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explore the outer limits! discover remote islands, pristine wilderness and ancient cultures

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Unbound expeditions is dedicated in taking you to many exotic locations that traditional big cruise liners just can’t  reach. For more information, call 1300 898 760 to speak with one of our consultants, email us or visit our website.

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Adventure history & culture | scuba/snorkelling | Wildlife | fishing | photography


cruise guide

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$ 3.9

to the third edition of Cruise Passenger magazine’s annual Adventure Cruise Guide.

explore the outer limits! discover remote islands, pristine wilderness and ancient cultures

AUS $3.95 (inc GST)

It seems like only yesterday I was writing the introduction to the 2009 edition of the Adventure Cruise Guide. It was a year immersed in financial troubles when many cruise companies, large and small, feared for their survival. As time moves on, it seems increasingly clear we have sailed out of the fog of uncertainty and into a whole new world. If the GFC and Copenhagen taught us anything, it’s that we need to pay more attention to our planet and the way we live on it. Respect for the environment and our resources is just one aspect, but how we treat each other is also part of the new equation. This is not supposed to be a sermon, but events have certainly worked towards building more ecologically sensitive travel products, especially ships. Once demonised as monuments to indulgence, big vessels are now built to strict environmental standards. With more and more people wanting to visit pristine environments such as our polar regions, expedition vessels are held to even higher standards. The often misused term ‘ecotourism’ describes ecologically sustainable travel that encourages environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation. In my mind, that makes adventure cruising one of the purest forms of ecotourism around. It is now clear that adventure cruising, despite any lingering economic concerns, is emerging as a stronger force in the wider cruising market. There are more ships, more destinations and more demanding passengers than ever before. And they’re demanding the right stuff: respectful visits to small communities, small footprint vessels, genuine experiences and low-impact shore excursions. If the growth in responsible adventure cruising is a sign of the times, then it’s a good sign. If you are contemplating your first expedition, ask lots of questions and choose your vessel and destination carefully. Talk to agents, talk to friends, do lots of research and, most of all, ENJOY!

Inside 2

10 Island Destinations

We look at some of the world’s most remote islands, which can only be reached by small ship.


The Right Stuff

Essential gear for extreme climates plus a selection of the best cameras on the market.


Into the Unknown

Expedition scouts have the enviable job of finding exciting new places for cruisers.



How the development of icebreakers over the years has made exploring the world’s polar regions a reality.



Check out our quiz to see if adventure cruising is really for you: plus top preparation tips .

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adventure guide

Some of the world’s most fascinating islands can only be reached by ship. Without airports or even bush strips, these remarkable destinations will always be reserved for committed expedition cruisers.


Deception Island, Antarctica (62° 58’S, 60° 39’W)

This collapsed volcanic caldera off the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most talked about islands on any of the southerly itineraries. Dripping in history, wildlife and stunning scenery, the island was home to several countries’ whaling and Antarctic bases until a series of violent eruptions sent them scrambling. After the ship makes the perilous entry through Neptunes Bellows, visitors can stroll around the abandoned base at Whalers Bay or visit the teeming chinstrap penguin colony where 200,000 birds all call at once. Sir Hubert Wilkins and pilot Ben Eielson set off from the narrow volcanic strip to become the first to fly over Antarctica in December 1928. Their hangar still stands. Any visit to Deception Island must be capped off with a swim in the volcanically heated waters at Pendulum Cove. Operators: Peregrine Expeditions, One Ocean, Aurora Expeditions

Remote Island Destinations 2 cruise Passenger Magazine

adventure guide




(28° 43’S, 113° 47’E)

(37° 7’S, 12° 17’W)

(74° 43’N 91° 51’W)

In the middle of a moonlit night on June 4, 1629, the Dutch East Indiaman Batavia struck Morning Reef in the Abrolhos Islands, sparking off one of the most horrific tales of human savagery ever. Many of the 268 survivors, including women and children, were slaughtered by the mutinous and psychopathic Jeronimus Cornelisz, who was plotting a career in piracy. Relics of this spine-chilling chapter of Australia’s early European history can be found today, including several graves on Beacon Island. A cannon still lies in shallow waters where treasure hunters tried in vain to get the heavy souvenir ashore. Wiebbe Hayes’s ‘fort’ still stands on Wallabi Island: Australia’s oldest known European structure. The remains of the wreck, just off Beacon Island in about 5 metres of water, is now a popular dive site.

This unbelievably remote island still attracts the occasional visit by cruise ships. Tiny (78km2) Tristan da Cunha is characterised by its volcanic peak, which rises to just over 2,000 metres, and is 2,800 kilometres from the nearest mainland. A sign proclaiming it the most remote island in the world is the souvenir photo to get. The community of 300 shares just eight surnames and has only recently earned a British postcode, TDCU 1ZZ. The island’s message to intending visitors is hardly inviting: “There are no package tours for independent travellers, no hotels, no airport, no holiday reps, no nightclubs, no restaurants, no jet skis nor safe sea swimming. Nevertheless, Tristan da Cunha is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations for travellers determined to find a special place.” There you have it.

If it weren’t for some odd blips in history, Beechey Island would still be the infinitesimal featureless, uninhabited satellite of its much larger neighbour, Devon Island, in Canada’s Wellington Channel. Some time in 1845, the still-lost English explorer, Sir John Franklin, stopped to winter in the shelter of Beechey Island. Three of his men remained there, a testament to greater events about to unfold. Now a site of territorial historical significance, Beechey Island plays host to Arctic expeditioners seeking to recreate Franklin’s historic, if foolhardy, voyage of disappearance. The amazingly well-preserved body of 21-year-old Petty Officer John Shaw Torrington provided some of the scant clues to the untimely demise of Franklin’s folly. He has since been reburied with his former shipmates.

Operator: North Star Cruises

Operator: Oceanwide Expeditions

Operator: Peregrine Adventures

Beacon Island, Abrolhos Tristan da Cunha, Islands, Western Australia mid-Atlantic

Beechey Island, Canadian Arctic 3

adventure guide




(1° 22’S, 89° 41’W)*

(5° 57’S, 148° 01’E)

(47º 08’ N 152º 15’ E)

The Solomon and Bismarck seas north of Papua New Guinea are flush with gorgeous little islands, each with their own micro-culture, language and flavour. Tuam is situated right on the fork between the Dampier and Vitiaz straits, north of Finschhafen. Because the island is constantly swept by soothing sea breezes, the moving air keeps the island largely free of pesky mosquitoes and the immaculate little village has an unusually high population of senior inhabitants, including two of the last surviving ‘fuzzy wuzzy angels’. Beyond that, the village specialises in energetic and vibrant dance and several champion troupes reside on the island. Visitors are guaranteed a rowdy reception and are advised to bring their dancing shoes, because audience participation is part of the experience!

The former secret Soviet submarine base in Brouton Bay on the northernmost point of the 227.6km2 island has to be one of the most fascinating expedition cruise excursions anywhere in the world. The naturally occurring volcanic caldera created a perfect deep-water base for the USSR’s fleet of submarines, which were engaged in covert patrols during the final stages of the Cold War. Today, the concrete block base, once home to perhaps 3,000 inhabitants until 1994, is an eerie, derelict ghost town set against a backdrop of dramatic volcanic peaks and delicate wildflowers. The Kuril and Commander islands are only now finding their way onto expedition cruise itineraries after being shrouded in secrecy and seclusion for decades, and their native brown bears, whales and an amazing variety of birdlife are major attractions.

Espanola (Hood) Island, Galápagos Islands

Tiny Espanola was named by the Spanish for, you guessed it, Spain. The British also named it after the famous naval man, Samuel Hood. Tucked away in the far south-east corner of the Galápagos Islands group, its isolation was also its salvation as the more northerly younger islands were often visited by hungry seamen, pirates and whalers. Home to a wild cornucopia of birds, seals and marine iguanas, it is one of the must-do stops on any Galápagos island itinerary. Birders will go crazy for the bizarre ritual of the blue-footed booby as well as sighting the majestic, but critically endangered waved albatross. The marine iguana, native to the group, also has a brightly coloured subspecie endemic to the island. Gardner Bay is the popular landing site and is great for diving, snorkelling and swimming. Operator: Ecoventura

4 cruise Passenger Magazine

Simushir Island, Tuam Island, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea Kuril Islands, Russia

Operators: Coral Princess Cruises, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

Operator: Heritage Expeditions

adventure guide



(9° 29’S, 139° 39’W)

(8.55° S 119.45° E)*

Fatu Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia

The second most remote archipelago in the world (next to Hawaii) is the Marquesas. Fatu Hiva is well known as a centre for Marquesan arts and crafts; the village of Omoa on the western coast has one of the largest selections anywhere in the archipelago. Visitors can see men and women demonstrating their crafts including word carving, tapa (bark) cloth making and fabrics. Thor Heyerdahl and his wife spent time in 1937 for the famous book, Fatu Hiva, Back to Nature. Part of the visit includes an optional and challenging hike across the mountain to the delightful little village of Hanavave, possibly one of the most isolated anywhere in the Marquesas. The setting in the picturesque Bay of Virgins is a secret only shared by intrepid yachtsmen. Operator: Compagnie Polynesienne de Transport Maritime (Aranui 3)

Komodo Island, Indonesia On the map, Komodo looks like just another stepping-stone across the archipelago of Indonesia, but… there be dragons! Yes, the Komodo dragon (varanus komodoensis) is the world’s largest living species of lizard - adult males can grow up to three metres long and weigh in at an average 90 kilograms. Think goanna on steroids with bags of attitude. Such is this animal’s fearsome reputation, it is held in mythical status by locals and is treated to sacrificed goats and deer off-cuts to appease its appetite. Ironically, the few thousand residents brave enough to share the island are descendents of convicts once exiled there and have learned to treat the dragon with respect. Still, there are several documented cases of humans falling victim to this savage carnivore. Operator: Orion Expedition Cruises


Macquarie Island, Australia (54° 37’S, 158° 51’E)*

Inhabited by about 20 Australian scientists and support staff, Macquarie (generally known as ‘Macca’) has only featured as a ‘tourist’ destination since adventure vessels heading to the Antarctic started looking for somewhere to break the many days at sea. Geologically attached to New Zealand but administered by Australia, it is halfway to Antarctica from Tasmania. The first residents of the island were fur seals and penguins, which were almost hunted to extinction in the 19th and early 20th centuries and replaced by cats, rats and rabbits. But man’s influence is slowly being reversed. Several varieties of penguins, elephant seals and albatrosses can again be seen on the island, and apart from the wildlife, Macquarie Island is famous for its rocks. Operators: Orion Expedition Cruises, Peregrine Expeditions, Heritage Expeditions

* UNESCO World Heritage Listed 5

adventure guide

The Right Stuff

Taking warm gear for cold places and sun protection for the tropics is essential: here are our tips. The first rule about packing your bag for your next adventure cruise is to consult your agent. They will almost certainly have a detailed packing list with all the essentials for your big trip, so please pay attention to that. Unless you have the gorgeous dark skin of a Melanesian, you’ll need to protect yourself against harsh tropical sun with lots of sunblock and clever clothing. Sun Protection Australia specialise in UPF50+ clothing and headwear for the active outdoor adventurer.

sunshades eyewear North face No place for non-believers, the North Face Heathen for men and women is a light-weight, packable jacket ideal for extended use in merciless environs. Made from GORE-TEX® Pro Shell, this waterproof, breathable, seam-sealed, ultra-light fabric allows expeditioners longer exposure without losing vital body heat. This beauty will set you back $899.95, but others start from just $149.

sun protection

Hat: Adapt-a-cap Flippa. This clever cap can be adjusted to fit several ways, affording you maximum sun protection from both direct and reflected UV. Long-sleeve polo: Breathable, low-maintenance fabric with long cuffs for hand protection. Sandflat pants: lightweight woven nylon, lots of pockets, easily washed and dried.

