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Introducing our new catalogue for 2021

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Time Timer® Pocket, Medium en Large Ships In its Own Container (SIOC) package.

Time Timer® Pocket

Time Timer® Medium en Large

Pocket updates: • Flip cover is now clear so that the time remaining is easier to see while the cover is closed. • The face has been recessed so that the timer will continue to countdown while the cover is closed. • Packaging now includes a soft, reusable drawstring bag to carry the timer or to repurpose for another use by the user. . Requires only one " AA battery". (not included)

Medium and Large updates: • A clear plastic lens covers the disk to further improve durability and protect the red disk from accidental tears (and little sticky fingers). • Magnets will be included on both of these models. The previous magnet & non-magnet versions are consolidated into one model with the redesign. • Requires two (2) AA batteries (not included). • Packaging has been upgraded to SIOC (Ships In its Own Container) standard so that these three models will no longer require an over box in order to ship single units. JAC5107 Time Timer® Pocket

Measurements 75 mm W x 80 mm H x 36 mm D JAC5108 Time Timer® Medium

Measurements 190 mm W x 192 mm H x 31 mm D JAC5109 Time Timer® Large

Measurements 306 mm W x 307 mm H x 43 mm D



How does the Time Timer® WASH work? The Time Timer® WASH has a hands-free IR operation which starts in 3 phases for washing your hands, soaping for 5 seconds, washing hands for 20 seconds and rinsing for 5 seconds. This is also visible by means of the icons on the screen of the Time Timer® WASH. The WASH beeps at the beginning and end of each of the three steps and you can choose the option music or sound. JAC5400 Time Timer® WASH

Time Timer® WASH Time Timer® develops innovative visual timers to make the passage of time visual. We are committed to the safety of children and educators. and are proud to introduce the patented Time Timer WASH. By means of a LCD screen, step-by-step and visually indicated how and for how long to wash your hands, as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Timer There is no need to keep track of the time until your hands are clean, it is self-regulating.

Simple Easy to use for both adults and children of all ages.

Always clean hands Clean hands has never been like this important, and with the Time Timer WASH you can be assured of clean hands

Suction cup With the supplied suction cup, the timer can be attached to the wall, mirror, but also on a tray.

How it works:

Features of the Time Timer® WASH


Water resistant Works with 3 AA batteries (not included) . Suction cup included . Measurements 9,5 x 9,5 x 6 cm . Optional music and/or sound .


Time Timer® MOD Special edition of the Time Timer® Pocket

The Time Timer® MOD. This unique Time Timer has a removable latex-free case protecting the Time Timer® MOD. The well-known red disk is protected under a clear lens. Due to its compact size the Time Timer® MOD is very suitable for traveling and easy to use at school, home and work. The silent operation and on/off alert makes it perfect for sound-sensitive environments. The centre dial ensures easy setting of the disk. The Time Timer® MOD has a closed battery compartment at the rear.

The smallest Time Timer (7,5 cm x 7,5 cm) is also available in two colours, lime green and turquoise blue. The Time Timer easily travels to all activities throughout the day. With a clear protective cover that flips over to serve as a stand. • Includes an optional audible signal when time is up. • Operates on one (1) AA battery (not included).

The Time Timer® MOD comes complete with a charcoal coloured silicone case. Do you prefer a different colour? The original charcoal case can easily be changed into a brightly coloured one. The coloured case is sold separately as an accessory and is available in 3 colours: turquoise blue, lime green and berry. Requires 1 AA battery (not included). JAC5026 - Time Timer MOD® (9 cm x 9 cm) including charcoal case JAC5037 - Time Timer® Pocket, lime green JAC5038 - Time Timer® Pocket, turquoise blue JAC5027BE – Case for Time Timer® MOD, berry 8 JAC5027BL – Case for Time Timer® MOD, turquoise blue JAC5027GR – Case for Time Timer® MOD, lime green 9

Time Timer® MAX JAC5100 – Time Timer® MAX including: • Three reversible timer faces with these durations: 5 minute/15 minute, 30 minute/1 hour, 2 hour/dry erase • Three set markers • One bracket to hang the MAX on the wall Features: Each Time Timer MAX ® comes with three timer faces that are reversible. The timer faces include the minutes or hours that are helpful to count down these durations; each side of the face features a duration. Product details: The Time Timer ® MAX is the ultimate in size and flexibility. It’s a whopping 44x 44 cm so it can be seen in larger spaces such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, auditoriums and large meeting rooms. It’s also eight timers in one – with customizable durations and changeable timer faces, the MAX can countdown as low as 5 minutes, or as high as 24 hours. Included with the MAX are 3 two-sided timer faces – 5/15 minutes, 30/60 minutes, 120 minutes/Dry Erase Board timer face allowing for maximum flexibility and customization, in addition to “set markers”. The three coloured set markers can create time blocks on any face by snapping them into the grooves between the red disk and numbers. The MAX can be used on a flat surface, hung on a wall, whiteboard or map rail. 1 bracket mount is included.

