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WHAT WOULD RICK DO? The goal of the Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation is simple: Cure this Disease. We are driven every day by this passion and challenged by the question, “What would Rick do?” Whether it was cars, boats, or one of his successful business ventures, Rick was relentless in pursuing a goal. When he met Sherry Sharp in high school, he knew that he had met his partner for life and was laser-focused on marrying her. When diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, he channeled innovation and his dynamic spirit, participating and encouraging his family and team to look for a cure that would someday stop Alzheimer’s. Rick would say, “We’re not thinking big enough, go find a faster way to a cure.” Rick believed that with the right team anything could be accomplished. He knew his efforts would be too late for him but wanted to make a difference for his grandchildren, other families like his, and caregivers. Unfortunately, in 2014 Rick ran out of time leaving behind his loving wife and partner Sherry, two beloved daughters, and four cherished grandchildren. As we continue the race to a cure with his namesake foundation, we often ask ourselves, “What would Rick do?” Shortly after his death, Sherry joined the board of the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, establishing a relationship with the research engine that best aligned with our team’s values. With overwhelming support of a lifetime of friends and colleagues, in 2015 Sherry founded the Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation. Driven by her faith in God, her belief in the good nature of people, and the support of a growing donor base, we continue to gain momentum. If Rick were here today, he would be proud of our progress yet push us all to do more. Since our founding, we have designated every dollar raised to research for effective treatments and a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Together with your support, we have donated over $2 million towards that goal. But there is much more work to be done.

Your support makes the difference. So ask yourself: “What would Rick do? What can I do?”




Dear Friends and Supporters; On behalf of my fellow board members, I am proud to share a review of our past five years and a glimpse into the future. Without the hard work and support of every person and organization included here, none of the impact contained in this report would be possible. In reviewing our list of almost 1,000 donors, many who have multi-year gifts, I was struck by the magnitude of your generosity. Many of you have been touched by Alzheimer’s and dementia and have joined our race for the cure. For that I am grateful. Whatever your motivation, I know you have a choice in where and how to show your support for finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Rick Sharp challenged friends and family to find a cure believing the answer could be found with a forward-thinking cutting-edge mindset, great team, and technology-driven scientific research. Sound familiar? Think Crocs, CarMax and Circuit City. Our team has worked hard under the banner of, “What would Rick do?” to fulfill his and Sherry’s goal of finding a cure. But we need your help!

We have been good stewards of your philanthropy, carefully vetting and funding the scientists and research projects that will ultimately impact curing this relentless disease. Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation has provided over $2 million to date in Alzheimer's research grants. Our board has approved an additional $400,000 in research funding for 2020.

Why give to the Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation: • 100% of donations go directly to research. • We are driven by a sense of urgency in finding a cure. • Research, clinical trials, and breakthroughs still happen every day. • We cast a broad net when looking at projects and are not committed to any one hypothesis or institution. • Our venture capital mindset looks at projects that others may pass on as too early, unique, or risky. We believe in high risk and high reward with appropriate vetting and data-driven follow-up. • You too can gain access to some of the finest minds in neuroscience and treatment via our “Alzheimer’s Day in RVA” events. On behalf of “Team Sharp” I wish to thank you for your continued support. I also want to thank our amazing volunteers for their hard work and extraordinary commitment. Appreciatively,

Chairman Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation


WHY WE GIVE Alzheimer’s disease is the



of those afflicted

form of dementia.

A new case develops every

It is believed that Alzheimer’s disease begins to develop in the brain up to before the first symptoms occur.





in the United States.

The total cost in the

United States associated with the disease in 2018 was estimated at



THE RESEARCH DOESN’T STOP! - DR. JOHN S. LAZO Professor, Pharmacology and Chemistry, University of Virginia School of Medicine











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MAKING A DIFFERENCE THROUGH RESEARCH The Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation is a uniquely positioned organization. We’ve built strong affiliations with nationally renowned scientists, labs, universities, hospital systems, and the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. These relationships allow us access into the collaborative world of Alzheimer’s research. We work with the best and brightest to select projects aligning with our mission. Our methodology includes: • Scientific Symposiums • Field Trips & Lab Visits • Request for Proposals

• Board Guidance • Project Reviews • Trusted Advisors

The Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research with the highest probability of preventing, slowing or reversing Alzheimer’s Disease. The vision for Cure Alzheimer’s Fund was set by the founders. Frustrated with the slow pace of research about the disease, they applied their experience in venture capital and corporate startups to build an organization specifically designed to accelerate research, make bold bets, and eradicate the disease. Sherry Sharp joined the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Board in 2014. Their CEO Tim Armour and team are an invaluable resources in supporting our events, research, and fundraising.

