on urban food growing. Grab a glass of mulled juice made with apples from the old orchard or make your own pedalpowered festive smoothie. Marvel at an alternative Christmas tree and pick up some presents for friends and family at the ethical Christmas market. This event is free but please bring some pennies to buy refreshments, gifts and to make small donations to our RAG charities: Regenerate, Missing People and Caudwell Children if you’re feeling generous. It is a fantastic opportunity to bring students, staff and the local Roehampton community together to celebrate and reflect on a busy and successful year and a chance to look forward to 2014. P.S There will be a free Growhampton Christmas present for the first 300 guests. 7

Interview Fantastic news! The University of Roehampton is taking the focus on environment and sustainability one step further, so give a warm welcome to Growhampton, a project aiming to create a more sustainable future for our University and the surrounding community. Celia Briseid (founder of the Rainforest Society) sat down with Teresa Sheppard (Growhampton Development Officer) and Joel Williams (Growing Assistant) and had a lovely chat about this exciting new project. Growhampton – The Roehampton Success. Teresa: “Well, it all came together as a partnership between the RSU and the University’s Environmental Team. A proposal for Growhampton was submitted to the Students’ Green Fund (coordinated by the NUS), and with a vision on embedding and encouraging sustainability amongst the staff and students of the University - with a main focus on food growing the proposal was successful!” With this success the University of Roehampton was given two years funding totaling £230 000, money that will be spent on creating growing gardens on all college campuses, plus one larger growing site where there will be fruit and vegetables grown all year long, which then will be sold in a soon-to-come hub with established food co-op and ethical café. Joel: “At the moment we are still looking for growing sites. Basically there will be four college gardens and one main growing site. We hope students and staff will take responsibility for the college gardens. In the college gardens, the students are in charge. Those Students who want to get involved get to decide what they want to grow, and I’ll be there every step of the way educating and training the students in regards to growing their own food. And should one college produce very much, there could be the possibility of profiting off it by selling it at the food co-op.”


EDIBLE CAMPUS The hub get involved The Hub – for conscious consumers. All ethical, all organic. Joel: “The Hub for sustainability will hopefully be placed in Digby Square, where there will be organic vegetables for sale produced in the University’s own soil. We will be growing all sorts on the main growing site, but mainly a lot of seasonal salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber etc. and a range of winter vegetables – all organically grown. We also plan to collaborate with the community, supplying a local organisation with sandwiches that will then be sold in the café. We’re also thinking about producing some stir-fry kits and other useful fruit/ vegetable packages for the students. Around the hub we are aiming to have some smaller growing beds/growing containers where we will grow, for example, herbs and chilli’s. Our goal is to increase health and well-being amongst the University’s staff and students by making healthy food more accessible, and to create an inspiring social space. In regards to the design of the Hub there will be a recycling theme, which means that all materials will be made from recycled goods. For example we would reuse and find alternative objects to use in the garden. And for future development we hope to expand the Hub to include free-range chickens from which we’ll get fresh eggs, and a cycle-hire scheme where students can hire a bicycle for the day.” Biodiversity – for Students, Staff and Community By establishing these growing gardens and the Hub for sustainability, Growhampton will provide a great wealth of opportunities for everyone connected to the University. It is a great wish from the NUS fully support linking Growhampton into the curriculum of the University. Not only will the volunteers involved in this project be educated and receive training to learn about sustainability, but it will also be possible for the academic departments to integrate Growhampton into their research and training. Celia Briseid

9 9

Fifty Shades of Grey: The Movie.


This summer another trilogy gained enormous popularity among people all across the globe and it is: Fifty Shades of Grey. This book was a world phenomenon and increased the sale of sex toys in the UK by 400%. For all you people who have not read the books (where have you been?), here is a short recap of the plot. Sweet, innocent and lovely Anastasia Steel’s life was steady and clear until the day when she agreed to help her friend and interview a charming young man: Christian Grey. This is when Anastasia’s life changes completely. Anastasia knows that Christian is out of her league, yet she is falling for him. What she doesn’t know is that Mr. Grey has more dark secrets than anyone can possibly imagine. Now Christian and Anastasia are on a slippery road and neither of them know where it might lead. This is where the plot takes an unexpected turn and now both Mr. Grey and young graduate student Anastasia Steel are taken by their inner desires and demons. How is such an innocent girl as Anastasia Steel going to fight her own secret desires and how is Mr. Grey going to handle the battle of his inner dark demons that are hiding inside? If you are curious to find out the answers to the following questions, I would definitely advise you to read Fifty Shades of Grey. Moving on the most interesting part. As most true Fifty Shades of Grey fans already know there is a movie coming out soon. The cast for the movie was

announced in America a while ago. At first all fans were about to explode thinking that Alexis Bledel and Matt Bomer were going to have the leading roles, but the shock came when it was recently announced that the main roles were going to be given to Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson. Shortly after, however, Hunnam quit and Jamie Dornan took the role as Christian Grey. Fans argue that choosing Dornan and Johnson for the leading roles was a bad decision, however, even E.L. James - the author of the Fifty Shades of Grey -approved of the choice. Other good news is that the movie is going to contain all the BDSM-filled sexual scenes, which made the books famous. So maybe it is not as bad as the fans think it is? Maybe this movie is still going to be on top and break records as the most viewed movie of the year because of its controversial themes. We will definitely see once it is out, but there may be a long wait to watch the most awaited movie of the year, as its release date has been delayed after Hunnam quit. It is a risky decision to make an erotic fiction into a movie, so I think it would be worth a watch to see if it is truly good. So, Fifty Shades: please hurry up, we cannot wait! By Vita Tocilovska 11