Your eyes need protecting too. Wrap them in stylish and affordable polarised eyewear. Fish polarised sunglasses are the ultimate glare-free solution, providing maximum protection and comfort. Fiorelli eyewear is the affordable, internationally flavoured fashion solution for women. Sunshades Eyewear; 1300 721 160.

icebreaker In the cooler climes (read: polar regions) layering your clothing is the key to warmth without bulk. Icebreaker pure New Zealand merino undergarments are the bee’s knees and a premium natural alternative to synthetic fleece. Your top layer needs to be wind and rain resistant plus look smart. North Face technical outer wear is the choice of proper adventurers. That’s you, right? 7

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Tough Customers Manufacturers are rising to the challenge of producing splashproof, waterproof and shockproof cameras. Taking any camera on an adventure or expedition cruise is a durability test for you and the device. Expedition leaders have lost count of the trashed cameras they and their passengers have experienced over the years. But the manufacturers are now rising to the challenge with new splashproof, waterproof and shockproof cameras just perfect for your next adventure cruise. Let’s take a look at some of the tough products now available.

highly recommended


Canon PowerShot D10

Olympus Tough 8010


Designed for ‘extreme environments’ and purpose-built, the PowerShot D10 should go straight on your shortlist of camera choices. Apart from being waterproof to 10m (I’ve dived to 12m with one) and drop-proof to 1.2m, it is capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -10˚C. A dizzying range of camera functions including colour correction for underwater and optical stabilisation, this device could well serve as your prime camera. The only limitation I could find was the 3x optical (35-105 equiv.) zoom which will limit your wildlife opportunities. Features: Drop-proof, waterproof, ISO 80-1600, 12 megapixels, image stabilisation, VGA video with sound. RRP: $599

Another submersible camera, the recently released Tough 8010 will also dive to 10m and take a 2m drop at -10˚C. It is more compact that the Canon and comes in handy size for packing and pockets, although the smooth, shiny surface may start to look scratchy if you knock it about. Image quality is good, although critics side with the Canon for outright quality. The cheaper sister model, 6010, is rated to 3m and 1.5m drop. Features: 5x optical zoom, drop-proof 2m, crushproof (100kg), waterproof 10m, image stabilisation, 12 megapixels, ISO 64-1600, VGA video with sound. RRP: 8010 for $499 and 6010 for $399

What’s the other arch enemy of the camera besides water? Answer: Dropping it. It goes without saying that you should always use a wrist or neck strap to secure your camera and don’t leave it in places where it can fall, slide or topple. Enter Gorillapod, the flexible and creative solution for hands-free camera work. You’ve seen folks struggle with tripods and maybe even seen the sickening results of a fallen one. Gorillapod secures your camera on rough, uneven surfaces or even to a tree branch or fence post. Features: Comes in four sizes from pocket snappy to heavy duty (5kg) and light for easy stowage. From $29.

dryfoto camera cover To make use of your current pocket digital camera, there are ingenious ways of protecting it from dust and splashes without wrapping it in a garbage bag. One is the Dryfoto camera cover that allows you to use virtually any compact digital camera up to 6m underwater. Easys fit. Practical. Dirt cheap. RRP: $35 Keep up to date with digital camera developments at: 9

adventure guide

Into the Unknown Expanding the horizon of expedition cruising Expedition scouts have the enviable job of finding exciting new destinations for adventure cruisers.


he appetite for adventure cruising is now almost insatiable. Once ‘hooked’, expedition cruisers devour new destinations and experiences like ravenous creatures. Just as cruise lines go to great lengths to create gastronomic delights for their guests, adventure cruise companies are continually on the search for new and exciting destinations to satisfy the other cravings. Some destinations such as the Kimberley and Great Barrier Reef will be perennial favourites and serve to ‘capture’ new fans for small-ship exploration. As these iconic locations generate new adventurers, what, then, is there for the diehards and those well down their tick-list of places to visit? Enter the adventure cruise location scouts. Given that every nook and cranny of Australia’s coast has been explored, our favourite adventure cruise operators are now reaching out to our near neighbours for inspiration. West Papua, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Zealand and even the Philippines and Micronesia are falling under the gaze of the ever-alert scouts. Rollicking Justin Friend is Expedition Coordinator for Sarina Bratton’s Orion Expedition Cruises, and is charged with scouring this part of the globe for new and enriching locations to satisfy Sarina’s growing legion of Orion fans. Following Justin on Facebook is a bit like tracking a modern day Phileas Fogg, complete with images and video, as he ploughs through jungles in a 4x4 or flies over deserted islands by helicopter. “Papua New Guinea isn’t such a challenge anymore,” says Justin, who speaks fluent pidgin English. “It’s when we get further up north into Borneo and Malaysia that things get interesting. “The concept of expedition cruising is completely foreign to the government officers often assigned to assist me. They always ask: ‘Why you want to go there? There’s nothing. Why you don’t go here (where all the resort complexes are)?’ It takes some explaining. Sarina used to ask me: ‘Why does it take a week to organise one shore excursion?’ She understands now!” Justin has certainly been the busiest of the scouts, having just returned from the Andaman Sea, Vietnam and Borneo 10 cruise Passenger Magazine

“I’ll always remember what a wild place PNG was back then,” recalls Tony, “Of course, so much has changed, but the ‘off the beaten track’ essence of the place hasn’t.” Tony Briggs, founder and managing director of Coral Princess Cruises

among other (for now, secret) locations. Expect to see some exciting new destinations from Orion and Orion II for 2011. Tony Briggs, founder and managing director of Coral Princess Cruises, takes a personal interest in the itineraries of his vessels. When the flagship, Oceanic Discoverer, was first planned in 2002 Tony was already in Papua New Guinea (PNG) scouting potential landing sites in the Trobriand Islands, Madang, Rabaul and the Sepik region and all along the north coast of the island in anticipation. Many years ago, Tony worked in PNG driving trucks and skippering small boats among the islands, so his belief that the destination was ideal for adventure cruising was well founded. “I’ll always remember what a wild place PNG was back then,” recalls Tony. “Of course, so much has changed, but the ‘off the beaten track’ essence of the place hasn’t.

I worked with some local operators and also the government tourism office and visited many villages and islands that had never seen a tourist. Happily, we all came together and made it happen.” Famously hands-on, Tony and his wife, Vicky (who is also the company co-director), plus senior Coral Princess management and VIP guests were on board for the inaugural voyage in 2005. It was a slow but exciting start and now every departure is either wait-listed or fully chartered by allied operators such as Aurora Expeditions. “It was relatively easy to expand the itineraries to the rest of Melanesia, although everything has its challenges,” continues Tony, “Four years on and the adventure cruising public now really embrace our own brand of expedition travel in Melanesia.” Tony proudly reminds us that it was Coral Princess Cruises that opened PNG to this new type of adventure cruising, certainly on such a regular basis from Australia. Now North Star Cruises and Orion conduct their own sell-out itineraries, further expanding the region. Broome-based North Star Cruises has concentrated on home turf for nearly a quarter of a century, but with its growing loyal following, it was natural to expand its offerings.

Owner and founder Craig Howson likes to personally select new destinations for True North, the company’s boutique, 36-passenger luxury motor yacht. These now include almost everything from Broome, West Papua, PNG, the Solomon Islands and Sydney, where they hang out over New Year. “Traditionally we’ve had a higher level of activity to the some of the other ships with scuba diving, full-on fishing and some half-decent trekking, so I started to think about places that fitted our customers’ desires,” said Craig. “My mate Gerry (Dr Gerry Allen, acclaimed marine scientist) helped me identify some fantastic sites between West Papua and the Solomon Islands. Gerry also introduced me to Mark Erdmann (another accomplished marine scientist) and it just took off. We all went over and checked out these places firsthand and I made a shortlist. West Papua was a place that just blew me away.” With our big three of adventure cruising constantly pushing the boundaries and trying hard to outdo each other, the pay-off for adventure cruisers means big dividends. While each appeals to a slightly different market, the common denominator remains: to go where the big ships don’t, in pursuit of genuine and rewarding experiences for a special type of cruising fan.

Above: Orion Expedition Cruises’ Justin Friend employs some ‘jungle diplomacy’ in his dealings with PNG villagers. Above left: Useful gifts are always part of the ‘cultural exchange’. Here Justin presents Solomon Islanders with clothing, school materials, first aid and household items. 11

adventure guide


Crushing the boundaries of exploration How the development of icebreakers over the years has made exploring the world’s frozen polar regions a reality.


rctic explorers began their northerly quest some five centuries ago in search of supposed riches beyond the ice, and the hazards were numerous and often catastrophic. The pursuit of the fabled Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific brought numerous navigators and explorers undone as they pushed deeper into the frozen wilderness above what is now Canada. Our own Captain James Cook was one forced back by the impenetrable ice. But perhaps the most celebrated failure, that of Sir John Franklin in 1845, saw two ships and the entire complement of 129 men vanish forever. Navigating the treacherous ice pack was an arduous task even for the most skilled seamen. When the ice closed in around their ship, men went out onto the ice and physically cut it with huge saws, while others dragged the ship through the tiny passage like mules. Progress was painfully slow and if the currents were unfavourable, the ice would carry them backwards despite their efforts. The greatest danger was for a ship to be completely entrapped. The best-known example is certainly Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914-16 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, where the Endurance was beset for 281 days in the ice before finally being crushed by the enormous lateral pressure of the frozen ocean. Despite a special, ice-strengthened design, the forces of nature prevailed over man’s insignificant craft. 12 cruise Passenger Magazine

Shackleton’s Endurance, perhaps the strongest wooden ship ever built, was only powered by an inadequate 350hp steam engine – patently insufficient to force her 350-ton hull through the thick Antarctic ice. Russian Breakthrough Commerce, conflict and the thirst for discovery fuelled the need for ships capable of not only withstanding the enormous forces of the shifting ice, but to actually crash through it and create a channel for following vessels. Russia made the first use of an icebreaker when the rudimentary, steam-powered Pilot was used to clear shipping lanes between St Petersburg and the nearby naval base at Kronstadt, where she was built in 1864. Russia then introduced the world’s first true icebreaker, Yermak. On her 1899 maiden voyage, she astounded the maritime community by immediately setting a new northernmost record for a ship when she explored to 81 deg 21’N. Yermak gained hero status when she freed an icebound Russian battleship and, while on the same mission, rescued 50 stranded Finnish fisherman from an ice floe. Russia then added the world’s first ‘linear’ icebreaker to her fleet, the 100-metre, 8,750-ton Krasin, which became the world’s most powerful icebreaker. She gained worldwide attention in 1928 when she rescued General Umberto Nobile

adventure guide

and his crew from the crashed the airship, Italia, at 82 deg above Spitsbergen on their return journey from the North Pole. Today, Krasin is a museum ship in St Petersburg. In 1975, Russia launched the world’s most ambitious icebreaker to date, the 150-metre Arktika. Two 160-ton nuclear reactors power steam turbines driving six electric generators providing an unprecedented 75,000hp (max) to three fixed-pitch propellers. Her displacement is 23,455 tons. In an impressive demonstration, Arktika became the first surface vessel to reach the North Pole on August 17, 1977. The journey took a week from her home port of Murmansk, although she could have kept going for another five years before refuelling. Four sister vessels were constructed over the subsequent 10 years; the last was 50 Let Pobedy, which was launched in 2007. It is this vessel that now operates the annual North Pole expeditions. Opening the adventure travel market At the time of Yamal’s launch, the Russian icebreaker fleet was in disarray. Previously part of a Soviet government program, they now had to pay for themselves and, soon began carrying Western adventurers to unheard-of destinations, including the North Pole. Ironically, the sudden availability of the world’s most capable fleet of icebreakers for free-market commercial use exploded forever the adventure travel market. Voyages to the far reaches of Antarctica, the fabled Northwest Passage and the North Pole are commonplace today. In 1991, Dennis Collaton, co-founder of Adventure Associates, was one of the first to take such a voyage and recognise the potential. “I walked out onto the deserted shore of the New Siberian Islands with some of the crew of the Sovetskiy Soyuz and there on the beach was the most enormous woolly mammoth tusk. No-one could lift it. It was a struggle just to get it upright,” recalls Collaton. “It was then that I realised how incredibly special these remote destinations were and that icebreakers were going to be very influential in opening up new regions for adventure tourism.” He was right. Now thousands of modern travellers experience the life-changing thrill of a voyage to the polar extremes aboard one of these extraordinary and powerful vessels.

