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Easy to Set:

To set a Time Timer®, move the coloured disk to the desired amount of time.

No Loud Ticking:

The timer automatically begins to count down with no loud ticking.

3 Time Visually Disappears: As time elapses, the coloured disk disappears. The Time Timer® operates in a clockwise direction.


Time Timer® believes in creating products that truly help people of all ages and abilities conquer time. While time can be a challenge for everyone, we aim to provide intuitive and innovative solutions that can make a real difference. For more information or questions about how Time Timer® can help you or a loved one, visit timetimer.eu/specialneeds.

Research shows that Time Timer® visual timers are extremely effective aids in teaching time awareness for children and adults diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, autism, dyslexia, Down’s syndrome, executive function deficits and a wide variety of other learning and behavioral disabilities.

Patented, disappearing disk shows how much time remains in a clear visual display.

Anyone can understand how much longer, regardless if they know how to tell time or read numbers.

Silent, without an alarming ring or ticking sounds.

The sounds associated with most timers can be disorienting for those with sensory sensitivities. (Alarm optional)

Simple operation that is low-tech and high value.

The Time Timer® family of products are easy to use and “see.” Individuals with disabilities can claim ownership of their time, enabling them to work independently with less stress.

Thank you for such a wonderful and useful product. My son has Autism and has found this to be a very useful resource. Today I ordered another desktop timer and pocket timer. My son has been taking the timer to school, the class teacher has said there has been a dramatic improvement in my son's ability to do and complete activities.

Parent Review

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Make Every Moment Count® : Time is up when the disk is gone! 3

The Time Timer® Original family of 60-minute visual timers have empowered people of all ages and abilities to manage time, transitions and productivity for over 25 years!

• Included Dry Erase Activity Card (1) slots into top of Original timers for time-to-task management and visual schedules (additional cards can be purchased separately)

• All Originals include a download code for a FREE Time Timer® Desktop App

• Bigger, more visible, red disk

• Improved longevity and durability

• Clear protective lens on the Medium and Large

• Magnetic backs (on the Medium and Large)

• Soft cloth carrying bag included with the Original Pocket

The Original Time Timer® Pocket

Perfect for individual or 1-to-1 use. Requires 1 AA/1.5V battery (not included).

JAC5107 | 7,5 cm x 8,0 cm x 3,6 cm

The Original Time Timer® Large

Perfect for large group or classroom use.

Requires 2 AA/1.5V batteries (not included). JAC5109 | 30,6 cm x 30,7 cm x 4,3 cm

The Original Time Timer

Perfect for small group and individual use.

Requires 2 AA/1.5V batteries (not included).

JAC5108 | 19,0 cm x 19,2 cm x 3,1 cm

Extra Dry Erase Cards (Set of 5)

Medium timer will hold 2 cards across top.

Large timer will hold 3 cards across top.

JAC5052 | 7,5 cm x 7,5 cm

Time Timer


The Time Timer® MAX is giant — 44 cm x 44 cm so it can be seen in larger spaces and with socially distanced students. It is also eight timers in one — with customizable durations and changeable timer faces (including a blank Dry Erase face!), the MAX can count down from five minutes to 24 hours. Includes 6 available faces and 3 set markers for time blocking. Requires two C/1.5V batteries (not included).

Primary Colour Collection Red, Yellow, & Blue

Secondary Colour

Orange, Green, & Purple


MAX includes 3 double-sided faces: 5-min/15-min, 30-min/60-min, and 120-min/Dry Erase

Extra Faces Pack (sold separately) include 2 double-sided faces: 4-hr/8-hr and 24-hr/Dry Erase

Extra Set Markers (sold separately) include 3 coloured Set Markers: Blue, Green, and Purple

Time Timer® MAX | JAC5100 44 cm x 44 cm

Extra faces Pack with 3 markers and additional timer faces | JAC5110

This teacher-favourite is now available in a multi-pack set of three in the Learning Center Classroom Set. Each set comes with three timers of different colours to aid in colour curriculum during the early years and for time management in colour-coded classrooms. Available in a Primary Colour Collection: Red, Yellow, and Blue, or a Secondary Colour Collection: Orange, Green and Purple. Designed to be used in learning centers or stations, each set also includes 3 Dry Erase Activity Cards to label the learning centers as well as a bi-fold guide filled with Classroom Time Management and Learning Center ideas.