What’s new with Fresh TV? So far this term has been incredibly successful with our regular programmes getting tonnes of views, so thank you all very much for lending us your eyeballs! We had great fun over the Halloween period capturing all your creepy costumes and deadly drinking skills! If you haven’t checked out our Halloween footage yet then get yourselves onto our Vimeo page and have a butchers! Fresh TV are very proud to announce that we are now affiliates of the National Student Television Association. This means that we are now a nationally recognised student TV station and get invited to lots of events including fancy conferences and an even fancier award ceremony in April 2014, where our crews, producers and presenters could all be in with a chance of winning some lovely shiny awards for their mantel pieces. We are very excited to be welcomed into the NaSTA community and thankful for all the support we have received so far.

In the pipeline… We are hoping to provide students with a platform for their work in the form of ‘The Fresh Music and Film Festival’. This is very much still at the drawing-board stage so I would like to encourage student contributors to come forward with any ideas or films/music that they wish to share. To get in touch about the festival or any other queries about how to get involved please email: Since ‘that’ Coke advert is now on our screens and it seems to be the green light on everyone getting excited about Christmas then I do not feel it is too early to say that we at Fresh TV hope you have a fantastic Christmas, eat ridiculous quantities of scrummy food and watch all those awesome films and programmes that grace our goggle-boxes this time of year. As always, Stay Fresh Roehampton! Hollie & The Fresh TV Crew x


Fresh media

The RSU Daily Show The RSU Daily Show is your chance to get in the know about what’s happening in the RSU, whether that’s university events, campaigns, volunteering opportunities or information on the competitive college cup! This year Fresh Air is proud to announce the broadcast of a new daily live show – The RSU Daily Show – hosted by members of the RSU and promising student presenters. The RSU daily show explores life at the University of Roehampton, with the latest news, and brand new music. Get involved by tweeting @FreshAir_RSU, or entering our competitions to win free event tickets, official UR merchandise and much more! The Schedule Monday – Hosted by John ‘FJ’ Farmer & societies intern Jess Lewis Tuesday – ‘Two For Tuesdays’ with Kate Griffiths & volunteering intern Blaize Donaghue Wednesday – Hosted by the sabbatical team, RSU President Wade Tomlinson, Welfare VP Rachel Blaney & Campaigns VP Paul Dabell Thursday – ‘College Takeover’ hosted by each college President and Social Secs. Friday – Hosted by Mark Campion. Keep up to date with Fresh Air via Get listening. Get involved. Get fresh. 13

SOCIETIES Hi guys! We have over 50 amazing societies here at Roehampton – the two Societies included in the Spotlight this week are the Women’s Society and the Student Society of Art and Performance! I asked them a few quick fire quiz questions so you can all find out some more about them. Here are their replies…

'S N E M O W TH E SOCIETY Why did you start your society? The women society was already founded when I went for my position, but it was started due to the wonderful amount of women that study at Roehampton. What is your favourite event you have held so far? I am yet to hold an event, but in the past the society has done some awesome charity work! I am also currently in the process of planning a pamper night for Movember on 12 November in Jebb auditorium! So keep your eyes out for more info on that! Give one reason why you think someone should join your society? Being a university with such a dense population of females, a society that meet up, hang out and help the mass population is always a wicked idea. How often do you meet and where? At the moment we meet once a month in the student life office! There should be a meeting coming up soon so join the Roehampton Women Society Official Facebook page for more information! How can someone join? Someone can join the society by literally just joining the Facebook page and coming along to a meeting. I know everyone can’t always make everything but we could always do with the extra help :) (p.s it’s not only women that can join! Men feel free to come along and help some good causes) What can we expect to see from you next term? Well next term international women’s day is the 8 March so keep that date in your diaries for some exciting stuff. And the photo I have attached is a picture of our successful stall at freshers’ fair.


Societies spotlight



Why did you start your society? We, students of the department of Drama, Theatre & Performance, started SSOAP to provide a platform to support, promote and show original creations and performances (written, devised, staged and performed) of students and artists at the University and connect with the professional world. What is your favourite event you have held so far? Our favourite event, so far, was to organise SSOAP Festival 2013, a one day show case of more than 10 performances in May, gathering a diverse range of genuine creations such as Dance, Installations, Stand-up Comedy, Classical and Experimental theatre, and Poetry from students belonging to many departments of the Uni. Give one reason why you think someone should join your society? You have performances ideas, genuine artistic work and you don’t know where to show them? Join SSOAP, we are here to support your Art in a spirit of artistic freedom. How often do you meet and where? We meet for outings and theatre trips (once a month), for artistic workshops with external speakers (1-2 times a month), festivals like ‘Scratch Night’ at the end of first term and SSOAP Festival in May (at the department of DTP, Jubilee Building) and also for a ‘Careers Day’ during the second term. How can someone join? Everyone can join us (not only Drama students), the only requirement is the will to commit to your art. The membership is £10/year. Just drop us a mail or visit and we’ll accommodate you! What can we expect to see from you next term? Next term you can expect more workshops, outings, our two days show case festival (SSOAP Festival 2014), our ‘careers day’ (welcoming professionals and speakers of the theatre world) and our Drama, Theatre & Performance Undergraduate Research Journal (SSOAP Roehampton). 15

Can a jumper make the world better?

