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When you make a point in your work, you need to give a quotation as evidence, and then explain it in your own words. POINT 2Pac loves his mother.

EVIDENCE (QUOTATION) “You are appreciated”

EXPLANATION 2Pac wants his mother to know that he is grateful for everything she did for him.

Now fill in the chart below. 2Pac did not always have a good relationship with his mother. “It feels good putting money in your mailbox” 2Pac understands that he can’t erase the past

2Pac’s mother was…

“To keep me happy there’s no limit to the things you did”

“Mama made miracles every Thanksgiving”

2Pac feels angry towards his father 2Pac explains the way in which the drug dealing gangs gave him a sense of belonging/family that he never got from his father The difficulties of being a single mum

2Pac uses alliteration to emphasise how hard his mother worked to ensure they had a happy holiday time.

Now write these out in sentences

This example uses the first chart that was filled in for you. The connecting phrases are underlined We can see that 2Pac loves his mother because he says three times “you are appreciated”. This shows that he wants her to know he is grateful for everything she did for him.

You might like to have a go at reconstructing 2Pac’s song to make it more logical and/or sequential. Consider the following points: • The chronology of the events described in the song e.g. his early childhood, his teenage years • Providing more detail on the meaning of the line “I ain’t guilty, cause even though I sell rocks” • Expand the lines on how he sees his life now • Explanation/expansion of the line ‘It’s a struggle every day’ (verse 3) e.g. why was life still a struggle for his mother when 2Pac was, at the time of writing the song, able to support her so well? • What, if he were able, do you think he would want say to young people who find themselves in the position he was in, then? • What advice do you think he would give, if he was still able, to young people who are aware of knife and gun activity in the area in which they live and/or socialise? • Attempt to write a reply to 2Pac from his mother, or from one of his closest friends, which includes thoughts on 2Pac’s ultimate fate.