The Time Timer has a kickstand that allows it to stand on its own on a table or bookshelf. The kickstand can also be flipped vertically so that it can be hung on a hook instead of the wall bracket. Quiet operation with no loud ticking, optional alert at the end of timing can be on/off low volume/high volume, extra-large size high contrast red disk is easy to see in larger size rooms or gymnasiums. Includes a timer face that is dry erase to create a custom or visual schedule. JAC5110 – Additional set with different durations for Time Timer® MAX Time Timer® MAX measurements 44 x 44 cm


• 4 hour /8 hour reversible timer face • 24 hour/dry erase reversible timer face • Set of three set markers


Time Timer® PLUS large digits carry handle

Time Timer® PLUS white This new Time Timer® PLUS protects the red disk under a clear lens. With a volume adjustable end-signal and closed battery compartment. Now available in white. JAC5030 – Time Timer® PLUS white (14x18 cm)

patented red disk adjustable volume (rear) centre dial for setting the disk closed battery compartment (rear) fixed feet transparent protective lens

The Time Timer® PLUS protects the red disk under a clear lens. The Time Timer® PLUS has a volume adjustable end signal and closed battery compartment. The centre dial for setting the red disk, its large digits and carry-to-go handle ensures ease of use for all ages. Also available in white. JAC5025 - Time Timer® PLUS, black (14x18 cm)



Time Timer® PLUS white - 5 min

Time Timer® PLUS white - 20 min The Time Timer® PLUS has a clear lens as the other Time Timer® PLUS. An adjustable end signal and a closed battery compartment. The centre dial for setting the time, its large digits and carry-to-go handle ensures ease of use. You can teach the younger children to work in time schedules of 20 minutes which is more than enough for young ones. Silent operation, no ticking.

The well-known Time Timer® PLUS is now available with 5 minutes timer. Teach the concept of time and learn to visualize time as a measurement. What does 5 minutes really mean? JAC5036 – Time Timer® PLUS 5 min, white (14 x 18 cm) JAC5033 – Time Timer® PLUS 20 min, white (14 x 18 cm)

The Time Timer® PLUS is now available in three durations. Whether you are doing a 20 minute silent reading, a speed round of team updates of 5 minutes.

The Time Timer® PLUS has the following features: • Time to be set from 0-5 minutes • Colour disk GREEN • Clear lens • Adjustable end signal • Closed battery compartment • Centre dial for setting the time • Silent operation • Works with one (1) battery (not included)


Available in 5, 20 and 120 minutes. The colour is different so not to be mixed up with the well-known red disk for the 60 minutes Time Timer.


Time Timer® PLUS white 120 min

The Time Timer® TWIST The Time Timer® TWIST is the well-known Time Timer red, this Time Timer can be carried around everywhere. And the good thing about it, is the magnetic back. Silent operation no ticking.

The Time Timer® PLUS has the following features: - Time to be set from 0 to 120 minutes - Colour disk PURPLE - Clear lens - Adjustable end signal - Closed battery compartment - Centre dial for setting the time - Works on one (1) AA battery (not included) - Silent operation JAC5035 – Time Timer® TWIST 23 mm thick and Ø 85 mm JAC5034 – Time Timer® PLUS 120 min, white (14 x 18 cm)

The Time Timer TWIST can be carried around, including its magnetic back it can hang on any metal surface. Silent operation, no ticking. The colour is different not tob e mixed up by the well-known red disk of 60 minutes Time Timer.

Now you can be more flexible than before with 2 hours of time to set. Perfect for older children who have tasks that need more time. And sometimes an hour is not enough. Now you can manage a long meeting and the Time Timer will help to make sure you stay on track and on time!

A unique 90-minute digital Timer that visually shows time counting down. Audible alert, magnetic back. 1-AAA battery (not included). You can easily twist the Time Timer to set it from 0-90 minutes. The visual disk runs back till time is up.

The colour is different and not to be mixed up by the well-known red disk of 60 minutes Time Timer.



Time Timer® Pictograms Home and School set

Time Timer® Dry Erase Board Activity and message center for home, office and school. The Timer Timer® Dry Erase Board is a way to add words and images to enhance your Time Timer® MOD visual countdown. Use the dy erase board to show an agenda, leave time-sensitive messages and keep any team or process on time. Acccessories not included.

These set of pictogram can be used in combination with all the Time Timer models. The pictograms have to be placed in the pictostand. The pictostand can be fixed on top of the Time Timer with adhesive tape or placed in front or next to the Time Timer. Packed in a transparent storage box. Each set contains 12 different pictograms and 2 pictostands.

Time Timer® MOD is sold separately JAC5028 - Dry Erase Board (20x20 cm)

Office • Create a visual agenda • For team meetings • Organize your own day School • Create visual schedule for project time • Keep time goals in sight • Stay on track with steps in a process or experiment Home • Keep routines on track • Leave time-sensitive messages for family members • Create visual schedules

Set Dry Erase Board & Time Timer® MOD The Time Timer® dry erase board together with your Time Timer® MOD keeps your schedule on time JAC5039 – Set Dry Erase Board & Time Timer® MOD

Pictograms are most effective when used with the Time Timer. The Pictograms are an aid for children and adults, with or without an intellectual disability, who need more guidance with every day activities. The pictogram will help them to remember and carry out the task at hand. Those who use the pictograms must be able to make a link between the activity shown on the pictogram and what they must do themselves JAC5050 - School set JAC5051 - Home set 18


Time Timer® Desktop software Stress-free time management for office, home and school. Make every moment count during your busy day with the Time Timer Desktop-App.