Time Timer® Classroom set primary colours | ref.nr. JAC5111 | 19,0 cm x 19,2 cm x 3,1 cm

Time Timer® Classroom Set secondary colours | ref.nr.JAC5112 | 19,0 cm x 19,2 cm x 3,1 cm

@mypink_lemonade Included
Cards PER collection MAGNETIC BACKS Time Timer® Pocket Original Time Timer® Medium Original Time Timer® Large Original Time Timer® MAX
Learning Center Classroom Sets
3 Dry Erase Activity

The Time Timer® MOD - Special Edition Tie Dye can make time management and productivity fun! This exclusive Time Timer® MOD - Special Edition Tie Dye was specifically designed to ignite passion, colour, and excitement into your everyday tasks. Why should productivity be boring?

Available as a complete unit with protective case, or purchase case separately to outfit an existing Time Timer® MOD visual timer.

JAC5506 | Time Timer® Case for Tie Dye (case only)

Time Timer® MOD Education Edition

What makes this MOD perfect for the classroom? The 60-minute Time Timer® MOD is a modern and portable time management tool perfect for teachers or students. It features a protective and removable, latex-free silicone cover, protective lens, has no loud ticking and offers an on/off alert for sound-sensitive environments. Also included is a card for redeeming a free download of the popular Time Timer® Desktop App - a classroom favourite for managing multiple groups and activities at once. Easier to use battery compartment (No more screw!) and improved durability Time Timer® MOD requires 1 AA/1.5V battery (not included).

Charcoal | JAC5026 9 cm x 9 cm

Time Timer MOD®

Silicone Cover Accessory Lime Green | JAC5027GR Sky Blue JAC5027BL Berry | JAC5027BE

Time Timer® MOD + Dry Erase Board

The Time Timer® Dry Erase Board is now magnetic! Available as a combined unit including a Time Timer® MOD visual timer in Charcoal Grey, Dreamsicle Orange, or Lake Day Blue, or as an accessory to your existing Time Timer® MOD. (Please note that the Time Timer® MOD must include a silicone case in order to fit in Dry Erase Board properly.)

This desktop-sized whiteboard helps anyone keep track of time-sensitive messages, assignments, first/then activities or visual schedules. The Time Timer® MOD is a 60-minute visual timer that's portable and easy to use anywhere — from your office desk to the kitchen counter.

Time Timer® MOD + Dry Erase Board

Charcoal Grey | JAC5028SET 20 cm x 20 cm MOD in Charcoal included

Time Timer® Dry Erase Board Accessory

JAC5028M 20 cm x 20 cm MOD sold separately. Silicone case must be used for proper fit.

Includes Download Code for FREE
Timer® Desktop App Storage caddy On Back
Includes Silicone Cover
7 6
JAC5507 | Time Timer® MOD Special Tie Dye 9 cm x 9 cm Time Timer® MOD Special Edition Tie Dye
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timetimer.eu | info@robo-toys.com | tel:31(0)181 479356 | fax:31(0)181 479358 |

Being clean has never been so important. Available as a standalone timer unit, or combined with an automatic soap dispenser in the NEW Time Timer® WASH + Soap Dispenser. The Time Timer® WASH helps keep our kids safe with a touchless, water-resistant visual timer for handwashing. Its familiar disappearing disk, paired with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) recommended scrubbing duration for clean hands, gives people of all ages and abilities an easy-to-understand resource for ensuring their hands are germ-free. Perfect for the classroom, the bathroom, or the kitchen.

Both options can be initiated without touching. Simply hold a hand in front of the WASH to begin, or hold under the spout for the WASH + Soap Dispenser. Timer will begin automatically!

Music and sound can be switched off and on. The sound can be used to help reinforce steps or the timer can be run silently for sound sensitive environments.

Time Timer® WASH requires 3 AA/1.5V batteries (not included).

Time Timer® WASH + Soap Dispenser is USB rechargeable. (Charging cable included)

Germs, Germs Everywhere!

Use this activity to help kids understand the importance of proper handwashing!


Pour a small amount of each color of glitter into its own separate tray or plate (one color per tray). Ask your child to place the palm of his/her hand into their favorite color of glitter. Then, have the other person do the same but in the other color of glitter.