The Virginia Alzheimer’s Disease Center is advancing research by knitting the community together through focused collaborations. Scientists, caregivers, and persons with dementia are improving our understanding of the aging brain. They serve all individuals, with increased efforts toward the needs of underserved populations.

Established in 1984, the goal of the JHM Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center is to accelerate the discovery of new treatments that are directed at the mechanisms of the disease and hasten a time when effective treatments become a reality. Extensive resources are available for both individuals and researchers.

The MGH Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center is at the forefront of dementia research by bringing together scientific and clinical multi-disciplines to improve research and health care delivery. Central to its mission are research, training scientists, and Alzheimer’s Disease education.


OUR RESEARCH PARTNERS THE ALZHEIMER’S GENOME PROJECT The Alzheimer’s Genome Project (AGP) launched in 2005 to advance the genetic work to identify the origins and progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. The AGP is using genomic analytic tools to create and mine databases of the genetic codes of tens of thousands of individuals to identify which variants impact the risk of Alzheimer’s or its presentation. Phase I identified more than 100 new gene variants implicated in Alzheimer’s risk. Phase II used wet lab projects to identify which pathways play a role for these genes, including amyloid beta protein generation, tangle formation, the regulation of planned cell death, and more. Phase III is now being carried out in parallel to Phase II, and includes sequencing the genes of both early-onset and late-onset families. Gene regulation is emerging as a key question because it can change as an organism ages and in response to environment. These tools offer new opportunities for understanding and intervening in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Rudy Tanzi Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School; Director of the Genetics & Aging Research Unit Vice Chair of Neurology Massachusetts General Hospital. Chairman of Cure Alzheimer's Fund Leadership Group.


Dr George S Bloom Professor of Biology, Cell Biology and Neuroscience University of Virginia


Research in the Bloom Laboratory is focused on the earliest steps that cause Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), including cognitive decline and abnormal structures in the brain. The goal of the Laboratory is to define the biochemical processes that connect these things, and leverage our findings to develop more effective therapeutic and diagnostic tools. One of our discoveries was that memantine, an FDA-approved drug for mild and temporary symptom relief for advanced AD, might prevent or delay symptoms if provided to patients at risk of AD beginning many years before the symptomatic phase of the disease typically begins.

OUR RESEARCH PARTNERS DISCOVERING AND UNDERSTANDING NEW MEDICINE The primary research focus of the Lazo Laboratory is on discovering new drugs and understanding their mechanism of action with a special emphasis on cancer and neurodegeneration. Our research on Alzheimer's disease explores the mechanisms causing the death of neurons, especially the intracellular signals that cause aberrant DNA replication in terminally differentiated neurons and the ways in which we might prevent this pathological phenomenon. We use automated single cell microscopy, induced pluripotent human stem cells, messenger RNA sequencing and computational methodologies to investigate the pathways involved in cell cycle re-entry and chemical libraries to identify new lead compounds for further study. Most recently, we have developed novel experimental platforms that should enable the rapid screening of human neuronal cultures for new agents that might be used to treat individuals with Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. John S Lazo Professor, Pharmacology and Chemistry, University of Virginia School of Medicine

INFLAMATION AND ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE Dr. Grammas was the inaugural holder of the Thomas M. Ryan Professor of Neuroscience in the Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and inaugural Executive Director of the Ryan Institute for Neuroscience at the University of Rhode Island. An international leader in the study of Alzheimer’s disease, Dr. Grammas is best known for her pioneering research into the role that blood vessels and inflammation play in the development of diseases, including Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. She has been the principal investigator or co-investigator on more than $24 million in research grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Alzheimer’s Association, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation and other agencies and foundations. She has published 143 peer-reviewed research papers. Dr. Grammas received the Zenith Award from the Alzheimer’s Association in recognition of her accomplishments as one of the nation’s leading researchers on Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Paula Grammas Inaugural Thomas M. Ryan Professor of Neuroscience and Executive Director of the George & Anne Ryan Institute for Neuroscience at the University of Rhode Island