Time Timer® Special editions Introducing the Time Timer® PLUS 120 Minute Make Time Special Edition

A unique visual timer application for both the Mac and PC with three (3) license options: Personal (1 user), Multi (5 users) and Premium (25 users)

Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky wrote Make Time to share how they create time for what matters most. They discuss methods and ideas that encourage us to rethink the defaults of constant busyness and distraction. That’s why the 120 Minute PLUS is the perfect companion for this book, and it comes with a notepad to help you put their principles into practice

The Time Timer Desktop App gives you the ability to customize, save and reuse timers with names, colours, alert and scale options and more! JAC5001 Time Timer® Desktop software personal JAC5040 - Time Timer® PLUS 120 Minutes Make Time Special Edition JAC5002 Time Timer® Desktop software multi

PERSONAL JAC5003 Time Timer® Desktop software premium

Digital Timers for 1 user JAC5001

“Quite simply, we love the Time Timer. If you use the Time Timer when you’re getting into laser mode, you’ll feel an instant, visceral sense of urgency, in a totally good way.” - Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky

MULTI Digital Timers for 5 users JAC5002

Time Timer® MOD – Sprint Special Edition


As featured in Sprint, by Jake Knapp, the Time Timer® MOD Sprint Edition is a 60-minute visual timer that comes with a handy Quick Start Guide highlighting the key principles of a “design sprint” framework as developed by Google teams across the industry. As Google Ventures explains, “Design sprints are a framework for teams of any size to solve and test design problems in 2-5 days”.

Digital Timers for 25 users JAC5003

NEW Available on Apple Watch JAC5029 Time Timer MOD Sprint Special Edition

Download the Time Timer app on your smartphone, tablet, etc. Create and start a Time Timer in seconds. Check out your app store for all features. Available through the Apple Store and Google Play. 20


Time Timer® watch Plus

Time Timer® watch Plus Large JAC5023 – Time Timer watch Plus®, Large, charcoal/white

high resolution LCD display back light


The new designed Time Timer® watch Plus creates more flexibility and mobility for all who benefit from time management.

two timer modes

The Timer Timer® watch Plus combines three funtions: - clock – Time Timer – alert – all-in one watch! The icons on the display of the watch show which setting of the watch is activated. The Time Timer® watch Plus is a user friendly watch. The Time Timer® watch Plus is available in two sizes: - Large size in charcoal/white - Small size in charcoal/orange

3 modes: clock, alert, Time Timer

set button

stop/start button

optional vibrate and audible alert

Packed in a nice reusable tin. Multilingual manual included.

Time Timer® watch Plus Small JAC5022OR – Time Timer® watch Plus, small, charcoal/orange

large digits replaceable watch band

signature red disk

12 or 24-hour clock

All the benefits of a Time Timer on your wrist! 22




Protection Kit - COVID 19 R4010 Protection Kit-COVID 19

Included in this set: 70 magnetic icons of 4 x 4 cm + 1 double-sided magnetic door hanger

Designed by the father of an autistic child, the Protection Kit COVID-19 Edition is the perfect visual tool for a better understanding of hygiene and social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This kit includes 70 magnetic pictograms representing the new measures to adapt in terms of hand washing, wearing a mask and/or visor, what is allowed and what is not, as well as the guidelines for social distancing in childcare and school environments. By using the double-sided magnetic door hanger in this kit, understanding and following the rules will be much easier and more fun! Available in Dutch, English, German and Spanish, ask for the possibilities.

Ideal for all children and adults, perfect for home and outings, child care, schools and all places where rules of hygiene and social distancing are in place.

70 magnetic pictograms for a better understanding of hygiene and social distancing measures. 24




Time Timer® Magnetic Pictogram Kit

Double-sided Magnetic Vertical Door Hanger

The Time Timer® Magnetic Pictogram Kit is an easy to use tool to support children who need more guidance during their daily activities. It will be most effective while used in combination with a Time Timer. The pictograms will help to develop independence and also to create a perception of time during all kinds of activities, like getting dressed, personal hygiene, play, school and all kinds of tasks.

The vertical magnetic door hanger has 10 magnetic placeholders on each side to hold magnetic pictograms. Pictograms are not included. JAC5061 - Vertical Magnetic Door Hanger, double sided (28,8x8,5 cm)

The set is magnetic, durable and ready to use. No printing, no cutting, no glue, no Velcro or adhesive are required. The illustrations are simple and easy to understand. Any child can identify with them easily.

Portable kit A handy portable kit with a 2-sided mini magnetic panel that can hold up to 4 magnetic pictograms on each side. For any outdoor activity or special outing. The portable kit can be carried at the belt using the snap ring or at the neck using the lanyard. Pictograms are not included.

This kit includes: • 35 magnetic pictograms without text • 35 magnetic Time Timer pictograms • 1 x magnetic door hanger • 1 x dry erase marker JAC5060 - Time Timer® Magnetic Pictogram Kit

Contains: • 1 x polyester carrier with zippered pouch and marker holder • 1 x 2-sided mini magnetic board • 1 x dry erase black marker • 1 x snap ring • 1 x lanyard JAC5062 - Portable Kit (15x10 cm)

Magnetic Support The magnetic support can hold up to 10 pictograms. It can be fixed on a work surface with two strips of Velcro (included). Pictograms not included. JAC5063 - Magnetic Support (20,2x8,5 cm)

Magnetic Board The Magnetic Board is a reusable magnetic board that can be placed on any metal surface. It can hold up to 32 pictograms. You can write on it with a dry erase marker. Board only, pictograms and marker are not included. JAC5064 - Magnetic Board (27,95 cm x 20,95 cm) 26




Essential Kit Magnetic Pictograms Create a sequence! You can create sequences or social scenarios. A convenient arrow pictogram is also included in the kit and may be used to point at each pictogram during a given sequence

Magnetic Pictogram KIT Teenager Adult The IDEOmodule TEEN • ADULT is a magnetic communication tool dedicated to bring solutions to teenagers and adults with special needs. You can create a large amount of sequences and social scenarios. This portable concept is ideal for home or outings. Perfect for teenagers and adults, especially those with A.S.D. (Autism Spectrum Disorder), intellectual disability, or other communication or social difficulties.