More specifically – can your jumper make the world better? Even more specifically – can your cheesy, noveltybonkers, traditionally festive, dug-out-once-a-year and secretly your favourite (although never to be admitted) Christmas jumper, make the world better? Well by joining in the madness and flaunting your best jovial woolly for a day, you will certainly be helping to try. Friday 13th of December is marked ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ on the calendar - or at least by Save the Children it is. Weaving people together, Save the Children are encouraging one and all to take part and raise funds towards the work of this fantastic charity. Bake sales, raffles, sponsorships, and parties – find this the perfect excuse to ignite your festive spirits. Themed with a Christmas jumper dress code, lets detangle the threads to where this craze in fashion


actually came from… Jumpers. Cosy, warm jumpers, traditionally wool knitted for you by your Grandmother, hearing that wincing click of the knitting needles. Their craft taught by generations gone by. Heavenly snug but so irritatingly itchy around the collar. Sported perhaps most favourably by your Grandfather, typically with some jazzy styled pattern, it’s here that the staple, wardrobe item snowballed. Spreading the Christmas effect, the 1950s saw the commercialisation of the festive period. Each year, the annual December event evolved into something much more indulgent. Household decorations became increasingly elaborate and ‘Christmas Specials’ began being streamed on TV. One show in particular makes up part of the Christmas jumpers’ history. Just as Santa is deemed the ‘Father’ of Christmas, Bill Cosby is deemed the ‘Father’ of Christmas jumpers. Bill Cosby, for those of you who don’t know, starred in a show imaginatively named ‘The Cosby

Show”. The actor/comedian became renowned for his wardrobe collection of gaudy and un-fashionable jumpers, which later led to being his trademark. Think bogus green swirls and a bizarre hair-do; his natty attire was questionable. Attracting many viewers, the 80’s sitcom grew to be hugely popular, with Cosby’s look shaking up people’s opinion of ‘un-cool’. In fact, the Christmas jumper market sparked a dramatic increase, with demand for similar Cosby-style sweaters. Much like Christmas itself, they became even more extravagant and more novelty-led. Following on, 2001 saw another influx into the Christmas jumper. The males, it seems, carried on the trend for our ‘beloved’ Christmas woollies as popularity this time saw thanks to a certain ‘Mr Darcy’. He is the love interest and all round prince charming in the feel good, Bridget Jones’s Diary. Besotted by the man, a turtleneck jumper with a large reindeer motif covering the front was never going to deter Bridget’s sights. In fact, I think it did much the opposite. The iconic scene of actor Colin Firth in said jumper made not only Bridget weak at the knees, but fashionistas, too - the Christmas jumper; the new trend. Nowadays, Christmas jumpers are seen more as a novelty, compared to the days of Bill Cosby and Grandfather wearers, with specialised retailers to purchase from. Easily accessible and showing a fun-nature to the wearer, the Christmas jumper has proved itself to the world. Knitting pattern books and guides to classic

Christmas jumper day designs can also be purchased for the thrifty creatives among us. There are simply no limits to amplifying a basic woolly into something spectacular. Showcasing these at annual festive parties, a Christmas jumper dress code is the ideal theme, with Save the Children, and you this December. By simply looking fashionably crazy for the day and donating a pound, this contribution can separate between the reality of life or death. Save the Children – the giveaway in the name – provides aid towards a future to those who this appears unreachable. Channel your own inner Cosby and support Christmas Jumper Day this Friday 13th of December. Louise Baker 17

This month, as it gets chillier and chillier and we look at our wardrobes with despair (I know I do!), just wanting to wear our onesies and bobble hats out and about, I thought I’d give you a whole lot of style inspiration. Maybe talk of this impeccably chic girl’s wardrobe will give you a new lease of life when it comes to putting outfits together on freezing mornings… Carey Mulligan is the incredibly elfin face of Hollywood characters such as Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby) and Kitty Bennett (Pride & Prejudice). She exudes a natural grace that makes her perfect for impersonating such literary heroines, but recently she has really come into her own. As well as transferring the classiness of her on-set wardrobes to her own off-duty closet, Carey is quite the one for risk-taking; a feat for a young actress who is constantly in the limelight.