With your glittered hands, shake hands with the other person. What do you see on your hands? (The colors of glitter combined on each person’s hand). You SHARED the glitter!

If you can, find another person to shake hands with. What happened? (The mixed glitter also stuck to the new person’s hand). Now, the glitter has been shared again!

Now, each person with glitter on their hands should choose one toy to play with. After a minute or two, take a good look at the toys. What happened? (The mixed glitter is now also on the toys). The glitter has been shared AGAIN!

Talk about how the glitter is acting like germs. When we get germs on our hands, and then touch someone or something else, the germ is passed on to others. This is the way germs are shared with other people, even when we don’t see them.

Talk about how you can now get rid of the “glitter germs?” The best way is to wash your hands really well with soap and water. The doctors say that we should scrub our hands and fingers for at least 20 seconds. Help your child time themselves while they scrub.

Note: Using the Time Timer® WASH, is a great way to help children understand the amount of time needed to wash their hands thoroughly.


❑ At least 2 people (child and at least one additional person)

❑ At least 2 different colors of glitter*

❑ At least 2 small paper plates or plastic trays

❑ A few toys from around your home or objects from your classroom (those which can be easily cleaned)

❑ Soap, water and paper towels

*If you are unable to use glitter, you can try washable paint, flour that has been colored with powdered tempera paint, or salt mixed with food coloring.

“Because young children do not yet have a good sense of the passage of time, it will be important for adults to ensure that the handwashing process is done correctly and can be navigated successfully. The Time Timer® WASH is a product that can easily help to ensure that a young child goes through the appropriate process for effective handwashing, without needing an adult to monitor the amount of time they scrub.

Download the entire Handwash Curriculum Guide developed by Eva Phillips, Ed.D at timetimer.eu Time Timer® WASH | JAC5400 | 9,5 cm x 9,5 cm x 6 cm Time Timer® WASH + Soap Dispenser JAC5401 | 25,4 cm x 10 cm x 12 cm THE TIME TIMER® WASH A TOUCHLESS VISUAL TIMER FOR HANDWASHING
1 2 3 4
5 6
NEW! Time Timer® WASH + Soap Dispenser Time Timer® WASH 8 timetimer.eu info@robo-toys.com tel:31(0)181 479356 | fax:31(0)181 479358 |

Time Timer® PLUS


Time Timer® products were seen being used all around the world, helping us all adjust to the changing demands on our time. Thank you to all the friends, families, parents, students, teachers, and work-from-homers that helped make every moment count this year. Share your Time Timer® moments with us

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#timetimer #makeeverymomentcount @timetimer @thetimetimer
| Black | JAC5025 | 14 cm x 18 cm 60-minute | White | JAC5030 14 cm x 18 cm 120-minute | White | JAC5034 | 14 cm x 18 cm 20-minute | White | JAC5033 14 cm x 18 cm 5-minute | White | JAC5036 | 14 cm x 18 cm 10 timetimer.eu info@robo-toys.com tel:31(0)181 479356 | fax:31(0)181 479358 |
The award winning Time Timer® PLUS is a high contrast visual timer line available in 5-minute, 20-minute, 60-minute, and 120-minute versions. Includes a protective lens, on-the-go handle, volume control dial, easy-to-read numbers and has no loud ticking. Requires 1 AA/1.5V battery (not included). Easier to use battery compartment (no more screw! and improved durability. 60-minute

Time Timer® TWIST

Time Timer TWIST of the Time Timer® twist to set the time (up to 90 minutes), a pause button, a magnetic back and an audible, continuous alert (up to one minute) to indicate when time is up. Full disk will represent whatever duration you set! Now available in Original Red, Dreamsicle Orange, Lake Day Blue, and Pale Shale. Requires 1 AAA/1.5V battery (not included).

Time Timer TWIST® colour options shown clockwise from top: Pale Shale, Lake Day Blue, Original Red, Dreamsicle Orange



MODES Time Timer®

2 1 3


Set a time-of-day alarm with optional audible or vibrate alert.