Whiteboard not included

One set contains: • 280 Magnetic Pictograms • 1 magnetic door hanger (double sided) • 1 IdeoStatik (28x21 cm) • 1 dry erase marker JAC5068 - Magnetic Pictogram Kit - Teenager Adult available in Dutch, English and German language JAC5065 - Essential Kit

This set includes 665 magnetic pictograms, 1 double-sided magnetic door hanger and 1 portable kit. One IDEOstatik is also included. This reusable and repositionable electrostic layer adheres to any smooth surface. You can easily create a pictogram sequence, schedule or routine. Its smooth writeable surface allows use of a dry erase marker.





School Kit Magnetic pictograms Specially made School Kit where you can follow a sequence or scenario as in the following example: For an arts and crafts sequence you can use: paper, coloured pencils, black, draw, colouring, scissors, cut, glue. The magnetic pictograms can be arranged in chronological order from left to right.

BRUSH YOUR TEETH Learning to brush my teeth is a convenient magnetic tool to help children brush their teeth. Easy to use, children will easily learn every step enabling them to go through the routine by themselves and become autonomous.

The arrow pictogram can be used to point and follow the steps in the illustration. One set contains: • 245 magnetic pictograms • Magnetic support (can be fixed with the Velcro® strips) • Dry erase marker JAC5066 - School Kit R4003 - Brush your teeth available in Dutch, English and German language This kit includes 10 magnetic picto-grams depicting all the important steps to assis children through the sequence of brushing their teeth.

Whiteboard not included

Children’s reward system Magnetic pictograms This reward kit is a stimulation for all children, a pictogram is an illustration that represents an object or an action. A social scenario is an illustration of a social situation to help someone better understand these situations and improve her/his ability to interact socially. One set contains: • 70 magnetic pictograms • IdeoStatik layer for any smooth metal surface (28x21 cm) • Dry erase marker JAC5067 - Children’s reward system

Included in this kit One (1) magnetic door hanger Ten (10) magnetic pictograms

WASH YOUR HANDS Learning to wash my hands is a convenient magnetic tool to help children wash their hands. Easy to use, children will easily learn every step enabling them to go through the routine by themselves and become autonomous. R4004 - Wash your hands available in Dutch, English and German language This kit includes 10 magnetic pictograms depicting all the important steps to assist children through the sequence of washing their hands.

Whiteboard not included


Included in this kit One (1) magnetic door hanger Ten (10) magnetic pictograms 31


The round Table wheel

Packaging: one wheel with 2 sides

The round table wheel is a 2-sided swivel wheel that helps children to manage conflicts and quickly find a solution. With 8 conflicts on the front and 8 solutions on the back. Easy to handle. Ø 23 cm.

The Emotion wheel Emotions in Motion is a 2-sided swivel wheel that helps children manage emotions and quickly find a solution. With 8 common emotions on the front and 8 winning solutions on the back. Easy to handle. Ø 23 cm. R4002 - The round Table available in Dutch, English and German language

NO language

8 Emotions • Anxious • Angry • Scared • Tired • Agitated • Discouraged • Impatient • Sad


8 Solutions • Take deep breaths • Ear muffs • Calm space • Listen to music • Soothing object • Rest • Discuss • Give a hug R4000 - The emotion wheel

Packaging: one wheel with 2 sides

The Boo-Boo Reel The Boo-Boo Reel is a 2-sided swivel wheel that helps children identify a physical pain and its intensity. 8 common injuries on the front and 8 reactions on the back. Easy to handle. Ø 23 cm. NO language 8 Reactions • It hurts • It hurts a little • It hurts a lot • It hurts very much • I am fine • Yes V • No X •? 32

8 Common injuries • Head • Throat • Tummy • Arm • Leg • Sick • Ears • I don’t know R4001 - The Boo-Boo Reel

Packaging: one wheel with 2 sides

8 Conflicts • They are making fun of me • I don’t know how to join in • I don’t want to wait • No one wants to play with me • I disagree • I don’t like this activity • I don’t understand • No one listens to me 8 Solutions • Name my expectations • Alternate turns • Change activity • Ask an adult for help • Discuss • Ignore or move away • Take a break to calm down • Find a solution together 33

Speech and language hand puppets

Speech and language hand puppets

Movable hands with Velcro

Hand Puppet Zara

Our large Speech and Language Hand Puppets are very suitable for use in playgroups, nurseries, schools and special needs. The children will become friends with the Hand Puppets very quickly. Hand Puppets may play a role in group discussions, but can also participate to start and end the day or help with the introduction of (new) activities. They are suitable for class activity and individual use. A Hand Puppet is a playful learning aid. The Hand Puppet can help to encourage conversational and language skills. It can help children to explore their emotions and develop their abilities to respond to challenges. A Hand Puppet can aid children in their development of wider social relations including their abilities to build friendships and share emotions and experiences. It can be used to express their feelings as a child is more likely to talk to a Puppet than to an adult.

Introducing our South American girl with her bright green eyes is our latest speech and language puppet. She can tell her stories to the children and has a big interest in learning from the children too. Perfect for group use and encourage positive interaction. She is 70 cm tall.

Hand-wash only, maximum 30 degrees B148/70 - Hand Puppet Zara

Do NOT use a wash dryer

Our Hand Puppets are available in girl and boy puppets and fantasy figures. They have a movable mouth and tongue, arms and hands. Using your own hands to move the mouth, tongue and hands the Hand Puppet comes to life. The possibilities are endless. All our Hand Puppets are hand made.

