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Performance Testing

Performance Testing More and more businesses are now focusing on conducting performance testing as it has a direct influence on business revenue, organizational credibility and customer satisfaction. With high remedial costs associated to performance centric issues it has become more critical than ever to ensure that a system conforms well to performance and volume targets. The earlier performance testing begins, the higher the likelihood of identifying fatal defects in the system and fixing them. Our performance testing service range offers a solution for varying application types and budgets. Our team has extensive exposure to several commercially available performance testing tools like LoadRunner, WebLoad, QALoad, SilkPerformer and Jmeter. These tools offer powerful, realistic load tests for thousands of users running business scenarios across a broad range of enterprise application environments, hence providing our clients with practical diagnostics and solutions to resolve performance issues.

In November 2009, a computerized system used by US based airlines to maintain flight plans failed for several hours causing havoc amongst all major airports. This caused huge delays to flight schedules causing inconvenience for thousands of frustrated passengers. Identified as a ‘serious efficiency problem’ by the Federal Aviation Authority, this was one of the biggest system failures in US Aviation History! Is your application stress tested to handle heavy traffic and data?

Load Testing We understand how imperative it is to assess application behavior under load and make necessary fixes to ensure optimal

- Idnetify key elements to set up test environment

- Define timing, tools and types of performance tests

- Define test data

- Execute test scenarios - Validate results - Record outcomes

- Configure testing environment

- Create test plan

Performance Testing Process



- Define Baseline values

- Create test scenarios for business critical transactions


- Review application features and architecture

- Identify performance test metrics

Define & Design

- Assess business requirements

Plan & Strategize


performance. We take on the challenges of real world testing through our virtual user model and test web systems in their production configuration to ensure that all performance and volume targets are met. Customer driven performance benchmarks are compared and suggestions for improvements are provided to achieve desired levels of performance. Your end users will appreciate a trouble free experience, customer loyalty will be enhanced and business credibility will boost.

- Analyze results - Make redommendations

Advanced Load Testing We test your web applications within their production configuration from distributed locations across the Internet. With IT systems becoming increasingly ubiquitous and complex, we can take a holistic approach and include load, stress, volume and throughput based performance criterion to test a system from multiple dimensions. Furthermore we can carry out code reviews to identify performance impeding issues from within the application and framework.

Reliability,Scalability & Resiliance Volume: How is Load: How is your your web Stress: Will heavy Soak: How does Code Reviews: Is web application application web traffic break load impact your your source code responding to your web application over tuned for optimal responding to regular web different volumes long durations? application? performance? traffic loads? of data?

Full Lifecycle Performance Testing

About Kualitatem:

Kualitatem’s Full Lifecycle Performance Testing service is designed to enable you to include performance testing across the development lifecycle. With this service we ensure that medium to large enterprise applications, either web based or desktop based are tested for individual performance as well as all associated elements such as databases, networks and supporting servers to ensure optimized performance. We have a team of experienced and certified performance testing consultants who can work with you to deliver your performance testing requirements. Through the Full Lifecycle Performance Testing Model we work with a wide range of commercial and open source performance testing and analysis tools to propose corrective measures that can help rectify problems at an earlier stage.

Kualitatem (Pvt) Ltd. is independent software and IT auditing company providing end to end services across software testing lifecycle. We have served some distinguished clients in government, financial, leasing, enterprise, gaming, web 2.0 and mobile (IPhone, android) business domains. We work with our clients as their quality growth partners providing them software testing and quality assurance services for variety of requirements including functionality, platform compatibility, performance, usability, security, code reviews and automation testing .

Our engagement model is highly flexible where we can work with you onsite, on your own test, pre-production or production systems or we can develop a performance testing engagement model for you that combines onsite and offsite performance execution.


Performance Testing  

Kualitatem is an independent software testing and application testing and information systems auditing company offering testing services, qu...

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