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March 2011


Next meeting Our next club meeting goes 7 p.m. Thursday, March 3, at the Capitol Hill Community Hall, 1531 21 Ave. N.W., Calgary. Great Prizes courtesy of Cycleworks -www.cycle -- will be raffled at the meeting. And Mike Dobovich will be on hand to give a presentation on tire changes. Don’t miss it. Members and non-members welcome to attend.

IN THIS ISSUE: Swap Meet Rider Profile ChevMack Brent (centre) has his prize in hand -- a cool gear bag courtesy of Cycleworks -after winning the 2011 RMDRA membership raffle. Membership Director Marcel Brassard and Promotions Director Allison Parsons were on hand to dish out the schwag.

2011 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE Here we grow again; it’s time for offroad motorcycle enthusiasts to get serious and ride with us The Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders are steadily working towards becoming the most comprehensive and influential offroad motorcycle (ORM) club in southern Alberta. And w e ’ re a c t i v e l y s e e k i n g m o re members to achieve this goal. We’re currently engaged in discussions with regional and provincial officials in an effort to increase recreational/ORM opportunities in Alberta. Regional District officials and provincial ministries like Alberta Tourism,

Recreation and Parks and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development are taking notice of all the hard work we’re doing. But the more people we have on board, the more we’ll succeed in our endeavors. If you’re currently a club member and know of any active ORM riders, or anyone thinking of taking up offroad motorcycling, get them in touch with us. The more the m e r r i e r. M e m b e r s h i p h a s i t s privileges. Not the least of which is riding with us.

For just $40 you get: • A new members-only map of McLean Creek, complete with trail names • Members-only Guided Rides. You’ll always have an experienced group at any riding level to ride with • A club race and poker run • RMDRA-only dealer-sponsored sale events. Save big bucks on your gear • Members-only access to our club website, loaded with tech tips and upto-date riding information • Go to or e-mail to get your 2011 membership now

The folks in the photos (Clockwise from top left) ChevMack checks out Claude’s table; Q-Man and Dana have plenty to offer: The ZERO all-electric offroad motorcycle generates some buzz among swap-meet shoppers. Some day we’ll all be riding electrics perhaps?

GW Cycle World is having an RMDRA MEMBERS-ONLY sale on the evening of March 10. Don’t miss out on some hot, hot deals! Go to the Upcoming Rides and Events Forum and visit

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Definitely something for everyone at the 2011 RMDRA Swap Meet


HELLO, CHEVMACK IS MY NAME The sixth in a series of Chev’s re-introduction to dirt bike seduction By Chev Mackenzie (Continued from Part 5 in February, 2011, RMDRA eNews) Jerry is a man I have a lot of respect for when it comes to riding. Not only have I not seen the limits of what the man can do on a bike, he is one cool cucumber at any given moment. He took a career in emergency services that provides a blanket of comfort for anyone lucky enough to ride with him. Not that I need someone to father me out there, but it’s nice to know when you feel out of control, hurt, or bi-polar, there's a verbal smack in the head to let you realize its not the end of the world. Eric is one of those guys I have met a couple of times, but never really paid much notice to. This was a good chance to further my knowledge of a fellow rider. My first impression was that he was an average rider. The consensus was that he would lead our three-man group. I figured Jerry just wanted someone else to show him new trails so he could connect some dots. Eric, with his Honda CRF250x, would show me a whole new level of riding skill. I was pushed to new extremes that were beyond my capacity to fathom what we can do with our bikes. The trails that were graciously shown to Jerry and I were excessively good. I am still very impressionable on the trails as far as pace and technical prowess. If I ride with slower, less-skilled people, I seem to hit an experience wall within myself. Yet send me out with some bad a*s trail-blazers and I'm able to kick in high gear, at least for a little while. This ride would break a lot of records in my dream vocation. I counted a total of 23 crashes in a five-hour ride and climbed two hills that I look at now and think, “I did that?” The trail started off with wet, slimy logs and loamy, gloppy goodness where the trail had no roots. A few crashes were logged and we ended up at the base of what was a