70 CM

Movable mouth and tongue

70 CM

Shoelaces can be tied

uitable for all S hand puppets

Jeans Trousers with colours and a Jeans Dress with shapes Available are a Jeans Trousers with colours and a Jeans Dress with shapes. Use one of our Hand Puppets to teach the different shapes and colours. The trousers and dress both have Velcro fasteners. B141/35 - Jeans Dress with 6 different shapes B140/45 - Jeans Trousers with 6 different colours 34


Speech and language hand puppets

Finger Puppet Girl Hand Puppets Girl is also available as Finger Puppet. She can be moved by using your fingers. Ideal for telling stories.

• Movable hands. • Movable mouth and tongue. • Hands with Velcro.

Speech and language hand puppets B102/25r - Finger puppet Girl

Hand Puppet Samantha Hand Puppet Samantha likes to teach the children all the letters of the alphabet. In the pocket of her dress Samantha carries the complete alphabet. The letters can be placed on the palm of her hands with Velcro and can be easily shown to the children. Without effort a child will be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet or the first letter of his/her name. Her dress can be taken off.

Hand Puppet Bobby • Moveable hands • Moveable mouth and tongue • Hands with Velcro • Shoelaces can be tied • Clothes can be taken off

70 CM

Our Hand Puppet Bobby has a very friendly character. This appealing boy will be a great success with all children. Use his friendly character to encourage interaction and stimulate language development with young children. His shy friendly appearance will easily encourage even the quietest child to communicate. His trouser is removable for washing. B125/70 - Hand Puppet Samantha with alphabet B130/70 - Hand Puppet Bobby

Hand Puppet Boy & Girl Our very first Hand Puppets. The boy with his sporty cap can be tough, shy or noisy. The girl with a red ribbon in her blond hair can be sweet, naugthy or catty. These neutral Hand Puppets are ideal for all kinds of role play. Both Hand Puppets have movable hands, mouth and tongue. B101/70 - Hand Puppet Boy B102/70r - Hand Puppet Girl

70 CM

• Movable hands. • Movable mouth and tongue. • Hands with Velcro.

Hand Puppet Jake Hand Puppet Jake likes to teach the children to count. In his pocket he carries the numbers 0 to 10. The letters can be placed on the palm of his hands with Velcro and can be easily shown to the children. For example: hold up the number in one hand and mimiq the same number with the fingers of the other hand. B123/70 - Hand Puppet Jake with numbers



Speech and language hand puppets

Speech and language hand puppets

Hand Puppet Susanne Hand puppet Susanne is a cheerful girl with big blue eyes and pink ribbons in her red hair. She wears a nice bodywarmer with zipper and a skirt with elastic waistband. Bodywarmer and skirt can be taken off. Her shoes have shoelaces that can be used to teach how to tie shoelaces.

Hand Puppet Gnome with Rucksack B126/70 - Hand Puppet Susanne

Our Hand Puppet Gnome is a very funny guy of 85 cm tall. He loves numbers and he loves to count. In his rucksack he has all the things he needs for learning to count from 1-10, like pictures of dotted toadstools, figures and coins. His toadstool rucksack can be easily hung on his back with Velcro and is big enough to store all other things that he collects. B134/85 - Hand Puppet Gnome with Rucksack

• Movable hands. • Movable mouth and tongue. • Hands with Velcro.

70 CM

Hand Puppet Clown

70 CM

This funny clown will make the children laugh. He likes to make a lot of fun and is always happy. His red pants can be taken off. Ref. nr. B103/70 - Hand Puppet Clown with hair

Hand Puppet Phil

• Movable hands. • Movable mouth and tongue. • Hands with Velcro. • Shoelaces can be tied. • Clothes can be taken off. 38

Hand Puppet Phil is a happy guy and always wears a cap on his red hair. He is Hand Puppet Susanne’s big brother. His bodywarmer with zipper and jeans trousers with elastic waist band can be taken off. The laces of his shoes can be used to teach how to tie shoelaces. B127/70 - Hand Puppet Phil

Finger Puppets Clown

• Movable hands. • Movable mouth and tongue. • Hands with Velcro. • Clothes can be taken off.

Also available as finger puppets of 25 cm. Use your fingers to move the arms of the finger puppet. B103/25 - Finger Puppet Clown with hair B100/25 - Finger Puppet Clown without hair 39

Speech and language hand puppets

Hand Puppet Tom & Tina Best friends in every classroom, our dark coloured Hand Puppets Tom and Tina. Hand Puppet Tom wears a sporty cap and Hand Puppet Tina has a red ribbon in her hair. These neutral Hand Puppets are ideal for all kinds of role play.

Hand Puppet Mike

Speech and language hand puppets B116/70 - Hand Puppet Tom B117/70r - Hand Puppet Tina

70 CM

Hand Puppet Mike is the older brother of our Hand Puppet Ruby. He is always in a good mood. His bodywarmer with zipper and trousers with elastic waistband can be taken off. His shoes have shoelaces that can be tied. B129/70 - Hand Puppet Mike

70 CM

70 CM

Hand Puppet Ruby Hand Puppet Ruby is a colourful young lady and the sister of Hand Puppet Mike. She always wears brightly coloured clothes. Her bodywarmer has a zipper and her skirt has an elastic waistband. Both bodywarmer and skirt can be taken off. Her shoes have shoelaces that can be tied. B128/70 - Hand Puppet Ruby 40

25 CM

• Movable hands. • Movable mouth and tongue. • Hands with Velcro.

