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Yellow pages, local press, national press, magazines, mailshots, flyers, radio ads, internet, packaging, exhibition/demonstration - promotiing products and servces. Word of mouth and reputation.

People are reading the news a lot more, and engagng with current affairs. Therefore the country has become more united, especially with the recent espinage about funding Portugals money losses. This debate is dividing the country, from what I can gather people want to support British products, and producers. Therefore targeting British companies and providing with a British design unit we can use this association to capitalise on the ever growing market.

We are still fighting a recession and therefore a huge dip in job loses. In the news the other day 1 in 4 young adults is empolyed. Companies are a lot tighter so therefore targeting companies with lower prices but high quality design work can really benfit both them and us.

Location: Situated south of Leeds city center, in Wellington Place. It’s a 10 minute commute from the station, and also based off the main inner city ring roads, therefore easily accesible by car.

Where are they/ how will they find us?

The UK relies quite heavily on imported goods, but this is beginning to change slowly. However, the imported technology does place us at the forefront of the technology world. By showing we are a company that moves with the times and emplowys the latest technology while still appreciating the old can clearly show our diversity and versatility.

7nine Fuse8 They offer a range of services such as logo, branding, corporate, indentity and editorial. These are all areaas we would be competing with. It is a larger company than ours and employ freelancers as well. They offer hands on interaction with the clients. They produce sophisticated design work that covers a variety of topics and medias.

Based to the West of Leeds off the M1. They are further out of town but easily accesible. They specialise in design for print too in areas such as; Branding, exhibition, billboard, editorial, brochure and presentation. Again their company is slightly larger that ours. They have quite a broad range of clients and are not as specified as we would be.

Definitive They again offer client relations, working on projects from start to finish.

Definitive is based more central to Leeds along Kirkstall road. This is a good area to be in as it is easily accesbile by both car and train and it is near printers such as Duffields. They are quite a large company affording them the luxury of being able to work across a larger media base and product range. They produce; Bradning, creative design, editorials, marketing and promotion, bro-

Who are we competing with?

chures and packaging. Again all areas we are interes in. They produce hugh quality design work for the various clients within quite a high price range.

We will be a company that offers hi-end design for print work, that appeals mostly to the corporate market. We will have hands on contract with clients at all times, so that they really get what they want. We will emphasise our relationshops with printers sp that the client knows that they can trust the printer and the printers can trust us. We will be situated on the southern outskirts of Leeds making us easily accesible. We will be focusing on all aspects of busniess promotion. For example we will promote ourselves through mail shots to corporate companies to do their annual reports in a visually engaging way. We will also advertise that our prices can’t be beaten. We will be a smaller company which makes us different becase the clients will know us all iintamtly again capitalising on client -designer relationships. We will push the fact we have experience of the working industy and capitalise on the relationships already made in our time working within the design sector. We will be fresher, younger and more innovative. We will be a very open design company, not restricted by ethics, morals or other such values, making us versatile to the ever growing busniess marlet.

We are competing with various design for print agencies but the main 3 surrounding Leeds are; 7nine, Fuse8, Definitive. These companies are based locally and nationally.

Who else is out there/ How good are they?

What makes us better/Different?

What do they want to hear?

How will we communicate with them?

They want to hear that we are a high-end design for print company. Designing for corporate companies, and all asepcts within that. They will want to know that we are very keen to ensure client satisfaction through well developed relationships. They swill also want to know that we are a cheaper alternative, producing better design than our competitors.

Yellow pages Thomsons Local Press National Press Magazines Mail shots Flyers Radio Internet Packaging Exhibition/ Signage Business Cards Networking Design Conventions Word of mouth Reputation Relationships

What should we say to them? Everything in the above statement but in a more concise way. Promoting and illustrating all our strengths.

How will be promote ourselves?

Enteprise questions  

Enteprise questions and answeres

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