Did you know? Because nuclear icebreakers require the cold arctic waters for cooling the reactors, they cannot cross into the tropics. Hence, they will never operate in the Antarctic. 13

Adventure Quiz

Are You an Adventure Cruiser?

Are you still debating whether expedition cruising is for you? It’s true that the small ship and remote destination-style of sea-borne life does not appeal to everyone. After all, there are ports with no shopping malls or fast food restaurants or sometimes even proper port facilities. Often a shore excursion involves a rough ride in a Zodiac with the occasional wave spraying you, only to arrive at a stony beach where you have to climb out and wade ashore. Heavens!

Take this quick quiz to see if it’s for you… 1. I can’t travel on board a ship unless it has: a) nightly Las Vegas-style entertainment b) 24-hour all-you-can-eat buffet c) lecturers telling me about destination history, culture and wildlife 2. When I go ashore, I go straight to: a) a souvenir shop to buy T-shirts and trinkets b) the penguin rookery to see what all the fuss is about c) wherever the tour guide with the whistle and yellow flag tells me to go 3. I like meeting people who: a) engage me in stimulating, intelligent conversation b) share my interests and hobbies c) don’t push in at the dessert bar 4. When I pack for my cruise, I always include: a) my best sequined ballgown or tuxedo b) thongs, stubbies and singlet c) wide-brimmed hat, sturdy shoes and reef walkers 5. I get nervous or unsettled when: a) the next shore excursion could be delayed due to weather b) the soft-serve ice cream machine is out of order c) my favourite deckchair is taken 14 cruise Passenger Magazine

6. I get excited when: a) the soft-serve ice cream machine is fixed b) a giant manta ray brushes past me as I’m snorkelling c) it’s my turn with the gentleman host 7. I’m disappointed when: a) my photo of the nesting albatross only shows the chick’s bottom b) waves don’t break over the bow in the Drake Passage c) it’s Sunday and the souvenir shop is closed 8. At home, the first thing I tell friends about my cruise is: a) how many courses in the reservation-only restaurant b) about the cute guy/girl I met in the disco c) I saw two rare wandering albatross in a mating dance 9. When planning my next cruise, I always look for: a) destinations with big bustling cities b) the cheapest possible fare c) lots of shore excursions in places I’ve never been 10. My hero in history is: a) Captain Cook b) Sir Douglas Mawson c) Wally Lewis

Beginner’s guide

preparation is the key n Don’t take ex pens

ive sunglasses an a spare pair. Stur d take dy, polarised, pla stic ones that float are be st. n Don’t undere stimate the tropic al sun. Over-protect yo urself with wide hat, high collar and long sle eves. Slap on su nscreen to all exposed sk in. n In tenders alw ays expect spray splashes. Wrap yo and ur camera or us e a casing. n Seasickness ta blets. If you have them you won’t need them.

Do Your Research

So you’ve decided to take your first adventure cruise. Where to go? What to take? Read this first. 1. Read your adventure cruise line’s packing list They know what they’re talking about. The list will include some critical and some optional items that will enhance your adventure and increase your enjoyment. Important items to look for include: gumboots – are they supplied or BYO?; parkas – some premium cruises will include a deluxe souvenir parka ideal for the destination; thermal underwear for Antarctica – don’t leave home without it.

Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. 10

a)1 a)1 a)5 a)1 a)5 a)1 a)5 a)1 a)1 a)5

b)1 b)5 b)5 b)1 b)1 b)5 b)5 b)1 b)1 b)5

c)5 c)1 c)1 c)5 c)1 c)1 c)1 c)5 c)5 c)1

40-50: You are without doubt an adventure cruiser. Congratulations! 16-39: You’re on the fence and might just need a nudge. Give it a go, ease into it.

“A giant manta ray brushes past me as I’m snorkelling”

10-15: Nope, adventure cruising is not for you. Back to your deckchair.

2. Study your destination Okay, you don’t have to write a thesis, but it helps to swot up on some of the flora, fauna, history and cultural aspects of your destination. You’ll find you’ll enjoy the experience even more when you understand the significance of the important sites and sightings. You can join in the dinner table conversation or at least know which questions to ask – and don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Pay attention to all safety briefings Yes, there have been a couple of incidents with expedition ships and it is critical that you know evacuation procedures, how to use a life jacket and where your muster station is. If you panic, you’ll endanger yourself and others. Other tips: When getting in and out of tenders don’t hold hands – hold arms. Use a strong 'monkey grip' and offer your whole arm to a crew member assisting you. Imagine two wet hands trying to cling together. It doesn’t work.

4. Leave your fastidious, punctual, inflexible self behind Expedition cruising is all about the unexpected and if you’re going to get upset if landings are deferred or even cancelled because of ice, tides or weather, then you’re in for a rotten time. The best expedition leaders always have a fallback plan, so stay alert for updates. 15

adventure guide

Adventure cruising regions around the world

the arctic, canada/alaska

The rush is on to see the vanishing Arctic landscapes and threatened wildlife. From Spitsbergen, through Canada to the Russian Far East and even the North Pole.


Vancouver QuĂŠbec

Los Angeles

New York


EUROPE/mediterranean/ north africa

The cradle of Western civilisation, the entire region is full of history and legend. Smaller ships offer more intimate experiences.

Atlantic Ocean

Pa c i f i c O c e a n


Amsterdam Paris

Vienna Budapest



A f r i ca


South America

Cruisers to South America usually end up wildlife-watching in the Galapagos or the Amazon, but Patagonia is emerging thanks to its staggering scenery.

South A me r i ca seychelles/madagascar/ indian ocean


The original adventure destination, the Peninsula is a firm favourite now intrepid operators take passengers to the deep south land of the Emperor.

16 cruise Passenger Magazine

The glorious fjords of Norway, remote Scottish Islands and volcanic Iceland are the lands of the Vikings and Norse gods.

E u r ope

CANADA Seattle

baltic/north europe

No longer a region of mystery, these ses are opening up to adventurous cruisers seeking the wildlife and scenic treasures.

adventure guide

far-east russia

Cut off from the world for decades by the USSR, these unexplored lands are drawing more visitors every year as the veil of mystery is lifted.

asia and se asia



The vast coastal and river cruising opportunities in China and Indochina are opening up to those in search of mystic treats.


Rangoon Phnom Penh Ho Chi Minh City

PNG and Melanesia

The lands of magic and sorcery are ready to entrance you. Emerging destinatons like the Solomon Islands and remote Vanuatu are waiting.

Indian Ocean

contents Adventure cruise operators Aranui 3������������������������������������������������������������������������������18 Aurora Expeditions���������������������������������������������������������20 Compagnie du Ponant Cruises����������������������������������22 Coral Princess Cruises���������������������������������������������������24 Cruise West�����������������������������������������������������������������������26 Great Escape Charter Company��������������������������������28 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises�����������������������������������������������������30 Hurtigruten�����������������������������������������������������������������������32 Kimberley to Ocean��������������������������������������������������������34 Odyssey Expeditions������������������������������������������������������36 Orion Expedition Cruises���������������������������������������������38 Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises���������������������������������������������40 Peregrine Adventures����������������������������������������������������42 Silhouette Cruises�����������������������������������������������������������44 Silversea Expeditions�����������������������������������������������������46 Star Clippers���������������������������������������������������������������������48 Tui Tai Expeditions����������������������������������������������������������50 Victoria Cruises����������������������������������������������������������������52 Voyages to Antiquity�����������������������������������������������������54

Legends Use these symbols to help you choose the right cruise history & culture

A u s t r al i a



If Flinders could see us now. The entire Australian coastline from the Kimberley to the Great Barrier Reef is giving up its secrets to adventure cruisers from all over the world.




scuba diving/ snorkelling Photography

NZ and Polynesia

The great Polynesian Triangle has adventure and romance at every turn. Follow the great exploreres and fall under the spell of the South Pacific.

Fishing 17

adventure guide

Aranui Cruises Discover paradise the Aranui way.

Regions operating in

French Polynesia: the Tuamotu and Marquesas Archipelagos

Aranui 3

Cruise in the comfort of this unique Tahitian passenger-freighter

Experience a 14 day soft adventure cruise onboard the Fact file: Aranuimost 3 Aranui Vessels: 3 to the unspoilt Passengers: 200 and remote Islands! Entered Marquesas service: 2003 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: • Dining room • Bar • Saloon lounge • Library • Gym • Pool • Doctor • Expert tour guides


he Marquesas have entranced western explorers, artists, travellers and dreamers for almost 400 years, while the native Polynesians have made it their home for almost 2,000 years. The staggering scenery, fashioned from the Earth’s own fiery ingredients and thrust into the middle of the Pacific Ocean will enthral you. However, the ancient customs, energetic and enthusiastic dancing and magnificent arts and crafts may distract you occasionally as you travel among these remote islands aboard Aranui 3, the most modern and comfortable vessel to ply the combined passenger and freight route here among the six inhabited islands. Just 200 passengers travel aboard Aranui 3, allowing for a personalised experience. You’ll enjoy fresh local produce, fish and seafood as part of your daily dining experience, along with a complimentary bottle of wine for you to share. After your meal, there’s entertainment in the bar when the crew get together with ukuleles and guitars for an evening of singing and dancing. If you are looking for a quieter time, there’s a library, video room and saloon where you can relax with a book or chat with your new-found friends. Your adventure cruise in the Marquesas Islands can be as energetic or as relaxed as you want to make it. The ship’s gym is fitted with walking machines, step machines and bikes as well as basic weights to help you work off the delicious desserts. On board, you will find lectures and guides with information and history on this fascinating destination. There are lectures and seminars scheduled almost every day with experts in their fields to help you to fully enjoy this immersive Polynesian experience.



Three delicious, hearty meals of fresh, local produce are served every day with 24-hour complimentary self-serve tea and coffee in between. The spacious restaurant is free seating, so you can relax and circulate among all your new friends throughout the voyage. When dining on board each table receives a free bottle of wine with lunch and dinner.

There are four distinct standards of accommodation available. The Suite and Deluxe cabins offer queen-size beds and the Standard A cabins are set up as twin- or tripleshare. All cabins are fully air-conditioned and have ensuites. For the more adventurous, there are multiple-share cabins available. Each accommodates up to eight passengers and the bathrooms are shared.

18 cruise Passenger Magazine

Travel in the comfort of this unique custom-built passenger-freighter which caters for 200 passengers with its lounges, bars, swimmingpool, dining-room, boutique shop and 86What’s cabins, fully air-conditioned included in the price: All meals including wine with lunch and all• with outside views. and dinner • All shore excursions • All port, tourist and cruise taxes • Gratuities are totally at your discretion, they are not expected

You will take part in delivering essential supplies to the 6 main Marquesas and 2 Tuamotu islands Contact: Ultimate Cruising some of the while experiencing Phone: 1300 642 943 world’sEmail: remarkable scenery along the way.

