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Time Timer WASH Time Timer® develops innovative visual timers to make the passage of time visual. We are committed to the safety of children and educators, and are proud to introduce the patented Time Timer WASH. By means of a LCD screen, step-by-step and visually indicated how and for how long to wash your hands, as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Features of the Time Timer® WASH


Water resistant . Works with 3 AA batteries (not included) . Suction cup included . Measurements 95mm W x 95mm H x 60mm D . Optional music and/or sound

How does the Time Timer® WASH work? The Time Timer® WASH has a hands-free IR operation which starts in 3 phases for washing your hands, soaping for 5 seconds, washing hands for 20 seconds and rinsing for 5 seconds. This is also visible by means of the icons on the screen of the Time Timer® WASH. The WASH beeps at the beginning and end of each of the three steps and you can choose the option or music and sound.

Timer There is no need to keep track of the time until your hands are clean, it is self-regulating.

Simple Easy to use for both adults and children of all ages.

Always clean hands Clean hands has never been like this important, and with the Time Timer WASH you can be assured of clean hands

Suction cup With the supplied suction cup, the timer can be attached to the wall, mirror, but also on a tray.

How it works:


Time TimerÂŽ Pocket, Medium en Large Ships In its Own Container (SIOC) package.


Time Timer® Pocket

Time Timer® Medium en Large

Pocket updates: • Flip cover is now clear so that the time remaining is easier to see while the cover is closed. • The face has been recessed so that the timer will continue to countdown while the cover is closed. • Packaging now includes a soft, reusable drawstring bag to carry the timer or to repurpose for another use by the user. . Requires only one " AA battery". (not included)

Medium and Large updates: • A clear plastic lens covers the disk to further improve durability and protect the red disk from accidental tears (and little sticky fingers). • Magnets will be included on both of these models. The previous magnet & non-magnet versions are consolidated into one model with the redesign. • Requires two (2) AA batteries (not included) • Packaging has been upgraded to SIOC (Ships In Its Own Container) standard so that these three models will no longer require an over box in order to ship single units. 5107 Time Timer® Pocket Measurements 75mm W x 80mm H x 36mm D 5108 Time Timer®Medium Measurements 190mm W x 192mm H x 31mm D 5109 Time Timer® Large

Measurements 306mm W x 307mm H x 43mm D


Biofilter The Biofilter for the WhisperPhone Duet and Select. This inline bacterial viral filter is designed to minimize the spread of germs with a minimum loss of air flow; allowing students to still hear each other. Each unit is sonically sealed so there are no chemical adhesives or unwanted material residue. This Inline filter is easy to install and does not require any tools for assembly. Biofilter snaps together with the tubing and the orange or blue phones found in our WhisperPhone DUET and SELECT systems.

WHISPERPHONE SELECT Select takes accompanying reading to a whole new level.

With the dial, the teacher can create a communication channel to track and work with each student 1-to-1 while other students stay focused on reading. 90015 Biofilter

Students from kindergarten to group 4 use Select during accompanying reading with a teacher.

In addition, with only the turn of the WhisperPhone Select's dial can be used to create 3 sets of 2 for partner reading activities. 90013 - WhsiperPhoneÂŽ Select WhisperPhone Select not only helps every one to learn to stay focused, but also encourages the use of a softer voice that accompanying reading.


WhisperPhone Select, the ultimate accompanying reading tool. Children love it, because learning to read becomes even more fun!

Biofilter 90007 - WhisperPhone® Duet

WHISPERPHONE DUET • The perfect tool for paired reading exercises by encourage students to work together and help each other. • Also useful for one-on-one time with teachers, or speech therapists. • WhisperPhone Duet keeps classrooms quieter creating an acoustic-clear connection between two readers. • WhisperPhone Duet helps develop reading skills and encourages expressive reading. • Kids Love WhisperPhone Duet for It fun and adventure! • tube is 91 centimeters long.


Protection Kit Protection Kit - COVID 19

70 magnetic pictograms for a better understanding of hygiene and social distancing measures. 8

Protection Kit R4010 Protection Kit - COVID 19

Included in this set: 70 magnetic icons of 4 x 4 cm + 1 double-sided magnetic door hanger

Designed by the father of an autistic child, the Protection Kit COVID-19 Edition is the perfect visual tool for a better understanding of hygiene and social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This kit includes 70 magnetic pictograms representing the new measures to adapt in terms of hand washing, wearing a mask and/or visor, what is allowed and what is not, as well as the guidelines for social distancing in childcare and school environments. By using the double-sided magnetic door hanger in this kit, understanding and following the rules will be much easier and more fun! Available in Dutch, English, German and Spanish, ask for the possibilities.

Ideal for all children and adults, perfect for home and outings, child care, schools and all places where rules of hygiene and social distancing are in place.


LittleStorm Emotions, sensory impressions, actions and physical reactions reflect how we think, see and understand ourselves and the world we live in. It is important for a child’s well-being that he/she is encouraged to talk about their experiences and surroundings. 10008 LittleStorm

24 wooden playing boards (6 wooden boards for each game) 96 wooden playing cards (4 x 24 wooden cards for each game) 1 game rule. The four games are: . Things to do at home . All kinds of Weather . Out in the world . Says Hello and Goodbye

LittleStorm - Things to do at Home – yellow lines (6 themes) Join LittleStorm when he cooks in the kitchen, takes a bath in the bathroom, builds items in the workshop, relaxes in the living room, eats dinner and goes to bed. LittleStorm - All Kinds of Weather – purple lines (6 themes) Join LittleStorm outdoor on a rainy, snowy, windy, cloudy and sunny day, and indoor when there is a thunderstorm. LittleStorm - Out in the World – blue lines (6 themes) Join LittleStorm at the medical Center, in town, on the harbor, in the forest, in the playground and in the park. LittleStorm - Says Hello and Goodbye – green lines (6 themes) Help LittleStorm say hello and goodbye in the kindergarten, in the wcountryside, when it is time to move, to the day and to life itself.



Concrete Thinking: Children aged 2-6 years find it difficult to understand abstract concepts, including time, death and divorce. At this age, they have no firm perception of time. This means that when a 2-6-year-old says goodbye, he/she does not know how much time will pass until there is a reunion. The child will also find it difficult to understand that something is permanent. In addition, the child is not yet able to distinguish between the real and the imagined. If exposed to a situation he/she does not understand, the child will tend to create his/her own explanation.

for young children of 2,5 years and up 11

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