Finger Puppets • Movable hands. • Movable mouth and tongue. • Hands with Velcro. • Shoelaces can be tied. • Clothes can be taken off.

Also available as finger puppets of 25 cm. Use your fingers to move the arms of the finger puppet. B116/25 - Finger Puppet Tom B117/25r - Finger Puppet Tina 41

Speech and language hand puppets

Booklet Max and Millie and ....... their social skills

Speech and language hand puppets

This interesting book and card set will enhance the social skills lessons in the classroom. Max and Millie are playing the leading part in this booklet.

Hand Puppets Max & Millie Best friends Max and Millie are well known characters in Dutch classrooms presented through the books of Publisher Kwintessens. Place your hands in their arms and let these big Hand Puppets come to life during story telling time or addressing a social situation. The Hand Puppets are perfect for promoting group discussions and encouraging positive interaction.

Eight categories of behaviour are covered. Each chapter includes a short story involving Max and Millie to illustrate the behaviour targeted, puppet dialogue to engage the children, illustrations for colouring and different exercises to further discussion. Twelve full colour cards are also included to help children explore feelings and emotions associated with social situations. B146/85 - Hand Puppet Max B147/85 - Hand Puppet Millie

85 CM

Ideal for use with Hand Puppet Max and Hand Puppet Millie. The set of twelve full colour emotion cards is also sold separately. K6513E - Booklet Max and Millie and ....... their social skills + cards K6500 - Max and Millie emotion cards set of 12 full colour cards without text (separate available)

Glove and finger puppets

Animal set

A lovely set of glove puppets. Suitable for class activity and individual use. Stimulates children’s imagination. Packed per set (4 puppets) in a sturdy bag. Size approx. 28 cm.

28 CM HP3000 - Glove Puppet set Hare, Duck, Cow, Pig

85 CM

Finger Puppets

Two nice animal sets of finger puppets with Velcro. Ideal for story telling and language stimulation. Each puppet can be placed on a finger top. These sets can also be used with each of our Hand Puppets. Due to the Velcro the finger puppets can be easily attached onto the hands of the Hand Puppet. MFP2070 - Farm Animal set: Dog, Duck, Cat, Mouse, Chicken, Cow, Horse MFP2060 - Zoo Animal set: Zebra, Monkey, Elephant, Bear, Giraffe, Lion




Games LittleStorm

Concrete Thinking:

Four important conversation games for young children to develop their emotions, sensory impresssions, actions and reactions. To encourage the child to talk about their own experience and surroundings.

Children aged 2-6 years find it difficult to understand abstract concepts, including time, death and divorce. At this age, they have no firm perception of time. This means that when a 2-6-year-old says goodbye, he/she does not know how much time will pass until there is a reunion. The child will also find it difficult to understand that something is permanent. In addition, the child is not yet able to distinguish between the real and the imagined. If exposed to a situation he/she does not understand, the child will tend to create his/her own explanation.

LittleStorm at home LittleStorm is in the kitchen, taking a shower in the bathroom, building in the workshop, relaxing in the living room, eating and getting ready for bed.

LittleStorm out in the world LittleStorm goes to the doctor, to the town, to the harbour, to the woods, to the playground and to the park.

LittleStorm in all kinds of weather Go outside with LittleStorm when it is rainy, snowy, windy, cloudy and sunny, and stay inside in thundery weather.

LittleStorm says hello and goodbye Help LittleStorm say hello and goodbye in the kindergarten, when it´s time to move, to the day and to the life itself. Each game contains six boards. Each board is subdivided into fields. Each player has to find three (3) cards. There are cards about the theme, while the fourth card is about the goal of the game, in which LittleStorm takes part.

The LittleStorm games addresses three facts: that 2-6 years olds see the world as fragments, that they need repetition and that their sense of time is still in its infancy. LittleStorm himself is an inquisitive little character. He is original and acts as a type of mirror, in which children can see themselves.

Content each game: 24 playing cards 6 playing boards Game rules 10008 - LittleStorm 4 games in one wooden box 44

for young children of 2,5 years and up 44


Table of multiplication


Weather Calendar Can you name the 4 different seasons? The day of the week, month, etc.? What will the weather be like today, what kind of clothes do we have to wear?

Multiplication Table

With our brightly coloured Weather Calendar you can teach even the youngest children the different seasons and weather types. Older children will be able to make their own weather forecast.

With this multiplication table children can easily learn and understand multiplication. Simply place the yellow horizontal and vertical strips on the board and find the correct answer. The table and the yellow strips are prepared with Velcro and made of high quality plastic.

With a wipe off pencil you can write the day and date on the calendar and also mark the temperature. The weather cards can be attached to the calendar with Velcro. The boy and girl each have 4 different sets of clothes, one for each season.

Aim of the game: To learn multiplications in an easy and logical manner.

Aim of the game: Make children aware of the different seasons and weather types and expand their vocabulary.

Recommended age: 6 years and older.

• Other languages on request. • Ask for the conditions.

Recommended age: 4 years and older.

