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MyMedSchedule Mobile App, RememberItNow Mobile App, and MediMemory Mobile App are applications available for iPhone and/or Android phones that allow you to keep a complete profile of your medical information, a detailed list of your medications and set reminders. Multi-Alarm TimeCap $29.95 via How many times have you asked yourself, “Did I take my medication today?” This device actually takes the place of your medication bottle top and reminds you when to take your dose of medication. MeDose Six-Alarm Medication Reminder Watch $99.95 via  A convenient watch that also acts as a medication reminder. It offers vibration or sound alarms and can operate six alarms per day.

The MedCenter System $69.95 via  This device gives you a pillbox for each day of the month and reminds you to take each dose, whether it is once a day or even four times a day. NexDose online medication management system $8.99/month via  This is an online subscription to help you manage your medications. There are many different plans to help you with your specific needs. This service provides medication schedule planning as well as indepth services such as drug-interaction analysis and access to medical professionals.

Cloud 9 o t e m o lc e W

What is Cloud 9? Welcome to Caring Voice Coalition’s new secure portal, Cloud 9. Here you, the patient, will find all of your CVC-related information available at the click of a button. Equate this page to online banking. If you want to know how much money is in your checking account, you could call a bank, or you could simply log in online, and check within seconds. That’s Cloud 9. Instead of having to get in touch with your case manager, you can view the information that you provide to CVC right here. On the portal, you can: • Apply for or renew financial assistance • Update personal information, (ex. address, insurance, email address, etc.) • Communicate with your CVC care team securely via Cloud 9’s secure messaging center.

“More and more people are in the electronic world, so we want to make it easier for them to communicate with us.” Michael Dermer, CVC’s Systems Architect

CVC has and will always put our patients first. And we feel that Cloud 9 is a large step to making the quality of the care you receive even simpler. Visit us at


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