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standing telephone charges. (Any deposit from the previous academic year will be carried over.)

Reporting Facility Problems Residential facilities are maintained in a cooperative effort between Residence Life and the Maintenance and Housekeeping departments. Residents should assist these departments by reporting maintenance or housekeeping problems. This can be accomplished by reporting the needed repair or problem via email to or to the Resident Director or Resident Advisor in person or via email. If we don’t know it’s broken, we can’t fix it. College maintenance, housekeeping and security personnel reserve the right to enter rooms for repairs and for safety inspections. Residents will be notified by maintenance by leaving a written notice indicating repairs were completed. In case of emergency involving water or electrical outages please contact Maintenance at 248.765.8013 or x2911 from on campus or during office hours, x2080 or x2072 and your Resident Director immediately.

Furniture Furniture has been specifically placed in rooms and common spaces with student’s comfort and convenience in mind. Therefore, all

furniture must remain in the room to which it has been assigned. The college does not take any responsibility in storing unused room furniture. Lobby, laundry or kitchenette furniture may not be taken into individual rooms. Furniture may not be moved outside of the building. A fine will be assessed if furniture has been relocated. All room furniture must remain in the room to which it is assigned even if only one person is living in a double occupancy room. In such cases when a resident is not paying for a private room and is awaiting a possible roommate, they must keep all furniture assembled and ready for the new occupant. All furniture must be fully assembled upon checking out of the room.

Room Decorations Residents are encouraged to tastefully decorate their room to reflect their own personality. Nails, tacks and tape damage the walls and should not be used. Residents will be charged for such damage. Residents may use 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips and sticky-tack/ mounting tape, some of which may be available in the campus store. Only spring-loaded rods may be used for curtains. Students may not paint their rooms nor use wallpaper or border trim. Décor that may be considered inappropriate must be removed. Continued violation of

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décor regulations may result in fines and/or discipline. Students must remove all decorations and tape or other residue upon check out.

Fines and Special Fees Charges and fines, which may be assessed to a student’s account, include some of the following: excessive noise, unassembled furniture upon check out, screen tampering or removal, improper facilities use, failure to clean, lost or improper key usage, room change fees, late check-out, improper check-out, damage, etc. More information on these and other fines and special fees can be found in the Student Handbook or College Catalog. Fines for repeat offenses will be assessed on a graduating scale, doubling with each offense. For example, if a resident fails cleanliness check, the initial fine will be $25. If the resident fails cleanliness check a second time, the second fine will double to $50. If the resident fails cleanliness check a third time in a school year, the fine will double again to $100. Second time offenses will also result in a meeting with the Resident Director to clarify expectations. Third time offenses will result in a meeting with the Resident Director or the Director of Residence Life and may also result in loss of housing privileges.

Residence Life Handbook, 2013-14  

Rochester College, Residence Life Handbook 2013-14

Residence Life Handbook, 2013-14  

Rochester College, Residence Life Handbook 2013-14