“ULTIMATELY, CAREY HAS TASTE, MODESTY AND TO TOP THIS OFF, A WINNING PERSONALITY.” At twenty-eight, Carey has stamped an enduring mark on the fashion industry; she’s nabbed two Vogue covers, been named by Harper’s Bazaar as the best dressed woman of 2010 and she was handpicked for the privilege of donning Miuccia Prada’s 1920’s-inspired, crystal encrusted, flapper frocks in May 2013’s The Great Gatsby. Lanvin, Victoria Beckham and affordable label Target remain her faithful sartorial friends, while her go-to silhouette is a cinched-in waist and high neckline. Carey’s wardrobe is split between the witty gala gowns she makes headlines


in on the red carpet- she concedes to liking ‘mad things’- and a set of very demure, relaxed yet effeminate separates for daytime. Each of her looks are very case in point; classic, blockcoloured pieces do most of the talking, while the odd statement jewel, pretty peter pan collar or slick of red-rose lippy are lessons in how to merge accessorizing with simplicity. Ultimately, Carey has taste, modesty and to top this off, a winning personality. She still holds a refreshing grasp on the reality of being a young woman, admitting that getting glammed up for events is definitely not her favourite thing to do. She looks just as assured in skinnies and a leather jacket as she does in a Valentino

“OUTSIDE OF ACTING AND DRESSING UP BEAUTIFULLY, CAREY IS AN AMBASSADOR FOR THE ALZHEIMER’S SOCIETY, INTENT ON RAISING AWARENESS AND RESEARCH FUNDING FOR THE ILLNESS.” beauty. Carey’s obvious passion for a retro-progressive dress sense is made extra special by her dedication to donating worn outfits to Oxfam. Outside of acting and dressing up beautifully, Carey is an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society, intent on raising awareness and research funding for the illness. What is not to like about this girl?! If there are three key things I’ve learnt from stalking Carey, it is 1: that elongated hemlines equal effortless sexiness, 2: that it is possible to embrace various styles and stay true to your image and 3: that A-listers too can have colossal hearts. Soak up the gorgeousness with this next page and indulge in some girl crushin’.

fashion 19

Love at first sight: five reasons why bird watching is cool Of all the pastimes available to the student, heading down to the local park in search of rare birds is perhaps not the most popular. You might even find the idea instantly boring and unattractive. I must admit, as I left home to go to Richmond Park a few Saturdays ago for the autumn bird walk there, my heart was hardly racing. However, by the end of the walk I was really surprised by how fun and engaging it had been. So at the risk of ruffling some feathers, I’d like to put all my eggs in one basket and give my top five reasons why bird watching is definitely worth looking into.

1. Birds are cool Interacting with wild birds is sort of like getting to know someone for the first time; if you’ll just spend a little time with them, you will soon see how interesting and unique they are. No two birds are the same, and in London’s many green spaces there is a huge variety of colours, shapes, sizes and calls for you to see and hear. Some of the resident birds will even come near to onlookers to show off their plumage. Their personality shines through in the way they fly and the company they keep. The way they form part of their natural environment, whether it’s swans drifting along the lakeside with their newborn cygnets, blue tits darting from one tree to another, or a kestrel hovering patiently over a patch of bracken, it creates a beautiful harmony, which is wonderful to experience.

2. Taxing yet relaxing Even if you do your wildlife observation in a bird hide, you will be spending a lot of time waiting, listening intently and straining your eyes and ears. Add walking around to that and it may seem like a lot of work for little gain. Yet this is all good physical exercise and afterwards you will definitely feel more relaxed for having spent some time outdoors. If you find going for a walk boring but you know you ought to to keep fit, why not also use the time to count the different kinds of bird you see?


Bird watching is cool 3. Anyone can do it One of the great things about this birdwatching lark is that all you really need - aside from the ability to walk - is the desire to give it a go. Binoculars and bird guides are very much optional; you don’t have to take it that seriously. I was really impressed on the bird walk by the variety of people who came along. It wasn’t just old people, honestly. Events like these can provide unequalled opportunities to meet a range of people.

4. Learn together Teamwork, like bird watching, is an unappetizing word for many of us, probably due to its overuse in the professional world. This is a shame as working with others is rewarding for all involved. Because birdwatching is so easy to do, you can invite whoever you want along and, as long as each person is willing to try, it’s great fun for everyone. Having spent time together and shared a common experience, your friendships will grow deeper too.

5. You never know Like the other social activities we enjoy most, birdwatching has a constant element of surprise attached to it. This is amplified by the immense variety of birds you could potentially see in a park or nature reserve. The feeling of expectation drives you to keep going, even when you go a while without seeing anything interesting. Birds can be a bit unpredictable in the way they move around and fly, so there’s a good chance your patience will be rewarded!

Right on our doorstep are the London Wetland Centre and Richmond Park, two quite different green spaces where you can see a whole host of bird species in action. So join the revolution. Spread your wings a little. Fly the nest of popular belief and stereotype. Go birdwatching! (And sorry for all the puns.) Nicholas Dawson 21


Needles Different colours of thread Fabric/ribbon of your choice Safety pins

Where has this year gone?! How on Earth is it nearly Christmas?! Why am I constantly surprised when this time of year rolls around again?! Anyway, enough of me panicking about the fact that it’s four weeks til the big day, I’m here to help you through the fashion challenges that this festive season can present. Obviously, at this time of year there are loads of parties going on, whether it be the office Christmas shindig or a meet up with friends who you haven’t seen in ages, and inevitably this brings up the age-old question of “What do I wear??” Personally I don’t mind if someone turns up in the same outfit as me; my fellow colleagues will tell you that myself and the lovely Gemma Foley have an unhealthy obsession with Topshop and have been known to wear the EXACT same thing to the office on the same day....there is photographic evidence if you care to look it up! However, I know that a lot of you ladies would be mortified if you rocked up to a party in the same outfit as another girl so I’m here to help prevent this fashion faux pas. All you need to do is have a rummage through your wardrobe and find items that, with a little bit of love and attention, could be made into a whole new outfit, perfect for the festive season. Once you’ve found these items, get down to your nearest fabric shop (I took a trip to Fabric Land in Kingston) and pick out things that you like the look of to revive your old items. This can be as inexpensive or as expensive as