The Small Ship People higHlights

Call 1300 662 943 for a free 16 page brochure, DVD and pricing information

The hospitable staff, many of whom have worked with Aranui 3 for years, will introduce you to this paradise and the century-old customs that so fascinated the early explorers, such as Cook and Melville. You’ll be aware of the connections with Paul Gauguin, Robert Louis Stevenson and Jacques Brel, for example, and you will ABN 24 003 026 369 Lic No 2TA 003 131 understand how they became so captivated by the charm of these islands.

Aranui 3 servicing the Marquesas islands

Sculpture on Fatu Hiva island

Crew member Mahalo

Polynesian dancing 19

adventure guide

Aurora Expeditions Travel to the ends of the earth and discover amazing regions with experienced guides and a small group of like-minded travellers. Regions operating in

Spitsbergen, Franz Josef Land, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Kimberley Coast of Australia, Papua New Guinea and Russian Far East


urora Expeditions is one of Australia’s most experienced expedition companies and a pioneer of travel to Antarctica. For nearly two decades the company has taken small groups of travellers to the ends of the earth and has earned a solid reputation for pushing the boundaries of adventure travel. The company philosophy has always been to respectfully take adventurous souls to regions that inspire them, thus creating lifelong ambassadors for the preservation and protection of these precious places. Aurora Expeditions staff are among the best in the industry and a team of naturalists, historians and guides will unlock the mysteries of the incredible environments you visit. The small group numbers on Aurora’s vessels allow passengers to visit areas outside the reach of conventional ships; while Zodiacs allow for exploration of hidden bays and inlets. Aurora Expeditions operates three vessels, all chosen for their manoeuvrability and suitability in waters ranging from those of the Polar regions to the tropics. Aurora Expeditions pioneered activities now accepted as ‘normal’ such as ice diving and camping in Antarctica. For the adventurous types, why not try kayaking among icebergs, or – under the watchful eye of experts such as Tashi Tensing – scale mountains that few have ever seen, let alone climbed. Alternatively, enjoy a night camping under the stars in the most remote location on earth, join naturalists in search of wildlife along the shoreline, or simply hone your photography skills under the guidance of helpful professionals... the possibilities are endless.

Fact file: Vessels: Polar Pioneer, Oceanic Discoverer and Coral Princess Passengers: 46-72 Entered service: 1985 onwards Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: • Fleet of Zodiac/Explorer vessels • Lecture room, library • Spa and sauna on selected vessels • Bar • Open bridge policy What’s included in the price: • Comfortable and spacious cabins • All meals • All shore excursions from the ship including Zodiac cruises • Lectures, videos, slide and film shows and guide services • Services of resident medical officer • Port taxes and charges • Pre­-departure booking service Contact: Aurora Expeditions Phone: 1800 637 688 or 02 9252 1033 Email: auroraex@auroraexpeditions.




Delicious, wholesome meals are prepared by western chefs. Tea, coffee and nibbles are available 24 hours. Open seating in the dining rooms.

Cabins are spacious with ample storage space. All cabins have outside portholes or windows. There is a choice of shared or private facilities.

Aurora Expeditions’ team of expert staff present fascinating lectures and help you explore when out in the field. The spacious bridge is always open to passengers and viewing decks are ideal for enjoying the spectacular wildlife and scenery. Captain’s drinks and the barbecue on the ship’s bow are always passenger favourites. Selected voyages also offer kayaking, climbing, scuba diving and camping options.

20 cruise Passenger Magazine

Our fleet of Zodiacs allow for close encounters with wildlife

A Papua New Guinean welcoming committee warmly greets us

Kayakers getting up close and personal with Arctic icebergs

Polar Pioneer is the perfect expedition base camp for exploring in Antarctica 21

adventure guide

Compagnie du Ponant Cruises Experience the joy and luxury of cruising onboard one of Compagnie du Ponant Cruises’ stunning ships. Regions operating in

Northern Europe and Greenland, Asia, Iberian Peninsula, South, Central and North America, Antarctica, Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Caribbean and Indian Ocean


efined by nautical tradition and elegance, Compagnie du Ponant was founded in 1988 to offer guests an intimate and extremely comfortable cruising experience on its fleet of four diverse vessels. Compagnie du Ponant Cruises’ flagship, Le Ponant, is an 88-metre, three-masted luxury sailing yacht offering 32 external cabins that are fully equipped with flat-screen televisions. With only 64 passengers, Le Ponant provides an intimate atmosphere on each cruise. The elegant, 100-metre Le Levant delivers a private yacht experience unlike any other. All 45 outside cabins have ocean views while everything onboard is devoted to the personal wellbeing of its guests – from direct ocean access to sun-drenched decks and pristine pools. The 8,282-tonne Le Diamant was built with exploration and comfort in mind, featuring 113 air-conditioned cabins with full ocean views. The newest ship in the fleet, Le Boreal, enters service this year and with 132 cabins she is the biggest in the Compagnie du Ponant fleet, created with a subtle ambience of intimacy reflected in the discreet elegance and tasteful nautical décor. A limited number of passengers, comfortable cabins and beautifully decorated and convivial public areas create a warm atmosphere where guests will live some magical moments. For the length of the voyage, an experienced and attentive crew watch over each passengers’ wellbeing.

Fact file: Vessels: 4 Passengers: 64-264 Entered service: Le Ponant: 1991, Le Levant: 1998, Le Diamant: was bought and refurbished by Compagnie du Ponant in 2004, Le Boreal 2010 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: • Le Ponant: panoramic and gastronomic restaurants, main and terrace lounges • Le Levant: panoramic and gastronomic restaurants, lounge, library, hairdresser, sauna, fitness room, pool, shop • Le Diamant: 3 restaurants, 3 lounges, 4 bars, library, sundeck with pool, fitness room, hairdresser, massage room • Le Boreal: 2 restaurants, 3 lounge bars, Observatory lounge, theatre, beauty and fitness centre, library and pool What’s included in the price: Meals onboard, Captain’s welcome/gala dinner, pouring wines during meals, afternoon tea, evening events, porterage Contact: Travel the World Phone: 1300 857 437 Email:




In each restaurant, it is a point of honour with Compagnie du Ponant Cruises to offer a refined and varied menu, with a full and extensive selection of meals served daily in the main dining room. While the optional dining choices vary from ship to ship, each has various other restaurants serving French cuisine, an outdoor grill and 24-hour room service, among others.

Most cabins have panoramic sea views and all boast a mixture of luxurious fittings and a gentle harmony of colours. Equipped with double or twin beds and private bathroom facilities, some of the added extras include dressing gowns, minibar, a safe, hifi radio, television, DVD player, telephone and air-conditioning.

Discover exceptional sites, inaccessible to large ships. Dream locations, off the beaten track, new cultures and close encounters with the wonders of nature – these are the privileges Compagnie du Ponant Cruises can offer thanks to the small size and technical capabilities of their ships.

22 cruise Passenger Magazine

The luxuriously appointed Le Ponant

The spectacular wildlife of Antarctica

A colourful bay in Malta

Breathtaking views of Santorini 23

adventure guide

Coral Princess Cruises The leader in Kimberley cruises expands its horizons to take in some of the region’s most exotic destinations. Regions operating in

Australia: Great Barrier Reef, The Kimberley, Across the Top of Australia. Papua New Guinea: Rabaul Alotau. New Zealand: Auckland - Milford Sound. Melanesia: PNG, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia


aving pioneered the concept of luxury small-ship cruising on the Great Barrier Reef and along Western Australia’s spectacular Kimberley Coast, multi-award winning Coral Princess Cruises continues to deliver innovative itineraries to some exotic cruising destinations. After commencing operations on the Great Barrier Reef with a converted Fairmile class vessel in 1984, this proudly Australian, family-owned company has forged a reputation as one of the world’s leading small-ship cruise lines. Coral Princess Cruises operates a fleet of three ecotourism-accredited, state-of-the-art small ships, Coral Princess, Coral Princess II and the 63-metre flagship Oceanic Discoverer. Each ship is designed to provide all the comfort and facilities of larger cruise ships, yet is small enough to enable access to reef and island sites inaccessible to other vessels. Coral Princess Cruises is currently sailing to emerging destinations such as Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. A diverse itinerary exploring the spectacular coastlines and interesting cultures of New Zealand is also featured. Closer to home, the company is the pioneer and acknowledged leader in Kimberley cruising, introducing guests to the rugged scenery and ancient landscapes of Australia’s last great frontier. An unforgettable 11-night Across the Top of Australia itinerary takes in the Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land, Cape York and the Great Barrier Reef. Back where it all began, year-round 3-, 4- and 7-night cruises introduce the very best of the Great Barrier Reef and tropical islands in total comfort and unmatched style.

Fact file: Vessels: Oceanic Discoverer, Coral Princess, Coral Princess II Passengers: 44–72 Entered service: Coral Princess 1988 (refurbished 2009), Coral Princess II 1996 (refurbished 2009), Oceanic Discoverer 2005 Months of operation: Great Barrier Reef – year round. Kimberley – April to October. Papua New Guinea – March and November. Melanesia – March and December. New Zealand – January and February Facilities: • Sundeck, spa pool and open bridge • Dining room and lounge, cocktail bars • Reference library What’s included in the price: • Accommodation and all meals • Service of expedition staff and guest lecturers, presentations, all-Australian crew, guided expedition touring • Use of onboard facilities and more! Contact: Coral Princess Cruises Phone: 1800 079 545 or +61 7 4040 9999 Email:




All meals during the cruises are included. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are usually served in the dining room located on the main deck. Dinner is table d’hote style and features buffet meals. Coffee and tea is available 24 hours. Meal times may vary according to the day’s activities.

Select from several grades of spacious accommodation. Each features private en suite, choice of twin or double bedding, airconditioning, windows for expansive ocean views, and is serviced daily.

Kimberley: King George River and Falls, Prince Regent River and King Cascades, Montgomery Reef and Horizontal Falls. Great Barrier Reef: Exclusive Pelorus Island, Cooktown, Lizard Island, Ribbon Reefs. Papua New Guinea: Sepik River, island cultures, World War II history. Melanesia: Jungle-clad peaks, fiery volcanoes. New Zealand: Milford, Doubtful and Dusky Sounds, White Island Volcano, Stewart Island.

24 cruise Passenger Magazine

Oceanic Discoverer at Raft Point, the Kimberley

Enjoy your own private island paradise on Coral Princess Cruises’ exclusive Pelorus Island

Oceanic Discoverer Stateroom

Access the shore aboard the specially designed expedition vessel Xplorer 25

adventure guide

Cruise West A more personal experience awaits you on an expedition cruise with Cruise West.

Regions operating in

Alaska, Antartica, South & Central America, Asia, Europe


ruise West shows you the world in a way mega cruise liners can’t… up-close. We explore narrow passages and unspoilt ports where the big ships can only dream of going, introducing you to sights, customs, and people that most travellers never see. The result is a non-cookie-cutter, more personal experience that won’t just entertain you, but enlighten you as well. If that’s the kind of adventure you’re looking for, welcome aboard. Going the extra nautical mile Our small ships deliver huge value. You’ll enjoy the following features and benefits on every Cruise West sailing: • A truly all-inclusive price (except alcohol) including port charges, taxes, fees and onboard services. Gratuities are neither required nor expected. • The chance to travel with dozens of like-minded fellow guests. • Included shore excursion in every port, plus Ultimate Explorer Experiences. • Onboard enrichment programs provided by expert Exploration Leaders and other notable authorities from partners such as Smithsonian Journeys. • Flexibility to spontaneously explore nature’s unplanned events. • Inflatable excursion craft landings on most itineraries. • Fine cuisine prepared with the freshest local ingredients, served in an open seating arrangement. • Special savings when you bring a friend on any cruise. Special rates for singles. • Connecting air, rail, motorcoach, and transfers for all land tour portions.