Time Timer ®

Set time from 1 - 90 minutes and pause as needed
Watch Large
Watch Small (Youth) - Arctic
center. Shown
Set the original 60-minute disk or customize the disk up to 99 hours with optional repeating alert. Shown
Analog and digital displays in 12- or 24-hour format. Blue
(Adult) - Sequoia
Time Timer®
White in
with Extra Band in Sedona Orange on Left.
with Extra Band in Caribbean
on right
Large/Adult Watch Sequoia Green | JAC5601 Small/Youth Watch Arctic White | JAC5600 Extra Bands Pictured from left to right Large | Baltic Blue | JAC5604 Small | Caribbean Blue | JAC5603 Small Sedona Orange | JAC5602 Pictured to the right FOB Watch Carrier Caribbean Blue | JAC5605 NEW AND IMPROVED! JAC5035 Original Red | 2,3 cm thick and 8,5 cm diameter JAC5041 Dreamsicle Orange | 2,3 cm thick and 8,5 cm diameter JAC5042 Lake Day Blue | 2,3
thick and
diameter JAC5043 Pale Shale |
thick and
diameter 13 12 timetimer.eu info@robo-toys.com tel:31(0)181 479356 | fax:31(0)181 479358 | timetimer.eu | info@robo-toys.com | tel:31(0)181 479356 | fax:31(0)181 479358 |
Your Time Timer® Watch lets you take your visual timer on-the-go anywhere in the world. With your visual timer at your side, it’s your chance to make your mark on the world. So why shouldn’t it express your style? While still offering 3-modes (clock, visual timer, and alarm), the watch now comes in updated colours. In addition to the enhanced functionality and longevity built into the Time Timer® Watch, this product line now offers customizable options for creating a style all your own with interchangeable bands and easy to change battery compartment. Once you’ve chosen the size you need (Large/Adult or Small/Youth), customize your watch to accommodate your style and needs with new accessories. Opt for an extra watch band accessory in a fun, trendy colour to make it your own. Or remove the bands completely and place the watch face in the FOB
accessory, allowing you to wear your watch on a lanyard, backpack, or purse.
8,5 cm
2,3 cm
8,5 cm

Time Timer® PLUS — Make Time Edition

The Time Timer® PLUS Make Time Edition

is a 120-minute visual timer that comes with a notepad to put into practice the methods discussed in the Make Time book. This special edition timer with notepad allows you to practice the techniques and ideas discussed within the book in order to focus on what matters most.

Requires 1 AA/1.5V battery (not included).

Make Time book sold separately.

JAC5040 14 cm x 18 cm

Time Timer® MOD — Sprint Edition

The Time Timer® MOD Sprint Edition is a 60-minute visual timer that comes with a handy Quick Start Guide, highlighting the key principles of a “design sprint” framework as developed by Google teams. As Google Ventures explains, "Design sprints are a framework for teams of any size to solve and test design problems in 2–5 days.”

Requires 1 AA/1.5V battery (not included).

Sprint book sold separately.

JAC5029 | 9 cm x 9 cm

Quite simply, we love the Time Timer. If you use the Time Timer when you’re getting into laser mode, you’ll feel an instant, visceral sense of urgency, in a totally good way.


Working and learning from home can be an adjustment for anyone, regardless of age or ability. Although written pre-pandemic, Jake Knapp’s book, Make Time, could not be more relevant during a time where we are restructuring how we work and learn. Using his principles, along with our special edition Time Timer®, you can determine what the highlight of the day should be, and start living a life focused on what matters most to you, your family, and your career.

Time Timer® Mobile Apps

Take the power of Time Timer® visual time management anywhere you take your phone, tablet, or Apple Watch. Whether you are an Apple, Android, or Chromebook fan we’ve got the app you need.

Apple Watch/iPhone App iPad App Android App

Time Timer® Desktop App (Digital Purchase)

Turn your computer or interactive whiteboard into a completely customizable time management tool. The Mac and PC compatible software provides the ability to set repeating timers for house or seconds or display multiple timers at once. License key will be emailed upon purchase.

Personal License 1 user


Please inquire about multiple user licenses.

NOTE – The Time Timer® Desktop App Download is included FREE with the purchase of the Time Timer® Original Pocket, Medium and Large, Learning Center Classroom Set, and MOD Education Edition.


Here at Time Timer® we're always looking at research and education trends, as well as listening to users. We remain committed to innovation and introducing new products throughout the year.

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

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