you want to make it – I do have a tendency to get carried away – but maybe take a designated amount of cash with you so you’re not tempted to go over budget! (pic 1) The items I chose to customise were a pair of plain black court shoes, a denim skater style dress, a black fedora hat and a plain cream jumper. (pic 2) I started off with the shoes. I’d had a pair of purple flat pumps from Primark that I hadn’t worn in ages but I didn’t want to get rid of as they had a couple of really cute bows on the front that I felt deserved saving! I cut these off and with just a dap of super glue, they are now proudly sitting on the toe of my black court shoes. Easy! The next item I chose was my black fedora hat. This was simply transformed with a ribbon of plaited black and gold glitter strands and was just tied around the hat and secured in place with a couple of stitches. It literally took me minutes and anyone can do it! (pic 3) Tartan is having a moment this season so I couldn’t ignore this when customising my denim dress. The dress already had a little pocked on the front so I decided to cut some tartan fabric to fit the size of the pocket and sew it in place. Next I took a couple of studs that I picked up from River Island a few months ago and placed six around the collar. Done. Now, what would a Christmas Party be without a Christmas jumper?! I wanted to keep my design simple and opted for a line of presents




with gold ribbon around them. I chose two different fabrics for the presents and cut each fabric into squares. I then sewed the gold ribbon onto the front of each and made a bow that I then sewed to the top. Ladies, here’s a tip....if you have some serious boobies I recommend putting the jumper on first and pinning the presents (carefully!) to the top, otherwise your lovely lady lumps will stretch out the fabric and your neat line of perfectly placed presents will suddenly become spread apart and look a little awkward! So there you have it! Now you know how easy it is to make something really unique there’s no excuse and you’ll never end up in the same outfit as anyone else (although I can’t promise that myself and Gemma won’t come to work dressed the same again!)


Merry Christmas! 23


In Summer 2014, RSU is introducing the first annual volunteering trip abroad!

has an accessible market for local food supplies, an accessible medical facility and access to public transport within one hour’s walking distance to the nearest town.

This is an incredible life changing opportunity to live and volunteer in Africa for seven weeks.

There is a mid-placement break for three nights away from the village in the middle of the project, and a one day debrief at the end of the project in Jinja. There is also the option of going rafting and on a three day safari at the end of the placement.

We are working in collaboration with the charity Little Big Africa who have been hosting international volunteers from UK universities for nine years, each year recruiting more volunteers to deliver life changing work abroad. The trip we have organised will consist of five components, which will be implemented throughout the seven weeks, including all inclusive training in Africa. Volunteers will be taking part in many different activities including constructing a water tank and protecting a water source, teaching WASH (a sanitation programme) in schools and sensitizing the community to WASH, and training the community in fuel efficient stoves. Roehampton volunteers will live within the community and have unlimited access to their local community for both work and to socialise alongside. Volunteers, in their groups, will have a house provided for them in and by the community. LBA ensure every placement


This is such an exciting trip, not only will the Volunteers lives be changed but a whole community will remember and live better because of the work our volunteers are doing. There are only six places available this year, and we hope to have these filled by Christmas so that fundraising and training can begin in January. If you are interested in the trip, want to know more, or even donate then please email blaize.donoghue@

BOOK REVIEW Book Review: Londoners: The Days and Nights of London Now- As Told By Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It, Left It and Long For It. by Craig Taylor. The other day I was on the bus thinking that I would like to find a new book to read. I did not know exactly what I wanted to get, so I checked the list of recent bestsellers in the UK. I did not feel inspired. That is when the answer suddenly appeared. Right next to me was sitting a young man, who was reading a colourful book. All I could see at that point of time was just a pretty, colourful cover. Even though I know that it is unusual to start talking to a stranger on the bus out of the blue, I decided to take my chance. He was right next to me, after all, and I just could not miss my opportunity to ask him about the book he was reading. At first he looked at me strangely and then asked if I were a foreigner myself. I immediately replied that I am and so he told me: “Then you should definitely read this book�. Now this is what I am going to tell those who have not read Londoners by Craig Taylor. This book is about all kinds of real life stories from people who have had any kind of experience in London. The stories are very different, as well as told by people from different backgrounds and areas of interests. I believe that this book is useful to read for anyone who would like to find out more about the inner London way of life, as well as the cultural side of it. I wish I read this book before I arrived to London, as it would help me to know a little bit more, but experience comes with practice and I do not regret anything. I absolutely loved this book. It is very well written and it feels as if the author is talking directly to the reader and the stories that are shared are written in an engaging manner that makes you feel as if you are a part of it all. It is nice to read a variety of stories and see different perspectives. London does not change every second, it is the way each of us sees it that changes depending on our experience and the feelings we have when thinking of this capital. The cover is made so that each colour of London Tube Lines is demonstrated to us separately and I would say it is one of the first associations that comes to our minds when thinking of the London Underground. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that this book got good reviews from people who know what they are talking about, such as The Guardian and The Times. Overall, I am quite sure anyone should enjoy this book without any doubt. It is a light read: no hard thinking and constant analysis needed, just pure pleasure when reading it. So do not hesitate, just go and buy Londoners now if you are a born-Londoner or a foreigner and you will not regret it. 25