Fact file: Vessels: 11 Passengers: 78-148 Entered service: Celebrating over 60 years of experience Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: Inflatable landing craft, shore excursion at every port, private cabin facilities, expert crew and naturalist presentations What’s included in the price: • All meals included (except alcohol) • Port charges • Taxes/Fees • Onboard services • Unlike other cruise lines, gratuities are neither required nor expected Contact: Cruise West preferred agent Adventure World Phone: Australia-wide 1300 295 161 Email:




Our gracious dining room is the perfect place to enjoy exceptional cuisine while discussing the day’s activities with fellow like-minded explorers. Each day, you’ll be treated to menus inspired by the local region. Our Palate program pairs food and wine perfectly. And our impressive wine list features many selections from Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of the World.

While Cruise West guest suites vary somewhat from ship to ship, all accommodations are created with comfort and convenience in mind. Each ship boasts a wide variety of suite sizes to address different needs, desires and budgets. Desks, balconies, wardrobes, sitting areas, and king-size beds are all possibilities, depending on your cabin configuration.

Getting up close to places you’ve always dreamed about; venturing to remote and unspoiled locations where mega-ships can’t; cruising with dozens of fellow travellers, instead of thousands; learning from onboard Exploration Leaders and guest lecturers; enjoying delicious, regionallyinfluenced meals on board; enjoying escorted shore excursions in every port.

26 cruise Passenger Magazine

A Cruise West small ship brings guests spectacularly close to rugged island coastline in the waters of British Columbia

Alaska Inflatable Excursion

Majestic Suite

Spirit of Oceanus, Cruise West’s ocean-going flagship 27

adventure guide

The Great Escape Charter Company Visit remote destinations in one of Australia’s more spectacular regions – the Kimberley – with The Great Escape Charter Company. Regions operating in

Kimberley Coast, Rowley Shoals. Other regions upon request include: West Coast of Australia and Northern Atolls


s one of the original charter companies in the Kimberley region, The Great Escape Charter Company explores two of the most remote, isolated and truly awesome destinations in Australia – the Kimberley Coast and the Rowley Shoals. This eco-haven will quench the thirst of the most discerning adventurer. There are few people who know the Kimberley’s seductive secrets like the crew of the luxurious Great Escape. Explorers of the area for the past 20 years, the Great Escape crew members are passionate about the region and the myriad of natural surprises waiting to be explored. Referred to as a ‘once in a lifetime’ escape, these cruises not only present guests with a myriad of experiences such as fishing, mud crabbing and bushwalking, but also being spoilt with five-star cuisine using fresh Kimberley flavours. MV Great Escape was custom-built to explore the Kimberley waters. With each cruise accommodating a privileged 14 passengers in air-conditioned comfort and personalised luxury, you can understand why so few travellers get to discover the region’s secrets. All cabins are well-appointed and feature private ensuites. The vessel boasts an onboard helicopter for optional scenic helicopter flights, a sprawling back deck offering alfresco dining and an invigorating foredeck spa to take the heat out of the day as you cruise this wondrous land. The underwater jewel of the Kimberley is the Rowley Shoals. Divers and snorkellers swim in pristine tropical waters among giant clams, huge potato cod, silver-tip sharks, shy hammerheads and sailfish. Guests step on board and leave the ordinary to experience places where only a few dare to go.

Fact file: Vessels: MV Great Escape Passengers: 14 berthed Entered service: 2006 Months of operation: Mar – Dec Facilities: • Washing machine and dryer • 7 Staterooms all with private ensuites • Foredeck spa and onboard helicopter • Three aluminium tenders for daily guided excursions • Spacious lounge with large plasma TV • Extensive resource library • Spacious back deck for alfresco dining What’s included in the price: • Personal service from crew of 5, plus helicopter pilot • Land transfers to/from accommodation • Air transfers (7- and 4-night cruises) • Guided excursions • Tanks, Weights & Belts (dive charters) and fishing equipment hire • Complimentary laundry service, soft drinks, range of teas and coffee Contact: The Great Escape Charter Co Phone: 08 9193 5983 or 0400 994 776 Email:




Indoor and alfresco dining is on offer and the day begins with a cooked or continental reakfast, followed by morning tea. A buffet-style lunch is served later on, canapés are enjoyed on the bow with a cool drink offered in the spa. The day concludes with a two-course, sit-down meal. Dietary requirements catered for, with prior notice.

The vessel accommodates just 14 passengers in a choice of Queen Staterooms, three Panoramic View Staterooms with large picture windows on the Upper Main Deck, or on the Lower Deck and four well-appointed Horizon View Staterooms. All cabins have ensuites, flat-screen TVs with in-built DVD and personal fridges. Cabins can be twin or double configuration.

Highlights include enjoying the luxuries of home while cruising this great wilderness. On board, guests are treated to up-close experiences such as viewing magnificent waterfalls from the bow, heli-fishing and witnessing breaching whales near the boat. With over 20 years’ experience, our Captain leads guests to hidden pools and ancient rock art, all with stories that make the Kimberley come alive.

28 cruise Passenger Magazine

Experience the pristine Kimberley coast in luxury aboard MV Great Escape

Main Deck Panoramic View Stateroom

Experience unique moments that stay with you forever

Explore the icons of the Kimberley coast on all Great Escape itineraries 29

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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Expect the unexpected on an expedition cruise to some of the world’s most stunning locations with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. Regions operating in

Kamchatka, North West Passage, Arctic, Antarctic, Africa, Indian Ocean, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar and (nearly) everywhere in between – even Europe and (sometimes) Australia


idden places, unexplored coastlines and legendary routes – welcome to expedition cruising. Going to such remote areas does not mean that you have to compromise your comfort. We offer neither bunk accommodation nor short itineraries. Once you compare cabins with private facilities you will find our fares most attractive. Ms Hanseatic is the only five-star rated expedition ship while Ms Bremen is rated four-star. They offer lots of space, extraordinary service, gourmet food and unique adventures to a small group of people. Both ships were purpose built with comfort of passengers a high priority. Our vessels have the highest ice category for passenger ships, making them safer and more manoeuvrable than many ‘research vessels’. Our ships have been traversing the entire Northwest Passage every year since 1996. We regularly attempt to cross the Antarctic Circle, travel the entire length of the Amazon River to Iquitos and, in between, visit places most of your friends have never heard of. Typically there are five lecturers on each cruise whose seminars will broaden your knowledge and whose knowledge will enrich shore excursions and your experience. Zodiacs take you to places where no ship can go – whether that is among the mangroves of the Amazon or up close and personal to wild animals or in front of the glaciers at Ilulissat. On our expeditions cruises, expect the unexpected.

Fact file: Vessels: Ms Hanseatic, Ms Bremen Passengers: Ms Hanseatic 184, Ms Bremen 164 Entered service: Ms Hanseatic 1993, Ms Bremen 1990 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: • Both ships carry sufficient Zodiacs to accommodate all passengers. • Warm parkas and rubber boots are provided free, if necessary. • Both ships have a pool, gym and sauna as well as hair dressing and laundry. • There is internet access and text emails are free. What’s included in the price: • Accommodation and all meals • Soft drinks in minibar • Cancellation Penalty Insurance • Port taxes and government fees • Gratuities are not required • Room service Contact: Landmark Travel Phone: 1300 13 68 46 Email:




Hanseatic offers Marco Polo restaurant and Columbus Lounge for breakfast and lunch buffets. The quality of the food is truly five star. Bremen has one restaurant. Buffet breakfast and lunch are also served in the Club Lounge. Standard of food is better than her four-star rating suggests. A highlight is the Bavarian lunch on either ship, and alfresco dining is also offered, weather permitting.

All cabins afford an outside view with a minimum of 18 square metres (Bremen) or 22 square metres (Hanseatic) and private facilities. All cabins were refurbished in 2008/09. Soft drinks in minibar are included in the cruise price. Bremen has two balcony suites, and Hanseatic offers butler service in the suites on Bridge Deck.

Adventure and comfort without compromise. Most capable ships, highest ice rating, gourmet food, excellent service, world-class lecturers and guides plus enough Zodiacs for all passengers at the same time. This is why Hapag-Lloyd has been setting the standards for other cruise lines since 1849.

30 cruise Passenger Magazine

Ms Hanseatic

Our Zodiacs in the Amazon

Ms Hanseatic Suite

Ms Hanseatic in her natural environment 31

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Hurtigruten Every spectacular Hurtigruten cruise is a voyage of discovery through pristine environments and ever-changing climates. Regions operating in

Norway, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Antarctica, South Georgia, Falkland Islands


rom the awe-inspiring grandeur of the Norwegian fjords to the ice-filled bays of Antarctica, whichever cruise you choose, the voyage starts at Bentours! We offer an exceptionally wide range of cruises to entice any avid cruise traveller. Destinations in the Northern Hemisphere include spectacular Norway, remote Greenland, and Spitsbergen, high above the Arctic Circle. In the south, our cruises include expeditions to the Antarctic, South Georgia and Falkland Islands. At the heart of these trips is Hurtigruten, renowned for its adventurous voyages to some of the most remote and dramatic coastlines on the planet. The Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Voyage is our signature cruise. Departing daily from Bergen, Hurtigruten’s ships cross the Arctic Circle and sail deep into a pristine wilderness of plunging waterfalls and breathtaking mountains, arriving at Kirkenes on the Barents Sea. Along the way, passengers and freight are delivered to isolated communities too small to accommodate large commercial liners. The 12-day, 4,000-kilometre return sea voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes visits 34 ports each way. This creates an opportunity to share with a people deeply connected to their Viking or Sami heritage. Hurtigruten’s vessel, MS Fram, provides a superior level of expedition cruising to the high polar regions of Greenland, Spitsbergen and Antarctica. Each of these spectacular adventures is a voyage of discovery through pristine environments and ever-changing climates that are only accessible by ship. Complemented by informative lectures, exhilarating landings and shore excursions, these unique odysseys will ensure a journey of priceless memories.

Fact file: Vessels: MS Fram Passengers: 318 Entered service: 2007 Months of operation: Nov–Feb, Antarctic. Jul–Aug, Arctic Facilities: Facilities include restaurant and bars, panorama lounges and lecture rooms, as well as internet café, sauna, jacuzzis and an exercise room. What’s included in the price: • Most meals • Cabins with private facilities • Most shore excursions Contact: Bentours Phone: 1800 221 712 Email:




Menus are planned around fresh, seasonal ingredients and take advantage of local produce to satisfy the healthy appetites stimulated by the fresh sea air. The restaurants are fully licensed.

MS Fram has 128 stylish and comfortable cabins and many high-standard suites. They vary in style and location, sometimes within the same grade. As a general rule, outside accommodation on the higher decks have picture windows while lower decks have portholes.

Renowned for comprehensive and adventurous voyages to some of the most beautiful, remote and dramatic coastlines on the planet, Hurtigruten’s voyages go beyond the realm of other cruise companies, providing an opportunity to encounter incredible environments, wildlife and people, up close and personal.

32 cruise Passenger Magazine

MS Nordlys heading for Trollfjorden

Cruising the Geirangerfjord

Grand Suite MG

Exploration of icebergs by Polar Cirkle Boats 33

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Kimberley To Ocean Cruise into a land that time forgot with Kimberley to Ocean (K2O), your Kimberley cruise specialist. Regions operating in

Australia: Broome, Wyndham, Kimberley Coast and Rowley Shoals


ocated along the far north coast of Western Australia is a wilderness of extraordinary rugged beauty that is for the most part, only accessible by ocean. New generations of discerning travellers are finding that luxury small boat cruising delivers a style of experience that is unparalleled. K2O’s experienced crew of five, serving a maximum of only 12 guests, invite you on an intimate Kimberley cruise of a lifetime on-board the well appointed 22-metre catamaran, K2O. Itineraries range from 14-, 10- or 8-day Kimberley Expeditions, Fishing Safaris, Rowley Shoals Dive Discoveries and include stops at some hidden Kimberley gems only visited by K2O. Feel the power of the Kimberley tides at the Horizontal Falls in one of our three expedition tenders, experience the awesome scenery of the King George River and witness the breathtaking twin falls. Bathe in one of the many freshwater swimming holes while allowing the cascading waterfalls to ease those muscles; fly over the three-tiered Mitchell Falls by helicopter; try your luck at catching one of the Kimberley’s prized barramundi; or simply sit back and enjoy another Kimberley sunset as your on-board chef prepares another five-star meal using the mud crabs, black lipped oysters and mangrove jack caught that day. As a PADI dive boat operator, K2O can guarantee an unforgettable experience at the Rowley Shoals. Located 160 nautical miles off the coast of Broome, this pristine marine park is simply breathtaking. Whether you are an experienced diver or just looking for a relaxing break close to nature, the Rowley Shoals is one experience not to be missed.