OUR RESEARCH PARTNERS Recognizing the importance of precision medicine in the future, Johns Hopkins launched the Precision Medicine Centers of Excellence (PMCoE), involving a deep bench of clinicians, scientists, engineers, and others to each focus on a particular disease. The PMCoE in Alzheimer’s Disease (PMCoE-AD) was founded in 2019. The core hypothesis at the PMCoE-AD is the existence of a finite number set of relevant Alzheimer’s subtypes that can be defined using genetic, biologic, and other factors. The ultimate goal is to translate research into knowledge, leading to clinical care that impacts the different trajectories of Alzheimer’s Disease, and the development of specific therapeutics based on a new understanding of the disease mechanisms. The PMCoE-AD convenes top clinicians and researchers from such fields as psychiatry, neurology, geriatric medicine, radiology, and more. Using their combined wisdom and the immense data set from Johns Hopkins, they can recommend targeted medications and other treatments. These lead to some “early wins” and more novel treatments. The PMCoE-AD is affiliated with the Memory and Alzheimer’s Treatment Center (MATC) at Johns Hopkins Bayview. Thanks to its reputation for cutting-edge care for patients, it attracts over 700 patients each year. Most allow access to their medical records to expand MATC research. Among those records are almost 2,000 MRI scans, other brain imagery and laboratory results, and clinical care data. The Center is led by Constantine Lyketsos, MD, MHS, and the Elizabeth Plank Althouse Professor of Alzheimer’s Disease Research. He founded and directs the MATC and is the associate director of the AD Research Center. A world authority in treatment development for Alzheimer’s, he has been awarded for his work, authored numerous articles and books, and been cited over 45,000 times. He has been a Castle-Connolly Top Doctor since 2001.

Why I do this work: I am a doctor above all. For 25 years I've been at the front lines of treating people with dementia and their families. When I entered the field there was great optimism that major cures for brain diseases were "just around the corner." This phrase seemed to echo for a decade and a half at scientific meetings, NIH grant review committees, and the media. I have not heard that echo in quite a while. It has been replaced by silent apprehension derived from major disappointment in the outcome of the (amyloid) bets our field has taken.The advances of the last 2 ½ decades relate to (1) how much better we are at taking care of patients and (2) understanding how complex Alzheimer's dementia is, so that it can no longer be considered a unitary entity. I am in this fight to make sure that the best possible care is widely available every day for all, and to influence the field to move towards understanding scientifically the various types of Alzheimer's that are therapeutically relevant. The Johns Hopkins Precision Medicine Center of Excellence, which I have envisioned for the past five years, is all about meeting these priorities.

Dr. Constantine Lyketsos Chair of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center



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I GIVE BECAUSE “My mom lost the love of her life to early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. My sister and I lost our dad, our kids their adoring grandfather, family and friends a source of trusted wise council, and our community a great leader.”


I GIVE BECAUSE “ Our family gives because nobody deserves to lose their memories. Our children lost their Grandfather from early onset Alzheimer’s. Anybody who knew Mr. C, knows that his Grandchildren were his world. We don’t want anybody to live with the void that we do.”


Steve and Kathie Markel

Randy and Nicole Baggesen *

Tony and Betsy Markel

Richard and Shelley Birnbaum *

Marks Family Foundation

Karen Booth Adams

Justin and Erin Marks

Steve Cannon and Barbara Gordon *

Michael and Carole Marks

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Laurie Chalifoux


Tom and Nancy Chewning

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Tom and Mary Folliard

The Saunders Family Foundation

Scott and April Garnett

Janice Sharp

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald

Sherry Sharp *

David and Ashton Harrison

Stay Sharp Fund

The Harrison Foundation

Craig and Donna Suro

Hugh and Pam Hill

Matthew and Kyle Szulik

Ivan Jecklin and Allison Weinstein

Jake and Vicki Tucker

Priya Kamani

VCU Health System

Jim and Guzin Karides

Marcus and Carole Weinstein

Alec and Anne Kempe

Weinstein Properties

Markel Corporation * Board Member



I GIVE BECAUSE “ Out of all the Alzheimer’s organizations, I find the Rick Sharp Foundation to be the most helpful and committed to education as opposed to just fundraising. The fact that ALL donations go to research to find a cure is what sets them above the pack! Having donated to many Alzheimer’s causes, this one is worth the money!”



Karen Adams

Stephen Jenkins

Vicki Anderson

Dave Jennings

Shelley Birnbaum

Tunstall Willis

Louann Hallock

Jennie Wood

Special heartfelt thanks and gratitude to our “behind the scenes” volunteer MVP’s who have donated countless hours of their valuable time to the success of our events.