I thought I would never go to the Live at the Apollo for free. I was so eager that my friends and I tried twice to get in. Live at the Apollo was held at the famous Hammersmith Apollo and the first time I managed to get tickets for the show was a failure. We did not realise that you had to queue early in order to glitch onto any seats. As typical students, my friends and I lost track of time in good old JD Wetherspoons and for over two hours we waited outside the Hammersmith Apollo and we were refused entry as they allocate more tickets than seats. My friends were not happy bunnies! A day later, I checked my email and it stated you could get any tickets to any show. BAM! I saw Live at the Apollo and I quickly called and secured the tickets. This time, we were ready and set to laugh to a joke-a-thon. The bonus was sitting next to all the celebrities! From Laura Whitmore to Denise van Outen to Billy Mitchell from Eastenders.


We sat in our seats, absorbing all the lights and music and cameras, waiting for the comedians to set off. No one knew who the line up was, so it was very tense finding out. This year was a Christmas special, so the comedians were; Eddie Izzard, Trevor Noah, Josh Widdicombe, Marcus Brigstocke with Sean Lock hosting. All the comedians, had their own slot and it was exciting to guess who was on next. There were so many jokes and laughter you could feel the laughter through the roof. The comedian’s jokes were always on spot every time, there were never any awkward silences. My favourite comedian was Trevor Noah, who was from South Africa, with his wit, charm and exceptional knowledge of Zulu (clicking accent). He made me laugh and cry like never before. However, it was an exciting time to watch Live at the Apollo, with the celebrities surrounding you and you quickly take as many pictures in between intervals. One joke I had to do just out of boredom, was sticking my tongue out whenever Denise van Outen and her celeb friends were taking a pictures. Warning, if you are thinking of going, you must queue super duper early, apply super duper early and eat super duper early. I learnt that now and I will never forget! As it is a free event, I would recommend applying for the next shows, it’s local too. Meera Mistry

Album Review: Pure Heroine - Lorde Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor)’s newly released album Pure Heroine is introducing the world to her unique sound of life’s riches. She is from Nowheresville in New Zealand and is strutting her maturity at the tender age of 16, with her powerful voice and teenage swagger. The image portrayed in Pure Heroine is one of the entanglement of pop and attitude with fabricating vintage-feel, which is abundant in her single ‘Royals’. She managed to take herself from suburbia to the top number one spot on The Official UK Charts back in October 2013. But for debut album Pure Heroine, it’s vital not to get caught up with the fact that Lorde is still young and thriving for success. Hence, this album is not always justifiable as worthy but with her passion, it is a certainty that she will make her way through the music business. There are 10 tracks with three released singles ‘Team’, ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Royals’. Lorde is in the internet and social network-orientated generation which will reflect upon her lyrics. As she remarks over a background of canned chatter on ‘A World Alone’: “The people are talking, the people are talking… we’re dancing in the world alone”. It is a poignant line that could be a reference to the realms of the social world and how it suffocates her. Similar is ‘Royals’ itself. As Lorde lists items that define young Hollywood

(“gold teeth, Grey Goose, Cristal, Maybach”) she shrugs them off, resisting the Miley Cyrus extravagant lifestyle often led by aspiring popstars. Unlike Miley, Lorde has created something organic and with a vintage feel. She wrote and produced Pure Heroine while “killing time”, as though making an album was interchangeable with true edits from herself. It’s an admirable approach, but maybe a flawed one, because Lorde has only stood for one musical idea and has not explored other themes. Every track here follows the similar feel over monotonous halfhearted rhythms, her vocals never lifting beyond a murmur with most of the lyrics closing to the same conclusion: she’s stuck in the same emotion. It’s ironic that Lorde’s dead beats have seen her compared with Lana Del Rey, since Lana has tried far harder to become famous. Lorde has spent so much time avoiding the usual pop sensation approach that, unfortunately, this may have left her album to dry out. Meera Mistry 27

