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Brief/Session/Document Title Brief Marvel Vs. DC. DC Shoes want to produce a range of products in collaboration with the upcoming release of Marvel’s Avengers movie being released this year. You have been asked to promote the upcoming movie through use of appropriate media that will be on sale in store and online as promotional merchandise. The age range must be suitable to the existing and well established market place. Promotional material is essential to reinforce the communication and spread the message of this anticipated release and the connection between DC Shoes as a playoff word to DC Comics should be considered to produce appropriate outcomes. Background / Considerations Who is the market and what is the brands history? What is the overall goal of the new design project? What are you trying to communicate and why? Are you trying to sell more products or get awareness of your product / service? Do you want to completely reinvent yourself or are you simply updating your promotional material? What are your target market’s demographics & psychographics? I.e. the age, gender, income, tastes, views, attitudes, employment, geography, and lifestyle of those you want to reach. What copy needs to be included in the design? Who is providing the copy? What pictures / photographs / diagrams etc. need to be used? Who is providing these? What size is the design going to be? Where is it going to be printed / used? The web, business cards, stationery, on your car? What other information should you know in regards to specifications?

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Deliverables Promotional Material – Printed Merchandise – Clothing

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