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Rocky Shi

London, United Kingdom

Co-founder and CEO of TAOST, TAOST is the rebranded version of RISE. Rocky Shi's professional journey began with a strong foundation in management training, exposing him to various significant projects. Among them was the Sanlitun Intercontinental Hotel project, a unique Forbes 5-Star IHG property. His involvement in these early ventures laid the groundwork for his future endeavors. TAOST is the rebranded version of RISE. Entertainment pioneers the integration of Web 3 and blockchain technology through its innovative platform,, which is specifically designed for a vibrant community of animation and film professionals, artists, creators, writers, enthusiasts, and others. This unique platform offers a collaborative space where members can showcase their projects, participate in communal voting, seek feedback, and exchange ideas or services. His passion for the cinematic world is evident in his investments in movies. His portfolio includes titles like "Chinese Doctors" (2021), "Flowers in the Field" (2020), and "Ordinary Hero" (2022). His commitment to the film industry is ongoing, with plans to invest in diverse movies and films. After a two-year stint in Beijing, he relocated to London, driven by his passion for film, TV, and content creation. This move marked a significant Rocky Ft in his career trajectory. Rise Entertainment and Industry Involvement In London, his ambitions materialized in the founding of Rise Entertainment. This startup is a hub for visual effects artists, animators, digital creators, and others in the media industry, fostering a collaborative content-sharing environment. Rocky Shi's interests span various aspects of the industry, including virtual production, visual effects, and animation in forms like 2D, 3D, and Unreal Engine. His enthusiasm extends to game design, digital art, streaming platforms, and film production studios, reflecting a comprehensive engagement with the media landscape.


Rocky Shi Individual Bio

February 8, 2024