Fact file: Vessels: MV K2O with 3 expedition tenders Passengers: 12 Entered service: 2005 Months of operation: March to November Facilities: Air-conditioning in all cabins and dining areas, modern audio visual system, small library of books and films, onboard washing machine and dryer. What’s included in the price: • All your meals while on-board • 24-hour tea and coffee station • Complimentary soft drinks and water • Courtesy transfers to and from your accommodation • Use of on-board fishing equipment • Linen, bath towels and beach towels • Guided excursions with our knowledgeable crew of 5 • Flight and helicopter transfers (Kimberley Discovery trips only) Contact: Kimberley To Ocean Phone: 1800 210 318 Email:




All meals are prepared fresh by your on-board chef and can include freshly shucked black-lipped oysters, giant Kimberley mud crabs and a huge array of fish such as barramundi, mangrove jack, snapper and red emperor.

There are two main deck luxury staterooms with ensuite, two lower deck double deluxe cabins with adjoining ensuite and two lower deck twin cabins with shared bathroom facilities.

Horizontal Waterfalls, Montgomery Reef, King Cascade, King George Falls, Wandjina and Bradshaw Art, Bigge Island, Hunter, Prince Regent, Berkeley and Drysdale rivers.

34 cruise Passenger Magazine

MV K2O at King George Falls

Spectacular Mitchell Falls

Cruise into a land that time forgot

Fresh mud crab 35

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Odyssey Expeditions Discover and play in paradise on board a cruise with Odyssey Expeditions.

Regions operating in

The Kimberley

Fact file: Vessels: Odyssey Passengers: 20 Entered service: 2006 Months of operation: March to December Facilities: • 6 large deluxe rooms with queen beds • All rooms are air conditioned • DVD entertainment system • Free laundry service


e cover the Kimberley’s best-kept secrets and place our guests among her rugged wilderness in comfort without a huge price tag.

“Come play with us in paradise” At last the Kimberley region has an affordable cruise. You can travel on board Odyssey while exploring the magnificent coastline between Broome and the Mitchell Plateau and diving the unique underwater world of the Rowley Shoals. Odyssey covers the Kimberley coast’s best-kept secrets and takes a maximum of 20 guests on any of its adventure expeditions. Odyssey Expeditions prides itself on providing experienced guides to the Kimberley on board the new, affordable, yet very comfortable vessel called Odyssey, which is a custombuilt 24-metre expedition vessel launched in March 2006. The advanced catamaran design ensures very quiet operation and spacious interior, with phenomenal stability. Our 12-metre expedition vessel, Homer, truly sets our expeditions apart from other cruise vessels. She carries 20 guests in comfort and safety with comfortable seating, shade cover, easy access ramp and stairs for landings, an onboard toilet and water facilities.

What’s included in the price: • Helicopter flight • Flight back to Broome • Cruise • Fishing gear • All meals • All expeditions off and on the vessel Contact: Odyssey Expeditions Phone: 1300 683 255 Email:




The dining area can seat all passengers comfortably for meals and presentations or outside on the upper deck under shade for alfresco meals. There are three other comfortable outdoor decks for viewing the amazing Kimberley scenery.

The four standard twin cabins on the lower deck feature two single beds and portholes. The six deluxe double cabins on the main deck feature a queen bed, vanity and basin and a large viewing window. All cabins are well equipped and private with 240-volt power, air-conditioning, storage units, hair dryer and bar fridges. Four spacious toilet and shower facilities are located on the main deck.

• Horizontal Falls • Kings Cascade • Cathedral Falls • Prince Regent River • Sale River • Montgomery Reef • Hanover Beach • Silicon Beach • Turtle Reef

36 cruise Passenger Magazine

Get up close

Explore pristine reefs

Inside cabins

Odyssey 37

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Orion Expedition Cruises Explore remote destinations in luxury and comfort with Orion Expedition Cruises.

Regions operating in

The Kimberley, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, South-East Asia, New Zealand and Sub-Antarctic Islands, and Antarctica


rion Expedition Cruises is Australia’s luxury expedition cruise line. Orion provides access to remote and intriguing areas while providing an unexpected and unmatched range of onboard facilities. With 75 crew and a maximum of 106 guests, Orion offers the highest staff-to-guest ratio of any ship based in Australian waters. Step aboard Orion and discover breathtaking sights and unique on-shore adventures. You’ll explore the breathtaking beauty of the Australia’s north-west Kimberley coast featuring gorges abundant with wildlife, towering sandstone cliffs and spectacular waterfalls. On our Papua New Guinea and Melanesia expeditions you’ll be touched by the rich culture, iconic handicrafts, pristine beaches and amazing diving as well as relics from World War II. Experience New Zealand and Sub-Antarctic Islands with spectacular scenery and stunning wildlife. Follow in the footsteps of famous explorers and be amazed by the abundant wildlife in the most pristine environment of all – Antarctica. The vessel itself is sleek, modern and comfortable, from its expert guides to the awardwinning cuisine. Heavy-duty Zodiacs enable guests to be whisked away to experience an array of Shoreside Expeditions. Arriving in 2011, Orion II will take guests to the cultural and historical elegance of the Inland Sea of Japan, the remote natural history of the Russian Far East, the wildlife of Borneo and the diverse cultures of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Fact file: Vessels: Orion Passengers: 106 Entered service: November 2003 Months of operation: 75 Facilities: Lecture theatre, library, spa, sauna, hair and beauty salon, boutique, gymnasium, outdoor café, Constellation Restaurant, observation lounge. What’s included in the price: • Accommodation • All meals • Entertainment • Educational programs • Port taxes • Gratuities • 24-hour room service • Use of ship’s sporting equipment and facilities Contact: Orion Expedition Cruises Phone: 1300 361 012 or see your travel agent Email:




Dining at any time is an unhurried experience with a single sitting free of fixed table assignments. Dinner is always served in the Constellation Restaurant or you may dine alfresco, under the stars. During the day if the scenery is too spectacular to simply let pass by, take a seat for a buffet breakfast or lunch at our Outdoor Café.

All 53 suites and staterooms offer ocean views, room to relax during the day and a choice of either queen or twin bed sleeping arrangements. The marble bathrooms are well appointed. All rooms offer conveniences such as ample storage space, complementary 24-hour room service, a flat-screen TV, DVD/CD player, internet connectivity, a personal safe, hair dryer and a mini-refrigerator.

Although custom-designed for expedition cruising, Orion is the epitome of elegance. Her luxurious appointments mean she is more megayacht than cruise ship and her guests are few; just 50 couples, all cared for in comfort by a crew of 75. From gourmet dinner menus to pampering at the beauty salon, you will rediscover your capacity for relaxation and indulgence.

38 cruise Passenger Magazine

MV Orion at Naturalist Island, Kimberley

King George Falls, Kimberley

Balcony Suite

King Penguins at Macquarie Island 39

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Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises What better way to explore the wild and remote Kimberley coastline than in an intimate, purpose-built vessel? Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises is the expert in this area! Regions operating in

The Kimberley region, north-west of Western Australia


earl Sea Coastal Cruises provide a significant tourism experience and unique introduction to the spectacular wilderness areas of the Kimberley, normally only accessible by boat, helicopter and light aircraft. Specialising in 7- and 13-day nature-based eco expeditions, we operate between the months of March and October catering for individuals and small groups accommodating just 18 passengers on scheduled cruises and exclusive private charters onboard our vessel the Kimberley Quest II. The Kimberley Quest II is a luxury, 25-metre, fully air-conditioned expedition vessel equipped with its own helipad and spa. Custom-built for the remote Kimberley region, the vessel is arguably the perfect way to explore this vast coastline. The ship carries three excursion tenders, and days are filled with a myriad of activities including exploring the waterways with your very own local guide who has extensive knowledge of the Kimberley region. Cool off in a freshwater pool; try and catch the infamous barramundi; or share one of our guide’s secret, rare art sites. The vessel is yours to finish the day in the spa located on the sundeck or enjoy one of the many indoor and outdoor dining areas taking in the panoramic scenery and breathtaking sunsets. You can be sure that your Kimberley experience with us will exceed your expectations, as you can do as much or as little as you wish! So why not take the adventure with one of the Kimberley’s original explorers who are still discovering after 15 years of cruising...

Fact file: Vessels: Kimberley Quest II Passengers: 18 passengers Entered service: The Kimberley Quest II was launched in 2004 adding to Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises’ years of experience cruising the Kimberley. Months of operation: March – October Facilities: Custom built to explore the Kimberley, onboard there is a helipad, spa, extensive library including reference books and general interest novels, 3 tenders, 24-hour tea & coffee, open wheelhouse and galley, BOSE surroundsound music system and laundry service. What’s included in the price: • All meals prepared by the onboard chef • Cabins with private ensuite (serviced daily) • Daily guided shore excursions • Helicopter and light aircraft transfer (7-day cruises only) • Pre and post-cruise transfers Contact: Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises Phone: 08 9193 6131 and 1300 156 035 Email:




Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises offers buffet-style cuisine providing you with a variety of freshly prepared meals, including freshly caught fish, Kimberley oysters and mud crabs, which are prepared by our talented onboard chef. A choice of meal options is presented to cater for all preferences, with an emphasis on locally sourced fresh produce.

Accommodating just 18 passengers and six crew, your holiday of a lifetime can be enjoyed with fellow travellers in small intimate surrounds. You have the choice of nine cabins from twin, double, superior and the exclusive flybridge. All cabins feature private ensuites, individual air-conditioning, viewing windows and minirefrigerators, and are serviced daily by your hostess.

The superb facilities of a luxury vessel combined with the allure of travel to the 1,800-millionyear-old Kimberley. We aim to offer ‘a holiday never to be forgotten’.

40 cruise Passenger Magazine

Kimberley Quest II – Custom built for the Kimberley, designed with your comfort in mind

Cool off in your own freshwater pool

Superior cabin

Discovering just why people are still exploring the Kimberley 41

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Peregrine Adventures Polar and Galapagos expeditions give you the chance to visit some of the most incredible wilderness and wildlife places on Earth. Regions operating in

Galapagos, Antarctica, High Arctic

Antarctica and the High Arctic Peregrine is the polar expert because of its state-of-the-art expedition ships and worldclass staff. All voyages combine exploration with relaxation and adventure. Expeditions aim to spend as much time as possible off the ship with excursions on Zodiacs from icestrengthened ships and on helicopters from icebreakers. Bird and wildlife watching is the backbone of its programs and world-renowned naturalists and ornithologists accompany groups. Among Peregrine’s High Arctic adventures is the 10-night Spitsbergen Explorer voyage, which ventures north of 80 degrees, above the Arctic Circle as far as the ice and weather permit, and offers a chance to encounter polar bears. Sea kayaking, hiking, camping in Antarctica and visiting the remote communities of the Arctic are just some of the other activities on these once-in-a-lifetime voyages.