Set contains: Multiplication Table with 2 yellow strips and one wipe off marker, all packed in a sturdy polybag. Dimensions: 49,5 x 69 cm

Set contains: Weather Calendar Velcro 1 wipe-off marker 4 sets of clothes 3 types of rainfall 4 cards of the wind 5 cards of the sky 4 temperature cards all packed in a sturdy polybag Dimensions: 69 x 49,5 cm 10005 - Weather Calendar with accessories 10007 - Multiplication Table with accessories

• Other languages on request. • Ask for the conditions. 46




The sound of children learning. R

The sound of children learning. R

The Biofilter for the WhisperPhone Duet and Select. This inline bacterial viral filter is designed to minimize the spread of germs with a minimum loss of air flow; allowing students to still hear each other. Each unit is sonically sealed so there are no chemical adhesives or unwanted material residue. This Inline filter is easy to install and does not require any tools for assembly. BioFilter snaps together with the tubing and the Orange or Blue phones found in our WhisperPhone DUET and SELECT systems. 90015 Biofilter

WHISPERPHONE SELECT Select takes accompanying reading to a whole new level.

With the dial, the teacher can create a communication channel to track and work with each student 1-to-1 while other students stay focused on reading.

Students from kindergarten to group 4 use Select during accompanying reading with a teacher. 90007 - WhisperPhone® Duet

In addition, with only the turn of the WhisperPhone Select's dial can be used to create 3 sets of 2 for partner reading activities.

WHISPERPHONE DUET • The perfect tool for paired reading exercises by encourage students to work together and help each other.

• Also useful for one-on-one time with teachers, or speech therapists. • WhisperPhone Duet keeps classrooms quieter creating an acoustic-clear connection between two readers. • WhisperPhone Duet helps develop reading skills and encourages expressive reading. 90013 - WhsiperPhone® Select WhisperPhone Select not only helps every one to learn to stay focused, but also encourages the use of a softer voice that accompanying reading.

48 48

WhisperPhone Select, the ultimate accompanying reading tool. Children love it, because learning to read becomes even more fun!

• Kids Love WhisperPhone Duet for It fun and adventure! • tube is 91 centimeters long.




The sound of children learning. R

WhisperPhone® Duet

WhisperPhone® Duet is an acoustical telephone that enhances student-to-student and teacher-to-student reading activities. Duet keeps classrooms quieter by creating an acoustically-clear connection between two readers. Duet also helps develop reading skills and encourages expressive reading. Kids will love Duet for the fun and adventure! Length up to 91 cm.

WhisperPhone® Solo This WhisperPhone® has a lightweight headset for hands-free operation. Can be worn left and right by adjusting the headset. 90003 - WhisperPhone® Solo junior model 90004 - WhisperPhone® Solo senior model 90007 - WhisperPhone® Duet Make learning fun! This innovative and easy-to-wear linguistic tool offers teachers a quieter classroom through voice amplification. Use of WhisperPhone® promotes accelerated learning and higher performance results.

Expansion Pack for WhisperPhone® Duet Add more length and fun to your WhisperPhone® Duet! This pack will increase the length of your Duet up to 6 meters. Just think of the possibilities! Expansion Pack includes: • 2x Expansion voice tubes • 2x Tube Connectors • 1x Bio filter to minimize the spread of germs (does not include the WhisperPhone® Duet endpoints)

WhisperPhone® is an acoustic voice feedback headset that enables learners of all ages to focus and hear the sounds that make up words (phonemes) more clearly as they learn to read, spell or process language aloud. WhisperPhone® is fun and easy to use. Research has proven that users can hear phonemes ten times more clearly when they are wearing the WhisperPhone®! They can hear themselves better over background noise and focus better on what they’re learning. WhisperPhone® works simply and effectively. When they speak, their voice is conveyed directly into their ear so they can hear their voice more clearly. This creates an improved signalto-noise ratio, which means the user can hear their voice better over all background noise. This improved signal-to-noise ratio provides a clarified signal of intelligible speech raising phonemic awareness and optimizing the process of learning to read or process language. Hearing their own voice also encourages them to speak more quietly which equals a more quiet and conducive learning environment for others.

WhisperPhone® Element This handheld WhisperPhone® is ideal for helping learners develop their reading and spelling abilities and for developing new language skills. Perfect for the tactilely sensitive who prefer to hold their WhisperPhone® vs. wearing our Solo headset. 90010 - WhisperPhone® Element junior model 90011 - WhisperPhone® Element senior model


The sound of children learning. R 90012 - Expansion Pack

Storage Pouch Protect your WhisperPhone® products! Our storage pouches are durable, reusable and eco-friendly. These pouches are perfect for traveling, storing in a desk or putting in a backpack. Ref. nr. 90005 - Storage Pouch for WhisperPhone® Ref. nr. 90009 - Deluxe Storage Pouch for WhisperPhone® Duet

Book ‘The SOUND of LEARNING’ Learn about the science and rationale behind self-amplification and how it can boost the learning-to-read process. The Sound of Learning includes practical applications of the self-amplification tool WhisperPhone®, in the classroom and at home. Included in the book are exercises to use in conjunction with the WhisperPhone® whether you’re a teacher or a parent! Authored by a literacy expert, an audiologist and a speech language professional, this book offers compelling analysis, fun exercises and other resources to utilize. 90006 - Book ‘The SOUND of LEARNING’ (only available in English)


WhisperPhone® Variety Pack R


The sound of children learning. R

The junior model of the WhisperPhone Element is available in a multicolour set, which is even more fun to work with! The Variety Pack contains 12 WhisperPhone Elements in 6 different colour combinations. There are 2 WhisperPhone Elements of each colour in the set.