hill from . . . well, the side of a mountain. To defy logic at a later date, all three of us made it up no problem. There was a plateau at the top to regroup. At this point, I could not use my goggles any more from fogging. This was an issue as the foliage that over hung the single track was full of dew. They started off and headed through dense overgrowth toward a monumental gradient. As I battled the lack of visibility with unprotected eyes, the trail briefly gave me a glimpse foreshadowing an openthrottled, butt-cheek-pinching, Hail Mary blast for the summit. Everything I had went into that first attempt. What a waste of resources. Even bike-phenom Jerry had momentarily lost use of his dexterity from that vicious incline. Of course, like a good debacle should be, it was the worst possible spot to defect. Where the nice, grippy soil turns into solid rock with a 10per-cent slope increase -- not in the favour of riders. Redemption was at hand for Jerry's proficiency of the sport. After I wiped my eyes from the onslaught of aqueous branches, I watched a man get on his bike and arise from the ashes of sloped hell with absolutely no drama. He moved like he was leaving the rear of his truck at the staging area. So, after visual confirmation that it was possible, it was my turn. Many calories and five rides worth of tire wear was consumed just trying to move past the solid rock to where Jerry started from. Fail. Full retreat to the bottom for another attempt. This damned water from the leaves is really killing my fight to pass the rocks. Because of this ride, I was face-planted into the psychological aspect of my beloved past-time. I was truly struggling to

Meet Chev Mackenzie, a club member whose on-line ride reports are drawing rave reviews. Here’s Part 6 of his ride-report series. overcome accusing the two riders at the top for not helping me more. The mental part adversely affected my physical game. I simply got mad. Thankfully, this is one of the few times in life when being livid about something is beneficial. I didn't care about the the wet leaves in my face, or that stupid rock outcrop that was sucking my will to live. I just wanted it to be over as I knew from past head slaps the drama would pass. The fourth attempt; I started at the bottom, ripping through the branches. I emerged vocally screaming as loud as I could at the hill. Utterly amazed at the superlatives noted while riding, I defeated the hill. Jerry and Eric were glad to see me as they looked quite bored. Not much of a break was needed before we were on a trail that is normally done from the other direction. Doh! Eric and Jerry are starting to kinda scare me.{} I can’t thank everyone enough for helpin‘ me with this sport on every level. I haven’t met a person in the club yet with an attitude like, “mah, bikin‘ is all right.” All of us are full-fledged bike nerds! More of the “mental” game is coming, this ride was writers gold! I’m in Fort McMurray next week and hope to pump out a couple more episodes. Thanks again for reading! Chev (More ChevMack in April RMDRA eNews)


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Wherever he is, Steve-O just likes to go somewhere else . . . fast

Name Steve-O

Game Member Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders

Joined RMDRA in 2005

Rides 2010 KTM 300XC

First Rode A 1980 Honda XR 100 back in the day

Places he rides McLean Creek, Racehorse Creek, Ghost/Waiparous -- anywhere CMRC races are being held

Favourite tire The cheapest one he can find with knobbies on ‘em

Favourite machine Current ride

Currently on the iPod Motley Crüe, Stewart McLean’s Vinyl Café, The Who

Dream ride Wouldn’t mind trying the Husaberg TE300

When he’s not riding he’s Studying taxidermy?

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rmdra news


TRAILBLAZER UPDATE The RMDRA Morrison Trailblazer project is now nearing completion in Trail Maintenance Director Aaron Bauer’s workshop. The dark green, single-track trailbuilding brute is just awaiting some hytraulic hoses, reassembly and other


Looks like Ella found a good fit at the club swap meet

finishing touches before being commissioned for trail work some time this spring. Our “Green Machine” is expected to provide serious help on trail-building and maintenance projects this year at McLean Creek and the Ghost. For photos and more info, visit our MORRISON TRAILBLAZER FACEBOOK PAGE

Stampede Collision

rmdra news

80 Commercial Drive NW, Calgary 403-260-3755

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March, 2011, Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders News  

March news for Rocky Mountrain Dirt Riders offroad motorcycle association

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