Fact file: Vessels: Polar: Akademik Sergey Vavilov, Akademik Ioffe, Clipper Adventurer, Ocean Nova, Kapitan Khlebnikov, 50 Years of Victory, Galapagos: MY San Jose Passengers (max): Polar – 122, Galapagos – 16 Months of operation: Nov–Mar Antarctic, Jun–Aug High Arctic, Jan-Dec Galapagos. What’s included in the price: Polar: • Expert guides and naturalists • Open bridge access • International cuisine • Expedition guide, parka and maps Galapagos: • Quito to Galapagos flights • Accommodation and most meals • Expert English-speaking naturalist • Arrival/cruise transfers, tour transport Contact: Peregrine Adventures Phone: 1300 352 625 Email:

The Galapagos Discover your spirit of adventure on a seven- or 10-day Galapagos expedition. See animal species in their natural habitats, including giant Galapagos tortoises, blue-footed boobies, sea lions, fur seals and sea turtles. Explore one of the world’s greatest marine reserves in a group of 16 or fewer like-minded travellers, and with an English-speaking, naturalist. Using the eight-cabin MY San Jose as your base, spend as much time as possible cruising the wildliferich waterways by Zodiac, and exploring the enchanted isles on foot.




Galapagos Delicious meals are served by the Ecuadorian crew. Antarctica and the High Arctic World-class chefs provide a choice of international menus including seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes, accompanied by an excellent variety of beverages and wine.

Galapagos There are eight well-appointed, individually air-conditioned, twin cabins (no bunk beds), with private facilities. All are lower berths. Antarctica and the High Arctic All cabins have an outside view, with portholes or a window, and are tastefully furnished. Most have private or semi-private facilities.

Galapagos Large and comfortable lounge, dining area and sundeck. Antarctica and the High Arctic Sundeck, sauna, plunge pool, gymnasium, library, bar and gift shop.

42 cruise Passenger Magazine

In the Earth’s polar regions

MY San Jose c. Peter Lemon

Polar bears in the High Arctic

The Galapagos on foot 43

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Silhouette Cruises The Seychelles Islands are simply stunning and this is the ultimate island-hopping getaway. Experience the diversity, culture, pristine beaches and lagoons by blending the romance of sailing with comfortable accommodation and modern amenities. Regions operating in

Seychelles, Madagascar, Indian Ocean


bove and Beyond Holidays invites you to experience the islands of the Seychelles the way they were discovered hundreds of years ago, aboard Silhouette Cruises modern yachts and traditional Dutch schooners. Our Seychelles cruises offer the ultimate island-hopping getaway to experience the diversity and beauty of the archipelago by sailing across the Indian Ocean. Blending the romance of sail with comfortable accommodation and modern amenities, our fleet represents the ultimate platform for adventure, discovery and relaxation on a variety of Seychelles cruises around the islands. Not only are these isles unrivalled in beauty as the only mid-ocean granite islands in the world, but the diversity of this Indian Ocean archipelago, with each of its 115 islands offering their own special character and unique landscapes, can overwhelm holidaymakers. Our Seychelles cruises uncover the different perspectives and harder to reach islands and islets. Sheltered coves, good moorings and easy sailing distances allow our guests to maximise their holiday, leaving more time for diving and snorkelling in pristine waters or exploring the exotic culture and flavour, as well as flora and fauna, of the various isles. Above all, our cruises stand out for their service-oriented approach. A sizable but unobtrusive crew, which, aside from the captain and engineer, includes two deckhands, two stewardesses, a dive instructor and a chef, aim to ensure our guests have an extraordinary sailing holiday with comfort and amenities comparable to land accommodation.

Fact file: Vessels: Sea Shell, Sea Pearl, Sea Star, Sea Bird Passengers: Sea Shell – 18, Sea Bird – 22, Sea Pearl – 12, Sea Star – 22, Entered service: Sea Shell 1997, Sea Bird 2000, Sea Pearl 1999, Sea Star 2002, Months of operation: Seychelles - year-round cruises Madagascar - July 15 to Sep 9, 2010 Facilities: Air conditioning, TV, DVD, stereo, ice-machine, washing machine/ dryer, windsurfing, cabins with ensuites, kayaking, snorkelling, diving and fishing equipment, waterskis, tube rider What’s included in the price: • Breakfast (B), Lunch (L) and Dinner (D) as indicated in itinerary • Port taxes • Snorkelling • Kayaking • Fishing gear • Excursions Contact: Above and Beyond Holidays Phone: 1300 362 166 Email:




Breakfast (B), lunch (L) and dinner (D) as indicated by itinerary. • Seafood barbecues and beach picnics • The chef is happy to cook up your daily catch

• Sea Shell – five doubles / one twin / two triple bunk rooms • Sea Pearl – six doubles and bunk / two triple bunk rooms • Sea Star – one honeymoon suite / four doubles with ensuites / four doubles and single with ensuites • Sea Bird – three doubles with ensuites / six doubles single with ensuites

New sailing yachts and authentic Dutch schooners enable unparalleled access to stunning landscapes and wildlife. Enjoy kayaking, waterskiing, fishing and snorkelling from the yachts’ aft platform. Island excursions: visits to marine parks, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Diving: both yachts can host up to 16 divers with unlimited diving and in some of the best dive sites in the Seychelles.

44 cruise Passenger Magazine

Sea Shell moored off the island of St Pierre

Sea Star

Sea Bird Dining saloon

View of Sea Bird from Anse Lazio 45

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Silversea Expeditions Embrace the adventure and relish the luxury of full scale expeditions from a luxury base at sea. Regions operating in

Antarctica, Arctic, Caribbean and Central America, British Isles


mbark on an all-inclusive luxurious expedition to far-flung destinations of the world aboard Prince Albert II, a purpose-built expedition ship unlike any other. Designed specifically for navigating waters in some of the world’s most remote destinations, including both of Earth’s polar regions, the 6,072 GRT vessel boasts a strengthened hull with a Lloyd’s Register ice-class notation (1A) for passenger ships. With eight Zodiac boats on board, her 132 privileged guests can visit even the most off-the-beaten-path locations. Experience the thrill of a true expedition aboard Prince Albert II. Venture deep into regions where other vessels cannot go while enjoying a privileged lifestyle that is simply second to none. On board, savour a convivial cosmopolitan ambience and many special amenities usually found only on larger ships, including a spacious library with an internet café, boutique shopping, a full-service spa, beauty salon, fitness centre, sauna, live evening entertainment and two top-deck whirlpools. Prince Albert II even features The Humidor, where connoisseurs can enjoy the finest cigars and cognacs — a diversion offered by no other expedition ship.

Fact file: Vessels: Prince Albert II Passengers: 132 Entered service: 2008 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: Join in conversations with other discerning travellers savouring a small-ship ambience and many amenities found only on larger ships, including library with an internet café, boutiques, spa, beauty salon, fitness centre, sauna and two top-deck whirlpools. What’s included in the price: • Entertainment, all meals and gratuities • Port taxes and government fees • Room service and minibar • Hosted adventures ashore • Parka jacket with layering system (Antarctic and Arctic itineraries) • Water-resistant backpack • Complimentary fine wines and spirits served throughout the ship Contact: Silversea Expeditions Phone: 1300 306 872 Email:




• Open seating dining • Complimentary 24-hour room service • Menus by Relais and Châteaux • In-room beverage cabinet stocked with your complimentary selections

Prince Albert II boasts the largest average size accommodation of any expedition ship. Twenty premium suites have been created especially for the discriminating traveller with 3262 square metres of luxurious living space. Select suites have French balconies or large verandahs, and elite amenities including butler service. All 66 ocean-view accommodations are tastefully appointed, with private marble bathrooms.

On board Prince Albert II we offer authentic expedition experiences unlike any other. Venture into regions where other vessels cannot go while enjoying a lifestyle that is second to none. Walk along a glacier and toast the midnight sun; observe penguins, dolphins and whales in the wild; share in the traditions of jungle cultures; enter the realm of the polar bear. Experience the thrill of true expedition.

46 cruise Passenger Magazine

Silversea Expeditions aboard Prince Albert II

Explorer Class suite

Prince Albert II - restaurant

Enjoy a relaxing massage 47

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Star Clippers Adventure sailing is in a class of its own aboard Star Clippers’ luxury tall ships, combining the nautical traditions of the past with the creature comforts of today. Regions operating in

Caribbean, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Eastern Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, and Ocean Crossings


n the 1900s, sailors on the legendary clipper ships lived a tough, spartan existence as these greyhounds of the seas raced around the globe with their precious cargo, often emerging from storms with their sails in tatters and crew clinging to the rigging. Today, the three magnificent high-tech replica clippers of the Star Clippers fleet manage to blend the true romance and traditions of the age of sail with the luxury, personal service and space-age cruising technologies of a private yacht. The five-masted, 134-metre flagship, Royal Clipper is the largest fully rigged sailing ship in the world today and features a spectacular three deck atrium with spiraling open-sided stairways. The two elegant 114-metre sisters – Star Clipper and Star Flyer – are the tallest tall ships sailing today with masts reaching as high as 226 feet (69 metres) above the waterline. The three ships feature classic nautical décor abounding in polished brass, gleaming brightwork, antique prints, teak decks and mahogany rails. On deck, amid a wondrous backdrop of billowing sails, stays, lines and ropes there are two swimming pools and more space per passenger than in conventional superliners. Superb sailing vessels with graceful lines, these tall ships operate under full sail and in harmony with the environment visiting exclusive ports of call inaccessible by larger cruise ships, providing the ultimate true sailing adventure for the discerning traveller.

Fact file: Vessels: Royal Clipper, Star Clipper, Star Flyer Passengers: Star Flyer, Star Clipper - 170; Royal Clipper - 227 Entered service: Star Flyer - 1991, Star Clipper - 1992, Royal Clipper - 2000 Months of operation: Eastern & Western Mediterranean – May to Oct. Central America, Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean Crossings – Nov to Apr. Facilities: • Pools, bars, Lounge, gift shop, library, restaurant. • Royal Clipper - floating marine platform, observation lounge, grandstand, balcony wings, Health Spa, fully-equipped gym. What’s included in the price: • 4-star accommodation and all meals • Activities and water sports (excl. scuba diving) • Live entertainment and resident pianist • Dining with captain/officers, • Honeymoon, ceremonies, vow renewals * Contact: Star Clippers Phone: 1300 362 599 Email:




Casual elegance is the order of the day and night on board. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style, while dinner is à la carte. Get to know fellow passengers and the officers in one unhurried open seating while sampling dishes by a leading French Michelin chef. Relax in the cocktail lounge by the piano, escape in the timber-lined, Edwardian-style library or celebrate a night up on deck in the Tropical Bar.

Most cabins are outside cabins; suites with private balconies are available aboard Royal Clipper. All cabins have television with in-house videos, direct-dial telephone, private safe and beds that can be converted from single to queen size, as well as a marble-lined bathroom with a shower and hair dryer. Some cabin types also have whirlpool baths.

Listen to the captain’s talk, learn and participate in a true sailing adventure. Take a chance to haul on ropes to set the sail in the traditional manner, climb a 75-foot mast to the crow’s nest or unwind in the bowsprit net while gazing at the sea below. Observe fish and other sea creatures through thick glass portholes in Royal Clipper’s unique lookout lounge below the waterline.

48 cruise Passenger Magazine

Royal Clipper - the largest square rigger in the world

Outside cabin

On deck with the friendly crew

Royal Clipper spa 49

adventure guide

Tui Tai Expeditions Luxury and adventure can easily go hand in hand when it comes to discovering the natural beauty of Fiji. Regions operating in

Remote Islands in Fiji


e hope you’ll join us for the trip of a lifetime, during which you’ll visit remote beaches, snorkel over incredible reefs, kayak to local villages, and experience the most breathtaking locations across northern Fiji. Tui Tai Expeditions takes guests to the natural beauty of Fiji, and the kindness and warmth of the Fijian people. Tui Tai Expeditions is the premier adventure experience in the South Pacific.