The sound of children learning. R

The coloured WhisperPhone Element is also handheld and perfect for early learners and the tactilely sensitive who prefer to hold the WhisperPhone themselves. Suitable for children up to 12 years. Works without batteries. Dishwasher proof. 90014 - WhisperPhone® Element Variety Pack (12 in one set)

WhisperPhone® Select WhisperPhone® Select is designed to help manage guided reading. This team-based, direct-to-ear product helps students hear themselves very clearly while reading and allows the teacher to monitor reading performance and assist with word decoding one student at a time. Turn the dial to provide easy and discrete communication between teacher and student. WhisperPhone® Select also provides a setting that creates three teams of two students for paired reading. For those paired reading times where you would prefer to have students pair up and find a space in the classroom, the components of WhisperPhone® Select allow for easy reconfiguration of up to three “portable paired reading tools” to be used anywhere. WhisperPhone® Select contains 7 expandable tubes, 7 phone handsets, 1 centre Selector and instructions. Components can be configured for Guided Reading, Paired Reading at the reading table, or Paired Reading in up to three locations. 90013 - WhisperPhone® Select



Drying racks

Drying racks Wall Mounted Drying Racks

Mobile Spring Loaded Drying Rack This drying rack features spring loaded racks and separator bars. The shelves remain upright until lowered and can take up to A2 size paper.

These wall mounted drying racks are ideal for classrooms with little space. They are mounted onto the wall and have racks that fold up to save space. The unit comes complete with fixings and is finished in epoxy coated resin for easy cleaning. Suitable for A3 size paper.

Dimensions single rack: 61 x 39 cm. C1167 - 20 Shelf Spring Loaded Floor Dryer Dimensions: L61 x H99 x D54 cm

Dimensions single rack: 50 x 39 cm. C1160 - 15 Shelf Wall Mounted Dryer Dimensions: L50 x H46 x D41 cm C1162 - 20 Shelf Wall Mounted Dryer Dimensions: L50 x H61 x D41 cm

Spring Loaded Wall Mounted Drying Rack This wall mounted drying rack is equipped with spring loaded racks. The shelves stay in place when loading /unloading paintings due to the spring system.Finished with an epoxy coated resin for easy cleaning. Suitable for A2 size paper. Dimensions single rack: 60 x 39 cm. C1163 - 15 Shelf Spring Loaded Wall Mounted Dryer Dimensions: L60 x H49 x D50 cm

Spring Loaded Drying Rack This spring loaded dryer is floor standing and has 30 shelves (15 shelves each side). The large unit is packed in two cartons. Suitable for A2 size paper. Dimensions single rack: 61 x 39 cm. C1171 - 30 Shelf Spring Loaded Floor Dryer Dimensions: L100 x H56 x D61 cm 54

The use of a drying rack guarantees a flatter drip-free dry of each painting. Drying racks are perfect for drying and storing (paint)drawings and other pieces of small art. The frame is made of a high quality steel. The individual racks are manufactured from a fine wire and are plastic coated. Easy to use and easy to clean.


Drying racks

30 Racks Mobile Art Drying Rack

Drying Racks on Wheels

This large 30 racks mobile drying unit takes up to A3 size paper and is ideal for moving easily between classrooms. With plastic coated finish for easy cleaning. With 2 rubber wheels and push handles.

These mobile drying racks are available in two sizes and are ideal for moving between classrooms. Complete with lockable castors. The drying racks have 40 racks in total, 20 racks on each side.

Dimensions single rack: 50 x 39 cm. C1170 - 30 Shelf Mobile Drying Rack Dimensions: L50 x H103 x D55 cm

Drying racks

Dimensions single rack C1168: 30 x 40 cm. Dimensions single rack C1169: 38 x 50 cm. C1168 - 40 Small Shelf Mobile Drying Rack Dimensions: L67 x H107 x D40 cm C1169 - 40 Large Shelf Mobile Drying Rack Dimensions: L84 x H107 x D50 cm

Table Top Drying Racks These practical designed double sided drying racks allow work to be easily loaded and unloaded. Suitable for A3 paper. Dimensions single rack: 50 x 39 cm. C1164 - 20 Shelf Table top Dryer Dimensions: L75 x H36 x D50 cm C1165 - 40 Shelf Table top Dryer Dimensions: L75 x H65 x D50 cm



Book racks

Book racks

Horizontal Wall Bookrack This wall mounted bookrack comes complete with wall fixings and is an ideal solution where space is limited. The unit can hold up to 36 books. Plastic coated for easy cleaning.

Double Sided Bookrack C1175 - Horizontal Wall Bookrack Dimensions: L112 x H53 cm

This double sided mobile bookrack can hold up to 140 books and is ideal for moving books between classrooms. C1172 - Double Sided Bookrack Dimensions: L90 x H120 x D50 cm

Our bookracks are made of high quality material. Plastic coated for easy cleaning. Available in different types and sizes. There is a suitable model available for every space!

Book Rest This practical book rest can be used for classroom reading. Suitable for large books. The book rest can be folded for storage when not in use.

Desktop Bookrack C1176 - Book Rest Dimensions: L69,5 x H49,5 x D6 cm (folded)

This desktop bookrack is ideal for the smaller classroom. Holds up to 20 books. Plastic coated for easy cleaning. The rack can also be used for leaflet or brochure display. C1179 - Desktop Bookrack Dimensions: L37 x H49 x D20 cm

Time Timer® Children´s Book “Each Minute, Every Moment” Readers of all ages will love how the children’s book “Each Minute, Every Moment” imagines ways we can use our time each day to make every moment count! How long does it take to tie your shoe? How about to feed your dog, lay out your clothes or eat lunch? JAC5070 - Time Timer® Children’s Book 12 pages (20x20 cm) 58


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