A Christmas tale The story of why I believe in Santa Claus

We have all been to Santa’s grotto – in a shopping mall, in Winter Wonderland, in our local park, in someplace or another. For example, I first met Santa when one of my parents’ friends put on a cheap costume and a fake beard and gave out chocolate chip cookies from a bag. That’s something too. But the real deal is in Finland, quite specifically, Rovaniemi in Lapland – the real home of Santa. And when I say real, I mean the real deal. If you Google the town, even they will boast right away: “The official hometown of Santa Claus”. Rovaniemi lies on the Arctic Circle, and you can actually step over the line if you feel like it. (I felt like it, and I did – certainly recommended). I visited the town in 2006 for a two-day Christmas-spiced adventure, and I immediately knew that if I had kids, and if they were good enough all year, this is where I would reward them. First of all the snow… The snow is enormous. On arrival, we were actually given snow jackets (they didn’t trust the ones we brought with us) and boots so that we could move around. At Christmas time, it is also dark pretty much all day. It might sound like it’s depressing, but when the whole town is dripping with Christmas spirit, it actually just contributes to the atmosphere. I visited in December, which was possibly the best time to do so. The whole town was swimming in Christmas decorations; all the streets were lit up and there were different markets on all the squares. Rovaniemi in itself is quite a small town – but then again, the fact that it’s small might just help with keeping up its reputation of being the “Christmas village”. The Santa Claus Village (which is, let’s face it, the real reason for anyone’s visit to Rovaniemi) lies just outside the city – and if you think Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is the ultimate experience, think again. Here you will find an actual village of Christmas – the “factory”, the visiting house, the post office, and the shops selling things Hyde Park can only dream of. Santa’s “grotto” lies in the middle of the settlement. It is a huge building, fully decorated all over on the inside with over-sized furniture, toys and giant candy canes. Santa’s room has a massive Christmas tree and some oversized armchairs for the visitors and once I 28

a christmas tale went in, I really didn’t feel like leaving. Santa Claus has a real beard. Now that’s something. It was a great, white, bushy beard and I say from experience that it was not fake. He also had a smile that most mall-Santas only dream of; in fact, everything there seems so un-fake that whether he travels around the world in one night or not really doesn’t matter anymore. Everything smells like Christmas – it is as if they kept a cup of steaming hot chocolate under your nose for the whole time of your visit. Santa was very nice – when I mentioned my home country, he immediately remembered Hungaroring and goulash, and that really is something coming from a man who is 1337 miles away from Budapest. To add to the wonders, I consumed lunch in a massive tent in the village – served by an old elf who cooked my salmon and blackcurrant tea on an open fireplace. The smell in there was incredible. The food was served on a rustic wooden plate with a rustic wooden fork, and the quiet Christmas music playing in the village buzzed through the leather walls. I walked around for hours – they had everything from honeycomb-covered gingerbread and bright toffee apples to vintage toys and stuffed animals. You could actually hear silver bells on every corner. Now I know what some of you might think: I have fallen for yet another trick of the enormously consumer-driven society – I have been brain washed! And I would call you non-believers. It may be so that Rovaniemi is almost entirely dependent on the income gained from the huge groups of tourists visiting Santa (even in spring, they’re always packed!); but the fact that they can solely depend on this income surely gives away something of its magic. It is not often that a place can get atmosphere so right. I visited Lapland in 2006 – and here I am in 2013, wishing I would have a reason (and the money) to visit again, just so I can feel like a kid again, if only for a little while. Don’t forget about Rovaniemi – go and visit if you get the chance. Just a warning though: there is a good chance you’ll become a Christmas maniac like me, who starts the season in early November. But that’s just a side effect. The experience is worth it.

Santa Village, rovaniemi 29

Young Kato: Interview After two years of perfecting their sound, Cheltenham band Young Kato are ready to release their currently unnamed debut album. Completed and now set for release in 2014, I met with the boys before their London show in Dingwalls Camden to discuss how everything is going. With an appearance on ‘Played in Chelsea’ and working with producer Dan GrechMarguerat (Lana Del Ray, Bastille, The Vaccines) this indie-pop six-piece are something to keep an eye on in 2014. Tommy Wright (Vocals) & Joe Green (Guitar)


How did the band get together? Joe: Jack and Sam who play guitar and drums are step-brothers, and it’s like two groups of friends joined together because we all play instruments. Jack and Sam basically thought why not put a band together?

Does Cheltenham have a music scene? Tommy: No not at all, there’s no sound coming out of Cheltenham, so I think we’ve done quite well to break away from that. There are a few good bands in Cheltenham but no real driven sound to come out from there. Joe: Cheltenham is a nice area. It’s natural for us to get away, get out, but that’s just because we want to progress as a band.

2013 is coming to a close. What’s been happening this year for Young Kato? Tommy: Our first album is finished! We’ve been recording in Shoreditch and Bermondsey, like half and half. Now that it’s all finished it’s good that we can look into it and choose the next single. It’s really exciting and it sounds better than we actually could have dreamt of so I’m really happy with it.

Now you’re finished recording the album, what can you say about it? Joe: We currently haven’t named the album and we’re working on the album artwork next week. As it stands we have 11 songs we’re really proud of that we’ve put together which will be the finished product. Seeing how things go we might release an EP before the album. Tommy: We have actually re-recorded a few of our songs from way back in the past. We really tore the songs apart and thought about everything, every layer of sound. Recreated they now sound twice as good.

How was working with renowned producer Dan Grech-Marguerat? Tommy: Doing the album with Dan Grech was amazing. Joe: We were kind of shocked he wanted to work with us in the first place; he was on top of our wish list! We had a few meetings with him just to talk about our songs and stuff and then we were like ‘right let’s do it!’ It didn’t sort of feel real until like first day of going into the studio starting on making the album. The whole process was amazing, I just can’t wait to get it out there. It’s so early days, we’ve literally just finished recording and I just want people to hear it.