OUR CHAMPIONS UP TO $9,999 Lisa Aberle Joseph and Lisa Acquaye Anna Adams Tray and Karen Adams Markus Ahrens Lauralee Allen Steven Allocco Blaine and Beth Altaffer Ada-Marie Aman Amazon Smile Foundation Craig and Lori Anderson Elizabeth Anderson Melissa Andrews Elizabeth Angelo Roy Anise Sally Ankermiller Anonymous Matt and Susan Aprahamian Charles and Anna Aquino Jose Araujo Eric Armas Tiff and Kelly Armstrong Tuggie Armstrong Betty Arrighi Artcraft Management Inc. Paris Ashton Teri Athreya Frank and Diane Atkinson Hunter and Carol Avery AYCO Charitable Foundation ** Debbie Bachman Cynthia Bade Eric and Susan Baggesen Sally Bagley Nancy Bagranoff Jeffrey Bailey Whit Baldwin Lisa Baldyga Donnie and Jacqueline Banister Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund ** Dave and Jada Banks Kelly Barbour Tom Barila David and Kay Barrett Katelyn Barton Frank and Stacey Baum Tim and Anne Beane Scott and Nancy Belleman Tom and Liz Benedetti The Benevity Community Impact Fund Kenneth and Virginia Berents Sanford and Linda Berman Bernina of Richmond Carrie Bickford Anna Billingsley Daryl Bishop

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I GIVE BECAUSE “I can cope with my diagnosis of Younger Onset Alzheimer’s disease, but I hate the emotional and financial impact it has on my family and their dread of what the future holds for us. Your generous donation can help fund the research so critical to find a prevention, effective treatment, and one day, a cure. Let’s change the future for your family and provide hope for mine. ”


I GIVE BECAUSE “ My rockstar dad would have been 72 last April. It’s been a hard five years without my mentor. Best thing I can do is LIVE life and do my best to leave this world as admired as he was.”


I GIVE BECAUSE “There are only four kinds of people in the world - those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers.”



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IN HONOR & IN MEMORY OF Honor your loved one with a gift to Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation. Your gift could be the one that finds a cure.

Boris "Larry" Bagranoff Marie Barnes Ken Beaver Phyllis Birnbaum Richard and Shelley Birnbaum Walter "Pat" Bruckart Michael T. Chalifoux John David Demarest James Paul DePalma Rosemary Ann Fahed and The Decker Family Charles J. Green Timmy Harris Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Hutchins Marion Kaufman Bob Kelly Steve Kelly Chip Lipscomb

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Sherry Sharp

President and Director

Sherry was married to her high school sweetheart, Richard Sharp, for almost forty-six years, becoming a wife, mother, and grandmother. She began SherryTheWriter.com to share inspirational stories and Christian devotionals. She is the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias. Her story, Life Interrupted, was inspired by her experiences as caregiver to her husband after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2010. In his honor, she has dedicated her life to fighting for a cure, as a director of the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and President and Director of RSAF.

Richard S. Birnbaum

Chairman and Director

Richard Birnbaum spent the first 30 years of his career growing Circuit City Stores, and was Executive VP and a member of the CarMax startup team retiring in 2002. Passionate about leadership, strategy, innovation, and execution, he started the RSB Group, a consulting and project management company. He also continued working with Rick Sharp and V-Ten Capital Partners. He is a graduate of the American University Kogod School of Business, and the UVA Darden School Executive Program. Richard lives in Richmond with his wife Shelley.

J Rand Baggesen MD Director A graduate of the University of Rhode Island, Dr. Baggesen attended the Medical College of Virginia and completed his residency at Chesterfield Family Practice, where he served as chief resident. Randy is board certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians and is an Associate Professor of Medicine at MCV. Passionate about how patient care can be enhanced through technology, he founded VitalKey, an electronic medical records management service. Dr. Baggesen serves as the Medical Director of Executive Health Group. He joined the RSAF board in 2014 and serves as scientific liaison to assist in understanding medical advancement.



William C. Breed, IV Director Giff Breed has a proven track record of growing and managing a variety of different businesses. He is an entrepreneurial change agent that has inspired organizations to embrace new ideas and businesses. As Managing Director of Worldwide Golf & Outdoors at Octagon, Breed was responsible for Client Management, Event Management, and other marketing initiatives. Today Giff remains in the golf world through ownership of Independence Golf Course, in Midlothian VA. Giff joined the RSAF Board in 2013.