Luxury that doesn’t get in the way of adventure The word luxury can be defined in many ways. On Tui Tai, luxury means that everything has been made easy without being soft or pretentious. We focus on the kinds of luxuries that matter: the best toiletries, 800-count Egyptian cotton sateen sheets, spa treatments, and the world’s kindest and most thoughtful service. The result is that Tui Tai is a luxury resort that moves through the South Pacific, offering guests views that change all day.

Fact file: Vessels: 1 Passengers: 22 Entered service: 2002 Months of operation: 12 Facilities: • Lounge • Star deck cabanas • Sun deck day beds • Fresh cook outdoor kitchen and bar • Spa What’s included in the price: • All services • All food and drink • Scuba diving and dive courses • Snorkelling • Kayaking • Spa treatment • Accommodation • Fees and taxes Contact: Tui Tai Expeditions Phone: +679 885 3032 Email:

Adventure that doesn’t get in the way of luxury Like luxury, adventure can be defined many ways. To our guests it means spontaneity, having the flexibility and the resources to do and see amazing things. Even on the world’s least trodden beach, or surrounded by the mist of a giant waterfall, you can still get a massage right there – because we set up spa services where you want. You might be kayaking up a jungle river, but our support boat makes sure chilled beverages and snacks are waiting for you upstream.




Enjoy gourmet meals made to your liking. Fresh, locally purchased ingredients, fused by the chef into tasty tropical presentations to befit a visiting chief. You’ll dine outside on the main deck, save a few special occasions where meals will be set up on a remote sandy beach.

All cabins and staterooms open to the ocean outside. All have air-conditioning and private bathroom/shower facilities ensuite.

This is the only way to visit the Pacific Cultural Triangle, where you will be immersed in Melanesian, Polynesian, and Micronesian culture, all within a tight group of islands. At Rainbow Reef, scuba dive and snorkel the reefs named ‘the Soft Coral Capital of the World’ by Jean-Michel Cousteau. Travel in style and enjoy the activities that you like best: fishing, kayaking, hiking, waterfalls, surfing, biking and more.

50 cruise Passenger Magazine

The beautiful Tui Tai vessel lit up

Plenty of space to relax

Snorkel in pristine waters

Luxury on board 51

adventure guide

Victoria Cruises China’s Yangtze River offers spectacular sights, both man-made and natural. There’s no better way to see them than on a voyage with Victoria Cruises. Regions operating in


Fact file: Vessels: Victoria Rose, Victoria Jenna, Victoria Anna, Victoria Empress, Victoria Katarina, Victoria Prince, Victoria Queen, Victoria Star Passengers: 130-396 Entered service: From 1994-2009 Months of operation: Mar–Nov Facilities: Multilingual cruise directors, private balconies (on most ships), fully air-conditioned, business centre, fitness area, internet access, gift shop, beauty salon


he world’s largest hydroelectric project rises 110 metres over the river and two kilometres across the broad valley at Sandouping and effectively achieves flood control, hydroelectric generation and improved navigation. For centuries boats had to struggle for survival as they attempted to sail the treacherous rapids through the Gorges. Today, massive step locks lift ships past the dam for smooth passage on the reservoir to Chongqing. The construction of the massive Three Gorges Dam, and the ultimate widening of the Yangtze by the rising water level, has added another dimension to the river cruise experience. The flooding of the river reached its maximum in 2009 and the resulting higher waters allowed vessels to reach previously inaccessible parts of the river system, offering new sightseeing opportunities. Meanwhile, the sheer height of the mountain peaks and cliffs – from several hundred to 1,000 metres – through the Three Gorges of Qutang, Wu and Xiling, will ensure travellers continue to enjoy an unforgettable cruise along the Yangtze River, one of the world’s great natural wonders, for many years to come. We offer a number of outstanding tours, including sightseeing excursions ashore – strolling the streets of quaint rural towns, browsing village shops, exploring ancient temples and experiencing up close the many points of cultural, historical and commercial interest that are unique to this region. Each excursion allows ample opportunity for you to discover not only the changes and the glories of the Yangtze but also the beauty, charm and wonders of some of the most famous regions and cities of China.

What’s included in the price: • Accommodation, meals, entertainment • Shore excursions (when booked in Australia) • History and culture lectures, Tai Chi, painting and calligraphy lessons Prices share cabin per person: • Downstream 4-days /3-nights from $700 • Upstream 5-days/4-nights from $680 Contact: Helen Wong’s Tours Phone: 1300 788 328 Email:




Authentic Chinese with a mix of western specialties is served during a single seating in the Dynasty Dining Room on each ship, with American-style buffet breakfasts, buffet lunches and Chinese banquet-style dinners. We have also introduced expanded menus with more westernstyle specialties and optional à la carte dining arrangements in a separate dining room.

Ships feature cabins in four categories – superior, executive, deluxe suites and Shangri-La suites. All cabins feature satellite TV with HBO and CNN broadcasts plus Sky Sports from Hong Kong. All cabins (except cabins on Victoria Rose) feature private balconies for viewing the magnificent Three Gorges scenery, and full baths in the bathrooms. All ships in the fleet boast the same deluxe style and décor.

Victoria Cruises is proud to introduce its newest ship, Victoria Jenna. Victoria Jenna is the largest and most luxurious vessel with the highest passenger capacity and most suites of all ships in the Yangtze. In addition, Victoria Cruises has also introduced extended Yangtze River sailings between Chongqing and Shanghai, which take in interesting stops such as Wuhan, Huangshan and Nanjing.

52 cruise Passenger Magazine

Cruising up the Yangtze River

There is a selection of cuisine available on board

Tastefully appointed cabins on board

MV Anna on the Yangtze 53

adventure guide

Voyages to Antiquity Discover the art, history and cultures of the ancient world.

Regions operating in

Europe, Egypt and Mediterranean


oyages to Antiquity invites you on an up-close adventure into the ancient cultures of Rome, Egypt and Greece. Visit breathtaking destinations that bring to life the art, history and culture of the classical civilisations of the Mediterranean, which are only accessible by small-ship cruises. In the company of like-minded travellers and first-class lecturers, immerse yourself in a journey of discovery as the classically elegant Aegean Odyssey uncovers the awe-inspiring archaeological treasures of the Mediterranean. Meticulously crafted itineraries embrace a myriad of fascinating destinations in the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Red Sea where only a small ship can visit, providing a truly unique experience enabling guests to really appreciate the magic, history, art, myths and architecture of the ancient world. Between days basking in the Mediterranean sun and uncovering historical gems, enjoy the creature comforts of the newly refurbished Aegean Odyssey. Featuring sweeping sun decks, a refreshing outdoor pool and a decadent day spa together with a lavish selection of dining options and stylishly appointed, generously sized cabins this captivating ship has been designed to offer the sophisticated traveller every comfort at sea. Combining luxury cruising with fascinating shore excursions, Voyages to Antiquity provides informative adventures to unique destinations, sure to impress even the most discerning traveller.

Fact file: Vessels: Aegean Odyssey Passengers: 378 Entered service: 2010 Facilities: • 2 restaurants plus outdoor dining • 3 lounges and 4 bars • Lecture theatre and cinema • Library and shop • Photo gallery and internet centre • Spa, jacuzzi and outdoor pool • Beauty salon • Medical centre • Telephone, fax and email via satellite • Satellite TV, hairdryer and personal safe What’s included in the price: • Extensive shore excursion program • All meals, with choice of restaurants • Complimentary beverages with dinner • Guest speakers • Gratuities • Transfers to/from overseas airport on designated itinerary dates Contact: Cruise Traveller Phone: 07 5575 8094 Email:




The most formal of the restaurants, the Marco Polo, has casual country-club elegance and Mediterranean-influenced food. Boasting indoor and outdoor seating, sophisticated interior design and cooking on the open grill, the Terrace Café replicates the charm of a seaside trattoria. In the evenings, Tapas on the Terrace recreates the informal yet sophisticated atmosphere of a Mediterranean bistro.

Originally a mid-size vessel carrying up to 570 passengers, the Aegean Odyssey’s new configuration and major refurbishment includes generously sized suites, junior suites and staterooms with and without balconies and now accommodates fewer than 380.

Voyages to Antiquity are centred on history, art and culture of the Mediterranean and, as such, feature a host of special inclusions such as celebrated musicians, distinguished lecturers and guest speakers, together with special events on selected itineraries. For example, cruises visiting Venice offer guests an exclusive evening visit to St Mark’s Basilica with special lighting illuminating the spectacular mosaics.

54 cruise Passenger Magazine

Aegean Odyssey

Deluxe Balcony Stateroom

Italian Riviera Villas, Italy

Standard room 55


Where to go, who can take you there and where to find them Antarctica

Aurora Expeditions ..............................................................................20 Compagnie du Ponant Cruises.........................................................22 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................30 Hurtigruten ............................................................................................32 Orion Expedition Cruises ...................................................................38 Peregrine Adventures ..........................................................................42 Silversea ....................................................................................................46

Arctic, Alaska and Canada

Aurora Expeditions ...............................................................................20 Cruise West .............................................................................................26 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................30 Hurtigruten .............................................................................................32 Peregrine Adventures ..........................................................................42

Australia including Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays

Coral Princess Cruises .........................................................................24

Australia including Broome and Kimberley region

New Zealand and Polynesia

Aranui Cruises ........................................................................................18 Coral Princess Cruises .........................................................................24 Orion Expedition Cruises ...................................................................38 Tui Tai Expeditions Fiji Islands .........................................................50

North Europe/Baltic

Aurora.........................................................................................................20 Hurtigruten .............................................................................................32 Compagnie du Ponant Cruises.........................................................22

Papua New Guinea and Melanesia

Aurora Expeditions ..............................................................................20 Coral Princess Cruises .........................................................................24 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................30 Orion Expedition Cruises ...................................................................38

Russian Far East

Aurora Expeditions ..............................................................................20 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................30

Aurora Expeditions ...............................................................................20 Coral Princess Cruises .........................................................................24 The Great Escape Charter Company .............................................28 K2O Kimberley to Ocean ....................................................................34 Odyssey .....................................................................................................36 Orion Expedition Cruises ...................................................................38 Pearl Sea ...................................................................................................40

South America including Patagonia and Galapagos Islands

Caribbean and Mexico

Compagnie du Ponant Cruises.........................................................22 Star Clippers ............................................................................................48

Compagnie du Ponant Cruises.........................................................22 Orion Expedition Cruises ...................................................................38 Victoria Cruises.......................................................................................52

Europe, Egypt and Mediterranean

French Polynesia

Compagnie du Ponant Cruises.........................................................22 Star Clippers ............................................................................................48 Cruise West .............................................................................................26 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................30 Silversea ....................................................................................................46 Voyages to Antiquity ...........................................................................54

Cruise West .............................................................................................26 Hurtigruten .............................................................................................32 Peregrine Adventures ..........................................................................42 Compagnie du Ponant Cruises.........................................................22

Southeast Asia/Asia

Star Clippers ............................................................................................48

Seychelles, Madagascar and Indian Ocean

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................30 Silhouette Cruises ................................................................................44 Compagnie du Ponant Cruises.........................................................22

Photo: silhouette cruises

Sea Shell, Sea Pearl in the Seychelles

56 cruise Passenger Magazine


CHINA iSeS RiveR CRu ze t g Yan




EGYPT uiSeS nile RiveR CR



INDIA keR ala houSeBoatS



PATAGONIA tY BReathtaking Beau


1300 295 161 oR viSit: eMail:

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Adventure Cruise Guide 2010  

Online version of 2010 Adventure Cruise Guide. Contributing editor: Roderick Eime

Adventure Cruise Guide 2010  

Online version of 2010 Adventure Cruise Guide. Contributing editor: Roderick Eime

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