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Community Life residence hall regulations and expectations, and informs residents about proper check-in and checkout procedures. Students who violate their agreements are subject to fines, disciplinary action and possible loss of housing privileges.

allows. The College reserves the right to reassign individuals to different rooms or residence halls. These reassignments may occur if it is determined that the move would better serve the needs of all parties involved.

Academic Requirements for Residency

Room Changes

Students must be enrolled in at least nine credit hours to live in the residence halls. Those students enrolled in fewer than nine hours must apply for an exception from the Director of Residence Life to live on campus. Students dropping to fewer than nine hours during a semester must first request permission from the Director of Residence Life to remain in the residence hall.

Room Assignments and Private Rooms Housing Agreements In an effort to be responsible with the facilities, each resident will be required to sign a housing agreement. The housing agreement outlines the responsibilities of living in the residence hall, provides

The Resident Directors assign rooms according to availability and match roommates according to information provided on the room reservation form. Private rooms and other specific requests are generally handled on a first come, first served basis as space


Room changes can be made aftter the census date (i.e. last day to add classes or register). A room change request form must be filled out, submitted to, and approved by the Resident Directors involved. A fee will be charged for every room change. See the course catalog for fee information. Fees may be waived in special circumstances at the discretion of the Resident Director and/or the Director of Residence Life. Each request will be honored based on availability. Students moving before formally checking into the new room with the Resident Director or failing to check out properly of the old room are subject to discipline and/or fines.

Living With A Roommate Sharing a space with someone is always an adventure. Here are a

Residence Life Handbook, 2013-14  

Rochester College, Residence Life Handbook 2013-14

Residence Life Handbook, 2013-14  

Rochester College, Residence Life Handbook 2013-14