W. Stephen Cannon Director Steve Cannon is Chairman of Constantine Cannon LLP, a nationally recognized law firm specializing in antitrust law with offices in Washington, New York, San Francisco and London. Prior to joining the firm in 2005, Steve served as General Counsel of Circuit City Stores, Inc. as well as General Counsel of CarMax until it was spun off as a separate company in 2002. Previously, he was a partner in the firm of Wunder, Ryan, Cannon & Thelen, and also spent 10 years in government service as a trial lawyer in the Antitrust Division and also as Chief Antitrust Counsel of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. Steve joined the RSAF Board in 2014.

W. Jefferson O’Flaherty Director Jeff O’Flaherty is the former Regional Managing Director of Wachovia Wealth Management and a Founder, Executive Vice President and head of Wealth Management, and Management Committee member for Xenith Bank. During the course of his career Jeff was responsible for management oversight of numerous wealth management support functions, raising the initial startup capital for Xenith Bank and participation in the acquisition of several community banks. Jeff served on numerous local and state boards during his career, often in leadership roles. For over 30 years Jeff and Rick Sharp shared a strong personal and business relationship. He joined the RSAF board in 2016.



James P. Karides, CPA Corporate Treasurer Mr. Karides spent twenty-five years in public accounting before joining noted entrepreneur and founder Richard L. Sharp in 2007 to form V-Ten Capital as a partner and currently serves as its President and CFO. He oversees V-Ten’s investment portfolio providing expertise in the areas of capital financing, structure, tax planning and financial reporting. Mr. Karides is a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA with his wife Guzin and their three sons. He serves as corporate treasurer for the RSAF.

Cheri Jennings Corporate Secretary Cheri Jennings first met Rick Sharp in 1996 and worked with him for five years when he served as Chairman and CEO of Circuit City Stores. In 2007 they joined forces again at V-Ten Capital Partners along with Jim Karides to help manage the investment office. Having worked so closely with Mr. Sharp and his family for over 20 years and being touched by Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia on a personal level, Cheri is extremely passionate about the Foundation’s mission of finding a cure and effective treatments.

Carli M Nelson Director of Donor Engagement Carli has worked in the field of politics and non-profit fundraising for 16 years. She founded Monumental Consulting, a Richmond-based fundraising and event planning firm in 2010. Outside Monumental Consulting, Carli focuses her energy on her family and giving back to the community through her many board involvements.




Our Cure Ambassadors are people with big hearts, inuencers, connectors they are all people who make time in their lives to organize events, drive donations and attendees, and support research focused on curing Alzheimer’s Disease. Our team of Cure Ambassadors have worked to raise awareness and funds, resulting in over $100K in tremendous impact. We are grateful for their time, energy, passion, and resources.

For donations or questions please contact our Director of Donor Engagement, Carli M. Nelson at carli@ricksharpalz.org or 833.CURE ALZ, option 1.


JOIN THE RACE TODAY! CURE AMBASSADORS Karen Adams Kelly Armstrong Nicole Baggesen Sally Bagley Liz Benedetti Shelley Birnbaum Ellen Bonbright Clare Bradshaw Matthew & Ann Bridges, Commonwealth Facial Plastic Surgery Blair Burford Steve Cannon and Barbara Gordon Letitia Caudle Bill Davis, Thompson Davis Asset Management Dani Davis

Drs. Michael and Arpita DePalma Amanda Farnum Linda Ferguson Scott and April Garnett Sommer Goldsmith Kirsti Goodwin Sydney GottwaId Louann Hallock Ashton Harrison Katherine Holt Hill Stephen Jenkins Cheri and Dave Jennings Susan Kreikamp Sharon Luck Cynthia Marsteller Karen McAndrew and Rob Harris

Jenna Moon David and Leah Muhlenfeld Carli Nelson Mary Harvard Nolde NOVA of Virginia Aquatics David and Micky Ogburn Jacquelyn Pogue Susan Snyder Donna Suro Marcia Thalhimer Stasi Waleski Kristi Way John and Zan Wick, IV David and Jennifer Wilkins Tunstall Willis, Grandeur & Grove Events Jennie Wood


“When we started 5 years ago, I prayed that our efforts would make a difference. We’ve been blessed with your incredible support, and I’m forever grateful. Our mission, however, is not done. I have faith that your support will help us live to see a cure for Alzheimer's Disease.” - Sherry Sharp


Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation PO Box 42333, Henrico, VA 23242-2333 Phone: 833 CURE ALZ (287-3259) www.ricksharpalz.org

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