Do you think working with Dan may have raised fans expectations for the album? Tommy: I think that’s good though. We didn’t actually think about that until you just mentioned it but I’m glad it will raise people’s expectations. Our label (BMG) in fact said to us they were absolutely shocked and so pleased with it, which makes us want to get it out there even more!

music review Joe: We’ve been very very lucky with some of the opportunities we have had. Platforms such as featuring on ‘Played In Chelsea’ Tommy: The reason why I watch Made In Chelsea is the music, they pride themselves on showcasing new music. One of my favourite bands Zulu Winter also featured, it’s a great platform for live music and hopefully this will make people want to go to gigs more. I’ve supported Chelsea FC since I was little and we actually got to play at Stamford Bridge for the PIC gig so me and Joe snuck into the stadium and got kicked out but at least I got to have a look. I was really chuffed we were played on the FA Cup Highlights too.

Best Young Kato gig of the year? Joe: We played The Great Escape Festival in Brighton with Tribes, The 1975 and China Rats, who are really cool as well. It was in this ballroom, hall sort of thing, really weird venue but it was packed out and the crowd were loving it. It’s a great festival, definitely best show I reckon. Tommy: Mine would probably be London, last time we played here. We were playing in the Islington O2 and as we were walking into sound check there were 40 year old men touting tickets which was new. The gig went perfectly so I’d say it was one of my favourites. You covered Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith- La La La. Are there any other artists you’ve thought of covering? Joe: Maybe Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Tommy: Yeah she’s rad.

What plans do Young Kato have for 2014? Tommy: The album will be out so we need to do our best in the early term to push it as much as possible. Ideally we’ll have support tours and hopefully be on every festival humanly possible, we don’t care we’ll do the gruelling, we enjoy playing our music and just want to push things as much as we can. Alexandra Brook

To be at this point in your careers 2 years on in such a competitive industry is very impressive. 31


NEWS FLASH CALLING ALL FRESHERS Will you be looking for accommodation off-campus for 2014/15? Come to one of the talks below to find out what you need to do to prepare for living offcampus. Maxina Pattison, your off-campus accommodation officer will explain all your options, including the safest methods to find accommodation. She will give you lots of tips to get you prepared and lots of advice on how to avoid rogue landlords and high costs from the Letting Agents. The talk will last for approx.. 30 minutes and then a Q&A session at the end. Make sure you get the information you need.

DIGBY CHAPEL - Monday 25th November 2013 1pm-2pm PORTRAIT ROOM, FROEBEL – Tuesday 26th November 2013 1pm-2pm WILLIAM MORRIS, WHITELANDS – Thursday 28th November 2013 1pm-2pm QV148 CHAPMAN HALL, SOUTHLANDS – Friday 29th November 2013 1pm-2pm Be safe….be smart… attend one of the meetings!

g n i k o o Fresh C a i l e C d n a b o R h w it



Deliciously tas ty cinnamon ca ke with caramelis ed apples If we should assign one flavour to Chri stmas, surely it is to be the taste of cinnamon. And what better way to combine cinnamon than with yummy caramelised apples fresh from the autumn season, maybe you’ll even get your hands on some yummy Growhampton apples? Anyway, this recipe is so simple, and we think mos t of you may already have some of these ingredients stored in your cupboard, so bake away and let your flat be filled with the amazing smell of Christmas! Pre-heat the oven to 150°C. Ingredients: 3 apples (we used organic Granny Smi th apples) cut into wedges 150g butter, room temperature 25g brown sugar (but you can use usual white) 125g white sugar 2 eggs, room temperature 125g plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp cinnamon (although we might have used a tiny bit more) - Put your apple, 25g of the butter and brown sugar into a frying pan and heat up, melting the butter and sugar. Make sure to stir around to cover all the apple. Leave them in the pan until apples are soft (approx. 5min). - Take a 20cm cake pan (but ours wer e 23cm, so no biggie), and cover the bottom part with baking paper. Rub bottom and side s with some butter, so the cake won ’t stick when it’s done. Using a slotted spoon you place the apples in the pan so they cover the entire bottom. Do not throw away the leftover syrup in the frying pan, we’ll use that later. - Mix together sugar and the rest of the butter in a bowl until fluffy. Mix in the eggs. Add flour, baking powder and cinnamon by siftin g it into the mix. Stir gently together until you get a nice dough. Now, pour the dough into the baking pan and spread over the app les as well as you can. This part may be a bit difficult, but don’t worry about getting the dough spread all around to the edge of the cake pan, as the dough will “melt” in the oven and reach the edge part. - Put into the oven, and leave for 30-3 5 minutes. Use a fork to check if the cake is done. Stick the fork into the middle of the cake, if it comes out clean, the cake is done. Leave to cool for about 5 minutes before you tip it over onto a plate. Take your leftover syrup and spread on top of the cake, sprinkle with icing sugar. Serv e with whipped cream, vanilla ice crea m, or just as it is – YUM! MERRY CHRISTMAS! 35

ALL DAY, EVERYDAY Buy One Pizza*, Get One



online code: UNIBONUS Collection or delivery

EAST SHEEN,188 Upper Richmond Road West, SW14 8AN

020 8878 56 56

Opening Hours: 11am - Late 7 days a week. /DominosPizza


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Student ID may be required. *At regular menu price. **Free pizza must be equal or lesser value than the first. Excludes personal pizzas. Minimum delivery £12.50. Not valid with any other offer. See website for full T&C’s.

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